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The Ultimate 2022 Resume Format for Freshers Guide [Expert samples from over 100,000 users]

Top 5 tactics to create the best fresher resume format:.

  • Don’t simply list what coursework and internships you’ve done. It helps a hiring manager if they can learn about the important things you did in those roles (e.g. started ACM student chapter in Mumbai around Artificial intelligence and control theory)
  • Make sure that you use the right resume buzzwords and avoid the bad ones
  • Modify your resume to match the interests of the organization you are applying to
  • Don’t be vague, paint a complete picture of who you are and how you are a good for the job
  • Design your resume with care and make sure your most valuable work catches recruiter’s attention
  • Don’t build a 10+ page resume just to show everything you’ve ever done. Remember, it is your resume, not your biography

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How to create the best fresher resume format?

Make it one page.

In case you don’t know, there is a generally accepted industry standard on resume page length. Ideally, it should be one page for every 10 years of experience. Given that you’re about to graduate and have just started working, you should really only have a one page resume . A one page resume is not only more organized, but quickly helps a recruiter identify your key skills and shortlist you. Imagine getting 100 ten page resumes every day. Going through that is like reading a 1,000 page book!

Make your resume relevant to the role

Don’t underestimate your skills just because you lack work experience. One technique you can try is breaking down the job into 5 different parts and see how you can reflect in your resume that you have covered some (or all) parts. This increases the relevance of your resume to a hiring manager significantly. For example, to apply for a Junior software engineer role you can easily break it down to 5 parts. First is programming language, second is algorithmic knowledge, third is quality/scalability, fourth is GIT/JIRA (i.e. deployment tools), and fifth is database. Now, if you crafted a resume that reflects you mastering 3 programming languages, being proficient with well known algorithms and having used deployment tools. By doing so, you are creating the exact fresh resume format that a hiring manager is looking for!

Show your experience

A majority of employers out there want to see the difference you can make to their organization. Sadly, most freshers don’t account for this when they craft their resume or even while sending job applications. From your volunteering experience to your internships, try to show what you did and the impact it made. Use exact numbers when possible. If you’ve taken relevant coursework, certifications - make sure you don’t miss these important details. Proactively promoting your experience is often the most important factor to a positive assessment of your resume.

Conduct a resume review

  • Spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Inconsistent punctuation
  • Broken website links
  • Incorrect contact information
  • Long or unclear sentences

Secure impactful references

References can have a huge impact on your application. They are also a critical part of application tracking systems (ATS) that a vast majority of large organizations use. References in resume formats can be of two types: References of someone within the target organization, and references of a well known industry professional. If you get referred by an existing employee of the organization, your resume has a much higher chance of landing you an interview. And, if you cite the reference of a well known industry professional, your resume will definitely land you an interview.

10 sections recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in a fresher resume format

how to make resume for freshers format

1. Your Resume Header

Your resume’s header is the first thing that any recruiter will see. Typically, a header has contact information, website link(s), a linkedin profile, and other social links. Make sure that your contact information is up to date, and only add emails that look professional. Ideally, a professional email looks something like '[email protected]'. Also, keep the number of things in your resume format header to a minimum. Your goal is to give recruiters a quick sense of who you are and how to contact you, not overwhelm them with a lot of information.

2. Personal Summary

A personal summary and a fresher resume don’t exactly match all of the time. Almost 90% of freshers write a summary like this in their resume: “My goal is to grow professionally and contribute to your esteemed organization and learn more” This doesn’t work for many reasons. First, this doesn’t say anything about what you really want to do. Second, it fails to convey relevance your resume to the job. And, third, it makes you sound passive and shows a lack of enthusiasm. A better version of a personal summary (for a design related role) would go in depth, connect your skills and goals with the role that you are applying for. Here’s an example: “To become one of the best UX designers in the world by practising minimalism, design systems with optimized onboarding for large scale software products. I have a keen interest in UX research, information architecture, and motion designs which drive my desire to accomplish great things in my career.” As you can clearly see, a hiring manager that looks at this professional summary will now understand who you are and what your motivation is for applying to the role. They will be more likely to take notice and evaluate your resume carefully. Mission accomplished!

  • Relevant to the role you’re applying for
  • Recognizable within your target industry
  • A mix of both soft and hard skills
  • Software skills (proficiency with AutoCAD)
  • Planning and management skills (Expert in SAP SCS planning)
  • Predictive Analytics (Implementing customer lifecycle analytics using Tableau)
  • Market research (Identifying the right, most profitable customers)
  • Inventory management (keeping record of SKUs and managing demand supply pipeline)
  • MS Word and Google docs
  • Your typing speed (unless you are applying to be a typist)
  • Anything that’s not relevant to the role you are applying for

Resume format example

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4. Your Experience

Underestimating work experience is something that’s common across most fresher resumes. A lot of companies that hire freshers usually look for relevant projects or coursework. A relevant example of experience could be something that you did in your coursework, lab, projects or during your internship and can count as a professional grade working experience.

Best resume format

5. Education

A lot of job requirements clearly demand a level of education (undergraduate, post graduate, PhD). Clearly listing them out in a way a recruiter can quickly understand helps your job application in getting closer to being shortlisted. When you add your education to your resume, make sure to mention the important and relevant coursework in it. For example, if you are a mechanical engineering student, highlighting that you’ve gone through Production Planning helps you to be seen as a more relevant candidate for an Automotive Engineering role.

Best fresher resume

6. Languages

  • English : IELTS CEFR B2
  • Tamil : Native Language
  • Hindi : Fluent in reading, writing and speaking
  • German : Full professional proficiency (ILR scale)

Best resume format for freshers

7. Most Proud Of

Did you do something in your college life that you’re incredibly proud of? Adding this section helps you standout from other applicants. After testing it with 100,000+ resume applications, it has proven to be very effective. Freshers can usually add things like a college project, an open source contribution, an achievement in sports, a fellowship, published research papers, etc to name a few.

Resume format for job

8. Life Philosophy

So far, most of the sections we’ve gone through were more focused on your work-related skills. But, hiring is also about cultural fit. Take this chance to be more impactful with your resume format. Fortunately, showcasing your life philosophy doesn’t take much. You can simply reflect it by including a quote from a significant figure or a quote that you live by.

Latest resume format for freshers

9. Certificates and Courses

Often, freshers undergo a number of certification and other courses during college. These courses and certificates can often help you gain first hand experience and prepare you well for your professional career. They are often critical in crafting a winning fresher resume format.

