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Lied about my GPA

thegoat's picture

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Ok, before you say yes you are wrong you don’t belong in IB , I already know this.

During my application process at a BB , I put I had a 3.5 which is shitty.  But I transferred during Covid, and online classes while working 2 jobs, kept getting C’s in my class. My GPA dropped 2 a 2.5 but, I am taking class and currently have all A’s. And if I get a 3.8 this semester I will have a 2.8 and I am taking winter classes that will bring my grade to a 3.0. I have taking 6 classes per semester  the spring and fall semester when I graduate and in the summer I’m taking the few class I got a C in to bring it up to an A. If I can retake all the class I did bad on and get a minimum of a ‘B’ my advisor said my gpa would be a 3.7 by graduation next fall. My superday is next week at a BB and I am not sure what I should do. I know I messed up both in grades and lying but I’m working to increase it and will increase it. A buddy of mine at a BB said I should just fake my resume that the background check doesn’t check GPA only that you actually attend that college and I should just retake all my classes, if this something I should do? Because this is most likely my last chance at a BB and superday is next week.

thegoat's picture

When picking. Date for the superday it is required to post my resume and my unofficial transcript is that just for HR and I’m sure I will bring it to a 3.7 because I’m taking the classes I did bad over again if I’m offered a FT

so obviously this is one of the jpm supers , u should apply full time

young rookie on the street's picture

100% back this. Tbh dude, most banks don’t even ask for a fucking transcript, fuck it, send it, who cares lol.

Worse thing is that you’ll be blacklisted from the bank ~ ooooo scarrryyyy ~ as if there’s not a hundred other fucking banks you can go apply to lol.

Fuck the noise dog lol, and if there’s people on here saying hey no! Don’t do that!

It’s cause they’re mad a 2.8 GPA is going to pass their 4.0 GPA lmaoooo fuck em all buddy

I have a shitty GPA as well. Though I have been tempted on multiple occasions, I am glad I never lied about my GPA.

Idk if you are applying for FT or SA but lying about your GPA is EXTREMELY RISKY. You are playing with lava! If anybody finds out, you will likely get "blacklisted." The financial services industry takes integrity very seriously--trust me I have learned the hard way. The industry is also small and people do talk and move from firm to firm.

There is a chance that you could lie and no one will know if they do not ask for your transcript, but in the likelihood that they do find out, you are COMPLETELY Fucked...forever.

I don't know too much about your situation but if you lied at any point in the application process, withdraw immediately. If when you applied you did have a 3.5 but then your GPA changed significantly, I would personally think twice about continuing with the process. This is a grey area because maybe you did not lie when you were applying, but you do not have that 3.5 anymore, which can be looked down upon severely if they found out and you did not tell them. Also, do not listen to your "buddy,"  they are a dumbass. Do not lie on your resume. It is better to leave your GPA off your resume. I have always left my GPA off my resume and have only been asked about it by one interviewer in all my professional interviews.

I would consider asking your university careers offices about this. They have more knowledge and wisdom about what firms may or may not ask for and what is ethical. Whatever you do though, DO NOT LIE!

It is very hard, I know. Emotionally and mentally you feel like shit for having a bad GPA, but there is no point in beating yourself up. Your GPA does not define who you are. My GPA has caused me a lot of self-esteem issues but I try my best to push on and not hold me back. You are obviously a smart person who is determined but has suffered through some tough times. That is Okay, you are human. What is important and what you should commend yourself on (and highlight in interviews) is your perseverance and positive attitude. You understand what you need to do and you are willing to do it. And what helps with a low GPA is having good experiences, being personable, and crafting a good story. If you don't get this job, don't worry. Try to find another banking job or one in a similar industry and leverage your experiences to get to a suitable position where you are a stronger candidate. Having a low GPA does not mean you will never get it, it just may take a little longer and be more difficult--but that builds character and resilience. Best of luck and remember to always network (sometimes you can even bypass the resume screening by networking)!

Bro shut the fuck up … completely fucked forever?

God you’re insane dude. Do you know what America is my guy? 😓😓😓

You do realize not everyone knows everyone lmao like no that’s now how this works haha god you’re retarded

VBond - Certified Professional

Hahah that’s so excessive that will never happen nobody cares this much, fucking relax and go rub one out dude Jesus

WestCoastMonkeyMan's picture

Do whatever you want but lying is wrong, plain and simple.

After listening to all the advice, the risk is too great, how can I think I can outplay a trillion dollar company. They are worth that much because they know what they are doing. I’ll take the offer from the middle market bank who didn’t ask for one and use my network to get a FT before I graduate. But, I’ll grind my ass off and a year from now I’ll let you guys know how it went. Thanks

Yea this seems like a good way to go about it. Btw even if FT recruiting fails you can still lateral easily to another bank as good, experienced IB analysts / associates are rare. I'm sure if you work hard it will all work out. 

AttackSnail - Certified Professional

How often do lateral roles even ask for transcripts let alone GPA?

bananasalad's picture

Et enim rerum ipsum nisi debitis explicabo. Ex odit tenetur exercitationem non quia. Aspernatur expedita commodi ipsam et.

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  1. Lied about my GPA

    I have always left my GPA off my resume and have only been asked about it by one interviewer in all my professional interviews. I would consider asking your university careers offices about this. They have more knowledge and wisdom about what firms may or may not ask for and what is ethical.