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Groom’s Speech Examples

February 21, 2017 By Kate

Grooms speech examples

While it is not at all mandatory, some grooms will sometimes give a speech at their wedding. Traditionally, the groom’s speech comes right before the best man’s speech. Here are a few tips and talking points to think about when you are writing your groom’s speech.

First of all, you should thank all of the guests for coming to celebrate with you and your bride on your special wedding day. Acknowledge the effort that people have put in from traveling far and wide to helping out with the wedding. Do not forget to thank your parents and the bride’s parents as well.

Last but not least, do not forget to talk about your bride. She is the whole reason that you have this wedding. Throwing in a compliment is a good idea, whether you are talking about her dazzling personality or how gorgeous she looks in her wedding dress.

And since you will be married already, you can now refer to her as your wife. Your guests will love it when you refer to her as your wife and they will love to see it if your speech is a little bit romantic.

While it is very thoughtful to thank and acknowledge the important people in your wedding speech, you also want to avoid doing that for too long as it will bore the guests. Of course, there is a long list of people who have helped to make your wedding a success and you might still want to find a way to thank them for contributing to your wedding.

People like your vendors and the people in your bridal party might not all need a mention. If you would like to thank them, you can do so privately in person or by writing them a Thank You note. When it comes to making acknowledgements in your groom’s speech, you should definitely remember to include your parents, the bride’s parents, and the bride at the very least.

If somebody will have a speech after yours, then you will want to introduce them to the guests. In most cases the person following you will be your best man. You can just briefly say who he is and what he means to you before handing over the microphone to him.

As much as you might like your best man, he is not the star of the wedding, so you can keep his introduction nice and simple. If you go into a long story about the two of you, it might bore the guests.

When writing your speech, try to keep it to only a few minutes long. Anything too long will make it harder for your guests to stay interested and engaged in your speech. It is okay, in fact it is often welcomed to be romantic in your speech. It is your wedding day after all.

Below are a few examples of groom speeches that you can use as inspiration for your upcoming wedding. Let these groom speeches help you put together a unique and heartfelt speech for your special day.

1. You have all heard the story about the bride who dreams of her wedding day. But I have dreamt of my wedding day too. My wife and I worked hard and put our heads together to plan the perfect wedding. From the venue to the caterer and the suit and gown, a lot of work was put into this wedding. We prayed for beautiful weather, good health, and for our guests to all arrive safely.

But at the end of the day, the only thing that could make my wedding day perfect was getting to stand next to the woman I love so that I could exchange vows with her. At the end of the day, that was all that really mattered. And now we are here before all of you as husband and wife.

2. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all of you for being here. To my parents, for guiding me, even now as an adult. To [bride’s] parents, for raising such a wonderful woman, and of course to all of our guests and vendors, for making this day even more complete. And lastly, thank you to [bride,] as we all know, this day would not have happened without you. Thank you for taking a chance on me and thank you for loving me the way that you do.

3. Now as many of you probably know, I am not an in-your-face romantic. I don’t go out to the movies first in line to see the latest romantic comedies and I’m not much of a mushy person. But I became a romantic the moment I met [bride,] who is now my wife.

In my experience, there are two kinds of people. The people who are romantic at heart and the people who don’t really believe in true love until they meet the one. I fit into the latter category. I was a skeptic, I was cynical and never thought love would come calling. Until one day, it did.

And it always happens in the most ordinary, unexpected way. I was not some knight looking for a princess. One day we just bumped into each other and sparks slowly started to fly. And now here we are, husband and wife.

When it comes to [bride,] I believe in romance with all of my heart. Now that I have you, I will kiss you every day and tell you that I love you because I never want you to forget that. I cannot believe how lucky I am to now be able to call you my wife.

4. Growing up, I had the best parents that a guy could ever ask for. And besides being such wonderful parents, my mom and dad were such a lovely couple to know. And I was even luckier to be able to call them mom and dad. Thank you guys for really showing me what love is. Love is the best gift that you can ever give anyone.

Seeing that kind of love between two people every day is such a gift and it has inspired me to be a loving person to everyone that I know, especially to my wife.

5. Doesn’t [bride] look stunning today? I do not really need to go on about how beautiful [bride] looks tonight, though to be honest, I think she looks beautiful any day of the week and at any time of day whether it be morning, noon, or night. But beauty is only skin deep anyway. What counts is what you find on the inside. And the more I got to know my wife, the more I feel in love with her.

6. As some of you here may know, [Bride] and I started off as friends. Naturally, I tried my best to not fall in love with her, I really did. She is a selfless person who is always thinking of others. But I have other selfless friends too. She is thoughtful, but so are my other friends.

While I love her for all of her many great qualities, what I love about my wife more than anything is how well she gets me. She knows me inside and out and never once ran away screaming. And I love her for who she is as well.

And that is why we are all here today in this room, because one day, we decided that it was not enough to just be friends. We knew that we could not live without each other and we wanted to spend the rest of our lives side by side.

[Bride,] I cannot believe how far we have come. Sometimes it still has me in shock, just thinking about how lucky I am to be able to wake up knowing that I have you in my life. Thank you for marrying me and for being my wife.

7. There are so many wonderful people in my life that have made this day special. My parents, who have raised me well and taught me the true meaning of love. My friends and family, who continue to be a remarkable support system to me and [bride,] [bride’s] parents, who raised a remarkable woman, and of course [bride] herself, who I am now lucky enough to call my wife. You all mean the world to me and I would not be up here without you.

8. I would like to take the opportunity to introduce the person who will be delivering the next speech. He is our Best Man and a good and loyal friend. He has always been my partner in crime and he is a really funny guy. Let us all welcome _____________.

9. There are many times in life when I have been uncertain. Uncertain about school, uncertain about what career I want to pursue. There are many times where I didn’t know where life should take me or where I should live. Figuring things out can be tough. But I never had to think twice about [bride.] With her, everything is so much clearer and makes so much more sense.

[Bride,] if there anything in this world that I am sure of, it is that I was meant to be with you. Today is only the beginning of the rest of our life together.

10. We spend a lot of our spare time worrying, wondering, and planning for the future. When I look at [bride,] I know that I have nothing to worry about. I know that we will build a great life together on top of the relationship that we already have.

11. When I think about now having a wife, I do not think about what she could do for me. But I ask myself, what I will do for her. As your husband, I cannot wait to fall asleep next to you, wake up by your side, share a table with you, and have many more adventures. I hope to bring you continuous laughter, joy, and comfort as we embark on our married life together.

12. Some of my friends have teased me about getting married. They joke about me being on a ball on chain and tied down. But I don’t see it that way. When you meet the right one, it does not feel like you are tied down. Instead, I have never felt more free and happier. And I have certainly never felt this kind of love before. So for me, trading the single life for the married life was a no-brainer. When you want to lock the one that you love down, then that’s when you know they are the one.

13. I have always been a bit of a shy, soft-spoken guy. I don’t like speaking in public and crowds make me nervous. But seeing [bride’s] face in the crowd helps and I just had to say this: I really hope today was not a dream. I will probably wake up tomorrow asking myself, did that all really happen? Did I really get to marry the woman I love?

How many people are that lucky to find such a special person who loves them back? Out of all the choices and paths we took in life, I truly believe that it all led us to each other, to this very moment.

14. To [bride,] my beautiful bride. There are no words, no poems that can fully describe you. I can only say that you make my heart feel full in the best way possible. Thank you for choosing me and thank you for letting me be your husband.

15. [Bride,] you look absolutely stunning today and every day. Whether you have on a dazzling dress and perfectly manicured nails and every strand of hair in place or you just have a messy ponytail and some t-shirt and sweatpants on, you look beautiful no matter what you wear.

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16. Marriage, of course, is a big deal. It is a huge commitment. Planning a wedding is a lot of work and then of course, is the marriage itself. So why do it? For those who want to know why I asked [bride] to marry me, the simple, most obvious answer is love.

When I met [bride] and got to know her, I could hardly believe that she hadn’t already been scooped up by someone else.

17. [Bride,] you already know that as much as I love you, I am not perfect. But I will do my best to do my share in our marriage and around the house. I will try to remember to put my dirty dishes in the sink and I will do my best to separate the laundry correctly. But here is what I can promise you without a doubt. I will love you with all my heart and I will try to make you laugh and smile every day.

18. So I wrote a little something for [bride.] And you might be wondering why I am reading this in front of a room full of people then. Why not read this in a room with just the two of us? But since today is a celebration of our love, I thought what other way to celebrate this love than to talk about it in a room full of the people that we both love?

[Bride,] you look beautiful tonight. I cannot believe that I am yours and that you are mine, but I am so happy for it. Since we have been together, you have made me the happiest man on Earth, and today made me even happier. I cannot wait to embark on the rest of our life together. I love you so much.

19. When our eyes first met, I already knew

That you were my absolute dream come true.

Your very smile lights up the sky,

I am so happy to call you mine.

20. I had only ever read stories and heard tales of what true love was. It was not until you that I finally knew and understood what it all meant. To me, your name alone makes me light up. Your smile brightens my day and your eyes sparkle like the sun. But more than anything, I have met my twin soul.

21. [Bride,] I am so blessed to be able to call you my wife. You are an angel in my life. I cannot wait to share the rest of my life with you. I know that God will guide us on our path together.

22. [Bride,] you are my favorite person in the world. Today is our first day of being married and I know we will have so many other firsts. Our first house, our first child if we are lucky, and so on. I cannot wait to share all of these exciting memories with you, my lovely wife.

23. To [bride,] my beautiful bride, who I can now call my wife. While nobody in this world is 100% perfect, to me you are amazing just as you are. I love everything about you and look forward to spending my days with you as husband and wife.

24. [Bride,] I don’t know if you truly know how happy you make me. Words cannot fully or adequately express how your presence and love make me feel. I can only say that things are much better and much brighter with you by my side.

25. [Bride,] what we have is beautiful. Our relationship nourishes my soul and your company gives me so much excitement. You are fun and hilarious and beautiful and kind and smart too. There is no one out there like you and I am so lucky that you are my wife.

26. [Bride,] we have had so many blessings in our relationship together. Meeting you and becoming your friend was a blessing, and getting to marry you was an even bigger one. I know that God will guide us on the right path on our marriage and I cannot wait to see what our future has in store.

27. [Bride,] it is easy to love you. Not only on your best days, but on your worst days as well. When you are happy, I want to celebrate with you and when you are sad, I want to help comfort you and lift up your spirits. You make me so loved as well.

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28. [Bride,] you are many things to me. You are my best friend, my confidante, my rock, and my wife. You are my love, my partner, and my family. In short, you are everything to me. Let us toast to our future together as a married couple.

29. [Bride,] I am not the same person I was before I met you. When we first embarked on a relationship, something special started. A seed was planted and it continues to grow and flourish today. I am so excited to continue to grow with you and to see what memories our marriage will make.

30. [Bride,] thank you for marrying me today. Without a doubt, I know that we will be happy together. When we first met, I could never have predicted where we would end up today, but I am sure glad that this is where we are now. Now that I know you, I could not see myself with anyone else but you.

31. [Bride,] you are my other half, we complement each other so perfectly. You are the peanut butter to my jelly, the macaroni to my cheese, and the yin to my yang. With you, I know that anything is possible.

32. [Bride,] thank you for signing up to be my wife. I know that I am not the cleanest eater or the snappiest dresser, but I promise to make you as happy as I can. I will always try to put a smile on your face and I will always be there to hold your hand and whisper that I love you.

33. [Bride,] what we have together is love. We have no illusions of being with perfect people, but we love each other anyway. I will continue to love you, my wife, imperfections and all.


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Voices of Love: Unforgettable Wedding Speeches

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Wedding speeches are an essential part of every wedding. They let all the members of the bridal party and guests share their overwhelming emotions about the big day. Best wedding speeches stay in our memory forever, marking the significance of the wedding day for everyone involved. It can be quite challenging to fit all the feelings you want to share into a single toast . In this article, you will find invaluable tips from the expert Amanda Layton, an experienced wedding vow and speechwriter, in crafting memorable wedding speeches.


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Wedding Speeches Examples

Best wedding speeches.

Writing a wedding speech can seem daunting, but with some preparation and guidance, you can deliver a heartfelt and memorable speech that will be cherished by the newlyweds and their guests.

Good evening, everyone. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sarah, and I’m the ___ I’ve known the bride, Emily, since we were little girls, and we’ve been best friends ever since. I remember the first time she told me about Alex, and how excited she was to go on a date with him. From that moment on, I knew he was something special. Seeing them together over the years has been such a joy, and I’m so happy to be here today to celebrate their love. Emily, you are the most kind, caring, and generous person I know. And Alex, you are her perfect match. I’ve never seen her so happy as she is with you. I know you will continue to be each other’s best friend, confidant, and partner in all of life’s adventures. So, let’s raise a glass to the newlyweds. May your love continue to grow stronger with each passing day. Congratulations!

Groom Wedding Speech

“I would like to thank my parents for all the help they have given me over the years, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here now. I would also like to thank (my wife’s) parents for making me feel like the son they never wanted, sorry the son they never had, right from day 2. Day 1 was a bit rough, but hey, they’re over it now. I would also like to thank them for having such a beautiful, intelligent, kind, and caring daughter. I hope to do you both proud and thank you both for everything you have done today and to make today happen.”

The groom’s wedding speech starts at the reception. On behalf of himself and his bride, he expresses his gratitude to everyone involved in the wedding preparations. He toasts his parents, bridesmaids, and the groom’s party, and mentions their help and support. His speech is often quite sentimental, as he shares some personal memories. He also mentions how his life has changed since he met his bride.

Wedding Speeches for Parents

When the kids find love, the parents are also happy. So, it rests upon them to give wedding reception speeches in honor of their children. Now, depending on the chosen style, you’ll have to fit in with the wedding theme. Most times, a funny speech is just perfect, because it works for every wedding. Below, we’ll see wedding speech examples for different parents.

Wedding Speeches for Mother of the Groom

“The first time I saw you, it was love. My little baby grew into a wobbly toddler, and then a smart child. The pre-teen and teen years and the next thing I knew, you’ve become a man. I am so proud of you. You’ve made us proud of everything you’ve done. And on your wedding today, we wish you only the best.”

As a mother of the groom, wedding speeches for your son will be an emotional one. You’ll talk about his growing up, the bond you share, and how he was well-raised. You can add one or two romantic quotes  and close. See the wedding speeches sample below.

