How to Write a Convincing Resume Profile [+23 Examples]

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On average, a recruiter looks at your resume for around 6 seconds. 

Yep, that’s right - they give your CV a quick skim, and if they don’t find what they’re looking for, they just move on to the next one.

Think fast!

How can you convince the recruiter to read your resume, the same instant they look at it?

The answer is simple: you should create a resume profile.

And in this guide, we’re going to teach you how, exactly, you can do that.

  • What a resume profile is and why it’s important
  • How to create an effective resume profile in 3 easy steps
  • 26 practical resume profile examples

How to Write a Resume Profile (Step-by-Step)

OK, let's start with the obvious - what even is a Resume Profile?

The resume profile is a short,3-5 sentence paragraph that summarizes your career. It covers your top achievements, skills, and years of experience. 

The resume profile is also known as a resume summary and resume profile statement.

Here’s what a resume profile looks like on a resume:

resume summary resume profile

Now, let’s talk about why you should include a resume profile:

  • It shows the recruiter that you’re relevant from the get-go, giving them a reason to read the rest of your resume.
  • It helps you stand out. You don’t just show the recruiter that you’re relevant - you show them that you’re THE right candidate.

And here's an example of a well-written Resume Profile:

Customer Service Team Lead with three years of experience in a multicultural BPO environment. Specialized in the creation & monitoring of KPIs, compliance with SLAs and being the main POC for all key internal and external stakeholders. Looking to transfer process management and performance quality control skills into the exciting position as Quality, Control and Compliance Specialist at XYZ Ltd.

Keep in mind, though, that a resume profile is different from a resume objective.

  • The resume profile summarizes your work experience to date and your relevant skills and achievements.
  • The objective , on the other hand, is more about your professional goals. You DON’T include work experience here. Instead, you focus more on why you want to work at company X, and how your background makes you the right fit.

So, if you don’t have much relevant work experience (recent graduate, career change, etc.), you should opt for a resume objective instead.

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, here's a thorough Step-by-Step on how to build YOUR resume profile:

Step #1 - Tailor Your Resume Profile to the Position

The first thing to do is to tailor your resume profile to the position you're applying for. 

You can’t just take the lazy way out and create a one-size-fits-all resume profile. That way, you’re pretty much setting yourself up for failure.

Instead, it should 100% be written with the job you’re applying for in mind.

When writing your resume profile: 

  • Look at the job ad you want to apply to;
  • See the requirements;
  • Tailor your profile accordingly.

Now, here’s what this looks like in practice. Let's say you're applying for a position in digital marketing.

  • 1 - 3 years of experience with Google Ads
  • Experience with Facebook Ads
  • Excellent copywriting skills
  • Experience using Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio is an advantage

We highlighted all the must-have requirements with Bold and underlined what’s optional.

Now, let’s create the right resume profile for the job:

Google Ads Specialist with 2 years of experience in the creation and management of Google search, display and video ads. Six-month-long project experience with social media marketing. Highly skilled with Google Search, Facebook Ads Manager, and Google Tag Manager. Experienced in creating project reports for clients with Google Data Studio.

Step #2 - Mention Your Top Wins

Now let's look at what you CAN and CAN'T include in your resume profile.

DO's - Relevant :

  • Top skills;
  • Problems solved;
  • Key achievements;
  • Awards won;
  • Anything that is irrelevant to the job applied for, no matter how big the achievement, how top the skill or how much effort you put into winning that award.

Now, let’s cover a practical example.

Let’s say that 2 candidates are applying for a Junior Javascript Developer position.

Here’s a resume profile done right:

  • Recent Computer Science graduate with hands-on experience. Took part in 6-month-long Agile development process project, working with: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, Rest, XML, Angular 2+ and jQuery. Completed “The Complete JavaScript Course 2019: Build Real Projects” course from Udemy. PMP Agile Certified Practitioner.
  • Recent Computer Science graduate with 6 months of experience with JavaScript. Currently ongoing Master’s in Photography. Certified lifeguard and professional football player. Freelance writer with over 200,000 regular monthly readers.

See the difference between the two? The first is 100%, completely focused on the role.

The second, well, not so much.

Which one would you call in for an interview? Exactly!

job search masterclass novoresume

Step #3 - Focus on Achievements (Instead of Responsibilities)

And last but not least – focus on achievements. 

Your resume profile should be a summary of the biggest wins in your career (not a list of things you’ve done).

Your goal here is to “Wow” the recruiter, not to get them saying “Oh, well, that’s OK, I guess.”

So for example, let’s see how this is NOT done

  • Seasoned recruiter with experience in publishing job ads, sourcing candidates, and conducting interviews.

See the issue here? Anyone that’s into recruitment can say they’ve done this. You’re not saying anything special.

Now, what if we turn this example into an achievement:

  • Seasoned recruiter with X+ years of experience in tech hiring. Hit and exceeded hiring KPIs by over 50% for 2019’s first and third quarter. Specialized in working with senior talent in software engineering and executive management.

See the difference? The first example is a very generic candidate, while the second is a high-achiever.

In some fields, you might not have a lot of achievements to mention - and that’s totally OK.

If you’re a cashier, for example, you can’t say that “you’ve processed over 1,000 transactions per month.”

In such cases, it’s totally OK to stick to responsibilities and experiences instead!

[Bonus] The Novorésumé Formula for Writing Resume Profiles

Having some difficulties with your resume profile?

  • [Your Field] professional with X+ years of experience, skilled in [Skill 1], [Skill 2], and [Skill 3]. Looking to apply my [Domain] knowledge as a [Job You’re Applying For] at [Company X]. Experience in [Top Achievement #1] and [Top Achievement #2].

Now, here’s what the template looks like when put into practice:

UX / UI Designer with 5+ years of experienced, skilled in Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. Looking to apply my software design know-how as a lead UX designer at Company X. Previous experience in designing most of [Software Startup A] and [Software Startup B]’s software UX and UI.

Resume Profile Q&A

Still have some questions on how to polish up your resume profile? We’ve got you covered:

Q: How do I list a resume profile as a student ?

A: Simple! Go for a resume objective, instead of a profile. In that case, you’ll focus more on your skills and goals instead of work experience.

Don’t forget to specify where and how you got those skills. No need to go into in-depth explanations, but make sure they sound realistic and avoid vagueness at all costs.

Still have some space left? Feel free to add relevant university projects you’ve completed. 

Soon-to-be graduate from XYZ University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. 4.0 GPA in Experimental Psychology. Took part in a month-long internship at the university psych lab. Excelled at psych questionnaire development and implementation, and SPSS data analysis. Excited to transfer and develop skills further as a Junior Psychological Measurement Specialist at ABC Ltd.

Are you struggling with creating your first student resume? Check out our guide on how to create a resume with no experience!

Q: How do I list a resume profile as a career-changer ?

A: What you need to do here is focus on your transferable skills . Like so:

“Customer Support Specialist with over three years of experience in first and second-line phone and chat technical support, looking to transfer communication skills as a Sales Representative at XYZ Ltd. Excellent track record of reliability, being the main POC for all escalation points, and likeability, having received an average of 9.3/10 customer rating for the last two quarters.” 

23+ Practical Resume Profile Examples (For Every Field)

Need some inspiration with your resume profile?

Here are 23 practical resume profile examples you could borrow ideas from...

Customer Service & Sales

Customer service specialist resume profile.

“Motivated and experienced first-line customer service and support specialist with over three years of work put into tech support, troubleshooting and customer satisfaction. Experienced with LiveAgent and ZenDesk. Excellent track record in providing excellent support service. XYZ Ltd.’s employee of the month for May 2019 for receiving a 99.99% support satisfaction rate.”

Not sure how to build a customer service resume ? We have a guide for that!

Sales Associate Resume Profile

“Accomplished Sales Associate with experience in business and private persons insurance sales. Excellent people and communication skills, proven by last two quarters’ personal success in exceeding department’s KPIs by 25%.”

Want to create a sales associate resume that lands you the job? Check out our guide!


Executive assistant resume profile.

“Executive Assistant with 2+ years of experience as the companies’ CEO right-hand man. Successfully carried out all key administrative tasks, from communicating with company clients to data entry and creating well-researched office documentation. Highly skilled at MS Office tools.”

Receptionist Resume Profile

“Motivated, communicative receptionist with 5+ years of experience as an office administrator and receptionist in both big and small companies. Meticulous record-keeping, and experience working with MS Office Pack, Intranet and physical bookkeeping.”

For more examples, check out our receptionist resume guide.

Data Entry Clerk Resume Profile

“Data entry clerk with 3+ years of experience in high quantity complex data screening, entry and maintenance . Highly skilled at Excel; extremely fast typer and knowledgeable about digital databases. Strong attention to detail and dedication to the job.”

Copywriter Resume Profile

“SaaS copywriter specializing in landing page optimization. 2+ years of experience writing compelling content for e-mail, Facebook and Google marketing. Experienced in using Google Optimizely and Firebase for A/B testing. Previously worked with Unbounce to create and test new landing pages from scratch.”

PPC Specialist Resume Profile

“Driven PPC Specialist with over 4 years of experience in digital marketing. Proficient at: Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager and LinkedIn Ad Platform. Some copywriting skills gained through freelancing. Experience handling an advertising budget of $80,000 with excellent ROI results.”

Need help creating your marketing resume ? We’ve got your back!

Business and Management

Project manager resume profile.

“Dedicated project manager with 3+ years of experience managing IT projects. Managed 5+ software projects from beginning to completion. Basic understanding of several programming languages, including React, Node.Js, and Java. ”

Check out our project manager resum e guide for more examples!

Business Analyst Resume Profile

“Results-driven Business Analyst with over 7 years of experience in consulting businesses, analyzing their processes and operations and presenting them with practical business solutions. 2 years of experience consulting one of the Fortune 500 companies. Experience using several business process management software solutions, including Appian BPM. Helped increase XYZ LTD’s manufacturing output by over 2.5%.”

Human Resources (HR)

Human resources resume profile.

“HR Specialist with two years of experience in developing small companies’ HR strategies, employee training and organizing company events, while under a tight budget. Experienced with the entire talent acquisition process from recruitment to the retention of employees.”

Recruitment Specialist Resume Profile

“Recruitment Specialist with a B.A. in Human Resources and M.A. in Work and Organizational Psychology with full-scope recruitment experience with both active and passive candidate sourcing. Sourced, interviewed and hired 15+ software engineers in Company X’s expansion efforts to Canada in 2021. ”

Finance & Accounting

Bank teller resume profile.

“Bank Teller with one year of experience as the front office cashier and customer service representative at XYZ Bank’s main office. Experienced with handling customer transactions and inquiries. Highly skilled at customer satisfaction, following bank SOPs and complying with data privacy and safety deposit box standard guidelines.”

Check out our bank teller resume guide for more examples!

Accountant Resume Profile

“Certified Public Accountant with over 8 years of experience. Solid knowledge of US GAAP and accounting systems. Top skills include budget forecasting, advanced computer skills, and analytical reasoning. Looking for a new challenge as an accountant at Company X.”

Check out our accountant resume guide for more examples!

Food & Service

Waiter/waitress resume profile.

