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Etsy Reviews: 2023 Guide on How to Write a Review on Etsy

how to write a review on Etsy

“Why can't I leave a review on Etsy?" "How to leave a review on Etsy?" "How to leave a review on Etsy without words"... If you’re having trouble with the Etsy feedback system (especially as a beginner) , here is a guide for you.

Please scroll down and read on.

4 Things You Must Know Before Writing A Review on Etsy

#1 only verified customers can write reviews on etsy.

To protect the integrity of the Etsy system, anonymous reviews are not available on Etsy.

So, as a guest without an account or a buyer without purchase, you won’t be able to write a review on Etsy. Meanwhile, there isn't a way to leave a review privately —— the buyer's Etsy account and name will show up in the public reviews.

If you purchase an item as a guest, but have issues with the order. What to do next? Sign in to Etsy, then claim the order to your current or new Etsy account. Once it's verified, you will be able to write a review as you like. 

#2 An Etsy review includes three types of contents

  • Star Rating: Buyers can leave a review of 5 stars or fewer. Besides, the buyers using Etsy app for iOS are allowed to provide a star rating for Item Quality, Shipping, and Seller Customer Service.
  • Words: It's to describe the item and/or the service you received. If you are on Etsy.com, there is a five-word minimum for your review. If you are on the Etsy app, there is no word minimum.
  • Picture:  Etsy only allows pictures on a 5-star review, and they let the seller decide if they want it displayed, rather than have to petition Etsy to remove it. 

#3 Writing a review on Etsy is not always available

On Etsy, product reviews must be delivered within 100 days that begins after the estimated delivery date. After the given time, the review will be locked in and it can’t be edited or deleted. 

Moreover, there are two situations that may explain why someone cannot leave a review on Etsy.

  • If the order has an open case, a review cannot be updated.  
  • If the shop seller responds to a review, the review will be automatically locked in and no longer allowed to be edited. 

#4 Step-by-step guide to writing a review on Etsy

Here are steps to write a review on Etsy:

  • Step 1: Sign in to Etsy.com and Etsy app
  • Step 2: Go to Your account/ You , click Purchases and reviews
  • Step 3: Find the item you want to review, click Review this item
  • Step 4: Insert your review and click Post Your Review on Etsy.com, or tap Submit on the Etsy app. 

And steps to edit or delete the review on Etsy:

  • Step 1: Tap Purchases and reviews
  • Step 2: Find the order and select Edit review
  • Step 3: Change your star rating and words as needed.
  • Step 4: Click Post Your Review on Etsy.com, or tap Submit on the Etsy app. 

FAQs about How To Write A Review On Etsy

For buyers:.

The feedback system is an important part of the shopping process. It not only helps the buyer make the right decision but also urges the seller to continuously improve their service. As a buyer, you should be careful with your vote.

1. Will Etsy prompt me to leave a review?

After logging in to Etsy, you may see a review prompt on your account page. Sometimes Etsy will highlight those purchases for which you can still leave a review.

2. Why can’t I leave a review on Etsy?

The reason could be:

  • you need to log in Etsy.com/ Etsy app instead of shopping as a guest.
  • the order has an open case. If you’ve already made a review, you can’t edit it until the case is closed. 
  • the review is closed because of the 100-day period. 
  • the shop seller responds to your review, so the review is locked.

3. Where can I leave a review for a product on Etsy?

Go to the "Purchases and Reviews" page, then you can find the option to leave a review on the product you wish to compliment.

4. Do I have to leave a positive review or a 5-star review?

It's up to you. You can choose to ignore review reminders. If you write a review, no matter you are satisfied or not, the review will help the seller to improve their service.

5. What should I say in my Etsy review?

Be honest about your feedback. You can say anything you want, but no insulting language. You can also share photos (optional) to your comments by clicking on the camera symbol.

6. Can buyers really trust reviews and feedback on Etsy?

As you may know, read carefully before evaluating a shop’s reputation. Etsy has done a lot to prevent fake reviews, however, untrustworthy reviews can appear. Some customers will leave less-than-truthful bad or positive reviews, perhaps simply because they received a refund or extra allowance from the shop owner.