Resume format for freshers engineers

10. References

We spoke about using references and how including them is a part of the best fresher resume format. When you write your references section, ensure to add their name, designation, a contact number and email information.

Resume format examples

How to get a referral for the role you want after graduating

As a fresher, you should try to leverage your existing networks to gain job referrals. A job referral is an incredibly powerful way to land a job as referrals often standout from the rest of job applications. If you are unsure on where to get started, your college alumni, your professors and your social network (Linkedin, Facebook, etc) could be the first place. Here’s a detailed guide to getting job referrals (email outreach template included!) that just might come in handy to get job referrals.

Check out our guide on getting referrals for any job you’re applying for.

Trying to land an interview? Check out more winning resume examples for inspiration

how to make resume for freshers format

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How to Format a Resume for Freshers

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What is a fresher resume?

The best format for a fresher resume, how to write a resume for a fresher.

A fresher resume is written for a person without previous work experience. Freshers are typically college graduates or people with some education who are looking to enter the workforce for the first time. When you search for resume tips, you’re likely to find examples centered around work experience, but there are ways to craft a resume without solely focusing on your career background. In this article, you’ll learn how to format a resume for freshers and gain valuable insight from selected fresher resume examples.

While a fresher may not have former workforce experience, that doesn’t mean they don’t have any relative skills or experience. Freshers with a college background are especially likely to have a wide array of experiences that have helped them develop skills relevant to certain jobs.

Although most job applicants will use a chronological resume format, listing their earliest experience first then writing entries by order of occurrence, a functional resume format is much more flexible and suited for applicants without much work experience. In a functional format, experience is defined in wider terms, coming from a variety of sources. This format can fulfill the underlying requirements of a resume without explicitly focusing on prior work experience.

Here are three factors that should be the cornerstone of any fresher resume:

1. First, describe your education

The education section is where a fresher can truly shine. Since a fresher’s educational experiences are typically the most impressive, it’s usually best to list this section first. Most freshers are recent (or soon will be) college graduates, so you should highlight your institution and area of study. Instead of simply listing your major and degree, you can also include any earned accomplishments and awards. 

Consider listing any skills attained from your education that are relevant to a particular job as well. You can detail some of the more rigorous projects you completed during your studies, especially if they involved managing others. 

Master of Computer Science, Georgia Tech, 2017–2019

  • Major in computer science with a specialization in high-performance computing
  • Managed a group of 20+ students in completing a large project involving programming languages and computer architecture
  • Won the 2018 Champions of Computer Science Award

Bachelor of Computer Science, Georgia Tech, 2013–2017

  • Major in computer science with a specialization in computing systems and architecture
  • Minor in computing and business

2. Second, list your relevant skills

This section is a little different than it would be in a chronological format resume. Your experience and education should be enough to justify your skills, and all you have to do is list them. By listing suitable hard and soft skills, relevant to the job you’re applying for, you show employers you’re qualified. For example, you’ll want to include leadership and communication skills for virtually any position, but industry-specific skills like knowledge of Java, C++, and other programming languages, should be included in an IT resume. If you’re a graphic designer, instead of programming languages, you might list your Photoshop and Illustrator skills.

3. Then, include any formal experience you might have

When writing your experience section, you might not have much formal work to draw from. If you had an internship, especially in the field you’re applying for, you should definitely include it. For example, you might only have a part-time retail job you worked during high school. However, just because you’re applying to a different industry doesn’t mean your retail job isn’t important experience. You should still list this position in your work experience section, but explain how your responsibilities relate to the job you’re applying for. For example, a retail job could have developed your communication and leadership skills.

Computer Engineering Intern, Computechtron ,  2018–2019

  • Troubleshot programs and assisted programmers in compiling codes to optimize existing software
  • Assisted with the installation of a new server and upgrade of existing servers to help boost efficiency by 15%
  • Used Java and C++ to build data storage solutions for several clients using cloud technology
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Resume Examples For Freshers: Headline, About Me, Skills, and More

Elena Prokopets

You open your favorite job search website to browse the latest entries and there it is — an amazing entry-level position in your career field. Unfortunately, you realize very quickly that even those entry-level positions require you to have at least some experience. So, how can a fresher get a job in their industry?

Your best chance is to present yourself as a standout candidate who is worth a bit of time and training. To do this, you will need to write a spectacular resume . We can help with great resume examples for freshers and some writing tips!

Fresher Resume Examples (Word Version)

resume example for freshers

Download resume example (.docx)

Sample Resume For Fresher (Text Version)

Professional summary.

I am a recent college graduate who is interested in developing the skills needed to become a professional in the field of computer-assisted design. I bring a wide range of relevant skills to the table as well as all required certifications. My hope is to contribute coachability and work ethic as I grow with a dynamic company that prioritizes green design and functionality.

  • Revit — Advanced
  • Cad — Intermediate
  • Sketchup — Intermediate
  • Cost Estimating — Beginner
  • Blueprints — Intermediate
  • Construction Documents — Intermediate
  • Worksite Safety — Advanced

Work Experience

Davis Plumbing Office Assistant May 2020 — Present

  • Processing invoices and payments.
  • Managing office communications
  • Customer support.
  • General cleaning and light maintenance.

West End Interior Design CAD Intern January 2020 – May 2020

  • Producing plans, drafts, and mock-ups based on designer specifications.
  • Creating 3D Models
  • Managing Client Communications
  • Shadowing Designers and Draftspersons

Educational History

University of North Texas BA Computer Assisted Design Minor: Interior Design And Architecture GPA: 3.82

  • Gold Medal Winner: TX State Design Professionals Invitational
  • Vice President: Green Designers of The Future
  • Dean’s List
  • Certified Sketchup User

Coleman Community College AA Computer Aided Drafting  GPA: 3.5

  • Finalist: Houston TX Urban Planning Competition
  • Treasurer: Student Activities Association

Awards & Activities 

  • 2020 Tex Hachatron Winner, 2nd place 
  • Intern of the Yeat at West End Design 

Sample Resume for Fresher Graduate

Entry-level data analyst with experience in designing ad hoc queries with SQL and custom ETL/ELT pipelines. B.S. in Data Science from CalTech, Dean’s List. Looking for an opportunity to hone my data science skills and analytics model development.  