“Experienced Waitress with a polite and friendly demeanor. Skilled at working in fast-paced environments; extremely good memory and able to memorize menus quickly and without fault. Previous experience includes working in Restaurant X and Bar Y.”

Check out our guide to server resumes for more examples!

Supermarket Cashier Resume Profile

“Experienced and reliable cashier with a polite and friendly demeanor. Worked at Happy Fun Resort over the past 2 summers as cashier in Company X and Company Y. Strong computer skills and experience working with PoS systems. ”

Discover how to make a cashier resume that excels with our article!

Housekeeper Resume Profile

“Dedicated and hard-working housekeeper with 6+ years of experience with both hotel and private home housekeeping. Very punctual and efficient. Previous experience working at Hotel X and Uncle Bob’s Private Cleaning Crew.”

Technical & IT

Data analyst resume profile.

“Data Analyst with 3+ years of experience. Highly data and detail-oriented with excellent analytical thinking. Background in mathematics, statistics, and computer science. Proven track record of using data to improve company operations. ”

Check out our guide to the data analyst resume for more examples.

Software Engineer Resume Profile

“Full-stack software engineer with 5+ years of experience developing end-to-end software solutions. Worked as head engineer at Tech Company X, leading a team of developers working on a new software solution in the Fin-Tech industry. Expert in Node.Js, React, and Java.”

Discover how to make a software engineer resume that excels with our article!

IT Specialist Resume Profile

“Dedicated IT specialist with 5+ years of experience. Previous positions involved network management and database administration. Advanced knowledge of SQL, C++ and Linux. ”

Need an extra push with your resume? Discover top tips on creating an IT resume in 2024.

Computer Science Resume Profile

“Results-oriented computer science student from University Y looking for an entry-level software engineering position. Good communication skills and team player, having led several teams for university projects. Practical experience working with JavaScript, MySQL, and PHP. ”

For more on computer science resumes , check out our dedicated guide.

Nurse Resume Profile

“Nurse RN with 8+ years of experience providing excellent patient care. M.A. in nursing. Expert at charting, patient care, and medicine administration. Seeking to leverage my experience as a nurse at Hospital X.”

Discover more nurse resume examples in our dedicated guide!

Dental Assistant Resume Profile

“Dental assistant with over 5 years of experience in the field. Charged with direct patient care, patient record-keeping, and routine lab works. Strong knowledge of the Dentrix software.

Graphic Design

Graphic designer resume profile.

“Graphic design specialist with 3+ years of experience working with design and marketing agencies. Responsible for every step of the design process, from conceptualization, to execution. Practical experience in designing flyers, websites, landing pages, and more. Skilled in Adobe Creative Suite and MS Office. Good communication skills.”

Need an extra push with your resume? Discover top tips on creating a graphic designer resume in 2024.

UI/UX Designer Resume Profile

“Detail-oriented UX / UI designer with 5+ years of experience creating end-to-end digital experiences. Designed software solutions in the fin-tech and hr-tech industries. Skilled in Adobe Creative Suite. Fluent in English, Spanish, and French.”

Other Fields

Architect resume profile.

“Architect with 4+ years of experience in landscape design, interior and exterior design, with a focus on designing commercial and residential buildings. Strong attention to detail and creative thinker.”

Discover the top tips for creating an architect resume in 2024 with our guide.

Warehouse Worker Resume Profile

“Hard-working warehouse worker with 4 years of experience in the industry. Physically fit, able to lift heavy objects. Previous experience at Made Up Delivery Solutions involved shipping, receiving and packaging goods.”

Discover more nurse warehouse worker resume examples in our dedicated guide!

Key Takeaways

And that’s a wrap!

Now, let’s summarize everything we’ve learned:

  • A resume profile is a short, 2-4 sentences run-down of your top career highlights and achievements
  • A resume profile is also known as a resume summary and resume profile statement.
  • Don’t have much work experience? You might want to go for a resume objective instead.
  • Every good resume head should include your years of experience (“5+ years of experience doing…”), top achievements (“Increased XYZ LTD’s ROI by X%”), and relevant skills (“Skilled in React, Node.JS, and Java”).

Looking for more career and resume advice? We recommend checking out our career blog for industry-leading articles on how to land the job & succeed in your career!

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How To Write A Personal Profile: 7 Tips + Examples

When a hiring manager first receives your resume, they spend 6 to 10 seconds reviewing it. Given this short attention span, you should use every opportunity to make the most prominent skills and achievements noticeable at the first sight. A personal profile, also known as career summary , helps you do just that. This short section at the top briefly outlines your years of experience, skillset and achievements. It is meant to grasp the recruiter's attention and inspire them to read the entire resume.

Personal profile writing is confusing for many reasons. Some job-seekers use it to reiterate their skills and experience once again. Others fill it with unnecessary self-descriptions like proactive, motivated, hard-working . In today's article, our resume writers are going to share tips for writing a persuasive profile that sparks interest and draws attention to your strengths as an employee .

Want a flawless resume by tomorrow ? Professional and certified writers of can assist with writin of your CV personal profile as well as other resume sections. A writer works on resume content, design and keywording, and is open to your comments and suggestions. We work with English-speaking writers only and can develop your brand-new custom resume within 24 hours.

Do you need a resume personal statement?

Does every job-seeker needs a personal profile? If you open some career blogs on the internet, you will find that the opinions vary. However, our resume writing agency with 12+ years of experience recommends that you always include a personal statement . It gives you a priceless opportunity to summarize what's unique about you as a candidate and how your superstrengths are relevant to the job.

There are exceptions, though. A recent graduate or a person switching careers will benefit more from a resume objective . Unlike a CV profile, objective statement is focused on the person's career goals and what they plan to bring to the table if hired. If you lack experience in the target field, you probably don't have much to brag about in a personal profile. In this case, you use an objective to focus on transferable skills and explain how you can benefit the employer.

The elements of a strong CV profile section

3-5 sentences in length.

Personal statements are meant to be concise. Their goal is to briefly market your skillset and professional highlights. Since the resume has a 2-page limit, keep the profile to 3-5 sentences and bullet points. Such a strict limitation requires the ability to prioritize facts and determine what's most valuable for your target position.

Tailor it to your desired job

Effective resume writing requires targeting, and a personal statement is no exception. Remember to slightly target the skill set and qualifications you describe in a summary. Different employers want different work expeirence and specialization, and personal profiles should reflect that. Targeting a personal profile every time may sound daunting, yet, this is the only working strategy to pass the ATS and get noticed.

Speak through facts and evidence

Saying that you are highly skilled and have great communication skills is the easiest thing to do. Yet, recruiters want facts and evidence. Instead of saying you have strong sales skills, write "Awarded Regional Sales Manager multiple times". Instead of claiming that you're a proven leader, say "Led a team of 30+ software developers with 100% of deadlines met". Facts sound more persuasive and draw more attention.

Include valuable educational credentials

Apart from workplace accomplishments, academic achievements also worth of your attention. If you have a degree from prestigious school, a certification which is valued high in your industry, or were awarded for superior academic performance, mention it in your CV personal profile. This is particularly important for entry-level professionals who don't have much career accomplishments yet.

Use context

Context and details can say a lot about our experience to a recruiter. Simply writing that you're a marketing professional sounds somewhat vague. If you write that your work experience encompasses employment with small marketing agencies where you completed projects for large manufacturing customers , it would be a better example. If such context meets what the employers is looking for, you'll have a better chance for an itnterview.

Insert high-value keywords

Since the profile is placed at the top of your CV, keywords you use here will value more than the keywords at the bottom of the page. Review the job description to understand what qualifications the company seeks in the first place, and use them. Don't staff the entire section with keywords , though - you write for human recruiters in the first place!

Proofread carefully

Hiring managers don't tolerate typos and grammar mistakes. 59% of them will reject a resume with typos. So, it's a good idea to proofread the document paying special attention to CV personal statement. Read the document aloud to faster identify issues or use an online spell checker to get rid of typos, poor punctuation and incorrect grammar.

CV personal profile examples

To get inspired for writing, take a look at examples of personal profile below:

Software Engineer CV profile example:

Enthusiastic Software Enginer with 7+ years of experience in website and commercial application development. Experienced in advanced software development methodologies and processes that contribute to application design as well as in identifying process bottlenecks. Has a track record of reducing downtime by 20% while ensuring that 100% of projects are completed ahead of time.

Office Manager CV personal statement example:

Result-oriented Office Manager with 3+ years of experience handline a wide range of administrative, supervisory and executive support tasks. Extensively experienced with budgets, payroll, and capable of meeting office organization needs as well as offering cost-effective, innovative solutions to employer challenges. Ensures compliance with organizational goals while coordinating resources and boosting team productivity. In a previous role, researched new office  supplies vendor, reducing expenses by 15%.

What not to include in your personal profile?

To compose a powerful personal statement, try to avoid the following common mistakes:

• Don't copy and paste job descriptions from experience section . CV profile is meant to summarize what you have to offer a potential employer, not to repeat the same content that a recruiter can find below in a resume.

• Don't include personal information . If you mention age, marital status or personal reasons why you want to work for a company, they won't accept your resume. Include professional-related information only if you want an interview.

• Don't overuse buzzwords . Adjectives like hardworking, team player , organized, able to work under pressure, enthusiastic sound like buzzwords to recruiters. Use self-descriptions carefully and try to rely on facts.

• Don't list too many skills . If you include management skills, ability to work undependently, eye for detail, project management, conflict resolution and other skills in a row, this will spoil the impression. Choose 2-3 skills and prove them with examples.

• Don't lie ! Of course, you may write that you have a degree from Stanford, but the truth will reveal after a simple background check. Don't risk your reputation and only write true facts.

How to write a LinkedIn personal statement?

If you use LinkedIn profile for job search, avoid copying and pasting text from your CV profile. LinkedIn summary should be written a bit differently. Here's how:

• Write 2-4 short paragraphs . Unlike the resume, LinkedIn personal statement doesn't have length limitations. Thus, you can go into deeper detail about your extensive experience or particular skills and interests.

• Use the first person . Resume is written in third person, and a CV profile is no exception. On the contrary, you need to use the first person in LinkedIn summary. Otherwise, you will sound too formal.

• Write as you speak . Since LinkedIn is a social media, you needn't use formal language that you've used on a resume. Instead, use a conversational tone and write as if you were speaking to a colleague or a potential employer face-to-face.

• Show your character and hobbies . In addition to business achievements, skillset and career goals, show your personality as well. You may include a joke, list interests and hobbies, or show your personal qualities in other way.

• Add multimedia content . LinkedIn allows you to add videos, articles or images. Support your self-descriptions with evidence and attach any content that can tell more about you or serve as samples of your work.

Let our expert writer improve your resume

Our website has a team of 100+ writers who are ready to resolve your resume challenges anytime. Our writer can compose a persuasive CV personal profile, list work experience and education in a way that speaks to the needs of your target employer. We offer a customized resume service which means that a resume is created exclusively for you, and the writer keeps working until you are satisfied.

In addition to resume composition, we can help with a cover letter and LinkedIn profile development. We use the best key practices in resume development to help every candidate get noticed for their dream job. Any questions left? Contact our customer support via chat and receive an exclusive 20% discount off your order.

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

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what to put in personal profile resume

Best CV Personal Profile Examples


What is a CV personal profile?

