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autobiography books of famous persons

List of all Autobiographies of Famous people : 

Questions on Autobiographies and their authors can be expected in the Gk section of MBA exams like IIFT, XAT, CMAT, etc. Along with the recent releases, students are also expected to know the books and authors of famous autobiographies written over time. So, here we have a list of famous autobiographies that will be useful for your MBA exam GK preparations.

autobiography books of famous persons

A detailed list of all autobiographies of Famous personalities:

Recent autobiographies (2021 – 2022).

Note: We will keep updating this list for the entire year (2020).

Autobiographies of Presidents & Prime Ministers

Autobiographies of famous politicians:, autobiographies of historical figures:, autobiographies of judges:, autobiographies of activists, autobiographies of sportsmen and athletes, autobiographies of writers:, autobiographies of film makers:.

We hope you found this article on the list of famous autobiographies useful. The current list will be updated by us routinely so do keep checking out the blog for current updates that could come in this year's exam. Happy Learning! Also read: List of National parks in India

autobiography books of famous persons

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autobiography books of famous persons

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14 celebrity autobiography books you won't want to put down

The must-read celebrity memoirs for 2023.

Celebrity autobiographies

While we love a novel, there's nothing quite like getting stuck into a candid celebrity memoir that reveals the real person behind the persona. From tragic childhood stories to turbulent relationships and their journeys to success, they're sometimes funny, often relatable, and almost always inspire us in some way.

Whether you're interested in the lives of royals like Prince Harry , US celebrities like Britney Spears and Matthew Perry , or  British TV stars like Holly Willoughby , we've found something for everyone.

Trending celebrity autobiographies at a glance

  • Britney Spears - The Woman In Me
  • Matthew Perry - Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing
  • Prince Harry - Spare
  • Jada Pinkett Smith - Worthy
  • Michelle Obama - Becoming

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How we chose the best celebrity autobiographies.

  • Bestsellers: All of the celebrity memoirs in this edit have been bestsellers on Amazon and many are Amazon Editor's Picks.
  • Trending: We've included all of the most talked about celebrity autobiographies right now.
  • Reading & listening options:  Each book is available in a range of forms, from paperback to Kindle and Audible.

The best celebrity autobiographies to read now

Scroll on for 14 of the best celebrity memoirs that deserve a place on your bookshelf.

Britney book

Britney Spears, The Woman In Me

Britney 's highly-anticipated memoir was released on 24 October, and she's finally speaking in her own words about her heartbreaking personal struggles, from her relationships - most notably with Justin Timberlake - her exploitation by the media, and the conservatorship that ruled her life for 13 years.

Matthew Perry book

Matthew Perry, Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing

Friends star Matthew Perry released his memoir last year, less than 12 months before he tragically died in October 2023. It was an instant New York Times bestseller thanks to his very candid account of his addictions, and revelations about what it was really like behind the scenes on one of the biggest TV shows of all time.

spare prince harry book

Prince Harry, Spare

Released in January, Prince Harry's debut book was already a bestseller on pre-orders alone. The candid memoir details his life including the death of his mother Princess Diana and meeting his now wife Meghan Markle . All proceeds from the book go to British charities.

pamela anderson memoir

Pamela Anderson, Love, Pamela

Following 2022's explosive Pam & Tommy mini-series, Pamela Anderson  set the record straight in her own words with her first memoir. Alternating between storytelling and her own poetry, she reveals all from her childhood to her relationships and life in the Playboy Mansion.

paris the memoir

Paris Hilton, Paris: The Memoir

We all know Paris Hilton as a 00s icon - LA's most famous heiress and star of the reality show  The Simple Life,  but as we've since discovered, there's so much more to Hollywood's original It-girl. In her first memoir, Paris details what it was really like for her growing up, from being kidnapped to attend an ‘emotional growth' boarding school and the abuse she suffered there, to how she grew her global empire.

michelle obama becoming

Michelle Obama, Becoming

If you're looking for a truly inspirational read, try  Michelle Obama 's award-winning memoir,  Becoming . Published in 2018 to critical acclaim, it's a deeply personal account of her life growing up in Chicago, her university days and her time spent serving as First Lady of the United States.

Jada Pinkett Smith Worthy Book

Jada Pinkett Smith, Worthy

Actress, singer-songwriter and host of the viral Red Table Talk , Jada Pinkett Smith 's autobiography is as honest and vulnerable as you'd expect. She writes candidly about her childhood in Baltimore, turbulent teen years and unconventional relationship with Will Smith, never shying away from revealing her insecurities or past mistakes.

Reese Witherspoon memoir

Reese Witherspoon, Whiskey in a Teacup

Reese Witherspoon pays homage to her southern heritage in this part memoir part lifestyle guide. It's a collection of personal stories, beauty hacks and party hosting tips, with some of her grandmother Dorothea's best recipes thrown in for good measure.


Matthew McConaughey, Greenlights

Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey released Greenlights  as   an honest account of the lessons he's learnt in life. From his tough childhood in Texas to his pursuit of acting, through his old diaries he writes about his failures and successes and what he's taken from them.

trevor noah born a crime

Trevor Noah, Born a Crime

Trevor Noah’s bestselling memoir tells the story of his path from apartheid South Africa to the desk of The Daily Show . Born to a white Swiss father and a black Xhosa mother, which was at the time punishable by five years in prison, he was mostly kept hidden for the earliest years of his life. Finally liberated by the end of South Africa’s white rule, Trevor went on to fully embrace the opportunities won by a centuries-long struggle to become the star he is today.

Will Smith book

Will Smith, Will

From rap star to A-list Hollywood actor, Will Smith has seen decades of success. Now, with the help of bestselling author Mark Manson, he's written his memoir, which also offers wisdom on how to overcome life's difficulties.

priyanka chopra unfinished

Priyanka Chopra, Unfinished

From growing up in India to winning the global beauty pageants that launched her acting career and becoming one of the most famous women in the world,  Priyanka 's memoir has a lot to pack in. It's honest, funny and a real eye-opener.

reflections final book cover

Holly Willoughby, Reflections

Holly Willoughby's autobiography book explores how to navigate emotionally challenging situations, from body image to burnout, and how to treat yourself with kindness. The TV Star said she's "sharing her truths" and reveals what works for her when life gets tricky. 

vanity fair diaries tina brown

Tina Brown, The Vanity Fair Diaries

If you're interested in celebrity culture and what goes on behind the scenes at a glossy magazine, you'll love this memoir by former  Vanity Fair  editor-in-chief ,  Tina Brown. Based on her personal diaries, she shares everything that went down in New York and Hollywood in the 80s and it's seriously juicy.

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70 Books by Celebrities That Are Worth Adding to Your Reading List

Presenting: the moving memoirs and juicy tell-alls you’ll devour this year.

book covers including viola davis finding me, stanley tucci, jessica williams, cecily strong, and seth rogan

Most celebrity books are at least part memoir, so you get an authentic behind-the-scenes look at their life, from their upbringing to the challenges they’ve faced to get where they are today. And some of them, like those written by former Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants or Real Housewives, lift the curtain on what *really* goes down on the sets of your favorite reality TV shows. Some will make you laugh, others will make you cry, and they’ll all show you something you didn’t know about your favorite star. Since there are so many out there to choose from, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up 70 of the best books by celebrities worth adding to your reading list now.