Technical skills

  • SQL and NoSQL 
  • Python 
  • Data cleansing 
  • Data management 
  • Data visualizations 


  • Power BI 
  • Tableau 
  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • Confluence 

Soft skills 

  • Deductive reasoning
  • Attention-to-details 
  • Accurate reporting 
  • Problem-solving
  • Self-reflection
  • Teamwork 

Supply Chain Corps  Data analyst intern May 2023 – August 2023

Completed a 12-week internship, during which I was trained to develop analytical models for forecasting supply chain risks (KNN, tree classification, and random forest method). Successfully developed a model with a 15% accuracy improvement. Created data visualizations for LOB users to present key findings. 

StartupLab  Data assistant February 2022 — April 2023 

Worked as a part-time data assistant in an on-campus startup incubator. Collaborated with different teams on data analysis projects for pricing optimization, inventory management, and income prediction. Helped senior data scientists with data cleaning and transformation tasks. 

California Institute of Technology BS Data Science Minor: Decision Theory GPA: 3.7 Dean’s list for 4 semesters 


  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate  (issued May 2022) 
  • Google’s Data Analytics Professional Certificate (issued Jan 2023) 

Sample Resume Format for Freshers

The two common resume formats are chronological and functional resumes. The first fresher resume example uses a classical chronological format, where the information is presented in a linear manner. 

However, when you have no industry experience, it may be better to select a functional resume format . This type of resume places the accent over your skills, rather than experiences as the second resume example did.  

ready for the world resume template

Free functional resume template  

Why use a functional resume format over a chronological one? 

You don’t need ‘formal’ work experience to showcase and contextualize your most marketable hard and soft skills . After all, you’ve probably acquired them in class, during internships, doing academic research, as a volunteer, or by pursuing hobbies and doing freelance work. 

Best of all, that list of skills is placed at the top of your resume, where it will get the hiring manager’s attention.

“About Me” Section in Resume Sample for Freshers

Open your resume with a compelling resume summary that speaks to your passion for your field, willingness to learn, and desire to become a member of the team. Don’t forget to highlight all the things you bring to the table as well. Even freshers can have flexibility, a willingness to work hard, and a great work ethic.

To make a strong first impression, include a three-four sentence “about me” statement, which covers:

  • Your background and the type of role you’re looking for
  • Key skills and educational credentials 
  • Passion for the industry or motivation for a particular role 

Here’s a sample “about me” paragraph for a fresher resume, which includes all of the above. 

Electrical engineer graduate, Denver State University, class of 2023. Experienced in designing OEM devices in the auto industry. High proficiency in AutoCAD, AutoDesk, and MATLAB. Looking for a position with an e-vehicle company to usher in the era of green mobility. 

Resume Headline for Freshers’: Example 

Finally, to make your resume even more impactful, add a short professional header to your resume. It should go right after your name and before your contact details. 

For example:

Joanne Rigiport Veterinary Technician Phone: 000-000-000 email: [email protected] 

Use a bigger font size (e.g., size 16 or 18) for the resume headline to make it stand out. You can also apply bold styling but don’t use another color. Or else your resume will look amateurish. 

Resume Skills Examples for Freshers

Every fresh entrant to the workforce will come with a slightly different skill set. As a liberal arts graduate with some experience in journalism, you’ll have a different hard skill set from a fresh law school alum. 

What may unite you though are your soft skills — personality traits and attributes that weren’t developed on a particular job. 

If you need some resume skills ideas for your fresher’s resume, here are a couple of examples:

Interpersonal skills 

  • Public speaking
  • Negotiation
  • Active listening 
  • Transparency
  • Empathy 
  • Flexibility
  • Conflict management 

Technical skills 

  • Coding and programming skills 
  • Engineering skills 
  • Digital marketing skills 
  • Project management tools
  • Data analysis skills
  • Digital literacy skills

Analytical skills

  • Data synthesis 
  • Fact-checking
  • Industry research 
  • Case analysis 
  • Qualitative analysis
  • Quantitative analysis 
  • Problem-solving 

Administration skills 

  • Task management 
  • Appointment management 
  • Recordkeeping 
  • Asynchronous communication 
  • Troubleshooting
  • Operational planning
  • Scenario modeling 

Self-management skills 

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Adaptability
  • Punctuality
  • Prioritization
  • Multi-tasking
  • Accountability 
  • Stress management 
  • Conscientiousness

Extracurricular Activities in Resume for Freshers Examples

When you don’t have a substantial work history, your resume may look a bit sparse. To cover up for those, some freshers like listing their interests, hobbies, and other types of extracurricular activities on a resume . 

Should you do the same? The answer is — it depends. 

Saying that you’re an avid Dungeons & Dragons player when applying to a law firm may not tick the scale in your favor. But sharing the same tidbit with a game development studio may be cool. 

Don’t rush to list all the extracurriculars you did just to fill in some blank space. Instead, think about the whole process strategically: Will this information help me in any way? 

For example, your experience in volunteering in an animal shelter is a huge bonus for a veterinary position. Likewise, you should mention all types of dance styles you did if you’re writing a dancer resume . 

Other good examples of extracurricular activities to include in your resume are:

  • Language proficiency 
  • Community service 
  • Chairman activities 
  • Volunteering experiences 

All of these can be briefly mentioned in the bottom resume section , after education. Volunteering and community service work can be also listed in the work experience section. 

How to Write an Excellent Fresher Resume 

Always start with a resume outline , which includes all of the above sections. First, add as many details as you like without worrying too much about length or formatting. Then step aside for a quick break and return back to the resume while wearing an “editorial” head. Give the document a critical look and apply the following polishing touches. 

Make Your Experience Relevant

Even if you don’t have industry experience, there is a good chance that you can meet some of the criteria for the job. Remember: most employers are also looking for a good mix of core competencies and personal characteristics such as work ethic, motivation, and trainability. 

Keep interpersonal skills in mind as well. Your customer service expertise, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities could keep you in the running.

Get The Details Right

Does the job listing ask you to email your resume, or upload it? Should it be in PDF format or saved as a Word document? What about your cover letter ? Do you need to attach a separate one or will an email cover letter suffice? Start off on the best terms by following every instruction to the letter.

That’s not all. Continue showcasing your attention to detail in the content of your resume. Make sure it is formatted for readability. Use plenty of white space on the page, add bullet points, and use bold print. Consider a resume template to take care of these details for you.

