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D e s i g n C o u r s e s a t M I T

Design is a process and mode of inquiry that underpins research and pedagogy across the Institute. MIT has a rich history of advancing design theory, research, teaching, and practice, with impact at MIT and around the world. It offers a wide range of courses such as graphic design, industrial design, digital design, visual communication... and has a Design minor / major within the Department of Architecture.


4.110 DESIGN ACROSS SCALES Instructors: Nicholas de Monchaux & Roi Salgueiro Barrio TAs: Alicia Jael Delgado, Logan King, Johann Schweig Credits: 2-2-8 (UG) Class Sessions: Mondays, 10am–12pm / N52-337 Lab Sessions: Wednesdays, 7–9pm / N52-33 Presented by: MIT Architecture and MIT MAD Overview: Through a combination of guest-lectures by renowned designers and lab sessions, Design Across Scales exposes salient, contemporary design challenges and gives students design tools to approach them. Today, design doesn’t only concern the creation of isolated objects, but the consideration of the different systems and externalities associated with them. To do so, we designers need to think, more than ever, across disciplines and scales. We need to situate our design intentions within broader social and environmental concerns. We need to consider how design addresses different publics and cultures, different economies and ecologies. The course's full commitment to cross-disciplinary practice aspires to build a shared design culture across MIT — from engineering to architecture to planning; from science to computing to the arts — capable of responding to design’s evolving responsibilities. List of guests, alphabetically ordered: + Click to view

  • Gihan Amarasiriwarden — Founder, Ministry of Supply.
  • Allison Arieff — Editorial Director of Print for the MIT Technology Review.
  • Matthew Carter — Founder, Carter & Cone.
  • Brandon Clifford — Director and co-founder, Matter Design. Associate Professor MIT SA+P.
  • Julie Cho, Alice Chung & Karen Hsu — Founders, Omnivore studio.
  • Lila Chriskyou — Director, Chriskyou Lab. Associate Professor at Drexel University in the Applied Cognitive and Brain Sciences program.
  • Karilyn Crockett — Assistant Professor of Urban History, Public Policy & Planning MIT SA+P.
  • Claudia Dobles — Visting Scholar, Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism. Co-leader of Costa Rican National Decarbonization Plan. First lady of Costa Rica from 2018 to 2022.
  • Miko McGinty — Principal, McGinty Studio.
  • Ana Miljacki — Professor of Architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Dava Newman — Director, MIT Media Lab. Apollo Program Professor of Astronautics.
  • Dung Ngo — Founder and editor-in-chief, AUGUST: A Journal of Travel + Design.
  • John Peterson — Founder, Public Architecture. Curator of the Loeb Fellowship at Harvard Graduate School of Design.
  • Hashim Sarkis — Principal, Hashim Sarkis Studios. Dean MIT SA+P.
  • Skylar Tibbits — Director, Self-Assembly Lab. Associate Professor of Design Research MIT SA+P.
  • Gary Van Zante — Curator, MIT Museum.
  • Danielle Wood — Director, MIT Space Enabled Group. Assistant Professor of Media, Arts & Sciences and Aeronautics and Astronautics.


Whether creating lab experiments, musical scores, medical devices, consumer products, computer codes, business models, or architectural plans, we believe every MIT student could be considered a designer. Below is a sample of MIT courses mobilizing design. Courses are subject to change every semester. This list is intended as a way to facilitate identifying design courses across the Institute, but is not exhaustive. We refer students to the official MIT Subject Listing & Schedule released by the Registrar's Office .

Course 1: Civil and Environmental Engineering

1.006 — Tools for Sustainable Design 1.013 — Senior Civil and Environmental Engineering Design 1.015 — Design of Electromechanical Robotic Systems + Read more 1.016 — Design for Complex Environmental Issues 1.020 — Engineering Sustainability: Analysis and Design 1.035 — Mechanics of Materials 1.036 — Structural Mechanics and Design 1.054 — Mechanics and Design of Concrete Structures 1.056 — Introduction to Structural Design 1.096 — Design of Sustainable Polymer Systems 1.101 — Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Design I 1.102 — Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Design II 1.103 — Infrastructure Design for Climate Change 1.125 — Architecting and Engineering Software Systems 1.146 — Engineering Systems Analysis for Design 1.231 — Planning and Design of Airport Systems 1.263 — Urban Last-Mile Logistics 1.303 — Infrastructure Design for Climate Change 1.383 — Underground Construction 1.462 — Entrepreneurship in the Built Environment 1.535 — Mechanics of Materials 1.541 — Mechanics and Design of Concrete Structures 1.562 — Structural Design Project I 1.563 — Structural Design Project II 1.564 — Environmental Technologies in Buildings 1.575 — Computational Structural Design and Optimization 1.582 — Design of Steel Structures 1.583 — Topology Optimization of Structures 1.UAR — Climate and Sustainability Undergraduate Advanced Research

Course 2: Mechanical Engineering

Course 2 has a dedicated section to Design courses, listed below: 2.70 — FUNdaMENTALS of Precision Product Design 2.77 — FUNdaMENTALS of Precision Product Design 2.72 — Elements of Mechanical Design + Read more 2.720 — Elements of Mechanical Design 2.722 — D-Lab: Design 2.7231 — Introduction to Design Thinking and Innovation in Engineering 2.723A — Design Thinking and Innovation Leadership for Engineers 2.723B — Design Thinking and Innovation Project 2.729 — D-Lab: Design for Scale 2.733 — Engineering Systems Design 2.734 — Engineering Systems Development 2.737 — Mechatronics 2.739 — Product Design and Development 2.74 — Bio-inspired Robotics 2.740 — Bio-inspired Robotics 2.744 — Product Design 2.75 — Medical Device Design 2.750 — Medical Device Design 2.752 — Development of Mechanical Products 2.753 — Development of Mechanical Products 2.76 — Global Engineering 2.760 — Global Engineering 2.771 — D-Lab: Supply Chains 2.772 — Thermodynamics of Biomolecular Systems 2.777 — Large and Complex Systems Design and Concept Development 2.778 — Large and Complex Systems Design and Concept Development

In addition, Course 2 offers several courses with design components: 2.00A — Designing for the Future: Earth, Sea, and Space 2.00B — Toy Product Design 2.00C — Design for Complex Environmental Issues + Read more 2.00 — Introduction to Design 2.002 — Mechanics and Materials II 2.004 — Dynamics and Control II 2.006 — Thermal-Fluids Engineering II 2.007 — Design and Manufacturing I 2.008 — Design and Manufacturing II 2.009 — The Product Engineering Process 2.013 — Engineering Systems Design 2.014 — Engineering Systems Development 2.017 — Design of Electromechanical Robotic Systems 2.019 — Design of Ocean Systems 2.075 — Mechanics of Soft Materials 2.082 — Ship Structural Analysis and Design 2.0911 — Computational Design and Fabrication 2.12 — Introduction to Robotics 2.120 — Introduction to Robotics 2.131 — Advanced Instrumentation and Measurement 2.14 — Analysis and Design of Feedback Control Systems 2.140 — Analysis and Design of Feedback Control Systems 2.145 — Design of Compliant Mechanisms, Machines and Systems 2.147 — Design of Compliant Mechanisms, Machines and Systems 2.154 — Maneuvering and Control of Surface and Underwater Vehicles 2.155 — Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Engineering Design 2.156 — Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Engineering Design 2.16 — Learning Machines (New) 2.16 — Identification, Estimation, and Learning 2.167 — Hands-On Marine Robotics 2.171 — Analysis and Design of Digital Control Systems 2.177 — Designing Virtual Worlds 2.178 — Designing Virtual Worlds 2.18 — Biomolecular Feedback Systems 2.180 — Biomolecular Feedback Systems 2.22 — Design Principles for Ocean Vehicles 2.23 — Hydrofoils and Propellers 2.51 — Intermediate Heat and Mass Transfer 2.61 — Internal Combustion Engines 2.64 — Superconducting Magnets 2.651 — Introduction to Energy in Global Development 2.652 — Introduction to Energy in Global Development 2.671 — Measurement and Instrumentation 2.675 — Micro/Nano Engineering Laboratory 2.676 — Micro/Nano Engineering Laboratory 2.677 — Design and Experimentation for Ocean Engineering 2.678 — Electronics for Mechanical Systems 2.679 — Electronics for Mechanical Systems II 2.700 — Principles of Naval Architecture 2.702 — Systems Engineering and Naval Ship Design 2.703 — Principles of Naval Ship Design 2.704 — Projects in Naval Ship Conversion Design 2.705 — Projects in New Concept Naval Ship Design 2.708 — Traditional Naval Architecture Design 2.71 — Optics 2.710 — Optics 2.717 — Optical Engineering 2.78 — Principles and Practice of Assistive Technology 2.782 — Design of Medical Devices and Implants 2.788 — Mechanical Engineering and Design of Living Systems 2.789 — D-Lab: Design for Scale 2.810 — Manufacturing Processes and Systems 2.813 — Energy, Materials, and Manufacturing 2.83 — Energy, Materials, and Manufacturing 2.871 — D-Lab: Supply Chains 2.874 — Process Data Analytics 2.98 — Sports Technology: Engineering & Innovation 2.980 — Sports Technology: Engineering & Innovation 2.992 — Professional Industry Immersion Project 2.993 — Independent Study 2.994 — Independent Study 2.995 — Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering 2.996 — Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering 2.997 — Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering 2.998 — Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering 2.C01 — Physical Systems Modeling and Design Using Machine Learning 2.C51 — Physical Systems Modeling and Design Using Machine Learning