Britney Spears, The Woman in Me

At long last, the word of God (read: Britney) is here. Announced in 2021 following the end of the pop icon's vulturous conservatorship, The Woman in Me fills in the blanks of Britney's life, allowing her to speak her truth for the first time in her life. The book tackles all things family, fame and celebrity, and the wicked industry of conservatorship.

Matthew Perry, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir

Matthew Perry's 2022 addiction memoir, F riends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing , is a must read for both Friends fanatics and recovering addicts.

Elliot Page, Pageboy: A Memoir

Intimate and deeply revealing, Elliot Page's memoir Pageboy unpacks the actor's experience with gender identity, body image, romance, and coming out on a national stage.

Julia Fox, Down the Drain

Snag this one out of respect for pop culture history, or snag this one for a coffee table book. Julia Fox's hotly anticipated memoir recounts her life as a cultural juggernaut — a title that fit the icon long before she ever encountered fame. In Down the Drain , Fox recounts her youth in New York City, her harrowing party years, and even her stint as Kanye West's muse.

Selma Blair, Mean Baby: A Memoir of Growing Up

In her 2022 book, actress Selma Blair (Vivian Kensington to those who respect art) recounts her life and her diagnosis with multiple sclerosis in Mean Baby . It's hilarious and heartbreaking — a true must read.

Pamela Anderson, Love, Pamela: A Memoir of Prose, Poetry, and Truth

Following the resurgence of Pamela Anderson as a pop culture figure, the star finally told her story, with her own voice. Ditch Pam and Tommy , and pick up a book. This book. Anderson's memoir features stories from her life, as well as original poetry that gives readers and fans a look into the heart and mind of the famous former model.

Kerry Washington, Thicker than Water: A Memoir

A look inside the life of an actress, an activist, and a mother, Kerry Washington's Thicker Than Water does the impossible — letting fans into the inner world and personal history of one of Hollywood's most private A-listers.

Paris Hilton, Paris: The Memoir

Paris: The Memoir is one part Paris Hilton autobiography, and one part cultural analysis, from the woman who defined culture in the early aughts. Upon release, the book climbed the bestsellers list and sparked an adaptation bidding war. Everyone's favorite production company, A24, snagged the rights to the book and will be developed a television series based on Hilton's words.

Jada Pinkett Smith, Worthy

Worthy is the history of Jada Pinkett Smith, from the early years, to A-list fame, to her resurgence as a thought starter with her series Red Table Talk . Her memoir is as educational and inspiring as it is informative, in a way that only she can do.

Jeanette McCurdy, I'm Glad My Mom Died

When I tell you this is one of the best books I've read in a long time, I mean it. Even if you're not familiar with Jennette McCurdy and her Nickelodeon child star fame, this memoir is still an insightful, beautifully (and at times, hilariously) written book about her experience growing up with an abusive parent who forced her into acting, relied on her to provide for their family from a very young age, and even encouraged her eating disorder. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The book explores Jeanette coming to terms with the fact that her mom had, in fact, abused her, and the relief that her death ultimately brought.

Michelle Obama, The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times

Michelle Obama could publish a dishwasher manual and I'd probably still read it, but thankfully her newest book is far from that. In fact, it's a must-read. In it, she shares some amazing lil' nuggets of wisdom on how to stay hopeful and feel balanced in today's...shall we say...chaotic dumpster fire of a world. And we could all use that right about now.

Constance Wu, Making a Scene

In Making a Scene , Constance Wu details her early life and rise to fame, letting readers in on the nitty gritty from soul crushing auditions to network television complexities.

Emily Ratajkowski, My Body

In this book, model, actress, and activist Emily Ratajkowski weaves together her own experiences navigating complicated and occasionally sexually abusive environments with broader messages about feminism, sexuality, power, and gender.

Dutton Drew Barrymore, Wildflower

If you don't already love Drew Barrymore (because who doesn't at this point??) then you will after reading her book. And let me just say, whatever your feelings might be on nepo babies may be, there's no denying that being one makes for some great stories, and Drew's book is filled with them, from funny encounters to challenging experiences.

Prince Harry, Spare

If you didn't have "learning about Prince Harry's sex life " on your 2023 bingo card, that's okay, neither did I! But his new books talks about that and so much more, so if you want all the intel on royal family drama , this is a must read.

Three Rivers Press Mindy Kaling, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

Mindy wrote such a smart, funny, and 100 percent her memoir, and this book tells some very honest stories about her journey from being a rule-following child of immigrant parents to starting fights in Hollywood writers' rooms.

Pamela Anderson, Love, Pamela

When you think of the classic blonde bombshell, Pamela Anderson comes to mind. And although she was amazingly successful as a Playboy model (she still holds the record for the most covers ever!) Pamela's career is so wide ranging and, as she explains in the book, the image people have of her was never exactly her.

Issa Rae, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

If you love Issa Rae ’s Insecure (if you've never watched, get going!), you’ll want to check out her collection of essays. They’re full of terribly uncomfortable situations that’ll have you shouting into the page, "BEEN THERE!" That is, if you can stop laughing long enough to do so.

St. Martin's Griffin Elton John, Me

Elton John has been a mega star for, oh IDK, forever? But he only just put out his first-ever autobiography in 2020, and let me tell ya, it was worth the wait. It's a truly fascinating book that takes you from his childhood (when he was known as Reginald Dwight) to getting his start in music, his friendship with Princess Diana, his struggles with drug addiction, and how he eventually found love.

Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, The Office BFFs: Tales of The Office from Two Best Friends Who Were There

Where my Office fans at?!? If you've already watched every season of the show like seven times each, then it might be time to take a pause and pick up Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey's book for some behind-the-scenes insights on what making the hit show was actually like.

Headshot of Jamie Ballard

Jamie Ballard (she/her) is a freelance writer and editor who covers news, lifestyle, and entertainment topics, including sex and relationships, TV, movies, books, health, pets, food and drinks, pop culture, shopping, and personal finance. She regularly contributes to Cosmopolitan , Woman’s Day , Good Housekeeping , and YouGov, among other publications. When she’s not working, you can find her running, traveling, or scrolling TikTok. Follow her on Twitter .

Headshot of Laura Hanrahan

Courtney Young is a freelance writer covering all things entertainment and pop culture, having previously written for Betches , Mic , and The Cut . Her Real Housewives locale of choice is New Jersey, her emotional support show is Girls , and her toxic trait is romanticizing mafia culture. You can follow her on Instagram @courtneyyoungg .

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25 best celebrity autobiographies to read right now

Discover the true stories behind these famous faces. .

autobiography books of famous persons

Whether it be a comedian, singer, actor or athlete, celebrity autobiographies give us facinating insight into the glitz and glamour (or not!) of some of the world’s most renowned personalities. But the best celebrity autobiographies provide raw, unfiltered narratives that look beyond the red carpet façade and into the real lives of their authors. From Elton John to Louis Theroux, here are our favourites. 

by Chris Kamara

Book cover for Kammy

One of the most well-known faces of the beautiful game, Chris ‘Kammy’ Kamara is a national treasure. Now, he’s sharing the story of his incredible life. From his days in the Royal Navy and a playing career that took him all over England to becoming one of the game’s best-loved commentators, Kammy lifts the lid on a career that he could never have dreamt of growing up in Middlesbrough. Told with unflinching honesty, but with his trademark humour and positivity, this is a must-read for any football fan.

