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10 Expert Tips to Create and Deliver a Killer Keynote Presentation

tips to create presentations, keynote presentation

So you’ve got a keynote presentation coming up, and you’re hitting the books to make sure you’re armed with the best plan possible. Besides taking notes from all the greats on TED, you’re reading up about a message structure that works, and looking for the perfect template.

While it seems like you’ve got your bases covered, like all things in life, there’s always a way to streamline the planning process.

According to Aaron Weyenberg , the UX Lead for TED and a self-professed “master of slide decks,” and the wizards behind Apple’s presentation slides , there are a number of tricks of the trade that you can rely on to create a rocking keynote presentation .

Below are some of our favorites. And to easily create a professional-looking presentation , sign up for Piktochart . It’s free and it allows you to make beautiful visuals without being a graphic designer.

1. Do your slides last

While most keynote speakers will typically build their presentation around the structure of a template, Weyenberg says that “building your slides should be the tail end of developing your presentation.” Before working on your slides, you should put together your main message, structure, supporting points – then practice and time your presentation. The reason for this, he says, is that the presentation needs to be strong enough to stand on its own. Approaching a keynote like this requires a shift in thinking.

While a beautiful set of slides is imperative to your presentation, it should not be central to it.

Weyenberg said it best: “The slides are just something you layer over [the presentation] to enhance the listener experience.”

Observe these 2017 Google I/O keynotes, especially CEO Sundar Pichai’s – the role of the slides are to support what the speaker is saying – not the other way around.

2. Get creative with photos

Often times, presenters will be far too literal or cheesy with their image choice. Weyenberg suggests to use images that are simple, yet punchy – and pairs nicely with your spoken words. He says to look for photos that are:

  • Related to your keynote’s concept
  • Are not complex in terms of composition

how to make inspiring keynote presentations

3. Simplify charts and graphs

While most presenters will simply drop an image of their charts and graphs into their deck, Weyenberg points out that it might be a bit “unsightly.” If you need to use data to back a point that you’re making, you should make the extra effort to make it more attractive – and this can be done by recreating it in your presentation maker .

There are a couple benefits to doing this:

  • It will make your presentation seem consistent and well-thought out
  • You’ll have control over colors, typography, and more.

weyenberg graph, typography in charts examples

4. One theme per slide

According to the designers of Apple presentation slides, less is certainly more. Trying to cram too many ideas on one slide can only work to your detriment. Beyond ideas, the same goes for statistics.

Let’s play a little game: For the following idea, how many slides would you use? “The developer program is incredibly vibrant. We have over six million registered developers. Demand for this show has never been greater. We sold out in just over a minute [71 seconds].”

While the average person might think that 6 million and 71 seconds would belong on the same slide and be short and sweet enough, let’s compare it with what Apple’s CEO Tim Cook did.

He only leveraged two slides: The first said “6 million,” and the second: “71 seconds. Sold out.”

how to make presentation attractive

5. Create a visual experience with data

Taking a leaf again from Apple’s presentation book, once you’ve gotten the hang of having just one stat per slide – you should also make it as visual as possible.

visual presentations

One data point per slide, combined with it being visually interesting – is sure to be memorable.

6. Practice Really Makes Perfect

Imagine the late Steve Jobs, a legendary keynote presenter, still rehearsed for months before a presentation. According to Brent Schlender , one of the co-authors behind the Steve Jobs biography “Becoming Steve Jobs,” Jobs would rehearse and prepare “exhaustively” for all of his public appearances.

Despite being a natural on the stage, Jobs never would wing it, he came to the show well prepared.

“I once spent an entire day watching him run through multiple rehearsals of a single presentation, tweaking everything from the color and angle of certain spotlights, to editing and rearranging the order of the keynote presentation slides to improve his pacing,” remembers Schlender.

While you may not be a perfectionist like Jobs, you are likely also not nearly as good of a presenter as he is – so practice really makes perfect in this case.

7. Tell A Consistent Story

Circling back to Weyenberg’s tips – he suggests that in a good slide deck, every slide should feel “like part of the same story.” Think of your deck like a story – every slide should feel cohesive to the big picture message you’re trying to communicate – as opposed to random ideas juxtaposed together.

You can do this by:

  • Using the same or similar typography, colors, and imagery across all slides
  • Using presentation templates can help with maintaining the same look and feel

8. Less is more

We explored the less is more concept earlier in the article by suggesting you keep to one idea per slide. The same can be applied to text.

When it comes to creating slides for your next keynote, the cardinal sin is a slide with ample text that is verbatim of your spoken presentation.

What this does is encourage people to keep their eyes on your slides instead of listening to you.

Weyenberg also points out that a text-heavy slide forces the brain to multitask between focusing on what it’s reading and hearing – which is quite difficult and will compromise your presentation.

bad presentation example

9. Consider topic transitions

While you want to make your slides look like a cohesive unit, you want to also keep in mind that making every slide look the same may be boring. Weyenberg suggests to:

  • Create one style for the slides that are the “meat” of the message
  • Then create another style for the slides that are transitioning between topics

For example, if your overall slides have a dark background with light text, you can use transitional slides that have a light background with dark text. This way, they’ll still feel like they’re from the same presentation family without being completely uniform.