Wedding Speeches for Mother of the Bride

“It’s no news that we love our kids so much, and seeing them grow up is hard. Everything they do fills you with pride. But you also miss the little girl who cuddles into you. And cried to you when she scraped her knee. Now my daughter is older and I’m grateful and proud that she found love in the groom. May your lives be long, happy, and peaceful together.”

The wedding speeches for mother of the bride isn’t a norm. But today, it’s becoming acceptable especially if the father isn’t involved. Tell your daughter that she’s beautiful and strong. Talk about the good memories in her growing years. And if her father has passed, talk about him with fondness.

Wedding Speeches for Father of the Groom

“My greatest blessing is having a son, one that mirrors me in many ways. But like his dream, he’s grown into his own person. He has taught me as much as I’ve taught him and I’m proud. My son is someone who goes the extra mile for people and I know he’ll make an amazing husband. I wish you every best, as we raise our glass to the groom and his amazing bride.”

Your son getting married excites you because he carries on the torch. Again, he will be looking to you for support and wisdom for marriage. So, good wedding speeches from the father of the groom must contain lots of quotes about marriage . Draw inspiration from talking about your own marriage, the bond you share, and why he’s a great son.

Wedding Speeches for Father of the Bride

“Looking at both of you in your beautiful dress and dapper suit, my wedding day comes to mind. We were quite excited, filled with love, merriment, and of course nervousness. From me to you, I’ll tell you for free that a successful marriage requires falling in love many times. And doing it with the same person always.”

As the father of the bride, you have responsibilities to your baby girl. From walking her down the aisle to the father-daughter dance. Throwing in a great speech is just perfect. Let your love for your baby shine through and talk about her growing up. Remember the groom, give them pieces of advice, and your best wishes. See the wedding speeches template below for some inspiration.

Wedding Speeches for Sister

Ladies and gentlemen, today I stand before you with immense pride and joy as I celebrate my sister’s union with [Groom’s Name]. As her older sister, I’ve had the privilege of watching her grow into the amazing woman she is today. She has found in [Groom’s Name] the love and support she deserves. Here’s to a lifetime filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories. Cheers to the newlyweds!

When delivering a wedding speech for your sister, begin by expressing your love and pride for her. Share heartfelt stories that illustrate her special qualities, highlight her relationship with the groom, and offer well-wishes for their future. End your speech by raising a toast to the newlyweds.

Best Man Wedding Speech

Take a look at this great example of a witty speech, presented by the best man.

“There comes a time in everyone’s life when they meet their one true love, their soul mate, the person that’s going to know and love them for the rest of their life. That moment came for the groom…3 years ago when he met me. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, for those of you that don’t know me my name, is Dan, What-would-you-like-to-drink. I hope you’ll come and say hello at the bar later, but please…call me by my full name. On behalf of the bride and groom, I’d like to thank you all for coming. And I want to give special thanks to the parents of the bride and groom… it’s amazing how far some people are willing to travel, just for some free food and drink. And finally, I’d like to thank my best friend (the groom), for giving me the first EVER opportunity…. to be able to speak for five minutes without him interrupting!”
“They say, in a good marriage the husband is the head, and the wife is the heart. So let us drink to the fact that our young people did not know in life either headaches or heartaches!”
“Love is not a fire, it will catch fire, you will not put out. In the hearts of our young people, the fire of love burns. This is a sacred fire. So, fill our glasses and amicably drink to ensure that it never goes out in their hearts!”
“I drink to ensure that our newly married and in 10 years and 20 years of family life, looking at his charming wife, lost his head, but not reason.”
“Friends! I offer a drink for a kiss! After all, he came up with a man, because he did not find any other way to close a mouth to a woman.”

Wedding speeches best man deliver are usually the most humorous of all the others. Thank you’s are also appropriate, especially to the bridesmaids and fellow groomsmen. Some anecdotes about the groom would be also much anticipated. People expect wedding best man speeches to be memorable, funny, with well wishes to the couple . Humor is a must.

100+ Best Wedding Toasts For Different Types Of Guests

100+ Best Wedding Toasts For Different Types Of Guests

Maid of honor speech outline.

“Before I go any further, I just want to say, Bride, you look absolutely beautiful and Groom, you’ve never looked more handsome. For those of you who don’t know me and for those who can’t tell, I’m Bride’s sister. Thank you Bride for the honor of being your bridesmaid. Obviously, I’ve known Bride all of my life and we know more about each other than we would probably care to. We’ve laughed together, cried together, and laughed until we’ve cried. We’ve also had the odd fight! We also have so many inside jokes that only we find funny.”
“A real woman can make a man who surrendered to her, always think that he is the winner. Look at our groom. He looks like a winner. Therefore, let us drink to his beautiful victory and the woman who allowed herself to be defeated, the bride.”
“What is the difference between the fairy tale and the reality? A fairy tale is when he married a snake, and she became a princess. A reality when it on the contrary. Let the life of our newlyweds be like a fairy tale!”

There is one thing all wedding speeches maid of honor makes have in common: they boost the bride. Like any other wedding speech, the maid of honor’s speech can be witty and humorous, but the most important feature of this category is love and sentimentality. Add a couple of memorable stories you have of the newlyweds. Don’t forget well wishes!

Wedding Speeches for Best Friends

“I’m here to talk about two very special people, John and Eve. I’ve been friends with Eve since kindergarten. On our first day at school, we met and formed a friendship that has lived two decades and some. We got into trouble a lot and got grounded many times by the parents. My bestie is free-spirited and has a strong will to date. James, I hope you’re prepared for marriage with a woman who is full of life and spirit. With her, you’ll never live the same day twice. I wish you heaven’s best all your life. A toast…”

Wedding Welcoming Speeches

“Welcome to the celebration of James and Eve’s wedding. A tale of love that promises to last forever. Today promises to be one of beauty, friendships formed, and bonds lasting forever. For you all who have come from far and near to celebrate, we hope you take joy home with you. The happiness of marriage is the highest happiness on earth. And this is what we’ve witnessed today. Sit back, relax, have the time of your lives, and thank you for choosing to share in our joy.

Funny Wedding Speeches

Good evening everyone! For those who don’t know me, I’m the groom’s brother. I’d like to start by saying that I’m delighted to see so many people here tonight, and I hope you’re all enjoying the celebrations as much as we are. Now, it’s not often that you get to make a speech at your brother’s wedding, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a few stories about him. Growing up, my brother was always the smart one. He was top of his class and excelled at everything he did. And then he met his beautiful bride-to-be, and everything changed. Suddenly he became clumsy, forgetful, and absent-minded. I guess you could say that love really does make you do crazy things. But in all seriousness, I couldn’t be happier for the two of them. They truly are a perfect match, and I have no doubt that they will have a long and happy life together. So let’s raise a glass to the newlyweds – may your marriage be filled with love, laughter, and lots of adventures!

Writing a funny wedding speech can entertain guests and create lasting memories. Keep it appropriate, short, know your audience, and practice for a smooth delivery.

Short Wedding Speeches

“Groom, thank you for being an anchor, a friend, and brother. And I can’t be more proud that you married an amazing bride. Man! You’ve won a lottery! We celebrate both of you tonight, and all of the good things you are. You care for everyone and I’m sure you’ll care for her. We wish you success, laughter, and love. May your humor in bad times and appreciation in good times never leave you. May you get answers to prayers. May the friendship you share keep growing till death parts you. Cheers to you!”

Whether you’re giving wedding speeches for the bride, best man, or brother; the shorter the better. This will help make sure you don’t bore the audience. 11 /14

Wedding Thank You Speeches

“We (couple) worked really hard to make this day perfect. But we remembered that being bound to the one you love in the presence of your loved ones — is what makes the day perfect. I’m overjoyed that we had beautiful weather. The food and drinks were great and everyone is happy. Thank you all, especially my beloved, because today I’m bound to him to start a beautiful journey together. And after all my fears and jitters, today turned out to be much more memorable than we planned. Thank you.”

Wedding thank you speeches give you the opportunity to thank your guests. You will also extend your appreciation to everyone who made your day possible. If you intend to mention names, have a list, so that you don’t leave anyone out. This speech can come from the bride or groom. But it’s always better to skip the names. Also, infuse some humor. 12 /14

Wedding Officiant Speeches

“Shall we all sit? Today, we gather to witness and celebrate the matrimony of Eve and James. What they have is an existing bond, and we’ve come together to strengthen it. As family and friends, it’s our honor to witness today. Marriage is a lifetime commitment where two people work tirelessly to bring out the best in each other. You get an opportunity to share your joys, success, failures, and burdens with an ally for life. You get an opportunity to share and grow. One relationship which no other can equal. You are in for a physical and emotional binding that has the promise of a lifetime.”

Great wedding officiant speeches must be short, sweet, and have the perfect length to keep guests dialed in. The officiant should leverage the relationship and how much they know the couple. You must also tailor your speech in line with the wedding style. 13 /14

Wedding Anniversary Speeches

“Anniversaries are beautiful recollections of the past years and reflections for the years to come. The years past were happy and successful ones in many ways. They’re shrouded in a kaleidoscope of great relationships, supportive families, and happy memories. I’m not saying it’s smooth, but with your support, the journey became easier. We can only be grateful, even as we look forward to better years. As we celebrate our 50th year, I want to thank you for walking with us. It’s not a question of where you, it’s who goes with you. Thank you, everyone.”

A wedding anniversary speech must be heartfelt, sweet, and short. Whoever is giving the speech must know that it’s a time to reminisce and give good wishes. So, you’ll talk about the marriage, throw in some humor and bless the couple. If it’s the couple giving the speech, some advice will go a long way. 14 /14

Wedding Quotes for Speeches

“I’ve seen nothing more satisfying than two people coming together to become one. They share in each other’s pleasure, and bear each other’s pain. They crush their enemies together and make home with their friends.” “The pain and weight of life vanish from our lives by one word. It sets us free and we live again. It’s called LOVE.” “If you want to keep your marriage cup filled and running over, always admit your wrongs. And, if you’re right, be kind to shut up.”

Wedding Speeches Tips

wedding speech groom

Ready to seize the mic, command the room, and leave everyone applauding your wedding speech? Not quite yet? Amanda Layton, a Professional Wedding Speech Writer, shared top 5 tips to help you craft and deliver an epic wedding speech. With a little bit of guidance, you’ll be delivering an unforgettable toast that captures hearts and makes memories for years to come!

  • Keep it Short and Sweet First things first–when it comes to wedding speeches less is more. Did you know that a 5-minute speech is approximately 700 words? It’s important to keep your speech concise and to the point, ensuring that every word is impactful and resonates with the audience.
  • Skip the Roasts Steer clear of roasting the couple. It might sound funny in your head, but trust me, some things are better left unsaid. Avoid cringeworthy moments by focusing on heartwarming and positive anecdotes that celebrate the couple’s journey and love.
  • Harness the Power of Storytelling Capture everyone’s attention by using storytelling to highlight either the bride or groom’s wonderful qualities. Is she loyal, adventurous, generous, or kind-hearted? Is he optimistic, resilient, hilarious, etc? Share a touching story that really showcases one of these character traits, allowing everyone to get a deeper insight into how amazing this person truly is.
  • Celebrate the Path to Becoming a Husband or Wife Remember that this is a wedding celebration and your wedding speech is a great opportunity to encourage the bride in her new role as a wife or the groom in his new role as a husband. Share your heartfelt wishes and why you believe they will make an amazing partner in this new chapter of their life.
  • Practice Makes Perfect Confidence is key! Practice your speech a few times to build up your self-assurance. Remember to speak slowly when practicing because you are more likely to speed up in front of a crowd. Think of the areas you might tear up at and remember to pause and take a second to breathe. You don’t have to rush through the toast. Everyone wants to hear what you clearly have to say. Here’s the thing, the audience wants you to succeed, so embrace those nerves and let them fuel your confident delivery! You’ve got this, my friend! With these tips and a little bit of preparation, your speech is bound to be a show-stopper that leaves everyone applauding and reaching for the tissues! Crafting a memorable wedding speech is an art form, and your words have the power to touch hearts and create lasting memories.

Wedding Speeches Order

The order of wedding speeches can vary depending on cultural traditions and personal preferences. However, a common order for wedding speeches is as follows:

  • Father of the Bride: Welcomes guests, and expresses love and pride for his daughter.
  • Groom: Thanks guests, expresses gratitude to both families, and shares love for the bride.
  • Best Man: Shares humorous anecdotes about the groom, and proposes a toast.
  • Maid/Matron of Honor: Expresses friendship and admiration for the bride, offers wisdom, and proposes a toast.
  • Additional speeches: Other family members or friends may give shorter speeches or toasts as desired. Note: The order and inclusion of speeches can be customized to the couple’s preferences. Communication with the wedding party beforehand is essential for a smooth flow of the reception.

Wedding Speeches Template


  • Greet the guests and introduce yourself.
  • Express your gratitude for being chosen to speak at the wedding.

Personal Connection:

  • Share a personal story or memory about the couple.
  • Talk about your relationship with either the bride or groom (or both) and how you’ve seen their love grow.

Compliments and Qualities:

  • Compliment the couple individually and as a pair.
  • Highlight their qualities and what makes them a great match.

Anecdotes and Humor:

  • Share light-hearted and funny anecdotes about the couple.
  • Keep the humor appropriate and avoid embarrassing stories.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Offer advice or lessons on love, marriage, or relationships.
  • Use heartfelt and meaningful quotes or poems if desired.
  • Raise a toast to the couple’s happiness and future together.
  • Invite guests to join in raising their glasses and toasting.
  • Express well wishes and congratulations to the newlyweds.
  • End with a final heartfelt message or a toast to love.

Remember to personalize the speech to your relationship with the couple and make it heartfelt and authentic. Practice it beforehand to ensure a smooth delivery and consider keeping the speech around 3-5 minutes in length.

Things You’d Better Exclude From Any Wedding Speech

At the same time, there are things great wedding speeches avoid.

  • Do not include any embarrassing information.
  • Do not mention previous boyfriends or girlfriends of the newlyweds.
  • Do not say rude things like ‘We thought that day would never come’.
  • Do not include any crude language, there are all sorts of guests around, and what is totally appropriate in a group of friends is inappropriate at the celebration.
  • Adding humor, don’t make fun of the bride or groom. This is your best friend’s wedding, do not spoil it! If in doubt – use examples above, but by no means copy them. It is only a piece of speech to boost your imagination.