A personal profile, also known as a CV summary, is the opening statement of your CV. It is a short introduction which outlines your personal characteristics, telling the prospective employer what kind of a person you are, the attributes and qualities that you possess and the work experience that you have.

personal profile cv examples

How to write a CV profile statement from scratch

When writing your personal profile, ensure it is:

  • Short (no more than 6 lines);
  • Relevant to the job you are applying for, and;
  • Contains some real-world examples .

Be bold, be confident and talk about yourself in a positive way.

Your personal profile is not the place to be humble; it is your chance to be noticed and tell the potential employer exactly who you ‘really’ are and what you can do for them.

Warning: Do not go ‘over the top’ and give the impression that you are either very arrogant or simply too good to be true! Keep it balanced and realistic, bearing in mind the needs of the employer.

Click here if you want to see a bad example of a personal profile.

student CV profile

What information to include on a personal profile

The purpose of your personal profile is to concisely present your skills, qualities, work experience, and your career goals and ambitions. Consequently, you can mention anything from the following categories when constructing your personal profile:

Personal Qualities

  • Self-motivated
  • Having an eye for detail
  • Management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Design skills
  • 5 years experience in …
  • Excellent track record of …
  • Extensive background in …
  • Previous work experience in …

An ideal statement should have at least one example for each of these three categories.

How long should my profile statement be?

There are no set rules about the length of a personal profile, however, it is highly recommended to keep it ideally within the 50/80-words boundary (no longer than six lines). The reason for this is because employers, in the first instance, tend to scan CVs rather than extensively read it. Keeping it short and to the point increases the chances that they will actually read it.

Furthermore, as the total length of a CV is only 2 A4 pages long, having a short statement frees us valuable space for other key sections of your CV such as the work experience, education and skills sections .

Winning personal profile CV examples from all job sectors

Business management cv profile.

  • The candidate mentions their key personal skills and qualities that are relevant and important when managing a business.
  • The candidate mentions their relevant work experience in the field, indicating that they are able to work within multiple job sectors.

IT CV profile

  • The candidate correctly highlights their areas of expertise, such as designing websites, networking and managing databases. It is clear from these examples that the individual has a broad understanding of IT and would be able to work on a wide range of IT projects.
  • The candidate reassures the prospective employer that although they are working in a very technical field, they have the ability to work with a wide range of people. Interpersonal and communication skills are key to any job.

Student CV profile

  • The above personal statement is clear and informative, making it clear that the applicant is a student, currently completing their university degree, and are looking to work part-time in the industry.
  • It is always a good idea, as the candidate has done in this example, to clearly mention your availability for work and also the reasons for why you are seeking work. “Making money” is not a good enough reason for an employer to give you a job. The candidate has mentioned that they wish to put into practice what they have learned and make a positive contribution to the employer.

HR CV profile

HR CV profile

  • The candidate highlights that they have previous work experience in Human Resources (HR), making them familiar with the payroll systems and employment law. Additionally, they indicate some personal qualities (such as interpersonal skills and being sensitive to people’s privacies) which would be highly beneficial for the role that they are applying for.

Manager CV profile

  • The candidate not only states that they have three years’ of experience in management but they also mention the positive contribution that they made to that organisation. In this case, it was a significant improvement in the performance of the team that they were managing.

Sales/retail CV profile

  • Just by looking at the profile statement of this individual, we can conclude that this person has thorough experience of sales and is able to handle the various aspects of the selling process. Additionally, their promotion indicates that they are a high achiever.

Teaching CV profile

  • In just a few lines, the candidate demonstrates a great deal of compassion, empathy and care for young people and their futures. This level of care and concern, along with an enduring passion for teaching, are the key ingredients of being successful in any teaching careers.
  • The candidate indicating that they are able to work with young children from all backgrounds and walks of life. This is important, especially when living in today’s multicultural and diverse societies.

Engineering CV profile

  • The candidate correctly highlights their previous work experience and areas of expertise. This makes them look like a very competent and accomplished chemical engineer, increasing the chances of being invited for an interview.

Designer CV profile

  • This is an effective statement because the candidate highlights their valuable 1st class degree in Graphic Design and previous work experience in the design industry. Additionally, the candidate makes mention of their personal qualities, such as having the ability to think outside the box, to further indicate their suitability for the job.

Hospitality CV profile

  • The above is an excellent example of how profile statement should be constructed; it contains references to their previous work experience in the same industry, personal qualities that are relevant to the job (e.g. having a passion for food and socialising with people) and their job achievements (e.g. winning an award). Any employer reading this statement will have to think twice before they put it in the rejection pile!

Admin CV profile

Admin CV Profile

  • The candidate mentions their previous work experience project management and providing administrative support to businesses.
  • This admin personal statement clearly demonstrates that the individual is aware of all the challenges that administrators face; working in a busy working environment, handling multiple projects simultaneously, prioritising tasks and achieving the highest standard of work.

Customer service CV profile

  • The candidate indicates that they are able to resolve customer enquiries and complaints face-to-face, over the phone or via email. This ability enables them to work in a variety of different job settings, i.e. a call centre, on the shop floor or at a desk.
  • Their statement contains a tangible example of accomplishment (i.e. successfully resolving 150 customer enquiries or complaints).

Media CV profile

  • The candidate has included many examples of their previous work experience and competencies in the field. Any employer interested in hiring an experienced camera operator will most certainly be impressed and continue reading the remainder of their CV.

Healthcare CV profile

  • The candidate highlights that they are able to work with a variety of different people, something which is essential as physiotherapists will be working with people from all backgrounds and ages.
  • The statement includes personal qualities that are important to have as a physiotherapist, such as being caring and friendly. Although some careers advisors do not recommend generic words such as ‘caring’ and ‘friendly’, it is nevertheless recommended to include them if they truly reflect your personality and if the rest of the personal statement contains specific information which is not generic in nature.

Writer CV profile

  • This profile is short and punchy, increasing the chances that it will be read in full by the prospective employers
  • The candidate highlights their career achievements by stating that their works have been accepted and published by leading newspapers and magazines – a testimony to the high quality of their work.

Science CV profile

  • This statement is short and to the point; highlighting all the important information such as the candidates work experience, expertise and some personal qualities and characteristics.

Do I need to include a personal statement on my CV? No, it is entirely optional to include a personal profile on your CV. However, it is generally recommended to include one, particularly as it serves as a little “About me” section at the top of your CV. Every written document has an introduction, why shouldn’t a CV?

Can I use the first person tense in my statement? Yes, the first and third person tenses are both fine to use – but not both. Decide on the one tense and stick to it.

Where should I include the profile statement on my CV There is no fixed place in which you should put your personal profile. Some candidates place it at the bottom of their CVs. Ideally, you should position it at the top of your CV.

What is the most important thing to include on a personal profile? Real-world examples and tangible performance indicators, for example; increased sales by x percent, managed x number of people, won such-and-such awards, improved productivity by x percent, etc. These types of information are highly valuable, as opposed to saying that you are the “best salesperson in the country” and not backing it up with any evidence!

Need help with other sections of your CV?

While you’re still here – don’t forget to check out our amazing How to write a CV guide for more practical tips on writing your perfect CV or this useful resource.

Working on your CV? Awesome!

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Privacy Overview

30 Best Personal Skills for Your Resume [Examples]

Katie Harp

3 key takeaways

  • Personal skills are often referred to as soft skills.
  • Soft skills include qualities like leadership, teamwork, and time management.
  • Build a better skills section in your resume with Teal’s AI Resume Builder .

You've spent hours crafting the perfect resume, highlighting your professional and personal skills. But the interview invites just aren’t coming. While technical skills and experience are necessary, personal skills are equally important for standing out in a crowded market.

Personal skills for a resume showcase your ability to work effectively with others, communicate clearly, and adapt to new challenges. They demonstrate to employers that you're not just qualified on paper but will also work well within a team.

You could be overqualified in terms of experience and technical skills and still not get the job due to lacking people skills. Ultimately, the hiring manager will hire someone that complements the current team.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • Top personal skills to add to a resume
  • How to decide which personal skills to add to your resume
  • How to format and write personal skills on a resume

Struggling to land interviews with your resume? Get started with Teal’s AI Resume Builder for free.

Understanding personal skills

Personal skills, also known as soft skills , are transferable abilities that show how you interact with colleagues and contribute to a positive work environment. Imagine a team brainstorming session—your communication skills help you exchange ideas, while teamwork lets you build on each other's contributions. Both competencies rely on personal skills.

Personal skills are used in everyday situations at work, from managing projects to effectively resolving conflicts with teammates or clients.

In one survey by Business Name Generator , 84 percent of employees and managers thought soft skills were important for new hires. By highlighting strong personal skills on your resume, you show employers you're a well-rounded professional who can integrate into their team.

Personal skills vs professional skills

Professional skills, also known as hard skills , are the technical abilities specific to your job or industry. Think coding languages for a programmer, design software for a graphic designer, or financial knowledge for an accountant. If you’re applying for an open role, these skills demonstrate your proficiency in tasks directly related to the position.

Four types of skills to add to a resume: soft skills, hard skills, transferable skills and industry-specific skills

The main difference between personal and professional skills lies in their focus. Personal skills highlight how you work with others and navigate challenges as well as your own innate qualities. Professional skills, on the other hand, demonstrate your technical expertise specific to the job or industry, like knowledge of a particular software program or financial analysis.

Here are a few different personal and professional skill examples:

Personal skills examples for resume

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management

Professional skills examples for resume

  • Programming languages
  • Graphic design
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data analysis
  • Writing skills

Some skills are both personal and professional, for example:

  • Critical thinking bridges the gap between analyzing a problem (personal) and building a solution (professional). 
  • Decision-making has aspects of choosing a deadline for a project (personal) or deciding what software to use (professional).
  • Problem-solving requires both the ability to come up with creative solutions (personal) and have technical or professional expertise (professional).

A well-crafted resume balances both soft and hard skills, proving you're a well-rounded professional with the technical chops and collaborative spirit to excel.

what to put in personal profile resume

Imagine two equally qualified candidates on paper. Both have the technical skills and experience listed in the job description. But one candidate stands out. Their resume highlights strong personal skills throughout the bullet points, showing off their ability to collaborate effectively, communicate clearly, and adapt to new challenges. This gives the hiring manager confidence the candidate will fit long-term. This is the importance of personal skills in a resume.

From communication and teamwork to problem-solving and adaptability, highlighting strong personal skills creates a more compelling resume, so you stand out as a job seeker.

Top list of personal skills for a resume

Of course, you should only include personal skills you really possess on your resume. At the same time, a resume is your sales pitch. Demonstrate your strongest personal skills rather than listing every single trait.

Here is a comprehensive list of in-demand personal skills to consider when writing your resume.

1. Communication

Communication skills refer to the ability to express ideas clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing. This allows everyone involved in a project to understand the situation, ask insightful questions, and contribute their expertise.

2. Teamwork

Teamwork as a skill involves collaborating with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and valuing their strengths. According to a survey from NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers), nearly 80 percent of employers are looking for candidates with teamwork skills, especially for new graduates.

3. Interpersonal

Interpersonal skills let individuals connect with people from all walks of life, building a harmonious teamwork atmosphere. This skill allows people to connect with others and demonstrate empathy and understanding.