Being Henry

By henry winkler.

Book cover for Being Henry

Beloved by generations for his charm and humour, actor Henry Winkler is best known to many as ‘The Fonz’, the star of cult 70s sitcom Happy Days. Now, for the first time, he shares the story of how he made it to Hollywood against the odds in his autobiography, Being Henry . From a difficult childhood and battling severe dyslexia to the pressures and problems that overnight stardom can bring, Winkler’s trademark wit and positivity shine through. As much a story of the importance of kindness as it is one of fame, this book would make a brilliant gift for fans of all ages. 

When Fury Takes Over

By john fury.

Book cover for When Fury Takes Over

John Fury is a fighter, a family man, and a traveller at heart. Born to a long line of bare-knuckle fighters, he was destined to follow in their footsteps and into the ring. Now, John Fury, the father of six sons, including British heavyweight champion and star of At Home With the Furys, Tyson Fury, is setting the record straight on his extraordinary life. From serving time in Borstal and his struggles with depression, to conquering the boxing ring and buying a home of his own, this is John Fury's story in his own words.

by Adrian Edmondson

Book cover for Berserker!

Ade Edmondson smashed onto the comedy circuit in the 1980s and brought anarchy to stage and screen. How did a child brought up in a strict Methodist household – and who spent his formative years incarcerated in repressive boarding schools – end up joining the revolution? Well, he is part Norse. Could it be his ‘berserker’ heritage? His star-studded anecdotes and outrageous stories are set to a soundtrack of pop hits, transporting the reader through time and cranking up the nostalgia. But, as one would expect, these stories are also a guaranteed laugh as Ade traces his journey through life and comedy. 

by Elton John

Book cover for Me

The first and only official autobiography by one of the most iconic singer-songwriters of all time, Me packs a significant punch. Elton evocatively describes his childhood in the London suburbs when he dreamed of becoming a pop star; his drug addiction, kept secret for over a decade; and finally, what it was like to come clean, find love with David Furnish and become a father. Among the brave confessions and frank revelations are glimpses into the glittering, electric, star-spangled world of the music industry, making this wonderful book a source of escapism as well as inspiration.

Gotta Get Theroux This

By louis theroux.

Book cover for Gotta Get Theroux This

Renowned for exposing the inner lives of controversial groups and characters on screen, Louis Theroux has also turned his hand to paper to reveal his own story. Theroux has tackled big subjects: scientology, prison gang culture and US militias to name a few. But what has made him a national treasure is his ability to tell these stories with wry observation and self-deprecating humour. The same is true of Gotta Get Theroux This – we learn of the highs and lows of Louis' career, but he also candidly reveals snapshots of his personal life including his anxiety-prone childhood, wooing his wife Nancy, and his struggles grappling with the Jimmy Savile revelations. 

Beyond the Story

Book cover for Beyond the Story

Published in celebration of their 10th anniversary, this is the BTS's first official book , including unreleased photos, QR codes of videos and other exclusive content. Through in-depth interviews and years of coverage by Myeongseok Kang, the world of K-pop comes alive. As digital artists, BTS has been communicating with the world through the internet and this book allows readers to immediately access trailers, music videos, and more online to have a rich understanding of all the key moments in BTS history. Complete with a timeline of all major milestones,  Beyond the Story is a remarkable archive — truly everything about BTS in one volume.

More Myself

By alicia keys.

Book cover for More Myself

One of the most celebrated musicians of our time, Alicia Keys has enraptured the nation with her heartfelt lyrics, extraordinary vocal range, and soul-stirring piano compositions. Yet away from the spotlight, Alicia has grappled with private heartache over the challenging relationship with her father, her people-pleasing nature, the loss of privacy surrounding her romantic relationships, and the expectations of female perfection. Part autobiography, part narrative documentary, this is a book that asks big questions: who am I, really? And once I discover that truth, how can I become brave enough to embrace it?

I Wanna Be Yours

By john cooper clarke.

Book cover for I Wanna Be Yours

John Cooper Clarke is a phenomenon: Poet Laureate of Punk, rock star, fashion icon, TV and radio presenter, and cultural commentator. I Wanna Be Yours covers an extraordinary life, filled with remarkable personalities. Interspersed with stories of his rock and roll and performing career, John also reveals his boggling encyclopaedic take on popular culture over the centuries: from Baudelaire and Edgar Allan Poe to Pop Art, pop music, the movies, fashion, football and showbusiness – and much, much more, plus a few laughs along the way. This is a memoir as wry, funny and vivid as its inimitable subject himself. 

On Days Like These

By martin o'neill.

Book cover for On Days Like These

Martin O’Neill has had one of the most incredible careers in football – winning European Cups, captaining his country at a World Cup, and decades as a hugely successful manager.  On Days Like These  tells his fascinating story in his own words for the first time. We get insight into the exhilarating highs and painful lows of the beautiful game, written with his trademark honesty and humour. This is one of the most insightful and captivating sports autobiographies and a must-read for any fans of the beautiful game.

Don't Miss

More autobiographies from you favourite sports personalities

What are you doing here, by floella benjamin.

Book cover for What Are You Doing Here?

Actress, television presenter, and member of the House of Lords – Baroness Floella Benjamin is an inspiration to many. But it hasn't always been easy: in What Are You Doing Here?  she describes her journey to London as part of the Windrush generation, and the daily racism that caused her so much pain as a child. In adulthood, she went on to win a role in the groundbreaking musical  Hair, call for diversity at the BBC and BAFTA, and much more. Sharing the lessons she has learned, imbued with her joy and positivity, this autobiography is the moving testimony of a remarkable woman.

Cheers, Geoff!

By geoff shreeves.

Book cover for Cheers, Geoff!

There are just a handful of people who have been ever-present for the thirty years of the Premier League, but only one person has been at the very epicentre for the entire period: Geoff Shreeves. Packed full of hilarious stories on and off the pitch – including trying to teach Sir Michael Caine how to act, a frightening encounter with Mike Tyson, as well as getting a lift home from the World Cup with Mick Jagger –  Cheers, Geoff!  is a must-read autobiography for any football fan. A natural storyteller, Geoff brings an astonishing catalogue of tales to life with his unique brand of experience, insight and humour.

The 50 best autobiographies & biographies of all time

A funny life, by michael mcintyre.

Book cover for A Funny Life

Comic Michael McIntyre specialises in pin-sharp observational routines that have made him the world's bestselling funnyman. Michael’s first book ended with his big break at the 2006 Royal Variety Performance. Waking up the next morning in the tiny rented flat he shared with his wife Kitty and their one-year-old son, he was beyond excited about the new glamorous world of show business. Unfortunately, he was also clueless . . . This bracingly honest memoir covers the highs, lows and pratfalls of a career in comedy, as Michael climbs the greasy pole of success and desperately attempts to stay up there. 

Too Many Reasons to Live

By rob burrow.

Book cover for Too Many Reasons to Live

Perhaps the most inspiring celebrity autobiography on this list, Too Many Reasons to Live follows rugby league legend Rob Burrow on his career, his friendship with fellow Rhino Kevin Sinfield, and his battle with motor neurone disease. As a boy, Rob was told he was too small to play the sport. Even when he made his debut for Leeds Rhinos, people wrote him off as a novelty. But Rob never stopped proving people wrong. And then in December 2019, Rob was diagnosed with motor neurone disease and given a couple of years to live. Far more than a sports memoir,  Too Many Reasons to Live  is a remarkable story of boundless courage and infinite kindness.