Finally, triple-proofread your resume. Read it yourself to fix any errors. Use a spelling and grammar tool. Third, pass it on to a trusted friend for a final review.

Contextualize Your Skills And Level Of Expertise

Instead of listing your skills as bullet points, give them some helpful context. Add a second column or graphic that describes your specific level of expertise for each skill that you list. 

Check out the ‘ Contrast ’ resume template. It uses simple, horizontal lines to indicate the level of experience that the applicant has. By sharing this information, you give the most accurate picture of your capabilities.

Final Thoughts: Enhance Your Educational History

As a fresher, the employment section of your resume may seem a bit sparse. That’s perfectly fine! Instead, draw attention to your educational background. Feel free to emphasize club memberships, activities, awards, and other accomplishments to showcase your extra abilities.

Elena Prokopets

Elena runs content operations at Freesumes since 2017. She works closely with copywriters, designers, and invited career experts to ensure that all content meets our highest editorial standards. Up to date, she wrote over 200 career-related pieces around resume writing, career advice... more

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What is the best resume format for freshers?

If you are a fresh graduate preparing to apply for your first job, curating a stellar resume is one of the first hurdles that you need to get through.

Given that on average, recruiters only spend about 6 seconds on a single resume, it is essential to make a good first impression with your resume and stand out from the crowd of applicants with a well-formatted resume.

And while you may believe that a quick google search will help you find clarity on the same, it can sometimes trigger more questions and confusion.

But, fret not! You’re in the right place and this guide is just what you need to help you gain clarity on everything about resume formats and the best option for you.

In simple terms, the format of a resume constitutes its layout, design, and other elements such as font styles, headings, bullet points, spacing, and the different resume sections.

Read on to learn more about fresher resume format and related FAQs like the following:

  • What is a resume format and why is it important?
  • What are the different types of resume formats for fresher graduates?
  • What is a chronological resume format for freshers?
  • How to structure a functional resume format for freshers?
  • What are some good fresher resume tips?

What is a Resume Format for Freshers and Why Does It Matter?

Picture this - you spend hours on end tailoring the contents of your resume to the job description of your targetted role but you miss out on the format.

One look at the disorderly resume and the recruiter instantly rejects it without even reading it. Not exactly a dream scenario for freshers. Isn’t it?

Therefore the need to have an organized resume with a simple design and format that is not only parsable by the recruiters but the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) as well.

Resume format includes the order in which you present your skills and qualifications, and other visual elements that enhance its readability.

  • Some of the well-known resume formats for freshers include reverse chronological, combination, and functional resume formats.

Meanwhile, the visual elements of the resume format for freshers constitutes of the following:

  • Resume font style and size
  • Spacing and margins
  • Resume sections
  • Resume length and file format
Also Read: How to create a simple resume format?

Different Resume Formats For Freshers

As stated earlier, there are 3 well-known resume formats that are generally used by freshers and professionals.

Given below is a breakdown of each resume format for freshers and its pros and cons:

Reverse Chronological Resume Format for Freshers

The reverse chronological resume format is the most well-known and widely accepted format that is preferred by recruiters and is easily parsed by Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) used by employers to select candidates.

This format displays the most recent work experience at the top, followed by the older ones.

While as a fresh graduate, you might not have professional experience, you can use this format to present your internship and volunteer experience and educational qualifications as well.

This format works well because it highlights your most recent and relevant experience or qualification, making it easier for the recruiters to scan through it.

Also, it typically uses bullet points to list job duties and accomplishments, which enhances the readability of your fresher resume.

Here are some tips on structuring a reverse chronological resume format for freshers:

  • Start with your most recent education or job experience and include details like the name of the institution or company, your job title, and the dates of your tenure
  • Describe your responsibilities and achievements by using bullet points, specific examples, and figures
  • In case you have completed any relevant coursework or training, including the name of the program and the institution

Fresher resume template sample chronological

Also Read: How to use the reverse chronological resume format in 2023?

Functional Resume Format for Freshers

A functional format is a resume format that highlights your skills rather than your work history.

It is often used by individuals who are changing careers or have limited work experience and hence can be a good option for freshers.

This resume format for freshers is characterized by limited use of bullet points and job titles whilst emphasizing specific accomplishments or achievements.

There is minimal to zero mention of work history, and the following are some sections included in this resume format:

  • Summary or objective statement
  • Skills (grouped by category)
  • Education and training section
  • Certifications or awards section (if applicable)

Fresher resume sample functional format

Also Read: What is a functional resume format and how can you use it?

Combination Resume Format for Freshers

  • A combination format or a hybrid resume combines aspects of both the chronological and functional resume formats.

It typically includes a summary or objective statement, a list of skills and qualifications, and a chronological work experience section.

While this resume format includes elements of both resume formats, it can be time-consuming to create and can appear cluttered and disorganized to the reader.

Also Read: What is a combination resume format and how to use it in 2023?

Resume Tips For Design Elements of Resume Format For Freshers

As for the design elements related to resume format for freshers, given below are some tips that you can follow:

  • Ensure that your resume design is simple and doesn’t have flashy or bold colors as it can look unprofessional
  • Avoid using infographics and graphs in your resume format if you’re applying for traditional job profiles as the ATS cannot scan them
  • Use a font size of 11-12 points for the main text and 14-16 points for your resume headings
  • Avoid using fancy and decorative fonts as they are difficult to read and may not be appropriate for a professional setting. Stick to professional and easy-to-read fonts like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman.
  • Ensure to use single spacing for the main text and double spacing for headings to enhance readability and avoid a cluttered look
  • Leave a margin of at least 1” on all sides to follow the standard business letter format
  • Use bullet points to make your resume more visually appealing and easy to read.
  • Create distinct sections in your fresher resume to make it easy for the recruiters and ATS to scan the details.
  • Include resume sections like header, contact information, summary/objective, skills, professional experience, educational background, and additional information section if needed
  • Unless you have 10+ years of experience, ensure to limit your resume to a single page
  • To keep your resume format intact, save your resume in PDF format
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Key Points from the Blog

  • The format of a resume constitutes its layout, design, and other elements such as font styles, headings, bullet points, spacing, and the different resume sections.
  • The reverse chronological resume format is the most well-known and widely accepted format that is preferred by recruiters and easily parsed by Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) used by employers to select candidates.
  • Functional resume format for freshers is characterized by limited use of bullet points and job titles whilst emphasizing specific accomplishments or achievements.