4. Active listening

Active listening is a valuable workplace skill. It's the act of listening with the intent to understand someone else's perspective and needs. With active listening, individuals ensure clear communication and effective collaboration so everyone feels heard and valued.

5. Negotiation

Strong negotiation skills allow individuals to navigate challenging conversations with diplomacy and respect. Negotiation uses compromise and creative problem-solving to find mutually beneficial solutions that satisfy all parties.

6. Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution skills involve effectively addressing disagreements by facilitating open communication and listening to all perspectives. In addition to a useful team skills, this is one of many valuable customer service skills.

7. Leadership

 Leadership skills allow someone to motivate and guide their team toward a common goal, setting a clear vision and providing ongoing support and encouragement. True leaders don't just tell people what to do, they inspire them to achieve more, resulting in greater business results.

8. Project management

Project management skills allow individuals to excel at organizing tasks, prioritizing effectively, and managing timelines. By keeping team members aligned and focused on project goals, they ensure a smooth workflow and successful project outcomes.

9. Analytical

Individuals with strong analytical skills can dissect data, identify trends and patterns, and uncover the root causes of problems. Having an analytical mind, coupled with critical thinking skills, allows someone to develop effective solutions and make informed decisions.

10. Problem-solving

Problem-solving skills include the ability to actively identify, analyze, and overcome obstacles, both independently and as part of a team. While challenges are inevitable in any workplace, with the right problem-solving skills, they can promote opportunities for growth. 

11. Decision-making

Effective decision-making skills separate good performers from great ones. This skill gives an individual a keen ability to weigh options, assess risks and benefits, and make sound choices in a timely manner, ensuring progress and avoiding costly mistakes.

12. Initiative

Having initiative allows people to proactively identify tasks that need to be done and take ownership of them without needing constant direction. This quality is highly valued in fast-paced work environments.

13. Resourcefulness

Resourcefulness refers to the ability to find creative solutions even when faced with limited resources. Resourceful individuals excel at thinking outside the box, brainstorming unconventional approaches, and leveraging existing tools in innovative ways.

14. Adaptability

Adaptability involves adjusting to new situations, learning new skills quickly, and navigating changes in processes, technologies, or even company culture. This flexibility allows people to integrate into new teams, adopt updated workflows, and contribute effectively in any environment.

15. Time management

Time management skills allow someone to prioritize tasks effectively, manage their schedule meticulously, and meet deadlines consistently. This skill allows someone to juggle multiple responsibilities, allocate time efficiently, and make sure every task receives the attention it needs without sacrificing quality.

16. Organization

Organization skills are about managing information efficiently and prioritizing tasks well, demonstrating strong planning and task management skills. A detail-oriented approach lets someone move deftly between projects while maintaining a productive workflow.

17. Empathy

Empathy refers to connecting with others on an emotional level, understanding their feelings, and sharing their perspectives. Having emotional intelligence creates a supportive and understanding work environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

18. Integrity

Integrity is about demonstrating honest and ethical behavior in all actions. This skill builds trust and respect with both colleagues and clients. Honesty and integrity are the foundation of strong relationships, and people with integrity act with transparency and fairness in all their interactions.

19. Attention to detail

Attention to detail means a keen eye for accuracy and making sure tasks are completed meticulously, with a commitment to quality and precision. People who value attention to detail take pride in their work and go the extra mile to make sure every deliverable meets high standards.

20. Work ethic

Work ethic is evident in dedication, reliability, and an unwavering commitment to delivering quality work. Individuals with a strong work ethic consistently go above and beyond the minimum requirements, taking initiative and putting in the extra effort to achieve outstanding results.

21. Accountability

Accountability means always delivering on promises, which builds trust and reliability within a team. Accountable individuals can admit mistakes, learn from them, and take steps to improve themselves.

22. Positive attitude:

Maintaining a positive and optimistic outlook creates a supportive and motivating work environment. These individuals inspire those around them, encouraging and empowering everyone to do their best. While challenges happen, people with a positive attitude focus on solutions and maintain a "can-do" spirit.

23. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a skill that allows individuals to understand and manage their own emotions, as well as recognize and respond to the emotions of others. This creates a healthy workplace culture by letting people build strong and positive relationships with colleagues.

24. Level-headed

Being level-headed is about remaining calm and collected under pressure. Deadlines and demanding situations aren’t a problem. Level-headed individuals cope with stress and maintain their composure in challenging situations, prioritizing tasks effectively, thinking clearly under pressure, and making sound decisions even when faced with tight deadlines.

25. Delegation

Delegation skills are about providing clear instructions, ongoing support, and opportunities for independent problem-solving. Delegation allows someone to effectively assign tasks to others based on their strengths and development needs.

26. Reliability

Reliability involves consistently delivering on commitments, exceeding expectations, and earning the trust of colleagues. People know they can count on these individuals to dependably complete tasks on time and to a high standard.

27. Creativity

Creativity as a skill is the ability to develop innovative solutions to problems. Creative individuals excel at brainstorming unconventional approaches, challenging assumptions, and finding new and improved ways of doing things.

28. Motivation

Motivation means being driven to achieve goals and go above and beyond at work. Highly motivated individuals have a genuine passion for their work, creating a more positive and productive work environment.

29. Curious

Curiosity is about having a continuous desire to learn new skills and knowledge. Curious individuals are proactive in seeking out training opportunities, embracing new technologies, and staying up-to-date on industry trends.

30. Flexible

Flexibility is the ability to adapt based on changing circumstances. Flexible people are great at thinking on their feet, adjusting their work style to new situations, and finding creative solutions to unexpected problems.

For more examples of skills that you can include in your resume, download our free skills workbook .

How to write personal skills on a resume

Relevant experience is a must when it comes to landing the right job. But what truly sets you apart are your personal skills, the qualities that demonstrate how you function within a team and contribute to a positive work environment. Follow these tips to best showcase your skills on a resume.

Step 1: Identify relevant personal skills

First, carefully read the job description. Analyze it to identify key personal skills and qualities that the employer is looking for.

Look for opportunities to showcase the skills the company values most in your resume skills section . You can do this faster with Teal’s Matching mode!

Within Matching Mode in the Resume Builder, you can select a job from your job tracker to match against your resume. You’ll automatically get a list of highly relevant keyword recommendations that you can add to your resume.

Step 2: Choose powerful verbs

Replace bland words like "skilled" or "helped" with action verbs that showcase initiative and achievement, such as "spearheaded," "implemented," or "directed."

“Orchestrated the adoption of a new payroll software company-wide, leading to a 40% time savings.”

Pro Tip: Use Teal's AI Achievement feature to write impressive resume achievements in seconds.

Step 3: Quantify your impact

Quantify your resume by adding results. Did your communication skills lead to a 20% increase in project efficiency? Highlight measurable achievements to strengthen your claims.

“Increased website conversion rate by 12% through A/B testing and website optimization strategies.”

Step 4: Tailor to the job

Don't overwhelm your resume by randomly stuffing words into your experience section. Aim to highlight the top skills that best represent your strengths and align with the job requirements.

According to Teal’s Director of Talent Mike Peditto , “While there isn't a magic number of skills, a long list can become overwhelming and take focus away from the top skills needed for a job. Focus on the skills that appear early and often throughout the job description. Here, you'll likely find the top five to eight skills the job is asking for, above all else.”

what to put in personal profile resume

Try to personalize your skills section for each job application, emphasizing the skills most relevant to the specific role.

Step 5: Craft compelling descriptions

Structure your skill descriptions using action verbs followed by a specific example of how you used that skill to achieve a positive outcome. Don't just list responsibilities—show what you accomplished or what results you achieved.

"Built rapport with a diverse clientele, resulting in a 15% increase in client retention rate.”

Tips for using personal skills on your resume to attract recruiters

Follow these tips to use your personal skills to stand out to recruiters and hiring managers:

  • Include relevant personal skills from the job description throughout your resume, but avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Identify existing personal skills that overlap with the job description so you can demonstrate a strong fit for the role. You can use Teal’s Matching Mode in the Resume Builder to choose a job and automatically analyze the job description to find the skills the company values the most.
  • Provide specific examples from your work experience. Instead of listing "problem-solving skills," describe a challenge you tackled successfully and its impact on the business.
  • Highlight skills consistently throughout the application process, from your resume, cover letter, and interviews. Your resume is only one part of the job search process.

Teal's Matching Mode feature makes it easy to surface relevant hard and soft skills within a job description to add to your resume. It will also help you identify where the overlap lies, so you can quickly add the ones you really possess.

The best way to add personal skills to your resume

Using an AI Resume Builder like Teal can speed up the process of adding the right personal skills to your resume.

From the Resume Skills Management feature within the Resume Builder, you can add skills to your resume, or even group them together by adding a category. Drag and drop the skills to rearrange them or toggle a button to sort them from A-Z automatically.

If you’re not sure what personal skills to highlight on your resume, head over to the Matching tab at the top of the screen, then choose a job from your job tracker.

From here, Teal’s AI-powered Matching Mode will suggest what skills and keywords you should add to your resume based on the job description. Aim for an 80 percent match score.

Teal's Matching Mode within it's AI Resume Builder

Personal Skills Examples for Your Resume

Beyond specific job skills or technical expertise, job seekers also need to bring personal skills to the table. Here are some examples of how professionals can showcase personal skills in their resume, whether you’re a new graduate or a seasoned professional.

‍ For an experienced professional

One common personal skill to highlight as an experienced professional is leadership. Experienced professionals are expected to guide and support others, so it’s important to demonstrate leadership skills, especially when applying to management-level roles.

For example, a bullet point on your resume could look like this: 

“Successfully mentored and coached junior team members, contributing to their professional development and increasing team productivity by 20%."

For a new graduate

As a new grad, your work history might be lighter, but you can still highlight personal skills like teamwork. Teamwork is an important skill in just about any job. As a new grad, whether you’ve completed internships or group projects in class, this is a skill you can highlight in your resume.

For example, you could write a bullet point for a past internship like this: 

“Collaborated effectively with a team of five to develop an Instagram strategy that increased engagement by 40%.”

For a professional targeting a technical role

Be sure to highlight personal skills that complement your hard skills when applying to technical positions. Whether you’re applying for a job as a data analyst, a software engineer, or something else, highlighting your analytical skills demonstrates your ability to approach challenges logically and strategically.

For example, you might want to demonstrate that you have a strong analytical mind. A bullet point on your resume could look like this: 

“Analyzed customer data to identify trends and inform strategic decision-making, resulting in a 10% improvement in customer satisfaction.”

To further improve soft skills for your career, read our guide on interpersonal skills .

Yes, you should add personal skills to your resume

Work experience might be the foundation of your resume, but strong personal skills are key to landing your next job. However, crafting a resume that effectively showcases these skills can be tricky.

That’s where Teal makes your life easier. With Teal’s AI Resume Builder , you can not only create a detailed skills section, but also use AI to generate powerful work achievements that demonstrate your personal skills and accomplishments in context for greater impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of a personal skill.

Personal skills are strengths like communication and teamwork. You use these skills daily in the workplace, from brainstorming sessions to resolving conflicts.

What are personal skills and examples?

