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The 11 Best WordPress Review Plugins (Ratings and Schema)

Best WordPress review plugins

It’s a neverending quest to find ways to boost conversions . But what about a method that puts your customers to work?

We’re talking about customer reviews — those little bits of words and ratings that add social proof to your products and urge your customers to buy your services.

It’s one of the easiest ways to get the word out about your brand, so that’s why we want to show you some of the best WordPress review plugins .

Benefits of Putting Reviews on Your WordPress Site

The benefits of customer reviews somewhat depend on what type of business you’re running. For example, an online clothing store may want direct customer reviews that show up underneath each product. On the other hand, a local hardware store may want to share Google Reviews and show other customers where to post those reviews.

Regardless, there are a handful of common benefits that all companies should know about:

  • Reviews serve as free advertising. Whether on Google Reviews or on your product pages, your customers are spreading the word about your company. According to data from Spiegel Research Center , nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase.
  • You receive feedback from customers and form a relationship – Some reviews will provide useful information that you can utilize to change things about your business. In addition, people like when you respond to their reviews.
  • Social proof – Research shows that consumers are more likely to buy when they see that friends or other people approve of the product or service.
  • You improve your SEO. Google can show rich snippets , where are interactive visuals in the search results. They’re often favored by Google. In this case, your search engine listing would have star ratings.
  • You start to achieve full transparency. Online reviews can fill in the blanks with information that may not be shown on your website. For instance, you may have missed some specs on your product description, but maybe a helpful customer talks about it in a review.

What To Look for in the Perfect WordPress Review Plugin

Some of the plugins have different functionality, but you can typically find similar standard features in all of them. So, what are some of these features to look for:

  • The ability to embed the reviews on your website and provide a form for customers to write their reviews.
  • A rating system, such as stars or thumbs up/down.
  • Options for uploading more visual content, such as pictures or videos.
  • A sorting feature to see bad or good reviews first.
  • A search bar so customers can find keywords in certain reviews.
  • A clean dashboard for viewing and moderating the comments that come in.
  • Options for aggregating your online reviews from places like Google and Yelp.
  • Potential for integrating with the WooCommerce plugin . This is great for getting reviews on individual products.
  • Several options for displaying reviews on your website, including shortcodes and widgets.
  • Settings for customizing fields in the reviews. For instance, some companies may want to have a Pros and Cons area.

The Best WordPress Review Plugins

Now that we understand why customer reviews are so important, keep reading to see some of our favorite WordPress review plugins.

1. Starfish Reviews

If you’re looking to increase your reviews on Google, Trustpilot, Facebook, or any 3rd party reviews platform, Starfish Reviews is the plugin you probably didn’t know you needed.

Starfish Reviews WordPress plugin

Starfish Reviews has a very limited free version on, or starts at $47.88 for the “Business” plan that includes many more features, full support, 5 funnels, and installation on one site. A “Marketer” plan is available for 10 sites with 10 funnels on each site, and a “Webmaster” plan for up to 100 sites with unlimited funnels per site.

This awesome plugin takes the fear out of asking customers or followers for reviews. If you ask everyone for a review, you may get people who had a bad experience leaving you negative reviews. By using Starfish Reviews you don’t have to worry anymore. Just send your Starfish-created funnels when you ask for reviews. People with negative experiences will be encouraged to submit their negative feedback directly to you!

At the same time, people who love you, your product, or business, will be taken the “leave a review” form where they can leave you that valuable 5-star rating and helpful review.

What makes this one of the best WordPress review plugins?

  • Easy to set up and configure with a familiar WP interface.
  • Send the same link to everyone for reviews: all your clients, followers, podcast listeners, ebook readers, etc! No trying to guess what kind of review they might leave.
  • Integrate with email marketing platforms like MailChimp and MailPoet for automatic follow-up.
  • Use the shortcodes to embed funnels in pages or posts, or design your own funnel layout with page builders such as Divi, Elementor , Beaver Builder, and the Block Editor.
  • Analytics for high-level assessment on how you’re doing.
  • New features on the way to import and display reviews.

Who Should Consider This to Put Reviews on Their Site?

Any business or personality can use Starfish Reviews to garner more quality reviews for their product, service, podcast , business, etc, on online review platforms. Don’t leave your reviews to chance! Make being proactive easy and automated. Let Starfish sort negative and positive reviews and use each to its highest potential.

2. WordPress Review and Structured Data Schema

The WordPress Review & Structure Data Schema is a review plugin with all you need in a review and structured data schema solution. It hits all the right spots with the feedback, social proof, SEO boost, and free advertising that reviews should bring.

WordPress Review and Structure Data plugin

The free version works amazingly well to boost your site’s Google Search Results. It facilitates the display of single or multi-criteria ratings and reviews for your elements. What’s more, the plugin avails an affiliate marketing or product review shortcode to facilitate either of these functions. You can have it generate structured data schema JSON-LD automatically or manually.

This plugin offers more features with its Pro version , whose pricing plans start from a mere $29 yearly charge. This version encompasses products, recipes, courses, job postings, software apps, special announcements, image licenses, and archive pages.

  • This plugin enables your customers to upload images of the actual products to accompany their reviews.
  • It lets you activate single or multiple criteria for the reviews your site receives and displays. It even supports the display of lists of pros and cons.
  • With this free plugin, you can showcase products with more than one rating type, such as star and numerical ratings.
  • Although it supports WooCommerce, it doesn’t restrict your review and schema freedom to your shop functions; you can use it on your posts, pages, and custom post types too.
  • The reCAPTCHA functions of this plugin ensure that all the reviews you collect are from real humans and not bots.
  • Its support for multiple pagination is ideal for showcasing long and many reviews.
  • The Pro version lets every real reviewer have a purchase badge to verify them as having bought the product.
  • With the premium version of the plugin, your users can upload reviews with videos to verify their trustworthiness.

Both the free and paid versions of WordPress Review & Structure Data Schema accommodate different types of website niches and purposes. They are incredible tools for boosting the visibility of your site and reviews with rich snippets. The plugin works just as well with WooCommerce websites as with other site types.

3. Site Reviews

The Site Reviews plugin features a simple yet effective way to collect ratings and reviews on your website. The plugin has several options for displaying your reviews, including shortcodes, widgets, and blocks. Reviews are shown in a default order, but you can customize this by pinning some of the best reviews to go on top.

Best WordPress Review Plugins: Site Reviews

This is one of the simplest ways to incorporate reviews on your website, so if you like a look of cleanliness and the standard review formatting, this is definitely a plugin to consider. In addition, it’s completely free with no upsells along the way.

  • It lets you display your reviews pretty much anywhere on your website. This is done with widgets, blocks, and shortcodes.
  • Tag your best reviews to make them appear at the top of the list.
  • The plugin integrates with Akismet so you can get rid of spam.
  • It comes with a backup and restore feature in case you lose any data.
  • Custom notifications are available for when a review is posted.
  • Rich snippets show up on your search engine results with ratings and stars.
  • Export or import reviews so that they aren’t just stuck on one website.

Site Reviews is a lightweight, clean plugin for those who want the bare essentials. It’s also open source and free so those on a budget can still enjoy customer reviews on their sites.

4. WP Customer Reviews

As another free review plugin, the WP Customer Review plugin is a great solution for accepting reviews anywhere on your website. This is an opensource project, where the only money going to the developers is that of donations. This plugin works in two ways. First of all, you’re able to collect general customer reviews about your business, or you could place the review modules on your individual product pages.

Best WordPress Review Plugins: WP Customer Reviews

Many people will be happy to know that you don’t have to pay anything to use the WP Customer Reviews plugin. It’s also rather simple to configure, with a basic dashboard for accepting or declining reviews. Along with several options for review box display, the plugin gives you a setting for displaying a certain number of reviews on one page.

  • It’s one of the cleanest, no-frills review plugins you can work with.
  • Shortcodes are available for you to place your reviews on several areas of your site, including sidebars.
  • You can customize all the fields including what you would like to ask for about a product.
  • All submissions get moderated in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Admins have the ability to respond to all reviews that come in from customers.
  • This plugin is constantly being developed and you don’t have to pay anything for it.
  • Rich snippets are shown to the search engines to improve your results and give a more visual view of your ratings.
  • You can limit the number of reviews shown on each of your pages.

This WordPress review plugin makes sense for companies on a budget or online stores that are just getting started. We also recommend it for those who want a minimalist review section without any complicated features.

5. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a versatile Gutenberg block plugin. It has dozens of powerful custom blocks to present different types of content on your website in captivating ways. Star Rating and Review are the two most used custom blocks of the plugin.

Ultimate Blocks plugin

Using the Star Rating block, you can add star ratings to your products, services, or any other items you want. You can customize the number of stars displayed, star value, color, and size to match the design of your website.

The Review block is more feature-rich than the Star Rating block. You can display a review title, ratings, reviewer name, feature name(s), and a summary of your desired products or services. You may show the rating in star or percent format.

The Review block allows you to add a call-to-action (CTA) button, enable review schema, and create a pros/cons box within the same block. From the stylization tab, you can customize the review block’s background, star, and CTA button color.

  • Intuitive and super user-friendly.
  • Has a schema with the Review block.
  • Easy to create a review section on any post or page without depending on shortcode.
  • Has integrations with all the popular WordPress plugins.
  • Automatically optimize content for all types of devices and screen sizes.
  • Schema increases content visibility organically on search engine result pages.
  • Ultimate Blocks has many other useful blocks like Testimonial, Content Toggle (FAQ), Progress Bar, Image Slider , etc.

Who Should Consider This to Put Reviews on Their Site?‌

The Ultimate Blocks plugin is useful for all website content marketers, like bloggers, affiliate marketers, and review writers. The plugin is also helpful for eCommerce, agency, and service-selling websites.

6. Google Reviews Widget

The Google Reviews Widget has a completely different function than many of the other plugins in this article. Instead of letting customers write reviews on your website, this plugin takes all of your current Google business reviews and shows them on your website. It works as a widget, so all of these reviews can be placed in a header, footer, or sidebar.

The plugin is free, but you do have the option to upgrade to the business license which starts at $85 per year.

Best WordPress Review Plugins: Google Reviews Widget

The free plugin may be useful for some smaller brands, but it limits you to only five Google reviews and three Yelp reviews. Personally, I feel like this is enough for most businesses, but the business plan also supports more platforms such as Facebook. You also get some interesting features such as filters, rich snippets, and the ability to merge certain reviews.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Review Plugins?

  • The plugin has a basic free version that lets smaller companies share some of their Google and Yelp reviews.
  • Whereas many review plugins only look good on light websites, the Google Reviews Widget offers support for darker websites as well.
  • Several themes are provided for you to customize the way your reviews appear online.
  • Several languages are supported so that you can accept reviews from all over the world.
  • Some of the formats include unique elements like sliders , grids, and trust badges.
  • You receive access to shortcodes just in case you don’t want to utilize the widget.
  • The Google Rich Snippets are there for increasing your SEO effectiveness.
  • Three review platforms integrate with the plugin, including Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

The Google Reviews Widget looks nice for smaller companies that only want to post a few reviews from Google or Yelp. The Business plan isn’t that expensive either, so we also like the plugin if you want to pull Facebook reviews.

Finally, we mainly recommend this plugin for people who like working with widgets.

7. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Online stores are typically where you see customer reviews. The Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin has exactly what you need if your current theme doesn’t have a good-looking review section.  It’s built on the basis of creating social proof for when your customers land on your eCommerce product pages .

Best WordPress Review Plugins: Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce has a few features that make it particularly appealing. For instance, it sends out notifications to customers who have recently bought but haven’t posted a review on the product yet. It also improves your social proof by verifying reviews when the customer has actually bought the product through your store.

Two plans are available: Free and Pro. The Pro version sells for $49.99 per year and gets you extra features and dedicated support.

  • The free version includes several features that are useful to all businesses such as trust badges, review reminders, and the ability to import reviews.
  • The customer review reminders offer a way to let customers know that they can come back to your website and write reviews about the product they bought.
  • All reviews are authenticated to ensure that real shoppers are writing reviews. This makes the reviews look more trustworthy to future customers.
  • You have options to accept content from your customers such as videos and photos.
  • Send your customers a one-page review form with fields for several products from your store.
  • Include rich snippets on all of your reviews so that your customer ratings are shown on Google.
  • Remove spam from your reviews with the help of reCAPTCHA .
  • All reviews can be filtered based on ratings and other criteria.
  • Share trust badges on certain areas of your store to help your customers feel more confident from the place they’re buying from.
  • Integrate your reviews with Google Shopping to reveal star ratings on search results.
  • Send out discounts and coupons for those who write reviews on your website.

This review plugin is only meant for online stores. If you run a WooComerce shop we suggest taking a look at this option for reviews. We like it best for those brands that want to accept customer images and videos, along with brands that wouldn’t mind sending out discounts for reviewers.

8. WP Business Reviews

If you’re seeking a serious, powerhouse review plugin, look no further than WP Business Reviews .

WP Business Reviews starts at a price of $99.50 per year, and that includes one site license and basic support. You can jump up to the other plans if you need support for more websites and would like to save a little money. It doesn’t have a free version, but that’s because the WP Business Reviews plugin is filled with a wide range of features that stand out compared to many of the other plugins on this list.

Best WordPress Review Plugins: WP Business Reviews

The main benefit behind this plugin is that you technically don’t have to do any work to show customer reviews on your website. All you have to do is install the plugin on your WordPress site and connect platforms such as Yelp, Facebook, and Google.

After that, WP Business Reviews takes over, pulling in any current and new reviews on those platforms. You can also add your own custom reviews and filter out some of the negative reviews that come through.

  • WP Business Reviews extracts reviews from some of the most popular review websites such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook. There’s even a connection to a website called Zomato, which is a global restaurant platform where customers post reviews.
  • The plugin features the ability to add custom reviews that you collected individually. Customers can also go on your website and share reviews instead of jumping to a site like Google.
  • Filter out any reviews or ratings that are below a certain star level. These aren’t completely removed but hidden from the top of your review module.
  • Tag your favorite reviews to be shown at the top of the list.
  • Customize the type of rating system you use and how it displays on the reviews. For example, you might show a 5.0, or maybe five blue or orange star icons.
  • Adjust the styling of your reviews to fit your dark or light website.
  • Utilize interesting formats such as lists and galleries.
  • Show exactly where all of the reviews come from and highlight customer names and avatars.

Any type of business can take advantage of the WP Business Review tools. It makes sense for those who want to automate their review system and not worry about seeking out reviews from past customers. Chances are people have posted on Facebook and Google, so you get your content from those places.

9. Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets

The Schema plugin has one primary function: to reveal rich snippets for your products on search engines. So, if you’re looking for a way to get reviews on your website, this isn’t the plugin you want.

Best WordPress Review Plugins: Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets

Schema takes a different approach by combining with your current review system and adding visuals for the search engines. For example, you may want to have stars for your rating system or a shortened version of your recipe on Google.

  • The Schema plugin is free for all users and doesn’t have any upgrades that you have to worry about.
  • It’s a lightweight plugin that doesn’t weigh down your site or take up any space in the back or frontend.
  • Several types of schemas are supported. Some of them include reviews, events, people, and recipes. The reviews are what you would focus on most, but a food blog could have elements of the recipe showing up on Google.
  • The plugin works so that only the most important and relevant information is shown in the rich snippets.
  • The most important and relevant information is also shown when customers attempt to share a link on their Facebook pages .

Only opt for this plugin if you would like to improve your reviews with rich snippets. You may want to boost your search engine rankings, or maybe you just noticed that your WordPress theme doesn’t have the ability to show rich snippets. It’s also great if you want unique content snippets like video or recipes.

10. Photo Review for WooCommerce

This is one of the most powerful review plugins you can find for WooCommerce . As you may know, it’s become a bit of a trend to allow customers to post images on their product reviews. This is the primary purpose of this plugin so that all your customers have to do is upload a quick picture of the item they bought and publish it to your website.

Best WordPress Review Plugins: Photo Review for WooCommerce

This is bound to improve your social proof and open up a new form of marketing where your customers share more information about your products than you do.

There’s a free version of the plugin that has the majority of features you would need. The premium version sells for $26 and includes a fairly long list of additional features such as a masonry pop-ups, multilingual capabilities, and options for sending out coupons for reviews.

  • It offers a free version which includes some rather advanced tools such as email design and coupons for photo reviews.
  • You can specify that all customer reviews must include a photo. This feature can also be turned off.
  • Reveal ratings and allow your customers to compare ratings on your website.
  • Give people the option to filter your reviews based on verified purchases, ratings, and much more.
  • The Pro version has an option to only give out a coupon if the review is being written by a verified purchaser.
  • You can also import reviews from AliExpress.
  • The Pro version offers a tool for adding reviews from the admin panel.

