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21. HITMAN 2 Haven Island


It's time for the final DLC of the game! This one sees you infiltrating the Haven Island resort in the Maldives to eliminate your last three targets: Tyson Williams, Steven Bradley and Ljudmila Vetrova. We're back to the full Mission Mastery level of 20 to finish up, though there are still only five Mission Stories to do.

Run 1 - A Lucrative Opportunity, Idle Hands and The Shape Changer + The Dundee Achievement

This first run will be a fairly long one to get three Mission Stories done and one of the secret achievements. Bring a Fiber Wire, Lockpick and Silenced Pistol. Make sure that you are playing on Professional difficulty as well because you need Cameras to be present in order to complete two of these Mission Stories.

As you start, go to Mission Stories and follow A Lucrative Opportunity . Run along the Pier until you can turn left, then turn left again to the first hut (the Shark Hut). This is your personal hut. Run around the back of it and pick open the door to get in, then read the Note on the bed to begin the Story.


Once she's finished talking to you, head down the stairs to your left onto the Beach, then make a U-turn to the right and follow the wooden path over to the waypoint for the Villa. Naturally, the guards at the front entrance will not let you in, but just run straight past them to find some scaffolding by the wall; climb up onto this and grab the Hammer here. Drop back down and, staying crouched in the leaves, throw the Hammer in the bush just to the left of the scaffolding. When one of the guards comes to investigate, sneak around behind him, subdue him, pick the Hammer back up and take his disguise. The body will go unfound in the leaves here.

Now climb onto the scaffolding and over the wall. Whilst we're here, we might as well switch to doing the Idle Hands Story, because that one also requires you to get the same USB Drive, with the difference being that you give it to Tyson. So follow that Story, head a short distance to the left to find the guards talking on the balcony and listen in on them to start the Story. Make sure that you're definitely following Idle Hands before continuing.

Head back out of the room and make a U-turn to the right to run along the side of the Villa. At the end, head around to the other side of the wooden wall to find a table with the Underground Haven Facility Card on it. Grab this, then watching out for Enforcers, run to the north, past the pool and down the stairs, and make a U-turn to the right to find an opening by the side of the bar. Head in here and use the Keycard Reader by the door to gain access into the Facility.

Here's a good place to save. Follow the steps to your left down and take the next stairs down all the way, then head through the double doors on the left into the Control Room. Head through more double doors to the left, then head down the stairs to your right and make a U-turn to the left. On this side is a locker room along the middle of the wall, which you might see the thief walking out of. Head in there and shut the door. It's best to wait for the thief to come in and leave if she hasn't just done so. When you're clear, equip your Pistol and drop it on the floor a couple of steps in front of the guard sitting down. When he walks to pick it up, get up behind him to knock him out, pick up both guns and dump him in the wardrobe on the right.

Directly across from this wardrobe is a locker that contains the USB Drive; wait for the thief to come back in, knock her out and dump her in the wardrobe too, then pick up her Underground Locker Key, open said locker and grab the Drive. (I had it glitch on me once where it couldn't be picked up, but just reload the previous save and try again if this happens.) Whilst you're here, you can also change in and out of the Gas Suit in the open locker on the left for an easy challenge.

Retrace your steps to get back up to the Control Room, then through the double doors to the right, up to the next floor and follow the Emergency Exit sign back outside. From here, run around to the right to the front entrance of the Villa, head in and up the stairs to find and talk to Tyson (you'll have to wait for him to come out if he's in his bedroom on the right). Give him the Drive and follow him downstairs where he'll lead you into his Secret Office. The Story will complete when you're in there.

Tyson will lock the USB Drive away, then will promptly fire his personal Bodyguard and promote you to his position. When he's finally done talking and turns around, pick open the locker here to change into the Bodyguard disguise. Now make another save. Throw your Hammer in front of that locker to lure Tyson over and kill him with your Fiber Wire, then reload the save; he'll probably spin around to look at you, but just head through the door on the left and throw the Hammer to lure him again so you can shoot him in the head with your Pistol. Shoot the Camera as well so you can pick open the Safe and retrieve the Drive again, then drag Tyson's body through the door by it and down the stairs a bit where it won't be found.

One target down. Now switch back to following A Lucrative Opportunity . With the USB Drive in hand, we just have to contact Vetrova again to give it to her. Head back out through the door into the Villa, through the main doors and back out through the front entrance, then follow the wooden path from here until you get to the T-junction by the beach. Turn left and follow the path further towards the Story waypoint. By another little bar (where an Enforcer is), you'll find the marked phone you can use to ring her.

Now keep an eye out for Enforcers as you follow the wooden path further north into the Pool Area, then go through the doors on your left into the Spa. If Vetrova's here talking to the receptionist, just wait for her to walk off before you talk to the receptionist yourself and 'announce your arrival', then go through the curtain on the left. After a brief conversation with Vetrova, the Story is complete. Follow her into a nearby room and give her the Drive when she asks, which will get you For a Handful of USB for giving the Drive to both Tyson and Vetrova. She'll then walk over by the railing. Save again . Push her over the edge for an accident kill, then reload.

