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Data Analyst Cover Letter: 2023 Sample and Guide

Write a winning cover letter to help you get those data analyst job interviews.

[Featured image] A woman sits on a couch, holding a white mug, as she types a data analyst cover letter on her laptop.

Your cover letter often serves as your introduction to a potential employer. While not all recruiters or hiring managers will take the time to read your letter, a well-written cover letter could mean the difference between a hiring manager looking at your resume and considering an interview or moving on to the next candidate for those who do. For a role you’re passionate about, it’s worth the extra effort.

If you’re looking for your first job as a data analyst, whether you’re just out of school or switching careers, you may be wondering what to include in your cover letter. Even if you don’t have previous experience in a data analyst role, you likely still bring transferable skills that can benefit you (and your employer) in your work as a data analyst.

In this article, we'll walk through a sample cover letter for an entry-level data analyst job, then go step by step through what you should include in each paragraph of your own cover letter. We’ll wrap up with some tips and best practices to make your cover letter stand out.

Entry-level data analyst cover letter sample

Before we get into the specifics of what to include in your cover letter, it may be helpful to look at an example. Feel free to use this sample cover letter as a template to customize your own version.

Sample Data Analyst Cover Letter

[Today’s date]

[Hiring manager’s name]

[Company address]

[Company phone number]

[Hiring manager email]

Dear Ms./Mr. [Manager’s name] ,

My name is Cindy Liu, and I’m a tech-savvy manager looking to flex my talents to identify new growth strategies for Corelight as a Junior Data Analyst. I’ve always been fascinated by numbers, and working in data analytics has been a long-term goal of mine. My career in the restaurant business has taught me to think strategically about problems and identify solutions. I believe this experience has prepared me for Corelight’s Junior Data Analyst role.  

Your job posting mentioned that you’re looking for an analyst with experience in SQL, proficiency in a statistical programming language, and strong time management skills. During my previous role as a restaurant manager, I had to multitask to balance the needs of the company (revenue) and the customer (service and quality standard). I’ve also been pursuing my passion for data, both at work and in my spare time. Over the past year, I’ve been able to achieve the following:

Automated repetitive restaurant payroll and accounting tasks with Python, freeing up three hours per week

Completed a case study using point-of-sales data from the restaurant to optimize our menu and pricing, leading to a revenue increase of 10 percent

Completed the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate, which included extensive coursework in both SQL and R

I’m thrilled at the opportunity to use these experiences to fuel data-driven decisions at Corelight, and I’m keen to continue developing my skill set on the job. I am available for a Zoom call or in-person meeting to discuss how I can help Corelight with improving market product performance through data.

Thank you for your consideration,

Cindy Liu, Data Analyst

What to include in a data analyst cover letter

Now that you’ve seen an example of what a data analyst cover letter might look like, let’s take a closer look at what to include in your own cover letter. Cover letters should typically fit on a single page and include three key paragraphs. 

TIP: Complement your resume with additional information.

Resist the temptation to rehash the same bullet list of accomplishments. Instead, use this as an opportunity to highlight what the reader should look for in your resume. If your resume lists Python as a skill, your cover letter is your chance to tell a story about how you’ve applied it to solve a problem.

First paragraph: Introduce yourself

Begin your letter by addressing the hiring manager by name if you have that information. Your first paragraph is your opportunity to introduce yourself and introduce the value you can bring to the company. In this paragraph, be sure to state clearly:

Who you are 

What position you’re applying for

What company you’re applying to

Why you’re a great fit for this specific role

This is also an excellent place to point out your enthusiasm for the company, highlight a mutual connection you have, express your passion for data, and explain why you’re interested in a career change.

TIP: Focus on the positive.

Don’t apologize for your lack of job experience. Highlight the skills and talents you do have, and express your enthusiasm for learning and growing.

Second paragraph: Relevant skills and achievements

The second paragraph is typically the most important part of your letter. This is where you connect the requirements from the job description to your skill set and unique experiences. 

Take a look at the job listing and pick out three to four skills or requirements that you feel you can best highlight. Think about a specific accomplishment or experience that demonstrates each skill. These could be academic accomplishments or achievements from a previous job, even if it’s unrelated to data analysis. 

For example, strong communication skills are often required for data analysts, who are tasked with presenting their findings to management and stakeholders. If you’ve given presentations as part of a university class or in a previous role, call out this experience. How many people attended? What were the results of the presentation?

