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Aposiopesis, write a story in which a character is stuck reliving their worst christmas ever, over and over again., write a story in which a cynical character gets amnesia on christmas eve., write a story about a family (biological or found) coming together for christmas., write a story about two people stringing up christmas lights together for the first time., write a story about a character obsessed with nutmeg..

christmas creative writing prompt

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  • In the form of Christmas wishlists over the years, write a story about a character growing up.

You are Santa Claus, and you're running late for work because you're stuck in the middle of a traffic jam caused by a Justice for Reindeer protest.

"excuse me," someone says to you, tapping you on the shoulder. "are these your antlers you dropped them.", write a story set in a department store during the christmas sales., you volunteer at a homeless shelter. write a story about spending christmas day there., subscribe to our prompts newsletter.

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Your neighbor has blasted Christmas music every day of December for eight years… until one day the music stops.

Write a story about a white elephant party that goes terribly go wrong., start your story with the sentence: "this is the story of how i became worse than the grinch.", write a story about a christmas dinner from the perspective of the family of mice that lives in the fireplace., you accidentally left cookies out on the table on christmas eve. the next morning, they're gone — and you're the only person in the house., write about a character who is returning home for christmas for the first time in a long time., write about light returning to a place that has been deprived of it for a long time, literally or figuratively., write a story about someone seeking a fresh start after a difficult year., write about a character reflecting on the previous year., begin or end your story with “well, that was dramatic.”, win $250 in our short story competition 🏆.

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The best writing prompts for Christmas

"All I Want For Christmas Is You"? Trite. "Jingle Bells"? Boring. Miracle on 34th Street? Overplayed. "Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town"? Pass!

Instead of turning to the same old holiday traditions, why not embrace the Christmas spirit by writing about it this year? From reindeer soaring in the sky to sleighs gliding on the snow, writing prompts are a fun way to celebrate the holiday season that can help invigorate the memories of students and get kids to come up with all sorts of creative ideas about everything holiday-flavored. And sharing the stories around a Christmas tree is one of those family activities that you just can’t beat.

If you’re looking to cut to the festive chase, here are ten top Christmas writing prompts:

  • Every year around Christmas, Satan accidentally gets thousands of letters from children writing to Santa. This year, however, he gets a letter that makes him sit up and take notice.
  • Start your story with one character making a vow they would never have made the year before.
  • The turkey is on the floor. Stuffing is stuck to the ceiling. The tree has been toppled over. The presents have been singed. What happened to cause this chaotic Christmas scene?
  • Write about a character who won’t (or can’t) shop for the holidays.
  • Write about a character who’s stuck in a shopping mall.
  • Write about Christmas Day from Rudolph's perspective.
  • Write about light returning to a place deprived of it for a long time, literally or figuratively.
  • "Excuse me," someone says to you, tapping you on the shoulder. "Are these your antlers? You dropped them."
  • You are Santa Claus, and you're running late for work because you're stuck in the middle of a traffic jam caused by a Justice for Reindeer protest.

If you have a student who’s interested in learning how to write stories beyond the holiday season, check out our free resources on the topic:

How to Write a Short Story (free course) — Short stories are one of the greatest writing forms, and it’s never too early to learn how to write them. In this free ten-day course, Laura Mae Isaacman, a full-time editor who’s worked with authors like Joyce Carol Oates, takes students through the whole process. From coming up with story ideas to writing the story itself, Larau will cover it all for writers of every age.

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Christmas Writing Prompts: 95 Fun Ideas to Get You Started

By: Author Valerie Forgeard

Posted on Published: August 31, 2022  - Last updated: December 7, 2023

Categories Creativity , Inspiration , Writing

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and fun. It’s also a great time to get creative and write new stories! If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve got you covered. This blog post will provide 95 Christmas writing prompts to help get you started. Whether a beginner or an experienced writer, these prompts will help you create some amazing nonfiction and fiction writing!

95 Christmas Writing Prompts

Below you’ll find various types of Christmas writing prompts to inspire various kinds of writing.

Christmas Writing Prompts for Your Journal to Spark Your Creativity!

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your activities this year or just want to reminisce, writing your December writing prompt (or several) in a journal is a great way to capture your memories.

Writing a Christmas journal can also help you feel connected to the vacation season, even if you’re not religious.

It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and it’s hard to remember all the little things that make Christmas so special. But writing them down will help you remember them better and reflect on how much the vacation season means to you.

Here are 33 Christmas journal prompts to help you get started:

  • What do you think of when you hear the word “Christmas”?
  • What’s the most important thing about Christmas?
  • What’s your favorite part of Christmas?
  • What do you like about Christmas Eve?
  • Do you prefer giving or receiving gifts? And why?
  • What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever received?
  • What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?
  • What bugs you every year when the Christmas season comes around again (a song that gets played too often on the radio, a movie that gets shown too often on TV, etc.)? Does that feeling change depending on whether you have a gift or not?
  • What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever given someone for Christmas?
  • Write about an experience where you realized Santa wasn’t real or where someone else knew he wasn’t real while you didn’t yet know.
  • How do you like to decorate for Christmas?
  • What do you like best about Christmas dinner?
  • Who’s your favorite person to go shopping with during the holidays?
  • What’s your favorite Christmas song? And why? What’re the lyrics about?
  • What do you feel when you hear “Jingle Bells”?
  • What’s your favorite memory of the holidays?
  • Do you remember a funny or embarrassing gift given to someone in your family sometime during the holidays? What was it, and how did they react when they unwrapped it on Christmas Day (or the vacation they celebrated)?
  • Have you ever had a white Christmas? If so, what was it like?
  • How many Christmases can you remember from your childhood? What’s your favorite memory of Christmas in your childhood home?
  • Do you’ve any traditions that are typical of your family or culture?
  • Do you think you should spend Christmas with your family or friends?
  • If you could only celebrate Christmas with 5 people, who’d they be and why?
  • What would be different if there was no Christmas or Halloween (or any other vacation)?
  • If everything were possible, what would be your ideal Christmas day?
  • How will you celebrate this year?
  • Who’s your favorite person to spend time with during the holidays? And why?
  • What’s your favorite thing to cook/bake on the holidays?
  • If you could spend Christmas with anyone in history, who’d it be and why?
  • What’s your favorite winter activity (other than skiing or skating)?
  • Do you’ve any traditions or superstitions related to Christmas?
  • If you could give your best friend anything for Christmas, what would you give them?
  • If you could give one gift to everyone in the world, what would it be?
  • If you were Santa Claus, how would you make Christmas morning special for children worldwide?

Creative Writing Prompt Suggestions for a Christmas Story

If you don’t know what story to write, start with a simple idea and then develop it as you go.

Here are 22 Christmas creative writing prompt suggestions that can help you improve your creative writing skills and develop new ideas:

  • Describe your first Christmas memory
  • Write a story about trying to find the perfect gift for someone you love.
  • Write about a Christmas family tradition you’d like to keep but can’t.
  • Write about the funniest thing that happened to you this year.
  • Write about someone who’s always late, but for some reason, you don’t mind at all if they’re late for Christmas dinner with your family this year.
  • Write about how long it’s been since you’ve seen some of your closest friends or family members at Christmas (for example, if they live abroad or have moved away).
  • Write about what it would be like if Father Christmas existed and came to visit you on Christmas Eve this year!
  • Write a short poem describing how you feel about the holidays.
  • Write about your favorite Christmas movie or book and what it means to you personally as an adult, as opposed to when you were younger.
  • Describe your favorite Christmas character. And why.
  • Write about a Christmas miracle (real or imagined) that happened to you or someone you know.
  • Write about what happened when Santa Claus tried to deliver the presents on Christmas Eve last year… But somehow failed? Or was he successful? You decide!
  • Write a list of things you’re thankful for this year, including people and important things (like your family, pets, friends, and school).
  • Describe the best Christmas tree and Christmas lights you’ve ever seen
  • Write about something that could replace a Christmas tree. Why would it be a good substitute? Would you decorate it? And how?
  • Invent a Christmas tradition you’d like to start this year with your family or friends! What’ll it be? Who’ll do it? Why? How often will it take place? What’s planned for next year?
  • Describe your favorite Christmas smell (candles, cinnamon buns).
  • Write about the magic of Christmas.
  • Describe a Christmas in winter
  • Describe a Christmas in summer
  • Write a story about a family trying to save money at Christmas
  • Write about how Santa Claus (Father Christmas) gets stuck in your chimney, and you must help him.

