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Equitable Assignment

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  1. Legal and Equitable Assignment

    equitable assignment trust

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    equitable assignment trust

  3. Declaration of Trust and Deed of Assignment Sample

    equitable assignment trust

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    equitable assignment trust

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    equitable assignment trust

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    equitable assignment trust



    conception of equitable assignment is that equitable assignment essentially involves the creation of a trust. Unless the case is brought within the statute, and a legal assignment effected, title never passes. The right of action remains with the assignor, and what the assignee acquires is a right against the assignor relating to that right of ...

  2. Equitable Assignment Law and Legal Definition

    An equitable assignment is such an assignment as gives an assignee a title which, though not cognizable at law, is recognized and protected in equity. It is in the nature of a declaration of trust, and is based on principles of natural justice and essential fairness, without regard to form. No particular form is necessary to constitute an ...

  3. Equitable Assignment

    Equitable Assignment. An assignment of an equitable chose in action, for example, a legacy or an interest in a trust fund may be assigned in equity and the assignee may sue in his or her own name. For a valid equitable assignment, there must be a contractual agreement, an intention to enter into such an agreement and consideration.