We're actually going to leave her alive now, because by completing the next Mission Story after this one without killing her, she'll arrange a meeting with Steven Bradley, allowing you to kill them both at the same time. So follow The Shape Changer and just leave the Spa. This Story might have already started for you, but in case it hasn't, run along the right side of the Pool Area to find the conversation which starts it. Keep running past the pool and out the Welcome Center (watch out for an Enforcer in there) to get back to where we started.

Head right past your hut and to the next one which is the Turtle Hut where Jason Portman, our friend from Hokkaido, is staying. Our disguise lets us in here no problem, so drop off the path into the water, head to the right side of the hut and climb up onto the platform here where Portman will likely be having a phone call. On your left will be the doors into the bathroom; head in and grab the Fire Extinguisher on the left, then throw it in the middle of the room to lure him in. Be careful there's not a guy out back through the doors on the right who might see, then knock Portman out and dump him in the container. And that's the Story done!

Now, wait in here until Vetrova eventually makes her way over into this hut. When she starts making a phone call to Steven, make another save. Remove the Safety Pin on the Trapdoor first and just wait until she comes into this room and steps on the Trapdoor for an easy challenge, then reload the save.

After the call, she'll soon start to walk over to the Spa. Follow her all the way over there, keeping an eye out for any Enforcers on the way. When she gets into the Spa building and is by Bradley near the hot tubs, quickly enter the room on the left (with the Resort staff in it) before this becomes a Trespassing area. Stand by the railing overlooking the tubs and wait until they're both in one together; you should be safe then to just jump over the railing, get up behind them and drown them both. Climb back over the railing and leave the Spa.

That's all targets down, but our work isn't quite done yet as we now have to take care of the secret The Dundee achievement. This one requires us to unlock a secret exit by shooting all 20 of the inflatable Crocodiles around the map. None of them are particularly hidden, so this is just a matter of running around the map to get them all now. You might want to make saves throughout doing this in case you are spotted shooting your Pistol and things go wrong. Note that if you make a save after shooting any Crocodiles and then reload it, the ones you've already shot might appear to have re-inflated and can't be shot again, but this is just a visual glitch that shouldn't affect the exit appearing.

With your back to the Spa, run along the right side of the pool and crouch in the corner. Equip your Silenced Pistol (make sure it's not a Bartoli!) and turn around to shoot two Crocodiles floating in this side of the pool, and then carefully shoot a pink one leaning on the wall to the left of the pool (Crocodiles 3/20) . Run to the right from the pool (past the Welcome Center) and down the stairs, then run forward slightly to find the Water Activity Center (looks like a surf shop) on your right. Go into it, stand in the corner out of sight and make sure there's nobody in here before shooting the two Crocodiles on the wall ( Crocodiles 5/20 ), then head out through the doorway and crouch in the leaves to the left.

At the front here are six more Crocodiles, and you should be safe to shoot them all from your position in the leaves; one under the table, four leaning across from you and a black one on the boats behind the leaning ones ( Crocodiles 11/20 ). With all of those down, run left from here and up the ramp towards the huts. Head around the left side of the first one (the Lion Fish hut) to find another Crocodile by the seats ( Crocodile 12/20 ).

Head back onto the wooden path and follow it left, then go behind the next hut over, the Manta Ray hut. Head down the steps on the right into the water and crouch on them so you can shoot the two Crocodiles behind this hut, one leaning on the hut and one in the pool ( Crocodiles 14/20 ). Now follow the wooden path from here all the way left to the Restaurant and run underneath it, where you can see an exit (the Dinghy). Past it, on some boats, is another Crocodile; crouch out of sight on the beach to shoot this one, along with another three on the beach here, two by the deck chairs and one in the water ( Crocodiles 18/20 ).

The last two are back in Tyson's Villa, so keep running along the beach from here to get over to it again. Head in through the main entrance and go around to the back of the Villa to the pool we passed earlier. Crouch out of sight and shoot the last two here, one in the pool and one to the side of it ( Crocodiles 20/20 ), then quickly run back around to the front and out the entrance. On the beach to the right, you'll now see the new exit; run over to it and leave. Classic. You'll unlock:

Completed The Last Resort.

Island and Chill

Made like the famous Aussie and left.

The Dundee

Run 2 - Take a Deep Breath and The Water Horse + The Pleasure Achievement

This next run will finish up the two remaining Mission Stories and the last secret achievement. Start in the Shark Hut with a Silenced Pistol, a Lockpick and a Briefcase with a Silenced Sniper Rifle in it (preferably one with the Marksman ability; the Sieger 300 Ghost is your best choice as always). Smuggle any random item into one of the stashes as well. As you load into the level, you'll unlock:

Selected a Starting Location and used an Informant to smuggle an item onto Haven Island.

Extra Luggage

Go to Mission Stories and follow Take a Deep Breath . Get up from your seat, then run towards the plane ahead and down the stairs on this side of the hut into the water. Run under the pier and under the next hut as well in the direction of the Story waypoint until you are underneath the woman talking on the other side of the hut. Listen in on her phone call to start the Story.

Now head to the stairs on the opposite side of the hut to her and wait at the bottom of them. You'll see the Doctor standing out back here; wait until him and his staff have gone into the hut, then make sure the talking woman won't see you, quickly sneak up and pick the lock of the door on the left into the bathroom, go through the sliding doors on the left and take cover on the wall immediately to your right (left of the doors if you are facing them), getting as far away from the doors as you can.