Course 3: Materials Science and Engineering

3.0061 — Introduction to Design Thinking and Rapid Prototyping 3.009 — Materials, Mechanics, and Flight: Birds, an Engineer's Delight 3.010 — Structure of Materials + Read more 3.017 — Modelling, Problem Solving, Computing, and Visualization 3.023 — Synthesis and Design of Materials 3.041 — Computational Materials Design 3.042 — Materials Project Laboratory 3.054 — Cellular Solids: Structure, Properties, Applications 3.055 — Biomaterials Science and Engineering 3.056 — Materials Physics of Neural Interfaces 3.064 — Polymer Engineering 3.087 — Materials, Societal Impact, and Social Innovation 3.088 — The Social Life of Materials 3.095 — Introduction to Metalsmithing 3.096 — Architectural Ironwork 3.098 — Ancient Engineering: Ceramic Technologies 3.14 — Physical Metallurgy 3.154 — Materials Performance in Extreme Environments 3.155 — Micro/Nano Processing Technology 3.156 — Photonic Materials and Devices 3.16 — Industrial Challenges in Metallic Materials Selection 3.321 — Computational Materials Design 3.36 — Cellular Solids: Structure, Properties, Applications 3.42 — Electronic Materials Design 3.46 — Photonic Materials and Devices 3.57 — Materials Selection, Design, and Economics 3.64 — Materials Physics of Neural Interfaces 3.65 — Soft Matter Characterization 3.963 — Biomaterials Science and Engineering 3.991 — Ancient Engineering: Ceramic Technologies 3.C01 — Machine Learning for Molecular Engineering 3.C51 — Machine Learning for Molecular Engineering 3.UAR — Climate and Sustainability Undergraduate Advanced Research

Course 4: Architecture

Course 4 has a dedicated section to Architecture Design courses, listed below: 4.001 — Where Is and What Is Architecture and Design? 4.021 — Design Studio: How to Design 4.023 — Architecture Design Studio I + Read more 4.024 — Architecture Design Studio II 4.025 — Architecture Design Studio III 4.02A — Design Studio: How to Design Intensive 4.031 — Design Studio: Objects and Interaction 4.032 — Design Studio: Information Design and Visualization 4.033 — Design Studio: Information Design and Visualization 4.041 — Design Studio: Advanced Product Design 4.043 — Design Studio: Interaction Intelligence 4.044 — Design Studio: Interaction Intelligence 4.051 — The Human Factor in Innovation and Design Strategy 4.053 — Visual Communication Fundamentals 4.090 — Practical Experience in Architecture for Undergraduates 4.091 — Independent Study in Design 4.092 — Independent Study in Design 4.093 — Independent Study in Design 4.094 — Independent Study in Design 4.105 Geometric Disciplines and Architecture Skills 4.109 Materials and Fabrication for Architecture 4.110 Design Across Scales and Disciplines 4.117 Creative Computation 4.118 Creative Computation 4.120 Furniture Making Workshop 4.123 Architectural Assemblies 4.125 Furniture Making Workshop 4.130 Architectural Design Theory and Methodologies 4.140[J] How to Make (Almost) Anything 4.151 Architecture Design Core Studio I 4.152 Architecture Design Core Studio II 4.153 Architecture Design Core Studio III 4.154 Architecture Design Option Studio 4.163[J] Urban Design Studio 4.173[J] China Urban Design Studio 4.180 Design Workshop 4.181 Architectural Design Workshop 4.182 Architectural Design Workshop 4.183-4.185 Architectural Design Workshop 4.189 Preparation for MArch Thesis 4.190 Practical Experience in Architecture 4.191 Independent Study in Architecture Design 4.192 Independent Study in Architecture Design 4.193 Independent Study in Architecture Design 4.194 Independent Study in Architecture Design 4.S00 — Special Subject: Design 4.S01 — Special Subject: Design 4.S02 — Special Subject: Design 4.S03 — Special Subject: Design 4.S10 — Special Subject: Architecture Design 4.S11 — Special Subject: Architecture Design 4.S12 — Special Subject: Architecture Design 4.S13 — Special Subject: Architecture Design 4.S14 — Special Subject: Architecture Design 4.S15 Special Subject: Design

In addition, Course 4 offers several courses with design components: 4.213 — Ecological Urbanism Seminar 4.215 — Sensing Place: Photography as Inquiry 4.217 — Disaster Resilient Design + Read more 4.218 — Disaster Resilient Design 4.227 — Landscapes of Energy 4.228 — Contemporary Urbanism Proseminar: Theory and Representation 4.229 — Collectives: New Forms of Sharing 4.240 — Urban Design Skills: Observing, Interpreting, and Representing the City 4.244 — Urban Design Seminar: Perspectives on Contemporary Practice 4.245 — DesignX Entrepreneurship 4.246 — DesignX Accelerator 4.247 — Urban Design Ideals and Action 4.248 — Advanced Urban Design Skills: Observing, Interpreting, and Representing the City 4.250 — Introduction to Urban Design and Development 4.252 — Introduction to Urban Design and Development 4.253 — Urban Design Politics 4.255 — Site and Environmental Systems Planning 4.264 — Advanced Seminar in Landscape and Urbanism 4.270 — Innovation for Disaster Relief and Preparedness 4.275 — Advanced Urbanism Colloquium 4.286 — SMArchS Urbanism Pre-Thesis Preparation 4.S27 — Special Subject: Urban Design 4.302 — Foundations in Art, Design, and Spatial Practices 4.318 — Toxic Textiles/Fashion Fables 4.319 — Toxic Textiles/Fashion Fables 4.322 — Introduction to Three-Dimensional Art Work 4.323 — Introduction to Three-Dimensional Art Work 4.328 — Climate Visions 4.329 — Climate Visions 4.359 — Synchronizations of Senses 4.390 — Art, Culture, and Technology Studio 4.401 — Environmental Technologies in Buildings 4.411 — D-Lab Schools: Building Technology Laboratory 4.412 — D-Lab Schools: Building Technology Laboratory 4.421 — Space-Conditioning Systems for Low-Carbon Buildings 4.424 — Modeling and Approximation of Thermal Processes 4.431 — Architectural Acoustics 4.432 — Modeling Urban Energy Flows for Sustainable Cities and Neighborhoods 4.433 — Modeling Urban Energy Flows for Sustainable Cities and Neighborhoods 4.440 — Introduction to Structural Design4.441 From the Solar House to Net Zero Buildings 4.442 — From the Solar House to Net Zero Buildings 4.453 — Creative Machine Learning for Design 4.462 — Introduction to Structural Design 4.463 — Building Technology Systems: Structures and Envelopes 4.481 — Building Technology Seminar 4.S48 — Special Subject: Structural Design 4.500 — Design Computation: Art, Objects and Space 4.501 — Tiny Fab: Advancements in Rapid Design and Fabrication of Small Homes 4.502 — Advanced Visualization: Architecture in Motion Graphics 4.505 — Design Computation: Art, Objects, and Space 4.507 — Introduction to Building Information Modeling in Architecture 4.511 — Tiny Fab: Advancements in Rapid Design and Fabrication of Small Homes 4.520 — Visual Computing 4.521 — Visual Computing 4.540 — Introduction to Shape Grammars I 4.541 — Introduction to Shape Grammars II 4.542 — Background to Shape Grammars 4.550 — Computational Design Lab 4.562 — Advanced Visualization: Architecture in Motion Graphics 4.566 — Advanced Projects in Digital Media 4.567 — Introduction to Building Information Modeling in Architecture 4.569[J] — Designing Interactions 4.570 — Computational Design Lab 4.580 — Inquiry into Computation and Design 4.581 — Proseminar in Computation 4.582 — Research Seminar in Computation 4.589 — Preparation for Design and Computation PhD Thesis 4.S50 — Special Subject: Architectural Computation 4.S51 — Special Subject: Architectural Computation 4.S52 — Special Subject: Architectural Computation 4.S53 — Special Subject: Architectural Computation 4.S54 — Special Subject: Architectural Computation 4.S55 — Special Subject: Digital Fabrication 4.S56 — Special Subject: Shape Grammars 4.602 — Modern Art and Mass Culture 4.603 — Understanding Modern Architecture 4.604 — Understanding Modern Architecture 4.608 — Seminar in the History of Art, Architecture, and Design 4.609 — Seminar in the History of Art, Architecture, and Design 4.612 — Islamic Architecture and the Environment 4.624 — Dwelling & Building: Cities in the Global South 4.634 — Early Modern Architecture and Art 4.635 — Early Modern Architecture and Art 4.645 — Selected Topics in Architecture: 1750 to the Present 4.652 — Modern Art and Mass Culture 4.657 — Design: The History of Making Things 4.THT[J] — Thesis Research Design Seminar 4.UR — Undergraduate Research in Design 4.URG — Undergraduate Research in Design

