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Speech Writing: Speeches are description, understanding and conclusive talk about a certain topic which enhances our knowledge about a certain issue. Speeches have changed a lot of lives when history is seen and it still does when published and read by people. This specific article contains speeches for classes 9 th to 12 th to improve their reading and writing skills and also making them aware of many things via speeches. This article includes speeches on topics like pollution, unemployment, Indian leaders, India of my dreams, Importance of yoga and many more. Speeches have been an important part of our history where speeches were given by our leaders on occasions like Independence day, Republic day, Children’s day etc. Speeches from our teachers and parents have motivated us to do a lot of things in life.

This article is specifically dedicated to students from class 9, 10, 11, 12 who are struggling to find speeches that will reflect their mindset and views on certain topics and can find it here with us. The topics with speeches have been listed below to ease the search process and so you will find your desired topic.

We hope to give the best of knowledge to the growing learners and make their experience better with our site.

Format of Speech Writing and Marks Details

Introduction: Greet the audience / principal / senior, tell them about yourself and further introduce the topic.

Body: Discuss on topic, Try to go the core of the topic. And also remember about time.

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Conclusion: End of the speech and also give a message to the Audience

Speech on Independence Day

Intro: Respected Principal Sir/Madam, teachers and dear fellow students. On this prestigious day I’ve been given a chance to address this wondrous communion. In my love and honor I would like to dedicate a few words to my nation India.

Body: In a so diverse nation such as India, where its people are classified into various categories and classes, where the distinction seems so apparent but still we live under a common spirit. The Indian nation has its history and the world has its fair share to contribute. And Continue ……

Conclusion: At the end, I am so Thankful that I have given opportunity to talk on this great Day in front of You all. Thank You, Thanks a Lot!

Speech on Republic Day

Intro: Good morning everyone present here on this auspicious occasion of 72 republic day of our country. are respected principal mam teachers and all my dear friends I would like to wish you a “Happy republic day”. as we are celebrating our 72 republic day today I would like to give a small speech about this special occasion.

Body: Republic day is celebrated every year on 26th January to remember the historic moment when our constitution came into effect. As we all know India got its independence on 15th August 1947 and country it didn’t have its own constitution. On November 26th 1949 the constituent assembly of India adopted the constitution of India under the guidance of Dr BR Ambedkar… And Continue ……

Conclusion: At the end I want to end this speech by saying India is a democratic country. All the citizens living in a democratic country has the right to elect their own leaders. the constitution of India is made for people considering all the basic rights which they can enjoy all the citizens are treated equally, 2 there are many scope for improvement in every field but our government is evolving for the betterment of the country.


Speech on Girl Education

Intro: Respected Principal Sir/ Madam, teachers and my dear fellow students. Here, I standing in front of you to deliver a speech on the topic which is very important for the progress of our nation that is :- “Girl education”. Abraham Lincoln once had said “whatever I am and whatever i would be, I owe to my angel like mother”. This tell us  that women or a girl play a very important role in making strong nation.

Body: Educated girl is likely to increase her personal earning potential as well as reduce poverty in her community. After independence, India had taken many step to encourage girl education to attain highest peak of success. As women performs many roles with perfection like as a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, and sometime a Devifor a saviour of a family. And Continue …….

Conclusion: A very famous proverb had been said that “Behind every successful man, there is a hand of woman”. Also, if you educate a girl you educate a nation.