7. What if a seller asks me to change my review on Etsy?

This is a very controversial issue. Etsy allows customers to change their star ratings and reviews within the first 100 days of posting their first review, so sellers can try to fix it. If the seller does impress you, you can use the moderation right. If the seller continues to annoy you, it's best to turn a blind eye and focus on your own life.

8. Can the shop owner have my review removed?

According to Etsy policy, both customers and sellers are unable to delete reviews. The exception is Etsy shop owners can choose to show the review photos or not.

For Sellers:

We all know that reviews are essential to every online business. The reality is that some people may leave positive reviews and others may give negative reviews. As a seller, you need to know how to properly handle all kinds of feedback.

1. How to deal with a negative review on Etsy?

As you may know, you can:

  • report it to Etsy if you think it was inappropriate or aggressive
  • contact the buyer to change it
  • answer the review publically and politely

Obviously, the great way is to try and change buyers’ minds by providing excellent customer service after a bad review —— connect the buyer with apologies and kind words to fix the situation.

2. Can you hide reviews on Etsy?

You can't hide the entire review, but you can hide photos if a customer posts inappropriate or misleading content. 

For example, if a customer buys a necklace but uploads a picture of a bag, do the following:

  • Go to your reviews
  • Click “Hide this photo from Buyer’s link” under that photo review

3. How long do reviews stay on Etsy?

Product reviews will stay on Etsy forever if no user changes their reviews. However, these reviews will only affect the shop's overall star rating for the past 12 months. Because Etsy wants to remain current and ensure that each shop gets a fair rating. This means that you can strive for a higher rating by improving your service.

4. How to ask for reviews on Etsy?

The most effective way to generate new reviews is to send messages to buyers.

While some customers may actively write reviews for your products, you can help spark potential submissions by sending review requests directly to your customers.

Before sending a message to your customers, be sure to keep the following best practices in mind.

  • Choose the best time: The ideal time to ask is shortly after a customer has made a purchase and had a positive customer experience with the product or service. It is recommended that the inquiry be made within one to two weeks after the customer has had the opportunity to use the product.
  • Personalize the message: Address your customer by name.
  • Make it easy for customers: Include a link to the product page you are requesting a review on.
  • Keep it short: You don't want to overwhelm your customers with lengthy requests.

💡 For a more comprehensive guide, please read on Etsy Message to Buyers Examples: how can an effective message be sent to buyers?

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etsy reviews analysis

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write a review etsy

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write a review etsy

How to Leave a Review on Etsy : The Complete Guide


  • Updated on Oct 11, 2022

how to leave a review on etsy

Omar Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

Table of Contents

Did you purchase an item but don’t know how to leave a review on Etsy?

Don’t know how? I can help you.

In this guide, I’ll provide a step-by-step process for how to leave a review on Etsy. I’ll guide you on how to write, delete, or edit a product review on Etsy—whether you’re on the website or the Etsy app.

I’ll also explain the following:

  • Etsy’s review system
  • Why there seems to be no option to review certain products
  • Why leaving feedback is crucial.

Let’s begin.

Etsy’s Five-Star Review System

You must familiarize yourself with Etsy’s five-star review system before you start writing reviews.

Etsy uses a five-star review system where one star is the lowest score while five is the highest.

Under Etsy’s feedback system, you’re free to allot the stars that best represent your purchase and overall experience with the seller. There’s also a space for text where you can provide additional information regarding your experience.

Write detailed reviews on Etsy if you want to help other shoppers. You can provide details on the following aspects of your experience:

  • Product quality (Is it how the seller described it? Does it match the images on Etsy?)
  • Seller (Is the seller responsive? Did the seller offer a positive experience?)
  • Shipping (Did the product arrive within the estimated delivery date? Did it arrive undamaged?)

If you’re using the Etsy app, you can also give a separate star rating for the following criteria:

  • Item Quality
  • Seller’s Customer Service

Remember that the star rating you see on Etsy sellers’ pages is an average of all their reviews for the past year. The star rating isn’t a reflection of any particular product.

Why Can’t You Review Some Items on Etsy?

Wondering why there isn’t a “Review this item” option available for specific products even though you want to leave feedback?

