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View case studies of our excel, access, sql hybrid development below:, insurance industry.

Processing insurance claims can be challenging due the vast amount of data that is required and the process is typically very manual. eSoftware Associates was hired to improve a manual claims processing system as well as a build a quoting tool for another firm.

Case Study:

Construction Industry

Efficiently managing project resources in the construction industry can be very difficult. ESW built a calculation engine that would forecast full-time and contractor resource availability as they rolled off and on to projects. A huge win for the executive team when it came to resource planning.


Automotive Manufacturing Case Study

There are a tremendous amount of moving pieces in the automotive manufacturing industry that prohibits one software solution from servicing all. ESW has provided cost savings and extreme value over the past decade by designing BOM, estimate and inventory systems per specific client requirements.

Manufacturing Engineering Industry

Attempting to create a single process for all of your products and custom manufacturing processes can be extremely burdensome since there is so many pieces of data to consider. ESW aligns manufacturing business with proper technology in order to grow without interruption.

Finance Industry

Based on the nature of the finance industry, ESW has had a vast array of opportunities to assist, streamline and develop efficient systems related to financial models, database repositories, reporting and various visualization analytics for financial companies.

Oil & Gas Industry

ESW works in many facets of the Oil & Gas industry from assisting various drillers in analyzing their findings to helping pipelines and worldwide oil transport companies make sense out of their rig or oil related data.

Legal Industry

At ESW, we partner with law firms in order to provide case intensive data analysis, interpretation and documentation for court proceedings and settlement activity. Our teams will even provide expert testimony as is necessary and today’s legal world.

Government Case Study

ESW works with local, state, federal and approved foreign government entities in a variety of capacities which include general technology consulting, supplemental data analysis, Microsoft application support & development and training. Learn how ESW streamlined an entire country in 2016.

Health & Wellness Case Study

Fast growing startups need access to accurate information and reports for management to review at the drop of a hat. ESW takes pride in wrangling the suite of Microsoft applications to provide flexible retrieval of information in a fast-paced environment.

Pharmaceutical / Healthcare Industry

Learn how ESW has developed compliant healthcare and pharmaceutical Microsoft Excel forms & database applications for various organizations over the past decade.

Education & Non-Profit Industries

ESW works with many colleges all over the country providing support for various Microsoft related applications and training to fill in gaps where in-house resources do not exist. Many of these clients have partnered with ESW for many years.

Retail Industry

ESW works with many understand all of your data in a quickly changing marketplace becomes burdensome with out-of-the-box solutions and why we have helped numerous Fortune 500 retail chains improve their data awareness and analytics.

case study on microsoft excel

Fill out our  contact form or call us right now at to find out more about our Insurance related services. Whether you need Excel data related Analysis or Excel / Microsoft VBA programming, we will save you time and money.

Advanced Excel for Business Analysis & Data Visualization

Advanced Excel for Business Analysis & Data Visualization


  • Excel Functions
  • Excel Formulas
  • Excel Macro
  • Training Programs

case study on microsoft excel

Excel Case Studies for Advanced Excel Users

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​Compare 2 worksheets

​A participant came to me at the end of the course and asked if there is a easier way to compare 2 worksheets. This seems like a simple task of using VLOOKUP. Just enter the VLOOKUP formula into a column in one of the worksheet and refer to the other worksheet for comparative values.That’s what usually people need.

​But for her problem, it is not so simple. Her worksheet which contains employee data (e.g. employee number, name, reporting manager, departmet) has multiple columns and rows and all the cells need to be compared against the other worksheet. To add to the challenge, the rows are not in the same order, meaning that the employee in row 10 may not be presented in Row 10 of the other worksheet. So that is the best way to compare the 2 worksheets?…. more details on compare 2 worksheets

​Excel Calendar

​This is a wonderful creation by John Walkenbach. The solution makes extensive use of the YEAR, MONTH, DAY and WEEKDAY formula. Understanding how Excel stores dates is a pre-requisite to understand how all the 4 formulas work as one. But another main ingredient is the use of array formula. The employ of the IF formula helps to clean up the monthly calendar so that only days related to that particular month is displayed.

