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All 337 skyrim books explained: what elder scrolls literature is about.

A brief overview of the many works of literature available for reading in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as well as in other Elder Scrolls games.

For a long-running fantasy RPG franchise named after a compendium of knowledge, it's fitting that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and other games in the Elder Scrolls series are filled to the brim with books players can collect, catalogue, and read for themselves. Those who wish to learn more about these storied annals should read further through this article, which categorizes the many work of literature in Skyrim , ranging from in-game historical works and instructional manuals to novels, fables, and, of course, tales of Lusty Argonian Maids.

A brief aside about the namesake of Bethesda's bestselling RPG series: The first installment of this franchise was named The Elder Scrolls: Arena  purely because developers thought the phrase " Elder Scrolls " sounded cool and mystical. A concept like this was too good to waste, though, so subsequent games in the Elder Scrolls series  clarified just what Elder Scrolls actually were – fragments of creation from the dawn of time, divine insights that took the form of prophetic scrolls to human eyes. The Empire of Cyrodiil, the dominant faction in the Elder Scrolls games, maintained their power in part through the use of Elder Scrolls, collected by reclusive Moth Priests and stored in their Imperial Library.

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Fittingly enough, the many in-game books seen in Elder Scrolls titles throughout the years can be found in  the Imperial Library website – including all 337 books available for reading in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim . Over the course of different playthroughs, players can discover a number of books scattered through the open-world environment of  Skyrim , store them on bookshelves for future perusal, or browse rare books in places such as the archives at the Mage's College at Winterhold or the demonic realms of Apocrypha. Roughly speaking, the various books in Skyrim can be classified according to the following categories:

Skyrim Book Category #1: Skill-Training Books

Skyrim Book Better Guide To Thieving

A number of the books in Skyrim aren't just entertaining , but also educational for the Dragonborn protagonist who reads them. The mere act of cracking open these books lets a player increase an appropriate skill rating by 1, while the books themselves contain parable, fables, and anecdotes related to the skill in question. Some notable examples of skill books include:

– A Game at Dinner , a dark first-person narration from the perspective of a spy sent to infiltrate the court of a Prince from Morrowind . During a banquet, the Prince announces he has poisoned the dining utensils of a traitorous dinner guest, then presents a bowl full what he claimed to be the antidote. A party guest (not the spy) loses their composure and drinks the so-called antidote, which turns out to be the true vector for the poison. This book levels up Alchemy.

– The Black Arrow Volumes 1 and 2 both revolve around an old archer who lives in the forests of Valenwood, practicing their craft and taking on the occasional student. When a harsh Duchess threatens the well-being of his town, the archer slays her in an incredible feat of archery, sending a precisely aimed arrow flying right through the keyhole of a door. The first Volume increases Acrobatics in Morrowind and Oblivion , while Volume II increases Archery in Morrowind , Oblivion , and Skyrim .

Skyrim Book Category #2: Wordbuilding

Skyrim Collection Of Books

The various historical texts, biographies, and scholarly treatises in Skyrim describes the  world of the Elder Scrolls games for players, giving them extra insight into the cultures of the nations, races, and heroes who make up the continent of Tamriel. Besides adding color to the setting and making it feel more lived in, these lore books also let developers at Bethesda tell players about lands and peoples that don't appear in Skyri m – the carnivorous wood elves of Valenwood, for instance, or the rainforests of Black Marsh, home to the Argonian lizardfolk. To learn about the history of Skyrim itself, players can consult these volumes:

– The Songs of The Return volumes relate stories of the mythical founders of Nord civilization. In the eight volumes available within Skyrim , Ysgramor and his Five Hundred Companions sail from the doomed land of Atmora, war against the elves in Skyrim, and found the cities of Whiterun and Windheim. Reading these books will grant players insight into the local Nord culture of the game (as well as why so many NPCs swear by Ysgramor's name).

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– The Red Year volumes 1 and 2 describe the disaster that befell the Dunmer civilization in the imperial province of Morrowind several centuries after the events of the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind . Through first-person accounts of survivors of this disaster, readers learn about the giant asteroid which struck Vivec City and triggered the eruption of the nearby Red Mountain. The dust and embers scattered by the disaster trigger an exodus of Dark Elf refugees, some of whom settle in Skyrim or the neighboring island of Solstheim.

Skyrim Book Category #3: In-Game Fiction (With Lots of Daedra)

Skyrim The Black Book

For every fictional historical text in Skyrim , there's a fictional work of fiction, ranging from multi-volume sagas and stage plays such as:

– The Lusty Argonian Maid Volume 1 and 2, a stage play that parodies works of erotic fiction. The titular Argonian Maid, a reptilian domestic worker named "Lifts Her Tail," is asked by her employer, Crantius Colto, to polish his spear and knead the dough for his loaf of bread. The spear and the loaf of bread are probably metaphors for something else.

– The Red Book of Riddles and Yellow Book of Riddles are both compendiums of, well, riddles. Each books has a list of conundrums for readers to solve, with the answers to each printed upside down. An excerpt of one of these riddles: " A metal neither black nor red/As heavy as man's golden greed/What you do to stay ahead/With friend or arrow or steed ."

Many of the fictional books in Skyrim also feature cautionary folk tales and "just-so" stories featuring the Daedra, a race of demonic beings and godlike entities that love toying with the lives of the Men and Mer who live in Tamriel. For instance:

– Azura and the Box , part of a larger series of books that describe the culture and technology of the long-extinct Dwemer (Dwarven) race , is a parable of sorts about the tension between reason and faith. An old, agnostic Dwemer scientist summons Azura, the Daedric Prince of Dusk and Dawn, and asks her to prove divinity by predicting what's inside a closed box. Azura predicts there's a flower in the box. The scientist uses sleight of hand to empty the box of its flower before opening it. Enraged at his trickery, Azura curses the Dwemer scientist dead.

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– Myths of Sheogorath tells tales about Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness and Creativity, famous throughout the Elder Scrolls games for his love of trickery and his memetic obsession with cheese. In the first tale, he invents music by dissecting a human bystander and making musical instruments from their body parts. In the second, he inflicts an ironic punishment on a king who tries to ban art, music, and dancing in his kingdom. In the third, Sheogorath threatens to drive a Wizard insane, then steps back and lets the wizard's innate sense of paranoia do the job for him.

Skyrim Book Category #4: Surreal Post-Modern Religious Scripture (Written By Michael Kirkbriede)

Skyrim Inventory of Books

The creation myths and religious texts in Skyrim , Morrowind , and other Elder Scrolls games owe a lot to writer Michael Kirkbriede, who took a previously standard fantasy setting and infused it with vividly surreal details and philosophical musing on the nature of dreams, reality, divinity, and characters achieving enlightenment by realizing they're in a video game. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the books on mythology and religion seen in Skyrim , including, but not limited to:

– The Monomyt h, a scholarly treatise that compares the different versions of the Elder Scrolls creation myth , in which a deity named Lorkhan convinces the other gods to create/dream/become the Mundus, aka the material world. This creation myth is interpreted differently in human and elvish cultures. Human cultures see the creation of the material world as a positive development which introduced change to a static world., while Elvish cultures generally see the creation of the world as a curse that stripped them of their long-lost divinity.

– The Battle of Red Mountain , a book dictated to a dissident priest by Vivec, a member of the Tribunal of mortal-turned-gods that ruled Morrowind in ages past. Vivec explains to the dissident how he and his fellow god-rulers ascended into divinity by tapping into the Heart of Lorkhan, a fossilized god-organ buried within the volcanic Red Mountain. With their Godhood, they brought prosperity to the Dunmer Elves of Morrowind , but the king they betrayed to achieve their divinity is destined to reincarnate and bring their rule to an end (said king being the player character in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind ).

All of the 337 books in  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim   can fit into one of these categories, but the ones mentioned above are definitely worth checking out of the library.

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Source: The Imperial Library

what are books for in skyrim

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The Skyrim Library - Volumes I, II & III (Box Set)

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The Skyrim Library - Volumes I, II & III (Box Set) Hardcover – Box set, September 12, 2017

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The Skyrim Library - Volumes I, II & III (Box Set)

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Skyrim Library - Volumes I, II & III (Box Set)

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what are books for in skyrim

Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda Game Studios is an American in-house development team at Bethesda Softworks established in 2002. Previously synonymous with parent publisher Bethesda Softworks, the studio's name and logo were established with the release of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind in 2002. The studio is currently led by executive producer Todd Howard. Bethesda Game Studios, Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Media all work in the same building.

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The 12 Most Helpful Books In Skyrim And Where To Find Them


As evidenced by its extensive library of books, the region of Skyrim is home to a cavalcade of writers, both amateur and professional alike. Many of the pages you’ll come across in the world range from nonfiction to poetry, from interviews to biographies, and from the epic tales of heroes to the whimsical accounts of cowards. Somewhere in the mix, however, are a few books that offer legitimately useful insights on Skyrim as only their “real-world” authors can impart.

We’ve compiled a list of 12 such books and their various locations throughout the game’s map (Three of these books are hidden deep within the world and have yet to be listed on public record. One we found. Two, well, if happen you see them, let us know!). Linked in each title is also the full text from the dedicated folks at The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages . Sure, you could scour the internet or burn up one of your holiday gift cards on a strategy guide for the same knowledge, but sometimes you just can’t beat the reliability of a solid primary source.

Thus when the army strikes a blow, it will be like a thunderclap out of a cloudless sky. The best victories are those unforeseen by the enemy, but obvious to everyone afterwards.
  • Southfringe Sanctum (Falkreath Hold) on Bashnag (only as part of quest The Savior of Selveni Nethri)
  • 540 ft SW of Bthardamz (The Reach) (x=-172168, y=37756)
  • 470 ft N of Fallowstone Cave (The Rift) (x=194183, y=-74147)
  • Ravenscar Hollow (Haafingar), on a table
  • The White Hall (Dawnstar)
To wield the blade there are some fundamentals. Quick strikes are always good, but can be repelled, so watch for your opponent’s own defensive postures. Wait for an opening, or create one with your own heavy attacks. Hammers hit hardest but are slow. Same with maces and all blunt weaponry. Axes are a nice middle ground, while swords are the quickest but won’t stagger your opponent as efficiently with the hard hits.
Whiterun is the heart of Skyrim, its towering palace rivaling even the great castles of Cyrodiil. But should you tire of the Jarl’s hospitality, another adventure awaits a few hours to the east of the city, along the road that rises above White River Gorge. The Ritual Stone can be found atop the lone hill that rises on the north side of the road, set into an ancient monument. Take time to soak in the incredible view of Whiterun, the tundra, and the gorge from this unique spot.
  • College of Winterhold, Arcanaeum, on the floor.
  • College of Winterhold, Arcanaeum, on a ledge.
  • White River Watch, on a bookshelf.
  • Driftshade Refuge, on a bookshelf.
  • Dragonsreach, upstairs on a bookshelf.
Another common form of armor enchantment are the resistances. The elemental resistances are marginally easier to find and make. The  [sic] make the wearer less susceptible to burning, freezing and shocks. There are also poison resistances and enchantments that will resist all forms of magic.
  • The Brinehammer Below Deck (The Pale)
  • Falion’s House (Morthal), on a shelf
  • Fort Amol (Eastmarch), on the cupboard next to the arcane enchanter.
  • Steamscorch Mine (Eastmarch), on a table just after entrance
  • Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon
A particularly insidious, but somewhat common enchantment, is soul trap. Upon entering the blood, the victim’s soul is bound. Should he die shortly thereafter, he  [ sic ] soul is siphoned off to a nearby soul gem. This form of magic should only be used against beasts and monsters. To use it against men or elves is abhorrent.
  • Castle Dour, Emperor’s Tower (Solitude)
  • Darkwater Pass, near the middle of the dungeon, found on top of the enchanting table
  • Roadside Ruins (Falkreath Hold), near a chest in the center
  • Urag gro-Shub (College of Winterhold), Hitting the Books quest reward.

Skyrim’s Rule: An Outsider’s View by Abdul-Mujib Ababneh

It would appear that the entire province of Skyrim is separated into territories known as “holds,” and each hold finds its seat of power in one of the great, ancient cities. And in each of those cities, there rules that hold’s king, known as a Jarl. The Jarls of Skyrim are, as a whole, a fierce sight indeed. Sitting on their thrones, ready to administer justice, or send their forces out to quell some local threat, be it a pack of feral wolves or a terrifying giant that has wandered too close to a settlement.

Location: Unknown

Wulfmare’s Guide to Better Thieving by Wulfmare Shadow-Cloak

One of Skyrim’s most successful (and naturally cocky) thieves shows us how to pick locks and be stealthy like a fox.

Picking pockets is one of the easiest skills to learn, but you’d be surprised how often I’ve seen novice thieves muck it up. The lesson here is two-fold. First, know your surroundings and second, know your approach. Where and when you decide to go fishing is just as important as who you chose as your mark. Follow them a while, there’s never a need to rush. Wait until they’re somewhere isolated and out of earshot of any guards – but most importantly always know when to let the mark go. Getting pinched simply isn’t worth the risk. There’ll always be plenty of other marks who’ll come along with their pockets full.
  • Fort Sungard Oubliette (The Reach)
  • Goldenglow Estate Sewer (The Rift), by a skeleton in a side room with an Adept lock
  • Jarl’s Longhouse (Falkreath), right room of the bottom floor locked in a display case with an Expert lock
  • Mara’s Eye Den (Eastmarch), in a box with several other books by a stone pillar
3. Wards can kill (you) There is no question that wards are an essential tool of any aspiring mage. They can block incoming spells, negating your opponent’s attack and wasting his magicka. A good mage knows, however, to not rely too heavily on her ward. Keeping a ward readied for too long will leave a caster drained of magicka, unable to retaliate, and at worst unable to maintain the ward and therefore completely defenseless.

Location: Rumored to be in Riften

A lot of the game depends on recognizing the types of shop-keepers and not automatically assuming that the rural merchant is ignorant and easily fooled, or the rapacious city merchant is selling shoddy merchandise. Caravans, it should be mentioned, are always good places to go to buy or trade. Knowing what you’re buying and from whom is a talent bought only after years of practice. Know the specialties of certain regions and merchants before you even step foot in a shop.
  • Bards College (Solitude), in one of the classrooms
  • Dead Men’s Respite (Hjaalmarch), easternmost point
  • East Empire Company Warehouse (Haafingar)
  • 230 ft SSW of Falkreath Stormcloak Camp (x=36955, y=-79174)
  • Shrine to Peryite, on a table next to the Alchemy station
Items that already have enchantments cannot be enchanted further, so choose carefully when you enchant a blade or helmet. Before beginning an enchantment, make sure you have a filled soul gem. The enchantment will use this soul as a source of power. Place the item and the soul gem on the Arcane Echanter [sic] . Concentrate on the enchantment. The device will meld the two together, enchanting your weapon or armor.
  • Carlotta Valentia’s House (Whiterun), on the bedroom floor
  • 410 ft NNW of Fort Kastav (Winterhold) (x=110606, y=62406)
  • Honeyside (Riften)
  • Hob’s Fall Cave (Winterhold), in the Ritual Room
  • 530 ft NNE of Valthume (x=-110922, y=-20620)
The most often-overlooked obstacles are the abundance of traps spread throughout the tombs. Ranging from simple tripwire-activated rock falls to complex pressure plate-triggered dart traps, the Nords utilize these devices abundantly. Most of the traps can be avoided by simply looking for the trigger mechanism and avoiding them. Since they are most often placed in areas where distractions abound, remember to keep your eyes to the floor.
1. EASTMARCH Located in the eastern reaches of Skyrim, Eastmarch shares a common border with Morrowind. Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak rules from the ancient city of Windhelm, and he and his followers should be considered your most serious threat.Do not tread lightly in Eastmarch, for the Stormcloaks are at their strongest and most organized in these lands. As an Imperial soldier, you will find few friends here.
  • College of Winterhold, Arcanaeum, on the floor and on a ledge.

Have you found any more usefull books in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? What do you think of our list here? Be sure to sound off in the comments or join our great community in the forums!

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Elder Scrolls Player Read All 337 Books in Skyrim

Although the vast and massive world of Skyrim contains countless things to do and explore, one Elder Scrolls player has decided to read every single book in Skyrim.

It is no secret that even though The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim released seven years ago, it continues to be one of the grandest and magnificently vast games of this generation. And while Bethesda has received some backlash due to its seemingly constant porting of Skyrim , millions of fans cannot help but to dive back into the game's world and all of its lore. As it so happens, one player has studied the game's lore deeply by reading every single book that Skyrim has to offer, ranking his top five.

As seen in the video below, Brian David Gilbert outlines his process of reading all 337 books in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim , excluding journals and diaries, while also categorizing them and ranking his top five. He states that he printed every single book out in 5.5 font, which became 571 pages of over 316,000 words. After reading a book, Gilbert would categorize it into one of 7 categories: historical, instructional, academic, mythical, dramatic, eh (medieval accounts), and good fiction.

The good fiction category consists of 58 books that Gilbert found to be exactly that, good. To be assigned to that category, the books had to answer "yes" to 3 questions composed by Gilbert:

  • Does it build the world around us?
  • Does it give us a new perspective in the world?
  • Is it good?

Finally, Gilbert chose his top five from the good fiction category, while recommending that Elder Scrolls fans also find and read them. Some of his top picks are book series, but were included since they follow the same story. Gilberts top five in order are:

  • Begger, Thief, Warrior, King
  • Feyfolken 1-3
  • Argonian Account
  • Palla Vol 1 & 2
  • Advances in Lockpicking

elder scrolls skyrim multiplayer mod skyrim together

Despite The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim 's combat mechanics being somewhat substandard to where the bar's set with today's games, Bethesda 's numerous ports of the massively successful action-RPG show the immense fan base of Elder Scrolls games. Growing continually bigger and better, the Elder Scrolls franchise has established itself as one of the most-popular and most-played RPGs of this generation.

Taking all of this into consideration, Bethesda will look to capitalize on Skyrim 's success when it eventually releases The Elder Scrolls 6 , which Bethesda recently stated will likely launch in the next-gen . Although The Elder Scrolls 6 is many years away, fans can at least ease their need for new Elder Scrolls lore by reading some of Skyrim 's literature.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Polygon – YouTube

All Interactive Maps and Locations

what are books for in skyrim

Dawnstar Map

what are books for in skyrim

Falkreath Map

what are books for in skyrim

Markarth Map

what are books for in skyrim

Morthal Map

what are books for in skyrim

Solitude Map

what are books for in skyrim

Solstheim (Dragonborn DLC) Map

what are books for in skyrim

Whiterun Map

what are books for in skyrim

Windhelm Map

what are books for in skyrim

Winterhold Map

Books item codes.

