1. How to Write a Good Research Question (w/ Examples)

    how to identify a research question in an article

  2. How to Write a Research Question in 2024: Types, Steps, and Examples

    how to identify a research question in an article

  3. How to Write a Research Question: Types with Best Examples

    how to identify a research question in an article

  4. How to Develop a Strong Research Question

    how to identify a research question in an article

  5. Research Question: Definition, Types, Examples, Quick Tips

    how to identify a research question in an article

  6. Research Questions

    how to identify a research question in an article


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  1. PDF Identifying a Research Problem and Question, and Searching Relevant

    Identifying a research question will provide greater focus to your research or clarify the direction of your investigation, whether the research is descriptive or experimental. Quite signifi-cantly, a well-written research question will also shed light on appropriate research methods (e.g., specify the intended actions of the variables and how ...

  2. Identifying your research question

    Reading regularly is the most common way of identifying a good research question. This enables you to keep up to date with recent advancements and identify certain issues or unsolved problems that keep appearing. Begin by searching for and reading literature in your field. Start with general interest journals, but don't limit yourself to ...

  3. How to Identify Research Questions for Your Study

    1. Read as much as you can. The answer to how to identify research questions lies in reading the right material and reading extensively. Reading regularly is the most basic way to find a good research question. Keep up to date with recent advancements and identify critical issues or unsolved problems.

  4. Formulating a good research question: Pearls and pitfalls

    Hence, a comprehensive review of the topic is imperative, as it allows the researcher to identify this gap in the literature, formulate a hypothesis and develop a research question. To this end, it is crucial to be attentive to new ideas, keep the imagination roaming with reflective attitude, and remain sceptical to the new-gained information ...

  5. Identifying the research question

    Identifying the research question. Process of conducting a knowledge synthesis; Constructing a good research question; Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria; ... You should have a draft research question before you choose the type of knowledge synthesis that you will conduct, as the type of answers you are looking for will help guide your choice of ...

  6. Writing Strong Research Questions

    A good research question is essential to guide your research paper, dissertation, or thesis. All research questions should be: Focused on a single problem or issue. Researchable using primary and/or secondary sources. Feasible to answer within the timeframe and practical constraints. Specific enough to answer thoroughly.

  7. Formulating a researchable question: A critical step for facilitating

    The classical approach is to identify a research question followed by a thorough literature search keeping in mind the PICO and FINER criteria. If it is a well-defined research question, it will lead to an appropriate study design and methodology. Discussing your research question with knowledgeable peers, department chair, mentor, and the ...


    Defining the research question is critical first step. Good idea is necessary but not sufficient. Have to convince reviewers that you can accomplish the work; feasible project and team with necessary skills. Know your audience, i.e., match the topic to the funding agency. Data Sharing.

  9. How to Identify Research Questions

    Identifying a good researchable question is a process, and in order to develop it, a series of actions and steps is required. Guidelines on research designs and proposals often adopt a linear model, starting with a research question, followed by methods of data collection, analysis, results, discussion, conclusion, and implications.

  10. How to Identify Research Questions

    Identifying a good researchable question is a process, and in order to develop it, a series of actions and steps is required. Guidelines on research designs and proposals often adopt a linear model, starting with a research question, followed by methods of data collection, analysis, results, discussion, conclusion, and implications.

  11. How to Identify a Meaningful Research Question

    It should be clearly defined, and free of jargon. The question should be sufficiently focused to steer your research to its logical conclusion. It should summarize an outstanding issue or problem you want to investigate through research-by a literature review or an experimental study or a theoretical exercise.

  12. 1. Identify the Question

    Identify your Topic (This is the starting place from where you develop a research question.) Refine by Searching (find background information) (Before you can start to develop a research question, you may need to do some preliminary background research to see (1) what has already been done on the topic and (2) what are the issues surrounding ...

  13. 10 Research Question Examples to Guide your Research Project

    The first question asks for a ready-made solution, and is not focused or researchable. The second question is a clearer comparative question, but note that it may not be practically feasible. For a smaller research project or thesis, it could be narrowed down further to focus on the effectiveness of drunk driving laws in just one or two countries.

  14. Literature Review: A Self-Guided Tutorial

    Explore your topic using your textbooks, reference books, and articles and by consulting with your professor. Be open to tweaking your research question as you gather more information. Watch the videos in this section for advice on developing your research question and considerations related to choosing a topic for which you have a strong opinion.