Wedding Speeches can be tricky to write, but we hope that now you have everything you need to deliver a perfect speech. A couple of jokes, a sentimental story, and letting your love for the couple shine is all it takes.

What Not to Say in a Wedding Speech

  • Embarrassing Stories : Steer clear of tales that could embarrass the couple.
  • Negative Remarks : Refrain from negative comments or jokes.
  • Excessive Inside Jokes : Ensure your speech is inclusive for all guests.
  • Lengthy Monologues : Keep it concise and engaging.
  • Controversial Topics : Avoid sensitive or controversial subjects.
  • Overuse of Clichés : Aim for originality over clichés.
  • Inappropriate Humor : Be mindful of cultural or personal sensitivities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you say in a wedding speech.

  • Express your love and support for the couple.
  • Share personal anecdotes or stories about them.
  • Offer well-wishes for their future together.

What is a good speech to give at a wedding?

  • A good wedding speech is heartfelt and genuine.
  • It engages the audience with humor or sentiment.
  • It balances praise, personal stories, and wishes for the couple.

What is an example of a short marriage speech?

To [Couple’s Name], may your love be as endless as the horizon, your laughter as infectious as a melody, and your journey together full of joy. Here’s to a lifetime of love and happiness. Cheers!

Save This Helpful Information And You Will Know What & When Say!


wedding speeches tips for a good wedding speech infographics

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Public Speaking Experts Share Their Top Tips for Giving an Amazing Wedding Speech

Check out their best examples and advice to learn how to knock it out of the park.

wedding speech groom

Photo by Kurt Boomer

In This Article

Most people would agree that public speaking isn't easy, and this is especially true when you're feeling the added pressure that comes along with giving a speech at a loved one's wedding. Not only do you have the attention of dozens (if not hundreds!) of guests you probably don't know, but you're also trying to appeal to a group of people in a wide range of ages from all different phases of the couple's lives. What's more, you want your speech to delight the couple of the hour and be as appealing to your group of friends as it to the newlyweds' grandparents. All in all, it's a tough task.

Before you panic, know that we're here to help. Ahead, we're sharing a comprehensive guide on what you should include in your speech , how to nail your delivery, and questions to consider to get the brainstorming process started—all from noteworthy speakers, well-established speechwriters, and wedding planners (who have seen it all).

Wedding Speech Template

Every great wedding speech has one thing in common: the right flow. Factor in these guidelines to help you find your own organic rhythm.

Open With a Statement or Question

Don't lead with a joke or a reference to how nervous you are. "The goal is to engage your audience, not make it a boring one-way message," says award-winning motivational speaker Jaime Pfeffer . "You'll lose them if you do this."

Introduce Yourself

After your opener, introduce yourself, says Fallon Carter , a wedding planner, even designer, and professional speaker. "A lot of times, people don't know who is speaking, and they don't know their relationship to the bride or the groom," she says. "It's really important to identify yourself, so make sure you've prepared something."

Address Your Audience

As speaker and life strategy coach Mark Black, CSP , points out, focusing on yourself only enhances nerves. "Instead, concentrate on your audience and how you want them to feel. This will help you to speak from the heart, allowing your speech to do what it's supposed to do: Make the couple feel special while also engaging the audience."

Focus on a Few Points

Seasoned speaker Susan Bender Phelps, CEO of Odyssey Mentoring & Leadership , says her top guideline is to select one to three aspects of the newlyweds that you love and appreciate, along with no more than three short stories to illustrate each of these points (or that one point). "The simple, succinct story or stories where the bride and groom are the hero will work best." This is an excellent way to structure your speech and keep your message focused.

How Long Wedding Speeches Should Be

The ideal length for a speech is three to five minutes, with five minutes being the absolute maximum you should speak for. That's it. "I’ve never been to a wedding where anyone said, 'That was a great wedding, but the best man speech was just too short and that  ruined  it,'" says David Litt , the speechwriter for former President Barack Obama and author of Thanks, Obama .

Carter agrees: "I always say anywhere between two and five minutes—and no more than five minutes," she says. "You want to keep things short and sweet." It's just as important to keep in mind when the speech will take place when determining length, since toasts are often timed with meal courses: "Be mindful of how long a course generally takes or how long it takes people to eat," Carter adds, noting that most courses last between 15 and 20 minutes and that several speeches have to fit inside each window. "If there are other people speaking, you want to be mindful and give them space."

Wedding Speech Tips

Now that you've established the right framework for your words, take note of these essential tips for acing the delivery from a few speaking pros.

Rehearse Regularly

The better prepared you are, the more confident you'll be and the better your speech will be, says author and professional speaker Barry Maher . A good rule of thumb is to practice the speech enough that you can remember the points you want to make and the order in which you want to make them. That way, you can look out to the crowd and make eye contact every so often.

Record Yourself Practicing

Use your phone to take a video of yourself practicing, suggests Kate Kenfield , speaker and sex educator. "It can be a little uncomfortable to watch yourself, but you'll be able to identify distracting mannerisms, such as the verbal pauses 'um,' 'uh,' and 'like'." It's also a good idea to practice your speech in front of someone else. "A second opinion can help you craft your piece and make it that much stronger," she says.

Don't forget body language! Rehearse the speech in front of a mirror and notice things like your facial expression, eye contact, and hand position.

Avoid Alcohol

Although it may be tempting to look for some liquid courage, alcohol definitely won't do you any favors, warns keynote speaker Amy Morin , author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do . "It may cause you to slur your speech and forget your lines, so wait until after your toast to celebrate," she advises. If you need a drink to loosen up the nerves or can't refrain from participating in a toast without being rude, stick to one glass of Champagne before you address the crowd.

Use Nerves to Your Advantage

A little nervousness can actually liven up your speech. "I get worried if I'm not a little nervous," says Maher. "I'll actually try to make myself a little tense to get my energy level up." The key is to harness that energy and communicate it in a positive, genuine way; tensing up to the point that you forget your words or panic won't make for a great presentation.

Be Yourself

Keep in mind that you're not putting on a show, only sharing your personal perspective. Trying too hard to force the funny can yield the opposite of the desired effect, cautions Matt Dalley, co-founder of Simply Eloped . "I've noticed that keeping it short and sweet, heartfelt and warm, and coming across as authentic and focused on the couple is something we are all capable of and generates some very wonderful moments," he says.

Never Embarrass the Newlyweds

It's a wedding toast, not a roast. While this should go without saying, keep the bachelor or bachelorette party jokes out of it, and remember that grandma and possibly a few colleagues are in the audience, notes Laurie Battaglia , a keynote speaker and workplace strategist. "It's okay to look back at childhood and refer to something funny, but ask yourself if you'd like 200-plus of your closest friends knowing that story about you."

Use Your Notes

Reading your speech straight from a piece of paper is a big no-no. However, having a couple of note cards handy is encouraged. "You're likely to be nervous, excited, and exhausted, which can make you forget your lines," explains Morin. "The audience won't care if you glance at your notes. In fact, there's a good chance they won't even notice."

Wedding Speech Brainstorm Ideas

Need some inspiration? Ask yourself these questions to get the brainstorming process going.

  • Who will speak before you? After you? How will this affect the content of your toast? (Perhaps you want to include a reference to their speech, thank them for an introduction, or introduce the next speaker).
  • Is there someone you should thank for making the event possible and inviting you to speak?
  • What would you want to hear in this speech if you were in the audience?
  • Is there a favorite story or memory that the couple would want you to share with their friends and family?

Wedding Speech Examples to Make Your Own

So, what does it look like when all these elements come together? Wedding vow and speechwriter Katelyn Peterson , owner and creator of Wedding Words , offered us three examples of successful toasts to inspire your own.

Maid of Honor Wedding Speech Example

"Hi, I’m Maya, the bride’s older sister . With Lucy being three years younger, we fell right into our respective roles as sister-rivals growing up. We constantly fought over stolen clothes, monopolizing the phone back when landlines were a thing, and what boy band to blare from the car speakers. I’m still Team Backstreet Boys while Lucy is forever indebted to NSYNC.

Looking back on those memories, I should have stepped up and granted Lucy permission to wear my favorite sweater for picture day, to hand her the phone once in a while, and to let her play, 'Bye Bye Bye.' Even I can admit that’s a good one. But despite Lucy being the younger sister, she has always been more patient, more accommodating, and more thoughtful than me. And that’s because when it comes to the people she loves, she’s all in.

She’s the one to prioritize their desires. She’s the one to compromise first. And, she’s the one to support their dreams as if they were her own. 

This is why it makes me so happy to know that Lucy has found a home in David. He matches her in compassion, thoughtfulness, and warmth. And I know he’ll spend his life prioritizing her desires, being ready to compromise, and supporting her dreams as his own.

Cheers to Lucy and David! May you always feel loved because you always put each other first."

Best Man Wedding Speech Example

"Hello, everyone. My name is Luke and I’m the best man . I met Robert eight years ago when I became his neighbor. His reputation preceded him as I had heard about the 'Block Party King' before my closing papers were inked. 

Rob has never been the guy to wear fancy clothes. In fact, I’m still in shock seeing him in that tux tonight. And he’s never been the guy to show off even though the work he’s put into his vintage Mustang could make Henry Ford himself envious.

But when it comes to cooking, he should receive an award. His pulled pork is a staple at our summer block parties and his homemade barbeque sauce has remained our neighborhood’s best-kept secret. But the most satisfying part about his delicious dishes is that there’s always plenty to go around. And Rob makes sure your plate is never empty. I have no idea how he pulls it off, but Rob has a covert ability to scoop seconds onto your plate without you ever seeing him do it. I hope you all came hungry tonight, folks. You’ve been warned! 

The first time I met Jasmine I could immediately tell she was an amazing person. She laughed at his jokes which I never thought anyone would get. She supported his career and the nonstop travel involved. But most importantly, whenever we’re all hanging out, Jasmine is the one always topping off Rob’s plate with more pasta, more chicken, more of everything. When she’s around, it’s never empty. 

And that’s when I saw what a perfect match they were for each other. I know they will always put each other first, make sure their needs are met, and will never allow the other to go hungry.

So let’s raise our glasses to toast the newlyweds! As you begin this next chapter together, may your plates and your hearts always remain full."

Father of the Bride Wedding Speech Example

"Good evening, family, and friends. I’m Daniel Lee, the father of the bride. I’d like to welcome you to this special occasion where we get to celebrate the love between my daughter Allison and her new wife, Kristin. 

Standing up here today, I’m reminded of all the moments that led to this significant one. The dance recitals that ended with standing ovations and the soccer games that concluded with winning scoreboards. 

But, while those were fun and rewarding times, those aren’t the moments I cherish most with Allison. The memories that make me smile the brightest are those in-between the big stuff moments. It’s the makeshift magic shows in our living room using a bedsheet that Allison confiscated from our linen closet to convert into a curtain. It’s the countless tea parties she hosted with exclusive invitations just for me and her beloved stuffed bear, Buttons. And it’s the way she’d beg to stay up for just five more minutes but was asleep on the couch by minute number two.

Those everyday, blink-and-you’ll-miss-them moments with Allison are the ones that gave color to my life and filled my heart with a happiness I never knew could exist.

So, my beautiful daughter, as you begin your life with Kristin today, I have one wish for you: May your warmest memories come from the ordinary moments throughout your marriage, and may those moments give you a reason to smile brighter every day. Cheers! I love you both." —Daniel

What Not to Say in a Wedding Speech

Your job when delivering a wedding speech is to keep things light—tell an anecdote, make an emotional connection, then wish the couple well before you close out. Anything that doesn't feel definitively positive should be avoided. "I would advocate against bringing up negative details, specifically past relationships or past spouses," says Carter. "Skip anything that you wouldn't want to be physically recorded and played over and over again—this is a rule of thumb."

Keep it light, delicate, and present- and future-focused, Carter adds. "If you're going to go into the past, make those stories really intentional," she says. "Bring those stories back to who they are now. Your mission is to create a great environment and vibe and to potentially give some information about one of the newlyweds, so that it's enlightening for all guests."

A Guide to Wedding Reception Toasts

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How to Write a Wedding Toast

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What to Know About a Newlywed Toast

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Your Ultimate Guide to Writing a Meaningful Wedding Speech

Bride and groom listening to groomsmen's speech at wedding

  • Lauren is a contributor for The Knot covering topics such as music, cakes, venues and speeches.
  • She has been published in a wide array of lifetsyle-oriented publications including SELF and Allure.
  • Lauren is a proud graduate of Syracuse University's SI Newhouse School of Public Communication.

Getting asked to speak at a wedding is exciting, but it can also be nerve-wracking, especially since you're not a professional speaker or speechwriter! So, if you're unsure how to write a wedding speech , know you're not alone. Whether you're a member of a wedding party or a parent or sibling of the soon-to-be-married couple, you may be wondering what to say in a wedding speech. However, that's where we come into the picture: Keep reading for a full rundown of wedding speech tips , insight and, last but not least, a fully written example that you can use as a guide. Happy speechwriting!

In this article:

How to Write a Wedding Speech

Wedding speech example, wedding speech tips.

Writing your wedding speech is no easy feat. To help ensure things go as smoothly as possible, we tapped into Renée Dalo, owner of Moxie Bright Events in Los Angeles, California. Below, she shares a step-by-step guide.

Brainstorm a great opening.

To captivate other guests' attention, Daloe recommends taking some time to brainstorm a great opening. For example, she says, "Try to resist saying, 'For those of you who don't know me, I'm Erica's sister, Michelle.'" Instead, skip this entirely in favor of something more fun and creative.

Start with a story.

…but be sure to make it a short one, says Dalo. "Make sure it's relevant to your friendship and/or the couple." When selecting what story to share, the wedding pro recommends sterling clear of any that involve ex-partners—and for that matter, anything negative about the newly married couple. "Even if you think it's funny , she says, "it's not." Instead, think of a special moment or fun memory you shared with the couple. What did it involve? What was so great about it? All of these things are worth considering as you jot down your wedding speech.

Share your well wishes.

After all, what would a wedding speech be if it didn't include some well wishes for the newlyweds? "Make sure to include both people in the couple in your remarks," advises Dalo.

End with a toast.

