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Where to Purchase PowerPoint

PowerPoint software is used to create slideshows, and it’s part of the Microsoft Office Suite. You can buy it as part of the Office Suite or as a standalone product. It’s available for purchase directly from Microsoft, brick-and-mortar retailers or online shops.

Buying PowerPoint From Microsoft

If you’re interested in purchasing PowerPoint directly from Microsoft, go to the Microsoft PowerPoint web page and read through the description and terms. You can read the overview to make sure it’s what you want, the system requirements to make sure your device can handle running the program and reviews to see what other users think of the software program.

Free PowerPoint Templates

While you typically can’t find the PowerPoint program for free, you can find many different free PowerPoint templates to use when creating your presentations. Some marketing companies make free versions of templates for PowerPoint slides available, and you can also go directly to the Microsoft Office website to select free PowerPoint slide templates to use in your presentations.

Price Comparisons

You can sometimes get a better price on an Office subscription, which includes PowerPoint, by buying it from a reliable third-party retail store or website rather than by going directly to the Microsoft website to get it, according to TechRadar. This applies whether you’re in the market for Microsoft Office 365 or an older version of the software, such as Microsoft Office 2016.


One thing that’s changed about the Microsoft Office Suite of tools, such as PowerPoint and Word, is that it’s no longer on a disk you buy and install in your computer. It’s now a subscription-based program that you pay for on a yearly basis, though you may be able to arrange to make monthly payments if you buy directly from Microsoft. Prices are typically based on a one-year subscription for use on one device, according to TechRadar.

Office 365 Advantages

If you buy Microsoft Office 2016, you still pay for the software once, but there are also some advantages to buying the Office 365 program. The newest version comes with 1 TB of cloud storage called OneDrive. This provides a way to store a lot of data without filling up the hard drive in your computer or mobile device. You can also access your work from anywhere when it’s stored in the cloud. This is handy if you’re proofreading something at the last minute and need to make changes. For example, if you created an important presentation at home on your computer and caught an embarrassing typo while waiting to give your presentation, you can make quick changes from your mobile device.


how to make powerpoint online

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  • Add and format Article
  • Design a presentation Article
  • Give your presentation Article

how to make powerpoint online

Create and open

Create and open a presentation in powerpoint for the web.

Starting in PowerPoint for the web means your files are automatically saved in OneDrive. This lets you share the files with co-workers and start collaborating immediately. And when you need more functionality, you can work on the presentation together in the PowerPoint desktop app and all of your changes will be saved online.

To convert your Google Slides to PowerPoint, go to File > Download > Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx). Then open the file in PowerPoint. See more at Get started with Sheets .

Create, open, and name a presentation

Go to .

The app launcher icon in Office 365

Select New blank presentation , open a Recent file, or select one of the themes .

To name the presentation, select the title at the top and type a name.

If you need to rename the presentation, select the title and retype the name.

Create a presentation

Add a slide

Select the slide you want your new slide to follow.

Select Home > New Slide .

Select Layout and the you type want from the drop-down.

Slide Layouts in PowerPoint

When working in PowerPoint for the web, your work is saved every few seconds. You can select File > Save a Copy to create a duplicate copy in another location.

Or choose File > Download As to save a copy to your device.

Use Download a Copy to save the presentation to your computer

When you're online, AutoSave is always on and saves your changes as you work. If at any time you lose your Internet connection or turn it off, any pending changes will sync as soon as you’re back online.

The AutoSave Toggle in Office

Select Tell me what you want to do at the top of the screen.

Type what you want to do.

Select one of the search results.

Tell me

Need more help?

Want more options.

Explore subscription benefits, browse training courses, learn how to secure your device, and more.

how to make powerpoint online

Microsoft 365 subscription benefits

how to make powerpoint online

Microsoft 365 training

how to make powerpoint online

Microsoft security

how to make powerpoint online

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Communities help you ask and answer questions, give feedback, and hear from experts with rich knowledge.

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how to make powerpoint online

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how to make powerpoint online


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PowerPoint Online: How to Create an Online Presentation!