Course 5: Chemistry

5.UAR[J] — Climate and Sustainability Undergraduate Advanced Research

Course 6: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

6.1010 — Fundamentals of Programming 6.1020 — Software Construction 6.1040 — Software Design + Read more 6.5060 — Algorithm Engineering 6.5080 — Multicore Programming 6.5081 — Multicore Programming 6.1100 — Computer Language Engineering 6.1120 — Dynamic Computer Language Engineering 6.5150 — Large-scale Symbolic Systems 6.5151 — Large-scale Symbolic Systems 6.1220[J] — Design and Analysis of Algorithms 6.5230 — Advanced Data Structures 6.5250[J] — Distributed Algorithms 6.5320 — Geometric Computing 6.5340 — Topics in Algorithmic Game Theory 6.5660 — Computer Systems Security 6.1800 — Computer Systems Engineering 6.1810 — Operating System Engineering 6.1820[J] — Mobile and Sensor Computing 6.1850 — Computer Systems and Society 6.5810 — Operating System Engineering 6.5830 — Database Systems 6.5831 — Database Systems 6.1910 — Computation Structures 6.1920 — Constructive Computer Architecture 6.5910 — Complex Digital Systems Design 6.5930 — Hardware Architecture for Deep Learning 6.5931 — Hardware Architecture for Deep Learning 6.2000 — Electrical Circuits: Modeling and Design of Physical Systems 6.2020[J] — Electronics Project Laboratory 6.2030 — Electronics First Laboratory 6.2040 — Analog Electronics Laboratory 6.2050 — Digital Systems Laboratory 6.2060 — Microcomputer Project Laboratory 6.2061 — Microcomputer Project Laboratory - Independent Inquiry 6.2080 — Introduction to Electronic Circuits 6.2090 — Solid-State Circuits 6.2092 — Solid-State Circuits 6.6000 — CMOS Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuit Design 6.6010 — Analysis and Design of Digital Integrated Circuits 6.2200 — Electric Energy Systems 6.2220 — Power Electronics Laboratory 6.2221 — Power Electronics Laboratory - Independent Inquiry 6.2222 — Power Electronics Laboratory 6.6220 — Power Electronics 6.2300 — Electromagnetics Waves and Applications 6.2540 — Nanotechnology: From Atoms to Systems 6.6520 — Semiconductor Optoelectronics: Theory and Design 6.6630[J] — Control of Manufacturing Processes 6.7000 — Discrete-Time Signal Processing 6.3100 — Dynamical System Modeling and Control Design 6.3102 — Dynamical System Modeling and Control Design 6.7110 — Multivariable Control Systems 6.7240 — Game Theory with Engineering Applications 6.7410 — Principles of Digital Communication 6.7411 — Principles of Digital Communication 6.7420 — Heterogeneous Networks: Architecture, Transport, Proctocols, and Management 6.7430 — Optical Networks 6.7440 — Principles of Wireless Communication 6.4200[J] — Robotics: Science and Systems 6.4420[J] — Computational Design and Fabrication 6.8420 — Computational Design and Fabrication 6.4530[J] — Principles and Practice of Assistive Technology 6.4570[J] — Creating Video Games 6.8530 — Interactive Data Visualization 6.8710[J] — Computational Systems Biology: Deep Learning in the Life Sciences 6.8711[J] — Computational Systems Biology: Deep Learning in the Life Sciences 6.8720[J] — Principles of Synthetic Biology 6.8721[J] — Principles of Synthetic Biology 6.4860[J] — Medical Device Design 6.4861[J] — Medical Device Design 6.4900 — Introduction to EECS via Medical Technology 6.9000 — Engineering for Impact 6.9010 — Introduction to EECS via Interconnected Embedded Systems 6.9030 — Strobe Project Laboratory 6.9080 — Introduction to EECS via Robotics 6.9101[J] — Introduction to Design Thinking and Innovation in Engineering 6.910A — Design Thinking and Innovation Leadership for Engineers 6.910B — Design Thinking and Innovation Project 6.9120 — Engineering Leadership 6.9620 — Web Lab: A Web Programming Class and Competition 6.C35[J] — Interactive Data Visualization and Society 6.C85[J] — Interactive Data Visualization and Society

Course 7: Biology

7.002 — Fundamentals of Experimental Molecular Biology 7.003[J] — Applied Molecular Biology Laboratory 7.50 — Method and Logic in Molecular Biology + Read more 7.51 — Principles of Biochemical Analysis 7.55 — Case Studies in Modern Experimental Design 7.572 — Quantitative Measurements and Modeling of Biological Systems

Course 9: Brain and Cognitive Sciences

9.017 — Systems Neuroscience Core II 9.07 — Statistics for Brain and Cognitive Science 9.26[J] — Principles and Applications of Genetic Engineering for Biotechnology and Neuroscience + Read more 9.401 — Tools for Robust Science 9.583[J] — Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Data Acquisition and Analysis 9.59[J] — Laboratory in Psycholinguistics 9.67[J] — Materials Physics of Neural Interfaces 9.670[J] — Materials Physics of Neural Interfaces

Course 10: Chemical Engineering

10.00 — Molecule Builders 10.10 — Introduction to Chemical Engineering 10.28 — Chemical-Biological Engineering Laboratory + Read more 10.321 — Design Principles in Mammalian Systems and Synthetic Biology 10.345 — Fundamentals of Metabolic and Biochemical Engineering: Applications to Biomanufacturing 10.352 — Modern Control Design 10.37 — Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design 10.489 — Concepts in Modern Heterogeneous Catalysis 10.490 — Integrated Chemical Engineering 10.495 — Molecular Design and Bioprocess Development of Immunotherapies 10.496[J] — Design of Sustainable Polymer Systems 10.521 — Design Principles in Mammalian Systems and Synthetic Biology 10.551 — Systems Engineering 10.552 — Modern Control Design 10.560 — Structure and Properties of Polymers 10.595 — Molecular Design and Bioprocess Development of Immunotherapies 10.689 — Concepts in Modern Heterogeneous Catalysis 10.951 — Seminar in Biological Systems 10.965 — Seminar in Biosystems Engineering 10.968 — Seminar in Biomolecular Engineering 10.976 — Process Design, Operations, and Control 10.979 — Seminar in Biological Soft Matter 10.C01[J] — Machine Learning for Molecular Engineering 10.C51[J] — Machine Learning for Molecular Engineering

Course 11: Urban Studies and Planning

11.001[J] — Introduction to Urban Design and Development 11.008 — Undergraduate Planning Seminar 11.022[J] — Regulation of Chemicals, Radiation, and Biotechnology + Read more 11.100 — Introduction to Computational Thinking in Cities 11.107 — Tools and Techniques for Inclusive Economic Development 11.113 — The Economic Approach to Cities and Environmental Sustainability 11.123 — Big Plans and Mega-Urban Landscapes 11.127[J] — Design and Development of Games for Learning 11.143 — Research Methods in Global Health and Development 11.C35[J] — Interactive Data Visualization and Society 11.158 — Behavioral Science, AI, and Urban Mobility 11.173[J] — Infrastructure Design for Climate Change 11.188 — Introduction to Spatial Analysis and GIS Laboratory 11.UAR[J] — Climate and Sustainability Undergraduate Advanced Research 11.THT[J] — Thesis Research Design Seminar 11.228[J] — Collectives: New Forms of Sharing 11.233 — Research Design for Policy Analysis and Planning 11.234 — Making Sense: Qualitative Methods for Designers and Planners 11.245[J] — DesignX Entrepreneurship 11.246[J] — DesignX Accelerator 11.250 — Transportation Research Design 11.252[J] — Design and Development of Games for Learning 11.263[J] — Urban Last-Mile Logistics 11.273[J] — Infrastructure Design for Climate Change 11.301[J] — Introduction to Urban Design and Development 11.302[J] — Urban Design Politics 11.303[J] — Real Estate Development Studio 11.304[J] — Site and Environmental Systems Planning 11.307[J] — China Urban Design Studio 11.308[J] — Ecological Urbanism Seminar 11.309[J] — Sensing Place: Photography as Inquiry 11.312 — Engaging Community: Models and Methods for Strengthening Democracy 11.313 — Advanced Research Workshop in Landscape and Urbanism 11.315[J] — Disaster Resilient Design 11.320 — Digital City Design Workshop 11.328[J] — Urban Design Skills: Observing, Interpreting, and Representing the City 11.329[J] — Advanced Urban Design Skills: Observing, Interpreting, and Representing the City 11.332[J] — Urban Design Studio 11.333[J] — Urban Design Seminar: Perspectives on Contemporary Practice 11.334[J] — Advanced Seminar in Landscape and Urbanism 11.337[J] — Urban Design Ideals and Action 11.338 — Urban Design Studio 11.345[J] — Entrepreneurship in the Built Environment 11.360 — Community Growth and Land Use Planning 11.411 — The Political Economy of Planning 11.413 — The Economic Approach to Cities and Environmental Sustainability 11.C85[J] — Interactive Data Visualization and Society 11.478 — Behavioral Science, AI, and Urban Mobility 11.520 — Workshop on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 11.523 — Fundamentals of Spatial Database Management 11.547[J] — Global Aging & the Built Environment 11.912[J] — Advanced Urbanism Colloquium

Course 12: Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

12.010 — Computational Methods of Scientific Programming 12.521 — Computational Geophysical Modeling 12.805 — Data Analysis in Physical Oceanography

Course 14: Economics

14.125 — Market Design 14.16 — Strategy and Information 14.19 — Market Design + Read more 14.310 — Data Analysis for Social Scientists 14.42 — Environmental Policy and Economics 14.420 — Environmental Policy and Economics 14.472 — Public Economics II 14.125 — Market Design 14.161 — Strategy and Information

Course 15: Management

15.025 — Game Theory for Strategic Advantage 15.0251 — Game Theory for Strategic Advantage 15.094[J] – Robust Modeling, Optimization, and Computation + Read more 15.095 — Machine Learning Under a Modern Optimization Lens 15.232 — Breakthrough Ventures: Effective Business Models in Frontier Markets 15.270 — Ethical Practice: Leading Through Professionalism, Social Responsibility, and System Design 15.286 — Communicating with Data 15.287 – Communication and Persuasion Through Data 15.359[J] — Engineering Innovation: Global Security Systems 15.360 — Entrepreneurship & Innovation Proseminar 15.364 — Innovation Ecosystems for Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Leaders (iEco4REAL) 15.3641 – Innovation Ecosystems for Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Leaders (iEco4REAL) 15.3641 — Innovation Ecosystems for Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Leaders (iEco4REAL) 15.3641 — Innovation Ecosystems for Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Leaders (iEco4REAL) 15.371[J] — Innovation Teams 15.373[J] – Venture Engineering 15.374 — Organizing for Innovation 15.378 – Building an Entrepreneurial Venture: Advanced Tools and Techniques 15.3781 — Building an Entrepreneurial Venture: Advanced Tools and Techniques 15.385 - Innovating for Impact 15.388 – Venture Creation Tactics 15.570 – Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics 15.572 — Analytics Lab: Action Learning Seminar on Analytics, Machine Learning, and the Digital Economy 15.701 — Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurial Advantage 15.735 — Product Design 15.763[J] — Supply Chain: Capacity Analytics 15.768 — Management of Services: Concepts, Design, and Delivery 15.772[J] — D-Lab: Supply Chains 15.783[J] — Product Design and Development

Course 16: Aeronautics and Astronautics

16.00 — Introduction to Aerospace and Design 16.002 — Unified Engineering: Signals and Systems 16.003 — Unified Engineering: Fluid Dynamics + Read more 16.004 — Unified Engineering: Thermodynamics and Propulsion 16.06 — Principles of Automatic Control 16.20 — Structural Mechanics 16.202 — Manufacturing with Advanced Composite Materials 16.235 — Design with High Temperature Materials 16.30 — Feedback Control Systems 16.343 — Spacecraft and Aircraft Sensors and Instrumentation 16.355[J] — Concepts in the Engineering of Software 16.400 — Human Systems Engineering 16.422 — Human Supervisory Control of Automated Systems 16.423[J] — Aerospace Biomedical and Life Support Engineering 16.453[J] — Human Systems Engineering 16.50 — Aerospace Propulsion 16.522 — Space Propulsion 16.634 — NEET Senior Seminar: Autonomous Machines 16.6621[J] — Introduction to Design Thinking and Innovation in Engineering 16.662A — Design Thinking and Innovation Leadership for Engineers 16.662B — Design Thinking and Innovation Project 16.767 — Introduction to Airline Transport Aircraft Systems and Automation 16.781[J] — Planning and Design of Airport Systems 16.810 — Engineering Design and Rapid Prototyping 16.821 — Flight Vehicle Development 16.83[J] — Space Systems Engineering 16.84 — Advanced Autonomous Robotic Systems 16.851 — Introduction to Satellite Engineering 16.854 — Spacecraft Laboratory 16.861 — Engineering Systems Analysis for Design 16.88[J] — Prototyping our Sci-Fi Space Future: Designing & Deploying Projects for Zero Gravity Flights 16.885 — Aircraft Systems Engineering 16.888[J] — Multidisciplinary Design Optimization 16.89[J] — Space Systems Engineering

