Examples of Report Writing on an Event

An event report is written to check whether an event you organized was successful and meet its objectives or not. By writing a report about an event, you can not only determine the results of that event but also decide what changes you should make to reach success. In a report, a person describes a brief record of the event that took place.

Rules to writing a report

The following points are important to write a report of an event:

  • Give title or specific heading of the topic.
  • Write the place, date, and time of the event.
  • Mention the reporter’s name.
  • Write the report in the past tense, reported speech, and passive form of expression.
  • Include the expressions of the audience present in the event.
  • Content should be related to the topic to present your ideas and make the report interesting.
  • Write the conclusion of your findings.

Below are two examples of report writing in an event:

Example 1: Report Writing Example of Annual Sports ceremony at high school

Reported by Mathew, the staff reporter

September 4, Josef High School

The annuals sports ceremony is organized like a festival in Josef High School. The school authority organized this ceremony. They chose a big ground as a venue. The school has many potential students who were good at sports. The mayor of the city was there as the chief guest. The students were so excited.  A team was organized to manage the whole ceremony. Some Volunteers also started to set up the ground and scoreboard.

In sports ceremonies, there are different activities as sports performed by the students. First, an opening ceremony took place as a cultural function. A fantastic stage was prepared for award distribution, speeches, and cultural function. After the cultural function, the names of the participants and games were announced.

The school principal delivered a speech about the heritage of sports day in their school. After that, a singing competition started. It was an interesting activity.

Now the turn was athletic games such as high jump, long jump, table tennis, and 500 meters racing.  In the end, volleyball, basketball, and football matches were played. All participants were very enthusiastic.

At the end of the ceremony, the principal announced the names of the winners. The mayor of the city was the chief guest of the ceremony. He distributed prizes to the winners. A memorable day came to an end, and the participants returned home with great joy.

This was an amazing and enjoyable sports ceremony. These types of activities keep the students active, encouraged, and confident.

Example 2: Report Writing Example of A science fair

As reported by Steve Jobs,

December 12, 2020

Last year, an event was organized as a science fair in our school. The students and the teachers both participated in that fair that was held in the main hall of our school. The aim to organize such a fair was just to give knowledge to the students and develop their interest to research further other than they learned from books. Secondly, it aimed to show the progress of the field of science in our country.

There were many items displayed at the fair. They were made by the students with the help and guidance of their teachers. All items and models were fascinating. There was a steam engine, space rocket, different charts, skeleton, microscope, and many other wonderful models. The students were excited and confident while telling about their items. People from outside enjoyed that fair most. They encouraged the students and teachers.

In the end, the school principal delivered a speech and encouraged the students to organize such events every year.

That was an amazing and informative fair for students as well as people who came from outside. These types of fairs are a source to increase knowledge and interest in the field of science.

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10+ Events Report Examples [ Parties, Company, Calendar ]

 events report examples parties company calendar

Events Report

10+ events report examples, 1. event report template, 2. event after action report template, 3. events report sample template, 4. adverse event report form, 5. calendar events report, 6. upcoming events report, 7. annual special events report, 8. current events report, 9. change of events report, 10. event report form, 11. post-event summary report, what is an events report, how to write an events report, what is an events report, what should you not write in an events report, who reads the events reports.

event report template

  • Google Docs
  • Apple Pages

event after action report template

1. Draft Your Work First

2. begin with a rundown of the report, 3. add the main information of the event, 4. assess the entire event in your report, 5. end your report with future endorsements, more design, 3+ daily narrative report examples, 3+ restaurant incident report examples, 3+ short narrative report examples, how to write an event report examples, 19+ after action report examples, 19+ report writing format examples -, free 15+ sample activity reports, free 15+ student incident report examples, 12+ event cost analysis examples, 10+ insurance incident report examples, 10+ english report writing examples, 9+ conference report examples.