The WooCommerce Photo Reviews plugin comes in handy if you run an online store and would like to have photos in your customer reviews. It’s also great for those who would like to start sending out coupons to people in exchange for a review.

11. Taqyeem

Although it has the strangest name on this list, the Taqyeem plugin is no slouch when it comes to displaying reviews online. The main focus with the plugin is to offer unlimited customization options so that you can match your website branding exactly the way you want. So, you might have a bar rating system, where people specify a number from 1 to 10. On the other hand, you could go with a star rating system, with a one through five scale.

Best WordPress Review Plugins: Taqyeem

Many formats are possible with the Taqyeem plugin. The $29 price tag is only a one-time fee unless you plan on upgrading your customer support for the next year. It’s sold on the CodeCanyon marketplace, so you can also check out some of the user reviews for this developer.

  • It’s one of the few online review plugins that has support for unlimited colors and unlimited review criteria.
  • The typography and web fonts collection is more than enough for just about every business to find formatting that fits their own brand.
  • The Taqyeem plugin shows Google Rich Snippets for potential customers that are viewing your listings through a search engine.
  • Percentages can also be used for when your customers make reviews.
  • Your review modules can be placed on several areas of your website such as posts and pages.

We enjoy the Taqyeem plugin for companies that need to get the branding of their review module as close to the website as possible. The unlimited amount of colors should help you get there. In addition, the plugin lets you have different rating systems to stand out.

Which of the WordPress Review Plugins Is Best for You?

That’s a lot to take in, so here’s a quick round up of our final suggestions:

  • Site Reviews – Consider this plugin for a free and feature-rich review module.
  • WP Customer Reviews – Go with this one if you like free and clean.
  • Google Reviews Widget – This is your choice if you want to automatically pull reviews from Google and Yelp.
  • Customer Reviews for WooCommerce – Try this plugin if you have an online store and want to accept photos in the reviews.
  • WP Business Reviews – A good choice for automating reviews from Google and Facebook.
  • Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets – Only use this if you want unique schema rich snippets.
  • Photo Review for WooCommerce – Perfect for getting photo reviews and for sending out coupons.
  • Taqyeem – Consider this plugin for the ultimate customization.

That’s all we have for you now! If you have any questions about the best WordPress review plugins, let us know in the comments.

write a review plugin wordpress

Head of Content at Kinsta and Content Marketing Consultant for WordPress plugin developers. Connect with Matteo on Twitter .

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Gravatar for this comment's author

Hi guys. Have you come across a review or schema plugin that allows you to enter overall review information for curated or aggregated reviews (like Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic)?

For example, I want the schema to display something along the lines of: “Rating: 85% based on 15 reviews”. However, I have been unable to find a plugin that allows me to manually enter the number of reviews.

Gravatar for this comment's author

Hey Stuart, what about MyThemeShop’s WP Review ? Have you tried it? I think it might be a good option to test out.

Btw: I think Brian uses it on one of his sites but I’m not 100% sure.

Keep us posted!

Gravatar for this comment's author

BNE Creative’s WordPress Testimonials (Pro) is my favorite review plugin. I add a review “badge” in the footer that sounds like what you are looking for. I don’t know if the free version has this feature or not. I purchase the pro version to support the Dev.

Plugin: Example badge (scroll to footer):

Review stars do show in organic search results except of course for the home page, which Google doesn’t seem to do for anyone.

Cheers! jules

Gravatar for this comment's author

A very useful plugin for WooCommerce is Better Reviews For WooCommerce.

Gravatar for this comment's author

WP Review Pro – Is GARBAGE! I can’t limit Google Reviews. You always get 5. I can’t eliminate negative reviews. AND what’s worse is their Support is only Support until you purchase the item, than all you here is CRICKETS!

They have poor documentation and 10 year old videos displaying their product. It’s worthless.

Gravatar for this comment's author

One interesting variable in this article would have been considerations for page speed, and control of structured data / schema markup.

“Pages using LocalBusiness or any other type of Organization structured data are ineligible for star review feature if the entity being reviewed controls the reviews about itself. For example, a review about entity A is placed on the website of entity A, either directly in their structured data or through an embedded third-party widget.”

Google announced this in a Webmasters Central Blog post in September, 2019. Searching for local businesses within Google at the time of this comment, however, you will still see rich snippets displayed for LocalBusiness types in violation of this guideline.

Another interesting addition would be the ability to populate critic reviews:

“You can provide standalone critic review objects, which are suitable for sites that perform no direct function for the business being reviewed, such as news sites.”

Currently looking for a substitute for Everest Google Places Reviews, as page speed improvements for mobile users (PageSpeed Insights) were not insignificant disabling the plugin. Having not tested any of the plugins on this list for this metric, however, and not to be unfair, this could be the tax you pay for integrating reviews onsite.

Hey Christopher, Noted!

Your feedback makes it the case for an updated version of this blog post. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Gravatar for this comment's author

Any plugin that allows for multiple GMB locations for the same business?

Also, I tested Elfsight Apps and I got 5 stars under the SERP snippet in 10 days (maybe earlier but I noticed 10 days later) They charge per view. They say they allow multiple locations but cannot test it on the free version. What do you think about it?

Gravatar for this comment's author

Is there a way to get Google Reviews for each page rather than just the Place Id?

Gravatar for this comment's author

A very good plugin is this one

Spolier: I’m the developer :)

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13 Best WordPress Review Plugins of 2024

Anna Fitzgerald

Published: January 01, 2024

Thinking about trying a WordPress review plugin? Here's a stat for you: Consumers want to hear from other consumers before doing business with a brand. According to BrightLocal , the average consumer reads 10 reviews before feeling able to trust a local business.

woman uses a wordpress review plugin to leave a review

Plus, we don't necessarily have to know the person to trust their recommendation. According to the same study by BrightLocal, 76% of consumers trust customer reviews and testimonials as much as personal recommendations.

Providing potential customers with this valuable information on your WordPress website is easy. Thanks to WordPress plugins, you can add customer reviews to your site without needing to code or create a template from scratch. Let's look at your best options below.

What are WordPress review plugins?

Why should you use wordpress review plugins, best wordpress review plugins.

Grow Your Business With HubSpot's Tools for WordPress Websites

WordPress review plugins are plugins that help you collect and/or display reviews on your website. These could be your own reviews that you're writing about products, or they could be reviews from customers about your own business.

Many review plugins focus on helping you collect and display customer reviews. These plugins could add review forms to your own site. They could also help you import reviews from other platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and more.

An example of third-party imported reviews in WordPress review plugins

Don't forget to share this post!

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Capture, organize, and engage web visitors with free forms, live chat, CRM, analytics, and more.

CMS Hub is flexible for marketers, powerful for developers, and gives customers a personalized, secure experience

16 Best WordPress Review Plugins Compared (2024)

When owning your own website and business, one of the most important things that you need to have is customer feedback. You will never know how to improve your products or services if you don’t get to hear from your customers.

If you own a WordPress website, the best way to do that is to let your customers review and rate your products.

That way, you can get your customers’ insight into what they really think about your products. At best, you’ll get valuable data on how to improve upon them. With the added bonus of boosting your SEO game.

Having reviews and ratings on your website is another thing Google watches out for to be able to display rich snippets on their SERPs .

You can easily achieve this by using a review plugin. But which one? In this article, we’ll list 15 different WordPress review plugins that you can use to be able to get and display reviews on your website. With the added benefit of being able to display these reviews as rich snippets.

The Benefits of Review Plugins

There are a lot of great benefits to having review plugins on your website, but to explain further, let’s dig a little deeper.

Increased User Engagement

Engagement has always been a big part of making your site more user friendly. The way your visitors interact with the elements on your website is one way to gauge whether they will become returning customers or just one-off visitors. We’re aiming for the former.

Having reviews and allowing your visitors to add them to your website would certainly help them feel more connected.

Whether they intentionally want to leave a review or just happen to come across it, they would take it as a sign that you value their feedback and they can help make changes to the way your company does business.

Aside from just clicking and leaving, your customers will actually feel welcome on your site given that they have a way to interact with it. You may not know it, but having customers engage more with your website will have a longer-lasting impact on your website and business even after they leave.

  • You gain returning customers. Customer retention is typically most affected by how engaging and interactive your website is just as much as any other factors on your website.
  • Your customers get to feel that you welcome and value their feedback
  • They stay longer on your website.

For the purpose of SEO, which we’ll talk about more later, making your visitors stay and interact more on your website can have a very positive impact on your search engine rankings.

Maintaining them engaged with your website is also a great way to leave a mark on them. In return, they will most likely do this too when they are satisfied with the experience.

Schema Markup and Rich Snippets

A lot of people don’t realize it but schema markup and rich snippets are a great and simple way to improve your SEO rankings .

It’s not often the highest priority among website owners, but it can certainly be among the ones with a most significant impact.

In simple terms, schema markup is a type of code or “structured data” that’s added to websites, pages, products, articles, etc., that search engines can read and understand as the context for your website information. In the end, allowing them to be able to display rich snippets on search results.

A typical search result on Google may look like this:

But a rich snippet with reviews typically look like this:

Rich snippets are quite obvious to identify since they look widely different from your typical search results, hence “rich”.

Once you add reviews and rating plugins to your WordPress website, aside from allowing your customers to leave reviews and making them visible, most of these plugins add schema markup to your website for these reviews.

This way, once a potential customer or visitor searches for your products or website on Google, they can immediately see the ratings and reviews that your products have directly from Google’s search results page. They are more likely to trust and click through your website.

Being a website or business owner, it’s certainly a great benefit to master all the aspects of the field. And that includes schema markup and rich snippets. If you want to learn more about this and how to use it to your advantage, try our very own free SkillJet Course on “ A Guide to Boost Your SEO by Using Schema Markup ”.

It’s free, it’s easy, and it only takes about an hour to complete. At the end of the course, you’ll find yourself mastering the ways of schema markup.

SEO Benefits

Nowadays, SEO is the name of the game. To get a fair shot at ranking on the first page of Google, you need to have your website perfectly optimized for it.

Having ratings and review plugins on your website is a great benefit. Not only can users leave their reviews and be able to trust your website more, but having these plugins on your site can also add schema markup that is favored by search engines.

In a nutshell, here’s how they help:

  • Decreased Bounce Rate – Bounce rate is defined by the number of people who go to your website and only trigger a single request, or stay on one page and leave after a few seconds. Having review plugins on your site can help you decrease your bounce rate by giving your users more things to interact with.
  • Better SERPs Performance – Having schema markup by itself is highly favored by Google and almost all other search engines .
  • Increased CTR – By having review plugins on your site, you allow rich snippets to be displayed on Google’s Search Results page. And with that, you get more visitors opting to click on your site rather than your competitors, thus giving you increased CTR.

And this goes on with a sort of domino effect. The better your SEO gets, the more traffic you get, thus increasing your SEO rank even more.

Also, we have a very informative course on SkillJet on “ SEO Foundations ”.

If you want to learn more about schema markup, specifically on how to add them to your website, check out our article that will help you do just that.

What to Look for in Review Plugins

Of course, we didn’t just go around listing the first plugin that we could find. We had some standards and some guidelines to give you the ultimate list.

Here are a few of our considerations.

Ease of Use

You wouldn’t want to use plugins that are hard to navigate, right? So one of the guidelines that we tested against was Ease of Use. Since not all of us have the same skills, ease of use not only accounts for the experience but also the layout. The plugin must be easy enough that you don’t need to click a thousand links to find what you are looking for.

The user interface must be clean and the options clearly laid out. And lastly, the plugin must work the way you intended to use it.

By taking all of these into consideration, we can easily determine if a plugin qualifies as good in our list.

Speaking of being able to find those things that you’re looking for, one of the other things to look for is being able to ask help whenever you need it.

A good plugin is one that offers support, or at least an expansive documentation or FAQ. That’s proof that the developers care enough for their users and trust their products to do what’s intended for them.

There may be times that the plugin user experiences errors or needs help setting things up, so you’d need to know who to call.

Most premium plugins have support available as part of your purchase cost or subscription, whichever is applicable. But some only offer chat, email, or just documentation. This is one thing that’s very important to consider when picking your plugin of choice since not all plugins are built the same way.

The way one works on one plugin might not be how the other works.

WordPress Themes and Plugins Compatibility

This list is going to be extensively focused on reviews plugins, those that have a direct impact on how content is rendered and displayed on the front- end.

With that said, you don’t want to risk breaking your site due to incompatibilities with other plugins or the theme itself.

Caching and optimization plugins being the most common culprits.

A well-coded plugin is typically one that’s cross-compatible with a host of other plugins, themes, and WordPress versions, in general. While updates and changes to these other plugins might trigger incompatibility issues, it’s also important to take note of how frequently they are updated by the developers to address these issues.

You don’t want to have to fix your site every time there’s an update.

Review Design Template

A lot of people out there typically choose WordPress for the sole reason that most of it is very easy to manage, but still allows flexibility and customization.

With that said, having templates are one of those features that a lot of people consider. Not only do they save time and energy with just customizing something that’s already there, but you can also customize it to fit your brand and company.

This is especially true with plugins that have a big impact on the website’s front-end like these review plugins.

Rich Snippet Support

Aside from gaining insight from your customers and site visitors, one of the main goals of having a review plugin is to be able to display rich snippets on search engine result’s pages .

Being able to bring in customers from these rich snippets is one sure-fire way of improving your SERPs performance, leading to even more visitors and more sales.

These reviews that you put on your website will find their way to the search engine results page via these rich snippets.

If you want to learn more about schema markup and rich snippets and how they can greatly benefit your CTR and conversions, check out our free SkillJet course on “ A Guide to Boost Your SEO by Using Schema Markup ”.

It’s free, informative, easy to understand, and most of all, it only takes about an hour to finish!

Top WordPress Review Plugins

Check out some of the best plugins here that will help you with your WordPress reviews.

1. Schema Pro

Schema Pro is one of the most highly regarded plugins when it comes to adding schema markup to your website. Developed by the same team that brought you the lightweight Astra theme, Brainstorm Force, you are guaranteed the best user experience and functionality with this plugin.

Schema Pro not only allows you to add schema markup to your customer reviews and ratings, but it gives you the option to add whatever type of schema you want, including Articles, Recipes, Job posts, and more.

Schema Pro also gives you the ability to choose where to add schema, be in globally, in single posts, pages, or even custom post types.

Experts in the field including Adam Crafter from, Akshay Hallur from BloggingX ,,, and much more use and recommend Schema Pro.

The main reason we developed Schema Pro is that we saw an opportunity to simplify adding rich snippets and schema markup. It used to be done manually and that has proven to be time-consuming.

With that said, we built this plugin to be extremely user friendly to do what it was intended to do. The interface is constantly being reviewed to make sure that all the options are readily available and visible.

We also have extensive documentation on the website if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

The Brainstorm Force team is always ready to help whenever possible.

Themes and Plugin Compatibility

Schema Pro is highly tested and compatible with most plugins and modern themes.


Currently, Schema Pro still doesn’t support integrations with Yelp or Google Reviews. Schema Pro also doesn’t allow you to add a place for user-generated reviews on your website, but this can be handled easily with just adding another plugin.

Schema Pro is a premium plugin available from its website starting at $69 €63 .

2. Starfish Reviews

Starfish Reviews is easily one of the best WordPress review plugins available out there. This plugin not only displays reviews and ratings on your website, allowing you to have rich snippets but also create funnels for your customers to go through to give feedback.

It’s one of those plugins that you couldn’t imagine working the way that it does.

It boasts features such as:

  • Easy to integrate with third-party options such as Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Yelp, MailChimp, etc.
  • Ability to use shortcodes
  • Includes analytics

This plugin is very easy to use because of its familiar interface and you’re sure to find all the settings that you need easily.

No need to peruse through all the tabs and options just to find what you are looking for.

Since this plugin is subscription-based, you get access to the plugin support while you are a paying subscriber.

Themes and Plugin Compatibility and Integrations

This plugin is compatible with most modern themes and plugins out there.

Starfish Reviews is a subscription-based plugin whose plans start at $3.99 per month paid yearly.

3. Widgets for Google Reviews

Widgets for Google Reviews does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a WordPress plugin that enables you to add a Google review widget to your site. It’s free, easy to use and enables you to quickly add reviews to boost social proof.

If you sell anything through your site or as a result of a site visit, reviews can massively influence conversion. If you have positive reviews, it makes sense to include them wherever you can.

The plugin supports 133 review platforms and can integrate social feeds and trustmarks for use on websites.

The free version lets you add up to 10 reviews per site while premium plans unlock the full potential of the plugin.

Widgets for Google Reviews is very easy to use. It installs the same as any other plugin and is accessible via a new menu that appears in your WordPress dashboard.

Open the settings, link the plugin to your reviews and place the widget somewhere prominent along the customer conversion journey. It’s as simple as that.

The free plugin is supported via or on the website. Premium users get priority support via the developer website.