25 Christmas Writing Prompts About History and Culture

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, filled with delicious food, family and friends, and presents. But there are also many interesting facts about Christmas, such as how it spread to different parts of the world and how it’s celebrated today.

Here are 25 Christmas writing prompts to help you learn more about the history and culture of Christmas.

  • In what year was Christmas recognized as a national vacation in the United States?
  • What’s the history of St. Nicholas Day, and what does it have to do with Christmas?
  • Write a Christmas story about the first Christmas tree, inspired by the story of Christ’s birth in the Bible.
  • Write a short story about what happened on the night of Jesus’s birth.
  • What do other religions have in common with Christmas?
  • Write about what it was like to celebrate Christmas in the 17th century.
  • How did art reflect what was happening in the world at that time?
  • What do you think Santa Claus would have looked like in ancient times?
  • How has Christmas decoration and Christmas spirit changed over time?
  • Compare and contrast how people celebrated Christmas in different countries and at different times.
  • What do you think people will be doing at Christmas 20 years from now? In 50 years? In 100 years?
  • What do you like best about caroling? And why?
  • Is there anything else in the world that makes people believe in magic, like Santa Claus?
  • Describe what it was like to grow up in another country or culture where Christmas isn’t celebrated today – what’s celebrated there instead and why?
  • When did Santa Claus become popular in Western culture?
  • What’s the story behind Santa’s red suit?
  • Who decided that children should get toys for Christmas and why?
  • Why isn’t Thanksgiving celebrated everywhere Christmas is celebrated?
  • What’re the 5 best Christmas books in the world?
  • What’re the 5 best Christmas movies in the world?
  • Which artists were born on Christmas Day?
  • Which politicians were born on Christmas Day?
  • What’s the most famous Christmas carol in the USA, and why?
  • What’s the story of the Nutcracker (Christmas time ballet)?
  • Where in the world is the longest Christmas holiday, and why?

Christmas Card Writing Ideas

Christmas cards are an important part of the vacation season. Whether you’re sending a card to a friend or family member, it’s a great way to stay in touch and ensure they know you’re thinking of them.

You can write whatever you want in your Christmas card, but there are a few things that people will always appreciate. Here are 15 examples of phrases for your Christmas wishes:

  • Merry Christmas! I hope you’re ready for a wonderful vacation season!
  • It’s hard to believe that Christmas is already upon us! We can’t wait to see our friends and family this year.
  • Happy holidays from our family to yours! We hope you have a wonderful time with your loved ones this year!
  • We wish you all the best this vacation season! May your heart always be filled with love and peace!
  • We wish you a wonderful vacation season! We look forward to seeing you again soon!
  • We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas full of love and happiness this year!
  • Merry Christmas to you and yours! We hope your holidays this year are full of love, laughter, and joy – just like whenever we’re together!
  • We wish you nothing but the best this vacation season! May your heart always be filled with love and peace!
  • We also wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season on behalf of our family!
  • I’m so thankful for our friendship, and I hope you know how much that means to me.
  • Merry Christmas to you and your family! We hope your holidays this year are full of love, laughter, and joy – as always when we’re together!
  • I hope your holiday season is full of joy, love, and happiness!
  • This year has been amazing. Thank you so much for being in my life!
  • Thanks again for everything this year. Have a great vacation season!
  • May you get everything on your list this year!

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57 Christmas Writing Prompts

Another Christmas has come! This year we are using Christmas writing prompts to countdown the days until Christmas. Not only are our Christmas writing prompts fun, but they will also encourage your child to do a bit of writing each day. I know writing is not the same as getting chocolates each day, but it is more special, especially If your child loves writing. If your child dislikes writing, don’t worry! They will still find each writing prompt fun to read and who knows with a little encouragement they might even write a few words! You could even use these wonderful Christmas pictures for kids to inspire your child to write!

Christmas Writing Prompts Advent Calendar

If you enjoyed this advent calendar, check out our other advent calendars, such as 24 days of Christmas poems and 24 days of Christmas quotes from storybooks ! And our newest 2020 advent calendar for daily December journal prompt ideas .

List Of Christmas Writing Prompts

If you’re having technical issues with our advent calendar above, then here is a list of all the Christmas writing prompts included. We also added a couple of bonus prompts to give you more inspiration this holiday season.

  • You wake up to the sweet sound of a Christmas elf singing. (You might find this cute Christmas elf name generator useful for naming your elves)
  • In a rush, Santa forgot about one special present.
  • Knock knock, open up! There’s a Grinch at your door.
  • Santa’s given up and given his job to you for a whole year.
  • Instead of coal, Santa turns you into a reindeer for being naughty.
  • Oh No! My hand is melting. I’m a snowman!
  • A weird and strange-shaped present was hidden in your garage.
  • Hear the jingle, hear the jangle, Christmas trees dance tonight.
  • A kid with a white beard, what’s happening to me?
  • Anger and frustration at Santa’s workshop, as Christmas elves start quitting their jobs.
  • You receive a knitted jumper for Christmas, but this is no ordinary jumper.
  • Christmas lights show Santa the way, and keep the Grinch away!
  • The secret ingredient to Santa cookies is shaping them like Santa or else…
  • I wake up and instead of snow, I see candy canes everywhere.
  • You bake a gingerbread man and it comes to life!
  • The Grinch steals Santa’s sleigh. How will Santa deliver presents?
  • The Christmas tree thought to itself, “I sure look pretty tonight! But what will happen to me when Christmas is over?”
  • It is the year 2020, and Christmas has been banned all over the world!
  • Santa’s such a cool guy! I wonder what he wants for Christmas? (See this post on how to write a letter to Santa for more inspiration,)
  • The funniest thing happened last night – Santa got stuck in the chimney!
  • All the Christmas elves cheered for Santa as he left, apart from one jealous little elf.
  • Grandma always said this snow globe was magic, so I shook it to see…
  • There once was a cow who wanted to be one of Santa’s reindeer.
  • The star at the top of the tree started glowing and shaking. A big flash and we were gone…
  • Plan the best Christmas dinner party ever. What food will you serve? Think about the decorations and the entertainment.
  • Write a day in the life story of a Christmas elf working in Santa’s workshop, the day before Christmas.
  • What was the best present you ever got for Christmas, and why?
  • What is the true meaning of Christmas? Think about why people celebrate Christmas every year.
  • Write your own Christmas carol (or song) about families coming together at Christmas time.
  • Create your own Christmas cards for each of your friends. Remember to include a lovely message inside!
  • What is the most important thing you do on Christmas day?
  • What would the perfect Christmas day look like to you? Explain this day in great detail.
  • Write down at least three things you love about Christmas. Now write down a list of three things you hate about Christmas.
  • What is your favourite movie to watch during the Christmas holidays, and why?
  • If you could buy Santa Claus one gift, what would it be and why?
  • Make a list of at least ten ways that you can help someone else this Christmas holiday.
  • How did your parents or grandparents celebrate Christmas when they were younger? How is it different from how you celebrate Christmas now?
  • You find a magical snow globe. The first time you shake this snow globe, a Christmas elf appears. The elf grants you one wish. What would you wish for and why?
  • Imagine you are an elf at Santa’s workshop. Santa has given you the special task of designing your own Christmas toy. Draw a picture of this new toy, and provide a description of it.
  • Make a list of your top five favourite Christmas songs.
  • One of your close friends is really sick, and they have to spend Christmas in a hospital. How can you make sure they have the best Christmas ever?
  • Write a Christmas story about an ornament passed down through your family for generations.
  • Write about the worst Christmas ever. This can be a fictional story or based on true events.
  • Make a list of at least five DIY Christmas gifts you can make at home.
  • Write a story about a robin who needs to find the perfect Christmas present for their best friend, the crow.
  • You receive a Christmas present from a secret Santa. You make it your quest to find out who this person is.
  • A horrible villainous character wants to make amends this Christmas. Write about their journey, and if they are successful at making amends.
  • Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer gets stuck in your chimney, and Santa is nowhere to be seen. Continue this story.
  • A Christmas card arrives from the future in your mailbox. It tells you to go to the mall fountain at midnight. Continue this story.
  • Your next-door neighbour is alone on Christmas day. What can you do to help them?
  • Make a list of at least five fun activities you can do on Christmas day.
  • Make a list of your top five Christmas foods.
  • Write a story about a character who is trying to plan the perfect Christmas dinner for their family, but things keep going wrong.
  • Think about how Christmas is celebrated in other cultures and countries. Pick at least three different cultures, and write about Christmas day for each.
  • Design your own gingerbread house. What kind of house would it be? What kind of decorations would you add?
  • How can you help the less fortunate this Christmas? Make a list of at least 10 ways you can help them.
  • Complete this sentence in three different ways: Christmas is all about…

For more ideas take a look at this list of Christmas story ideas . You might also want to view this Christmas book title generator for further inspiration for your festive tales.