Topics for 9, 10, 11 & 12 Classes (Important Speech Writing)

Important Topics on several Topics have updated in this page for Practice. Students please keep update with this page for further updates –

  • Speech on Har Ghar Tiranga
  • Long Speech on Wonders of Science
  • Long Speech on Aim in Life
  • Long Speech on The Himalaya Mountain
  • Long Speech on Aquatic Life
  • Long Speech on Unity in Diversity
  • Long Speech on Girl Education
  • Long Speech on Cinema
  • Long Speech on Save Tigers
  • Long Speech on An Ideal Teacher
  • Long Speech on Importance of Yoga
  • Long Speech on Balancing Life
  • Long Speech on Hindi Divas
  • Long Speech on Indian Farmer
  • Long Speech on India of my Dreams
  • Long Speech on Unemployment
  • Long Speech on Nobel Prize
  • Long Speech on Importance of Newspapers
  • Long Speech on Peer Pressure
  • Long Speech on Ayushman Bharat Yojana
  • Long Speech on Speech on Organ Donation
  • Long Speech on Sports and Games
  • Long Speech on Technology
  • Long Speech on The New Normal
  • Long Speech on World War 2
  • Long Speech on Aliens
  • Long Speech on Global Warming
  • Long Speech on Disaster Management
  • Long Speech on Career Choice
  • Long Speech on Corruption
  • Long Speech on Modern Women
  • Long Speech on Cricket
  • Long Speech on Computer
  • Long Speech on Forest
  • Long Speech on Indian Politics
  • Long Speech on Importance of Trees
  • Long Speech on Health is Wealth
  • Long Speech on Importance of Time
  • Long Speech on Agriculture
  • Long Speech on Examination
  • Long Speech on Social Media
  • Long Speech on The Culture of India
  • Long Speech on Television
  • Long Speech on My School
  • Long Speech on My Childhood
  • Long Speech on Knowledge Is Power
  • Long Speech on Hard work is the key to success
  • Long Speech on Making Earth a better place
  • Long Speech on Independence Day
  • Long Speech on Malnutrition
  • Long Speech on Republic day
  • Long Speech on Indian Education System
  • Long Speech on The importance of kindness
  • Long Speech on Indian Leaders As World Heroes
  • Long Speech on Corona Virus
  • Long Speech on Gandhi Jayanti
  • Long Speech on Pollution
  • Long Speech on Importance Of Water
  • Long Speech on World population
  • Long Speech on Internet Is Boon Or Bane
  • Long Speech on Child Labour
  • Long Speech on Importance of Education
  • Long Speech on Discipline
  • Long Speech on Deforestation
  • Long Speech on Mothers Day
  • Thank You Speech for Parents
  • Thank You Speech For Award
  • Thank you Speech for Friends
  • Thank You Speech for Farewell
  • Thank You Speech for Teachers
  • Thank You Speech for an Event

Speech Writing Samples

Samples on Speech Writing on some important Speech have updated in this page for more clarification. Hope Students will enjoy it –

speech writing questions for class 9

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speech writing questions for class 9

Question and Answer forum for K12 Students

Speech Writing for Class 9 CBSE

Speech Writing for Class 9 CBSE Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

A speech is used to convey information orally to a number of people. The purpose of a speech is:

  • to convince the listeners about the speaker’s point of view
  • to pass on a wide range of information
  • to express an opinion, share a point of view, experience, observation, etc.

Basic  English Grammar  rules can be tricky. In this article, we’ll get you started with the basics of sentence structure, punctuation, parts of speech, and more.

We also providing Extra Questions for Class 9 English Chapter wise.

Speech Writing for Class 9 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises PDF

A speech is a formal talk delivered to an audience.

Format: 1. Opening paragraph – quotation/opening statement

2. What you feel about the topic . 3. What others feel and what you have to say 4. Summing up:

  • your ideas must be clear
  • use language that is easily understood
  • persuasive tone – don’t you agree …/Isn’t it?
  • speak of issues that concern the listener
  • use anecdotes, questions, humour

Speech Writing Solved Exercises Examples Class 9 CBSE

You are the Secretary of the Youth Club of your school.

Speech Writing Class 9

Speech Writing Practice Exercises Examples Class 9 CBSE

1. You are Nancy/Nayan. You have been chosen to represent your school in the All India Inter-school Speech Competition organized by the Rotary Club, Indore.