player.additem 00019514 1; DB07Journal player.additem 00019FEA 1; DunHillgrundsTombGolldirsLetter player.additem 00019FEB 1; DunHillgrundsTombValsVeransLetter player.additem 0001A332 1; DA04Oghmalnfinium player.additem 0001ACB5 1; BooklCheapBiographyofBarenziahvl player.additem 0001ACB6 1; BooklCheapBiographyofBarenziahvH player.additem 0001ACB7 1; BooklCheapBiographyofBarenziahvDl player.additem 0001ACB8 1; BooklCheapSheogorathMyths player.additem 0001ACB9 1; BooklCheapBriefHistoryoftheEmpirevl player.additem 0001ACBA 1; BooklCheapBriefHistoryoftheEmpirev2 player.additem 0001ACBB 1; BooklCheapBriefHistoryoftheEmpirev3 player.additem 0001ACBC 1; BooklCheapBriefHistoryoftheEmpirev4 player.additem 0001ACC6 1; BooklCheapReportDisasterlonith player.additem 0001ACC7 1; Book2CommonBeggarPrince player.additem 0001ACC8 1; Book2CommonBookofDaedra player.additem 0001ACC9 1; Book2CommonDarkestDarkness player.additem 0001ACCB 1; Book2CommonFrontierConquest player.additem 0001ACCD 1; Book2CommonGalerionTheMystic player.additem 0001ACD1 1; Book2CommonManualMixedUnitTactics player.additem 0001ACD2 1; Book2CommonTheFirmament player.additem 0001ACD3 1; Book2CommonFirstHoldRevolt player.additem 0001ACD4 1; Book2CommonMysteriousAkavir player.additem 0001ACD5 1; Book2CommonOverviewofGodsandWorshi| player.additem 0001ACD6 1; Book2CommonRealBarenziahVl player.additem 0001ACD7 1; Book2CommonRealBarenziahV2 player.additem 0001ACD8 1; Book2CommonRealBarenziahV3 player.additem 0001ACD9 1; Book2CommonRealBarenziahV4 player.additem 0001ACDA 1; Book2CommonRealBarenziahV5 player.additem 0001ACDB 1; Book2CommonRuinsofKemelZe player.additem 0001ACDC 1; Book2CommonShortLifeUrielSeptim player.additem 0001ACDD 1; Book2CommonThiefOfVirtue player.additem 0001ACDF 1; Book2ReligiousChildrensAnuad player.additem 0001ACE1 1; Book2ReligiousTheAmuletofKings player.additem 0001ACE2 1; Book2ReligiousTrialsofStAlessia player.additem 0001ACE3 1; Book3Valuable2920vlla player.additem 0001ACE4 1; Book3Valuable2920vl2a player.additem 0001ACE5 1; Book3Valuable2920v3a player.additem 0001ACE6 1; SkillPickpocket3 player.additem 0001ACE7 1; Book3ValuableArgonianAccountBook2 player.additem 0001ACE8 1; Book3ValuableArgonianAccountBook4 player.additem 0001ACE9 1; 8ook3ValuableAzuraandtheBox player.additem 0001ACEA 1; Book3ValuableDwemerHistory player.additem 0001ACEB 1; Book3ValuableFeyfolkeol player.additem 0001ACEC 1; Book3ValuableFeyfolkenll player.additem 0001ACED 1; Book3ValuableFeyfolkenin player.additem 0001ACEF 1; 8ook3ValuablelustyArgonianMaidVo!01 player.additem 0001ACF0 1; Book3ValuableMadnessofPelagius player.additem 0001ACF1 1; Book3ValuableMagicFromTheSky player.additem 0001ACF2 1; Book3ValuableTheDowry player.additem 0001ACF3 1; Book3ValuableOnOblivion player.additem 0001ACF4 1; Book3ValuablePallav2a player.additem 0001ACF5 1; Book3ValuablePrincessTalaraV5 player.additem 0001ACF7 1; Book3ValuableSnowPrince player.additem 0001ACFA 1; Book3ValuableTheSeed player.additem 0001ACFB 1; Book3ValuableTheThirdDoor player.additem 0001ACFC 1; 8ook3ValuableVarietiesofDaedra player.additem 0001ACFD 1; Book3ValuableWolfQueenV8 player.additem 0001ACFE 1; Book4RareArcanaRestored player.additem 0001ACFF 1; Book4RareBrothersofDarkness player.additem 0001AD03 1; Book4RareChildrenoftheSky player.additem 0001AD04 1; Book4RareCleansingoftheFane player.additem 0001AD05 1; Book4RareFiveSongsofKingWulfharth player.additem 0001AD06 1; Book4RareFragmentOnArtaeum player.additem 0001AD07 1; Book4RareGloriesAndLaments player.additem 0001AD08 1; Book4RareHangingGardens player.additem 0001AD09 1; Book4RareLastKingOfAyleids player.additem 0001AD0A 1; Book4RareLegendaryScourge player.additem 0001AD0C 1; Book4RareSoulsBlackAndWhite player.additem 0001AD0D 1; Book4RareNerevarMoonandStar player.additem 0001AD0E 1; Book4RareNGastaKvataKvakis player.additem 0001AD0F 1; Book4RareOldWays player.additem 0001AD11 1; Book4RarePigChildren player.additem 0001AD12 1; Book4RarePostingoftheHunt player.additem 0001AD13 1; Book4RareRedBookof Riddles player.additem 0001AD14 1; Book4RareSancreTor player.additem 0001AD15 1; Book4RareSpiritoftheDaedra player.additem 0001AD16 1; Book4RareTrueNatureofOrcs player.additem 0001AD17 1; Book4RareWatersofOblivion player.additem 0001AD18 1; Book4RareWildElves player.additem 0001ADB4 1; Book4RareNefarivigumLore player.additem 0001AF40 1; 8ook3Valuab!eOpusculuslamae player.additem 0001AF8A 1; Book2ReligiousSongofPelinalVl player.additem 0001AF8B 1; 8ook2ReligiousSongofPelinalV2 player.additem 0001AF8C 1; 8ook2ReligiousSongofPelinalV3 player.additem 0001AF8D 1; 8ook2ReligiousSongofPelinalV4 player.additem 0001AF8E 1; Book2ReligiousSongofPelinalV5 player.additem 0001AF8F 1; Book2ReligiousSongofPelinalV6 player.additem 0001AF90 1; Book2ReligiousSongofPelinalV7 player.additem 0001AF91 1; Book2ReligiousSongofPelinalV8 player.additem 0001AF93 1; 8ook3ValuableShezarr player.additem 0001AF94 1; Book4RareAdabala player.additem 0001AFB1 1; Book4RareSixteenAccordsofMadnessV12 player.additem 0001AFB2 1; Book4RareSixteenAccordsofMadnessV6 player.additem 0001AFB3 1; Book4RareSixteenAccordsofMadnessV9 player.additem 0001AFBA 1; Book2CommonWabbajack player.additem 0001AFBF 1; SkillPickpocket2 player.additem 0001AFC0 1; BookODancelnFireVl player.additem 0001AFC1 1; BookODancelnFireV4 player.additem 0001AFC2 1; BookOBlackArrowVl player.additem 0001AFC3 1; BookOMysteryOfTalaraVl player.additem 0001AFC4 1; SkillAlchemyl player.additem 0001AFC5 1; SkillAlchemy2 player.additem 0001AFC6 1; SkillAlchemy3 player.additem 0001AFC7 1; SkillAlchemy4 player.additem 0001AFC8 1; SkillAlchemy5 player.additem 0001AFC9 1; SkillAlterationl player.additem 0001AFCA 1; Book3ValuableTheDragonBreak player.additem 0001AFCB 1; SkillAlteration3 player.additem 0001AFCC 1; SkillAlteration4 player.additem 0001AFCD 1; SkillAlterationS player.additem 0001AFCE 1; SkillSmithing1 player.additem 0001AFCF 1; SkillSmithing2 player.additem 0001AFD0 1; SkillSmithing3 player.additem 0001AFD1 1; SkillSmithing4 player.additem 0001AFD2 1; SkillSmithing5 player.additem 0001AFD3 1; BookORansomOfZarek player.additem 0001AFD4 1; BookODancelnFireV3 player.additem 0001AFD5 1; SkillSneak5 player.additem 0001AFD6 1; SkillPickpocket4 player.additem 0001AFD7 1; BookOArgonianAccountBookl player.additem 0001AFD8 1; SkillTwoHanded1 player.additem 0001AFD9 1; SkillOneHanded2 player.additem 0001AFDA 1; SkillOneHanded3 player.additem 0001AFDB 1; SkillTwoHanded4 player.additem 0001AFDC 1; SkillTwoHanded5 player.additem 0001AFDD 1; SkillBlock1 player.additem 0001AFDE 1; SkillBlock2 player.additem 0001AFDF 1; SkillBlock3 player.additem 0001AFE0 1; SkillBlock4 player.additem 0001AFE2 1; SkillTwoHanded2 player.additem 0001AFE3 1; SkillOneHanded1 player.additem 0001AFE4 1; SkillOneHanded4 player.additem 0001AFE5 1; SkillTwoHanded3 player.additem 0001AFE6 1; SkillOneHanded5 player.additem 0001AFE7 1; SkillConjuration1 player.additem 0001AFE8 1; SkillConjuration2 player.additem 0001AFE9 1; SkillConjuration3 player.additem 0001AFEA 1; SkillConjuration4 player.additem 0001AFEB 1; SkillConjuration5 player.additem 0001AFEC 1; SkillDestruction1 player.additem 0001AFED 1; SkillDestruction2 player.additem 0001AFEE 1; SkillDestruction3 player.additem 0001AFEF 1; SkillDestruction4 player.additem 0001AFF0 1; SkillDestruction5 player.additem 0001AFF1 1; BookOlmmortalBlood player.additem 0001AFF2 1; BookOWolfQueenV2 player.additem 0001AFF3 1; BookOAhzirrTraajijazeri player.additem 0001AFF6 1; SkillHeavyArmor1 player.additem 0001AFF7 1; SkillHeavyArmor2 player.additem 0001AFF8 1; SkillHeavyArmor3 player.additem 0001AFF9 1; SkillHeavyArmor4 player.additem 0001AFFA 1; SkillHeavyArmor5 player.additem 0001AFFB 1; BookOWolfQueenV3 player.additem 0001AFFC 1; BookOArgonianAccountBook3 player.additem 0001AFFE 1; BookOPallaVl player.additem 0001B000 1; SkillLightArmor1 player.additem 0001B001 1; SkillLightArmor2 player.additem 0001B002 1; SkillLightArmor3 player.additem 0001B003 1; SkillLightArmor4 player.additem 0001B004 1; SkillLightArmor5 player.additem 0001B005 1; SkillMarksman1 player.additem 0001B006 1; Book4RareADancelnFireV5 player.additem 0001B007 1; SkillMarksman3 player.additem 0001B008 1; SkillMarksman4 player.additem 0001B009 1; SkillMarksman5 player.additem 0001B00A 1; SkillSpeechcraft4 player.additem 0001B00B 1; BookOWolfQueenV4 player.additem 0001B00C 1; Book02920v7 player.additem 0001B00D 1; SkillSpeechcraft1 player.additem 0001B00E 1; SkillSpeechcraft2 player.additem 0001B00F 1; Skilllllusion1 player.additem 0001B010 1; Skilllllusion2 player.additem 0001B011 1; Skilllllusion3 player.additem 0001B012 1; Skilllllusion4 player.additem 0001B013 1; Skilllllusion5 player.additem 0001B014 1; SkillRestoration1 player.additem 0001B015 1; SkillRestoration2 player.additem 0001B016 1; SkillRestoration3 player.additem 0001B017 1; SkillRestoration4 player.additem 0001B018 1; SkillRestoration5 player.additem 0001B019 1; SkillLockpicking1 player.additem 0001B01A 1; SkillLockpicking2 player.additem 0001B01B 1; SkillLockpicking3 player.additem 0001B01C 1; SkillLockpicking4 player.additem 0001B01D 1; SkillLockpicking5 player.additem 0001B01E 1; Book4RareTheWolfQueenV6 player.additem 0001B01F 1; SkillSneak2 player.additem 0001B020 1; SkillSneak3 player.additem 0001B021 1; SkillSneak4 player.additem 0001B022 1; SkillPickpocket1 player.additem 0001B023 1; SkillSpeechcraft5 player.additem 0001B024 1; BookOWolfQueenV5 player.additem 0001B025 1; SkillSpeechcraft3 player.additem 0001B026 1; BookOWolfQueenW player.additem 0001B22B 1; Book3ValuableAShortHistoryofMorrowind player.additem 0001B22C 1; Book2ReligiousAedraandDaedra player.additem 0001B22D 1; Book2ReligiousAncestorsandtheDunmer player.additem 0001B22E 1; Book4RareAncientTalesoftheDwemerPartVl player.additem 0001B22F 1; Book2CommonAntecedentsofDwemerLaw player.additem 0001B233 1; Book4RareBoethiahsGlory player.additem 0001B236 1; SkillAlteration2 player.additem 0001B237 1; Book2CommonChancesFolly player.additem 0001B238 1; 8ook3ValuableCharwichKoniingeLettersBoc player.additem 0001B239 1; 8ook3ValuableCharwichKoniingeLettersBoc player.additem 0001B23A 1; 8ook3ValuableCharwichKoniingeLettersBoc player.additem 0001B23B 1; Book4RareCharwichKoniingeLettersBooklV player.additem 0001B23C 1; Book4RareChroniclesofNchuleft player.additem 0001B245 1; Book4RarelnvocationofAzura player.additem 0001B25A 1; Book2ReligiousSpiritofNirn player.additem 0001B25E 1; Book2CommonTheArcturianHeresy player.additem 0001B262 1; Book2CommonCakeandTheDiamond player.additem 0001B267 1; 8ook3Valuab!eFinalLesson player.additem 0001B26A 1; Book2CommonTheHopeoftheRedoran player.additem 0001B26D 1; SkillMarksman2 player.additem 0001B26E 1; Book2ReligiousTheMonomyth player.additem 0001B272 1; Book4RareWaroftheFirstCouncil player.additem 0001B273 1; Book3ValuableTheWraithsWeddingDowry player.additem 0001B274 1; BooklCheapTheYellowBookof Riddles player.additem 0001B276 1; SkillSneak1 player.additem 0001B27A 1; Book2CommonVernaccusandBourlor player.additem 0001B27D 1; Book3ValuableWordsofClanMotherAhnissi player.additem 0001BB6D 1; TG05GallusJournal player.additem 0001BFF5 1; WlKill03lnheritanceLetter player.additem 0001DBFE 1; MSlOSuvarisJournal player.additem 000211D7 1; T02LovePoem player.additem 00021683 1; MSllButcherFlyer player.additem 00023EE5 1; WlCastMagic04Letter player.additem 00024737 1; MSllButcherJournall player.additem 00024763 1; MSllButcherJournal3 player.additem 000249AF 1; MS12QuintusLetter player.additem 00026700 1; MGROlBookl player.additem 00026D85 1; DA04PuzzleJournal player.additem 00026EFE 1; T02LoveLetter player.additem 00027F73 1; MS09Letter01 player.additem 00027F74 1; MS09Letter02 player.additem 00028ADC 1; DAOlGrislyGrimoire player.additem 0002A563 1; Book2CommonYngolLore player.additem 0002A96D 1; MS14AlvasJournal player.additem 0002D513 1; DA04ElderScroll player.additem 0002F836 1; SkillPickpocket5 player.additem 0002F837 1; SkillEnchanting1 player.additem 0002F838 1; SkillEnchanting2 player.additem 0002F839 1; SkillEnchanting3 player.additem 0002F83A 1; SkillEnchanting4 player.additem 0002F83B 1; SkillEnchanting5 player.additem 0002F83C 1; SkillBlock5 player.additem 0003010A 1; Book2CommonPensionOfAncestorMoth player.additem 0003010B 1; Book4RareEffectsOfTheElderScrolls player.additem 0003031F 1; MQ105Note player.additem 00032785 1; DA04RuminationsOnElderScrolls player.additem 00032E72 1; DA02BookBoethiahsProving player.additem 00034CBC 1; MG06SynodJournall player.additem 00035B65 1; WlAddltem03Contract player.additem 0003636A 1; MQ202SkyHavenBook player.additem 00037DEA 1; Book2CommonOblivionCrisis player.additem 00037F87 1; dunPinewatchNote03 player.additem 00037F89 1; dunPinewatchNote04 player.additem 00037F8A 1; dunPinewatchNote05 player.additem 00039654 1; MS13ArvelsJournal player.additem 00039C8E 1; MS09Missive player.additem 00039F2A 1; MQ201ElenwenOfficeNote player.additem 00039FC3 1; WlAssault02Letter player.additem 0003A06F 1; dunPOlReachLoversJournal player.additem 0003A523 1; DunPoiAlchemistsJournal player.additem 0003AF29 1; MQ201EsbernDossier player.additem 0003BEB6 1; DB08ldentityPapers player.additem 0003D29D 1; MGR20Note player.additem 0003DD30 1; MGRlONote player.additem 000403AF 1; FavorAdonatoBook player.additem 00042396 1; MQ201lnvitation player.additem 00045F94 1; DA13AfflictedJournal01 player.additem 0004811F 1; dunFrostflowAbyssNote player.additem 00048160 1; dunFrostflowAbyssJournal player.additem 00048782 1; DA04ElderScrollFurled player.additem 0004C6C8 1; TG02BillofSale player.additem 0004D249 1; MG03Book01 player.additem 0004EF00 1; WlKill06BountyLetter player.additem 000504EE 1; CWMission07lnformantLetterSons player.additem 000504EF 1; CWMission07lnformantLetterlmperial player.additem 00050502 1; CWMission07EvidenceLetter player.additem 0005224A 1; DBEntranceLetter player.additem 000524DA 1; MS09lmperialOrder player.additem 00053347 1; FFRiftenWarmthofMara player.additem 0005437D 1; MQ201MalbornAssassinNote player.additem 00055549 1; dunLostProspectMineJournal player.additem 000557EC 1; FFRiftenl5Agreement player.additem 0005B49E 1; DB04aLetterofCredit player.additem 0005B9C9 1; dunCidhnaMineNote player.additem 0005BF2E 1; DB04aSealedLetter player.additem 0005C846 1; FreeformRiverwoodOlLetterFaendal player.additem 0005C847 1; FreeformRiverwoodOlLetterSven player.additem 0005D2EA 1; FreeformWinterholdCollegeANotes player.additem 00063A0F 1; dunSilentMoonsLunarBook player.additem 00064EB2 1; FreeformWinterholdCLetter player.additem 00065BDA 1; FFRiften20SkoomaSourceNote player.additem 00065C35 1; dunMarkarthWizard_LabJournal player.additem 00066182 1; MSllButcherJournal2 player.additem 00068253 1; dunSteamcragCampNote player.additem 0006851B 1; DB08Cookbook player.additem 00068B5A 1; dunVolskyggePuzzleClue player.additem 00069007 1; FavorSondasNote player.additem 0006A80D 1; dunAlftandDwemerStudyOl player.additem 0006BE25 1; dunMzinchaleftMalurilsJournal player.additem 0006CE1C 1; dunMiddenAtronachForgeBook player.additem 0006DEB5 1; MQ202ShavariNote player.additem 0006DEB6 1; MQ202GissurNote player.additem 0006DF90 1; dunForelhostAlchemistNoteOl player.additem 0006DF94 1; dunForelhostAlchemistNote02 player.additem 0006DFAC 1; dunForelhostGardenNoteOl player.additem 0006DFAF 1; dunForelhostPoisonNoteOl player.additem 0006F63C 1; dunForelhostDeathNoteOl player.additem 000705C3 1; FavorRunilJournal player.additem 00071442 1; WlKill04RewardLetter player.additem 00071443 1; WlKill04ThanksLetter player.additem 00072840 1; MG03Book02 player.additem 00072841 1; MG03Book03 player.additem 00072B13 1; TG07ValdDebt player.additem 000749B5 1; DB06lncriminatingLetter player.additem 00074ADF 1; dunChillwindDepthsNote player.additem 00077536 1; dunPOlReachSwimmerJournal player.additem 00078561 1; dunPinewatchNoteOl player.additem 00078621 1; dunPinewatchNote02 player.additem 00078DD2 1; dunRobbersGorgeJournal player.additem 0007A508 1; TG04GoldenglowDeed player.additem 0007D02F 1; TGTQ03SolitudeLetter player.additem 0007D67D 1; TGTQ04Note player.additem 0007E5B8 1; dunForelhostlournal player.additem 0007EB03 1; Book2CommonMadmenoftheReach player.additem 0007EB9E 1; Book2CommonButcherofMarkarth player.additem 0007EBC2 1; BooklCheapTheCityofStone player.additem 0007EBC9 1; BooklCheapTheCodeofMalacath player.additem 0007F667 1; DunPOlSlaughterFishermenJournal player.additem 00080D63 1; dunYngvildJournalO1 player.additem 00080D64 1; dunYngvildJournal02 player.additem 00080D65 1; dunYngvildJournal03 player.additem 00080D66 1; dunYngvildJournal04 player.additem 000813B6 1; TG03SabjornLetter player.additem 00083168 1; Book3ValuableDwarves1 player.additem 00083169 1; Book3ValuableDwarves2 player.additem 0008316A 1; Book3ValuableDwarves3 player.additem 00083AE3 1; dunSerpentsBluffNote player.additem 00083AE8 1; dunHalldirsCairnJournal player.additem 00083AED 1; dunPOlShorsWatchTowerNotelmp player.additem 00083AEF 1; dunPOlShorsWatchTowerNoteSons player.additem 00083AF6 1; dunBloatedManWrit player.additem 00083AFB 1; dunOrotheimJournal player.additem 00083AFD 1; dunNeugradNotelmp player.additem 00083AFF 1; dunNeugradNoteSons player.additem 00083B01 1; dunNeugradBanditjournal player.additem 00083B04 1; dunFortSnowhawkNoteSons player.additem 00083B05 1; dunFortSnowhawkNotelmp player.additem 00083B08 1; dunFortSnowhawkNoteWarlock player.additem 00083B0B 1; dunDeepwoodNote02 player.additem 00083B38 1; Book2CommonExplorersGuideToSkyrim player.additem 00083B3B 1; Book2CommonTheWispmother player.additem 00085D4E 1; FFRiften20SkoomaNote player.additem 00085FE2 1; dunFolgunthurJournal1 player.additem 00085FE3 1; dunFolgunthurJournal2 player.additem 00086EF8 1; DA07BookMythicDawnCommentariesV1 player.additem 00086EF9 1; DA07BookMythicDawnCommentariesV2 player.additem 00086EFA 1; DA07BookMythicDawnCommentariesV3 player.additem 00086EFB 1; DA07BookMythicDawnCommentariesV4

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"It shames my race that we must be judged by the works of such lack-wit blunderers."

— Yagrum Bagarn

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The books from TES5:Skyrim

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Guides & Instruction

Histories & biographies, information & records, jokes, songs, poems & plays, religion, myths, legends & metaphysics, journals, notes & correspondence.