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how to make resume for freshers format

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How To Get a Job as a Fresher: A Comprehensive Guide 

Are you a fresher or someone eager to kick-start your career? As someone who is embarking on a journey to build a successful career, you maybe wondering, ‘How to get a job as a fresher in India?’ While the question may seem daunting, the answer is very simple! With the right mindset, preparation, and approach, you can turn your job search into a fulfilling and rewarding experience. 

Refer to this blog to learn how you can simplify your job search process. We will guide you through the essential steps and provide you with actionable tips to help you navigate the job market with confidence and secure your desired job position.

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How To Get a Job as a Fresher in India: 12 Tips to Secure Your First Job

A common question in the minds of a lot of entry-level job seekers is, ‘How do I find a job as a fresher in India?’ This seemingly challenging question has a very simple answer. To find a desired job as a fresher, it is essential to develop a strategy that aligns with your requirements and career goals. Here are a few tips that you can utilize to create a comprehensive strategy to find the right job.

1. Build an Impressive Resume and Portfolio 

The first step in the process is building an impressive resume and a portfolio. While creating a resume, ensure to follow these pro tips:

  • Mention the Relevant Details: Write your experiences and educational qualifications in chronological order, from the most recent to the least.
  • Highlight Appropriate Skills: Highlight skills relevant to your industry, job role, and organization in your resume.
  • Make Your Resume ATS-Friendly: Most companies use an application tracking system for their hiring process. Ensure your resume is ATS-friendly. You can incorporate keywords from the job description. 
  • Use Online Resources & Tools: Make use of online resources like Canva or other professional resume-building tools.

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2. Leverage Job Portals 

Job portals help job seekers connect with companies that are actively hiring candidates. These platforms make the job search process seamless and efficient with in-built tools. Many job search platforms offer advanced search filters, resume-building tools, interview guides, etc. to make the job search process easier for applicants. 

Remember to keep the following things in mind when finding a job as a fresher through a job search portal:

  • Look for a Suitable Job Portal: Go for the best job portal that aligns with your requirements. For instance, you can try Internshala, a dedicated job-search platform that also offers fresher jobs. 
  • Make Use of Filters: Every job search portal has filter options that help streamline your job search process according to your location, profile, experience, and salary preferences. Utilize the advanced search filters to explore jobs aligned with your requirements and career aspirations. 
  • Craft a Well-Written Application Documents: A resume and a cover letter are two important documents to apply for fresher jobs in any field. It is crucial to tailor your resume and cover letter according to the job description and company values. 
  • Connect with the Recruiters: If you are searching for job opportunities and have registered on a job portal, the next step is to connect with recruiters. It involves sending a request to recruiters on social networking platforms. You can also connect with recruiters via email. Once you’ve established a connection, you can share your resume and discuss your job search goals with them.

3. Explore Company Websites and Social Media Platforms 

It is advisable to keep an eye on companies’ websites and social media platforms in addition to job portals. Some companies may advertise job openings on their career page or social media pages as a way to minimize hiring expenses. To avoid missing out on potential job opportunities, it is recommended to create a list of preferred companies and check regularly for any new job postings.

4. Build a Strong Social Media Presence 

Social media acts as a beneficial tool for boosting your visibility among potential employers and targeted companies. By using social media platforms to showcase your projects, portfolios, and creative works you can attract employers. It can help you in increase your visibility, credibility, and networking opportunities in the competitive job market.

Here are a few ways to build a strong social media presence:

  • Share Engaging Content on Social Media: You can create engaging content by sharing your ideas, opinions, experiences, and industry-related knowledge on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. For instance, you can post about the latest trends in your industry, share your thoughts on recent news or events, or even write an article on a topic you are passionate about.  
  • Leverage Online Platforms to Showcase Your Portfolio: If you are a designer or a creative professional, you can use these platforms to showcase your portfolio and attract potential clients or employers.
  • Incorporate SEO Guidelines: Remember to incorporate SEO guidelines into your social media content to boost your chances of gaining visibility and finding a job as a fresher easily. Use relevant keywords and hashtags, optimize your profile and posts for search engines, and engage with your audience to increase your visibility and reach.

5. Enroll in Courses

By taking job-oriented courses or learning a tool through professional certifications, you will get the desired training and skills to apply for fresher jobs. It will also give you an edge over other candidates. Here is why you should enrol in a professional course:

  • Promote Soft Skills: A course can help you build essential soft skills like communication, teamwork, problem-solving , etc. that are highly valued by employers.
  • Provide Opportunity to Upskill: With technology evolving rapidly, courses allow you to upskill and learn new in-demand skills to remain competitive in the job market.
  • Demonstrate Professional Training: Completing relevant certification courses can demonstrate your expertise and commitment to your domain. 
  • Opportunity to Work on Industry-Relevant Projects: Many online courses give learners the chance to work on hands-on projects. This is advantageous as it helps recruiters identify your practical capabilities and gives you an edge over other applicants.

6. Attend Job Fairs and Events 

Recruitment and job training platforms frequently organize virtual/offline job fairs and events. At such events, companies conduct job interviews to hire for various roles. The following things should be kept in mind while attending these events:

  • Carry Hard Copies of Your Resume: Carry multiple printouts of your resume as you will be meeting various recruiters and will be asked to present your resume.
  • Adhere to a Formal Dress Code: It is best to dress formally for an interview. You should look professional and presentable to the recruiters. 
  • Be Ready to Spend Some Time at the Fair: When you are attending job fairs, you should be ready for a long day of group discussions and interview rounds. 
  • Network with Professionals: Ensure to network effectively with other candidates and recruiters. Make meaningful conversations to leave a lasting impression on the recruiters. 

7. Send Out Cold Emails 

Cold emails refer to sending an email to HR executives and industry professionals in an attempt to secure a job at their company. It is an effective strategy to find new job openings. To get started, you can utilize the company profiles on job search portals to find the names and email addresses of HR executives at your desired company. 

Follow these tips while sending cold emails: 

  • Write a Good Cover Letter: Craft an engaging cover letter emphasizing how you could add value to the organization. 
  • Send Updated Resume: When you send a cold email to find a suitable job opportunity, attach a tailored and updated resume along with your portfolio if required. 
  • Follow-Up Timely: You should follow up after three to five days to send a gentle reminder asking for the availability of any job opportunities.

