Essay on Importance of Culture and Tradition

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100 Words Essay on Importance of Culture and Tradition


Culture and tradition are vital aspects of our lives. They define our identity, guide our behavior, and connect us to our history.

The Role of Culture

Culture is the shared values, beliefs, and customs of a group. It shapes our thinking and decisions, making us unique.

Significance of Traditions

Traditions are practices passed down generations. They foster unity and continuity, strengthening our bond with our ancestors.

In essence, culture and tradition are the backbone of our society. They provide a sense of belonging and help preserve our heritage.

250 Words Essay on Importance of Culture and Tradition

Understanding culture and tradition.

Culture and tradition are the pillars of any society, shaping the identity and character of individuals and communities. They are the collective manifestation of shared behaviors, beliefs, and values, passed down through generations.

Culture is the lens through which we perceive and evaluate what is around us. It influences our perspectives, attitudes, and behaviors, serving as a roadmap for both individual and community behaviors. It fosters a sense of belonging and security, reinforcing societal norms and expectations.

Significance of Tradition

Traditions, on the other hand, are specific practices or customs that are perpetuated across generations. They provide a sense of continuity and connection to our past. Traditions can foster unity, create positive memories, and build strong relationships within communities.

Culture, Tradition, and Identity

Both culture and tradition are integral to identity formation. They define our roots and give us a sense of belonging. They shape our worldview and influence our values, thus impacting our decisions and actions.

Preserving Culture and Tradition

In an increasingly globalized world, there’s a risk of cultural erosion. It is essential to preserve culture and tradition, not as unchangeable relics of the past, but as dynamic entities that evolve while retaining their core essence. This preservation promotes diversity and enriches global understanding.

In conclusion, culture and tradition are not just about the past. They are living, dynamic aspects of social life that play a critical role in shaping our present and future. Their importance lies in their capacity to promote social cohesion, personal identity, and mutual understanding.

500 Words Essay on Importance of Culture and Tradition

Culture and tradition are integral aspects of human life. They provide a sense of identity, belonging, and continuity, shaping our perceptions and behaviors. As we delve into the significance of culture and tradition, we unravel the profound influences they have on individual and societal development.

The Essence of Identity and Belonging

Culture and tradition are the bedrock of our identity. They offer a unique lens through which we view and interpret the world. Our cultural heritage, expressed through language, art, rituals, and social norms, shapes our worldview and forms our unique identity. This identity, in turn, fosters a sense of belonging, a vital aspect of our psychological well-being.

Preservation of Historical Continuity

Traditions serve as a bridge between the past, present, and future, ensuring historical continuity. They preserve and pass on the wisdom, knowledge, and experiences of previous generations. This continuity provides a sense of stability and predictability, which is essential in a rapidly changing world.

Contribution to Social Cohesion

Culture and tradition play a crucial role in promoting social cohesion. Shared cultural practices and beliefs create a sense of unity and mutual understanding among individuals. They provide a common ground for communication, reducing conflicts, and fostering peaceful coexistence.

Role in Moral and Ethical Development

Culture and tradition also play a significant role in moral and ethical development. They instill values, norms, and moral codes that guide individual behavior and social interactions. These ethical frameworks help maintain social order and harmony, promoting cooperative and responsible behavior.

Challenges and Evolution

Despite their importance, culture and tradition are not static; they evolve over time. Societies must balance the preservation of cultural heritage with the need for adaptation and progress. Unquestioned adherence to outdated traditions can hinder societal growth and development. Conversely, the complete abandonment of cultural practices can lead to a loss of identity and historical continuity.

In essence, culture and tradition are not merely relics of the past but dynamic and evolving aspects of human societies. They provide identity, ensure historical continuity, promote social cohesion, and guide moral development. However, it is equally important to critically engage with our cultural practices and traditions, ensuring they evolve in ways that are inclusive, progressive, and responsive to changing societal needs. The importance of culture and tradition, therefore, lies not just in preservation but also in thoughtful evolution.

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Why Are Traditions Important (22 Reasons)

Every Sunday, we whip up a batch of pancakes at home—it’s our longstanding tradition. This goes beyond sharing breakfast. It’s a ritual that ties our family together.

Now, on the flip side, you might ask, “Aren’t these traditions kind of outdated? Why not start new ones?” Those are great questions. What may not be clear is the value these traditions hold today. Stick around, and I’ll show you how these old customs are surprisingly handy in modern times.

Table of Contents

Traditions Give Us Who We Are

Traditions keep our culture alive, traditions connect us to our ancestors, traditions keep families close, traditions keep communities together, traditions show off all the diverse cultures, traditions make us feel like we fit in, traditions help us get our history, traditions get us out and together, traditions share old wisdom with new generations, traditions feel like home no matter where you are, traditions help us make awesome memories, traditions guide moral values, traditions inspire creative expression, traditions keep us connected to our home, traditions help us take care of our planet, traditions honor those who came before us, traditions show us how time flows, traditions keep our faith strong, traditions show us how to respect older people, traditions help teach kids, traditions shape our everyday life, can traditions change over time, can traditions be individual, or do they have to be shared with others, do traditions have to be serious and formal, what if someone doesn’t want to follow a tradition, final thoughts.

What makes you ‘you’? That’s where traditions step in. They’re like your own personal signature but for your whole culture. They shout out where you’re from and the things your people love doing.

Think about yourself rocking clothes that your culture is known for. That’s like wearing a badge that says, “I’m proud of where I come from.”

Example:  Consider the Japanese tea ceremony. Participating in or even observing this ceremony can immerse you in the deep cultural identity that it represents, showcasing the intricate balance between who we are and where our roots lie.

Your cultural heritage—everything your community has ever made or thought of—is like a super cool heirloom, and it’s free! Traditions are all the stories, buildings, tunes, and crafts that we’ve got from our parents and grandparents.

Take a look at an old building in your place that’s been there forever. That’s not just an old pile of bricks; it’s like a diary of the past.

Keeping traditions around isn’t about stopping the future; it’s about making sure we don’t forget the awesome stuff that’s already happened.

Now, about those people who came before us—our ancestors. We’re not literally going to sit and chat with ghosts, but every time you do something the traditional way, you’re connecting with your family’s history.

Keeping up with traditions is like catching up with your great-great-great-grandpeeps. The things they loved—their songs, their skills—don’t just have to be old stories. They can be part of what you do every day.

Example:  Dia de los Muertos in Mexico honors those who have passed away, mixing memories with celebration to show that our love for our ancestors lasts forever.

Think about things your family does over and over. These things are like a secret handshake — they make your family feel special.

Having the same meal on a special day or going to the same beach every summer, we’re making memories that’ll stick around longer than just about anything.

Example:  Say your family makes pizza together every Friday night. It’s not just about eating; it’s about laughing, talking, and messing up together in the kitchen.

  • Everyone piling on their favorite toppings.
  • Taking pictures of the pizza fails.
  • Sharing the same jokes every time.

Now let’s talk about where you live — your community. Traditions here are like the neighborhood’s group handshake. They’re the things that everyone shows up for, like:

  • The fun street parties.
  • Local sports games.
  • The big yearly parade.

Doing stuff like this makes everyone feel part of the team, like all our neighbors are friends.

Our world is full of amazing cultures, each with their unique traditions. Celebrating these is a great way to show everyone’s invited to the party, no matter where they’re from. It’s a chance to see how other people live, share, and have fun.

Check out all the different holidays: there are the mooncakes and lanterns for the Mid-Autumn Festival , the bright lights of Diwali , and the wild colors and dances at Mardi Gras .

There’s something cool about being part of a group, and traditions are one way we get that feeling. Whether you’re cheering for your school team or singing the same songs your grandma did, traditions remind you that you’re part of a bigger family.

What this looks like:

  • Wearing your team’s colors on game day.
  • Joining in on local festivals.
  • Celebrating the same holidays your community does.

Let’s talk history, but in a way that’s not snooze-worthy. Traditions let us live it .

When you’re stirring up a batch of cookies using your great-grandma’s recipe or sitting around hearing stories about your town’s first days, you’re getting a taste of history without cracking open a textbook. You’re in the thick of it, learning through action.

It’s like when you drop by historical spots or museums right in your backyard, and you get a real, up-close feel for the life, hustle, and bustle from days gone by.

Getting out and doing things together—because of tradition—is a great excuse to hang out and meet people. It’s not just about having fun; though let’s be honest, that’s a huge perk. It’s about being part of the community action.

You could be lending a hand at a local charity, stopping by the house next door where there’s a barbecue going on, or handing out sweets when your town is throwing a big bash. 

Here’s an idea: An outdoor movie night brings everyone to the town square with blankets and popcorn, turning a regular night into something special we all share.

Traditions go beyond just hearing old sayings or advice; it’s about observing and picking up the smart choices and valuable lessons others before us have figured out.

When your granddad fixes something with his own two hands, you learn practical skills that you can’t get from a book. And those folk tales filled with clever tricks and life hacks? When grandparents share them, it’s more than story time — they’re giving us a whole box full of clever knowledge.

There’s this warm and fuzzy feeling we all love, like a favorite cozy blanket. That’s what traditions are.

For instance, no matter where you find yourself, if you celebrate your usual holidays, you’re instantly back to a familiar place. Your family’s yearly camping trip or the big pot of soup mom makes after a long day—it’s a built-in safety net of feel-goods.

Traditions are things we do a lot, like family dinners on Fridays or going to the same spot for each vacation. These are the times when we have fun and remember the good stuff in life.

When we keep doing these things, they become special memories—like the best days we always want to remember.

Example: Friends who now live in different places around the world meet once a year for a meal or a trip. They laugh and catch up, and those moments become great memories they treasure.

Traditions give us a set of rules that make it easier to know how to live right. They’re built on the good stuff that our families and teachers have been following for a long time.

By sticking to these traditions, we learn how to act and treat others, like being honest or kind. They help us grow up to be good people who know the difference between what’s okay to do and what’s not.

Traditions give us a chance to be creative. They’re not just about doing things the same old way; they let us add our own touch.

Traditions get us to sing, dance, paint, and tell stories that have been around for ages but still feel new when we do them.

They encourage us to tap into our imagination and share what’s special about our culture. This helps us keep old art alive and gives us a cool way to show who we are and what we love to everyone else.