What do you think of our Christmas writing prompts and advent calendar? Let us know in the comments below.

christmas writing prompts

Marty the wizard is the master of Imagine Forest. When he's not reading a ton of books or writing some of his own tales, he loves to be surrounded by the magical creatures that live in Imagine Forest. While living in his tree house he has devoted his time to helping children around the world with their writing skills and creativity.

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Writing Beginner

150+ Christmas Story Ideas, Tips & Prompts (Fun & Festive)

Welcome to my festive guide of Christmas story ideas, tips, and prompts!

Get ready to ignite your imagination and dive into the magical realm of holiday storytelling. Whether you’re a budding writer or simply seeking inspiration, we’ve got you covered with a treasure trove of dazzling ideas.

So, grab a cup of hot cocoa, snuggle up by the fire, and let the spirit of Christmas guide your creative journey.

Christmas Story Ideas

Santa Claus typing on an old-fashioned typewriter in his North Pole workshop - Christmas Story Ideas

When it comes to Christmas stories, the possibilities are endless.

From heartwarming tales of love and generosity to mysterious adventures and whimsical fantasies, the holiday season provides a rich backdrop for storytelling.

Here is a Santa’s bag full of Christmas story ideas to spark your creativity:

  • A young girl discovers a magical snow globe that grants wishes.
  • An old man befriends a lonely reindeer and helps save Christmas.
  • A mischievous elf causes chaos in Santa’s workshop.
  • A family travels back in time and experiences Christmas in different eras.
  • A group of friends embarks on a quest to find the perfect Christmas tree.
  • A lonely snowman comes to life and goes on an adventure to find his place in the world.
  • A secret Santa leaves anonymous gifts for people in need.
  • A young boy discovers that his grandfather is secretly Santa Claus.
  • A magical ornament brings love and joy to whoever possesses it.
  • A young girl writes a letter to Santa asking for her parents to be reunited.
  • A child discovers a magical Christmas ornament that grants wishes.
  • Two rival families learn the true meaning of Christmas.
  • A time traveler experiences Christmas in different eras.
  • An unexpected guest changes a family’s Christmas traditions.
  • A lost pet finds its way home on Christmas Eve.
  • A mysterious figure helps people in need during the holidays.
  • A group of kids plan a secret Santa for their neighborhood.
  • A Christmas tree farm hides a magical secret.
  • An elf accidentally gets left behind in the human world.
  • A Christmas market brings together two long-lost friends.
  • A snowstorm leads to unexpected friendships and adventures.
  • A family heirloom brings about a Christmas miracle.
  • A couple rekindles their romance during a snowy Christmas.
  • A town without Christmas spirit discovers joy through a child.
  • A Christmas play reveals hidden talents and dreams.
  • A holiday baking competition sparks rivalry and romance.
  • A lonely person finds companionship with a stray animal on Christmas.
  • A workaholic rediscovers the joy of Christmas through charity work.
  • A Christmas ghost story with a heartwarming twist.
  • A family’s first Christmas after a significant loss.
  • A Christmas cruise leads to adventure and self-discovery.
  • An antique shop’s Christmas items hold magical stories.
  • A holiday mix-up leads to unexpected connections.
  • A magical Christmas Eve changes a skeptic’s beliefs.
  • A Christmas party brings together unlikely individuals.
  • A holiday light display competition in a small town.
  • A Christmas choir unites a divided community.
  • A festive scavenger hunt with a surprising reward.
  • A holiday-themed road trip with unexpected stops.
  • A family learns the importance of giving rather than receiving.
  • A soldier’s Christmas letter home sparks a community movement.
  • A Christmas market stall holds the key to solving a mystery.
  • A struggling musician finds inspiration during the holidays.
  • A holiday romance blossoms in a cozy winter lodge.
  • A secret Santa tradition uncovers hidden feelings.
  • A Christmas Eve blizzard brings strangers together.
  • A holiday decorating contest reveals more than just creativity.
  • A magical reindeer helps a child believe in Christmas again.
  • A writer finds her muse in a festive small town.
  • A Christmas tree whisperer helps trees find their perfect homes.
  • A magical Christmas hat that grants the wearer one Christmas wish.
  • A family celebrating their first Christmas in space.
  • A ghost of Christmas past, present, and future visiting a modern-day Scrooge.
  • A Christmas-themed amusement park with a secret.
  • A baker who creates cookies that predict the future.
  • An orphan’s first Christmas with a new family.
  • A journalist uncovering the truth about a Christmas legend.
  • A town where it’s Christmas every day.
  • A Christmas tree that teleports people to different times.
  • A Christmas Eve where all the animals can talk.
  • A scientist accidentally creating snow that never melts.
  • A famous actor disguised as Santa in a small town.
  • A Christmas cruise ship caught in a magical storm.
  • A holiday romance between rival Christmas light decorators.
  • A family’s quest to deliver a forgotten gift to the North Pole.
  • A child’s drawing of Santa coming to life.
  • A cursed Christmas ornament causing chaos.
  • A mysterious guest at a Christmas charity gala.
  • A couple stranded in a remote cabin during Christmas.
  • A Christmas market where each stall offers a magical experience.
  • A group of strangers snowed in at a train station on Christmas Eve.
  • A magical advent calendar with real-life daily surprises.
  • A Christmas Eve heist to save a historic landmark.
  • A mischievous elf causing mayhem in a toy store.
  • A snowman who grants wishes on Christmas night.

Tips for Writing Christmas Stories

Now that you have a list of Christmas story ideas to choose from, here are some tips to help you bring your story to life:

  • Start with a strong hook to grab the reader’s attention. This could be a mysterious letter found under a Christmas tree, or a sudden, unexplained power outage on Christmas Eve. Your opening should immediately immerse the reader in the story’s world and set the tone for what’s to come.
  • Create memorable characters that readers can relate to. These could be characters facing relatable challenges, like a single parent struggling to create the perfect Christmas, or a child experiencing their first holiday after a significant loss. Give each character distinct traits and motivations to make them feel real.
  • Set the scene by describing the sights, sounds, and smells of Christmas. This involves painting a vivid picture of twinkling lights, the aroma of cinnamon and pine, and the soft sound of carols in the distance. Use sensory details to transport your readers directly into the world of your story.
  • Use dialogue to bring your characters to life and convey emotions. Dialogue can reveal a lot about your characters, like their personality, background, and current mood. An excited child’s chatter about Santa, or a couple’s tender conversation about past Christmases, can add depth to your story.
  • Build tension and suspense to keep readers engaged . This might involve a series of mysterious events leading up to Christmas or a family secret that’s revealed during the holiday dinner. Keep your readers guessing what will happen next.
  • Weave in themes of love, hope, and generosity. Christmas stories often revolve around these themes. Show characters performing acts of kindness, like a businessperson helping a homeless person, or a child learning the importance of giving.
  • Show the transformation and growth of your main character. This is key in Christmas stories. Maybe a cynical character learns the joy of giving, or a lonely individual finds a sense of belonging. Show how the magic of Christmas brings about change in your characters.
  • Add unexpected twists and turns to keep readers guessing. Perhaps a character who hates Christmas ends up saving the day, or a planned holiday goes completely awry, leading to unexpected joy.
  • End on a satisfying note that leaves readers feeling warm and joyful. This doesn’t always mean a happy ending in the traditional sense, but your story should resolve in a way that aligns with the spirit of Christmas, leaving your readers with a sense of closure and contentment.

