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  1. PDF Health and Social care: Unit 5 Case Studies

    However, the G.P. explained that, in order for care to be delivered effectively, professionals would need to communicate with each other. For example regarding her medication and any changes in her mental health status, and that the named person at the centre would also need to coordinate with the team and with Brenda.

  2. Case studies and template

    Case studies to help you to reflect on your practice. These case studies will help you to reflect on your practice, and provide a summary of reflective models that can help aid your reflections and make them more effective. Templates are also provided to guide your own activities. Remember, there is no set way to reflect and you can adapt these ...

  3. Unit5 health and social care.

    This is an example for an assignment in health and social care. case study valerie aged 24 years valerie was admitted to the community hospital, following

  4. Case Studies for Unit 5

    Case Studies used for Level 3 BTEC Health and Social Care Unit 5 unit meeting individual care and support needs care study valerie aged 24 years valerie was

  5. Unit 5 case study

    Preview text Unit 5: Meeting Individual Care and Support Needs CASE STUDIES Section 1 Brenda Grey Brenda Grey is 58 years of age and lives alone in sheltered accommodation. Brenda has experienced mental ill health for much of her life and needs support from a variety of agencies. Brenda is also a severe asthmatic and often forgets to take her medication due to her mental ill health. Brenda ...

  6. Community Care Hubs in Practice: Six Case Studies

    Through these programs, these pre-Hub backbone organizations had their first experiences contracting with health care entities to provide linkage between health care and social services, generally focusing on a particular population, most commonly older individuals.

  7. Case Library

    The Harvard Chan Case Library is a collection of teaching cases with a public health focus, written by Harvard Chan faculty, case writers, and students, or in collaboration with other institutions and initiatives. Use the filters at right to search the case library by subject, geography, health condition, and representation of diversity and identity to find cases to fit your teaching needs. Or ...

  8. PDF Community Health Worker Programs: A Case Study Compendium

    Community health workers specialize in developing strong relationships with at-risk patients to address social needs and drive self-management. While all programs aim to address social needs, the focus on chronic disease self-management support ranges from minimal to central to the role.

  9. What is a case study?

    Case study is a research methodology, typically seen in social and life sciences. There is no one definition of case study research.1 However, very simply… 'a case study can be defined as an intensive study about a person, a group of people or a unit, which is aimed to generalize over several units'.1 A case study has also been described as an intensive, systematic investigation of a ...

  10. PDF Resources and case studies

    Resources and case studies Resources to support learning and understanding of safeguarding for people working in social care at all levels.

  11. Perceptions and prioritisation of patient problems among home care

    Registered nurses' (RNs') perceptions and understanding of the health problems and care needs of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) play a crucial role in the quality and continuity of care. This qualitative multiple-case study aimed to explore how RNs identify patients' problems and care needs during home visits ...

  12. Health Case Studies

    Health Case Studies is composed of eight separate health case studies. Each case study includes the patient narrative or story that models the best practice (at the time of publishing) in healthcare settings. Associated with each case is a set of specific learning objectives to support learning and facilitate educational strategies and evaluation.

  13. Case studies

    The Good Care Group. Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. These case studies were collected before the coronavirus pandemic. There are also some resources available which highlight examples of innovation in response to coronavirus, including: Innovation and inspiration: examples from CQC of how providers are responding to coronavirus.

  14. "There's No Doubt about It, You've Got to Maintain Your Family and

    Social participation for older people is integral to optimal health and wellbeing. The aim of this study was to establish what social participation meant to older people still living in the community and what was important/required to maintain their preferred level of social participation.

  15. Case Study: Improving person-centred care communication in health and

    Particularly, Healthcare Improvement Scotland contains different portfolios that have different objectives but pursue the common aim of driving improvement in the provision of health and social care services.

  16. Case Study 3: Susan

    This case study examines the impact of going into a care home on the caring relationship, and the need to support transitions and respond to family conflict, including through mediation. It also considers issues of identity and sexuality.

  17. Case Study 2: Josef

    This case study looks at the impact of caring for someone with a mental health problem and of being a young carer, in particular the impact on education and future employment.

  18. Health and social care case studies

    This case study illustrates the benefits of collecting and using equality information to identify the needs of people with particular protected characteristics and to measure progress in responding to those needs over time.

  19. Case study ďavid health and social care

    Birch View is a residential care home in Wales. It caters for older people, lots of whom have dementia. Many of the individuals living in Birch View speak Welsh and the home tries to employ care and support workers who speak both Welsh and English.

  20. Case studies

    Meet Kimberly, Connar, Ada, Augustine, Juliana and Gloria, who discuss working in mental health care and share their tips and advice for others interested in a career in adult social care. This video was created by Curardo, who specialise in making a difference in the lives of people with mental health needs.

  21. PDF Case Studies in Primary Care Research

    I am delighted to introduce this publication showcasing examples of public involvement in research in primary care settings. The wealth of good practice and insight contained herein is evidence of just how much health professionals in primary care are increasingly at the forefront of the way we do research in the UK.

  22. The case study approach

    The case study approach allows in-depth, multi-faceted explorations of complex issues in their real-life settings. The value of the case study approach is well recognised in the fields of business, law and policy, but somewhat less so in health services research. Based on our experiences of conducting several health-related case studies, we reflect on the different types of case study design ...

  23. Case scenarios for health and social care staff managing ...

    These case scenarios for health and social care staff accompany the NICE guideline on managing medicines in care homes (published March 2014).

  24. Case study 5: Betty

    This case study considers issues around working with older people experiencing domestic abuse, dementia and longstanding abuse, and carers as perpetrators and victims of domestic abuse.

  25. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and serial missed appointments

    Missingness' in health care has recently been flagged as a major challenge due to associations between missing multiple appointments and poor long-term outcomes. Patients with a range of mental health diagnoses, for example, can have difficulties maintaining continuity of care and miss appointments with adverse consequences, including increased mortality. This is especially problematic for ...

  26. Health and Social Care Case Studies

    Health and Social Care Case Studies - Designed for Unit 14 Subject: Vocational studies Age range: 14 - 18 Resource type: Other File previews docx, 16.38 KB docx, 16.59 KB docx, 14.04 KB docx, 16.15 KB docx, 16.17 KB These are a selection of case studies designed for Unit 14 - physiological disorders, but they can be used for any unit if needed.

  27. Medical Terms in Lay Language

    Please use these descriptions in place of medical jargon in consent documents, recruitment materials and other study documents. Note: These terms are not the only acceptable plain language alternatives for these vocabulary words.This glossary of terms is derived from a list copyrighted by the

  28. Why Britain Just Ended 14 Years of Conservative Rule

    Why Britain Just Ended 14 Years of Conservative Rule Last week, the center-left Labour Party won the British general election in a landslide.

  29. United States

    Standards and guidelines for development co-operation with concrete examples of their implementation. Gender equality. ... Policy recommendations and case studies. Featured publications. Environment at a Glance Indicators. Creative minds, creative schools ... democracy and social cohesion.

  30. Component 2 health and social coursework

    A health care service that will help improve Verna's mobility is a social worker, which fits into primary care. Verna does not need to worry about this financially as all costs are provided by the NHS due to her disabilities. Her social worker could support her physically and mentally and provide her medication and advice to make her feel better.