Traditions also keep us close to the place where we come from. Whether it’s a city or a countryside, traditions can be about planting trees, fishing, or cooking with local ingredients.

Doing these things reminds us of our home and keeps us connected to the land and the environment. Traditions help us respect nature and remember the importance of taking care of our home turf.

Traditions often include ways of doing things that don’t waste resources or harm the environment. They teach us to use what we have wisely, like reusing old things or growing our own food.

These practices have been around for a long time because they work without causing damage. Tradition is about doing things in a way that we can keep doing them for many, many years.

Traditions connect us to our ancestors — our family members from the past. They keep the stories and achievements of our ancestors alive. It’s like saying “thank you” to them for the good things they’ve passed down to us.

Here’s an idea:  Some families have a tradition of visiting their ancestors’ graves, cleaning them, and maybe leaving flowers. 

Traditions like celebrating birthdays, annual holidays, or the first day of school are markers that another year has gone by. They help us remember the important stuff as time passes. Without these traditions, it would be harder to keep track of the special moments that make up our lives. 

Here’s an idea :  Think about how we celebrate New Year’s Eve. It helps us say goodbye to the past and welcome the future with hope.

For many people, traditions are tied to their religion and help make those beliefs stronger. These are things like:

  • Going to worship.
  • Saying prayers at meals.
  • Celebrating religious holidays.

When people practice these, they’re reminded of their faith and what they believe in. It helps them feel connected to something bigger and keep up their religious practices as part of their everyday life.

Traditions often involve listening to and learning from older family members. This might be through stories, recipes, or just their way of doing things.

When we follow these traditions, we’re showing our grandparents and other older people that we value their knowledge and experience . It’s like giving them a thumbs-up and saying their lives and stories are important to us.

Kids learn a lot from traditions, like how to behave, what’s important to their family, or skills they can use in life.

Traditions work like a fun class where kids learn about their culture and the world around them just by being part of a family doing its thing.

Example:  Making a craft or cooking a traditional dish together can be a fun activity, but it’s also a way for kids to learn about their culture and pick up new skills.

Think about the regular things you do every day or week—that’s where traditions fit into our lives. It might be a morning coffee, a walk after dinner, or a weekend sport. These little routines might seem simple, but they’re a big part of who we are.

They set the rhythm of our days and weeks, making life feel more predictable and comfortable. They’re small, but they have a big effect on how we go about our daily life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yep, traditions can change. As families and societies grow and change, the way we do things might get a little update to fit better with how we live now.

Traditions can totally be individual. If you have a special way of doing something that’s just yours, that’s a personal tradition. Sharing with others is great, but not a must.

Not at all! Traditions can be fun and relaxed. It’s all about doing things that have meaning to you—and that can be as goofy or as chill as you like.

That’s their choice, and it’s cool. Everyone has their own way of living, and what’s important is to be respectful of each other’s decisions, whether that’s keeping a tradition or letting it go.

Remember when we asked if sticking with old traditions was really a good idea? The answer is yes because traditions keep us grounded. They remind us who we are and link us to our past and future. It’s not just about making pancakes on a Sunday; it’s about belonging to a bigger story.

So, don’t just sit on the sidelines! Jump in the mix with your family recipes, group hangouts, and all those yearly get-togethers. Make the most of these traditions; they’re yours to enjoy and pass down.

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Essays about Culture and Identity: 9 Examples And Prompts

Writing essays about culture and identity will help you explore your understanding of it. Here are examples that will give you inspiration for your next essay.

Culture can refer to customs, traditions, beliefs, lifestyles, laws, artistic expressions, and other elements that cultivate the collective identity. Different cultures are established across nations, regions, communities, and social groups. They are passed on from generation to generation while others evolve or are abolished to give way to modern beliefs and systems.

While our cultural identity begins at home, it changes as we involve ourselves with other groups (friends, educational institutions, social media communities, political groups, etc.) Culture is a very relatable subject as every person is part of a culture or at least can identify with one. Because it spans broad coverage, there are several interesting cultural subjects to write about.

Our culture and identity are dynamic. This is why you may find it challenging to write about it. To spark your inspiration, check out our picks of the best culture essays. 

1. Sweetness and Light by Matthew Arnolds

2. how auto-tune revolutionized the sound of popular music by simon reynolds, 3. how immigration changes language by john mcwhorter, 4. the comfort zone: growing up with charlie brown by jonathan franzen, 5. culture and identity definition by sandra graham, 6. how culture and surroundings influence identity by jeanette lucas, 7. how the food we eat reflects our culture and identity by sophia stephens, 8. identity and culture: my identity, culture, and identity by april casas, 9. how america hinders the cultural identity of their own citizens by seth luna, 1. answer the question, “who am i”, 2. causes of culture shock, 3. your thoughts on dystopia and utopia, 4. gender inequality from a global perspective, 5. the most interesting things you learned from other cultures, 6. the relationship between cultural identity and clothes, 7. describe your culture, 8. what is the importance of honoring your roots , 9. how can a person adapt to a new culture, 10. what artistic works best express your country’s culture, 11. how has social media influenced human interaction, 12. how do you protect the cultures of indigenous peoples, 13. are k-pop and k-drama sensations effectively promoting korea’s culture , 14. what is the importance of cultural diversity.

“… [A]nd when every man may say what he likes, our aspirations ought to be satisfied. But the aspirations of culture, which is the study of perfection, are not satisfied, unless what men say, when they may say what they like, is worth saying,—has good in it, and more good than bad.”

Arnolds compels a re-examination of values at a time when England is leading global industrialization and beginning to believe that greatness is founded on material progress. 

The author elaborates why culture, the strive for a standard of perfection, is not merely driven by scientific passions and, more so, by materialistic affluence. As he esteems religion as “that voice of the deepest human experience” to harmonize men in establishing that ideal society, Arnolds stresses that culture is the effort to “make reason and the will of God prevail” while humanizing gained knowledge to be society’s source of “sweetness and light.”

“Few innovations in sound production have been simultaneously so reviled and so revolutionary. Epoch-defining or epoch-defacing, Auto-Tune is indisputably the sound of the 21st century so far.”

Reynolds shows how Auto-Tune has shaped a pop music genre that has cut across cultures. The article maps out the music landscape Auto-Tune created and examines its impact on the culture of song productions and the modern taste for music. While the author debunks accusations that Auto-Tune destroyed the “natural” process of creating music, he also points out that the technology earned its reverence with big thanks to society’s current custom of using technology to hide blemishes and other imperfections.

Looking for more? Check out these essays about culture shock .

“… [T]he heavy immigration that countries like Italy are experiencing will almost certainly birth new kinds of Italian that are rich with slang, somewhat less elaborate than the standard, and… widely considered signs of linguistic deterioration, heralding a future where the “original” standard language no longer exists.”

American linguist McWhorter pacifies fears over the death of “standard” languages amid the wave of immigration to Europe. On the contrary, language is a vital expression of a culture, and for some, preserving is tantamount to upholding a cultural standard. 

However, instead of seeing the rise of new “multiethnolects” such as the Black English in America and Kiezdeutsch in Germany as threats to language and culture, McWhorter sees them as a new way to communicate and better understand the social groups that forayed these new languages.

“I wonder why “cartoonish” remains such a pejorative. It took me half my life to achieve seeing my parents as cartoons. And to become more perfectly a cartoon myself: what a victory that would be.”

This essay begins with a huge fight between Franzen’s brother and father to show how the cultural generation gap sweeping the 60s has hit closer to home. This generation gap, where young adults were rejecting the elders’ old ways in pursuit of a new and better culture, will also be the reason why his family ends up drifting apart. Throughout the essay, Franzen treads this difficult phase in his youth while narrating fondly how Peanuts, a pop culture icon at the time, was his source of escape. 

“…Culture is… your background… and Identity is formed where you belong to… Leopold Sedar Senghor and Shirley Geok-Lin Lim both talks about how culture and identity can impact… society…”

In this essay, Graham uses “To New York” by Senghor and “Learning To Love America” by Lim as two pieces of literature that effectively describe the role of culture and identity to traveling individuals. 

The author refers to Sengho’s reminder that people can adapt but must not forget their culture even if they go to a different place or country. On the other hand, Lim discusses immigrants’ struggle to have double identities.

“Culture is something that surrounds all of us and progress to shape our lives every day… Identity is illustrated as the state of mind in which someone or something distinguishes their own character traits that lead to determining who they really are, what they represent.”

Lucas is keen on giving examples of how his culture and surroundings influence an individual’s identity. She refers to Kothari’s “If you are what you eat, then what am I?” which discusses Kothari’s search for her identity depending on what food she eats. Food defines a person’s culture and identity, so Kothari believes that eating food from different countries will change his identity.

Lucas also refers to “Down These Mean Streets” by Piri Thomas, which argues how different cultural and environmental factors affect us. Because of what we encounter, there is a possibility that we will become someone who we are not. 

“What we grow is who we are. What we buy is who we are. What we eat is who we are.”

Stephens’ essay teaches its readers that the food we grow and eat defines us as a person. She explains that growing a crop and harvesting it takes a lot of effort, dedication, and patience, which mirrors our identity. 

Another metaphor she used is planting rice: it takes skills and knowledge to make it grow. Cooking rice is more accessible than cultivating it – you can quickly cook rice by boiling it in water. This reflects people rich in culture and tradition but who lives simpler life. 

“Every single one has their own unique identity and culture. Culture plays a big role in shaping your identity. Culture is what made me the person I am today and determines who or what I choose to associate myself with.”

Casas starts her piece by questioning who she is. In trying to learn and define who she is, she writes down and describes herself and her personality throughout the essay. Finally, she concludes that her culture is a big part of her identity, and she must understand it to understand herself.

“When it comes to these stereotypes we place on each other, a lot of the time, we succumb to the stereotypes given to us. And our cultural identity is shaped by these expectations and labels others give us. That is why negative stereotypes sometimes become true for a whole group or community.”

In this essay, Luna talks about how negative stereotyping in the United States led to moral distortion. For example, Americans are assumed to be ignorant of other countries’ cultures, making it difficult to understand other people’s cultures and lifestyles. 

She believes that stereotyping can significantly affect an individual or group’s identity. She suggests Americans should improve their intellectual competence by being sensitive to other people’s cultures.