Create Presentations with PowerPoint Online

Since the launch of Office 365, Microsoft has been making a push to optimize its Office suite for remote work. With the free version of PowerPoint Online, you can easily create presentations and share them with your audience.In this article, we’ll show you what features, advantages and disadvantages you can expect with PowerPoint Online.

This is PowerPoint Online

Logo PPT

PowerPoint users typically turn to the classic program installed on their computer’s. But did you know there’s also an online version of the world’s most popular presentation software? Welcome to PowerPoint Online .

Although it doesn’t have some of the familiar tools from the desktop version (see Desktop version vs. PowerPoint Online: Advantages and disadvantages ), the online version offers plenty of features to create professional presentations .

Since 2010, Microsoft has been offering its well-known Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.) as free online versions. All you need is a web browser (see PowerPoint Online requirements ). The data processing of the web app runs via a Microsoft web server. Your data is also stored online in the Microsoft cloud (OneDrive).

PowerPoint Online: Where to find it

PowerPoint Online and the web app are free services. You can’t download the web app itself – a Microsoft server collects your data. But you can download your created presentation slides and save them on your PC.

Here you can find the link to PowerPoint Online version. Log in with your Microsoft ID and select PowerPoint. If you decide to use the web app, you can find it here .

If you don’t have a Microsoft account yet, create a free account and log into PowerPoint online here .

PowerPoint Online requirements

PowerPoint Online is straightforward and doesn’t involve any complicated requirements . All you need is:

  • Internet access
  • A web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari, etc.)
  • A Microsoft ID to log in (you can find this in your Office program on your PC if you use Office programs)
  • Enough OneDrive storage space, the cloud where your presentations will be stored (You get free OneDrive storage with your Microsoft ID)

PowerPoint Online requires you to register (log in) first . The login guarantees that your presentations will be saved on the web server be available the next time you need them.

The advantages of using PowerPoint Online

Does PowerPoint Online work the same way as the full version of PowerPoint on your PC? PowerPoint Online’s features are extensive and more than enough to create a professional presentation .

There are features you’ll have to do without in the online version. This is because some of them are technically not feasible online . To enjoy all of PowerPoint’s features, you’ll have to use the paid PC version.

We’ve compiled the most important advantages and disadvantages of PowerPoint Online for you here:

How to create a presentation with PowerPoint Online

1. Open your web browser and go to PowerPoint Online (link provided above). Log in with your Microsoft ID.

2. You now have the choice to (a) continue editing an existing presentation, (b) create a new presentation, or (c) open a presentation from an external storage device .

a. Presentations that have already been created are displayed at the bottom center of the home page.

b. For a new presentation, go to New > Blank Presentation or select one of the suggested templates. c. Presentations saved on external storage devices (e.g., USB stick) can be uploaded, opened and edited by clicking Upload a Presentation .

PowerPoint Online

3. To (re)name your presentation, select the presentation name box at the top and enter the desired name.

PowerPoint Online

4. Now you can create and edit your presentation as usual using the various buttons (new slides, layouts, designs, content, animations, transitions, etc.).

5. The program automatically saves your progress to OneDrive, provided your internet connection is up and running . If you lose your internet connection, the program will synchronize when you reconnect .

6. Would you like to download your presentation or save it to an external device ? Then click File and select Save As . You can also save it as a PDF or print it under File .

PowerPoint Online

7. To show your finished presentation to an audience, select the Slide Show Presentation tab.

You can find a video tutorial here .

Alternatives to PowerPoint Online

Microsoft is just one of several companies that offer online solutions for presentations. Below, we’ve summarized the most important applications and their advantages and disadvantages.

Online presentations with Google Slides

PowerPoint Online

Google offers a free alternative to PowerPoint for presentations: Google Slides. Like Microsoft, you only need a Google account to use the program. While Google Slides doesn’t offer as many features for effects and visual tweaks, you can create diagrams and edit the slide master. This allows you to easily create business presentations as well.