​The conditional formatting makes use of SUMPRODUCT, which I called a super formula. This formula can do wonders. Compared this formula with the new SUMIFs and COUNTIFs, it still wins. SUMPRODUCT allows the use of formulas within the conditions while SUMIFs and COUNTIFs do not. VLOOKUP and AND are also used in conditional formatting to generate this perfect solution. More details can be found in this excel calendar write-up .

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case study on microsoft excel

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  • British Red Cross Case Study
  • Commerce West Bank Case Study
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Advancing the Microsoft Excel & Access Programming Skills of the British Red Cross

Organization: british red cross, sector: global non-profit, global health services.

The client, an employee working within the Finance department of the British Red Cross,  had originally reached out looking to advance her skills in both Excel and Access through one-on-one training with one of our experts.


Improving efficiencies with ms excel programming services for commerce west bank, organization:  commerce west bank, locations:  irvine, ca.

The client, Commerce West Bank, was looking for help in creating a set of new financial workbooks that could be used to run data at the corporate office in Irvine, CA. The workbooks required a series of custom Microsoft Excel workflows and formulas to ultimately improve efficiencies and quality of life for the employees at Commerce West Bank.

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case study on microsoft excel


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case study on microsoft excel



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Custom Microsoft Excel and Access Solutions for the Construction Industry

Our custom “ smarter microsoft solutions™ ” for the construction industry.

One of our long-term clients that works in the construction industry recently approached us for a new project. Like their other recent projects with us, this was to build a new Microsoft Excel file that would be fully automated, and also fully integrated with Microsoft Access. The purpose of the new Excel and Access solution was to allow their staff to quickly and accurately build estimates for quoted projects.

Typically when we build such systems we make them as point and click friendly as possible, using macros/vba to automate the tasks and to integrate the file with other Microsoft applications such as Outlook. The custom graphical user interface makes this a point and click system. Shave hours or days off of the time taken to do such work with these files.

We are the “ Smarter Microsoft Solutions™ ” Provider.

It is the caliber of our credentials that sets us apart from the majority of the competition; they just don’t have the chops we do, they have not been doing this long enough; they have no track record, our track record is 25 years of exceeding our clients expectations, hence the 5-Stars.

The Challenge:

The challenge is to fully understand every step the client takes when they work on a file. How much of that, if not all of that, can be automated. For instance, updating the monthly budget versus actuals can be accomplished with a single click of a command button on an Excel workbook. That will trigger all of the code that updates the file. It will even verify and distribute the files for you. The challenge is to automate and integrate as much as possible. That is where the client sees the benefits of the work.

Key Client Benefits:

The benefits are in terms of a significant reduction in labor cost, amount of time used to update files, and the increased accuracy. Pay once for the development, benefit each time that you use the file.

  • Do work that took days or hours down to seconds or minutes.
  • Increase the accuracy of the work.
  • Use this now free time to work on decision making versus data moving.

Examples of Microsoft Excel and Access Solutions for the Construction Industry:

The custom Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI solutions that we create are based on our exacting needs for the proper solution. We build systems that get the job done quickly and efficiently. We use both Microsoft Excel UserForms (See below) as well as Microsoft Access Forms .

  • From budgets, forecasts, actuals to month-end reporting and financial analysis.
  • Estimating labor, construction materials, financials, etc.
  • Create a custom graphical user interface using Microsoft Excel UserForms and/or Microsoft Access forms.
  • Create a custom Windows app that integrates Microsoft Excel, Access, and SQL Server.
  • Integrate any and all of the Microsoft Office applications, SQL Server, Azure, Power BI and .Net into one seamless application.
  • Integrate Excel with Word, Outlook, Power Point, etc, Windows and the Mac.
  • Use powerful Microsoft Power BI Dashboards for your top KPIs.
  • Integrate your Microsoft solutions with the web via Azure.
  • Build systems that anyone can use, even from a different department, via point and click.

The Reviews ( What our clients have to say ):

Over the years hundreds of firms have taken the time to write a review on our services. We take great pride in the work that we do, as we do with the firms that hire us. What they say matters; it tells our tale. a Google 5-Star Rating, there is none higher.

If your organization would like to receive Google Rated 5-Star Smarter Microsoft Solutions , dial 877-392-3539.