Prompts to Inspire Your Christmas Story

If you’re looking for more specific ideas to get started, here are some writing prompts to inspire your Christmas story:

  • Write a story about a Christmas miracle that changes someone’s life.
  • Imagine a world where Christmas is celebrated in a completely different way.
  • Create a story based on a memorable Christmas tradition from your own life.
  • Write a story about a character who is on Santa’s naughty list and must find a way to redeem themselves.
  • Imagine what would happen if Santa’s sleigh broke down on Christmas Eve.
  • Write a story about a magical Christmas ornament that grants wishes.
  • Create a story where Christmas is in danger and only a group of unlikely heroes can save the day.
  • Write a story about the true meaning of Christmas and how it can change someone’s perspective.
  • Imagine a world where it’s Christmas every day and the challenges that would come with it.
  • Create a story about a character who receives the gift they’ve always wanted but realizes it’s not what they expected.
  • Write about a Christmas Eve where every wish written to Santa comes true.
  • A story of two strangers stuck in an airport during Christmas.
  • Imagine a world where Christmas is banned and how characters react.
  • A family’s last Christmas before their children leave for college.
  • A magical snow globe that shows potential future Christmases.
  • A retired Santa Claus adjusting to life outside the North Pole.
  • A character experiencing their first Christmas in a foreign country.
  • A detective solving a mystery during a Christmas party.
  • A Christmas angel mistakenly visits the wrong family.
  • A couple experiencing their first Christmas after adopting a child.
  • A story centered around a unique Christmas tradition in a small town.
  • A Christmas market that appears only once every hundred years.
  • A character who can hear what Christmas decorations are thinking.
  • A family’s quest to find the perfect Christmas tree.
  • A character revisiting their hometown for Christmas after many years.
  • An office Christmas party that leads to unexpected revelations.
  • A lonely widower’s Christmas turns magical with a stranger’s arrival.
  • Children planning a secret Christmas gift for their parents.
  • A magical Christmas pastry that makes people tell the truth.
  • A Christmas Eve blizzard that changes everything for a small community.
  • A group of friends exchanging handmade gifts for Christmas.
  • A character learning about different Christmas traditions worldwide.
  • A toy store’s struggle to survive its last Christmas season.
  • A character volunteering at a shelter during the holidays.
  • A mysterious Christmas card that arrives every year from an unknown sender.
  • A character trying to create the perfect Christmas for a loved one.
  • A tale of two cities celebrating Christmas in vastly different ways.
  • A character who discovers they’re related to Santa Claus.
  • An unexpected romance at a Christmas-themed resort.
  • A family’s first Christmas after adopting a pet.
  • A group of kids trying to prove Santa Claus is real.
  • A holiday baking disaster that leads to a sweet romance.
  • A Christmas tree that grants the wish of whoever decorates it.
  • A character who hates Christmas until they experience a true Christmas spirit.
  • A story about finding lost love during the holiday season.
  • A mysterious advent calendar with daily magical surprises.
  • A holiday-themed treasure hunt in a snowy mountain village.
  • A character facing their first Christmas after a major life change.
  • A Christmas parade that brings a divided town together.
  • A story about the friendship between a child and a snowman.
  • Write about a Christmas where the northern lights bring magic to a small village.
  • Imagine a Christmas without snow that leads to unexpected adventures.
  • A secret Santa who really is Santa Claus in disguise.
  • A family inherits an old mansion with a Christmas mystery.
  • A Christmas pageant that goes hilariously wrong.
  • A character who finds a portal to the North Pole in their basement.
  • A snowy Christmas in a tropical country, and its magical cause.
  • A character attending a Christmas costume party where something magical happens.
  • A Christmas where every gift is a clue to a family treasure.
  • A holiday-themed reality show with a twist.
  • A child’s belief in Santa bringing about a miracle.
  • A character learning about Christmas traditions from around the world.
  • A mysterious figure saving Christmas in a city.
  • A group of friends finding a magical Christmas village in the woods.
  • A Christmas wish that leads to an epic adventure.
  • A grumpy old man’s transformation during the holiday season.
  • A Christmas carol that comes to life.
  • A magical wreath that transports people to different Christmas settings.
  • A toy maker who discovers his creations are alive.
  • A family’s first Christmas on a deserted island.
  • A pet’s perspective on Christmas.
  • A character waking up in a Christmas-themed world.
  • A historical Christmas story with a touch of magic.
  • A Christmas tree decorating contest with a mystical prize.
  • A Christmas Eve where wishes made at midnight come true.

Here is a fun video with more Christmas story writing prompts:

How Can I Come Up with New and Exciting Christmas Story Ideas?

Coming up with fresh and engaging Christmas story ideas can sometimes be a challenge.

To get your creative juices flowing, try the following tips:

First, think about traditional Christmas themes and brainstorm ways to put a unique spin on them. Consider incorporating unexpected settings, characters, or plot twists to make your story stand out.

Next, gather inspiration from your own experiences or those of others.

Draw from personal memories, traditions, or even historical events to add depth and authenticity to your stories.

What Are Some Tips for Writing Compelling Christmas Stories?

Writing a compelling Christmas story involves capturing the essence of the holiday spirit while keeping readers engaged.

Here are a few tips to make your Christmas stories more captivating.

Focus on creating relatable and well-developed characters who encounter meaningful conflicts, which can be resolved by the end of the story.

This helps readers connect emotionally with the narrative.

Incorporate vivid descriptions of Christmas settings, decorations, and traditions to evoke a strong sense of atmosphere and immerse readers in the festive spirit.

How Can I Make My Christmas Stories Appeal to a Wide Audience?

To make your Christmas stories appeal to a broad audience, consider the following strategies.

First, focus on universal themes and emotions that resonate with people from various backgrounds. Love, family, gratitude, and the spirit of giving are just a few examples of themes that can transcend cultural boundaries.

Additionally, strive for inclusivity and diversity in your character portrayals.

Represent different cultures, traditions, and beliefs in a respectful and authentic manner, fostering a sense of inclusiveness that can resonate with readers from diverse backgrounds.

Final Thoughts: Christmas Story Ideas

With these ideas and tips, you’re ready to embark on your own Christmas storytelling adventure.

Happy writing!

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  • 550+ Best ChatGPT Prompts for Writing a Novel (Master List)
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Christmas writing magic: 7 ready-made prompts to spark creativity

  • by: Anna from Pobble
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'Tis the season for more than just festive decorations and twinkling lights. The anticipation of the holiday season naturally brings a sense of excitement into the classroom. The festive spirit is contagious, making it an ideal time to channel that energy into creative writing. 🌟✏️

As teachers, we know that capturing students' imaginations is key, and Christmas provides the perfect backdrop for inspiring creativity. A golden opportunity to ignite creativity and inspire your young writers.

On Pobble, there's a wealth of festive inspiration. We've gathered seven of our favourite Christmas writing prompts to help you turn the joy of the season into a powerful motivator for learning. These carefully crafted, ready-made prompts are designed to transport your students into a wonderland of imagination. From unexpected arrivals on the doorstep to magical journeys, each prompt is a key to unlocking the full potential of your students' creativity. Each one comes with an incredible image, an inspiring story starter, plus sentence starters, a word bank, questions as well as sentence and punctuation challenges.

Here are seven Christmas writing prompts to spark student creativity:

1. A loud ticking signals the start of the most magical season of the year. Check out 'Countdown', a ready-made writing prompt to help your class kick off the festivities. 🕰✨ Preview this prompt

Countdown Pobble

Need even more writing inspiration in your classroom? Access a free writing prompt every day on Pobble.

Have you discovered Pobble yet?

Access a free inspiring image, story starter and short burst writing activities, every day! Engage and motivate even your most reluctant writers.

Think writing, think Pobble!

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25 Christmas Writing Prompts For Holiday Inspiration

25 Christmas Writing Prompts for holiday inspiration! #fiction #ideas #idea starters #stories #romance

One of my readers requested this post! I was happy to do it, because winter and the holidays bring great inspiration to me. These could be used for fiction, journaling, or just about any other creative writing. And I’m keeping them G-rated in case any teachers want to use them for their students! (And if you are a teacher, check out my 50 Story Ideas for Kids , too!)

But these prompts work just as well for adults. If you’ve had a busy autumn or a tumultuous year, but you have a Christmas break, that’s a great time to get back into a writing habit again. Although these are fiction prompts, some of them could be adapted to autobiographical prompts for essays, journaling, or memoir writing as well.