Collaborative work is easy with Google Slides. With just one click, you can share presentations via email or a link. You decide whether others can see, comment or edit your presentation. Just like in PowerPoint 365, it’s possible to work on the same presentation at the same time. No matter where you are, you can create your presentations online, share and access them anywhere – completely free of charge.

Google Slides lets you open and edit PowerPoint presentations . You can add Google Slides add-ons that include additional features, such as special charts, templates and much more. But be aware : these add-ons are created by third parties and some of them require payment.

To use of Google Slides in larger teams, Google offers a business option and G Suite Essentials . These don’t modify the program itself nor unlock any additional features. What they do offer are increased security features and team collaboration options. Google Business customers are given wide-ranging features for sharing. You decide who can download presentations, print them and see comments. Google is currently offering the business service G Suite as a free trial.

Click here to go to Google Slides.

Microsoft Sway

PowerPoint Online

Microsoft Sway is a web application for creating professional presentations . Microsoft Sway has only been around since 2017 and represents a new approach to presentations: presentations are no longer based on pages (slides), as with PowerPoint Online, but can be scrolled through horizontally, like an eBook, or vertically, like a website.

Click here to go to Microsoft Sway.

Present Online with Prezi

PowerPoint Online

Prezi is another online presentation software provider. What makes Prezi unique is that it doesn’t use slide sets. Instead, all the slides are part of a single, large slide that you navigate during the presentation.

Like Google Slides, Prezi is primarily marketed as an online service ; offline versions of presentations are only available as part of a subscription plan. You can create presentations online via Prezi and also share them via a link. Up to ten people can work on a slide at the same time and you can see who’s working on what in an overview window. Prezi allows you to control presentations remotely – if someone starts a presentation, you can guide them through it from wherever you are. This is especially handy when international teams are presenting a topic together. It also means that any cell phone can be used as a remote control, making you completely independent of on-site technical capabilities.

Click here for Prezi.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express for PowerPoint Online

Adobe Express lets you create presentations for free – no design skills required . Adobe uses a presentation generator with design tools to create professional charts and presentations . In addition to pre-designed layouts, you can add videos and media to your slides and choose from templates with free images, video clips and icons.

Click here for more information about Adobe Express.

More online presentation options

There are plenty of options for creating presentations online. Sites like Zoho , Visme , Pitch and Slides all provide similar features to PowerPoint Online, Google Slides and Prezi.

PowerPoint stands out from the rest as the software that can be used completely and reliably offline. You can work on or present your presentations without an internet connection. You never know when you may need that option.

Pro tip: collaborate online

Finally, we’d like to mention a few applications that are designed to make online collaboration easier. Work is becoming more and more mobile and teams more international, increasing the demand for such solutions. These programs are also a great solution for small and medium-sized companies that operate domestically. Teamwork and effective knowledge exchange are important for every company!

Microsoft Teams

PowerPoint Online

Microsoft Teams is a chat platform in Office 365 that is designed to facilitate and improve collaboration and communication . Messages can be sent to individual users, groups and team members. The real-time exchange makes communication that much more efficient. In addition to chat, Microsoft Teams offers a wide range of video and audio communication options .

Appointments with external parties and even entire webinars can be set up with Microsoft Teams. The program is ideal for improving collaboration between small and medium-sized teams and increasing efficiency in group work. Larger companies may find that collaborating online presents a logistical challenge. Teams has gradually developed into a robust solution for them as well.

Click here for Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft SharePoint

PowerPoint Online

SharePoint is another web-based document management and collaboration platform developed by Microsoft. The program is geared towards large groups or companies that need a solid data sharing structure . SharePoint is excellent for storing data and documents and editing them together in real-time.

SharePoint 365, a cloud-enabled version of SharePoint, was introduced with the launch of Office 365. It augments the Office 365 applications and simplifies data sharing for collaboration . Depending on your needs, both Microsoft Teams and SharePoint are great tools for networked, team collaboration. You can also use these platforms to simplify both short and long-term collaboration.

Click here for Microsoft SharePoint.

Design high-quality presentations quickly and easily with PowerPoint Online!