8. Seek Referrals from Connections 

Take assistance from your network and connections to find a job as a fresher. People working in your field of interest can offer valuable resources to help you in securing employment opportunities. They can provide professional references to their organizations and network. 

Apart from contacting professionals within your industry, it is also beneficial to connect with professionals in other industries. They can approach the HR department of their respective organizations to help you in exploring job opportunities. 

9. Prepare for Interviews

Preparing for interviews is a crucial step in the process of finding a job as a fresher. If you prepare for an interview beforehand, it will allow you to frame better answers, sound confident, and leave a positive impression on the recruiters. Thereby enabling you to get a job as a fresher. 

Here are some tips to prepare for job interviews:

  • Prepare Common Interview Questions: You can research and prepare common interview questions related to your field, company, experiences, and skills. 
  • Research the Company: Conduct thorough research about the company’s culture, background, and values. By highlighting these details in interview answers, you can showcase your knowledge and genuine interest in working at the company. 
  • Understand the Job Role In-Depth: Study the job role and scan through the job description to understand what the company is looking for in a candidate. Identify the skills that the company is looking for and relate them to your own skills to prove to the recruiter that you are the ideal candidate. Also, think of ways to show the recruiter how you can contribute to the company’s success.

10. Try Walk-in Interviews 

Walk-in interviews are interviews that are open to everyone. Anyone can come and appear for the interview. While appearing for the walk-in interviews, remember the following points:

  • Prepare Your Introduction: In any job interview, the most common question is, ‘ Tell me about yourself .’ The candidate is expected to give a professional introduction. You can talk about your degree, college experience, skills, hobbies, etc. to answer the question.
  • Be Confident: Maintain confident body language and eye contact during the interview. It creates a positive and lasting impression.
  • Focus on Meaningful Conversation: Engage in meaningful conversations with the interviewer. You may even ask questions related to the job to indicate your interest in the role.

11. Appear in University Placements

University and college placement cells play a crucial role in facilitating the hiring process for final-year students. These cells bring recruiters from various industries to campus, allowing students to connect with them and interview for suitable positions. Such opportunities help graduates build professional relationships with the company, which can prove to be beneficial in the long run.

12. Follow up, Track Progress, and Don’t Give Up

Applying for a job can be a daunting task for a fresher. There may be many ups and downs, which can lead to demotivation and a lack of interest. However, it is essential to keep pushing forward and apply for job opportunities with a positive attitude. Remember, it is a process of hard work and determination, so don’t give up. Even if you fail to get a positive response, follow up with the recruiter to gain insights into your weaknesses and implement measures to strengthen them.

In this blog, we have discussed how to find a job as a fresher in India. We have shared with you useful strategies that can guide you through the application process. Remember, it is easy to find an entry-level job as long as you have a well-thought-out plan of action. So, use this guide to create a plan that works for you. Use online tools and job search portals to further streamline your process. We are sure you will be able to find the perfect job for yourself. If you found this blog helpful, check out our guide on resume headlines for freshers as well.

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how to make resume for freshers format

Shailja Kaushik has been an Editor with Internshala since March 2023. She loves creative writing and experimenting with different forms of writing. She has explored different genres by working with journals and radio stations. She has also published her poems and nano tales in various anthologies. She graduated at the top of her class with Bachelor's in English and recently completed her Master's in English from the University of Delhi. Her experiments with writing continue on her literary blog.

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A fresh, modern design can help your resume stand out and leave a positive impression on recruiters and hiring managers.

Johnny C. Taylor Jr. tackles your human resources questions as part of a series for USA TODAY. Taylor is president and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management, the world's largest HR professional society and author of "Reset: A Leader’s Guide to Work in an Age of Upheaval.”

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Question: Since leaving a job I have had for almost a decade, I have primarily conducted my job search online. I have used the same resume design since I started working 12 years ago. Should I update my resume design to be more effective? What do you recommend for building a modern resume? – Sandra

Answer: Updating your resume design can indeed be a wise move, especially if you've been using the same format for a long time. A fresh, modern design can help your resume stand out and leave a positive impression on recruiters and hiring managers. Here’s what I recommend for building a modern resume:

◾ Clean, professional layout: Opt for a layout that’s visually appealing and easy to read. Avoid cluttered designs and overly decorative elements that may distract from your content.

◾ Font selection: Stick to standard, easy-to-read fonts such as Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman. These fonts are widely accepted and compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), ensuring your résumé is easily scannable by both humans and software.

◾ Incorporate keywords: Tailor your resume to each job application by incorporating industry-specific keywords and phrases relevant to the position. Many companies use ATS to screen résumés, so this will increase the likelihood of your resume being noticed.

◾ Organized sections: Structure your resume into clear sections, including Contact Information, Summary or Objective, Work Experience, Skills, Education and any additional relevant sections such as Certifications or Volunteer Work. This organization makes it easy for recruiters to quickly find the information they need.

◾ Summary/objective statement: Start your résumé with a summary that highlights your key qualifications and career goals. Keep it concise, focusing on what sets you apart and what you aim to achieve in your career.

◾ Accomplishment-oriented experience: When listing your work experience, focus on highlighting your accomplishments, rather than just listing job duties. Use quantifiable achievements whenever possible, to demonstrate your impact, such as increasing sales by a certain percentage or leading successful projects.

◾ Skills section: Dedicate a section to showcasing your key skills and competencies, including both technical skills and soft skills relevant to the job. This section provides recruiters with a quick overview of your capabilities.

◾ Proofreading: Before submitting your resume, thoroughly proofread it to ensure there are no grammatical errors, typos, or formatting issues. Consider having someone else review your resume for feedback and additional insights.

By updating your resuméewith a modern design and incorporating these key elements, you can increase your chances of making a strong impression in today’s competitive job market. Good luck with your job search!

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First, check if your PTO requests were made in accordance with company policy. If they were not, ensure that you adhere to the established procedures for future requests, to increase the likelihood of approval.

However, if you followed company policy and your requests were still denied, consider discussing the matter with your manager or the human resources team. Seek clarification on the reasons for the denials and inquire about potential strategies to improve the approval rate for your requests.

It's also essential to consider whether your state mandates sick leave, and if your company uses PTO to fulfill those requirements. If so, your employer may be obligated to approve leave requests that align with qualifying reasons for sick leave under the law. If you’re uncertain about your state’s sick leave requirements, consult your HR team for clarification.