Call us now and get started today 877-392-3539

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How to use Excel Solver for Linear Programming: Solving Optimization Problems

  • Updated on December 20, 2023

basToday we’re going to explain an advanced feature of Microsoft Excel. Here’s a comprehensive guide on Excel Solver Linear Programming to solve optimization problems. Solver will help you solve linear and non-linear problems.

Let’s begin!

Table Of Content

1. What’s Excel Solver? 2. How to add Solver to Excel? 3. How to add Solver to Excel on my Mac? 4. Where’s Solver in Excel? 5. How to use Excel Solver for Optimization Problems? 6. What is Optimization and Linear Programming? 7. Real-Life Example 8. Final Words

1. What’s Excel Solver?

Excel Solver is a tool that you can add to Microsoft Excel. When you need to find the best answer for a problem with certain constraints, this is a powerful tool you can use.

Maths problems in Excel

It basically lets you make the most or least of a certain number (usually cost or profit) within a set of variables and limits . A lot of people in areas like finance, operations management, and engineering use Solver to do sensitivity analysis, linear programming , and nonlinear problem solving .

2. How to add Solver to Excel?

Firstly, let’s start with adding Solver to Excel. Solver is an add-in, so you probably do not see Solver tab on your main menu by default . If so please firstly add this useful optimization tool to your Excel workbook.

To add the Solver add-in to Excel:

#Step1: Open the Options dialog box

To get to the options menu, go t o File > Options

#Step2: Manage Add-ins

On the Excel Options dialog box, go to Add-ins > Manage Excel Add-ins and click Go.

How to manage add-ins in Excel

#Step3: Add the Solver Add-in to your Excel Workbook

Check the Solver Add-in box in the Add-Ins available box, and then hit OK.

Adding Solver to Excel

It will be installed by Excel and can be found in the “Data” tab, under the “Analysis” group.

Now you have this fantastic optimization tool on your workbook.

3. How to add Solver to Excel on my Mac?

If you’re a Mac user, the installation of Solver may be a little bit different than Windows layout.

To add Solver to Mac Excel:

  • Open the Excel app on your MacBook
  • In Excel, go to the “Tools” menu.
  • Click on “Add-ins for Excel.”
  • Check the box next to “Solver” in the list of Add-ins that you can use.

When you click “OK,” Excel will turn on the Solver add-in. Solver is now on the “Data” tab.

4. Where’s Solver in Excel?

Solver is in Excel’s “Data” ta b, which is part of the “Analysis” group. Once you’ve added Solver to Excel, click on “Solver” in the “Data” tab to get to it.

Make sure it’s turned on in the Excel Add-ins if you can’t see it.

where is solver in excel

Now you have set up your Excel Solver and know where it is. Let’s see how to use it!

5. How to use Excel Solver for Optimization Problems in Linear Programming?

So, before diving into a case study, we want to give a general idea about how to use Solver in Excel.

So first let’s meet the Solver concepts.

What are Solver Parameters in Excel?

In Excel, the Solver Parameters are:

  • Set Objective: Pick the cell you want to improve.
  • To: Pick whether to set the goal cell to a certain value, maximize, or minimize.
  • By Changing Variable Cells: These are the cells that the solver will change to reach the goal.
  • Subject to the Constraints: These are the rules or restrictions that the answer has to follow.
  • Choose a Way to Solve: You can pick Simplex LP for linear problems, GRG Nonlinear for nonlinear problems, or Evolutionary for problems whose answers aren’t clear or are close.

So while building your model, you should at least define your Objective, Variable Cells and Constraints.

Let’s build a very simple model now to see how the Solver works.

#Step1: Define your problem

Be sure that you clarify your objective, variables and constraints. Now let’s start Excel Solver Linear Programming simple case study.

Example Problem: We have two different products, with different units costs and unit prices. We have a total production capacity of 2.000 units. We want to find optimum production levels for each product to reach a net revenue of $6.000.

Excel Solver Simple Example

#Step2: Open your Solver window

Now we’ll first open our Solver window.

#Step3: Enter your objectives and variables

We’ll set objective and variables.