With You Every Step, a celebration of friendship by Rob Burrow and Kevin Sinfield

Life lessons, by jay blades.

Book cover for Life Lessons

From star of hit BBC One show  The Repair Shop and author of Making It , comes Life Lessons . Let Jay’s words of wisdom – gleaned from his own triumphs over adversity – help you to find your best path through life. Filled with characteristic warmth and humour, Jay talks about the life lessons that have helped him to find positivity and growth, no matter what he’s found himself facing. Jay shares not only his adventures and escapades but also the way they have shaped his outlook and helped him to live life to the fullest. His insight and advice give you everything you need to be able to reframe your own circumstances and make the best of them.

Scenes from My Life

By michael k. williams.

Book cover for Scenes from My Life

When Michael K. Williams died in September 2021, he left behind a career as one of the most electrifying actors of his generation. At the time of his death, Williams had nearly finished his memoir, which traces his life from his childhood and his early years as a dancer to his battles with addiction. Alongside his achievements on screen he was a committed activist who dedicated his life to helping at-risk young people find their voice and carve out their future. Imbued with poignance and raw honesty,  Scenes from My Life  is the story of a performer who gave his all to everything he did – in his own voice, in his own words.

by Elliot Page

Book cover for Pageboy

Pageboy  is a groundbreaking coming-of-age memoir from the Academy Award-nominated actor Elliot Page. Before the world premiere of  Juno  Elliot was on the edge self-discovery. But with  Juno 's massive success and his dreams coming true, Elliot found himself trapped by the spotlight and the pressure to perform was suffocating him. Until enough was enough. From chasing down secret love affairs to battling body image and working through his difficult childhood,  Pageboy  is a beautiful, intimate book about searching for ourselves and our place in the world.

My Thoughts Exactly

By lily allen.

Book cover for My Thoughts Exactly

'I am a mother, and I was a wife. I'm also a singer and a songwriter. I have loved and been let down. I've been stalked and assaulted. I am a success and a failure. I've been broken and full of hope. I am all these things and more.' My Thoughts Exactly is Lily Allen's no holds barred account of her life from childhood to stardom. She shares her thoughts and experiences on marriage and divorce, motherhood, the music industry and so much more. Lily Allen is not afraid to admit to getting things wrong – it is this honesty that makes the book so heartbreaking and heartwarming, and everything in between.  

And Away...

By bob mortimer.

Book cover for And Away...

National treasure and beloved entertainer, Bob Mortimer, takes us from his childhood in Middlesborough to working as a solicitor in London in his highly acclaimed autobiography. Mortimer’s life was trundling along happily until suddenly in 2015 he was diagnosed with a heart condition that required immediate surgery and forced him to cancel an upcoming tour. The book covers his numerous misadventures along his path to fame but also reflects on more serious themes, making this both one of the most humorous and poignant celebrity memoirs of recent years. 


By matthew mcconaughey.

Book cover for Greenlights

In this unconventional memoir, the Academy Award-winning actor reflects on his fifty years through life, sharing raucous anecdotes, unconventional wisdom, and hard-earned lessons for a more fulfilling existence. With diaries spanning thirty-five years, he explores triumphs and missteps, joys and sorrows, offering insights on fairness, stress reduction, finding fun, and fostering kindness. Upon revisiting these diaries, he unveils a recurring theme – achieving what he dubs 'catching greenlights,' a state of triumph. It's a narrative of resilience and growth and a celebration of life's diverse hues. 

They Don't Teach This

By eniola aluko.

Book cover for They Don't Teach This

Shortlisted for the Telegraph Sports Book Awards, They Don't Teach This is the memoir of Eni Aluko. As well as being a successful footballer on the pitch, Eni is also the first female pundit on Match of the Day, a UN Women UK ambassador, a Guardian columnist and a first class law graduate. This memoir is both the story of these extraordinary achievements, and a discussion of dual nationality and identity, race and institutional prejudice, success, failure and faith. It is an inspiring manifesto to change the way readers choose to view the challenges that come in their life applying life lessons with raw truths of Eni's own personal experience.

by Walter Isaacson

Book cover for Steve Jobs

Based on interviews conducted with Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson's biography of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is filled with lessons about innovation, leadership, and values and has inspired a movie starring Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet and Seth Rogen. Isaacson tells the story of the rollercoaster life and searingly intense personality of creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and ferocious drive revolutionized the tech industry. Although Jobs cooperated with this book, he asked for no control over what was written and put nothing off limits, making this an unflinchingly candid account of one of the key figures of modern history.

by Stanley Tucci

Book cover for Taste

Before Stanley Tucci became a household name with  The Devil Wears Prada ,  The Hunger Games , and his legendary Negronis, he grew up in an Italian American family that spent every night around he table. In  Searching For Italy , he revealed his passion for the secrets and delights of the country's many cuisines. Now, he shares the magic of a lifetime of meals, and the stories behind them. Filled with anecdotes about growing up, shooting foodie films like  Julie & Julia , falling in love across the table, and making dinner for his family,  Taste  is a reflection on the joys of food and life itself. 

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35 Celebrity Memoirs That Are Actually Worth Reading

By Michelle Ruiz and Emma Specter

All products featured on Vogue are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Anyone who has glanced at a bestseller list lately can tell you that we are in the midst of (yet another?) celebrity memoir boom. From Megan Rapinoe to Jessica Simpson, it seems like just about everyone is spilling their secrets via book deal, meaning ’tis the season for pages upon pages of Hollywood gossip, rock-and-roll road drama, and the darker sides of show business.

At their best, celebrity memoirs provide unusually candid portraits of the “real person” behind the public persona—and don’t skimp on the dirty details. At worst, they can be ghostwritten fluff.

 Ahead, Vogue rounds up the best of the genre for your reading (and holiday gifting) purposes.

I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy

Image may contain: Human, Person, Text, and Jennette McCurdy

I'm Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy

“This bestselling memoir is hardly lighthearted fare, revolving as it does around child star McCurdy’s years of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her fame-obsessed mother, but the rush to purchase it was no empty fanfare; it really is that good.” —Emma Specter, Vogue culture writer

Finding Me by Viola Davis

Image may contain: Face, Human, Person, Viola Davis, Head, Photo, Photography, and Portrait

“A Rhode Island childhood marked by trauma and abuse gives way to an adulthood in the spotlight as one of the most recognizable actresses in Hollywood, and Davis relays the topsy-turviness of her life’s circumstances with a compelling mix of emotional honesty and grace.” —E.S.

The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music by Dave Grohl

Image may contain: Face, Human, Person, Glasses, Accessories, Accessory, Clothing, and Apparel

“Not to stereotype straight white men over 30, but all the ones I know happen to love Dave Grohl, making this memoir—which focuses on the Nirvana and Foo Fighter musician’s years on the road—an absolutely smashing birthday or holiday gift when another coffee mug just won’t do.” —E.S.

