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How Many Paragraphs in an Essay?

How many paragraphs in an essay?

As a rule, you’ll write your essay in three main parts. First, you’ll introduce your topic to your reader. Next, you will have body text in which you discuss the topic in more detail, and finally, you’ll have a conclusion that tells your reader what you were able to see after looking into the facts or thinking through the topic.

In its simplest form, an essay can consist of three paragraphs with one paragraph being devoted to each section. Proponents of the five paragraph essay say that the body text should consist of three paragraphs, but in reality, it’s fine to write more or fewer paragraphs in this section.

Guessing How Many Paragraphs Before You Begin

This is a rule of thumb, which means it won’t always work quite that way, but it’s handy all the same. In academic work, your paragraphs are likely to be a bit longer than most of the ones you see in this blog post. On average, there are usually 100 to 200 words in a paragraph . So if you’d like a guesstimate, you can assume that a 1,000-word essay will have between five and ten paragraphs.

What Points Do You Have to Cover?

Another, less limiting and more accurate way to work out how many paragraphs you need to cover your topic is to look at the main points you have to cover in the body text. A paragraph contains all the ideas that support or explain a single concept.

When you are planning your essay, you will think of or research the main elements that are needed in the body text. It would be safe to assume you need at least one paragraph for each of these. Of course, if there is a lot of information to cover in order to explore each area, you may need more.

For example, if you are writing an essay on childhood development and exposure to technology, you will want to look into the physical, psychological and cognitive developmental effects of tech on kids. When you research this topic, you will find that there are contrasting points of view and researchers have identified several physical, developmental, and psychological effects of technology use in children.

Assuming five psychological effects have been identified, you can assume you’ll need to write five paragraphs if you are going to write a relatively in-depth essay. But if both those who say technology is bad for kids and those who say it can be good have done a great deal of work on the sub-topic, you might want to make that ten paragraphs so that you can cover both sides of the argument and look into how earlier authors reached their conclusions.

Of course, if you have been set a relatively short word limit , you may not be able to go in-depth at all, in which case a paragraph for each of the main sub-topics (psychology, physical development, and cognitive development) will likely be adequate.

Essay Content Is More Important Than the Number of Paragraphs

Ultimately, your essay will be evaluated on the information you present, not on the number of paragraphs in the essay. Early in your academic life, teachers and lecturers may give you both a structure for your essay and a guideline on how long each part of the essay should be. I have seen essay instructions say how many marks are allocated for each section, and my trick is to take the total word count and allocate a percentage of words to each section based on the percentage of marks you can get for it. After all, if the teacher is allocating 80 marks for content in total and you can see 50% of the mark relates to a certain part of the essay, then 50% of your essay’s words should be devoted to that section.

Sometimes, you’ll just be given a topic and told to air your opinion. This gives you more freedom, but it’s a tad more difficult. The research will show you how many angles you should look at, and it’ll help you to find information that both supports and contradicts your point of view. To make a strong argument, you need to look at both supporting and contradictory information.

To avoid getting tangled up in one aspect of the discussion, you’ll have to decide how long it should be. If it’s the most important aspect informing your conclusion, you can spend a little more time (and words) on that particular point. It could run into several paragraphs rather than just one or two.

Always Remember the Purpose of Paragraphs

Paragraphs structure information into sub-topics, and they make your work easier to read and understand thanks to the structure they provide. With careful advance planning, you’ll be able to work out more or less how many paragraphs you need to complete your essay.

How many paragraphs is…

For those looking for a general rule-of-thumb, below are some estimates on the number of paragraphs there would be in an essay of different lengths based on an average length of 150 words per paragraph. Of course, the number of paragraphs for your essay will depend on many different factors. You can use the following information for a general reference, but don’t take these numbers as literal. .

Basic Essay Word to Paragraphs Conversions

  • A 100 word essay is 3 paragraph. (minimum for an essay)
  • A 200 word essay is 3 paragraphs. (minimum for an essay)
  • A 250 word essay is 3 paragraphs. (minimum for an essay)
  • A 300 word essay is 3 paragraphs. (minimum for an essay)
  • A 400 word essay is 3 paragraphs. (minimum for an essay)
  • A 500 word essay is 3 to 4 paragraphs.
  • A 600 word essay is 4 paragraphs.
  • A 700 word essay is 4 to 5 paragraphs.
  • A 750 word essay is 5 paragraphs.
  • A 800 word essay is 5 to 6 paragraphs.
  • A 900 word essay is 6 paragraphs.
  • A 1,000 word essay is 6 to 7 paragraphs.
  • A 1,250 word essay is 8 to 9 paragraphs.
  • A 1,500 word essay is 10 paragraphs.
  • A 1,750 word essay is 11 to 12 paragraphs.
  • A 2,000 word essay is 13 to 14 paragraphs.
  • A 2,500 word essay is 16 to 17 paragraphs.
  • A 3,000 word essay is 20 paragraphs.
  • A 4,000 word essay is 26 to 27 paragraphs.
  • A 5,000 word essay is 33 to 34 paragraphs.
  • A 6,000 word essay is 40 paragraphs.
  • A 7,000 word essay is 46 to 37 paragraphs.
  • A 7,500 word essay is 50 paragraphs.
  • A 8,000 word essay is 53 to 54 paragraphs.
  • A 9,000 word essay is 60 paragraphs.
  • A 10,000 word essay is 66 to 67 paragraphs.

I don’t understand, How can a 100, 200, 300 and 400 word essay all have 3 paragraphs if a paragraph is 100 to 200 words long? A 100 word essay should be 1 paragraph or 1/2 a paragraph, not 3 paragraphs. Can someone explain this too me?

A sentence is an idea. A paragraph is a group of ideas that relate to one another. That’s the most important point. The second most important one is remembering that your text consists of introduction, body, conclusion with at LEAST one paragraph for each. While teachers like 100 to 200 word paragraphs, you can’t always apply that. Call it a guideline rather than a rule!

the general rule is that 3 paragraphs are minimum for an essay. So, no matter how short your essay is, you should still need 3 paragraphs. If you are really for some reason writing a 100 word essay, then you should have one short sentence for both your introduction and conclusion.

I was always taught an essay has five paragraphs by my teachers. Did they lie to me? If an essay only needs three paragraphs, why would my teachers tell me that they should have five?

I think the five paragraphs for an essay is more of a rule-of-thumb number that is easy to teach students when they are first learning to write. Your teacher was just trying to make sure you understood how to write, not give you a rule you had to always obey.

I think five paragraphs is a good number to shoot for when writing, but it isn’t a hard-fast rule you need to hit every time. Each essay is different and require more or less paragraphs depending on the information you need to provide in the writing.

yes and no.. i would say a good on as 4 paragraph. Intro, 2 body P, and a conclusion.

My teachers always taught by eight paragraph essays, but five-paragraph essays normally lie precedent to the more advanced or larger essays.

I was taught essays should be 7 paragraphs long, not 5. My teacher said 3 central paragraphs never gives enough detail to the topic, so we should write 5. It makes sense to me and that is how I’ve always done it.

What you’re taught is often a general rule to shoot for, not a rule set in concrete. That’s the case with this. Your teacher felt that 7 paragraphs was a good number for the essays you wrote for her, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. it’s a general rule, not a concrete one.

How many sentences if we don’t know how many sentences we need to write?

The average paragraph contains 5-6 sentences. If you’re feeling a little extra, paragraphs can be 7-10 sentences.

It also depends on whether or not you are bringing outside information into the paragraph as well. Using quotes makes a paragraph longer than not doing so.

I think the length of a paper depends mainly on the instructions given by the instructor. Secondly, I would decide a paper length on the basis of the grading rubric.

I already knew an essay has three paragraphs

Inilividual project: follow all steps and develop a paragraph of your choice and write all expository essay with not less than 500 words of the povoloped paragraph?

On average for a five-paragraph essay, I write around 1,000-1300 words. For an eight paragraph essay, I write around 2,000-2,600 words on the document. Keep in mind your quotes too, you should have one quote per paragraph (expected) or two (recommended). It really is up to the person though, I have a buddy who writes considerably less than I do, but is able to get his point across. It is really up to the person.

Student A: Sir, do we have to write a long essay?

How will I determine my word count for 1300 to 1500 maximum words in the academic writing?

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800 Words Essay Examples + How-to-Write Guide

Are you wondering how to write an 800-word essay that will leave your reader wanting more? You’ve come to the right place! This article will equip you with helpful writing strategies and inspire you with lots of engaging topics and paper examples.

An 800-word essay usually contains an introduction of 100 words, three body paragraphs of 600 words in total, and a conclusion of 100 words. Thus, it forms a standard 5-paragraph essay. It’s a typical assignment for students, shorter than a more profound research paper but longer than most personal statements.

In this article, you’ll learn all the secrets of crafting an 800-word essay and find the most thought-provoking topics! And if you want to explore more paper examples, check out our extensive essay database .

📝 800 Words Essay Examples

  • 🏭 Environmental Pollution Prompts
  • 🖊️ Topics & Paper Examples
  • 💡 Article Topic Examples

📚 600-800 Word Essay Examples

✍️ how to write an 800 word essay.

  • 📱 Effects of Social Media: Essay Examples
  • 📍 Freedom Day Essay Topics
  • 🎭 Dr Faustus as a Tragic Play
  • 📔 Personal Narrative Essay
  • 🍟 Growing Culture of Junk Food
  • Why Does Our Behavior Affect Our Attitudes? For example, the case of person who feels that the poor are poor because they do not think on ways they can use to gain wealth, then the person may be shooting a certain film […]
  • Gambling Should Be Illegal Furthermore, gambling leads to lowering reputation of the city in question as a result of the crimes associated. The government is forced to spend a lot of money in controlling crime and rehabilitating addicted gamblers.
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy The synthesis of the analyzed information is the fifth level of the classification and the final one is the evaluation of the data on the basis of the previous five levels of skills.
  • Rhetorical Analysis of Patricia Ryan’s Speech “Don’t Insist on English” The main idea Patricia Ryan’s wants to deliver to the audience in her speech is that the globalization of English language does not give an opportunity for English-speaking countries to notice the entire knowledge of […]
  • Immortality of Soul From the perspective of the Opposites Arguments, if the physical body is mortal and physical, the soul is immortal and, therefore, it should not die.
  • How Can Societal Marketing Concept Be Used to Influence Children to Eat a Healthier Diet? Parents and other interested groups have a responsibility in ensuring that societal marketing is done as claimed by the food marketers and that those that are not doing so are pressured to adopt better promotion […]
  • The Implications and the Effects of Confusion Sometimes, we find ourselves in a constant state of shock from the moment we wake up to the time we retire to bed at the day’s end.
  • Rhetorical Analysis of an Image The audience of this cartoon is difficult to define, because it can include every person who is interested in the political, social, and economic life of the country.
  • Movie Grave of the Fireflies Seita and Setsuko are represented as the victims of the war because they need to struggle with the oppressive conditions each day of their life.
  • Fromm’s Humanistic Psychoanalysis In regard to the frame of orientation, Jeff and Ann view the natural world as a place that requires more development. Jeff and Ann have to assimilate and accommodate living in a new environment that […]

🏭 800 Words Paper on Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution might be one of the most relevant and important topics to write about. For your inspiration, we’ve collected the top essay prompts on this topic!

📃 Renewable energy essay 800 words.

In an essay about renewable energy, you can explore various aspects of this sustainable power source. Delve into the different types of renewable energy , such as solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal, and discuss their benefits for the environment and the economy. The essay can also explore the latest advancements in renewable energy technologies, the challenges faced in its implementation, and potential solutions to accelerate its adoption worldwide.

📃 Impact of environmental pollution on public health: essay 800 words.

When examining the impact of environmental pollution on public health, you can explore various pollutants present in our surroundings and their detrimental effects. It would be essential to discuss air pollution, water contamination, hazardous waste, and their direct and indirect health consequences. You can also investigate how environmental pollutants contribute to respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular problems, developmental issues, and even increased cancer risks.

📃 Green energy for carbon neutral ecosystem: essay 800 words.

In an 800-words paragraph exploring green energy for a carbon-neutral ecosystem , you can focus on the different forms of green energy, such as solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal power. Additionally, consider exploring the benefits of green energy in achieving a carbon-neutral ecosystem, including increased energy efficiency, improved air quality, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

📃 Essay on “Beat plastic pollution” 800 words.

Suppose you decide to write an essay about ways to beat plastic pollution . In that case, explore the importance of reducing single-use plastics, promoting recycling and waste management infrastructure, and encouraging the use of alternative materials. Also, you can discuss the role of government regulations, corporate responsibility, and individual actions in combating plastic pollution.

If you need some more inspiration, check out the top examples of an 800-word paper on environmental pollution:

  • Environmental Pollution and Its Effect on Health In climate change, due to air pollution, the main force to prevent environmental disasters need to change the approach to the production of substances from fossil fuels.
  • The Knoxville City’s Environmental Pollution It is necessary to address some pollution management issues and think about the measures to reduce pollution rates and help people survive any kind of environmental problems.
  • Air Pollution and Lung Disease To design a study in order to explore the link between lung disease and air pollution, it would be possible to follow a four-step process started by identifying the level or unit of analysis.
  • Equipment to Monitor Pollution Emissions In assessing the situation, the vital aspects are: the quality of the decision, the commitment of the subordinates, the knowledge of the leader, the structure of the problem, the probability of subordinates’ commitment, sharing the […]
  • Simply Green Products Firm: Pollution Allegations The natural decomposition is the surety that the company to the environmentalist organizations and the citizens. There is considerable proof that the company has been the primary producer of the packaging materials for the orchards […]
  • Air and Water Pollution in the Modern World The high number of vehicles in the city has greatly promoted air pollution in the area. Poor sewerage system, high pollution from industries and automobiles are among the major causes of air and water pollutions […]
  • Air Pollution and Its Impact on Human Health Community needs assessment is a systematic process in which the health educator, the nurse and other health care professionals together with the members of the community determine the health problems & needs of the community […]
  • Air Pollution and Ecological Perspectives of the Atmosphere The major contributors to CO2, one of the main pollutants in the atmosphere, are the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation.
  • Coca-Cola India and Water Pollution Issues The first difficulty that the representatives of the Coca-Cola Company happened to face due to their campaign in the territory of India was caused by the concerns of the local government.
  • Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Health Effects It emphasizes the fact that air contamination has a negative influence on the health of the representatives of the general public.
  • China’s Air Pollution Is Not Unique China and the United States of America have adversely been mentioned to be the leading polluters of the atmosphere. The recent statistics indicate that the gap between the level of pollution by China and that […]
  • Water Pollution and Its Challenges Water pollution refers to a situation where impurities find way into water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and ground water. This is a form of pollution where impurities enter water bodies through distinct sources such […]
  • Chloramine in Drinking Water: When the Threat of Pollution Emerges One of the most notable researches in the given field, the one conducted by Shang & Lo allows to see where the problem of chlorine starts from and what exact factors enhance the increase of […]

🖊️ 800-Word Essay Topics & Paper Examples

  • The Farmers’ Market Analysis For the farmers the benefit lies in the cost saving of the production transportation and in the ability of the wholesale with the large grocery companies.
  • The Major Challenges Faced by Street Children This paper looks into the challenges that street children go through, highlights some of the reasons why children go to the streets, and suggests measures that can be taken to reduce the number of street […]
  • An Overview of the Work Done by Maslow, Herzberg, and McGregor In operations management, Herzberg, McGregor and Maslow works provide insight on harnessing effectiveness and efficiency in business operations. This is in reference to how operations managers can harness efficacy and efficiency in business operations by […]
  • Balancing Studies, Work, and Family Life As result of the numerous responsibilities that may come with these three aspects of life, it is advisable for an individual to set small, realistic, and attainable targets, be it in their work, studies, or […]
  • Argumentative Paper on the Pros of the Death Penalty The survival of any civilization hinges on the establishment of laws and codes of conduct and the subsequent obeying of the same by the society’s members.
  • Pricing and Distribution Strategy: Blizzard From Dairy Queen It is the structures for distribution channels, patterns for the design, choices of distributors, and the factors affecting the choice and management of the channels of distribution.
  • Bicycle Business: Trends, Threats, and Opportunities Additionally, it is regarded as fashionable to own certain makes of bikes, which is a very effective factor that might see this retail shop make large profits in the course of the next five years.
  • Lessons from Fredrick Douglass’s Life Douglass believed that the greatness of the master could not be transferred to the slaves. Education would empower the people to fight for their rights and overcome any form of slavery.
  • Policymaking Process The meeting is one of the occasions when policymaking is a core business of the day. This is the final stage of a policy making process.
  • Cultural Clash in the Board Room: An Ethical Dilemma Among Top Management in Almond China The first option he has is to resign from the company because he says that one of the reasons that motivated him to join the company is the values and standards the company up holds.
  • Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide Another difference between the two terms is that genocide is the systematic and widespread destruction of particular segment of the population or specific group of people, ethnic cleansing on the other hand is understood as […]
  • Ethical Issues in Interior Design Lastly, is the issue of honesty and an interior designer should always be honest as this principle forms the core of customer relations in any business.
  • Bureaucratic and Non-bureaucratic Organizations The organization should be structured and organized in such a way that efficiency is attained through the exercise of power and decisiona making.
  • “Educating Rita” by Willy Russell: Literature Analysis The author presents a solution to this question by demonstrating through the main character, Rita, that education can upgrade the diminished position and status of women in society. Education is Rita’s expedition of self-realization to […]
  • Boeing Company Organizational Structure One can argue that the operations of the company can be viewed as the main force that determines the organizational structure of this company. This is one of the issues that can be distinguished.
  • The Process of Getting a Job The process of getting a job remains one of the most challenging tasks for many job seekers in the United States.
  • Elasticity and Its Importance for Business To locate the price elasticity of demand, one will have to divide the change in quantity by the change in the price of a product or a commodity.
  • Zora Neale Hurston & Langston Hughes: The Dispute That Ruined Their Relationship First, Hughes claims that he developed the plot of this play, did some characterizations and dialogues, whereas Hurston was supposed to recreate the atmosphere of Southern life as the action of Mule Bone took place […]
  • “Lost in Translation” by Sofia Coppola: Film Analysis In the same scene, a confused Bob is placed in the middle of the lift surrounded by his colleagues in line with the movie title Lost in Translation.
  • Should the CCTV System Be Used? CCTV cameras are also used in places of work to aid employers to monitor their employees’ activities, improve productivity and security, and reduce theft.

💡 800 Word Article — Topic Examples

Looking for topics for your 800-words article? Check out our list of best ideas:

  • The impact of artificial intelligence on the job market.
  • Globalization and its effects on income inequality.
  • The role of social media in shaping public opinion.
  • Public health challenges in urban environments.
  • The ethics of animal testing in scientific experiments.
  • Mental health awareness and its impact on society.
  • The effects of climate change on marine life.
  • The role of social media influencers in consumer behavior.
  • The opportunities and challenges of global governance in the 21st century.
  • The role of public health campaigns in preventing chronic diseases.
  • Bias and fairness in artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of homeschooling.
  • Climate change and its impacts on biodiversity.
  • The pros and cons of telemedicine in healthcare.
  • The effects of globalization on cultural identity.
  • Definition of Religion as a Form of Diversity The major religion beliefs in the world are the Judaism, Christianity and Islamic. The role of religion is commonality to citizens and uniformity in cultures.
  • The Invention of Development On being sworn in as the president of the United States, Rist notes, Truman introduced the term, underdevelopment, as a new concept of regarding the impoverished regions of the world.
  • Business Ethics: Reflective Essay Various decision-making procedures right from the time of recruitment of employees, defining the goals and objectives of the organization, designing the appropriate organizational structure, developing the organizational strategies, and integration of the strategies in the […]
  • Aging as a Social Problem The social challenges of the old people are further worsened by the economic constrains, and labeling. Ageism is another social challenge and it refers to a situation where people look down upon the elderly people […]
  • Face-to-Face Communication: Why It Is Better Than Other Types of Communication Thesis It is argued in this paper that personal face-to-face communication is better than any other types of communication, particularly in light of engaging with others and observing verbal and non-verbal behavioral styles, occurrence […]
  • Product Lifecycle Phases and Their Importance In this phase, the focus of the business is to retain the market share captured. In conclusion, it can be indicated that the product lifecycle is important to understand the growth of a firm.
  • H&M Company Merchandise and Product Mix Analysis Organization and presentation of the merchandize classification in H&M retail channel The main merchandise classification that H&M supplies in the market includes clothing, accessories, and shoes for men, women, teenagers, and children.
  • UAE Stock Markets: ADX and DFM Performance Comparison ADX was established on November 15, 2000, with the goal of trading the shares of local UAE companies. Dividend Yield was used to assess the performance of all the companies over a 5-year period from […]
  • Adidas and Marketing Communication It reflects the quality of the product, acts as a sales agent and advertising In conclusion, consumers are important to an organization and Adidas Corporation has ensured that it achieves consumer satisfaction and loyalty. To […]
  • History: Plutarch’s Vision of Alexander the Great One of the greatest strengths of Alexander’s character is his vision, ambition, and thirst to succeed. The same corruption leads to Philotus disrespecting the king by claiming that he is enjoying the fruits of his […]
  • Chemistry: Expansion Processes of a Perfect Gas The purpose of the experiment was to examine the expansion of a perfect gas by determining the specific heat ratio through an adiabatic process and the ratio of volume using an isothermal process.
  • Technology for Crime Prevention With the modern computer technology and advanced software, criminal justice system has been in a capacity to compile data and store it as well as share its analysis with other agencies both in and out […]
  • Explaining Communication Principles These include Communication can be intentional or unintentional, communication is irreversible, it is impossible not to communicate, communication is unrepeatable as well as communication has a content and a relational dimension.
  • Leadership in the Australian Context On the other hand, technical leadership entails use of already known solutions to problems that occur and the people in authority do the work in this type of leadership.
  • Computer-Based Learning and Virtual Classrooms E-learning adds technology to instructions and also utilizes technologies to advance potential new approaches to the teaching and learning process. However, e-learners need to be prepared in the case of a technology failure which is […]
  • History of Aviation The idea of the airscrews, propellers and parachutes contributed to great heights in the aviation industry. Kites were used in testing aerodynamics and the stability of the flight.
  • Analysis of “Gramsci’s Relevance to the Study of Race and Ethnicity” by Stuart Hall Stuart is of the opinion that Gramsci did not provide adequate theoretical foundations towards the analysis of social phenomena in the context of equity.
  • Sina’s Story: Multidimensional Approach to Understanding of Human Behavior An ideal case to analyze using multidimensional approach is the story of Sina, a woman who survived through the changing conditions of the time and the environment owing to her excellent personal characteristics.
  • Effects of Abiotic and Biotic Factors on a Deer’s Population The biotic factors affecting the deer’s population include human conservation measures, building a highway, the influx of cougars, diseases, and deforestation, while the abiotic factors are temperature, water, rocks, soils, acidity, and humidity.
  • Comparison of Gandhi’s and Hitler’s Leadership The primary direction of Gandhi’s political and social work was the fight against the nationalist movement of the British rule of India.

How long does it take to write 800 words? Well, the essay of this length usually takes 3-4 hours to complete. And what does 800 words look like? Read on to find out! In this section, we’ll cover the 800-word essay structure, length, and the number of references.

This image shows the 800-word essay structure.

800 Word Essay Length

An 800-word essay typically includes an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You can use the following breakdown to structure your paper:

  • The introduction should provide background information on the subject and present the thesis statement. It should be concise, around 3-5 sentences long, or 100 words.
  • The body paragraphs should focus on specific points related to your topic. Each body paragraph should be 5-7 sentences long, or 150-100 words. In total, the whole main body should be 600 words.
  • The conclusion should summarize the paper’s central points and restate the thesis statement. Like the introduction, it usually consists of 3-5 sentences or 100 words.

How long is an 800-word essay? The number of pages for an 800-word paper varies depending on the font size, line spacing, and margins. If you use standard formatting guidelines (12-point font size, one-inch margins), an 800-word essay would be about 3 double-spaced or 1.5 single-spaced pages long.

If you need help dividing all this word count between different sections and composing a well-developed outline, check out our outline generator .

800-Word Essay Introduction

Overall, your introduction should be around 3-5 sentences long and effectively set up the rest of the essay. Here’s how you write it:

  • Begin the introduction with a hook that captures readers’ attention, such as a thought-provoking question or a surprising statistic.
  • Next, provide some background information on the topic to give context and establish the issue’s importance.
  • End with a clear and concise thesis statement that outlines the central argument or point of the essay. It should be specific and focused.

If you need inspiration to craft a compelling opening paragraph, use our free research introduction maker . You can also try our essay hook generator and thesis generator to make your introduction stand out.

800-Words Essay Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs should be well-structured and carefully organized, each around 5-7 sentences long. When writing the essay’s main body, ensure each paragraph focuses on a single idea or argument and begins with a clear topic sentence related to the thesis statement. The body should include specific examples, evidence, and analysis to support the main idea. It is also essential to use transitional phrases and sentences to connect paragraphs and create a cohesive flow throughout the essay.

800-Word Essay Conclusion

In the essay’s conclusion, you should summarize the paper’s main points and restate the thesis statement concisely. This part should also provide a sense of closure by emphasizing the significance of the topic and its implications.

Avoid introducing new ideas or evidence in the conclusion, as this will confuse the reader and take a lot of extra words. Additionally, consider ending the essay with a strong and memorable statement that leaves the reader with something to think about or ponder further.

Check out our closing sentence generator to make a conclusion that has a lasting impression on your readers!

How Many References Should I Use in an Essay of 800 Words?

The number of references required in an essay of 800 words can vary depending on the topic and the specific requirements of your assignment. However, as a general guideline, having at least 3-4 credible sources for an essay of this length is recommended. These references should support your arguments, provide evidence, and add credibility to your work.

Remember that the actual number of references may depend on the complexity of the topic, the depth of research required, and the specific formatting guidelines provided by your instructor or institution.

Also, references are typically not required for an 800-word essay-personal statement or an autobiographical essay. These types of essays focus more on your personal experiences and insights than on external sources.

If you need help citing your resources, you can use our works cited generator .