PowerPoint Online offers users a free alternative to the fee-based, full version for PC. The online version allows you to create professional presentations and access many PowerPoint features. PowerPoint Online offers many advantages (e.g., automatic saving), but a few limitations as well . PowerPoint Online is nevertheless a viable solution for the average user.

With its straightforward user interface , presentations can be created quickly. Thanks to the Slide Show option, you can share your presentations and be ready for remote business meetings that are becoming commonplace in 2022.

For more ways to share your presentations live and online, check out this blog post .

Do you have questions about PowerPoint Online or general questions about PowerPoint? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] We’ll be happy to help you! Are you looking for professionally designed templates for your presentation ? Feel free to take a look around our online shop . You’ll find modern and up-to-date templates for a wide range of topics and business areas.

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  • Online presentations
  • Virtual presentations
  • PowerPoint Presenter View

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how to make powerpoint online

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Create Presentations with PowerPoint

The official app

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Free Microsoft PowerPoint Online for Presentations

Good presentations contain informative and valid information. It does not matter if you are making a presentation for your school assignment or office task, the data it contains plays a vital role. After useful data, the second most important thing which matters is the way you present your data to your audience. It is always recommended to create your presentations with a powerful tool that contains maximum features to make amazing presentations. Luckily Powerpoint Online developed by OffiDocs offers all useful features to create an informative presentation. As compared to all other softwares, PowerPoint presents data in most professional way.

There are various types of presentations such as informative, instructional arousing, persuasive, decision-making, etc. For each type of presentation, you need a specific template. There are a number of PowerPoint templates available on OffiDocs which you can use for free according to your requirement. Our software offers all the features which latest version of PowerPoint contains.

PowerPoint Online Features

There are multiple features that our online software offers. Some of the important features are mentioned below:

1. File: You can open or save your file directly with Google Drive. Once you have finished creating your presentation, download powerpoint files in any available format (.pdf, .ppt, pptx, .odp).

2. Edit: Basic editing is always required for PowerPoint presentations. You can copy, paste, undo, redo, select all, cut, repair, find & replace with OffiDocs Powerpoint Online.

3. View: Some people like to work on full screen. In this online software, you have full access to work on full-screen mode. It also offers zoom-In, zoom-Out, and reset options.

4. Insert: Presentations require images and videos to keep it attractive. You can add your required visual content in presentation to keep it interesting. Insert option also allows to add hyperlinks, charts, comments and special characters within presentation.

5. Format: If you want to add any objects and shapes in presentation, you can do it with format option.

6. Slide: With slide you can, add, delete or duplicate slides which makes it easy to edit data on the slides

7. Tools: With tool option, spell checker can be turned on. There won’t be any spelling mistake if spell checker would be turned on.

8. Help: Under help option you would find keyword shortcuts which you can use to speed up your overall task.

10/20/30 Rule in Presentation

The 10/20/30 rule in PowerPoint is very interesting. This rule suggests, do not use more than 10 slides in a presentation. The presentation should not take more than 20 minutes. Lastly, font should not be less than 30.

YouTube Tutorial

Here is a short tutorial related to PowerPoint Online by OffiDocs team. Watch this tutorial if you have any confusion that how to use the software online for free. This tutorial will guide you to use the software online to make amazing presentations.

Supported Formats

Format supported is the standard .odp but OffiPPT can also open some formats among the list depicted in the LibreOffice official documentation:

- Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP (.ppt)

- Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx)

- LibreOffice ODF presentation (.odp)

- OpenOffice ODF presentation (.odp)

Additional Advantages

Creating presentation was never easy but PowerPoint makes it like a piece of cake. We highly recommend to use our free tool to create professional presentations without downloading any complex software. You can create informative and interactive presentations within half an hour or less with the help of PowerPoint Online.

SlideShare Presentation

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The PowerPoint Online Guide: How to Make and Present Slideshows Anywhere

powerpoint-online-guide primary img

Over the past thirty years, PowerPoint has become synonymous with presentations. Give a speech, present a new product, share finances in a board meeting—all are typically done with a PowerPoint presentation. That’s easy enough if you’re presenting from your laptop and have Microsoft Office installed.