The topic for the speech is: Role of Students in Nation Building. Using the hints given below and your own ideas write the speech. Do not exceed 120 words.

2. More and more schools are sending their students on adventure trips and camps where children learn to live close to nature and try their hand at rock-climbing, white-water rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding and other adventure sports. You have been on one such trip and decide to deliver a speech in the school assembly to motivate other children to participate in such activities. Write the speech in not more than 120 words.

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  • Speech and Debate Writing keyboard_arrow_right

Speech Writing

To express views before the public.

Salutation or greeting

Disclosure of topic

Narration of facts, presentation of data, relevant examples, etc.

Sensible deviation from the topic

Draw conclusion in an innovative and imaginative way.                                                                                                    SAMPLE QUESTION: Today is women’s day and you are asked to deliver a speech on changing role of women in 21st century acknowledging their significant contribution in changing face of modern era. Your speech should not exceed the limit of 120-150 words.

HINTS: Gone are the days-when women were considered to be the queen of tragedy’- position  Remarkably improved-have all rights of equality-possess higher position without   any  distinction-have made their place in literature ,education ,administration-modern woman- self-confident, Self-respect, we are proud of them.

                                                                     ROLE OF WOMEN

Respected Principal, Teachers and  My Dear Friends,

I am delighted to have this golden opportunity of expressing my views on the ROLE OF WOMEN on the eve of  "WOMAN'S DAY ".

In the past women were considered inferior to man. Today, Woman are as good as men in every aspect. They have proved their worth. Name any field of progress wherein they have not left their mark? They are known for their sincerity, sensibility, hard work and timely wit. They have never failed in using them in time of need. Women like Barkha Dutt, Sonia Gandhi have excelled in their respective task.  Being woman myself, I feel tremendous power in myself and see no reason to lag behind. I am proud to be  a woman. We know that modern world cannot afford to leave women as they have time and again made the world realise their strong presence.

I acknowledge the vital role the women play for the emancipation of the society and their immense contribution in shaping and creating a srong nation with their spirit of dedication, devotion and duty.

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  • relationship between humans and animals.. In easy language.
  • what is the format of speech writing?
  • speech on Shallow thinking patterns , Fickle - minded people,and Instant success results at any coast
  • Head boy and head girls -debate compitition

Speech Topics in English for Students and Children


Many times we have wanted our voices to be heard and also inspire others with our ideas and thoughts. However, we aren’t able to do so in the correct manner sometimes. It is mostly because one fails to find the right words at the right times. That is why we have speeches. They help you attract the attention of the audience and make people listen to you. In school and college, speech topics become a part of our lives. While it is comparatively easy to write an essay, to deliver a speech is an entirely different thing. Proper persuasive speech topics can help you inform and convince your target audience. In order to do that, you need to do thorough research and state valid points to make a good impression.

When we talk about persuasive speech topics, it is important to note that they must inform, educate, convince or motivate your audience. In other words, you will be influencing them to accept your point of view. The finest persuasive speech topics are always stimulating, daring and very crisp and clear. Always remember to choose an interesting persuasive speech topic. It will help attract the attention of the listener or reader from the start to the end. Moreover, make sure to have ample knowledge about the topics, which will assist you in counter-questioning.

When choosing your persuasive speech topic, make sure it is familiar so you can prepare it easily. Further, your audience must care about the topic and must be able to easily visualize them. The main point is to make sure to not choose something that is overdone. Emotional topics help stimulate more emotions and give better chances of achieving the desired outcome.

Types of Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Factual Persuasive Speech – Use facts and figures to prove whether the topic is true or false
  • Value Persuasive Speech – Argues whether something is morally correct or not
  • Policy Persuasive Speech – Speeches that try to advance policies, laws and more.

There are a lot of persuasive speech topics that we consider interesting enough to be chosen as given below. All these persuasive speech topics are relevant and will remain so for a long time. When it comes to choosing persuasive speech topics, your options are infinite. We have compiled some of the best ones to help you make a good impression.