10. Tell a captivating story

It is fitting that our final tip comes from likely the greatest keynote presenter of all time. The late and great Steve Jobs had the ability to captivate and inspire his audience with his talks, and that’s because he was a very good storyteller. And that’s the golden leaf that you can take from Jobs’ book today.

Always aim to tell a captivating story.

One example is perhaps when he introduced the iPod: “In 2001, we introduced the first iPod. It didn’t just change the way we all listen to music. It changed the entire music industry.” Listen to Steve Jobs weave a story about the digital music revolution when unveiling the iPod.

Bonus Round: Tips From Piktochart Designers  

keynote slide templates

  • Always remember that your audience is sitting far away . So ensure that your title font size is large enough to be seen from a distance, and that your body text is no smaller than 20px.
  • Use only two colors for your entire presentation – a primary and secondary color. If you must use a large color palette, your maximum choice should be up to five colors.
  • Make sure that there is enough white space throughout your presentation . This will give your content room to breathe. Less is definitely more in this case.
  • Emphasize only one object per slide – whether it’s an image, statistic, quote. This will make sure your audience stays focused.

Time to Make Your Own!

business keynote templates

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HDVI - High Definition Vehicle Insurance. They're a trucking insurance company that also provides data and technology support. So while they're pretty industrial (trucking), they also have a very modern, innovative aesthetic. They need this template deck in 2 days for potential investors. Base on these requirement, I made that modern, professional, and still attractive. And use some graphic illustration to make the audience easy to understand. Beside focus on the design, I also concern in usability, especially this project is for master template, so I will make sure that user can edit this deck easily even they aren't a designer

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Beautiful PowerPoint for US Military Medical Supply Company

Power from the visual presentation

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The techy and minimal design concept

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Agriculture Business Powerpoint template

Powerpoint template for agricultural technology that serves in modern and professional looks for farmers who are tech savvy. You can order custom presentation in: https://99designs.com/profiles/rockslides/services/2350

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Investor Deck for Multifamily Property

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The presentation is a company overview of our, history, values, business units, and services.

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Modern Powerpoint Presentation Template

This is template deck for startUp needed, so when you are need any presentation design with your current startUp or company you will ready to implement this presentation template anytime. For sure this used editable design, so even if you are non-designer, you will easily edit it

Keynote design with the title 'PowerPoint presentation for business'

PowerPoint presentation for business

The presentation is for a potential client that made from their website style (www.dsaf.de), with simple and easy to edit in the future

Consulting company presentation

We design presentations to be clean, neat, professional but do not leave creativity. The colors following the client company brands.

Keynote design with the title 'Presentation deck for investor in medical and healthcare '

Presentation deck for investor in medical and healthcare

The purpose of this PowerPoint is for investors looking to invest in the psychedelic arm of Canadian Cancer Care.

Drink company presentation

Design presentations that are made modern, clean, and look professional but with creativity make it interesting.

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Presentation Design for KORTICAL

Keynote design with the title 'Branded Powerpoint Deck for a Leasing Company'

Branded Powerpoint Deck for a Leasing Company

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Pith deck for the mobile app

Clean and modern presentation template for startup or tech company

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Nymbus Media Keynote Presentation

Nymbus Media is an audience interaction platform. They sell to sponsors and then put their platform on tour with musicians playing live audiences. They neede a Keynote presentation/template that will be used to secure sponsorships for their business.

Keynote design with the title 'Presentation Design for Bridge card players'

Presentation Design for Bridge card players

Presentation Design for Bridge card players enthusiast.

Keynote design with the title 'Property Management Presentation'

Property Management Presentation

Presentation Design for property management/investment

Keynote design with the title 'Professional Powerpoint Presentation Services'

Make slides with mostly text with simple but attractive on point

Keynote design with the title 'PPT presentation Design'

PPT presentation Design

PPT presentation Design for financial firm.

Keynote design with the title 'Geek Room Illustration for a Keynote presentatio'

Geek Room Illustration for a Keynote presentatio

This illustration was made for a slide of a keynote presentation for Zaptitude Company.

Keynote design with the title 'Upscale, Polished Re-Design of Completed PowerPoint'

Upscale, Polished Re-Design of Completed PowerPoint

US30 Academy is one of the leading online training platform in USA and wants to revamp their existing boring slide deck.

PowerPoint Template

Custom for PowerPoint Template

Keynote design with the title 'Professional Powerpoint Presentation Services'

Modern and professional style

Keynote design with the title 'Capital Management Presentation'

Capital Management Presentation

Clean and minimalist design for Capital Management Presentation.

Keynote design with the title 'Pitchdeck Design for a Cannabis derived products'

Pitchdeck Design for a Cannabis derived products

The Client was in need of a professional and clean Keynote presentation that will include and showcase some of PureOrganix products as mockups.

Keynote design with the title 'Corporate company profile design'

Corporate company profile design

Leasing company based in Mexico that need clean and professional with consistent header and a bit accent from their logo.

Keynote design with the title 'Presentation Design'

Presentation Design

Presentation design for tech brand

Keynote design with the title 'Food and beverage presentation design'

Food and beverage presentation design

This is cashew product, the important to make the product standout with many effect for this deck

Keynote design with the title 'Power Deck for Modern Farmers'

Power Deck for Modern Farmers

Keynote design with the title 'Cryto-currency Mining Enterprise'

Cryto-currency Mining Enterprise

This slide is about crypto and mining, I make it more stand out the style by using their branding for the point of interest

Keynote design with the title 'PowerPoint template for UK fintech startup!'