📱 Effects of Social Media on Youth Essay 800 Words

  • Effect of Social Media on Junior and High School Despite both the positive and negative effects of TikTok, in can be used to a benefit of junior and high school students.
  • Social Media and Teenagers’ Mental Health This book highlights the impact of social media on adolescent mental health and offers several solutions to this problem. 1, 2020, pp.
  • How Do Social Media Influencers Convey the Message of Body Positivity? The first platform that comes to mind and has a direct impact on self-image is Instagram which is now the main spot to convey the message of body positivity.
  • Social Media Promotes the Pursuit of the Thin Ideal Amongst Teens Social media is a means that promote the thin ideal and, as a result, teenagers begin to engage in some risky behaviors involving changing their diet.
  • Psychology: Social Media and Bullying The purpose of this paper is to discuss the issue of social media and bullying and express the author’s opinion on the matter.
  • Social Media Users’ Personality and Mental Health The use of social media has impacted people’s mental health by both contributing to their anxiety and creating a stressful and competitive platform on which people have to perform.
  • Social Media: Blogging for a Benefit The blog will be helpful as people will learn more about one of the popular products and their impact on the world. The blog can influence the marketing strategy of the company.
  • Social Media: Negative and Positive Impacts It is evident that social media has negative and positive impacts on the lives of many people. Social media has enabled many people to get connected in many parts of the world.
  • Social Media in Enhancing Social Relationships and Happiness Social media and technology assist to foster and maintain relationships where the people live in different geographical regions. There is a major concern that social media and technology poses a threat to the traditional fabric […]
  • Social Media and Interpersonal Relationships This has made some of the relations blossom It can be concluded that social media has both positive and negative effects on relationships.
  • Creating Social Norms: Gender Depiction in Media Sources Among all types of information and misinformation presented in the media, the issue of gender roles is the most damaging of all.
  • Social Media Platforms and Sports The theme ideal is efficient communication with today’s Athletes due to the increasing prominence of reality programs and the prevalence of difficulties relating to achievement and failure on reality showcases.
  • Developing Intercultural Competence via Social Media Engagement The scientific objectives of the study [1] are the provision of genuine, exciting, and motivational experiences and resources, the use of cross-cultural communication experiences, and the opportunity to reflect, compare, open, and accept other cultures.
  • Gender Inequality in Social Media Research shows that teenagers from the age of thirteen use social media to discuss the physical appearances of girls and exchange images with sexual content.
  • Social Media and Credible Sources of Information This source has two points of influence, the first one being the fact that at the time of the post, Trump was still the President of the United States.
  • Social Media Implementation as a Pedagogical Tool As the initial research question is focused on retrieving Saudi teachers’ attitudes and opinions about the implementation of social media technologies in the classroom, the survey appears to be the most suitable method.
  • Fake Trends on Social Media Platforms: Twitter Data collection tools can be used to trace the roots of disinformation and ultimately to stunt such activity and to meliorate the toxicity of the media environment.
  • Social Media and the Health Sector This work is going to conclusively address the role of the social media in healthcare, its effects on the implementation of the mandates of the sector.
  • How Social Media Could Threaten Democracy The next paragraph of this law will state that an organization must prove that it is based in the country to run a politically related ad on social media.
  • Do Social Media Algorithms Lead to Harmful Social Polarization? Thus, despite all the sponsors and funds that are allocated by political parties to traditional information distribution channels, social media have started to dominate the formation of public opinion.

📍 Freedom Day Essay 800 Words

  • The history of Freedom Day in South Africa.
  • The significance of Freedom Day in South Africa’s journey towards democracy.
  • The life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, a key figure in South Africa’s struggle for freedom.
  • The African National Congress (ANC) and South Africa’s fight for democracy.
  • The Civil Rights Movement’s role in the fight for freedom and equality in America.
  • The role of Freedom Day in India’s struggle for independence from British colonial rule.
  • The impact of apartheid on South Africa’s social, economic, and political landscape.
  • The challenges and achievements of South Africa’s post-apartheid democracy.
  • Civil society and activism promoting freedom and democracy in South Africa.
  • The contributions of women to South Africa’s freedom struggle and independence.
  • The role of music, art, and culture in promoting freedom and unity in South Africa.
  • The future of America’s democracy and the challenges ahead.
  • The importance of Freedom Day in Algeria’s revolution against French colonial rule.
  • Freedom Day in Nigeria as a symbol of the fight against military dictatorship.
  • The celebration of Freedom Day in Tunisia after the Arab Spring uprising.
  • The importance of education and knowledge in building a democratic society.
  • The celebration of Freedom Day and its continued importance in South Africa.
  • The role of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa’s Freedom Day.
  • The influence of Freedom Day on national identity and unity.

🎭 Dr Faustus as a Tragic Play — in 800 Words

  • Symbols in Marlowe’s “Faustus” and Milton’s “Paradise Lost” The purpose of the paper is to compare the use of symbolic roles of blood in the former and the wreath as the symbol of love and admiration in the latter.
  • The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Dr. Faustus The appearance of Angels on the stage is exciting – in the scenery of bookshelves, on both sides of the set contain niches with statues of angels, slots turn, and actors appear.
  • Comparing Dr. Faustus and Hamlet Hamlet kills numerous characters in the play and this goes to show his excessive pride or in other words his sin of pride.
  • Marlowe’s “Doctor Faustus” and Tale’s “Redemption” The characters are dressed in funny nonconventional regalia and the performance crosses the bound of normal day to day life, the fact that the roles played by the characters are nonexistent combined with the use […]
  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s “Faust”: Character Analysis The portrayal of Faust is a new form of rebellion that presents a sense of apprehension to the reader. He signs a pact with the devil in order to pursue his goals.
  • Interpretation of “Faust” by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Faust by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe is not just the discussion of a simple story about a man who has decided to sell his soul to the devil and has managed to save at the […]

📔 Personal Narrative Essay 800 Words

Writing a personal narrative essay might be one of the most exciting tasks in high school or college. This essay tells a story from the writer’s own point of view. It aims to share a meaningful experience or event with the reader and offer insights into the writer’s thoughts, feelings, and perspectives.

Here are some excellent 600-800 word essay topics for your personal narrative:

  • How a childhood event shaped my outlook on life.
  • Learning to embrace my cultural heritage.
  • How I overcame a fear of public speaking.
  • The moment I realized the importance of kindness.
  • A memorable family vacation and the lessons learned.
  • Dealing with a difficult breakup and finding strength within myself.
  • The impact of a significant teacher or mentor on my life.
  • A life-changing volunteering experience.
  • How a friendship shaped who I am today.
  • My journey to self-acceptance and self-love.
  • Coping with the loss of a loved one and finding healing.
  • The role of sports in personal growth and development.
  • How I learned to prioritize self-care and mental well-being.
  • The influence of a memorable book or film on my perspective.
  • How social media has impacted my relationships and sense of self.
  • The lessons learned from a failed or unsuccessful venture.
  • The impact of growing up with a unique hobby or talent.
  • The role of faith or spirituality in my life.
  • Reflecting on the most significant decision I ever had to make.
  • The moment I realized the value of forgiveness and letting go.

🍟 Growing Culture of Junk Food Essay 800 Words

  • Fast Food Effects on Human Health The phenomenon results in the ideological perspectives of increased obesity and the emergence of lifestyle diseases. The popularity and consumption rate of fast-food restaurants is one of the trending issues in cities and towns.
  • Fast Food and Gender: Is There a Relation? The study was to observe the gender that formed the majority of the customer base in respect to fast foods. In this case, it was important to select a predetermined restaurant that specializes in fast […]
  • Regulation of the Fast Food Industry: Review The rapid growth of the fast food industry has led to the high consumption of fast food by many people. The extraordinary growth of the fast food industry has been driven by fundamental changes in […]
  • The Reasons Behind the Popularity of Fast Food in the Context of the Lebanese Market Nowadays, in Beirut, the variety of traditional dishes which can be prepared quickly and served as fast food is amazing, from the kebab, to the falafel; most dishes are represented.
  • “The Bitter Truth About Fast Food” by Schlosser While such a regulation is hard to follow, it has been proved that some natural ingredients used in the manufacturing of flavors pose more health risks than artificial ingredients.
  • Fast Food Restaurants: Classification Most restaurants offer these services at their premises, whereby customers come, have their meals and leave for example the Deising’s chain of restaurants, while others especially the well-established ones offer take-out services and delivery services […]
  • Marketing Case B: Freddy Favors Fast Food and Convenience for College Students Problem Objective Opinion Areas of Strength Areas of Concern Recommendation Conclusion The service and products that are to be offered in a food joint for college students is a problem, as it would require […]
  • Environmental Analysis for a New Fast Food Chain in Australia The viability of the restaurant will depend, in a large part, on the stability of the host government as well as the strength of the host country’s political system.
  • Fast Food Epidemic: The Dark Side of American Meal Various reports and studies signify the trends of huge marketing campaigns of fast food chains and the significant correlation this has with fast food consumption.
  • Technology in the British Fast Food Industry The use of modern smartphones and apps is an emerging trend that will continue to dictate the performance of business organizations.
  • Fast Food, Fat Profits: Obesity in America With the current trends in the consumption of foods, statistics show that, by the year 2015, a third of America will be obese.
  • Fast Food, Obesity, Depression, and Other Issues However, in busy communities, fast foods are increasingly being the preferred choice of food because of their price and convenience and that is why they are commonly served in many hotels, cafes and even some […]
  • Should Fast Food Qualify As “Food”? Nowadays, it became a commonplace practice among many people to suggest that fast food cannot be considered areal.’ This, of course, implies that the consumption of fast food can hardly be considered beneficial to the […]
  • Analysis of the Documentary Fast Food, Fat Profits This is one of the issues that can be distinguished. This is one of the limitations that can be singled out.
  • The Negative Consequences of Employing High School Students in Fast Food Restaurants In addition, high school students should be advised that education and their careers are more important as compared to working at fast food restaurants.
  • Fast Food Industry in the US This paper will discuss the fast food industry in the US with an emphasis on the positive as well as the negative impacts it has on American economy.
  • Fast Food on Campus: When Affordable Meals Overshadow the Nutrition Issues Starting Positively Much to the credit of fast food and the companies producing it, there are also a number of positive aspects of providing fast food on the territory of campus.
  • Blame It on Fast-Moving Food Industries or Personal Irresponsibility The other reason that David Zinczenko gives why it is not prudent to blame the eater is a lack of information. People need to be responsible and accountable for the decisions that they make.
  • Fast-Food Restaurants’ Social Impact in the US The emphasis on efficiency, predictability, and calculability in the fast-food industry is based on the creation of a structured division of labor that requires employees to accomplish a set goal by the company.
  • “The Omnivore’s Dilemma: The Search for a Perfect Meal in a Fast-Food World” by Michael Pollan The poultry helps in the spreading of manure as the chicken looks for larvae to eat. There are a lot of processed foods available in the market such that one is spoilt for choice.

📌 800 Word Essay: Answers to the Most Pressing Questions

📌 how many pages is 800 words double spaced.

How many pages is 800 words of academic text? According to the guidelines of all the key citation styles, one page should contain approximately 250 words (12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced). If you follow these guidelines, your 800-word essay will be 4 pages. If you make it single-spaced, it will take 2 pages.

📌 How Much Is 800 Words in Paragraphs?

How much is 800 words in paragraphs? A typical academic paragraph contains 100 to 150 words. So, a 800-word essay will consist of 6-9 paragraphs.

📌 How Many Sentences Is 800 Words?

How many sentences is a 800-word essay? A typical sentence in academic writing consists of 15-20 words. So, 800 words are not less than 40-43 sentences.

📌 How to Outline a 800-Word Essay?

An essay of 800 words is an extensive piece that requires a serious approach to researching, outlining, and writing. The three parts of a 800-word essay are the introduction (15% of the total volume), body (70%), and conclusion (15% of the total volume). The exact number of paragraphs will depend on how many arguments you have. Note that a typical paragraph contains 100-200 words on average.

📌 How Long Does It Take to Write 800 Words?

How long does it take to write a 800-word essay? It will take you 16-32 minutes to type 800 words on your keyboard (the total time will depend on your typing speed). Writing an academic paper will take more time because you’ll have to research, make an outline, write, format, and edit your text. It would be best if you planned to spend a little more than 2 and a half hours for a 800-word paper.

📌 How Long Should an Introduction Be in a 800 Word Essay?

A typical introduction in a 800 words essay contains about 120 words. However, it might be a good idea to ask your professor to provide you with the exact requirements.

  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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IvyPanda . "800 Words Essay Examples + How-to-Write Guide." November 26, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/words/800-words-essay-examples/.

How Long Is an Essay? The Ultimate Essay Length Guide

It’s safe to say that most students struggle with the word limit within an essay. Sometimes, it’s hard to find ideas for a text and meet the word requirement for every part of the paper. With so many factors influencing essay length, it’s easy to get confused.

Our specialists will write a custom essay specially for you!

The picture enumerates the factors influencing essay length.

Luckily, our custom-writing team has your back. In this article, our custom-writing experts will answer all your questions regarding essay length. We will also help you write papers with an ideal number of words!

📜 Is Essay Length Important?

📏 essay parts: recommended length.

  • 🤔 How to Make Essays Shorter or Longer
  • 📑 Essay Length & Formatting
  • ❓ Different Academic Levels FAQ
  • 📚 Essay Length: Different Types
  • ⭐ Other Aspects
  • 📝 Essay Examples

🔍 References

Often, the phrase “word limit” causes panic among students. After all, if an essay is too long or too short, your grade will be lowered. However, in reality, there’s nothing to worry about. When it comes to words, limitations are beneficial for both the students and the professors.

Let’s see what exactly it means.

Many people believe that the longer an essay is, the better. However, according to Frontiers, research shows that it’s a bias that couldn’t be further from the truth. A perfect-length paper is one that allows students to express their ideas and showcase their knowledge fully while keeping it clean and simple.

What Influences Essay Length

Various factors determine the length of an essay. Here are the most important ones:

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Let’s start with the essentials. Usually, assignment length is given as a number of words rather than pages. Unless your supervisor or instructor mentions any specific limitations, it’s acceptable to be 10% below or above the word limit.

It’s also worth knowing the 80/20 rule . According to it, the body should constitute 80% of the text, while the intro and the conclusion take up the remaining 20%.

Keep reading to learn more about the recommended length of each essay part. The main numbers are shown in the table below:

How Long Should an Introduction Be?

An introduction is the first section and the face of your essay. For that reason, it needs to be compelling and well-thought-out. Usually, it consists of 3 to 5 sentences or 50 to 80 words .

An introduction must have a hook, some background information, and a thesis statement. While the attention grabber and the thesis are usually brief, you may need 2 to 3 sentences for the background. To avoid going overboard, try to stay on topic and don’t add any filler.

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How Long Is a Body Paragraph in an Essay?

The length of a body paragraph may vary. Sometimes, it can be limited to a single sentence. In other cases, it may take up a whole page. Usually, it’s recommended to have between 80 and 200 words (5-8 sentences) per body paragraph.

Since the paper’s body contains the most information, it’s necessary to explain and support your ideas properly. That’s why it’s no big deal if your body paragraphs go slightly over the word limit.

How Many Body Paragraphs Should Be in an Essay?

Like the word count, the number of paragraphs is determined by the type of paper and its topic. The minimum is 1. Generally, however, the body consists of 3-5 paragraphs , 1 for each argument.

To improve your paper’s structure, ensure that there are as many paragraphs as there are points in your thesis statement. Each one should have a purpose and support your arguments. If there’s any fluff, it’s better to get rid of it.

How Long Should a Conclusion Be?

Like the introduction, the conclusion consists of 50-80 words . It’s essential to keep it simple and only mention the central ideas. A weak concluding sentence may affect the reader’s understanding of the topic and spoil the overall impression of your paper.

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🤔 How to Make Essays Shorter or Longer: Best Tips

Undoubtedly the essay’s content is more important than the number of words you use. But there are times when students go more than 10-15% below or over the limit. Is there a solution to this problem?

Yes, there is! In this section, we will share the most useful tips to help you stay on point with your paper’s word count.

How to Make Essays Longer

Since having enough words is essential for a good grade, we’ve collected the best tips that can help you lengthen your essay without teachers noticing:

  • Use relevant quotations.  You don’t need to litter your essay with citations, but using them whenever appropriate is a great idea. For instance, if you’re working on a book analysis, referencing a couple of direct quotes from the source text will make your essay more credible and increase the word count.
  • Give examples.  Go through the claims in your paper and provide additional evidence where possible. It will make your essay longer and more informative.
  • Use transitional expressions.  Adding transition words and phrases is a natural way of increasing the number of words. It will also improve your essay’s readability. 
  • Add more references.  Providing references is always a good idea when writing a formal essay. That way, you will increase the number of words and make your paper more credible.
  • Work on your descriptions.  If you struggle to develop new ideas, go over what you’ve already written and consider adding some descriptive words. It’s a great idea for creative essays to include more imagery. 

How to Shorten an Essay

Another struggle of academic writing is cutting down the number of words in your essay to meet a set limit. We are here to tell you that it’s not that hard. Writing straightforwardly and keeping your sentences short is a key to concise content. Here are several strategies you may use to tighten a lengthy essay:

  • Choose the active voice.  It takes up less space than passive voice. Using it also makes your writing more professional and compelling.
  • Remove needless transitions.  Transitions can indeed maintain the flow of the paper. But some transitional phrases can be easily removed.
  • Get rid of unnecessary adverbs and adjectives.  Some students tend to overuse adjectives and adverbs. It adds wordiness to their writing.
  • Avoid running starts.  Some students like to start their sentences with long phrases like: “there are,” “it is believed,” or “the fact that.” Getting rid of them makes texts much more concise.
  • Delete “that.”  In most cases, the word “that” can often be easily removed from texts.

Another cool trick is to use our summarizing tool as essay shortener. Try it out!

📑 How Long Is an Essay Depending on Formatting?

As we mentioned earlier, the essay’s length is usually limited by the number of words. But sometimes, a teacher may ask you to write a specific number of pages. This is trickier because the amount of text you can place on the page depends on the formatting. By using the font size and spacing properly, it’s possible to make the paper visually longer or shorter. Let’s discuss it in more detail.

The picture describes how formatting affects essay length.

Essay Spacing: How Does It Affect the Length?

  • Adjusting the spacing between lines.  Try to make the changes as slight as possible. For instance, if you were asked to double-space the paper, use 2.1 or 2.2 spacing instead. Another option is to slightly extend spaces between paragraphs.
  • Extending the margin size.  You can increase the right and bottom margins by a quarter to make very subtle changes in length. For example, if the margins are 1 inch , you can set them at 1.25 inches instead. 
  • Increasing the spacing between characters.  It is less noticeable than the line spacing. Still, try not to overdo it and keep the numbers between 1.2 and 1.5 . 
  • Adjusting the footer.  Add a footer with page numbers to stretch the bottom margin even further.
  • Lengthening the header.  You can extend your header by adding your name, e-mail address, or other relevant information. Another option is double-spacing it.

Length of an Essay: Font and Size

  • Using the right type of font.  If your instructor didn’t specify which font you should use, go for the bigger ones. We suggest Arial, Bangla Sangam MN, Cambria, or Quicksand. They will make your text look longer without being too on the nose.  
  • Using a bigger font size.  This is another technique that can come in handy. However, be careful and don’t increase your font by more than 0.1-0.5 pt.  
  • Increasing the size of periods and commas.   This is one of the less noticeable tricks you can use. For instance, if your paper’s font is 12 pt. , increase it to 14 pt. only for punctuation marks. Italicizing periods and commas will also add several lines of length to your essay. 

What to Do if There Are No Length Guidelines

Sometimes a teacher sets no word limit for a written work. What to do in that case? Well, first, you can ask your professor to confirm if they have simply forgotten to mention it. But if that’s not the case, here are a couple of helpful solutions:

  • Think of the paragraph number.  Sometimes, you may be given the number of paragraphs instead of words. In that case, you can decide on the number of words depending on how many paragraphs you have. 
  • Think about the topic’s complexity.  The length of your paper is also directly dependent on the theme. If the topic is simple, 4-5 paragraphs will be enough. A more complex issue may require an in-depth explanation, so your essay can be 6-8 paragraphs long.

❓ Essay Length for Different Academic Levels FAQ

The length of the elementary school essay is usually short. Usually, a paper needs to have around 3-5 paragraphs, with 4-5 sentences per paragraph. Primary school essays can be 1-2 paragraphs long.

The word limit for a middle school essay is usually between 300 to 1000 words. The most common essay length is 500 words, which is about 5 paragraphs. However, it may differ from school to school.

The length of the high school essay may differ depending on the school and the complexity of the task itself. Usually, however, a paper can be between 300 to 1000 words long.

The length of the undergraduate college essay often falls within the range of 1500 to 2100 words. It translates into roughly 5-7 pages. 5 pages is the most common essay length at this level.

When it comes to the graduate school admission essay, the word limit is usually between 500 and 1000 words. It’s possible to go slightly over or below the set limit; however, it’s best to stick to the requirements as close as possible.

📚 How Long Should an Essay Be: Different Types

Now, let’s talk about different types of essays. How long should they be? Keep reading to learn about the length of college essays, short and extended ones, scholarship essays, and research papers.

How Long Is a College Essay?

When it comes to a college essay, it’s more important to stick to the word limit than with any other paper. Some teachers may refuse to read it unless it meets all the requirements.

The shortest limit for a college essay is about 250 words which is the shortest length of a Common App personal statement. It’s also rare to see a good college essay with over 650 words . So, an average piece usually has between 150 and 650 words ; you can go over or below the limit by 50.

How Long Is a Paragraph in College Essays?

A college essay usually consists of 4-5 paragraphs . One paragraph takes about 1/3 of the page, which is roughly 5 sentences . Each sentence corresponds with one of the following components:

  • Topic sentence.
  • Explanation.
  • Transitions.

College Essay Length Requirements: Top 5 Schools

To understand the requirements for a college application essay even better, take a look at the table below. It showcases the top 5 schools and their length criteria for personal statements. Keep it in mind when writing your college essay:

How Long Is a Short Essay?

A short essay is usually 500 words long. Using 12pt Times New Roman font with standard margins and double spacing should result in about 2 pages of text.

Extended Essay Length

An extended essay is different from a short or a standard one. It requires extensive research and thorough explanation. That’s why the upper limit for this kind of essay is 4000 words . In this case, a typical essay length is 3500 words or 18 paragraphs .

Scholarship Essay Length

Generally, scholarship papers have a limit of 500 words , which is 1 page in length. Most scholarship programs provide additional requirements that indicate the minimum number of words or pages. If there are no set limitations, you can stick to the limit.

How Long Is a Research Paper?

Typically, a research paper is between 4000 and 6000 words long. Sometimes, there are shorter papers, which have around 2000 words, or in-depth ones with over 10000 words.

⭐ Other Aspects of Essay Length

When it comes to essay length, many different aspects come into play. Here, we’ve gathered all the essential information regarding an essay’s number of pages, paragraphs, words, and references.

How Many Paragraphs Are in an Essay?

Sometimes, it is more convenient to count paragraphs rather than words. Let’s now figure out how many paragraphs are in essays of different lengths. You may also check out the examples to see what such an essay looks like:

How to Count Paragraphs in an Essay Based on Word Count

You can also count the number of body paragraphs for your essay using the formula below:

Number of body paragraphs (average) = (TWC – TWC*0.16)/100

  • TWC – total word count
  • 0.16 – an average percentage of total word count for introduction and conclusion
  • 100 – an average number of words per paragraph

How Many Pages Are in an Essay?

The number of pages in your essay may vary from subject to subject. But it’s still possible to determine the number of pages based on word count. Check out the numbers below to see the conversions with bonus examples:

You can also use a specialized calculator such as Word Counter to determine a number of pages in your essay.

What Does an Essay Look Like when Typed?

You might be wondering: what do essays of different lengths look like when typed? Well, here’s the table where you can find out the metrics for single- and double-spaced papers.

How Many Pages Are in a Handwritten Essay?

In case you need to turn in a handwritten paper, you should check out the table below.

Counting Words in a Handwritten Essay

If you don’t have enough time to count the words in your handwritten essay one by one, here’s what you can do:

  • Count how many words there are in one line. Take the first and last lines and a line in the middle of a page. Let’s say there are 15, 14, and 15 words in them. Then, the average number of words per line is 15.
  • Next, count how many lines there are on one page. Let’s say there are 17 lines on a page.
  • Take the number of words per line and multiply it by the number of lines per page. In our case, we multiply 15 by 17. So, there are 255 words per page on average.
  • Finally, multiply the number of words per page by the number of pages. If your essay has 3 pages, it is approximately 765 words long.

How Long Does it Take to Write an Essay?

It is crucial to know how long writing will take you, especially if you are working on an exam essay or just short on time. Note that you need to consider the time for typing and researching necessary to complete a piece. Research time may vary. Usually, it’s 1-2 hours for 200-250 words .

The picture shows the fact about the average speed of writing.

Below, we’ve gathered the average writing time for average and slower writing speed:

And here are the results in pages:

How Many References Does an Essay Need?

Another essential part of any composition is the reference list. Different academic levels require different references. You’ll find out how many of them should be in your paper in the table below!

📝 Essay Examples: Different Length

Finally, we’ve gathered some excellent sample essays of different lengths. Make sure to check them out!

We also recommend you check out our free essay samples sorted by pages:

  • 1-Page Essay Examples
  • 2-Page Essay Examples
  • 3-Page Essay Examples
  • 4-Page Essay Examples
  • 5-Page Essay Examples
  • 10-Page Essay Examples
  • 20-Page Essay Examples
  • 30-Page Essay Examples
  • 40-Page Essay Examples
  • 50-Page Essay Examples

Now you know all about essay length, word limits, and ways to lengthen or shorten your text. If you know other interesting tricks, make sure to share them in a comment! Good luck with your writing assignments!

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Crossword Puzzles in Learning: Role, History, & 29 Resources

Are you excited about grammar? Have you ever read the dictionary for fun? Do you become enthralled by your textbooks? Whether you are a language nerd or not, crossword puzzles are here to help. In this article, you will find dozens of exciting puzzle resources to support your learning. You...

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How Many Paragraphs Should an Essay Have?

How Many Paragraphs Should an Essay Have?

  • 6-minute read
  • 19th May 2023

You have an essay to write. You’ve researched the topic and crafted a strong thesis statement . Now it’s time to open the laptop and start tapping away on the keyboard. You know the required word count, but you’re unsure of one thing: How many paragraphs should you have in the essay? Gee, it would’ve been nice if your professor had specified that, huh?

No worries, friend, because in this post, we’ll provide a guide to how many paragraphs an essay should have . Generally, the number of paragraphs will depend on how many words and how many supporting details you need (more on that later). We’ll also explore the concept of paragraphs if you’re wondering what they’re all about. And remember, paragraphs serve a purpose. You can’t submit an essay without using them!

What Is a Paragraph?

You likely know what a paragraph is, but can you define it properly in plain English? Don’t feel bad if that question made you shake your head. Off the top of our heads, many of us can’t explain what a paragraph is .

A paragraph comprises at least five sentences about a particular topic. A paragraph must begin with a well-crafted topic sentence , which is then followed by ideas that support that sentence. To move the essay forward, the paragraph should flow well, and the sentences should be relevant.

Why Are Paragraphs Important?

Paragraphs expand on points you make about a topic, painting a vivid picture for the reader. Paragraphs break down information into chunks, which are easier to read than one giant, uninterrupted body of text. If your essay doesn’t use paragraphs, it likely won’t earn a good grade!

 How Many Paragraphs Are in an Essay?