Course 17: Political Science

17.055 — Just Code: The Ethical Lifecycle of Machine Learning 17.275 — Public Opinion Research Design and Training Seminar 17.276 — Public Opinion Research Training Lab + Read more 17.488 — Simulating Global Dynamics and War 17.506 — Ethnic Politics 17.922 — Martin Luther King, Jr. Design Seminar 17.THT — Thesis Research Design Seminar

Course 18: Mathematics

18.410[J] Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Course 20: Biological Engineering

20.020 — Introduction to Biological Engineering Design Using Synthetic Biology 20.109 — Laboratory Fundamentals in Biological Engineering 20.305[J] — Principles of Synthetic Biology + Read more 20.345 — Bioinstrumentation Project Lab 20.352 — Principles of Neuroengineering 20.363[J] — Biomaterials Science and Engineering 20.375 — Applied Developmental Biology and Tissue Engineering 20.380 — Biological Engineering Design 20.381 — Biological Engineering Design II 20.385 — Design in Synthetic Biology 20.405[J] — Principles of Synthetic Biology 20.475 — Applied Developmental Biology and Tissue Engineering

Course 21A: Anthropology

21A.501[J] — Art, Craft, Science 21A.819 — Ethnographic Research Methods

Course 21H: History

21H.145[J] — French Photography 21H.343[J] — Making Books in the Renaissance and Today

Course 21M: Music and Theater Arts

21M.080 — Introduction to Music Technology 21M.369 — Studies in Music Technology (21M.380) 21M.370 — Digital Instrument Design + Read more 21M.560 — Introduction to Music Technology (New) 21M.569 — Studies in Music Technology (New) 21M.570 — Digital Instrument Design (New) 21M.601 — Drawing for Designers 21M.603 — Fundamentals of Theater Design 21M.606 — Introduction to Stagecraft 21M.713 — History of American and European Scenography 21M.731 — Sound Design for Theater and Dance 21M.732 — Costume Design 21M.733 — Set Design 21M.734 — Lighting Design 21M.735 — Technical Design for Performance 21M.737 — Interactive Design and Projection for Live Performance 21M.806 — Applied Performance and Design Production 21M.809 — Performance and Design Intensive 21M.812 — Theater Arts Production (New) 21M.820 — Production Design Visualization 21M.821 — Production Design Visualization 21M.822 — Theater Arts Production (New) 21M.851 — Independent Study in Performance and Design

Course 21W: Comparative Media Studies / Writing

21W.016 — Writing and Rhetoric: Designing Meaning

Course 22: Nuclear Science and Engineering

22.03[J] — Introduction to Design Thinking and Rapid Prototyping 22.033 — Nuclear Systems Design Project 22.039 — Integration of Reactor Design, Operations, and Safety + Read more 22.06 — Engineering of Nuclear Systems 22.071 — Analog Electronics and Analog Instrumentation Design 22.211 — Nuclear Reactor Physics I 22.312 — Engineering of Nuclear Reactors 22.315 — Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer 22.33 — Nuclear Engineering Design 22.39 — Integration of Reactor Design, Operations, and Safety 22.63 — Engineering Principles for Fusion Reactors

Course 24: Linguistics and Philosophy

24.234 — Global Justice, Gender, and Development

Course CMS: Comparative Media Studies / Writing

CMS.301 — Game Design Methods CMS.307 — Critical Worldbuilding CMS.342[J] — Designing Virtual Worlds (New) + Read more CMS.362 — Civic Media Collaborative Design Studio CMS.405 — Visual Design CMS.590[J] — Design and Development of Games for Learning CMS.611[J] — Creating Video Games CMS.615 — Games for Social Change CMS.627 — Imagination, Computation, and Expression Studio CMS.634 — Designing Interactions CMS.635 — Designing Active Archives CMS.807 — Critical Worldbuilding CMS.815 — Games for Social Change CMS.827 — Imagination, Computation, and Expression Studio CMS.833 — Digital Humanities: Topics, Techniques, and Technologies CMS.834[J] — Designing Interactions CMS.835 — Desiging Active Archives CMS.839 — Virtual Reality and Immersive Media Production CMS.862 — Civic Media Collaborative Design Studio CMS.863[J] — Design and Development of Games for Learning CMS.864 — Game Design CMS.942[J] — Designing Virtual Worlds (New)

MAS — Media Arts and Sciences

MAS.552[J] — City Science MAS.712 — Learning Creative Learning MAS.750 — Human-Robot Interaction + Read more MAS.809 — Decoders 1.9: Introduction to Microfabrication MAS.810 — Decoders 1.8: Project Realization in Cleanroom MAS.834 — Tangible Interfaces MAS.837 — Principles of Electronic Music Interfaces MAS.838[J] — Prototyping our Sci-Fi Space Future: Designing & Deploying Projects for Zero Gravity Flights MAS.839[J] — Operating in the Lunar Environment MAS.858[J] — Asking How Space Enabled Designs Advance Justice and Development MAS.863[J] — How to Make (Almost) Anything MAS.S60-MAS.S64 — Special Subject in Media Technology MAS.S62 — Black Feminist Thought & Design for the Future

More courses coming soon!

The 14 best online graphic design courses in 2021

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  • Great graphic design involves sharp layouts, images, colors, and typography.
  • We rounded up some of the best online graphic design courses on platforms like Coursera and Udemy .
  • To learn how we cover Education and Personal Development , you can read about us here .

Insider Today

Graphic design is all around us: Fliers, advertisements, movie posters, and magazine layouts all require plenty of creativity and thoughtfulness to capture the attention of potential customers. 

To produce eye-catching, effective work, clients often rely on graphic designers, who have an eye for images, layouts, and typeface, as well as the ability to strategize and create artwork that is both visually appealing and functional.

Whether you're an entrepreneur who wants to design your own marketing materials, a creative professional interested in expanding your skills, or a graphic design beginner who doesn't know where to start, taking online graphic design courses can provide a variety of useful tools and knowledge to take your work to the next level. 

Below, you can find everything from short online tutorials to in-depth classes, including free options that are perfect for brushing up your skills or testing out a graphic design course before committing to a bigger career change.

The 14 best online graphic design courses in 2021:

Beginner graphic design courses.

  • Intermediate graphic design courses

Advanced graphic design courses

Graphic design basics: core principles for visual design.

research graphic design course

Available on Skillshare

Length: 35 minutes

Cost: $8 per month or $29.88 per year for a Skillshare subscription

If you're completely new to graphic design or need a refresher, this short class focuses on the core principles of functional design. Taught by graphic designers Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips of the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), it provides background on the importance of scale, symmetry, framing hierarchy, grids, and more. 

Graphic Design Fundamentals: Getting Started

research graphic design course

Available on CreativeLive

Length: 5 hours and 29 minutes

Cost: $14 for the course; $13 a month for a CreativeLive subscription

Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced graphic designer wanting to enhance your skills, this course shares instructor Timothy Samara's creative process and what happens behind the scenes when combining technique and inspiration. You'll walk away with a better grasp of color theory, typography, composition, and more.

Fundamentals of Graphic Design

research graphic design course

Available on Coursera

Length: 15 hours

Cost: Free to audit (no certificate) or with 7-day trial; $49 per month subscription after trial ends

If you learn best through hands-on learning, you'll want to consider this course that focuses on all the core principles of graphic design, with plenty of assignments to practice and incorporate the skills you learn. 

It's part of CalArts' Graphic Design Specialization , a five-course certificate program.

Graphic Design For Real Beginners

research graphic design course

Available on Udemy

Length: 5.5 hours

Cost: $89.99 

If you're considering a career in graphic design (or simply want to gain some quick new skills), this course is designed with beginners in mind. The basics are covered, from images and layouts to logo creation and common design issues to avoid.

The Complete Graphic Design Theory for Beginners Course

research graphic design course

Length: 8.5 hours

Cost: $149.99 for the course; $29.99 per month for a Udemy subscription

This course combines the core principles of what every graphic designer needs to know, including logo creation, marketing, branding, and the legalities of design. When you complete this intensive course, you'll be ready to apply real-world skills to your business, work, or hobby.  

Intermediate, in-depth graphic design courses

Graphic design masterclass: learn great design.

research graphic design course

Length: 18 hours and 20 minutes

For those wanting a more in-depth and hands-on course, this masterclass tackles the fundamentals from color and images to designing a magazine layout. You'll also gain an understanding of how to use some of the most popular programs geared for designers: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Graphic Design Bootcamp: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

research graphic design course

Length: 15 hours and 34 minutes

Cost: $129.99 for the course; $29.99 per month for a Udemy subscription

Sooner or later, you'll need to know how to use different Adobe programs if you're serious about graphic design. This course is great for beginners and creative types who want to learn new skills whether it's making a logo, invitation, or website.

David Carson Teaches Graphic Design

research graphic design course

Available on MasterClass

Length: 2 hours and 7 minutes

Cost: $15 per month or $180 per year for a MasterClass subscription

Interested in learning from a famous graphic designer? In this MasterClass, David Carson, known for breaking the rules and relying on his intuition in his design, shares his best tips and tricks after breaking down the basics of graphic design. He walks you through the core principles, including typography, photography and layouts before diving into his insider advice on making graphic design your career.