Don’t fret.

You can only leave an Etsy review if you meet the following criteria.

  • You made the order with a registered (whether it’s new or existing) account on Etsy.
  • The order is still within Etsy’s 100-day review window, which begins from the order’s estimated delivery date. For digital items, 100 days starts once you download the file.
  • The 100-day window won’t pause even if you have an open case for the order.
  • You can only leave a review on Etsy for orders without an open case.
  • You must purchase the product via Etsy’s website or mobile app.

How to Leave Feedback on Etsy Website

You’ve now learned the Etsy system for leaving reviews. It’s time to use it.

When leaving a review, ensure your feedback focuses only on your experience with the seller. Avoid including any problems with the postal service or shipping company since Etsy shop owners have no control over them.

Follow these steps to leave a review on Etsy via the website.

Go to Etsy.com.

From the shop homepage, head to the top right corner and log into your account. If you have multiple Etsy accounts, you can only write a review with the same account you used to purchase the product you want to review.

how to leave a review on etsy

Head To Your Account.

Head to Your Account . Click Purchases and Reviews from the drop-down menu.

word image 50245 3 1

Find the Specific Product.

After clicking Purchases and Reviews , you’ll see all your purchased products with pending reviews.

Find the specific product you want to review.

Once you’ve selected the product, choose a star that best represents how you feel about it.

word image 50245 4 1

Provide details.

A popup will appear after you choose a star rating.

Use the text box to justify your review. Write about your experience with the product and seller and provide as many details as possible.

Writing a detailed review contributes to the Etsy community and helps other buyers make the best possible decision regarding their purchases.

You can also include a picture of the actual item if you want your feedback to be more thorough.

Once satisfied, submit your review by clicking Post Your Review .

word image 50245 5 1

After posting your review, Etsy will show your entire review on the seller’s page and your Purchases page.

How To Leave Reviews on the Etsy App

The Etsy mobile app has a slightly different process to follow if you want to leave a review. The difference lies in the interface of the app.

Follow these steps to write a review on the Etsy app.

Download the Etsy App.

Download the Etsy app on the App Store or Google Play if you haven’t already.

Sign in to your account once the download is complete.

word image 50245 6 1

Tap the You Button.

Tap the You button, then choose Purchases and Reviews .

The number within the green circle refers to the number of items you’ve purchased that don’t have feedback yet.

word image 50245 7 1

Choose the Specific Item.

Choose the item you want to review, then tap Leave a review . If you can’t find this Etsy prompt, the review period for the item may have already expired.

word image 50245 8 1

Provide Details.

If the app allows you to leave a review, it will also ask about your experience with an Etsy shop owner and let you choose how many stars to give.

Etsy rates the seller based on Item Quality , Shipping , and Seller Customer Service . Ticking the “I didn’t need customer service” box will hide Seller Customer Service .

word image 50245 9 1

Use the text box to provide more details about your experience with the Etsy seller relating to the abovementioned criteria.

Post a Photo (Optional).

You also have the option to include a photo on your review via the Etsy app. Choose an existing image from your gallery or take a new photo by tapping on Take a photo .

word image 50245 10 1

Tap Submit when you’re satisfied with your review. The Etsy app will post it immediately.

How To Leave Reviews Without an Etsy Account

What if you don’t have an account with Etsy? Can you leave an Etsy review as a guest?

Etsy doesn’t allow guests (buyers without an account) to leave a review on Etsy. Only a registered Etsy user can leave feedback on the platform. This system ensures all reviews match a verified purchase.

If you want to leave reviews on items purchased using a guest account, you can create an account and claim the purchase.

Here’s how you can claim a purchase:

Open Your Email Account.

Find the message from [email protected].

The date you placed the order should be the same as the date on the email.

word image 50245 11 1

Click the Order Number.

Look for the confirmation number in the receipt. You can find it under Order details .

Use the image below as a guide.

word image 50245 12 1

Create an Account.

You’d receive an option to create an account if you followed the prompts. Create your account and fill in the necessary information.

Leave A Review.

Etsy will automatically link the order to your new account. You can now leave a review for that specific order. Follow the same steps for leaving a review via desktop or mobile app.