These are all books from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

  • A Dance in Fire - Waughin Jarth This series of books retells Decumus Scotti's adventures in Valenwood during the 5 years war between it and Elsweyr.
  • A Game at Dinner - Anonymous A published letter from an anonymous spy about the game Prince Helseth cleverly played at the dinner between him and his Councilors.
  • A Tragedy in Black - Anonymous A folk tale about black soulgems.
  • Ancient Tales of the Dwemer - Marobar Sul The series of fascinating adapted tales.
  • Argonian Account - Waughin Jarth Decumus Scotti's adventures in Argonia after his "business trip" to Valenwood (described in A Dance in Fire).
  • Beggar Prince - Anonymous The tale of a Valenwood prince who receives unexpected powers from Namira.
  • Bone - Tavi Dromio These two books (combined) are one of the series of books featuring Hallgerd, Xiomara and Garaz. Nice story about the invention of medium armor.
  • Breathing Water - Haliel Myrm The story of a thief trying to get at his treasure.
  • Cabin the the Woods - Mogen Son of Molag A creepy story about a soldier and a ghostly woman.
  • Chance's Folly - Zylmoc Golge The story of a skilled, but unfortunate, thief.
  • De Rerum Dirennis - Vorian Direnni A story about Asliel Direnni, an accomplished Alchemist of the Direnni clan.
  • Deathbrand - Artise Dralen A legend about a dying pirate king's ghost.
  • Eslaf Erol Series - Reven The life of Eslaf Erol, ironical and completely ludicrous.
  • Feyfolken - Waughin Jarth The classic tale of scribe and his enchanted quill.
  • Final Lesson - Aegrothius Goth Another lesson imparted by the Great Sage (from the Feyfolken books) to his students.
  • Hallgerd's Tale - Tavi Dromio As Hallgerd's stated: "This is a story about someone who was more agile and accomplished in his armor than out of it".
  • Ice and Chitin - Pletius Spatec How ice and chitin saved an Officer and her Lieutenant from an army.
  • Immortal Blood - Anonymous A tale about a vampire hunter who likes to surprise his enemies by striking the first blow. Nothing seems to take him by surprise. Well... Almost.
  • Incident in Necrom - Jonquilla Bothe Four adventurers set out to clear a cemetery from vampires. Exults the benefits of illusion magic.
  • Kolb & the Dragon - Anonymous A choose-your-own adventure book.
  • Last Scabbard of Akrash - Tabar Vunqidh This book has it all -- romance, slavery, and head lopping!
  • Mystery of Talara - Mera Llykith The classic story about political intrigue in the royal family of Camlorn.
  • Night Falls on Sentinel - Boali An assassin tells of how he removed the crown prince of Sentinel.
  • Of Fjori and Holgeir - Anonymous The legend of two doomed lovers.
  • Orsinium and the Orcs - Menyna Gsost A story about how Gortwog won the land between Menevia and Wayrest.
  • Palla - Vojne Mierstyyd The classic, relatable tale of a boy in love with his friend's mother. Great ending.
  • Purloined Shadows - Waughin Jarth A young girl learns a valuable skill from a master thief
  • Ruins of Kemel-Ze - Rolard Nordssen An archeologist's adventure in the fabled ruin.
  • Surfeit of Thieves - Aniis Noru A tale about a robbery gone horribly, horribly awry.
  • The Armorers' Challenge - Mymophonus A story about armorers, and how to use specific armor to fight in special conditions.
  • The Axe Man - Anonymous The story of the devlopment of a Morag Tong assassin who exclusively used the axe during business hours. Raises your Axe skill.
  • The Black Arrow - Gorgic Guine A tale which shows that nobles do not always get what they want.
  • The Cake and the Diamond - Athyn Muendil An amusing story about a clever alchemist and greedy thieves.
  • The Crimson Dirks - Gathers-the-Coin
  • The Death of a Wanderer - Anonymous The death-bed tale of an old Argonian explorer. Features some backstory on those gemstone claw keys.
  • The Exodus - Waughin Jarth This is the story of a young girl named Vralla. When she becomes ill, her parents are told to go to the Mages Guild at Olenveld for help. Vralla gets better in the end, sort of.
  • The Gold Ribbon of Merrit - Ampyrian Brum An amusing story of two friends, one a self-centered buffoon and the other a quiet but gifted warrior, reuniting for some idle archery.
  • The Hope of the Redoran - Turiul Nirith A tale of a child blessed by a prophesy and the interpretaion thereof.
  • The Locked Room - Porbert Lyttumly Yana is a locksmithing student who is interested in the theory and technique of the craft more than the practical considerations of it. Arthcamu is her impatient, pragmatic, and cruel instructor. By the end of the story, one of their deaths is imminent!
  • The Marksmanship Lesson - Alla Llaleth The basic argument against mistreating your Bosmer slaves, especially those with exeptional bow ability.
  • The Mirror - Berdier Wreans A story about an exceptional fighter and his showdown with his greatest enemy.
  • The Poison Song - Bristin Xel A fascinating epic set in the aftermath of the War with the Dwemer and House Dagoth. A story of secrets, betrayal, survival, love, incest and redmeption, this is one you can't miss.
  • The Real Barenziah - Plitinius Mero (uncredited) A classic! The story of Barenziah, her life, and her involvement in the politics of Tamriel. Pretty raunchy in places.
  • The Rear Guard - Tenace Mourl An amusing tale of a man trapped in a castle, and the ordeals that he must go through to eat.
  • The Refugees - Geros Albreigh A group of people hiding from the Camoran Usurper witness the unusal birth of his son.
  • The Woodcutter's Wife - Mogen Son of Molag A folk tale of a woodcutter's wife cursed for her deeds.
  • The Wraith's Wedding Dowry - Voltha gra-Yamwort Never steal from a women on her wedding day
  • Thief of Virtue - Anonymous A thief's most valiant theft.
  • Three Thieves - Anonymous A tale of thievery and betrayal.
  • To Raise the Living - Shagrub Gilgar Tale of the Staff of Hasedoki
  • Trap - Anonymous The story of someone being captured by the Berne Vampires and being kept as cattle. This book raises your sneak skill.
  • Vernaccus and Bourlor - Tavi Dromio Another book of Hallgerd series, telling about the story of a lesser daedra and a great archer hero.
  • Withershins - Yaqut Tawashi A ridiculous book about madness.
  • A Gentleman's Guide to Whiterun - Mikael the Bard A guide to Whiterun and its ladies.
  • A Kiss, Sweet Mother - Anonymous Procedures for preforming the Black Sacrament to summon the Dark Brotherhood.
  • Advances in Lockpicking - Anonymous Information on lockpicking and lock design.
  • Arcana Restored - Wapna Neustra A guide to restoring arcane items in a mana fountain. Faux-archaic in style.
  • Atronach Forge Manual - Anonymous Explains how to use a forge that creates atronaches, located in the Midden of the College of Winterhold.
  • Bonemold Formula - Glover Mallory The process of making stronger bonemold
  • Chaurus Pie: A Recipe - Nils A humerous recipe book.
  • Crafting with Netch Leather - Alma Merisan A guide to crafting with Netch Leather
  • Eyes of the Falmer Map - Anonymous A map showing the location of the Eyes of the Falmer.
  • Fishing Mastery, v1 - Swims-In-Deep-Water A book about mastering fishing
  • Fishing Mastery, v2 - Swims-In-Deep-Water A book about mastering fishing
  • Fishing Mastery, v3 - Swims-In-Deep-Water A book about mastering fishing
  • Fishing Mastery, v5 - Swims-In-Deep-Water A book about mastering fishing
  • Forge, Hammer, and Anvil - Thorbald; Adolphus Eritius, ed. The materials needed to make various armors, plus some humerous comments.
  • Guide to Better Thieving - Wulfmare Shadow-Cloak Overview of pickpocketing and lockpicking from a master thief.
  • Harvesting Frostbite Spider Venom - Anonymous Notes on Frostbite spiders.
  • Heavy Armor Forging - Sven Two-Hammers Describes the materials and techniques needed to forge heavy armor.
  • Herbane's Bestiary: Automatons - Herbane One Adventurer's experience with Dwemer centurions.
  • Herbane's Bestiary: Hagravens - Herbane One Adventurer's experience with Hagravens. Also contains a myth about their origin.
  • Herbane's Bestiary: Ice Wraiths - Herbane One Adventurer's experience with Ice Wraiths.
  • Horker Attacks - Heidmir Starkad Guide to surviving a fight with horkers.
  • Killing - Before You're Killed - Eduardo Corvus A guide to combat strategy.
  • Light Armor Forging - Revus Sarvani Describes the materials and techniques needed to make light armor.
  • Liminal Bridges - Camilonwe of Alinor This document provides "hypothetical" instructions on how to travel between Mundus and Oblivion using sigil stones.
  • Line and Lure - Aland Sea-Bird A book about fishing
  • Mace Etiquette - Anonymous Guide to proper use of maces.
  • Mysterious Akavir - Anonymous This book describes the inhabitants of the continent called Akavir.
  • On Stepping Lightly - Sigilis Justus Lists various traps, puzzles, and enemies found in Nordic ruins. Mostly a gameplay guide.
  • Potion Recipes - Anonymous Recipes for various potions made from ingredients found in Skyrim.
  • Proper Lock Design - Anonymous A guide to picking locks.
  • Report on Atronach Forge Experiments - Enthir Guide on how to use amber and madness with the atronach forge
  • Scrap of Paper - Anonymous A puzzle from Arkngthamz
  • The Apprentice's Assistant - Aramril Tips for spellcasters.
  • The Art of War Magic - Zurin Arctus et al. A collection of phrases and thoughts, intended to help the reader become a better tactician and user of War Magic.
  • The Beginner's Guide to Homesteading - Anonymous A guide to building your new house.
  • The Buying Game - Ababael Timsar-Dadisun A guide to bartering.
  • The City of Stone - Amanda Alleia A guide to Markarth, from the perspective of a mercenary.
  • The Code of Malacath - Amanda Alleia A guide to Orcish strongholds and society.
  • Training Chests - Anonymous Rules for using the thieves' guild training chests.
  • Troll Slaying - Finn An informal guide to dealing with trolls.
  • Twin Secrets - Brarilu Theran Describes the nature and limits of enchanting.
  • Uncommon Taste - The Gourmet A book of Breton recipes by the famous cheff.
  • Uncommon Taste - Signed - The Gourmet Personalized copy given to Anton by the author.
  • Walking the World, vol. XI - Spatior Munius A guide to Solitude.
  • 2920, Last Year of the First Era - Carlovac Townway A fascinating drama taking place at the very end of the First Era.
  • A Minor Maze - Anonymous The history of Labyrinthian and its creator, Shalidor.
  • A Short History of Morrowind - Jeanette Sitte A history book about Morrowind, mostly containing information about the settlements of the Vvardenfell district.
  • Ahzidal's Descent - Halund Greycloak The legend of a Nord mage who trained among elves so he could have his revenge on them.
  • Annals of the Dragonguard - Brother Annulus, ed. Yearly entries of the Dragonguard at Sky Haven Temple, outlining several important events.
  • Atlas of Dragons - Brother Mathnan A list of dragons, living and dead.
  • Before the Ages of Man - Aicantar of Shimerene Another history book, recording the Dawn Era and Merethic Era.
  • Biography of Barenziah - Stern Gamboge The "official" biography of Queen Barenziah. This is the watered down version that was produced for widespread Imperial distribution.
  • Biography of the Wolf Queen - Katar Eriphanes The official biography of Potema, queen of Solitude.
  • Brief History of the Empire - Stronach k'Thojj III History of the Septim Empire, from its founding by Tiber Septim to just prior to the death of Uriel VIII. Please note that this version is the latest edition; the error of the Morrowind edition has been fixed by the author.
  • Changed Ones - Anonymous Information about the origins of the Chimer.
  • Chronicles of Nchuleft - Anonymous Recounts the events of an ancient Dwemeri meeting and assassination plot.
  • Cleansing of the Fane - Anonymous Chronicles the destruction of the Ayleid city of Malada in the early 1st era.
  • Confessions of a Dunmer Skooma Eater - Anonymous A true story about a Skooma addicted Dunmer
  • Confessions Of A Khajiit Fur Trader - The Fur Trader The biography of a Khajiit who grows wealthy by selling his people's fur.
  • Daughter of the Niben - Sathyr Longleat The History of Bravil. Includes an interesting legend about the Lucky Old Lady.
  • Fall of the Snow Prince - Lokheim Chronicle of a battle between Falmer and Nords on Solstheim in the early 1st era.
  • Flight from the Thalmor - Hadrik Oaken-Heart; Ashad Ibn Khaled, ed. A Nord's account of his capture by Thalmor Justiciars.
  • Frontier, Conquest, and Accommodation - University of Gwylim Press An essay about the early Nordic settlement of Tamriel.
  • Galerion the Mystic - Anonymous A biography of Galerion the Mystic, founder of the Mage's Guild.
  • Ghosts in the Storm - Adonato Leotelli The author's caravan is attacked by unidentified creatures in the middle of a snow storm.
  • Great Harbingers of the Companions - Swyk the Long-Sighted Lists historically important leaders of the Companions.
  • History of Raven Rock - Lyrin Telleno Covers the history of Raven Rock, from its founding in the late 3rd era to today, in the 4E200s
  • Lady Benoch's Words and Philosophy - Anonymous An interview with the Wood Elf Imperial Guard Lady Benoch about her life.
  • Life of Uriel Septim VII - Rufus Hayn A biography of Uriel Septim VII, from the start of his reign to just prior to his death.
  • Nerevar at Red Mountain - Tribunal Temple A top secret document about the events at Red Mountain from the Ashlander point of view.
  • Nerevar Moon and Star - Anonymous Imperial note about Ashlander legends.
  • Night of Tears - Dranor Seleth Exploration of the Elves' attack on Saarthal.
  • Of Crossed Daggers - Dwennon Wyndell A history of Riften, explaining its derelict state.
  • Olaf and the Dragon - Adonato Leonetti Explores the various legends of the story of King Olaf and his capture of the dragon Numinex.
  • On the Great Collapse - Archmage Deneth The history of the Great Collapse and its aftermath, through the eyes of the Collge of Winterhold.
  • Remanada - Anonymous A myth of the birth of Reman, and the story of the knight Renauld.
  • Report: Disaster at Ionith - Lord Pottreid The story of Uriel V's failed invasion of Akavir.
  • Rising Threat - Lathenil of Sunhold; Praxis Erratuim, ed. Summary of the late 3rd and early 4th eras in Summurset and Cyrodiil, with specific focus on the rise of the Thalmor.
  • Rislav the Righteous - Sinjin A heroic history book about Rislav Larich, an ancient king of Skingrad.
  • Saint Jiub's Opus - Saint Jiub Juib's cheesy account of his accomplishments.
  • The Adabal-a - Anonymous One of the earliest written accounts to come down to us from the early First Era, said to be the memoirs of Morihaus.
  • The Aetherium Wars - Taron Dreth Attributes the Dwemer weakness in Skyrim to infighting over a particularly rare ore.
  • The Battle of Red Mountain - Vivec; Malur Omayn, ed. Vivec's take on the battle that took place at Red Mountain. He fails to mention the death of Nerevar, though.
  • The Battle of Sancre Tor - Anonymous A history book about the Battle of Sancre Tor, during which General Talos (Tiber Septim) defeated the army of the allied Nords and Bretons through cunning.
  • The Brothers of Darkness - Pellarne Assi A history of the Morag Tong and Dark Brotherhood
  • The Dragon War - Torhal Bjorik An account of the relationship between dragons and men in the Merethic era.
  • The Falmer: A study - Ursa Uthrax A history of the Falmer after the fall of the Snow Prince, explaining their state today.
  • The Firsthold Revolt - Maveus Cie The continuing story of Morgiah, scheming princess of Wayrest, who you do a quest for in Daggerfall. After making her deal with the King of Worms, Morgiah moved to Summerset Isle. The rest is contained in this book.
  • The Great War - Justianus Quintius, Legate A description of the events between 4E 22 to 4E 180, including the resurgence of the Aldmeri Dominion and the decline of the Cyrodiil Empire.
  • The Knights of the Nine - Karoline of Solitude The history of the Knights, from their founding to their decline in the mid 3rd era.
  • The Last King of the Ayleids - Herminia Cinna A history of the fall of the Ayleid empire.
  • The Legendary Sancre Tor - Matera Chapel A history book about the legendary, but abandoned, and now haunted city of Sancre Tor.
  • The Madness of Pelagius - Tsathenes A short biography of the mad Pelagius III.
  • The Night Mother's Truth - Gaston Bellefort A history of the Night Mother
  • The Oblivion Crisis - Praxis Sarcorum A historical look at the main quest of TESIV:Oblivion.
  • The Reclamations - Thara of Rihad Summary of the transition from Almsivi worship to the New Temple
  • The Red Kitchen Reader - Simocles Quo A chef reminisces about memorable meals.
  • The Red Year - Melis Ravel, ed. A collection of personal accounts of the Red Year in Morrowind.
  • The Restless - Unknown History and rumors of Cyrus after his adventure in Stros M'kai
  • The Rise and Fall of the Blades - Anonymous A history of the Blades.
  • The Third Era Timeline - Jaspus Ignateous A brief timeline of the third era.
  • The True Nature of Orcs - Anonymous A short book about Malacath and the Orcs.
  • The Wolf Queen - Waughin Jarth The biography of Potema, Wolf Queen of Solitude.
  • Thirsk, A Revised History - Anonymous History and customs of Thirsk, a mead hall in Solstheim
  • War of the First Council - Agrippa Fundilius An Imperial overview of the war. Very biased and sometimes innacurate.
  • An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim - Marcius Carvain Lists the locations of several Stones of Fate (the ones marked with the constalations).
  • Atronach Forge Recipe - Anonymous A recipe for the atronach forge
  • Catalogue of Armor Enchantments - Yvonne Bienne Overview of possible apparel enchantments.
  • Catalogue of Weapon Enchantments - Yvonne Bienne Overview of possible weapon enchantments.
  • Cherim's Heart - Livillus Perus Interview with a Khajiiti tapestist about his work.
  • Children of the All-Maker - Tharstan of Solitude A look at Skaal culture and its evolution
  • Decree of Monument - Anonymous The dedication of a monument to the refugees of Morrowind.
  • Disaster at Ionith - Lord Pottreid, Chairman Report of the Imperial Commission on the Disaster at Ionith
  • Enchanter's Primer - Sergius Turrianus An introduction to the principles of enchanting.
  • Expedition Manifest - Sulla Trebatius A log of a doomed archaeological expedition.
  • Fire and Darkness - Ynir Gorming
  • Frost's Identity Papers - Anonymous Deed of ownership and background information for a valuable steed.
  • Gaius Maro's Schedule - Anonymous The weekly schedule of Gaius Maro, a Penitus Occulatus agent.
  • Goldenglow Bill of Sale - Anonymous Deed of ownership to Goldenglow Estate in Riften.
  • Hanging Gardens of Wasten Coridale - Anonymous Excerpts of a Dwemer book translated into Aldmeri.
  • Herbalist's guide to Skyrim - Agneta Falia Descriptions of common Skyrim plants and their alchemical properties.
  • Holdings of Jarl Gjalund - Slafknir the Scribe Ancient survey of the lands of Jarl Gjalund.
  • Home Decorating Guides - Anonymous Summaries of the decorations available for your various homes.
  • Midden Incident Repot - Anonymous A summoning gone horribly wrong at the College of Winterhold.
  • Mzinchaleft Work Order - Maluril Ferano Artifacts for coin.
  • On Wild Elves - Kier-Jo Chorvak A treatise on the remainders of the Ayleid civilization.
  • Pension of the Ancestor Moth - Anonymous The basics of the Temple of the Ancestor Moth.
  • Posting of the Hunt - Anonymous Describes the rituals and rules of Hircine's Wild Hunt.
  • Purchase Agreement - Bolli A contract for the delivery of fresh fish from Riften to Markarth.
  • Reality and Other Falsehoods - Anonymous A treatise on the nature of Alteration magic.
  • Response to Bero's Speech - Malviser The author responds to various claims about magicka theory made by illusionist Berevar Bero.
  • Shadowmarks - Delvin Mallory A guide to the signs used by thieves.
  • Skyrim's Rule - Abdul-Mujib Ababneh An overview of Skyrim's political arrangement, including moots, Jarls, and the High King.
  • Thalmor Dossier: Delphine - Anonymous The Thalmor's file on Delphine.
  • Thalmor Dossier: Esbern - Anonymous The Thalmor's file on Esbern.
  • Thalmor Dossier: Ulfric Stormcloak - Anonymous The Thalmor's file on Ulfric Stormcloak.
  • The Book of Daedra - Anonymous Contains descriptions of Daedric Princes and mentions of powerful artifacts.
  • The Firmament - Ffoulke A document about all the constellations.
  • The Holds of Skyrim - Anonymous Descriptions of the Holds, their capitals, and their strategic values in the war.
  • The Nightingales - Gallus Desidenius Learn about the legendary Nightingales
  • The Old Ways - Celarus the Loremaster The definitive guide to the Psijic Order and their leader, Celarus.
  • The True Noble's Code - Serjo Athyn Sarethi The handbook for Great House Redoran. Explains their rules, requirements, and the virtues of duty, gravity, and piety.
  • Touching the Sky - Parmion Saldor; Calcelmo of Markarth, trans. Recounts the journey of many Falmer to the sanctum of Auri-El
  • Vald's Debt - Anonymous Record of a loan.
  • Wind and Sand - Afa-Saryat A short guide to the desert and its magicks.
  • Windstad Manor Charter - Anonymous Deed to Windstad Manor, in Hjaalmarch
  • A Hypothetical Treachery - Anthil Morvir An amusing play about a bunch of backstabbing adventurers.
  • Ancient Edict - Anonymous A curse and a warning.
  • Death Blow of Abernanit - Geocrates Varnus, ed. A poem about the Sixth House.
  • Father of the Niben - Florin Jaliil, trans. An ancient poem about Topal the Pilot, with modern commentary.
  • Geirmund's Epitaph - Anonymous Epitaph to Geirmund, archmage under king Harald.
  • Horror of Castle Xyr - Baloth-Kul A one act play about a Telvanni Wizard’s experiments.
  • Jornibret's Last Dance - Anonymous A bawdy song about a playboy and the lady who charms him.
  • King Olaf's Verse - Anonymous
  • Legend of the Krately House - Baloth-Kul A frightening play about a haunted house.
  • Lord Jornibret's Last Dance - Anonymous A fine piece of gallant poetry. Somewhat like "Rude Song" of Daggerfall, but much, much more refined.
  • Love Poem - Calcelmo Calcelmo's poem to his lover, Faleen
  • Lusty Argonian Maid Folio - Crassius Curio Antique heirloom smut.
  • Mannimarco, King of Worms - Horicles An epic poem about Mannimarco, the King of Worms.
  • Notes on Yngol Barrow - Anonymous A poem about Atmora, which serves as the solution to a puzzle within Yngol Barrow.
  • Ode to the Tundrastriders - Anonymous A poem about giants.
  • Old Tome - Anonymous A poem about death and honor
  • On Apocrypha - Anonymous A series of books found in Apocrypha and describing the realm. Used in a puzzle.
  • Pirate King of the Abecean - Velehk Sain A poem about a fierce pirate captain.
  • Poem for Zaharia - Fathrys Poem written by a bandit to his love
  • Power of the Elements - Anonymous A mysterious poem seemingly containing instructions.
  • Song of Hrormir - Anonymous The retelling of the quest of Hrormir to rescue his brother from the Dark Kings of Aelfendor.
  • Song of the Askelde Men - Atheneum Monks at Old Anthel A traditional song about the Askelde Men. A Nordic warband covered in the ash of their fallen brothers.
  • Songs of Skyrim - Giraud Gemaine The lyrics of a collection of songs from Skyrim. Including Ragnar The Red, The Dragonborn Comes, The Age of Oppression and Dragonborn .
  • Songs of Skyrim - Revised - Giraud Gemaine The lyrics of a collection of songs from Skyrim, updated after the completion of the main quest with a new song: Tale of the Tongues.
  • Tattered Note - Anonymous The riddle of Labyrinthian
  • The Alik'r - Enric Milnes Impressions of a poetic nature who seems to have fallen in love with the Alik'r Desert of Hammerfell. Reminded me of Herbert's "Dune".
  • The Betrayed - Engwe Emeloth; Calcelmo of Markarth, trans. A Falmer poem about their downfall.
  • The Blessings of Sheogorath - Anonymous Describes the thirteen blessings of Sheogorath.
  • The Book of Life and Service - Anonymous A series of poems from the Soul Crain
  • The Fisher King - Anonymous A song about fishing
  • The Fisher Queen - Anonymous A song about fishing
  • The Five Far Stars - Anonymous An ashlander song.
  • The Four Totems of Volkygge - Anonymous A riddle whose answer is the solution to a puzzle.
  • The Legendary Scourge - Anonymous A poem about Scourge, the mace of Malacath.
  • The Lusty Argonian Maid - Crassius Curio A hilariously raunchy tale of an Argonian maid and her Imperial master.
  • The Red Book of Riddles - Anonymous
  • The Secret of Ragnvald - Anonymous A poem about the defeat of King Otar of Ragnvald.
  • The Sultry Argonian Bard, v1 - Ellya Erdain A raunchy play of innuendo.
  • The Third Door - Annanar Orme A humerous song about the love and scorn of Ellabeth, Queen of the Axe.
  • The Warrior's Charge - Anonymous A Redguard poem about the constellations.
  • The Yellow Book of Riddles - Anonymous A riddle book
  • Words of the Wind - Anonymous An Ashlander poem from the Ahemmusa tribe
  • Writ of Sealing - Anonymous
  • 16 Accords of Madness - Anonymous Stories of Sheogorath's interactions with mortals.
  • A Children's Anuad - Anonymous A version of the creation myth, featuring two brother's love for the same woman.
  • A Dream of Sovngarde - Skardan Free-Winter A Nord's premature visit to Sovngarde.
  • Aedra and Daedra - Anonymous A brief overview of the differences between the two.
  • Aevar Stone-Singer - Anonymous A Skaal legend of a boy who returns the gifts of the All-Maker from the Greedy Man
  • Alduin is Real - Thromgar Iron-Head One Nord's view of the Alduin/Akatosh dichotomy.
  • An Overview of Gods and Worship - Brother Hetchfeld The standard introductory religious work. Very inquisitive in nature; discusses the very nature of the Gods.
  • Ancestors and the Dunmer - Anonymous Dunmer funerary rights and ancestor worship.
  • Arkay The Enemy - King of Worms (apparently) King of Worms instruction to his people. Not sure that this was really written by KoW himself.
  • Black Books - Anonymous The mysterious "Black Books" that transport you to Hermaeus Mora's Apocrypha
  • Boethiah's Glory - Anonymous A prayer to Boethiah
  • Boethiah's Proving - Anonymous A true story of the sacrifices demanded by Boethiah of her followers.
  • Daynas Valen's Notes - Daynas Valen Valen's notes on the history of the Gauldur Amulet.
  • Elder Scroll - Anonymous Secrets of the universe not included.