As mentioned, the number of paragraphs will depend on the word count and the quantity of supporting ideas required. However, if you have to write at least 1,000 words, you should aim for at least five paragraphs. Every essay should have an introduction and a conclusion. The reader needs to get a basic introduction to the topic and understand your thesis statement. They must also see key takeaway points at the end of the essay.

As a rule, a five-paragraph essay would look like this:

  • Introduction (with thesis statement)
  • Main idea 1 (with supporting details)
  • Main idea 2 (with supporting details)
  • Main idea 3 (with supporting details)

Your supporting details should include material (such as quotations or facts) from credible sources when writing the main idea paragraphs.

If you think your essay could benefit from having more than five paragraphs, add them! Just make sure they’re relevant to the topic.

Professors don’t care so much about the number of paragraphs; they want you to satisfy the minimum word requirement. Assignment rubrics rarely state the number of required paragraphs. It will be up to you to decide how many to write, and we urge you to research the assigned topic before writing the essay. Your main ideas from the research will generate most of the paragraphs.

When Should I Start a New Paragraph?

Surprisingly, some students aren’t aware that they should break up some of the paragraphs in their essays . You need to start new paragraphs to keep your reader engaged.

As well as starting a new paragraph after the introduction and another for the conclusion, you should do so when you’re introducing a new idea or presenting contrasting information.

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Starting a paragraph often involves using transitional words or phrases to signal to the reader that you’re presenting a new idea. Failing to use these cues may cause confusion for the reader and undermine your essay’s coherence.

Let’s consider examples of transitional words and phrases in action in a conclusion. Note that the essay is about too much mobile device screen time and that transitional words and phrases can occur later in a paragraph too:

Thanks to “In conclusion” and “Additionally,” the reader clearly knows that they are now in the conclusion stage. They can also follow the logic and development of the essay more easily.

How Do I Know Whether I Have Enough Paragraphs?

While no magic number exists for how many paragraphs you need, you should know when you have enough to satisfy the requirements of the assignment. It helps if you can answer yes to the following questions:

  • Does my essay have both an introduction and a conclusion?
  • Have I provided enough main ideas with supporting details, including quotes and cited information?
  • Does my essay develop the thesis statement?
  • Does my essay adequately inform the reader about the topic?
  • Have I provided at least one takeaway for the reader?


Professors aren’t necessarily looking for a specific number of paragraphs in an essay; it’s the word count that matters. You should see the word count as a guide for a suitable number of paragraphs. As a rule, five paragraphs should suffice for a 1,000-word essay. As long as you have an introduction and a conclusion and provide enough supporting details for the main ideas in your body paragraphs, you should be good to go.

Remember to start a new paragraph when introducing new ideas or presenting contrasting information. Your reader needs to be able to follow the essay throughout, and a single, unbroken block of text would be difficult to read. Transitional words and phrases help start new paragraphs, so don’t forget to use them!

As with any writing, we always recommend proofreading your essay after you’ve finished it. This step will help to detect typos, extra spacing, and grammatical errors. A second pair of eyes is always useful, so we recommend asking our proofreading experts to review your essay . They’ll correct your grammar, ensure perfect spelling, and offer suggestions to improve your essay. You can even submit a 500-word document for free!

1. What is a paragraph and what is its purpose?

A paragraph is a group of sentences that expand on a single idea. The purpose of a paragraph is to introduce an idea and then develop it with supporting details.

2. What are the benefits of paragraphs?

Paragraphs make your essay easy to read by providing structure and flow. They let you transition from one idea to another. New paragraphs allow you to tell your reader that you’ve covered one point and are moving on to the next.

3. How many paragraphs does a typical essay have?

An essay of at least 1,000 words usually has five paragraphs. It’s best to use the required word count as a guide to the number of paragraphs you’ll need.

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Structure and Flow - Skills Guide

Essay structure.

  • Paragraph Structure
  • Creating Flow
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What is a good structure?

A good structure to your academic work is vital to make it understandable, easy to read and engaging. An essay or report tells a story, so as any good story does, it needs a beginning, a middle and an end. It's not just the work as a whole that needs structure but your paragraphs too. This section includes guidance on how to create a good overall essay structure. For more information about creating structure for your individual paragraphs see our paragraph structure guide .

Why do I need to learn structure?

To gain good marks and fulfil the learning outcomes of your assignments, you need to demonstrate that you understand the concepts and the work that you have used to form your argument. Structure also ensures that:

  • you avoid repeating yourself
  • you include information that leads from one concept to another
  • you show understanding of your thought process
  • you don't forget a piece of information along the way

How do I use structure?

The basic structure of any academic work looks something like this:

  • Title/Question
  • Introduction (approx. 10% of the word count)
  • Main body - development of argument (approx. 80% of the word count)
  • Conclusion (approx. 10% of the word count)
  • References/Bibliography

Creating sections helps you to plan how much you need to write on each area. This breaks the task down into smaller chunks.

For example:

Essay word count - 3,000 words Introduction - 300 words Main body - 2,400 words Conclusion - 300 words

If your subject has three major themes you can then break the main body down again:

Essay word count - 3,000 words Introduction - 300 words Main body - 2,400 words (theme 1 - 800 words; theme 2 - 800 words; theme 3 - 800 words) Conclusion - 300 words

This is not a precise rule; you can adjust the word counts to accommodate where more emphasis is needed or not, but it can be used to break a large word count into manageable sections.

Structure Resources

  • Essay planning table
  • Point, Evidence, Explain Example
  • Academic Language at Level 6
  • Words to Create Flow

Structure and Planning Podcast

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How Long Should a College Essay Be? | Word Count Tips

Published on September 29, 2021 by Kirsten Courault . Revised on June 1, 2023.

Most college application portals specify a word count range for your essay, and you should stay within 10% of the upper limit. If no word count is specified, we advise keeping your essay between 400 and 600 words.

You should aim to stay under the specified limit to show you can follow directions and write concisely. However, if you write too little, it may seem like you are unwilling or unable to write a thoughtful and developed essay.

Table of contents

Word count guidelines for different application types, how to shorten your essay, how to expand your essay, other interesting articles, frequently asked questions about college application essays.

Each university has a different suggested or required word count depending on which application portal it uses.

Some application portals will allow you to exceed the word count limit, but admissions officers have limited time and energy to read longer essays. Other application portals have a strict limit and will not allow you to exceed it.

For example, in the Common App , the portal will not allow you to submit more than 650 words. Some colleges using the Common App will allow you to submit less than 250 words, but this is too short for a well-developed essay.

For scholarship essays , diversity essays , and “Why this college?” essays , word count limits vary. Make sure to verify and respect each prompt’s limit.

Don’t worry too much about word count until the revision stage ; focusing on word count while writing may hinder your creativity. Once you have finished a draft, you can start shortening or expanding your essay if necessary.

Prevent plagiarism. Run a free check.

On some application portals, you can exceed the word limit, but there are good reasons to stay within it:

  • To maintain the admissions officer’s attention
  • To show you can follow directions
  • To demonstrate you can write concisely

Here are some strategies for shortening your essay.

Stay on the main point

It’s good to use vivid imagery, but only include relevant details. Cut any sentences with tangents or unnecessary information.

My father taught me how to strategically hold the marshmallow pierced by a twig at a safe distance from the flames to make sure it didn’t get burned, ensuring a golden brown exterior.

Typically, my father is glued to his computer since he’s a software engineer at Microsoft. But that night, he was the marshmallow master. We waited together as the pillowy sugary goodness caramelized into gooey delight. Good example: Sticks to the point On our camping trip to Yosemite, my family spent time together, away from technology and routine responsibility.

My favorite part was roasting s’mores around the campfire. My father taught me how to hold the marshmallow at a safe distance from the flames, ensuring a golden brown exterior.

These college essay examples also demonstrate how you can cut your essay down to size.

Eliminate wordiness

Delete unnecessary words that clutter your essay. If a word doesn’t add value, cut it.

Here are some common examples of wordiness and how to fix them.

Use a paraphrasing tool

If you want to save time, you can make use of a paraphrasing tool . Within the tool you can select the “short” mode to rewrite your essay in less words. Just copy your text in the tool and within 1 click you’ll have shortened your essay.

If you’re significantly under the word count, you’re wasting the opportunity to show depth and authenticity in your essay. Admissions officers may see your short essay as a sign that you’re unable to write a detailed, insightful narrative about yourself.

Here are some strategies for expanding your essay.

Show detailed examples, and don’t tell generic stories

You should include detailed examples that can’t be replicated by another student. Use vivid imagery, the five senses, and specific objects to transport the reader into your story.

Reveal your feelings and insight

If your essay lacks vulnerability or self-reflection, share your feelings and the lessons you’ve learned.

Be creative with how you express your feelings; rather than simply writing “I’m happy,” use memorable images to help the reader clearly visualize your happiness. Similarly, for insight, include the follow-up actions from your lessons learned; instead of claiming “I became a hard worker,” explain what difficult tasks you accomplished as a result of what you learned.

If you want to know more about academic writing , effective communication , or parts of speech , make sure to check out some of our other articles with explanations and examples.

Academic writing

  • Writing process
  • Transition words
  • Passive voice
  • Paraphrasing


  • How to end an email
  • Ms, mrs, miss
  • How to start an email
  • I hope this email finds you well
  • Hope you are doing well

 Parts of speech

  • Personal pronouns
  • Conjunctions

Most college application portals specify a word count range for your essay, and you should stay within 10% of the upper limit to write a developed and thoughtful essay.

You should aim to stay under the specified word count limit to show you can follow directions and write concisely. However, don’t write too little, as it may seem like you are unwilling or unable to write a detailed and insightful narrative about yourself.

If no word count is specified, we advise keeping your essay between 400 and 600 words.

If you’re struggling to reach the word count for your college essay, add vivid personal stories or share your feelings and insight to give your essay more depth and authenticity.

If your college essay goes over the word count limit , cut any sentences with tangents or irrelevant details. Delete unnecessary words that clutter your essay.

You can speed up this process by shortening and smoothing your writing with a paraphrasing tool . After that, you can use the summarizer to shorten it even more.

There is no set number of paragraphs in a college admissions essay . College admissions essays can diverge from the traditional five-paragraph essay structure that you learned in English class. Just make sure to stay under the specified word count .

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College Essays


Figuring out your college essay can be one of the most difficult parts of applying to college. Even once you've read the prompt and picked a topic, you might wonder: if you write too much or too little, will you blow your chance of admission? How long should a college essay be?

Whether you're a terse writer or a loquacious one, we can advise you on college essay length. In this guide, we'll cover what the standard college essay length is, how much word limits matter, and what to do if you aren't sure how long a specific essay should be.

How Long Is a College Essay? First, Check the Word Limit

You might be used to turning in your writing assignments on a page-limit basis (for example, a 10-page paper). While some colleges provide page limits for their college essays, most use a word limit instead. This makes sure there's a standard length for all the essays that a college receives, regardless of formatting or font.

In the simplest terms, your college essay should be pretty close to, but not exceeding, the word limit in length. Think within 50 words as the lower bound, with the word limit as the upper bound. So for a 500-word limit essay, try to get somewhere between 450-500 words. If they give you a range, stay within that range.

College essay prompts usually provide the word limit right in the prompt or in the instructions.

For example, the University of Illinois says :

"You'll answer two to three prompts as part of your application. The questions you'll answer will depend on whether you're applying to a major or to our undeclared program , and if you've selected a second choice . Each response should be approximately 150 words."

As exemplified by the University of Illinois, the shortest word limits for college essays are usually around 150 words (less than half a single-spaced page). Rarely will you see a word limit higher than around 650 words (over one single-spaced page). College essays are usually pretty short: between 150 and 650 words. Admissions officers have to read a lot of them, after all!


Weigh your words carefully, because they are limited!

How Flexible Is the Word Limit?

But how flexible is the word limit? What if your poignant anecdote is just 10 words too long—or 100 too short?

Can I Go Over the Word Limit?

If you are attaching a document and you need one or two extra words, you can probably get away with exceeding the word limit by such a small amount. Some colleges will actually tell you that exceeding the word limit by 1-2 words is fine. However, I advise against exceeding the word limit unless it's explicitly allowed for a few reasons:

First, you might not be able to. If you have to copy-paste it into a text box, your essay might get cut off and you'll have to trim it down anyway.

If you exceed the word limit in a noticeable way, the admissions counselor may just stop reading your essay past that point. This is not good for you.

Following directions is actually a very important part of the college application process. You need to follow directions to get your letters of recommendation, upload your essays, send supplemental materials, get your test scores sent, and so on and so forth. So it's just a good general rule to follow whatever instructions you've been given by the institution. Better safe than sorry!

Can I Go Under the Word Limit?

If you can truly get your point across well beneath the word limit, it's probably fine. Brevity is not necessarily a bad thing in writing just so long as you are clear, cogent, and communicate what you want to.

However, most college essays have pretty tight word limits anyways. So if you're writing 300 words for an essay with a 500-word limit, ask yourself: is there anything more you could say to elaborate on or support your points? Consult with a parent, friend, or teacher on where you could elaborate with more detail or expand your points.

Also, if the college gives you a word range, you absolutely need to at least hit the bottom end of the range. So if you get a range from the institution, like 400-500 words, you need to write at least 400 words. If you write less, it will come across like you have nothing to say, which is not an impression you want to give.


What If There Is No Word Limit?

Some colleges don't give you a word limit for one or more of your essay prompts. This can be a little stressful, but the prompts generally fall into a few categories:

Writing Sample

Some colleges don't provide a hard-and-fast word limit because they want a writing sample from one of your classes. In this case, a word limit would be very limiting to you in terms of which assignments you could select from.

For an example of this kind of prompt, check out essay Option B at Amherst :

"Submit a graded paper from your junior or senior year that best represents your writing skills and analytical abilities. We are particularly interested in your ability to construct a tightly reasoned, persuasive argument that calls upon literary, sociological or historical evidence. You should NOT submit a laboratory report, journal entry, creative writing sample or in-class essay."

While there is usually no word limit per se, colleges sometimes provide a general page guideline for writing samples. In the FAQ for Option B , Amherst clarifies, "There is no hard-and-fast rule for official page limit. Typically, we anticipate a paper of 4-5 pages will provide adequate length to demonstrate your analytical abilities. Somewhat longer papers can also be submitted, but in most cases should not exceed 8-10 pages."

So even though there's no word limit, they'd like somewhere in the 4-10 pages range. High school students are not usually writing papers that are longer than 10 pages anyways, so that isn't very limiting.

how many paragraphs is an 800 word essay

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Your dedicated PrepScholar Admissions counselor will craft your perfect college essay, from the ground up. We'll learn your background and interests, brainstorm essay topics, and walk you through the essay drafting process, step-by-step. At the end, you'll have a unique essay that you'll proudly submit to your top choice colleges.

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Implicit Length Guideline

Sometimes, while there's no word (or even page) limit, there's still an implicit length guideline. What do I mean by this?

See, for example, this Western Washington University prompt :

“Describe one or more activities you have been involved in that have been particularly meaningful. What does your involvement say about the communities, identities or causes that are important to you?”

While there’s no page or word limit listed here, further down on page the ‘essay tips’ section explains that “ most essay responses are about 500 words, ” though “this is only a recommendation, not a firm limit.” This gives you an idea of what’s reasonable. A little longer or shorter than 500 words would be appropriate here. That’s what I mean by an “implicit” word limit—there is a reasonable length you could go to within the boundaries of the prompt.


But what's the proper coffee-to-paragraph ratio?

Treasure Hunt

There is also the classic "treasure hunt" prompt. No, it's not a prompt about a treasure hunt. It's a prompt where there are no length guidelines given, but if you hunt around on the rest of the website you can find length guidelines.

For example, the University of Chicago provides seven "Extended Essay" prompts . You must write an essay in response to one prompt of your choosing, but nowhere on the page is there any guidance about word count or page limit.

However, many colleges provide additional details about their expectations for application materials, including essays, on FAQ pages, which is true of the University of Chicago. On the school’s admissions Frequently Asked Questions page , they provide the following length guidelines for the supplemental essays: 

“We suggest that you note any word limits for Coalition or Common Application essays; however, there are no strict word limits on the UChicago Supplement essays. For the extended essay (where you choose one of several prompts), we suggest that you aim for around 650 words. While we won't, as a rule, stop reading after 650 words, we're only human and cannot promise that an overly wordy essay will hold our attention indefinitely. For the “Why UChicago?” essay, we suggest about 250-500 words. The ideas in your writing matter more than the exact number of words you use!”

So there you go! You want to be (loosely) in the realm of 650 for the extended essay, and 250-500 words for the “Why UChicago?” essay.

Help! There Really Is No Guidance on Length

If you really can't find any length guidelines anywhere on the admissions website and you're at a loss, I advise calling the admissions office. They may not be able to give you an exact number (in fact, they probably won't), but they will probably at least be able to tell you how long most of the essays they see are. (And keep you from writing a panicked, 20-page dissertation about your relationship with your dog).

In general, 500 words or so is pretty safe for a college essay. It's a fairly standard word limit length, in fact. (And if you're wondering, that's about a page and a half double-spaced.) 500 words is long enough to develop a basic idea while still getting a point across quickly—important when admissions counselors have thousands of essays to read!


"See? It says 500 words right there in tiny font!"

The Final Word: How Long Should a College Essay Be?

The best college essay length is usually pretty straightforward: you want to be right under or at the provided word limit. If you go substantially past the word limit, you risk having your essay cut off by an online application form or having the admissions officer just not finish it. And if you're too far under the word limit, you may not be elaborating enough.

What if there is no word limit? Then how long should a college essay be? In general, around 500 words is a pretty safe approximate word amount for a college essay—it's one of the most common word limits, after all!

Here's guidance for special cases and hunting down word limits:

If it's a writing sample of your graded academic work, the length either doesn't matter or there should be some loose page guidelines.

There also may be implicit length guidelines. For example, if a prompt says to write three paragraphs, you'll know that writing six sentences is definitely too short, and two single-spaced pages is definitely too long.

You might not be able to find length guidelines in the prompt, but you could still hunt them up elsewhere on the website. Try checking FAQs or googling your chosen school name with "admissions essay word limit."

If there really is no word limit, you can call the school to try to get some guidance.

With this advice, you can be sure you've got the right college essay length on lockdown!


Hey, writing about yourself can even be fun!

What's Next?

Need to ask a teacher or friend for help with your essay? See our do's and dont's to getting college essay advice .

If you're lacking in essay inspiration, see our guide to brainstorming college essay ideas . And here's our guide to starting out your essay perfectly!

Looking for college essay examples? See 11 places to find college essay examples and 145 essay examples with analysis !

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how many paragraphs is an 800 word essay

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An 800-word essay a piece of writing that consists of approximately 800 words. In an 800-word essay, the writer must effectively communicate their main points, support them with relevant evidence or examples, and provide analysis or critical evaluation. The essay should have a clear and logical structure, typically including an introduction that introduces the topic and presents a thesis statement, body paragraphs that develop the main points with supporting evidence, and a conclusion that summarizes the key ideas and leaves a lasting impression. Due to the limited word count, writers need to be concise and focused in their writing, prioritizing the most relevant information and avoiding unnecessary repetition or wordiness. Each paragraph should contribute directly to the central thesis and maintain a coherent flow of ideas throughout the essay.

What Does an 800-Word Essay Look Like?

As any essay this type has its general structure. A typical structure for an 800-word essay includes an introduction, body paragraphs (usually 2-4 paragraphs), and a conclusion. The introduction should provide context, present the thesis statement, and engage the reader. The body paragraphs should develop key points or arguments with supporting evidence and analysis, and the conclusion should summarize the main ideas and leave a lasting impression.

How Many Pages is an 800-Word Essay?

The number of pages in an 800-word essay can vary depending on various factors such as font size, line spacing, and formatting requirements. However, a general estimation is that an 800-word essay would be around 1.5 to 2 pages. It's important to note that these estimations are approximate, and the actual page count may vary slightly based on individual writing style and formatting choices.

How Long It Takes to Write an 800-Word Essay?

The time it takes to write an 800-word essay can vary depending on several factors like your writing speed, research requirements, familiarity with the topic, and the complexity of the subject matter. On average, it might take around 2 to 4 hours to complete an 800-word essay. However, some people may require more time for research and planning, while others may be able to write more quickly. Additionally, factors like distractions, breaks, and revisions can also influence the overall time needed to complete the essay. To manage your time effectively, it's recommended to allocate sufficient time for each stage of the writing process, including brainstorming, outlining, researching, writing the draft, and revising and editing. Breaking the task into smaller, manageable chunks and setting realistic goals for each stage can help ensure a well-written and polished 800-word essay within a reasonable timeframe.

How Can You Effectively Use the Word Count in an 800-Word Essay?

Focus on the main points or arguments and avoid unnecessary repetition or wordiness. Ensure that each paragraph contributes directly to your central thesis and supports your overall argument. Edit and revise your essay carefully to make the most of the word count and maintain clarity and coherence.

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how many paragraphs is an 800 word essay

The Writing Center • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

What this handout is about

This handout will help you understand how paragraphs are formed, how to develop stronger paragraphs, and how to completely and clearly express your ideas.

What is a paragraph?

Paragraphs are the building blocks of papers. Many students define paragraphs in terms of length: a paragraph is a group of at least five sentences, a paragraph is half a page long, etc. In reality, though, the unity and coherence of ideas among sentences is what constitutes a paragraph. A paragraph is defined as “a group of sentences or a single sentence that forms a unit” (Lunsford and Connors 116). Length and appearance do not determine whether a section in a paper is a paragraph. For instance, in some styles of writing, particularly journalistic styles, a paragraph can be just one sentence long. Ultimately, a paragraph is a sentence or group of sentences that support one main idea. In this handout, we will refer to this as the “controlling idea,” because it controls what happens in the rest of the paragraph.

How do I decide what to put in a paragraph?

Before you can begin to determine what the composition of a particular paragraph will be, you must first decide on an argument and a working thesis statement for your paper. What is the most important idea that you are trying to convey to your reader? The information in each paragraph must be related to that idea. In other words, your paragraphs should remind your reader that there is a recurrent relationship between your thesis and the information in each paragraph. A working thesis functions like a seed from which your paper, and your ideas, will grow. The whole process is an organic one—a natural progression from a seed to a full-blown paper where there are direct, familial relationships between all of the ideas in the paper.

The decision about what to put into your paragraphs begins with the germination of a seed of ideas; this “germination process” is better known as brainstorming . There are many techniques for brainstorming; whichever one you choose, this stage of paragraph development cannot be skipped. Building paragraphs can be like building a skyscraper: there must be a well-planned foundation that supports what you are building. Any cracks, inconsistencies, or other corruptions of the foundation can cause your whole paper to crumble.

So, let’s suppose that you have done some brainstorming to develop your thesis. What else should you keep in mind as you begin to create paragraphs? Every paragraph in a paper should be :

  • Unified : All of the sentences in a single paragraph should be related to a single controlling idea (often expressed in the topic sentence of the paragraph).
  • Clearly related to the thesis : The sentences should all refer to the central idea, or thesis, of the paper (Rosen and Behrens 119).
  • Coherent : The sentences should be arranged in a logical manner and should follow a definite plan for development (Rosen and Behrens 119).
  • Well-developed : Every idea discussed in the paragraph should be adequately explained and supported through evidence and details that work together to explain the paragraph’s controlling idea (Rosen and Behrens 119).

How do I organize a paragraph?

There are many different ways to organize a paragraph. The organization you choose will depend on the controlling idea of the paragraph. Below are a few possibilities for organization, with links to brief examples:

  • Narration : Tell a story. Go chronologically, from start to finish. ( See an example. )
  • Description : Provide specific details about what something looks, smells, tastes, sounds, or feels like. Organize spatially, in order of appearance, or by topic. ( See an example. )
  • Process : Explain how something works, step by step. Perhaps follow a sequence—first, second, third. ( See an example. )
  • Classification : Separate into groups or explain the various parts of a topic. ( See an example. )
  • Illustration : Give examples and explain how those examples support your point. (See an example in the 5-step process below.)

Illustration paragraph: a 5-step example

From the list above, let’s choose “illustration” as our rhetorical purpose. We’ll walk through a 5-step process for building a paragraph that illustrates a point in an argument. For each step there is an explanation and example. Our example paragraph will be about human misconceptions of piranhas.

Step 1. Decide on a controlling idea and create a topic sentence

Paragraph development begins with the formulation of the controlling idea. This idea directs the paragraph’s development. Often, the controlling idea of a paragraph will appear in the form of a topic sentence. In some cases, you may need more than one sentence to express a paragraph’s controlling idea.

Controlling idea and topic sentence — Despite the fact that piranhas are relatively harmless, many people continue to believe the pervasive myth that piranhas are dangerous to humans.

Step 2. Elaborate on the controlling idea

Paragraph development continues with an elaboration on the controlling idea, perhaps with an explanation, implication, or statement about significance. Our example offers a possible explanation for the pervasiveness of the myth.

Elaboration — This impression of piranhas is exacerbated by their mischaracterization in popular media.

Step 3. Give an example (or multiple examples)

Paragraph development progresses with an example (or more) that illustrates the claims made in the previous sentences.

Example — For example, the promotional poster for the 1978 horror film Piranha features an oversized piranha poised to bite the leg of an unsuspecting woman.

Step 4. Explain the example(s)

The next movement in paragraph development is an explanation of each example and its relevance to the topic sentence. The explanation should demonstrate the value of the example as evidence to support the major claim, or focus, in your paragraph.

Continue the pattern of giving examples and explaining them until all points/examples that the writer deems necessary have been made and explained. NONE of your examples should be left unexplained. You might be able to explain the relationship between the example and the topic sentence in the same sentence which introduced the example. More often, however, you will need to explain that relationship in a separate sentence.

Explanation for example — Such a terrifying representation easily captures the imagination and promotes unnecessary fear.

Notice that the example and explanation steps of this 5-step process (steps 3 and 4) can be repeated as needed. The idea is that you continue to use this pattern until you have completely developed the main idea of the paragraph.

Step 5. Complete the paragraph’s idea or transition into the next paragraph

The final movement in paragraph development involves tying up the loose ends of the paragraph. At this point, you can remind your reader about the relevance of the information to the larger paper, or you can make a concluding point for this example. You might, however, simply transition to the next paragraph.

Sentences for completing a paragraph — While the trope of the man-eating piranhas lends excitement to the adventure stories, it bears little resemblance to the real-life piranha. By paying more attention to fact than fiction, humans may finally be able to let go of this inaccurate belief.

Finished paragraph

Despite the fact that piranhas are relatively harmless, many people continue to believe the pervasive myth that piranhas are dangerous to humans. This impression of piranhas is exacerbated by their mischaracterization in popular media. For example, the promotional poster for the 1978 horror film Piranha features an oversized piranha poised to bite the leg of an unsuspecting woman. Such a terrifying representation easily captures the imagination and promotes unnecessary fear. While the trope of the man-eating piranhas lends excitement to the adventure stories, it bears little resemblance to the real-life piranha. By paying more attention to fact than fiction, humans may finally be able to let go of this inaccurate belief.

