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  1. Mexico's Long War: Drugs, Crime, and the Cartels

    Summary. Mexican drug cartels are leading suppliers of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and other illicit narcotics to the United States. The cartels and the drug trade fuel rampant corruption ...

  2. Drug Cartels in Mexico

    Above all, the origin of drug cartels in Mexico can be traced to Miguel Gallardo, the founder of Guadalajara cartel. Miguel was a federal police agent who controlled drug trade across the border of Mexico and USA (Oyarvide 1). He is the man behind the smuggling of drugs such as marijuana and opium into the American soil.

  3. Drug cartel

    drug cartel, an illicit consortium of independent organizations formed to limit competition and control the production and distribution of illegal drugs. Drug cartels are extremely well-organized, well-financed, efficient, and ruthless. Since the 1980s, they have dominated the international narcotics trade.. The U.S. war on drugs began under the administration of Pres. Richard Nixon.

  4. 91 Drug Trafficking Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

    Economics of Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking. Three major conditions associated with the development and origins of mafias include the abdication of legitimate government power, excessive bureaucratic power, and the financial potential of illegal markets. Human and Drug Trafficking as Transnational Organised Crimes.

  5. Inside Mexico's Drug Wars

    Inside Mexico's Drug Wars. Drug cartels have existed in Mexico for many years, but they did not become the powerful, violent organizations prevalent today until the 1990s. During that decade, the United States government focused the majority of its drug enforcement efforts on dismantling Colombian cartels through such programs as Plan Colombia.

  6. The Mexican Drugs Cartels

    Mexico's drug cartels are known to control nearly 70 percent of the total traded illegal drugs in the United States. Among the major drugs traded include, cannabis sativa and methamphetamine as well as heroin. Additionally, it is estimated that 90 percent of the total cocaine supplied to the United States come from Mexico having been produced ...

  7. Beyond the Border: Measuring Mexican Cartels' Influence in the US

    While little is known about the activity of Mexican drug cartels in the U.S., a Department of Justice report released last month suggests that they are dominated by one group: "El Chapo's" Sinaloa Cartel. Although an emphasis on supply reduction has been a cornerstone of U.S. drug policy ever since the inception of the "war on drugs ...

  8. LENS Essay Series: "From the Halls of Montezuma: The Promise and

    Ultimately, this essay argues that Mexican drug cartels can be designated as FTOs, but for a variety of legal, practical, and political considerations, this would be an imprudent move. Further, this essay notes that there are a variety of arguably more effective alternatives if policymakers remain interested in aggressively pursuing cartel ...

  9. Mexican Cartel Essay

    Decent Essays. 1524 Words. 7 Pages. Open Document. Mexican Cartel Drug War Mexico has a long history of cartels the deaths, drugs and weapon trafficking is in all time high increasing year by year. "Mexico's gangs have flourished since the late 19th century, mostly in the north due to their proximity to towns along the U.S.-Mexico border.

  10. PDF UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Los Angeles Mexican Drug Cartel Influence in

    handle drug cartels. 1 Media and government portrayal of El Chapo as an untouchable figure in the dark world of illegal drug trafficking raised his status to near mythological levels. Not only was he branded Public Enemy No. 1 by the city of Chicago, but he was also considered by many to be the godfather of a vast criminal underworld (McGahan ...

  11. Cyberwar in the Underworld: Anonymous versus Los Zetas in Mexico

    Los Zetas were used by the Gulf cartel to "collect debts, secure new drug trafficking routes at the expense of other cartels, discourage defections from other parts of the cartel organization, and track down particularly 'worrisome' rival cartel and gang leaders across Mexico and Central America."[12] They very rapidly became one of the ...

  12. Drug Cartel In America Essay

    Los Zetas: Mexico's Second Most Powerful Drug Cartel Essay example. Recognized as one of the most fearless and violent cartels in all of Mexico, Los Zetas was brought forth by a need for personal security in the Gulf Cartel. This former hit man/security style operation, active since 1997, has since grown into its own ruthless and violent ...

  13. Mexican Cartels Tighten Grip On US, Fueling Violence And Addiction

    Mexican drug cartels, particularly the Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), continue to exert a powerful and destructive influence on the United States, according to a ...

  14. PDF Essay Series

    point, this essay examines the FTO designation framework as-applied to Mexican drug cartels. Specifically, this essay addresses whether these cartels can be designated as FTOs and, if so, whether designation would be in the best interests of the United States. Ultimately, this essay argues that Mexican drug cartels can be

  15. Using Force Against Mexican Drug Cartels: Domestic and International

    1. Use of force against U.S. citizens or U.S. facilities in Mexico. The draft AUMF against cartels ( H.J. Res. 18) refers to a 2022 grenade attack against the U.S. Consulate in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. If Mexican cartel members staged an attack on a U.S. consulate and killed, injured, or held hostage U.S. employees, the United States readily could ...