Personal skills, also known as soft skills, are transferable abilities that show how you interact with colleagues and contribute to a positive work environment. For example, leadership could look like motivating a team to complete a project that exceeds expectations, while initiative might involve identifying an inefficiency and creating a solution that saves the company money.

What is an example of personality on a resume?

Focus on showing, not telling, your skills on a resume. For instance, instead of listing "outgoing," highlight your communication skills by describing presentations you've led or teams you’ve managed.

what to put in personal profile resume

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what to put in personal profile resume

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StandOut CV

CV personal profile examples

Andrew Fennell photo

A strong CV personal profile is vital if you want to land the best jobs on the market.

Sitting at the very top of your CV, your profile is the very first thing a recruiter will see, so it needs to hold their attention and encourage them to read on.

Get your it wrong, and your CV will be constantly skipped over – get it right, and you will get plenty of responses and interviews.

To help you create your own powerful CV personal profile, I’ve included  25 examples of really good CV profiles from a range of industries and experience levels, along with notes explaining why each one is effective.

CV templates 

Accounts & finance CV profile

Finance CV profile

What makes this CV profile effective?

In an accountant or finance -based role, employers need to know that they can trust a candidate to look after one of their most valuable assets… Money.

This profile instantly shows readers that the candidate has a recognised accounting qualification and explains the industries they have gained their experience across, along with a short summary of their best accounting skills such as forecasting and risk management.

It also explains the core benefits as to why someone would employ this person; to manage a business’s financial compliance obligations and minimise business-wide risk.

Quick tip:  To get a head start on creating your own interview-winning CV, use one of our professional  CV templates .

Administrator CV profile

Administrator CV profile

What makes this personal profile effective?

In summary, this profile shows recruiters all of the essential skills and knowledge that a good administrator should have– and it gets the message across very quickly with no clichés. It contains a good overview of the environments this candidate has worked in, and shows how their administration skills have been applied to support the business functions of former employers and help them manage their information in particular.

Anybody reading this profile will be left with no doubt that they have just found a competent administrative professional.

Check out our full admin CV example and writing guide, or receptionist CV example .

CV builder

Customer service CV profile

Customer Service CV profile

A good customer service agent should be personable and approachable, with a flair for product knowledge and sales – and this profile shows recruiters all of those things. The short sharp nature of this profile makes it a very easy read and quickly demonstrates the candidate’s length of experience in customer facing roles, along with their product and industry specialisms.

The profile goes on to detail this person’s retail skills, sales strengths and even brags a little without being too forward. Ultimately the profile demonstrates how this candidate could contribute to customer satisfaction and sales in a professional manner.

Check out our customer service CV example  , waiter/waitress CV example , best CV templates , CV UK format examples ,  care assistant CV , Support worker CV , warehouse operative CV or 10 good CV examples .

    Top tips for writing a CV profile

  • Your CV profile is the first thing a recruiter or hiring manager will see when opening your CV, so it’s worth investing a lot of time and effort into it
  • Give reader’s a high level overview of your skills and experience, and encourage them to read the rest of your CV
  • Keep it short (5-8 lines) to ensure you get your message across quickly to time-strapped employers
  • Avoid clichés such as “ Works well in a team ” or “ always goes the extra mile ” and focus on tangible industry specific content
  • Give readers a reason to be interested in hiring you by describing the benefits you can bring to their company e.g. Will you boost their sales? Cut their spending? Take care of their customers?

Digital marketing CV personal profile

Digital Marketing CV profile

This profile wastes no time in showcasing this candidate’s full range of digital know-how (such as SEO , content, PPC, conversion optimisation) whilst being sure to highlight a specialism in eCommerce. Overall the profile does a great job of quickly telling recruiters how this person applies their interpersonal skills and knowledge to employer projects in order to boost traffic, leads and sales – crucial metrics in any digital marketing role.

See our digital marketing CV example .

Events manager CV profile

Events Manager CV profile

This event manager CV profile starts with a headline of the candidate’s experience within events management, detailing their expertise in administration, organisation , planning, and delivery – it also highlights their Prince2 certification which is extremely important for anybody in a project-based role.

This events manager is effective in showing their personal contribution involves all stages of the event from conception to completion, and the core skills section draws attention to highly sought after events attributes such as budget management, operations and corporate partnering.

Quick tip: Learn how to write a cover letter to ensure your CV gets opened.

Check out my video guide on how to write a CV profile:

Quick tip: A poorly written CV will fail to impress recruiters and employers. Use our quick-and-easy CV Builder to create a winning CV in minutes with professional templates and pre-written content for every industry.

Executive assistant CV profile

Executive Assistant CV profile

What makes this profile effective?

This profile gets straight to the point by giving an overview of the candidate’s in-demand executive assistant skills such as office management, and secretarial skills – it also highlights the range of industries they have gained experience in. The overarching theme of the profile is that this person ultimately provides a high level of support to colleagues and customers which is exactly what’s sought after in a good executive assistant .

The core skills provide a snapshot of the candidate’s vital skills such as diary management and reception duties – giving readers a good idea of their suitability for EA roles within seconds of opening the CV ( curriculum vitae ) and giving them a good chance of landing job interviews .

Graduate CV profile (no experience)

Graduate CV Profile

This graduate candidate hasn’t quite completed their degree course yet, and doesn’t have any professional experience, but it hasn’t stopped them from writing a powerful personal profile. They start by stating their degree course, and making it clear that they are achieving high grades, whilst also mentioning their bilingual abilities and extra-curricular activities.  They compensate for their lack of experience by detailing their ambitions to pursue a career in law and detail some of the skills they are gaining through their studies and voluntary work. Some junior candidates prefer to use a slightly longer personal statement at the top of their CV – you can see this style in my CV personal statement writing guide .

Check out our school leaver CV example ,  Graduate CV example  and student CV .

HR CV Profile

HR CV Profile

This candidate kicks their CV off with a nice a simple outline of their length of HR experience, along with the industries they have experience in (FMCG, IT) and an indication to the size and calibre of company they are used to working with – this is exactly what a recruiter needs to know when opening an HR CV.

They then expand to provide detail on their specialisms within HR such as employment law and health & safety whilst showing readers what impact this has on the wider business and their stakeholders.

Basic CV template . – Online CV creator reviews.

IT manager CV profile

IT Manager CV profile

This IT manager CV profile does a great job of outlining not-only the candidate’s technical expertise, but also their ability to work closely with non-technical staff to drive change across employer business. They start by summarising their length of experience and particular expertise within IT infrastructure, whilst also demonstrating an industry specialism of educational employers.

They then delve a bit deeper to highlight specific technologies within infrastructure that recruiters will be looking for , and demonstrate key business skills such as solution implementation, relationship building and stakeholder management .

Managing director CV profile

Managing Director CV profile

As a senior candidate, it’s important to head your CV up with a profile that highlights your depth of experience, and quickly tell recruiters the kind of results you achieve for companies. This candidate provides a punchy explanation of their length of experience in business, combined with some core benefits they deliver for businesses, such as operational efficiency, customer experience and profitability.

They go on to detail their industry specialisms, relevant qualifications, and specific strategies they implement to drive business growth – giving readers a great overview of their abilities.

Note: a CV profile is also known as a summary or objective .

Marketing CV profile

Marketing CV profile

This profile opens with a clear statement of the candidate’s marketing experience, and promptly tells readers the level they work at by giving an indication of typical campaign value – this will certainly catch the eye of a busy recruiter.

They give further high-level detail of the types of marketing campaigns they have led (online, print, social) and show the impact they deliver by highlighting results such as market share growth, lead generation and customer base growth.

Nurse CV profile

Nurse CV profile

This profile provides a short sharp explanation of the candidate’s extensive experience within nursing with high-level detail of the types of care they can carry out, along with the environments they work within – this instantly gives readers a great idea of the roles this person is suitable for.

They expand to explain their passion for the role, which is important in a care-based role, and they also list the specific medical areas which they are competent in, which are key terms that recruiters will be looking for.

Procurement CV profile

Procurement CV profile

By opening with a brief statement on key knowledge and abilities within procurement, such as purchasing, stock control and logistics, as well as detailing their industry specialisms – this candidate sets a great tone for the CV and quickly gives recruiters a snapshot of their offerings.

The profile further expands by explaining how the candidate’s actions add value to employer procurement by improving supplier relationships, reducing costs and improving supply chain efficiency.

Project manager CV profile

Project Manager CV profile

This candidate’s profile opens strongly by giving a brief overview of length of project management experience, important certifications (Prince2) and the types of projects they have led – when recruiters are searching for PMs, these are the details they want to know first .

In-demand project management skills such as budgeting, stakeholder management and contract negotiation are also highlighted whilst ultimately demonstrating that project delivery is paramount.

Check out our project manager example CV , architect , electrician CV  and engineer example CV

Sales CV profile

Sales CV profile

As a sales professional , it’s important that recruiters can quickly see your ability to communicate persuasively and deliver results for employers. To do this, this candidate quickly demonstrates their ability to hit targets, sell to senior figures, and grow revenue within their chosen sector.

This profile also highlights some essential sales skills that recruiters will expect to see, such as networking, lead generation, presenting and closing sales – essential features in any sales CV .

Supply chain CV profile

Supply Chain CV profile

This person makes their experience length and core supply chain abilities known quickly to ensure that readers pay attention to the CV once they open it. They include some in-demand supply chain skills such as stock control, procurement, supplier negotiation, as well as giving an indication of the type of firms they have worked for.

Anybody who picks up this CV can promptly understand what this candidate’s high-level skills are, and what sort of role they could fit in to.

Teacher CV profile

Teacher CV profile

When a recruiter or employer is looking to hire a teacher, they will firstly want to know, what age group does this person teach? What curriculum do they know? Where have they taught?

This profile answers those questions straight away and gives a good intro to the teacher’s skills set by including skills like classroom management, resource planning, and even showing that they contribute to wider school community activities.

Check out our teacher CV example ,  teaching assistant CV example  and academic CV example .

Teaching assistant CV profile

Teaching Assistant CV profile

Why is this CV profile good?

In order to give recruiters an instant understanding of how this candidate could add value to any school, they have given a brief but powerful overview of the core factors that school staff would need from them.

This includes things like; how long they have been working in schools, the year groups they work with, the key classroom activities they can carry out, and above all, how they help students to learn and progress.

Chef CV profile

Chef CV profile

This chef’s CV profile provides readers with an easy-to-digest (no pun intended) summary of what this candidate can offer kitchens and restaurants. They not only cover their most valuable chef skills such as menu development and health & safety, but they also highlight they types of venues and food types the specialise in, so that recruiters can see the best places to match them to – these can of course be tailored to suit particular jobs, if you have wide-ranging experience.

Business analyst CV profile

Business Analyst CV profile

This business analyst candidate ensures that recruiters do not skip past their CV by putting together a quick and impactful message in their profile which highlights their core BA skills, gives examples of the types and sizes of projects they have worked on, and also shows they are qualified to do the job.

Core qualities that BA employers will be looking for include; requirements gathering, quality assurance, workshops, Agile, Waterfall and UAT testing.

Support worker CV profile

Support Worker CV profile

As a support worker it’s crucial to swiftly prove to recruiters and employers that you have the right skills and knowledge to provide care in a professional and effective manner.