Cap off your speech on a fun and sentimental note by ending with an actual toast . Dalo recommends this foolproof example: "Please join me in raising a glass to the happy couple. Cheers to X and Y, and best wishes for a lifetime of laughter!" Afterward, go in for a hug with the couple, making for the perfect photo op !

Rehearse away.

After you write your speech down, spend a significant amount of time rehearsing it so that you feel confident and comfortable while giving the actual speech. "Don't try to wing it," says Dalo. "You're going to want to rehearse this [so that] you can be as calm and present as possible."

Still trying to figure out where to start? Don't fret: If you could use some additional assistance writing your wedding speech, consider Provenance , which helps users create personalized, meaningful wedding speeches using AI-powered tools along with real responses to personal questions.

Take the Provenance Toast Builder , for example. Couples can invite those who will be giving wedding speeches—including the father of the bride , mother of the bride , father of the groom , mother of the groom , maid of honor and best man —to use the Toast Builder. Upon being invited to use the platform, these individuals will "get alerted to how long their speech can be," as well as any other important information to mention—or steer clear of. "From there," says Provenance CEO Steven Greitzer, "you can see the status of the speech and the estimated length."

To help get those creative juices flowing, check out the below wedding speech example.

Hi! As Lisa's younger sister—and now maid of honor—I've had the unique privilege of growing up alongside her. Since we're just two years apart, we've been each other's built-in best friends from the start. Like most sisters, we bickered constantly throughout our childhood, hurling insults over clothing, makeup and missing pieces of jewelry: I'll finally admit it, Lisa, I was the one who lost your charm bracelet at summer camp! All kidding aside, I hope I've made it up to you with this epic speech.

When Lisa first met Jay on the train coming home from work (romantic, I know!), we lived together in a tiny one-bedroom apartment in the city, an experience that only brought us closer together. After their first date to their now-favorite pizza place, she came home all giddy—bubbly, smiling, and laughing. She told me that the two of them already planned their next date. I had never seen her so happy. The look in her eyes since that night has not faded, and if I know Jay—which I do!—he will make sure it never will.

Like Lisa, Jay is kind, patient, and compassionate, and this was evident from the first time we met, which was right before his and Lisa's second date. I ran to the door to catch a glimpse of the guy who was slowly but surely stealing my sister's heart. Upon meeting, Jay and I instantly hit it off. He greeted me by name, hugged me, and took the time to sit down and truly get to know me. Less than 10 minutes later, we were already cracking jokes. It was clear to me then that Jay was, without a doubt, my sister's perfect match.

Lisa and Jay, you've set the bar (very) high for all of your friends and family when it comes to relationship goals. The love and commitment you share with each other is inspiring and everlasting. I know Jay will spend the rest of his life making Lisa happy and supporting her through every endeavor—and I know she'll do the same, too.

So, Lisa and Jay, I wish you nothing but a lifetime of love and happiness together. And I'm so excited to have a front-row seat to all that's in store. Everyone, please join me in raising a glass to the newlyweds!

Keep it short and sweet.

According to Dalo, your wedding speech should be "no more than three minutes." She continues, telling The Knot, "Three minutes is a long time, and when you figure in getting up to the mic and then hugging afterward, it's about five minutes total which is ideal." If you go any longer, you run the risk of losing guests' attention and potentially boring them (a no-no in our book!).

Acknowledge both partners.

"A big speech taboo that we see way too often is when the person giving the speech only talks about the partner they're closest with, unintentionally making the other partner feel left out and unimportant," says Greitzer. If you need a helping hand, Greitzer recommends using the Provenance Toast Builder , which offers "thoughtful prompts to encourage you to share why they're both 1) good people and 2) a great match for each other."

Bride giving speech during wedding reception.

Groom Speech Examples

The groom often gets a good roasting from the best man, so the groom’s speech is a chance to get in a few jokes of his own! As well as thanking the wedding party and both sets of parents, what all the guests are waiting for are some romantic and heartfelt words about his new spouse. You’ll find plenty of example groom speeches to help inspire you when the time comes to write yours, plus jokes and delivery tips.

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How To Write A Wedding Speech: The Ultimate Guide For Do’s, Don’ts, and Delivery PART 1/3: Do’s

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how to write a wedding speech dos

how to write a wedding speech dos

Someone you love is getting married, and you’ve just been asked to give a speech at the wedding. What an honor! But also, if you’re not used to giving speeches, what a nightmare! Public speaking can be scary , which is why many people prefer to avoid it. But when your bestie asks you to make a speech at his or her wedding, it’s time to rally. But now you’re wondering if you even know how to write a wedding speech! What makes some wedding speeches fun and memorable, and what makes others cringy and fall flat? We’ve got you. We’ve put together the ultimate guide for how to write a wedding speech, focusing on things you definitely should do, things you definitely should NOT do, and then how to deliver your killer wedding speech like a pro.

If you’re wondering how to write a wedding speech, here are a few “Do’s” to keep in mind.

  • Start planning early
  • Introduce yourself and how you know the bride and groom
  • Thanks to hosts, guests, and wedding party; congratulate the couple
  • Make it personal
  • Think of 3 traits with 3 stories
  • Talk about the couple
  • Have a beginning, middle, and end
  • Consider your audience
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • It’s okay to be simple and meaningful

1. Start planning early

If you don’t know how to write a wedding speech but the bride just asked you to give one, this is not a time to procrastinate. Public speaking is one of the number one fears many people have, so it’s likely you’ve avoided giving too many public speeches before this. And unless you’re a performer or a veteran improv comedian, you might not do too well winging this one. If you get nervous in front of an audience (as most of us do), the best defense against freezing up when you take the mic is being prepared. 

As soon as you know you’ve been asked to give a speech at the wedding, begin jotting down notes immediately. Whenever you’re inspired by a thought of the couple or remember an anecdote that might be worth retelling, make note of it. This will help to give you a pool of ideas to draw from when you start writing down the speech.

Begin gathering ideas and writing the speech a couple of weeks to a month before the wedding. You’ll need time to edit, fine-tune it, and make it concise. And as wedding showers, bachelorette parties, and other wedding festivities begin, you might find there are entertaining stories from these events you want to add as well. If you want to write it all at once, you can do that too. However, make sure to sleep on it and come back with fresh eyes. You don’t want just “okay,” you want your speech to be heartfelt and meaningful.

You will also want to begin early to give yourself time to practice and rehearse your speech plenty of times.

2. Introduce yourself and how you know the bride and groom

No matter how large or small the wedding is, it’s likely you will not be familiar with many of the guests on one or both sides. And they won’t be familiar with you either. So don’t leave them guessing! 

Make sure when you start to write a wedding speech to introduce yourself and mention how you know the couple. This will help them understand the context of your speech, which will also help it to be more well-received. 

3. Thank hosts, guests, and wedding party; congratulate the couple

It’s also courteous to take this time to thank the hosts and other members of the wedding party for all the hard work that went into the event, and to thank guests for being there to support the newlyweds, especially those who had to travel far. 

It’s also a good time to officially congratulate the newlyweds and offer them your personal well-wishes for their future. It is imperative that you don’t forget this part, because they are the whole reason you’re there and giving a speech!

4. Make it personal

Whether you are the maid of honor, the best man, father of the bride, or just a friend, you were asked to give a speech because of your close connection and relationship with either the bride or groom (or both). 

And since you know your friend as well as you do, you probably have plenty of stories to share; so the next tip for how to write a wedding speech is don’t hesitate to make it personal and share those stories! This will also help guests get to know the other half of the couple they might not know as well or are just meeting for the first time. And those guests who do know them will love hearing some entertaining stories they might not have heard yet.

5. Think of 3 traits with 3 stories

If you’re finding it difficult to come up with anything, a useful approach for how to write a wedding speech is to think of 3 positive defining traits or qualities of the bride or groom and recount three stories or examples that illuminate a time they exhibited these traits. These stories could be comedic, heartwarming, or both. Just make sure they are relevant and entertaining!

6. Talk about the couple

If you’re the maid of honor and have been chatting up the bride for the whole speech, part of how to write a wedding speech is to make sure at some point it circles around to the groom, too, and to the two of them as a couple.  

Recount the time you met him, or how you remember talking about him with the bride in the beginning stages of their relationship. If you don’t know the groom all that well, talk about how good they are as a couple and about how happy he makes her. 

And If you’re not a fan of the groom, this is not the time to air your grievances. Always keep it positive. 

7. Have a beginning, middle, and end

All good speeches have a good flow and take the audience along with it. 

Don’t let your speech fall flat or jumble together in a haphazard confusion of disconnected anecdotes. Give it the structure of an overarching theme, with a beginning, a middle, and an end. 

We are not talking about a novel here, just make sure there is a direction to where the speech is going, and that the destination, end, or sentiment is achieved. It doesn’t need to be Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator, but a three-act structure does help keep you grounded. Most people also follow a story easier when there is a clear direction for a story or speech. 

8. Consider your audience

The next thing to keep in mind when considering how to write a wedding speech is to make sure you consider who your audience is. 

This is not the bachelor or bachelorette party. There will be a wide range of people present from children to the elderly, and from close friends of the bride and groom to casual acquaintances and coworkers. Make sure your speech is free of any crudeness that might not be fit for such a varied audience. Also, this isn’t the time to take a shot at any of the religious cermonies.

Be considerate and keep it positive and use language everyone can relate to. 

9. Keep it short and sweet

You want your speech to be meaningful and memorable; but the wedding is not about you, and yours is not the only speech. 

No one ever complains about a speech being too short, but they do begin to grumble if it runs on too long. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when figuring out how to write a wedding speech is to keep your speech between 2-5 minutes long. Any longer than 5 minutes and you’ll lose everyone to thoughts of cake and whether or not to Cupid Shuffle later. 

10. Add humor

Don’t be afraid to be funny! Another tip for how to write a wedding speech is that if you’ve got a lighthearted, creative, joking side, use it and add humor to your speech! Everyone likes to be entertained. 

This doesn’t mean you should scour the internet for generic wedding-themed jokes, but if you’ve got some good original material to use that helps relate a story about the bride or groom in a comedic way, do it. As long as you’re not making fun of the couple but having fun with them, jokes are great. Or you can even poke fun at yourself to illuminate a higher quality in your bestie. It’s all about making the newlyweds shine. 

If you’re creative and have other talents, use them! If you are musical, bust out your instrument and/or vocal cords and make the speech in the form of a song! Use props, and get the other guests involved! The newlyweds will feel special because you created something for them, and the guests will love joining in the fun.

11. It’s okay to be simple and meaningful

If entertaining isn’t your thing, that’s okay! Don’t force it – just be yourself. It’s okay to be simple and meaningful with your speech. Always keep in mind when you go to write a wedding speech that what’s important is that you are genuine and speak from the heart.

Hopefully, you found these tips for how to write a wedding speech helpful, and can start writing today! And stay tuned to our blog for the next part in this ultimate guide for how to write a wedding speech where we highlight a few things you should definitely avoid.

Love this content and want more? Read more about weddings on our blog ! Involved in the wedding planning process and the bride is still looking for a venue ? Give us a call today and we’ll help you find the perfect place!

Jennings Trace

Jennings Trace

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I need an example of a good wedding speec for the bride.Its my first time.

[…] infusing genuine emotion into your wedding speech is essential for creating a heartfelt connection with the audience. Expressing warmth, sincerity, […]

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Top Grooms Wedding Speech Checklist (With Useful Examples)

Giving the grooms wedding speech is one task that can make even the most confident groom nervous. This is where a groom’s wedding speech checklist comes in handy.

The day is all about celebrating your love. As the groom, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You have found the love of your life and are ready to start a new chapter with them.

Understanding your role as the groom , your speech is an opportunity to thank your guests for attending, express your love and appreciation for your partner, and share your excitement for your future together. It’s important to understand your role and what is expected of you before you start writing your speech.

Preparation Stage – The preparation stage is crucial for delivering a successful speech. This includes writing your speech, practicing your delivery, and preparing any props or visual aids. With the right preparation, you can deliver a speech that will be remembered for years to come.

grom wedding speech

  • Understand your role and what is expected of you as the groom.
  • Preparation is key to delivering a successful speech.
  • A groom’s wedding speech checklist can help you cover all the important points and deliver a memorable speech.

Understanding Your Role

As the groom, you have a very important role to play on your wedding day. One of the most significant duties is giving the groom’s speech. This is your chance to thank everyone who has helped make your special day possible and to express your love and appreciation for your new spouse. In this section, we will discuss the importance of the groom’s speech and provide tips on timing and duration.

Importance of Groom’s Speech

The groom’s speech is an essential part of the wedding reception. It is an opportunity for you to thank your guests for coming and for their support, to express your love and gratitude to your new spouse, and to acknowledge the contributions of those who have helped make your wedding day possible. Your speech should be heartfelt, sincere, and memorable.

Timing and Duration

Timing and duration are important considerations when it comes to the groom’s speech. Ideally, your speech should take place after the meal has been served and before the cutting of the cake. This will ensure that your guests are attentive and that there are no distractions.

In terms of duration, a speech that is too short may come across as insincere, while a speech that is too long may become tedious and lose your audience’s attention. Aim for a speech that lasts between 7 and 10 minutes, which is around 1200 to 1400 words.

To ensure that your speech is well-timed, practice beforehand. Time yourself and make sure that you are not rushing or dragging out your words. Remember to speak clearly and at a comfortable pace.

groom giving speech at a wedding

Preparation Stage

Before you start writing your groom’s speech, it’s important to take some time to prepare. This will help ensure that you deliver a speech that is heartfelt, well-organised, and memorable. Here are some key steps to take during the preparation stage:

Brainstorming Ideas

The first step in preparing your groom’s speech is to brainstorm ideas. Think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. Consider the following:

  • What do you want to say to your bride?
  • What do you want to say to your parents and in-laws?
  • Who else do you want to thank or acknowledge?
  • What stories or anecdotes do you want to share?
  • What emotions do you want to convey?

Take some time to jot down your thoughts and ideas. You can use a notebook, a word processor, or any other tool that works for you. Don’t worry about organising your thoughts at this stage – just focus on getting your ideas down on paper.

Writing the Speech

Once you have some ideas, it’s time to start writing your speech. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Begin with an attention-grabbing opening that sets the tone for your speech.
  • Use personal anecdotes and stories to connect with your audience.
  • Include heartfelt thanks to your bride, parents, in-laws, and anyone else who has helped make your wedding day special.
  • Keep your speech concise and to the point. Aim for a length of around 5-7 minutes.
  • End with a memorable closing that leaves a lasting impression.