  15. Clarifying the Research Questions or Hypotheses

    Research is a systematic process of understanding questions growing in the minds of researchers. It is the research question that triggers one to do research. Selecting or identifying research questions is the initial stage of developing a research plan. It is a critical process because the chosen topic plays a role in completing research.

  16. How common are explicit research questions in journal articles?

    Purpose statements and research questions or hypotheses are interrelated elements of the research process. Research questions are interrogative statements that reflect the problem to be addressed, usually shaped by the goal or objectives of the study (Onwuegbuzie & Leech, 2006).For example, a healthcare article argued that "a good research paper addresses a specific research question.

  17. Formulation of Research Question

    Abstract. Formulation of research question (RQ) is an essentiality before starting any research. It aims to explore an existing uncertainty in an area of concern and points to a need for deliberate investigation. It is, therefore, pertinent to formulate a good RQ. The present paper aims to discuss the process of formulation of RQ with stepwise ...

  18. How to Define a Research Problem

    The type of research problem you choose depends on your broad topic of interest and the type of research you think will fit best. This article helps you identify and refine a research problem. When writing your research proposal or introduction, formulate it as a problem statement and/or research questions.

  19. How to Write a Research Question in 2024: Types, Steps, and Examples

    1. Start with a broad topic. A broad topic provides writers with plenty of avenues to explore in their search for a viable research question. Techniques to help you develop a topic into subtopics and potential research questions include brainstorming and concept mapping.

  20. In which section of a paper should the research question be included

    1 Answer to this question. Answer: Typically, manuscripts are divided into the Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion sections. This is referred to as the IMRAD structure. The research question, the objective or hypothesis of the study, helps to set up context for what you have researched and why you chose to study this particular topic.

  21. How do I identify a research study?

    A research study must: Ask a research question. Identify a research population or group. Describe a research method. Test or measure something. Summarize the results. Research studies are almost always published in peer-reviewed (scholarly) journals. The articles often contain headings similar to these: Literature Review, Method, Results ...

  22. Are You Asking the Right Questions?

    April 16, 2024. Few leaders have been trained to ask great questions. That might explain why they tend to be good at certain kinds of questions, and less effective at other kinds. Unfortunately ...

  23. Personalized cancer treatments based on testing drugs quickly leads to

    In our newly published results of the first clinical trial combining drug sensitivity testing with DNA testing to identify effective treatments in children with cancer, an approach called ...

  24. Political Typology Quiz

    Take our quiz to find out which one of our nine political typology groups is your best match, compared with a nationally representative survey of more than 10,000 U.S. adults by Pew Research Center. You may find some of these questions are difficult to answer. That's OK. In those cases, pick the answer that comes closest to your view, even if ...

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    The Worst Part of a Wall Street Career May Be Coming to an End. Artificial intelligence tools can replace much of Wall Street's entry-level white-collar work, raising tough questions about the ...

  26. Ten simple rules for reading a scientific paper

    A brief overview of the research question, approach, results, and interpretation. This is the road map or elevator pitch for an article. Introduction: Several paragraphs (or less) to present the research question and why it is important. A newcomer to the field should get a crash course in the field from this section. Methods: What was done?

  27. [2404.10193] Consistency and Uncertainty: Identifying Unreliable

    The goal of selective prediction is to allow an a model to abstain when it may not be able to deliver a reliable prediction, which is important in safety-critical contexts. Existing approaches to selective prediction typically require access to the internals of a model, require retraining a model or study only unimodal models. However, the most powerful models (e.g. GPT-4) are typically only ...

  28. As Prospective Jurors Answer Questions, They Struggle to Remain

    In the federal system, jurors are allowed to remain anonymous, even to parties in the case. Before potential jurors answered basic questions about their backgrounds, Judge Kaplan instructed them ...

  29. Journal of Medical Internet Research

    We used content analysis to identify usability issues described in the field notes and open-ended survey questions, and descriptive statistics to summarize participant characteristics and close-ended survey responses. ... Journal of Medical Internet Research 8291 articles JMIR Research Protocols 3913 articles ...

  30. Artificial womb may someday help a premature baby survive. There are

    Research like this is generating enormous excitement among doctors who treat babies who are born prematurely, a major cause of infant mortality and disabilities. But the prospect of an artificial ...