14 Prompts on Essays about Culture and Identity

You can discuss many things on the subject of culture and identity. To give you a starting point, here are some prompts to help you write an exciting essay about culture. 

If you are interested in learning more, check out our essay writing tips and our round-up of the best essay checkers .

Understanding your personality is vital since continuous interaction with others can affect your personality. Write about your culture and identity; what is your personality? How do you define yourself? Everyone is unique, so by writing an essay about who you are, you’ll be able to understand why you act a certain way and connect with readers who have the same values. 

Here’s a guide on writing a descriptive essay to effectively relay your experience to your readers.

Sometimes, people need to get out of their comfort zone and interact with other individuals with different cultures, beliefs, or traditions. This is to broaden one’s perspective about the world. Aside from discussing what you’ve learned in that journey, you can also focus on the bits that shocked you. 

You can talk about a tradition or value that you found so bizarre because it differs from your culture. Then add how you processed it and finally adapted to it.

Essays about Culture and Identity: Your Thoughts on Dystopia and Utopia

Dystopia and Utopia are both imagined worlds. Dystopia is a world where people live in the worst or most unfavorable conditions, while Utopia is the opposite. 

You can write an essay about what you think a Dystopian or Utopian world may look like, how these societies will affect their citizens, etc. Then, consider what personality citizens of each world may have to depend on the two worlds’ cultures.

Today, more and more people are fighting for others to accept or at least respect the LGBTQ+ community. However, countries, territories, and religions still question their rights.

In your essay, you can talk about why these institutions react the way they do and how culture dictates someone’s identity in the wrong way. Before creating your own, feel free to read other essays and articles to learn more about the global gender inequality issue. 

The world has diverse cultures, traditions, and values. When you travel to a new place, learning and writing about your firsthand experiences with unique cultures and rituals will always be an interesting read.

In this prompt, you’ll research other cultures and how they shaped their group’s identity. Then, write about the most exciting aspects you’ve learned, why you found them fascinating, and how they differ from your culture.

Those proud of their culture will wear clothes inspired by them. Some wear the same clothes even if they aren’t from the same culture. The debate over cultural appropriation and culture appreciation is still a hot topic. 

In this essay, you may start with the traditions of your community or observances your family celebrates and gathers for. Then, elaborate on their origins and describe how your community or family is preserving these practices. 

Learning about your roots, ancestors, and family cultures can help strengthen your understanding of your identity and foster respect for other cultures. Explore this topic and offer examples of what others have learned. Has the journey always been a positive experience? Delve into this question for an engaging and interesting essay.

When a person moves country, it can be challenging to adapt to a new culture. If there are new people at work or school, you can interview them and ask how they are coping with their new environment. How different is this from what they have been used to, and what unique traditions do they find interesting?

Focus on an art piece that is a source of pride and identity to your country’s culture, much like the Tinikling of the Philippines or the Matryoshka dolls of Russia. Explore its origins and evolution up to its current manifestation and highlight efforts that are striving to protect and promote these artistic works.

The older generation did not have computers in their teen years. Ask about how they dated in their younger years and how they made friends. Contrast how the younger generation is building their social networks today. Write what culture of socialization works better for you and explain why.

Take in-depth navigation of existing policies that protect indigenous peoples. Are they sufficient to serve these communities needs, and are they being implemented effectively? There is also the challenge of balancing the protection of these traditions against the need to protect the environment, as some indigenous practices add to the carbon footprint. How is your government dealing with this challenge?

A large population is now riding the Hallyu or the Korean pop culture, with many falling in love with the artists and Korea’s food, language, and traditional events. Research how certain Korean films, TV series, or music have effectively attracted fans to experience Korea’s culture. Write about what countries can learn from Korea in promoting their own cultures.

Environments that embrace cultural diversity are productive and innovative. To start your essay, assess how diverse your workplace or school is. Then, write your personal experiences where working with co-workers or classmates from different cultures led to new and innovative ideas and projects. Combine this with the personal experiences of your boss or the principal to see how your environment benefits from hosting a melting pot of cultures.

If you aim for your article to effectively change readers’ perspectives and align with your opinion, read our guide to achieving persuasive writing . 

custom tradition essay

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custom tradition essay

IELTS Agree/Disagree Essay Sample 10 – Customs/Traditions

In this post, we will look at a agree/disagree essay example Customs/Traditions from the IELTS writing task 2 test.

Students often ask if the questions are repeated year after year and the answer is no, but the topics are. There are so many questions written each year, you may find your practice answering various questions on different topics. For example, you could write essays to answer questions about education or the environment, which benefits you because you learn vocabulary associated with those topics and develop ideas that can help you in your writing test. Practising writing IELTS task 2 essays on a range of topics is a great way to learn new vocabulary for those topics, but also to practice your essay structures. You begin to develop your ideas around those topics, thinking of examples and giving your opinions.

If you would like to purchase a 31  page PDF download that is easy to read and print out please take a look at the bookshop >

If you would like to learn how to structure an agree/disagree essay please click the button below: How to structure an agree/disagree essay

Take a look at the IELTS Agree/ Disagree Question Essay example below:

Custom and Traditions

People, who go to live in other countries should follow the customs and tradition of the new country, to what extent to do you agree or disagree.

Take a look at the model answer.

Many think that when a person migrates to another place they are expected to follow practices and rituals native to that place. This essay strongly agrees that we should follow and adopt the good traditions innate to the country as a way of respect. Firstly, this essay will discuss why we should value the beliefs of the country we are living in and secondly the negative impacts if we don’t abide by their rules. On the one hand, many people want to migrate abroad for they believe they can get a bigger salary and a brighter future for their families. It’s crucial that one should follow and adapt to the customary traditions of the country you move to in order to integrate into the culture. In addition, we need to appreciate other customs because this will help us to seamlessly adapt to new surroundings and make friends with others.  For example, an article by the World Explorer in 2014 revealed that 80% of people who immigrate to the UK learn about traditions and customs prior to moving.

On the other hand, every country has its own set of traditions and customs. Some of these practices and rituals are somehow unusual to migrators because they are hard to follow and difficult to understand and as a result, certain actions can jeopardize the budding relationships that are built with them. This can also affect the image of countries outside of their culture, giving people the wrong impression as well as showing disrespect in certain situations. For instance, a news report by CNN Asia in 2014 showed a story about a Mexican family who migrated to Saudi Arabia that was forced to leave the country because they were found guilty of not respecting the Ramadan Traditions. In conclusion, I strongly agree that we need to abide and respect the traditions of any culture from any place because it not only allows us to adapt to new places but to make friends from all over the world. 

(Word count – 333 / Band score 8)

Instructor Feedback on IELTS Agree/Disagree Essay Sample: Customs/Traditions

Task Achievement  – The essay provides an answer to the question asked, supported by relevant examples.

Coherence and Cohesion  – The answer has been divided into clear logical paragraphs and each main body paragraph only has one main idea. There are cohesive links between the main body paragraphs .

Lexical Resource  – There is evidence of a wide range of vocabulary, with no errors in the text.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy  – The answer has no grammatical errors. The sentences have a wide range of structures. 

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Argumentative Essay Topic: People should follow the customs and traditions


Updated On Sep 18, 2023

custom tradition essay

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Argumentative Essay Topic: People should follow the customs and traditions

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The Essay Writing section of the IELTS Writing Module can be a difficult task for many IELTS Aspirants. Thus, it is vital that you polish your essay writing skills before attempting the IELTS.

Below is a sample IELTS Essay for the IELTS Essay topic:

People should follow the customs and traditions when people start to live in a new country. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Do you have an essay on this topic? Please post it in the comments section. One of our IELTS trainers will evaluate your essay from an examiner’s point of view and reply to the comment. This service is completely FREE of cost.

Opinion Essay


  • Paraphrase the topic of the essay.
  • Mention the view on the topic.
  • Paragraph 1 – Newcomers will certainly face difficulties if they do not conform to the norms of social behaviour in the host country. Firstly, it will become almost impossible for them to blend into their new environment.
  • Paragraph 2 – There are also many benefits for foreigners when they do adopt the customs and traditions of their new country of residence. One advantage is that local people will be more welcoming when they feel that the newcomers are showing respect for the local way of life.
  • Conclude the essay by stating the final view in brief.

Sample Essay

Many people argue that foreigners should adapt to the local customs and traditions when they come to reside in a new country. I completely agree with this view.

Newcomers will certainly face difficulties if they do not conform to the norms of social behaviour in the host country. Firstly, it will become almost impossible for them to blend into their new environment. For example, an entrepreneur who comes to live in a new country and starts up a business must be aware of the business practices of that country. There are bound to be many pitfalls, not only legal ones but also simply in terms of winning and keeping customers. Secondly, recent immigrants might fall foul of the law if they do not respect the behaviour and customs of locals. In Singapore, for instance, residents will consider newcomers dirty and ill-mannered if they litter the street or spit gum in public places.

There are also many benefits for foreigners when they do adopt the customs and traditions of their new country of residence. One advantage is that local people will be more welcoming when they feel that the newcomers are showing respect for the local way of life. The establishment of closer links with the host community might lead to greater integration and mutual understanding. Another benefit is the richness of the experience which newcomers will gain from enjoying aspects of local customs and traditions, enabling them to participate in community life and avoid social isolation. During festivals and national holidays, especially, they will feel like they ‘belong’ in their new country.

In conclusion, I would argue that it is essential for new residents to follow the traditions and habits of locals in the host community in order to integrate fully into society.

Band 9 Sample Essay

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The process of immigration, although an exciting journey, can give rise to a multitude of complications. The ambience of a foreign environment can be daunting and sometimes even unwelcoming. It is considered by many that an individual should completely transform themselves to the standards of their locale to make the exercise of settling in easier. I disagree with this perspective and will elaborate on my views in the following paragraphs.

It is a well-known fact that the world is comprised of innumerable cultures that are unique in their own right. That being said, it is also vital to recognize the differences between these communities and accept these nuances. Therefore, when a foreigner is expected to shed the traditions of their birthplace and adopt the conventions of a completely new place, it poses a threat to their individuality. Thus, the expectation of an absolute change in the lifestyle of a person can be considered biased and even intolerant.