In this example our objective cell is the Net Revenue calculation cell. Then we’ll say that our objective cell should be $6.000.

And lastly, you’ll select the variable cells. In our example we select production levels for each product as variables.

Excel Solver Simple Example

#Step4: Add your constraints

We’ll now add our constraints using the parameters on Add Constraint window.

In our example, our only constraint is the production capacity. Our cell reference should not be more than 2.000 here.

Excel Solver Simple Example

#Step5: Choose your solving method

The Excel Solver gives you three different options to solve your problem.

We’ll not get into mathematical details here but they’re basically used for:

  • Generalized Reduced Gradient (GRG): For problems that are smooth nonlinear.
  • LP Simplex: For problems that are linear.
  • Evolutionary: For problems that are non-smooth.

That’s all!

Now Solver has solved this problem and give us the optimum production levels:

Excel Solver Simple Example

Now you can keep your Solver solution or Restore original values and return to Solver dialog box.

6. What is Optimization and Linear Programming?

A mathematical method called linear programming is used to find the best solution in a model where the links between the parts are linear.

It is the process of finding the best solution for a linear problem that is limited by a set of linear limits. In this case, optimization means either making the goal function bigger or smaller, like making the most money or cutting costs as much as possible.


7. Real-Life Example to solve optimization problem with Excel Solver

Now we’ll give you an real-life example to solve more complex problems. This is a more complex problem than a basic Excel Solver Linear Programming examples.

In this case study, one of our clients requested us to prepare a simulation in Excel in order to test their algorithm before investing in a more expensive software solution.

Let’s come back to our case study.

Case: We have a matching application, which matches people (women to men) according to their hobbies.

Problem: We have 50 women and 50 men in our portfolio and we know their values and hobbies. We want to make optimum matches in order to catch maximum happiness for all users.

Below is the visual presentation of our source data and result matching table. We’ll try to make this table with maximum happiness.

Optimization problems in excel

What’s critique on optimization modelling?

It’s easy to find a match for a single user with the maximum common points. But this will not guarantee the maximum happiness for all our user database.

So if we couple the highest matching score people to each other, then there might be left very noncompliant couple prospects left!

That’s to say, if a couple has 9 matches but the other couple has only 3 matches, that’s the ideal solution. We’ll prefer both couples taking at least 7 as a matching score.

Then we have two constraints:

  • We should maximize the average matching score across the group
  • We should have a minimum matching score of X

So what we have done?

We have first created a matching matrix, in which we can see the matching scores of all possible couples dynamically.

Excel optimization matrix

Then we have input a calculation area on the left side with very simple mathematical calculations:

Excel optimization problem solving wih solver

In order not to repeat this task each time, we also add a VBA code to automatize this process:

Excel Optimization VBA code

Now, we’ll try to go over the optimum levels for the two constraints explained above:


In Summary:

This tool basically:

  • Puts all users in the matrix
  • Calculates the matching scores dynamically.
  • Runs Solver to test the optimization for the best solution in the thousands of combinations
  • Then finds the most suitable solution for us and writes them to the final table.

Here’s the matching table view:


Our client here had very high-level developer team, and they made simulations based-on our model and tried to find the best algorithm for their application.

Isn’t Excel so impressive?

If you want to boost your Excel skills on functions, you should try our interactive Excel Formulas Trainer tool to practice your knowledge and speed on functions:

Excel Test - Interactive Excel Training with Questions - Template Screenshot Image 5 - Someka

– This is the main menu of Someka’s Excel Formulas Trainer Tool with 30 exercises in three levels –

8. Final Words for Excel Solver Linear Programming

As a conclusion, the Solver function in Microsoft Excel is a very flexible and strong device that can handle a lot of different optimization issues.

Being built into Excel makes Solver not only powerful but also easy to use for people who are already familiar with the Excel environment. This article gives a step-by-step guide on how to use Solver’s features, from setting up the problem to figuring out what the results mean.

So hope this Excel Solver Linear programming article with how-to steps and case studies will help you to design optimization models for your linear and nonlinear problems.

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Career Guide: Data Analyst

How to Randomize a List in Excel?: A Comprehensive Guide

10 Must Know Excel Tricks that Experts use Everyday!

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