Troubleshooting paragraphs

Problem: the paragraph has no topic sentence.

Imagine each paragraph as a sandwich. The real content of the sandwich—the meat or other filling—is in the middle. It includes all the evidence you need to make the point. But it gets kind of messy to eat a sandwich without any bread. Your readers don’t know what to do with all the evidence you’ve given them. So, the top slice of bread (the first sentence of the paragraph) explains the topic (or controlling idea) of the paragraph. And, the bottom slice (the last sentence of the paragraph) tells the reader how the paragraph relates to the broader argument. In the original and revised paragraphs below, notice how a topic sentence expressing the controlling idea tells the reader the point of all the evidence.

Original paragraph

Piranhas rarely feed on large animals; they eat smaller fish and aquatic plants. When confronted with humans, piranhas’ first instinct is to flee, not attack. Their fear of humans makes sense. Far more piranhas are eaten by people than people are eaten by piranhas. If the fish are well-fed, they won’t bite humans.

Revised paragraph

Although most people consider piranhas to be quite dangerous, they are, for the most part, entirely harmless. Piranhas rarely feed on large animals; they eat smaller fish and aquatic plants. When confronted with humans, piranhas’ first instinct is to flee, not attack. Their fear of humans makes sense. Far more piranhas are eaten by people than people are eaten by piranhas. If the fish are well-fed, they won’t bite humans.

Once you have mastered the use of topic sentences, you may decide that the topic sentence for a particular paragraph really shouldn’t be the first sentence of the paragraph. This is fine—the topic sentence can actually go at the beginning, middle, or end of a paragraph; what’s important is that it is in there somewhere so that readers know what the main idea of the paragraph is and how it relates back to the thesis of your paper. Suppose that we wanted to start the piranha paragraph with a transition sentence—something that reminds the reader of what happened in the previous paragraph—rather than with the topic sentence. Let’s suppose that the previous paragraph was about all kinds of animals that people are afraid of, like sharks, snakes, and spiders. Our paragraph might look like this (the topic sentence is bold):

Like sharks, snakes, and spiders, piranhas are widely feared. Although most people consider piranhas to be quite dangerous, they are, for the most part, entirely harmless . Piranhas rarely feed on large animals; they eat smaller fish and aquatic plants. When confronted with humans, piranhas’ first instinct is to flee, not attack. Their fear of humans makes sense. Far more piranhas are eaten by people than people are eaten by piranhas. If the fish are well-fed, they won’t bite humans.

Problem: the paragraph has more than one controlling idea

If a paragraph has more than one main idea, consider eliminating sentences that relate to the second idea, or split the paragraph into two or more paragraphs, each with only one main idea. Watch our short video on reverse outlining to learn a quick way to test whether your paragraphs are unified. In the following paragraph, the final two sentences branch off into a different topic; so, the revised paragraph eliminates them and concludes with a sentence that reminds the reader of the paragraph’s main idea.

Although most people consider piranhas to be quite dangerous, they are, for the most part, entirely harmless. Piranhas rarely feed on large animals; they eat smaller fish and aquatic plants. When confronted with humans, piranhas’ first instinct is to flee, not attack. Their fear of humans makes sense. Far more piranhas are eaten by people than people are eaten by piranhas. A number of South American groups eat piranhas. They fry or grill the fish and then serve them with coconut milk or tucupi, a sauce made from fermented manioc juices.

Problem: transitions are needed within the paragraph

You are probably familiar with the idea that transitions may be needed between paragraphs or sections in a paper (see our handout on transitions ). Sometimes they are also helpful within the body of a single paragraph. Within a paragraph, transitions are often single words or short phrases that help to establish relationships between ideas and to create a logical progression of those ideas in a paragraph. This is especially likely to be true within paragraphs that discuss multiple examples. Let’s take a look at a version of our piranha paragraph that uses transitions to orient the reader:

Although most people consider piranhas to be quite dangerous, they are, except in two main situations, entirely harmless. Piranhas rarely feed on large animals; they eat smaller fish and aquatic plants. When confronted with humans, piranhas’ instinct is to flee, not attack. But there are two situations in which a piranha bite is likely. The first is when a frightened piranha is lifted out of the water—for example, if it has been caught in a fishing net. The second is when the water level in pools where piranhas are living falls too low. A large number of fish may be trapped in a single pool, and if they are hungry, they may attack anything that enters the water.

In this example, you can see how the phrases “the first” and “the second” help the reader follow the organization of the ideas in the paragraph.

Works consulted

We consulted these works while writing this handout. This is not a comprehensive list of resources on the handout’s topic, and we encourage you to do your own research to find additional publications. Please do not use this list as a model for the format of your own reference list, as it may not match the citation style you are using. For guidance on formatting citations, please see the UNC Libraries citation tutorial . We revise these tips periodically and welcome feedback.

Lunsford, Andrea. 2008. The St. Martin’s Handbook: Annotated Instructor’s Edition , 6th ed. New York: St. Martin’s.

Rosen, Leonard J., and Laurence Behrens. 2003. The Allyn & Bacon Handbook , 5th ed. New York: Longman.

You may reproduce it for non-commercial use if you use the entire handout and attribute the source: The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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An essay of 800 words is approximately 3 pages double-spaced or 1,5 pages single-spaced. The most common format for all the major citation styles is 12-point Times New Roman, double spaced. This is about 250 words per page. While APA 7, MLA 9, and Chicago also accept fonts like Arial and Calibri, TNR 12 ppt is still preferable.

800 Words Is How Many Paragraphs?

A 800-word essay contains 5 to 8 paragraphs on average. The length of a typical academic paragraph is about 100 words. You should include at least four sentences in your paragraph.

What a 800-Word Essay Looks Like

A 800-word essay is quite an extensive piece of academic writing. It is to be planned well. The three distinct parts of such a paper are: introduction, body, and conclusion. Your introduction should include a hook, background information, and a thesis statement. Each of the body paragraphs is to focus on one argument. The conclusion should summarize your arguments.

How Long Does a 800-Word Essay Take?

It will take you about 16 to 32 minutes to type 800 words on your keyboard, depending on your typing speed. However, if you also need to perform research, make a reference list, add in-text citations, and graphic materials, you’ll need more time – not less than 2 hours for 800 words.

How Long Should an Introduction Be for a 800 Word Essay?

An average introduction length of a 800-word essay should be 7 words. The exact requirements will be given by your professor.

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Living in one of the wealthiest cities of the world seems to be a dream, but not for everyone, as Toronto, the economic center of Canada, is surprisingly hostile for racial minorities. According to the recent census data, the neighborhoods with the highest percentage of minorities have the lowest income...

“A Beautiful Mind” and “Erin Brockovich” Films

“Erin Brockovich” is a beautifully filmed narrative of a chronicler by Soderbergh, the center of attraction is human grit and perseverance, working flawlessly for the public good. More importantly, it is a monumental monument to a brave woman, skillfully constructed by the talent of one of the best actresses in...

Equipment for Childrens’ Ward in a Nursing Facility

dos Santos Nunes, E.P., da Conceição Júnior, V.A., Giraldelli Santos, L.V., Pereira, M.F.L., de Faria Borges, L.C.L. (2017). Inclusive Toys for Rehabilitation of Children with Disability: A Systematic Review. Universal Access in Human–Computer Interaction. Design and Development Approaches and Methods. UAHCI 2017. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10277, 503-514. ...

The Health Information Technology

Introduction Information systems technology uses processes, techniques, and tools to manage healthcare data. The healthcare sector deals with large amounts of data, needing a data management and analysis system. There are several methods and techniques for performing analysis depending on the purpose of the research and the nature of the...

Computer and Network Security Audit of a Firm

Agenda The identification of the vulnerabilities and risks within the scope of computer and network systems can be performed through a comprehensive audit in order to identify various recommendations that should be instituted for the network system (Pittman et al. 2022). The access control system in a network is instituted...

Dissuading Anti-Vaccine Supporters

Sarah Dzubay, a biology student, in her essay “An Outbreak of the Irrational,” presents reasons for anti-vaccine supporters to change their position by thoughtfully considering and refuting their essential arguments. Dzubay starts with an insightful example about measles, the disease that has returned to modern-day civilization due to some people’s...

American Imperialism in the Late 1800s

Introduction The late 19th century was characterized by a new wave of imperialism. Many countries, including the United States of America, went on a path of expanding their global influence through the acquisition of land overseas. The imperialistic movement in the United States of America began with the Spanish-American War...

The Impact of Railroad Strike on the US Economy

Introduction The US economy can continue functioning without freight trains, but not for very long. Economists and businesses are concerned about the possibility of the first nationwide railroad strike in thirty years. A lengthy walkout lasting a week or longer will seriously harm the country’s still weak supply chain, resulting...

Motivation in the Education Bill of SB23-029

Educational policies play a critical role in ensuring that institutions are run according to the stipulated laws. If these laws are not adhered to, undesirable consequences could result and the prescribed policy measures might be implemented. In making such policies, school administrators in the US have mastered the environmental context...

  • Performance
  • Historical Figures

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

Introduction The bluest eye is a mind-blowing novel written in 1970 by Toni Morrison, an American author. The issues of incest, racism, and child molestation are discussed in the book, and it focuses on the life of Pecola Breedlove. Pecola Breedlove was an 11 years old African American girl in...

Casinos: Occupational Safety and Drug-Free Workplace

As a result of the enactment of the 1970 Act of Occupational Safety and Health in the U.S, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was formed. The idea was to have a body that would ensure a safe and healthy working environment for employees. It sets rules and standards for...

Advanced Practice Role in Nursing and Proper Medical Treatment of the Patients

Introduction To explain the main roles of a nurse practitioner, it would be proper to identify some requirements that one has to follow in order to occupy this position. A nurse practitioner is expected to have a master’s degree and a specific certification or a license for allowance of one’s...

Nurses’ Role in Health Culture Creation

Introduction The topic chosen for the final project is “Creating a culture of health: The nurse’s role”. The health of the nation becomes one of the major concerns of the modern age. Thousands of people suffer from various diseases all over the world. Medical reports state that individuals who do...

What Causes Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence had great implications on the physical and mental health of the victim. Many attempts have been put in place to deal with domestic violence. Domestic violence is mainly characterized by aggression towards women even though there are few cases where men are assaulted by females. There have been...

Responsibility Project: Spotlighting Local Leaders

Introduction The Responsibility Project is a website that contains much information devoted to different aspects of responsibility. The website includes articles, blogs, and videos to consider the problem of responsibility from different angles. Responsibility and organizational issues are connected when it deals with working performance. The Spotlighting Local Leaders section...

Judaism, Christianity, Islam as World Religions

Introduction Judaism, Christianity and Islam all are considered the main religions in the world today. Judaism, Christianity and Islam can be called world religions, which in contrary to specific national religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism have an international character. The occurrence of world religions is a result of prolonged...

Death of a Salesman: Critical Analysis

Every literary genre is unique and marvelous in its way, but the genre of drama stands apart from other genres of literature, as it possesses certain features that are characteristic for it only. These characteristic features of drama will be analyzed in this work using the example of an outstanding...

Transfer Student Enrollment in Higher Education

Introduction A university’s transfer student enrollment policy plays a great role in determining the number of students enrolled in the university. However, most university stakeholders involved in developing the policy seem to forget that without students, a university becomes inexistent and loses its value to the students and the community...

Stages of Formal and Informal Interviews

An interview is an exchange of information between two people in the form of questions and answers. People might experience formal and informal interviews during their lifetime. Formal interviews include interviews for getting a job or applying for a study program. Informal interviews do not follow strict procedures and are...

  • Comparative Literature
  • Relationship

Extinction Rebellion: A Criminological Assessment

Introduction The behavior of individuals in a society is influenced by multiple factors and motivators. Political, economic, social, cultural, and psychological issues become decisive determinants of citizens’ responses to particular events; the most significant and relevant to criminology are protest movements. However, within the past years, environmental concerns have become...

How Does Culture Shape Identity?

Introduction The complexity of the concept of identity necessitates the understanding of the characteristics which make up a person’s identity and the factors which influence their development. Identity is a concept which describes a set of physical and psychological characteristics associated with a particular person (Bamberg, 2010, p. 4). It...

Nurses in HIV-AIDS Diagnosis and Treatment

Learner Objective The issue of HIV/AIDS remains one of the most acute problem of the global society nowadays. Multiple researches and studies have discussed different aspects of the consequences the HIV/AIDS problem brought into the world throughout the years. Thus, it is important to maintain comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge about...

Female Population of India

Introduction It is hard to disagree that it is essential for humans to be aware of cultural differences and know how females are treated in various areas. Such a knowledge allows persons to learn how their own counties can be improved. The area selected for this assignment is India, and...

The Novel “Peace Shall Destroy Many” by Rudy Wiebe

Rudy Wiebe’s novel “Peace Shall Destroy Many” surrounds the lives of the pacifist Mennonites in Saskatchewan during World War II. The main protagonist, Thom Wiens (a young farmer living in the most isolated community in Saskatchewan) makes the book fascinating by posing challenging questions. During wartime, local males would either...

Mexico’s and the United States Great Wall

Introduction Initially the U.S. secured the border because of illegal Asian immigrants, the Mexicans moved to U.S. at will. In 2005, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) declared the initiation of a project whose purpose was to safeguard U.S. borders and minimize prohibited immigration. The project involved building a 2000...

Artistic Change in Sculpture During Prehistory

Paleolithic Title: Nude woman (Venus of Willendorf) Location: Naturalhistorisches Museum, Vienna Place of origin: Willendorf, Austria Materials: limestone A website where you found the picture and the information about the image: https://klimtlover.wordpress.com/art-before-history/paleolithic-art/ Time period of origin: ca. 28,000-25,000 BCE. Physical properties (lines, shapes, colors, textures): The sculpture is 4 ¼...

The Road Back to European Power

The eastern and southern crises mentioned in the article are the threats formed in the Middle East and Russia, respectively. According to the authors, each of these threats poses a significant challenge for European interests. The southern crisis results primarily from increasing political and social turbulence in the Middle East....

Countering Terrorist Recruitment in the United States

The ISIS and other terror groups have enhanced operations making it difficult for law enforcement agencies to monitor and thwart their activities. Today, it is easy for the groups to recruit and operate terror organizations in countries that were initially regarded as terrorist free. It is imperative to understand that...

Apple Inc. Company’s Resources and Position

Are any employees of your company represented by labor unions or covered by collective bargaining agreements? Are any of these employees working outside of the United States? For now, Apple has no employees that are represented by labor unions or covered by collective bargaining agreements because they are considered to...

  • Discrimination

“A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen: Feminism Studies

Women in the Victorian period lived very different lives from women today.. During this period, women began to question their allotted place in society as more and more opportunities opened for them in the urban centers of the country, providing them with a means of supporting themselves and freeing themselves...

CRM Software in Amazon: Gains

The customer-related management software that Amazon.com has developed was since its launch one of the most advanced technologies. But it did not offer only reliability to the company in order to pursue its business; it also helped it improve its business. If you want to have a successful company that...

Human Resource Management: Employee Performance Report

Vice President Marketing Zenon Marketing Subject: Employee Performance Report Sir, Please find attached the detailed report regarding the concerns related to one of our staff, Bill Smith. His performance and behavior have been recorded for the past seven months since he was employed. The concerns of the department make it...

Developing States-World Trade Organization Conflict

Description of the conflict The latest conflict between developing countries and World Trade Organization (WTO) is concerns international patent laws. This conflict has come up due to the establishment of an agreement with respect to Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPS). Under this agreement, all member countries agreed to...

Environmental Management: Nature Conservation Planning

The issue of nature conservation was, is, and continues to be a common human practice. People have all along been involved in project works, whose main goal is to conserve the available natural values. Among these works are the reserves, which alone cannot meet the required natural conservation goals. Reading...

Judicial Process: Establishing the Truth

The accused was true without authorized possession of such drug, the cocaine, this fact, and other particulars are to be set clear in the charge sheet to avoid the particulars being too scanty but to be clear to inform the accused of the charge against him. The ‘smaller bag’ had...

Bengali People Culture and Origins of Bengali New Year

Interview Summary: The culture of the Bengali people This interview delves into the culture of the Bengali people. Being one of the largest ethnic groups in the world, the Bengali traditions extend to millions of people, however, their influence is felt primarily in Bangladesh. Bengali New Year is one of...

Prenatal Development and Its Main Principles

Prenatal development is an essential part of the process of a fetus as it represents the time when numerous important changes take place, thus helping set a context for the psychological development of the individual in the future. For instance, the brain develops during the prenatal stage but will continue...

“A Guide to Taking Patient’s History” by Lloyd & Craig

Introduction Taking a patient’s history is many times crucial for their diagnosis and subsequent treatment. That is why hospitals and treating institutions tend to give much importance to the history of patients. Precisely, because of this importance, it is crucial to have a good patient history-taking process. The medical history...

Application of Chemistry in Environmental Science

Due to excessive use in agriculture, organophosphorus (OP) pesticides are one of the most widely occurring pollutants in the environment. They inhibit acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity and cause serious nerve problems in animals and humans, particularly affecting the nerve-muscle junction. Sensitive OP detection and monitoring of degradation are the two challenges...

  • Substance Abuse
  • Climate Change
  • American Politics

Information System Hardware and Software

Outline Information technology involves a wide range of operations where computer software as well as hardware is utilized. A number of new devices have been produced lately and are available in computer shops’ displays. A visit to one of the computer shops provided a good opportunity during which some of...

Immigration and Social Prosperity of United States

Immigration is a socioeconomic as well as a political issue that has trigger attention on media platforms in the United States. Through these media platforms, immigrants are attracted to what they believe in an American dream. Whether the existence of the American dream is real or just a myth, immigrants...

R. Kiyosaki’s Contribution to Cashflow Technologies Inc.

As the CEO of the Cashflow Technologies Company, Robert Kiyosaki implemented strategic task orientation leadership skills on organization task management level to encompass actual and expected outcome of sustainable performance. Through designing personal task management model levels, his task orientation module remained active in developing dependence of interest attached to...

Security Management Issues: Personal and Property Security

Introduction Personal and property security are an indispensable aspect of human life. There is a need for people to ensure they keep their property and personal information confidential. Secured property and personal privacy ensure no unauthorized access or use of applicable information and assets as well as protection against theft,...

Women Involvement in Telecommunication Industry

Aims of the Dissertation My dissertation will aim at investigating the hypothesis that women involvement in telecommunication industry in Europe of Middle East is limited. This dissertation will endeavor to investigate and come up with concrete information on the above hypothesis. A hypothesis can only be regarded as a valid...

Policies Related to Personnel Management Issues

Concrete Experience and Reflective Observation The main issue faced in my industry is the motivation of employees, especially the newcomers. Laws and policies that regulate this problem in the US are connected to the incentives of empowerment of the staff and recruitment (“Employee motivation law and legal definition,” n.d.). The...

Reducing CAUTI With 2% Chlorhexidine Washcloths: Data Analysis and Discussion

Data Analysis This section will report the analysis of the data gathered as a part of a project which investigates reducing catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) in older patients. The project had two samples: the staff, who were involved in CAUTI prevention training, and the patients, who were bathed with...

“East of Eden” by John Steinbeck

The main message of East of Eden seems to be that the individual has a moral and spiritual obligation to discover for themselves whether they have acted for the good or the evil. This is stated outright by the narrator in Chapter 34, “There is no other story. A man,...

How the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights Were Influenced by the Classical School of Criminology?

The federal government and every state have written constitutions that are separate and are used to define the powers and general organization of the government. Constitutional law is always expressed within the documents and is considered as the United States constitution used by the country and the state constitution for...

Emily Dickinson’s “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” Poetic Techniques

In the vast literary heritage left by one of the world’s unique poets, Emily Dickinson, the topics of death and immortality appear to occupy a prominent position. Among multiple poems dealing with that issue, “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” is notable for the author’s fearless attitude to death...

  • Intelligence
  • Advertising

Can Economists Predict the Future?

Economics is a very interesting and a very useful subject, economics is capable of doing a lot of positive things. The Stock Market in any country operates on the principles of economics and it also indicates the economic situation of a country. The recent recession has shocked many economists all...

The History of Kirkuk

Historical Background of Kirkuk The City of Kirkuk is one of the oldest sites of human occupation in the modern Iraq state. The history of Kirkuk can be traced back five thousand years ago following the archaeological artifacts which have been found where the city is currently located.1 The Assyrians...

Tsunamis in Australia: Causes and Adverse Effects

The recent climatic changes and the global warming have been accompanied by many evils, which in this case include the occurrence of tsunamis and the el-Niño scenario in different parts of the globe. The drastic climate change and global warming are widely caused by human factors like, increased use of...

Atlantic Slave Trade and Its Effect on Africa and the Americas

Introduction The high discrimination against the black people in the cause of slavery and after this slavery might bring about the idea that holding the African people into slavery started as a consequence of racism. But on the other hand, more than fifty years ago, there was a strong argument...

Combating the Local Drug Distribution

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department should apply for a Federally Funded Grant, for the funds to be used towards eliminating the street drug markets in our local community. This will significantly benefit not only the local community by providing safer neighborhoods and also decreasing the local crime rate within the...

Health Condition and the Academic Level Relations

Abstract To determine the relationship between health condition and the academic level completed, the study performed one-way ANOVA. Descriptive statistics indicated that the mean of academic level completed increases with health condition. Hypothesis testing holds that there are statistically significant differences in the means of academic level completed among the...

The Importance of a Scientific Component in Choosing a Future Career

At the beginning of the 21st century, the factor of science was successfully introduced into all aspects of the daily lives of human beings. This did not bypass the sphere of careers and work, especially the most intelligent parts such as Crime Scene Investigation (CSI). The learning from the sciential...

Categories of Observational Studies: Overview

Introduction Case-control studies and cohort studies are both categories of observational studies and are the most important types of study designs that can serve either similar or different purposes. If designed effectively, observational studies are able to provide results that are similar to the results achieved in randomized controlled trials,...

Performances “Get Out” directed by Jordan Peele

Introduction In this paper, I will present evidence supporting Ernest Dickerson’s claim that Jordan Peel’s Get Out is “the perfect Black horror story.” Dickerson makes this claim in the documentary Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror, which develops the overall thesis statement that “Black history is Black horror.” The...

Global Health History and Evolution

The first stage of global health is tropical medicine, which occurred in the 16th century when Europeans explored the world and discovered new lands (Palilonis, 2020). As people were settling, they discovered various diseases and, along with indigenous tribes, suffered from infections and epidemics. The next stage is military medicine...

  • Christianity
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  • Mental Health

Child Beauty Pageant Disadvantages

Beauty pageants of children have grown in popularity over the previous decade, notably in the last few years. Today, shows like Toddlers and Tiaras and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo are very popular among population. These shows portray the glitzy side of beauty pageants. However, there are other disadvantages to...

Albion’s Seed: Marriage and Cultural Folkways

Introduction David Hackett Fisher’s book called Albion’s Seed describes the folk customs of four groups of people who moved from different areas of Great Britain to the United States. The argument of the book is that the culture of each of the groups has been preserved and forms the basis...

Management and Leadership: A Diverse Workforce

Is prejudice declining in society and organizations? Prejudice is on an incline in the current organizations and society because people fail to understand their rights and lack a definite procedure to channel their problems. Basic knowledge of what a leader should do is essential for a country’s economy. In organizations,...

Amazon Company’s Strategy and Customization

Amazon.com was founded in 1995 and by the end of the 1990s managed to take over the customer market in the United States and achieve fantastic success. Initially focused on selling books, Amazon functioned following its primary purpose to transform the experience of purchasing books into an easier and more...

Creating Classroom Room Communities and Networks

Abstract The chosen article is aimed at showing why classroom communities are important for the wellbeing of the child. Moreover, the authors describe the strategies for creating them. Furthermore, the researchers identify the elements of the support network which is necessary for creating a more inclusive environment in modern schools....

The Story of Forrest Gump

Introduction The story of Forest Gump is aimed to narrate a story of a man and his journey all through the way of life. During the story, he meets significant historical personalities, impacts pop culture, and experiences notable historical events of the century. This story reveals the fact that anyone...

Frontier Discourses: The Speech of Senator Hammond

The document, rather the speech was first delivered by Sir James Henry Hammond, who was the Senator or Governor of South Carolina, in the Senate of the United States of America. This speech is a primary source because this document on slavery was delivered and documented during a period when...

Why a Christian Environment Appeals to Me

Introduction The world today is full of different types of faiths. Christianity happens to be one of them. Others include Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism. Debating on which of these is better than the other is a continuing issue with each side determined to win. I have however taken a...

Audre Lorde: The Use of the Erotic

Audre Lorde (2007) argues the insolvency of the statement that abolition of female eroticism illustrates women’s strength and power, while perfunctory eroticism exposes the acceptable weakness and dependence of a woman in Western society. The fictitious nature of the superficial erotic is reviled by the irrelevant emotions and exaggerates itself...

Protest Music in the 1960s

Since ancient times, music has been an essential component of any culture. While it has always allowed people to share their feelings and connect with others, creating melodies and signing are the ways the world population goes through specific life events. With the help of music individuals celebrate personal achievements,...

Quantitative Research: The Basis of a Statistical Model

Purpose Statement The purpose of this quantitative research paper is to develop the basis of a statistical model that can predict the relationship between the dependent variable – US Currency Exchange Rate against British Pound and three independent variables including US-UK Monthly Trade Balance, US Monthly Inflation Rate, and US...

Lead Poisoning: The Public Health Risks

Tuakuila, Lison, Mbuyi, Haufroid, and Hoet (2013) sought to understand the effects of industrial processes and environmental exposures to human health through a study titled, “Elevated blood lead levels and sources of exposure in the population of Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.” Their study has strong...

English Elite Colonists’ Goals and Constitution

Introduction In an extensive history of colonization, not only the rights of indigenous peoples and slaves were violated. A striking example is a conquest of North America by the British colonists, where one of the acute problems was the oppression of white settlers suppressed by the metropolis. Elite planters, industrialists,...

Crown Casino Melbourne Interior Design Analysis

Introduction According to the phenomenology theory ideas and recommendations, design is one of the most essential and significant components of any building, room, and space. This part, as a rule, has its original idea, essence, and specific meaning that an author of creation wants to convey (Lemes de Oliveira, 2022,...

Depression in Adolescence: Causes and Treatment

Depression in Adolescents Depression is described as a collection of unique symptoms associated with impairment. However, depression is best characterized as a medical condition that manifests symptoms through an individual’s functionality and mood. Depression between adults and adolescents has similar clinical and diagnostic features. It is a common mental health...