  • Five Songs of King Wulfharth - Anonymous Summaries of the Songs of King Wulfharth, which tell of his rise to, and fall from, power. Also includes the hidden songs about his involvement at Red Mountain.
  • High Hrothgar Tablets - Anonymous A history of Dragons and Thu'um, as told by inscriptions along the way up to High Hrothgar.
  • Invocation of Azura - Sigillah Parate An autobiography of sorts of a worshiper of Azura. The author discusses several other Daedra Princes (all called Princesses here) as well.
  • Legend of Red Eagle - Clarisse Vien; Tredayn Dren, ed. A Reachmen legend about a rebelious ruler named Red Eagle.
  • Lives of the Saints - Tribunal Temple Some brief description about the Tribunal saints.
  • Lost Legends of Skyrim - Talsgar the Elder Speaks of the 'Forbidden Legend' of Archmage Gauldur
  • Mysterium Xarxes - Anonymous A fragment of the Mysterium Xarxes.
  • Mythic Dawn Commentaries - Mankar Camoran Messages to the Mythic Dawn from their leader, Mankar Camoran.
  • Myths of Sheogorath - Mymophonus Stories of Sheogorath's wacky antics, including the invention of music and the murder of a king.
  • N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis! - Anonymous The ramblings of the vile Sload Necromancer.
  • Oghma Infinium - Anonymous Supposedly contains the knowledge of Hermaeus Mora.
  • Opusculus Lamae Bal - Mabei Aywenil Vampire lore - their creation, and the origin of the Lamae Bal, the Blood Matron.
  • Red Eagle's Right - Anonymous An invocation of Red Eagle, a legendary king of the Reach.
  • Ruminations on the Elder Scroll - Septimus Signus A series of puzzling metaphors attempting to describe the elder scrolls.
  • Shezarr and the Divines - Faustillus Junius A treatise about Shezarr and his relationship to the Eight Divines.
  • Sithis - Anonymous This tells of the connection between Sithis and Lorkhan.
  • Songs of the Return - Anonymous This incomplete cycle tells of Ysgramor and his 500 Companion's conquest and settlement of Skyrim.
  • Spirit of Nirn - Anonymous A short text describing differing cultural views of Lorkhan.
  • Spirit of the Daedra - Anonymous A Dremora sheds light into the nature of the Daedra. Highly interesting, and gives us a glimpse into their motivations, desires, and fears.
  • The Alduin/Akatosh Dichotomy - Alexandre Simon Another view on the relationship between Alduin and Akatosh, this time from an Imperial perspective.
  • The Amulet of Kings - Wenengrus Monhona Describes the covenant between Akatosh and Alessia.
  • The Anticipations - Anonymous Explains the Anticipations of the Tribunal.
  • The Arcturian Heresy - Ysmir The continuation of Ysmir's story, chronicling his interaction with Tiber Septim and his rise to power.
  • The Doors of the Spirit - Anonymous A semi-religious text focusing on the tradition of the Dunmer- ancestor worship. This book discusses the ways in which spirits, or ancestors, are all around us and how they should be cared for.
  • The Ebon Arm - Witten Rol A story about Reymon Ebonarm, the God of War.
  • The Guardian and the Traitor - Lucius Gallus Miraak's origin story.
  • The House of Troubles - Anonymous The "House of Troubles" refers to the Daedra who decided not to submit to the Tribunal, according to Temple Doctrine. This is a book about those Daedra
  • The Light and The Dark - Irek Unterge This work is the precursor to all the theology that surfaced in and after TES:Redguard. It mentions the struggle of the two entities, Order and Chaos, it also mentions et'Ada... In other words, The Monomyth and its aspects evolved from this book.
  • The Lunar Lorkhan - Fal Droon An explanation of how Tamriel's moons are the decaying body of Lorkhan.
  • The Monomyth - Anonymous A theology book that contains some of the most common creation myths.
  • The Song of Pelinal - Anonymous A series of fragments describing Pelinal and his deeds.
  • The Tale of Dro'Zira - Dro'Zira; Sonia Vette, ed. A Khajiiti account of the battle of Red Moutain. Interesting parallels with the Songs of King Wulfharth.
  • The Totems of Hircine - Anonymous Describes artifacts granted to men by Hircine to focus Lycanthropy.
  • Trials of Saint Alessia - Anonymous This verse talks about the alleged covenant between Akatosh and Alessia.
  • Varieties of Faith in the Empire - Brother Mikhael Karkuxor of the Imperial College The compiled listing of Gods of the Empire formerly known as "The Pantheon". Contains lots of interesting information.
  • Wabbajack - Anonymous A child accidentally summons Sheogorath instead of Hermaus Mora, and pays the price.
  • Where were you when the Dragon Broke? - Anonymous Comments from various knowledgeable people about the Dragon Break.
  • Words of Clan Mother Ahnissi to her Favored Daughter - Anonymous A Khajiit creation myth.
  • Yngol and the Sea-Ghosts - Anonymous An account of the death of Yngol. Somewhat different than the version in the Songs of Return.
  • Ahzirr Trajijazaeri - Anonymous The philosophy of the Renrijra Krin, a group of Khajiiti revolutionaries.
  • Heretical Thoughts - Anonymous The doctrine of the Heretics, one of the rebellious factions in Shivering Isles. The faction sees that Sheogorath is not a god at all but a mere mortal who is dabbling in foul magic and consorting with Daedra, thus unfit for ruling.
  • Minorne - Moric Sidrey The scripture of Minore.
  • Nords Arise! - Anonymous A pro-stormcloak pamphlet.
  • Nords of Skyrim - Hrothmund Wolf-Heart Exults the Nord race and all its accomplishments.
  • Scourge of the Gray Quarter - Frilgeth Horse-Breaker A bias view of the Dunmer in Skyrim.
  • The Bear of Markarth - Arrianus Arius A recent history of the Reach.
  • The Dunmer of Skyrim - Athal Sarys A bitter Dunmer's view on the Nord/Dunmer relations in Windhelm.
  • The Pig Children - Tyston Bane A highly bias book about Orcs.
  • The Talos Mistake - Leonora Venatus An apologist piece for the banning of Talos worship.
  • The Warmth of Mara - Anonymous A short sermon.
  • Amongst the Draugr - Bernadette Bantien Observations on Draugr behavior and ancient Nordic society.
  • An Accounting of the Elder Scrolls - Quintus Nerevelus A Librarian attempts to find information on the number and locations of the Elder Scrolls.
  • Antecedants of Dwemer Law - Anonymous A brief overview of the relationship between Dwemer and Altmeri law.
  • Book of the Dragonborn - Prior Emelene Madrine A Talos priest's explanation of Dragonborn, their history, and the legends associated with them.
  • Cats of Skyrim - Aldetuile A description of the sabrecat.
  • Children of the Sky - Anonymous A book about Nords and their Thu'um.
  • Crypt of the Heart - Draft - Ariana Dumas History of the Order of the Crypt
  • Darkest Darkness - Anonymous Daedra summoning and the Dunmer religion.
  • Dragon Language: Myth no More - Hela Thrice-Versed Inscriptions in the Dragon tongue and their Tamrielic translations.
  • Dwarves - Calcelmo Summary of Dwemer culture and achievements.
  • Dwemer History and Culture - Hasphat Antabolis Discussed the trivialization of the Dwemer in popular culture thanks to the books of Marobar Sul
  • Dwemer Inquiries - Thelwe Ghelein A series of texts describing Dwemer history, culture, and architecture, especially away from Vvardenfell. Includes Dwemer script.
  • Effects of the Elder Scrolls - Justinius Poluhnius, Anstius Metchim Describes the various grades of blindness and understanding granted by the Elder Scrolls to their readers.
  • Fall From Glory - Nithilis Lidari The current state of Skyrim's Thieves' Guild.
  • Forgotten Seasons, V1 - Elberon Blackthorn A mages research into the weather witch of Vardnknd
  • Fragment: On Artaeum - Taurce il-Anselma An essay regarding the mysterious island of the Psijics.
  • Glories and Laments - Alexandre Hetrard An archaeologist's observations about Ayleid ruins.
  • Keepers of the Razor - Anonymous History of a group pledged to protecting the pieces of the Mehrune's Razor.
  • Lycanthropic Legends of Skyrim - Lentulus Inventius The search for truth about werebears and werewolves.
  • Magic from the Sky - Irlav Jarol A valuable treatise on Ayleid magic. This is a great reference source on Welkynd Stones and Varla Stones.
  • Master Illusion Text - Anonymous Supposedly the secrets of the universe. Really just gibberish in a fancy font.
  • Notes on Dimhollow Crypt, Vol. 3 - Adalvald A description of Dimhollow Crypt's central cavern, and theories as to its builders.
  • Notes on Racial Phylogeny and Biology - Council of Healers This is a book about the similarities and differences between the races of Tamriel.
  • On Oblivion - Morian Zenas An introductory guide to Oblivion.
  • Physicalities of Werewolves - Reman Crex Tracks the changes that a human body undergoes when becoming a werewolf.
  • Sacred Witness - Enric Milnes
  • Shalidor's Insights - Shalidor Arcane scribbling.
  • Souls, Black and White - Anonymous The basics of souls and soulgems.
  • Sovngarde: A Reexamination - Bereditte Jastal Some speculation about how to reach the Sovngarde, Nord's afterlife.
  • The "Madmen" of the Reach - Arrianus Arius A history of the Foresworn, defending their right to the Reach.
  • The Doors of Oblivion - Seif-ij Hidja A book written by Morian Zenas' apprentice about his master's travels in the realms of Oblivion. It contains mentions to events in past The Elder Scrolls games and features Divayth Fyr as a character.
  • The Dragon Break - Fal Droon Reexamines the Dragonbreak in historical terms.
  • The Dreamstride - Anonymous Describes the Dreamstride, a unique state associated with Vaernima that lets you experience the lives of other people.
  • The Fall of Saarthal - Heseph Chirirnis A rather ineffectual report on the state of Saarthal's ruins.
  • The Nirnroot Missive - Sinderion; Sharmirin Raythorne, ed. Transcript of a speech given by Sinderion.
  • The Waters of Oblivion - Anonymous An article about the dangers of Oblivion and the Daedra. Seems to be written by an especially zealous Aedra worshipper.
  • The Wispmother - Mathias Etienne Facts and theories about Wispmothers.
  • There be Dragons - Torhal Bjorik An exploration of the nature and history of dragons.
  • Treatise on Ayleidic Cities - Anonymous A damaged historical book of Varsa Baalim and the Nefarivigum.
  • Varieties of Daedra - Aranea Drethan Mostly information about the ranks and types of the Dremora.
  • Watcher of Stones - Gelyph Sig A man's attempts unsuccessful to draw blessings from the star-sign stones of Skyrim.
  • A Note - Anonymous Instructions.
  • A Request to Meet - Staada A request for a certain Daedric artifact
  • A Scrawled Note - Anonymous Concerns Azura's Star
  • A Warning - Vex No peeking!
  • Admonition Against Ebony - Anonymous A warning about a sword.
  • Adonato Leotelli's Journal - Adonato Leotelli Journal of a writer overhearing tales of adventure
  • Adril's Survey Results - Adril Arano Summary of the situation in Solstheim
  • Adventurer's Journal - Anonymous Description of mysterious caravan attack.
  • Aeri's Note - Aeri A letter to Jarl Skald concerning lumber and soldiers.
  • Aesrael's Journal - Aesrael A bandit reminiscing about his past
  • Afflicted's Note - Anonymous Orchendor and the Dwemer machinery.
  • Agrius's Journal - Agrius The corrupting influence of a certain cave.
  • Aicantar's Lab Journal - Aicantar Aicantar's experiments on a spider centurion.
  • Alchemist's Journal - Anonymous An alchemist's musings about her new work area.
  • Alchemist's Note - Froda An ancient note concerning poisons and valiant death.
  • Aldepius's Confession - Aldepius A bandit's confession and a challenge
  • Alethius's Notes - Alethius Complaint about overzealous researchers.
  • All Employees Must Read! - Indaryn Concerns a practical joke.
  • Alva's Journal - Alva The origin of Morthal's vampire problem.
  • Amaund Motierre's Sealed Letter - Amaund Motierre Veiled instructions for a series of assassinations to be performed by the Dark Brotherhood.
  • An Appology - Wilhem Shroudheath Barrow is haunted and bad for business.
  • Anders's Message - Anders A thief is trapped.
  • Anise's Note - Anise An invitation to a witches' coven.
  • Anonymous Letter - Anonymous Implicates a steward in an affair and suggests blackmail.
  • Anonymous Letter - Anonymous Tells of a group of necromancers performing rituals in southern Skyrim.
  • Anonymous Letter - Anonymous A warning about a Necromancer's ritual
  • Anora's Journal - Anora Journal of a mage from the college of winterhold
  • Antonius' Note - Antonius Note of a bandit with a gambling addiction
  • Arch Necromancer's Final Instructions - Arch Necromancer Clues to unlock Gallows Hall
  • Arch Necromancer's First Clue - Arch Necromancer Clues to unlock Gallows Hall
  • Arch Necromancer's Second Clue - Arch Necromancer Clues to unlock Gallows Hall
  • Arena Fan's Note - Anonymous An Adoring fan's search for his long lost hero
  • Argonian Ceremony - Talen-Jei A note about a traditional Argonian wedding.
  • Arondil's Journal - Arondil The journal of a Necromancer.
  • Arvel's Journal - Arvel Arven's musings on his latest theft: the Golden Claw key to Bleak Falls Barrow.
  • Assassin's Journal - Anonymous Journal of an assassin searching for the perfect oppurtunity
  • Assassin's Writ - Anonymous An assassination writ for the player.
  • Assembly Line Constructs - Seeks-Ancient-Artifacts Notes on Assembly line and how it functions
  • Atronach Forge Recipe - Anonymous Recipe to use a great welkyn stone
  • Attention Employees! - Indaryn Notifies employees of the Black-Briar Meadery of new mandatory searches.
  • Azadi's Note - Azadi Note about future contact
  • Azarain's Journal - Azarain A vigilant's investigation into mysterious disappearances
  • Balmora Blue Note - Dyryn A note about some loot.
  • Bandit Leader's Journal - Anonymous The threat of mutiny and a bandit whose stealing from his own.
  • Bandit's Journal - Anonymous Hunting mammoth is hard work.
  • Bandit's Note on the Hidden Treasure - Anonymous Hint at where to find a secret treasure
  • Battle of Champions - Anonymous Note about an upcoming conflict between Stormcloaks and the Empire
  • Beldama Witch's Note - Anonymous A Hagraven's plan for revenge
  • Bjormund's Diary - Bjormund Diary of a crimson dirk bandit
  • Blood Horker Orders - Anonymous Pirate's information about the East Empire Company shipping routes.
  • Bloodstained Letter - Hrodulf A lover's warning to stay away.
  • Blue God's Journal - Anonymous An orc's journal about how he became a god to a tribe of goblins
  • Bolar's Writ - Acilius Bolar A dying Blade's words.
  • Bounty - Anonymous A randomized bounty note used for miscellaneous quests
  • Bounty - Restless Spirits - Anonymous Bounty on a spirit
  • Bounty for Crowstooth - Anuriel Bounty on a bandit
  • Bounty Hunter's Note - Anonymous Note from a Bounty Hunter
  • Bounty: Angler Larvae Specimen - Anonymous Bounty on a fish
  • Bounty: Cleaning Our Waterways - Anonymous A bounty for a fish
  • Bounty: Dwarven Investigation - Calcelmo A bounty for investigating a dwarven contraption
  • Bounty: Fangtusk - Anonymous Bounty on a fish
  • Bounty: Glassfish - Zaria A bounty for a fish
  • Bounty: Goldfish! - Anonymous Bounty on a fish
  • Bounty: Juvenile Mudcrab - Anonymous Bounty on fishing
  • Bounty: Lost Wares - Ri'saad Bounty on lost items
  • Bounty: Pearlfish Specimen - Anonymous A bounty for a fish
  • Bounty: Pygmy Sunfish Specimen - Anonymous A bounty for a fish
  • Bounty: Spadefish Specimen - Anonymous A bounty for a fish
  • Bounty: Supply of Arctic Grayling - Anonymous Bounty on a fish
  • Bounty: Supply of Brook Bass - Anonymous Bounty on a fish
  • Bounty: Supply of Catfish - Anonymous Bounty on a fish
  • Bounty: Supply of Salmon - Anonymous Bounty on a fish
  • Brutius's Journal - Brutius Fisherman's Journal
  • Business Ledger Copy - Arcadia Ledger of recent purchases
  • Butcher Journals - Calixto The diaries of a serial killer from Winterhold.
  • Cage Bandit's Note - Anonymous Note mentioning the location of an artifact
  • Captain's Journal - Anonymous Journal of the Captain of the famous sea vessel Dead Man's Dread
  • Caravan Captain's Note - Anonymous Caravan captain preparing for attacks
  • Carriage Driver's Note - Anonymous Carriage driver writing about caravan being stalked by Dwemer Automatons
  • Casival's Note - Casival A bandits look back at life.
  • Celeste's Note - Celeste A group of bandits search to become Pirates
  • Certificate of Authenticity - Hugin Ice-Shaper Note certifying a piece of jewelry was made by Hugin Ice-Shaper
  • Charwich-Koniinge Letters - Charwich, Koniinge A tale of power, betrayal, and excavation in a quest for Azura's Star.
  • Cicero's Journal - Anonymous Journal entries from an assassin in the Cheydinhal Sanctuary of the Dark Brotherhood.
  • Commander's Note - Anonymous
  • Complaint Letter - Agnis An angry letter about dirty soldiers and persistent skeevers.
  • Consider Adoption - Constance Michel Won't somebody think of the children?
  • Contract - Anonymous A contract to assassinate the player for his murder of a relative.
  • Cook's Journal - Anonymous Complaint about carnivores.
  • Corpse Note - Anonymous An unfortunate woman's quest to retrieve her family amulet.
  • Courier's Letter - Anonymous
  • Cuinanthil's Journal - Cuinanthil Journal referring to a vault
  • Cultist's Note - Anonymous Note on a cultist seeking an artifact
  • Cultists' Orders - Anonymous Instructs Miraak's cultists to kill the "false" Dragonborn
  • Curate Melita's Plea - Curate Melita Note about finding the Mask of Sotha Sil
  • Dark Brotherhood Assassin's Note - Astrid A contract to assassinate the player.
  • Darkfall Cave Notes - Anonymous Notes found in Darkfall Cave.
  • Dawnguard Orders - Hakar - Anonymous Novice Hakar's last chance.
  • Dawnguard Orders - Lynoit - Anonymous Instructions to restock caches in western Skyrim.
  • Dawnguard Orders - Saliah - Anonymous Instructions to restock caches throughout Skyrim.
  • Daynas Valen's Journal - Daynas Valen Diary of Daynas Valen, a mage who aquired the Ivory Claw.
  • Dearest Dinya - Modyn Modyn thinks its time to take the relationship public.
  • Death of a Crimson Dirk - Anonymous Note about the death of a bandit
  • Declaration of War - General Falx Carius The resurrected General's message to the "invaders" in Ravenrock.
  • Diary of Faire Agarwen - Faire Agarwen; Calcelmo of Markarth, trans. Diary of a Falmer forced into hiding.
  • Dinner Invitation - Anonymous Invitation to Dinner
  • Dinner Menu - Anonymous Menu for Dinner
  • Discovering Ruunvald - Moric Sidrey Log documenting the ill-fated Ruunvald expedition.
  • Dragon Investigation Current Status - Rulindil Summarizes the Thalmor's investigation into the return of dragons.
  • Dryston's Note - Dryston Dryston considers "roughing up" the player an easy task.
  • Dwarven Crown Journal - Elberon Blackthorn History of Dwarven Crown
  • Dwarven Haul - Anonymous Bandits and their Dwemer loot
  • East Empire Connection - Anonymous Results of the integation of an East Empire Company officer by the Thieves Guild.
  • Ehlhiel's Journal - Ehlhiel Journal of a a crimson dirk bandit
  • Eisa's Journal - Eisa Treasure hunters uncover something that definitely isn't treasure.
  • Elberon's Journal - Elberon Blackthorn Mages expedition into a Dwemer ruin
  • Eltry's Note - Anonymous
  • Endrast's Journal - Endrast Attempt to escape from a Dwemer ruin filled with Falmer.
  • Eranya's Journal - Eranya Journal of a researching seeking an artifact
  • Eranya's Notes on Sivdur's Tomb - Eranya notes of a researcher seeking an artifact
  • Eranya's Research Notes - Eranya Notes of a researcher seeking an artifact
  • Erden Relvel's Note - Erden Relvel Note about stealing a mask
  • Erj's Note - Erj
  • Ernanthil's Journal - Ernanthil Journal of a man who wishes for riches
  • Erwan's Journal - Erwan History of a bandit leader
  • Evethra's Journal - Evethra Ramblings of an Armorer obsessed with amber and madness ore
  • Excavation Leader's Journal - Anonymous Journal about an excavation of an Ayleid Ruin
  • Eydis's Journal - Eydis A reluctant explorer in Fahlbtharz.
  • Eydvina's Note - Eydvina A warriors goodbye
  • Eyes Open - Anonymous
  • Faded Diary - Anonymous A short diary of someone who survived the Red Year.
  • Faendal's Fake Letter from Sven - Faendal Tries to make Sven look bad in the eyes of Camilla.
  • Faleen's Letter to Calcelmo - Faleen
  • Faralda's Notes - Faralda Chronicles of poor penmanship.
  • Father's Missive - Anonymous A father's letter to his willful daughter.
  • Fenrik's Journal - Fenrik A Vigilant's fall from glory
  • Fijeh's Instructions - Fijeh Instructions to assist Fijeh
  • Fijeh's Letter to [Player Name] - Fijeh Letter requesting assistance
  • First Letter from Linwe - Linwe
  • Fish Out of Water - Viriya Note about mudcrabs
  • Fisherman's Journal - Faldrin A journal of a fisherman who found a Dwarven mystery
  • Fisherman's Letter - Anonymous An unsuccessful fisherman is angry at his friend.
  • Fisherman's Note - Anonymous Note from a fisherman
  • Fishing Work - Swims-In-Deep-Water Note about fishing work
  • For Donel from Father - Frodibert Fontbonne One supportive father does his son a favor
  • For Sale - Halvar Offering a goat for sale
  • For Shelly - Trius A man waits for his lover.
  • Forebear's Note - K'avir A note on Crowns and Forebears
  • Foresworn Missive - Anonymous A warning to Alaric.
  • Foresworn Note - Anonymous Swearing of allegiance to the Matriarch and the cause.
  • Forsworn Shaman's Note - Anonymous Hints at Shaman's plans for a Knight Heart
  • Frostflow Lighthouse Notes - Various This series of notes is found in Frostflow Lighthouse, and chronicles the demise of the family living there at the hands of the chaurus.
  • Gadnor's Last Wishes - Anonymous The last wish of a madman
  • Gallus's Encoded Journal - Gallus Desidenius The encoded journal of Gallus Desidenius, former Nightingale guildmaster. Implicates Mercer Frey in the author's murder.
  • Gallus's Journal - Gallus Desidenius The journal of Gallus Desidenius, former Nightingale guildmaster. Implicates Mercer Frey in the author's murder.
  • Ghost Sighting - Anonymous Sightings of a ghost
  • Gisli's Note - Gisli A compliment on fishing skill
  • Give Me a Chance - Delvin Vex needs to loosen up.
  • Glover's Letter - Glover Mallory A former thief finds his long-lost daughter.
  • Goldenglow - Mercer Frey Mercer wants to get rid of the house, pronto.
  • Gorm's Letter - Gorm
  • Gourmet's Writ of Passage - Anonymous Allows the Gourmet (or rather the player pretending to be the Gourmet) passage into the Emperor's tower.
  • Gratian's Journal - Gratian Caerellius A barrow in Ravenrock's ebony mine holds a mysterious blade.
  • Gratian's Letter - Rendellus Thandarian The East Empire Company summons Gratian back to Solstheim to investigate a new-found ruin.
  • Grenwulf's Note - Grenwulf Feud between two adventurers that lead to their downfall
  • Guard Dossier - Aerael - Anonymous Dossier on a notorious bandit
  • Guard Dossier: Aesrael - Anonymous dossier on a bandit
  • Guard's Bounty Letter Draft - Anonymous Draft of a bounty letter
  • Guard's Dossier: Antonius - Anonymous Dossier on a badit
  • Guard's Dossier: Bjormund Wind-Strider - Anonymous Dossier on a badit
  • Guard's Dossier: Ehlhiel - Anonymous Dossier on a bandit
  • Guard's Dossier: Yakhtu gra-Orkulg - Anonymous Dossier on a bandit
  • Guard's Note - Anonymous Guards idea of reward for a bounty
  • Guard's Note on Aldepius - Anonymous Guards Suspicious on a new recruit
  • Guard's Orders - Anonymous Orders to evacuate a prison in view of the impending storm.
  • Guild Mage's Note - Anonymous A mages failed plan
  • Guild Mage's scribble - Anonymous Mages last words
  • Guild Mage's Warning - Anonymous Mages plan had unintended side effects
  • Guild Mages Last Words - Anonymous A mages last words
  • Guild Mages Missive - Anonymous A Mages trap
  • Guissur's Note - Guissur Reminder to keep an eye out for the player in Riften.
  • Gulum-Ei's Confession - Gulum-Ei A dying thief's last words about his previous schemes.
  • Hajvarr's Journal - Hajvarr A bandit's take on recent events.
  • Halvar's Journal - Halvar Description of different pets of skyrim
  • Hamelyn's Journal - Hamelyn Ramblings of a mad alchemist with a skeever army.
  • Han's Journal - Han Hints at how to break the seal to a tower
  • Hand Indobar's Journal - Hand Indobar Journal of a Temple hand
  • Hand Kenro's Note - Hand Kenro Note on how to add flame back to Trueflame
  • Hand-written Note - Ancarion Thalmor interrogate a Skaal captive
  • Hargar's Journal - Hargar A group of bandits having a rough time.
  • Hastily Scribbled Note - Anonymous
  • Have Need of Cynic - Anonymous A friend must be rescued out of Cidha Mine.
  • Hearthfire Bounties - Anonymous Four slightly different bounty letters found in the Hearthfire DLC.
  • Heddic's Volunruud Notes - Heddic Notes on the tomb of the Tongue Kvenel.
  • Heljarchen Hall Charter - Anonymous Deed to Heljarchen Hall, in the Pale
  • Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw - Arch Necromancer Notes on an artifact
  • Heretic Dossier: Blacksmith's Confessional - Anonymous Dossier on a heritic
  • Hired Thug's Missive - Anonymous Two bodyguards hired to escort a Breton with a mysterious mask.
  • Holrik's Note - Holrik Feud between two adventurers that lead to their downfall
  • Home Furnishings - Anonymous Notifies the player that a children's bedroom is available.
  • Homestead for Sale - Anonymous Home for sale
  • Hooded Skeleton - Naara Note on a suspicious Skeleton
  • House Redoran's Reply - Dralis Rorlen Solstheim is denied economic aid by House Redoran.
  • Hrodulf's Journal - Hrodulf A colonist is bothered by subterranean noises.
  • Hugin Ice-Shaper's Journal - Hugin Ice-Shaper Guide on how to craft Nordic Jewelry
  • Hunter's Journal - Anonymous A good kill of bears.
  • Hyenril's Journal - Hyenril History of the Staff of Chaos and the Arms of Chaos
  • Idgrod's Note - Idgrod the Younger
  • Ildari's Journal - Ildari Neloth's former apprentice seeks revenge.
  • Ildari's Journal - Ildari Describes Ildari's experiments on General Carius
  • Imperial Condolances - Pius Bruccius Tells of the death of Saeel at the Battle of the Red Ring.
  • Imperial Letter - Anonymous Reports of Stormcloak advancement, and promise of reinforcements.
  • Imperial Missive - General Tulius Reports that Thorald Graymane has been captured by the Thalmor.
  • Imperial Order - General Tulius Note from Tullius allowing for release of prisoner from Northwatch Keep
  • Incriminating Letter - Maven Black-Briar Bribes and backroom deals with Anuriel, Riften's steward.
  • Incriminating Letter - Anonymous A warning to would-be vampires, courtesy of the Dawnguard.