Moreover, the practices of a particular culture might vary from another and sometimes the principles of one might contradict the other. For instance, several cultures around the globe follow vegetarianism as a cardinal rule whereas the daily diet of many societies is predominantly comprised of non-vegetarian food items. Thereby, in such circumstances, altering such intrinsic practices just for the sake of merging with a different community is unjustified.

However, in the process of amalgamating with new people, one must respect the pre-established norms of the region. The regard for the standards of a different locality is not dependent on the nature of a person and such actions can be undertaken without reshaping one’s identity.

Finally, I would like to mention that the world has become a smaller place and our societies have become more diverse lately. On that account, practising tolerance and acceptance is key to a harmonious way of life.

More Writing Task 2 Essay Topics

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  • Technology Can Bring Many Benefits But It Can Also Cause Social And Environmental Problems
  • Advertising Discourages People From Being Different Individuals
  • Some People Say Government Should Give Health Care The First Priorities
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Practice IELTS Writing Task 2 based on Essay types

ielts img

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Janet had been an IELTS Trainer before she dived into the field of Content Writing. During her days of being a Trainer, Janet had written essays and sample answers which got her students an 8+ band in the IELTS Test. Her contributions to our articles have been engaging and simple to help the students understand and grasp the information with ease. Janet, born and brought up in California, had no idea about the IELTS until she moved to study in Canada. Her peers leaned to her for help as her first language was English.

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Essay about Family Values & Traditions: Prompts + Examples

A family values essay covers such topics as family traditions, customs, family history, and values.

A family values essay (or a family traditions essay) is a type of written assignment. It covers such topics as family traditions, customs, family history, and values. It is usually assigned to those who study sociology, culture, anthropology, and creative writing.

In this article, you will find:

  • 150 family values essay topics
  • Outline structure
  • Thesis statement examples
  • “Family values” essay sample
  • “Family traditions” essay sample
  • “What does family mean to you?” essay sample.

Learn how to write your college essay about family with our guide.

  • 👪 What Is a Family Values Essay about?
  • 💡 Topic Ideas
  • 📑 Outlining Your Essay️
  • 🏠️ Family Values: Essay Example
  • 🎃 Family Traditions: Essay Example
  • 😍 What Does Family Mean to You: Essay Example

👪 Family Values Essay: What Is It about?

What are family values.

Family values are usually associated with a traditional family. In western culture, it is called “ a nuclear family .”

A nuclear family represents a family with a husband, wife, and children living together.

The nuclear family became common in the 1960s – 1970s . That happened because of the post-war economic boom and the health service upgrade. That allowed elder relatives to live separately from their children.

These days, the nuclear family is no longer the most common type of family . There are various forms of families:

  • Single-parent families
  • Non-married parents
  • Blended families
  • Couples with no children
  • Foster parents, etc.

How did the nuclear family become so wide-spread?

The nuclear family culture was mostly spread in western cultures. According to many historians, it was because of the Christian beliefs .

However, many people believe that Christianity was not the only reason. The industrial revolution also played a significant role.

Nowadays, the understanding of the term varies from person to person. It depends on their religious , personal, or cultural beliefs.

Family Values List

Cultural background plays a significant role in every family’s values. However, each family has its own customs and traditions as well.

The picture contains a list of 6 most common family values.

Some common types of family values include:

  • Some moral values are:
  • Having a sense of justice
  • Being honest
  • Being respectful to others
  • Being patient
  • Being responsible
  • Having courage
  • Some social values are:
  • Participating in teamwork
  • Being generous
  • Volunteering
  • Being respectful
  • Featuring dignity
  • Demonstrating humanity
  • Some work values include:
  • Saving salary
  • Prioritizing education
  • Doing your best at work
  • Maintaining respectful relationships with coworkers/ classmates
  • Some religious values are:
  • Being caring
  • Willing to learn
  • Treating others with respect
  • Being modest
  • Some recreational values are:
  • Family game nights
  • Family vacations
  • Family meals
  • Some political values are:
  • Being patriotic
  • Being tolerant
  • Following the law
  • Being open-minded

💡 150 Family Values Essay Topics

If you find it challenging to choose a family values topic for your essay, here is the list of 150 topics.

  • Social family values and their impact on children.
  • Divorce: Psychological Effects on Children .
  • Do family values define your personality?
  • Toys, games, and gender socialization.
  • The correlation between teamwork and your upbringing.
  • Family Structure and Its Effects on Children .
  • What does honesty have to do with social values?
  • Solution Focused Therapy in Marriage and Family .
  • The importance of being respectful to others.
  • Parent-Child Relationships and Parental Authority .
  • Political family values and their impact on children.
  • Postpartum Depression Effect on Children Development .
  • The importance of patriotism.
  • Social factors and family issues.
  • Is being open-minded crucial in modern society ?
  • Modern Society: American Family Values .
  • What role does tolerance play in modern society?
  • Does hard work identify your success?
  • Family involvement impact on student achievement.
  • Religious family values and their impact on children.
  • Native American Women Raising Children off the Reservation .
  • What does spiritual learning correlate with family values?
  • Modest relations and their importance.
  • The role of parental involvement.
  • What is violence , and why is it damaging?
  • Myths of the Gifted Children .
  • Work family values and their impact on children.
  • When Should Children Start School?
  • Does salary saving help your family?
  • Family as a System and Systems Theory .
  • Why should education be a priority?
  • Child-free families and their values.
  • Family violence effects on family members.
  • Why is doing your best work important for your family?
  • School-Family-Community Partnership Policies .
  • Moral values and their impact on children.
  • Does being trustworthy affect your family values?
  • Gender Inequality in the Study of the Family .
  • Can you add your value to the world?
  • Your responsibility and your family.
  • Family in the US culture and society.
  • Recreational family values and their impact.
  • Balancing a Career and Family Life for Women .
  • Family vacations and their effects on relationships.
  • Family meal and its impact on family traditions.
  • Children Play: Ingredient Needed in Children’s Learning .
  • Family prayer in religious families.
  • Family changes in American and African cultures.
  • Hugs impact on family ties.
  • Are bedtime stories important for children?
  • How Video Games Affect Children .
  • Do family game nights affect family bonding?
  • Divorce Remarriage and Children Questions .
  • What is the difference between tradition and heritage culture ?
  • How Autistic Children Develop and Learn?
  • The true meaning of family values.
  • Egypt families in changed and traditional forms.
  • Does culture affect family values?
  • Are family values a part of heritage?
  • The Development of Secure and Insecure Attachments in Children .
  • Does supporting family traditions impact character traits?
  • Parents’ Accountability for Children’s Actions .
  • Does your country’s history affect your family’s values?
  • Do family traditions help with solving your family problems?
  • Impact of Domestic Violence on Children in the Classroom .
  • Does having business with your family affect your bonding?
  • Family as a social institution.
  • Different weekly family connections ideas and their impact.
  • Different monthly family connections ideas and their impact.
  • The importance of your family’s daily rituals.
  • Group and Family Therapies: Similarities and Differences .
  • Holiday family gatherings as an instrument of family bonding.
  • Should a family have separate family budgets ?
  • Parental non-engagement in education.
  • Globalization and its impact on family values.
  • The difference between small town and big city family values.
  • Divorce and how it affects the children.
  • Child’s play observation and parent interview.
  • Family fights and their impact on the family atmosphere.
  • Why are personal boundaries important?
  • Single-parent family values.
  • Gender Differences in Caring About Children .
  • Does being an only child affect one’s empathy ?
  • Grandparents’ involvement in children upbringing.
  • Use of Social Networks by Underage Children .
  • Same-sex marriage and its contribution to family values.
  • Does surrogacy correspond to family values?
  • Are women better parents than men?
  • Does the age gap between children affect their relationship?
  • Does having pets affect family bonding?
  • Parenting Gifted Children Successfully Score .
  • Having a hobby together and its impact.
  • Discuss living separately from your family.
  • Shopping together with your family and its impact on your family values.
  • Movie nights as a family tradition.
  • Parents’ perception of their children’s disability.
  • Does being in the same class affect children’s relationships ?
  • Does sharing a room with your siblings affect your relationship?
  • Raising Awareness on the Importance of Preschool Education Among Parents .
  • Pros and cons of having a nanny.
  • Do gadgets affect your children’s social values?
  • The Role of Parents in Underage Alcohol Use and Abuse .
  • Pros and cons of homeschooling .
  • Limiting children’s Internet usage time and their personal boundaries.
  • Is having an heirloom important?
  • Divorce influence on children’s mental health.
  • Is daycare beneficial?
  • Should your parents-in-law be involved in your family?
  • Children’s Foster Care and Associated Problems .
  • Pets’ death and its impact on children’s social values.
  • Clinical Map of Family Therapy .
  • Passing of a relative and its impact on the family.
  • How Do Parents See the Influence of Social Media Advertisements on Their Children ?
  • Relationship within a family with an adopted child.
  • Discuss naming your child after grandparents.
  • The Effects of Post-Divorce Relationships on Children.
  • Discuss the issue of spoiling children.
  • Discuss nuclear family values.
  • Parental Involvement in Second Language Learning .
  • Children’s toys and their impact on children’s values.
  • Discuss the children’s rivalry phenomenon.
  • Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act History .
  • Relationship between parents and its impact on children.
  • Lockdown and its impact on family values.
  • Financial status and children’s social values.
  • Do parents’ addictions affect children?
  • Corporal punishment and its effects on children.
  • Discuss step-parents’ relationship with children.
  • Severe diseases in the family and their impact.
  • Developing Family Relationship Skills to Prevent Substance Abuse Among Youth Population .
  • Arranged marriages and their family values.
  • Discuss the age gap in marriages.
  • The Effects of Parental Involvement on Student Achievement .
  • International families and their values.
  • Early marriages and their family values.
  • Parental Divorce Impact on Children’s Academic Success .
  • Discuss parenting and family structure after divorce .
  • Mental Illness in Children and Its Effects on Parents .
  • Discuss family roles and duties.
  • Healthy habits and their importance in the family.
  • Growing-up Family Experience and the Interpretive Style in Childhood Social Anxiety .
  • Discuss different family practices.
  • Dealing With Parents: Schools Problem .
  • Ancestors worship as a family value.
  • The importance of family speech.
  • Does the Sexual Orientation of Parents Matter?
  • Mutual respect as a core of a traditional family.
  • Experiential Family Psychotherapy .
  • Should the law protect the family values?
  • Family as a basic unit of society.