Ultimately, unless there is a contractual agreement or policy stating otherwise, employers typically have discretion in managing PTO usage. However, by following company procedures and addressing your concerns with management or HR, you may increase the likelihood of having your PTO requests approved more frequently.

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How to make a CV.

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Frequently asked questions.

How to write an MBA resume and make sure it stands out in the stack

Person writing resume on laptop.

Applying to business school, or an MBA program, can be nerve-racking. You’ll need to lasso together transcripts and test scores, fill out an application, and likely ace an interview—but perhaps the most critical piece of it all is an MBA resume. This important document will list out many of the same elements as a traditional resume, such as your educational background and work experience. 

But an MBA resume also has a different primary function than the typical resume you might submit to try and land a job: It’s designed to land you a spot in an MBA program. If writing an MBA resume feels intimidating, knowing what to put on it, and some other framing tactics, may help calm your nerves.

UNC Kenan-Flagler Business school logo

UNC Kenan-Flagler’s top-ranked online MBA

Mba resume vs. a job resume  .

As noted, an MBA resume should feel familiar to many prospective business school students. 

“An MBA resume is very similar to a job resume,” says Kaneisha Grayson, the founder and CEO of The Art of Applying , an MBA admissions consultancy. She adds that both types of resumes will, or should, comprise a single page, incorporate clear, professional formatting, and lay out an applicant’s educational and career accomplishments. 

“I’d say one difference between the two is that I advise our clients to put their education at the top—whereas with a job resume, you’d see education at the bottom,” Grayson says. She recommends this variation because an MBA resume’s specific aim of landing an applicant at an educational institution. 

So, in that sense, there may not be a whole lot of differences between an MBA resume and a job resume, but there will be some additional focus on specific aspects of your background, all in an effort to win over an MBA program’s selection or admissions committee. 

How to write an MBA resume

Again, writing an MBA resume shouldn’t differ a whole lot from writing a traditional resume, but you’ll want to try and keep your end goal in mind, which is landing a spot in an MBA program. As you write your MBA resume, keeping that goal in mind should prove helpful, because it can help you parse out the information you’ll want to include, and the things you won’t.

“An MBA resume is very specialized toward the application cycle,” says Ellin Lolis, President and Founder of Ellin Lolis MBA Consulting . So, again, keep the end goal in mind. “Your education section is going to be important,” Lolis says, “but we mostly want to see your career focus.”

As for the nuts and bolts of writing an MBA resume? Keep it simple by deciding what to rope in, what to leave out, and how to structure it all so that it’s easy to read. 

What to include in your MBA resume

The main elements that your MBA resume should include are an education section, a job experience or professional experience section, and a portion that details a bit more about you, personally, such as your hobbies and interests. 

You can leave out photographs, information related to your high school, and even most of your contact information—that’ll be included on your program application, the experts say. 

Again, do your best to keep what you include to one page. The only time you could probably get a pass for using more than one page is if you have extensive professional experience, and are applying to an executive MBA program. A good rule of thumb? “When you have more than seven years of full-time, post-college work experience,” says Grayson. 

How to structure an MBA resume

As for structuring an MBA resume, do your best to contain most elements to the aforementioned sections: Education, professional background and experience, and a section dedicated to your personal hobbies, interests, skills and certifications, and community service work.

List the schools you attended and the degrees you earned, perhaps with any relevant coursework and GPAs in the education section. Your professional section may differ depending on your specific experiences and industries you’ve worked in, but try to frame it as a sort of professional “story,” which can showcase how an MBA can help you take the next step.

Professional background

“Generally speaking, the MBA is not a purely academic degree, as a majority of people are going to earn one to get a better job,” says Lolis. “They’re doing it to boost their career—and at that point, the most relevant thing is your recent job and your professional track record,” she says.

Get into the weeds, too, about your accomplishments. “Don’t just reiterate your job responsibilities,” says Grayson. “Communicate the results of your efforts. Quantifying the results is much more significant and meaningful—describe the impact,” she says.

Hobbies, interests, and more

As for the more personal portion? “One of the main things that’s different from a job resume is that they want you to share some of your hobbies and interests,” Lolis says. “Be very specific,” adds Grayson, “because 90% of people will list ‘travel’ as a hobby. “But that’s not interesting—maybe something like ‘slow traveling to find the best street food.’ That’s interesting.” This, she says, can help spark a conversation, or help your resume stand out from the pile.

In addition to specific hobbies or interests, you might include, add volunteer or community work as well, and perhaps relevant technical or language skills. Again, this may help tip the scales in your favor by showing you have specific know-how related to a given industry or task. Any applicable awards you’ve earned may be good to include, too, as they showcase that you’re capable of excelling in a given area.

Should you customize your resume for each business school?

Experts generally don’t recommend changing up your MBA resume when applying to different schools. Instead, look for specific instructions relayed by the school, if there are any, and make any needed changes accordingly. So, unless you have a really compelling reason, you can probably use the same resume for a number of applications.

Also, don’t go overboard in terms of design to make your resume stand out. “Just stick to traditional formatting,” says Lolis, since that’s what most admissions teams are used to seeing, and are generally looking for. Let the contents of the resume speak for you—not the design.

Where to go if you need help  

For many prospective MBA students, piecing together a resume shouldn’t be terribly difficult, given that it’s mostly the same process as writing a traditional resume. However, if you need help, you can reach out to consultants, or even check out some of the resources schools make available to help you along the process. 

  • Consultants : There are many MBA consultancies out there, including the firms that Lolis and Grayson founded. They can help create, review, and critique an MBA resume and get it into shape. 
  • Examples and templates : Some schools even make templates available , and example resumes to help students create their own. 

The takeaway  

In all, you should write an MBA resume in the same way you’d write a traditional resume, with some slight variations. The resume should focus on your professional background and previous education, while also detailing some of your personal interests, too. Stick to classic resume formatting as well, and keep it to one page, if possible.

It’s also important, experts say, to use some basic formatting and style—use 11 or 12-point font, a normal font style (Arial, Times New Roman, etc.), and overall, keep it professional. And remember: don’t go overboard trying to score style points with the resume’s design or other elements.

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Harvard Business Analytics Program

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    A basic resume format for freshers is similar to the resume someone with more work experience might use. You'll fill in as much as possible in each section and add any other miscellaneous information that might help promote you as a good candidate for a job. Header with your contact information. Personal statement. Education.