  • Invitation to Elenwen's Reception - Anonymous Invites the player to the Thalmor Embassy.
  • Isabelle's Letter - Isabelle A farewell letter to Ranmir.
  • Ivara's Notes - Ivara Necromancer's plan to open a portal to the Soul Cairn
  • J'datharr's Note - J'datharr Assassination order for Malborn.
  • J'zhar's Journal - Anonymous Signing up for a Dwemer dig to get your brother off his Skooma addiction turns out to be a bad idea.
  • Janus' Journal - Janus Journal of exploration of an Ayleid Ruin
  • Japhet's Journal - Japhet Journal of a man settling a haunted island.
  • Joften's Journal - Joften Describes how bandits came into their current gear
  • Jonquil's Journal - Anonymous Journal of the wife of a Farmer
  • Josla's Note - Josla Note about a noble traveling from Hammerfell
  • Journal - Anonymous Final words of a man dying from Rockjoint.
  • Journal Fragment - Anonymous
  • Journal of a Madman - Anonymous Too much knowledge is a bad thing.
  • Journal of Drokt - Drokt A madman's musing about the puzzle machine that drove him insane.
  • Journal of Mirtil Angoth - Mirtil Angoth; Calcelmo of Markarth, trans. Journal of a Falmer youth at the start of their civilization's fall.
  • Justiciar Execution Order - Anonymous Orders and authorises the player's death.
  • Karan's Journal - Karan Diary of a woman in love.
  • Katria's Journal - Katria Documents a spurned scholar's search for the Aetherium Forge.
  • Kevon's Note - Kevon Note revealing the location of a map to a sunken treasure
  • Khajiit's Note - Anonymous Khajiit searching for a man thought to be dead
  • Kinthal's Journal - Kinthal Bandits discovery of an artifact
  • Knight Captain's Orders - Knight Captain Rainore Orders from a knight of the crypt
  • Kodlak's Journal - Kodlak White-Mane The diary of Kodlak White-Mane, Harbringer of the Companions. Speaks of his relationship to the player.
  • Krag's Journal - Krag From the archaeological expedition into Nechuand-Zel, beneath Markarth.
  • Kragrash's Letter - Kragrash A vampire hunters last words
  • Kyr's Bounty - Anonymous A hundred gold to whoever kills Eisa and Ra'jirr.
  • Kyr's Log - Kyr Secrets beneath Frostmere crypt.
  • Lakeview Manor Charter - Anonymous Deed to Lakeview Manor, in Falkreath Hold.
  • Legate Adventus Caesennius's Note - Adventus Caesennius A note requesting to find someone to challenge the Stormcloaks
  • Letter - Anonymous Blackmail.
  • Letter - Bjornolfr Bjornolfr begs Hrodul to leave Solstheim.
  • Letter from a Friend - Anonymous Tells the player the location of a Word Wall
  • Letter from Bolgeir Bearclaw - Bolgeir Bearclaw A request to dispose of a necromancer
  • Letter from Calcelmo - Calcelmo A request to the player for the delivery of a certain artifact.
  • Letter from Calcelmo - Calcelmo A request to recover soul-stealer arrows
  • Letter from Christophe - Christophe Bartlet End of a friendship.
  • Letter from Cuinanthil's Steward - Cuinanthil's Steward Note about a thief
  • Letter from Edward - Edward A letter and gift from one bandit to another
  • Letter from Erwan - Erwan Note questioning a person's death
  • Letter from Father - Commander Maro A note from Commander Maro to his son, Gaius, about the duties of a Penitus Oculatus officer.
  • Letter from Harkon - Lord Harkon A Moth Priest is needed to read the Elder Scroll.
  • Letter from Home - Emma A letter to a blade from his wife
  • Letter from Jon - Jon A love letter of Olfina.
  • Letter from Matriarch Drevlan - Matriarch Drevlan Letter requesting aid from the Temple
  • Letter from Matriarch Drevlan - Matriarch Drevlan Letter requesting aid from the temple
  • Letter from Maven - Maven Black-Briar Maven wishes to rekindle her friendship with Christophe
  • Letter from Mila Valentia - Mila Letter thanking you for a goldfish
  • Letter from Olfina - Olfina
  • Letter from Quintus Navale - Quintus Navale Concerns the repair of the White Phial.
  • Letter from Sabjorn - Sabjorn Warns Maven Black-Briar to stop her "underhanded methods."
  • Letter from Septimus - Septimus Signus
  • Letter from Shogarz gra-Batul - Shogarz gra-Batul A call to arms
  • Letter from Solitude - Anonymous Requests extradition of a criminal named Arn.
  • Letter from the Empire - Adventus Caesennius A request from the empire to lead troops against the stormcloaks
  • Letter from the Jarl - Anonymous An offer to become a land owner
  • Letter from the Jarl of the Hold - Anonymous Invitation to become thane of a hold and gain the associated perks
  • Letter from the Steward - Anonymous Condolences to Aventus Aretino on behalf of Ulfric.
  • Letter from the Steward - Anonymous An offer to become a land owner
  • Letter from the Stormcloaks - Yrsarald Thrice-Pierced Stormcloaks request for a champion to face the Empire
  • Letter from the Vampire - Anonymous Vampire's letter to a friend.
  • Letter from Tyra Blood-Fire - Tyra Blood-Fire A bandit's challenge
  • Letter from Viriya - Viriya Letter thanking you for you help regarding fishing
  • Letter of Commendation - Anonymous Commendation for your achievements
  • Letter of Credit - Delvin Mallory A piece of paper worth 15,000 septims.
  • Letter of Inheritance - Anonymous Given to the player upon his friend's death.
  • Letter on Mudcrab Attacks - Anonymous Request for help with mudcrabs
  • Letter to Beem-Ja - Anonymous Blackmail for a daughter's safety.
  • Letter to Clexius - Avanessa Calladius Rumors of goblins in Skyrim and of their leader the Blue God
  • Letter to General Tullius - Titus Mede II The Emperor's request to recover an artifact
  • Letter to Gisli - Anonymous Plot to steal valuable land
  • Letter to Golldir - Vals Veran A Necromancer insults the family in whose tomb he is squatting.
  • Letter to Imperial City - General Falx Carius A resurrected general thinks Solstheim has been invaded by Dunmer.
  • Letter to Keeper Carcette - Azarain A Vigilant's pledge to investigate disappearances
  • Letter to Naara - Arch Necromancer Letter with a riddle
  • Letter to Salma - Anonymous Mother's letter to her daughter.
  • Letter to Usha - Monesa Two lovers try to make it work despite family resistance.
  • Letter to Vals Veran - Golldir A racist letter.
  • Letters from Ralis Sedarys - Ralis Sedarys Delivered to the player during the course of the Kjolborn excavation
  • Letters from the EEC - Vittoria Vici Fethis Alor doesn't take NO for an answer.
  • Letters to Selina - Maximian Axius A Frostmoth Legionnair's letters home to his love
  • Linelle's Note - Linelle Note on the location of a person of interests
  • List of Arctic Fish - Anonymous List of fish
  • List of Fair Weather Fish - Anonymous List of fish
  • List of Rainy Weather Fish - Anonymous List of fish
  • List of Rare Fish - Anonymous List of fish
  • List of Underground Fish - Anonymous List of fish
  • Log of Elberon the Great - Elberon Describes the different rooms and puzzle of a Dwemer Ruin
  • Looter's Note - Anonymous Note on a looter trying to make a lucky break
  • Lorcalin's Orders - Elenwen Instructions to destroy a Talos shrine.
  • Loss of the Sea Stallion - Anonymous Note referencing the sinking of a ship
  • Lost Caravan Guard's Note - Anonymous Plans to smuggle Dwemer artifacts from Morrowind to Hammerfell
  • Lu-ah's Journal - Lu-ah A wife turns to necromancy to revive her dead husband.
  • Lymdrenn Tenvanni's Journal - Lymdrenn Telvanni, Hidrya Olen A father's last message to his son. Includes information on the fate of the Telvanni after the Red Year.
  • M'Sharra's Confession - M'Sharra confession of a crimson dirk bandit
  • M'Sharra's Diary - M'Sharra Note of a crimson dirk bandit
  • Madanach's Note - Madanach Instructions for escaping Cidhna Mine.
  • Majid - Please Read - Anonymous Bandit's warning about a curse on an artifact
  • Maluril's Journal - Maluril A rogue wizard holed up in a Dwemer ruin.
  • Malyn Varen's Grimoire - Malyn Varen Notes on the convertion of Azura's Star into a Black Soulgem
  • Manufactory Repair Parts - Seeks-Ancient-Artifacts Notes on repair parts
  • Many Thanks - Anonymous Smuggling valuables out of Castle Dour.
  • Mara Smiles Upon You! - Drifa Response from the temple of Mara in regards to incorporating Argonian rituals in a marriage.
  • Margret's Journal - Margret An Imperial agent attempting to secure the deed to Cidhna Mine
  • Masks of the Tribunal - Matriarch Drevlan Notes on the masks of the Tribunal
  • Master Ellane's Last Words - Ellane A letter from a sage to his successor
  • Matriarch Drevlan's Journal - Matriarch Drevlan Journal on the Matriarch of the Temple
  • Matriarch Drevlan's Note - Matriarch Drevlan Notes on who attacked the temple
  • Medresi's Notes - Medresi A treasure hunter's search for Angarvunde.
  • Mercenary's Note - Anonymous Mercenaries experiencing strange effects
  • Merchant's Journal - Anonymous A wife's devotion to her husband and a lament on the state of roads.
  • Merilar's Journal - Merilar Another fight over a discovery in a ruin.
  • Mila's Note on Very Secret Treasure - Mila Note on a secret treasure
  • Miner's Journal - Hadrir Attempts to find gold unsuccessful.
  • Miner's Note - Anonymous Instructions to a hidden door
  • Mireli's Letter to Mother - Mireli A Kjolborn miner's letter home.
  • Missing Merchant - Anonymous Request to locate a missing merchant
  • Mixed Unit Tactics - Codus Callonus This is a book about the Khajiiti strategies during the Five Years War
  • Mogrul's Orders - Mogrul The moneylender wants his money back.
  • Museum Pamphlet - Silus Vesuius Advertisement for the Museum of the Mythic Dawn in Dawnstar
  • Mysterious Altar - Rulnik Wind-Strider Note about an altar in the woods
  • Mysterious Note - Delphine Instructions to the Dragonborn.
  • Mysterious Note [Staff of Sheogorath] - Sheogorath An offer from Sheogorath
  • Mysterious Note [Vigil Enforcer] - Anonymous A request for meeting
  • Mysterious Notes - Anonymous A series of riddles.
  • Mythic Dawn Orders - Vonos Orders for the mythic dawn
  • Mzinchaleft Guard's Notice - Anonymous Someone doesn't want to be disturbed.
  • Naara's Journal - Naara Journal about how to solve a puzzle
  • Naara's Plea - Naara Plea for help
  • Nchunak's Fire and Faith - Anonymous Tells of Nchunak's journey's amongst the Dwemer and his attempts to understand the teachings of Kagrenac.
  • Necromancer's Journal [Bone Wolf] - Anonymous Necromancer's plan to control bone wolves
  • Necromancer's Journal [Plague of the Dead] - Anonymous Tells of the discovery of the Conjure Zombie spell tome.
  • Necromancer's Letter - Anonymous Reports the successful takeover of Fort Snowhawk.
  • Nepo's Journal - Nepo the Nose Diary of an old man who has served the Foresworn cause all his life.
  • Nightgate Inn Patron's Note - Anonymous Note about the quality of the inn
  • Nivenor's Journal - Nivenor Journal describing Nivenor's disdain for adopting a child
  • No Word Yet - Athel Newberry Response to request of information about parents.
  • Noes on Tamed Rabbit - Anonymous How an Alchemist tamed a rabbit
  • Note - Anonymous Bandits accidentally kill a lady.
  • Note - Anonymous A note from the Soulcrain.
  • Note from Agna - Agna Aunt Agna's encouragement to her milk-drinker nephew when it comes to killing necromancers.
  • Note from Jaree-Ra - Jaree-Ra Tells his sister where to deliver the stolen goods, and to make sure to kill the player after.
  • Note from Maven - Maven Black-Briar Sets Indaryn strait.
  • Note from Mogrul - Mogrul Someone needs to talk.
  • Note from the Temple of Kynareth - Danica Pure-Spring Note for help from temple of Kynareth
  • Note on Amber and Madness Ore - Anonymous An blacksmith's obsession with Amber and Madness Ore
  • Note on Autumn - Anonymous Clue to completing the Autumn puzzle
  • Note on Revenge for Kinthal - Anonymous Bounty to kill the player
  • Note on Revenge for Svarig - Anonymous Bounty to kill the player
  • Note on Spring - Anonymous Clue to completing the spring puzzle
  • Note on Strange Arms and Armor - Anonymous Explains how bandits got their hands on Golden Saint and Seducer Armor
  • Note on Summer - Anonymous Hint at how to clear Summer puzzle
  • Note on the Demented Elytra Nymph - Anonymous Bandits note on a captured Elytra Nymph
  • Note on the Dwarven Drone Fly - Elberon Blackthorn Note describing the benefits of the Dwarven Drone Flys
  • Note on the Manic Elytra Nymph - Anonymous Bandits note on a captured Elytra Nymph
  • Note on the Target - Anonymous Note on who has a Mask of the Tribunal
  • Note on Winter - Anonymous Hint at how to clear Winter puzzle
  • Note to Ehlhiel - Anonymous Note from one bandit to meet another
  • Note to Rhorlak - Rigel Strong-Arm Reward for a good day of banditry.
  • Note to Rodulf - Hajvarr Notice to treat the bandit leader's blind uncle well. Or else.
  • Note to the Authorities - Anonymous Location of a dragon's lair.
  • Note to Thomas - Loraine Concerns a trapped troll and a dare.
  • Notes on Dissection - Anonymous Vampire notes about a deceased member of the Silver Hand
  • Notes on the Blacksmith - Anonymous Notes on where to find a Blacksmith's research
  • Notes on the Bone Forge - Arch Necromancer Notes on how to use the Bone Forge
  • Notes on the Lunar Forge - Anonymous Outlines the abilities of lunar weapons.
  • Notes on Wares - Ri'saad Caravan note about new wares to sell
  • Notice - Anonymous He used to be a soldier, and then he took an arrow in the...leg.
  • Notice of Cost Increase - Anonymous Price increase of Black-Briar mead due to unrest in Skyrim.
  • Notice of Sale - Calcelmo Offer to sale a Dwarven Mudcrab
  • Notice of Sale - Anonymous Notice of a nix hound for sale
  • Notice: Fishing Contest - Brutius Notice of a fishing contest
  • Nystrom's Journal - Anonymous Diary of a thief infiltrating Nocturnal's temple, and a series of hints needed to get into the inner sanctum.
  • Official Warning - Anonymous Don't bother the giant.
  • Old Smuggler's Note - Anonymous Smuggler's last words about teaming up with a group of mages
  • On the Bittercup - CV Note on the Bittercup
  • Orders - Anonymous Flower picking and corpse disposal.
  • Orders - Anonymous Vampire's orders to infiltrate the government.
  • Orders - Anonymous Orders to kill a man
  • Ownership Deed - Anonymous Deed showing ownership of a Dwarven Mudcrab
  • Pale-Eyes' Journal - Pale-Eyes Note about receiving his first set of armor
  • Peddler's Journal - Anonymous A Peddler's journey to swindling a group of Rieklings
  • Per Your Requests - Mirabelle Ervine Response to a letter from a crazy scholar.
  • Pickpocket's Journal - Anonymous A pickpocket's attempt to gain fortune through skeevers
  • Pirate's Note - Anonymous A restless soul's suggestion to make a home out of an old Pirate Ship
  • Pit Fighter's Note - Anonymous Note from a Pit Fighter
  • Please Read Aloud - Anonymous Last will of a Vampire
  • Possible Rivals - Anonymous Warns Bryjolf of a Thieves Guild forming in Windhelm.
  • Possible Vampire Cave - Anonymous Note on a vampire cave
  • Posted Notice - Captain Veleth No drinking on the job.
  • Priest Arthamis' Note - Priest Arthamis Note about a secret of the temple
  • Priest Drureth's Journal - Priest Drureth Request from the Temple
  • Prisoner's Note - Anonymous Note from a prisoner
  • Prisoner's Plan - Anonymous A plan for escape.
  • Private Letter - Lod Need iron ore.
  • Private Papers of Galur Rithari, Buoyant Armiger - Galur Rithari The story of a Bouyant Armiger turned vampire and then cured.
  • Promissory Note [SK] - Anonymous
  • Propaganda Letter - Anonymous Temple propaganda
  • Public Notice [Dawnfang & Duskfang] - The Riften Guard Notice by Riften Guards to stay out of sewers
  • Quite Pleased - Harrald A thank-you note to a blacksmith.
  • Ra'jiir's Note - Ra'jiir The Pale Lady has driven Ra'jiir crazy.
  • Rahgot's Reply - Rahgot
  • Raleth Eldri's Notes on Kagrumez - Raleth Eldri A researcher's notes on a Dwemeri puzzle.
  • Ransom Note - Rochelle the Red Someone's taken your spouse.
  • Reclamation Priest's Journal - Reclamation Priest Journal of a Priest
  • Redoran Guard's Note - Redoran Guard Note on plans to sell a cultural relic
  • Regarding Your Loss - Reginn Limilus A mead shipment waylaid by bandits.
  • Reindeer Bill of Sale - Anonymous Deed showing ownership of a Reindeer
  • Repair Supplies - Sam Supplies needed to repair a magical staff.
  • Reports of a Disturbance - Anuriel Strange happenings in Riften's graveyard.
  • Request for Help! - Madena Everyone in Dawnstar is having nightmares.
  • Request from Questgiver - Anonymous Asks for the players help.
  • Requested Report - Anonymous Report on a wive's adultary.
  • Research Log - First Adjunct Oronrel Instructions to a researcher conserning a focus crystal and Oculatory.
  • Research Notes - Anonymous Notes about Dwarven machinery from the doomed Alftand expedition.
  • Ri'saad's Note on the Bandit Attacks - Anonymous Khajiit caravan's request to remove some bandits
  • Rigel's Letter - Rigel Strong-Arm A response to her angry father.
  • Rin's Journal - Rin Journal of a lost child
  • Rogatus's Letter - Rogatus A father's angry letter to his absent son.
  • Rogue's Instructions - E Instructions from a rogue
  • Rogue's Job Offer - E Job offer from a rogue
  • Rora's Letter - Rora Tries to persuade someone to rob a vault.
  • Ruined Trailbook - Anonymous Fragments of a trapped adventurer's journal.
  • Runil's Journal - Runil The diary of Runil, priest of Arkay in Falkreath.
  • Saden's Journal - Saden A new pirate crew encounters horkers, with disastrous results.
  • Saint Bandit Leader's Journal - Anonymous Bandit leaders journal musings
  • Scrawled Note - Anonymous Continues the tradition of writing in dangerous situations.
  • Scribbled Note - Anonymous
  • Scribbles of a Madman - Anonymous Contains the location of a Black Book
  • Sculptor Visthar's Journal - Sculptor Visthar Journal of a Sculptor
  • Second Letter from Linwe - Anonymous
  • Seducers Bandit leader's Journal - Anonymous Bandit leader's journal musings
  • Seedy Guards Note - Anonymous Caravan guards notes on their journey
  • Seeks-Ancient-Artifacts' Journal, v1 - Seeks-Ancient-Artifacts Journal about discovering a dwemer ruin
  • Seeks-Ancient-Artifacts' Journal, v2 - Seeks-Ancient-Artifacts Journal about discovering a dwemer ruin
  • Sellonus's Confession - Sellonus Confession of a mage's past wrongdoing to his son.
  • Sellonus's Journal - Sellonus Journals of a mage's journey to put down a rogue Blade
  • Servos' Journal - Servos Rendas Poisoned by spiders.
  • Seviur's Journal - Seviur A necromancer's journal about his experiments with mudcrabs
  • Shavari's Note - Anonymous
  • Shipment's Arrived - Anonymous
  • Shipment's Ready - Anonymous Fresh shipment of Moon Sugar
  • Shopping List - Anonymous Somewhat eclectic.
  • Shurgoz's Journal - Shurgoz Suspicions about one brother to another
  • Sibbi Black-Briar - Maven Black-Briar A mother's devotion to her son...not.
  • Sild's Journal - Sild the Warlock A mage traps adventurers in a cage and uses them for practice.
  • Sinderion's Field Journal - Sinderion Sinderion continues his research on Nirnroots by moving to Skyrim.
  • Sindnar's Tower Notes - Sindnar Rumors of the History of Myrwatch
  • Sirayar's Note - Sirayar Note about meeting a hunter
  • Skeever Trouble - Anonymous Note about poisoned cheese
  • Skjol's Journal - Skjol Bandit's discover of Stalhrim
  • Skorm Snow-Strider's Journal - Skorm Snow-Strider An early 1st era journal detailing a company's search for Falmer and discovery of Dragon cultists.
  • Skorvild's Journal - Skorvild Journal of a cultist deserter
  • Small Note - Anonymous Concerns pit wolves.
  • Smuggler's Ledger - Anonymous A bandit's ledger of inventory
  • Smuggler's Note - Anonymous A better sort of Skooma.
  • Smuggler's Trade Notes - Anonymous Bandits relationship with a group of necromancer
  • Soldier's Request - Anonymous A meddlesome old lady in the soldier's barracks.
  • Sonda's Note - Sonda Need of medicine in a mine.
  • Soran's Journal - Soran Hariksen A man's search for the elusive Unicorn
  • Stable Hand's Note - Anonymous A bandit in disguise note
  • Staubin's Diary - Anonymous The Netchuand-Zel expedition succumbs to Falmer.
  • Steward's Note - Anonymous Note requesting aid from the steward
  • Stormcloak Missive - Anonymous Report on the state of Fort Snowhawk.
  • Stranger's Final Instructions - Anonymous Instructions to the player to find a long lost sword
  • Stranger's Instructions - Anonymous Instructions for a heist
  • Stranger's Journal - Anonymous Journal of the Grey Fox
  • Stranger's Note - Anonymous Instructions for a job
  • Stranger's Plea - Skorvild Request for aid from an ex-cultist
  • Stromm's Diary - Stromm Journal of a researcher in Nchuand-Zel, under Markarth.
  • Suicide at Dragon Bridge - Anonymous Rumor of a guard's suicide
  • Sulla's Journal - Sulla The Alftand expedition is trapped by the ice inside the aforementioned ruin.
  • Suvaris Atheron's Logbook - Suvaris Atheron The diary of a mundane life.
  • Svarig's Journal - Svarig Bandit musings about their employer
  • Sven's Fake Letter from Faendal. - Sven Tries to make Faendal look bad in the eyes of Camilla.
  • Tattered Journal - Anonymous Complaint about working conditions and a lack of booze.
  • Thalmor Orders - Elenwen
  • The Black Arts on Trial - Hanibal Traven The summary of a debate about necromancy.
  • The Journal of Ralis Sedarys - Ralis Sedarys Chronicles the progression of the Kjolborn excavation.
  • The Sword of Clan Ice-Blade - Anonymous A note detailing how the sword can be used to show heritage
  • The Ulen Matter - Vendil Ulen A vengeful Hlaalu's plot for assassinating Councilor Morvayn.
  • The Windhelm Letters - Reylia, Stessl, Shapl Letters from a woman to her lover during a famine.
  • Thief's Journal - Anonymous Details how a thief tamed a fox
  • Thief's Last Words - Anonymous Concerns the Eyes of the Snow Elves.
  • Thief's Note - Anonymous A thief's search to become the next Grey Fox
  • Things to Do - Anonymous A fisherman's to-do list.
  • Thonar's Journal - Thonar Silverblood Describes the arragement between Thonar and Madanach.
  • Thoron's Journal - Thoron A madman's quest to gain access to the Shivering Isles
  • Timely Offer - Tuldinwae Smuggling glass arrows.
  • To A Concerned Citizen - Anonymous A missive from the Society of Mercantile Freedom in Riften.
  • To be Read Immediately! - Indaryn Indaryn is once again displeased with his workers.
  • To Milore from Nilara - Nilara Ienth A letter to her sister about the situation in Mournhould.
  • To the Brotherhood - Maven Black-Briar An angry note to the Dark Brotherhood for a job that remains undone.
  • To the Owner - Kilthinius Dandoril Thankyou note from a trap-maker to the man who contracted him.
  • To [Player] - Tyra Blood-Fire A goodbye and advice from a bandit
  • Tolif's Journal - Tolif A journal about a man and observations of mudcrabs
  • Torkild's Letter to Wulf - Torkild In search of the All-Maker, one man finds Miirak.
  • Torn Note - Firir Note by a man captured by vampires.
  • Torn Note - Anonymous A treasure hunter finds no treasure.
  • Torn Note - Anonymous A note and a riddle
  • Torn Page - Anonymous Page written by a dying man
  • Torn Smuggler's note - Anonymous A Smuggler's last words
  • Tova's Farewell - Tova Shatter-Shield A suicide note.
  • Treasure Hunter's Journal - Cresitus A treasure hunter's journey
  • Treasure Hunter's Note - Anonymous A randomized note about a randomized treasure.
  • Ulyn's Journal - Ulyn An explorer in Fahlbtharz attempts to solve a tricky puzzle.
  • Umana's Journal - Umana A downturn of events for the doomed Alftand expedition.
  • Undercover Guard's Journal - Anonymous Journal of a guard undercover
  • Unsent Afflicted Letter - Anonymous A wife's letter to her husband, describing how she and her village came to serve Peryite.
  • Until Next Time - Anonymous A note to Haelga from her lover, reminiscing about their nigh together.
  • Urag's Note - Urag About a book.
  • Urval's Journal - Anonymous Journal of a Farmer
  • Urzog's Journal - Urzog A tale of a jealous brother
  • Valerica's Journal - Valerica Plans to escape to the Soulcrain.
  • Valmir's Orders - Anonymous
  • Vampire Naturalist's Journal - Anonymous How a vampire tamed a frostbite spider
  • Vampire's Note - Malkus Orders the ambush of a Moth Priest.
  • Velyne's Letter - Velyne Letter detailing the failsafe system on Sunder & Wraithguard
  • Venarus Vulpin's Journal - Venarus Vulpin A vampire searches for the fabled Bloodspring.
  • Venarus Vulpin's Research - Venarus Vulpin Vulpin has found his Bloodspring, but now needs a chalice, too.
  • Verrick's Note - Verrick Plan to swap one sword for another
  • Vesparth's Journal - Vesparth Temple priest Journal
  • Vigil's Orders - Vigil Order to fight daedric worshipers
  • Vigilant Enforcer's Journal - Anonymous Journal tracking down daedra worshipers
  • Vigilant's Report - Cassipia Sagnus A Vigilant's findings of the return of Umbra
  • Viparth's Journal - Viparth Bandits experimenting with the Divine Crusader's armor
  • Viriya's Hastily Written Letter - Viriya Request for help with mudcrabs
  • Volk's Journal - Volk Diary of a guard at Ruunvald, just as things are getting weird...
  • Vonos' Journal - Vonos Cultist's mast plans
  • Wanted: A Seafood Feast - Gisli A request for fish for a feast
  • Wanted: Fishing Tutor - Lynea Note about a wish for a fishing tutor
  • Warning - Rigel Strong-Arm A bandit leader's warning to his men.
  • Warrior's Challenge - Eydvina A challenge issued to the player
  • Watchtower Guard's Note - Anonymous Note to a Stormcloak soldier about reinforcements.
  • Weylin's Note - Nepo the Nose Instructions to perform an assassination.
  • Wild Horse Notes - Anonymous A list of locations where you can find wild horses
  • Writ of Dawn - Anonymous The player is sentenced to death for being a vampire.
  • Wyndelius' Journal - Wyndelius Gatharian A journal of an adventurer who is searching Shroud Hearth Barrow, while trying to keep other adventurers away.
  • Yakhtu's Journal - Yakhtu Journal of a crimson dirk bandit
  • Yrsarald Thrice-Pierced's Note - Yrsarald Thrice-Pierced Note about a challenge to the Imperials from the Stormcloaks
  • Ysolda's Message - Ysolda Ysolda message to Ulag concerning the Khajiit caravans
  • Zaharia's Note - Zaharia Note about a bandit's dossier
  • Zaria's Note from [Jarl] - Anonymous Note requesting assistance catching a thief
  • Beware the Butcher! - Anonymous Warning about the Butcher of Windhelm, posted all over the city by Viola Giordano.
  • Dwemer Arrow Diagram - Anonymous A depiction of a soul trapping arrow
  • Riekling Hunting Party Sketch - Anonymous A crude drawing made by a Riekling
  • Writ of Execution - Anonymous A Morag Tong writ for the player character.