The Lessons of Lady Gaga

The article in the wall street journal talks about Lady Gaga, a dance/pop singer who was named the Best New Artist at MTV’s video music awards for her hit song “Paparazzi”. Lady Gaga is the singer to watch on the music industry as she has attracted many fans within a...

Teenage Pregnancy and Its Negative Outcomes

Teenage pregnancy or pregnancy at a very early stage is defined in different countries in different ways. For instance, in the United States, it is defined as an under-aged girl becoming pregnant, whereas, in the United Kingdom, there is a legal definition whereby a woman is considered to be a...

Relations to the Idea of Responsibility

Responsibility refers to the willingness of an individual to control one’s thoughts, actions, and behavior to create and promote a society that gives all people equal opportunity without infringing on their rights and wellbeing. A responsible human being is someone who accepts that his or her behavior and actions have...

Abnormality and Mental Illness in Social Psychology

Describe and evaluate the definition of abnormality The first explanation of abnormality is nonconformity to social standards. The main problem with this definition is that social norms change quickly. A situation that is not socially acceptable now may change and become acceptable in the future. For example, an individual may...

Liberal Education Background and Nursing Practice

Abstract Baccalaureate education makes nurses ready to become a part of a complicated healthcare system. The Essentials of Master’s Education in Nursing shows the steps necessary to achieve this. Today, nurses need not only the knowledge of life sciences but the knowledge of social sciences as well. Having direct contact...

Robert Kiyosaki’s Leadership Style

Introduction The concept of leadership can be broadly defined as the intrinsic ability to internalise a setting with the intention of empowering a group or team to proactively and creatively contribute towards problem solving. The treatise adopts a reflective research in exploring the components of leadership such as transformational leadership...

Gadgets’ Impact on Parent-Child Relationships

Adult-to-child interactivity Summary The research investigates the influence of gadgets on relationships between parents and their children. The study took place in the park, where the researcher compared the frequency of parents interacting with their kids to the frequency of their interacting with their devices. It was found out that...

Colonial History of Canada: Two Viewpoints on Amerindian-European Cultures

Throughout the years, numerous researchers and historians have studied the colonial period in the history of Canada. Most importantly, the center of the studies was the Amerindian culture. Many renowned experts have investigated the relations between the Native Americans and the French and have expressed their opinions on certain aspects...

Restaurant Management: A Career Perspective

The job of a restaurant manage is one of the most varied careers in existence. It is the manager’s responsibility to offer service, food and drink to the public at a price they are willing to pay. This sounds more simple than it really is. Many people think managing a...

The Meaning of Cyber Bullying

Introduction The meaning of cyberbullying is to embarrass intimidate or in other words, it is the humiliating or treating of an individual using modern communication technology. The purpose of doing this is to acquire power and control over the humiliated person. It is not recommended because it is all about...

Reasonable Approach of Swain’s Output Hypothesis

The urge for studying English as the second or third language is prescribed today with a particular mandatory character. Being Lingua Franca English comprises today the huge scope of international relationships. Swain’s hypothesis demonstrates the argumentation of output significance for mastering foreign language. DeKeyser (2007) admits the significance of Swain’s...

The Role of the Organizational Process in Business

Effective Model of Company Organization According to Simon H., an effective and efficient model is based on the level of competitiveness and the ability to adapt to a highly dynamic environment. Simon aimed at exploring the management theory that is best suitable in increasing the cohesiveness and unity of various...

“Addicted to: Gambling” by Carl Erik Fisher

Article Summary In his article, Fisher covers the discussions about the behavioral addictions. Based on the examples of gambling, binge-eating, hypersexuality, and overusing the internet, the author discusses the complex discourse surrounding these issues. Most of the researchers tend to agree that behavioral addictions are similar in their mechanisms and...

Socialization and Decision to Pursue Higher Education

Socialization is a term used by a broad range of scholars to denote the lifelong process of receiving norms, customs, and ideologies from one’s heritage and disseminating them. A socialized individual possesses the skills and habits necessary for participating within their society. Thus, socialization is the tool that allows for...

Mandatory Flu Vaccine for Healthcare Staff

Introduction People cannot ignore the fact that flu remains a worldwide burden that challenges human health and many social and economic aspects of life. The healthcare personnel are usually highly exposed to different respiratory pathogens due to the nature of their work. In most cases, immunization becomes a recommended preventive...

Bulimia Nervosa Diagnosis and Procedural Plan

Diagnosis Bulimia nervosa The patient has been showing the tendency to vomit after every instance of food intake, which is the primary sign of bulimia (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). According to the existing definition, the diagnosis of bulimia aligns with the observed symptoms fully (Miller et al., 2021). Therefore, the...

“Sicko” by Michael Moore

Introduction In many countries, the health care system is different, but its purpose, regardless of location, is to provide quality services to promote health. However, the US health care system has many shortcomings, and the main one is inadequate access to health services for residents with low income and social...

A Descriptive Analysis of a Mash-Up Poem

This paper provides a descriptive analysis of a mash-up poem created by mixing lines of two poems by José Olivarez and a song by The Beatles. The poems’ names are River Oaks Mall and You Get Fat When You’re in Love, and the song’s name is All You Need Is...

Legalisation of Gambling is not an Effective Means to Improve the Economic State of Georgia

The aspects of gambling are actively discussed by politicians, economists, sociologists, and psychologists. The discussion usually depends on determining the negative impacts of gambling on the people’s life and welfare. Nevertheless, some economists and politicians claim that legalisation of gambling in definite states can contribute to raising revenues. Some US...

Social Justice and Equality in America

The modern principles of American civil society are based on the ideas presented in the Declaration of Independence. The principle of the people’s equality is stated in the preamble to the document. However, there is no single vision of the idea of equality in American society, especially with references to...

Should Georgia Legalize Gambling to Raise Revenue?

Door-to-baloon time reduction: project implementation.

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the primary causes of mortality among patients in the United States (Wilson et al., 2013). Kendall Regional Medical Center in Miami, Florida, provides high-quality cardiac health services for different groups of patients, including ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) patients. This group of patients is the...

Hazardous Materials, Environment and Health

The development of the science resulted in the extended use of the chemical elements that contribute to the achievement of the desired goal, namely to increase the harvest or change in the structure of the product to extend the storage time or ease the transportation. Chemicals have already become an...

Geriatric Nurses’ Role for Elderly Patients

The efforts of geriatric nurses are concentrated on the health of elderly patients. Understandably, this patient group faces an increased risk of various traumas and diseases (e.g., Alzheimer’s). Therefore, the main objective of geriatric care is the development of effective preventive measures (Arai et al., 2011). On a larger scale,...

General Electric Company’s Sales Boost Recommendations

Primary Recommendation (#1) General Electric can greatly increase revenues by tapping into the renewable energy markets of developing countries A large portion of the company’s revenues comes from developing countries, with Thailand, Algeria, Turkey, and Indonesia passing the threshold of $1 billion in recent years (Rudarakanchana, 2014). The growing rate...

Operation Jawbreaker: Term`s Description

The investigation of the success of intelligence and military operations is required to ensure their future improvement. For this project, it is proposed to research, describe, and evaluate the success of the counterterrorist operation JAWBREAKER. This codename is applied to an operation that was launched after the 9/11 terror act...

An Effective Economic Decision-Making

Introduction Decision-making is a challenging exercise, not only in business management (business decision making) but also in making decisions that involve personal or individual choices. According to Steve (2006: 62), decision making has always been and will always be a complex process and which requires the decision-maker to possess adequate...

The Surveillance: Explaining Opposing Positions

Introduction The issues of governmental surveillance are not the burning issues of everyday life. Moreover, most people do not even think that there is a possibility that the State can observe their personal lives. However, when the movie “Enemy of the State” appeared on the screens, these issues became quite...

French Landscape Painting: Main Artists

Much of the art of France in the first part of the 19th century was dominated by the academic schools of the Academy, the School of Fine Arts and the Salon. A great deal of the accepted artistic approach either followed the example of Ingres or that of Delacroix. Ingres...

Effective Communication in Business Administration

Introduction Communication in business has curved its own niche as an important tool used to drive the activities of a business. It is used to sell a product, publicize a business entity and pass information to both the internal and external elements of the business, among other uses. This report...

Family Resources: Aid Programs for Families

Introduction Early childhood education is fundamental in laying down the educational foundation of a child. It kicks starts the child’s brain in preparation for a lifetime learning process. As such it requires the availability of adequate, affordable, and accessible resources that can facilitate provision for the health, developmental, emotional, and...

Writing in ‘The Best of Two Approaches’ by S. M. Nordin

Scholarly Article Summary An article by Nordin (2017) focuses the attention of language teachers on approaches to writing. The central idea of the paper is to create a synthesized method for teaching writing, which includes the elements of two recent approaches. Before proposing a model for teaching writing, Nordin (2017)...

Cost-Volume Profit Analysis and Activity-Based Costing

The 21st business environment has changed the way business is conducted and the fundamentals underlying the performance measurements, thanks to the advancement of technology and globalization. Most organizations have shifted from the traditional financial accounting practices to the more advanced and reliable managerial accounting. Moreover, focus has shifted from traditional...

Evaluating and Preventing the Risks of Fall

Introduction The aim of carrying out the study was to evaluate the risks of falling in hospitalized patients. In addition, the study wanted to describe the risks of falling based on the personal attributes of the individual patients. The research started in Portugal in 2013 and completed in January 2014....

Support for Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Requirement Among US Healthcare Personnel

The study analyzes an article titled ‘New Approaches for Influenza Vaccination of Healthcare Workers’. Imperatively, the article focuses on the effectiveness of compulsory vaccination on healthcare workers (HWCs) as a strategy to minimize influenza infections and improve the level of vaccinations among HWCs in the United States. The article elaborates...

Gamma-Ray and Environmental Problems

Gamma- ray spectroscopy refers to either art or science of selecting and quantification of radionuclide through examination of gamma- ray films as generated by the spectrometer. Gamma-ray spectroscopy is extensively applied in areas such as geology, safeguarding nuclear materials, industrial processes, forensics, and radiopharmaceuticals among others. In this experiment, our...

Features of Slavery in South America

Since the beginning of the discovery of America and the development of new territories, slavery has become widespread. Slavery occupies a relatively large segment of the historical existence of British America and the United States. The constitution adopted in 1787, simultaneously with the proclamation of various democratic freedoms, legalized slavery....

Tejano as a Musical Genre of Texas and Mexico

Introduction “Tejano” is a musical category originating from the Texas-Mexican border region. As part of a marketing campaign in the 1990s, Tejano was created as a musical genre to promote folk-influenced and popular songs like baladas, cumbias, and polka-rancheras. With the success of musicians like Selena, El Grupo Mazz, and...

SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) Framework

In business, there are various tools for assessing factors and effectively making decisions based on them. SOAR framework is one such approach that allows describing significant internal and external factors. Specifically, SOAR analysis includes strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results. This framework can be used to assess individual factors that could...

Image Processing With MATLAB Software

Introduction The paper presents Matlab code for three questions. The first question tackles image processing mechanisms. It touches on average, Gaussian and medial filtering techniques. The second question presents a detailed user interface program from which users can open and execute files. The file choice, in this case, is audio....

The Toyota Firm’s Digital Strategy and Marketing

Strategy 1: Digital R&D Driver Factors The rapid development and globalization of the world have become the reason for the technological changes in Toyota. They should enhance communication between the seller and the customer even during an epidemic or other disasters. However, the driver for using the ‘Digital R&D’ strategy...

Email for Heads of Departments About Work Results

RE: All Departmental Heads and Supervisors It is with lots of thanks and appreciation for the diligent and committed services that you have rendered to this organization that I do write this letter. The management knows very well that it has not been easy to come this far without the...

General & Special Education Teacher Collaboration

The Identified Problem/ Challenge Inclusion teachers without specialized education training or experience do not know how to deal with students who have disabilities. The Outcomes 50% reduced anxiety and stress from the absence of inclusion training in 6 months; 20% improved learners’ outcomes in students with disabilities in 6 months;...

Human Resourses Practices and Employee Retention in UAE

Current research deals with analysis of HR practices and procedures that are the most appropriate for the retention of labor force. Changing market relations which can be described as a result of globalization process and flexible labor regulation and market impose new challenges to HR specialists which are to elaborate...

St. George Bank: Human Resources and Entrepreneurship

Introduction As it has always been said, a large incumbent company can suppress entrepreneurial initiative and energy but a dynamic financial sector, in which incumbents and new entrants can get finance under competitive terms, can create competitive pressures in the market. According to this case study St. George bank had...

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Free 800 Words Essay Examples

An 800-word essay is commonly assigned in middle and high school. A paper of 800 words is a great way for a student to quickly demonstrate their knowledge of a particular topic. One can be assigned an 800-word essay on linguistics, marketing, natural sciences. The typical genres are argumentative essay, assessment, book review.

As a rule, you won’t need to conduct an in-depth analysis to write a paper of 800 words. The keys to success are a solid outline, a clear thesis, conciseness, and originality. Check free 800-word essay examples on this page to get inspired!

Robert Frost’s “After Apple-Picking” and “The Road Not Taken”

Robert Frost is the author of the poems “After Apple-Picking” and “The Road Not Taken”, and many other poetic works of literature, as well as one of the most famous poets of America. He has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry four times. Robert Frost subtly felt human emotions,...

History of Cocaine and Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol and cocaine abuse has a history dating several centuries. The origin of cocaine can be traced to 5000 BC in the Inca Empire in Peru, where the first uses of coca were discovered (Hart & Ksir, 2018). Today, coca leaves are still consumed in the same way as in...

Alcohol and Drug Dependencies in Marriage

Alcohol and drug dependencies have been a significant problem among the populations of different countries around the globe. One of the subjects often discussed in association with this issue is the cause and effect of substance abuse in marriage and family life of the individuals struggling with the dependencies. Many...

Relationship in Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues” Story

In the story “Sonny’s Blues” by Baldwin James, two characters, Sonny and his brother, the narrator, have a complex relationship. In the story, the narrator, who mainly focuses on telling us about Sonny’s story, is seen as a peripheral character as the main focus is on Sonny, making him the...

800-Word Essay FAQ

How long is an 800 words essay.

An 800 words essay would typically be about 3,5 pages long, assuming it is double-spaced and written with a standard font (Arial or Times New Roman) in 12-point size. If the text is single-spaced, it will be twice shorter. Other factors that influence the 800-word essay length are formatting and paragraph structure.

How Many Paragraphs Is an 800 Words Essay?

How many paragraphs are there in an 800 words essay? A paper of such a length would contain 8 to 9 paragraphs. This works for an academic writing assignment because a typical paragraph there is about 100 words long.

How Long Does It Take to Write an 800 Words Essay?

It usually takes 16 to 27 minutes to type a text of this length on your keyboard at an average speed. However, if you are assigned an 800 words essay, it is going to take much more time, as you will need to conduct research, study the sources, and plan your paper. Writing a solid essay of 800 words will take about 2 hours and 40 minutes.

How Many Lines Are 800 Words?

At a rough estimate, 800 words would take up about 80 to 85 lines. However, the exact number of lines in your 800-word essay depends on a number of factors such as the spacing, the font size, and the margins.

Grief and Death in “Looking for Alaska” by John Green

Introduction Coming of age stories are often steeped in fiction, outweighing the significance of the subject material or the targeted audience. However, John Green successfully presents themes of grief and death in his novel, Looking for Alaska, using adult youth characters. The story follows Miles Halter, Chip Martin, and Takumi...

The Concepts of Culture and Society

The concepts of culture and society are often confused as the same nowadays when they are clearly entirely different. As a matter of fact, the former is a primary source of conformity for people, considering that they comply with their culture’s primary components. Furthermore, culture is a part of society...

HIV/AIDS: The Public Perceptions

Introduction Various diseases affecting the human body are common in society, and the perception of each disease is different. For instance, HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) have been negatively thought of for many years. Since the registered outbreak of AIDS in 1981, the infection has become...

Expansion of Substance Abuse Services

Introduction Substance abuse is a problem that affects everyone in our society. Substance abuse can significantly impact individuals and their families, businesses, and communities. The costs of substance abuse include medical expenses, criminal justice expenses, loss of income and productivity, and costs to society in the form of social welfare...

O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” Analysis

The short story “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” was initially published in 1953, following Flannery O’Connor’s permanent relocation to her mother’s dairy farm in Andalusia. In summary, the book is a short story revolving around a Georgia family that has got travel plans to move from Georgia to...

Shortcomings of Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development

Introduction The theory of cognitive development, formed by the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget, in its time introduced a large number of new ideas into psychology. His was to describe the evolution of mental processes such as memory, imagination, and logic within a given individual. According to the scientist, child development...

  • African American
  • Barack Obama
  • Child Development
  • Death Penalty
  • European Union

Iago Character Analysis in Shakespeare’s “Othello”

Introduction Othello ranks among the top classic plays written by Shakespeare. It predominantly rotates around two key characters, Othello, the influential leader, and Iago, his follower. The play characterizes Iago as a manipulative person who is intent on using different tactics to bring down Othello, who appears jealous of him....

Nature of the Relationship Between Force and Motion

Introduction In the present laboratory work, the nature of the relationship between the force applied to the smartcart and the acceleration, as well as between the acceleration and the mass of the cart, was evaluated. For this purpose, two different experiments were performed: in the first, the mass of the...

The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates by Moore

Introduction The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates, written by Wes Moore, compares and contrasts youths who share the same name, the author Wes and the other Wes. It highlights significant moments in their lives and demonstrates how two persons with the same name approached identical problems in very...

E-Learning and Principles of Instruction

Introduction E-Learning is the provision of training and education using digital resources. It is delivered via internet-connected electronic components such as PCs, cell phones, and tablets. Many students worldwide may now attend various courses on the internet without leaving their homes. The study explores the advantages and disadvantages of electronic...

School Psychologists’ Role in Special Education

School psychologists play essential roles in determining the provision of special education services. They work to improve the students’ lives across several fields, including assistance with academic performance, enhancing social skills, and conflict resolution behaviors. One might expect to see various disabilities, and the most common types include mobility, vision,...

Attitudes to Women in “Hamlet” by Shakespeare

In classical drama, male characters’ dislike of women is not uncommon. Particularly, in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the protagonist develops misogynist opinions and worldviews as a result of encountering his mother’s moral imperfection. Hamlet’s attitudes to women include distrust and beliefs regarding women’s unreliability, moral weakness, and roles as the source of...

Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

The elimination of all government-enforced sanctions for owning and consuming marijuana is commonly referred to as legalization. Highlighting marijuana use, or cannabis, legalization in this case allows for the sale and cultivation of marijuana at household in the majority of, but not absolutely all, circumstances. In fact, marijuana legalization is...

The Book “Woman Hollering Creek” by Sandra Cisneros

Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories is a short story book written by an American writer and poet Sandra Cisneros and published in 1991. The story the book is named after is the author’s interpretation of a Mexican cultural myth of La Llorona, with Cisneros granting its heroine a much...

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology

Over the last two decades, technology has dramatically transformed the world. Some of these significant emerging technologies are artificial intelligence and machine learning which attempts to simulate typical human reasoning. These technological inventions have, over the years, become dominant in most problem-solving techniques. The technologies are currently used in various...

The Great Depression and the New Deal Reforms

Numerous facets of the social welfare system make it challenging to provide a concise definition. Social welfare’s history is an interdisciplinary study of the evolution of organized activities and charitable works related to social reforms and public or non-profit social services aimed to protect and benefit individual citizens, families, and...

  • Immigration
  • Marketing Research
  • Organizational Behavior

Changes to the United States’ Foreign Policies during Cold War

When World War II ended, many people hoped for an era of peace and cooperation across the globe. However, the new war started much earlier than anyone had anticipated. Despite it being fundamentally different from the original understanding of the term “war,” the Cold war was a war, nonetheless, occurring...

Protagonist of Death of a Salesman by Miller

Death of a Salesman is a classic play about the collapse of the American dream and the collapse of family values. The work of the famous American author Arthur Miller has always focused not on feelings but on the rationality of thinking. This play, written in two acts, tells the...

Protecting Human Research Participants

Introduction Everyone has the right to privacy and security, even when it comes to science. Protection of Human Research Participants plays an essential role in Human Research and regulates the field of human research. The objective of protecting participants is to minimize or avoid harm to the participant in the...

“Salem Possessed” by Paul S. Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum

Salem Possessed: The Social Origins of Witchcraft is an academic work that focuses on the Salem witch trials. The book, first published in 1974 by Harvard University Press, proposes an alternate explanation for the phenomena of witch hysteria and its particular significance to the town of Salem, Massachusetts. Critics praised...

Stop Tobacco Smoking Interventions

Introduction Tobacco is one of the leading misused substances in the world today. Nearly 50% of adults in the United States are active smokers (Hersi et al., 2019). Hence, smoking cigarettes is a clinical issue because excessive smoking has been proven to cause various chronic diseases, including cancer, heart disease,...

The Articles of Confederation vs. the US Constitution

Introduction Establishing a federal government and the United States as a sovereign country were the main goals of the Articles of Confederation. The Articles established a system of administration in which the territories held the majority of the authority. The result was a weak national authority that lacked absolute authority...

The Early Christian Persecution

Introduction The Roman Empire persecuted early Christians for their religious views, and this process continued for several centuries. The pagan government accused Christians of the Roman Empire of promoting the dangerous cult, criminal activity, and treason. In most cases, the officials accused Christians of various offenses to justify violence against...

Character Analysis of “Fences” by August Wilson

Addressing a complex history of racial inequality in the U.S., as well as a conundrum of relationships within a dysfunctional family affected by racial prejudices, August Wilson’s “Fences” incorporates an array of memorable and sympathetic characters. However, the main protagonist, Troy Maxson, clearly represents the core of the play and...

Women’s Freedom in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Introduction Pride and Prejudice is one of the most famous novels by Jane Austen. The female author dedicated many years to writing this work, and it became an excellent masterpiece in the literary scope. Many critics appreciate the novel for its style, language, and form, and the book had significant...

Heterosexuality and Sexual Contract in The Proud Family

The chosen TV series is “The Proud Family – Louder and Prouder” Season 1, Episode 4. These TV series explore gender concepts in family relations and the community. The show is exciting, as it is a perfect method for people, especially teenagers, to eliminate established stereotypes about sexuality and gender....

  • Relationship
  • Social Networking
  • Substance Abuse
  • Cybersecurity
  • Forensic Science

World War II: Nazi and His Propaganda

The devastating consequences of World War II seem even more paramount in comparison with the first war. The selfish interests and desires of politicians and world leaders led to many deaths and considerable damage to countries. Hitler’s focus on political world domination pushed the German nation to fight and die...

War’s Negative Impacts on Family Life and Children

Introduction There are many negative effects of war: human sacrifice and destruction of the economic system, but one of the most powerful influences with a delayed effect is the psychological impact on families, and especially on children. Children in war zones are physically and mentally damaged by war experiences. Direct...

Mexican-American War From Mexican Perspective

Introduction Mexican-American War (1846-1848) was a battle between the United States and Mexico and originated from the United States’ annexation of the Republic of Texas in 1845 (Swanlund, 2018). Texas had been part of Mexico until it declared independence from Mexico on March 2, 1836 (Flomen, 2021). From 1836 to...

The Importance of Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication is a necessary condition for the existence of people. Without it is impossible for a person to fully form any skills of interaction. The movie You’ve got mail tells how the owner of a small bookstore gets acquainted by mail with the owner of a chain of book...

Human Cloning: Ethical Dilemma

The process of cloning living beings has been at the center of a heated debate for the last two decades. Since the first living organism, being Dolly the Sheep, was cloned in 1996, people were left wondering if human cloning would ever be scientifically possible. Furthermore, questions regarding the ethical...

Changing Attitude Towards Marriage in the US

The institute of marriage and family was always perceived as something sacred and unquestionable by society. However, with the development of modern technologies and ideologies that significantly increased public awareness of the negative aspects of traditional marriage, the enthusiasm began to fade. That is why young people today treat marriage...

Immigration and Issues of Economic Development

Introduction Immigration is becoming an issue of concern to the world as there are increased migrations into various countries, including the United States and Europe countries. Immigration, thus, is defined as both the legal and illegal movement of people from one’s country to a destination country where they have no...

Cory in the Play “Fences” by August Wilson

Introduction Each character in the play is of interest, as personal changes take place within them as the story progresses. One of the characters undergoing the most profound changes is Rose and Troy. However, in “Fences” by August Wilson, Cory is a character that is interesting and powerful to analyze....

Diversity Issue in Today’s Organizations

Diversity encompasses how people identify themselves and how others perceive them. Examples include age, gender, color, religion, economic upbringing, and culture. Many businesses in the 21st century aspire for increased diversity in their staff. A diversified company has a better chance of finding new markets, attracting desired people of all...

US Foreign Relations in Late 1800s–Early 1900s

With the end of the Reconstruction period in 1877, the United States entered a period of exceptionally rapid economic growth. Iron production quadrupled, and coal production increased tenfold; its transportation infrastructure also developed rapidly, consolidating its domestic market (Gallman and Rhode, 2019). At this time and in the U.S., new...

  • Mental Illness
  • Women's Rights
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Colonization

Single-Parent Families Headed by Mothers

Single-parent families are typically viewed as a relatively rare phenomenon, yet the specified type of family structure occurs much more frequently than one might think. However, despite being a common issue, the issue at hand is seen as a rather contentious and, therefore, quite controversial social topic (Baumbusch et al.,...

LGBT Student Bullying in Schools

Introduction To date, two decades into the 21st century, school bullying against LGBT teenagers is still a regular practice throughout the world. The shifts in socio-cultural comprehension are attributed to gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, or other reasons. When it comes to LGBT teenage students, bullying might appear as...

Aspects of Key Construction Contracts

The contracts can be used to procure a wide range of works, services, and supplies, from large-scale framework projects to small-scale projects and the acquisition of supplies and items. National and international projects have benefited greatly from NEC contracts in terms of time, cost savings, and increased quality. Standard formats...

Iraq-Kuwait War Ovierview and Analysis

The Iraq–Kuwait War was a military conflict that resulted in the occupation of Kuwait; in fact, Iraqi forces have occupied Kuwait for seven months. The conflict also led to the intervention of U.S. forces in Iraq and to the Gulf War. The reasons for invading Iraq were various: political, military,...

Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

In December 1941, Japan attacked and destroyed the American naval base at Pearl Harbor in the Pacific, prompting the United States to enter World War II. USA became part of the anti-Hitler coalition, joining the USSR and England. However, the Americans could take revenge for Pearl Harbor only at the...

US Involvement in the World War II

Factors Influencing the US to Enter the War The US maintained a neutral state for close to two years as World War II (WWII) continued. However, Congress was engaged in arguments over the neutrality several months before an attack by Japan on Pearl Harbour on December 7, 1941.1 The war...

The Third Man Film Genre Analysis

The Third Man is a 1949 film directed by British director Carol Reed. The film was well-received by critics and became one of the classics of the film-noir genre. According to the British Film Institute survey of the best British film of the twentieth century, The Third Man was voted...