The Office BFFs: Tales of The Office from Two Best Friends Who Were There by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey

Image may contain: Human, Person, Angela Kinsey, Advertisement, Poster, Photo Booth, and Jenna Fischer

The Office BFFs: Tales of ‘The Office’ from Two Best Friends Who Were There by Jenna Fischer and and Angela Kinsey

“ The Office stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey may have been rivals on the show, but in real life, their sweet and silly bestie-dom is contagious, making this recollection of working on one of history’s most popular sitcoms a genuine pleasure to read.” —E.S.

The Vanity Fair Diaries by Tina Brown

Image may contain: Human, Person, Sunglasses, Accessories, Accessory, Advertisement, Poster, Brochure, Paper, and Flyer

“Perhaps more of a memoir of brushes with celebrity than actual celebrity memoir, Tina Brown’s Vanity Fair Diaries is nonetheless a phenomenal read, for the journalism nerd or anyone else who is interested in the inner workings of glossy magazine-making in its heyday. The book recounts the British editor's years as the editor in chief of the storied magazine, the feathers she unapologetically ruffled in pursuit of a more lively publication (the rates she paid Martin Amis for a single story would make a 2020s editor swoon!), the glamor of the gig, the grind of being a working mother. Brown kept meticulous notes when she occupied this role, and it shows; this is a book in which the delicious dirt is in the details.” —Chloe Schama, Vogue senior editor

Save Me the Plums by Ruth Reichl

Image may contain: Plant, Food, Vegetable, and Fruit

“Whether you’re a fan of food, legacy media gossip, or writer Ruth Reichl herself, you'll find plenty to dine out on in this account of Reichl’s time serving as the editor-in-chief of the now-defunct Gourmet magazine. Reichl freely admits that the glamorous world of New York publishing was a new one to her at the start of her Gourmet tenure, but I think it’s safe to say we could use a little more of her independence, irreverence and commitment to genuine creativity in the industry. (Bonus: her descriptions of meals are effortlessly mouth-watering, so make sure to eat with a delicious snack at the ready.)” —E.S.

Open Book by Jessica Simpson

Image may contain: Face, Human, Person, Jessica Simpson, Blonde, Teen, Kid, Child, and Text

“I went into Open Book expecting a light, fun read from one of my favorite reality stars (remember Newlyweds ?) of all time—instead, I was blown away by an honest, funny, and touching memoir, which is so rarely the case with celebrity ‘tell-alls.’ Simpson candidly discusses her recovery journey after years of struggling with drugs and alcohol abuse; she also examines the darker side of her early-fame days as a singer, when she was constantly—and at times, brutally—compared to her counterparts like Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera. It was my favorite book of 2020, and I recommend it to any pop culture fan, Simpson fans or not.” —Christian Allaire, Vogue.com fashion and style writer

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling

Image may contain: Human, Person, and Mindy Kaling

“Mindy Kaling holds a rarefied position in Hollywood these days, but the writer, actress and director's bestselling 2011 memoir proves that her ascent to the top wasn’t always an easy one. In Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? , Kaling recounts her growth from the shy, bookish child of immigrants to off-Broadway sensation to the youngest writer on the staff of the hit NBC sitcom The Office ; what’s most notable about the memoir, though, is the way Kaling's singular voice shines through, lending even the wildest of L.A. tales a crucial degree of relatability.” —E.S.

Open by Andre Agassi

Image may contain: Face, Human, Person, Andre Agassi, and Beard

Open: An Autobiography by Andre Agassi

“We’ve all read (or carefully avoided) the triumphal sports-star memoir: The thousands of solitary hours spent in pursuit of excellence while stoically avoiding everything else, leading up to that magical breakthrough when everything was deemed to be Worth It. This isn’t that memoir: Agassi, arguably the best player of his generation and certainly the flashiest and most-visible, is remarkably frank here about how much he seemed to loathe the entire experience, which was foisted on him by a kind of ur-Tennis Dad. Thankfully, we also get the other side of that: A late- career resurgence, followed by a blissful second marriage and a philanthropic turn that’s both heartfelt and, for the underprivileged children it focuses on, life-changing. For the king of neon and acid-washed jeans who became even more famous for saying ‘image is everything,’ this book is a tragic opera with a happy ending.” —Corey Seymour, Vogue senior editor

One Life by Megan Rapinoe

Image may contain: Human, Person, Face, Text, Advertisement, and Poster

“Olympic medalist and two-time Women's World Cup champion Megan Rapinoe shows a whole new side of herself in this memoir, in which she recounts coming out as gay in 2011—well before ‘inclusivity in sports’ was widely discussed, let alone prioritized—as well as her experience of taking a knee alongside former NFL player Colin Kaepernick to protest racial injustice and police brutality. For those who prefer their celebrity memoirs with a side of romance, Rapinoe also dishes on her courtship with now-wife, WNBA champion Sue Bird.” —E.S.

Life by Keith Richards

Image may contain: Advertisement, Poster, Brochure, Paper, and Flyer

“You might not think of Keith Richards as an elegant truth-teller, but his Life is a bracing tonic—straightforward but exciting, glamorous but heartfelt. I’m not a regular rock memoir reader, but this is a book that transcends whatever you might think the genre entails. Just go along with the music and don’t think too hard about it.” —Chloe Schama

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Image may contain: Michelle Obama, Human, Person, and Face

“For months after reading this, I had to stop myself from thinking of Michelle as my friend. After spending a week (or, let’s be honest, an entire weekend under a blanket) reading a celebrity’s memoir, you feel as though you’ve spent time with them. It makes them more accessible and reminds you that at the end of the day, everyone is still human. I’m coming to grips with the fact that Michelle Obama is not actually my friend Michelle, but Becoming is still one of the best books I’ve read.” —Grace Atwood, founder of TheStripe.com

Bossypants by Tina Fey

Image may contain: Tina Fey, Human, Person, Tie, Accessories, Accessory, Clothing, and Apparel

“If you haven’t read Fey’s 2011 memoir yet, you’re sleeping at the wheel. It follows her journey to stardom and is filled with amazing behind-the-scenes stories from her time on Saturday Night Live . Candid, self-deprecating, funny (duh): the perfect before-bed read.” —C.A.

This Will Only Hurt a Little by Busy Philipps

Image may contain: Busy Philipps, Clothing, Apparel, Human, Person, Advertisement, Poster, Brochure, Paper, and Flyer

“A pitch-perfect example of the genre, Philipps serves up a funny and unflinching look at being a woman in Hollywood. She dives into her days as a Barbie spokes-kid and, bravely, her abortion as a teen, before moving on to her best friendship with Michelle Williams, details of James Franco’s douchey-ness on Freaks and Geeks , and struggles in her marriage. The best celebrity memoirs are as unsparingly honest as Philipps’ is.” —Michelle Ruiz, Vogue.com contributing editor

Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama

Image may contain: Barack Obama, Human, Person, Advertisement, Poster, Brochure, Paper, and Flyer

“The world rightfully knows Obama as a brilliant orator. But even before he was president (or even state senator), he wrote the hell out of this 1995 memoir (later re-released to great fanfare) about his upbringing in Hawaii and Kansas; his solitary, scholarly Columbia years; and his distant relationship with his dad. Now I spend my days waiting for his presidential memoir-in-the-works.” —M.R.

Just the Funny Parts by Nell Scovell

Image may contain: Advertisement, Poster, Brochure, Paper, Flyer, Human, and Person

“The second female Letterman writer and creator of Sabrina the Teenage Witch , Scovell brings all the humor of Bossypants but with the added bite of coming up in the mighty sexist man’s world of TV. Scovell names names and calls it like she sees it.” —M.R.