Couldn’t find the perfect topic for your paper? Use our essay topic generator !

📑 Family Values Essay Outline

The family values essay consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. You can write your essay in five paragraphs:

  • One introductory paragraph
  • Three body paragraphs
  • One conclusion paragraph.

Family values or family history essay are usually no more than 1000 words long.

What do you write in each of them?

Learn more on the topic from our article that describes outline-making rules .

Thesis Statement about Family Values

The thesis statement is the main idea of your essay. It should be the last sentence of the introduction paragraph .

Why is a thesis statement essential?

It gives the reader an idea of what your essay is about.

The thesis statement should not just state your opinion but rather be argumentative. For the five-paragraph family values essay, you can express one point in your thesis statement.

Let’s take a look at good and bad thesis statement about family values templates.

Need a well-formulated thesis statement? You are welcome to use our thesis-making tool !

🏠️ Family Values Essay: Example & Writing Prompts

So, what do you write in your family values essay?

Start with choosing your topic. For this type of essay, it can be the following:

  • Your reflection about your family’s values
  • The most common family values in your country
  • Your opinion on family values.

Let’s say you want to write about your family values. What do you include in your essay?

First, introduce family values definition and write your thesis statement.

Then, in the body part, write about your family’s values and their impact on you (one for each paragraph).

Finally, sum up your essay.

Family Values Essay Sample: 250 Words

🎃 family traditions essay: example & writing prompts.

Family traditions essay covers such topics as the following:

  • Family traditions in the USA (in England, in Spain, in Pakistan, etc.)
  • Traditions in my family
  • The importance of family traditions for children.
  • My favorite family traditions

After you decide on your essay topic, make an outline.

For the introduction part, make sure to introduce the traditions that you are going to write about. You can also mention the definition of traditions.

In the body part, introduce one tradition for each paragraph. Make sure to elaborate on why they are essential for you and your family.

Finally, sum up your essay in the conclusion part.

Family Traditions Essay Sample: 250 Words

😍 what does family mean to you essay: example & writing prompts.

The family definition essay covers your opinion on family and its importance for you.

Some of the questions that can help you define your topic:

  • How has your family shaped your character?
  • How can you describe your upbringing?

In the introduction part, you can briefly cover the importance of family in modern society. Then make sure to state your thesis.

As for the body parts, you can highlight three main ideas of your essay (one for each paragraph).

Finally, sum up your essay in the conclusion part. Remember that you can restate your thesis statement here.

What Does Family Mean to You Essay Sample: 250 Words

Now you have learned how to write your family values essay. What values have you got from your family? Let us know in the comments below!

❓ Family Values FAQ

Family values are the principles, traditions, and beliefs that are upheld in a family. They depend on family’s cultural, religious, and geographical background. They might be moral values, social values, work values, political values, recreational values, religious values, etc. These values are usually passed on to younger generations and may vary from family to family.

Why are family values important?

Family values are important because they have a strong impact on children’s upbringing. These values might influence children’s behavior, personality, attitude, and character traits. These can affect how the children are going to build their own families in the future.

What are Christian family values?

Some Christian family values are the following: 1. Sense of justice 2. Being thankful 3. Having wisdom 4. Being compassion 5. Willing to learn 6. Treating others with respect 7. Modesty

What are traditional family values?

Each family has its own values. However, they do have a lot of resemblances. Some traditional family values are the following: 1. Having responsibilities to your family 2. Being respectful to your family members 3. Not hurting your family members 4. Compromising

50 Latest Traditions IELTS Topics

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  • Detailed Error Analysis: Spot every mistake.
  • In-Built Grammar Checker: Say no to grammatical errors.
  • Personalized Suggestions: Know how to boost your score.
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Indian Culture and Tradition Essay for Students and Children

500+ words essay on indian culture and tradition.

India has a rich culture and that has become our identity. Be it in religion, art, intellectual achievements, or performing arts, it has made us a colorful, rich, and diverse nation. The Indian culture and tradition essay is a guideline to the vibrant cultures and traditions followed in India. 

Indian Culture And Tradition Essay

India was home to many invasions and thus it only added to the present variety. Today, India stands as a powerful and multi-cultured society as it has absorbed many cultures and moved on. People here have followed various religion , traditions, and customs.

Although people are turning modern today, hold on to the moral values and celebrates the festivals according to customs. So, we are still living and learning epic lessons from Ramayana and Mahabharata. Also, people still throng Gurudwaras, temples, churches, and mosques. 

The culture in India is everything from people’s living, rituals, values, beliefs, habits, care, knowledge, etc. Also, India is considered as the oldest civilization where people still follows their old habits of care and humanity.

Additionally, culture is a way through which we behave with others, how softly we react to different things, our understanding of ethics, values, and beliefs.

People from the old generation pass their beliefs and cultures to the upcoming generation. Thus, every child that behaves well with others has already learned about their culture from grandparents and parents.

Also, here we can see culture in everything like fashion , music , dance , social norms, foods, etc. Thus, India is one big melting pot for having behaviors and beliefs which gave birth to different cultures. 

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Indian Culture and Religion

There are many religions that have found their origin in age-old methods that are five thousand years old. Also, it is considered because Hinduism was originated from Vedas.

Thus, all the Hindu scriptures that are considered holy have been scripted in the Sanskrit language. Also, it is believed that Jainism has ancient origin and existence in the Indus valley. Buddhism is the other religion that was originated in the country through the teachings of Gautam Buddha. 

There are many different eras that have come and gone but no era was very powerful to change the influence of the real culture. So, the culture of younger generations is still connected to the older generations. Also, our ethnic culture always teaches us to respect elders, behave well, care for helpless people, and help needy and poor people.

Additionally, there is a great culture in our country that we should always welcome guest like gods. That is why we have a famous saying like ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. So, the basic roots in our culture are spiritual practices and humanity. 

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  • Essay on Types of Sports

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LOS ANGELES — U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced today that the Ontario International Airport (ONT) located in Ontario, California, will be transitioning to a designated Landing Rights Airport in September 2024.

Under the new designation, CBP will provide all immigration, customs, and agriculture services.  All private and commercial aircraft arriving internationally will be required to submit a landing rights authorization in advance to the CBP port director or designated official.

In addition, ONT’s conversion to a Landing Rights airport will allow the airport to accommodate the construction of a new Express Carrier Consignment Hub, promoting a significant increase in international cargo processing.  To meet the growing demand, CBP will increase its services level at ONT.

“This a significant step forward in our long-standing partnership with Ontario International Airport,” said Cheryl M. Davies, CBP Director of Field Operations in Los Angeles.  “These expanded services will boost the local economy and foster the airport’s dynamic growth for years to come.”

“We thank U.S. Customs and Border Protection for this very important change in designation, which will help Ontario International Airport provide even greater international service for both passenger travel and goods movement.  Our ability to meet that market demand is a significant economic driver for the Inland Empire and Southern California, and we could not do so without the support and partnership of CBP,” said Atif Elkadi, Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario International Airport Authority.

Ontario International Airport, which has been operating under CBP’s User Fee Facilities Program since 2018, has played a pivotal role in the flow of commercial goods and passengers from international locations.

The User Fee Facility Program provides a mechanism for airports, seaports, and other facilities where customs services would not typically be available to receive, for a fee, the services of a CBP officer for processing of passengers and cargo entering the United States.

 A landing rights airport is any airport, other than an international airport or user fee airport, at which flights from a foreign area are given permission by CBP to land.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is the unified border agency within the Department of Homeland Security charged with the comprehensive management, control, and protection of our nation’s borders, combining customs, immigration, border security, and agricultural protection at and between official ports of entry.

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Preserving Family Culinary Traditions: a Connection to My Cultural Roots

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Published: Feb 7, 2024

Words: 688 | Pages: 2 | 4 min read

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Family history, childhood memories, cultural significance, personal reflection.

Image of Dr. Charlotte Jacobson

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Ex-border officer pleads guilty to letting people into U.S., accepting bribe

A former Customs and Border Protection officer who worked at a Texas port of entry pleaded guilty this week to letting undocumented people into the U.S. and allowing what he thought was cocaine into the country, officials said.

Emanuel Isac Celedon pleaded guilty in two federal cases Monday — one dealing with smuggling people into the U.S. and a second that involved taking a bribe for what he believed was a shipment of cocaine, prosecutors said.

Celedon, 36, worked at the Juarez-Lincoln Port of Entry in Laredo on the U.S.-Mexico border.

He let people through the lane he controlled without inspection at least nine times from September to November and told smugglers in advance what his lane assignment was, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Texas said in a statement.

Celedon also took a $6,000 bribe to allow vehicles with what he believed were kilograms of cocaine — but which was actually “sham cocaine” and part of an undercover investigation — into the U.S., the prosecutor’s office said.

Celedon's attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday afternoon.

He pleaded guilty Monday to four counts of bringing an undocumented alien to the U.S. in one criminal case and to counts of bribery and attempted importation of a controlled substance in the second, the U.S. attorney's office said.

The Juarez-Lincoln Port of Entry is one of five border land crossings in Laredo.

custom tradition essay

Phil Helsel is a reporter for NBC News.

U.S. flag

An official website of the United States government

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Official websites use .gov A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States.

Secure .gov websites use HTTPS A lock ( Lock A locked padlock ) or https:// means you’ve safely connected to the .gov website. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites.

  • The Attorney General
  • Organizational Chart
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  • Press Releases
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Archived Press Releases

Archived News

Para Notícias en Español

Ford Motor Company Agrees to Pay $365M to Settle Customs Civil Penalty Claims Relating to Misclassified and Under-Valued Vehicles

Ford Motor Company has agreed to pay the United States $365 million to resolve allegations that it violated the Tariff Act of 1930 by misclassifying and understating the value of hundreds of thousands of its Transit Connect vehicles, the Justice Department announced today.