Toppr has done all the thorough research on your behalf so you can solely focus on delivering the speech excellently. In this article, we have listed out numerous important speech topics from various categories for special occasions, on prominent leaders, motivational, persuasive speech topics and more. They are appropriate for everyone from school students to college ones. Our vast collections of speech topics ensure you find anything and everything that you are looking for. Following is a great list of speech topics divided into different categories like persuasive speech topics and more for a better and quick search:

Persuasive Speech Topics

List of 100+ Speech Topics for Students and Children

List of persuasive speech topics.

  • Will punishing bullies help?
  • How to speak confidently in public?
  • Do exam results alone determine a child’s worth?
  • Do video games promote violence?
  • How to overcome the fear of Maths?
  • Should schools have longer recess time?
  • Should schools make swimming lessons mandatory?
  • What is the best age to own a mobile phone?
  • What is better: Paper books or E-Books?
  • How to overcome exam fever?

List of Persuasive Speech Topics on Environment

  • How will recycling help us?
  • Should there be a ban on smoking in public places?
  • Should zoos be banned?
  • Should there be a ban on animal testing?
  • Will banning plastic bags help?
  • Should exotic animals be kept as pets?
  • Is the government doing enough to tackle Global Warming?
  • How to control water pollution?
  • What is better: Buying pets or Adoption?
  • Why Elephant riding is unethical?

Speech Topics about Prominent Leaders

  • APJ Abdul Kalam Speech
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Speech
  • Lal Bahadur Shastri Speech
  • Mahatma Gandhi Speech
  • Speech On Swami Vivekananda

Speech Topics about Yourself

  • My Aim In Life Speech
  • My Mother Speech
  • My School Life Speech
  • My School Speech

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Speech Topics on Environment and Nature

  • Climate Change Speech
  • Global Warming Speech
  • Save Environment Speech
  • Save Water Speech
  • Speech About Nature
  • Speech On Air Pollution
  • Speech On Deforestation
  • Speech On Disaster Management
  • Speech On Environment
  • Speech On Importance Of Water
  • Speech On Pollution
  • Speech On Waste Management
  • Speech On Water
  • Speech On Water Pollution
  • Speech On World Environment Day

Speech Topics on Festivals and Events

  • Speech on Ambedkar Jayanti
  • Children’s Day Speech
  • Christmas Day Speech
  • Gandhi Jayanti Speech
  • Hindi Diwas Speech
  • Human Rights Day Speech
  • Independence Day Speech
  • International Women’s Day Speech
  • Labour Day Speech
  • Mother’s Day Speech
  • Speech On Baisakhi
  • Speech On Diwali
  • Speech On World Population Day
  • Teachers Day Celebration Speech
  • Teachers Day Speech
  • Welcome Speech For Independence Day
  • Tryst With Destiny

Speech Topics on Proverbs

  • Health Is Wealth Speech
  • Knowledge Is Power Speech
  • Laughter Is The Best Medicine Speech
  • Speech On Unity Is Strength

Speech Topics for Special Occasions

  • Best Man Speech
  • Best Farewell Speech
  • Annual Function Speech
  • Farewell Speech For Colleague
  • Retirement Farewell Speech
  • Thank You Speech
  • Thank You Speech For Award
  • Thank You Speech For Birthday
  • Thank You Speech For Farewell
  • Vote Of Thanks Speech
  •  Welcome Speech For Republic Day
  • Welcome Speech For Annual Function
  • Welcome Speech For College Function
  • Welcome Speech For Conference
  • Welcome Speech For Event
  • Welcome Speech For Farewell

Speech Topics on Social Issues

  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Speech
  • Clean India Speech
  • Organ Donation Speech
  • Road Safety Speech
  • Speech On Child Labour
  • Speech On Agriculture
  • Speech On Cleanliness
  • Speech On Corruption
  • Women Empowerment Speech
  • Speech On Unemployment