Fresh Off the Boat by Eddie Huang

Image may contain: Human, Person, Advertisement, Poster, Leonor Briones, Brochure, Paper, Flyer, and Gao Zhisheng

“This memoir by the celebrity chef behind New York’s Baohaus inspired the ABC show of the same name—but the book version is far less fuzzy. Huang gives an unapologetically real look at his upbringing in a hardworking and often strict Chinese-American family. And his sumptuous descriptions of food make you really, really hungry.” —M.R.

You’ll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again by Julia Phillips

Image may contain: Text, Cutlery, Fork, and Label

“Not sure she’s a straight-up A-list celeb, but Phillips made the A-list celebs. The Hollywood producer’s story is so full of wild pleasures and OMG moments that it’s easy to overlook the sheer brilliance that’s on offer.” —Lauren Mechling, Vogue contributor and author of How Could She

I.M. by Isaac Mizrahi

Image may contain: Text, Number, and Symbol

“Mizrahi is well-known as a man of many talents, so adding ‘writer’ to the list isn’t a stretch. Still, the quality of his memoir, I.M. , is notable. He talks schmattas and sex with typical sass, but what makes this book memorable is that Mizrahi’s coming-of-age and coming-to-terms tale is bigger than fashion. —Laird Borelli-Persson, Vogue archive editor

The Beautiful Ones by Prince

Image may contain: Human, Person, Advertisement, Poster, Brochure, Paper, and Flyer

“The musical genius and creativity of Prince were cut short all too soon, but I’ve enjoyed celebrating his life by reading the memoir he began before his death. Part one takes us through his childhood into his storied career in his own words, and the rest of the book is a biography framed by editor Dan Piepenbring, who collaborated with Prince in his final months. The result is an incredible tribute to an icon.” —Abbe Wright, creative development lead at Penguin Random House

Dear Mr. You by Mary Louise Parker

Image may contain: Animal, Sea Life, Invertebrate, Seashell, Clam, and Food

"Parker’s 2015 memoir has really stayed with me. Written as a series of letters to men she’s encountered, imagined, or loved, it’s a formal experiment, a wonderful portrait of an established artist claiming new territory. She’s not really in the tell-all business, but what she’s written reveals plenty.” —Julia Felsenthal, Vogue contributor

Seriously… I’m Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres

Image may contain: Ellen DeGeneres, Human, Person, Sitting, Furniture, Clothing, and Apparel

“Ellen pokes fun at everything about her life and finds the funny in everyday moments. It’s like talking to a good friend over coffee…who has a really wild, hilarious, and moving life story. It makes me smile just seeing it on my bookshelf.” —Zibby Owens, host of the Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books podcast

Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut by Jill Kargman

Image may contain: Human, Person, Advertisement, Poster, Text, Brochure, Paper, and Flyer

“As a fellow native New Yorker and NYC mom, Kargman’s dishing on ‘the city’ has always been hilarious and spot-on, even before her show Odd Mom Out came out. The essays in this book are so Jill : Honest, irreverent, slightly dark. full of curse words—yet imminently likable and, in fact, addictive.” —Z.O.

Dear Girls by Ali Wong

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Human, Person, Evening Dress, Fashion, Gown, and Robe

“The minute Wong’s Netflix comedy special Baby Cobra ended, I started it again from the beginning, and this book made me want to do the same. Written as letters to her daughters, she passes on wisdom about dating, family, her cultural upbringing, and being a mom in her raucous, delightfully absurd way. Wong is a national treasure.” —A.W.

The Dirt by Motley Crue

Image may contain: Drink, Liquor, Alcohol, Beverage, and Whisky

The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band by Tommy Lee

“I never thought that one of my favorite books of all time would have a cover featuring a lady in a G-string whose disembodied form we see dancing inside a whiskey bottle. But at least you’ve been warned: What you see is what you get in this group memoir from the glam metal band. The sheer magnitude of debauchery at their peak in the 1980s is too compelling to look away.” —Maris Kreizman, host of The Maris Review podcast

In Pieces by Sally Field

Image may contain: Face, Human, and Person

“Sally Field took her sweet time with In Pieces , her first memoir, written over seven years without the assistance of a ghostwriter. To call Field’s writing vulnerable doesn’t give enough credit to the way she recounts with crippling honesty the highs and lows of her personal and professional lives. She’s always been beloved as a performer, but In Pieces shows there’s so much more to admire about Field than the trophies on her mantle.” —Keaton Bell, Condé Nast entertainment associate

Horror Stories by Liz Phair

Image may contain: Human, Person, Advertisement, and Poster

“The first of a planned two-part set (the second of which will be titled Fairy Tales ), Horror Stories is less of a traditional memoir and more of a series of vignettes that tackle some of the ‘small indignities that we all suffer daily, the silent insults to our system, the callous gestures that we make toward one another.’ Most of us won’t suffer the indignities of an anesthesiologist asking for our autograph during labor (we’re not all Gen X rock stars, after all), but we can wince at the, yes, horror, and relate to the rest of Phair’s not-so-tall tales .” —Danny Feekes, managing editor at Goodreads

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

Image may contain: Human, and Person

“When Noah was born under apartheid in South Africa, his parents’ interracial union was, literally, a crime, punishable by five years in prison. That’s just the beginning of The Daily Show host’s remarkable story. At turns harrowing and hilarious, it’s perhaps best consumed via audiobook , read by the author.” —M.R.

Touched by the Sun: My Friendship With Jackie by Carly Simon

Image may contain: Human, Person, Advertisement, Poster, Carly Simon, Novel, Book, and Text

“Simon’s first book, Boys in the Trees , is what all celebrity memoirs should aspire to be, toggling between childhood struggles, musical stardom, and a highly publicized marriage to James Taylor with plenty of wit and revelations sprinkled throughout. Touched by the Sun is more scaled back, focusing on the iconic singer-songwriter’s unlikely but enduring friendship with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Detailing the lunches, movie dates, and nights out on the town that the two women shared before Onassis’s death in 1994, Simon highlights the woman beneath the public persona.” —K.B.

Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe

Image may contain: Face, Human, Person, Advertisement, Skin, and Poster

“It’s over 10 years later, and I’m still crushed by Sam Seaborne’s departure from The West Wing , so I couldn’t resist Lowe’s memoir. It’s packed with plenty of sordid stories from his wild days as part of the Brat Pack, but also has so many great behind-the-scenes memories from some of my favorite TV shows and movies. While it probably won’t win a Pulitzer, any fan of ’80s rom-coms will still find this delightful!” —Becca Freeman, co-host of the Bad on Paper podcast

Just Kids by Patti Smith

Image may contain: Human, Person, Text, Photo Booth, and Face

“Smith’s National Book Award–winning memoir is a portrait of a place and time—New York, Summer of Love—and a love letter to a bygone era that produced two iconoclasts: poet and musician Smith, and late photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. The story follows the duo’s trials and tribulations as they traverse Brooklyn, Coney Island, and Times Square, before settling at the infamous Chelsea Hotel. Smith has said that she didn’t write the book to be cathartic, but to fulfill a vow she made to Mapplethorpe on his deathbed. Ultimately, it’s the reader who reaps the rewards of that request.” —D.F.