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  • [Template] What to Include in a Post-Event Report

As event managers, we know the conclusion of an event means lots of loose ends to tie up. One of the biggest tasks is to compile and write the post-event report. It’s an important task and will serve you well when it comes to planning and delivering future events.

Here are the 6 key reasons why you need to write a post-event reports :

  • To review the success of the event against KPIs and event objectives
  • To determine key recommendations for future events
  • To avoid making costly mistakes by reviewing what worked and what didn’t
  • To develop KPIs and objectives for the following year’s event
  • To provide key metrics to measure against the following year
  • To inform business cases and sponsorship proposals for future events

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Here’s the 10 key areas you need to cover in your post-event report

Download a free copy of our Post-event Report Template here .

1. Post-event report executive summary

An executive summary is exactly that, a summary – keep it under a page. It should be the last thing you write and include:

  • Summary of post-event report
  • Highlight key achievements
  • List key recommendations

2. Introduction

In the first few sentences of the report cover the who, what, when, where and why of your event. You may wish to add a brief history of the event if relevant. 

Include a list of all key event staff (internal and external) in this section.

List event objects and measure the success of the event against these and any KPIs. If KPIs weren’t achieved, provide a statement on why not and any future recommendations.

In this section, provide a summary of the event spend against the initial budget. Provide information on why variances occurred. Use graphs and tables to display the data and add brief commentary where necessary. Review event pricing structure and add recommendations in the section below. 

Attach the final budget to the report as an appendices.

Key recommendations

List all key recommendations from the Introduction section.

3. Attendee survey

Use your post-event report to summarise the attendee survey.   Attendee surveys are important, they inform decisions for future events and will assist you to write your post-event report.

Summarize each section of the report and outline areas for improvements. It’s helpful to create a file with attendee quotes to use in next year’s marketing and on your website. 

List all key recommendations from the Attendee Survey section.

Download your free post-event report template here .

4. Programme and speakers

Use this section to outline everything that went into creating the conference programme. Include information about the call for abstracts process, speakers and the event programme. Below we’ve outline information on each of these. 

Call for abstracts

Review your call for abstracts, outline what worked and identify improvements for future events. List all recommendation in the Key Recommendation section.

Review the speakers using the data provided in the attendee survey and add speaker’s scores in a table. Provide a breakdown of the speaker types and review the mix. Outline key recommendations in the Key Recommendation section.

Review the structure of the programme e.g. plenary sessions, keynote speakers, concurrent sessions and social events. Outline anything that worked and improvements for future event. Use feedback from the attendee survey to help measure the success of the programme. 

Programme outputs

Within this section, review programme outputs e.g. the printed programme, event app or website. Analyze costs  associated with producing programme outputs, and review ROI for each.  What was the ROI for the output? Identify any improvements for future events.

When reviewing an event app, use the following 5 app measures to assess the success of your event app. If this is the first year you have used an event app, these measures will provide a benchmark for future events:

  • Acquisition vs usage
  • Cost per user 
  • User engagement rate
  • Live polling response rate
  • User experience rating (this is an essential question to add to your post-event survey).

List all key recommendations from the Programme and Speakers section.

5. Location and venue

The location of an event and the venue play a huge part in its success. No doubt, you will receive feedback on the catering from attendees, this should be reviewed in the sections below.

It’s important to review the location of your event. Not only will it help you decide where to hold future events, it may provide insight into attendee numbers. You also need to review  other important aspects of the location including:

  • Accessibility and ease of travel to the airport
  • Hotel options
  • Cost of travel
  • Venue options in proximity to the event

Choosing a venue is one of the most important decisions for event organisers (and the most expensive). It’s important to conduct a thorough review of the venue. If there are any major issues highlighted, it is also important to provide feedback to the venue. You’ll likely find that attendees will help highlight any issues in the attendee survey.

Venue areas to include are:

  • The space and appropriateness for event
  • Facilities including event rooms
  • AV equipment and support
  • Catering – quality, options and service

List all key recommendations from the Location and Venue section.