The settlement resolves allegations that Ford devised a scheme to avoid higher duties by misclassifying cargo vans. Specifically, the government alleged that from April 2009 to March 2013, Ford imported Transit Connect cargo vans from Turkey into the United States and presented them to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) with sham rear seats and other temporary features to make the vans appear to be passenger vehicles. These temporary rear seats were never intended to be, and never were, used to carry passengers. Rather, the government alleged, Ford included these seats and features to avoid paying the 25% duty rate applicable to cargo vehicles. By classifying the vans as vehicles for the transport of passengers, Ford instead paid a duty rate of just 2.5%. Ford submitted entry papers to CBP declaring these vehicles as classifiable under tariff heading 8703 as “Motor cars and other motor vehicles principally designed for the transport of persons.” After customs clearance, each of these Transit Connect vehicles was immediately stripped of its rear seats and returned to its original identity as a two-seat cargo van. 

The settlement also resolves allegations that, from April 2009 through August 2013, Ford avoided paying import duties by under-declaring to CBP the value of certain Transit Connect vehicles.

“When companies misclassify imports to avoid paying what they owe, they will be held accountable,” said Acting Associate Attorney General Benjamin C. Mizer. “Today’s settlement is a victory for American taxpayers and for our efforts to combat trade fraud and ensure compliance with United States trade laws. Companies that attempt to evade customs duties with sham representations and workarounds will not be rewarded.”

“Importers have an obligation to truthfully declare the nature of their products and pay the duties that are owed,” said Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brian M. Boynton, head of the Justice Department’s Civil Division. “The government will not permit companies to evade duties by adding sham features to their products and then misclassifying them.”

“This settlement, which is one of the largest customs penalty settlements in recent history, demonstrates that U.S. Customs and Border Protection will pursue even the largest companies to ensure that all importers follow the rules; our intent is to enforce the customs laws fairly, which means that non-compliance is not an option for anyone,” said Senior Official Performing Duties of the Commissioner Troy A. Miller of CBP. “The partnership between CBP and the Justice Department provides a critical safeguard to protect the revenue of the United States.” 

To combat trade fraud, including avoidance of import duties, the Justice Department created a Trade Fraud Task Force. The Task Force partners with CBP and other law enforcement agencies to ensure compliance with United States trade laws. 

The resolution obtained in this matter was the result of a coordinated effort between CBP and the Civil Division’s Commercial Litigation Branch’s International Field Office and National Courts Section.

Attorneys Beverly Farrell and Justin Miller of the Civil Division’s International Trade Field Office and Claudia Burke, Joshua Kurland, Patricia McCarthy and Frank White of the Civil Division’s National Courts Section handled this matter.

The claims resolved by this settlement are allegations only. There has been no determination of liability.

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Thank you very much for that kind introduction, Bobby. And thank you for your expert leadership of the Office of Information Policy (OIP). During my time at the Department, I’ve...

The Justice Department today announced its annual plan for making anticipated grant funding available this fiscal year to advance public safety activities and improve justice system outcomes. The Department is...

I am overwhelmed. By all of you who showed up here today — friends and colleagues from across government and beyond. And by all of the remarks and videos just...

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California Today

Love Pi Day? You Can Thank San Francisco for That.

The celebration of March 14 began as a weird Bay Area tradition.

Soumya Karlamangla

By Soumya Karlamangla

custom tradition essay

Tomorrow is Pi Day, the annual celebration of the ever-intriguing mathematical constant denoted by the Greek letter π. Children in math classes across America will soon be discussing the magic of a circle’s circumference and, perhaps more memorably, devouring delicious pies .

The nerdy holiday, observed on March 14 because the first three digits of pi are 3, 1 and 4, has been recognized by the U.S. House of Representatives. And in 2019, UNESCO designated March 14 as the International Day of Mathematics.

But years before all that, Pi Day was just a wacky tradition at a science museum in the Bay Area.

The Exploratorium , currently at the Embarcadero along San Francisco’s eastern waterfront, was founded in 1969 by the physicist and professor Frank Oppenheimer , who wanted to create a more hands-on way for children to learn about science. (Oppenheimer was the younger brother of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the “father of the atomic bomb” and the subject of this year’s best picture winner at the Oscars.)

Frank Oppenheimer ran the Exploratorium, originally located in the city’s Palace of the Fine Arts, until his death in 1985. Three years later, museum employees found themselves at a staff retreat in Monterey trying to think up ways to continue developing and growing the museum.

That’s when Larry Shaw, a physicist and media specialist at the Exploratorium, felt inspiration strike.

Pi has fascinated mathematicians for thousands of years, not least because it is an irrational number — its digits seem to go on forever without falling into a repeating pattern, a tantalizing glimpse of infinity. It is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, and circles themselves tend to hold some mystery, as perfect shapes with no beginning or end, according to Samuel Sharkland, senior program director at the Exploratorium.

To Shaw, pi seemed like an ideal subject of scientific celebration. It also had a lucky homophone in “pie,” which offered up a tasty way to entice children and adults to learn about math. (Conveniently, pies are typically shaped like circles, too.)

The Exploratorium hosted its first Pi Day on March 14, 1988, with fruit pie for everyone at the museum to enjoy at 1:59 p.m. (Those are the next three digits after 3.14.)

Eventually, the Exploratorium added a celebration of Albert Einstein’s birthday to its annual festivities (he was born on March 14, 1879). Each year, Shaw would lead a parade through the museum with a boombox blaring the digits of pi to the tune of “Pomp and Circumstance,” culminating in walking 3.14 times around a “Pi Shrine” — a brass plaque inscribed with the first 100 digits of pi — while singing “Happy Birthday” to Einstein.

Shaw told SFGate in 2009 that he and other participants regarded the Pi Shrine with the reverence of worshipers at a religious site. “Ours is a mystery religion,” said Shaw, whom the museum staff fondly called the “Prince of Pi.”

“Just like others, we circumambulate the things we respect,” he told the news outlet. Shaw died in 2017.

Though the museum still goes all out to celebrate each year. Pi Day has long since outgrown its association with the Exploratorium. But that’s not something to be lamented, Sharkland told me.

“It just blossomed,” he said. “It’s something we’re proud of.”

The rest of the news

Opponents of Proposition 1 conceded that the state ballot measure, aimed at expanding treatment centers and supportive housing for people struggling with mental illness and addiction, would probably pass , KQED reports. But the results remain too close to call.

Southern California

Scott Peterson, who was found guilty in 2004 of murdering his pregnant wife and unborn son, returned to court yesterday in San Mateo County in an effort to overturn his conviction with the help of the Los Angeles Innocence Project, CBS San Francisco reports.

Rents for apartments in Los Angeles County fell 2.5 percent last month compared with the same time a year before, The Los Angeles Times reports, citing data from Apartment List.

Central California

A raisin packing company in Fowler will pay $2 million to settle a federal lawsuit alleging sexual harassment and retaliation against female employees, The Fresno Bee reports. The company’s president said in a statement that it was not admitting wrongdoing.

Northern California

Olga Murray, who rescued thousands of Nepali girls and young women from bonded slavery and secured meals and schooling for impoverished children through her foundation, died at 98 at her home in Sausalito.

Several Taco Bell locations in Oakland have closed because of crime concerns , CNN reports. Taco Bell said in a statement that the decision was made by the restaurants’ franchisee owner who “has informed us that they are consistently evaluating and working to ensure a safe environment.”

Amid all the upheaval of the pandemic, there have been moments of hope and positive change. What have been your pandemic silver linings? Tell us at [email protected] .

And before you go, some good news

After another wet winter, California state park officials expect an impressive bloom of wildflowers this spring, USA Today reports .

A number of climate conditions — including rain, sunlight and humidity — affect when and how plentifully the flowers bloom. When these factors come together in just the right proportions, California’s ordinarily dry hillsides become carpeted with lupines, poppies, desert sunflowers and lilies that draw visitors to the state parks.

Though it’s a challenge to forecast the scale of the bloom each spring, state park officials believe that this year will be better than average. Parks across the state experienced a spectacular bloom last year .

Wildflowers are already popping up in some areas of the state, including parts of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, and more are expected elsewhere from mid-March through May. The parks department has created a guide to the areas that are already blooming. Get ready for some rainbow flora.

Thanks for reading. I’ll be back tomorrow. — Soumya

P.S. Here’s today’s Mini Crossword .

Maia Coleman and Briana Scalia contributed to California Today. You can reach the team at [email protected] .

Sign up here to get this newsletter in your inbox .

Soumya Karlamangla reports on California news and culture and is based in San Francisco. She writes the California Today newsletter. More about Soumya Karlamangla

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Official websites use .gov A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States.

Secure .gov websites use HTTPS A lock ( Lock A locked padlock ) or https:// means you’ve safely connected to the .gov website. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites.

  • Press Releases

Statement from Secretary Mayorkas on the President’s Fiscal Year 2025 Budget for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

The FY 2025 Budget provides critical resources to combat terrorism, secure our borders, strengthen disaster resilience, continue investment in cybersecurity and promote the responsible use of artificial intelligence, and much more.

DHS needs Congress to pass the Senate’s bipartisan border security agreement, enabling DHS to hire more CBP, ICE, and USCIS personnel and provide new tools to fix our broken immigration system and help secure the border.

WASHINGTON - The Biden-Harris Administration today submitted to Congress the President’s Budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2025, which provides $62.2 billion in discretionary funding for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). In addition, the Budget provides $22.7 billion for the Disaster Relief Fund to respond to major disasters and emergencies, and $4.7 billion for the Southwest Border Contingency Fund to resource border security and immigration enforcement efforts along the Southwest border. When accounting for the effects of the Southwest Border Contingency Fund, the Budget request for DHS is an increase of 10 percent above FY 2023. The budget includes a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) fee proposal that, if enacted, would decrease the discretionary funding request by $1.6 billion.

However, DHS’s border security and immigration enforcement efforts along the Southwest border desperately require the additional funds requested by the Administration and included in the Senate’s bipartisan border security legislation, which would provide DHS with approximately $19 billion to fund additional personnel, facilities, repatriation capabilities, and other enforcement resources.