PowerPoint template for UK fintech startup!

The design style that implement on this deck is professional-modern. Use more white space and the graphic is focused on their product.

Keynote design with the title 'Catchy Presentation Design'

Catchy Presentation Design

The branding from client look unique, the the wanna the design looks catchy, then I make this more aesthetic and unique using their logo as main branding

Keynote design with the title 'Clean and Professional Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template'

Clean and Professional Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Elegant presentation style for pitch deck power point template

Keynote design with the title 'Presentation design for pet business'

Presentation design for pet business

Presentation design with connected slide transition

Keynote design with the title 'Simple and Sleek PowerPoint Design'

Simple and Sleek PowerPoint Design

Simple style and focus on content is the concept in this deck. Target audience in this deck is professional people in real estate

Keynote design with the title 'Multipurpose presentation template'

Multipurpose presentation template

This template is set for keynote, powerpoint, and google slides. with vary needed, so I made this for general style for sleek and modern

Keynote design with the title 'Tech startup pitch deck'

Tech startup pitch deck

This deck I design looks soft and easy to edit, also optimizing their branding with using their logo shape and many more

Keynote design with the title 'Best Christmas Ever Training Videos'

Best Christmas Ever Training Videos

Presentation deck use as training's for our volunteers and each slide will be a different theme.

Keynote design with the title 'Financial Startup Template'

Financial Startup Template

From background technology combined with finance, this template is here to suit any startup style

Keynote design with the title 'Clean and minimalist design for Medical Brand.'

Clean and minimalist design for Medical Brand.

Keynote design with the title 'Clean and minimalist design for Health Brand'

Clean and minimalist design for Health Brand

Keynote design with the title 'Modern presentation design about crypto.jpg'

Modern presentation design about crypto.jpg

Deck with modern design for introduce new technology to earn crypto from text

Keynote design with the title 'Occupational Health / Company Physician Company - PowerPoint Template'

Occupational Health / Company Physician Company - PowerPoint Template

A highly professional and stylish, yet not overly playful, PowerPoint template for a company in the field of occupational health that provides companies with physicians.

Keynote design with the title 'Pitch Deck - New Generation Vtuber in Metaverse'

Pitch Deck - New Generation Vtuber in Metaverse

Pitch deck for Vtuber in Metaverse

Keynote design with the title 'Minimalist Pitch Deck'

Minimalist Pitch Deck

Simplicity is the main theme in this pitch deck with minimalistic and focused information that delivers the professional feel and upscale look you're looking for.

Keynote design with the title 'Presentation Deck for new interior design business'

Presentation Deck for new interior design business

Simple and luxury design that can implement for any content

Keynote design with the title 'Presentation design for business consultancy'

Presentation design for business consultancy

A beautiful and consistent presentation adds recognition to your message. Get in touch to discuss how we can layout your next presentation. https://99designs.ca/profiles/terrybogard/services/1128

Keynote design with the title 'PPT presentation for Business Consulting'

PPT presentation for Business Consulting

Keynote design with the title 'Modern Presentation for Software Distributor'

Modern Presentation for Software Distributor

Introducing our modern presentation for software distributors: a sleek and dynamic showcase designed to captivate and engage audiences. With a focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology, this presentation seamlessly blends visually striking graphics with compelling content to highlight the unique offerings of our software distribution services. From seamless integration to unparalleled customer support, our presentation showcases the essence of modernity in software distribution. Join us as we redefine excellence in the digital landscape.

Keynote design with the title 'CauseMachine Slide Deck'

CauseMachine Slide Deck

This project template deck is focus on key of information. All audience eyes will focus on the key message that you want to explain

Keynote design with the title 'Template design for high technology healthcare'

Template design for high technology healthcare

High technology healthcare template

Keynote design with the title 'Attractive design for chemistry research'

Attractive design for chemistry research

Make more attractive design in chemistry research

Keynote design with the title 'Cutting-Edge Retail PPT Template Design'

Cutting-Edge Retail PPT Template Design

Sleek and modern cutting-edge retail presentation deck

Keynote design with the title 'Powerpoint'

Powerful presentation for an instant messaging company

Let's Talk is a company that seeks to eliminate phone calls between customers and companies, replacing them with chat channels. the platform gives companies a chat center to manage conversations via instant messaging channels with customers. It needs a modern presentation that we can use in both PowerPoint and keynote.

Keynote design with the title 'Powerpoint design for cannabis usage'

Powerpoint design for cannabis usage

It is raising company that need new template for their presentation needs. Then I suggest general section slides must have, and some specific slides for optional slides base on their business.

Keynote design with the title 'Fitness & wellness corporate presentation design'

Fitness & wellness corporate presentation design

This deck is for corporate that pro with fun environment, so I combine professional layout but add some clipart and some illustrator to make it fun too

Keynote design with the title 'High technology environment monitoring template'

High technology environment monitoring template

Modern with techy feels presentation template

Keynote design with the title 'Professional IT Startup'

Professional IT Startup

This design is simple and modern, suit with IT company, and I use blue color as their dominant color to represent techy and trusted company.