Design Fundamentals: Layout and Composition

research graphic design course

Length: 1 hour and 14 minutes

Cost: $8 for the course; $13 a month for a CreativeLive subscription

There are lots of components to practicing beautiful design. If you want to perfect your composition as well as your understanding of what makes or breaks a layout, this class will help.

Color for Designers: Exploration, Theory, & Application

research graphic design course

Length: 8 hours and 14 minutes

This course is dedicated to color theory principles, color terminology, and using color to enhance your work. If you're a designer or creative professional interested in expanding your knowledge specifically about using color in design, this is for you. 

Introduction to Imagemaking

research graphic design course

This course focuses on learning, experimenting, and playing with images through composition and juxtaposition with assignments focused on creating spreads and ultimately with your own book of images. 

Typography Fundamentals

research graphic design course

Length: 6 hours

If you want to better convey text information, then you'll want to learn more about typography. This fundamentals course highlights the importance of aesthetics and designing through a different lens and is geared towards designers, illustrators, and many creative types who want to expand their knowledge and abilities. 

Introduction to Typography

research graphic design course

Length: 9 hours

Understanding typefaces is an integral part of graphic design. This class provides historical and cultural context as well as aesthetics for considering all things related to fonts and sizing — but you should have basic knowledge for using Adobe InDesign before signing up since these skills are necessary for completing assignments. 

Ideas from the History of Graphic Design

research graphic design course

Length: 10 hours

Understanding the past can provide plenty of inspiration. This course focuses on the history of graphic design and provides perspective on how design evolved throughout the years, from the 1850s through the 1960s.

research graphic design course

  • Main content

Graphic Design

  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Interior Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Student Work
  • Graphic design
  • Motion graphics
  • Interior design

research graphic design course

The 9 Best Graphic Design Courses and Certifications in 2024


Are you thinking about taking a graphic design course? Look no further than this guide—your 2024 round-up of the 9 best graphic design courses and certifications.

Graphic design is a popular career choice among those looking for variety and creativity in their day-to-day work. Designers are also in high demand, providing yet another incentive to learn essential graphic design skills.

If you’re in search of a reputable course to help launch or fast-track your graphic design career, this comparison guide will help you weigh up the pros and cons of the top ones. We’ve done extensive market research to compile a shortlist of the 9 best graphic design courses and certifications, with options to suit all schedules, budgets, and skill levels.

  • 1) Why study graphic design?
  • AND Academy: Graphic Design Certificate, Diploma and PG Diploma
  • Parsons: The Graphic and Digital Design Certificate
  • Shillington: Graphic Design Bootcamp (online)
  • Coursera: Graphic Design Specialization
  • Pratt Institute: Graphic Design Certificate
  • Udemy: Graphic Design Masterclass
  • Berkeley: Professional Program in Graphic Design
  • Adobe ACA: Graphic Design Diploma
  • Chelsea College of Arts: Graphic Design Online Short Course
  • 3) How to choose the right graphic design course for you
  • 4) Next steps

Let’s jump into the wonderful world of graphic design education.

Why study graphic design?

You’ve likely already got your own reasons for wanting to learn all there is to know about graphic design.

Maybe you’ve always yearned to work in a creative field and are ready to take the first step towards becoming a graphic designer. Maybe you’re starting your own business and want to master the art of branding and visual communication. Perhaps learning some graphic design basics would come in handy in your current career.

Whatever your motivation, learning graphic design is a smart move. Here are some of the top reasons for studying graphic design:

You’ll enjoy varied, creative work. If you’re studying graphic design with a view to becoming a graphic designer, you can expect tons of variety and creativity in your new career path. Graphic designers work on all kinds of projects, producing designs and visual assets for a broad variety of contexts.

You’ll find job opportunities across a wide range of companies and sectors. Graphic design skills are applicable to marketing, advertising, product design, print, and more. These functions are required by almost all companies and industries, and at an ever-increasing pace owing to unprecedented digitisation. That is why, once you’ve acquired graphic design skills, you can find work in almost any field or company type which sparks your interest.

Graphic designers are well-paid. The average salary for a graphic designer in the United States is $53,358 per year ( Indeed ), putting it on par with the national average salary of $53,490. In India, the average salary for a graphic designer is ₹3,02,968 ( Payscale ). Again, this is pretty much level with the national average salary of ₹3,87,500. Of course, how much you make will depend on multiple factors, but generally speaking, graphic design skills can help to boost your earning potential.

That’s the why —now what about how to go about pursuing a graphic design career? One of the surest ways to become a job-ready graphic designer is to pursue a high-quality course which will equip you with a solid foundation of skills. So let’s jump right into our comparison of the best graphic design courses and certifications.

research graphic design course

The 9 best graphic design courses in 2024

1. and academy: graphic design certificate, diploma and pg diploma (with a job guarantee).

AND Academy is a design upskilling platform launched by the Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD)—a leading design school in New Delhi, established in collaboration with Kingston School of Art, London.

AND Academy offers three options for learning graphic design:

Certificate in Graphic Design (16 weeks)— a part-time course which covers the fundamentals of visual design, design for digital, and design for print.

Diploma in Graphic Design (32 weeks)— a course which you can continue on to after completing the Certificate program, for another 16 weeks. The Diploma covers form and type, brand identity design, brand promotion and communication, and portfolio development.

1-year PG Diploma in Graphic Design (part-time) — a course that can be added on after completing the Diploma and will enable you to master graphic design. It also offers a job or money-back guarantee.

36-week PG Diploma in Graphic Design (full-time) — a full-time course covering everything from fundamentals to advanced concepts of graphic design, and one which offers a job guarantee .

All of AND Academy’s graphic design courses are taught via live, interactive online classes. You’ll learn with the guidance of expert practitioners and complete hands-on projects, ensuring you graduate with real-world skills. You’ll train in the most popular graphic design tools such as Figma, Miro, and the Adobe suite, and build out your graphic design portfolio.

The AND Academy graphic design courses cover everything you need to become a certified, job-ready graphic designer.

  • No prerequisites —suitable for beginners and early-stage professionals alike
  • Live, interactive sessions give you an immersive learning experience, with the added convenience of being online
  • A strong focus on practical skills and building your portfolio
  • The PG Diploma comes with a job guarantee—so, if you don’t land a job within 6 months of completion, you will be eligible for a refund
  • A credible, university-quality education with modern-day flexibility
  • Live sessions take place at set times, so not as much flexibility as other graphic design courses
  • The full-time Diploma program is intensive, requiring dedication and commitment for the duration

Certificate in Graphic Design - 16 weeks (part-time)

Diploma in Graphic Design - 32 weeks (part-time)

PG Diploma in Graphic Design - 1 year (part-time)

PG Diploma in Graphic Design- 36 weeks (full-time)

Certificate in Graphic Design - INR 60,000 + GST (EMI starting at INR 6,600 per month)

Diploma in Graphic Design - INR 1,20,000 + GST (EMI starting at INR 7,170 per month)

PG Diploma in Graphic Design part-time - INR 1,80,000 + GST (EMI starting at INR 8,463 per month)

PG Diploma in Graphic Design full-time - INR 2,20,000 + GST (EMI starting at INR 10,715 per month)

Learn more: AND Academy Graphic Design Courses .

Two graphic designers at work

2. Parsons School of Design: The Graphic and Digital Design Certificate (Online)

Parsons School of Design is a private art and design college located in New York City. It’s part of The New School, a private research university founded in 1919.

The Graphic and Digital Design Certificate is an online program made up of 8 individual courses. Core courses cover topics such as colour theory, digital imaging with Photoshop, and the history of graphic design. You’ll then choose 3 electives, with options such as typography, digital layout, and 3D modelling fundamentals.

You’ll learn through video lectures, interaction with faculty practitioners, and project-based assignments.

  • Fully online
  • Project-based learning with a focus on real-world skills
  • Full flexibility to work through the course content and complete assignments at any time
  • For some learners, the fully flexible nature of the course may not provide enough structure
  • Relatively expensive compared to other options
  • Long course requiring a commitment of about 1.5 years
  • No job guarantee

Students typically complete the course in around 18 months.

The course costs $7,120.

Learn more: Parsons School of Design Graphic and Digital Design Certificate .

3. Shillington: Graphic Design Bootcamp (online)

Established in 1997, Shillington markets itself as the original graphic design bootcamp. Aspiring graphic designers can attend the bootcamp online or on campus in New York City, London, Sydney, or Melbourne.

The course is available in three different formats: online part-time, on campus full-time, or on campus part-time (available in London only). You’ll learn through live classes which mimic a studio environment—you’ll receive project briefs, deadlines, and feedback, just as you would on the job.

In addition to core graphic design topics such as typography, vector design, and image manipulation, the bootcamp also covers UI and UX design . You’ll graduate with a certificate of completion and a professional graphic design portfolio.

  • Designed for beginners—you don’t need any prior experience to enrol
  • An immersive learning environment which mimics what it’s like to work as a graphic designer
  • You’ll build a professional graphic design portfolio as part of the course
  • The most expensive course on this list
  • Not as flexible as other courses; requires attendance at set times
  • No job guarantee (despite the high price)

The online part-time course takes 9 months to complete, with lessons taking place 3 nights per week. The on campus full-time course takes 3 months to complete, with lessons taking place 5 days per week. The on campus part-time course takes 9 months to complete, with lessons taking place either 2 nights per week or every Sunday.

Course fees vary depending on where and how you study. If you want to study online in a US time zone, the course will cost you $13,950. If you want to study on campus in New York, it’ll cost you $14,950. Check the course dates and fees page for all prices.

Learn more: Shillington Graphic Design Bootcamp .

4. Coursera: Graphic Design Specialization

You’re probably familiar with Coursera, the US-based MOOC (massive open online course) provider founded in 2012 by Stanford University professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller.

One of their many educational offerings is the Graphic Design Specialization offered by CalArts (The California Institute of The Arts). This is an online, fully flexible course which you can start at any time and complete to your own schedule.

The Graphic Design Specialization is a program made up of 5 individual courses, with topics ranging from the fundamentals of graphic design to typography, the history of graphic design, and branding. You can enrol in the Specialization directly or choose which individual course you’d like to take first.

You’ll learn through on-demand video content and quizzes, and complete a hands-on project.