Save here. The Doctor and his staff will shortly come into the bathroom; the staff will stand by the sliding doors, but won't see you. Wait until the Doctor is leaving the bathroom, and as the staff starts to walk off, quickly sneak in to whack her over the head with the Briefcase, which the Doctor shouldn't hear. You should be able to get away with just sneaking up to the Doctor to whack him over the head too and dragging him back into the bathroom to dump both bodies in the container, but if you want to play it a bit safer, you can dump the staff's body first, pick up your Briefcase and turn on the sink, then hide outside and wait until he goes to the Sink before throwing the Briefcase at his head.

However you do it, dump both the bodies, take the Doctor's disguise and grab both your Briefcase and the Stethoscope (important for a challenge later) that the Doctor dropped . Now head out through the front doors and follow the wooden path left over to the Restaurant, then run underneath it and keep making your way over to the front entrance of the Villa. You're not getting past the guards here with those weapons on you, so run past the entrance to that scaffolding, but don't climb on it yet.

You might want to save again. In the water to your right, you should be able to make out a path under the water; it's clearly visible on your mini-map. Start sneaking along this and make sure nobody in the area with huts on the other side is looking towards you. If you use Instinct and sneak far enough along, you should be able to see a Frog on the right edge of the shore on the other side, to the right of the Water Scooter. When it's safe (watch out for the Camera too), quickly sneak up and grab it, then retreat back to the Villa.

Now climb onto the scaffolding and over the wall again, then head straight in through the front doors of the Villa and speak to the Butler here. He'll take you up to Tyson's bedroom the Master Bedroom), and once you're there, the Story is complete. Once the door is shut, whack the Butler over the head with your Briefcase, quickly dump him in the closet and pick up your Briefcase again, then head over to the other side of the bed and add the Lethal Poisonous Frog to the Medicine on the table here.


Drag his body back to dump it in the closet. Head into the room again and throw your Briefcase in the middle of the room to lure the Bodyguard standing outside into here, then get up behind him and knock him out. Drag him over to the closet as well and just leave him in front of it, then take his disguise and grab your Briefcase again. Head back out of the room, down the stairs to the right and through the door on the right into the Security Room. In here, on a small shelf to the right, is a Remote Explosive to pick up; you might have to crouch and move around a bit to get the prompt to appear.

Now go to Mission Stories and follow The Water Horse . This one begins on the opposite end of the island virtually, so run back out of the Villa, under the Restaurant and keep following the beach north past the Welcome Center and all the huts until you eventually reach the couple talking at the Story waypoint. Listen in on them to start the Story.

Standing directly behind them, turn around from them and run towards the paths ahead, using Instinct as you do so to locate some Flowers in the leaves to the right. Go up to these and pick them up; they contain Emetic Poison. Now follow the beach back over to the Water Activity Center we just passed, where the Snorkel Instructor marked by the Story waypoint is walking around. In the middle of the beach here, you'll see a white dinghy with a Breathing Apparatus on it. You might want to save again here. When nobody is looking, add the Flower into the Apparatus; it's easier to get away with than it looks really.

Now, wait until the Snorkel Instructor uses the Apparatus, which can take a while depending on his cycle. Once he has, follow him as he goes off to be sick in the Lion Fish hut. Once he's in the bathroom, knock him out and dump his body, then take the Water Scooter Keys he dropped. You can also change in and out of his disguise for another easy challenge. Now run off to find Bradley who has quite a large patrol route; dressed up as the Bodyguard, you're allowed to go wherever he goes, but just watch out for any Enforcers. Once you find him, talk to him (don't do it when he's running!) and give him the key to complete the Story and unlock:

Completed all Mission Stories for The Last Resort.

Full House

Now follow him as he walks over to his Water Scooter, which is in the water off the northern shore of the map, to the north of his Private Island (the circular area you can see on the right side of the main map). When you can see the Scooter, run ahead of him and stand in front of the Scooter, then make a save. Place the Remote Explosive we picked up earlier into the Scooter first, then just wait until he starts driving around on it and blow it up.


There's no need to kill Vetrova now, as with two targets down, a storm will shortly come in (you probably noticed this last run), and that's what we need to happen for the last secret achievement, The Fortune, which is quite similar to the previous one. This one also requires us to shoot several hidden items, with these ones being 14 Golden Skulls. They are quite well-hidden compared to the Crocodiles though, and more spread around the island, with some requiring the use of your Rifle to shoot, so let's go through each of them. Like with the Crocodiles, you might want to save throughout this in case you are spotted shooting a weapon.

From your position by the Pier near the Water Scooter, the first Skull is right here: zoom in with your Rifle into the sunken boat at the end of the pier to locate it in the window ( Skull 1/14 ). Place your Rifle back into your Briefcase and take it with you, then run back onto the beach and up the stairs on the nearby Private Island (remember, it's the circular area by you on the main map) to the bar. On the top shelf of the bar is another Skull; crouch out of sight and shoot it with your Pistol ( Skull 2/14 ).