  16. Drug Cartel Essays: Examples, Topics, & Outlines

    The role of international drug cartels in the Italian drug trade. 8. The challenges of addressing drug trafficking in Italy's border regions. 9. The relationship between drug trafficking and political corruption in Italy. 10. The future of drug trafficking in Italy and potential.... Read More. View our collection of drug cartel essays.

  17. Drug Cartels Problem Overview

    Drug Cartels Problem Overview Essay. Latin America has been the central region within which drugs are manufactured and trafficked to other regions of the world for decades. For instance, cocaine is majorly produced in Peru, Colombia, and Bolivia. The drugs are then transported through the Caribbean Islands and Mexico to other parts of the world ...

  18. Drug Cartels in Mexico Essay

    2834 Words. 12 Pages. Open Document. Mexican Modern War There are seven drug cartels in Mexico (CRS 1). The most important cartels are Sinaloa and Juarez. The Sinaloa cartel operates in the states of Nayarit, Sinaloa and Mexico State (Reforma 1). The Juarez cartel operates in Sinaloa, Nuevo León, Chihuahua, Jalisco, Morelos; and Quintana Roo.

  19. Gang violence in Mexico: 19 bodies discovered in latest grisly find

    In the latest Mexican cartel violence, 19 bodies were found around a dump truck in Chiapas state, officials say, part of a gang war for drug and migrant trafficking routes.

  20. Mexican president says a fight over drug and migrant trafficking was

    MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico's president said Tuesday a fight between gangs over drug and migrant trafficking routes was behind the massacre of 19 men in the southern state of Chiapas.. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said the killings were part of a long-running dispute between two drug cartels.

  21. Mexican Drug Cartels and the War on Drugs Analytical Essay

    Kellner and Pipitone (2010) present a careful investigation of the events that shaped the course of the Mexican War on Drugs. The authors start with the analysis of relations between Colombia's successful war on the Cali and Medellin drug cartels and the escalation of drug cartels' violence in Mexico. The examination of the events at 1990s ...

  22. drug cartel

    The war against drugs has to be fought on every front involved in the business. Drugs cartels need guns to create chaos and their main gun supplier is none other than the U.S. The reason for the occurrence is that the U.S. has too little laws concerning the sale of assault weapons.The U.S. Border States need to have more severe gun laws that would regulate gun control.

  23. Persuasive Essay On Drug Cartels

    Persuasive Essay On Drug Cartels. Decent Essays. 686 Words. 3 Pages. Open Document. "For me personally, it's been a nightmare, because I don't see any way out now. The men who got inside my house put their guns to my neighbors' heads—that's including one six-year-old girl.". This is Mexican investigative journalists Anabel ...

  24. Mexican cartels are diversifying business beyond drugs. Here's where

    From cartels calling older Americans to offer timeshares in Mexico, leading to the loss of nearly $40 million, to cartel-backed smugglers reaping growing profits in the trafficking of migrants across the U.S-Mexico border, their criminal range is extensive.. Here are some ways where the cartels have extended their reach: Fuel theft. Fuel theft, known as huachicoleo in Mexico, is a highly ...

  25. Drug cartel Essays

    The violence caused by drug cartels is rumored to lead Mexico to become a failed state. George W. Grayson, regular lecturer at the United States Department of State. Free Essays from 123 Help Me | A Cuban immigrant rises in rank within a brutal drug cartel organization, while alienating and endangering his family.

  26. Mexican Cartels Diversifying Business Portfolios Beyond Drugs

    Mexican Cartels are known best for their drug smuggling operations and history of violent crime, but now it appears that the organizations have opted to branch out.. Karol Suarez of USA Today reports that several of the country's biggest cartels have sought ways to make money beyond selling and smuggling drugs.. Though the new methods are also anything but above board.

  27. Drug Cartel

    Drug Cartel. Decent Essays. 2623 Words. 11 Pages. Open Document. Ciudad Juarez is known as one of the most violent cities in Mexico. The drug cartels have taken over the city and have continued to control the city. The city officials have been defeated over and over again; hopeless they still search for new ways to win this ongoing war.

  28. Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse

    Introduction. Illicit drug use is a major social problem with significant impacts on both the social and economic aspects of any country. The dramatic improvements in communication and technology coupled with global economic liberalization have contributed to growth of international trade. Get a custom essay on Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse.

  29. 7 Deaths, 5 Hours: Drug Overdoses Surge in Western New York

    Rising cocaine use and a drug supply tainted by fentanyl have become a deadly combination in Erie County, which includes Buffalo. By Jesse McKinley The first 911 call came at 8:18 a.m. from the ...