Theme and Plugin Compatibility and Integrations

The plugin is kept up to date with WordPress and should be compatible with all compliant themes and plugins.

There’s a free version of Widgets for Google Reviews and three premium plans starting at $65 per year.

4. Site Reviews

Site Reviews is a free WordPress review plugin with an added star rating feature. Despite being a free plugin from, it does boast impressive features that can certainly compete with premium plugins.

This plugin allows you to use shortcodes so that you can place the reviews anywhere on your site. You can also fully control the reviews with features such as only limiting the use of the plugin to logged-in users.

Aside from that, you can also highlight your most important reviews at the top by pinning it from the rest of the reviews.

You also have access to ready-to-use templates and designs for the reviews section.

The UI of this plugin is very familiar to users of all skill levels. It’s the classic WP interface with no fancy buttons and links.

You are easily presented a list of reviews just like how pages and posts are presented and you can approve, modify them from there.

The settings section is also very self-explanatory.

Since the plugin is free from the repository, you are only limited by the developer’s actual support for the plugin. You can, however, also find an impressive FAQ section on their download page.

However, we must highlight that this plugin is actively being supported and updated.

Themes and Plugins Compatibility and Integrations

This plugin is compatible with most modern themes and has no reported issues with any plugins that are being actively supported.

This plugin is free from the repository.

5. WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews is a free plugin that adds reviews and ratings to your WordPress site.

Your ratings and reviews will surely stand out since you get support for both business and product review types. It’s also schema compatible and allows you to moderate the reviews before having them posted on the from front-end.

WP Customer Reviews is also fully customizable so you can make your own design and branding shine.

With it’s tabbed settings, you’ll never get lost. You will easily find the things that you need.

In addition, they also have extensive documentation on the inner workings of the plugin.

Plugin support is available from via their Community Support Forum.

WP Customer Reviews is featured to be fully compatible with most modern and even custom themes. It is also fully compatible with most caching plugins.

WP Customer Reviews is free to use and download! You can get it on the plugin repository.

6. Google Reviews Widget

Google Reviews Widget is a review plugin that will allow you to display Google Business Reviews on your site.

Contrary to the name, however, this plugin is not dependent on any external or third party platforms to work since all reviews are also saved and stored on the WordPress database.

Aside from that, you can also merge your reviews from different platforms such as Yelp and Facebook Reviews.

The free version of this plugin, however, only offers to display up to 5 reviews per location. You can go around this by purchasing their business or paid version.

Since this is a widget, this plugin is incredibly easy to use just as you would with any other widget that you’d like to add on your website. Depending on your theme, you have the option to add these reviews on any part of your site where you can add widgets.

The tabbed settings section of this plugin is also very impressive where all of the required and necessary settings are located in one place.

This plugin is actively being updated and supported. You can reach out to the developers directly on their website or the support forum.

Being a standalone widget, this plugin is compatible with most modern themes and will function well with other plugins.

As far as integrations go, as mentioned above, you can easily integrate this with third party review platforms like Yelp or Facebook Reviews, aside from the namesake Google Business Reviews.

The free version of the plugin is available on the repository, but they do offer a business or paid version with added features and functionality starting at $85 per year.

7. WP Product Review Lite

WP Product Review Lite does what the name suggests perfectly. It allows you to simply add ratings and reviews for your products on your website.

It’s lightweight and featured filled including the ability to add a call-to-action on your products. Its premium version also allows you to use shortcodes so that you can add these reviews anywhere you can on your site.

If you run an Amazon affiliate program on your site , this plugin is definitely for you.

  • Add a call-to-action
  • Add review widgets on products
  • Customizable design
  • Add user reviews to comments.

8. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

If you own an eCommerce site running on WooCommerce, this plugin is certainly the perfect fit.

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce is a review plugin that is built around the online selling platform. They revolve around the concept of social proof that builds on their promise to help you increase your sales and conversions.

This plugin automatically sends and aggregates review forms to every purchase and displays authentic reviews to each product purchased.

This plugin also has other great features such as “Review Reminders” where a reminder is sent to every customer that has purchased your products. They also get to review any discount or promotions that you’re running and integrate seamlessly with Google Shopping .

  • Review Reminders
  • Compatible with Google Shopping
  • Aggregate forms
  • Ability to import reviews
  • Reviews for discounts
  • Multi Language support

This plugin is free to download from the repository.

9. WP Business Reviews

WP Business Reviews is an all-in-one HQ for all your reviews no matter where they are located and posted.

This plugin is a great tool if you have your business, products, or services posted everywhere else. They automatically pull and import the reviews from these third-party platforms and pile them on to your website.

You never have to worry about being out of sync with your reviews, and your customers at the same time will learn to trust your honest marketing.

  • Fully customizable
  • Ability to filter reviews
  • Add tags to reviews
  • Make it display and look the way you want to

This is a premium plugin available from their website with pricing starting at $69 per year for one site.

10. Photo Review for WooCommerce

Similar to another plugin on this list, Photo Review for WooCommerce also revolves around eCommerce. Except, you have the added ability to allow your customers to attach photos to their reviews.

After purchase, your customers will get a review reminder and at the same time, they can attach photos to their reviews, boosting your social proof.

  • Photo Review
  • Set limits on photos and file size
  • Ability to send coupons in exchange for reviews
  • Customizable front-end designs

The free version of the plugin is available from the WordPress repository but there is also a premium version with advanced features for $30.

11. Reviewer WordPress Plugin

You can’t say that this is just another review plugin. The main highlighting feature of Reviewer WordPress plugin is its ability to display comparison tables into your posts, pages, or custom post types.

Aside from that, this plugin boasts a flexible structure that allows you to create any review type that you can think of. And you are given ready-made themes that you can customize to your heart’s desire.

  • 2 types of rating system (Stars and bars)
  • Ability to moderate and add badges to legitimate review
  • Unlimited templates, criteria, comparison tables, and reviews
  • The ability to restrict access to users and data

This plugin is available at CodeCanyon for $29.

12. Taqyeem

Taqyeem is a premium WordPress ratings and review plugin. This plugin offers eye-catching templates that are easy to customize and personalize to match your website’s aesthetics.

It’s extremely flexible and allows you to add reviews and ratings to posts, pages, and other custom post types. You also have the option to use different rating systems such as stars, bars, or points.

  • Highly Customizable
  • RTL Support
  • Supports custom post types
  • Has three different review systems

Taqyeem is available for $29 on CodeCanyon.

13. WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro is developed by MyThemeShop and was exclusively built for review websites.

Right off the bat, this plugin is fully schema compatible which allows you to be able to display rich snippets on search engines to attract more visitors.

It also integrates with third-party review platforms such as Yelp, Facebook, and offers support for WooCommerce. It’s well coded, lightweight and offers premium support. It’s truly the go-to review plugin.

  • Support for 19 Types of Rich Snippets
  • 16 Predefined Designs
  • Multiple Rating Systems (Star, Point, Percentage, Circle, Thumbs)
  • User Comment Rating and Review
  • Compatible with Any WordPress Theme
  • Google Places Reviews Integrated
  • Yelp Reviews Integrated
  • Facebook Reviews Integrated

And a lot more.

WP Review has a free version available on the repository.

The pro version is also offered on their website:

  • $67 for one site
  • $87 for 3 sites
  • $97 for unlimited sites

You also get a year’s worth of support and updates.

14. Ultimate Reviews

Ultimate Reviews is a plugin for allowing your site visitors and customers to leave their reviews to your posts, pages, products, events, or just anything else in between.

With the use of shortcodes and Gutenberg blocks, you can also easily display these reviews on your website.

  • Ability to manage and moderate reviews
  • Includes multiple rating systems like stars, points, or percentages.
  • Easily customizable using CSS
  • Users can upload images and videos to their reviews

This plugin is available for free on the repository.

15. WP Ultimate Review

WP Ultimate review is a simple and easy to use WordPress review plugin that enables you to post and showcase your product reviews on your website.

It’s simple purpose and interface make it easier for you to interact with your customers by allowing them to review and rate your products.

  • Set global options and global product reviews
  • Ability to moderate reviews
  • Includes multiple rating styles
  • Ability to create additional review fields

WP Ultimate Review is available for free from the repository.

16. Ultimate Reviewer

Ultimate Reviewer is a WordPress plugin especially made for WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor. You can add reviews and ratings to your site regardless of your theme or page builder.

Allow your users to add and submit ratings, add comparison tables, and so much more. The best part is, it’s simple and intuitive that you don’t even have to have any coding or dev experience whatsoever.

  • Fully customizable templates are available
  • Ability to moderate and review the reviews and ratings
  • Limit the scope and users allowed to submit reviews and ratings
  • Ability to to choose and customize your comparison tables

This plugin is available for $36 from CodeCanyon.

In Conclusion

Adding and showing off your customer reviews and ratings on your website has no downside. Aside from hearing the voices of your customers about your products and being able to interact with them, you also get an SEO boost on your website.

We have listed incredible plugins that would allow you to do just that. But if you’re looking for an all-in-one schema and rich snippet plugin, not just reviews and ratings, we recommend our very own Schema Pro .

It automates and does all the work for you with just a few clicks and inputs. It also is lightweight and uses the latest JSON-LD output that Google Recommends for your rich snippets.

If you are looking for a plugin that’s easy to use and you can easily customize to match your website’s aesthetic, we recommend WP Product Review. You can easily customize and adjust how the reviews are displayed on your website to give it that genuine feel.

Using other tools? Or have any questions about schema and rich snippets? Leave it in the comments section below.

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13 Best WordPress Review Plugins For 2024 (Free and Paid)

If you run an eCommerce website to sell your products or digital products like courses, services, eBooks, and others, showcasing product online reviews can influence customers’ decisions to purchase.

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular daily, and more people are considering purchasing from authorized websites. In fact, 90% of customers read reviews before purchasing the product, and 88% trust personalized reviews.

That’s where product online reviews become a key part of any online store to boost traffic and increase sales. Posting product reviews on your WordPress website can make it more appealing and SEO-friendly.

Plenty of review plugins exist to explore, and choosing one can be tricky. In this article, we will explore the 12 Best WordPress review plugins so you can choose the one that offers you the best features for your site.

Why should you use WordPress review plugins on your WordPress site?

When people want to buy something online, irrespective of platforms, they are more likely to check the product review before finalizing the purchase. The thing is, 80% of customers read reviews to evaluate the product before making the transaction, so they make the right choice.

Showcasing the review is highly crucial for any business to make sales. The advantage is it brings more visitors who can help make better decisions to buy the right product. It also helps you to make more sales by showing positive reviews about the product from previous customer.

But what about the review plugin? Why add it?

The review plugin for your WordPress website makes it easier to collect feedback and display them to enhance your website or product. In addition, the plugin also helps you to improve your ranking on search result pages through schema markup.

Here are some benefits of using the WordPress review plugin-

  • Improves credibility and transparency,
  • Enhance SEO,
  • Build a long-term relationship with customers,
  • Improves sales and a free form of advertising.

What To Look for in the Plugin Reviews?

Every plugin has different functionality, but not every plugin is best for your WordPress site. You need to look for the features and some basic features that every plugin review must have, including-

  • Easy-to-configure settings,
  • Ability to customize review forms,
  • Ability to collect user feedback,
  • Ability to add ratings and reviews of products or services,
  • Option to display reviews in widgets, pages, and posts,
  • Ability to moderate reviews,
  • A sorting feature to see negative or positive reviews,
  • Option to aggregate reviews from places like Google, Yelp, and more.
  • A rating system, such as stars or thumbs up/down,
  • Options to upload photos and videos.

The 12 Best WordPress Review Plugins

With hundreds of WordPress review plugins out there that focus on different features to support your business. We have compiled a list of the 12 best WordPress review plugins to make your work easier.

1.  WiserNotify

WiserNotify is a popular Social Proof and FOMO notifications plugin to increase sales and trust. The plugin adds social proof notifications on every website page and influences visitors to purchase.

It provides social proof notifications like recent activities, YouTube stats, reviews, viewed count, live visitors, and conversion count. It helps you to turn reviews into social proof with easy installation.

It allows customer reviews from platforms like Google, Facebook, Capterra, and more. You can embed reviews and ratings on your wordpress site with a single line of code. You can easily customize the 50+ design templates to match your brand.

  • Add reviews in different styles,
  • Create review notifications about product or service. Also show recent sales, live visitors & other social proof and FOMO notifications
  • Set notification display time,
  • Test multiple variants with A/B testing,
  • Integrate seamlessly with 200+ business tools,
  • Notification on multiple websites or choose a specific page to display,
  • Get weekly reports in your email.

Price: Free version

2. Trustmary

Trustmary’s WordPress plugin is a versatile tool designed to streamline the integration and management of customer reviews on your website.

Not only does it allow businesses to import existing reviews from various platforms, but it also facilitates adding these reviews to your website through customizable widgets. The intuitive widget editor makes creating and managing review widgets a breeze directly from your WordPress admin panel.

The implementation of Trustmary is swift and instantly enhances your website’s aesthetic and functionality. Moreover, it provides a straightforward way to collect new reviews, ensuring a continuous influx of fresh customer feedback.

  • Easily import reviews from third-party sites like Google, Yelp, and Tripadvisor
  • Add reviews to your website using branded and customizable widgets
  • Widget types include inpage widgets, pop-ups, and lead generation forms
  • AI sentiment analysis identifies the best reviews
  • Share reviews on social media
  • Review schema markup
  • Manage widgets directly from your WordPress admin panel
  • Collect more reviews from customers with easy campaigns
  • Automate the review collection process

Price: From a free plan to a range of subscriptions starting from $19/month.

3. WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro is an all-rounder and a popular WordPress review plugin you can install. The plugin offers a variety of options to customize at every step of the way.

WP review pro plugin supports 19 types of rich snippets: article-rich, book-rich, game-rich, movie-rich, music-rich, painting-rich, place-rich, and more. You can select the preferred snippet in a few clicks.

WP review pro also has 16 predesigned templates that can be customized and add other elements like color, background, and more. It is compatible with any WordPress theme, making installing and reviewing the products more accessible.

WP Review Pro version allows embedding reviews from platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews. WP Review Pro can also add a comparison table to compare the features of multiple products. In addition, you can add custom images for ratings and add text along with star ratings. You can also add popups and notifications to get more clicks on reviews.

WP Review Pro allows different rating options, like star, percentage, point, circle, and thumbs. The customers can even mark helpful/unhelpful buttons for comment reviews.

  • 45+ animation effects for popups,
  • Compatible with WordPress multisite and WooCommerce,
  • Supports 19 rich snippets and 16 unique templates,
  • Import ratings from different platforms and plugins,
  • 10 Customer widgets included,
  • Choose from 600+ custom icon support,
  • Add comparison tables to help visitors make decisions,
  • Add Facebook reviews , Google, and Yelp.
  • 24*7 Premium customer support.

Price: Free

4. WP Customer Reviews

The feature that makes this plugin stand out is its ability to tell search engines whether the reviews on your website page are written by customers or their own. It shows the respective schema microformat to Google and other search engines.

WP customer reviews plugin is multisite and multiuser compatible, and you have the freedom to change the design of the review. The plugin allows you to set up a simple form that allows users to submit reviews on the front end of your site. It’s lightweight and supports custom themes too.

The plugin allows you to moderate the submitted reviews, giving you control over which reviews to show. The fields in the review form are entirely customizable, including fields to ask for, like email, name, or any other information, along with the review.

There are also anti-spam measures to prevent automated spambots from submitting harmful reviews.

  • Anti-spam measures to prevent spambots,
  • WP Mutisite and multiuser compatibility,
  • Reviews are displayed with schema microformat,
  • Completely customizable forms to get reviews,
  • Reviews can be shown on specific or multiple pages,
  • Fast and lightweight, including star rating image,

5.  Google Reviews widget

With over 100k+ active installations, Google reviews widget is on e of the popular review plugins in our list. The plugin displays user reviews on your website’s sidebar.

The plugin displays Google business reviews on your WordPress site through the public and is approved by Google API without crawling and other unofficial methods. That is the right way to showcase Google reviews.

The plugin combines reviews from different platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews from multiple locations between each other in a single feed and merges ratings of the business places.

It allows developers and web admins to create designs using a template engine. You can also add a ‘write a review’ button on your WordPress site reviews. It has incredible features like a powerful collection builder to create a review feed with a live preview.

It offers 5 excellent theme options: Slider, Reviews, List, Fixed, and Embedded trust Badges. It also allows users to sort reviews by recent, oldest, highest score, lowest score, or random. You can even trim long reviews or ‘read more’ links to them.