Common Problems and Solutions

Leaving a review using a guest account can lead to the following problems.

You Can’t Locate the Email

Check your junk mail or spam folder if you can’t find the email from [email protected] in your inbox.

You can also use the search function on your email to find Etsy’s transaction confirmation.

If both solutions don’t work, contact Etsy Support .

Nothing Happens After Clicking the Confirmation Number

If you don’t receive a prompt to create an Etsy account, verify that you’re viewing the correct order receipt.

You might be viewing other notification emails from Etsy, like a message notification from an Etsy shop owner or shipping updates, which don’t have any links to claim your order.

If you see an error page, sign out of Etsy.

After signing out, log back into your account. Ensure the account has the same email you used when purchasing as a guest.

If you’re using the browser on your smartphone to claim an order, sign out of the app first.

Here’s how to sign out of Etsy’s mobile app:

  • Step 1: Open the app and tap You.

word image 50245 13 1

  • Step 2: Choose the account Settings.

word image 50245 14 1

  • Step 3: Tap the Sign Out option.

word image 50245 15 1

If it’s your first time buying from Etsy, the best way to avoid any issues is to register an account before completing your purchase.

How To Delete or Edit Review on Etsy

You can edit the photo, text, or star rating or delete your entire review if it’s still within the 100-day review period.

You can’t edit reviews if there’s an open case for the order, though.

You also can’t change a negative review (three stars or lower) once it has the seller’s review response, even if they delete it.

word image 50245 16 1

If you can still edit or delete a review on Etsy, here’s what you need to do.

  • Sign in to your Etsy account.
  • Click the “You” or the account icon .
  • From the dropdown menu, select “Purchases and Reviews.”
  • In your reviews page, find the original review you want to edit and click “Edit review.”
  • Once you’re happy with the changes, select “Post Your Review.”

Why You Should Leave a Review on Etsy

It isn’t only the seller who benefits from Etsy reviews. When you review items on Etsy, you also help fellow shoppers.

Surveys suggest that 95% of customers first read reviews before making a final decision .

Here are reasons you should leave reviews on Etsy.

1. Strengthen the Etsy Community

Every review you leave on Etsy allows you to build meaningful connections with sellers and customers.

If you notice one Etsy user buying the same products, you likely have similar tastes and preferences. If you follow like-minded Etsy users, you’ll gain insights into some products you may not have previously known.

2. Express Your Feeling About the Product

Writing a review on Etsy is the perfect avenue to express how you feel about a product.

Let others feel your joy and enthusiasm if you receive an item on Etsy that exceeds your expectations.

If you receive a poor-quality item, write a review about your annoyance and dissatisfaction. Etsy store owners will always attempt to handle negative reviews professionally because buyers can report any inappropriate review response.

3. Provide Useful Information for Other Etsy Buyers

Positive reviews for a seller reflect good customer service, making other buyers trust that seller.

By contrast, shoppers will be discouraged from buying an item with a negative review.

Whether positive or negative, each review on Etsy will help other buyers make an informed decision.

The Bottom Line

Knowing how to leave a review on Etsy is a pretty straightforward process, whether you’re using a desktop or the Etsy app.

I hope my guide has made it easier for you to understand how to write, delete, or edit a review on Etsy.

Make it a habit to leave a positive review for every successful purchase, even on other online marketplaces. When you leave a review on Etsy with thoughtful feedback, you make a seller’s day and simplify buyers’ lives.

If you bought an item on Etsy recently, here’s how you can track your order .

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write a review etsy

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How to Write an Etsy Review

Last Updated: August 6, 2020

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Did you recently buy something on Etsy? You can leave a review on the shop seller’s page. You only have 100 days after the estimated shipping date to leave a review on an order, [1] X Research source so don’t hesitate!

Image titled Write an Etsy Review Step 1

  • You can edit your review later by clicking “Edit Review” in the top right corner of the review.
  • If your order is cancelled, your review will be deleted. However, this may take some time.

Image titled Write an Etsy Review Step 5

Community Q&A

wikiHow Staff Editor

Video . By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube.