25 Christmas Writing Prompts for holiday inspiration! #fiction #ideas #idea starters #stories #romance

  • Two people who are secretly romantically interested in one another. They agree to share Christmas dinner together, just as friends, because a family holiday isn’t going to happen and all of their other friends are already busy.
  • Someone doesn’t have anyone to spend Christmas with.
  • A person is on a difficult quest to find or make a particular gift for someone else.
  • A Christmas card arrives in the mail fifty years after it was delivered.
  • The Christmas ornament is supposedly enchanted.
  • Someone has just became fabulously wealthy and is picking out gifts for their family.
  • Someone is transported to a Christmas in a past century.
  • To impress her, he learns all of the words to her favorite Christmas carol. And he doesn’t even like carols. Or Christmas. Or singing.
  • Someone embarrasses herself at a Christmas party.
  • Write a scene inspired by the image of a boat decked out in Christmas lights.
  • Notes and gifts from a “Secret Santa” take a strange turn.
  • After the blizzard hits, they’re stuck together for a while, and they have to stay warm.
  • A single person reacts to getting Christmas cards from married couples with pictures of them with their smiling children.
  • Two strangers wind up participating in a holiday activity together.
  • Someone has been cutting down and stealing trees from the Christmas tree farm.
  • Someone resorts to desperate measures to get home for Christmas.
  • Write about the worst present your character ever got.
  • They’re putting up a Christmas tree at the hospital.
  • Write about someone who’s determined to make amends at Christmas.
  • Write a scene that incorporates the smells of Christmas.
  • Someone receives a gift wrapped in newspaper and duct tape.
  • At the castle, Christmas is very different from what she’s used to.
  • He and his very pregnant wife can’t find a hotel room right before Christmas.
  • Okay, he’s not Santa, but he did have a very good reason for breaking into the house.
  • What’s a reindeer doing in this part of town?

I hope you enjoyed the list! If you want to get notifications of new writing posts (plus general positivity), be sure to subscribe below!

And if you want more writing prompts…like 450 pages’ worth…check out my book 5,000 Writing Prompts. It’s full of master plots in many genres, creative exercises, and more.

5,000 Writing Prompts Bryn Donovan #master plots #ideas for novels

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’re having a great week!

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22 thoughts on “ 25 christmas writing prompts for holiday inspiration ”.

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Thank you so much for this ! 😀

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You’re so welcome, Olivia! Thank you for the great suggestion!

' src=

I’m almost finished with my holiday writing project for this year but I’m going to take this list and use it for something for next year. I think it would be great fun to incorporate three…or six of these into a story, maybe more!

Hi, Anne! Congratulations on being almost done with your holiday project. And I hope there are useful for the next one!

' src=

#4 worked for me well. I took the about a Christmas card arriving 50 years after it was sent and made a 2500 word short story that was printed in TJ Hannon second short story collection Tales With a Twist 2. An emotional tale about an American soldier stationed in Viet Nam, who never made it home. Thanks for the prompt. These things usually don’t work for me, but this one did

Tom, that’s so cool…I’m so glad it worked out for you!

' src=

These Christmas prompts are great fun, Bryn. Thanks. I’m sharing some with my writing class tomorrow. 🙂

Aww, I am flattered! Thank you!

' src=

These Christmas prompts would make a great prompt advent-calendar for a writer friend – next year …

Hi, there! Oh my gosh, a writing prompt advent calendar…that’s an amazing idea. 🙂

Thank you, I once upon a time did that for said friend … But I had to choose small prompts as I glued 24 tiny envelopes with those prompts on a sheet of cardboard. It was received with great joy!

' src=

Thanks for the holiday writing prompts, Bryn. I’ve shared your post on my blog for Write it Wednesday .

Aw, thank you, friend! Thanks for sharing!

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These are so fun! You always have the best prompts.

Aww thank you. 🙂 Hey, I can’t wait to see you!

' src=

Thank you so much for these, Bryn!! They got me into the Christmas spirit (a bit), despite the fact that my 7-month old puppy died yesterday. Speaking of disheartening things, could you please make a list of writing prompts about potentially upsetting/unwanted things? I would especially be very grateful if you could throw in a few fantasy/mythology because that is my genre and I really love your creative prompts!! Merry Christmas, Alyssa

Oh Alyssa! I am so sorry about your puppy! I know how much pets mean, and that’s so sad. I wish I could give you a hug. Take really good care of yourself, okay?

That is a great idea for a list. I’ll do it! Honestly, we’ve had a few upsetting things happen to us recently, so I’ll be inspired. 😀 But yes, I’ll try to remember to include some fantasy ones. Thank you for the suggestion!

' src=

Gosh…these are great and I love your posts..A prompt that may work for someone…. Holiday Tonic For The Soul supplies us with rejuvenated love and tranquil happiness. It is by far the most embraced and fulfilling holiday we celebrate. From the birth of our Savior, to hoping for a white one we create the tonic of our own personal joy….

Merry Christmas, Bryn…

' src=

I love this this is the best thing ever even though I am only 12 I have already worten 191 pages of a book because of these writing prompts I hope I get an A

' src=

On the evening of the 23rd The extended family is gathered and the patriarch and one of the younger children disappear. It is none the things that everyone fears.

' src=

5 stars. this was so helpful. all the other websites with similar title have cheesy and childlike ideas but this page has mystery and funny and pretty story prompts that i will definitely be using. thank you so much

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Hey there! I’m so glad this was helpful 🙂 Happy holidays and happy writing!

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30+ Heartwarming And Fun Christmas Writing Prompts For Adults

  • December 29, 2022

The holiday season is a great time to dive into our hobbies and interests. This time is when families reunite, the weather is cold, and everything around enters a festive mindset. It’s also an important time for reflection and introspection.

The Christmas season is fun but can be emotionally challenging and even triggering for many. As such, it’s wise to keep our mental and emotional health in check over this time. 

By writing, we can embrace the holiday spirit and care for ourselves during this sensitive time.

Below we’ve included a list of Christmas writing prompts for adults for insight and reflection, fun Christmas writing prompts, prompts about Christmas memories, and even some tips on how to write a great Christmas card to send to friends and family near and far. 

Read through the prompts and see which ones spark your interest. Consider sharing this article with a friend for whom a Christmas journaling session may be enjoyable!

Christmas writing prompts for adults

Read through the 40 Christmas-themed writing prompts below to get your creative juices flowing and keep up your journaling habit over the holidays!

Christmas memories

We all have strong memories of Christmas past. Some are happy, funny, and joyful, while others may be sad or stressful. Christmas is such a significant time that anything that happens over this season tends to remain in mind as something we associate with Christmas. 

Whether you have happy or sad memories of Christmas, it’s good to acknowledge them.

1. What’s your earliest Christmas memory? How do you feel about that memory now?

2. What holiday traditions do you enjoy? 

3. What holiday traditions do you dislike?

4. What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever received? Who gave it to you?

5. What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever given? Who did you give it to?

6. What was your experience of Santa Claus growing up? Did you believe in him? What age did you learn otherwise? How did you find out?

7. What was the first sign of the Christmas season when you were a child?

8. What’s your memory of a typical Christmas day when you were a child?

9. Did you have a favorite Christmas movie as a child? Do you still watch it at Christmas time?

Christmas Writing Prompts For Adults

Christmas prompts for introspection

Since the holiday season is such an emotionally charged time for many and is often when we take a break from ”normal life,” this can be a particularly potent and revealing time for self-reflection and introspection.

The following prompts should help you discover your true feelings about Christmas and help you gain insight into how you approach it.

1. Do you find it easy or difficult to enter the holiday spirit? 

2. What emotions does the Christmas season evoke for you?

3. What is your favorite part of the holiday season?

4. How do you feel about the giving and receiving of gifts?

5. How does the Christmas season affect your close relationships? Does it bring you closer to people, or do conflicts tend to arise?

6. How do you practice self-care over the holidays? And why do you think self-care is vital at this time?

7. Does stress affect you over the holidays? Which parts of the holidays do you find stressful? And how do you usually deal with that stress?

8. Is there anything about Christmas that evokes sadness? What makes you sad at this time, and why is it significant?

9. Does Christmas make you feel nostalgic? For what, where, or who are you nostalgic?

10. How do you feel about the religious significance of Christmas? If you’re not into the religious or spiritual side of Christmas, what do you enjoy about it?

11. What do you feel most thankful for around Christmas time?

Fun Christmas writing prompts

Below are some fun and interesting Christmas writing prompts to get you started.

1. If you have your own family, do you take part in the same holiday traditions you took part in growing up? Or do you embrace a new holiday tradition?

2. In what ways can you be more charitable around the holidays?

3. Who are your favorite people to connect with over the holidays?

4. Identify three people, dead or alive, famous or not, with whom you’d love to have Christmas dinner. Why did you choose these three people?

5. What’s your favorite way to spend Christmas eve?

6. If you could receive any gift for Christmas this year, what would you like it to be?

7. What does an ideal Christmas morning look like to you?

8. How do you usually feel about Christmas songs? Do you love them or hate them? If you hate them, is there one you secretly love? A guilty pleasure?

9. How do you like to decorate your home for Christmas? Do you like extravagant decorations, or do you prefer to keep them minimal?