Keynote design with the title 'Adventure Deck'

Adventure Deck

Project from outdoor gear store that have ultimate choice gear from hiking to diving. the style need to modern, clean, and professional. I use their style from website

Keynote design with the title 'Power Deck for Non-Profit'

Power Deck for Non-Profit

Clean and colorful power point presentation for Non-Profit

Keynote design with the title 'Design a presentation preparing patients for surgical success'

Design a presentation preparing patients for surgical success

Sleek and modern design medical industry.

Keynote design with the title 'Presentation design for Global Marine Transportation'

Presentation design for Global Marine Transportation

Keynote design with the title 'Investment Presentation'

Investment Presentation

Presentation Design for Property Investment business

Keynote design with the title 'The best presentation template for B2B secure messaging app'

The best presentation template for B2B secure messaging app

Upgrade presentation to clearer, more synthetic, professional, and create the template that is flexible and easy to edit/customize.

Keynote design with the title 'Biotechnology presentation design'

Biotechnology presentation design

This project I made in modern style for medical needed

Keynote design with the title 'Newsletter template presentation design'

Newsletter template presentation design

Start from the branding with corporate and professional feels. It already have own style that just need to bring more emphasis with the bold and sleek element.

Keynote design with the title 'Educational Powerpoint Design'

Educational Powerpoint Design

Modern design and attractive is my concept design for this deck, with target audience is to represent the situation in that school

Keynote design with the title 'Professional Powerpoint Presentation Services'

Refreshed look and feel from their basic design. And I make these deck more attractive with outstanding design effect base on their branding style

Keynote design with the title 'Business and consulting presentation design'

Business and consulting presentation design

This deck I made in simple and clean design. This is master template that need to adjust in the future. So I made this template with many white space

Keynote design with the title 'PowerPoint templates for learning media'

PowerPoint templates for learning media

This powerpoint template design is for learning media. It need to attractive with the standout color and base on hierarchy of content. I made this design for multipurpose uses, so it can add with vary content.

Keynote design with the title 'PowerPoint Presentation Design - Marketing'

PowerPoint Presentation Design - Marketing

Tris project is from a marketing agency, they focus to make a video marketing and social media marketing, They like to use a vector to represent their services. And we made it and give simple look, just focus on content and their services

Keynote design with the title 'Professional Powerpoint Presentation Services'

Custom master presentation template, by using logo branding

Keynote design with the title 'Sophisticated tech masterclass presentation design'

Sophisticated tech masterclass presentation design

This design is represent their branding. I choose dark theme to make the deck more standout, and I use colorful in the data point to make more standout

Keynote design with the title 'Law firm presentation design'

Law firm presentation design

Sleek and modern presentation design for Law firm

Keynote design with the title 'Powerpoint template for lessons and e-learning '

Powerpoint template for lessons and e-learning

Learning through interactive media will be more effective with a focused layout and attractive slides making it easier to convey information

Keynote design with the title 'DPC PowerPoint Template'

DPC PowerPoint Template

This is a corporate template Powerpoint presentations for technical support to Doctors, Dentists, and other professionals refer to their website

Keynote design with the title 'Education presentation design template'

Education presentation design template

I made this template is clean and professional style, and give more space to adjust their content in the future. Also I choose the image base on general educational content and focus on same tone color

Keynote design with the title 'Green movement presentation template'

Green movement presentation template

Simplistic and minimalist green movement presentation

Keynote design with the title 'Startup presentation deck'

Startup presentation deck

This presentation design is for investment deck, and I make it more attractive with the image graphic and using pop color

Keynote design with the title 'Fruiton Lab Keynote'

Fruiton Lab Keynote

Keynote design with the title 'Sport powerpoint template'

Sport powerpoint template

This deck is need to be able for all condition (multipurpose), so I made this simple, give more white space to adjustable for any need.

Keynote design with the title 'Modern proposal template for my home buyer's agency business'

Modern proposal template for my home buyer's agency business

Proposal for buyers agent that start working professionals

Keynote design with the title 'Wealth management template design'

Wealth management template design

Simple, minimalist and to the point that was the theme that used in this modern template about wealth managements

Keynote design with the title 'Biotech Startup Presentation Template'

Biotech Startup Presentation Template

This is new biotech company. I made this deck by maximize their branding color to impress the target audient then they will aware and know about this brand. Also, for template design, I give more white space, so it will easy to add another content in the future

Keynote design with the title 'Pitch deck'

Elegant and professional PPT pitch deck. with the color scheme of the logo. Also, from site branding and feel (www.icaresoftware.com)

Keynote design with the title 'Investment firm presentation template'

Investment firm presentation template

The design that I used is minimalism and modern, with that style it make the deck looks more modern and can focus on chart and other important information

Keynote design with the title 'Hawkin Wright PPT template'

Hawkin Wright PPT template

Keynote design with the title 'Research presentation template'

Research presentation template

This project is came from collaborating company, that have different color scheme. come with main company color scheme, but still use the collaboration company as second color scheme, to represent that deck blend brand color

Keynote design with the title 'Creative multipurpose presentation design'

Creative multipurpose presentation design

This management software presentation, for new tech company with fun style. Though fun style, I still keep the hierarchy and make it easy to read the information

pieman by E-T

Keynote designs not a good fit? Try something else:

How to create your design.

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Keynote design with the title 'Leadership theme presentation'

4.8 average from 37,584 customer reviews

What makes a good Keynote presentation design?

A great design shows the world what you stand for, tells a story and makes people remember your brand. Graphic design communicates all of that through color, shape and other design elements. Learn how to make your Keynote design tell your brand’s story.