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write a review etsy

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  • Main content

How to leave a review on Etsy to give a seller feedback on your purchase and help other users

  • To leave a review on Etsy, head to the Purchases page on your Etsy account.
  • Reviews can be left on eligible items within the 100-day review period, which begins on an item's estimated delivery date.
  • Etsy reviews consist of a one- to five-star rating, text, and photos.

To leave a review on Etsy, you must be signed into an Etsy account. For recent purchases, you may receive an email prompting you to review the item. Otherwise, you can review items from the Purchases page on your Etsy account.

How to leave a review on Etsy

1. Go to etsy.com . Click "Sign in" at the top right corner and log in. 

2. At the top-right corner, click your account icon (icon with "You" underneath).

3. Select "Purchases and reviews" from the dropdown menu.

4. Scroll down to the item you want to leave a review for.

5. Next to "Review this item," click to select a star rating (from one to five).

6. Using at least five words, leave your review on the item and your experience with the seller. You can also upload a photo (optional) to accompany your review by clicking the camera icon.

7. Click "Post Your Review."

How to delete or edit a review on Etsy

1. Go to etsy.com . Click "Sign in" at the top-right corner. Sign in.

4. Scroll down to the review you wish to edit.)

  • Note: Reviews cannot be edited after the 100-day review period for an item (beginning from an item's estimated delivery date). In addition, if you have a case open for an order, your review cannot be edited until the case is resolved.

5. Click "Edit review" to change the star rating and/or text of the review.

6. After making your edits click "Post Your Review."

About Etsy's 5-star review system

You can choose to rate Etsy items from one to five stars. One star indicates you're disappointed with the item, and five stars indicate that you love it. Etsy recommends choosing the star rating that best represents the product you received and your purchase experience. Writing a detailed review in the text space provided can be helpful to other Etsy users as well as the shop owner.

Items eligible for review

If you don't see the option to review an item, it's likely because the item isn't eligible for a review at this time. For an item to be eligible for a review, it must meet Etsy's criteria.

First, you can only review items purchased on Etsy.com or the Etsy app. If you purchased an item in person via Square, you cannot leave a review on Etsy (but you can on Square).

You can only review items from orders associated with an Etsy account. If you made your purchase as a guest, you'll need to claim the order with a new or existing account in order to leave a review.

You must leave a review within the 100-day review window, which begins on the order's estimated delivery date. During this time, you can edit the star rating, text, and photo as many times as you want. For digital items, the review window begins when you download the file you purchased.

You cannot write a review (or edit an existing review) for an order with an open case. Once the case is closed, you can leave a review or edit your review.

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write a review etsy

write a review etsy

How To Leave Reviews On Etsy (And How Guests Can!)

Leaving reviews on Etsy is something that is important to Etsy sellers. We rely on good reviews to place higher in search results, and to get feedback for our products.

There are some things about leaving reviews on Etsy that can be problematic, though, so I hope that this guide will help if you’re having trouble with the feedback system on Etsy.

image saying can a guest leave reviews on etsy? What you need to do

Table of Contents

How to leave reviews on etsy, how to leave reviews on etsy from a mobile device, the review window might not be open., you’re not registered with an etsy account., you opened a case against the seller., how do i leave a review on etsy as a guest, how to delete or edit reviews on etsy., what to do before leaving a negative review on etsy..

Some of the links in this article are affiliate links that pay me a small commission if they’re used to make a purchase.

To leave a review on Etsy, you have to be signed in to your Etsy account, and the review window has to be open. Etsy requires that all reviews be placed within 100 days of the estimated delivery date, and you can’t leave a review until the Etsy system allows it. Reviews can be placed and edited within the 100-day window, unless the seller posts a public response, at which time the review will be locked.

  • Sign in to your account.
  • Go to the “Your Account” area at the top right on desktop, or the “You” button at the bottom of the page on the Etsy app.
  • Click on “Purchases and Reviews.”
  • Find the item that you would like to review and choose a star rating.
  • If you leave a 5-star rating you can upload a photo if you’re using the app.
  • If the prompts tell you that you have to leave a comment, write at least 5 words, then press enter or submit.
  • If more options to rate individual parts of the buying experience show up, you can fill them out or skip them. This is only on iOS devices at this time.

five star review

Use this link to go directly to your purchases and reviews page when you’re logged in to Etsy

To leave a review from the Etsy app, the process is the same as on a browser, but you may see some different options. Sign in to your account on the app and click the “you” icon at the bottom to go to your profile. This will take you to the purchases and reviews section, where you can review your purchases after Etsy unlocks the option.