Run back onto the beach and along the very northern end of it to follow the connecting path west back to the Villa (this path is clearly visible on the main map). Take the stairs up to the right of the bar here, then head left through the door into the Living Room. To your left in here is an aquarium; get up close to it and look in the plants inside it on the left side to find the Golden Skull hidden there (NOT the normal one sitting out in the open on the left):

Image 1

Now crouch and take cover behind the couch where a guard is sitting, pull out your Pistol and carefully identify where that Skull is from here, then shoot it ( Skull 3/14 ). You can walk up to the aquarium to confirm you've got it, as the guard won't blow your cover. Now head out the door to the right into the Villa Hall, up the stairs and through the door on the left back into the Villa Bedroom. On the shelf to the left, at the top-right corner by a bag, is the next Skull to shoot ( Skull 4/14 ).

Now head to the glass doors on the other side of the room, open them and pull out your Rifle. In the water to the left, you'll see a yacht, and the next Skull is on the very front tip of it. Walk out and aim with your Rifle to shoot it; Precision Aim will help ( Skull 5/14 ). Now sneak around the corner to the left and hug the wall by the blue umbrella so that you're out of sight from the maids. Aim out across the water directly south from here to the island with huts in the distance. On a chair in the rightmost hut is the next Skull which is mysteriously floating ( Skull 6/14 ):

Image 1

Sneak back to your Briefcase and place the Rifle in there, taking it with you again. Head out of the bedroom door, straight across past the stairs to the next door, then right and through the door at the end here into the Home Theater. I would play it safe here and wait until the guard sitting down in here is on his own, then turn off the Projector behind the speakers, knock him out when he goes to turn it back on and drag him through the doors to the right and dump him in the closet. Head back into the Theater and find both Skulls, one on top of the speaker and another on a shelf to the left, then shoot them with your Pistol ( Skulls 8/14 ).

Make sure your Briefcase is in hand before leaving. Run back out, downstairs and through the front entrance of the villa. Follow the wooden path along from here, then turn left at the T-junction to find that little bar where we called Vetrova last run. The next Skull is on the shelves behind this bar; if you stand by the circular table at the opposite end of the bar from the Enforcer, you should be able to see it directly underneath where the Enforcer is. Crouch and make sure you're not being looked at before shooting it ( Skull 9/14 ).

Watch out for Enforcers and follow the wooden path further north, then turn left and head into the Spa. Go through the curtains, then turn around by the seats. To the left of where the Masseur is standing, on the shelves, is the next Skull. Locate it, then turn around from it and run down to the hot tubs, and into the far corner on the right by the plant. If Vetrova is here, you'll have to wait for her to leave. When it's safe, pull out your Rifle and zoom in to shoot the Skull, then put your Rifle back in the Briefcase ( Skull 10/14 ).

Head back out of the Spa, along the right side of the pool, then left past the Welcome Center and down the stairs past the Water Activity Center. At the end of the building on your left, turn left and go through the door past where a guard is leaning out of the window into the Sec Break Room. Underneath the TV in here on the shelf is another Skull. Stand near the other door and shoot it, then quickly run out through the door; if the guard in here gets suspicious, it's not the end of the world. Just run away ( Skull 11/14 ).

For the last three Skulls, we'll return to our hut, so run along the left side of the Welcome Center through the leaves, then up onto the Pier to get over to the Shark Hut, the first one on the right. You should have the Key because we started here, so open the front door, then run in and through the door on the right into the bathroom. Shoot the Skull by the Sink on your right here ( Skull 12/14 ). Head out the back, to the northern corner of the Hut and pull out your Rifle one last time. Zoom in through the door of the plane by the end of the Pier for the next Skull ( Skull 13/14 ). Finally, sneak to the northern end of the pool and try to keep out of people's sight (though it doesn't really matter now), then aim up near the top of the giant radio tower for the last Skull ( Skull 14/14 ):

Image 1

Shortly after shooting this one, if you have successfully shot all the Skulls (and assuming the storm is active, which it will be after killing two targets), you should unlock:

Shot for gold and looked to the sea.

The Pleasure

Phew, that took some work! If you're curious, this causes a ghost ship to appear in the water at the northern edge of the map, which links in to a treasure hunt you can do, but none of that is needed for the achievement. Once you have it, you can just Replan Mission.

Run 3 - Master Difficulty

And on just our third run, we are ready to finish the level, and the game, with one last Silent Assassin, Suit Only run on Master Difficulty, which is not too bad as always. By using a save towards the end, we can get Sniper Assassin done as well to finish up all The Classics and guarantee reaching Mission Mastery level 20.

Start at the Resort Pier and bring a Silenced Pistol, Electronic Key Hacker and Lethal Poison Vial. Smuggle a Silenced Sniper Rifle into the Shark Hut as well (one with Marksman preferably, Sieger Ghost 300 is ideal, you know the score) and ensure you're on Master Difficulty of course. (I'd advise against starting in the Shark Hut as well because Sniper Assassin can seemingly glitch if you don't start in the default location.)

As you begin, skip the intro and run straight forward all the way into the Welcome Center and up to the front desk to get your Key, then run back the way you came and head right when you get to your Hut, going in through the front door and running into the back room to retrieve the Briefcase with the Rifle you smuggled in. Head back out and run left along the wooden path to the end; when you get onto the beach by the Restaurant, make a U-turn to the left into the leaves and use Instinct to locate an Emetic Flower to pick up here.