Speech Topics about Education

  • Importance Of Education Speech
  • Speech on Education
  • Speech On Books
  • Speech On Education System In India
  • Speech On Girls Education
  • Value Of Education Speech

Speech Topics for Kids

  • Doctor Speech
  • Speech On Money
  • Speech On Mother
  • Speech On Music
  • Speech On Respect
  • Speech On Sports
  • Speech On Sports And Games
  • Speech On the Importance of Teacher in Our Lives
  • Speech About Friendship
  • Speech On India
  • Speech On Junk Food
  • Speech On Grandparents

Speech Topics on Public Speaking Topics

  • Speech On Article 370
  • Speech On Constitution Of India
  • Election Speech
  • Leadership Speech
  • Political Speech
  • Speech About Youth
  • Speech On Fashion
  • Speech On Generation Gap
  • Speech On Indian Army
  • Speech On Indian Culture
  • Speech On Internet
  • Speech On Technology
  • Speech On Unity
  • Speech On Yoga
  • Speech On Travel And Tourism
  • Speech On Health
  • Speech On Importance Of Cleanliness

List of Persuasive Speech Topics on Education

  • Should school uniforms be banned?
  • Should we allow mobile phones in school?
  • Co-Education has more benefits or drawbacks?
  • What is better: Rote learning or Hands-on Learning?
  • Boarding schools are better than Day schools?
  • Dropping a year helps students or not?
  • Are PowerPoint presentations a waste of time?
  • Having the same grading system for all students, is it fair?
  • Should it be mandatory for all schools to have a canteen?
  • Are smart classes beneficial to students?

Motivational Speech Topics

  • Speech About Dreams
  • Speech About Life
  • Speech On Time
  • Speech On Discipline
  • Speech On Happiness
  • Speech On Kindness
  • Speech On Value Of Time
  • Speech On Health And Fitness

Tips for Writing a Speech

It does not matter if you have the most innovative ideas if you don’t execute them well in your speech. A good speech always invokes emotion, is well-researched and addresses relevant subjects. In order to write a good speech, make sure to follow the points given below:

Structure: Always remember to have a definite structure when you begin writing your speech. It is a frame that will give shape to your speech and help keep you on track. Jot down all ideas coming to your mind and then connect them so that each part has something interesting to keep the audience intrigued.

Vocabulary: A speech is meant for an audience that is filled with different types of people. You need to make sure you are using the right words so your message is conveyed successfully to each and every one. Only the right words can express and highlight your message. Thus, the level of complexity must match the level of the audience of your speech.

Relatable: Your speech is what you make of it, if your speech has incredible points but you don’t deliver it well, it won’t work. Try to include relatable things in the speech to make everyone comfortable and deliver it in a humanized manner so the audience relates to you as well as your speech.

Examples: When you use examples, it helps support and proves your point in a better manner. It also helps convince the audience and result in better engagement. Try using just enough examples so people buy what you are offering and also to add that emotional edge to your speech.

Short: The worst thing you can do to your audience is to deliver a long speech. Do not try too hard and sum up your views in a short and informative speech. In fact, the longer you take, the more mistakes you will make. When someone is investing their time to listen to you, make sure it is worth it.

To sum it up, a good speech requires time and effort. Try to pick the right topic if it’s in your hand and express your thoughts and opinions freely, without any hesitance. Consistency is key, you won’t get it perfect the first time, but eventually, you will get there.


Speech for Students

  • Speech on India for Students and Children
  • Speech on Mother for Students and Children
  • Speech on Air Pollution for Students and Children
  • Speech about Life for Students and Children
  • Speech on Disaster Management for Students and Children
  • Speech on Internet for Students and Children
  • Speech on Generation Gap for Students and Children
  • Speech on Indian Culture for Students and Children
  • Speech on Sports for Students and Children
  • Speech on Water for Students and Children

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