6. Accommodation

It’s important to review accommodation options post-event. Attendees rely on you to provide the best possible options for them while they attend your event. Summarise  accommodation options and list any recommendations in the section below.

List all key recommendations from the Accommodation section.

7. Marketing, media and promotion

Provide a summary of marketing activities, highlighting successes and failures. Areas to address include:

  • Promotional activities and outcomes. Use analytics to support outcomes
  • Attendee demographics (where they’re from, their age, job titles). It is important you know your audience and how to target them. Consider displaying this in an infographic
  • Social media engagement. Look at growth during the event campaign and engagement at the event
  • Media – Summaries event media coverage. Highlight positive outcomes
  • Website (include key analytics)
  • Review marketing budget and spend
  • Include any creative and examples in the appendix of the report

List all key recommendations from the Marketing, Media and Promotion section.

8. Sponsorship

Summaries all sponsorship activities and outcomes. Areas to cover include:

  • Overview of sponsors and final numbers
  • Full summary of sponsorship packages
  • Include a summary of sponsorship revenue

List all key recommendations from the Sponsorship section.

9. Staffing

Review staff resourcing for your event and provide recommendations for future events. This will help you prepare budgets for the following year’s event.

List all key recommendations from the Staffing section.

10. Future recommendations

To conclude your post-event report, summarise key recommendations highlighted throughout the report. Include recommendations from staff, sponsors, speakers and attendees.

Download your free post-event report template

Complete the form below to receive your free post-event report template.

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22+ Event Report Templates – PDF, Word, Docs, Pages

An event report is basically used to asses whether or not certain objectives of an event have been met. The assessment here is done so that any changes or improvements can be recommended for the upcoming events. An event report template consists of details such as the name of the event, activities conducted during the event, and any recommendations that can be implemented. You can check out our list of sample report templates so that you can pick and download what suits your requirement the best.

event report templates

Report Template Bundle

report template bundle

  • Google Docs

Event Report Template

event report template

  • Apple Pages

Post Event Report Template

post event report

Event After Action Report

event after action report template

How to Write a Pre-Event Report?

  • The target audience of the event
  • The initial financial plan for the event
  • The date, time, and location of the event
  • The program that the event will follow
  • The stakeholders of the event including its suppliers, workforce, and management team. You may also see report examples .

event report template

Marketing Report Template in MS Word Format

marketing report template in ms word format

Sales Activity Report Template to Print

sales activity report template to print

Weekly Activity Report Template

weekly activity report template

Formal Report Template in DOC Format

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professional report template in google docs

Free Event Report Sample

free event report sample 440x570

Free Event Management Report Template

free event management report template 440x570

Free Post Event Report Template

post event report

Post Event Report Sample

post event report

Inclusions of a Post-Event Report

  • The event where the report is based on. The name of the event and when it was conducted along with the timing details.
  • The targets and objectives of the event and which of them have been reached.
  • The expected involvement of stakeholders and the actual participation of different people related to the event.
  • Any recommendations and suggestions for the betterment of future events.
  • Any follow-up regarding the event execution. This will be helpful to those reading it.

Current Event Report Template

current report template

Significant Event Report Template

significant event report template

Fundraising Report

fundraising report

Marketing Event Report Template

marketing event report template

Pre Event Report

pre event report

Evaluation Report

evaluation report

Event Expense

event expense

Event Financial

event financial

Status Report Template

status report template

Event Feedback Report

event feedback report

Formatting the Event Report

  • Use an appropriate template for the specific kind of event where the report will be beneficial. We have different kinds of downloadable templates that you may select from.
  • Be sure to identify the items that you want to be present in the event report. As much as possible, create a draft of the event requirements on various stages so that you will be aware of what to include in the particular event report that you will do.
  • Do not forget to create an understandable report outline by using an organized flow of thoughts and maintaining specific fonts for headings, subtopics, and body of discussion.

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