This candidate does exactly that, by summarising the type of people they have experience caring for, health issue knowledge, patient relationship and the types of organisations they have worked in. This gives readers enough relevant info to be enthused and continue to read the CV.

Estate agent CV profile

Estate Agent CV profile

As an estate agent , you need to prove your abilities to deal with customers, negotiate prices, work towards targets, and sell properties. This candidate  by giving a high level snapshot of all their most essential estate agent qualities in just a few short lines.

They mention the the types of properties they have experience in selling, how they manage the house buying process, and round up by talking about the results they achieve for their employers.

This tells recruiters everything they need to know within the first few seconds of opening the CV.

Graphic designer CV profile

Graphic Designer CV profile

This graphic designer ensures that their CV is noticed by providing readers with enough information to know what type of graphic design software they can use, the type of work they can produce, and the kinds of organisations they can produce it for.

They do this by highlighting in-demand software skills such as PhotoShop and Sketchup, and giving an overview of the designs they create and who for.

Student CV profile

Student CV Profile

As a student or school leaver, you won’t have much experience, so this candidate has expanded upon their education , extra curricular activities and interests to give their profile plenty of substance.

By highlighting their passion for the industry they are trying to break into and demonstrating plenty of transferable and workplace skills, such as mathematics and communication. They also prove their enthusiasm by listing some of their voluntary work and school club involvement.

Architect CV profile

Architect CV profile

This architect makes sure that their CV is not skipped over, by creating an eye-catching profile that quickly explains why their CV is worth reading, by summarising all of their most in-demand talents.

As an architect, this includes attributes such, what areas of architecture do they specialise in? (both in education and experience) What kind of building projects have they worked on? (size, scale, type). What is their software knowledge? How do they work with others to deliver results for employers and clients?

6 tips for writing your CV profile

When writing your own CV , dedicate plenty of time and effort to your CV profile, as it can often make or break your CV.

Here are my top 6 tips for creating a winning CV profile that will get you noticed by the best employers

Tailor to your target jobs

The key to getting your CV noticed by recruiters, is giving them what they are looking for – it’s that simple.

To do this, you just need to pack your CV profile with the skills and knowledge that you have, which most closely match what they want to see in a candidate.

Do this by searching for your target job titles on one of the major job sites , and making a list of the skills knowledge and experience that regularly appear in the job descriptions .

Tailoring CV profile

Once you have a list of these in-demand requirements, simply try to fit as many of them as possible into your CV profile as you can – or close variations if you don’t have perfectly matching skills.

Keep it short and sharp

Recruiters often see hundreds of job applications and CVs in a day, so they don’t always have much time to read your CV on first receiving it.

For this reason, you need to keep your CV profile brief, so it can be skim read quickly, and the most important points are easy to spot.

CV profile

Avoid CV cliches

You may well be a “team player” or maybe you “go the extra mile”.

These qualities, such as teamwork , are important, but recruiters are not searching for them at this stage of the application… Plus they are generic to all jobs.

They are looking for profession specific skills like software knowledge, languages, qualifications, length of experience within a particular industry etc.

So stick to the hard facts and skills in your CV profile.

Sell yourself

Your CV profile is no time to be modest.

You need to tell employers why it’s worth investing their time in reading your CV.

So sell yourself by describing your highest levels of achievement and even include some action verbs , facts and figures to show the kind of results you can achieve.

See also: Resume summary examples Australia

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How To Write A Resume In 7 Steps (With Examples)

  • How To Write A Resume
  • Resume Skills Section
  • Resume Objective Section
  • Career Objective Section
  • Resume Reference Section
  • Resume Summary Section
  • Resume Summary Example
  • Resume Interests Section
  • Address On Resume
  • Relevant Work Experience
  • Anticipated Graduation Date On Resume
  • Education Section On Resume
  • Contact Information On Resume
  • Statement Of Qualifications
  • How To List Publications On Resume
  • Accomplishments On Resumes
  • Awards On Resume
  • Dean's List On Resume
  • Study Abroad On Resume

Resumes are still the most important document in your job search . Generating a professional and interesting resume isn’t easy, but there is a standard set of guidelines that you can follow. As hiring managers usually only spend a short time looking over each resume, you want to make sure that yours has a reason for them to keep reading.

If you’re looking to write a resume, rewrite a resume you already have, or are just curious about resume format, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will go through the steps to writing an excellent resume, as well as offering examples for what sections of the resume should look like.

Key Takeaways:

A resume is a short document that details your professional history in a way that tailors your experience and skill set for the particular job you’re applying for.

Resumes follow a few standard formatting practices, which hiring managers and recruiters expect to see.

Highlighting your work experience, skills, and educational background with relevant keywords can help you get past applicant tracking systems and into more interviews.

How To Write A Resume

How to write a resume

Writing a resume involves using the proper formatting, writing an introduction, and adding your work experience and education. Stuffing your entire professional life into a single page resume can feel overwhelming, but remember that you’re distilling the relevant parts of your professional experience in order to catch the eye of the recruiter .

Formatting your resume. To start, use a word processor such as Microsoft Word or Google docs. Standard resume formatting calls for:

1 inch margins

10-12 point font

A professional, commonly-used font

Additionally, there are three resume formats that are commonly used. Most people should stick with a chronological resume format , but the combination resume format and functional resume format can be effective for more advanced workers or those who have significant gaps in their resume.

Write a resume header . It doesn’t matter if you have the best resume in the world if the hiring manager can’t contact you. Every single resume should include the following contact information:

Your full name. First and last.

Your phone number. Use a personal phone number, and make sure your voicemail is set up properly.

Your email address. Nothing inappropriate — [email protected] is a safe choice.

Location. City, State, Zip Code is fine, but you can include your full mailing address if you think it’s appropriate.

Your social media (optional). LinkedIn is the obvious one you’d want to include, but make sure your profile looks good. If you have an online portfolio , either on a personal blog/website or on a site like Journo Portfolio , feel free to include that here as well.

Your job title. Also optional, but can be useful for applicant tracking systems.

Resume introduction. You have four options for your resume introduction: a resume objective, summary statement, resume profile, or qualifications summary. For most job-seekers, a resume summary statement is the best choice. Regardless of which resume introduction you choose, avoid first-person pronouns (I/me/my).

Resume objective. A resume objective is the goal of your resume. Since the objective of every resume is to land a job, this is not the most original or impressive opener you can have.

On the other hand, it’s a good choice for an entry-level applicant or someone who is changing career paths . This should be a 1-3 sentence summary of why you’re motivated to get the position you’re applying for.

Who should use a resume objective: Entry-level applicants, career-changers, and recent college graduates.

Resume summary. This is the best opener for most job-seekers. As the name suggests, a resume summary highlights the most salient aspects of your resume.

It should include your current position, how many years of experience you have, some of your biggest achievements, and possibly your career goals. This should be a 1-3 sentence spiel and should include some quantifiable experiences.

Who should use a resume summary: Most job seekers; anyone with quantifiable accomplishments to emphasize and a broad range of skills.

Qualifications summary. A bullet point list (4-6 points is the sweet spot) of your qualifications for the position. It’s best used by applicants going for jobs that require a fixed skill set. It’s not a great choice for entry-level applicants who lack quantifiable achievements.

You’ll notice that a qualifications summary takes up more space than a resume objective or summary, but it can actually save the hiring manager time if you provide a bunch of valuable information right off the top.

Who should use a qualifications summary: Those applying to a job with requirements for certain skills and job-seekers who have a lot of experience in their industry and/or field.

Resume profile. A resume profile is similar to a resume summary, but goes into more detail about your accomplishments at your current or former job, while also telling the reader about your career goals. Think of a resume profile as a section that pulls all the best parts of your work experience section into one place.

Who should use a resume profile: Anyone with significant accomplishments under their belt, expertise in a niche field, or applying to a job in the same industry that they have lots of experience in.

Resume headline. Resume headlines aren’t necessary, but you can include one alongside any of the four types of resume introduction listed above. A resume headline comes between your contact information and the resume introduction of your choice.

Headlines can be used by entry-level applicants and experienced job-seekers alike. The important point is that your headline should be short and to the point. Additionally, you should use title case when writing your resume headline (capitalize words as you would for a book title).

Who should use a resume headline: Any job-seeker who wants to showcase their experience or unique value right off the bat.

Work experience. Your work experience section is the place to let hiring managers know that you have relevant experience that would allow you to handle the job you’re applying for.

If you’re using the chronological resume format, your work experience section would come after your resume summary/objective. In a funcitonal reumse, it would follow your skills section. Either way, work experience should be listed in reverse-chronological order (most recent experience at the top).

When listing your work experience, you should include all of the following information:

Job title. Start by stating the position you held at the company. These are easy cue for the hiring manager to look at and determine whether your past positions would help you succeed at their company.

Company Info. Include the name of the employer, the location where you worked, and perhaps a brief description of the company, if it isn’t a well-known name.

Dates Employed: Use the mm/yyyy format if you want to be sure that most applicant tracking systems (ATS) will pick it up. Whatever format you use for dates, be consistent, or your resume will look sloppy.

Job Description. Don’t just list your job’s responsibilities; hiring managers and recruiters already have an idea of your duties based on the job title. Instead, list your most important and impressive responsibilities/achievements at the job with bullet points. Determine which of these are most relevant for your new role based on the job description.

Ideally, each bullet should be no longer than a single line. However, two lines is acceptable, if used sparingly.

Always start with a strong action verb, followed by a quantifiable achievement and a specific duty. For example: “Developed ad campaigns for clients, increasing sales by an average of 27%.” Each job title should include 3-5 bullet points.

The order that you include this information can be changed around, as long as you are consistent throughout your resume. However, the bullet points detailing your job’s achievements should always be the last item for each entry.

It’s important that you tailor your resume’s work experience section to the job you’re applying for. We recommend reading the job description carefully and highlighting the action verbs in one color and the skills, adjectives, and job-specific nouns in a different color.

Educational background. In almost all cases, your education section should come after your professional history. If you’re a recent college graduate with limited work experience, you may choose to put your educational achievements first.

Like the section on your professional history, educational experiences should come in reverse-chronological order, with your highest level of education at the top. If you have a college degree, you don’t need to add any information about your high school experience. If you didn’t finish college, it’s okay to give a list of what credits you did complete.

Each educational experience can be listed in the following format:

Degree/Program Name College/University Name Dates attended

You don’t need to add anything else, especially if your resume is already impressive enough. But if you’re struggling to fill up the page, or you feel that aspects of your educational experience will help make you a standout, you may consider also including:

Minor. If you think it rounds out your not-exactly-relevant-to-the-job major nicely.

GPA. Only if it was 3.5 or higher. Otherwise, it’s not going to do you any favors to include this.

Honors. Dean’s List, Cum Laude, etc.

Achievements. If you wrote a killer thesis/dissertation that showcases intimate knowledge relevant to the job to which you’re applying, you can include its title and a very brief description.

Extracurricular activities. Only include if they’re relevant. For example, if you’re applying for a management position and you were president of your student government.

Certifications/Licenses. If the job you’re applying for requires/likes to see certain certifications or licenses that you have, you may include them in this section as well.