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Keynote has everything you need to create sleek presentations with layout tools and typography that’s made with design in mind.

It allows users to create presentations that look sleek without a lot of design capability. The tools are easy and intuitive. The slide navigator includes options for designing slides with different layouts, animations, fonts and you can even bring in presentations from other software.

But how to do you make the most of this tool? Keynote templates can be one of the quickest ways to start using keynote to its full potential right away.

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60+ modern, premium keynote templates.

Having a modern, premium Keynote template is a key starting point to a successful presentation. We have gathered a set of amazing Keynote templates that you can use for your next presentation, to give a modern and professional look-and-feel.

These templates range from business-centric themes to fashion design, creative presentations, and many others. All of these templates are affordably priced, and super-simple to install. We’ve also included a few similar Powerpoint templates if you don’t have a copy of Keynote, so you aren’t left out!

Keynote is a presentation tool for Mac (and iOS) that you can use to create beautiful presentations wherever you go, on whatever device you’re using. It’s highly useful, dynamic, and practical. Keynote is easy for producing and professional presentations that set you apart from the usual Powerpoint crowd!

Need a hand getting started? Have a read of our tips for creating a modern Keynote presentation .

70+ Best Animated Keynote Templates With Stylish Transitions

14 Feb 2024

70+ best animated keynote templates with stylish transitions.

A great way to make your Keynote slideshow more attractive is to use animation effects. With just a few entrance animations or transition effects, you can instantly make your presentation look more professional.

However, it takes a lot of configuring and testing to figure out the right animations for each and every slide in your presentation. If you’re in a rush to finish up a presentation, there won’t be any time to play around with animation effects and transitions.

We found a solution to this problem in animated Keynote templates. We handpicked some professional and creative Keynote templates for this collection that also comes fully equipped with predefined animations and transition effects. All you have to do is download the template and start customizing it.

We’re also sharing some helpful tips for choosing slide transitions .

60+ Keynote Business Slide Templates 2024

60+ Keynote Business Slide Templates 2024

What’s the most important part of a business presentation? The way you dress? Your speech? Or is it your body language? It’s actually none of the above!

Your presentation slides are the most important part of a business presentation. Why? Because your clients will be staring at the slides at all times and you’ll be using those slides to visualize your speech. That’s why you should pay close attention when designing the slides for your presentations.

To help you get started with your Keynote slide designs, we handpicked the best Keynote slides templates you can use for your business and corporate presentation needs. Design your presentation right, follow our tips on how to give a Keynote presentation with impact , and you’ll capture and keep the attention of everyone in the room!

What Is A Keynote Template?

keynote template

A Keynote template is a collection of slides – complete with a font and color palette – that you can use to create a presentation. The template saves you hours of time because you don’t have to spend hours designing custom slides.

Templates are fully customizable so that you can create and change anything in the design to fit your content or brand standards. Swap colors, fonts, content types and more so that the design looks custom but takes a lot less time to create.

5 Reasons to Use A Keynote Template

keynote template

Even though you can create presentations in Keynote from scratch, starting with a template is the preferred method. Here’s why:

  • Jumpstart presentation designs with a template to create a consistent presentation.
  • It’s easier to learn Keynote – especially for those switching from PowerPoint – if you have a presentation framework that’s put together properly. A template can be just the way to learn the software quickly.
  • Templates help you create beautiful presentations, even if you don’t have a lot of time or design experience.
  • Match a template to the type of presentation you are giving for tools and slide designs that will mesh with content.
  • Templates come with many integrations built into the design so that your presentation can include images, sounds, video or other file types.

Free vs. Premium Keynote Templates: Pros + Cons

keynote template

When it comes to finding Keynote templates, you have two options: free and premium. The big differences are price and functionality.

Free Keynote templates are a no-cost option, but don’t always include the same number of features or customization options as premium themes.

Premium templates (we’ve collected the best Keynote templates previously) often come with extra transition options or animations, more color palettes or skins to choose from and many more slide choices to work with. Most free templates only include a handful of slides and a palette to get you started.

Which option is best for you depends on how you will use the presentation deck. Is it for one-time use? Or will it be the base for a design that gets used over and over? Will multiple people work with the Keynote template?

If you are planning to use the template repeatedly and for multiple uses or users, then a premium theme is probably your best option. The good news is that they are quite affordable. Many premium Keynote templates are $30 or less.

Further Keynote Template Reading

90+ Best Free Keynote Templates 2024

31 Jan 2024

90+ best free keynote templates 2024.

Today we’re bringing you a collection of the best free Keynote templates for making all kinds of presentation slideshows, including business, creative, agency, and startup pitch decks.

Keynote is a great tool for making effective presentations. But, let’s face it, when it comes to the default templates included, your options are limited. Luckily you can still download and use Keynote templates made by other designers. For this collection, we handpicked some of the best free Keynote templates just for you.

Sure, these templates might not have the polish of premium Keynote templates you can spend a few dollars on. But, for the very low price of free, these will give you more than enough to design a stand-out slideshow.

10 Presentation Design Mistakes to Avoid (With Examples)

27 Jun 2023

10 presentation design mistakes to avoid (with examples).

One of the most important aspects of a successful presentation is designing an effective slideshow. Unfortunately, it’s also a part most professionals often neglect or don’t pay attention to.