  • Go to the “You” button at the bottom of the page on the Etsy app.
  • Find the item that you would like to review.
  • Follow the prompts to leave a star review for the item and any other options Etsy presents if you want to review those as well. Keep your interaction with the shop itself in mind, don’t review the postal service, only the seller.
  • If you leave a 5 star review you can also post a photo of your item in use.
  • If you’re prompted to leave a comment post at least 5 words.
  • On some apps you’ll be able to leave a review without writing a comment

Why can’t I leave a review on Etsy?

If you’re unable to leave a review, it could be because you’re not a registered Etsy user, the review window isn’t open, or because there is a case open on the transaction. Etsy limits the ability to leave reviews so that the system isn’t abused, and so that customers who leave reviews are verified as actual buyers.

The window to leave a review is generally open the day after the estimated delivery date, based on the postal service estimates.

Because packages can take more or less time to arrive than the estimate states, though, you may receive your package before the review window is officially open.

If that’s the case, you might go to your reviews to find that you can’t leave a review yet, and that you need to wait a few days. Etsy will generally email when you can review an item to remind you.

If you’re not a registered user and you purchased under the guest checkout, you should read the following section that tells how to claim a purchase.

Once you’re registered you’ll be able to review the item. You have 100 days from the delivery to do this before the review period is closed.

If you have opened a case against the seller for some reason, Etsy freezes the reviews until the case is closed. Until then, the review can’t be altered if you’ve already left one, and you can’t leave a new review.

Once the case is closed you’ll be able to leave a review, and it’s always appreciated if you leave a positive review if the seller or Etsy was able to help solve your problem during the time that the case was open.

The 100 days review period does progress during the time a case is open, so the freeze doesn’t extend that time.

write a review etsy

It’s not possible to leave a review on Etsy as a guest. All reviews must be made by registered accounts so that the review can be matched to a verified purchase. If a purchase was made on Etsy as a guest, the buyer can create an account and claim the purchase retroactively in order to leave a review.

To claim a purchase that was made through a guest account:

  • This can only be done using Etsy.com on desktop or on mobile. If you usually use the Etsy app, sign out and use the web browser on your mobile device.
  • Find the email in your email account that was sent from [email protected] when you placed the order.
  • Click on the order number in the first line of the receipt.
  • Follow the prompts to create an account.
  • The order will be linked to your new account, and you’ll be able to leave a review.
  • Follow the procedure above under the “how to leave reviews on Etsy” section.

To delete or edit a review on Etsy, it must be within the 100-day time period after the estimated delivery date. After 100 days the review is locked in and can’t be changed. The settings to change the review are located in the “purchases and reviews” section of the buyer’s Etsy profile. In addition, if the seller responds to a review, the review is automatically locked and it won’t be possible to edit it further.

To edit a review on Etsy:

  • Go to your user profile on Etsy.
  • Find the review that you want to edit.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to edit the review and click submit or enter.

Remember that if you delete a review, Etsy may not let you write a new one.

If you want to change a review, like in a situation where you want to increase the star rating to reflect good customer service, it’s better to edit instead of deleting to be on the safe side.

Before leaving a negative review on Etsy, contact the seller through the Etsy convo system. Using the shop home page contact button or the Purchases and Reviews section of your buyer profile, you can contact the seller if you had a problem with your order. They can often help you with problems such as items that were received damaged.

Please keep in mind that sellers are not responsible for things like slow postal shipping times (we have no control over the mail), orders that were filled correctly but weren’t what was expected because the customer didn’t read the description, or personalized items that were made based on information the customer provided.

If an order has a problem that was our mistake, sellers are generally more than happy to fix it.

But if the problem arises from something out of our control, that shouldn’t be included in a review of our products and customer service.