“The President’s Budget, in combination with the Senate’s bipartisan border security legislation, is vital to meeting the needs of our workforce and the challenges we face. The President’s Budget prioritizes staying ahead of the diverse and complex threats facing the homeland and highlights our unwavering dedication to protecting the security of the American people,” said Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas . “This budget invests in our homeland security today and lays the groundwork to protect the American people well into the future. It supports efforts to advance the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence across DHS, as well as our work to protect against malicious cyber threats to Federal networks and critical infrastructure. The President's Budget continues to invest in the security of our borders, even as we continue to call on Congress to pass the February bipartisan border security legislation to provide urgently needed resources and tools to our frontline personnel. It also includes funding to combat the trafficking of fentanyl and its precursors; protect the trade that is vital to our economic strength; build resilience to climate change and strengthen recovery from natural disasters; counter threats from the PRC and bolster our support for allies in the Indo-Pacific; and invest in the dedicated and professional workforce of the Department of Homeland Security.”

At the Department of Homeland Security, the Budget will:

Advance Our Mission to Combat Terrorism. The President’s Budget supports the Department’s continued efforts to combat terrorism, both domestically and abroad. The FY 2025 Budget funds the DHS Special Events Program, a critical program that gathers information on more than 57,000 special events, conducts risk assessments, coordinates Departmental and federal support thereto, and ensures that relevant information sharing occurs. The FY 2025 Budget provides $25.9 billion to meet core budget requirements of critical funding to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This funding would support CBP’s mission to protect the Nation from acts of terrorism and criminality with constant vigilance at and between the Nation’s POEs. As the principal criminal investigative agency within the DHS, the funding would support ICE, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) with overseeing its responsibility to investigate, disrupt, and dismantle terrorist networks threatening or exploiting the customs and immigration laws of the United States. The President’s Budget also supports continued operational funding for the U.S. Coast Guard’s Maritime Security Operations, whose mission program encompasses activities to detect, deter, prevent, and disrupt terrorist attacks, and other criminal acts in the maritime domain. It includes antiterrorism, response, and select recovery operations.

Help Secure the Border and Facilitate Lawful Trade and Immigration. The President’s Budget provides critical resources to secure our border while enforcing immigration laws that safeguard Americans from national security and public safety threats and support a humane, orderly immigration system. The Budget provides $25.9 billion to meet core budget requirements of CBP and ICE. This funding provides $2.5 billion to ICE-HSI to enhance investigative capabilities to combat Transnational Criminal Organizations that engage in the smuggling of humans, narcotics including fentanyl, firearms, and money. Additionally, the Budget invests $210 million to increase staffing capacity at the Southwest border, $86 million for CBP air and marine operational support, and $127 million for modernizing border security technology such as deploying new Integrated Surveillance Towers. The Budget also provides $145 million to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to support timely processing of up to 125,000 refugee cases.

DHS reiterates previously submitted funding requests that are critical to secure the border, build immigration enforcement capacity, combat fentanyl and address domestic needs like natural disaster response, which Congress has failed to act on. Among them, the October funding request, which includes $8.7 billion for border, immigration, and counter fentanyl requirements and $9.2 billion for FEMA’s Disaster Relief Fund and Nonprofit Security Grant Program. Notably, the Administration’s border supplemental request includes funding to build capacity in the areas of border security, immigration enforcement, and countering fentanyl. DHS strongly supports the additional $19 billion in funding proposals included in the Senate’s bipartisan border legislation that would, among other things, enable DHS to hire more CBP agents and officers, ICE enforcement and investigative personnel, and USCIS asylum officers and provide new tools to bolster the Department’s efforts to secure and manage the border.

Invest in Cybersecurity Protection and Emergency Communications. The President’s Budget continues to support the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s mission to secure cyberspace and protect against malicious threats capable of compromising and disrupting Federal networks and critical infrastructure. The Budget includes $3 billion for programs strengthening cybersecurity, infrastructure security, and emergency communications. Notably, $470 million is provided for the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program that enhances the overall security posture of federal networks and $116 million towards implementing the Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act, which requires critical infrastructure entities to report cyberattacks.

Responsibly Deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology. The FY 2025 Budget includes $5 million for the Department’s Chief AI Officer (CAIO). The CAIO is responsible for setting priorities and directing policies and oversight for the responsible use of AI across DHS. To support this work, last month, the Department announced its first-ever hiring sprint to recruit 50 AI technology experts in 2024. The new DHS “AI Corps” will leverage this new technology across priority missions of the homeland security enterprise including efforts to counter fentanyl, combat child sexual exploitation and abuse, secure travel, fortify our critical infrastructure, enhance our cybersecurity, and deliver immigration services.

Invest in a Disaster-Resilient Nation. The President’s Budget continues to support the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) mission to help people before, during, and after disasters. In addition to the $22.7 billion allocated to the Disaster Relief Fund, the Budget provides $3.2 billion in FEMA grants to improve disaster resilience and preparedness strategies at the State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial government level. It also provides additional resources for community-wide climate resilience initiatives. This includes an increase of $51 million for Flood Hazard Mapping and Risk Analysis, which will further expand FEMA’s inventory and leverage those maps to help communities better prepare for future conditions.

Protect the Homeland from Threats of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The President’s Budget supports the mission of the Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office (CWMD), which protects the country from chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats. The Budget provides $418 million to CWMD for its mission. This includes $181 million to fund programs supporting public and private sector organizations to improve technical capabilities and increase knowledge of CBRN threats.

Increase Coast Guard Presence in the Indo-Pacific Region. The Budget provides $263 million to expand Coast Guard operations in the Indo-Pacific along three primary lines of effort: increased presence, maritime governance, and meaningful engagement. This investment supports acquisition of two Fast Response Cutters and increases training and engagement with partners, enabling the Service to transition from episodic to persistent presence in the region.

Modernize TSA Pay and Workforce Policies. The President’s Budget continues to improve security effectiveness and efficiency and honor previous commitments to the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) workforce to continue to pay them at a level that is commensurate to their general schedule federal counterparts. The Budget includes $1.5 billion to ensure TSA employees do not suffer a pay differential. In anticipation of an increase in aviation passenger volume in FY 2025, the Budget also provides $356 million for additional Transportation Security Officers to staff airport checkpoints and $90 million for Checkpoint Property Screening System programs to more reliably detect aviation threats.

Secure Special Events and the 2024 Presidential Campaign. The U.S. Secret Service (USSS) continuously evaluates threats and reallocates resources based on the changing threat environment. The Budget includes $70 million for Secret Service operations related to the 2024 Presidential Election to ensure the safety of major candidates, nominees, their spouses, and nominating conventions. It also provides USSS $16 million to procure necessary assets, personnel, and establish cross-agency communication centers for the 2026 FIFA World Cup. Finally, the Budget includes $19 million for other planned NSSEs that Secret Service is charged with protecting.

For more information on the President’s FY 2025 Budget, please visit the President's Budget on WhiteHouse.gov .

  • Secretary of Homeland Security
  • Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

The Stavropol State Agrarian University Report (Assessment)

Particularity of the organization.

The Stavropol State Agrarian University is one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Stavropol city, within Russian Federation. Started in 1930, this institution has experienced massive development in various areas as it seeks to be in line with the international standards of learning at this higher level. The management of this firm has a reputation when it comes to freedom in research and development.

As defined in the mission statement of this firm, the organisation has high regards to morals and societal values, and there has been a concerted effort to merge science with culture. SSAU is a fully chartered university that does not only target the local students but also the international learners within European Union and in the global society.

The management of this institution appreciates the fact that competition in the education sector has become very stiff. For this reason, there has been effort to introduce management practices and strategies that would make the university attractive to the local and international society.

The institution has introduced programmes, which focus on improving the students’ experience. When it was started, the focus of this institution was to offer products, which at this time was standardized with knowledge in various fields.

The management had to realize that all the lecturers attended their classes and the syllabus was covered as was expected. However, things changed systematically based on the changes in the environment. The institution’s focus changed from product to service. The management realized that it owes their clients (students) a lot, and there was a need to offer them good services.

It was in this era that the university introduced new courses to meet the diversified needs of the learners. In this era, the management of this institution has realized that offering services to the clients is not good enough. There is a need to offer solutions.

Institutions of higher learning are seen to be the solution to any issue that is affecting the society in one way or the other. This means that offering learners the courses they need in an effective learning environment is not enough. The current society expects more from these institutions. They need solutions to the social and scientific problems they face from time to time.

The management of SSAU has been offering this solution to its clients in different approaches. Each of the departments at this institution has its own budget that is specifically meant for research. The university believes in solutions that are obtained by conducting reliable researches both socially and scientifically.

The graduates from this institution go into the job market after they have been fully prepared to offer solutions to some of the problems that an organisation or society may face. This has put this institution at a prestigious position where the society seeks solutions to some of the problems they face. SSAU is an institution to reckon with not only within the Russian Federation, but also in the entire region of Eastern Europe.

Good Practice at the Company

Achieving success in the current competitive market is not an easy task. It requires a concerted effort by the management to do what is right, in the right manner, at the right time, and with the right people. The management of this institution has started various programmes, which are meant to enhance good practice as a way of enhancing its competitiveness.

The first programme was the focus on concentrating talents. The management of this firm introduced internationalization process in hiring the staff. It came to the attention of the top management that most of the staffs at this institution were professionals who are citizens of this country. This was not a big issue, but it had negative impacts on the marketability of the institution as a global learning centre.

The management, therefore, started a programme that aimed at concentrating talents. Most of the positions were left open to both the local and international staffs in order to enhance competition. The process of hiring staffs was made competitive in order to select the best-qualified candidates irrespective of their nationalities. This enhanced diversity at this institution as the new staff members came from various countries in Europe, North America and even other parts of Africa.

Concentration of talents was not just restricted to the teaching staff. SSAU has been keen when it comes to selecting students for various programmes. Students also have a massive potential when it comes to enhancing research in various fields. The institution has one of the highest bars when it comes to selecting of the students for various courses. Having such a pool of talented students and teachers enhances the capacity of the university to engage in research.

The second approach that this firm has been using to enhance good practice is to diversify its resources. The institution has introduced new ways of earning extra income besides what is generated from the students. Currently, this institution is the largest consultant in various fields within this country. Private institutions and non-governmental institutions have been coming to this firm for consultation in various fields.

The institution can now be commissioned to research on both social and scientific issues by these private institutions in order to find solutions to some of the issues that are affecting them. The biggest single client of this institution in the field of consultation is the government. The government has consulted this firm on various scientific and social issues that affect the Russian community.