Or it can be far more difficult. You might need to email your slide deck to the event organizer—and hope they have the same version of PowerPoint installed. Or you may carry your PowerPoint file around on a flash drive to open it on the presentation computer. Neither are great solutions, especially for all the times you need to make a last-minute change to your slides or if you don’t typically use Microsoft Office.

A Quick Guide to Office Online

Office Online

It starts with Office Online . Launched in 2010 as Office Web Apps , Office Online today includes simplified, free versions of Microsoft Office’s most popular apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

If you’ve ever used the iPad or Android tablet versions of Office, Office Online will feel instantly familiar. The basics are the same. Each Office Online app includes an Office-style toolbar with Home , Insert , Design , and other tabs to organize core editing tools. Office Online apps don’t include all of their Windows features. They include instead a focused set of editing tools that, for most documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, are all you need.

The big difference is that the apps are online. Instead of emailing files back and forth, or syncing changes via OneDrive or Dropbox then sending messages to colleagues when something’s finished, changes happen automatically in Office Online. Your team can open files at the same time, make changes or add comments, and Office will save and sync it to all your OneDrive accounts automatically. Office Online apps also work everywhere. Open any browser, go to, and your work is ready to pick up where you left off.

Office Online is free for personal use—log into with a Microsoft account and fill up OneDrive’s free 5GB of storage with all your Office files. A business version is included with Office 365 for business and enterprise accounts as well.

The basics are the same. If you’ve used PowerPoint before, you’ll feel at home in PowerPoint online. Here are the things to keep in mind, the tips to help you work efficiently in your browser, and ways to work around Office Online’s limitations.

For your number crunching needs, check our Excel Online Guide to learn everything you need about Microsoft’s free Excel.

A Quick PowerPoint Online Tour

PowerPoint Template

Ready to make a new presentation? Open PowerPoint Online at , and sign in with your Microsoft account (including, Xbox Live, and Office 365 accounts). You’ll then see the Office template picker with many of the presentation templates from desktop PowerPoint—with your recently opened presentations on the left sidebar.

PowerPoint Online Editor

Select a template or open an existing presentation to open it in PowerPoint Online. With a similar design to recent versions of PowerPoint for Mac and Windows, you’ll find the core text and design tools on the main Home tab, options to add images and embedded videos and tables in the Insert tab, slide and template options in the Design tab, animations in the Transitions and Animations tab, and so on. If you can’t find the feature you need, type what you need in the Tell me what you want to do box to search through PowerPoint’s features and documentation.

Need to edit a picture or tweak a SmartArt graph? Select it, and a new Format tab will appear with additional tools as in desktop PowerPoint.

PowerPoint in-line editor

You may not need to look through the toolbars for tools, though. Select text in a slide and PowerPoint shows quick formatting options in a pop-over to change the font, color, and more. Or right-click on most other elements to find their quick editing options. You can then double-click on the toolbar to hide it and increase your workspace, if you’d like, relying on the popover tools to work faster.

Add a new slide: Ctrl + M or CMD + M

Move slides up or down: Ctrl + arrow or CMD + arrow

Add a comment: Alt + N

Go to next slide in Slideshow view: N

Go to previous slide in Slideshow view: P

Go to a specific slide in Slideshow view: G , then type slide number

Exit Slideshow view: Esc

Check Microsoft PowerPoint Online keyboard shortcut list for more details.

How to Add Presentations to PowerPoint Online

PowerPoint Online Dropbox

PowerPoint Online is part of Microsoft’s OneDrive file storage. Open a PowerPoint file in OneDrive, and it’ll first show a preview with the option to edit it online.

But surprisingly, PowerPoint Online also works with Dropbox. That gives you another way to open your presentations online. You can save your presentations to either OneDrive or Dropbox, and then when you open PowerPoint Online, you can search through your presentations from both services. Either way, any change you make will automatically be saved to the original file.