Wildflower by Drew Barrymore

Image may contain: Advertisement, Poster, Brochure, Paper, Flyer, Human, and Person

“If you’re a completist, start with Drew’s first memoir, the propulsive Little Girl Lost (out of print but easy to find secondhand), which she wrote when she was 14. It recounts a young Barrymore’s stratospheric rise and quick drug-fueled descent, while Wildflower finds an older, more assured Barrymore looking back at a larger-than-life existence, one in which she emancipated from her parents, forged out on her own, and paved her distinctive path. As Drew writes, “I wanted to rescue myself. And I did.” —D.F.

My Life So Far by Jane Fonda

Image may contain: Jane Fonda, Human, Blonde, Teen, Kid, Person, Child, Face, Clothing, Apparel, and Text

“I’ve been reading this in fits and starts for about a decade, and I’ve still yet to encounter another life story so dutifully (and beautifully) re-examined. It’s easy to take Fonda’s cool self-assuredness—even in handcuffs!—for granted these days, but before Firebrand Jane there was “plain Jane,” woefully uncomfortable in her skin and desperate for outside validation. To chart her path from then until now (and to think of all that’s still to come) is something I wouldn’t mind doing for another 10 years.” —Marley Marius, Vogue features editor

The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

Image may contain: Human, and Person

“All three of Fisher’s memoirs reflect her trademark cool demeanor and self-deprecating nature, but her final release is my favorite. The beating heart of the book is the story of teenage Fisher’s secret three-month-long affair with Harrison Ford, then 33 and married with two kids. Fisher was hopelessly, naively in love with him, and Ford took advantage of the situation. You won’t find much behind-the-scenes Star Wars intel, but you will find an honest, painful account of Fisher’s experience as a young woman in love and at the mercy of so many patriarchal forces.” — Cristina Arreola , books journalist

Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty by Diane Keaton

Image may contain: Advertisement, Poster, Brochure, Paper, and Flyer

“This book of essays from the legendary actress covers everything from Hollywood to motherhood with her signature style and humor. She has a new book out in 2020, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.” —Kate Childs, CAA Books Executive

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The Best Celebrity Memoirs of All Time

Humor, revelation, and scandal—these books have everything you're looking for and more.

celebrity memoirs

The genre's beauty lies in how it brings celebrities down to a human level. And in many cases, like Debbie Harry in Face It , Alan Cumming in Baggage, or Carrie Fischer in The Princess Diarist , the authors don’t just examine themselves, but act as generous and intelligent observers of their time and place in pop culture, as well as the characters they’ve met along the way. There’s plenty of room for invention—leave it to Steve Martin to write a graphic memoir!—along with humor, revelation, and scandal.

Below, listed in no particular order, are thirty of our all-time favorites. Pass the popcorn.

Number One Is Walking, by Steve Martin

One of the coolest things about Steve Martin is just how many different creative forms he’s tried out. His cartoon work with Harry Bliss is particularly gratifying because they have a natural affinity for each other. For someone who became famous as a solo performer, it speaks to Martin’s curiosity and eagerness to play. This graphic memoir about Martin’s 40-year career in the movies is unassuming and tidy—it goes down easy. It’s especially pleasing to hear Martin recall working on classics such as All of Me (“Back in bowl!”) and Roxanne, as well as working with comedy legends like Carl Reiner and Mike Nichols (Nichols directed Martin in a much-maligned and underrated version of Waiting for Godot ) .

The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man, by Paul Newman

Even though he became a superstar in his own right, for years, Paul Newman lived in the shadow of Marlon Brando. Then again, so did every other American actor of Newman’s generation. But ultimately, he emerged as someone different and more relatable than the enigmatic Brando. Newman touched audiences because we could see ourselves in him. And he just got better with age. His run in the late ’70s and early ’80s was remarkable. It was in 1986—when he finally won an Oscar for acting ( The Color of Money )—that Newman sat down with Stewart Stern (who wrote the screenplay for Rebel Without a Cause ) to record a memoir. The transcripts sat untouched until recently. Here, they've been collected into an invaluable, self-lacerating look into the life of a star, particularly concerning Neman’s struggles with alcohol and fidelity. It's all been neatly edited by Newman's family, while the raw transcripts, some of which made their way into Ethan Hawke’s HBO docuseries about Newman and Joanne Woodward, The Last Movie Stars , are likely far tougher.

The Office BFFs, by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey

Sunny recollections of the American version of The Office by co-stars Jenna Fischer (Pam) and Angela Kinsey (Angela). Sure, a yen for the show is required for this to work for you, but even for a casual fan, there is enough to draw you in. Affectionate tributes abound to crew and cast members—the stories about Melora Hardin (Jan Gould) are especially poignant. Handsomely designed, it feels like a lavish, uber-cheerful yearbook. In fact, it’s based on the podcast, " Office Ladies ” that Fishcer and Kinsey co-host. But as an add-on, it’s a gem, a must for anyone that cares about The Office .

Baggage: Tales from a Fully Packed Life, by Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming is incorrigibly charming. He’s irresistible, which is part of his appeal as a performer. He manages the tough trick of bringing that charm to his memoirs. In Baggage , his second memoir, he writes winningly about his early days in the movies in the ’90s, and the pleasures and downsides of living a busy, charmed life. But Cumming is deeper than just charm, which is why he’s able to write about it so effectively. Baggage is a lovely depiction of the acting life.

Taste, by Stanley Tucci

Oh, come on, this is so much fun. You never know if an actor can make it on the page, but Tucci passes the test with flying colors. He’s a pleasure. The man lives an epicurean life and writes about it without fuss. We’ve known since Big Night that food is central to Tucci’s life (as was clear in his recently departed CNN show) and Tucci writes like he cooks—economical, self-effacing, warm, and funny. Featuring great food stories from his acting life, Tucci also includes a handful of recipes with an absoluteness that would make Marcella Hazan proud.

Da Capo Press Satchmo, by Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong is one of the towering American artists of the 20th century, but in addition to revolutionizing music, he dabbled in writing—and also collages and illustrations , on the side. He’s at his best in Satchmo: My Life in New Orleans , written in a clean, breezy, enviably conversational style. Rich in observation, it’s a classic, no doubt.

Blue Rider Press The Princess Diarist, by Carrie Fisher

Late in Carrie Fisher’s life, when the actress renovated her bedroom, she discovered something astonishing under the floorboards: a box of diaries she recorded in 1976 during the filming of Star Wars: A New Hope , when she was just nineteen years old. Fisher expanded those diaries into The Princess Diarist , a raw and revealing portrait of herself at nineteen: vulnerable, volatile, and coming of age at the bleeding edge of transformative stardom. A behind-the-scenes Star Wars tell-all, this is not—but what it does reveal is Fisher’s affair with her co-star Harrison Ford, then thirty-five and married with two children. Anyone who’s ever fallen for someone unavailable will recognize that agonizing experience in Fisher’s raw retelling of this tryst. She pulls no punches, sharing a sometimes mortifying, but always painfully honest account of her youthful infatuation with an aloof older man who never took her seriously. Fisher wrote other superlative memoirs, including Wishful Drinking and Shockaholic , but The Princess Diarist is her most radical act of truth-telling.