  9. Resume for Freshers: How to Make, Objective & Sample

    Here's how to make a resume for freshers: Use the reverse-chronological format to make it familiar and easy for HR. Begin with an intriguing fresher resume objective or summary. List your educational achievements with relevant coursework and honours. Talk up any experience and internships you have using relevant wins.

  10. How to Format a Resume for Freshers

    How to write a resume for a fresher. Here are three factors that should be the cornerstone of any fresher resume: 1. First, describe your education. The education section is where a fresher can truly shine. Since a fresher's educational experiences are typically the most impressive, it's usually best to list this section first.

  11. The Best Freshers Resume Format for 2024

    4. Keep the work experience minimal. If you have limited work experience, choosing the functional format is great because it puts the work experience section at the bottom with only the minimum necessary information. In a fresher resume format, the work experience only includes: Job title. Employer name.

  12. Best resume format for freshers: optimal layout to land a job

    Include your full name, a simple personal email address (no weird ones) and your mobile phone. Not every fresher will be happy to give out their phone number, but this is essential. You can just include the name of your hometown. No need for a full home address until you are at the point of a potential job offer.

  13. Resumes for Freshers: Definition, Templates and FAQ

    A fresher resume is a resume written by a person who has recently graduated from college or is about to graduate. A fresher resume may also be used by someone with little to no professional experience who is entering the workforce. This type of resume is unique in that it often includes no experience that is relevant to the position being ...

  14. Simple resume format for freshers: examples & tips for different jobs

    The resume format might expose limited or lack of experience for freshers. Here's what a freshers' teacher's resume example using chronological format looks like: Created by CakeResume. 2. Functional Resume Format (Skill-Based Format) A functional resume format categorizes a fresher's experience into "skills.".

  15. Free Resume Builder

    Creating a resume online with Canva's free resume builder will give you a sleek and attractive resume, without the fuss. Choose from hundreds of free, designer-made templates, and customize them within minutes. With a few simple clicks, you can change the colors, fonts, layout, and add graphics to suit the job you're applying for.

  16. Resume Examples For Freshers: Headline, About Me, Skills, and More

    Key skills and educational credentials. Passion for the industry or motivation for a particular role. Here's a sample "about me" paragraph for a fresher resume, which includes all of the above. Electrical engineer graduate, Denver State University, class of 2023. Experienced in designing OEM devices in the auto industry.

  17. Online Resume Builder: Quick, Easy & Free

    Add or remove sections, change templates, or tweak the content as needed. Our fast & easy resume generator guarantees a flawless layout no matter how many changes you make, or how short or long your resume is. Download your ready resume in PDF, Word or TXT format and start applying for jobs instantly.

  18. Get Hired Faster: Best Resume Formats for Freshers in 2023

    Create distinct sections in your fresher resume to make it easy for the recruiters and ATS to scan the details. Include resume sections like header, contact information, summary/objective, skills, professional experience, educational background, and additional information section if needed. Unless you have 10+ years of experience, ensure to ...

  19. Resume For Freshers: Guide With Template

    Related: Resume Format Guide (with Examples) Structure Of A Resume For Freshers Most functional resume templates follow a standard layout. Use the following guidelines to create a structure for your fresher's resume: Personal details: In the first section, start by typing your full name, phone number and email address. You can also provide your ...

  20. How to Make a Resume for Your First Job (+ Template)

    Here are some steps you can take to create a resume for your first job. 1. Pick the right layout. Many resumes focus on job experience, listed from newest to oldest. If you don't have job experience to list, pick a resume format that includes an education section closer to the top. 2.

  21. A Comprehensive CV Format Guideline for Freshers [+Examples]

    CV summary or CV objective. [A CV summary or CV objective for a fresher is 3-5 sentences that summarize the fresher's experience]. It should be short, strong, but relevant to the job posting. Your fresher CV summary will explain to the recruiter related achievements beneficial to your position.

  22. How To Get a Job as a Fresher? [12 Proven Hacks]

    9. Prepare for Interviews. Preparing for interviews is a crucial step in the process of finding a job as a fresher. If you prepare for an interview beforehand, it will allow you to frame better answers, sound confident, and leave a positive impression on the recruiters. Thereby enabling you to get a job as a fresher.

  23. How to make a resume and make it stand out? Try these tips for your CV

    Here's what I recommend for building a modern resume: Clean, professional layout: Opt for a layout that's visually appealing and easy to read. Avoid cluttered designs and overly decorative ...

  24. Resume for Internship for Freshers: Best Format and Template

    So here are a bunch of tips for using the best fresher resume format for an internship: Go with professional fonts such as Verdana, Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, Georgia, etc. They look great both on-screen and when printed. Keep white space with 1.15 line spacing and 1-inch margins on all sides.

  25. The Ultimate Guide To Writing A Career Change Resume

    Elements Of A Stand-Out Career Change Resume. The typical resume sections are still relevant: Skills, competencies, accolades, experience, volunteer work, education and training. For career ...

  26. How to write an ATS Resume with 90% score|For Freshers ...

    In this video, we will discuss step by step process to create a DEVOPS ATS friendly resume for FREE 𝐌𝐲 𝐑𝐞𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐞/𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐣𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐬 ...

  27. Free CV Maker: Create a Curriculum Vitae Online

    Build a CV in any style for any industry with the free Adobe Express editor. Then, duplicate your CV in the same project and use it as a template to make a matching cover letter or resume. When you're finished, save your file as a PDF, JPG, or PNG to publish on your website and LinkedIn, or email it to the recipient in mind.

  28. Summary for a Resume for Freshers: Examples & How to Write

    But this time, they will be. Use these steps to write a resume summary for freshers: Follow with your job title or field of study, for example, an English language student. Add a qualification, information about relevant work experience, or your specialisation, for example, with digital marketing experience.

  29. Best CV Format for Freshers in India: Sample and Guide

    Decided to write a resume instead of a CV? Read more: How to Write a Resume for Freshers. 7. Pair the Latest CV Format for Freshers with a Strong Cover Letter. ... These are the steps to create the best CV format for freshers: Use the proper CV layout for a good visual experience for recruiters. List your work experience, academic projects, and ...

  30. How to write an MBA resume, section by section

    What to include in your MBA resume. The main elements that your MBA resume should include are an education section, a job experience or professional experience section, and a portion that details ...