Back up each accomplishment with data or metrics, when possible. 

TIP: Include keywords from the job listing.

Using the exact phrasing of skills and qualifications from the job description can help applicant tracking systems identify your application as a good match. Use both long form and acronym versions where appropriate, for example Structured Query Language and SQL.

These data analyst skills , including SQL, R or Python, and machine learning, are the most in demand by Coursera’s community of 87 million global learners (as of December 2021). If you have experience with one or more of these, mention it in your cover letter, especially if they match the job description.

Third paragraph: Wrap up and call to action

The final paragraph of your cover letter should summarize why you’re the best fit for the job. More importantly, it should include a call to action. Express that you’d like to discuss the role further. Offer some availability for an interview. Ask about next steps.

The idea here is to get the hiring manager thinking about the next step in the hiring process with you as a part of it. 

TIP: Proofread.

Data analytics requires attention to detail, a skill you’ll want to demonstrate in your cover letter. It’s also a good idea to verify whether your cover letter should be sent as an attachment, pasted into the body of an email, or uploaded to a website. Some companies have specific requirements for subject line formatting and attachment naming conventions—check before you send.

Get job-ready in data analytics

Practicing the data analysis process can help you feel more prepared as you apply for roles and participate in interviews. To prepare for your job search and beyond, try some of these top-rated courses:

Explore a career as a data analyst with the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate on Coursera. Learn the tools and techniques you’ll need, including SQL, R, and Tableau.

Enhance your resume and cover letter with the University of Maryland's Writing Winning Resumes and Cover Letters course. Learn how to identify relevant job skills and tailor your job application documents for the roles you want.

Prepare for an industry-recognized certification exam with the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Professional Certificate . Learn how to use Power BI for data-driven decision-making. Plus, learners who complete this program will receive a 50% discount voucher to take the Microsoft PL-300 Certification Exam.

Keep reading

This content has been made available for informational purposes only. Learners are advised to conduct additional research to ensure that courses and other credentials pursued meet their personal, professional, and financial goals.

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Data Analyst Cover Letter: 5 Sample Templates for 2023

Stephen Greet

  • Data Analyst Cover Letter
  • Data Analyst No Experience
  • Data Analyst Internship
  • Senior Data Analyst
  • Analytics Manager
  • Writing Your Data Analyst Cover Letter 101
  • Data Analyst CL FAQs

As a data analyst, you turn numbers into insights. Your typical work means collaborating with other data professionals (data scientists, business analysts, database administrators) to locate pertinent data, transform data into useful information, generate reports, and create findings to assess business initiatives’ success.

Being a data analyst requires many  skills , and, while you can’t fit all your successes on your  data analyst resume , the cover letter provides another avenue to provide this info to a potential employer. Hint: This isn’t the place for modesty. 

Creating a good cover letter may feel on par with going to the dentist. Nonetheless, it’s an important task, and we’re here to help by providing five data analyst cover letter examples with some easy-to-follow guidance.

Data Analyst Cover Letter Example


Microsoft Word

Google Docs

Block Format

Official data analyst cover letter template

Data Analyst No Experience Cover Letter Example

Data analyst no experience cover letter template

Why this resume works

  • Drawing from Keito’s example, a reference to your involvement in a competition that put your data analysis or programming language knowledge to the test is a great avenue to highlight your practical skills.

Data Analyst Internship Cover Letter Example

Data analyst internship cover letter template

  • A recent achievement isn’t the only approach to this strategy. You can also refer to the company’s current project or industry-specific awards. Or better yet, align your ethos with the potential employer’s objectives and emphasize how your expertise can help drive these goals forward.

Senior Data Analyst Cover Letter Example

Professional senior data analyst cover letter template

Analytics Manager Cover Letter Example

Elegant analytics manager cover letter template

Analytics Manager Resume

Try this matching analytics manager resume .

or download as PDF

Business analyst resume example

Data Analyst Cover Letter Writing Steps

Data analyst holds ball in one hand and raises other hand in question with yellow cat around neck

We break it down into three easy steps; you’ll have a data analyst cover letter primed and polished in no time.

sample cover letter for job application for data analyst

Step 1: Research the role & its data analyst role

It’s important to customize your cover letter to match the  job description for the data analyst  position you’re applying for, and you’ll need to connect the dots between your expertise and the potential role.

On the company’s website, dig for info about the data analyst role, the area you’d be working in, and information related to their data processing and data analysis efforts. 