Now run along the beach to make your way over to the front entrance of the Villa, which you should be familiar with by now. Run past it and climb onto the scaffolding, grab the Hammer here and vault over the wall. Crouch and head to the right in the leaves, following along the outskirts of the Villa. Use Instinct as you go along to make sure you don't miss the Keycard Reader hidden in the leaves here. Use your Hacker on this to open the hatch by it, then take your Rifle out of the Briefcase and climb down into the hatch.

Head down the short hallway, through the doors and to the left to find a Fusebox; turn this off and quickly sneak back through the doors. Equip your Hammer, wait until one of the Tech Crew in the Control Room stands in front of the Fusebox, then sneak out behind them, let them turn it back on and whack them in the head (if you don't have the Hammer, no need to worry, things will just be a bit slower). Drag them back through the doors and up the stairs out of sight. Now just repeat this two more times to get rid of the other Crew in the Control Room.

With those three knocked out, sneak into the Control Room and head to the right to the Ventilation System. You might want to read ahead on this next part so you know what you're doing, but you're not at much risk doing this unless you waste a lot of time. We are going to clear the room below and turn off the Server Racks that are in each corner.

Add the Emetic Flower to the System (NOT the Lethal Poison), then immediately turn it off with the keyboard to the right. Everyone down here will now be sick, meaning they won't do anything at all if they see you (nor will this void Silent Assassin), so quickly head back out of the door, down the stairs to the left and run straight forward, pulling out the Server Rack (use Instinct to see it) on your left. Head to the right from there, to the northwest server (check your mini-map), and pull out the next Rack here, then continue along the west side of the room following the edge of the servers, pulling out the next two Racks in the opposite two corners (use Instinct to ensure you don't miss them).

Now run into the middle of the room, to the raised platform to the west with the Camera Recorder, shoot it with your Pistol along with the Plug on the floor by it (make sure neither is glowing with Instinct anymore) , then run down the stairs behind the Recorder, to the right and up the stairs in the corner. At the top, take cover behind the balcony railing to the left and just wait here.

Turning off all the Server Racks will eventually bring all of the targets down into this room. It will take a while, but once they're all down here and using the computers on the raised platform, now's the time to use your save. First, drop your Rifle, sneak back to the left along the balcony, down the stairs and into the hallway where we knocked out all the Tech Crew, then take one of their disguises, run into the Control Room and add the Lethal Poison to the Ventilation System, killing all the targets and completing both Canary In A Server Farm and Don't Eat The Buffet at the same time.

Now reload the save, as that will unsurprisingly not get you Silent Assassin. By the three targets, you'll see a Water Jug that glows in Instinct; aim at this with your Rifle and shoot it. The water will spill out over the Plug we shot and electrify them all. Drop your Rifle and sneak back to the left along the balcony. Watch out in case anyone is leaving the Control Room, then head down the stairs, through the doors on the left and back up the ladder. Sneak to the left towards the nearby Plane exit. By hugging the water's edge to the right, you should have no problem getting over behind the guard. Check nobody is looking on the left, then sneak over to the plane and leave.

For completing the mission on Master Difficulty, you'll unlock:

Completed The Last Resort on Master Difficulty.

The Platinum Package

I was just shy of reaching Mastery Level 20 at this point, but all you have to do to finish is reload that same save again. We're now just going to shoot all the targets in the head with our Rifle to do Sniper Assassin, so go ahead and kill them all. Sometimes, one of the Bodyguards below might pinpoint your location and run up onto the balcony before you can safely escape, but just reload if this happens and try again; I think this happens if you miss any shots, so use Precision Aim to get three headshots in a row and they should be none the wiser as to where you are.

As long as you weren't seen, sneak back out in the same way and exit again. With Sniper Assassin, and all The Classics challenges, completed on Master, you'll definitely have enough XP to reach Mastery Level 20 and unlock:

Reached Haven Island Mastery Level 20.

Null and Void

And with that, if you have followed the walkthrough through all the DLCs in order, that will be your last achievement and the game finished, giving you 2600GS and 146 achievements! Thank you very much for reading this walkthrough, and I hope you found it useful, and that you enjoyed your time with this great game!

The Last Resort: MS Annihilation, Silent Assassin Suit Only

This walkthrough will unlock the following challenges on master difficulty:

  • Someone Could Hurt Themselves (Assassinate a target in an accident)
  • MS Annihilation (Eliminate Steven Bradley with a remote explosive, while he is on the water scooter)
  • Disrupt Portman (Just get rid of him)
  • The Key Maker (Get the water scooter Key)
  • Arial Exfiltration (Escape Haven island by using a plane)
  • Silent Assassin
  • Silent Assassin, Suit Only

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Haven Island: The Last Resort | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide

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To unlock Silent Assassin, Suit Only on Haven Island , you’ll need to bring one important item — Sedative Pills . You’ll also need to bring the standard Silenced Pistol for this very straightforward method. My way is a bit time consuming, but it works perfectly. It’s also very safe.

For this method, we’ll kill all three targets at the same time . Instead of splitting up each point by objective, I’ll walk you through the entire process. To get started, we need to reach the Server Farm .

Step #1: Infiltrate The Server Farm

To infiltrate the server farm easily, travel to Tyson William’s large estate . Duck into the bushes, and then scale the wall to the right of the front entrance . Turn on the water spigot outside to distract the waiter, then rush down to the underground bunker entrance.

If you sprint from the start and move quickly, you’ll arrive right as a server worker leaves. You can hide to the left of the door and subdue him. Take his keycard and hide the body inside.