  • Multiple widgets and Google Places
  • Shows all Google reviews with constant automatic updates through the official Google My Business
  • The plugin combines Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews from multiple business locations
  • Option to hide low-rated reviews
  • The reviews are rendered in HTML and can be easily indexed by search engines
  • Developers and Webmasters can create their own rating templates
  • Options like Word filter, rating filter, and sort reviews
  • Integrate with all major site builders like Elementor, Site origin, and others
  • 24*7 email customer support

Price: Free review plugin

6.  Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Customer reviews for the WooCommerce plugin can work on any WordPress site without WooCommerce integration. The plugin helps to improve your social proof, so customers are more likely to influence buying the product.

Customer reviews for WooCommerce plugin help you send customers an automated and personalized email reminder, urging them to rate their overall purchase experience and product quality. The customer reviews for WooCommerce also allow the customer to attach pictures and videos along with the review, plus add a question and answer section with Q & A section on product pages.

Customer reviews for WooCommerce plugin help to increase sales , enhance SEO, better engagement and provide lifelong loyalty. Customer reviews for WooCommerce allow users to schedule review invitations and receive reviews from their customers automatically.

Customer reviews for WooCommerce also allow you to moderate reviews and reply to reviews left by your customers. The review forms are mobile-friendly and personalized; it also allows you to customize the review forms.

  • Unlimited review invitations
  • Manual and Automatic email scheduling to ask for reviews
  • Customize the review form and make it personalized
  • Add photos and videos to reviews
  • Add custom logos to review forms
  • Automatic geolocation and a mandatory minimum length of reviews
  • Integrate with social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and links to products
  • Export and import reviews on your website with CSV files
  • Offer discounts in exchange for reviews
  • Dedicated email support

Price: Free (Pro starts at $ 49.99 + VAT annually)

7.  Site reviews

Site review is an easy-to-use review plugin and review management solution to collect customer reviews for your products, services, and website, just like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Amazon.

Site reviews allow users to review certain parts of your website, like posts, products, and more. It allows the creation of custom review layouts with an intuitive drag-and-drop review builder.

Site reviews allow you to customize reviews’ appearance and change color, review images, typography, and more with 20+ field types to customize your forms. Site reviews also allow users to sort reviews with titles, content, positive, negative, highest rated, recent, or more.

The site reviews plugin allows creating and scheduling custom condition emails to ask for reviews and add captions to their reviews.

  • Easily create custom reviews with a drag-and-drop builder
  • 20+ field types to customize forms
  • Review filter with positive, negative, titles, and more
  • Add images with captions to your reviews
  • Create an automated email scheduler to ask customers
  • Multilingual support and multisite support
  • SPAM protection with 5 layers of protection
  • WooCommerce support

8. Starfish Reviews

Starfish Reviews is a WordPress review plugin that allows businesses to create reviews on Google, Trustpilot, Facebook, and virtually any online review platform. The WordPress review plugin allows you to collect and display high-quality customer reviews easily.

The plugin is easily set up in the WordPress dashboard and directly linked to Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other third-party review platforms.

It uses a funnel system to sort out positive and negative reviews. Like if the positive review is chosen, multiple options are shown of where to leave the review. But on the other hand, if the negative review is chosen, the feedback is sent to you, and they can be promoted for more information.

The plugin also has the option to automate asking for review submissions by sending a link via email or text and embedding it anywhere. You can choose or allow users to post a negative review. The free version has limited features compared to the pro version.

  • Create multiple review funnels for one website or product
  • Includes shortcode and seamlessly integrates into posts or pages
  • Customize your review funnels using page builders like Elementor and Gutenberg Block editor
  • Integrate with email and newsletter plugins like MailChimp and MailPoet
  • Multiple review destinations
  • Multiple review funnels for different campaigns and locations
  • Insert via shortcode into any pages or posts
  • Customize the funnel URL
  • Automate review via email or text

Price: Free (Pro version at $37 per month)

9. WP Rich Snippets

WP rich snippets plugin is a robust WordPress review plugin that allows you to publish professional-looking reviews on your WordPress website. It offers unique core features for adding multiple schema types to your site.

The plugin allows you to create custom reviews and has different ways to rate and review your content, including rating, percentage, votes, and aggregate user rating. The key features include its ability to add schema markup to your website, which can help to improve search engine ranking and SEO.

In addition, it enhances the search experience by showing detailed information in search results and gaining more traffic to your website. It also offers a range of options to showcase your product rating and review content, including rating, percentage, voters, and user aggregate rating.

The setup is easy, and configures the plugin with ease. The extensive documentation covers all the required information to get started with it, and in case of any help, customer support is available 24*7.

The WP-rich snippets are translated-ready and support all the popular schema markup types to implement in your content.

  • Easy setup,
  • Extensive documentation and awesome customer support,
  • Translation ready,
  • Showcase review content and rates in different ways, such as rating, percentage, votes, and user aggregate rating.
  • Integrate with WooCommerce reviews, add images to reviews, and shortcodes.
  • Allows to purchase add-ons at an extra cost.

Price: Starts at $69 per year.

10. Schema – All in One Schema Rich Snippets

Schema is not a review plugin but a tool to improve your ranking on search result pages. It helps you make schema markup for your website and show different information on search engine result pages, like events, people, products, recipes, and reviews.

It shows a summary of your web pages in the search engine result pages and sometimes in the news feed of Facebook in different forms like star ratings, author photos, images, etc.

With the advanced targeting rules, it shows the correct type of schema as per the search results. You no longer need to enter the information manually; Schema Pro does it automatically. You don’t need to go through those complicated settings anymore; review the product, and Schema Pro shows it all.

In addition, Schema Rich snippets provide helpful information to the crawlers so your site can rank better on search engine pages.

  • Improve schema markup,
  • Advanced targeting rules with the Pro version,
  • Showcase different information like events, images, products, reviews, people, and more on search result pages,
  • Limited compatibility with Yoast SEO in the free version,

Price: Free (Pro version starts at $67 annually)

11. WP Ultimate reviews

The WP Ultimate review plugin is a flexible and powerful WordPress review plugins that provides hundreds of functions, action hooks, and filters you can use for more.

The plugin enables customers to write and submit reviews on blog posts, products, and events effortlessly. It provides many customization options, so you can control how the rating system will work and look on the website.

It provides review styles like pie overview, points, percentages, and stars. You can also set a maximum score for the rating of your products, for instance, the number of stars, dropdown selection, or text input limit. In addition, you can also create additional review fields such as value, quality, appearance, and more.

It allows you to add a buy button on the reviews themselves that can help to boost your sales. Further, the plugin allows you to accept and edit customer reviews too.

  • There are four different types of rating styles
  • Option to review products globally
  • Allows additional custom fields
  • Accept, edit, and manage customer reviews
  • Buy button on reviews

12. WP Business Reviews

WP Business reviews allow you to display the best reviews on your website from different platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews. It compiles the information and allows you to display it anywhere on pages and widgets.

The plugin automatically pulls up new reviews over time from different platforms recently written by your customers.

The plugin allows you full control over searching, styling, sorting, and grouping your reviews directly from the WordPress dashboard. It allows you to choose three styles: light, dark, or transparent, and multiple display formats like a gallery, carousel, or list.

It also allows you to filter negative reviews, set the minimum rating allowed, and never display positive review options to promote your website. In addition, there are plenty of reviews; you can set how they are laid out in columns.

It is one of the most popular and best WordPress review plugins.

  • Filter reviews
  • Tag your best reviews from multiple platforms
  • Three review styles: Light, dark, or transparent
  • Powerful interface to search, style, and sort your reviews
  • Collect reviews from multiple platforms like Facebook, Yelp, Yellow Page, Zomato, and Google reviews

13. Taqyeem

Taqyeem is another best-selling WordPress review plugin because of its competitive pricing and numerous features. You can add a review box to every post or blog, including custom post types and the sidebar on your website.

It also has a reliable schema markup implementation, whether your review is a custom post or a page type. The plugin is easy to use and has numerous customization features to bring branding to the point.

The plugin provides three review styles: star, points, and percentage. You can customize the fonts, images, colors, style, and of course, the criteria. It supports 500+ Google web fonts and RTL support.

  • Schema SEO Rich Snippet Review Microdata
  • 3 review styles: star, percentage, and points, and the icons can be changed
  • Multiple options for the rating image
  • Numerous customization options like colors, typography, style, images, and many more
  • 500+ Google web fonts
  • Add unlimited review criteria
  • Add a review box to every post, blog, or page

Which is the best WordPress review plugin?

It can be difficult to keep track of all the available WordPress review plugins and decide which is the best for your needs. Each plugin has strengths and weaknesses, so choosing the right one for your needs is important.

If you’re looking for a review plugin, you’ll want to consider a few factors. First, what features are you looking for? Do you need something that will allow you to aggregate reviews from multiple sources? Or are you looking for a plugin to help you manage your reviews?

Second, what is your budget? Free plugins are available but may not have all the features you’re looking for. Conversely, there are also premium plugins that can be quite expensive.

Third, what is your level of expertise? If you’re not a developer, you may want to avoid plugins that require coding or are otherwise complex.

Some plugins are packed with features, while others are more basic. Some features allow you to restrict negative reviews and edit them, while some review plugins allow you to mandate the minimum rating for users. Choosing the plugin that provides all the features you need is crucial.

In addition, if you want to display reviews from multiple platforms like Facebook, Yelp, and Trustpilot and add Google reviews , you need to find a plugin with the same feature. And, of course, you’ll want to find a plugin that’s easy to use and fits within your budget.

So, which is the best WordPress review plugin?

Never underestimate the power of displaying reviews on your WordPress website. It is an important part of influencing customer decisions. Not only it help to build trust among the customers, but it can also help to rank better on search result pages.

You can choose the best WordPress review plugins from the above-compiled list that can display reviews on your WordPress website. Plenty of review plugins offer different features like collecting reviews from different platforms (Facebook page reviews, Google reviews, business reviews, Yelp, and more), different types of rating systems, add custom reviews, review boxes, and many more.

Displaying reviews using the review plugin on your website is a great marketing tactic, so it’s worth finding the best WordPress review plugins that help you. Choose a WordPress plugin that works seamlessly with your site and helps you gain rank on search result pages.

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6 of the Best WordPress Review Plugins of 2024

Estelle N

In search of the best WordPress review plugins?

We don’t blame you.

In the busy world of digital commerce, effective user reviews can make the difference between a mere curiosity click and an actual conversion. If your site is powered by WordPress, you’re in luck. With a plethora of powerful plugins available, you can seamlessly integrate a review system into your site.

But with so many options, how do you choose? That’s where this post comes in!

We’re going to show you the most interesting WordPress review plugins on the market right now. 😎

Whether you’re a seasoned webmaster or a budding online entrepreneur, we’re here to help you navigate through the sea of WordPress review plugins and narrow it down to the one that best fits your needs.

👉 Before we get into the specific plugins though, let’s first dive a little deeper into some of the main benefits of even having a review plugin on your site.

The benefits of installing a WordPress review plugin

Before we dig into the best WordPress review plugins to consider for your site, let’s take a look at why you definitely need reviews:

  • Free advertising . 📢 Reviews serve as free advertising for your business. Most shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase. If other customers have given you a positive endorsement, they are far more likely to buy from you.
  • Feedback and relationship building . 🚧 Reviews can provide you with valuable feedback from your customers. You can use this feedback to improve your products and services as well as to build relationships with your customers.
  • Social proof . 🍒 Reviews can help you build social proof, which is a powerful way to convince potential customers to buy from you. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to buy from businesses that have positive reviews.
  • Improved SEO . ⚙️ Google can show rich snippets for products and businesses that have reviews. These interactive visuals pop up on search engines and help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Transparency . 🐱‍🏍 Reviews can help you achieve full transparency with your customers. This can build trust and credibility with them, which can lead to more sales.

In addition, depending on the specific review plugin, you could also gain access to some of the following features:

  • Gather reviews from visitors.
  • Publish in-house reviews about your own products.
  • Showcase your business’s existing Google, AirBnb, or Facebook reviews.
  • Optimize your site for review snippets via schema.

Best WordPress review plugins of 2024

Are you convinced yet? Let’s take a deeper look at the best WordPress review plugins on the market.

  • Customer Reviews for WooCommerce
  • Plugin for Google Reviews
  • Otter Blocks
  • Site Reviews
  • WP Customer Reviews

Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets

Author(s): Brainstorm Force

Current Version: 1.6.8

Last Updated: November 17, 2023

Schema isn’t strictly a review plugin, but it is one of the best ways to display review markup (and article markup, events, recipes, and other content) on Google, which is why it definitely belongs on this list. This is a schema markup plugin that generates attention-grabbing results on search engines through rich snippets.

You’ve probably seen rich snippets before. It’s a short summary of a page that appears on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Facebook newsfeeds after you’ve searched for something. It appears as a small block with star ratings, author information, photos, and other images at the very top of the results page.

These snippets are highly interactive, very attractive, and very good for your site’s SEO ranking . It can also help sites like Facebook display information correctly when users share your links on social media.

There is a free version of the plugin, as well as a Pro version that comes with additional functionality. If you want your reviews to really work for you and boost your visibility online, this is the WordPress review plugin you want.

2. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Author(s): CusRev

Current Version: 5.40.1

Last Updated: February 16, 2024

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce (or CusRev) is one of the best WordPress review plugins you can have on your site. It makes the entire process of gathering reviews and implementing a rating system automated, simple, and fast. Every time a customer makes a purchase on your site, they’ll receive a personalized email asking them to review the products they’ve bought.

CusRev increases engagement, builds customer loyalty , and gathers reviews for you with no effort on your part. You have the option of integrating with an external service that will verify customer reviews, which can be great if you are worried about fake spam reviews.

CusRev is packed with features, including automated reminder emails, aggregated review forms that make it easy for customers to leave a review, integration with Google Shopping, and the ability to import and export reviews. What we really love, however, is its relationship-building qualities. You can use this nifty review plugin to offer discounts to your customers in exchange for reviews or use the Question and Answer feature to get feedback from your loyal buyers.

You can even gather photo and video reviews and let your visitors vote on reviews left by others!

There are two plans to choose from, a Free version and a Pro version. The Pro plan comes with more features and email support, so it’s well worth considering, but the Free version has everything you need to manage and optimize your review submissions.

3. Plugin for Google Reviews

Plugin for Google Reviews

Author(s): RichPlugins

Current Version: 3.6

Last Updated: February 20, 2024

If you run a service-based company, this is probably one of the best WordPress review plugins you can install. Plugin for Google Reviews is a business review plugin that displays Google Business Reviews on your WordPress site. Unlike a lot of review plugins we’ve seen, this one uses a Google API that has been vetted and approved by Google.

There’s a lot to love about the free version of this plugin. Customer reviews and ratings are automatically updated and can be displayed through a shortcode, widget, or page builders like Gutenberg and Elementor . It comes with a responsive slider that works across all devices as well as a “Review us on G” button that will encourage visitors to give you a good review. You can also hide negative reviews or anything else you don’t want to display.

In addition to the free version, there is also a Business version, and in this case, we really recommend upgrading. The Business Review plugin tier supports platforms like Facebook, Yelp, and others. So if your customers regularly leave reviews on those platforms, you have to level up. It also comes with lots of extra perks, including auto-syncing your reviews.

4. Otter Blocks

Otter Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks, Page Builder for Gutenberg Editor & FSE

Author(s): ThemeIsle

Current Version: 2.6.3

Last Updated: February 14, 2024

Otter isn’t your average WordPress review plugin, but rather a powerful tool that lets you extend the block-based functionality of WordPress. With Otter, you can have a much better page-building experience overall thanks to its many additional blocks and customization features.

Otter gives you a ton of new types of content blocks, controls for display conditions, animations, custom CSS settings, and – speaking of reviews – several review blocks. These include the product review block and a review comparison table block .

If you blog about products or run a review website, you can use these blocks to create a review summary for whatever you are reviewing. Add your pros and cons, and even optional buy links (which is great if you use affiliate marketing as a revenue source). That review block also generates correct schema markup for your review.

5. Site Reviews

Site Reviews

Author(s): Paul Ryley

Current Version: 6.11.4

Last Updated: November 2, 2023

Site Reviews is a WordPress review plugin that has the ability to collect, sort, filter, and display reviews on your website, making it easier to manage and showcase customer feedback. When you have this plugin installed, users can submit a rating and write a review directly on your site.

The plugin can sort and filter reviews based on criteria such as rating, date, and author. This means that you can organize and present reviews in a way that is most useful to your visitors. There are several ways to display reviews, including a dedicated review page, a sidebar widget, and integration within blog posts, which gives you great flexibility. It also has spam protection features that are crucial for maintaining the integrity of the reviews and preventing fake or spam submissions.

While the plugin is free, there is a premium version available with additional features, like custom review forms, image support, and export capabilities. On the downside, the plugin may be complex for some users. Particularly those who are less experienced with WordPress or managing plugins.

6. WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews

Author(s): Aaron Queen

Current Version: 3.7.0

Last Updated: November 3, 2023

No list of the best WordPress review plugins would be complete without WP Customer Reviews . It is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to collect user-generated reviews easily. It’s fully compatible with WP Multisite and Multi User setups, which offers a lot of versatility for various WordPress installations.

WP Customer Reviews provides moderation control, allowing you to choose which reviews are displayed. It also employs anti-spam measures to prevent automated spam bots from submitting reviews.

With customization options and shortcodes , you can tailor the review section to your needs and insert it anywhere on your website. WP Customer Reviews integrates well with caching plugins and custom themes, so you are guaranteed a smooth performance.

Overall, WP Customer Reviews is one of the best WordPress review plugins that empowers you to gather and display user-generated reviews effectively. With its extensive features, customization options, and compatibility, this plugin is a must-have for anyone seeking a robust review management solution for their WordPress website.

Best WordPress review plugins in a nutshell 🐿️

There are hundreds of WordPress review plugins out there, but the ones we’ve mentioned are definitely worth exploring first. If you don’t know how to install a WordPress plugin, make sure to check out our handy installation guide .

Once you know the basics, you can add a review plugin within minutes and watch those customer endorsements roll in!

Some of these plugins also enable rich snippets, which can give you greater visibility in Google search results. Keep that in mind when you are considering your options.

Finally, remember that free review plugins are usually sufficient when you’re first starting out. They offer basic functionality, such as displaying user reviews and allowing visitors to leave ratings, which is sufficient enough for most newbies. However, as your business grows, you might want to consider upgrading to a premium plan.

Premium versions usually come with advanced features like custom review forms, moderation tools, advanced analytics, review filtering, or integrations. These can open up new avenues for engaging with and understanding your audience – not to mention boost sales.

Hopefully this roundup of the best WordPress review plugins helped you narrow down your choices to one or two. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below.

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6 of the Best WordPress Review Plugins … Reviewed

Adelina Tuca

  • November 12, 2022
  • WordPress Plugins

Many of today’s successful review websites run on WordPress and are powered by some of the best WordPress review plugins out there. They’ve become a very important element in today’s e-commerce space. In one study by MarketingLand, they report that out of 1,046 survey participants, 90 percent admit that their buying decisions are in fact influenced by online reviews . [1]

Furthermore, according to another survey, 79 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations . [2]

Those are just two of the potential reasons why launching a review site could be something you might want to consider. The stats don’t lie . So, just to make this a bit easier …

6 of the Best WordPress Review Plugins

Here are 6 of the best WordPress review plugins … reviewed:

👉 Otter Blocks Product Review and Comparison Table 👉 Site Reviews 👉 WP Review 👉 Ultimate Reviews 👉 WP Ultimate Review 👉 Comments Ratings

1. Otter Blocks Product Review and Comparison Table

Otter Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks, Page Builder for Gutenberg Editor & FSE

Author(s): ThemeIsle

Current Version: 2.6.3

Last Updated: February 14, 2024

Our list begins with Otter Blocks, which features two really engaging, easy-to-navigate review blocks that you can add to your WordPress site.

The first is a product review block and the second is a review comparison table . The latter is composed from the reviews left by your customers in the former.

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Okay, so right off the bat, one thing that you will appreciate if you run your ecommerce store with WooCommerce, is that the product review block syncs with WooCommerce.

This allows you to import information about your existing products without having to spend hours re-typing or copying and pasting product info you already have.

Best WordPress review plugins #1: Product review block in Otter Blocks

Beyond that, it has some really useful features that you’d want out of a high quality WordPress review plugin. These include:

  • Styles: some options are available to change the general appearance of the block.
  • Product Details: you can either import this information from WooCommerce or type up some fresh copy on your own.
  • Product Features: these can be adjusted, even if you choose to sync with WooCommerce, and for each one, you can insert a title and a rating.
  • Pros and Cons: increase the credibility of a review by allowing reviewers to present an honest, balanced review.
  • Links: insert links to the platforms where the product that’s being reviewed is sold – whether that’s your own site or another site that you are affiliate partners with; you can also add a label and a disclaimer notice.
  • Color Customizations: adjust the color scheme to match your website’s brand identity.

Review Comparison Table block in Otter Blocks

👆 Once you have some reviews collected, you can then begin using the product review comparison table that you see in the image above.

In order to do that, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the desired page and add the product review component from the blocks library.
  • Step 2: Publish the page, otherwise it will not work.
  • Step 3: Repeat the steps above for however many reviews you want to compare.

See below for a brief animation of what this looks like in practice:

As you can see, both the product review block and the review comparison table are easy to use, customizable, and will work well on any ecommerce store, affiliate sales site, or any other website that requires reviews. You could easily make a case that if those two features were standalone plugins, that they would be among the best WordPress review plugins on the market.

However, Otter Blocks offers dozens of free enhancements beyond only the review features we showed you above. It can really make your WordPress review site stand out from the competition.

Having said that, it’s important to note that Otter Blocks is designed to work with the native WordPress (Gutenberg) editor. If you are using an external website builder such as Elementor or Beaver Builder, then Otter Blocks isn’t going to be the best option.

If that’s the case, you may want to either switch over to the Gutenberg editor (there are advantages to this) or consider one of the other WordPress review plugins on this list. If you haven’t used Gutenberg before and want to get a feel for it in a demo environment, you can do that on this page .

2. Site Reviews

Site Reviews

Author(s): Paul Ryley

Current Version: 6.11.4

Last Updated: November 2, 2023

When many people think about searching for the best WordPress review plugins, they assume that most likely the truly best ones won’t be free. As you just saw with Otter Blocks, that is simply not the case. This second WordPress review plugin on our list only reinforces the point. While it does offer a premium version, there are more than enough great features in the free version to satisfy most user’s needs. Let’s dive deeper below:

First, let’s take a look at the General Settings panel of this WordPress review plugin:

Best WordPress review plugins #2: Site Review settings

These are the main settings that you can go through first, before writing any reviews. As is plainly visible, there are a lot of nice options here already.

For example, you can set up a filter that will flag anything below a certain threshold for review. This can come in handy for dealing with unscrupulous competitors who might try to harm your reputation with fabricated negative reviews. It goes without saying, but abusing this feature for withholding genuine negative reviews is not encouraged. It’s simply to prevent abusive fake reviews.

There is also the option to control who receives different notifications, including the option to integrate Slack push notifications. This looks like:

Site Reviews Slack integration

Another thing we love about this WordPress review plugin is that it supports both Gutenberg users and those who prefer the classic WordPress editor. If using Gutenberg, the Site Reviews interface looks like:

Site Reviews using Gutenberg Editor

If you choose to use the classic editor, you can use the dropdown button to insert shortcodes:

Site Reviews using the classic WordPress editor

In addition to the above possibilities, Site Reviews also allows you to use WordPress widgets to insert reviews that way. It comes packed with a ton of features, including some of the following:

  • Assign Reviews to Categories, Pages or Users: this makes it easier to organize your reviews in ways that work best for you.
  • Backup and Restore: export and import your settings and custom text strings, and use the WordPress export and import tools to backup your reviews.
  • Blacklist: block review submissions which contain specific words, phrases, IP addresses, names, and emails.
  • Form Styles: match the review form with popular themes and form plugins for a consistent experience.
  • Members-Only: require users to be logged in before submitting a review.
  • SPAM Protection: includes 5 layers of protection from spam – Honeypot, 4 CAPTCHA options (FriendlyCaptcha, hCaptcha, reCAPTCHA v2 Invisible, and reCAPTCHA v3), Akismet, Blacklist, and Review limits.

All in all, it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality WordPress review plugin to power their review site, ecommerce store, or other website that’s dependent on reviews. Check it out for yourself!

3. WP Review

Best WordPress review plugins #3: WP Review

Another similar WordPress review plugin that will help you build your site very quickly.

This one offers total freedom to the visitor. Everyone can come to the site and leave a vote.

Also, WP Review calculates the average vote based on the ratings.

This review plugin is very easy to use.

After the installation, go to Settings in your WordPress dashboard and then click on WP Review. Here, you can set your default options. You should do so only if you’re going to use the same details for all products. So if you think most of your products will have common features, you can set them there. This way, it won’t be necessary to repeat the process for every product you list.

WP Review settings

After you set the default options, what comes next is even easier. Go to the post where you want to add your review, and exactly the same as with the previous WordPress review plugin, you’ll find specific options on the post editing screen. If your default options are not enough for the post, you can add more things in there. Also, you have the choice between three types of ratings: stars, points, and percentages.

WP Review meta box

I did a quick test with points with the plugin’s default color scheme. Here is what it looks like:

WP Review example

As you can see, the summary (you can name it the way you like) shows the average rating and a description if you want to say something more about the product. The user ratings are not there by default (they can be enabled).

4. Ultimate Reviews

Ultimate Reviews

Author(s): Etoile Web Design

Current Version: 3.2.9

Last Updated: January 23, 2024

Ultimate Reviews gives you two shortcodes or blocks – one to embed reviews and another to add a form for users to submit their own reviews. You can use one or both according to your needs.

Once you install and activate the plugin, you can go to the new Reviews area in your WordPress dashboard to configure it:

Best WordPress review plugins #4: Ultimate Reviews settings

Then, to add reviews to individual pieces of content, you’ll first need to go to Reviews → Add New to create a new review:

Add new review

Then, you can embed reviews using the plugin’s shortcode or its dedicated block. Here’s what it looks like with the block:

Review block

Once you publish your post, you’ll see your review on the front-end of your site. Here’s an example of what it looks like:

Ultimate Reviews example

The free version is pretty basic, but the premium version lets you create more in-depth review boxes with more features and fields.

You can also use a separate shortcode or block to embed a form that lets users submit their own product reviews. Then, you can display those reviews using the same method that you saw above.

5. WP Ultimate Review

WP Ultimate Review

Author(s): Wpmet

Current Version: 2.2.5

Last Updated: December 10, 2023

WP Ultimate Review is a newer WordPress review plugin that boasts modern designs right out of the box.

After activating the plugin, you can go to the new Wp Reviews area in your WordPress dashboard to configure the plugin’s settings.

There, you can choose which review fields to use and whether or not to enable user comment reviews:

Best WordPress review plugins #5: WP Ultimate Review settings

After you’re done adjusting those, you can go to the individual post, where you want the ratings box to show up. There are some additional options, which provide more details that your visitors might want to see in a review.

WP Ultimate Review meta box

This is what the final rating box looks like – you can see how it has a pretty modern-looking design:

WP Ultimate Review example

You can also use a shortcode to embed a user rating form, if you want to allow user ratings on your review pages.

6. Comments Ratings

Comments Ratings

Author(s): Pixelgrade

Current Version: 1.1.7

Last Updated: April 6, 2023

Unlike some of the other plugins, this plugin is meant entirely for the visitors. They can leave their ratings through comments. Using this plugin is a piece of cake.

Here’s the settings page, for example:

Best WordPress review plugins #6: Comment Ratings settings

And that would be all. You just decide where you want to enable user comments and what text to use.

Let’s see what it looks like in action:

Comment Ratings example

In the end, if you need a nice and small plugin which allows your visitors to vote via comments, this one is very effective.

👉 Bonus: here’s a list of some essential WordPress plugins that all sites can benefit from.

Don’t forget to join our crash course on speeding up your WordPress site. Learn more below:

-References: 1 , 2 .

* This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small commission. No worries though, you’ll still pay the standard amount so there’s no additional cost on your part.

Adelina Tuca

Adelina is a writer and WordPress blogger who's been creating content for CodeinWP for nearly a decade. Even though she mostly covers topics about WordPress and websites, she also specializes in content marketing, online tools, and methods that help you succeed online.

Hi Adelina, I would highly recommend WP review as it does not effect site speed because of its small footprint. Also its better to get a customized plugin according to your needs rather than to regret. Thanks Team- MakeWebbetter

If you update this post please consider adding the Ultimate Reviews plugin to this list as well. Good solid plugin and great support. Lots of styling and rating features. Allow in-depth reviews and create additional review fields, such as value, appearance, quality, etc. You can also add custom fields that don’t impact the overall review score. There’s also an affiliate program for this plugin, great if you’re someone who blogs about WordPress.

Interesant, Rich Reviews pare sa fie ce-mi trebuie mie pe blog, o sa-l incerc.

The user rating option is crap and a huge disappointment. Users cannot rate on different fields unlike the webmaster and only have one option.

I’m looking for a plugin that will allow users to review blog post/article content, then show an aggregate, plus other details. I’ve tried WP Review Pro by MyThemeShop, however this seems geared toward the blog author reviewing products, movies, etc. I need it to be entirely focused on how the user perceives the content. The idea is that if I can get this type of feedback separate from blog comments, I can improve my posts. Does such a thing exist?

I am looking for yotpo alternative, something that can send emails to customers after their order. Can you please suggest something?

Always informative and educational reviews, thank you.

Why is it worth a try, other than your getting an affiliate payment?

Hey Nick, Its not about affiliate payment. You can remove the affiliate parameter add your own and buy 🙂 The reason I shared is the demo and features look great. The readymade demo layout seems to be able to fit in any type of websites. Thank you for replying.

What annoys me is if one is going to put in an affiliate code, at least share enough that provides some justification like providing value. If even after all that prompting you still get some generic return like what I am hearing, then I’d have to be skeptical about why you’re posting and your connection to the product. It’s that simple.

Lots of good information here, but none of these quite fills my needs. I am looking for a plugin that will aggregate reviews from the major review sites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc and allow me to display the best of these reviews on the website. It should display with a link to the original review site so that people can verify that the review is legitimate. Any ideas on where I could find such a plugin? Thanks, Mike

Very useful article, thanks for sharing 🙂

Thanks for your article. I see lots of people use WP Review, it’s so great!

Yup, the user ratings are available, you should check again. It works for me.

WP Review is the best i must say…..Perfect for the reviews and also my site looks clean.

Nice list…

At the second plugin when you say “The user ratings are not there by default (they can be enabled).” it would have been more friendly to say it was on the pro version.

Hi! Actually, they’re available in the free version too. You should check again. 🙂 After you enable them, log out so you can be able to rate the product as a user.

Unfortunately it is not that great. A normal user can only rate on 1 5 star rating and thats it. I want them to be able to rate on additional fields i add.

The first plugin, WP Product Review ( ), lets people rate each feature of the product, added by you in the first place. You can read what I wrote in the description and see if it’s what you’re looking for. You can also test it because it’s free.

euh, actualyl it seems to have that option even in free version, so not sure what you saw, maybe they added it recently –

hey Art – this is basically exactly what i need – what did you use in the end and have you been satisfied with your choice ? cheeers Barni

Me too! What did you end up using?

hi shelly – sorry i didnt see your answer earlier – i ended up using Rich Reviews – how about you ?

WP Review – the perfect plugin for my review-based site! Thanks!

Or start the conversation in our Facebook group for WordPress professionals . Find answers, share tips, and get help from other WordPress experts. Join now (it’s free)!

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How to create a WordPress book review website

' src=

If you want to share your book reviews with the world, you can use a WordPress book review plugin to collect all your reviews in one spot and make it easy for your visitors to find reviews for certain books. You can list all your reviews in one convenient table and let visitors search by title, filter by author or genre, and more.

With the right WordPress book review plugin, you can set up a flexible system that meets your needs without any complications. You won't need to write any code or have any special technical knowledge, but you can still create a review site that's customized for you and avoid the "one size fits all" approach of some WordPress review plugins.

Below, you'll learn step-by-step how to start using Posts Table Pro as a WordPress book review plugin to create a review site that looks something like this:

WordPress book review plugin example

You'll also be able to control exactly what information displays in your book review list. So if you want to add a review summary, list the book's ISBN, or anything else, you'll be able to easily set that up.

Why Posts Table Pro is the best WordPress book review plugin

Posts Table Pro is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that lets you take any content on your site and display it in a customizable table.

For this implementation, that "content" is your book reviews. You can publish your reviews using the normal WordPress editor. Then, you can collect all of your reviews in one spot and add helpful filters and search options.

The benefits of using Posts Table Pro as a WordPress book review plugin are:

  • Control You can choose exactly what to include in your book review list. Want to list a star rating? Does Amazon buy link? Thumbs up/down rating system? Publishing date? ISBN? You can add anything you want.
  • Ease of use Your visitors can easily find the reviews they're interested in with filters and search boxes.
  • Flexibility You can create different lists for different books. For example, you could have one collection of science fiction reviews and another collection of fantasy reviews.

You can also use Posts Table Pro with all WordPress themes, which lets you keep using your favorite review website theme. And because you can control exactly what information to include, you can also write other reviews, like video games or product reviews.

Below, we'll show you a real example of Posts Table Pro in action and then we'll take you through how to set it up as a WordPress book review plugin.

Case study: Science Fiction Book Reviews

Science Fiction Book Reviews is a real-life book review website that's published over 500 book reviews for books from over 140 different science fiction authors.