As you write your speech, be sure to practice delivering it out loud. This will help you identify any areas that need improvement and ensure that you are comfortable with the content.

No good at writing? Use Koala Writer tool . It will write the speech for you. Just give it some prompts you want to include and hey presto its done.

Practising the Speech

Finally, it’s important to practice your speech. Here are some tips to help you prepare:

  • Practice in front of a mirror to work on your delivery and body language.
  • Practice in front of a friend or family member to get feedback and support.
  • Record yourself delivering the speech and watch it back to identify areas for improvement.
  • Practice your speech until you feel comfortable and confident delivering it on the day.

By following these steps, you can ensure that you are well-prepared to deliver a memorable groom’s speech on your wedding day.

Speech Content

When it comes to the groom’s wedding speech, there are a few key elements that should be included to make it a memorable and heartfelt speech. Here are some sub-sections to consider when planning your speech:

Thanking the Guests

It’s important to start your speech by thanking all of the guests for coming to celebrate your special day. You can also thank those who have helped with the wedding planning and preparation, such as the parents, wedding planner, and vendors. Make sure to express your gratitude for everyone’s support and presence on this special day.

Praising the Bride

Your bride is the star of the show, and it’s important to acknowledge her in your speech. Take the time to express your love and admiration for her, and share some of the reasons why you fell in love with her. You can also thank her for her support and for being your partner in life.

Acknowledging the Parents

It’s customary to acknowledge the parents in your speech, especially if they have contributed to the wedding planning or have been a source of support for you and your partner. You can thank them for raising you and your partner, and for their love and guidance throughout your lives.

Sharing Personal Anecdotes

One of the best ways to make your speech memorable is to share some personal anecdotes and stories. This can include how you and your partner met, funny moments from your relationship, or touching moments that have brought you closer together. Just make sure to keep it appropriate and avoid embarrassing anyone.

By including these sub-sections in your speech, you can create a heartfelt and memorable tribute to your partner and your special day. Remember to keep it concise and to the point, and practice your speech beforehand so that you can deliver it confidently and smoothly.

Grooms Wedding Speech Examples

Here are three examples of a groom’s wedding speech:

Example 1 : the groom starts by thanking his new spouse and expressing how much this new phase of their relationship means to him. He then goes on to thank VIPs in his life, such as his parents, mother and father in-law, friends, family members, wedding party, or anyone else who made the wedding day possible.

Example 2: the groom may use a template as a guide for his speech. He can start with a greeting, thank the guests for coming, and then express his gratitude to his new spouse, parents, and wedding party. He can also share a few funny anecdotes or heart-warming stories about how he and his partner met.

Example 3: the groom’s speech is described as half admin, half emotion, kind of like an Oscar acceptance. The groom may cover all bases by thanking his parents, spouse, and wedding party, as well as sharing some funny or emotional stories about his relationship with his new spouse. He may also express his hopes and dreams for their future together.

groom speech

Delivery Techniques

When delivering your groom’s speech, it’s important to keep in mind that your delivery can be just as important as the content of your speech. Your delivery can help you engage the audience, make them laugh, and keep them interested throughout your speech. Here are some techniques to help you deliver your groom’s speech effectively.

Body Language

Your body language can convey a lot of information to your audience. Make sure you’re standing up straight, making eye contact, and using appropriate gestures to emphasize your points. Avoid crossing your arms or fidgeting, which can make you seem nervous or closed off.

Voice Modulation

Varying your tone and volume can help keep your audience engaged and interested in your speech. Use a louder voice to emphasize important points and a softer voice for more emotional moments. Vary your pace as well, slowing down for dramatic effect and speeding up for humorous moments.

Using Humour

Humour can be a great way to connect with your audience and keep them engaged throughout your speech. However, it’s important to use humour appropriately and avoid offensive or inappropriate jokes. Make sure your humour is relevant to the occasion and keep it light-hearted and fun.

Handling Emotions

Your groom’s speech is likely to be an emotional moment, and it’s important to be prepared to handle those emotions. Take a deep breath and pause if you feel yourself getting emotional, and use that moment to connect with your audience. Remember to keep your emotions in check and avoid becoming too emotional, which can make it difficult to continue with your speech.

Overall, the key to delivering a great groom’s speech is to be confident, engaging, and authentic. Use these techniques to help you connect with your audience and deliver a speech that will be remembered for years to come.

As you prepare to deliver your groom’s wedding speech, here are some final tips to help you make the most of the moment.

Dealing with Nerves

It’s natural to feel nervous before giving a speech, but there are things you can do to calm your nerves. Practice your speech several times before the big day , and consider recording yourself so you can watch it back and make any necessary adjustments. Take deep breaths and try to relax your body before you begin speaking. Remember, everyone in the room wants you to do well, so take comfort in the support of your loved ones.

Avoiding Inappropriate Content

While you want to inject some personality and humour into your speech, it’s important to avoid anything that could be deemed inappropriate or offensive. Stay away from jokes that are overly risqué or that could offend certain groups of people. Be respectful of your new spouse and their family, and avoid any stories or anecdotes that could embarrass them. Remember, this is a celebration of love and commitment, so keep the focus on that.

Keeping it Brief and Engaging

Your groom’s speech should be heartfelt and meaningful, but it should also be concise and engaging. Keep your speech to around five minutes, and use bullet points or a table to help you stay on track. Make eye contact with your audience and speak clearly and confidently. Use anecdotes and personal stories to illustrate your points, and don’t be afraid to inject some humour into your speech. Remember, the goal is to entertain and inspire your audience, so have fun with it! For extra help >> use Koala Writer AI Tool.

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Wondering how to put together a speech for your wedding and what the groom speech structure should actually be? We’ve provided a simple guide to what you should include in your speech on your wedding day.

Let’s be clear for starters, there’s no right or wrong way groom speech template to use. You can include anything you want in your speech – it is your wedding day after all!

There’s also no requirement whatsoever on length. Make it as long or short as you are comfortable with and use these groom’s speech examples for some inspiration.

While you might well want to make things special to you, your new wife, your families and guests with some personal touches and stories, there are several things that you should definitely include in your speech.

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A great way to start your speech, for example, is to begin with the words “My wife and I…”. It will be the first time you have addressed anyone as husband and wife and it gets the speech off to a great start.

Don’t forget the thank yous either. Get off to the right start with your new father in law by thanking him for his kind words, if he has delivered his speech before you, and your mother in law if she has performed a speech too.

Thank you guests for coming and being part of your special day, thank your own family for all the help you have received, and also anyone who has gone the extra mile in the build up to the wedding. And finish by thanking your new wife, giving her some flattery in the process too.


This is now your stage and certainly the time to include some groom’s speech jokes . The formalities are out of the way. Start with a gag or a one-liner and you’ll be off and running. Use props to add to the stories you are telling.

Tell a story or two about how you met, how you fell in love and why you knew she was the one for you. Entertain guests with some of the funny moments of relationships, buying your new house or living together for the first time, a holiday moment or something that will make the guests laugh. Even talk about something poignant in your speech at this stage if there is something close to your hearts.


End the speech with a return to the formalities. After a special message to your new wife make a brief comment to the guests – “Finally, I would like to say thank you again to all of you for celebrating with us today” or something similar – and get the wedding breakfast to raise a toast to your new wife:  “And could you all please raise your glasses to my beautiful wife, the one I love…”


It is time for you to take a deep breath, sit back and relax and have a bit of fun poked your way by your best man. At the end of your speech, hand over to him and prepare to be the center of the ribbing.

wedding speech examples

Great Wedding Speech Examples

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(*Of course, if you’re looking for more than ‘advice’, check out all the different ways the Speechy team can help you write & deliver a great speech. Or check out our new AI-powered team member, SpeechyAI .)

The Surprising Wedding Speech

We love hearing a speech from someone who isn’t part of the usual line up.

One couple asked the bride’s 84-year-old grandad to say a few words. They didn’t want him to get stressed about giving a formal speech so simply asked him to reveal his top five tips for a happy marriage. On the day he made everyone smile with a perfect mix of cheek, insight and nonsense. One of his tips included ‘no number twos in front of each other’. Even the best man couldn’t have gotten away with that.

Kids are also a great way to add humour to the speeches, as well as the cute factor. Get them to give you marriage advice too. We guarantee it will be priceless.

The Joint Speech

Whether it’s a bride and groom speech or a same-sex speech – joint speeches are a wedding trend that’s set to stay. It’s a great way of saying, BOOM, we’re a team. And who doesn’t love a double act?

It also makes a lot of sense – you  both  get to thank your friends and family, and you can practise without feeling the need to hide away in a cupboard.

Find out how to write and deliver a joint speech.  

The Funny Wedding Speech  

Of course, all speeches should be funny but some stand out.

One of the funniest speeches we’ve heard was a head-to-head between the best man and maid of honour where they debated who had lost the better friend. The bride and groom were then pitted against each other in different categories like ‘drinking ability’, ‘DIY skills’ and ‘comedic appearance’. The fact the best man and maid of honour couldn’t stop laughing throughout the speech only added to the comedy.

Read our blog on how to write a truly funny speech without resorting to Google gags.

The Heartfelt Wedding Speech

wedding speech groom

Guests want tears (they’re demanding like that) and it’s great to have an emotional epicentre to the day.

Careful though, a sentimental speech should NOT contain any clichés and platitudes. It needs to be genuine and unique.

One of the sweetest speeches we’ve heard was a dad who delivered a speech that was less than three minutes long. He didn’t bother giving us a chronological rundown of his daughter’s achievements – instead, he cut straight to the chase and listed the reasons he loved her.

Those insights included ‘tolerating my love of Bruce Springstein in the car’, ‘buying me a nose trimmer’, and ‘making me smile whenever you come home’. It was one of our favourite ever speeches.

The Revealing Wedding Speech

We love a speech which lets everyone in on a secret. One bride got everyone smiling (and a few people crying) when, during her speech, she called a waiter over, requested a cheese toastie with peanut butter and revealed to the guests that she was three months pregnant.

Obviously conceiving is a bit much when it comes to gathering good content but there are other options. A classic was the groom who confessed to his in-laws that he’d been seeing their daughter for six months prior to them knowing. He then amused the audience with tales of his undercover antics, even managing to get the in-laws laughing too!

The Spontaneous ‘Speech’

wedding speech groom

We’ve been to a couple of weddings which haven’t had any formal speeches but have been inspired by countries where everyone is welcomed to give a toast throughout the meal.

It’s a fun idea which allows everyone to get involved without anyone feeling under pressure. People can choose to be sentimental or funny but every speech is short and sweet. Warning – it can become rather raucous the more alcohol is consumed!

The Speechwriting Experts

The Speechy team  are TV-trained scriptwriters/comedians by trade & we’ve helped 1,000s of speakers around the world deliver their dream speech.

Our advice has been quoted everywhere from  The New York Times  to  Grazia  and from Forbes to The Observer . Our founder has also featured on the  BBC Sounds’ Best Men podcast with Jason Manford and written ‘ The Modern Couple’s Guide to Wedding Speeches’ , published by Little, Brown.

wedding speech groom

How can we help you?

Speech edit service, £ 245, bespoke speech writing service, £ 495, delivery coaching, £ 150, or check out our range of speech templates from just £ 29 :, we’re rated ‘excellent' on trustpilot for a reason....

wedding speech groom

We do mic-drops not name-drops but here's just a few places we've been featured...


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The Abbey

How to write a Groom’s wedding speech

Nail your nerves and craft a groom’s speech that’ll blow your wedding guests away.

As a groom, what makes the perfect wedding speech? Should you be funny like the best man? Emotional like the maid of honour ? Or pull the heart strings like the father of the bride? Well, the answer is, a little bit of each would be ideal! With some admin thrown in. Unlike many of the other wedding speeches being given on the day, the groom’s speech is basically one big thank you. There’s no set things you should say, no style it has to be written in, or reaction it needs to receive. Essentially, you just have to praise and complement those closest to you for all their hard work ( and money ), while thanking the assembled guests for being there. Easy, right…?

If you’re not used to speaking in public, or you’re unsure of exactly how to lay out your speech, don’t worry. We’ve put together some easy-to-follow tips that’ll help you write the perfect groom speech for your wedding day.

The people you need to thank

As mentioned, the groom’s speech is all about thanking friends and family who were involved in putting the wedding together. Alongside that, it’s nice to also welcome the other side of the family, as well as remembering those who couldn’t be there on the day. Suppliers too, if you feel they played a really significant part in your day being a success, share the ones who deserve a special mention. You never know, it could lead to one of your loved ones hiring your wedding photographer for their big day.

Give your speech structure

It could be tempting to just run head first towards all those thank-yous, desperately trying not to miss anyone out. This approach, although potentially fun to watch, will seem quite chaotic and almost certainly lead to you missing important members of the wedding party out. Instead, organise your thoughts, and create an outline. You don’t need to write your groom’s speech out and follow it word by word on the wedding day. But you should have bullet notes you can (mentally) tick off as you go. Here’s a simple outline that will work for most groom speeches: · Introduce yourself, and say a few words about the day so far. · Welcome everyone, and thank them for coming · Thank specific people involved in the wedding. · Share a personal anecdote or story about your wedding planning journey, or relationship. · Share how you feel about your spouse. · Thank everyone for coming again and let guests know any information the venue has given you. Food or bar times, when certain events will be, that sort of thing. · Raise a toast.

Keep it light, but don’t force humour

We’re not all blessed with a funny bone. If you’re someone who’s never been the joker in the pack, the wisecracker in the group. Don’t force yourself to be one during your groom’s speech, on your wedding day! Your guests know you, they love you, and they want to hear a speech that sounds like it came from you, not Seinfeld. However, if making a joke here and there is part of your personality, by all means, use humour in your speech. But it’s important to strike a balance between laughs and sentiment. Guests should get a sense of how serious you are about the day, and feel your emotions. And they can’t do that if you’re just delivering a stand-up routine. Keep wedding guests interested and engaged in your groom’s speech by bouncing back and forth between playfulness and sentimentality. Jokes, interspersed with more serious, and emotional parts, is the key to a successful groom’s speech.

How long should a Groom’s wedding speech be?