Continue to sneak below, and you’ll find a large control room with three workers . The server room itself is massive and packed with guards. Let’s thin the herd without actually hurting anyone. At least, not too badly.

Step #2: Knock Out Everyone With Sedative Pills

In the control room with the three workers, you’ll be able to gas the entire room with sedative . Before doing that, you’ll want to be extra safe and knock out all three workers. Leave the room through the right door and disable the power switch to draw them out one-by-one. Knock them all out and hide them in the corridor.

Once all three workers are unconscious, you can now interact with the air conditioning unit . Spike the air with sedative pills to knock everyone in the room outside unconscious . Once everyone is out, disable the air conditioning and reset it to clear the air.

Now you’ll need to do something annoying — hide all the unconscious people . There are lockers everywhere, a pair on both sides of the room, along with a freezer in the break room. Hide the bodies in bathrooms, in the locker room, wherever. Just make sure no bodies are easy to spot or this plan is ruined.

Step #3: Sabotage The Servers & Assassinate The Targets

Now for the final stage of the plan. To bring all three targets to the Server Farm, you need to sabotage the servers. There are four exposed server racks — find all four and pull them out . Normally workers would fix these, but seeing as they’re all unconscious, you’re free to mess with them.

After that, go to the security station and use a screwdriver (they’re all over the place in the server farm) to expose an electrical wire . You can also delete the security footage while you’re here.

Now, go to a high vantage point and wait. If you properly hid all the bodies, the targets won’t know what’s up when they arrive with their bodyguards. Eventually, all three will be working together on the security station. Now it’s time to strike.

Remember the exposed wire ? Aim and shoot the water cooler with your Silenced Pistol. This will create a puddle that electrocutes all three of them. Now you can simply leave through the opposite secret ladder exit, go through the side door, and leisurely leave the island with your Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge unlocked.

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Hitman 2 's Luxury Resort Is The Perfect Setting For Murder

Image for article titled Hitman 2's Luxury Resort Is The Perfect Setting For Murder

Hitman 2 ’s latest DLC takes Agent 47 to a tropical resort called Haven in the Maldives where the rich and powerful relax as their criminal pasts are wiped off the record. The mission, “ The Last Resort ,” is full of luxurious environments to explore and sneering elite to take down—all the things that make a Hitman level great.

Your targets are, of course, connected to the shadowy Partners and Hitman ’s ongoing conspiracy story of betrayal within the Providence organization. Ljudmila Vetrova handles Haven’s clients, Tyson Williams is its CEO, and Steven Bradley handles the computers. They’re spread out across the island, which isn’t large but is dense, packed with hard-to-access buildings and people who can see you almost all the time. This makes for plenty of ways to engineer assassination attempts, but pulling them off without getting spotted can be tricky.

Haven is a luxury resort: There’s a pool with a swim-up bar, a gym, a restaurant, and a spa. Agent 47, disguised as a guest, gets his own cabin, complete with complimentary beachwear. It’s always fun to inhabit the fantasy of Hitman , especially when you get to play pretend as the global elite. Haven reminded me in many ways of the previous Hitman ’s Hokkaido level in its chill elegance. I spent some of my time just wandering around barefoot, splashing in my cabin’s infinity pool and watching people dance at the bar. You can overhear Haven’s patrons gossiping about others and discussing their legal woes, and this adds to the feeling that you’re in an alternate universe of terrible rich people. It’s exciting to know you’re the wrench in their gears, to bide your time even as you enjoy the luxuries on offer.

While Ljudmila wanders the grounds, Steven has his own private area, and Tyson is secreted away in a heavily guarded villa. I didn’t have much trouble taking Steven out by using his braggadocious personality against him, but Tyson and Ljudmila were more difficult. Ljudmila was almost always in public areas, and Tyson’s villa proved tricky to navigate without alerting guards or being spotted. Many of the assassinatio n attempts I tried, even when in an appropriate disguise, were thwarted by an unnoticed spectator being suspicious of my actions. The mission’s buildings aren’t very large, but almost every room seemed to have at least one pair of inconvenient eyes making things tricky. It took me several tries to isolate Tyson, and I expected a witness to come around the corner any second. The placement of characters gave “The Last Resort” a tension that conflicts with its holiday atmosphere and further highlights the sense of 47 being an outsider.

Image for article titled Hitman 2's Luxury Resort Is The Perfect Setting For Murder

Despite the stress of trying to find exactly the right moment to loosen a bolt or take a shot, “The Last Resort” also has an appropriate sense of languor to it. I felt like characters wandered at their leisure, or lingered in places for a long time. I spent a lot of my playthrough just waiting for them to complete their rounds. This interplay of patience and split-second decisions is a distinctly Hitman feeling, here used to further isolate 47 from the world around him.

As I was attempting my final assassination of Tyson, creeping up and down the wide, elegant stairs of his villa, a storm rolled in. The bright blue water that surrounds Haven turned gray, and thunder rumbled ominously. Surrounded by a storm, Haven felt remote, menacing despite its opulence. “The Last Resort” feels like Hitman in all the best ways, and I’m excited to dig into it more and see the creative assassinations other players come up with.