The Dropbox integration only works for newer .pptx files. To open .ppt files, download them first, then upload them to PowerPoint Online or OneDrive. When you open them there, PowerPoint will automatically make a copy then convert the presentation to the new format so you can edit it online.

Or, if you have a PowerPoint file on your computer, open PowerPoint Online first, click the Upload a Presentation button, then select your presentation to upload it to OneDrive and open it for editing in PowerPoint Online at the same time.

How to Collaborate on PowerPoint Presentations

Share PowerPoint Online presentation

Want someone else to proofread your slides, or add their research to a team presentation? That’s easy in PowerPoint Online. From your presentation, click the Share button in the top right toolbar.

The default option is to email an invite link along with a message to your collaborators. You can choose to make the presentation editable or view only and can require a Microsoft account or not.

PowerPoint see collaborators

Or, you can copy a share link to send to anyone or share publicly online if you’d like. Select the Get a link tab to copy a link to your presentation—again, as a view-only presentation or with permission to edit. Here, if you make an editing link, anyone can tweak the presentation without signing into an account.

PowerPoint Online will show an icon beside the slide your collaborator is currently editing and will mark the section they’re working on in the same color. You can’t see the exact changes they make while they’re editing—changes take a few seconds to sync—so it’s best not to edit the same slide others are editing at the same time.

Want to chat with your collaborators? As long as everyone has a Skype account, you can open a Skype sidebar and talk with them in your PowerPoint presentation.

What’s Not In PowerPoint Online?

PowerPoint Online Fonts

The core editing features are all here. You can add and edit text, photos, shapes, and SmartArt in PowerPoint online, add core transitions and animations to slides and elements, and present your presentation all from PowerPoint Online.

One of the main differences from PowerPoint’s desktop apps are the embedding options. In desktop versions of PowerPoint, you can embed video and audio from your computer, along with data from other Office apps and macros. In PowerPoint Online, you can embed online videos from YouTube—along with graphs and data from PowerBI and other add-ins in the Office Add-ins pane.

Animations are also more limited in PowerPoint Online. It includes only eight transitions, including Fade and Push , with animations that don’t require graphics acceleration. If you add a presentation that uses other animations from PowerPoint for Windows or Mac, you’ll need to select others or present without animations.

Fonts are another core difference. PowerPoint Online includes 18 fonts, including Arial, Comic Sans, Courier New, Garamond, Georgia, Rockwell, Tahoma, Times New Roman, and Verdana. You can’t install 3rd party fonts or choose fonts you have installed on your computer.

So, to make sure your PowerPoint presentations look great everywhere, stick with the fonts included with PowerPoint Online. That’s easy as they’re the only options in PowerPoint Online, but if you use another PowerPoint app, try using the Web fonts as they’re mainly fonts that work everywhere.

If you upload a presentation that uses a font not included in PowerPoint Online, you can still view the text in the correct font in PowerPoint Online on your computer or another computer with that font installed. If you don’t have the font installed, PowerPoint Online will replace that font with another similar font.

Beyond that, though, PowerPoint Online is surprisingly full-featured. It includes everything you need for making and showing presentations online—as long as you don’t need to use custom fonts, embed non-YouTube videos, or build advanced animations.

How to Present PowerPoint Presentations From Your Browser

Start presenting in PowerPoint Online

Once you’ve finished creating your presentation, it’s time to present it. That’s as easy in PowerPoint Online as in the desktop apps. You can start the slideshow from the slide you’re currently editing via the Slide View button in the lower right-hand corner. Or, click the View tab and select to start the slideshow from the beginning or current slide.

PowerPoint full-screen controls

PowerPoint Online will switch your browser to a full-screen preview mode. Click anywhere on the screen to go to the next slide, or tap your right and left arrows on your keyboard to navigate between slides. When finished, click again at the end of the presentation or press the Esc key to exit the slideshow and switch back to the windowed editor mode.

PowerPoint also includes controls on the lower left of the slideshow view, along with options in the right-click menu to switch slides or jump to a specific slide.