The secret to any good speech is to keep it short and sweet. However humorous, or emotional your groom’s speech is, wedding guests will soon start to nod off if it goes on too long. Likewise, if you only share a couple of words, there’s no way loved ones will get a sense of how you feel about the day, or their contribution. Recite, or practice your groom’s speech ahead of the wedding day, multiple times, so you know how long it is. And remember that nervous energy will potentially take over on the day, speeding up the whole speech , and shaving off 30 seconds from the total time. Another reason why it’s important to practice. Overall, on your wedding day, aim to keep your groom’s speech around 2–3 minutes long. In that time, you should be able to convey just how delighted and thankful you truly are. Without sending any older relatives off to sleep! We hope we have inspired your groom’s speech, and hopefully settled some nerves ahead of the wedding day! It would be a pleasure to guide you further, and introduce you to our lovely wedding venue in Co Kildare. The Abbey is only an hour away from Dublin, and has an 18th century chapel on-site, a stunning ballroom, multiple events spaces and 38 contemporary style rooms. You are welcome to have a browse of our wedding venue online , and if you like what you see, please get in touch via our contact page to book a viewing. And while you wait for your visit, you can find out more about us via our online brochure .

Wedding Speeches Groom: Tips and Examples to Wow the Guests

Wedding speeches are an important tradition in many cultures, allowing the bride, groom, and their loved ones to express their heartfelt emotions on this special day. As the groom, delivering a memorable speech can be a daunting task, but with the right tips and examples, you can wow the guests and leave a lasting impression. In this article, we will explore some valuable advice and provide inspiring examples to help you craft the perfect wedding speech.

When it comes to delivering a successful wedding speech as the groom, preparation is key. Whether you are a natural public speaker or someone who feels nervous in front of a crowd, having a well-organized speech will boost your confidence and ensure your message resonates with the audience. From structuring your speech to selecting the right anecdotes, we will cover various tips to help you create a compelling narrative.

To make your wedding speech truly exceptional, incorporating personal stories and anecdotes is essential. Sharing heartfelt moments and funny experiences can create a strong emotional connection with the audience and make your speech more engaging. Drawing from your relationship with your spouse and the experiences you have shared together, we will provide examples that can inspire you to express your love, gratitude, and excitement as you embark on this new chapter in your lives.

No matter if you are a natural wordsmith or someone who struggles with public speaking, this article will guide you through the process of crafting a remarkable wedding speech as the groom. By following the tips and examples provided, you can deliver a speech that will truly wow the guests, leaving a lasting impression on this joyous occasion.# Understanding the Importance of the Groom's Speech

The groom's speech is a significant part of any wedding reception, marking an opportunity for him to express gratitude, love, and appreciation. This heartfelt speech provides the groom with a chance to convey his emotions, reflect on the journey leading to this special moment, and thank those who have made it possible.

The Groom's Role as a Key Speaker

  • Unique Perspective: As the groom, he holds a unique perspective on the relationship, allowing him to share personal anecdotes and moments that hold deep meaning to the couple.
  • Emotional Connection: The groom has a special bond with both the bride and her family, making his words particularly impactful and emotionally resonant.
  • Groom's Thanks: This speech serves as the groom's opportunity to express gratitude towards his bride, their families, and loved ones for their support and involvement.
  • Unifying Element: The groom's speech can unite both sides of the family, acknowledging the coming together of two families and expressing the hope for a harmonious future.

Key Elements of a Memorable Groom's Speech

  • Introducing Himself: The groom should start by introducing himself and establishing a connection with the audience.
  • Expressing Gratitude: Showing appreciation to both sets of parents, the wedding party, and guests is an integral part of the speech. The groom should highlight their contributions and support.
  • Acknowledging the Bride: The groom should then focus on his bride, expressing his love, admiration, and the journey they have taken together. Sharing personal stories and moments can make the speech memorable.
  • Toasting the Future: The speech should conclude with a heartfelt toast to the future, expressing hope and excitement for the adventures and challenges that lie ahead.

Examples of Impactful Groom's Speeches

Example 1 :

  • The groom introduces himself warmly.
  • He expresses gratitude towards both sets of parents, highlighting their unwavering support and love.
  • He acknowledges his bride's qualities and their journey leading up to this special day.
  • The speech concludes with a heartfelt toast to love, happiness, and a lifetime of beautiful memories.

Example 2 :

  • The groom begins with a humorous anecdote to engage the audience.
  • He expresses gratitude towards the wedding party, friends, and family for their love and support.
  • He shares touching moments and describes how the bride has transformed his life, making it complete.
  • The speech concludes with a toast to the couple's future adventures and the enduring love they share.

Understanding the significance of the groom's speech at a wedding allows for careful planning and thoughtfulness to create a memorable and impactful moment on this joyous occasion.

Preparing and Planning Your Groom's Speech

When it comes to delivering a memorable wedding speech as the groom, preparation and planning are key. Taking the time to carefully consider your words and practice delivering them will help ensure that your speech wows the guests and creates lasting memories. Here are some tips to help you prepare and plan for your groom's speech:

Start Early : Begin working on your speech well in advance to allow ample time for brainstorming, writing, and revisions. Rushing through the process may result in a speech that lacks thought and coherence.

Know Your Audience : Consider the guests who will be attending the wedding. Take into account their ages, backgrounds, and relationship with the couple. This will help you tailor your speech to connect with the audience on a personal level.

Outline Your Speech : Before diving into writing, create a clear outline that includes the main points you want to cover. This will help you stay focused and organized throughout the process.

Personalize Your Speech : Adding personal anecdotes and stories about your relationship with your partner will make your speech more meaningful and relatable. Share heartfelt moments and memories that showcase your love and commitment.

Keep It Concise : While it's important to express your gratitude and emotions, remember to keep your speech concise and to the point. Aim for a speech that is between three to five minutes long, allowing ample time for other wedding festivities.

Practice, Practice, Practice : Once you have written your speech, practice delivering it multiple times. This will help you build confidence, refine your delivery, and ensure a smooth and natural flow of words.

Use Visual Aids : Consider using visual aids, such as photos or props, to enhance your speech. These can help create visual interest and engage the audience on multiple levels.

Manage Your Nerves : It's natural to feel nervous before delivering a speech. Practice deep breathing exercises and positive visualization techniques to calm your nerves. Remember that the audience is there to support you.

Be Mindful of Timing : Coordinate with the wedding coordinator or the person in charge to determine when it's appropriate to give your speech. Timing is crucial to maintain the flow of the event and ensure that all guests have an enjoyable experience.

Acknowledge and Thank : Take a moment to express your gratitude to everyone involved in making the wedding special, including your partner's family, your family, and any vendors or individuals who went above and beyond. A heartfelt thank you goes a long way.

By following these tips and putting in the effort to prepare and plan your groom's speech, you will ensure a memorable and heartfelt moment during the wedding celebration. Remember to stay true to yourself and let your love and happiness shine through your words.

Structuring Your Groom's Speech

Organizing and structuring your groom's speech can help ensure that you deliver a memorable and impactful message to your guests. A well-structured speech allows you to express your gratitude, share stories, and convey your love and appreciation for your partner. Here are some tips to help you create a captivating groom's speech:

Introduction : Begin your speech with a warm welcome and express your gratitude to everyone for being a part of your special day. Introduce yourself and briefly mention your relationship with your partner. This sets the tone for your speech and establishes a connection with the audience.

Acknowledgments : Take a moment to acknowledge and thank important individuals in your life. This may include your parents, in-laws, friends, and anyone who has played a significant role in your relationship. Express heartfelt appreciation for their support and guidance.

Anecdotes and Stories : Share light-hearted and heartwarming anecdotes about your relationship with your partner. This is a great opportunity to take the audience on a journey, reminiscing about memorable moments and showcasing the bond you share. Be sure to choose stories that will resonate with the audience and reflect the essence of your relationship.

Compliments and Admiration : Express your love, admiration, and appreciation for your partner. Highlight their qualities, achievements, and the reasons why you fell in love with them. Be genuine and heartfelt in your compliments, allowing the audience to witness the special connection you share.

Words for the Partner : Directly address your partner and speak directly from the heart. Use this moment to express your promises, vows, and dreams for your future together. Let your partner know how much they mean to you and how excited you are about spending the rest of your life with them.

Closing Remarks : Conclude your speech by thanking everyone once again for their presence and support. Raise a toast to your partner, expressing your excitement for the life ahead. End on a positive and hopeful note, leaving the audience inspired and anticipating the celebrations to come.

Remember, practicing your speech beforehand can help you become more comfortable and confident. Time management is crucial ; aim for a speech that lasts around five to seven minutes, allowing you to engage the audience without losing their attention. Lastly, embrace your unique personality and convey your message with sincerity to make your groom's speech truly remarkable.

Including Personal Anecdotes and Stories

Wedding speeches are a key part of a wedding celebration, and the groom's speech holds a special significance as it allows him to express his feelings and share his experiences leading up to the big day. One way to connect with the audience and create a memorable speech is by incorporating personal anecdotes and stories. This section will explore the benefits of including these elements in the groom's speech and provide some tips for effectively incorporating them.

1. Establishing a Connection: Sharing personal stories and anecdotes helps the groom establish a deeper connection with the audience. By opening up and revealing personal experiences, the groom can touch the hearts of the guests and make them feel more connected to the couple's journey.

2. Adding Humor: Anecdotes and stories often provide an opportunity for humor, which can lighten the atmosphere and keep the guests engaged. Including funny incidents or amusing accounts from the couple's relationship brings a lighthearted touch to the speech, making it more enjoyable for everyone.

3. Showcasing Personality: Personal anecdotes and stories allow the groom to showcase his personality and what makes him unique. Whether it's a story that demonstrates his love for adventure, his sense of humor, or his caring nature, these anecdotes give the guests a glimpse into his character, resulting in a more authentic and memorable speech.

4. Including Others: Personal stories can also involve other important people in the couple's lives. By sharing stories that involve family members, friends, or even the wedding party, the groom can demonstrate the love and support surrounding the couple.

When incorporating personal anecdotes and stories into the groom's speech, it's important to keep a few tips in mind:

  • Choose stories that are relevant to the couple and appropriate for the occasion.
  • Keep the stories concise and focused, avoiding unnecessary details that may lose the audience's interest.
  • Practice the speech, ensuring a smooth flow between the anecdotes and the overall structure of the speech.
  • Balance humorous and emotional moments to keep the audience engaged and create a well-rounded speech.

In conclusion, including personal anecdotes and stories in the groom's wedding speech can add a heartfelt and entertaining touch. By establishing a connection, adding humor, showcasing personality traits, and involving others, the groom can create a speech that leaves a lasting impact on the guests. Taking the time to craft a well-thought-out and rehearsed speech will make the groom's message even more meaningful.

Injecting Humor into Your Groom's Speech

Humor can be a powerful tool when it comes to delivering a memorable and entertaining groom's speech at a wedding. Injecting humor into your speech not only helps to lighten the mood but also engages the guests, leaving a lasting impression. Here are some tips and examples to help you add the right amount of humor to your groom's speech.

Know your audience : Before adding humor to your speech, it's crucial to consider the audience. Understand their preferences, cultural background, and age groups. Tailor your jokes and anecdotes accordingly to ensure they resonate with everyone in the room.

Keep it light-hearted : Opt for light-hearted jokes and anecdotes that won't offend or embarrass anyone. Remember, the focus should always be on celebrating the couple and their special day, so avoid anything that could potentially cause discomfort or controversy.

Start with a funny opener : Grab everyone's attention from the start by opening your speech with a well-crafted joke or a humorous story. This sets the tone for the rest of your speech and instantly connects with the audience.

Use personal anecdotes : Share funny anecdotes, jokes, or humorous incidents from your relationship with your partner or your experience as a couple. These personal stories add a touch of authenticity and allow the guests to connect with your unique sense of humor.

Poke fun at yourself : Self-deprecating humor can be a great way to connect with the audience and show your personality. Playfully tease yourself or share funny moments where you may have made mistakes. This not only provides comic relief but also makes you more relatable.

Avoid inside jokes : While inside jokes may be amusing to you and a select few, they can easily leave others feeling excluded. Ensure that your humor can be understood and appreciated by all the guests, regardless of their relationship with you or the couple.

Timing is everything : Pace your jokes and funny anecdotes throughout your speech. Pausing for laughter allows the guests to fully enjoy the moment and prevents your speech from feeling rushed or overwhelming.

Remember, the key to injecting humor into your groom's speech is to stay true to your own personality and keep it light-hearted. With careful planning and a sprinkle of laughter, you can create a speech that will not only wow the guests but also leave a lasting impression on the happy couple.

Expressing Gratitude and Appreciation

Expressing gratitude and appreciation is a crucial part of any groom's wedding speech. It's an opportunity to thank all those who have played a significant role in making the wedding day special. By expressing genuine gratitude, the groom can not only convey his appreciation but also create a heartfelt connection with the guests. Here are some tips and examples to help the groom wow the audience with expressions of gratitude and appreciation:

1. Acknowledge the family and in-laws: Start by expressing gratitude towards both sets of parents for their love, support, and guidance throughout the wedding planning process and beyond. Thank them for raising such amazing individuals and welcoming the groom into their family.

2. Thank the wedding party: Recognize the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other members of the wedding party for their involvement and support. Highlight their efforts in making the day special and express appreciation for their friendship and unwavering support.

3. Honor absent loved ones: Take a moment to remember and pay tribute to loved ones who couldn't be there to celebrate the special day. Share fond memories and express gratitude for the impact they had on the groom's life.

4. Appreciate the guests: Extend gratitude to all the guests who took the time to be there and share in the joyous occasion. Emphasize their presence and acknowledge the effort they made to attend the wedding, especially those who traveled from afar.

5. Special appreciation for the bride: Express heartfelt appreciation for the bride, highlighting her love, care, and the happiness she brings to the groom's life. Share special memories and qualities that make her a perfect partner, and thank her for saying yes to the union.

6. Raise a toast: Conclude the section by raising a toast to everyone mentioned, expressing gratitude, and wishing everyone joy, happiness, and love in their lives.

In summary, expressing gratitude and appreciation in the groom's wedding speech is an essential aspect that can leave a lasting impression on the guests. By acknowledging the efforts and support of family, in-laws, wedding party members, absent loved ones, guests, and, of course, the bride, the groom can create a warm, heartfelt atmosphere at the wedding, making it a memorable and cherished occasion for everyone involved.