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Tv/streaming, collections, great movies, chaz's journal, contributors, berlin film festival 2024: the roundup: punishment, last swim, through the rocks and clouds.

the last resort hitman

Not every dispatch has a unifying theme; this one is more of a hodgepodge. Among the three films is the latest installment of a highly successful Korean action franchise, a coming-of-age character study of a British-Iranian girl battling suicidal ideations, and a young Peruvian shepherd boy with dreams of his country’s team qualifying for the World Cup. The three together provide a keen reminder of how good, tightly constructed cinematic stories can arise from anywhere.  

Of all the simple cinematic pleasures in life, Korean actor Ma Dong-seok throwing a stiff punch is chief among them. With a brawny body type that would normally relegate most actors of his stature into villains, Ma has become more than a dependable leading man: He is among the world’s biggest action stars. His role as the bruising cop Ma Seok-do in “The Roundup” film series has certainly helped to catapult him. It’s a testament to the series’ popularity that the bruising fourth installment “ The Roundup: Punishment ,” directed by Heo Myeong-haeng , is making its World Premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival. 

It’s worthy of that lofty placement: “Punishment” is a rock 'em, sock 'em edition that pretty much delivers all the open-hand slaps, booming punches, and flying knees to the head you want. 

For Ma’s latest case, he must fulfill a promise to a grieving mother who lost her son to an online gambling syndicate. The digital casino is run by aloof IT genius Chang Dong-cheol (Lee Dong-hwi), who often employs the ruthless hitman Baek Chang-gi (Kim Moo-yul) to settle scores. The impatient Baek, however, is tiring of Chang: Despite promises of a big day through a hairbrained crypto scheme, the IT guy has held out on his best goon. On the flipside, Ma and his team struggle to find Chang and his outlaws, causing, after many dead ends, Ma to be removed from the case before begging to be put back on. 

“Punishment” is an efficiently constructed film that quickly moves from set piece to piece. South Korean action cinema has this kind of genre picture down to a science, and “The Roundup” is the best among them. Ma is the kind of cop that probably wouldn’t play on network television, he gleefully shakes down criminals and tortures witnesses. Still, he possesses a heart of gold: He often gives the young girl at the local Korean BBQ joint a few extra dollars. There are elements of other action films here: A rip-roaring bathroom fight stands as an homage to “ Mission: Impossible - Fallout ” and the film’s comedic character is clearly a nod to Joe Pesci in the “ Lethal Weapon ” series. This is also a far more violent film than previous installments that culminates in a scuffle on an airplane that leads to Ma’s most gruesome hit yet. It lands so hard, it punches viewers into the franchise’s inevitable next installment. 

the last resort hitman

Of film’s many genres, the coming-of-age story might be the most exciting contemporary play. Much of that has arisen because more filmmakers from diverse backgrounds are getting to tell new culturally specific stories. With a script co-written with Helen Simmons, writer/director Sasha Nathwani’s debut feature and winner of the Crystal Bear, “ Last Swim ,” is a sincere and vital picture that is uniquely derived and brimming with young love and strong friendships. Ziba (Deba Hekmat) is the smartest girl in her school. With dreams of studying astrophysicists nearly assured, the Iranian-British student appears to have it all. Except, on this day, the last day of school, she has decided to do a big hangout in anticipation of a rare meteor shower that will culminate with Ziba taking her life. As the film progresses we come to understand why Ziba is depressed: She’s been battling a deadly, debilitating health problem that may actually derail school. For Ziba, that thought is too much to bear. 

Though “Last Swim” takes place over a single day, between sun-kissed scenes and revelatory adventures like shopping for the perfect falafels or taking shrooms in a park, the film has an endless summer feel. The quartet of actors playing Ziba’s rambunctious friend group have excellent, fully felt chemistry: Jay Lycurgo has a mischievous energy as Merf; Solly McLeod as the aloof Shea often recalls Chris Hemsworth ’s vulnerability; Lydia Fleming is a hoot as the wild child Tara; Denzel Baidoo as Malcolm, a footballer and late addition to the festivities, feels like a star in waiting. These characters are more than their archetypes; the actors give them rich inner lives that play less like genre conceits and more as people worth following. 

While there are hints of the immigrant experience, especially in Ziba’s relationship with her mom or Malcolm with his mother, it’s above all else a rich take of the unseen effect chronic illness can have on one’s mental health, and how easily the person struggling can hide the scars. Hekmat shines in that regard, protecting her performance not just from the viewer, but also as the character in the face of her worried friends. Hekmat hits both subtle beats and bold swings, taking us on a fraught journey that is empathetically guided by Nathwani. It’s a stirring debut by the director, assuredly crafted and remarkably empowering.   

the last resort hitman

Like most kids, eight-year-old Feliciano (Alberth Merma) has an active imagination. The son of a shepherd, he spends his days herding the family’s alpacas with the help of their dog Rambo. Of these fluffy creatures, one is his favorite, named after his favorite footballer: Renaldo. With a radio, he ventures out into the Peruvian countryside’s verdant hills and picturesque rivers, listening to the Peruvian national team’s games in the hopes they’ll qualify for the World Cup. Franco García Becerra’s “ Through the Rocks and Clouds ” (or “Raíz”) isn’t all lush days spent in rolling fields. There is an existential threat to Feliciano's village. A local mining company is polluting the water and is now pressuring them to sell the land. When alpacas go missing, including the lovely Renaldo, Feliciano knows it’ll take plenty of magic to find the herd.