  • Try to understand the company’s mission, visions, values, and goals.
  • Think about your achievements in report generation, data acquisition, projects, etc. Tie these to the company’s goals, objectives, initiatives, and issues they care about.

sample cover letter for job application for data analyst

Step 2: Go into detail about your data accomplishments

One of the most important things to remember when writing your cover letter is not to duplicate your resume. Focus on telling a story about your achievements rather than repeating your job history.

Focus on telling a story about your achievements rather than repeating your job history.

This is your chance to address the specific needs or goals for the data analyst role by touting one or two (maybe three) major accomplishments that connect and align with what the company wants and needs. Use your best and most recent work when possible. 

Targeting your examples to hit on the information you obtained when you researched the company and the role will impress them and demonstrate how you’ll benefit their organization. 

sample cover letter for job application for data analyst

Step 3: Communicate the right tone

Keep your cover letter brief—one page or less. Similar to  writing a resume , if you include too much, recruiters may be overwhelmed, grow bored, or, worse, skip reading it entirely.

Data analysts like direct and clear communication. So, be straightforward, genuine, and professional. On the flip, be personable to distinguish yourself from other candidates. It’s a bit like a college application—outstanding grades and academic achievements are great, but extracurriculars can make the difference between getting in or not.

Now that you’ve written a great data analyst cover letter, what’s next? Proofread! Make final revisions, save your document (something professional), and send your cover letter to your prospective employer along with your resume, application, and any other requested information.   

Your Data Analyst Cover Letter Outline

Data analyst outlines cover letter on purple laptop while drinking coffee

So, you’re starting with an empty page and want to know how to start. You need a jumpstart and a structure. Start with our comprehensive outline that breaks down your data analyst cover letter into discrete sections and clearly shows you what to include in each part:

sample cover letter for job application for data analyst

Begin your cover letter for a data analyst

Your contact info: Most people don’t write cover letters from scratch. If you’re using one of our cover letter templates above, you may want a matching  resume template ; just replace the filler with your info.

As a data analyst, you know the importance of details, so don’t accidentally leave any of the generic information intact or forget to include your name, email, and number. 

  • Formatting:  If you create a block business letter (instead of using a template), then including your address is fine. Many letterheads will have your name prominently displayed on the template, but a block letter shouldn’t include your name with the address as your name on the signature line is sufficient. 

Date:  Hopefully, you’re not procrastinating and are writing your letter in advance of when you want to send it. If this is true, update the date before sending it! Also, make sure that any of your data analyst supporting documentation is up-to-date and has the same delivery date as your cover letter.

  • Formatting:  Always use the full date, e.g. January 13, 2023.

Inside address:  This is the name and address of the recipient. Include their name, position title, and the company’s address.

  • Formatting:  Each section of the address should be on a new line. Double space between the inside address and the greeting. 

Katie Kelly Liberty Mutual Insurance, Recruiter  175 Berkeley Street Boston, MA 02116

Greeting:  The salutation can set a positive tone or dull first impressions. Whenever possible, direct your cover letter to the specific person in charge of hiring you as a data analyst. 

  • Dear Manager, 
  • Dear Hiring Department,
  • To Whom it May Concern:

Figuring out who the hiring manager is can sometimes take extensive sleuthing skills. Include figuring this out as part of your research into the company and job role. This is another way to make your cover letter stand out from others:

  • Dear Ms. Kelly: 
  • Dear Ms. Ortega: 
  • Formatting:  Using a colon after the name is the formal way to do it. A comma is probably okay but will depend on how “professional” a company is.

Write your cover letter with data in mind

Body:  The main section of your data analyst cover letter will be three to four—maybe five—paragraphs explaining your interest in the job, what makes you a good candidate, and your enthusiasm for future discussion. Next, we’ll break it down.

  • Formatting:  Single-space your lines but double-space between paragraphs. 

Opening paragraph:  Think compelling! Skip generic stuff that will bore the reader. Instead, start with a short sentence or two showing how you came to know about the position and why it speaks to you.

Don’t use something like this:

I found your posting online and am interested in filling the data analyst position.

That’s a non-starter and a snoozer! Instead, try:

As someone who has spent the last 6 years striving to improve my financial literacy, I am intimately familiar with SmartAsset’s value. For instance, I used your retirement calculator to set my 401(k) contribution rate after college graduation. Improving financial literacy is the best vehicle to address income inequality, and I would love to help SmartAsset in that fight as a data analyst.