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Skyrim: The 10 Best Books In The Game That You Haven’t Read

Skyrim features hundreds of books that are readable in-game — you may have missed out on some of the best ones.

The Elder Scrolls series has some of the richest lore in all of gaming . The history of the universe is full of incredible characters and major events. Much of the lore can be discovered by playing Skyrim . There's nothing you can't do in an expansive, open-world game like Skyrim, but one thing many players have overlooked are the books.

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Throughout your journey in Tamriel’s coldest province, you’ll stumble upon many different books. There are plenty of hidden details you'll learn from reading some of Skyrim's 307 unique lore books, so here are the best books to read in the game. This list is in no particular order.

10 2920, The Last Year Of The First Era

Split image with 2920 book to the left and akaviri warriors to the right

The 2920 series is the largest series of books in the Elder Scrolls universe. In Skyrim, the series consists of 12 books with another 15 available to be read in Elder Scrolls Online. If you love some Elder Scrolls lore, the 2920 series is a great place to start.

It is a series of historical fiction books depicting the events between the end of the First Era and the beginning of the Second Era. Most of the volumes in the series are skill books, so they're not only a good read to pass the time but they're also worth collecting to improve your skills.

9 The Wolf Queen

Split image with the wolf queen on the left and the wolf queen book on the right

The Wolf Queen is an eight-book series about Potema Septim, who was the queen of Solitude back in the Third Era. The books go into detail on how she became a powerful necromancer and cover the War of the Red Diamond, which was her attempt to capture the Ruby Throne and become the Empress of Tamriel.

The first book is a skill book and increases your lockpicking skill, but the rest are strictly lore books. Potema Septim is the antagonist of both The Man Who Cried Wolf and Wolf Queen Awakened quests, so she’s a well-known character in Elder Scrolls lore.

8 The Real Barenziah

The real Barenziah book to the left and the actual Barenziah to the right

The Real Barenziah is a five-book series on Barenziah, a Dark Elf princess who was a part of the royal family in Mournhold. She was a very skilled thief and mage who lived a long life during the Second Era.

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The Real Barenziah series is worth a read as Barenziah is one of the more interesting characters in Elder Scrolls lore. If the name Barenziah sounds familiar, that’s because there are plenty of Stones of Barenziah all around Skyrim that you can collect to complete the No Stone Unturned quest.

7 The Adventures of Eslaf Erol

The adventures of Eslaf Erol to the right and an image of what his adventures would look like on the left

The Adventures of Eslaf Erol is a series of four skill books that are all worth a read. Seeing as both Beggar and Thief increase your pickpocket skill, it's an excellent series to read if you want to build a thief character . As for the other two books, Warrior increases your block skill and King increases your two-handed skill.

As for the contents of the books, they cover Eslaf Erol’s journey throughout Tamriel with his group of friends. Just make sure to read the books in this order: Beggar, Thief, Warrior, and King. Fun fact, Eslaf Erol backwards is False Lore and this is a trend with all the characters in the book.

6 Mannimarco, King Of Worms

Mannimarco, King of Worms on the left and the real Mannimarco to the right

Mannimarco, King of Worms is a biography of Mannimarco, the leader of necromancers. He was a High Elf mage who founded the Order of the Black Worm and nearly destroyed Tamriel during the Planemeld in the Second Era. The book is written as a poem with a unique ABBCCA rhyme scheme, making it a fun and quick book to read.

Those who have played the main story of Elder Scrolls Online already know just how evil Mannimarco was. Reading Mannimarco, King of Worms in Skyrim increases alchemy, so it’s a good book to read if you plan to make some potions.

5 The Mirror

The Mirror book to the right and Captain Aldis to the left Skyrim

The Mirror is a book about a warrior known as Mindothrax. He is a very skilled fighter who has never lost a fight in his long and storied career. Mindothrax talks about his best fights in the book and eventually battles a clone of himself who he dubs his “mirror.” This all leads to an unexpected twist at the end.

The book is definitely worth a read as it’s short and well-written. Something Mindothrax talked about in the book was how good he is at blocking, so it’s no surprise that reading the book increases your block skill in-game.

4 The Locked Room

The Locked room book to the left and a locked treasury in the Thieves Guild on the right Skyrim

The Locked Room is a skill book that will increase your lockpicking skill by reading it, but it’s much more than just a skill book. It centers around Yana, a student of Arthcamu’s, who is obsessed with lockpicking and always finds a way to pick any lock even if it takes her a long time.

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Fed up with her lack of speed, Arthcamu throws Yana in a locked room with an ancient vampire in a crate as a test for advanced students. Does she make it out alive? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

3 Breathing Water

split image with Breathing Water book to the right and someone underwater to the left

Breathing Water is one of the more humorous books in Skyrim. It’s about Thalien Winloth and his obsession to learn how to breathe water so he could salvage treasure from a sunken ship. He seeks out the powerful sorceress Seryne Relas and eventually masters a spell to breathe water, but things don’t quite go as planned once he gets inside the ship.

Reading the book will increase your alteration skill, but sadly it won’t teach your character the waterbreathing spell. You’ll need to either be an Argonian, carry waterbreathing potions, or learn the spell from Tolfdir at the College of Winterhold to breathe underwater.

2 Immortal Blood

The immortal blood book on the left and Movarth Piquine on the right

Immortal Blood centers around a priest and his acolyte Movarth Piquine. The priest is knowledgeable in all matters to do with vampires and Movarth is a successful vampire hunter. Movarth asks the priest questions, then goes out to hunt vampires and reports back with his findings.