This is why most of the bad presentation designs share a pattern. They are usually made using the default PowerPoint templates. They use the same default fonts as every other presentation. They also include terrible stock photos. And try to stuff as much information as possible into a single slide.

We noticed all these mistakes and more while exploring some of the most popular presentations on SlideShare. They were slideshows with thousands and even millions of views. But, they were riddled with mistakes and flaws.

In this guide, we show you how these mistakes can be harmful as well as give you tips on how to avoid them. Of course, we made sure to include some examples as well.

What Is Keynote on iPhone? 5 Useful Tips

16 Jun 2023

What is keynote on iphone 5 useful tips.

Apple’s Keynote is a game changer for presentations, turning a traditionally mundane task into a creative and engaging process. Now, imagine having all that power right in the palm of your hand. Yes, we’re talking about Keynote on iPhone!

Gone are the days when you need to lug around your laptop to work on your presentations. With Keynote on iPhone, you can create, edit, and present your slides on the go. Whether you’re commuting, waiting for a meeting, or simply away from your desk, your presentation is just a tap away.

And guess what? You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use Keynote on iPhone. It’s user-friendly and intuitive, designed to make mobile presentation-making a breeze. Let’s take a look at some useful tips to get the most out of Keynote on your iPhone.

How to Crop an Image in Keynote

15 Jun 2023

How to crop an image in keynote.

Want to step up your Keynote presentation game with some tailored imagery? Cropping images directly in Keynote is an excellent way to focus on the important parts of a picture and keep your audience’s attention exactly where you want it. If you’re unsure about how to go about this, you’re in the right place!

Whether you’re a Keynote newcomer or a seasoned pro, this guide will ensure you master the art of cropping images within your presentations. We’ll break down the process into simple, easy-to-follow steps.

Are you ready to polish your Keynote presentations with precision-cropped images? Let’s delve into the world of image editing within Keynote together, and by the end, your presentations will have a whole new level of professionalism and appeal!

How to Convert Keynote to Google Slides

14 Jun 2023

How to convert keynote to google slides.

Ready to switch from Apple’s Keynote to Google Slides but unsure how to take your presentations along with you? You’re in the right place! Converting Keynote presentations to Google Slides is a process that, while not immediately intuitive, is simple once you know the steps.

Whether you’re just starting with Google Slides or are an experienced user transitioning from Keynote, this guide has you covered. We’ll walk you through the process of conversion in easy-to-follow steps, ensuring your presentations make the journey intact.

So, are you ready to embark on this migration mission? Let’s dive in and discover how to convert Keynote presentations to Google Slides together, ensuring your work remains vibrant and accessible, no matter the platform!

25+ Keynote Roadmap & Timeline Templates 2024

15 May 2023

25+ keynote roadmap & timeline templates 2024.

It’s often said that life comes down to a few key moments. Turning points, milestones, forks in the road—whatever you call them, they’re the pivotal points on a timeline.

It’s even easier to create a timeline when you use Keynote timeline templates. These pre-built slide layouts already have illustrations with timelines in every style imaginable.

In this article, we’re going to learn how to use Keynote timeline templates to create an engaging graphic. You’ll see the best Keynote timeline, and roadmap templates that you can use in your upcoming presentation to weave together a sequential story.

60+ Best Minimal & Creative Keynote Templates

27 Apr 2023

60+ best minimal & creative keynote templates.

If you’re in the process of creating a Keynote slideshow presentation for your next business meeting, we have a solution that will help you craft minimal, creative slides with beautiful designs.

There’s no need to spend hours perfecting the design of your slides or hire freelance designers. You can simply use Keynote templates designed by professionals to create the perfect slideshow presentation in a few minutes.

Minimalism is the key to capturing an audience and showing off professionalism. In this collection, we handpicked a set of creative and minimalist Keynote presentation templates for creating slideshows for business meetings, project proposals, pitch decks, and much more.

Plus, we’re also answering the most common Keynote template FAQs to help you get your presentation off to the best possible start.

What Is Apple Keynote? (And 5 Tips for Getting Started)

29 Mar 2023

What is apple keynote (and 5 tips for getting started).

Mac and iPad/iPhone users have probably seen the little blue presentation icon on the devices. But have you ever really used it? This icon is for Apple Keynote, a presentation tool that comes standard on all iOS devices.

Keynote is native to Mac, so you won’t find it on PC devices. It’s a tool that people tend to love once they make the switch from another type of presentation software. It’s focused on design, a polished presentation, and creating a really solid experience as you design your slides.

Today, we’re going to look at Apple Keynote—what it is and, and how to get started with this robust presentation tool.

20+ Keynote Pitch Deck Templates (Business Plan Pitches)

30 Sep 2022

20+ keynote pitch deck templates (business plan pitches).

When you’re pitching your great business idea, you’ll often be faced with tough competition. You’ve got to tell the growth story of your company so that you add investors and employees to your company. A Keynote pitch deck can help convey your message.

Pitch decks introduce your business plan to potential investors. Keynote pitch deck templates are the best way for you to succeed. Polish leads to a successful pitch presentation. That’s why it’s critical to stand out with an amazing pitch deck presentation.

Check out these fantastic, and professionally designed Keynote templates that have been specifically built for a business presentation or investor pitch and are ready to download and customize at the click of a button.

Keynote vs PowerPoint: Which Presentation App to Choose?