10. What are some must-have decorations for the Christmas tree?

11. Describe your ideal Christmas dinner.

12. Who cooked Christmas dinner when you were a child? And who cooks Christmas dinner now?

13. Do you prefer to spend Christmas at home or on holiday away from home?

14. When do you start to get into the Christmas spirit? At the beginning of December? Or the week of Christmas?

15. How do you find the Christmas shopping experience? Do you enjoy the bustle of the shops or is it too much? 

16. Do you prefer to go Christmas shopping alone or with people? Do you usually go with someone in particular?

17. Do you think you’re good at buying gifts?

18. Other than Christmas dinner, what’s your favorite thing to eat around Christmas? Have you got a favorite Christmas snack? A tasty food that you only eat around Christmas time?

19. Have you ever peeked at a Christmas present before it was time to open it?

Christmas Writing Prompts For Adults

How to write a great Christmas card

Christmas cards are a great way to let people know you’re thinking about them. You can give them to friends and family as a gift to be saved or send them to loved ones far away to let them know that you’re thinking about them.

When writing a great one, you may want to add more than just a ”Merry Christmas”. These two simple words may suffice, but to make it extra memorable and meaningful, write about your wishes for the recipient and what their friendship means to you. 

Below we’ve included some simple tips for writing a thoughtful Christmas card you can send with love.

  • Start with a greeting, such as Merry Christmas! or Happy Holidays!
  • Express your love and affection for this person or family
  • Share a fond memory of a shared Christmas past or hopes for a shared Christmas in the future.
  • Include a sentimental, heart-warming Christmas-themed quote
  • Sign off with love

Heart-warming Christmas quotes

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the bustle and stress of Christmas time. The quotes below remind you about the joys of Christmas and just how vital this festive holiday is for friends, family, and loved ones.

“Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most.” Ruth Carter Stapleton

“We are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas time.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder

“Santa Claus is anyone who loves another and seeks to make them happy; who gives himself by thought or word or deed in every gift that he bestows.” – Edwin Osgood Grover

“It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.” – W.T. Ellis

“Probably the reason we all go so haywire at Christmas time with the endless unrestrained and often silly buying of gifts is that we don’t quite know how to put our love into words.” – Harlan Miller

“It is in giving that we receive.” – Francis of Assisi

“The way you spend Christmas is far more important than how much.” – Henry David Thoreau

“Christmas is a season for kindling the fire for hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart.” – Washington Irving

Christmas is a time of fun and festivities, sharing love with those around us and being charitable to the less fortunate. 

It also signifies the end of another year and the approach of a new one. As such, spending time journaling and reflecting at this time of year can be fruitful. 

Hopefully, the Christmas-themed writing prompts in this article have inspired you to express your thoughts and feelings in the written word.

Finally, don’t keep these prompts and ideas exclusive to journaling. All the questions above can be great topics of conversation with friends and family and can even help you get to know strangers or new friends better!

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18 Christmas Writing Prompt ideas for upper elementary (3rd, 4th, 5th grade)

Christmas Writing Prompts for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade

Christmas time lends itself to some fun and engaging writing prompts, activities, and journal writing.

The 18 Christmas writing prompt ideas below don't require any prep, just pencil, paper, and an upper elementary student.  However, many of the prompts below can also be easily used to create fun December bulletin boards or activities if you want to spend a little extra time.

Easily adapt many of the ideas below for classrooms or schools that do not celebrate Christmas.

18 Christmas Writing Prompt Ideas

  • Have students design an ugly Christmas sweater.  Then, students can write a fictional story to go along with the sweater.  Or, have students write a descriptive paper describing their sweater.
  • Have students write out step-by-step instructions for building a snowman.
  • Have students write a paper comparing and contrasting a Christmas book to its corresponding movie - for example,  Polar Express and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Check out these ideas to help students compare and contrast a book to its movie here.  
  • Challenge your students by having them write a Christmas / holiday story where each sentence starts with a different letter of the alphabet (starting with A, and going all the way to Z).
  • Cultivate kindness in the classroom by having your students write and design Christmas cards / holiday cards for other students, teachers, staff members, or for their family.
  • Have students write about what they will be doing over the winter break.
  • Have students write a letter to Santa - one of the classic Christmas writing prompts.
  • Have students decorate a snowman, and then write a descriptive paper describing the snowman.  Put the snowman on display while students read their descriptions to the class.  If they described their snowman well, the rest of the class should be able to identify it easily!  Find a no prep template for this here. 

No Prep Snowman Winter Descriptive Writing Activity for 3rd, 4th grade students

  • Have 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade students redesign Santa's suit and sleigh, and write about the changes, explaining how they will help Santa out.
  • Have students write a story about being trapped in a snow globe. This lends itself well to a cute craft / December bulletin board.  Read more here.
  • Have students apply for a job as an elf, trying to persuade Santa to hire them.
  • Have upper elementary students write about what they think their teacher wants for Christmas.
  • Encourage thoughtfulness by encouraging students to write thank you notes to people in their lives that they are grateful for. This Scaffolded Thank You Letter Activity will help your students write thoughtful notes.
  • Have students write a prequel to the Grinch, explaining what in his past made the Grinch so "grinch-y."
  • Have students write some winter poetry. Use these no prep poetry writing templates to help keep them from being overwhelmed.
  • Have students explain whether they would prefer a fake Christmas tree or a real Christmas tree, and then defend their opinion.  If writing an opinion essay is new to students, this scaffolded opinion writing template will help.
  • Have students write a descriptive paper describing a holiday scene.  Their writing could be based off a scene they drew or painted themselves, or a picture you display to them (like this one by Claude Monet) .
  • Have students explain how to decorate a Christmas tree.  Then, have them trade their writing with a partner.  The partners then have to decorate a Christmas tree based on their partner's instructions!
  • Give students a list of holiday / Christmas words like "snowflake," "apple cider," "ice skates," and "decorations," and have students write a story that uses all of the words.

Check out these other Christmas activities and ideas!

Never Stress Over Sub Plans Again!


Make copies, find a fiction book, and you'll be ready for any emergency that comes your way!

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The Write Practice

5 Christmas Writing Prompts to Tickle Your Holiday Spirit

by Abigail Perry | 0 comments

It's Christmas Eve! The Write Practice will be taking a brief break from the blog for the next week, but in the meantime we'd love to inspire your writing this holiday season with some Christmas writing prompts.

christmas writing

Maybe you're looking for some creative writing activities for the last day of school before winter break. Or you're craving a handful of creative writing prompts that will also get you into the festive mood. Either way, these holiday-themed writing prompts are for you!

Write alone, or grab lots of people in your writing community. Pick a writing prompt for this article. When you're chosen a favorite, take on a fifteen minute writing sprint .

It never hurts to get some special writing practice in before your holiday celebrations.

5 Christmas Writing Prompts for Your Holiday Season

1. Reach out to a family member and ask them what their favorite holiday story is. Now take that story and change the setting to something different. Play the “What if?” game to come up with some really creative and fun ideas. To get you started:

  • What if instead of eating dinner with grandparents, they were in the Alps with the Abominable Snowman?
  • What if a holiday tradition of going sledding led to the discovery of a secret portal?
  • What if a story set in the 2000s took place in the 1700s instead?

2. Pick a holiday card from the stack of cards sent to you this year. Write about a list of inconveniences that interrupted the people as they attempted to take the photo and how they finally took the picture.

3. Write a fictional story about a forest animal who finds Santa and his reindeer stuck in the woods with a broken sleigh.

4. A grumpy parent is dragged along with their family to pick out a holiday tree when a chain of unexpected events teaches them what the holidays are really about.

5. A class of elementary students who generally don't get along well gets to choose one charity to visit before the holidays. Which do they pick, and what happens to them that inspires a greater sense of compassion and community?

Be Merry, and Write

You're up! Which of these holiday-focused writing prompts stood out to you? Head over to the Practice section for your fun holiday writing challenge.

P.S. If you're participating in this writing practice in school, don't forget to thank your awesome teachers for all they do—especially for giving you some fun activities that encourage your creative spirit.

Happy Holidays!

Do you have a Christmas writing prompt you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments .

Pick one of the five Christmas writing prompts from today's article. Don't worry about the perfect character description right now. Instead, write as quickly as you can for fifteen minutes .

Watch how the story develops, and don't hold back. Who knows, maybe this writing prompt will turn into a full length novel after the holidays?

When you're done, I'd love to see the beginnings of your idea. Share them in the comments section below. And if you do, don't forget to comment on another writer's  story!

‘Tis the season!