Skills section. Your impressive skills should be scattered logistically throughout your professional history section, but you should also include a section solely dedicated to highlighting your skill set . Skills can be broken down into two categories:

Hard skills are skills you learn through training and indicate expertise with a technical ability or job-specific responsibility.

Soft skills are your personality traits, interpersonal abilities, and intangible qualities that make you more effective at your job.

Your resume should have a healthy mix of hard and soft skills, as both are essential to job performance. However, since soft skills are harder to prove in the context of a resume, we recommend leaning more toward hard skills. Additionally, whenever you list a soft skill, make sure that it has a correlating item in your work experience section.

For example, if you say you are skilled in collaboration, you should mention a time when a team project was a major success somewhere in your work experience section.

Optional sections. If you still have space left or there’s more you want to show off that doesn’t quite fit in any of the above sections, you may consider adding an additional section covering one or more of the below categories:

Language . Being bilingual is always impressive, and can be included on a resume for any company. Highlight this more if your position involves liaising with international distributors and/or clients. Don’t lie about your proficiency level.

It may be best to not mention it if you’re not particularly proficient speaker . Such as if you took courses in school, or haven’t really managed to gain fluency. It can end up looking like an attempt to inflate your credentials, which you want to avoid.

Volunteer experience . Always a good thing to include. It shows you’re a team player who behaves in a way that promotes the greater good, without thought of personal gain. Especially good for entry-level candidates and those applying for jobs at a non-profit. If you have gaps in your work history, you can also consider including volunteer experiences in your work history section instead.

Personal projects. A personal blog, published works, or a portfolio of your past projects are all good things to include. They show you take initiative, enjoy and take pride in your work, and that you can handle the responsibilities of the job, if relevant.

Certifications/licenses. If you didn’t include these in your education section, this is another good place to list relevant certifications or licenses that you have.

Interests . This is largely just a space filler if your resume is light in other areas. However, if your hobbies are directly related to the job that you’re applying for, it’s not a bad idea to include them. And it might draw a recruiter’s attention if you end up sharing some of the same interests as they do.

If you have several seemingly random items that are valuable, but don’t warrant creating a whole separate section for, you can also make a section called “Additional Experience.” Here you can include all of the above categories in one place. Just make sure that each item is clear and easy for readers to understand.

Resume samples

Now that we have a good idea of how to write a resume, let’s take a look at some example resumes:

resume example zippia resume builder

Jack Pilgrim Washington , DC 14015 – (555) 444-3333 – [email protected] – Resume Summary Graphic designer with 3+ years of experience creating and implementing promotional materials and social media graphics. Worked with sales and marketing teams to increase inbound calls by 23% YoY through compelling digital media. Adept at planning, managing, and prioritizing multiple deadlines at once, and thrives in fast-paced work environment. Work Experience Creative Designs | Washington, DC Lead Graphic Designer | June 2018-Present Worked with sales and marketing teams to create landing pages, sales proposals, and supporting media elements to drive sales by over $250,000 per quarter Trained, managed, and mentored team of 4 junior designers to fulfill 40+ project orders on a weekly basis Conducted UX research through surveys, usability testing, and data analysis to plan content marketing strategy, driving organic search traffic by 12% Presented proposals, results, and status updates to set of 4-7 clients, ensuring customer satisfaction at or above 95% for 3 years straight Happy Place | Alexandria, VA Junior Graphic Designer | July 2016-May 2018 Translated client needs and branding strategies into design and content strategy, increasing client retention by 22% Reduced project turnaround time by 8% by Utilizing web-based ticket system for completing and archiving finalized pieces Posted digital artwork to network IPTV using web interface to produce high-end info-graphics and other materials Happy Place | Alexandria, VA Marketing Intern | September 2015-July 2016 Assisted marketing team with data collection, analysis, and presentation using Google Analytics Drew up storyboards for new marketing campaigns alongside sales team, increasing brand awareness through social media Wrote 500-1000 word articles to pair with graphical elements on page, leading to a 40% boost in engagement on company website Education Savannah College of Art and Design | Savannah, Georgia May 2016 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design Skills Adobe Creative Suite Typography HTML/CSS WordPress Collaboration Organization
Allison Neederly Chicago, Illinois , 60007 | (333) 222-1111 | [email protected] | Resume Summary Dedicated customer service representative with 4+ years experience resolving customers’ needs in-person, online, and over the phone. Top achiever at XYZ Inc. with a 100% customer satisfaction rate for Q1 of 2020. Friendly personable, and knowledgable about company’s products and services. Relevant Skills Customer Service Responded to upwards of 200 customer queries daily with XYZ Inc., reducing the average wait time by 56% and increasing customer satisfaction rates by 13% Ability to resolve conflict and create a positive atmosphere for shopping for both new and existing customers through technical proficiency Expert product knowledge and communication skills, and experience training and mentoring new customer service staff Web Chat and Phone Skilled in 3 web chat platforms for helping online customers resolve their queries quickly and accurately Achieved fastest call resolution rate at XYZ Inc., with an average resolution time of under 5 minutes per customer Performed outbound calls for customer satisfaction surveys, as well as writing web-based surveys for 10,000+ customers Troubleshooting Detailed product knowledge allowed for customer technical issues to be resolved at rate within top 5% of all customer service associates at XYZ Inc. Created manual for step-by-step directions for troubleshooting that was implemented for team of 100+ customer service reps Positive attitude took average tech-related negative response from 1/5 stars to 4/5 stars, increasing trust in brands and services Work Experience XYZ Inc. | Philadelphia, PA Customer Service Associate New Look Global | Burlington, VT Junior Customer Service Representative L.L. Bean | Burlington, VT Sales Associate Education University of Vermont | Burlington, VT May 2012 Bachelor of Arts in Humanities
Priya Laghari New York, NY | (222) 111-0000 | [email protected] | Resume Profile Strategy Development: Grew John Deere’s international sales by 13% by tapping into undeserved countries in Southeast Asia Management: Oversaw a team of managers representing marketing, sales, and product teams. Streamlined collaborative, cross-functional communications through agile and scrum management system CRM: Developed, customized, and implemented new customer relationship management database for accounts totaling over $10M in value Work Experience Business Development Manager 01/2015-Present Microsoft | Redmond, WA Developed product strategies and roadmap for Google AdWords, increasing inbound traffic by 26% YoY Reduced time training on new software by 50% for new and existing employees by implement e-learning programs Spearheaded digital marketing campaign worth $1M that saw a return of 200% in first year by qualifying leads earlier in the sales funnel Regional Sales Manager 11/2012-01/2015 Big Things Inc. | St. Louis, MO Managed territory encompassing 29 regional locations with an annual revenue of approx. $55M Worked with C-level executives to plan business strategies, resulting in 20% reduction in overhead costs Increased client retention by 12% in first year by implementing a CRM approach based on account profiling and elevating levels of relationship selling Account Manager 02/2009-11/2012 Solutions Corp. | Chicago, IL Implemented and developed CRM strategic plans, increasing retention of long-term clients by 22% Maintained 50+ accounts totaling over $35M in value Generated leads through one-on-one consultation via phone inquiries, online check-ins, and meeting office walk-ins Relevant Skills CRM: Proficient with Salesforce, Zoho, and HubSpot; some experience with Keap. Used various CRM software over a decade to successfully manage customer relations and quick to adapt to new software and tools that aid in quality of customer experience. Salesmanship: Negotiated and closed over several deals worth $1M+ and skilled in upselling and cross-selling. Adept at working closely with marketing and product teams to maximize the efficiency of the sales funnel for both inbound and outbound traffic. Presentation: Represented Microsoft Northwest Region at quarterly board meetings, ensuring all stakeholders were kept abreast of new developments and opportunities. Also deliver monthly presentations to big clients and vendors to maintain positive relationship. Data analytics. Expert at integrating data from various analytics platforms, including Google, Microsoft Power BI, and SAP BusinessObjects Education Colgate University | May 2008 MBA Fordham University | May 2006 Bachelor’s Degree in Business

For more resume examples and templates:

Resume examples by job

Google docs resume template

Resume templates

Resume builder

Resume Headers Samples:


Tip : Never put your contact info in the header of your document; some applicant tracking systems might miss it.

For more on how to write a resume header:

Resume Header

Resume Titles

Resume introduction examples

Entry-Level Resume Objective.

Recent graduate with a bachelor’s in Marketing from the University of Virginia seeking an entry-level role in content marketing. Excellent copywriter with 2+ years experience editing content as a member of the UVa Writing Center.

Career Change Resume Objective.

Eager to apply 7+ years of experience with customer success management to make successful outbound B2B calls, deliver customized business solutions to new and existing customers, and provide expert product knowledge in the role of Account Manager for XYZ Inc.

Example Resume Summary Statement.

Accountant with over 8 years of experience in the medical industry. Adept at advising on management of cash deficits, reconciling departmental accounts, and creating new accounts and codes. Coordinated invoice preparation system for ABC that reduced contractor overhead by 19% YoY.
English teacher with a love of language and 6 years of experience teaching high school students. Developed new curriculum that boosted freshman reading comprehension scores by 12% and created after school book club for AP Lit class, resulting in 100% of participating students achieving a 5 on the AP Lit test.

Example Qualifications Summary.

Executive assistant with 5+ years experience helping maintain efficiency in an office of 25 employees Communicated directly with internal and external stakeholders, helping Senior Vice President manage projects worth $5M+ Proactively managed office schedules, identifying and prioritizing changes to ensure client satisfaction Recognized in a company of 500 for “Outstanding Achiever” in May 2019

Example Resume Profile.

Detail-oriented IT Specialist with 4 years of experience overseeing and improving the infrastructure of IT systems. Adept at building and running troubleshooting systems and testing services. Decreased security risk by 47% through continual optimization, while also improving the speed of client portal by 22%. Excellent communicator both internally and for client-facing discussions. Achieved 98%+ customer satisfaction ratings through weekly and monthly check-ins with accounts valued cumulatively at $500,000.

Entry-Level Resume Headline.

Bilingual College Graduate with 80 WPM Typing Speed and Tutoring Experience

Experienced Resume Headline.

Business Development Specialist with 6+ Years Experience Scaling Start-Up Tech Teams

For more on resume introductions:

Resume objective statement

Resume summary statement

Resume summary statement examples

Qualifications summary

Sample resume work experience sections

sample resume work experience section

Work Experience XYZ Industries | Seattle, WA Marketing Associate | May 2019-Present Delivered weekly presentations to client-base to communicate brand messaging, increasing client retention by 11% Served as liaison between marketing and product teams, resulting in projects finishing 2 weeks early, on average Leveraged Excel skills to create and maintain spreadsheet to track consumer insights, emergent trends, and inform decisions of marketing team through competitive analysis Managed team of 5 contractors to juggle multiple priority projects simultaneously, never missing a deadline Initiated an affiliate referral program that PR team went on to turn into a revenue-generating stream valued at $30,000 annually ABC Corp | Seattle, WA Marketing Intern | September 2018-May 2019 Developed, maintained, and processed 20+ digital consent forms and distributor forms Worked collaboratively with a team of 10 marketing professionals, closely aligning our goals with the PR team Provided data analysis using Google Analytics and performed keyword research to increase blog traffic by 56% over six months Answered up to 50 customer queries by phone and email each week

For more on building the perfect resume work experience section:

Resume work experience section

First resume (no experience)

Examples Of Education Resume Sections

Graduated recently from a 4-year program.