  • A fully flexible graphic design course which you can study at your own pace
  • Earn a shareable certificate upon completion
  • An affordable option for learning graphic design
  • No direct interaction with industry experts
  • Doesn’t offer any career guidance or job placement support
  • Mostly theoretical; you won’t graduate with a graphic design portfolio

The course takes approximately 6 months to complete, requiring around 3 hours of study per week.

The Coursera Graphic Design Specialization costs $39.99 per month, or you can access it (and all other Coursera courses) with a subscription for $59 per month.

Learn more: Coursera Graphic Design Specialization .

Designers discussing a piece of work

5. Pratt Institute: Graphic Design Certificate

Pratt Institute is a private New York university most famous for its engineering, architecture, and fine arts programs.

Their Graphic Design Certificate is a comprehensive course taught through small, interactive classes, either in-person or on Zoom. To achieve the full certificate, learners are required to complete three core modules—Brand Design and Corporate Identity, Introduction to Graphic Design, and Introduction to Typography—as well as two electives of choice. Students also choose three tools from the Adobe Creative Cloud to specialise in.

Throughout the course, you’ll build your professional portfolio as you develop a multidisciplinary graphic design skill set.

  • You’ll graduate with a portfolio and a certificate from a reputable university
  • Some flexibility to devise your own study path with elective modules
  • Available either in-person or online via Zoom
  • Classes take place at fixed times, so not as flexible as other courses
  • No placement guarantee

The course spans 12 weeks, with lessons taking place every Tuesday from 6.30-9.30pm EST.

The course costs approximately $8,000. You can view scholarship and finance options here.

Learn more: Pratt Institute Graphic Design Certificate .

6. Udemy: Graphic Design Masterclass

The Udemy Graphic Design Masterclass offers an affordable yet comprehensive introduction to graphic design.

With access to on-demand video and downloadable resources, you’ll learn at your own pace, covering everything from fundamental theory to practical graphic design skills and techniques.

The curriculum spans career-focused topics such as how to become a graphic designer, how to give and receive feedback, and how to find your design niche, as well as hands-on skills such as the basics of Adobe Photoshop, logo design and branding, creating a custom brand presentation mockup, and more.

At the end of the course, you’ll get a digital certificate of completion. You can continue your graphic design studies with a range of follow-on courses, also available on Udemy.

  • An affordable option for studying graphic design
  • Completely flexible with on-demand video and course materials
  • A broad range of topics covered, and the curriculum is continuously updated
  • The course provides breadth rather than depth—best for an introduction to the field
  • No interaction with industry experts
  • Mostly theoretical; you won’t graduate with a portfolio

The course comprises 29 hours of on-demand video and access to 50+ downloadable resources. You can complete the course at your own pace.

You can access the Udemy Graphic Design Masterclass for $39.99, or with a Udemy subscription starting at $16.58 per month.

Learn more: Udemy Graphic Design Masterclass .

7. UC Berkeley Extension: Professional Program in Graphic Design

UC Berkeley Extension is the continuing education division of the University of California, Berkeley campus. They offer a large number of online courses, including the Professional Program in Graphic Design.

The program comprises seven compulsory courses, covering key topics such as visual design principles and typography fundamentals, as well as a module for HTML5 and CSS3. There’s also a course dedicated to building your graphic and web design portfolio.

Beyond the required courses, learners can specialise with a range of courses for further advancement. These include niche topics such as 3D animation, diagramming and prototyping for UX design, illustrating children’s books, and more.

  • University education with online flexibility
  • You’ll learn by doing, with a strong focus on job skills
  • The course includes coding, giving you a unique addition to your graphic designer skill set
  • Lessons take place at fixed times so you’ll be held to a set schedule
  • Enrollment only available at certain times of the year

The seven compulsory courses comprise 228 hours of instruction in total, plus individual study. If you take the program full-time, you can complete it within two academic terms. You can also study part-time. All coursework must be completed within three years.

Learn more: UC Berkeley Extension Professional Program in Graphic Design .

8. Pitman Training: Graphic Design Diploma with Adobe ACA

If you’re new to graphic design and want to start by learning industry tools, consider the Graphic Design Diploma offered by Pitman Training.

The diploma course teaches essential Adobe packages such as InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator—all in preparation for sitting the relevant Adobe exams (which you’ll need to organise and pay for separately).

Core topics include WordPress for business, Photoshop CC, InDesign CC, and Illustrator CC. Elective topics include Premiere Pro CC, marketing essentials, and Animate CC.

You can take the diploma onsite at one of the Pitman Training centres (with locations in England, Scotland, and Wales) or online from anywhere in the world.

  • Thorough education in essential graphic design tools
  • Suitable for beginners; no prerequisites
  • You’ll acquire a prestigious Pitman Training certificate
  • Focuses primarily on tools; may be lacking some essential graphic design fundamentals
  • No visible pricing—you’ll need to get in touch with Pitman Training for a quote

The course content spans 145 hours, which equates to six weeks of full-time study.

Available on request.

Learn more: Pitman Training Graphic Design Diploma with Adobe ACA .

Woman designing using a screen and a tablet

9. Chelsea College of Arts: Graphic Design Online Short Course

Chelsea College of Arts is one of London’s most prestigious art and design schools. Their graphic design online short course offers an interactive introduction to the field in the space of just one week.

With the guidance of a professional designer, you’ll learn all the graphic design essentials—from typography and branding through to logo design, layout, and presentation—and build your confidence with practical projects. In addition to live, online lessons, you’ll also take part in group discussions and receive feedback on your work.

At the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion.

  • Short and affordable; a great introduction to graphic design
  • Highly interactive and practical, providing insight into what it’s like to work as a graphic designer
  • Expert instruction and a credible certificate of completion
  • The course will provide an introduction only—don’t expect to start a career as a graphic designer based on this course alone
  • Requires full-time commitment for a week

The course takes one week to complete, with lessons taking place Monday to Friday, 10am - 4pm.

The course costs £700 (approximately $843).

Learn more: Chelsea College of Arts Graphic Design Online Short Course .

How to choose the right graphic design course for you

Choosing the right graphic design course comes down to your preferred study format, what you’re hoping to achieve and how much time and money you can invest .

First, narrow it down by deciding whether you want to learn online or in-person . Most of the graphic design courses on our list are available online, as many adult learners value the flexibility. You should also think about whether you prefer to learn completely independently, at your own pace, or if you’d benefit from interactive lessons at fixed times.

The next factor to consider is your learning goals . If you want to become an employable graphic designer, prioritise courses which offer career support—and, ideally, a job placement guarantee. You’ll also want a course which includes project work, along with mentorship and feedback to guide you through the process of building your portfolio, as this will prove crucial when applying for jobs.

Last but not least, how much time and money can you invest? Ultimately, you need a graphic design course which fits comfortably around your schedule and sits within your budget. These practicalities will help you to further narrow down your selection. If you wish to pursue free course, dont worry! Here is an article listing out the Top 7 Free Graphic Design Courses for 2023.

Fortunately, there’s a great variety of graphic design courses out there. Finding one that ticks all the boxes shouldn’t be too difficult—especially with the help of our comparison guide.

We’ve started you off with an overview of the best graphic design courses and certifications. Now it’s your turn to conduct further research.

If you’ve already whittled it down to a shortlist, investigate each course further to find out exactly what’s included, what the curriculum covers, and the next available start date.

If you’ve not yet found a course that fits the bill, keep looking! There are dozens of graphic design courses out there. Keep your personal criteria in mind (preferred format, learning goals, and budget) and search accordingly. If you wish to learn more about the field or AND Academy’s course offerings in this discipline, we recommend you do the following:

  • Watch this session by design veteran and AND’s Academic Head, Prachi Mittal, and our Course Lead, Soumya Tiwari.
  • Talk to a course advisor to discuss how you can transform your career with one of our courses.
  • Pursue our Graphic Design courses - all courses are taught through live, interactive classes by industry experts, and some even offer a Job Guarantee.
  • Take advantage of the scholarship and funding options that come with our courses to overcome any financial hurdle on the path of your career transformation.

Note: All information and/or data from external sources is believed to be accurate as of the date of publication.

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Bachelor Graphic Design

Courses & research bachelor graphic design, presentation.

From the conception to the production of all related media and printed matter (posters, books, newspapers and magazines), including the experimentation of digital media, digital publishing and motion design, this programme targets students wishing to master the tools and languages inherent in graphic design. Prospective, pragmatic and experimental, this Bachelor course is provided in the framework of the Visual Communication Department, which concurrently offers crossover courses and projects enabling students to acquire multidisciplinary skills (photography, interaction design, film). 

Through courses and workshops provided by major figures on the Swiss and international scene, the students apprehend the various fields of graphic design such as editorial design, typography, illustration, or brand identity and art direction. Involvement in exhibitions, publications or assignments commissioned by institutions provides an actual immersion into the professional world. The students also benefit from a wide range of theoretical courses and conferences on the ECAL premises. 

The skills and projects acquired throughout the curriculum serve to produce a portfolio of the highest professional standards. Whether they aim to become graphic designer, typographer or art director, either self-employed or working for a company, students who train at ECAL have a wide range of opportunities to choose from when they complete their CV. If they so wish they may also pursue in their chosen discipline by doing the Master Type Design at ECAL or an equivalent programme in another institution.

Bachelor of Arts HES-SO in Visual Communication, major in Graphic Design

Fees detail

6 semesters

Admissions   Contact

Open space BA Visual Communication   Digital Printshop   Technology Center

Learning Objectives

research graphic design course

Acquire the basics of editorial design through the articulation of sequenced content and the creation of a simple printed editorial object.

Learn about typographic forms by sketching the skeleton of an alphabet.

Define the graphic elements that represent a visual identity on various communication media.

Articulate and arrange content on a website.

Design non-photographic images by addressing production and printing technique issues.

Immerse yourself in cross-disciplinary courses in Photography, Media & Interaction Design, 2D/3D Video Sequence (Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere).

Acquire background knowledge via courses in theory (History of Art, Photography, Film, Digital Culture, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Contemporary Photography, Exhibitions and Publications).

Take part in weeks of workshops supervised by practitioners from all over the world with the aim of carrying out collective or personal projects

research graphic design course

  • Design a complex printed editorial object both formally and conceptually.

Get used to typographic design by acquiring technical and stylistic mastery of type design.