Slide Notes in PowerPoint Online

PowerPoint Online doesn’t include presenter view to show lecture notes on one screen while presenting your presentation on another—but there’s a workaround. While you’re giving your presentation full-screen, your browser with the original PowerPoint Online tab won’t show your slide content (Chrome hides the original window; Safari shows a Exit Full Screen placeholder). Instead, you can open a new tab or window and open your presentation there as well.

When you switch slides, move your mouse to your projection screen and click to advance—then move your mouse back to your laptop’s screen and select the next slide in your other PowerPoint Online window. Another option is to open your presentation in PowerPoint’s mobile apps and use your phone or tablet to view lecture notes while presenting from your laptop.

How to Convert PowerPoint Presentations Online

convert file to pptx in PowerPoint Online

PowerPoint Online—unlike PowerPoint for Windows or Mac—can only open .pptx presentation files made with a newer version of PowerPoint. If you open an older .ppt file or a .odp presentation from another app, PowerPoint Online can convert the file to .pptx on the fly so you can edit the presentation.

But once you’ve opened the presentation, you can export it in 3 formats: PowerPoint, ODP (used with OpenOffice), or PDF. Click the File tab in the toolbar to open the core PowerPoint menu, select Download As , then choose the file format you want. PowerPoint Online will convert your presentation and save it to your computer so that you can share the original file with others.

The best option is to share the PowerPoint presentation directly in PowerPoint Online—but when you need a traditional presentation file, that’s a handy way to get it.

How to Save All Your Presentations to PowerPoint Online

Zapier Gmail presentation

There’s one trick to make PowerPoint Online the presentation app that’s always ready when you need it is: Save all your presentations to OneDrive or Dropbox. That way, whenever you need to present something, it’ll be a few clicks away inside PowerPoint Online.

If you already use OneDrive or Dropbox to sync your files, you’re halfway there. Save every new presentation there, every time. Whenever someone sends you a presentation, save it there also.

App automation tool Zapier can do that for you automatically. One of the most common ways to share presentations is through email—so Zapier can watch your Gmail or IMAP-powered email account for new presentation files. With Gmail, you can include a search to watch for presentation files. Use has:presentation to watch for any presentation—though note that this will also include Google Slides presentations which won’t work with PowerPoint Online. Or, use filename:pptx OR filename:ppt to watch for all PowerPoint attachments.

With IMAP email—or any other app where colleagues may send you presentations— add a Filter step to your Zap to watch the filename for .pptx or .ppt extensions.

Zapier copy file to OneDrive

Then, Zapier can save the presentation file to online storage to open and edit it in PowerPoint Online. The simplest is OneDrive since it’s PowerPoint Online’s core storage, though you could use Dropbox instead as it only takes a few extra clicks to open your presentations there.

You can save the presentation in any folder, and add a customized file name if you’d like. Then select the attachment from Gmail or your IMAP email and have Zapier copy that file to OneDrive or Dropbox. Next time you need to present something someone emailed you, don’t open your email app—instead, open PowerPoint Online and open the presentation there directly.

Ready to save any presentation you get emailed to PowerPoint Online? These Zaps will help you get started in a few clicks—remember to set up your search or filter to watch only for PowerPoint files:

Save new Gmail attachments to OneDrive

Gmail logo

Save new email attachments to OneDrive

Email by Zapier logo

Save new attachments in Gmail to Dropbox

Dropbox logo

Back up new IMAP email attachments to Dropbox

IMAP by Zapier logo

That’s PowerPoint Online. It’s a handy way to tweak and present your presentation, even if you don’t have a copy of PowerPoint installed. And it just might be the new presentation app you need for a more focused, free way to make presentations anywhere.

Need more presentation tips and tools? Check out these other Zapier guides:

Want a different presentation app? Check out our roundup of the best PowerPoint alternatives for a dozen new ways to present your ideas.

Can’t figure out what to say? Here are tips to make every word count and nail your next presentation .

Once you’ve made a slide deck, here are the best ways to share your presentation online .

Then, get ready to present it with these 5 tips to overcome the fear of public speaking .

Auditorium photo by Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash .

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