That's a lot of books -- so Science Fiction Book Reviews needs a user-friendly way to help visitors find reviews of books they're interested in.

To create an easy-to-browse archive of all those reviews, Jim, the man behind the website, uses Posts Table Pro to create an easy-to-browse list of all his book reviews:

WordPress book review plugin case study

If users want to filter out reviews for books from a specific author, they can use the drop-down to select that author. And the great thing is that visitors can filter by author without reloading the page , which creates a really convenient experience for them:

WordPress book review plugin with filters applied

If users want to see the full review, they can click through to the review's page. This also improves SEO and gives each review a chance to rank in Google.

Want to set up your own WordPress book review plugin like Science Fiction Book Reviews? Here's how to do it...

How to use Posts Table Pro as a WordPress book review plugin

Below, you'll learn how to set up Posts Table Pro as a WordPress book review plugin to duplicate the setup that you saw in the Science Fiction Book Reviews case study above.

1. Create a book review custom post type

To house your book reviews, you have two options:

  • You can write them as regular blog posts.
  • You can create a custom post type.

While the first method works, it's not great if you still want to post non-review blog posts because everything is mixed together.

With a custom post type, you can create a separate type of post for just your book reviews.

You can create a new blog post when you want to blog, and a new book review post when you want to write a book review. You'll also be able to add extra information fields to your book reviews to collect important details, like your star rating for a book and the Amazon purchase link.

Don't worry - it's pretty easy to set up using a plugin called Easy Post Types and Fields .

We have a detailed tutorial on how to use Easy Post Types and Fields to create custom post types , so you can check that out if you want more details. But here's the fast version…

  • Install and activate the free Easy Post Types and Fields plugin from
  • Go to Post Type → Manage in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click Add New.
  • Enter the singular and plural post type names. E.g. "Book Review" and "Book Reviews" and click Next .
  • Select the type of information you wish to display and click Create.

new custom post type Wizard

And that's it! You just created a book review post type. You should see it as a new option in your WordPress dashboard sidebar.

2. Add custom fields and taxonomies

Custom taxonomies and custom fields let you store extra information about a review:

  • Custom Taxonomies These are like blog categories or tags, but tailored to your reviews. For example, "Book Author" or "Genre".
  • Custom Fields These let you store extra information about a review. For example, the star rating you give it, a book's ISBN, or the Amazon purchase link.

You can add both with Easy Post Types and Fields plugin. Again, you can consult our detailed custom post types tutorial if you want to see the process in more detail .

To add custom fields, go to Post Type → Manage in your WordPress dashboard. For the post type you want to add the custom field to, click on the Custom Fields button.

Click on Add New to add a new custom field to that post type and enter the Name, Slug and select the field type (text or visual editor).

custom field WordPress

Make sure to click Add custom field button when you're finished.

To create custom taxonomies, go to Post Type → Manage. Click on the taxonomies button for the respective post type you wish to customize. Click on the Add New button.

Enter the singular and plural names and the slug for your new taxonomy. For example, here's a custom taxonomy for the book's author:

Book authors custom taxonomy

If you want, you can create additional taxonomies, like for a book's genre.

3. Write some reviews

Now, you can visit Book Reviews → Add New to write your first book review:

  • Add the book/review title at the top.
  • Write your review in the main text editor.
  • Select the Book Author and Genre on the side.
  • Add the book cover image as the Featured Image .
  • Enter your star rating in the Star Rating box. You can use the ⭐ emoji.
  • Add the Amazon Purchase Link as a link in the text editor.
  • Fill out any other fields (like the ISBN)

Add WordPress book review

To add additional book reviews, you just need to repeat the process as needed.

If you enabled comments in the first step, visitors will be able to leave a comment on your full review. Some other ways to enhance your individual review page are:

  • Use a social media plugin to add share buttons.
  • Install a rich snippets/schema markup plugin to get Google-rich snippets.

4. Display your reviews with Posts Table Pro

Once you've added a few book reviews, you're ready to set up the Posts Table Pro WordPress book review plugin to list your book reviews for visitors.

To get started, install and activate the Posts Table Pro plugin on your WordPress site.

Upon installing the Post Table Pro plugin, a setup wizard will automatically guide you through the process of creating your first table. Additionally, you can create new tables at any time by navigating to the "Post Tables" section of your WordPress admin and selecting "Add New." Here are the steps to create a table using this plugin:

  • To create a table using the Post Table Pro plugin, start by giving your table a name and selecting the post type you wish to display. If you do not yet have a content type, you can create one using the free Easy Post Types and Fields plugin.
  • Next, select the books or pages you would like to include in the table. The available options will vary based on the post type you selected in the previous step. For instance, if you chose a post with custom taxonomy, the relevant taxonomies will be listed for you to select.
  • Customize your table to suit your preferences. You can determine which columns to display and in what order. For example, to add the cover image, book title, author, genre, purchase link and rating, simply choose the column type from the dropdown menu and click "Add". You can then reorder them by dragging and dropping the sort icon or column heading.
  • Add filters to your table to help users narrow down their selections. The filters appear as dropdowns above the table, and you can add as many as you like for example, book author and genre. It is important to note that available filter options will vary depending on the post type selected on the first page.
  • Enable lazy loading to improve the table's performance, even when containing hundreds or thousands of items.
  • Choose how to sort the table. You can set the default sorting option and the sort direction.
  • Finally, the wizard will confirm that you have finished creating your table and provide instructions for inserting it onto your site. To display the table on your WordPress site, you can either use the 'Post Table' block in the Gutenberg editor or copy the shortcode from the table builder and paste it anywhere on your site. This gives you the flexibility to place the table on any page regardless of its content.

And once you publish your page, you should see your full book review list:

Visitors can browse and filter the list. Then, they can click through to the book review to read your thoughts.

Congrats! You just set up your own WordPress book review plugin.

If you wanted to, you can also create another stripped-down table to add as a sidebar widget. Learn more about using shortcode parameters to achieve this .

Create your own WordPress book review plugin today

With Posts Table Pro , you can create your own WordPress book review plugin that lets you create a unique book review experience.

You can choose exactly what information to include in your book review list, and your visitors will be able to easily browse your entire catalog of reviews.

Best of all, you can achieve this level of customization with easy-to-use plugins -- no technical knowledge required. So even if you're just a casual book review blogger, you can set this up!

To set up your own WordPress book review website, purchase Posts Table Pro and get started today:

And if you want to sell books on your own eCommerce WordPress website, you can use WooCommerce and WooCommerce Product Table to list books for sale and create your own book store, as well.

In this article

  • Why Posts Table Pro?
  • Plugin case study
  • Full tutorial
  • Where to get the plugin

Hi, At first glance, I like what I see very much. I will go home and try it asap. One question, please: is it possible to have the star rating in different shapes? I mean maybe dancing stars, maybe something else? Thank you so much :)

Hi, Ileana. Yes, this is possible, just as I had replied to the message that you sent us from our Support Center .

For those who might be asking the same, the star rating that you give are added or achieved by adding/creating a custom field. This can be either a "plain text" type (in which case you can choose which emojis or symbols to use for your ratings) or an "image" type (in which case you can choose which star rating image or images to use).

I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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WordPress Review Plugin: The Ultimate Solution for Building a Review Website

  • Description
  • Installation

WordPress Review Plugin: The Ultimate Solution for Building a Review Website

Does your website run on WordPress? Does it feature reviews of products, services, or anything else for that matter? At MyThemeShop, we know how important it is to have interactive smart reviews on your website with ratings, structured data, shortcodes, user comments, and affiliate buttons.

In this regard, we have created a WordPress Review plugin with all the premium features, You would require to run a full-fledged review website.

What Can WP Review Plugin Do for You

  • WP Review plugin offers an all-inclusive solution for you to create a full-blown review website in any niche without any design or technical skills.
  • It helps you create high-converting information-packed reviews that help potential customers make purchasing decisions.
  • It boosts your SEO efforts by adding 19 different schema types . Schema makes it easy for search engines to parse and interpret web pages more effectively so they can return informative results to users.
  • The interactive reviews would help boost conversions on your website hence increasing your overall revenue.

Why Use Reviews On Your Website?

Improved CTR

Using reviews, especially star ratings would help you increase your website CTR. Google and other search engines pick the star ratings and show them in the search results. This would increase the chances of your website getting more clicks from the search engines.

Improves Conversion Rate

Reviews help the users skim through the content and make an informed decision while making an online purchase. For eg: while reading the comparison of two mobile phones of the same price range, you would prefer to buy one with better reviews and more star ratings.

Better Content Presentation

By using a review box, you are improving the overall design and content structure. The content looks both appealing and better structured for grasping the important details without reading the whole article or post.

Improved search engine results

Gone are the days when optimized alt-tags and stuffing keywords would boost your keyword rankings. Google is constantly updating its algorithms and online reviews are quickly becoming a core part of SEO.

Using rich snippets , Google has developed a way to understand reviews just as customers would. Reviews or star ratings immensely help in improving the CTR . This would help in increasing the traffic on your website.

Great Styling in One-Click

Customize the look and feel of your review section to make it look professional. You can choose different styling options. With unlimited color choices , you can choose and create combinations that would perfectly blend with your WordPress theme design.

You can also choose from the two available templates and customize them to blend with your reviews and most importantly with your website’s design.

These templates are created with a mobile-first approach to load on all mobile devices. Not only that, the plugins work fine with the caching plugins and all majority WordPress themes.

Easy and Fast to Add Reviews

All you have to do is fill the information you need to display and select a method to display the reviews in any custom post type or page.

By default, WP Review plugin can be configured in global settings to either insert your review box at the start or at the end of your post.

However, with the custom location-enabled , the review box can be inserted in a location different from the one defined in the global settings. You can choose to insert the review box after content, before content, or use the custom shortcode option. The shortcode option allows you to insert the review box anywhere on the page.

Schema Support for Search Engines

The WP Review supports 19 different Schema types so that the search engines can easily understand the content on your website.

This increases the probability of your website to get more visibility on the SERPs which would directly have a positive impact on the overall organic traffic of your website.

Visitor Ratings

Visitor ratings can help you improvise your content during a span of time. For eg: you have originally rated a product 4.5 stars but during the course of time, you see that the average visitor ratings are just 3.5. In such a case, you have got a clear indication to change the original product ratings.

Multiple Review Rating Types

The WP review plugin is amazingly easy to use and allows you to deliver professional looking reviews. You have the option to choose different types of review systems. You can use stars, percentage, and point ratings.

  • Star rating : The most common rating system. You can use it for rating any product or service. It follows a 5 point system where you can rate a product out of five.
  • Point rating : Useful system for creating in-depth reviews or when rating feature-rich products. Using this, you can rate a product out of 10.
  • Percentage rating : The best rating system for granular analysis of a product’s features. __ Ideal for products with numerous features. Using this, you can assign a percentage out of 100 to a specific product.

All the Right Perks Included

No coding required

Just copy and paste the shortcode shown by WP Review and insert it where you want the review box to appear on the page.

Regular updates

Get new features regularly installed on your website. Just one click and your plugin is as good as new.

High-quality code

The plugin’s architecture together with the code has been uncompromisingly optimized to guarantee a fantastic user experience for you and your users. No slow load times and no single security vulnerability.

Premium support

Get your questions answered and issues solved by a dedicated team of WordPress experts. Support is available every day throughout the year.

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WPLift is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

WPLift / WordPress Plugins / Marketing / 12 Best WordPress Review Plugins to Offer Enhanced UX & Boost Your Sales in 2024

12 Best WordPress Review Plugins to Offer Enhanced UX & Boost Your Sales in 2024

Last Updated on February 19th, 2024

Tags: Rich Snippets , Free Plugin

Our Sponsors

Advertise here?

Online reviews have become an essential feature of online businesses. Studies indicate that the majority of people do not purchase without reading through several online reviews when buying something. They prefer a business with a 4-star or more rating. If you want to get that review feature on your web posts then you should get the WordPress review plugin.

The WordPress review plugins are often overlooked but they prove to be very useful and profitable. They have been specifically designed to make it as easy as possible to publish professionally presented reviews on your WordPress website. With the WordPress review plugin you will be able to add a set of custom fields to the post or page editor and present information like rating, price, rating, description, call to action, pros and cons buttons, images, and more.

Why should you build a website using the WordPress Review Plugin in 2023?

Review plugins can be effective and helpful for every business. This is the reason that the world’s largest online store Amazon features product reviews. Some of the benefits of review plugins are as follows:

  • Reviews serve as free advertising. To illustrate, according to research 95% of people read online reviews before buying anything.
  • The Review plugins help your SEO ranking to be boosted by schema markup and rich snippets.
  • Review plugins help you achieve transparency.
  • Review plugins help you make a connection with the customer.
  • Review plugins help you to improve things about your business.
  • Reviews serve as social proof.

What makes a WordPress Review Plugin best?

You should look for these features to choose the best review plugins for your WordPress websites:

  • It should have the ability to embed a customizable review section with a well-designed rating system.
  • It should have rich-snippet support that will boost up the rank in search results.
  • It should include options for uploading more visual content like pictures or videos.
  • It must be user-friendly.

Best WordPress Review Plugins for 2023

Here is the list of some of the best WordPress review plugins that offer all the features mentioned above. These plugins will help you drive new customers through the door and provide long-term value to your WordPress website. 

write a review plugin wordpress

The ReviewX plugin is designed to boost sales through multi-criteria customer reviews for WooCommerce products. It allows you to get instant customer ratings and multi-criteria reviews to make your WooCommerce store more credible and increase conversion rates.

This plugin allows you to create compelling and rich customer content in the form of ratings, reviews, photos & videos reviews, scoring options, and more.

The core features for the ReviewX plugin are free for all users and available at the WordPress plugin directory. It currently has over 10,000 active installations and an impressive 5-star rating.

If you’re looking for more functionality, the pro version includes many essential features like review reminder emails, Google rich schema, the verified review badge, reviews highlighting, voting on reviews, social sharing to increase credibility, autologin from review reminder email and much more.

  • It is easy to install
  • It has a feature-packed free version
  • It is highly customizable
  • It is WooCommerce ready
  • It has great documentation
  • It is integrated with SEO
  • None found at the moment

Get ReviewX

Article Continues Below

2. WP Review

write a review plugin wordpress

WP Review plugin is one of the best WordPress review plugins with 70000+ active installations. It was a premium plugin but now it is free for WordPress users. This plugin is compatible with Multisite and Multiuser. Moreover, you can add custom fields and customize them. It comes with a minimal design but you can change the settings to look modern. WP Review plugin offers you the stars, percentage, point review types, point rating system, 2 review box templates, unlimited color options, CSS, options to set Global Positions, custom color and position, tabbed widget, and many others. Apart from that, it works drop-down and it theWordPressshortcodeworks with caching plugins and multi-user forms the user formality developer-friendly of themes. It boosts the SEO efforts by including various schema types. You can do great styling in just one click. It also provides premium support. It has good speed which allows you to set up the plugin in no time.

  • It is fluid responsive
  • It is lightweight
  • It is translation ready
  • It integrates SEO
  • It is easy to use
  • It supports shortcodes
  • It is fast loading
  • It supports Google Rich Snippets
  • Plugins can conflict with each other

Get WP Review

3. Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials. wordpress review plugin

Easy Testimonials WordPress review plugin is also one of the best options if you are a beginner and looking for a WordPress review plugin. This plugin comes with features like 5 custom Gutenberg blocks, a new Gutenberg editor, multiple testimonial forms, compatibility options panel, 25 professionally designed free themes, active websites, font options, advanced testimonial import, shortcode generator, testimonial export, form builder, and more. You can add testimonials to the sidebar as a widget or embed testimonials into a page or post through a shortcode. In addition to that, it lets you insert a list of all testimonials, display a slideshow of testimonials, and support images, add photos of the author of the testimonial, and so on. Moreover, it is compatible with popular themes and plugins like Avada, Genesis, Visual Composer, and WooCommerce to have the best experience for the users.

  • It is schema ready
  • It has a good reliability
  • It is fully responsive
  • It is integrated with the Gravatar service and Smart Text Avatars
  • It offers premium support

Get Easy Testimonials

4. WP Rich Snippets

WP Rich Snippets

WP Rich Snippets is another best WordPress Review plugin that allows you to add reviews on your site and create rich snippets for SERPs. It comes with features including multiple sites, types, sidebar, an excerpt of the review, thumbnail image, schema types, extension add-ons, editor/user reviews, shortcodes, customizer, display rating, rating system, star rating, percentage, votes, aggregate, and many more. Using all these features, you can increase the traffic to your site. In addition to that, its add-ons allow you to add more functionality and integrations such as WooCommerce Reviews, Software Specs, Anonymous User Reviews, Box shortcodes, front end entry submit, data tables, ranking table, etc. It works great with the Yoast SEO plugin, there are no known or reported conflicts, also we are using Yoast SEO plugin on the website.