Design media and graphic content linked to a project developed for one or more digital media (html, CSS).

Represent and make recognisable a visual identity (institution, event, brand) on various communication media.

Synthesise and graphically process information or data.

Set fluid graphics systems in motion.

Broaden your horizons through practical cross-disciplinary courses within a sequence (videoclip or VR) or editing project (of your choice) in collaboration with Graphic Design and Media & Interaction Design students.

Enhance your knowledge through theory courses.

Take part in weeks of workshops supervised by practitioners from all over the world with the aim of carrying out collective or personal projects. 

research graphic design course

Design, produce and carry out a complex editorial project in a specific context.

Define, design and carry out a communication campaign aimed at a specific audience.

Develop a highly-complex font (title or text).

Create a graphic language based on visual research and experimentation with production tools.

Immerse yourself in cross-disciplinary courses to refine your collaborative skills in a transdisciplinary project.

Broaden your knowledge with theory courses.

Write a dissertation based on the knowledge acquired during the course of study.

Take part in weeks of workshops supervised by practitioners from all over the world with the aim of carrying out collective or personal projects.

Put into practice the know-how acquired in a graduation work and a portfolio, which will serve as a business card to integrate into the labour market quickly or continue your studies on an MA course.

This section contains a selection of emblematic or recent projects related to the disciplines taught in the Bachelor's degree.

Semester projects all semester projects.

Editorial Design


Editorial Design

with Harry Bloch

During the editorial design course with Harry Bloch, the 1st year students developed, during the fall semester, an edition around a personal survey.

Type specimen

Type specimen

with Aurèle Sack

Type design displayed on a specimen.

Visual Identity

Visual Identity

with Adeline Mollard

During the visual identity course, the 1st year Graphic Design bachelors had to realize a communication project around a district where they live.

Type Design

Type Design

The second-year students had to develop the lower-case letters of two display fonts by hand.

Image Creation

Image Creation

with Guy Meldem

In the course of the Image Creation course taught by Guy Meldem, third year students choose the subject they wish to work on. They develop their own technique and approach to image-making in preparation for their diploma project and their future professional practice.



During the visual identity course, the 2nd year Graphic Design bachelors had to produce a communication project based on a translation. They had to define their own translation system and develop a visual language based on these rules.

Editorial Design

with Diego Bontognali

In this half-semester project, students had to work on a daily newspaper article published on a predefined date and develop an editorial concept.

So, how can we live better?

So, how can we live better?

with Nicole Udry

Beyond questions of functionality, comfort and individual or collective well-being, the built environment is capable of responding in a stimulating way to societal, energy and environmental challenges. Workplaces, homes, public spaces, interiors and streets are all driven by real statements of intent that motivate their design. The 2nd year Graphic Design students worked on a communication based on one of these principles (or others) and on the architectural creation that refers to it in order to promote it.

Editorial Design

The semester project consists of two editions with identical content but different formats. Construct content from a news report, to produce two editions.

Image creation

Image creation

During the Image Creation course with Guy Meldem, the students had to develop a two-color teaching manual, with the aim of teaching a particular skill. Each project takes the form of a 16-page booklet with two different types of printing.

The secret life of objects

The secret life of objects

During the visual identity course, the students had to choose an object that could perform a specific function. Once they had deciphered all the facets of the object, they were asked to come up with a visual identity concept to present the object and show it in a graphic way that best defined it.

So how can we live better

So how can we live better

Beyond questions of functionality, comfort and individual or collective well-being, the built environment is able to respond in a stimulating way to societal, energy and environmental challenges. The work space, the living space, the public space, the interior space, the street, are carried by real statements of intent that motivate their forms, following certain principles such as climate transition, densification, ecology and energy transition.... The 2nd year Graphic Design students worked on the production of a communication based on one of these principles (or others) and on the architectural realization which refers to it in order to promote it.

Workshops All workshops

Retinaa workshop

Retinaa workshop

by Candice Aepli, Amélie Bertholet, Coraline Beyeler, Delphine Brantschen, Léa Corin, Matteo Cortesi, Mathilde Driebold, Eliot Dubi, Marc Facchinetti, Emilie Müller, Dorian Pangallo, Paul Paturel, Hugo Scholl, Diego Steiner, Cyprien Valenza, Alfredo Venti, Arnaud Wenger, Constance Mauler, Flora Hayoz, Lidia Molina González, Vladislav Tschumi

During this week, the students had to create Obi Strip, a strip of paper surrounding the cover of a vinyl. A visible layer representing the world of their vinyl and an invisible layer creating a security raster. The result was screen-printed, using visible ink and UV ink for the security design.

Colour Typologies

Colour Typologies

Workshop Atelier Brenda During this week, the students created posters based on Ken Nordine's music album "Color".




with Vincent Jacquier, Angelo Benedetto, Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek, Jean-Vincent Simonet, Clément Rouzaud

In collaboration with the HYPEROUEST music festival, ECAL students were given the opportunity to design a visual installation in the room adjacent to the festival's ephemeral club, located on the Veillon wasteland in Crissier. For this project, 1st-year students worked in groups, mixing Bachelors in Graphic Design, Media & Interaction Design and Photography. Their main objective was to create powerful and creative visual sequences around the central theme of "HYPER". At the same time, second-year students in the Graphic Design option enriched this project by developing the exhibition's visual identity. These interdisciplinary collaborations stimulated exchanges and encouraged visual cohesion, connecting the different ideas and reinforcing the "laboratory" and experimental aspect of the project.


by Candice Aepli, Amélie Bertholet, Coraline Beyeler, Delphine Brantschen, Léa Corin, Matteo Cortesi, Mathilde Driebold, Eliot Dubi, Marc Facchinetti, Sébastien Follet, Emilie Müller, Dorian Pangallo, Paul Paturel, Adam Saragoussi, Hugo Scholl, Diego Steiner, Cyprien Valenza, Alfredo Venti, Arnaud Wenger

Workshop with Helmo During this week, the students created a new version of vinyl cover by remixing their graphic elements.

The Things I Missed While Scrolling

The Things I Missed While Scrolling

by Rebecca Alfandary, Valentin Bonzon, Jonas Buxcel, Camille Choquard, Alexandra Cupsa, Sacha Décoppet, Morgane Gilliéron, Flaurant Kadrija, Yohann Kampmann, Simon Maurer, Delphine Moënnat, Monica Müller, Océane Pasteur, Luca Reichenbach, Luca Riva, Angeline Rossetti, Pierre Teissier, Baptiste Torrent, Elsa Trummer, Chloé Vandewalle

Workshop with Stephanie Specht During the week the students had to produce one poster that makes people aware of their phone use, make them stand still. They had design their poster so that it inspires from a distance, and informs up close.

Music made visual

Music made visual

Workshop with Brian Roettinger This workshop was a typographic exploration/exercise on how typography can express musical feeling/tone. The students used the lyrics as a graphic material. With the as their only source material they had to create one poster.

Lott of Prints

Lott of Prints

During this week, students organized a lottery. Printed in offset, the modular posters that turned into cards enabled the first lottery at ECAL.



with Angelo Benedetto, Guy Meldem, Sébastian Strappazzon

Workshop with Strappazzon With the aim of broadening the horizons of graphic design students beyond the media traditionally explored during their training, Sebastian Stappazzon, co-founder of AVNIER – one of today's hottest streetwear brands launched in collaboration with French rapper OrelSan – runs a week-long workshop at ECAL. From the proposals imagined by the students, a capsule collection was born, produced in a limited edition. The entire collection will be presented and on sale at an exclusive event on 15 December 2023 at La Rasude in Lausanne.



with Marietta Eugster

During this workshop, each student had to design a poster presenting a cryptocurrency. Each student had to visually reinterpret the characteristics of his cryptocurrency while taking into account an imposed grid in constant evolution. The posters printed with the plotter will then be overprinted.

Encyclopedia of Demons

Encyclopedia of Demons

with Atlas Studio

After choosing a demon from Theresa Bane's Encyclopedia of Demons, each student had to visually reinterpret the characteristics of their demon in several ways. A stencil printing technique (cutting a sheet of paper) allowed students to create their visuals on the spot and independently.

Amen Break

with Vincent Devaud

Creation of a poster on a piece of music of one' s choice, using the Amen Break sample. The poster is composed of two layers: a typographic layer and an abstract layer explaining the rhythm. In a second step, the posters of each student were reduced to A5 format and the layers exchanged. The result was silkscreen printed.

An addendum for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

An addendum for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

with Roosje Klap

During this workshop, all students were asked to write an extension article for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which together formed an addendum for this historical text. It has formed a new part of the temple that hold and protect our humanity. To provide contextual background to the work, students had been reading and discussing an article each day, followed by a daily topic. By the end of the week, an extension of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was celebrated in the form of 20 flags and a collaborative video of 20×20 seconds.

Diploma projects All diplomas

Marjolaine Rey – Ici prochainement votre appartement

Marjolaine Rey – Ici prochainement votre appartement

with Aurèle Sack, Diego Bontognali

Ici Prochainement Votre Appartement is the transition from private property to public space. On the eve of moving out of the family home, but especially in view of its imminent demolition, I have placed La Maison (The House) in a brand-new space, i.e. a book. This book, more than a personal monologue, is an invitation to enter through text and image. From the gate to the garden to the door, all the way to the attic, where the library lies. Iconography drawn from this library has an impact on the layout of the entire volume. The space of the book is my playground. The quarto format conceals half of the content between the pages. It is up to the readers to decide whether or not they want to enter each room of La Maison when they visit. Welcome to my home, soon to be yours…

Alice Villars – Mirù

Alice Villars – Mirù

by Alice Villars

Mirù is an exploration of the transmission and itinerancy of my mother’s life through interdependent objects, dresses and a book. Clothes say a lot about someone. More than appearance, they are a fertile ground for graphic expression and self-expression. I created five dresses using archive material. The composition of the dresses incorporates ornamental forms and graphic elements, pictures. Each dress becomes an address from my mother’s life, representing a particular atmosphere that gives clues to her story. The editing, meanwhile, creates a loop between the dresses and the book, a place where everything comes together. Mirù plunges into the history and emotions of a life, conveyed through clothes and words.