  • To contact a seller, go to the shop’s home page and click the Contact button under the seller’s profile picture. Alternatively, you can go to your purchases and reviews in your account and use the “help with order” button under the item you have a question about.
  • If you are using the contact button, just write a message and the seller will receive it in their messages section. If you are going through the purchases and reviews, you’ll need to choose an issue and resolution and send a message to the seller.
  • The seller will respond to your message when they receive it. Please remember that Etsy is an international platform, and sellers may not be able to respond immediately to your message due to time differences.

image of the contact the seller button on Etsy

I t’s always better to contact the seller before leaving a review.

If you have a problem with your order, it’s more than likely that the seller will be able to help you with it if it’s something within our control. (Click here for an article about what to do if an Etsy seller isn’t responding to your messages .)

Etsy sellers are generally individuals who are working as solopreneurs, and we do care about our customers.

It can be difficult for us if customers leave a review that complains about things we have no control over (such as slow shipping, postal workers leaving things out in the rain, etc.) because it ISN’T anything we have control over.

If it’s something that we are responsible for we will help, but please remember that shipping is a service that is handled by a different service provider!

Kara Buntin has run a home-based business since 1999, and has a background in art, theater design, and cake decorating. She's a top Etsy seller with over 49,000 sales on Etsy and her own website, and helps other home-based business owners with their business goals and SEO.

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how to leave reviews on etsy


How To Leave A Review On Etsy 2022 [4 EASY STEPS]

Buy something great and feeling the urge to leave a review on Etsy? Good on you. Writing a review on Etsy can now broken down into 4 easy steps!

write a review etsy

As a small business seller on Etsy myself, reviews (good or even not so good) are always appreciated by buyers like you. So, let’s get started on how to leave a review on Etsy!

Here’s what we’ll learn:

How to Write a Review on Etsy (Via Mobile App)

How to leave a review on etsy (via desktop), how to leave a review on etsy as a guest, how to add pictures to my etsy review, can i edit my etsy review, can’t leave a review on etsy, now, how to leave a review on etsy in 4 easy steps.

This is a great visual of leaving a review on Etsy App.

  • Open Etsy App
  • Click ‘You’ on bottom bar
  • Click ‘Purchases and Reviews’
  • Choose the product you’d like to review & begin!

There are only slight differences when review via desktop website versus the mobile Etsy app. Here is how to leave a review on Etsy via desktop!

  • Sign in to your Etsy Account
  • Locate your profile at the top right
  • Click ‘Review Your Purchases’
  • Click the product you’d like to review and begin your review!

This is where it can get tricky. Etsy does not allow you to leave a review on an item as a guest. However, don’t panic – there is a way to still leave a review for that product.

  • Locate your item’s order # sent from [email protected] within your emails
  • Click the order # link that will re-direct you to create an account on Etsy
  • Once your account is created this purchase will now be linked to your account!

After taking these steps to claim an order you made, you will then be able to leave a review on that item.

If you would like to add a helpful photo of what you received it’s easy!

Follow the same steps you took to begin writing a review on a certain item, and it should prompt you to add a photo if you wish. (See in above video tutorial)

Via Mobile App:

  • You can upload a photo you took, or take a photo right then and there!

Via Desktop/Website:

  • You will only be able to upload an image from your saved images.

Yes and no. Etsy allows a buyer up to 100 days to edit their review as many times as they want. This is AS LONG AS the seller has not responded to the review.

After which the review is then locked and cannot be changed any more.

Usually you will notice if you leave a poor review, the seller will message you in hopes of understanding what they can do to improve your experience with their products/shop.

This allows you to still edit your review if you wish.

Here’s a helpful tutorial on changing/editing your review on Etsy:

If you are unable to leave a review on Etsy, here’s what may be happening…

  • If you are writing a review as a guest – see How to Write a Review on Etsy as a Guest above.
  • This can happen if you receive your product before the estimated delivery date. The review window is opened on/after this date.
  • If you filed an of the following (return request, refund request, or problem with your order notification) you have opened a case against the seller. Your review privileges will be unavailable until the case has been closed.

If you have any other questions I failed to cover, leave a comment!

I hope this article helped you learn how to post a review for your future Etsy orders.

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Great post thanks for share this amazing and informative post

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