Things eventually go south for Movarth Piquine, who becomes the main antagonist of the Laid To Rest quest in Morthal. If, after reading the book, you're interested in creating a vampire build, there are plenty of races that excel as a bloodsucker .

1 The Great War

The Great War book to the right and the actual great war to the left Skyrim

The Great War is a lore book that covers the major event of the same name. The Great War was fought between the Empire and the Thalmor in the early Fourth Era, not long before the events of Skyrim.

The Thalmor eventually earned a strategic victory in the war, leading to the signing of the White-Gold Concordat. The treaty banned the worship of Talos in Skyrim, forced the Blades to disband, and gave the Thalmor the ability to roam freely throughout Tamriel. The Great War shaped the world of Skyrim and caused many Nords to despise the Thalmor.

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Elder Scrolls

The Arcanaeum

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  • 2.1 Hitting the Books
  • 2.2 Shalidor's Insights
  • 2.3 Elder Knowledge
  • 2.4 Ancient Falmer Tomes DG
  • 2.5 Fetch Me That Book!
  • 2.6 Scroll Scouting
  • 2.7 Forgotten Names
  • 3.1 On the shelves, tables, and floor
  • 3.2 For sale
  • 3.3 Notable collections and texts
  • 4 Appearances
  • 5 References

History [ ]

The Arcanaeum contains documents that reportedly date back to the late second era . [2] Urag tries to keep as much knowledge available to the mages as he can and takes his job very seriously. [3] The library was rescued from destruction in the east, and became the cornerstone of academic life at the College. [1]

Hitting the Books [ ]

Speaking with Urag gro-Shub about any documents that might explain the connection between Saarthal and the Psijic Order , he confesses that the needed documents were recently stolen by an apprentice by the name of Orthorn, who took the books and ran off to Fellglow Keep to join up with a group of mages who left the College. Urag asks the Dragonborn to retrieve three such stolen books, Night of Tears , The Last King of the Ayleids and Fragment: On Artaeum .

Shalidor's Insights [ ]

If Urag Gro-Shub is asked to help locating any rare books, he will then ask for an assistance with locating Shalidor's Insights , rare manuscripts scattered across Skyrim.

Elder Knowledge [ ]

The Dragonborn needs to recover an Elder Scroll to travel back in time to Alduin 's defeat atop the Throat of the World , so Urag gro-Shub is able to provide the Dragonborn with two texts on the Scrolls, Effects of the Elder Scrolls and Ruminations on the Elder Scrolls , one of which is authored by Septimus Signus . As a former member of the college, Urag knows his whereabouts and directs the Dragonborn to him.

Ancient Falmer Tomes DG [ ]


Fetch Me That Book! [ ]

After joining the College of Winterhold, Urag may send the Dragonborn to collect various rare books for some gold. Once enough are collected, he sends word to the Orc strongholds so that the Dragonborn can gain entry.

Scroll Scouting [ ]

Forgotten names [ ].

Four ornamental rings that are needed to complete the quest are stored in the Master Investigators Box . The box may be opened with the Investigator's Key, or picking the Master-level lock. Note that opening the box to take the rings is counted as stealing , so one needs to avoid Urag gro-Shub's detection. Either waiting after Urag retires to his room at night, or going there immediately after completing " The Eye of Magnus " quest, since Urag will not be present in the room too.

On the shelves, tables, and floor [ ]

For sale [ ], notable collections and texts [ ].

  • Elder Scroll (Dragon) – after selling it to Urag gro-Shub it can then be seen in a display case behind Urag's desk.

Appearances [ ]

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

References [ ]

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  • Elder Scrolls
  • 1 Marriage (Skyrim)
  • 2 Console Commands (Skyrim)
  • 3 Stones of Barenziah

10 Most Interesting Books In Skyrim That Are Worth Reading

Skyrim is full of readable books that detail the long and storied history of Tamriel and its people, helping to document the series' extensive lore.

The Elder Scrolls series is known for its commitment to world-building, and its now-iconic fifth installment, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim , is no exception to this trend. With more lore and historical documentation than any of its predecessors, Skyrim flawlessly crafts an engaging, integrated experience through an unlikely medium for video games: its library of books.

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With over 330 texts found throughout the lands of Skyrim and its DLCs, players can immerse themselves for countless hours by scouring the icy landscape for these items, providing a unique role-playing experience for those Dragonborn interested in exploring the art and history of Tamriel during their breaks from exploring the land of the Nords .

10 The Real Barenziah Details One Of Morrowind's Iconic Characters

The Crown of Barenziah In The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim

While The Real Barenziah may take some creative liberties, it gives some fun interiority to a character not seen in-game since 2002's Morrowind. As a member of Dunmer royalty that would eventually serve as Queen of Morrowind, Barenziah was a key political figure throughout the Second, Third, and Fourth Eras.

Longtime fans of Skyrim are likely familiar with the laborious "Stones of Barenziah" quest , and while this book series doesn't make this task any easier, it provides some nice context for its relevance to Tamrielic History.

9 The 2920 Series Tells The Story Of The First Year's Last Era

The Elder Scrolls Online Official Art

The First Era in the Elder Scrolls universe concluded upon the assassination of Emperor Reman Cyrodiil II, in the year 2920—the 2920 book series (also found in Oblivion and Morrowind ) is an in-universe historical fiction piece that explores events happening across Tamriel during this tumultuous twelve months.

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With famous figures from Morrowind, High Rock, Cyrodil, and everywhere in-between present in each of the 12 2920 books, one for each month, players would benefit from either brushing up on their Tamrielic history or finding a guided reading before picking up this text.

8 Immortal Blood Weaves A Classic Vampire Tale

what are books for in skyrim

Dragonborn in search of a good old-fashioned vampire story need look no further than Immortal Blood . Although this book is also found in Oblivion and The Elder Scrolls Online , it is attached to a specific quest in Skyrim that eventually leads the player to its subject: the master vampire, Movarth Piquine.

Movarth Piquine was a trainer in the Fighters Guild prior to contracting vampirism, but by the time the player encounters him, he has been a vampire for several centuries. Thankfully, Immortal Blood , written by an unknown author, details this transition and preserves his former identity.

7 The Great War Provides Important Context To Skyrim's Political Climate

Soldiers of the Aldmeri Dominion in the Elder Scrolls

Much of Skyrim emphasizes the ever-growing tensions between the Aldmeri Dominion and the Empire, so The Great War is a great way for players to develop an understanding of the events that transpired following the Oblivion Crisis. Written by the commander of Hammerfell's 10th Legion, this text takes a historical approach to narrativizing the events of the Aldmeri-Empiric conflict.

With an introduction and conclusion that work to effectively ground the reader in the political events surrounding the event, The Great War is an illuminating piece for both new and long-term fans alike.

6 The Doors Of Oblivion Are A Surreal Journey Through Madness

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Promotional Art

The plane of Oblivion has played such a large part in Elder Scrolls lore that the fourth installment of the video game franchise was named after the realm, so it only follows suit that books like The Doors of Oblivion would provide some insight into what goes on in the home of Mehrunes Dagon .

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The Doors of Oblivion is technically authored by Seif-ij Hidja, but rather than focus on him, it instead focuses on the research performed by his master, Morian Zenas. Morian actually wrote a separate, more broad piece about Oblivion (appropriately titled On Oblivion ) on his own, but Hidja's book notes his journey through the plane from the perspective of his pupil.

5 Nerevar At Red Mountain Analyzes A Pivotal Moment In Tamriel

Morrowind Red Mountain

Nerevar at Red Mountain , one of the books added in the Dragonborn DLC, harkens back to the franchise's third installment, Morrowind , via a scholarly depiction of the Battle of Red Mountain in the First Era, a battle which resulted in the establishment of the area's political system and Morrowind 's key figures, the Tribunal.

Since Nerevar at Red Mountain was part of the Apocrypha, a library of texts hidden by the Tribunal, it is one of Skyrim 's rarest books, with one copy found in an innocuous location: one of Tel Mithryn's bookshelves.

4 Night Of Tears Brings The Five Hundred Companions To Life

what are books for in skyrim

Skyrim mentions Ysgramor and the Five Hundred Companions on several occasions, but Night of Tears is perhaps the only source in the game that properly brings these Nordic forefathers into the limelight by contextualizing their reason for exacting revenge throughout the mountainous landscape.

Interestingly, this book is found in the ritual chamber under Fellglow Keep. Why a text detailing the origin of Skyrim's Nords would be found in possession of the College of Winterhold's recusant wizards is unknown, but regardless, Night of Tears is worth the effort it takes to obtain.

3 Report: Disaster At Ionith Is A Reflection Upon The Empire's Greatest Failure

Skyrim Imperials and Alduin at Helgen

Report: Disaster at Ionith details Uriel Septim V, Emperor of Tamriel during the Third Era, and his misinformed invasion of the mysterious lands of Akavir. Experts on the lore of Nirn might be familiar with Akavir, the mysterious continent located to the east of Tamriel, but unfortunately, this information was not available to Uriel Septim prior to his invasion.

As suggested by this book's title, the first Imperial invasion of Akavir would prove to be a costly mistake. This text details how the four legions (somewhere between 16 and 24 thousand total troops) sent to Akavir, along with the Emperor, were decimated by one of the continent's four races, the Tsaeci, in a matter of months.

2 Songs Of The Return Series Tells The History Of Nordic Skyrim

Akaviri Sword overlaid over Bloated Man's Grotto, Skyrim

As previously mentioned, Ysgramor and the Five Hundred Companions are the key catalyst that developed Nordic culture in Skyrim, and much of their significance stems from the events chronicled throughout the various entries in the Songs of the Return series

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The books, written by an unknown Nord (or, more likely, multiple Nords), follow these legendary figures as they founded towns like Whiterun and Winterhold, increasing their reach to the edges of the wintry landscape. Unfortunately for Skyrim fans, this series appears to have once included at least 56 different volumes, the majority of which have been lost to over the millennia.

1 The Aetherium Wars Give Rare Insight To Dwemer Culture

Skyrim Blackreach Underground Area With Glowing Mushrooms And Dwemer Ruins

Arguably the most enigmatic aspect of the entire Elder Scrolls franchise, the Dwemer have left fans fervently questioning the nature of their disappearance for decades; while The Aetherium Wars doesn't provide any specific answers, it does provide some rare details of the Dwemer life before the events at Red Mountain.

Aetherium was a valuable commodity in Tamriel during the First Era—so valuable, in fact, that it led to a series of conflicts between four Dwemer city-states known as "The Aetherium Wars." Reading this book initiates a fun series of quests that rewards the Dragonborn with some powerful items , so players would be wise to check it out next time they launch the game.

what are books for in skyrim

15 Books Like Skyrim for Bold Adventurers

' src=

Jessica Avery

"Jessica has been a voracious reader since she was old enough to hold chapter books right side up. She has an MA in English from the University of Maine, and has been writing about books online since 2015. She started out writing about the Romance genre, but in recent years she has rekindled her love for Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy, with an emphasis on works of queer fiction. You can follow her on Twitter , Bluesky , and Instagram .

View All posts by Jessica Avery

Put down your axes and sweet rolls, people, and get ready to read. Did you know that our beloved Skyrim is going to be nine years old this fall? It seems like just yesterday we were all getting our first dragon souls and discovering the joy of shouting goats off of mountain tops. Frankly, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Skyrim. There’s still so much that I haven’t done! So much chaos I haven’t created! But whether like me you’re just looking to add more adventures like Skyrim to your life, or you looking to fill that Skyrim-sized void in your heart because you’ve discovered all there was to discover and killed all there was to kill, this list of books like Skyrim is brimming with enough heroes, magics, creatures, and battles to keep you turning pages long after the dragonfire burns out. **

** Book Riot does not condone trying to use dragonfire for illumination. Or dragons as lamps.

YA Fantasy Books Like Skyrim

The boneless mercies by april genevieve tucholke.

This, folks, is THE Skyrim book (at least as far as I’m concerned). If you read only one book on this list, make it Tucholke’s The Boneless Mercies . I put off buying my own copy of Skyrim for the longest time because I had other games I hadn’t played half to death that I wanted to finish first. But reading The Boneless Mercies gave me such a craving. The first thing I did when I finished the book was order Skyrim—once I got done building a shrine to this gorgeous, epic book of monsters and mercenary girls. Boneless Mercies are in the death trade. They are paid to kill, and to bring a quick and easy death to their victims. But Frey was raised on sagas, and has always wanted more than the life of a mercy killing outcast. So when word reaches them of a monster with a price on its head laying waste to the countryside, she sees a way out for her and all the Mercies. This Beowulf retelling was one of my top reads of last year, and the first Skyrim read-alike I thought of when pulling together this list.

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

Like the Imperials in Skyrim, the Martial Empire of An Ember in the Ashes is inspired by ancient Rome. So if you are a staunch Stormcloak, or just find the Imperials really, really annoying, here’s a whole book, the first in an excellent series, all about overthrowing a brutal, colonizing empire. Both Laia and Elias were raised within the Martial empire. Laia grew up among the Empire’s poor, among those so downtrodden by the Empire that most don’t dare challenge its power. Elias grew up a favored son of the Empire, the finest soldier in the greatest of the imperial military academies, who hates all that the Empire stands for. When Laia ends up embedded within the school as a spy for the rebellion she joins forces with Elias in an attempt to take down the Empire itself and change their world.

Warrior of the Wild by Tricia Levenseller

You fail your coming-of-age trial and go off into the monster-strewn wilderness to kill a god. What could go wrong? Just another quest in the realm of Sky—oh wait, that’s the plot of Tricia Levenseller’s YA, viking-inspired novel, not one of the five million quests in my quest menu. If you are of the axe-swinging, monster killing persuasion (and if you’re reading this list I’m going to go with yes), definitely consider adding this Skyrim read-alike to your list. Rasmira is finally 18, finally ready to face her coming-of-age trial, and finally ready to become a warrior and lead her people. But when her trial is sabotaged, causing her to fail, her own father banishes her to the wilderness. Where she teams up with a misfit group of other teens with really negligent parents to take on the impossible task of killing a god. Really hope she leveled up her heavy armor.

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Adult Fantasy Books Like Skyrim

The hundred thousand kingdoms by n.k. jemisin.

Power struggles. Power struggles everywhere. One of the plots at the heart of Skyrim is of course the civil war that is threatening to tear the country in two (if the dragons don’t turn it all into a barbecue first)—and I say that with all the certainty of one who has never in her life actually played either of the main plots of Skyrim all the way through. I embrace that sandbox, wandering warrior/errand girl life. So when I started compiling my must-read list of books like Skyrim, I knew I needed to include N.K. Jemisin’s The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms . Because at the heart of this debut novel is an empty throne, and the epic tale of of a woman raised from outcast to royal heir who finds herself drain into a violent conflict for the right to rule the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms.

The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang

Interfering gods are the worse. The wooooorst. Anyone who has accidentally managed to stumble into three daedric quests in a row (I wish I was kidding) knows that the gods in Skyrim like to interfere, and so do the gods in R.F. Kuang’s The Poppy War . Rin is a war orphan, a no one parceled off to criminal guardians who want to use her to further their agenda. So when she aces the test that earns her a spot in the Empire’s most elite military school it’s a shock, and a blessing. Though blessing might be the wrong word. Because at Sinegard Rin not only finds herself surrounded by prejudice, she also discovers a strange, dangerous power inside herself. One gifted from gods who were supposed to be dead.

The Unspoken Name by A.K. Larkwood

If you keep up with what’s new in fantasy fiction, chances are you’ve heard of The Unspoken Name , the debut novel from A.K. Larkwood. Csorwe was raised to die. She has always been a sacrifice intended for the Unspoken. Until fate offers her the chance at a different, and if not better than at least longer, life in the guise of a powerful mage. One with zero concern for the fact that Csorwe was supposed to die on the mountain that day. Instead he offers her the chance to turn her back on her god and become his follower. To help him take on an entire empire, sword in hand. Unfortunately for Csorwe, gods don’t like being ignored. This book was practically made to appeal to people looking for books like Skyrim, and not just because the heroine is an orc (even though that’s awesome and honestly what other reason would you need to read this book?). You’ve got meddling gods, you’ve got powerful mages running around unsupervised stirring up trouble (basically my forever opinion of the mage’s college in Skyrim), and you’ve got a political coup in the offing. What more could you want?

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

This one is for you, my little little Thieves Guild supporting Nightingales in training. The Lies of Locke Lamora and the other equally intense books in the Gentleman Bastard series are the ultimate in high fantasy heist hijinks. They also score high marks for some gorgeous, lavish world building. The first book introduces us to the titular character Locke Lamora, a grubby orphan from one of the poorest corners of the island city of Camorr who grows up to become a masterful con artist. He leads a band of his fellow thieves and con artists known as the Gentleman Bastards, and listen, people, the things these boys get up to are ridiculous. They seriously need a babysitter. Fair warning, too, because this book starts as a fun, steal-from-the-rich adventure, but gets dark and serious faster than you might think.

Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames

Crashing about the wilds with your mercenary mates? Honestly, what’s more Skyrim than that? Well, probably retiring to that house you built out in the country with the 900 wheels of cheese and all the dishes on the floor that you accidentally knocked off the table and now can’t navigate the game physics to put back. I’m not sure how many wheels of cheese Clay Cooper has, but he’s definitely in retirement when one of his ex-bandmates shows up asking for help. Clay’s crew used to be the most feared (and the scruffiest) in all of Heartwyld, and now his old mate needs help—his daughter is trapped behind the walls of a city under siege by a blood thirsty enemy, and he can’t rescue her alone. When packing for one last road trip with the gang, possibly to your death, be sure to pack plenty of cheese (though I prefer to collect cabbages, personally).

A Stranger in Olondria by Sofia Samatar

This one is for my “Read ALL the Books” Skyrim fans. There are hundreds of books in Skyrim and you can collect every single one of them if you so desire (and provided you don’t get caught—remember, in Skyrim it’s not stealing if you don’t get caught or try to sell your loot to a reputable vendor). Jevick would love it—he grew up hearing stories about another book-laden country, Olondia, where books aren’t a rare luxury the way they are in his homeland. Given the chance when his father dies, he finally makes his way to Olondria and a perfect, literary life. Until a festival gone wrong throws hitch in his plans, and he ends up haunted by the ghost of a young girl. As Jevick tries to rid himself of his new companion, the seemingly perfect country of Olondria is dragged into war as the conflict between two powerful religious cults comes to a head. Civil war with a touch of necromancy—somehow I think citizens of Skyrim can relate.

Silver in the Wood by Emily Tesh

There is a cave in Skyrim with a small forest inside of it. It’s beautiful, full of butterflies and torchbugs. It’s also full of freaking spriggans, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful in the brief moments before you die (kidding. But seriously those spriggans, right?). Truth be told there are a number of caves containing small forests in Skyrim, all together they make up some of my favorite spots in the game, and this book reminds me of being inside one of those green hideaways. And hiding away is exactly what Tobias has been doing for many years, inside the Greenhollow wood to which he is tied. He has his little cottage, his cat, and his dryads, and honestly his life sounds like heaven to me. But one day, because in these sorts of stories there’s always a “one day” in which everything changes, Henry Silver arrives. Handsome Henry Silver, the new owner of Greenhollow Hall who is too curious about the wood and the wild man who lives there.

The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps by Kai Ashante Wilson

Demigods, sorcery, and a caravan traveling across a vast country side stalked by dark necromantic magic. I mean, how could I NOT include Wilson’s gorgeous The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps to this list of Skyrim readalikes. Plus bonus points for being a delightfully queer fantasy novel about two god-descended heroes, Demane—who they call the sorcerer—and his Captain as they travel about the wilds with their caravan. They have inherited by their ancestors with divine powers, and with the one “safe” road from north to south being plagued by terrifying black magics, it will take every give they have been given to keep their fellow travelers, and each other, from harm.

A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan

It was surprisingly difficult to find a book where the dragons will actually eat you if given the chance. Apparently the human habit of pack bonding with every possible thing extends to fictional fire-breathing lizards. But the dragons in Skyrim don’t want to be your friends, so if like Lady Trent your penchant is the natural history of your chosen fantasy realm: beware of teeth. Yes this particular Skyrim read-alike is dedicated to my beloved Skyrim naturalists. You who sneak up on dragons, follow foxes, and have discovered the the fact that eating potions ingredients will tell you what they do. So munch down on some giant’s toe and settle in with the Brennan’s A Natural History of Dragons , and discover the evolution of legendary dragon naturalist, Isabella, Lady Trent, from bookish, convention-defying junior scholar to master adventurer and dragon expert.

The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu

Are we picking up on a theme of empty thrones and political strife? Thankfully neither of these are things are in short supply in high fantasy books. Ken Liu’s even comes with airships, which is honestly something Skyrim is critically lacking. What is the point of magic if I can’t get my butt on a magical zeppelin and fly from Riften to Marketh? What are the College Mages working on that is so much more important than air travel?! …Anyway. The emperor who once united the kingdoms of Dara is dying. After years under his reign the people have begun to chafe, and his counsellors are snapping up what power they can as the emperor’s health fails. As the synopsis warns us “Even the gods themselves are restless.” Add one charming but untrustworthy rogue, an ex-noble with a vengeance boner, season with the spirit of rebellion, and cook for an extended period of time in a political pressure cooker.

The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon

I’m not saying I included this book just because it’s nearly as long as Skyrim is wide. I mean it also has dragons, assassins, and a violent power struggle for control of a kingdom. Honestly why wouldn’t you read it? In the kingdom of Inys the House of Berethnet has ruled for thousands of years, but that great lineage hangs in the balance. Queen Sabran the Ninth is still unwed; there is no daughter to secure the throne and her enemies are closing in, blades in hand. Ead does everything that she can to protect her Queen, legal or not, surround Sabran with forbidden magic to keep the assassins at bay. Meanwhile, far across the sea, dragonrider Tané faces a choice that could undo everything she’s worked for her entire life, as in the shadow of the war that threatens East and West a darker, older evil rises.

Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb

I see you, Dark Brotherhood disciples. I wasn’t about to let this list go with out one assassin book and I have heard nothing but good things about Robin Hood’s Assassin’s Apprentice , which also happens to be part of an expansive series of fantasy novels. So go to town on this one! Fitz’s life as an outcast royal bastard may not have been a joy, alone in the world with only animals for companionship, but it might have been preferable to the life he discovers when he’s finally adopted into the royal household. Forced to give up his past, he’s thrust into a new world of learning, manners, subterfuge, and murder. There is an art to killing unseen, and leaving no trace.

Still up for more adventures? Not yet taken a career ending arrow to the need and been forced to retire to the deceptively unsafe position of city guard (also known as dragon chow)? Be sure to visit this list of epic fantasy series and stock up your TBR for those long, cold Skyrim winters.

what are books for in skyrim

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Best Total Conversion Mods For Skyrim

  • Total conversion mods drastically change the gameplay or setting, providing players with a fresh experience.
  • The Republic of Maslea, Shumer and the Fall of Allagard, Legacy of the Dragonborn, Beyond Reach, Vigilant, Middle-Earth Redone, Beyond Skyrim: Bruma, Wyrmstooth, Skyrim Redone, and Enderal: The Shards of Order are all mentioned as impressive total conversion mods that offer new quests, locations, and gameplay features.
  • The upcoming mod, Apotheosis, is highly anticipated and will allow players to explore the 16 realms of Oblivion and face off against the Daedric Princes. It promises a unique and exciting experience filled with eldritch horror.

It would be an understatement to describe The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim as a long game. Hundreds of hours are required to witness every last bit of content, and that's not even taking into account all the DLC. Even veteran players can find something new to do in the vanilla game, but that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Skyrim: The 21 Best Graphics Mods You Need To Install

A neat collection of total conversion mods awaits to be experienced. These types of mods radically change either the gameplay or setting to such an extent that it almost feels like playing a different game altogether. Although some of these mods may still need some polish, they're worth checking out sooner rather than later.

Updated December 16, 2023 by Ritwik Mitra: The release of Starfield was something that many Bethesda fans were anticipating with bated breath, so to see this spacefaring adventure boil down to nothing more than a truckload of loading screens and dated mechanics was extremely disappointing. The hype for Starfield died down as soon as it was released, with many people unable to comprehend that The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim was still miles ahead of a title that should've been the next evolutionary step for Bethesda's formula.

As a result, more and more people are going back to Skyrim to experience Bethesda at the heights of its powers, with many total conversion mods doing a great job of letting veterans enjoy a relatively new and fresh experience with this amazing open-world RPG.

The Republic Of Maslea

Downloads: 58,588.

  • Creator: anthelius
  • Download Link

An ambitious mod that has only launched its first episode for now, players who want to enjoy a tropical adventure in Skyrim will love what The Republic Of Maslea brings to the table. The size of this new area is roughly the size of the Dragonborn DLC, which is pretty impressive and goes to show how much love and care was put into this mod.

With a great main quest and many side quests scattered across the world, The Republic of Maslea will keep players occupied for many hours as they appreciate the tropical vistas crafted by the mod author. It's an impressive title that shows the power of total conversion mods that don't play it safe.

Shumer And The Fall Of Allagard

Downloads: 26,554.

  • Creator: agerweb

This mod may be currently in development, but the sheer amount of things already on display here is quite impressive and has left many players hyped for what the final release will bring to the table. The realm of Shumer is packed with content, compelling players to explore these vast worlds and see what's on offer.

Along with the mainland of Shumer, players can also explore the islands of Barbella and Althira which are also part of this WIP mod. To add the cherry on top of this loaded cake, most of the NPCs in this mod are fully voiced too, adding to the authenticity of this new adventure that the Dragonborn can get lost in. Sure, saving the world from Alduin is important, but there are so many things to accomplish in Shumer that they can't be blamed for getting sidetracked.

Legacy Of The Dragonborn

Downloads: 4,060,449.

  • Creator: icecreamassassin

As one of the most popular Skyrim mods on Nexus, Legacy of the Dragonborn adds such an immense amount of content that it can't help but change the way players experience the game. If fans are ready to sink a few hundred more hours into Skyrim , then this is the quintessential mod to do so.

Legacy of the Dragonborn allows the player the opportunity to become a museum curator. With room for over 3,500 items to be displayed, almost anything can be showcased as a museum piece. In addition, a plethora of new items and quests are also incorporated in the mod that promises to keep the Dragonborn busy for a long time.

Beyond Reach

Downloads: 820,564.

  • Creator: razorkid1

Skyrim modders tend to be pretty talented when it comes to introducing new lands for players to explore. Beyond Reach is one such example, taking place east of High Rock in a land that the mod authors describe as spanning 3 Skyrim Holds. Unsurprisingly, the Breton homeland turns out to be a dangerous place all its own.

Skyrim: 10 Tips For Building A Dream House

Like other total conversion/overhaul mods that drastically alter the setting, the attention to detail in Beyond Reach is impressive. Fans can expect to encounter brand-new factions, collect unique weapons, armor, and spells , and explore dozens of outlandish dungeons to occupy their time.

Downloads: 3,495,892

  • Creator: Vicn

The Vigilants of Stendarr are a common sight in Skyrim as they patrol the length and breadth of the land, on the hunt for anything undead or Daedric. Players can join a lot of factions in the game, but the Vigilants of Stendarr isn't one of them. Luckily, the aptly named Vigilant mod fixes that problem.

Fans who are keen on making a career out of ridding the world of foul creatures in the name of Stendarr should definitely check out Vigilant. A wild and intriguing series of main quests await those brave enough to be a Vigilant. There are also side quests and new, craftable weapons/armor for players to experience alongside the primary slew of content.

Middle-Earth Redone

Downloads: 32,808.

  • Creator: Maldaran

Perhaps exploring Tamriel has become tiresome? Maybe a completely different fantasy setting would do the trick. Few fantasy worlds come close to matching the splendor and beauty of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-Earth. The Middle-Earth Redone mod allows players to explore various famous locations from Tolkien's universe with Skyrim 's game engine.

The Shire, Moria, Rohan, Bree, and several other destinations are available for fans to visit. Although there are no quests, important events from the books and films can be reenacted, such as the Battle of Helm's Deep. New spells can also be crafted that better reflect the setting. Skyrim plus The Lord of the Rings ? What could be better?

Beyond Skyrim: Bruma

Downloads: 6,522,626.

  • Creator: The Beyond Skyrim - Cyrodiil Development Team

Fans who wish to relive the glories of The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion should check out Beyond Skyrim: Bruma. Although there is a massive ongoing project to port Oblivion using Skyrim 's game engine , known as Skyblivion, it hasn't been released yet.

Beyond Skyrim: Bruma recreates the county seen in Oblivion with stunning detail. With over 24,000 lines of unique dialogue, players can take part in new quests, explore additional dungeons, and discover distinct locations. New weapons and armor are included as well. Best of all, traveling to Bruma is as simple as crossing the border to Cyrodiil!

Downloads: 1,921,230

  • Creator: Jonx0r

Wyrmstooth is a rather old mod, but one that's experienced a bit of a revival. The premise is simple enough: The East Empire Company commissions the player to hunt down a dangerous dragon that's been plaguing the trade routes.

Skyrim: The 24 Best Merchants, Ranked

Nevertheless, the task proves to be anything but simple. The mod adds the land of Wyrmstooth, an island to the north of Skyrim. A new home can be purchased in the form of a castle, which periodically needs defending from pesky enemies. Additional weapons, armor, and spells are also included to help meet this new threat.

Skyrim Redone

Downloads: 107,387.

  • Creator: T3nd0

Not every total conversion mod necessarily has to incorporate new, fantastical lands. Skyrim Redone keeps the experience grounded within the franchise's lore. However, almost every aspect of the vanilla gameplay is altered in some way, resulting in a truly impressive enterprise.

Skyrim Redone turns the game into an RPG lover's dream. Perks, combat, racial bonuses, enemy scaling, and almost everything in between are all given attention to some extent. One must visit the mod page and peruse the guide that goes along with it to get a full breakdown of its extensive features.

Enderal: The Shards Of Order

Downloads: n/a.

  • Creator: SureAI

No list regarding total conversion mods for Skyrim would be complete without mentioning Enderal: The Shards of Order. This mod, in terms of quality, scope, and attention to detail, tends to stand out from the rest.

The mod, also known as Enderal: Forgotten Stories, incorporates its unique lore. The gameplay is given a total revamp, utilizing more RPG elements and a steeper learning curve. Players can expect about 125 hours of additional content with this steller mod. Check out this helpful guide for a complete rundown on Enderal: Forgotten Stories.

Honorable Mention: Apotheosis

Apotheosis can't be installed yet because it hasn't been released at present. Nevertheless, this mod looks to be an absolute beast in terms of scale. When completed, the mod will allow the player to travel through the 16 realms of Oblivion as part of the questline. Along the way, fans will tangle with the malevolent Daedric Princes inside their domains.

Besides new locations and quests, fans can also expect to make use of unique equipment to aid them in their dangerous travels. The whole experience promises to drip with eldritch horror. It's certainly not a mod you want to miss. Keep an eye on the Apotheosis mod website and YouTube channel for further updates.

Platform(s) Xbox Series S, PS3, Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox 360, PC, Xbox One X, Xbox One

Released 2011-11-11

Developer(s) Bethesda

Genre(s) Action, RPG, Adventure

Best Total Conversion Mods For Skyrim

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There's a clue for today's Wordle waiting just below if you need a hand with the February 16 (972) puzzle. Not the solution—just a little something to point you in the right direction. Need something stronger? You've got it. The answer to today's game is only one quick click away.

I was doing great until I needed to find the very last letter and went off on a wild goose chase all over the keyboard, hoping I'd stumble on the final piece of today's puzzle. It just wasn't there, as far as I could tell. So, rather than throw my win streak away, I took a quick break and came back a little later—and that's when I finally spotted today's Wordle answer. Phew!

Today's Wordle hint

Wordle today: a hint for friday, february 16.

You'll need to think of sneaky storage to win today. A bundle of money, squirrelled away. A kid's secret pile of chocolate, hidden in a drawer. Anything valuable or treasured, kept safe and out of sight. 

Is there a double letter in Wordle today? 

Yes, there is a double letter in today's puzzle. 

Wordle help: 3 tips for beating Wordle every day 

A good starting word can be the difference between victory and defeat with the daily puzzle, but once you've got the basics, it's much easier to nail down those Wordle wins. And as there's nothing quite like a small victory to set you up for the rest of the day, here are a few tips to help set you on the right path: 

  • A good opening guess should contain a mix of unique consonants and vowels. 
  • Narrow down the pool of letters quickly with a tactical second guess.
  • Watch out for letters appearing more than once in the answer.

There's no racing against the clock with Wordle so you don't need to rush for the answer. Treating the game like a casual newspaper crossword can be a good tactic; that way, you can come back to it later if you're coming up blank. Stepping away for a while might mean the difference between a win and a line of grey squares. 

Today's Wordle answer

What is today's wordle answer.

You've got this. The answer to the February 16 (972) Wordle is STASH . 

Previous Wordle answers

The last 10 wordle answers .

Past Wordle answers can give you some excellent ideas for fun starting words that keep your daily puzzle-solving fresh. They are also a good way to eliminate guesses for today's Wordle, as the answer is unlikely to be repeated. 

Here are some recent Wordle answers:

  • February 15: ASCOT
  • February 14:  TALON
  • February 13:  SCRAM
  • February 12:  PASTA
  • February 11:  NEVER
  • February 10:  FRIED
  • February 9:  STIFF
  • February 8:  PLACE
  • February 7:  AFTER
  • February 6:  WHICH

Learn more about Wordle 

Wordle gives you six rows of five boxes each day, and you'll need to work out which secret five-letter word is hiding inside them to keep up your winning streak.

You should start with a strong word like ARISE, or any other word that contains a good mix of common consonants and multiple vowels. You'll also want to avoid starting words with repeating letters, as you're wasting the chance to potentially eliminate or confirm an extra letter. Once you hit Enter, you'll see which ones you've got right or wrong. If a box turns ⬛️, it means that letter isn't in the secret word at all. 🟨 means the letter is in the word, but not in that position. 🟩 means you've got the right letter in the right spot.

Your second guess should compliment the starting word, using another "good" word to cover any common letters you missed last time while also trying to avoid any letter you now know for a fact isn't present in today's answer. With a bit of luck, you should have some coloured squares to work with and set you on the right path.

After that, it's just a case of using what you've learned to narrow your guesses down to the right word. You have six tries in total and can only use real words (so no filling the boxes with EEEEE to see if there's an E). Don't forget letters can repeat too (ex: BOOKS).

If you need any further advice feel free to check out our Wordle tips , and if you'd like to find out which words have already been used you can scroll to the relevant section above. 

Originally, Wordle was dreamed up by software engineer Josh Wardle , as a surprise for his partner who loves word games. From there it spread to his family, and finally got released to the public. The word puzzle game has since inspired tons of games like Wordle , refocusing the daily gimmick around music or math or geography. It wasn't long before Wordle became so popular it was sold to the New York Times for seven figures . Surely it's only a matter of time before we all solely communicate in tricolor boxes. 

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When baby Kerry was brought home from the hospital her hand was placed on the space bar of the family Atari 400, a small act of parental nerdery that has snowballed into a lifelong passion for gaming and the sort of freelance job her school careers advisor told her she couldn't do. She's now PC Gamer's word game expert, taking on the daily Wordle puzzle to give readers a hint each and every day. Her Wordle streak is truly mighty.

Somehow Kerry managed to get away with writing regular features on  old Japanese PC games , telling today's PC gamers about some of the most fascinating and influential games of the '80s and '90s.

OpenAI unveils powerful, creepy new text-to-video generator that it calls 'a foundation for models that can understand and simulate the real world'

For the five people in the world who thought Malenia was too easy, a new mod turns Elden Ring's toughest boss into a 4-phase marathon ordeal including cut attacks and dialogue

How to clean your computer

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Lore:Books by Subject

This article lists all of the lore-related books that have appeared in the Elder Scrolls games, sorted by subject. To see a list of books by subject from a particular game, see the Daggerfall , Morrowind , Oblivion , Skyrim , and ESO pages.

  • 1 Artifacts
  • 2 Biographies
  • 3 Crafting Motifs
  • 4 Esoteric Texts
  • 5 Faction Books
  • 7 History & Lore
  • 8 Humor & Riddles
  • 9 Instruction & Research
  • 10 Journals & Logs
  • 11 Notes & Letters
  • 12 Plaques, Monuments and Inscriptions
  • 13 Politics & Law
  • 14 Religion, Myth & Prophecy
  • 15 Songs, Poetry, & Plays

Artifacts [ edit ]

Biographies [ edit ], crafting motifs [ edit ], esoteric texts [ edit ], faction books [ edit ], fiction [ edit ], history & lore [ edit ], humor & riddles [ edit ], instruction & research [ edit ], journals & logs [ edit ], notes & letters [ edit ], plaques, monuments and inscriptions [ edit ], politics & law [ edit ], religion, myth & prophecy [ edit ], songs, poetry, & plays [ edit ], travel [ edit ], navigation menu, personal tools.

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  2. Books (Skyrim)

    Books are items that can be acquired in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim . The various books that appear throughout Skyrim can grant quests, increase certain skills, or record locations on the world map.

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    Roughly speaking, the various books in Skyrim can be classified according to the following categories: Skyrim Book Category #1: Skill-Training Books A number of the books in Skyrim aren't just entertaining, but also educational for the Dragonborn protagonist who reads them.

  4. Skyrim:Books by Subject

    This article lists all of the books that have appeared in the Elder Scrolls game Skyrim by subject. For a complete list of books by subject, across all games, see here. Contents 1 Biographies 2 Esoteric Texts 3 Faction Books 4 Fiction 5 History & Lore 6 Instruction & Research 7 Journals & Logs 8 Notes & Letters 9 Plays, Poetry, & Riddles

  5. Skyrim:Skill Books

    1 Locations 2 Achievements 3 Notes 4 Bugs Skill Book are special books that permanently increase a skill by one point for free. There are five different books for each of the 18 skills making 90 in total. Unlike trainers, there is no limit to how many skill books you can read at one level.

  6. The Skyrim Library

    Presented for the first time ever, the 3 volume set of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Library enclosed in a deluxe slipcase. For the first time, the collected texts from the critically and commercially acclaimed fantasy video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are bound together in three exciting volumes. Lavishly illustrated and produced, these titles are straight out of the world of Skyrim - and ...

  7. Skyrim's Books: A Hidden Gem of Lore and Flavor

    Biography of the Wolf Queen - The official biography of Potema, queen of Solitude. Immortal Blood - A tale about a vampire hunter who likes to surprise his enemies by striking the first blow.

  8. Skill Books (Skyrim)

    1 Alchemy 2 Alteration 3 Archery 4 Block 5 Conjuration 6 Destruction 7 Enchanting 8 Heavy Armor 9 Illusion 10 Light Armor 11 Lockpicking 12 One-Handed 13 Pickpocket 14 Restoration 15 Smithing 16 Sneak 17 Speech 18 Two-Handed 19 Miscellaneous 20 Achievements 21 See also For other uses, see Skill Books.

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    The 12 Most Helpful Books In Skyrim And Where To Find Them by BSip December 27, 2011 in Archive As evidenced by its extensive library of books, the region of Skyrim is home to a cavalcade of writers, both amateur and professional alike.

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    The story of a skilled, but unfortunate, thief. De Rerum Dirennis - Vorian Direnni. A story about Asliel Direnni, an accomplished Alchemist of the Direnni clan. Deathbrand - Artise Dralen. A legend about a dying pirate king's ghost. Eslaf Erol Series - Reven. The life of Eslaf Erol, ironical and completely ludicrous.

  13. Skyrim: The 10 Best Books In The Game That You Haven't Read

    In Skyrim, the series consists of 12 books with another 15 available to be read in Elder Scrolls Online. If you love some Elder Scrolls lore, the 2920 series is a great place to start. It is a series of historical fiction books depicting the events between the end of the First Era and the beginning of the Second Era.

  14. The Arcanaeum

    The Arcanaeum or the Ysmir Collective serves as the library for the College of Winterhold in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and is overseen by Urag gro-Shub, it houses over 100 books which can be read but not removed from the library. The Arcanaeum contains documents that reportedly date back to the late second era. Urag tries to keep as much knowledge available to the mages as he can and takes ...

  15. 10 Most Interesting Books In Skyrim That Are Worth Reading

    8 Immortal Blood Weaves A Classic Vampire Tale. Dragonborn in search of a good old-fashioned vampire story need look no further than Immortal Blood. Although this book is also found in Oblivion and The Elder Scrolls Online, it is attached to a specific quest in Skyrim that eventually leads the player to its subject: the master vampire, Movarth ...

  16. Books Books Books

    This is an updated version of Adolon's Books Books Books mod. The original mod isn't required, but you should go endorse it too if you enjoy Adolon's work! Books Books Books - Updated adds more than 200 books to discover from previous Elder Scrolls titles. They can be found randomly in levelled loot throughout the world.

  17. Books of Skyrim SE

    The books store is named as "Books of Skyrim" and you can find it in Solitude near the brick arch. The vendor is Arnora Auria, descendant of Auria family in Cyrodiil. She have the same name as her ancestor murdered 200 years ago by Tyrellius Logellus, a corrupted guard of Bruma.

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    This category contains a list of Skyrim books that are needed for or related to quests. Quest Trigger Books Opening these books for the first time adds a quest to your journal. Subcategories This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. Skyrim-Quest Books-Frostflow Lighthouse Massacre Skyrim-Quest Books-The Lost Expedition

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    Warrior of the Wild by Tricia Levenseller You fail your coming-of-age trial and go off into the monster-strewn wilderness to kill a god. What could go wrong? Just another quest in the realm of Sky—oh wait, that's the plot of Tricia Levenseller's YA, viking-inspired novel, not one of the five million quests in my quest menu.

  21. The Elder Scrolls Books (20 books)

    All Votes Add Books To This List. 1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Skyrim Library, Vol. I: The Histories (Skyrim Library, #1) by. Bethesda Softworks. 4.33 avg rating — 603 ratings. score: 298 , and 3 people voted. Want to Read.

  22. 16 Books Like Skyrim for Elder Scrolls Fans and Fantasy Readers Alike

    Books Like Skyrim for Elder Scrolls Fans 1) "The Priory of The Orange Tree" by Samantha Shannon. Immerse yourself in this epic fantasy novel that transports you to a world teetering on the brink of destruction. With awe-inspiring dragons, powerful magic, and a fierce battle for survival, the stakes have never been higher. Fans of the diverse ...

  23. Skyrim:Fetch me that Book!

    A Means to an End. The book you are asked to find is never a skill book, and the monetary reward you get from Urag for returning a book is very small in proportion to the amount of work required to fetch it. However, this quest is a useful means for locating dungeons in Skyrim. The various loot you find in the dungeons will be considerably more ...

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    Skyrim modders tend to be pretty talented when it comes to introducing new lands for players to explore. ... important events from the books and films can be reenacted, such as the Battle of Helm ...

  25. Wordle today: Answer and hint #972 for February 16

    Ultra niche Skyrim mod lets you become the most potent mage of all: the fist wizard By Joshua Wolens February 15, 2024 Helldivers 2 studio boss says it will 'never' add PvP, and for anyone looking ...

  26. Lore:Books by Subject

    This article lists all of the lore-related books that have appeared in the Elder Scrolls games, sorted by subject. To see a list of books by subject from a particular game, see the Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, and ESO pages. Contents 1 Artifacts 2 Biographies 3 Crafting Motifs 4 Esoteric Texts 5 Faction Books 6 Fiction 7 History & Lore