Global Warming: Solutions to the Problem

Global warming implies an increase of the average temperature on the Earth. Such heating up is associated with human economic activity. Now, the humanity knows precisely which types of activity provoke the tremendous growth in the average temperature on the planet. The leading causes of global warming are vehicles, mining...

Marcus Garvey’s Contributions to History

Marcus Garvey was a political activist and theorist who made significant contributions to history. Garvey was born in 1887 and died in 1940; his goal was to establish an autonomous state that would safeguard and enhance the lives of black people worldwide (Ledgister, 2019; Jagmohan, 2020). Before decolonization, his transnational...

Internet Use and Well-Being Among College Students

Reverse Outline Topic and Main Ideas: Topic: The authors measure the influence of the Internet expansion on college students’ internal and external well-being factors. Main Idea: The study aims to explore the relationship between Internet use and indicators of well-being for college students using social anxiety, loneliness, family cohesion, and...

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Learning Styles

Chemical Equilibrium in Solution

Introduction The dispersion of molecules of iodine 12 between immiscible liquids solvents, water, or carbon tetrachloride was used to estimate the molarity of the 12 substances involved at balance in the aqueous solution. The lack of information regarding activity coefficients for any complexes present complicates the investigation. Early scientists recognized...

Supreme Court Ruling of Marbury v. Madison

Introduction Despite being often used interchangeably, civil rights and civil liberties differ. Civil rights serve as legal protection against discrimination, while civil liberties are stated by Constitution to ensure fundamental human freedoms, for example, freedom of speech (Domino, 2018). In order to uphold these pillars of today’s society, the legal...

Social Networking Influence on Psychology

Social networking sites have significantly alleviated interpersonal communication and made information more accessible. Today, everyone has accounts on social networking sites and spends much time checking other people’s profiles, forming an overview of the personalities based on the posted information. Generally, the modern process of socialization includes active participation in...

Censorship and Freedom of Speech

The main idea of ​​censorship is the recognition of the right of the state to restrict the dissemination of information that the state considers harmful or undesirable. Censorship is a form of restriction of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, television, and other media, due to legislatively approved norms...

Mobile Devices and Cybersecurity

Medical state structures and commercial organizations have daily access to many personal data, including date of birth, first and last name of patients and staff, marital status. The issue of security is particularly acute in front of medical institutions, where data such as diagnoses, research results, and medical histories are...

Child Abuse as Modern Society Challenge

Child abuse is among the leading challenges that children face at a point in their live, hence, it attract the attention of the world activists and children rights advocates. Child abuse is a serious offence that affects the development of the society, and cause severe psychological and physical problems to...

Introducing the Standards for Minimum Wage Rates in the US

Introduction The process of introducing the standards for minimum wage rates in the US was neither rapid nor easy to implement. It began in the late 1930s with the introduction of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and has undergone major changes since then. Minimum wage rates and reforms related...

Civil Rights Case in the City of Chicago

Introduction The case was argued in December 1968 and determined in March 1969. The case originated from Dick Gregory, who organized a demonstration in Chicago in 1966. Protesters gathered to voice their displeasure with the city of Chicago’s policy of segregated public schools. The protesters marched to by then-Mayor Richard...

Nuclear Share of Electricity Generation

Different opinions surrounded the topic of nuclear power usage for the last 50 years. While some people strongly suggest that nuclear power is dangerous, other people state that nuclear power is far more progressive and cleaner than coal and oil sourced energy. This paper will uncover the basic physical principles...

Tom in “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams

Some playwrights utilize intriguing approaches to setting up the scene; for example, by making a narrator a direct participant of the events, the writer can convey more meaning. “The Glass Menagerie” is a play written by Tennessee Williams in 1944 (Williams, 1). Interestingly, the central character of this play, whose...

  • Social Class
  • Time Management
  • Afghanistan War

“Flute Concert with Frederick the Great in Sanssouci” Artwork by Menzel

As a rule, contribution to art is not what monarchs are typically remembered for; however, as seen in Adolph Menzel’s painting, “Flute Concert with Frederick the Great in Sanssouci,” Frederick the Great made quite a difference in the art domain by promoting the significance of music along with innovations in...

Effects of Child Labor in Farming to Children

Child labor in farming is defined as involving children in farm duties that interfere with their personal development and their human rights. The issue of child labor is affecting many countries across the globe. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has observed that sixty percent of child labor...

Women’s Liberation: Feminism in Society

Introduction The pervasive description of Betty Friedan as posed in her publication in 1963 posits that women within the mainstream American Society are subjected to the feminine mystique. Society assumed after the Second World War that women were only justified to find fulfillment through sexual passivity, housework, child-rearing, and marriage....

Causes of Crimes, Theories and Crime Behavior

Introduction Criminology requires a person to understand the reason that makes people commit crimes. It provides a platform on which mechanisms of solving and handling criminal behavior. In the past years, various theories, which are related to causes of crime, have emerged. Besides, researchers continue to explore these theories. This...

Technology and Crime Analysis

Introduction Crime analysis encompasses structured, diagnostic procedures that police officers use to obtain prompt and relevant data about crime trends and pattern correlations. The tactic enhances crime prevention and investigation, criminal apprehension, and department process’ evaluation (Braga et al., 2019). Information technology is used in analyzing wrongdoing because it ensures...

The Managing Virtual Teams

Introduction Technology innovation in organizations has changed how team work and managed. Increasingly, organizations are using virtual teams in their operations; virtual teams are teams whose members are separated by time and/or space and they interact electronically and few occasions face-to-face meetings. Virtual teams are beneficial to organizations since they...

Black Lives Matter: Racial Perspectives on Social Media

Introduction Black Lives Matter is the movement for social changes and the rights of African Americans in the United States. With the advance of social networking sites (SNSs) and other social media resources, Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has grown into a social campaign against police officers’ violence and racial...

The Correctional System: Prison in the United States

Prisons in the US hold a large number of inmates. According to Sawyer and Wagner (2020), almost 1.3 million people are confined in state prisons; 226,000 are held in federal prisons and jails, and 631,000 are confined in local jails. Among state prisoners, 713,000 offenders are convicted of violent crimes,...

The New Mount Rushmore: The «American Sisters» Monument

The common desire for equality, diversity, and inclusivity has been one of the most valuable pursuits of the American nation. Today, a lot of previously suppressed groups have earned their validation in society with the help of courageous activists of the past. There is a perfect opportunity to commemorate their...

Black Masculinity in the US in the 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries

The new gender agenda significantly changes the view of self-determination, masculinity, and femininity. Even though stereotypes break, they still have a significant influence and can limit individual’s freedom. Moreover, some groups are pressured simultaneously due to several factors. For example, the perception of masculinity of African American men is influenced...

  • Christopher Columbus
  • Consumerism
  • Deforestation
  • Elderly Abuse

America as a New World: Native Depopulation in North America

Introduction Columbian exchange refers to the two-way Atlantic traffic between America, Europe, and Africa. Columbian exchange facilitated the exchange of animals, plants, communicable diseases, and culture. The other main use of the Columbian exchange was the exchange of ideas between the Americans and Afro-Eurasian hemispheres. This was only possible after...

Lincoln’s View of Slavery Before and During Civil War

Introduction The United States of America has proceeded a long way toward eliminating racial prejudice and stereotypes. The Civil War marked the start of this process, and President Lincoln became a symbol of the struggle for the country unit and the abolition of enslavement. However, his vision of slavery and...

Analysis of Nelson Mandela History and Life

Introduction Nelson Mandela who was born in 1918 in the village of Mfezo was the President of South Africa for five years from 1994 (Manikandan, 2019). He was in prison for political actions that were considered terrorist at the time. Only the relations of politicians from all over the world...

Human Trafficking as Modern Form of Slavery

Introduction I have been raised hearing about how God formed the heavens and the earth at the start of time. I have been taught how He separated the light from the darkness and the dry land from the waters. I have also learned that God created the sea and land...

Single Parent Families. Does it affect Child Psychology?

Single parenthood is becoming an increasingly prevalent phenomenon in the western hemisphere, especially in the United States and European Union. This social trend began in the 1970s along with social liberation (Cashmore, 2014). Some people consider the growing single-parent family rate is an acute societal issue and a sign of...

Death as the Mystery in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”

Death is one of the central themes in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” The play opens with the vision of Hamlet’s deceased father, it is hinted at throughout the play as the prince himself contemplates the futility of life, and it leads to the tragic resolution as all characters die in the final...

The Fahrenheit 451 Novel by Ray Bradbury

The Fahrenheit 451 novel by Ray Bradbury focuses on multiple themes, including technology, freedom, and censorship. The main themes are portrayed as detrimental to societal growth because they consume a lot of television and radio but do not enjoy reading. To demonstrate the extent to which the citizens relied on...

Symbolic Nature of Frost’s Poetry

In his poems, Robert Frost gives universal meaning to the modest local episodes and scenes. The central idea of the insolubility of life conflicts leads to the embodiment of the idea of the absurdity of earthly existence (Axelrod and Gerer 2). This essentially modernist idea is implemented in several Frost’s...

“A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams

Introduction A Streetcar Named Desire is a chef-d’oeuvre play by Tennessee Williams, and it has many interesting characters. However, one of the protagonists, Blanche Dubois, stands out from the rest because she is dramatic and she adds flavor to the play. Williams presents Blanche as a two-faced character. On the...

Creative Arts in a Literacy Lesson as Clinical Field Experience

Motivation is one of the instruments enhancing the learning process and enabling students to achieve academic results at an appropriate pace. The exploration of children’s creativity is another important component of learning, so creative arts are often integrated into teaching diverse disciplines. This integration serves multiple purposes as it makes...

  • Family Relationships
  • Human Nature
  • Industrialization

New York Public Schools: E-Government in Education

Introduction E-government processes are related to technology use and citizen participation in politics. With regards to public administration, e-government refers to the transformation of government processes using interactive communication tools. The Internet is one appropriate way of improving interactive communication processes among people and institutions at all levels. Disparities in...

Community Event: Promoting Digital Literacy

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) The main objective of the community event is to bring together both children and adults of different age groups, social and economic backgrounds to acquaint them with the new educational opportunities. The clear message of the event should be that all the age groups are...

Capital Punishment Cons: Perspective Law and Human Rights

Using the death penalty over the years becomes rarer and is applied only after murders with aggravating circumstances. Having studied the historical background, it can be argued that the more conscious society becomes, the more followers of its abolition become. In the last century, there was a much stricter society...

Communication Process Stages

Introduction For communication to be effective, its process is very vital. The communication process is essential in the step-to-step transfer of information from the sender to the receiver, and various channels are used in the transmission of information. Among the stages of the communication process discussed include the sender, receiver,...

Learning Styles and Strategies

Personal Learning Styles VARK test identified my learning preferences as mild kinesthetic, which means that I tend to rely on practical exercises, experiences, and examples. The test also provided the score for my visual, aural, reading, and writing learning preferences, giving 9 points each. I received the highest score for...

Social Enterprises in The Corporation Documentary

Social enterprises are business structures aimed not just to maximize profit but also to reach specific socio-environmental goals. The Corporation (2003), the award-winning Canadian documentary, examines the modern corporation and criticizes it for disregarding human well-being and concerning only with money. The documentary illustrates how the modern-day corporation functions and...

The Controversial Social Media

Introduction Social media is the most potent and unrivaled weapon in world politics. The arrival of Web-based technologies and the exponential rise of access, including social networking sites by members of society, have been among them during this digital age. One essential feature of innovation is that it enables individuals...

Online Education as an Effective Alternative to Traditional Learning

During the COVID-19 pandemic, online education substituted traditional, face-to-face learning either partially or fully. Nowadays, distance learning is a popular and effective way of learning since it helps students and teachers save time and money and allows them to participate in a study process even if they are in another...

Implicit Association Test: Attitudes on Race and Ethnicity

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“The Things They Carried” by William Timothy O’Brien: True Wartime Experiences

Introduction Consisting of twenty-two interconnected stories, the Things They carried by William Timothy O’Brien is regarded as one the best fictional works on the true experiences of the American soldiers in the Vietnam War. The novel has received a huge commendation from reviewers because of the innovative application of memoir,...

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Phonemic Awareness to Phonics

Speaking about the potential advantages of implementing technology to support phonemic/phonological knowledge, focused attention should be paid to young students’ engagement and interest in learning. Regarding interest, it is widely accepted that modern technology, such as personal multimedia devices, easily attracts children’s attention while also exposing them to new learning...

Violent Video Games and Behavior Problems

Introduction The astounding nature of violence available in many video games is capable of encouraging players to develop aggressive behaviors and eventually engage in criminal activities. Unfortunately, many researchers have failed to present definitive conclusions due to the complexity of this topic and the fact that only children are the...

Time to “Decriminalize” Mental Health

Introduction The Canadian criminal justice system is adversarial by nature; it is broken, and disproportionately affects those with mental health problems. The criminalization of mental health problems is subtle yet highly pervasive given that over 40 percent of people with mental health issues have been arrested in their lifetime and...

The Impact of Type of Reward on Performance

Introduction and Literature Review Motivation is a way of investing in learners through appreciation statements or material rewards to help them demonstrate their full potential (Hendijani & Steel, 2020). Scholars differ in opinions on whether rewards play any commendable role in motivation or not. Some argue that there is no...

The Impact of Technologies

Over the past decade, technology has taken a big step forward and has become an integral part of many people’s lives. People spend time on the Internet, communicating with each other, being at a distance, ordering groceries at home, and making purchases. People have gained access to information that helps...

Violent Video Games and How They Negatively Affect Young Men

The rise of technologies impacts all spheres of human activity and promotes critical changes. Today, people work, learn, and spend their free time using multiple devices and enjoying limitless access to information or many communication opportunities. However, along with numerous benefits, there are still some risks linked to this process....

Franz Kafka and “The Metamorphosis”

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka acts as a prolonged symbol of humans’ alienation in the present society. In this script, Gregor is the main actor, whose experiences reflect Kafka’s modern society’s detachment and separation from human interaction. The concepts of isolation and alienation are central to The Metamorphosis (Kafka et...

Employment Laws Chart: Comparison of Their Importance and Scope

Complete the chart below using information from the weekly readings and additional research if necessary. Employment Law Description and Requirement of Law Court Case Influential to Establishment of Law Importance of Law Workplace Application Civil Rights Act of 1964 (DeCenzo & Robbins, 2007) A federal law that prohibited discrimination based...

Affective Principles in 2nd Language Acquisition

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“A Good Man Is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor

Literature is a type of art that contains many other different sides of people’s life. Reading any book, people are looking for some relaxation; they want to leave everyday routine life and to appear in another world, full of some advantages and unpredictable situations. People are looking for some answers...

how many paragraphs is an 800 word essay

How to Write a 1000 Word Essay

how many paragraphs is an 800 word essay

1000-word essays aren’t hard. A student can write one in a day.

All it takes is a solid topic and some planning. Cook up three sources, organize them in a 5-paragraph format, and you’re good to go! But writing a 1000-word essay that’s interesting and meaningful may take more than that. Formatting requirements (MLA) and punctuation-loving professors can make toughen things up.

In our blog, we will explore how to write a 1000-word essay. After covering a few engaging and relevant topics, we’ll jump right into the essay structure. Make sure to stick around for helpful tips at the end. As always, EssayPro — essay service — is here if you need any extra help. Happy writing!

What if I Can't Come up With 1000 words?

The best tip that will shed light in the dark is writing in a non-stop regime. Just start writing without thinking about any word limit. Of course, it seems much more time-consuming and complicated. Nevertheless, this technique will let you understand and determine any gaps in your writing and then fix them in the shorter version of your draft.

Don’t panic if it ends up more than 2000+ words or more. Once you are done with the writing, read it several times, and highlight parts that you believe are worth attention. Then exclude all parts of the text that you think are unnecessary. Next step will be combining, polishing up and connecting them together. Include transitions between paragraphs to make sure that everything flows smoothly.

1000 Word Essay Example

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Choosing Topic for a 1000 Word Essays

Usually, instructors assign topics for such essays. If not - choosing a topic isn’t hard - make sure it fits the required essay type. Remember that you’ll have to know some background information and form a convincing argument on your topic.

The first thing to do is come up with a list of topics you find intriguing. Don’t settle for a generalized topic like “Gun control”. Instead, be more specific with your topic - “How have gun control laws affected gang activity in the state of California.” After making a list of about ten to fifteen essay topics - narrow it down and choose the best one. You may also be interested in an argumentative essay topics , read it.

These essays can sometimes be in-class assignments. Which means you’ll have to pick a topic and draft a quick outline on the spot. Here are some good sample topics for a 1000-word essay:

  • Video games were more immersive, challenging, and rewarding in the early 2000s compared to now
  • Superman is a role model superhero embodying traits people want to see in themselves: compassion, morality, and a sense of purpose
  • 2000 years later, Plato’s Republic still provides relevant insights into justice, education, and soul.
  • Forrest Gump is the greatest American movie ever made
  • Students should write more essays in school as it teaches vital critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Before going to college, students should take a break from learning for at least a year
  • Winona Ryder is one of the most underrated American actresses
  • Alcohol and nicotine should be labeled and classified as drugs
  • These three artists prove that electric guitars have not gone out of fashion and are still a vital part of American music culture
  • Kendrick Lamar is one of the few rappers who does justice to African-American culture, history, and traditions through his music

If you need to write historical essay for 1000 words and you are struggling with the topic, ask our history essay writer for help.

Types of 1000 Word Essays

When a professor explains how to write a 1000-word essay, they will probably list several types of essay from which you may choose. Your choice of topic will depend on the type of essay. Here are the most common ones:

  • ‍ Persuasive Essay. Persuading a reader will require solid facts, logical reasoning, and reputable sources. ‍
  • Descriptive Essay. Vivid and illustrative language, describing a person, scene, object or memory, is the quintessence of the descriptive essay. ‍
  • Narrative Essay. Mostly written during college admissions, narrative essays tell a story rather than feed information. ‍
  • Expository essay. Digging deep into the roots of the topic, exposing every side of the argument, and deep critical analysis are what expository essays are notorious for.

How Long Is a 1000 Word Essay should be?

Actually, the number of pages that a thousand words might take depends on the format of those 1000 words. We found out that 1000 words take:

How to Write a 1000 Word Essay

These are some of the common requirements if we are talking about high school and college writing.

How to Structure a 1000 Word Essay

We advise students to avoid the common mistake of ignoring their essay’s structure. Another mistake is writing too many words about unnecessary parts. Use the following structure for 1000 word essay outline to avoid such mistakes:

Introduction (100-200 words)

An introduction must capture the reader’s attention and explain what the essay will be about. Introductions vary based on different types of essays. For example, in a narrative essay the story doesn’t start until after the introduction.

‍ In short, ever introduction has these three parts:

  • Hook or attention grabber;
  • Background information;
  • Thesis statement.

Body (800 words)

There are three body paragraphs in a 1000-word essay. Each one of them is focused on a specific point of discussion in the essay. The three body paragraphs work together to provide evidence and reasoning to support the thesis statement.

Each body paragraph has these four parts:

How to Write a 1000 Word Essay

  • Paragraph 1 (200-300 words)
  • ~ Topic sentence
  • ~ Concluding statement
  • Paragraph 2 (200-300 words)
  • Paragraph 3 (200-300 words)

Conclusion (100-200 words)

The conclusion of your paper should summarize all the main arguments and tie them together. As mentioned previously, everybody paragraph works to support the thesis statement. In your conclusion, you must explain how all of this relates together and proves your point.

Here are the three parts of a conclusion:

  • Summary of main points;
  • Restating the thesis;
  • Concluding statement.

If you still need help writing your essay, or possibly editing it, you can contact our essay rewriting service .

How to Format a 1000 Word Essay

Another thing that significantly impacts the grade is adhering to the correct paper format. In most cases, your professor will specify which font, margins, alignment and citation style to use. The title page is also formatted differently, depending on the essay.

In addition to the format, a significant technical part of your essay its citation style. The two most common styles are the APA and the MLA style, with the Chicago and Harvard styles being used less often.

Follow the correct essay format and citation style to avoid lessening your grade. You may also find the article on how to write a hypothesis useful. We recommend that you read it.

Useful Tips for Editing and Productivity

How to Write a 1000 Word Essay

The most important parts of writing an essay are organizing and editing. Writing is barely half of the work. We want to share some pro tips to save time writing and make your essay genuinely outstanding.

  • Write an Outline first: Most of the time, a 1000-word essay is an in-class assignment. Scribble an outline on a separate sheet of paper to keep you focused when writing. Essay outlines aren’t made for your professor, and they’re made for you. Without an outline, you cannot see the logical structure of your essay and the progression of your arguments.
  • Write an Introduction last: Starting an essay can be frustratingly hard, and most writers know this. A general rule of thumb is to write the introduction last. An essay introduction sets the tone and introduces the writer’s main arguments. After writing the whole chunk of your paper, you’ll know all your main points and the tone of your writing. Therefore it is best to leave it for last.
  • Proofread Twice before submitting: If your 1000-word essay is an in-class assignment, proofread it. Grammar and logic errors won’t be tolerated by your tutor, besides it will only take a minute. Rewriting the whole paper in class is impossible. Therefore proofreading is the only quality-check you get. If your essay is not an in-class assignment, you have many more opportunities to make it good by proofreading.
  • Use Apps for Proofreading: If your 1000-word essay is a homework assignment, proofread it with apps like Hemingway or Grammarly. They will find errors which you may have easily missed. Additionally, if you wish to upgrade your word choice, use sites like Dictionary.com and Thesaurus for synonyms and words with similar meaning.
  • Ask a Friend or EssayPro for Help: Never be shy to ask a friend or us to read your essay and tell you if it makes sense. EssayPro is service that provides you help with dissertation and it can come in handy if you need help with any type of paper works. If writing a 1000-word essay seems overwhelming for you and you think 'i want pay someone to write my essay ' just leave your request to us and get it done asap.

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How Many Pages in 800 Words: The Ultimate Page Count Guide!

800 words typically make up about 1.6 to 3.2 pages, depending on your font size, spacing, and formatting choices.

How Many Pages in 800 Words: The Ultimate Page Count Guide!

Credit: yoast.com

Word Count To Page Insight

Understanding the conversion of word count into page numbers is an essential aspect of writing, especially when it comes to meeting specific requirements for a project or publication. Whether you are a student, a professional writer, or a content creator, having a strong grasp of this conversion enables you to accurately estimate the length and structure of your work, ensuring it fits within the desired page count.

Decoding The Conversion Of Word Count Into Page Numbers

Decoding the conversion of word count into page numbers allows you to effectively plan and format your writing. The relationship between word count and page numbers can vary depending on numerous factors, including font style, font size, line spacing, and margin size.

Typically, the standard format for an essay or manuscript includes Times New Roman font, size 12, with double spacing. In this case, a general guideline is that 800 words would equate to approximately 1.6 pages . However, it’s important to note that this estimate may vary depending on individual writing styles, paragraph lengths, and other formatting preferences.

If you are unsure about the specific word count to page conversion for a particular project or publication, it is always a good idea to consult the guidelines or style requirements provided by the intended audience or the publisher. Additionally, there are online tools and word count calculators available that can help you estimate the page count more accurately based on your chosen formatting options.

Why Understanding This Conversion Is Beneficial

Understanding the conversion of word count into page numbers is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it allows you to plan your writing project effectively, enabling you to structure your content within the desired page count. This knowledge is especially valuable in academic settings where assignments often come with specific page limits that need to be adhered to.

Moreover, having a clear understanding of this conversion helps you manage your time and resources efficiently. By knowing how many words fit on a page according to the preferred formatting guidelines, you can estimate the length of time needed to complete your work and gauge the amount of research or information required.

Additionally, when working as a freelance writer or content creator, understanding the word count to page conversion allows you to effectively manage your workload and meet deadlines. By accurately estimating the number of pages a project will require, you can plan your schedule accordingly and allocate your time and energy more efficiently.

Overall, knowing the conversion of word count into page numbers gives you a valuable tool for effectively planning and meeting the requirements of your writing projects. It allows you to align your writing style, content, and format to achieve the desired page count while ensuring your message is conveyed effectively.

Breakdown Of How Many Pages In 800 Words

In 800 words, the number of pages can vary based on factors like font size and formatting. However, on average, an 800-word piece usually spans around 1. 5 to 2 pages.

Understanding how many pages are contained within a certain word count is essential for writers and content creators. Whether you’re working on a blog post, an essay, or a research paper, knowing the average page count helps you better plan and structure your work. In this article, we will break down how many pages are typically found in 800 words, exploring the factors that influence page count as well as the average page counts for various formats and settings.

Factors Affecting The Page Count

The page count of a document can be influenced by various factors. These factors include:

  • Font Size and Style: The font you choose and its size can significantly impact the number of words that fit on each page. Fonts with smaller sizes or compact styles can fit more words per page than larger or more spaced-out fonts.
  • Spacing: Line spacing, such as single-spaced or double-spaced, can affect page count. Double-spacing tends to result in more pages as it creates more space between lines.
  • Margin Size: The size of the margins used in your document can also affect the number of words that fit on a page. Wider margins tend to result in fewer words per page.
  • Paragraph Length: The length of your paragraphs can influence page count. Longer paragraphs will take up more space on a page, resulting in fewer pages for a given word count.

Average Page Count For Various Formats And Settings

The average page count for 800 words can vary depending on different formats and settings. Here are some commonly encountered scenarios:

  • Standard Essay Format: In a standard essay format, which typically involves using a 12-point font, double spacing, and one-inch margins, an 800-word essay would generally span around 3 pages.
  • Research Paper: Research papers often require additional formatting elements such as a title page, abstract, and section headings. With these added components, an 800-word research paper could span around 4 to 5 pages.
  • Blog Post: For a blog post, the formatting can vary based on the website’s layout and design. However, keeping the standard font size and line spacing, an 800-word blog post would typically occupy around 2 to 3 pages.
  • Novel Manuscript: In the context of novel writing, a manuscript with 800 words would comprise only a fraction of a page. Most novels consist of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of words.

It’s important to note that these average page counts are approximate and can vary depending on individual writing styles, specific formatting requirements, and the content itself. However, they serve as a helpful guideline for estimating the expected page count for a given word count.

Page Count Guide: Understanding Variables

When it comes to writing content, word count plays a crucial role in determining the length and structure of a piece. For writers and bloggers who are wondering about the number of pages in 800 words, several variables need to be considered. Understanding these variables will help you plan and format your writing effectively.

Font Size And Type Considerations

One of the key factors that influence page count is the font size and type used in your writing. Different fonts have varying widths and heights, impacting the amount of space they occupy on a page. For instance, a larger font size tends to take up more space and can lead to fewer words on a page, ultimately resulting in more pages for your 800-word content.

Keep in mind that these are approximate values, and varying factors such as line spacing and margins will further affect the final page count.