  • It comes with an enhanced search experience
  • It offers awesome support
  • It has extensive documentation
  • It is easy to set up
  • It comes with tons of features
  • It does not support event rich snippets

Get Rich Snippets

5. Review Block by Ultimate Blocks

Review by Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a Gutenberg-based great content marketing plugin. It comes with 22+ stunning custom blocks. Among them, you’ll find several useful blocks to showcase product reviews in captivating ways.

The first one is the Review block. It allows you to list all the key features of your product with a star rating individually for each one. After that, you can write a short summary of the features, showcasing the product price and a call to action button.

The plugin has another block named Rating . Whereas the Review block allows you to show comprehensive information about your product, the Rating block lets you simply display how customers have rated your products.

Ultimate Blocks have a Testimonial block. You can showcase customers’ opinions about your products on your posts and pages using the block. You can even display the customer’s photo, their name, and designation.

SiteGround Hosting

In addition to these, you’ll find several other helpful blocks in the plugin that can support you in displaying product reviews.

  • It enhances search engine visibility
  • The plugin provides user-friendly blocks with a clean, beautiful design
  • It offers improved user experience and engagement
  • Schema enabled.
  • It has a limited number of blocks.
  • It only works with the WordPress Block Editor, which might not suit everyone’s needs.

Get Review Block by Ultimate Blocks

Taqyeem wordpress review plugin

Taqyeem is a premium WordPress review plugin that has been built for adding ratings and reviews to your posts, pages, and custom post types. You can customize options, fonts, images, colors, style, and criteria. In addition, its features include unlimited colors, unlimited review criteria, pages, custom post types, typography options, 500+ google web fonts, icons for ratings, 3 review styles like stars, points, and percentage, multiple options, predefined criteria add-on, and more. The themes that support Taqyeem are the Sahifa theme, Jarida theme, Gameleon theme, and GoodInc theme. This plugin also contains files like .po and .mo that support localization and help you to translate in any language. 

  • It is user friendly
  • It offers RTL support
  • It is easy to translate the It provides localization support
  • It includes Schema SEO rich snippet

Get Taqyeem

7. WP Customer Reviews

write a review plugin wordpress

WP Customer Reviews is a perfect choice for you if you are running a business and want your website to have product reviews. This WordPress product review plugin can help you set up a specific page on your website or blog to show the testimonials for your products or services to write product reviews. Additionally, it has compatibility with WordPress multisite and multi-user. In addition to that, it gives you the ability to moderate and monitor everything. For instance, which reviews you should show on the website. Also, you can customize and add the custom fields to the website by using this plugin, edit the content and date, and insert reviews and review forms on the page or widget. In addition, this plugin works with caching plugins and custom themes.

  • It is fully customizable
  • It comes in a friendly format

Get WP Customer Reviews

8. Site Reviews

Site Reviews

Site Reviews is the best review plugin for WordPress. It is premium and offers features including editor blocks, shortcodes, configurable widgets, full documentation, templates, slack integration, SPAM protection Elementor editor, Trustalyze Confidence System, built-in CSV importer, JSON-LD schema, form styles, backlist, and more. Moreover, you are able to create custom review forms with over 20 field types and individual review templates. Also, you can sort, filter, and search your reviews of users. You can add images with captions to your reviews too. It gives Asian language support. This review plugin for WordPress has been designed for WordPress developers with over 100 hooks and convenient functions. In addition to that, it supports Elementor. This plugin is integrated with Polylang and WPML. It fully supports network and multisite websites. With the Site Review plugin, you get free features in comparison to other review plugins.

  • It is developer-friendly
  • It provides free premium level support
  • It is Gutenberg ready
  • The documentation is good
  • Website vulnerability

Get Site Reviews

9. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce is one of the best WordPress review plugins. It can help you enhance the standard WooCommerce reviews with extra features and reassure customers by having their Q&A section answered on product pages. Additionally, using this plugin, you can increase customer’s loyalty, satisfaction, and engagement. You can localize over 400 languages and install over 50000 stores. This WordPress user review plugin makes the reviewing simple for you. Using this plugin, you can enhance reviews, include ratings, images, voting and filtering options, and more. It is integrated with Google Shopping. You can include a Q & A feature which will help you to allow customers to ask and answer questions/FAQs. Also, you can include personalized emails for each customer with built-in variables. What’s more, this plugin has a built-in testing tool to make sure emails look stunning before sending.

  • It boosts SEO
  • It helps you build User-generated content
  • It has great functionality
  • It is WPML compatible
  • It is quick
  • Sometimes it slows down the website

Get Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Woocommerce hosting

10. Ultimate Reviews

Ultimate Reviews

Ultimate Reviews is a WordPress Review Plugin that is user-friendly and enables people to submit reviews for different products, events, or anything else. What’s great about this WordPress customer review plugin is that it comes with two smart shortcodes – one to display your reviews and the other to display a form that the people can use to submit reviews. In addition to that, this plugin includes Gutenberg blocks to display reviews and for the submit review form. With these plugins you can: accept and manage user reviews, display product reviews for all the products, use multiple rating systems, set the maximum score for your product review, use text input, use drop-down selection, filter reviews by score, product name, or review author, and restrict a reviewable product to a predefined list, and drag-and-drop to rearrange the list.

  • It offers WooCommerce integration
  • It is a simple plugin
  • It comes with excellent features and options
  • It is compatible with the Ultimate Product Catalog
  • It comes with flexible styling with the custom CSS option

Get Ultimate Reviews

11. YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews

write a review plugin wordpress

YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews can be optimized for your review section to boost your sales. It offers something more than the traditional displaying of product reviews and ratings. This plugin will allow your users to add a title and attachments to the reviews. In addition to that, its key features include rich snippets, customizability, shortcodes, and more. It lets you convert standard reviews in YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews’ new format and add a review summary bar with statistics about how many times a rating of 1,2,3,4 or 5 stars was submitted. Also, as an admin of the website, you can moderate the reviews. You can also disable replies to reviews, limit reviews per user, and use shortcodes to list all reviews. Furthermore, with this plugin, you can enable the Google Captcha form so that spam comments cannot be loaded on your website. Bottom line is that this plugin is integrated with Google-rich snippets which will show the ratings on Google Search Engines. It comes in two versions- premium and free.

  • It includes useful features
  • It can be customized
  • It has a free version

Get YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews

12. Widget for Google Reviews

Widget for Google Reviews wordpress review plugin

Widget for Google Reviews is a free WordPress review plugin that comes with a sidebar widget, auto-refresh reviews, reviews section, 5 Google business reviews per location, custom business place photo, review list theme, reviews merger, powerful collection builder, google trust badge, include/exclude words filter, minimum rating filter and many more. It is compatible with page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor, Page Origin, Beaver Builder, WP Bakery, and Divi. In addition to that, this plugin displays all reviews through Google My Business (GMB) API. It helps merge all reviews between each other from various platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. It has a business version too.

  • It is SEO optimized
  • It has two versions: free and premium
  • It works even when Google is not available 
  • It provides premium support
  • It is compatible with popular page builders
  • You will need to get a premium version to unlock the most amazing features

Get Widget for Google Reviews

What’s your favorite WordPress review plugin?

The plugins mentioned above can create review posts and the like with ease. You can attract visitors to your WordPress website. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. What’s your favorite WordPress review plugin? Tell us about it in the comment section!

12 Best WordPress Review Plugins to Offer Enhanced UX & Boost Your Sales in 2024

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5 thoughts on “ 12 best wordpress review plugins to offer enhanced ux & boost your sales in 2024 ”.

I’m using GD star rating, but I can’t make it work for rating multiple products on one page any suggestions?

I am planning to create a review site. Thanks for showing me all these plug ins. Now, I have to make my choice and get started soon.

Great overview, Thanks :-)

I own a german review Website and this is quite what i was looking for. Maybe i will use InReview Premium theme on this. But I’m not sure about working on an existing Blog ?!? What about that, can I use it?

Oliver, Thanks for reviewing the ‘review’ plugins…  I would love to add a combination rating/review plugin that has widgets to display results on the site.

thank you for this review plugin list review :) very useful to find it all in one place. Will you update it as time goes by and new plug ins arrive ? best K

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How to Show Book Reviews in WordPress

Do you want to add book reviews to your WordPress site, or start a new book review site? If so, I’ve got a plugin for you today that will make your job much easier. It’s called Recencio Book Reviews .

The plugin will help you organize and format reviews. It adds a custom post type so your reviews can be standalone posts. But you can also include reviews in regular posts and pages using shortcodes.

It creates several predefined taxonomies (a fancy name for tags and categories). So taxonomies for a book author, genre, series, and publisher are there for you. But, you can also create your own. That’s a great feature because taxonomies can be used to group reviews in any way you’d like.

One of its strongest stealth features is that it creates validated JSON metadata “Book” and “Review” schema markup. That sounds complicated, but it just means your reviews will use a form of structured data that Google likes.

And that’s good for SEO.

Recencio Book Reviews comes with five custom widgets to create things like top ten lists and tag clouds. It will automatically fetch book details when you provide an ISBN number. You can convert existing posts to reviews (or vice versa). It will also generate book purchase links using an affiliate code.

Once you dig into it, you’ll wonder what it can’t do. If you’ve been searching for an awesome WordPress book review plugin, you’ve found it.

Are you convinced yet? Okay, let’s get started.

How to Create Book Reviews in WordPress

Step 1: installing the recencio book reviews plugin.

Log in to your WordPress admin panel .

In the left column navigation, mouse over the “Plugins” link and click the “Add New” link.

mouse over the

In the “Search plugins…” box, enter “Recencio Book Reviews.”

search for the WordPress Recencio Book Reviews plugin

Once you have located the plugin, click the “Install Now” button.

click to install the WordPress Recencio Book Reviews plugin

Click the “Activate” button.

click to activate the WordPress Recencio Book Reviews plugin

Step 2: Configuring Recencio Book Reviews

In the left column navigation, mouse over the “Reviews” link and click the “Settings” link.

click the

The plugin will start working as soon as it’s installed. So you can add your first review without doing any configuration.

As you can see, there are a lot of configuration options available. We can’t cover them all in this article, but I do want to go over a few to get started.

Let’s begin with the “General” tab. If you use the WordPress Gutenberg editor, you’ll want to check the “Gutenberg support” box. If you don’t do that, the plugin will use the “classic” WordPress editor when you add a review.

check the

Note: In this tutorial, I will cover the classic editor because it is slightly easier for beginners.

Be sure to click the “Save Changes” button any time you make configuration changes.

click the

If you already have tags and categories set up in WordPress, you may want to make a change here.

By default, your existing tags and categories will show up when adding reviews. If you don’t want to see them when working on book reviews, go to the “Builtin Taxonomies” section and uncheck the “Enable the builtin ‘category’ and ‘tags’ taxonomies” box.

uncheck builtin categories and tags

Then, click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.

Now click the “Templates” tab. This is where you choose the layout of the review pages. You may not want to make a change here since we haven’t added a review yet. But this is where you’ll go if you want to change the look of your review pages.


Lastly, the Advanced tab covers API functionality for both Google Books and Goodreads. However, as of December 2020, Goodreads no longer supports its API, thus, that section can be skipped. If you have a Google Books account, this is the place to connect it.

Advanced Tab

Make sure to save any changes you make.

Step 3: Adding a Book Review

In the left column navigation, mouse over the “Reviews” link and click the “New Review” link.

click the

Here’s where the ability to fetch book data is going to come in handy. Rather than manually entering the book details, the plugin can do it for us automatically using the book’s ISBN number.

If you don’t know the ISBN number for a book, you can usually find it on Google or Amazon. On Amazon, it is in the “Product details” section. You can use either ISBN-10 or ISBN-13. Copy one of the numbers.

ISBN in Amazon

Now paste the number into the “ISBN Number” field, then click the “Fetch” button.

enter ISBN and click

A lot of information about the book will be added. Not only the title and cover image (if you enabled the cover image extension) but also a synopsis and a lot of general information.

book details fetched

Now to complete the review, we’re going to do a few things.

Enter the body of the review in the main text area:

enter review

Rate the book in the “5 Star Rating” section:

give a 5 star rating

Add links to the “Purchase Links” section:

purchase links

I showed the purchase links because that’s a good place to use any affiliate links you might have. The default purchase links are for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Booktopia, and Nook.

You can add other bookselling sites in Settings > Components > Book Purchase Links > Store/Shop.

Please see the “Affiliate Disclosure” section below if you use affiliate links.

When you’re finished, click the “Publish” button.

click the

Step 4: Display Book Reviews in WordPress

Whether you’re building a review site from scratch or adding a “best books” section to your WordPress site, there are display options that you’ll find useful.

When you publish a review, a page is created. So for our demo, we see:

standalone review page

(Remember, that layout can be changed in the “Settings” section.)

But what if we want to add a review to an existing page or post? You can do it with shortcodes.

The plugin doesn’t display a shortcode anywhere that we can cut and paste, so we’ll have to do it manually.

To add the review that we just created to a new or existing page, we need to find the post ID for the review. To do that, open the review in the editor and look at the URL.

post id in url

For our review the URL is:

…/wp-admin/post.php? post=1716 &action=edit

The “post=” value in the URL is the post ID. So our post ID is 1716 .

The shortcode to display a review in a page or post is “rcno-reviews id=” so our finished shortcode looks like this:

Enter that shortcode into a page:

add shortcode to page

And the review appears on the page, right where we added the shortcode.

review on page

Other helpful shortcodes are [rcno-sortable-grid] , which creates a sortable grid display of all your reviews:

review grid

And [rcno-reviews-index] , which creates a text list of your reviews.

Congratulations on adding book reviews in WordPress!

What Happens if You Uninstall the Plugin?

If you uninstall the plugin, pages and posts that used the plugin will be affected. Issues include the following:

  • Pages created by the plugin will be deleted. This means all of your book reviews in WordPress will disappear!
  • The plugin shortcodes will stop working, so the shortcodes themselves will be displayed anywhere they were used.

Affiliate Disclosure

If you use affiliate links that pay a commission, you are subject to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) affiliate disclosure guidelines. The guidelines state that anyone who receives a commission, payment, free products, or discounts in exchange for endorsing a product in any online medium is required to inform their site visitors that they are being compensated for the links.

The disclosure can be in your own words, a line or two letting visitors know that you receive commissions if they click links on your site. The statement has to be clear and easy to find. The message has to stand out in a noticeable way, and the reader shouldn’t have to scroll to the bottom of the page or click a link to see it.

To learn more about the guidelines, see the FTC list of answers to common questions .

The Tip of the Proverbial Iceberg

We’ve only covered the very basic steps in this article. There are many facets to Recencio Book Reviews. And I’m happy to say that none of them are hidden away in a paid version of the plugin.

Nothing against paid plugins, mind you. Plugin developers have to eat, so support them! But free plugins like this one are often so severely crippled they’re almost useless. That’s not the case here. Documentation is nonexistent, but the developer does answer questions on the plugin support page .

If you want to start a book review blog, this plugin should be number one on your list.

Do you use any kind of review plugins, either for books, music, movies, games, or something else? Let me know in the comments!

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no more goodreads api forms Id love to learn how to get a google api for this fix

article now pointless…sadly. i needed this.

' data-src=

Yeah, it’s an inconvenience to be sure.

' data-src=

Nice idea, and 100 percent agree for not uninstalling the plugins.

' data-src=

Looks great!

Will I be able to handle the situation where I have multiple reviews for one book?

Will I be able to offer viewers the opportunity to write and leave a review (which will be reviewed by us before we publish it)?

As far as I know, you might only be able to show one review per book. Though, it might have more functionality that I’m not aware of. Most developers are pretty quick to answer questions on the forums of for the plugin. You can try there, but I’d be interested to hear what you find out.

' data-src=

Can one filter lists by slug or category with the use of a short code?

I’m not sure if that is featured in the plugin. However, I’m sure it can be done with code. You may have to contact the developer and see if they have a way to make it work with slugs.

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The 15 Best WordPress Review Plugins to build authority and trust

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A  study shows  that before placing an order online, an average customer likes to read at least ten reviews. Consumers like to hear about the experiences of other consumers before buying or ordering from an online store. In case you have a WordPress site, then you can easily provide your potential customers with this information by adding WordPress Review Plugins. There are various WordPress review plugins available with different features and facilities, and choosing the best one can be challenging. In this article, we will deliberate on 15 of the Best WordPress Review Plugins to help you select the best one.

Why Bother Putting Review on Your WordPress Site?

With the ever-growing online market, there are hundreds of options available for the customers to buy from. Putting up customer reviews on your website will give you a plus point, as it will increase your rating and will also influence the customers. Besides making your website more appealing and customer-friendly, adding a review plugin will also help you in several other ways:

  • SEO Improvement

Using reviews will help you increase the CTR of your website, and thus giving it an SEO improvement. With online reviews becoming a key part of SEO, Google and other search engines prefer to show results with star rating reviews.