Honoring Family and Friends in Your Groom's Speech

When delivering a groom's speech at a wedding, it is essential to pay tribute to family and friends who have played significant roles in the lives of the couple. This section will provide valuable tips and examples on how to honor and acknowledge these individuals in a memorable and heartfelt manner.

Acknowledging Parents and Close Family : Begin by expressing gratitude towards the parents of both the bride and groom. Thank them for their love, support, and for raising them to become the individuals they are today. A genuine show of appreciation towards siblings, grandparents, and close relatives can also add a personal touch to your speech.

Paying Tribute to the Bride's Family : Take a moment to acknowledge the bride's family and welcome them into your own. Emphasize the joy and happiness that their daughter brings into your life, and express your excitement at joining their family. This gesture will not only honor the bride's loved ones but also help foster a sense of unity and togetherness.

Recognizing Friends and Bridal Party : Highlight the special bond you share with your closest friends and members of the bridal party. Share anecdotes, inside jokes, and meaningful experiences that solidify your friendship. Express your gratitude for their unwavering support and their role in making the wedding day memorable.

Remembering Absent Friends and Loved Ones : It is natural to feel a tinge of sadness at the absence of loved ones who are no longer with us. Take a moment to remember and honor their memory in your speech. Share fond memories, anecdotes, or lessons learned from these individuals, paying tribute to their influence on your life.

Thanking Guests and Well-Wishers : Show appreciation to the guests and well-wishers who have gathered to celebrate this special occasion. Briefly acknowledge the efforts they have made to be present on this joyous day. A simple thank you will make them feel valued and add a warm touch to your speech.

Remember, while it is crucial to honor your family and friends in your groom's speech, it is equally important to keep it concise and avoid overshadowing the central theme of celebrating the union of two souls in love. Balance your words carefully, ensuring your appreciation shines through without losing the focus on the couple's journey and aspirations for the future.

Using Quotes and Poems in Your Groom's Speech

Adding quotes and poems to your groom's speech can be a heartfelt and memorable way to captivate and impress your wedding guests. However, it is important to use them judiciously, ensuring they enhance the overall impact of your speech rather than overshadowing your personal sentiments. Here are some tips and examples to help you incorporate quotes and poems seamlessly into your groom's speech.

Choose Quotes that Reflect Your Relationship : Select quotes that resonate with your relationship and the emotions you want to convey. Look for quotes that capture the essence of love, commitment, and shared experiences between you and your partner. Avoid clichéd or overly used quotes; instead, opt for lesser-known and meaningful ones that truly reflect your unique bond.

Personalize the Quote : After selecting a quote, personalize it to make it more connected to your journey as a couple. Share a brief anecdote or memory that highlights why the quote holds significance for both of you. This personal touch will make the quote more heartfelt and engaging for your audience.

Consider Poems for Emotional Impact : Poems can add a poetic touch to your speech, evoking emotion in a powerful way. If you have a talent for writing, you can even craft your own poem that encapsulates your feelings and experiences. Alternatively, you can choose a poem that aligns with the theme of your speech and complements your overall message.

Know Your Audience : Ensure that the quotes and poems you select are appropriate for your audience. Consider their tastes, preferences, and cultural backgrounds to choose quotes and poems that resonate with them. Keep in mind that some guests may prefer a more light-hearted speech, while others may appreciate a deeper, more emotional approach.

Practice Delivery : When incorporating quotes and poems, emphasize the delivery to ensure they have the desired impact. Practice speaking the lines with enthusiasm, emotion, and clarity. Pay attention to your tone, pace, and volume. A well-practiced delivery will bring out the full power of the quote or poem, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Remember, the key to using quotes and poems in your groom's speech is to make them an integrated part of your personal narrative. When done well, they can enhance the overall sentiment and create a truly memorable moment for everyone present.

Tips for a Memorable Delivery of Your Groom's Speech

Delivering a groom's speech at a wedding is a momentous occasion that allows the groom to express his love, gratitude, and excitement for his new life with his partner. To ensure a memorable and impactful delivery, here are some tips to consider:

Prepare and Practice : Take the time to carefully prepare your speech and practice it beforehand. This will help you become familiar with the content, ensuring a smooth and confident delivery on the big day.

Start with a Hook : Capture the attention of the guests from the beginning by starting with a captivating hook. It could be a quote, a humorous anecdote, or a heartfelt story that sets the tone for your speech.

Express Sincerity and Gratitude : Keep the focus of your speech on your partner and express your genuine love and appreciation. Acknowledge their qualities, support, and the joy they bring to your life. Show gratitude to everyone involved in making the day special, including family, friends, and the wedding party.

Keep It Concise : While it's important to express your feelings, it's equally important to keep your speech concise. Aim for a speech that is around five minutes long, as a lengthy speech may lose the interest of the guests.

Use Humor Wisely : Humor can be a fantastic way to engage the audience, but use it wisely. Incorporate lighthearted jokes or funny anecdotes that bring smiles without causing offense. Avoid offensive, embarrassing, or inappropriate jokes that might make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Speak Clearly and Slowly : Enunciate your words clearly and speak at a moderate pace to ensure everyone can understand your message. Nerves can make you rush, so take deep breaths and maintain a calm and composed demeanor.

Maintain Eye Contact : Establish a connection with the audience by maintaining eye contact. Look around the room and make sure to include everyone, including your partner, family, friends, and other guests. This conveys sincerity and makes the guests feel included.

Use Emotion : Connect with your emotions and let them shine through in your words. Express your love, joy, and excitement by using heartfelt language and personal stories that reflect the depth of your feelings.

End with a Toast : Conclude your speech with a toast to your partner, the love you share, and the bright future ahead. Raise your glass and invite everyone to join in the celebration.

Remember, delivering a groom's speech is an opportunity to celebrate love, express gratitude, and leave a lasting impression on your guests. With adequate preparation, sincere words, and a confident delivery, your groom's speech will undoubtedly wow the audience and create cherished memories for years to come.

In conclusion, delivering a memorable and impressive wedding speech as the groom is an opportunity to showcase love, gratitude, and humor. By following the tips and examples provided in this article, grooms can effectively capture the attention of their audience and create a lasting impact on the wedding guests.

Here are the key takeaways to keep in mind when crafting and delivering a groom's wedding speech:

Preparation is key : Take the time to plan and rehearse your speech to ensure a smooth and confident delivery. Practice in front of a mirror or with a close friend to receive constructive feedback.

Be genuine : Your speech should reflect your personality and emotions. Speak from the heart and avoid sounding scripted or insincere.

Structure your speech : Begin with a captivating opening, share personal stories and anecdotes, express gratitude, and end with a memorable toast. Use transitions to smoothly move between different parts of your speech.

Keep it concise : Your speech should ideally be around five minutes long, allowing guests to stay engaged and attentive throughout.

Inject humor : A well-placed joke or humorous anecdote can lighten the atmosphere and keep the audience entertained. However, be mindful of appropriate humor and avoid offensive or controversial content.

Express gratitude : Take the time to thank your spouse, both sets of parents, the wedding party, and other key individuals who have contributed to the wedding festivities.

Personalize your speech : Include stories and memories that are unique to you and your partner. Avoid relying on generic or cliché wedding speech templates.

Use visual aids if appropriate : Consider incorporating props or visual aids, such as photos or slides, to enhance certain parts of your speech. However, ensure they are seamlessly integrated and add value to your delivery.

Remember, the ultimate goal of your wedding speech as the groom is to celebrate the love between you and your partner while entertaining and engaging the guests. Embrace the opportunity to leave a lasting impression and create cherished memories for all in attendance.

By following these guidelines, grooms can confidently deliver a wedding speech that wows the guests and leaves a lasting impression on the special day.

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wedding speech groom

How to Begin a Wedding Speech: Our Favourite Opening Lines

Handy one-liners to get your speech off to an amazing start.

wedding speech groom

If you've read our feature on how to make a great wedding speech , you'll know that it's really important to start strong! Well, today, we're showing you how to do exactly that, with a list of the best wedding speech opening lines . The beauty of this list is that it works for any kind of wedding speech, whether you're the bride, groom, best man, bridesmaid, father-of-the-bride, or even the flower girl or the groom's granny! We've made sure to include lots of different options so there's something to suit every style of speech, whether you want to keep it super simple, bring the audience to tears, or wow them with a joke ! Some of our wedding speech opening lines can be customised, too, to help you make your speech even more personal. So, let's dive in!

wedding speech groom

Our Favourite Wedding Speech Opening Lines

To help you find what you're looking for, we've split our sample opening lines into three categories; simple and sincere opening lines, funny opening lines and opening lines with quotes from famous people.

Note: (name) can indicate yourself, the bride/groom, the couple as a whole, or another member of the wedding party.  

Wedding Speech Opening Lines: Simple and Sincere Opening Lines

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you (name) for the kind introduction."

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. As (name's friend/relative), I'm delighted to welcome you all here tonight."

"Thank you so much, (name), for such a wonderful introduction. I only hope I can live up to your kind words!"

"Hello everyone. I hope you're all having a great night so far."

wedding speech groom

"Hello, I'm (name) and, for those of you who don't already know me, I'm (relation to couple)."

"Hi everybody, I'm (name), and I'm here to talk a little bit about my good friend (name)."

"Hi everyone, I'm (name), and I'm going to talk a little bit about (name). When I was writing this speech, I asked myself how I could sum up (X) years of friendship, laughter and adventures in one speech, and I decided that I can't. We'd be here all night."

"Hello everybody and welcome. I think we can all agree that it's been a wonderful day so far. (Couple names), you should be really proud of the amazing day you've put together. We're all very lucky to be a part of it."

"Hello everyone. I hope you're all having a great night so far. My life changed completely on (date, year), when (name) came into my life, and it changes again today, as they embark on their latest adventure with (name)."

"Hi everybody. Thank you for the warm welcome. Mark Twain once said that 'there are only two types of speakers in the world. 1. The nervous and 2. Liars.' I'm definitely in the former category, so I hope you'll forgive me if I'm a little bit shaky this evening."

wedding speech opening lines funny opening lines sincere opening lines (9)

Wedding Speech Opening Lines: Funny Opening Lines to Make Guests LOL

"Hi everyone, I'm (name), and before any of you ask, yes I am single."

"Hi everyone, I'm (name), and I'll be your speaker for the next 95 minutes."

"Hi everybody. If you don't know who I am... well, you're probably at the wrong wedding! But stick around, we need extra people for the conga line."

"Hi everyone. You're probably wondering why I gathered you here today. I've got a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity that I know you're going to - sorry, wrong speech!"

"Hello everyone! Thank you all for being here on such an exciting night. Yes, the rumours are true, I will be debuting some new choreography on the dance floor this evening. But in the mean time, I suppose I should talk a little bit about (couple names)."

"Hello, and welcome. You may know me as (name's friend/relative), but tonight, I go by the title, (name), Lord of the Dance."

wedding speech groom

"Hi everyone. Just in case you don't already know, I'm (name) and I'm the best man. There are some really successful, good-looking, charming men in the room tonight, but now that it's written on the ceremony program in black and white, it's official - I am the best."

"Hi everyone, I'm (name), and I'd like to begin my speech with a quote from the great Seamus Heaney/Maya Angelou/Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr./Mother Teresa... but unfortunately I left my speech in my other jacket. So you'll have to make do with me!"

“Hi everyone. If I could just say a few words … I’d be a better public speaker! That gag was actually stolen from Homer Simpson, which should give you an idea of the caliber of speech you can expect from me tonight.”

"Hi everyone, and welcome. Webster's dictionary describes a wedding as, 'The process of removing weeds from one's garden'. That's a Homer Simpson quote, which should give you an idea of the caliber of speech you can expect from me tonight.”

wedding speech groom

"Hello everyone, I'm (name.) According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right?"

"Hi everyone. When I was preparing this speech, (name) gave me a list of topics that were strictly off-limits, so I'd like to start with those."

"Hi everyone. I'm (name). Anyone who knows me knows that I'm (name)'s biggest fan. So much so, that I was actually quite hurt when I learned that I wasn't going to be involved in the first dance!"

"Hi everyone. I just want to take a few minutes to talk about my good friend (name). I first met (name) when we were 13, and since then, I've always looked up to him. He was, after all, the only 6ft 2' student at (school name)!"

"Good evening everyone. To our English speakers, I'd like to say welcome, we're delighted that you could be with us today to celebrate the marriage of (couple names). To our (other language) speakers, I'd like to say (use Google Translate or ask a native speaker to translate, 'My llama is very handsome. I hope my translation is correct.')"

wedding speech groom

Wedding Speech Opening Lines: Beginning with a Quote

"Hi everyone. I'd like to begin my speech with a quote from Dr. James Dobson, who said, 'Don't marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can't live without.' "

"Hi everyone. I'd like to begin my speech with a quote from Franz Schubert, who said, 'Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.' "

"Hi everyone. I'd like to begin my speech with a quote from The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who said, 'There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion, or company than a good marriage.' "

wedding speech groom

"Hi everyone. I'd like to begin my speech with a quote from Franklin P. Jones, who said, 'Love doesn't make the world go 'round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile.' "

"Hi everyone, I'm (name.) I hope you're all having a wonderful day so far. When I got married to my partner (name), somebody told me, 'Don't just be husband and wife, be president of each other's fan clubs,' and I'd like to pass on that same advice to (couple)."

"Hello everyone. I'd like to begin with a quote from Mignon McLaughlin, who said, 'A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.' Over the past (x) years, I've had the pleasure of watching (name) fall in love with (name) over and over again."

You've found your opening line - now what? Click over to this feature  for a handy checklist of people to thank in your wedding speech.

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Adam and grace, via one fab day, see more in:.

wedding speech groom

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wedding speech groom

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Bride concerned after only noticing major red flag during husband’s wedding speech

Bride concerned after only noticing major red flag during husband’s wedding speech

How would you feel about this.

Lucy Devine

A bride has taken to the internet for advice after revealing she spotted a 'red flag' on her wedding day.

It's probably not the best time to notice something concerning about your brand new spouse , but nevertheless, the bride was shocked at what she discovered.

Unsure whether she was reading too much into it, the woman took to Reddit to gauge the opinion of others.

She explained that everything had been going well and that her husband is a 'very sweet and kind person'.

But when it came to his wedding speech, she was left a little stunned.

"So I recently got married to my husband. He is a very sweet and kind person," she began.

"Well we got married recently and he gave a speech during our wedding reception. It was really sweet and emotional."

The bride was concerned about the groom's speech.