The Role Of Line Spacing In Page Determination

Line spacing is another variable that affects the number of pages in an 800-word content. Line spacing refers to the vertical space between lines of text in a paragraph. A single-spaced format will naturally accommodate more text on a page, resulting in fewer pages. Conversely, double spacing or adjusting the line height can increase the page count for the same word count.

When determining the line spacing for your writing, keep in mind the following general guidelines:

  • A single-spaced format typically ranges from 11 to 13 lines per inch.
  • Double spacing, on the other hand, allows for 21 to 25 lines per inch.

These values are approximate and can vary based on the font and font size used. Adjusting the line spacing can help you control the visual appearance and overall length of your 800-word content.

Margins And Their Impact On Word-to-page Conversion

Margins, the space between the content and the edge of the page, also affect word-to-page conversion. The size of your margins can impact the placement of text on a page, potentially altering the page count of your 800-word content. Wider margins will result in more text occupying the central area of the page, leading to fewer pages overall.

  • Top and bottom margins typically range from 1 to 1.5 inches.
  • Left and right margins usually range from 0.75 to 1 inch.

By controlling the width of your margins, you can adjust the layout of your content and potentially influence the final page count.

Understanding these variables, such as font size, line spacing, and margins, will allow you to estimate the number of pages in your 800-word content more accurately. Remember to consider the specific requirements and guidelines of your writing project or platform when determining the ideal formatting for your piece. By keeping these variables in mind, you can optimize your content for readability and presentation.

800 Words: The Ultimate Page Count Guide

In the world of writing and content creation, word count plays a vital role. Whether you are a student working on an essay, a writer crafting a blog post, or a professional creating web content, knowing how many pages your words will translate to can be extremely useful. In this ultimate page count guide, we will delve into the topic of 800 words and explore how many pages it typically encompasses. So, if you find yourself wondering how many pages 800 words will fill, keep reading for a concise guide and some typical examples for reference.

A Concise Guide To Estimating Page Length

Estimating the number of pages that 800 words will fill can be a helpful tool when you are planning and formatting your writing. However, it’s essential to note that page count can differ based on various factors such as font type, font size, line spacing, and margins. Generally, the standard format for academic and professional writing uses a font size of 12, Times New Roman or Arial font type, and double spacing between lines.

With these settings, one page is typically estimated to contain around 275 to 300 words . Therefore, if you find yourself with 800 words to present, you can anticipate that it will fill approximately two and a half to three pages within the standard format.

Typical Examples For Reference

To provide further clarity, let’s consider some typical examples of how 800 words translate into page count using the standard format for academic and professional writing:

These examples offer a range of possible outcomes based on variations in font size, font type, line spacing, and margin settings. It’s important to remember that these examples are approximate and may vary based on individual writing styles and preferences.

Optimizing Page Use For Different Purposes

When it comes to optimizing page use for different purposes, one important consideration is the number of pages in a given word count. Whether you are writing an academic paper or a blog post, tailoring the page count to the specific requirements and needs of your audience and platform is key to effectively delivering your message. In this section, we will explore the differences in page requirements for academic writing and blogging, as well as provide insights on how to tailor the page count to meet the specific needs of your audience and platform.

Academic Writing Versus Blogging Requirements

Academic writing and blogging have distinct requirements when it comes to page count. In academic writing, word count is typically the primary consideration for page length. Most academic institutions or journals specify a certain number of words for a given paper, and it is crucial to adhere to these requirements. However, the exact number of pages in a specific word count may vary depending on various factors such as font size, line spacing, and formatting guidelines.

On the other hand, blogging requirements may be more flexible. Blog posts are generally more concise and focused, aiming to engage readers with easily digestible content. While word count can still be a consideration, the visual presentation and user experience take center stage in the world of blogging. Readers prefer shorter paragraphs, subheadings, bullet points, and images that break up the text and make it more visually appealing and scannable.

Tailoring Page Count To Audience And Platform Needs

When tailoring page count, it is essential to consider the needs of your specific audience and the platform where your content will be published. Understanding your audience’s preferences and expectations can help you determine the optimal page length that will resonate with them. For instance, if you are targeting an academic audience, adhering to the specified word count is crucial to ensure your work is taken seriously and meets the requirements of the intended readers.

If your content is for a blog or website, it is important to consider the platform’s guidelines and requirements. Some platforms may have limitations regarding word count or formatting options, such as character limits or restrictions on the use of certain HTML tags. Adhering to these platform-specific guidelines not only ensures your content displays correctly but also helps improve its search engine optimization (SEO) and accessibility.

Moreover, understanding the preferences of your target platform’s audience is key. Different platforms attract different types of readers with varying attention spans and preferences. For example, social media platforms favor shorter, more visually engaging content, while long-form articles are more common on news or industry-specific websites. By aligning your page count with platform-specific expectations, you can effectively deliver your message to your target audience.

Maximizing Impact With 800 Words

When it comes to writing content, sometimes less is more. With just 800 words, you have a limited number of pages to convey your message effectively. However, with the right techniques and strategies, you can maximize the impact of your content within these constrained pages. In this blog post, we will explore techniques for effective space utilization and strategies to convey a strong message within limited pages.

Techniques For Effective Space Utilization

When working with a limited number of pages, it is crucial to utilize the available space optimally. Here are some techniques to make the most of your 800-word content:

  • Use concise and precise language: Every word counts when you have limited page space. Be mindful of unnecessary fluff and focus on conveying your message using clear and concise language.
  • Break down paragraphs: Short paragraphs create more white space and improve readability. Divide your content into smaller sections to make it visually appealing and easier to digest for the reader.
  • Utilize bullet points and lists: Bullet points and lists are excellent tools to present information concisely. They allow you to organize your content into digestible chunks, making it easier for readers to scan and understand the main points.
  • Optimize formatting: Proper formatting, such as using headings, subheadings, and bolding key phrases, helps readers navigate through the content. These formatting techniques also draw attention to essential information and improve the overall readability of your content.

Strategies To Convey A Strong Message Within Limited Pages

While you may have limited space, it’s still essential to ensure your message is strong and impactful. Here are some strategies to make the most of your 800-word content:

  • Focus on a single main idea: With limited pages, it’s crucial to have a clear and focused main idea. Identify the core message you want to convey to your readers and structure your content around it.
  • Provide evidence and examples: To support your main idea, incorporate relevant evidence, statistics, or examples. This adds credibility to your content and helps readers understand and believe in your message.
  • Engage readers with storytelling: Use storytelling techniques to captivate your audience and make your content more memorable. Weave narratives, anecdotes, or personal experiences to create an emotional connection with your readers.
  • End with a strong conclusion: Wrap up your content with a concise and powerful conclusion that reinforces your main message. Leave readers with a lasting impression and a clear understanding of the key takeaway.

By implementing these techniques for effective space utilization and employing strategies to convey a strong message, you can make the most of your 800-word content. Remember, less is more, but it’s how you utilize that limited space that truly maximizes impact.

Frequently Asked Questions For How Many Pages In 800 Words

How many pages can you write in 800 words.

In general, you can expect to write approximately 2 pages single-spaced or 4 pages double-spaced using 800 words. However, the number of pages can vary depending on font size, line spacing, and margins. So, make sure to follow the specific formatting requirements given to you.

How Long Does An 800-word Essay Take To Read?

On average, it takes around 2-4 minutes to read an 800-word essay at a moderate pace. The reading time can vary depending on factors like reading speed, familiarity with the topic, and the reader’s level of focus.

How Many Paragraphs Are In An 800-word Essay?

Typically, an 800-word essay consists of approximately 5-8 paragraphs. However, the number of paragraphs can vary depending on the structure and content of your essay. Ensure you have a clear intro, body paragraphs with supporting evidence, and a conclusion for a comprehensive essay.

The number of pages in an 800-word piece of content may vary depending on several factors such as font size, spacing, and formatting. While there is no definite answer, a general estimate suggests that an 800-word article may span roughly two pages.

However, it is important to prioritize the quality and relevance of your content over its length. Remember, reader engagement is crucial for SEO success. Focus on providing valuable information and capturing your audience’s attention rather than fixating on the number of pages.

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800-Word Essay Examples: Health & Medicine

An 800-word essay is most commonly a five-paragraph essay. To write a paper of such a length, you should strictly follow the format and think of a clear thesis statement. Another typical genre for an 800 words essay about health care and medicine is a nursing reflective paper. In such an essay, one is expected to honestly share their experience, reflecting on their professional skills.

You might be assigned an 800-word essay in almost any medical subdiscipline. For instance: nephrology , geriatrics , immunology , surgery , or medical ethics . Good luck with your paper! Check 800 words essay examples below to get inspired.

Sharing Knowledge Learned From a Practicum Project

Knowledge and outcomes of practicum projects can be shared using various methods. They include communicating in front of the audience (e.g., podiums, panels, and round table formats) and using poster presentations and journal publications (Milner, 2016). Other ways of disseminating knowledge often consist of conducting clinical rounds, brief discussions, and...

Using Social Media Tools for Good in Nursing

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had unprecedented impact on humans since the first case was reported in late 2019, changing the way humans, as social beings, operate. Due to the dangers of the virus, many governments across the world have been putting stringent measures for curtailing the further spread of the...

Mandating Nurse: Patient Ratio

Nursing is one of the most challenging professions, as nurses work long hours and night shifts caring for severely ill and, sometimes, dying patients. Increasing the number of nurses taking care of patients in hospitals will greatly increase job satisfaction among nurses and make them more productive. It is, therefore,...

800 Word Essay FAQ

What should i write about in my 800 word nursing essay.

You can write an 800-word essay about medicine, health care, and nursing on many topics. For example: sleep , antibiotic , hygiene , chronic pain , syphilis , or illness . It is worth choosing an inspiring topic because writing an 800 words nursing essay requires time and effort.

How Long Does It Take to Write an 800-Word Essay about Medicine?

Medicine is a quite a complicated topic to write about. Working on an 800-word essay about health care or nursing will typically require time and effort to conduct research and read literature on the topic. Moreover, you’ll have to edit and format the text and probably prepare graphic materials. You’ll need not less than 4 hours for 800 words.

How Many Paragraphs Is an 800 Words Essay?

An 800-word essay, be it an academic paper on medicine or any other topic, typically contains 6 to 7 paragraphs. It is a rough estimate considering that an academic writing paragraph usually consists of about 100 words.

Is an 800-Word Essay Long?

An 800-word essay usually spans 3,5 pages, assuming that it is written in one of the common citation formats (APA, MLA, or Chicago). This means that the text is double-spaced and typed with a standard font (Times New Roman or Arial) of 12 points. The exact length of an 800 words essay will depend on the formatting requirements.

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Access to health care is the most critical factor that determines whether a state will achieve a Healthy People 2020 goal. It has an impact on the quality of one’s life, social, physical, and mental health status. Disparities in the economic status based on residential location, ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status,...

Nursing Shortage: Literature Review

The nursing shortage is a highly important issue and a critical challenge for national health care because it is one of the main causes of poor quality of medical services. The ratio of nurses to patients continues to decline, and there has been a plethora of authors addressing this issue...

Regulations for Nursing Practice in Virginia

Introduction “Every nurse in the U.S. is responsible for knowing the state’s NPA and regulatory requirements for nursing for every jurisdiction in which they hold a license” (NCSBN, 2018, p. 5). Numerous laws and regulations govern the nursing practice, and state boards of nursing carefully oversee nurses’ compliance with these...

Researching of Role Delineation in Nursing

Introduction Providing proper healthcare is important for the full recovery of patients. As such, hospitals assign patients to nurses who will ensure proper medical care and quick recovery. Nurse practitioners (NPs) help in preventing diseases, promoting health, diagnosis and health education. NPs play an essential role in patient recovery, although...

Communication-Related Situation at the Hospital

I witnessed a situation at the hospital entailing poor communication between the nurses and the patient. The patient failed to understand the challenging situation that encompassed an obese individual’s surgical operation and carried on with the practice smoothly that later resulted in complications. This situation contributed to the patient’s ability...

Kidney Stone Disease. Advances in Urology

Kidney stones is a disease affecting the urinary tract. The medical term for kidney stones is renal calculi, urolithiasis or nephrolithiasis (Alelign & Petros, 2018). Kidney stones are generally described as hard crystalline objects that consist of chemicals in the urine. There are four types of renal calculi, and the...

  • Emergency Department
  • Heart Failure
  • Nursing Theory

Renal Failure as Emergency Situation

Emergency Situation and Specific Criteria: Renal Acute kidney failure (AKF) is one of the scenarios that require immediate assistance. Seeing that the factors causing kidney failure are very numerous, it is crucial to diagnose the problem in a manner as accurate as possible; otherwise, the patient’s life may be in...

Protecting Oneself and Family From Foodborne Illness

Introduction Food-borne infections have drawn substantial attention among medical practitioners and society at large. According to Todd (2020), an estimated 76 million Americans fall sick from various consumables every year. Fundamentally, forborne illnesses are caused by 200 different microbes, which increases the rate of disease occurrence (Camino Feltes et al.,...

Health Risks of Having a Child at a Young Age

Teenage pregnancy or pregnancy at a very early stage is defined in different countries in different ways. For instance, in the United States it is defined as an under aged girl becoming pregnant where as in the United Kingdom, there is a legal definition whereby a woman is considered to...

Substance Use Disorders & Harm Reduction Programs

Introduction Drug abuse is one of the most troublesome societal issues in the modern world. Despite the decline of HIV/AIDS incidence across the globe, the number of people who contact the infection remains relatively high, with approximately 50,000 new annual cases in the United States alone (Kulikowski & Linder, 2018)....

What Are the Harmful Effects of Fast Food?

Introduction Fast food is a food trend that emerged and became globally fashionable in the post-industrial era. There is a widespread belief in society that fast food is unhealthy. The scientific community also thinks so, and numerous academic studies and researches confirm the statement. However, more and more people, including...

Raising Awareness of Food Poisoning Among Schoolchildren

Program evaluation plan for raising awareness of food poisoning among schoolchildren aged 8-15 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by 40% over 3-years. Program evaluation is the step that follows monitoring. The information collected during monitoring the results of the project is evaluated (or compared and judged) in an analytical way against...

The Impact of Nursing Practice Act and Hospital Policies on Nursing Practice

Nurses have an essential role in helping patients undergo their treatment, recover from injuries, and improve their health. Performing these professional duties requires serious expertise, proper competence, specialized knowledge, and skills, which are obtained during prolonged periods of training and learning. The risks involved in the nursing occupation are high,...

Evidence-Based Nursing and Theory-Practice Gap

Introduction The idea of EBP was introduced a few decades ago to promote the use of empirical research in healthcare professions. Being a systematic approach to solving clinical problems, EBP is understood as a promising improvement for nursing practice, but its full-fledged implementation still raises concerns. This paper is aimed...

“Notes on Nursing” by Florence Nightingale

Introduction This reaction paper essentially focuses on giving a succinct analytical reaction to the book Notes on Nursing by Florence Nightingale which was first published in England in 1859 and 1860, in America. In this book, Florence describes nursing in a rather different way from the way people view it...

Nursing Roles in Addiction Care: Case Study

Patient History The patient history offers specific information on the client’s current situation. It is evident that the 21-year old female has been feeling weak and unwell for the past several weeks. In addition, she smokes an average of two packs of cigarettes a day, has a single meal a...

  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Intensive Care
  • Immunization
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Nurse Practitioner Interview: Ms. Tess Case

Aspiring to be an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) is a dream goal for any student nurse in achieving academic excellence and quality nursing practice. Achieving and maintaining a top-notch level by being driven by passion, the ability to make personal decisions, and demonstrating great ambition for career development is a...

A Mindfulness Meditation for Nurses During Pandemic

The suggested evidence-based intervention will help to curb the levels of stress in nurses by offering them relaxation techniques that will lead to a drop in tension and work pressure. Previous studies have declared that mindful meditation has an ameliorating effect on the levels of depression, stress, and workplace burnout...

Nursing Career: Description of the Profession and Its Future

Background information Many misconceptions surround the nursing career. The myths surrounding nursing profession are so great that they dissuade people from pursuing this career. However, unlike what many people believe, nursing is the noblest career in the face of the world, without which many lives would be put to stake....

Development of the Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Introduction A nurse’s mission is to serve patients and address their needs, providing holistic and high-quality care. This purpose of a nurse’s work, knowledge, and experience usually form the development of a specific personal philosophy of nursing. However, it is also important to note that a nursing philosophy is not...

Child Abuse: Role of Nurses

Every child deserves to grow in a healthy environment that can guarantee a high standard of social, mental, and physical development. However, the wellbeing of children can suffer through neglect, mistreatment, and abuse from a quarter of parents/guardians (Kimberly & Brooks, 2009). If unchecked, child abuse will lead to an...

Future Nursing Report

The work of the committee of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative, made four recommendations aimed at improving and transforming nursing in the US. One of the recommendations made by the committee is that nurses should be allowed to discharge all the services, which are within the scope of their...

Pro-Self: The Pain Control Program

Introduction The article highlights the limited knowledge by patients regarding pain control therapies, which acts as a hindrance to managing pain during cancer intervention programs. A majority of patients experience inadequate treatment of their pain from various caregivers, which makes their recuperation difficult (Schmidt, 2012). The education programs that target...

The Privatization of Health Care in Canada

The Canadian health care system is notable for its public funding and availability to everyone, which has its benefits. However, it also limits the system’s resources and the patient’s choice, being an unfortunate price to pay. By expanding the private sector, the underlined issues can be resolved without damaging the...

Literature Review on Application of Nursing-Skill Mix

Nursing-skill mix involves the combination of employees in a specific post. This is often done amongst posts that are related in a particular way (“Nursingtimes.net,” 2004, p. 34). While nursing-mix has been applied in many instances within the medical field, its significance has continued to bear positive results in the...

Philosophy of Nursing and the CSU School of Nursing Conceptual Model

Introduction These models were introduced after World War 2 when the world had a shortage of nurses. Ginzberg filed a report that accelerated the implementation of the models. In his report, he advocated that nurses were to be trained for two years instead of four years to provide safe care....

Symptom Burdens and Labor of Burden

Summary Gapstur, R. (2007). Symptom burden: a concept analysis and implications for oncology nurses. Oncology Nursing Forum, 34(3), 673-680. This is an article on symptoms burden authored by Gapstur a director of nursing at Methodist Hospital in Louis Park Minnesota. According to the author, the concept of symptom burden has...

Nursing Leadership Position and Vision of Education

Introduction The vision of nursing, whether it is in the health care systems or education, is to guide those taking up the profession to acquire the skills and deliver the standardized care to the public as well as the organizations/institutions providing the skills and the health care. Policies are formed...

Personal Philosophy of Scholarship in Nursing

Introduction Philosophy serves as every person’s guide. The study delves into Boyer’s model of scholarship. Scholarship relates to the academic learning process. My personal philosophy includes continually gaining more knowledge and adapting to the needs of society, especially the students. Implementation of the Philosophy Within the nursing academe, the implementation...

Tenants of Florence Nightingale’s Theory

Introduction Nursing practice in the modern day has evolved from the known way of practice several decades ago. What was treated at that time as a simple work for women has now evolved into a twofold component involving both theory, practice, men and women. When compared to a building, nursing...

Personal Goals: SMART Approach

Introduction A SMART goal is an approach for establishing objectives and missions for activities or processes. The scope of the nursing profession that includes interaction with management teams in workplaces, patients as well as the work environment prompts for personal measures to improve the performance and adaptability of an individual...

Issues in the Nursing Policies

Issues into the mandatory nurse staffing ratio policy Reports of deteriorating working conditions and the quality of patient care are believed to have led to the creation and establishment of the mandatory nurse staffing ratio by the federal and states governments. Since it was established, there have been various debates...

Nursing in Global Community and Meaning Metaparadigms

Introduction Nursing is any form of activity that involves the issuance of medical treatment from the nurse to the patient. Nurses have several functions within the diverse community (global community) and this involves the translation of the knowledge in medical and social science into health care. The main role of...

Community and Public Health Nursing Study

Case Study Summary Wayne is a public health/community nurse who lives in South Texas. During the summer, Wayne’s community experienced uncontrollable wildfires that devastated the area. Because he lived in the area, Wayne was called upon to help triage and care for victims of the fires. Many of the wildfire...

Code of Ethics in Nursing: Summary and Applications

Code of ethics refers to a set of conduct principles within an organization, which are drafted with the aim of guiding behavior and decision making in accountability. Code of ethics is purposely designed to assist members of an organization in getting to know the difference between ‘what is right’ and...

Health Promotion: Term Definition

Introduction Good health is one of the goals medical practitioners and nurses desire to achieve. For this goal to be achieved, it is important to look at different aspects of enhancing good health through health promotion. Health promotion is an important strategy towards ensuring that everybody achieves good health. Nurses...

Needs of People With Learning Disabilities

Heller, Gibbons, and Fisher (2015) focus on the contribution that caregivers can make to the progress of people with learning disabilities (LD), as well as aging people. Therefore, testing the cross-platform tool can be viewed as the primary objective of the research. The research was conducted with the help of...

Nursing Education in Saudi Arabia

Introduction Nursing has become one of the most competitive professions globally. Providers of nursing education worldwide encounter numerous challenges in crafting effective learning experiences and providing constructive, objective evaluation of knowledge and skills in learners (Oermann, 2006). The Public tends to have an enhanced understanding of the safety of patients....

The Evidence-Based Patient-Falls-Reduction Protocol

Introduction The purpose of this study is to promote the use of an evidence-based patient-falls-reduction protocol. The proponent of the study will use the Re-Aim framework to determine evidence-based patient-falls-reduction protocol to reduce the incidence of patient-falls in hospitals. The proponent of the study is considering the use of hourly...

‘The Future of Nursing’: A Report by the Institute of Medicine

The report The Future of Nursing issued by the Institute of Medicine (2010) can have significant implications for the functioning of medical institutions. In particular, it is critical to discuss its implication for the education of nurses, their daily practices such as primary healthcare, and their role as leaders. Overall,...

Analysis of the Maternity-Related Issues

Introduction The paper introduces a sophisticated analysis of the maternity-related issues as well as childbearing policies in the USA. The American documentary “Born in the USA” serves as a material for the study. The film reveals some crucial specifications of pregnancy, giving birth to a child and raising an offspring...

Time Management – A Transformation Leader in Nursing

Indeed, the leadership theory that describes my leadership skills is a transformational theory. This theory has both professional and personal domains. Leadership in nursing is about understanding how to make visions become reality. Transformational leadership is depicted to be the process where leaders and followers motivate each other to make...

Transforming Nursing Practice Through Research

Introduction The unending demand for quality healthcare services by the population subjects nursing to serious challenges that affect the quality of services offered. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) was mandated to research to expose the challenges facing this profession and propose measures to correct the issues arising from the findings...

Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Introduction The philosophy of nursing is a set of values and beliefs that stimulate one for productive work. According to Denehy (2007), modern educational programs that specialize in the subject include the strategy of writing the statement one personal philosophy. Due to the author, this practice assists the workers in...

Nursing Roles and Strategies in End-of-Life Decision-Making in Acute Care

Research Design The problem is clinically significant and relevant to the nursing profession. The main focus of the study is to determine the strategies required to improve end-of-Life decision making strategies. Thus, it is an important research question that requires immediate answers. Nevertheless, the purpose of the research was not...

Social Policy and Theory in Nursing: Social Responsibility

Social responsibility refers to specific guidelines for enforcing ethical behavior among professionals. It also promotes values that require organizations and professionals to strike a balance between making profits and creating sustainable ecosystems (Wilmot, 2012). Accordingly, social responsibility promotes values such as supporting welfare of the community and environmental conservation. The...

Core Unique Competencies of a Family Nurse

Introduction Advanced Role Practitioners (ARPs) must possess unique competencies in order to achieve their goals. Many ARPs have unique skills depending on their specialties. This approach will make it easier for them to focus on the best practices. The “core competencies of Nurse Practitioners (NPs) encourage them to support the...

Scholarly Letter to the Editor

To the Editor In your article, Immigrant Nurses Face New Hurdles with Ontario’s’ Licensing Changes, you assert that about 75% of immigrant nurses fail new screening exams for registered nurses because they have gaps in their careers, yet they do not find bridging programs to fill these gaps. Your assertion...

Interviews: Nurse Understaffing

Nurse understaffing has been cited in the mainstream scholarly literature as leading to a number of adverse effects including poor patient outcomes, increase in nurse workload and job dissatisfaction, as well as financial cost implications for healthcare institutions (Martin, 2015). This paper reports on the findings of interviews held with...

Managing the Frequent Falls in the Arizona Center for Specialized Treatment

Problem Identification While working as a skilled nurse at the Arizona Center for Specialized Treatment, I noted that the greatest risk in post-operation surgery is a decrease in mobility of the patient who is in the process of recovery. As a result of the reduced mobility, patients are exposed to...

Taking a Leadership Stand in Nursing Practice

Introduction Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and caregivers should support the health needs of their patients. Such NPs must also make accurate and professional decisions to achieve the best healthcare outcomes. Caregivers should be moral agents of positive health practices. Different “nursing leadership theories encourage healthcare professionals to use evidence-based practices and...

Nurses’ Role in the Prevention of Healthcare-Associated Infections

Introduction Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) refer to diseases that patients contract while undergoing medical or surgical treatment (Klevens et al, 2002). HAIs cause many deaths that are preventable if precautionary measures are implemented. Their effects have adverse implications on the health care sector because they lead to increase in health care...

Cultural Awareness in Nursing

How the nurse should respond to Mrs. Nasser’s Request This case study calls for cultural awareness and competence in nursing. The nurse should begin by agreeing with Mrs. Nasser because she is right about her cultural views. The best thing is to communicate and mentor the client. Mrs. Nasser should...

The Quality and Safety of Services in Healthcare

Introduction The quality revolution is currently transforming the health care sector (Cama, 2009). The health care sector and the public are now informed of the need to improve the health care processes. Equally, increased competition in the sector is now forcing health care institutions to improve the quality and safety...

The Community-as-Partner Model

Introduction Healthy people 2020 provides an outline of the fundamental aspects of community health (Healthy People 2020, 2013). Analysts use the eight subsystems to evaluate a community’s well-being and to determine their social status (Lundy & Janes, 2009). The paper gives recommendations on the areas that need improvement to make...

“A Guide to Taking a Patient’s Health History”: Article Summary and Evaluation

Introduction Hillary Lloyd and Stephen Craig (2007) wrote the article “A guide to taking a patient’s health history” to delineate the process and rationale through which a patient’s health history should be taken in a clinical setting. The article was published in ‘The Nursing Standard Journal’ in August 2007. Apart...

A Guide to Taking a Patients History

Introduction The process of taking history of patients is regarded as the most significant aspect of professional assessment of patients and is in most cases undertaken by nurses. Taking patients’ history enables the patients to provide a written overview of important information to the practitioner with regards to their ailments....