Western Illinois University | Macomb, Illinois May 2020 Bachelor of Arts in Sociology | Minor in Psychology 3.95 GPA magna cum laude Dean’s List all semesters

Two degrees.

Fordham University | Bronx, New York April 2016 Master of Chemical Engineering Stony Brook University | Stony Brook, New York April 2014 Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Anticipated graduation date (not yet graduated).

DePaul Univeristy | Chicago, Illinois Bachelor of Arts in History – Degree anticipated May 2021 Current GPA: 3.8

Older job seeker (graduated 10+ years ago).

University of Chicago | Chicago, Illinois Bachelor of Business Administration

High school graduate (no college degree).

Johnston High School 2016-2020 Head of Computer Club

More on crafting the perfect resume education section:

Education resume section

GPA on resume

Dean’s list

Magna cum laude

Examples Of Skills For Resume

Examples of hard skills include:

Examples of soft skills include:

Here’s more information on how to incorporate skills into your resume:

Resume skills section

Hard skills

Soft skills

Top skills for professionals

Skills-based resume

Resume writing FAQ

What is a resume?

A resume is a one to two-page document that focuses on professional experience, past achievements, education and certifications, and specific skills tailored to the job you’re applying for.

Almost every job application requires a resume, and hiring managers use them as a first impression in determining which applicants get a shot at an interview.

Whether you’re fresh out of college or have 30 years of professional experience, this guide should help craft a resume that stands out from the crowd and get you one step closer to landing your dream job.

What is the format for writing a good resume?

Most people will want to use a chronological or reverse-chronological resume format. This format is compatible with most applicant tracking systems (ATS) and is easy for employers to read. Additionally it helps highlight your experience, which helps prove your qualifications.

How far back should a resume go?

A resume should go back no further than 10 to 15 years. However, it is important that all your information is relevant. Therefore, do not include job experience that is irrelevant to your application, even if it’s fewer than 10 years old. Save that information for later discussions.

Should you personalize your resume for each job?

Yes, you should personalize your resume for each job you apply to. Many recruiters use ATS now, which will search for keywords in a resume and reject those that don’t have them. That means that the skills you choose to highlight as well as your opening, such as your resume summary, should be altered to suit each job you apply to.

You don’t need to rewrite the entire resume for each job, but it does show attention to detail and initiative to make sure that your resume is customized. It also makes it more likely that you’ll get past the first step of the process.

State of New York Department of Labor – Resumes, Cover Letters and Job Applications

Harvard University – Create a Resume/CV or Cover Letter

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    Here's an example of what the middle section of a resume profile should look like: Managed a $350,000 budget at my previous position, with a 15% reduction in costs over two years. Conducted in-depth risk analysis, helping to guide the company toward 20% annual growth. 3. Industry-relevant skills.

  2. 10 Resume Profile Examples (And How to Write Yours)

    Keep it concise. Your resume profile should be no more than four sentences or bullet points, and should not have more than 500 characters. Remember recruiters read dozens of resumes daily, so you don't want yours to be unnecessarily long and tiring. 2. Find the format the suits you best.

  3. 18+ Professional Resume Profile Examples for Any Job

    Resume Profile Example—Qualifications Summary. Dedicated customer service representative with over 5 years of professional experience. Eager to join ABC Inc. to offer customized solutions, identify sales opportunities, and provide exceptional service to customers. Attained >90% positive customer ratings at DEF Inc.

  4. 25 Resume Profile Examples & Guide for Writing Yours

    Now, let's take a look at some expert-written resume profile examples for specific job positions. Resume Profile—Customer Service Representative. Goal-oriented customer service rep with 7+ years of experience. Seeking to use proven telesales skills to raise customer satisfaction at Triple-P Components.

  5. How to write a CV personal profile (with 14 examples)

    Keep your CV statement short. Keep your CV profile to one paragraph comprised of three to six sentences. A hiring manager scans your CV for key terms to determine if they want to interview you for the role. Use simple sentence structures to ensure they can easily understand the message you're trying to convey. 3.

  6. 20+ Resume Profile Examples (+ How To Write One)

    Accountant resume profile. Ethical Accountant with over 20 years of experience in tax accounting and financial auditing. Skilled in data analysis and budgeting. Reduced a client's overall business expenditure, saving the company $1M over the course of one year.

  7. Q&A: What Is a Personal Profile?

    A personal profile is a small section of your resume, or CV, that serves as an introduction. In your personal profile, you can write about your experience, professional goals, education and strengths. This short description is at the top of your resume, so it's one of the first things that anyone considering your application will read.

  8. How to Write a CV Personal Statement + Examples

    Here's how to write a personal statement step-by-step: 1. Say Who You Are in the First Sentence. The first sentence of your personal profile must show that you're a serious candidate for the job. So, skip your zodiac sign or your favorite football team, even if they're a big part of who you are.

  9. How to Write a Convincing Resume Profile [+23 Examples]

    Step #1 - Tailor Your Resume Profile to the Position. The first thing to do is to tailor your resume profile to the position you're applying for. You can't just take the lazy way out and create a one-size-fits-all resume profile. That way, you're pretty much setting yourself up for failure.

  10. CV Personal Profile Examples + Writing Guide

    4. Graduate CV personal profile. If you're writing a CV as a recent graduate, this is a good example to follow: Recent Software Engineering graduate armed with a strong academic foundation and hands-on experience in coding, problem solving, and software development gained through internships for Revolut and Deliveroo.

  11. How to Write a Resume Personal Statement (6 Tips + Examples)

    A resume personal statement should include: Between 50 and 200 words in 3 - 4 sentences. Your title or function, for example "Junior developer" or "Passionate hospitality manager". An opening hook. Soft skills and hard skills. Impressive facts and stats. Your short and/or long-term goals.

  12. How to Write a Resume Profile [Professional Examples]

    Check out four of our resume profile examples below to get a feel for how they can fit onto a resume. Security Guard Resume Profile. Retail Manager Resume Profile. Personal Trainer Resume Profile Example. Avoid emphasis adverbs like "really", "very" and "extremely" in your professional profile.

  13. How To Write A Personal Profile: 7 Tips + Examples

    Use self-descriptions carefully and try to rely on facts. • Don't list too many skills. If you include management skills, ability to work undependently, eye for detail, project management, conflict resolution and other skills in a row, this will spoil the impression. Choose 2-3 skills and prove them with examples.

  14. What Is a Resume Profile? 12 Examples of Strong Profiles

    Here are resume profile examples for different occupations to help you build a resume profile that will encourage hiring managers to read the rest of your resume. 1. Accountant. A highly motivated accounting specialist with over three years of experience assisting advisers in the private practice industry.

  15. 18 CV Personal Profile Examples & How to Write One

    Mention your job title, add a neat character quality, and give details about your professional experience. Combine these elements, and you'll get a powerful CV personal profile. 2. Target the job in question. Don't write a generic personal profile for a CV. Write it specifically for the job you're applying to.

  16. Best CV Personal Profile Examples

    What information to include on a personal profile. The purpose of your personal profile is to concisely present your skills, qualities, work experience, and your career goals and ambitions. Consequently, you can mention anything from the following categories when constructing your personal profile: Personal Qualities. Self-motivated; Creative ...

  17. What Is a Personal Profile? (Definition, Tips, and Examples)

    A personal profile serves as a way of introducing yourself to job recruiters. You can include this at the top of your resume to describe your professional accomplishments and suitability for the job. By understanding how a personal profile can strengthen your resume, you can write an effective one that improves your chances of securing a job ...

  18. How to Write a Resume Profile

    Use the following tips to write an effective resume profile: Keep it brief. A resume profile should be short and concise, containing just a few sentences. Resume profiles can be written as a short paragraph or in bullet form to quickly communicate why you're qualified for the job. Include only relevant skills for the job listing.

  19. How To Write A Personal Profile For A CV (With Examples)

    2. Highlight your pertinent skills. You may use this section to give the hiring manager an idea of your strongest skills that would be pertinent to the role you are applying for. A great way to highlight this is by using impactful words such as highly organised, detail oriented or self-motivated. 3.

  20. 30 Best Personal Skills for Your Resume [Examples]

    Accounting. ‍. Some skills are both personal and professional, for example: Critical thinking bridges the gap between analyzing a problem (personal) and building a solution (professional). Decision-making has aspects of choosing a deadline for a project (personal) or deciding what software to use (professional).

  21. 25 CV profile examples + 5 tips to get noticed in 2024

    Top tips for writing a CV profile. Your CV profile is the first thing a recruiter or hiring manager will see when opening your CV, so it's worth investing a lot of time and effort into it. Give reader's a high level overview of your skills and experience, and encourage them to read the rest of your CV. Keep it short (5-8 lines) to ensure ...

  22. Upload your resume to LinkedIn

    LinkedIn offers multiple methods to upload your resume to LinkedIn, including uploading it to job applications as well as displaying it on your profile. Create your resume. Upload your resume to ...

  23. How to Write CV Personal Profile [+ Guide, Tips, Examples]

    Here are some examples of how you can showcase your personality in your CV personal profile: "Able to meet deadlines while making sure all information collected is accurate.". "Capable of motivating team members to ensure the operational flow while maximizing the team's working efficiency.". "In my previous role as a nurse ...

  24. What to Put on a Resume in 2024 (to Stand Out Amongst Job Seekers)

    In addition to the contact section, work history is probably the most important thing you'll need to add to your resume. Your work history will include your three to five most recent jobs you've had. If you're a new grad, you might include internships or part-time jobs as part of your work experience.

  25. 5 Steps for Writing a Personal Profile on a CV

    How to create your CV personal profile. You can follow these steps to create an effective objective statement for your CV: 1. State your professional title. Consider providing your professional title in the first sentence of your personal profile. This sentence shows who you are professionally and details your current position within your ...

  26. Free Resume Summary Generator (Make a Resume Summary Fast)

    Most resume summaries are roughly three sentences long, and include the following information: Sentence #1: Your biggest selling points as a candidate, including how many years of relevant work experience you have. Sentence #2: One or more specific accomplishments or skills from your career to show employers what they can expect from you if ...

  27. How To Write A Resume In 7 Steps (With Examples)

    It doesn't matter if you have the best resume in the world if the hiring manager can't contact you. Every single resume should include the following contact information: Your full name. First and last. Your phone number. Use a personal phone number, and make sure your voicemail is set up properly. Your email address.

  28. How to Write a Senior Financial Analyst Cover Letter (With ...

    Here is a cover letter template you can use to create your own cover letter. [Your Name] [Your Address] [Phone Number] [Email Address] [Today's Date] [Hiring Manager's Name] [Company's Name] Dear [Hiring Manager's Name], As an experienced financial analyst, I am very interested in the senior financial analyst role at [company name]. The ...

  29. 18 Stunning One-Pager Templates: How to Use Them & Best Practices

    5 Best Practices for Creating a One-Pager for Business. Here are five best practices to help you learn how to write a one-pager and create one for your business: 1. Keep it Concise. One of the most important elements of creating a one pager design for business is to keep it concise and easy to digest.