Pablo Felley – 606

Pablo Felley – 606

with Gilles Gavillet, Guy Meldem

606 is a travelling and modular art space, built from shipping containers. Every three months, the space changes location and layout. 606 invites local artists to create new universes at the intersection of technology and reality. 606 comes to life at night and showcases its identity through constantly evolving 360-degree projections, which cover and transform the structure of the containers. 606 also exists throughout the city through animated posters that offer a new interpretation of the projected visuals. The communication of 606 is simultaneously developed in 3D, 2D and in rhythm.

Alice Moor – Baraonda

Alice Moor – Baraonda

with Aurèle Sack, Guy Meldem

Baraonda is a playful system designed to help run creative activities. The workshop is based on a wheel of fortune made up of several circles that determine the characteristics and rules that will be put in place. Nine stages have been devised, starting with the widest circle and working down to the narrowest. A working theme is determined, followed by a technique, different materials, colours, and so on. In addition to the series of circles, I developed various materials to support the workshops: wooden stencils, a collection of images and self-adhesive letters. The development of the project and the results of the activities carried out in primary school classes in Lausanne have been brought together in a printed edition. The whole package comes in a cloth-covered cardboard box.

Ambre Louineau – Helix

Ambre Louineau – Helix

with Jonathan Hares, Gilles Gavillet

Helix is a science popularisation project inspired by Isabella Maria Pasqualini’s thesis, entitled “Embodied Space in Architecture, Cognitive Neuroscience and Virtual Reality”, carried out at EPFL Architecture. The book focuses on the links of the human body with architecture and neuroscience, offering an interpretation and an appropriation of the thesis. To do this, the book explores the vector representation of the four chapters, alternating with photographic fragments illustrating the integration of the human body into the architecture of the book.

Leoni Limbach – Wild Tales

Leoni Limbach – Wild Tales

with Nicole Udry, Aurèle Sack

A flower is not just a flower, it is all living beings that depend on it to bloom. In the context of the biodiversity crisis, this book is a response to Gilles Clément's manifesto The Third Landscape. The landscaper calls for the revaluation of the spaces along our roads of cities. Between over-urbanisation and excessive agricultural monoculture, these forgotten marginal spaces are recolonised by pioneering, wild flora, regenerating ecosystems that are rich in biodiversity. Unlike the herbarium, which proceeds by fragmentary analysis, this project analyses relationships between living beings. Wild Tales is a book of atmospheric illustrations that invites us to draw from the varied colours and shapes of this space as well as the wild stories that make it up.

Ianka Jean-Marie – HYPER-OBJETS

Ianka Jean-Marie – HYPER-OBJETS

with Gilles Gavillet, Nicole Udry

Part art book, part science textbook, this meta-encyclopaedia evokes the risks of global warming. Going beyond the usual paradigms of the Anthropocene era, these phenomena are known as HYPER-OBJECTS. Through the reading of a simplified language, this system of mental maps conceptualises these complex phenomena. In the context of the ecological crisis, the materialisation of this ecological thinking allows us to measure our impact, while reinterpreting the phenomenon of the end of the world in a more tangible way. Through this visual archaeology, we search for traces of our contemporary civilisation, questioning our relationship with the future. In truth, doesn’t this object bear witness to the destructive movement of the end of the world?

Hugo Jauffret – Red Sea Last Hope

Hugo Jauffret – Red Sea Last Hope

with Nicole Udry, Jonathan Hares

Recent scientific studies reveal that Red Sea corals are more resilient than average to rising water temperatures. This unique coral refuge on earth gives great hope to scientists and allows them to analyse factors of coral resistance before they to eventually disappear. Red Sea Last Hope combines scientific reports, expedition accounts and geopolitical archives, aiming to raise awareness about the gradual disappearance of corals while highlighting the influence of the geopolitics of the Red Sea, which is delaying research.

Michelle Zadio Villarroel – Nativo+Latino

Michelle Zadio Villarroel – Nativo+Latino

with Gilles Gavillet, Jonathan Hares

Nativo+Latino reinvents the heritage and syncretism of the South American continent. Long shaped by the evangelisation of the indigenous people, the consequences of this mix of identities bears witness to the cultural and religious alienation of Latinos. Gradually, awareness of the indigenous condition has pushed their descendants to honour and revive their cult. This project is a place where Latin communities, who aim to reclaim this heritage that was until now regarded as pagan beliefs, to come together, confront one another and express themselves. Nativo takes the shape of ancestral memories and a collective imagination that reflects a reinterpretation of the practice of Catholicism in Latin America in order to restore power in a hybrid vision of identity.

Louis Roh – Les chemins perdus

Louis Roh – Les chemins perdus

with Guy Meldem, Diego Bontognali

Millennia ago, humankind discovered electricity and never stopped exploiting and reinventing it, unconcerned, considering this resource to be infinite. This book, Les Chemins Perdus, opens up new horizons, between dream and fiction, through realistic and poetic notions. What if all the lights went out? It stimulates the imagination and offers readers light, childlike speculation. Interest in illustration, storytelling and printing techniques brings this graphic tale to life. This journey of colours and images appeals to a multi-generational audience, tapping into the potential of children’s books in these tense and confusing times.

Ilaria Citti – KRUMP

Ilaria Citti – KRUMP

with Gilles Gavillet, Diego Bontognali

As a Krump dancer, I have noticed a lack of editorial content dedicated to this dance. Originating in the underprivileged areas of South Central in Los Angeles in the 1990s, Krump is a way for dancers to express their anger, aggression, frustration and pain in a positive way. This book sheds light on the spirit of this dance through its codes: its community spirit, its vocabulary, its music and its competitions. By seeking to meet those involved in the dance scene in Switzerland, I hope to offer an authentic perspective on this movement.

Agathe Bourrée – Informal Pictures

Agathe Bourrée – Informal Pictures

Each year, the seven most influent countries in the world gather to discuss international matters for a weekend hosted by one of the members. Informal Pictures is an inquiry that aims to recreate the atmosphere of these meetings, which lead to major decisions regarding international politics. It is an attempt to understand the influence of the press on the collective imaginary, with regard to those major political events. The study uses graphic design tools and mainstream journalistic sources to recreate an image that never existed, a missing image of political dinners during the annual G7. Those informal images are recreated based on what the newspapers say and used as input in an artificial intelligence to shape the intention of the picture.

This section lists the detailed modules and courses for each semester of the programme.

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4 Semester 5 Semester 6

Graphic design practice and techniques I

  • Editorial Design I
  • Image Making I
  • Type Design I
  • Visual Identity I
  • History of Art (opt.)
  • History of Photography (opt.)
  • History of Cinema (opt.)
  • History of Video Games
  • Introduction to the critical history of graphic design 

Transversal Skills I

Graphic design

  • Photography
  • Interaction Design
  • 2D / 3D Sequence

Project Week I

Graphic design practice and techniques ii.

  • Screen Design I
  • Image Making II
  • Type Design II
  • Visual Identity II
  • History of Graphic Design
  • History of Industrial Design
  • History of Ideas

Transversal Skills II

Project week ii.

  • Collaboration

Graphic design practice and techniques III

  • Screen Design II / Editorial Design II
  • Information Design I
  • Type Design III
  • Visual Identity III / Graphic Design in Context I
  • Information & Communication
  • Global Visions
  • History of Graphic Design Seminars

Transversal Skills III

VR Sequence

  • Book Design 

Project Week III

  • Motion Design

Graphic design practice and techniques IV

  • Information Design II
  • Type Design IV
  • Introduction to the Thesis

Transversal Skills IV

Clip Sequence

Magazine Design

Project Week IV

Graphic design practice and techniques v.

  • Editorial Design Project
  • Communication Project

Graphic design practice and techniques VI

  • Type Design Project
  • Creation Project

Transversal Skills V

  • Digital Editorial Design

Diploma Studio

Diploma jury, find all the programme documents below.

  • Study Plan (FR)
  • Modules Descriptions (FR)

Graphic designer, Motion designer, Art director, Creative director, Publisher, Illustrator, Type designer, Web designer, Teacher…

Chaumont & Zaerpour, Clemens Piontek, Eilean Friis-Lund & Alice Vodoz Emmanuel, Crivelli (Dual Room), Eurostandard, Guillaume Chuard, Hugo Hoppmann, Ian Party, Jan Abellan (ARI), Louisa Gagliardi, Mads Freund Brunse, Marietta Eugster, Mateo Broillet, Mathias Clottu, Mathieu Meyer, Maximage, Maxime Büchi, Melina Wilson (A-Language), Nadja Zimmermann (NASK), Nazareno Crea (ABC ETC), Noémie Gygax, Olga Prader, Régis Tosetti, Teo Schifferli, Thibault Brevet (AATB), Vincent Devaud...

Visual Communication Department Vincent Jacquier

Bachelor Graphic Design Angelo Benedetto

Artistic assistant Julien Gurtner

Assistants Achille Masson Antonin Ricou Elodie Anglade Louis Roh Morgane Cachin Technology Center Jamy Herrmann Matthieu Minguet Vincent Jacquier

Angelo Benedetto Aurèle Sack Diego Bontognali Gilles Gavillet Guy Meldem Harry Bloch Nicole Udry

Antonio Albanese Anouk Schneider Calypso Mahieu Claus Gunti Joël Vacheron Pauline Saglio Vincent Jacquier Violène Pont

Adeline Mollard Alexandru Balgiù Angelo Cirimele Catherine Leutenegger Chi-­Long Trieu Elodie Anglade Giliane Cachin Jonas Berthod Jonathan Hares Karen Schmutz Laurence Salmon Léonard Guyot Lionel Tardy Mehdi Derfoufi Mélanie Boissonneau Mélanie Courtinat Olivia Schenker Pierre Doze Robert Huber Sami Benhadj Sébastien Agnetti

Atlas Studio Brian Roettinger Daniel Maarleveld Eurostandard Félicité Landrivon Helmo Ines Cox Irene Vlachou Jean-Vincent Simonet Jessica In Klap Roosje Lamm & Kirch Lineto Marietta Eugster Norm Raphaël Garnier Ronny Hunger Sandra Kassenaar Sebastian Strappazzon Stephanie Specht Syndicat Vincent Devaud Yehwan Song

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Rosatom Starts Life Tests of Third-Generation VVER-440 Nuclear Fuel

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