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Messy Learning Kids

Creative Inspiration with Christmas Writing Prompts

Christmas Writing Prompts ny Messy Learning Kids

Ho ho ho! It’s December, and that means one thing: Christmas! Go all out with your story writing and get creative with these festive writing suggestions.

Whether you’re looking to inspire creativity in your classroom or just want to keep the kids entertained during the holiday season and winter break. These Christmas journal prompts for kids are sure to spark some interesting stories!

From talking reindeer to magical snow globes, there’s something here for everyone – and best of all, no two stories have to be the same.

december writing prompts

45 Christmas Writing Prompts for Different Age Groups

Journal writing can be a great way to encourage kids of all ages to express themselves and explore their creativity. It’s a fun activity that allows them to explore new ideas and find unique ways to express themselves through writing .

Using a Christmas writing paper can turn journaling into an even more exciting and engaging experience, as it gives kids something to focus on and inspires their imaginations.

These prompts will help your kids get into the Christmas spirit and have some fun with their writing. So grab a pen and paper and get ready for some holiday creativity!

christmas sentences

5 Christmas Writing Prompts for Kindergarten

For smaller kids, it can be especially challenging to come up with creative ideas that are engaging and age-appropriate. That’s why we’ve rounded up five Christmas writing prompts that will help bring out the holiday spirit in your young children!

These prompts will encourage them to create short but meaningful pieces of writing at home or even in the classroom: you’ll find some Christmas questions for kids, they have to write some shorter Christmas sentences, and there are Christmas picture writing prompts too.

Encourage your young kindergartener to add a drawing and a short text, and watch as they come up with amazing ideas. Don’t forget to download the printable paper templates.

🎄 Christmas Wish List

🎄 My favorite things to do on Christmas

🎄 Letter to Santa Claus

🎄 What do Santa’s elves eat?

🎄 Santa stuck in my chimney – What now?

christmas story ideas

25 Festive Writing Ideas for Grade School

We’ve gathered a list of 25 writing prompt ideas sure to spark your kid’s imagination. These jolly holiday topics will get them into the spirit of the Christmas season.

So lean back with a cup of hot chocolate to explore our list of Christmas writing prompts to get the kids ready to practice their writing skills. 

🎄 Why do we celebrate Christmas?

🎄 Merry Christmas!- Create a written Christmas card for your best friend

🎄 The most magical gift I ever got

🎄 How would you decorate Santa’s house?

🎄 How many Christmas gifts should you receive?

🎄 How father Christmas spends his day off?

🎄 What if a snowman in my garden came to life?

🎄 What would Santa do if he lost his clothes on Christmas eve?

🎄 What form of holiday decorations do you enjoy?

🎄 Describe what it feels like when you bite into a candy cane. 

🎄 Write about your favorite Christmas story (movie or book).

🎄 What do elves do in their free time?

🎄 Why do we exchange gifts on Christmas?

🎄 Would you like to live in a gingerbread house? Why?

🎄 How would you change the Grinch’s mind about Christmas?

christmas creative writing prompt

🎄 The Grinch who stole my homework – What would happen if the Grinch stole all of your homework on Christmas Eve? 

🎄 Kids or adults. Who has more fun at Christmastime?

🎄 What is the secret of an elf-crafted toy?

🎄 The power of that Christmas classic, jingle bells!

🎄 Write about the best Christmas present that you have ever received. 

🎄 Reason behind my favorite Christmas song

🎄 Write about the joyful feeling when you wake up on Christmas morning.

🎄 What is more important than Christmas presents?

🎄 Reveal your favorite thing about the holiday season.

🎄 Write a story about Christmas lights.

christmas writing prompts middle school

15 Fun Christmas Writing Activities for Middle School

Coming up with Christmas titles ideas for middle schoolers can be tricky. So if your students are stuck for title ideas, try these festive Christmas opinion writing prompts on for size.

🎄 Favorite family holiday traditions.

🎄 Write a journal entry about Christmas.

🎄 What makes Christmas so special?

🎄 Christmas celebration 50 years ago. Make an interview with an elderly.

🎄 Apply for a job as an elf on the North pole.

🎄 Santa’s secret sleigh ride.

🎄 Prepare the perfect Christmas dinner meal: Plan a menu with ease!

🎄 What would happen if Santa Claus had an evil twin? 

🎄 Write a story (narrative) from the perspective of a Christmas tree.

🎄 Guide to the perfect Christmas day.

🎄 Recalling the magic of your earliest Christmas memory.

🎄 One Christmas gift to last a lifetime: ​What you should pick?

🎄 Capture the magic of Christmas morning in your house.

🎄 The best Christmas is not about the best gift but about making memories.

🎄 Write a short story about the one gift that united children across the world.

december journal prompts for kids

If you’re looking for some festive fun, our Christmas related articles might just be what you need! 

Take a look at our article about Elf on the shelf experiments . We’ve also got some handy advice about gift giving this season – follow our 5 gift rules and make sure everyone is spoiled without breaking the bank. 

Happy Holidays from Messy Learning Kids . Have a wonderful time during Christmas with your family!

If you have enjoyed these Christmas writing ideas for kids, please leave a comment! 

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The Activity Mom

26 Christmas Writing Prompts for Kids (free printable)

Posted on Last updated: December 1, 2021

26 Christmas Writing Prompts for Kids (free printable)

It’s Christmas time, one of my favorite holidays! Get creative this Christmas season with fun Christmas themed writing prompts. Use these holiday writing prompts for daily journal writing or as fun ideas for creative writing. Kids of all ages can use these prompts and story starters. Younger children can dictate their stories and older children can write them on their own.

December writing prompts are a great way to reflect a little bit, brainstorm creative writing ideas, and get into the Christmas spirit during the month of December.

It is also ok to use these prompt ideas after Winter break. The Christmas memories are still fresh and kids can reflect on their fun holiday.

Christmas Writing Prompts for Kids

Christmas Journal Prompts

These journal prompts work well for a daily question or reflection for kids. It gets them thinking and allows them the opportunity to put their thoughts and ideas onto paper.

Allowing the chance to share their answers is important! Not necessarily to evaluate the actual writing, but to share and build relationships with each other. This is worth the time and builds a strong learning community.

  • Is your Christmas tree a real tree or fake tree? Describe it. Does it have white lights or colored lights? What do you have on the top of the tree?
  • What Christmas present is on your Christmas wish list? Why?
  • How would you take down the abominable snowman?
  • What is your favorite present you’ve ever received.
  • Tell us about one of your favorite Christmas traditions.
  • What is your favorite Christmas movie? Why?
  • Which family member is on the nice list this year? Why?
  • What is the first thing you do on Christmas morning? What happens after that?
  • How do you think Santa Claus doesn’t get tired during the holiday season?
  • What is your favorite Christmas book? Why?
  • Design the front of a Christmas card. What would the inside say?
  • What is your favorite Christmas carol to sing? What is your favorite line from it? Why?
  • Describe your best Christmas memory?
  • What kind of gift do you think the whole world needs right now?
  • Tell us about your favorite thing about Christmas Eve?
  • What three types of candy would you need to make the perfect Gingerbread house for you?
  • Which family traditions do you look forward to the most?
  • What do people mean when they refer to holiday spirit?

Creating Writing Prompts

These prompts spark creative writing. If you are working with younger children it is ok for them to dictate their story to you as you write it for them. That puts the focus on the ideas, details, and the creative story instead of the mechanics of writing. Don’t get me wrong, being creative and getting the ideas on paper and using proper sentence structure and spelling are BOTH important!

  • You have just met two of Santa’s elves. They have a big problem. What is it and how will you help them?
  • What does Christmas cheer mean to you?
  • Describe what the entrance to the North Pole looks like. What does it sound like? Smell like?
  • Out of all of the possible Christmas gifts, I had no idea what to say when my mom gave me…..
  • To make this the perfect Christmas Day, all I needed was a little bit of magic. 

Christmas Writing Activities

You will have such a fun time with this group Christmas writing activity. With a group of people, start a Christmas story. Each person writes one or two sentences at a time and then passes it to the next person. Here are a few story starters that you can use for the perfect start to your short story.