Dey Street Books Face It, by Debbie Harry

Imagine a book as your favorite dessert. This book looks cool and feels cool to hold and touch. It has four major sections devoted to Blondie fan art—and that is cool as hell. And then there’s Harry herself, the ultimate in New York downtown chic—sardonic, alert, smart, and smart-ass. Face It is generous and just plain fun.

Dey Street Books Girl in a Band, by Kim Gordon

A no-bullshit account of Kim Gordon’s music career, notably her time with the influential post-punk bank Sonic Youth, one of the bright spots of the indie music scene in the ’80s and ’90s. Gordon is a lively writer, alternatively pugnacious, thoughtful, analytical, and tender. We also get an unvarnished look at a partner scorned—there is much space devoted to Gordon’s bandmate and former husband, Thurston Moore. But this isn’t a gripe session and the narrative doesn’t get bogged down in bitterness. A crisp, absorbing read. Brings an entire scene to life.

St. Martin's Griffin Act One: An Autobiography, by Moss Art

One of the truly classic American memoirs. Written by playwright/director Moss Hart, Act One is both a bitter account of his early life in poverty and a remarkable behind-the-scenes look at his collaboration with legendary playwright George S. Kaufman. A number one bestseller for months—it spent a year on the list—the book became a pantheon text for generations of theater students. Essential.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Rememberings, by Sinéad O'Connor

While O’Connor is no stranger to controversy, particularly during her pop moment heyday in the early ’90s, this memoir is beautifully spare, plain-spoken, and bracing. It is direct, as you would expect, but also funny. Not only do we get a sharp evocation of her troubled family life growing up—and O’Connor never courts sympathy or wallows in self-pity—but an entertaining, nuanced guided tour to her musical life. Like many people in her position, O’Connor acknowledges how lucky she is to have her every dream come true. “More than that,” she writers upon meeting Muhammad Ali, “dreams that I never even dared to dream came true.”

Cinema Speculation, by Quentin Tarantino

Okay, so this isn’t a traditional memoir. However, these essays about 1970s movies serve as a record of Tarantino’s early moviegoing years, tagging along with his mother and stepfather, who allowed him to see grown-up movies. Lucky for him, Tarantino grew up during an incredible era of moviemaking in this country. This collection of essays is what you’d expect—opinionated, digressive, occasionally mean-spirited, sometimes sloppy, a dishy blend of kibbitzing, gossip, and criticism. Tarantino is especially good writing about young Brian De Palma, the impact of Rocky , and the underrated joys of character actor Joe Don Baker and writer Donald Westlake. But it’s the evocation of watching movies in a theater during this period that gives the book a lift.

Vintage Open: An Autobiography, by Andre Agassi

Sports autobiographies date back to the first part of the 20th century. At best, they are diverting reads and informative candy, though often full of boring, egotistical ramblings. Right up front, Andre Agassi gets kudos for his pick of co-authors in J.R. Moeringer (who also ghostwrote Prince Harry's Spare ), and his willingness to write a tough, introspective story. In Moeringer’s hands, Agassi’s story ascends to a place few sports memoirs ever reach. Up there with Ball Four as one of the great sports memoirs every written.

Vintage Personal History, by Katharine Graham

If you want to be exacting about it, Personal History is more of an autobiography than a memoir. It's a formidable, comprehensive book, but also intimate, questioning, and vulnerable. Graham, the longtime publisher of the Washington Post , witnessed her fair share of celebrity, Washington-style. Hell, she helped dismantle Richard Nixon’s presidency by publishing the Pentagon Papers and later exposing the Watergate burglary. She also hosted Truman Capote's infamous black and white ball in 1966, arguably the celebrity bash of the century. Graham is never imperious, and if she keeps the reader at a certain distance, clearly choosing carefully what to put in and leave out, she never feels inauthentic. A memorable depiction of relentless self-doubt.

Back Bay Books Life, by Keith Richards

Keith Richards is the living embodiment of rock ’n’ roll, which is funny, because we’ve been obsessed with his pending death since the ’70s. Part of the legendary Glimmer Twin duo with bandmate Mick Jagger, Richards has an easy, avuncular affinity for reminiscing. Working with the deft James Fox ( White Mischief ), we get a finely distilled articulation of Richards' life and times. The high praise heaped on the book is well-earned.

Bloomsbury USA Kitchen Confidential, by Anthony Bourdain

Where it all began for Bourdain—at least as far as the cult of Bourdain is concerned. His voice already in full form, Bourdain’s account of the fast-paced rock ’n’ roll life of a line cook to top chef douchebaggery is a classic of its kind. Intelligent, self-aware, curious, belligerent—Bourdain’s winning formula.

Reagan Arthur / Little, Brown Bossypants, by Tina Fey

When we think of a tell-all memoir, we think of salacious dirt about someone or something—but for Tina Fey, “tell-all” means something more like “tell all my errant thoughts, anxieties, and feelings.” Bossypants is a roving collection of waggish anecdotes, humorous essays, and behind-the-scenes tales from a singular career in comedy. Fey muses on feminism, creativity, motherhood, and more in these gut-busting essays, all told in the lacerating and insightful voice you know and love from Saturday Night Live or 30 Rock .

I'm Glad My Mom Died, by Jennette McCurdy

This gutsy memoir by a former Nickelodeon actress burned up the bestseller list in 2022. At six years old, McCurdy began auditioning for acting gigs at the behest of her mother, Debra, who dreamed of molding her daughter into “Mommy’s little actress.” Wanting only to please her mother, McCurdy submitted to a strict regimen of “calorie restriction,” along with more extreme violations; Debra bathed McCurdy until she was sixteen and even subjected her to regular genital exams well into her teenhood. When McCurdy was 21 years old, Debra died of cancer, leaving McCurdy to sort through decades of emotional, mental, and physical abuse. It took quitting acting and discovering therapy for her to find peace—a journey she chronicles in this raw and revealing memoir, brimming with catharsis and compassion.

Finding Me, by Viola Davis

One of our most soulful performers delivers an intimate story of grit and grace, tracing her life all the way from her poverty-stricken upbringing to her Oscar and Tony-winning success. Davis grew up in Rhode Island, where she suffered brutal bullying at school and physical abuse at home. Miraculously, she survived her childhood to study at Juilliard, but misogyny, racism, and colorism dogged her path through Hollywood. In Finding Me , she explores the duality between overcoming her struggles and carrying that broken little girl inside her, now and always. It’s a work of startling strength, resilience, and wisdom, chronicling how one of the best actors of our time became who she is. As Davis writes, “I knew my life would be a fight, and I realized this: I had it in me.”

Picador USA The Vanity Fair Diaries, by Tina Brown

During her tenure at the helm of Vanity Fair in the eighties and nineties, Tina Brown kept daily diaries documenting her life in the fast lane. Published together in one volume, those diaries make for devilishly good reading, packed with glamour, gossip, and ambition. Magazine lovers and pop culture obsessives will find a lot to love here as Brown takes us behind the scenes of stories that have since become cultural history, from the iconic cover of a naked and pregnant Demi Moore to Vanity Fair ’s scoop about the meltdown of the marriage between then-Prince Charles and Princess Diana. But beneath all the dishy bits, there’s a compelling personal story—one of a young expat brought in to save a struggling magazine, forever afraid that she’d be the next victim of Condé Nast’s brutal boardroom politics. Eventually, she was. But before it all ended, Brown had one helluva ride.

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