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Multiple Choice Questions

Research methodology.

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Sangita sharma.

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Nutrition At a Glance

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Multiple Choice: Chapter 31 Introduction to nutrition epidemiology: Study designs II

Question 1.   Which one of the following study types is an intervention study?


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  2. Case control study

  3. Cohort and Case Control Study

  4. MCQs set 2

  5. MCQ revision for EP module, part 2

  6. 5 2 3 Case control study


  1. What Is a Case Study?

    When you’re performing research as part of your job or for a school assignment, you’ll probably come across case studies that help you to learn more about the topic at hand. But what is a case study and why are they helpful? Read on to lear...

  2. Why Are Case Studies Important?

    Case studies are important because they help make something being discussed more realistic for both teachers and learners. Case studies help students to see that what they have learned is not purely theoretical but instead can serve to crea...

  3. What Are Some Examples of Case Studies?

    Examples of a case study could be anything from researching why a single subject has nightmares when they sleep in their new apartment, to why a group of people feel uncomfortable in heavily populated areas. A case study is an in-depth anal...

  4. Post-class Quiz #8

    ... case-control study differ from that of a cohort study? (Select the one best answer.) A. Case-control studies are retrospective, while cohort studies are always.

  5. MCQ Case Control Study with Answer

    In this lecture i discuss MCQ on Case Control Study. Notes of Case Control Study

  6. Multiple choice questions in EBP

    Which of the following studies is considered a gold standard for analytical epidemiology? A- Ecologic study. B- Cross-sectional study. C- Case-control study. D-

  7. Case control study

    Case control study quiz for University students. Find other quizzes for Science and more on Quizizz for free!

  8. Multiple Choice Questions

    Which of the following studies might be carried out to help health services plan future services? a. cohort study. b. cross-sectional study. c. case–control

  9. Study Design Quiz

    ... one of the following: Analytical, experimental. Analytical, observational, case-control. Analytical, observational, cohort. Descriptive. | Next. 1 of 6.

  10. Multiple Choice Questions

    The control group design . Which of the following aspects is a disadvantage

  11. Quiz 5 Case-Control and Cohort studies Flashcards

    Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like What type of observational study is a Case Control study design?, Case Control research

  12. Case control mcq

    Tamoxifen and uterine cancer. The study included 689 cases. There were. 139 cases and 58 controls taking Tamoxifen. Uterine Cancer. Tamoxifen Yes No.


    In the late 1980s a case control study was undertaken to determine whether the drug.

  14. Chapter 31 Introduction to nutrition epidemiology: Study designs II

    Which one of the following study types is an intervention study? A Ecological study. B Randomised controlled trial. C Cohort study. D Case–control study