Often recalling “ Utama ,” a film similarly defined by an eco-threat, the modest but effective screenplay written by Annemarie Gunkel and Alicia Quispe takes aim at the perniciousness of the kind of cruelness displayed by a company who would resort to employing black-clad motorcyclists to launch a fear campaign against some humble villagers. Merma is wonderful as the young Feliciano, balancing kidlike wonder with uncommon determination as he works to appease a local legend, who might be able to help. 

While “Utama” was a distressing picture that explained the environmental toll at play through shots of the arid, broken land, with “Through the Rocks and Clouds” DP Johan Carrasco wants you to see the beauty of this area. Maybe if you see the delicacy of the surroundings, you’ll know what is at stake. Before long, the villagers, along with Feliciano’s parents, decide to resist: They block the road leading from the mine back into town. An air of danger looms over the public action, but they’re not going to sit idly by and watch their ancestral home destroyed. “Through the Rocks and Clouds” is a defiant film, one that is so thoughtfully calibrated it’d be easy to miss just how well it mixes the whimsical with the profound. 

Robert Daniels

Robert Daniels

Robert Daniels is an Associate Editor at RogerEbert.com. Based in Chicago, he is a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association (CFCA) and Critics Choice Association (CCA) and regularly contributes to the  New York Times ,  IndieWire , and  Screen Daily . He has covered film festivals ranging from Cannes to Sundance to Toronto. He has also written for the Criterion Collection, the  Los Angeles Times , and  Rolling Stone  about Black American pop culture and issues of representation.

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Weapon Locations [ ]

Hitman: absolution [ ].

  • A Personal Contract : In the garden, in the area with the first guard in the mission.
  • Terminus : In the basement on several desks and shelves.
  • Run For Your Life : On the roof of the hotel.
  • Shaving Lenny : Various locations in the scrapyard.
  • End of the Road : Lying between some rocks which lie between the wagon and the hole Lenny Dexter digs.
  • Dexter Industries :
  • Death Factory :
  • Fight Night :
  • Attack of the Saints :
  • Skurky's Law : On the floor in the hall way just after entering the holding cells.
  • Blackwater Park :


  • One on a shelf on deck 00.
  • One on deck 1, inside the kitchen.
  • Two near the jet.
  • One in a toolrack on the ground floor.
  • One in the western room on the ground floor.
  • One in the room east of Attic Storage.
  • One in Security Control.
  • One in the room east of the Basement Kitchen.
  • One near the south exit out of the basement.
  • One in the Fashion Show Unloading Area.
  • One in the shed in the Catering Delivery Area.
  • One by the west wall of The North Garden.
  • One in the storage room near the Museum.
  • One in the shed near The South Garden.
  • One in The West Garden.

Wrench in the toolshed-

  • One in the basement of the Ceramic Shop.
  • One in the Garage.
  • One in the toolshed near the Garden.
  • One outside the south lab in the Cave.
  • One in Town Hall Square.
  • One in the Ceramics Shop.
  • Two on a shelf in the Garage.
  • One on Vase Street.
  • One in the Courtyard.
  • One in the School Entrance.
  • One in the bottom entrance to the Garage.
  • One in a storage room on level 2 Consulate.
  • One in the upper right room of level 2 School.
  • One in the room between the Staff and Laundry Room.
  • One east of the hotel.
  • One in the Sound Booth.
  • One west of the Barracks.
  • One in the east corner of the house.
  • One in the Chemistry Shed.
  • One in the building southeast of the Garages.
  • One in the shed near the bottom of the map.
  • One in a locked cabinet near the Changing Room.

HITMAN™ 2 [ ]

  • Nightcall - Found in the garage.
  • Four in the Kronstandt Garage.
  • Two in the Thwack Garage.
  • One in the Kowoon Garage.
  • One in the garage in Miami Bayside Center Expo.
  • One in the workshop off the Expo Room.
  • One in the Race Marshal Area.
  • One in the Podium Building.
  • One in Robert's Office.
  • One in the Auto Repair.
  • One in the Workshop.
  • One in the Altar Cavern.
  • One in Martinez' Compound.
  • One in the Burial Site.
  • One in the Helipad.
  • Two in the Construction Site.
  • One in the carpentry shed on the Trainyard Rooftop.
  • One on a barrel near the carpentry shed on the Trainyard Rooftop.
  • One in a cargo crate in the Train Yard.
  • One inside the metalworks building.
  • One by the bathrooms in Slum Square.
  • One in Mumbai Hills.
  • One west of the Crows Armory.
  • One in a building on level 2 of the Chawls.
  • One in the Staff Restroom.
  • One in the Makeup Room.
  • One on 421 Maple Tree Ln.
  • One in the Construction Site.
  • One in the Cassidy Property Garage.
  • One in the shed on the Janus Property.
  • One in the hall southeast of the Crypt.
  • One Back Stage.
  • One in the Balcony.
  • One on the roof of the Security Room.
  • One in the Restoration Room.
  • One in the level 1 north hallway.
  • One in the bathrooms of the Waiting Lounge.
  • One in the Restaurant Maintenance Room.
  • One in the Private Island.
  • One on the Natural Beach.
  • One in the Villa Pool Terrace.
  • One in the Gym.

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