10 Nov 2021

Keynote vs powerpoint: which presentation app to choose.

It’s presentation time! Whether you are creating a template for your boss or prepping slides for a talk, using the right software can make the job a lot easier. We’re pitting Keynote vs. PowerPoint against one another to lay out the pros and cons of each.

For Mac users, there are two pretty obvious choices – Keynote and PowerPoint. But which do you choose? Should you always stick with one, or use different apps for different presentations?

Each has its own set of benefits and costs, and they’re both great for different uses. Hopefully, we’ll be able to help you make the right choice.

How to Convert Keynote to PowerPoint

23 Aug 2019

How to convert keynote to powerpoint.

Apple Keynote is one of the most popular apps professionals use to create presentation slideshows. Although, there may come a time when you’ll want to edit a Keynote slideshow in PowerPoint because not everyone has access to the same app.

For example, you may run into problems when you’re collaborating on a team presentation or want to share your slideshow with someone else who’s using a Windows device because the Keynote app is exclusive to Apple devices. Thankfully, the Keynote app has a built-in solution to this problem. In such cases, you can convert your Keynote file to PowerPoint format quite easily.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to export a Keynote presentation to PowerPoint format, step by step.

How to Embed a YouTube Video in Keynote

21 Aug 2019

How to embed a youtube video in keynote.

If you’ve ever wanted to embed a YouTube video in Keynote to create a more engaging slideshow for in-person or recorded presentations, don’t worry. It’s not complicated at all.

We’re going to take you through how to embed a YouTube video in Keynote step-by-step, and share a few tips for how to use video to supercharge your presentations.

You don’t need any special software, and you’ll be all set with a video-packed presentation in minutes!

30+ Best Keynote Templates of 2016

20 Dec 2016

30+ best keynote templates of 2016.

Preparing for a last minute presentation? Don’t know how to design beautiful slides with Keynote? We’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re trying to put together a slideshow for an unexpected presentation or simply can’t afford to hire a someone to design your slides, we have a solution that’ll save you hours of your time and money: Keynote templates!

The key to winning over the audience and your clients with your presentations is making your slides clear, precise, and visually appealing.

These Keynote templates, designed by professionals, will help you to easily wow your audience.

5 Tips and Tools for Designing a Stand-Out Presentation

20 Feb 2013

5 tips and tools for designing a stand-out presentation.

Most people who need to create an exciting presentation are not design experts. Fortunately, there are a number of really neat tools and websites that can assist you in creating a captivating, professional look for your slides.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at five such tools. While I can’t promise that these tools alone will turn you into a design professional, they will certainly point you in the right direction.

10 Tips for Designing Presentations That Don’t Suck: Part 2

10 Tips for Designing Presentations That Don’t Suck: Part 2

Last week we looked at part one of our two part series on designing better presentations. We learned practical tips on using photography, typography, color and more to create stunning results.

Today we’ll wrap things up with tips six through ten and teach you how simplifying your designs can lead to drastically improved results. Let’s get started!

10 Tips for Designing Presentations That Don’t Suck

10 Tips for Designing Presentations That Don’t Suck

PowerPoint has produced more bad design in its day that perhaps any other digital tool in history with the possible exception of Microsoft paint.

In this post we’re going to address the epidemic of bad presentation design with ten super practical tips for designer better looking and more professional presentations. Along the way we’ll see a number of awesome slide designs from Note & Point along with some custom examples built by yours truly. Let’s get started!


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  1. Free and customizable keynote presentation templates

    These are just a few keynote presentation ideas to consider. When coming up with your slides, the important thing is to find a design that encapsulates your keynote's main idea. Make sure to ultimately customize and download a keynote presentation that embodies your theme. Customizing is a breeze using our beginner-friendly design dashboard.

  2. 100+ Best Keynote Templates of 2024

    Blitz is a sleek Keynote template that combines professional design with a creative touch. This set includes over 20 unique, meticulously detailed slides that are easily editable. With its wide-screen ratio, focus on typography and usability, as well as free web fonts, it is adaptable to any presentation type.

  3. 35 Best Keynote Presentation Templates (Designs For Mac Users 2024)

    16:9 wide screen Keynote layouts. drag and drop image placeholder. 15. Exalio Plus - Multipurpose Keynote Template. Exalio is a multi-purpose Keynote presentation design. It's ready to use with Keynote themes for Mac. This business Keynote template has style. It's easy to customize on your Mac.

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    In this presentation, the text is always offset with a visual aid. The simplicity and consistency of the slides and style of images unite the whole presentation. If you have a presentation meant mainly to re-iterate your speaking points, this is the keynote design to go for.

  5. 30 Best Free Keynote Presentation Templates Designs (for 2023)

    2. BePro Keynote Business Template. This beautiful Keynote presentation is functional and comes from a seasoned design professional. It's filled with design elements such as an infographic, charts, maps, mobile device mockups, and more. Few free Keynote templates can say that.

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    How to Design Keynote Presentations That Engage Audiences. Seven out of ten people say that (opens in a new tab or window) knowing how to give a highly engaging presentation is a skill that's critical to their career success. Yet 75% of those same respondents admit that they struggle with captivating their audience and maintaining their ...

  7. How to Make Amazing Keynote Presentations With Modern Template Designs

    2. Colington Creative Keynote Template. Colington is one of those Keynote designs that follows the popularity of minimalism. That means that you can use it to make an awesome Keynote presentation that's on-trend. With the help of the lightweight and airy slide designs, your audience will easily follow the content.