The bride went on to explain there was one part of the speech that left her confused.

"But then he said something like 'And when we were dating, I knew I have to marry you, as nobody can tolerate you better than me, and I love tolerating you.'

"Everybody laughed and I did as well, as it was supposed to be a fun banter and didn't think much of it.

"Well, I do get giddy and too excited if I am happy and would talk a lot while my husband is very calm and patient and always listens, but I can see that it could be annoying for others.

"Well, we had a great time and recently came from our honeymoon, but just wondering, do other guys also joke about their spouse like that?"

Redditors were quick to point out that the line strongly resembled a scene in Friends in which Chandler says he loves 'maintaining' Monica after Phoebe calls her high maintenance.

"Are y’all fans of Friends by any chance? This is very similar to a comment Chandler makes about Monica because all their friends say she’s high maintenance and she doesn’t like that," one wrote.

"Chandler saves her feelings by saying yes you’re high maintenance but I love maintaining you. Maybe not the best time for your husband to make that comment, but hopefully the intent was good."

Another said the scene had come into their mind 'instantly', too.

A third added: "I doubt the intentions were anything but a loving joke, but there's a time and place for everything.

"I would mention to him that it made you uncomfortable, but I don't think it's worth fighting about."

Not everyone was so forgiving of the groom though. One simply wrote: "Red flag."

Another said: "His response will tell you everything. If he’s apologetic and explains that’s not really what he meant ('I just heard it somewhere and public speaking kind of freaked me out so I just kinda said it, I’m sorry' etc) then I think you’re fine.

"If he’s defensive or tries to tell you it’s not a big deal and you’re being dramatic, then that’s definitely a red flag to me."

Topics:  Reddit

  • Sober bride and groom divide opinion after serving only water at their wedding
  • Bride And Groom Arrested After Holding Wedding Ceremony During Lockdown

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FBI trained body language expert reveals the obvious signs that someone is lying to you

FBI trained body language expert reveals the obvious signs that someone is lying to you

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Woman told to ‘burn’ dishwasher after making shocking discovery inside

British girl with rare uncombable hair syndrome is one of only 100 in world

British girl with rare uncombable hair syndrome is one of only 100 in world

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Groom Has to Remind Bride to Kiss Him at the Altar After They Are Pronounced Husband and Wife (Exclusive)

"Then all I could think was, 'I FORGOT!' " Bella Grimm tells PEOPLE about her wedding on Feb. 25

wedding speech groom

Fox & Film Photography

After exchanging rings with her fiancé at the altar, Bella Grimm had one thought going through her head: “I have to grab my bouquet!”

The actor and musician previously seen on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel admits to PEOPLE she was so hyper-fixated on securing the flowers that she overlooked a crucial detail of the ceremony after saying "I do" to her partner of eight years, Clayton Grimm, known for his titular role on Blippi .

"I completely forgot about the kiss and just became absolutely focused on a) not tripping and b) getting my bouquet," Bella, 28, tells PEOPLE. "I realized that I had forgotten in the middle of Clayton kissing me! He grabbed me right away, so it didn’t really hit me until that moment."

She adds, 'Then all I could think was, 'I FORGOT!' "

Fox & Film Photography

Meanwhile, Clayton, 27, explains how he was so caught up in the moment after they were announced as Mr. and Mrs. Grimm, that he didn’t hear the phrase, “You may now kiss the bride," either. But when he saw Bella turning toward the aisle, he immediately looked back at the officiant and realized they'd missed the kiss, too.

"After the realization, my body automatically catapulted me forward, and I grabbed Bella! I was just eager and happy and excited. It made us laugh, and it was a very sweet and endearing moment," Clayton says, recalling the couple's nuptials on Feb. 25 at The Howey Mansion in Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida.

He adds, "I think everyone was already crying and laughing, so there was definitely some laughter, but honestly, I only remember looking into Bella’s eyes and running away down the aisle feeling on cloud nine."

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Bella and Clayton's content creator, Ruthie Fonseca from Julious Daughters , caught the moment on camera and posted it to TikTok , where it has since gone viral with one million views. Fonseca tells PEOPLE it was such a genuine moment to capture.

"To see how he just grabs her, and how she reacts, it was perfect!" Fonseca says. "The way he kisses her over and over was a real-life fairytale moment, and the joy on their faces was the cherry on top! Everyone had a good laugh, and I think it made the moment that much more special."

She continues, "The reaction to the video on TikTok has been amazing. People were first reacting to how 'real' the moment was, and a lot of people reacted to the way he grabbed her and didn't let her go, many saying that's what they hope for someday. Many commented on how gorgeous Bella looked, and others have shared stories of how they also forgot to kiss, or how they forgot to exchange rings!"

Looking back, Bella shares how everything happened the way it was supposed to. She explains how she's a clumsy person, so it was only fitting that they started the marriage off with "a tiny hiccup and lots of laughter."

"Clayton and I have been together for eight years, and in that time, I have done a lot of thinking about what our wedding day would one day look like. After two years of planning, I completely understand what a lot of brides go through and the anxiety or stress that may be attached to it," she says.

"Now on the other side, I’d like to give those brides some advice. It’s all going to work out and not in the way that you thought. Things are going to go wrong, and often that is when the best memories will be made!" Bella says, adding, "Remember that it is another normal day, and yet the most spectacular day of your life. Breathe through it and remember that you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend, and there is nothing better than that."

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Kardashian sisters banned from family speeches after drunken wedding toast debacle

wedding speech groom

Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian were banned from giving speeches at family events after their drunken toast at sister Kim's second wedding.

Photo: instagram/kourtney kardashian.

Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian were banned from giving speeches at family events after their drunken toast at sister Kim's second wedding.

Eldest sister Kourtney, 44, made the revelation in a post on Instagram revealing the pair are no longer allowed to get up and speak during their gatherings after they gave a "drunken speech" when Kim tied the knot with Kris Humphries back in 2011.

Kourtney wrote: "I gave up giving speeches after [Khloe] and I gave a drunken speech together at [Kim's] second wedding and somehow I am here [giving a speech at a work event]."

However, Khloe then weighed in and revealed they didn't "give up" speeches — they were actually "banned".

She wrote: "This is a true story although she used the word 'gave up' we were banned from speeches ever since that wedding. It was not pretty for either one of us."

Khloe then added: "But I'm pretty sure mostly every person in attendance enjoyed our speech that evening. I vote to bring back Kourt and Koke's speeches back! Who's with me?"

Khloe previously opened up about being banned from giving a speech at Kim's third wedding when she married Kanye West in Italy in 2014.

During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Khloe explained: "I wasn't allowed to give a speech because I just ramble, and I think I'm maybe giving a compliment and I'm not saying the right thing."

wedding speech groom

She revealed the groom even joked about the ban when giving his own toast. Khloe explained: "Kanye was giving his speech and was like, 'Khloe, I know you want the mic'. He was taunting me. It was, like, one ranter to another ranter: 'I want that mic'."

Kim previously revealed that Khloe had a great time during the wedding rehearsal dinner in France before her big day, but claims she drank a bit too much.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kim said: "I think everyone just had such a good time at Versailles that they drank too much. Khloe drank a little too much the night before and I had to wake her up.

"She was laying down and getting her make-up done while she was sleeping, she was so hungover!"

ALSO READ:  Kim Kardashian says her family 'scammed the system' to get famous

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You probably missed one of the biggest shows of wealth at the Ambanis' pre-wedding celebration, and it had nothing to do with the bride and groom

  • The Ambani family hosted a lavish pre-wedding celebration for their son Anant. 
  • The groom-to-be's mother, Nita Ambani, subtly stole the show with her high-end jewelry. 
  • She also wore a ring dubbed the Mirror of Paradise, which sold at auction in 2019 for $6.5 million. 

Insider Today

There were grandiose displays of wealth at Anant Ambani's pre-wedding celebrations in India, but the mother of the groom-to-be may have stolen the show.

A-list celebrities mingled with billionaires and the ultra-elite last weekend at a weekend full of festivities for Anant and fiancée Radhika Merchant . Anant is the youngest son of Nita and Mukesh Ambani. Mukesh is the richest person in Asia, with an estimated net worth of $114 billion, according to Bloomberg's Billionaire Index .

The three-day affair made headlines worldwide for its opulent events, including a private performance by Rihanna and a communal dinner that fed 51,000 people. The guest list included Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg .

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Less talked about, though, was the extravagant jewelry Nita wore.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Manish Malhotra (@manishmalhotra05)

The celebration's creative director, Manish Malhotra, is a famed fashion designer who shared Instagram photos of Nita taken on the third night of parties. While the post focused on Nita's outfit — a shimmering gold sari — it's impossible not to spot the massive necklace dangling on her neck. He later shared a second post that gave a closer look at the piece.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by MANISH MALHOTRA (@manishmalhotraworld)

The necklace is adorned with diamonds and emeralds, with two large stones as the centerpiece. It's unclear how much the stunning necklace initially cost, but outlets like GQ India and Harper's Bazaar India estimated it to be worth around 500 crores, or roughly $60 million.

In the same Instagram photos, Nita is wearing a sizable ring on her left hand that's also worth a pretty penny. GQ India reported that the diamond ring is dubbed the Mirror of Paradise.

The 52.58-carat Mirror of Paradise was sold by auction house Christie's in June 2019 for $6.5 million, according to its website. It was part of a collection called Maharajas & Mughal Magnificence .

The outlandish price tag isn't unusual for Nita. She wore the same Mirror of Paradise ring to the opening of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre in Mumbai in April 2023, according to GQ India.

Last weekend, Anant personally thanked and praised Nita during a speech for pulling the pre-wedding celebration together.

"All this is created by my mother and no one else, and my mother has gone all out for the last four months," Anant said . "She's worked for, I think, 18, 19 hours a day, and I'm extremely grateful to Mama. Thank you so much."

Watch: Meet one of the only families keeping the ancient secret to making this perfect mirror alive

wedding speech groom

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    Day 1 was a bit rough, but hey, they're over it now. I would also like to thank them for having such a beautiful, intelligent, kind, and caring daughter. I hope to do you both proud and thank you both for everything you have done today and to make today happen.". The groom's wedding speech starts at the reception.

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    End with a toast. Cap off your speech on a fun and sentimental note by ending with an actual toast. Dalo recommends this foolproof example: "Please join me in raising a glass to the happy couple. Cheers to X and Y, and best wishes for a lifetime of laughter!" Afterward, go in for a hug with the couple, making for the perfect photo op!

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    Three examples of groom speeches written by the Speechy team for 'The Modern Couple's Guide to Wedding Speeches'. Now, every groom speech needs to be unique, but hopefully these can give you a sense of a good structure, modern etiquette and how you can add humour to your speech. Get inspired...

  14. Groom Speech Examples

    Groom Speech Examples. The groom often gets a good roasting from the best man, so the groom's speech is a chance to get in a few jokes of his own! As well as thanking the wedding party and both sets of parents, what all the guests are waiting for are some romantic and heartfelt words about his new spouse. You'll find plenty of example groom ...

  15. How To Write A Wedding Speech: The Ultimate Guide For Do's, Don'ts, and

    If you're finding it difficult to come up with anything, a useful approach for how to write a wedding speech is to think of 3 positive defining traits or qualities of the bride or groom and recount three stories or examples that illuminate a time they exhibited these traits. These stories could be comedic, heartwarming, or both.

  16. Top Grooms Wedding Speech Checklist (With Useful Examples)

    A groom's wedding speech checklist can help you cover all the important points and deliver a memorable speech. Understanding Your Role. As the groom, you have a very important role to play on your wedding day. One of the most significant duties is giving the groom's speech. This is your chance to thank everyone who has helped make your ...


    RAISE A TOAST TO THE BRIDE. End the speech with a return to the formalities. After a special message to your new wife make a brief comment to the guests - "Finally, I would like to say thank you again to all of you for celebrating with us today" or something similar - and get the wedding breakfast to raise a toast to your new wife ...

  18. Groom Speech Examples

    Traditional groom speech example. This groom speech example is more traditional in nature. It hits all the right points and is a safe play for a groom. ... The Wedding Toaster is Australia's leading wedding speech service. Whether you need help writing your speech, working on your public speaking or managing your nerves we can help you. ...

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    Here's a simple outline that will work for most groom speeches: · Introduce yourself, and say a few words about the day so far. · Welcome everyone, and thank them for coming. · Thank specific people involved in the wedding. · Share a personal anecdote or story about your wedding planning journey, or relationship.

  21. Wedding Speeches Groom: Tips and Examples to Wow the Guests

    The groom's speech is a significant part of any wedding reception, marking an opportunity for him to express gratitude, love, and appreciation. This heartfelt speech provides the groom with a chance to convey his emotions, reflect on the journey leading to this special moment, and thank those who have made it possible.

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    Wedding Speech Opening Lines: Simple and Sincere Opening Lines. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you (name) for the kind introduction." "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. As (name's friend/relative), I'm delighted to welcome you all here tonight." "Thank you so much, (name), for such a wonderful introduction.

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    This one is easy! You start your speech by giving a round of thank yous. Thank all of your guests for coming, thank your wedding party for supporting you, thank out-of-towners for making the trek, thank your parents for all their love, thank your new spouse's parents for welcoming you into the family, thank special people who made the day ...

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    A bride has taken to the internet for advice after revealing she spotted a 'red flag' on her wedding day. It's probably not the best time to notice something concerning about your brand new spouse ...

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    Groom's Brother Confesses Hilarious Secret During Wedding Speech: 'I Bring This Up 20 Years Later as a Gift' Boy Named Banjo's Ford Garrard Is Married! Inside the Elegant Wedding and Jazzy ...

  26. Kardashian sisters banned from family speeches after drunken wedding

    Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian were banned from giving speeches at family events after their drunken toast at sister Kim's second wedding. Eldest sister Kourtney, 44, made the revelation in a post ...

  27. #wedding #groom #bride #love #toast #couple #speech

    106 Likes, TikTok video from Wedding Performance (@weddingperformance): "#wedding #groom #bride #love #toast #couple #speech". Wedding Videos. nhạc nền - Wedding Performance.

  28. Nita Ambani's Jewelry Stole the Show at Her Son's Pre-Wedding Parties

    The groom-to-be's mother, Nita Ambani, subtly stole the show with her high-end jewelry. ... Last weekend, Anant personally thanked and praised Nita during a speech for pulling the pre-wedding ...