  • It was a silent night, until I heard…..
  • We started with family time on the frozen lake ice skating together. We thought we heard jingle bells, but what we actually heard was….
  • It’s was New Year’s Eve. We were counting down to midnight. 5, 4, 3, 2, and then……

Fun Ways to Use the Journal Prompt Ideas

  • Pick and choose your favorites and assign each one on a certain day.
  • Make a paper chain that counts down to Christmas. On each piece of the chain, write the creative writing prompts. Write about that’s days piece of the chain.
  • Write each prompt on a piece of paper. Fold them up and put them in the jar. Each day, have a different student pick out the journal prompt for that day.
  • Make a 12 Days of Christmas Writing Challenge. Pick your favorite twelve ideas. Write them on a numbered list. Each day, have a student roll two dice. Whatever number they roll is what the class writes about that day.

Christmas Writing Prompts for Kids

Download and Print the FREE Christmas Writing Prompts

Enjoy these free Christmas writing prompts as you count down the days until the holiday break.


  1. 20 Christmas Writing Prompts

    christmas creative writing prompt


    christmas creative writing prompt

  3. Christmas Creative Writing Prompt

    christmas creative writing prompt

  4. Christmas Writing Prompt Picture

    christmas creative writing prompt

  5. 15 Printable Christmas Writing Prompts for Kids

    christmas creative writing prompt

  6. 25 Christmas Writing Prompts

    christmas creative writing prompt


  1. Best Christmas Writing Prompts of 2023

    Introducing Prompted, a new magazine written by you! 🏆 Featuring 12 prize-winning stories from our community. Download it now for FREE . In the form of Christmas wishlists over the years, write a story about a character growing up. Christmas

  2. Christmas Writing Prompts: 95 Fun Ideas to Get You Started

    Here are 33 Christmas journal prompts to help you get started: What do you think of when you hear the word "Christmas"? What's the most important thing about Christmas? What's your favorite part of Christmas? What do you like about Christmas Eve? Do you prefer giving or receiving gifts? And why?

  3. 68 Christmas Writing Prompts Organized by Writing Genre

    Creative Writing Project: Assign a prompt as a long-term creative writing project leading up to the Christmas break. Bulletin Board Display: Display students' writings based on the prompts on a classroom bulletin board to celebrate their efforts.

  4. 12 creative writing prompts for Christmas

    December 21, 2021 ♦ Mariah Grant ♦ Christmas ♦ 0 Comments The Christmas season is a great time to make time for your writing passions and explore some festive-inspired storylines. With snow-covered settings and family reunions, winter makes the perfect backdrop for many story writers.

  5. 20 Christmas Writing Prompts

    Here are the prompts! Pretend you are one of Santa's elves. Write a journal entry about your day. Personification means giving human traits, such as feelings and thoughts, to objects. Personify your Christmas tree. Write a story from the Christmas tree's point of view. Think about last Christmas. How was your life different then?

  6. 96 Christmas Writing Prompts to Love This Holiday Season

    Welcome to a festive journey of creativity and self-discovery as we delve into 100 Christmas writing prompts tailored for adults of color who cherish the whimsy of their inner child. This holiday season, let's celebrate the magic of Christmas through the lens of diverse experiences and traditions.

  7. 55 Fun Christmas Writing Prompts

    The list of Christmas writing prompts: #1 - Favorite Christmas memories. write about your favorite Christmas memories in your childhood #2 - Your dream Christmas. What would your dream Christmas look like? Who would be there? Where would you go? How long would you celebrate? #3 - Rewrite a famous Christmas story.

  8. 54 Festive Christmas Writing Prompts » JournalBuddies.com

    Ok, take a look at this list of 54 fabulous and fun Christmas writing prompts and journaling ideas. Oh… and in case you need even more inspiration, below this list of ideas are a 14 more Christmas-themed creative writing prompts and fun ideas. Enjoy and Merry Christmas! 54 Christmas Writing Prompts & Journaling Ideas

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  10. 57 Christmas Writing Prompts for 2022

    57 Christmas Writing Prompts November 26, 2017 Another Christmas has come! This year we are using Christmas writing prompts to countdown the days until Christmas. Not only are our Christmas writing prompts fun, but they will also encourage your child to do a bit of writing each day.

  11. 150+ Christmas Story Ideas, Tips & Prompts (Fun & Festive)

    A secret Santa leaves anonymous gifts for people in need. A young boy discovers that his grandfather is secretly Santa Claus. A magical ornament brings love and joy to whoever possesses it. A young girl writes a letter to Santa asking for her parents to be reunited. A child discovers a magical Christmas ornament that grants wishes.

  12. Christmas writing magic: 7 ready-made prompts to spark creativity

    Here are seven Christmas writing prompts to spark student creativity: 1. A loud ticking signals the start of the most magical season of the year. Check out 'Countdown', a ready-made writing prompt to help your class kick off the festivities. 🕰 Preview this prompt 2. Not everyone likes Christmas, especially not Ruby.

  13. 50 Christmas Story Ideas, Tips & Prompts

    Are you trying to write a festive novel but have run out of ideas? Or perhaps you need some snowy inspiration for your Christmas short story. In this article we will be sharing lots of fun Christmas writing prompts to kick-start your winter writing - plus we've also asked top Christmas book authors for their inspiring tips .

  14. 25 Christmas Writing Prompts For Holiday Inspiration

    25 Christmas Writing Prompts For Holiday Inspiration Posted on December 13, 2017 by Bryn Donovan One of my readers requested this post! I was happy to do it, because winter and the holidays bring great inspiration to me. These could be used for fiction, journaling, or just about any other creative writing.

  15. 30+ Heartwarming And Fun Christmas Writing Prompts For Adults

    Christmas writing prompts for adults. Read through the 40 Christmas-themed writing prompts below to get your creative juices flowing and keep up your journaling habit over the holidays! Christmas memories. We all have strong memories of Christmas past. Some are happy, funny, and joyful, while others may be sad or stressful.

  16. Christmas Writing Prompts for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade

    18 Christmas Writing Prompt Ideas Have students design an ugly Christmas sweater. Then, students can write a fictional story to go along with the sweater. Or, have students write a descriptive paper describing their sweater. Have students write out step-by-step instructions for building a snowman.

  17. 61 Great Christmas Writing Prompts

    That's why these prompts make a great addition to your selection of writing activities. So gather writing ideas using these Christmas writing prompts. Christmas Writing Prompts. 1. Describe the most beautiful Christmas tree you've ever seen. 2. Pretend that you are in charge of planning the perfect Christmas feast. Describe each course. 3.

  18. 5 Christmas Writing Prompts to Tickle Your Holiday Spirit

    Try one of these five creative writing prompts to put you into the holiday spirit. Tweet this. 1. Reach out to a family member and ask them what their favorite holiday story is. Now take that story and change the setting to something different. Play the "What if?" game to come up with some really creative and fun ideas.

  19. 61 Christmas Creative Writing Prompts High School

    Write about getting into a fight with your parents the night before Christmas. 30. Write about your flight getting delayed and meeting a cute person on Christmas break. 31. Write about your life-changing over Christmas. 32. Write about the night of the first snow. 33. Write about a Christmas High School Dance.

  20. Christmas Writing Activities + 12 Bonus Prompts

    1. Christmas Poetry Reading. This writing activity can be transformed into your Christmas celebration in your classroom. Begin the activity by asking your students to compose a Christmas poem. They can decide which type of poem they would like to write, whether it's a haiku or a rhyme or even lyrics to a song.

  21. Festive Inspirations: Unwrapping Christmas Creative Writing

    Unwrapping the Perfect Gift: Creative Writing Prompts for the Holiday Season Delving into Christmas Traditions: Exploring Cultural Inspiration in Writing Christmas Traditions: A Treasure Trove of Cultural Inspiration Crafting Heartfelt Letters: The Art of Writing Personalized Christmas Messages

  22. Creative Inspiration With Christmas Writing Prompts

    45 Christmas Writing Prompts for Different Age Groups. Journal writing can be a great way to encourage kids of all ages to express themselves and explore their creativity. It's a fun activity that allows them to explore new ideas and find unique ways to express themselves through writing.. Using a Christmas writing paper can turn journaling into an even more exciting and engaging experience ...

  23. 26 Christmas Writing Prompts for Kids (free printable)

    Write each prompt on a piece of paper. Fold them up and put them in the jar. Each day, have a different student pick out the journal prompt for that day. Make a 12 Days of Christmas Writing Challenge. Pick your favorite twelve ideas. Write them on a numbered list. Each day, have a student roll two dice.

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    68 likes, 5 comments - beththefreerangechef on February 11, 2024: "A filo pie that arose from the remnants of Christmas gribbles in my fridge and the daily creative..." Beth Al Rikabi on Instagram: "A filo pie that arose from the remnants of Christmas gribbles in my fridge and the daily creative prompts from @thegfw 29 Delicious Days.