  8. 45 Best Keynote Templates to Customize & Download

    This keynote presentation template is the perfect option for telling a story because of its captivating yet minimalist slides. 27 TED Talk Keynote Presentation Template. The ideal presentation design is simple, yet complex. Easy to look at and understand, yet is just different enough to grasp your audience's attention.

  9. Free Keynote Presentation Templates to Customize

    Customize it in Visme's easy-to-use presentation software by replacing the placeholder content with your own, changing colors and fonts, and adding built-in graphic assets like images, videos, icons, shapes, charts, graphs and illustrations. You can also transform your keynote presentation into an interactive experience by adding animated ...

  10. 90+ Best Free Keynote Templates 2024

    Taya - Free Keynote Presentation Template. Taya is a creative and minimal Keynote template you can use to design slideshows for modern businesses, agencies, and brands. The template is fully customizable and features a clean layout with image placeholders. It's available in PowerPoint version as well.

  11. 60+ Best Minimal & Creative Keynote Templates

    Wollaz is a beautiful Keynote template that comes with a set of creatively designed slides. The template includes a total of 30 slides featuring fully customizable layouts, objects, icons, colors, and text. It's ideal for business, creative, marketing, and many other presentation needs.

  12. Design Custom Keynote Presentations With Canva

    Compose a show-stopping keynote presentation. Before you give your next big speech, make sure you're accompanied by a smashing presentation! Whether you're giving a keynote presentation for a product launch, a profound discovery of TED-worthy proportions, or spinning together a handful of inspiring stories, a great presentation can help add punch to your message and give graphical ...

  13. Free Online Keynote Maker

    Professional Keynote Maker for Stunning Keynote Presentations. Create Your Presentation It's free and easy to use. Online presentation maker with 900+ slide layouts, templates, themes and more. Millions of high-quality images, cut-outs and mockups to choose from. Thousands of customizable icons, shapes, illustrations and more.

  14. 10 Expert Tips to Create and Deliver a Killer Keynote Presentation

    1. Do your slides last. While most keynote speakers will typically build their presentation around the structure of a template, Weyenberg says that "building your slides should be the tail end of developing your presentation.". Before working on your slides, you should put together your main message, structure, supporting points - then ...

  15. How to Create a Keynote Presentation Template Design

    Step 4: Duplicate Your Master Slide. Another way to easily scale your presentation is to duplicate your master slides and give additional color options. As an example, let's create a different color photography master slide. First, right-click on the master slide you just designed in the slide list over to your left.

  16. Free Keynote Presentation Templates

    Keynote Presentation Design Templates Keynote presentations are like the ultimate mic drop moment—they grab your attention, keep you hooked, and leave you feeling inspired. Whether it's a conference, a seminar, or a big event, keynotes are all about delivering a powerful message in a relatable way.

  17. 60+ Modern, Premium Keynote Templates

    SIBOEN - Modern Keynote Template. Siboen is a modern Keynote template you can use to design various business, corporate, and branding related presentation slideshows. It includes 100 slides that are available in 2 different versions to let you edit the template using both older and newer versions of the Keynote app.

  18. Make a Great Presentation in Keynote With Template Designs

    Learn to use a Keynote presentation template to build your own supporting slides. You'll choose a starting template, then customize it to match the Keynote design that you've got in mind. To build your Keynote presentation, start with a template like BePro from Envato Elements to save hours of time. Keynote presentation templates save time.

  19. Keynote Presentation Designs

    If you want an amazing Keynote design that stands out from the competition, work with a professional designer. Find and hire a designer to make your vision come to life, or host a design contest and get ideas from designers around the world. Designers from around the world pitch you ideas. You provide feedback, hone your favorites and choose a ...

  20. Here's An Excellent Keynote Speech GUIDE: With 2 Great Examples

    1. Find out the theme for the day. For any first-timer, you will probably be given the theme for the day by the event organizer. But if you are an experienced speaker, I'm sure everyone will applaud anything you say. All the same, both scenarios still require you to plan and organize your thoughts for your speech.

  21. 60+ Keynote Business Slide Templates 2024

    Business Plan - Keynote Template. This Keynote template comes with a modern design featuring all the elements you'll need to create an effective presentation to promote your business. It includes 146 unique slides in 5 different colors that come with graphs, charts, pricing tables, vector graphics, and more.

  22. Interio|Interior Landing Page Design in 2024

    Mar 20, 2024 - Hopes Creative Business Presentation Template. Introducing V1 - Creative Business Keynote Bundle Template This Presentation Template can be used for any variety of purposes, such as: Company Profile, Creative Agency, Corporate & Business, Portfolio, Photography, Startup, Social Media, Pitch Deck , and also can be used for Personal Portfolio.

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    A Keynote template is a collection of slides - complete with a font and color palette - that you can use to create a presentation. The template saves you hours of time because you don't have to spend hours designing custom slides. Templates are fully customizable so that you can create and change anything in the design to fit your content ...

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    Many people prefer Keynote to Microsoft PowerPoint for its ease of use and more advanced design options. Keynote continues to evolve and has a modern look and functionality that help people give unique presentations. Keynote's interface makes it easy to design and customize slide designs like this one from the Pitch Werk template. If you're a ...