Integration of Evidence-Based Practice: Increasing Nurses’ Performance Efficiency

Conducting an evidence-based practice is one of the most efficient and at the same time complicated tasks for a nursing specialist, seeing how it presupposes that the best possible practice guidelines should be established for a particular clinical problem, as Hood (2010, p. 267) explains. It is important that an...

“A Guide to Taking a Patient’s History”: Article Review

Introduction The article reviewed here is a journal entitled “A guide to taking a patient’s history”, written by Hilary Lloyd and Stephen Craig. The Journal was published on 24th August 2007. Summary of the Article The Journal discusses the procedure of taking a patient’s history. It takes into consideration various...

Metabolic Syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes, and Blood Vessel Damage

Introduction Metabolic syndrome (MetSynd) is a pre-diabetes condition that predisposes individuals to type 2 diabetes mellitus (type 2 DM) and coronary heart disease. Fonseca (2005) lists its major medical characteristics as the increased waistline, increased triglyceride levels, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar levels, and reduced cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein) levels....

Code of Ethics or Conduct Analysis for the Professional Nurse

Introduction Professionals in virtually all fields operate within a framework of what is known as Code of Ethics or Conduct. Usually the Code of Ethics entails the dos and the don’ts of the profession which all qualified and chartered practitioners in the field are supposed to abide with throughout their...

Intake of Proteins, Fats, Fiber, and Carbohydrates

Role of Protein in the body Proteins are also essential for generation of antibodies. The generated antibodies are responsible for fighting illnesses and other infections. Protein sources include shellfish, meat, fish, dairy produce and poultry (Schlosser, 2001). Professional nutritionists recommend that human beings should eat 2-3 servings of proteins per...

High Maternal Mortality Rates in Laos

Introduction Maternal mortality is also known as maternal death or “obstetrical death refers to the death of a woman during or shortly after a pregnancy” (Arkutu, 1995). Globally the maternal rate was approximated to stand at 345, 000 in 2008 down from 526, 350 in 1980 out of the total...

Peer-Mentored Older Adult Fitness Program

Introduction Written by Dorgo, Robinson, and Bader, The Effectiveness of a Peer- Mentored Older Adult Fitness Program on Perceived Physical, Mental, and Social Function is a research document that seeks to compare the changes perceived in physical, mental and social function by Short Form-36 (SF36vr2) in a group trained by...

Endocrine System: Diabetes Mellitus Pathophysiology

Introduction This article focuses on the endocrine system and its correlation with diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus is an endocrine disorder characterized by either lack of insulin or lack of response to insulin in body tissues. Structure of the endocrine system The endocrine system and the nervous system have evolved principally...

Article Review Related to Public Health Topic

Problem Statement and Research Design The problem statement identified in the study is the existence of a disconnection between the policies made by government health economists and the application of the policies by health practitioners (Neumann, 2008, p. 2173). The study, therefore, sought to explain the dynamics leading to this...

Nursing Theories in Practice and Research

Taking care of patients and being compassionate to them is the primary role of a nurse. For years there have been major improvements in the nursing practice creating the best environment for the interaction of patients and nurses. The relationships that are established in the nursing practice are not just...

Human Resource Management: Nursing Shortage in the United States of America

Introduction In every organisation, whether service, goods, public or private, human resources is required for an effective operation. Broadly heath care industry, human resources teams contain physicians, doctors, nurses, and administrative staffs; shortage of either of the category affects the efficiency and quality of service offered (Bruce and Fottler 13)....

Stress in Nursing Practice Analysis

Nursing shortage ‘Many states and nations are already facing an impending shortage of nurses which is expected to go high as the year’s progress. However, communities, organizations, and individuals need to get together to address the issue of nurse shortage’. Introduction The issue of stress in the nursing practice that...

Long-Term Effects of Harmful Substances on the Respiratory System

Introduction The respiratory system is prone to harm that may result from hazardous substances that may be contained in the air. These harmful substances may come naturally from the environment, out of a polluted environment, due to risky lifestyles as well as in the form of occupational hazards. Exposure to...

Medicaid as the Essential Part of the U.S. Healthcare System

Medicaid has existed as a federal and state program aimed at cutting costs for low-income individuals since the 1960s. It is also the largest source of help for those who cannot afford health-related services, some of which are not covered by any other programs in the US. Although every state...

Theory & Nursing’s Social Policy Statement

Introduction Nursing’s Social Policy Statement has been an extremely influential text in recent nursing history. It is remarkable for the nursing profession to have a social policy statement. It potentially guides the social responsibilities of the nursing discipline and profession. However, nurses should support the view of the world it...

Delivery and Evaluation of Nursing Care

Nursing entails providing assistance to patients from the time they are admitted into a nursing home until they are discharged. Nursing may sound simple verbally but the act itself requires a lot of commitment. This paper focuses on how a nursing manager can monitor the performance of the nurses assigned...

The Use of Orem’s Theory of Self-Care Deficit in Antenatal Education on Obesity

Introduction Dorothea Orem’s theory of Self-Care Deficit was developed and introduced in 1971 (Denyes et al., 2001). It is a grand nursing theory that defines nursing as an act of assisting others in becoming autonomous and independent in their own care, thus improving the human functioning at adequate levels of...

Nursing Philosophy and Professional Nursing Theories

Nursing is an exceptional occupation related to the field of health care that has an arrangement of unique scientific knowledge and methods of their application in practice. In addition, it has its own philosophy, which is a system of views on the relationship between a nurse, a patient, society, and...

Family Care After Brain Injury in Bond et al.’s Article

What is the purpose of the study? The purpose of this article was to discover the needs of families of patients with severe traumatic brain injury during the families’ experience in a neurosurgical ICU and this was found in the introduction part (Bond et al., 2003). The articles used for...

Type 2 Diabetes: Symptoms, Prevention and Lifestyle

Introduction Type 2 diabetes is brought by different factors that relate to the insulin supply in the body. For instance, the insulin a patient has may be atypical causing it not to work effectively in the body, or the cells that usually react to the accomplishment of insulin refuse to...

Culturally Competent Care in Clinical Practice

Discussion Culture is everywhere around us. Cultural competence is one of the concepts invoked to explain aspects of human behavior and human misunderstanding. It is a concept that suggests ways for managing situations that involve people from different cultural backgrounds. Even though we are surrounded by cultural competence concepts, they...

The Issue of Compassion Fatigue Risk in Nurses

Introduction The article of Frank and Karioth concerns the issue of compassion fatigue risk in nurses. In the introduction of their study, the authors present the purpose of the research. Specifically, the research is aimed at studying the compassion fatigue level in nurses who worked with the victims of the...

Healthcare Delivery in Nursing Homes and Psychological Help for Elderly

The issues selected for analysis related to healthcare delivery in nursing homes and psychological help for the elderly. The article “Improving Psychosocial Care in Nursing Home Settings: The Next Challenge” by J. Zlotnik, B. Vourlekis and C. Galambos, C. (2006) describes the problems and challenges faced by nursing homes and...

Joanna Briggs Institute and Sigma Theta Tau International

Introduction Medical knowledge is in a state of continuous change every day. This is due to advances in technology, innovations, and the ever-ending demand to find solutions to our health problems. Many diseases which were thought to have been eradicated from the world have in the recent past re-emerged while...

The Personal Experience in Leadership Among Nursing

All workers, regardless of their positions, impact the organization’s development, but a leader has the principal contribution to the formation of corporate culture, employees’ engagement, and their overall performance. Nevertheless, there are different approaches and views, each of which determines its own set of skills and functions needed for effective...

Nursing History: Nightingale’s Influence on Values

There are many myths about the personality and the accomplishments of Florence Nightingale. These myths have been followed for many years, as these are comprehensive. However, the personality and the accomplishments of Florence Nightingale are much more complex. She was a towering figure in the Victorian age and still, there...

Nursing Informatics and Technology

Leadership Strong leadership is critical in the provision of safe and quality patient care in the healthcare system. The primary role of nurse leaders is to foster collaboration in the interprofessional team, oversee the integration of EBP in clinical care, and support frontline workers in achieving positive healthcare outcomes. The...

Problems of Knowing and Knowledge Acquisition in Nursing

The article “Ways of Knowing in Nursing” is devoted to problems of knowledge and knowledge acquisition in nursing. In nursing, the process of knowing means a whole person approach based on the principle of moral values and personalized treatment of all patients. The nursing professional should develop his environment through...

Quality Improvement: Healthcare Options

In nursing field, quality improvement involves monitoring of the care procedures results using the available data. It also involves the use of advanced techniques to design and test changes that will continuously increase the quality and safety of heath care system. The main purpose of improving the quality of health...

The Nursing Career Importance

Nursing is a critical profession within the healthcare sector that focuses on individual, family, and community care and health. Its main aim is to recover, maintain, and attain optimal health and subsequent high-quality of life among people in society. Understandably, nurses provide healthcare services independently, for example, the nursing professionals,...

Basic Life Support Training for School Teachers

The intention behind Basic Life Support (BLS) and the Heartsavers initiatives is to educate the target population, in this case, teachers, on the important life-saving skills necessary to respond to various emergencies caused by acute conditions. Within a Heartsavers course, understanding asthma and its potential adverse implications for young patients’...

Bowel and Urinary Incontinence Prevention and Care in ICU

Introduction BUI stands for bowel and urinary incontinence. It is a disease classified by the inability of the patient to control the movement of their bladder and bowels, resulting in an uncontrollable act of urination and defecation (Stokes et al., 2016). Such a condition can be caused by a variety...

Healthcare Privatization Issue

Healthcare privatization had become a topic for continuous discussion over the last years when people realized that there was a gap between the quality of healthcare and the cost of insurance in the US. People believe that the privatization of healthcare would improve the level of professional competence and patient...

The Issue of Evidence Based-nursing

Introduction Research has shown that, evidence-based nursing has had several reactions from professional colleagues as well as media where majority of the responses have been positive. However, some misgiving and misunderstanding regarding evidence-based nursing has been generated over time and this has led to research that addresses the criticism. Such...

Transcultural Nursing Model

Over the last few decades, transcultural nursing has advanced into an important aspect in the healthcare service delivery system. Dr. Madeleine Leininger, the founder, and other innovators have in the past worked relentlessly to integrate the model into the healthcare system. Currently, societies are becoming more diverse in terms of...

Nursing Science: Definition and Importance

It has now come to be believed that nursing is a unique health profession in being both a science and an art. It signifies caring for patients by professional practitioners and focusing on helping communities, groups, families, and individuals. Nurses also cater to wellness programs in optimizing their levels of...

Clinical Problems and Theoretical Nursing

It is worth noting that one of the important clinical problems is the limited scope of nursing practice. This is particularly damaging for patients in need of pain management. In some countries, nurses can function as anesthetists, which plays an important role in managing patients with acute pain. Doctors and...

Mindfullness Meditation Program for Nurses

PICOT The following PICOT question will serve as the basis for the proposed DNP project: “Among nurses who care for high morbidity/mortality patients during periods of pandemics (P), would a mindfulness meditation program (I) compared to no intervention (C) reduce the level of work stress (O) in two months (T)?”...

Overview of the Movie the Savages, 2007

Introduction One of the principal issues connected to the process of aging is dementia, and this condition has a significant impact on the ability of a person to perform daily tasks. The main character of the movie The Savages faces this disease after the death of his wife and needs...

Management Interviews by the Two Nurses

Background and training Nurses are central to health care deliveries in hospital, their duties involve delivery of health care, drug administration, and offering of care to the chronically ill patients. Career growth is vital in ensuring that they advance from their previous roles (West & Markiewicz, 2016). Health care team...

Professional Development of Nursing Professionals

Introduction The Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) report contains four key messages that outline how nursing education and professional practice should be developed to achieve the healthcare goals of the nation. It is essential for nursing to practice because IOM’s report outlines the changes in nursing practice and how they can...

How Many Pages is 800 Words?

How many pages will 800 words yield? Just slightly longer than a more common word count of 750 words, 800 words is about one and three-fifths of a page single spaced, and a little over 3 pages double spaced. If you're using a typical word processing setup with Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font with regular margins your results should be about the same, but as always can vary depending on word length and other factors.

Answer: 800 words is 1⅗ pages single spaced or 3⅕ pages double spaced.

Pages by Word Count

Use our handy table to discover how many pages a given word count yields, single or double spaced, in Times New Roman or Arial 12 point font.

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How Many Pages are 800 Words (Easy Guide)

Word count is essential while writing essays, academic papers, and articles because it determines the depth of your content, not just the length. Keeping word count in context will bring more clarity and conciseness, and readers would pay more attention to a limited words article. . But the problem lies in the formatting of the page, like font size, font style, and even the page selection, because differences in any of these will lead to different pages. This article will delve into "How many pages are 800 words" to provide a comprehensive answer while considering various factors that can influence the response.

Part 1. How Many Pages will it be for 800 Words?

Different page settings will lead to different numbers of pages for a total of 800 words. Keeping the font size 12 and having single space, 800 words will occupy around 1 ⅗ pages. While with double spaces and 12 font size, it will consume around 3 ⅕ pages.

How to Set up an 800 Words Page?

Having 800 words of content, follow the below guidelines to set up your page for the optimal settings and pleasing experience for the readers.

1. Content Preparation

The first and most obvious step is to prepare your content. You can start crafting your 800-word piece by writing or gathering your content in a text editor.

2. Choose a Page Layout

It's time to choose a suitable layout for your content. Popular options include single-column or two-column layouts, and you must consider your content's visual needs and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve.

3. Select Fonts and Formatting

After selecting the page layout, it's time to select the font and formatting of your text. Aim for a font size between 10-12 points for easy readability. Moreover, set headings and subheadings slightly larger to create a visual hierarchy.

4. Insert Images (Optional)

Although this is optional, use images that complement your text and aid in understanding. To maintain a balanced layout, place images strategically throughout the page.

5. Create Sections

To make your content look more logical and understandable, divide your content into sections or paragraphs. Each section should logically flow from one to the next, ensuring a smooth reading experience.

Set Margins and Page Size

After making sections of your content, it's time to adjust the margins and page size to ensure optimal content presentation, the most common margin sizes are around 1 inch (2.54 cm) on all sides, but it can differ with differences in requirements.

Part 2: What factors will affect the total Pages?

Different factors affect the number of pages consumed in your writing. To control your word count, follow the tips below to make it look more compact and concise.

Mind Your Boundaries

Word boundaries are crucial in determining the number of pages your word count will consume. Spaces, hyphens, and apostrophes are significant in deciding where one-word ends and another begins. Identifying the word boundaries lays the groundwork for precise word counts in any text because you must know where one-word ends and another begins.

Hyphens and Compounds

Compound and hyphenated words need to be clarified whether to determine them as a single

word or more than one word. Words like lighthouse or fireflies combine to create new meanings but hyphenated words like cutting-edge or sefl-aware bridge a gap between the two words. Learning to decode compound word structures and identify hyphens as word boundaries will elevate your word-counting ability.

Keep your Voice Active

Using active voice in writing adds clarity and directness to your sentences. This writing style is particularly effective when explaining compound words and their meanings. Using active voice to illuminate the beauty and significance of compound words in your writing is recommended.

Look for Conjunctions

Conjunctions such as "and," "but," "or," and "so" play a significant role in sentence structure and can impact word count. By carefully examining the usage of conjunctions, you can gauge the overall page length more accurately and fine-tune your writing to achieve the desired page count.

Avoid Additional Transition

You can keep your word count under the limit by removing additional transitions like moreover, furthermore, in addition, etc. These phrases take up additional space and are also unpleasing to certain readers, especially those who need to be used to an academic tone.  

Part 3. Best Free Alternative to Microsoft Office - WPS Office

What is wps office.

WPS Office is a powerful office suite that provides users with a comprehensive set of productivity tools. With WPS Office, users can access word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation capabilities to efficiently create, edit, and manage documents, spreadsheets, and slides.

Don’t worry if you are an existing MS Office user because it is compatible with Microsoft Office file formats. Moreover, you can seamlessly open, edit, and save documents in formats like DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX.

Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

Use WPS Office to Write & Count 800 Words

Following the below tutorial will enable you to write on the WPS Office word processor, and also you will be able to count words on it.

1. Open WPS Word Processor on your PC and click the “+Blank” button to create a new blank document.

2. Start crafting your content, and once you are done, you can see the word count on the status bar at the bottom of your document.

3. If you can’t find the word count, right-click on the status bar, and you can also see the word count there. Check the Word count from the menu, and it will always display the word count in the status bar.

1. How many paragraphs is an 800-word essay?

Typically, an essay of this length may have around 5 to 8 paragraphs. A well-organized essay usually includes an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

2. Can I use a smaller font size to fit 800 words on a single page?

Yes, it is possible to fit 800 words onto a single page using a smaller font size, like 10-point, and adjusting the line spacing. However, while this may save space, it may affect readability.

3. Will including images or graphics impact the page count for 800 words?

Yes, incorporating images or graphics alongside the text may decrease the number of pages occupied by 800 words. The space taken up by visual elements may condense the text, reducing the overall page count.

4. What is the average reading time for an 800-word article or blog post?

Generally, readers take approximately 3 to 4 minutes to read an 800-word article. However, reading time may vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the content, the reader's familiarity with the topic, and reading speed.

Knowing word count is essential for writers as it determines the length and depth of their content. This article explains ways to find how many pages are 800 words and also demonstrates how to set your page to accommodate a minimum number of pages while writing 800-word content. Different word processing applications like MS Word and WPS Office Word processors exist.

If you are looking for a free tool, then the WPS Office Word processor is the best tool in terms of features and ease of use. WPS Office is a complete office productivity suite with additional features like a PDF editor and AI support. Download now and unleash a new realm of breathtaking features.

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how many paragraphs is an 800 word essay

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How Many Pages Is 800.0 Words?

800.0 words is 1.6 pages single-spaced or 3.2 pages double-spaced . Documents that typically contain 800 words are high school and college essays, short blog posts, and news articles. It will take approximately 3 minutes to read 800 words .

A 800 word count will create about 1.6 pages with single spacing or 3.2 pages double-spaced when using normal 1-inch margins, 12 pt. Arial font, and a standard A4 (letter size) page size.

However, the number of pages will vary depending on your margins, font family, font size, whether you use multiple spaces after a period , and your paragraph spacing settings. For example, 1 page single spaced created using Arial font will generate only 0.9 pages with Calibri or Times New Roman font.

Table of Contents

How many pages is 800.0 words single-spaced.

800.0 words single-spaced is 1.6 pages. A standard single-spaced page contains 500 words.

How Many Pages Is a 800.0 Word Essay or Paper?

A 800.0 words essay will be 1.6 pages single-spaced or 3.2 pages double-spaced. A standard single-spaced page contains 500 words.

How Many Pages Is 800.0 Words Double-Spaced?

800.0 words double-spaced is 3.2 pages. Teachers may ask you to write an essay using double spacing so that it's easier to read and easier to add comments/feedback to. A standard double-spaced page contains 250 words.

How Many Pages Is 800.0 Words Handwritten?

800.0 words handwritten and single-spaced produces 3.2 pages. Handwriting is about twice as large as words typed in 12 point Arial or Times New Roman font which makes single-spaced handwritten pages equivalent to double-spaced pages.

How Many Paragraphs Is 800.0 Words?

800.0 words is about 4.00005-8.0001 paragraphs for essays or 8-17 for easier reading (to allow skimming). A paragraph length typically has 100-200 words and 5-6 sentences.

How Many Sentences Is 800.0 Words?

800.0 words is about 40-54 sentences. A sentence typically has 15–20 words.

How Many Words Is 1.6 Pages?

1.6 pages is 800.0 words when single-spaced or 400 words when double-spaced. A standard single-spaced page contains 500 words.

Which Font Produces More Pages?

Of the standard fonts used in essays and other documents, Verdana will create the most pages. On average, Verdana will create 1.1 pages for every 1 page written using Arial and 0.9 pages for every page written with Times New Roman or Calibri in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. These are just estimates . If you're looking to write the fewest number of words for your school assignment to meet a page count, we recommend using Verdana (if allowed) or Arial. A good rule of thumb is to use Arial font unless your teacher provides different guidelines for font or spacing.

How Long Does It Take to Write a 800.0 Word Essay?

On average it will take approximately 20 minutes for the average writer typing on a keyboard at a typing speed of 40 words per minute.

How Many Words per Page?

To quickly find out how many pages various word counts make, see the table below. You’ll be able to understand quickly how many words you need to write for your essays, blog articles, or memos with page limits:

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  1. How Long is an Essay? Guidelines for Different Types of Essay

    Essay length guidelines. Type of essay. Average word count range. Essay content. High school essay. 300-1000 words. In high school you are often asked to write a 5-paragraph essay, composed of an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. College admission essay. 200-650 words.

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    A 700 word essay is 4 to 5 paragraphs. A 750 word essay is 5 paragraphs. A 800 word essay is 5 to 6 paragraphs. A 900 word essay is 6 paragraphs. A 1,000 word essay is 6 to 7 paragraphs. A 1,250 word essay is 8 to 9 paragraphs. A 1,500 word essay is 10 paragraphs. A 1,750 word essay is 11 to 12 paragraphs. A 2,000 word essay is 13 to 14 paragraphs.

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    An essay of 800 words is an extensive piece that requires a serious approach to researching, outlining, and writing. The three parts of a 800-word essay are the introduction (15% of the total volume), body (70%), and conclusion (15% of the total volume). The exact number of paragraphs will depend on how many arguments you have.

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    Use the essay type and topic to determine if you'll need more paragraphs with fewer words (like in an argumentative essay, which has extra perspectives to address). Here is a thorough example of the conversion method using 150 words as the paragraph word count: 800 words: between five and six paragraphs. 1,000 words: between six and seven ...

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    As a rule, five paragraphs should suffice for a 1,000-word essay. As long as you have an introduction and a conclusion and provide enough supporting details for the main ideas in your body paragraphs, you should be good to go. Remember to start a new paragraph when introducing new ideas or presenting contrasting information.

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    Essay word count - 3,000 words Introduction - 300 words Main body - 2,400 words (theme 1 - 800 words; theme 2 - 800 words; theme 3 - 800 words) Conclusion - 300 words. This is not a precise rule; you can adjust the word counts to accommodate where more emphasis is needed or not, but it can be used to break a large word count into manageable ...

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    Basic essay structure: the 3 main parts of an essay. Almost every single essay that's ever been written follows the same basic structure: Introduction. Body paragraphs. Conclusion. This structure has stood the test of time for one simple reason: It works. It clearly presents the writer's position, supports that position with relevant ...

  9. How Long Should a College Essay Be?

    Revised on June 1, 2023. Most college application portals specify a word count range for your essay, and you should stay within 10% of the upper limit. If no word count is specified, we advise keeping your essay between 400 and 600 words. You should aim to stay under the specified limit to show you can follow directions and write concisely.

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    as not to confuse the two, even today many news organizations prohibit the news staff from penning editorial pieces. The 800‐word essay has a standard form and its length (in reali ty about 750 to 900 words) evolved to fit the space available in a column of a broadsheet newspaper. (Broadsheet

  11. The Best College Essay Length: How Long Should It Be?

    In the simplest terms, your college essay should be pretty close to, but not exceeding, the word limit in length. Think within 50 words as the lower bound, with the word limit as the upper bound. So for a 500-word limit essay, try to get somewhere between 450-500 words. If they give you a range, stay within that range.

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    Each paragraph should contribute directly to the central thesis and maintain a coherent flow of ideas throughout the essay. ... How Many Pages is an 800-Word Essay? The number of pages in an 800-word essay can vary depending on various factors such as font size, line spacing, and formatting requirements. However, a general estimation is that an ...

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    Paragraphs are the building blocks of papers. Many students define paragraphs in terms of length: a paragraph is a group of at least five sentences, a paragraph is half a page long, etc. In reality, though, the unity and coherence of ideas among sentences is what constitutes a paragraph. A paragraph is defined as "a group of sentences or a ...

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    800-Word Essay Samples Free. 800-Word Essay Samples. 3440 samples of this type. An essay of 800 to 850 words is a standard high school assignment that a student might need to write to demonstrate their knowledge of the topic. The most common genres for 800-word essays are: analytical essay, movie review, expository essay, critical writing.

  15. 800 Words Essay Examples: Free Sample Papers on Any Topic

    An 800 words essay would typically be about 3,5 pages long, assuming it is double-spaced and written with a standard font (Arial or Times New Roman) in 12-point size. If the text is single-spaced, it will be twice shorter. Other factors that influence the 800-word essay length are formatting and paragraph structure.

  16. Professional Guide for Awesome Writing

    Body (800 words) There are three body paragraphs in a 1000-word essay. Each one of them is focused on a specific point of discussion in the essay. The three body paragraphs work together to provide evidence and reasoning to support the thesis statement. Each body paragraph has these four parts:

  17. How Many Pages Is 800 Words?

    800 words is 1.6 pages single-spaced or 3.2 pages double-spaced. Documents that typically contain 800 words are high school and college essays, short blog posts, and news articles. It will take approximately 3 minutes to read 800 words. A 800 word count will create about 1.6 pages with single spacing or 3.2 pages double-spaced when using normal ...

  18. How Many Pages in 800 Words: The Ultimate Page Count Guide!

    How Many Paragraphs Are In An 800-word Essay? Typically, an 800-word essay consists of approximately 5-8 paragraphs. However, the number of paragraphs can vary depending on the structure and content of your essay. Ensure you have a clear intro, body paragraphs with supporting evidence, and a conclusion for a comprehensive essay. ...

  19. 800-Word Essay Examples: Health & Medicine

    An 800-word essay is most commonly a five-paragraph essay. To write a paper of such a length, you should strictly follow the format and think of a clear thesis statement. Another typical genre for an 800 words essay about health care and medicine is a nursing reflective paper.

  20. How Many Pages is 800 Words?

    3. Mins. How many pages will 800 words yield? Just slightly longer than a more common word count of 750 words, 800 words is about one and three-fifths of a page single spaced, and a little over 3 pages double spaced. If you're using a typical word processing setup with Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font with regular margins your results ...

  21. How Many Pages are 800 Words (Easy Guide)

    How many paragraphs is an 800-word essay? Typically, an essay of this length may have around 5 to 8 paragraphs. A well-organized essay usually includes an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. 2. Can I use a smaller font size to fit 800 words on a single page?

  22. How Many Pages Is 800 Words?

    A 800 characters essay will be 0 words single-spaced or 0 words double-spaced. ... How Many Paragraphs Is 800 Characters? 800 words is about 0-0 paragraphs for essays or 0-0 for easier reading (to allow skimming). A paragraph length typically has 100-200 words and 5-6 sentences.

  23. How Many Pages Is 800.0 Words?

    A standard single-spaced page contains 500 words. How Many Pages Is a 800.0 Word Essay or Paper? ... 800.0 words is about 4.00005-8.0001 paragraphs for essays or 8-17 for easier reading (to allow skimming). A paragraph length typically has 100-200 words and 5-6 sentences.