  • Free Advertising via Word of Mouth

When potential customers read about the good experiences of other consumers, it will urge them to do business with your brand. These reviews will help your brand gain more popularity and acceptance through word of mouth.

  • Gives your Business Validation

Customer reviews give your business, products, and services a validation. When customers see other people approving and appreciating your brand, they will get social proof and will be more trusting to do business with you.

  • Bonding with the Customers

When customers put up a review on your website after getting serviced by you, it helps you form a bond with them. Having a satisfied customer base will make your brand more popular and familiar with people.

  • Customer Feedback

These reviews help you gain a perspective about your business and let you know about any flaws or weaknesses so that you can overcome them.

What should an ideal WordPress Review Plugin help you achieve?

By choosing a Review plugin, you should be able to achieve the following:

  • It should create a unique and user-friendly review box enabling customers to give a transparent rating.
  • It should provide a form for customers to write their reviews
  • Give rich snippets for higher rankings in search engines.
  • Ability to sort bad and good reviews
  • Give options to upload more visual reviews, like pictures or videos
  • A search bar to find related reviews with keywords
  • Different choices for reviews display.
  • A dashboard to check and moderate the incoming comments.
  • Options of Customizable fields in the reviews.
  • Ability to gather and combine reviews from other places like Google and Yelp.

Fastest WordPress hosting with unlimited site edits Sounds too good to be true?

Launch your first site for free

Our list of 15 Best WordPress Review Plugins

Now we know why adding WordPress reviews plugin is crucial to your website. Following are 15 best review plugins for WordPress according to us. Read on to learn about them.

  • Stars Testimonials

Stars Testimonials is a FREE Premio WordPress plugin that helps websites speed up conversions. By displaying customer reviews, you can aid consumers in purchasing decisions while building trust, credibility, and loyalty. Aside from all the necessary social proof elements (photos, company name, ratings), Stars Testimonials offers amazing advanced features on its lineup of paid plans, such as 15+ widget styles, wide variety of layouts, customization options, access to different domains, and unlimited number of testimonials. You can enjoy the benefits of Stars Testimonials starting from $19 per year.

  • Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a Gutenberg blocks plugin that comes with 18+ custom blocks. All of these blocks are designed to help you to create better content. One of the blocks is ‘Review’ block. It’s a schema-enabled block that lets you add a review box to your WordPress posts/pages. You can add review title, author name, features with ratings, summary with the cumulative rating, and call-to-action button. The plugin also offers HowTo and FAQ schemas. 

  • WP Review Pro

WP review pro is one of the top WordPress Reviews plugins you can get. This plugin provides support for 14 types of rich snippets that applies to various subjects, such as books, films, and paintings. It offers 16 default design templates along with various customizing settings. This plugin also gives unlimited color choices and 5 different rating systems, including star, percentages, thumbs-up, points, and circle. Moreover, it allows your website to import reviews from Google, Facebook, and Yelp to increase your rating and credibility. You avail all these at quite a reasonable price with 24/7 customer support services.

  • Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

This review plugin WordPress can work with any WordPress website, even without WooCommerce integration. However, the plugin works best when combined with WooCommerce. This plugin helps in creating a more robust engagement with your customers. One of its most attractive features is that it sends out a notification that urges your customer to give reviews. Additionally, you can even give a discount code every time a person rates their purchased products.

  • WP Customer Reviews

This plugin is a free and comprehensive solution for gathering, moderating, and publishing reviews on your WordPress website. It allows you to have a simple form letting customers submit their reviews on the front-end interface of your site. Once submitted, the reviews can be viewed on your dashboard, enabling you to accept or decline them. Besides several options for review box display, WP customer Reviews can display a number of reviews on a single page.

  • WP Product Review

WP product review is a free review plugin with basic functionality of collecting and publishing reviews. It provides many different and unique features to add to your review box. This plugin also allows you to work with Amazon making it easy to use affiliate links in your customer reviews. The review box also adds proper schema markup to get you Google rich snippets. With this plugin, you can enable user ratings and allow users to leave their own reviews while posting a comment.

  • Schema Ninja

Schema Ninja is an easy and effective review plugin with some remarkable features. It is adaptable to third-party themes, is easy-to-use, easy-to-install, and is very interactive. It structures its data using rich snippets, making your website SEO friendly. It also supports a variety of contents, including videos, articles, etc.

  • Site Reviews

The Site Reviews Plugin has a straightforward and simple yet effective and influential method to collect ratings and reviews for your website. It has several options for reviews display, including shortcodes, widgets, and blocks. You can also customize the order of the reviews by pinning best ones on the top. It is one of the cleanest methods of getting reviews with standard formatting. You can display the reviews anywhere on the website, can integrate with Akismet to remove spams, backup and restore in case of any data loss, gets you a rich snippet, and can also export or import reviews to and from other websites.

  • Google Reviews Widget

Instead of enabling your customers to write reviews on your website, The Google Reviews budget gathers all your google business reviews and displays those on your website. This free plugin is sufficient and useful for smaller brands and businesses. Some of its features include filters, rich snippets, and it also enables you to merge individual reviews. This plugin supports several languages, provides several themes, and also supports darker websites. It lets you integrate with Google, Yelp, and Facebook, and also enhances your SEO effectiveness.

  • WP Business Reviews

This is one of the most easy-to-use and effective ways to get and display customer reviews on your website. It collects all your business reviews that are already available on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. It then compiles the information and lets you put it anywhere on the website. You can also decide how to display the reviews in columns. WP business reviews plugin allows you to change the background color according to your theme, filter out the negative comments, and also use engaging formats for display.

Taqyeem is one of the top-rated premium review plugins due to its competitive pricing and extensive range of features. It offers a reliable schema markup implementation, whether your review is a post, custom post, or page type. It also helps your website become more SEO friendly with your visitor’s rating. It offers tremendous customization options to match your website theme and branding appropriately. It offers three rating styles, including star, points, and percentage, and the icons can be modified to heart or thumbs-up. This plugin supports 500+ google web fonts and typography, plus you have unlimited review criteria and color choice for every element of the review box.

  • Photo Review for WooCommerce

Customers are usually more attracted and influenced by a review if they see visual content added to it. With the primary focus of allowing customers to post a quick picture of the item they bought from you, this plugin is quite effective and powerful. When the customers share visual information on your websites, it enhances your social proof and has a positive impact on our conversion rate.

  • Schema – All in One Schema Rich Snippets

This may not be a review plugin technically, but more of a tool to make schema markup on your WordPress website. The Schema plugin has different functionality than other plugins on this list. It combines your current review system and adds visuals for the search engine. This plugin can show several types of information on search engines, like people, recipes, and reviews. Schema guarantees you to give useful data to make your website more SEO friendly, making it likely to rank higher.

  • Reviewer WordPress Plugin

Reviewer is one of the most popular and best-selling review plugins in the CodeCanyon marketplace. It delivers flexibility by allowing you to add review boxes and comparison tables to your pages, posts and custom post types based on responsive templates, or even create your own. You can set the review criteria, score range, colors, labels, font, size, icons, and much more. It also offers different rating systems, including stars, bars, or custom criteria. Overall, Reviewer helps you connect better with your audience by being a highly visual user review plugin with a wide range of customizable options.

  • YITH WooCommerce Advanced Review

This plugin will give your customers more freedom in giving their reviews. It allows them to add star ratings, upload an image, and also create their own review titles. One of its more useful features is that if one item has been rated by many people, you will be able to display it to newcomers as a widget. This will increase the sales of your featured items. This plugin comes with no price tag and no premium version. Moreover, it delivers a highly user-friendly interface.

  • Easy Testimonials

It is a free plugin that is perfect for adding a specific review type to your website – testimonials. These reviews provide information about the overall experience of a customer and are mostly positive. With this plugin, you can choose a template and modify it with a customer photo, star rating, and unique background colors.

Wiremo is a customer-centric review plugin, which enables people to give their feedback. It offers free widgets, Social media connections, SEO integration, Cross-browser compatibility, Popup trigger, and the ability to give a coupon to upsell products. It helps you connect more with the customers and can also feature blogs, FAQs, and customer posts.

Which one is Ideal for you?

WP Review Plugins can play a critical role in building a more effective website. It helps you build authority and trust with your customers, make your rankings higher in search engines, and can make your business grow. To answer the question of which is the best review plugin for WordPress, here 10 of the best plugins from our list to help you choose:

  • WP Review Pro: Consider this for maximum customization options.
  • Customer Reviews for WooCommerce: Best for online stores as it accepts photos in reviews.
  • WP Customer Reviews: Select this if you want a free and clean plugin option.
  • WP Product Review: Perfect for online stores that want ratings for criteria.
  • Site Reviews: Pick this for a free and feature-filled review module.
  • Google Reviews Widget: Best choice if you own a smaller brand and want automatic reviews from Google and Yelp.
  • WP Business Reviews: Perfect for automating reviews from Google and Facebook.
  • Taqyeem: Provides ultimate customization
  • Schema – All in One Schema Rich Snippets: You should only use this if you want unique schema rich snippets.
  • Reviewer WordPress Plugin: This has the best review module design.

We hope all this information helps you make your choice and make your WordPress website more interactive and useful for your business.

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Perfect and I didn’t have to write the code

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Quick install and intuitive interface. Did exactly what I needed and seems to be kept current! Thanks 🙂

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Wonderful, thank you very much! 🙂

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WordPress pricing in 2024: Is it worth the cost?

Cat McAlpine

Sierra Campbell

Sierra Campbell

“Verified by an expert” means that this article has been thoroughly reviewed and evaluated for accuracy.

Published 7:27 a.m. UTC Feb. 22, 2024

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Featured Image

fotostorm, Getty Images

WordPress is a well-known web hosting service employed by large enterprises like Time, Disney and CNN. But for individuals and smaller businesses, WordPress can also be an excellent option, offering a free plan and five different paid tiers with varying features and highlights.

The free option provides some monetization options for your site, like gated content and paid subscribers. Higher tiers offer benefits like customization of templates, the ability to add plugins, centralized site management and increased storage.

But which option is best suited for you, and is it worth the cost? Read on as we take a deep dive into WordPress pricing, comparing its tiers and value.

Who is WordPress best for?

WordPress’ best features are available at its higher tiers, most notably its large and varying library of plugins that allow for advanced customization. WordPress is best suited for businesses that want to develop their own custom website, whether or not they plan to provide e-commerce. 

Web developers will find that WordPress provides a staging site, real-time backups and advanced security measures. For those looking to host e-commerce sites, WordPress is also an excellent option, with a large suite of international e-commerce features available in the Entrepreneur plan.

Featured website builder offers

write a review plugin wordpress

Via Wix’s website

Monthly fee

Free domain

For one year

Drag-and-drop builder

write a review plugin wordpress

Via Shopify’s website


write a review plugin wordpress

Via Squarespace’s website

WordPress pricing overview

WordPress provides five separate payment tiers before the Enterprise level, ranging from free to $45 per month when billed annually. The Free plan includes several tools to support revenue but also takes the largest fee out of each transaction. 

Beyond the Free plan, every paid tier includes a free year of domain hosting and added complexity and depth of features. 

WordPress offers its Free plan with its most basic features available. Choose from any of the available themes to build unlimited pages and manage your site with unlimited users. You can use the free version of the platform for e-commerce, but WordPress will take a hefty 10% and a processing fee from each transaction. 

The Free plan includes some minor features to support monetization, like gated content, paid subscribers, donations and tips. Visitor stats, contact forms and limited shares of social media are also included. If you want a custom domain, though, you’ll have to pay for it.

The Free plan is a good option if you want to start an e-commerce business but don’t have much up-front capital. WordPress’ Free plan also suits users who are exploring different website hosting options or need a straightforward website to host something like a portfolio or blog. 

Starter plan

The Starter plan includes everything offered in the Free plan. The greatest value of the Starter plan is the ad-free user experience and the addition of a custom domain, free for one year. This feature is the same for all tiers above Starter. If you’re looking for a professional touch to your website but aren’t ready for a big investment, the Starter Plan is best for you. 

Additionally, at this level, WordPress’ commission fee goes down to 8% per transaction and it provides email support. The upgrade from the Free plan to the Starter plan boasts the least amount of features for any upgrade, so if you’re looking for a more robust website, you’ll need to turn to the higher tiers. Luckily, the Starter plan is still relatively affordable at $9 per month.

Explorer plan

Including the features of the lower tiers, the Explorer plan is $18 per month. Its most notable feature is the ability to customize themes with color and font choices and a reduced 4% commission fee for transactions. This plan also allows for 4K video hosting, advanced site analytics and a site activity log, improving your website management experience.

At this level, users have access to better support as well, with live chat. For the more casual user, this tier is the best overall value. The Explorer plan includes customization and premium themes, some limited monetization options with a lower commission fee and unlimited shares to social media. 

These features can all support a growing business, expanding your brand awareness and developing a unique website catered to your tastes. If you’re sold on using WordPress to host your site, this is where we recommend you start. 

Creator plan

WordPress markets the Creator plan as the best option for devs. With all the features of the lower tiers, the highlight of the creator plan is its ability to utilize plugins and its heightened security features. For companies looking to develop a fully custom website, this is the best option, starting at $40 per month.

Plugins are WordPress’ best overall feature, allowing you to customize the way your site functions on both the front and backends. It’s what they’re known for, and the more than 58,000 plugins available for WordPress are a testament to the feature. 

The Creator plan also has unlimited bandwidth, Web Application Firewalls (WAF), a free staging site, centralized site management and a 2% commission fee. Developers can rest assured that the Creator plan has real-time backups, one-click restores and integrated SEO tools.

Entrepreneur plan

The Entrepreneur plan is the best option for websites looking to host large-scale, international business. In addition to all the features available at lower tiers, the Entrepreneur plan includes premium store themes, unlimited products, tools to help manage stock and order quantities, loyalty programs, shipping integrations and a 0% commission fee. This is the final tier before the Enterprise level and is priced at $70 per month. 

Additional costs

Additional storage for your website is available at the Creator and Entrepreneur levels for a fee. Upgrading to 100 GB adds an additional $50.00 per month. For 150 GB of storage, expect to pay an extra $83.33 monthly. 150 GB is the cap on WordPress’ storage. However, you can only add extra storage if you are paying for your plan annually, not monthly.

Also, keep in mind the additional cost of buying a domain once your free year is over. 

Bottom line: Is WordPress worth it?

If you’re willing to pay for the mid- or upper-tiers, then WordPress can be a great solution for your website. However, with advertisements and no customization, the lower tier options don’t provide a user experience or product comparable to competitors like Squarespace or Square. 

E-commerce is best supported at the highest payment tier, while lower tiers have limited features and high commission fees. For businesses with a web developer already on staff and looking to develop their own custom site, WordPress is an affordable and popular solution. 

With its expansive library of plug-ins and automatic updates, WordPress is one of the best choices on the market for professionally hosting your website. For those looking for more user-friendly building tools that enable attractive, personal websites, it’s best to look for other options.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

There are five monthly payment tiers that range from $0 to $45 per month when billed annually. Each payment tier comes with different features, so review them carefully before deciding what you need and how much it will cost you.

Yes, you can start a WordPress website for free, and your site will always be available.

It depends. If you choose any of the paid plans with WordPress, you get a free domain for one year. After that, you’ll have to pay for it. The free version of the website does not offer this feature.

It depends on your skill set. WordPress has pre-built templates and advanced customization capabilities with HTML and plug-ins, making it a good option for those new to web building or experienced web developers. For those finding themselves wanting easy customization with a drag-and-drop style builder, WordPress may be more difficult to use.

Blueprint is an independent publisher and comparison service, not an investment advisor. The information provided is for educational purposes only and we encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding specific financial decisions. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Blueprint has an advertiser disclosure policy . The opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the Blueprint editorial staff alone. Blueprint adheres to strict editorial integrity standards. The information is accurate as of the publish date, but always check the provider’s website for the most current information.

Cat McAlpine

Cat McAlpine is a writer and marketer based in Columbus, OH. She uses her expertise to support small businesses and arts organizations in her city.

Sierra Campbell is a small business editor for USA Today Blueprint. She specializes in writing, editing and fact-checking content centered around helping businesses. She has worked as a digital content and show producer for several local TV stations, an editor for U.S. News & World Report and a freelance writer and editor for many companies. Sierra prides herself in delivering accurate and up-to-date information to readers. Her expertise includes credit card processing companies, e-commerce platforms, payroll software, accounting software and virtual private networks (VPNs). She also owns Editing by Sierra, where she offers editing services to writers of all backgrounds, including self-published and traditionally published authors.

How to start a small business: A step-by-step guide

How to start a small business: A step-by-step guide

Business Eric Rosenberg


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