These consultations have earned the firm good income, which supplements what is generated from the learners. This firm has been a leader in technology advancement. Many firms have relied on this institution to help them improve their communication systems, maintain their machines, and various other services related to technology. These extra incomes add value to the main clients at this institution.

The management can afford to lower its fee without necessarily affecting the quality of education. The university is also able to offer subseries to some of the best but needy students in order to improve their experience.

The university also introduced optimal management as a way of enhancing the way processes are managed. The institution has introduced the Decision Support System (DSS) in most of its managerial activities to ensure that every decision is supported by valid facts.

Key Results Demonstrating Achievement of the Objectives

Introduction of the best practices at this firm has brought with it positive results that have helped the university advance in various areas. Coordinating personal goals of the employees with the strategic goals of the firm has been made very simple.

This has been achieved through the employee involvement in strategic planning. This way, it has become possible for them to integrate their personal plans with that of the organisation. This has helped the firm build a large pool of highly skilled human resource that meets the international standards.

The new strategy has also helped in making the contribution of the learners relevant in the overall research at this institution. It has encouraged the student-learner relations at this firm, making it a better research centre.

Use of the RADAR Methodology by the Company

The management of this university has been using RADAR logic to question the performance of various departments in this organisation. The firm has been keen on defining the results that each department is expected to achieve within a specified period. The heads of the departments are tasked with the responsibility of setting the targets that every employee should achieve within a given period.

It has developed sound approaches that are meant to help each department achieve the set goals. The management has also been effective in deploying the approaches to ensure that the most qualified candidate addresses each task in the right manner.

Deploying of the employees has largely been based on the qualifications and interests of the individual worker. This has helped the firm to improve the levels of employee morale in every task they do. Finally, the firm has developed effective ways of assessing and refining the results of each employee and each department of this firm. To help in this area, the management introduced a new system of ‘ideal employee’.

In this new system, employees are encouraged to assess their own performances and to involve peers in finding solutions to their identified weaknesses. With these new strategies, it is believed that the firm will emerge top in this year’s EFQM Good Practice Competition.

  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

IvyPanda. (2019, June 22). The Stavropol State Agrarian University. https://ivypanda.com/essays/the-stavropol-state-agrarian-university/

"The Stavropol State Agrarian University." IvyPanda , 22 June 2019, ivypanda.com/essays/the-stavropol-state-agrarian-university/.

IvyPanda . (2019) 'The Stavropol State Agrarian University'. 22 June.

IvyPanda . 2019. "The Stavropol State Agrarian University." June 22, 2019. https://ivypanda.com/essays/the-stavropol-state-agrarian-university/.

1. IvyPanda . "The Stavropol State Agrarian University." June 22, 2019. https://ivypanda.com/essays/the-stavropol-state-agrarian-university/.


IvyPanda . "The Stavropol State Agrarian University." June 22, 2019. https://ivypanda.com/essays/the-stavropol-state-agrarian-university/.

  • Agrarian Reforms in the Countries of Latin America
  • An Agrarian Pyramid of the Hittite Kingdom
  • “The Populist Moment: A Short History of the Agrarian Revolt in America” by Lawrence Goodwyn
  • Agrarian Innovation in the Transition From Rural Life to Urban
  • Latin America Economic Development
  • The Silk Road's: The Main Historical Events
  • American Contexts: Theory and Experience
  • Industrial Revolution in Various Sectors of the Economy
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Five Compliance Checks Every Multinational Company Needs to Consider for … Customs Compliance

custom tradition essay

As an accompaniment to our biweekly series on “What Every Multinational Should Know About” various international trade, enforcement, and compliance topics, we are introducing a second series of quick-hit pieces on multinational company compliance best practices. Give us two minutes, and we will give you five suggested compliance best practices that will benefit your international regulatory compliance program.

Now that Customs collects full electronic data on all imports, its ability to identify potential underpayment of tariffs and pursue other violations of Customs requirements is greatly enhanced. To deal with this new reality, here are five things that frequent importers should consider examining to ensure their Customs compliance reflects the new enforcement reality:

  • Enhance/Implement a Customs Compliance Program. It is surprising that even some large importers do not have a Customs compliance program in place, or they have compliance measures that are dated or not well adapted to current import patterns. If your company does not have a detailed Customs manual that is tailored to its products, pattern of imports, and highest-risk imports (USMCA imports, those from China, etc.) or has let its Customs compliance manual get out of date, then it probably is time to update your Customs compliance measures. Remember, if your Customs compliance consists of thinking that “the Customs broker will take care of everything,” then you have no Customs compliance program.
  • Conduct a Classification and Valuation Review. Importers should regularly review the items they commonly import, confirm the accuracy of HTS classifications, and keep the results in a comprehensive Customs Classification Index. These classifications should be maintained in a tariff classification database that is available to Customs brokers, freight forwarders, or any other party responsible for ensuring correct entry. Importers also should review the methodologies used to calculate the ad valorem value of entries, including whether the valuation includes all off-invoice items, such as royalties and assists.
  • If You Import from Related Parties, Confirm You Have a Customs Transfer Pricing Study. Customs requires that imports from related parties be valued in accordance with market pricing. Notably, Customs does not accept IRS transfer pricing studies to benchmark-related party pricing for purposes of establishing transaction value.
  • Conduct an Antidumping and Countervailing Duties Product Review. Frequent importers should carefully review their entries to ensure they have identified all potentially applicable antidumping or countervailing duty orders, including through an accurate identification of the country of origin of goods that fall within the scope of any AD or CVD orders.
  • Evaluate FTA Claims. Importers should review any FTA or duty preference program instructions to determine their accuracy. Common issues to confirm are whether the regional content requirements are met, whether required certificates of origin are at hand at the time of entry, and that all required documentation to support claimed free trade preferences is maintained for five years.

Would you like more practical compliance tips like these? Click Here To Register for our email list to receive future biweekly emails and practical international regulatory compliance tips.

custom tradition essay

Gregory Husisian

custom tradition essay

John E. Turlais

custom tradition essay

Ashley A. Gifford

Related insights, navigating global trade regulations: minimizing supply chain risks when importing from abroad, what every multinational company should know about … export controls and economic sanctions red flags (anti-corruption series part ii), motion to strike damages expert leads to denial of class certification.

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custom tradition essay


Customs and traditions of stavropol region. school 3,grazhdanscoe – powerpoint ppt presentation.

  • Vocabulary.
  • The Flag of Stavropol Region.
  • National holidays in Stavropol region.
  • Christmas in Our Region.
  • A Pancake week.
  • Easter Celebrations in Stavropol Region.
  • Your opinion.
  • Literature.
  • There are a lot of wonderful places in our country and the most beautiful of them is our native land-Stavropol Region.
  • In the map of the huge territory of our country Stavropol region occupies a peculiar place. It is the dearest piece of our Motherland.
  • There are many national holidays in Stavropol region, when people do not work and have special celebrations.
  • The major holidays are New Years Day, Womens Day, May Day, Victory Day, Independence Day and Stavropol Region Day.
  • Besides all people of Caucasus Mineral Water region celebrate Day of the City.
  • This holiday is celebrated in Stavropol Region in a special way. A lot of people go to the parks and other public places.
  • Every year on the 20th of May we celebrate another important holiday-
  • Day of Stavropol Region.
  • People walk in the parks with their children, go to the cafes, listen to folk songs, dance and have fun.
  • Pyatigorsk is a big cultural center it has green parks, gardens and flowerbeds.
  • In the centre of Kislovodsk there is a beautiful park with little fountains, waterfalls, monuments and a mirror pond. Artists bring their pictures and people admire wonderful landscapes.
  • It is a tradition for men to come and to play chess in the park. There are a lot of squirrels and children feed them with nuts.
  • New Years Day is probably the most popular holiday in our country. Before this holiday all the department stores and shops are crowded, everybody is choosing a present.
  • Christmas Day, January 7, is a family holiday.
  • Usually children come around in the evening to the front doors and people give children candies, money, nuts, pies and so on to thank them for Christmas mush.
  • What is Christmas mush? It is a special Christmas food in our region. It consists of rice, raisins, nuts, sugar, and pieces of fruits.
  • Its very tasty! Children have their own rice mush and youll have to try it and give money or candies for that.
  • We also have a Pancake Week, it is a very good tradition too.
  • As you know, Lent is a time of abstinence, of giving things up. So a Pancake week is a chance to use up food that arent allowed in Lent.
  • Pancakes are eaten because they contain fat, butter and eggs which were forbidden during Lent.
  • Christmas mush-?????????????? ????
  • pancakes-?????
  • abstinence- ???????????
  • Easter is a religious holiday.
  • Easter usually comes in the month of April.
  • Traditionally Thursday is a day when everything is cleaned and whitewashed in preparation for Easter Sunday.
  • Why do we give Easter eggs?
  • For Christians, Easter eggs symbolize new life. These eggs are painted in bright colours to give them further meaning as a gift.The background color of the eggs is traditionally provided by onion skins.
  • Besides, a special Easter cake is cooked with colored sweet decorations.
  • Many churches hold special services. People greet each other.
  • The first Sunday after Easter is called ,,The Red Hill. It symbolizes a coming of spring. It is a day of folk songs,
  • round dancing.
  • What national holidays of Stavropol region do you Know?
  • What are the traditions of celebrating Christmas in Stavropol region ?
  • How do people celebrate a Pancake Week ?
  • What information was new for you?
  • 1. ??????? ????? ??????????????? ???????? ?.?.
  • ?.??????????? ????, 1998 ??? , ???. ?????????? ?????????
  • 2. ?????????? ???? ??? ?????????? ? ??????????? ? ????
  • ???????? ?.?. ? ??., ???. ??????,2000 ???.
  • 3. ??????? ??????? ?????? ?? ?????? XXI ???? ??????? ?.?.
  • 4.????? ???????? ?????????? ??????????? ????.
  • 5. ??????? ?????????????,????????,?????. ????????? ?.,
  • ?.?????????,1994 ???, ??? ????.

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  19. PPT

    CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS OF STAVROPOL REGION. School 3,Grazhdanscoe - A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as an HTML5 slide show) on PowerShow.com - id: 45797e-NjM5N

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