This lead-in demonstrates a personal connection, shows a strong interest in the job, and pulls the reader in. It also demonstrates that you’ve done your homework and understand how you can contribute to the company’s goals.  

Paragraphs 2-3:  Now that you have their attention, hit them with some facts and figures regarding your great accomplishments. Reminder: don’t repeat your resume. This is a good opportunity to expound on a couple of your biggest accomplishments.

For example:

As SmartAsset works to scale growth, I know one of the most difficult challenges is setting up proper marketing attribution to assess the efficacy of each marketing channel. While at Sensio Marketing, I was instrumental in developing real-time dashboards showing the ROI of ad spend across channels. This required coordination between data engineering to create query-able databases, marketing to understand important KPIs, and the testing team to validate different attribution models for the creation of dashboards. This attribution framework helped our team increase paid ad spend ROI by over 29 percent year over year.

We  do  want to emphasize the connection between your resume and cover letter. Put your strongest and most tangible accomplishments on your resume. However, your cover letter gives you more space to explore your success in light of what the company specifically needs out of a data analyst. 

This also shows the importance of customizing both your resume and cover letter to the specific job you’re applying for. Your cover letter should introduce your resume and present complementary information that directly ties to the desired role.

Closing paragraph:  This is your last chance to make your case and finish strong. Show hiring managers and recruiters how your values and qualifications align with the needs of the role and the company. 

Keep your momentum going and don’t end on a flat note like this:

I feel I am a great candidate for this data analyst position, and I am anxious to discuss the opportunity with you soon. 

Yuck. This is generic and boring. Nothing at all to make them remember you.

Return to the value you’ll bring value to the company, and creatively restate your interest in the job. Include a call to action, stating your anticipation of follow-up communication and an interview. The following closing paragraph shows your commitment to finding a career-forwarding role:

I am excited about the prospect of helping SmartAsset reach more people like myself who are struggling with what to do with their finances as early professionals. I welcome the opportunity to share more with you about how my experience can help SmartAsset’s marketing team reach more potential users through accurate attribution, product analytics, and automation. 

sample cover letter for job application for data analyst

End your data analyst cover letter

Signature:  Say “thank you” if you haven’t done so in your closing paragraph. Use a professional close with your real name. 

  • Formatting:  If you print your data analyst cover letter, quadruple space to leave room for signing your name in blue/black ink. 

Thank you for your consideration, 

Adele Gallia 

Enclosure(s):  Here, you can provide any additional information that the job requires such as applications, references, or data analyst-related certifications.

  • Formatting:  Use the singular or plural form of “enclosure” depending on how many documents you’re enclosing. List each item on a separate line.

Enclosures: Resume Application Copy of certifications 2 letters of recommendation

Including your supporting documentation with your cover letter is always the professional thing to do. Don’t make them ask for it.

Next Stop To Your Data Analyst Job

Delivery van transports a yellow envelope holding a data analyst resume and cover letter

With your top-notch data analyst cover letter in hand, consider your resume. If you’re looking at your resume, and it doesn’t seem up to snuff, no worries.

It’s normal to need to revise your resume to match each job position you apply for and, as we noted, you want to make your resume and cover letter work together seamlessly to be synchronized with the job description.

Never fear, our  resume tips  can offer some fresh ideas from our  professional resume templates  and  resume examples  like this editable one below. 

Data Analyst Resume

Need a resume to pair with your data analyst cover letter?

Data analyst resume example

Creating and revising career documents is never a fun job; we understand, and we’re here to lend a helping hand. Use our  resume builder  and expert-approved guidance as stepping stones to make your data analyst resume and cover letter outstanding. Before you know it, you’ll be interviewing and starting your next role in your data analysis career.

Adding a personal touch by addressing the hiring manager by name can elevate your whole job application, so we strongly recommend trying out all options first. This includes checking the company on LinkedIn, browsing its website, or even emailing or calling to ask for a name. However, if it’s not possible, you can always use “Dear Hiring Manager.”

Make your interest in the company an echoing sentiment throughout the cover letter. For instance, mention that your experience in Python has led to a 30% increase in efficiency in your past role and how excited you are to bring it to the new company. Don’t forget to mention how using big data technologies, such as Hadoop or Apache Spark, has allowed you to handle complex and large datasets, providing vital insights that drove strategic decisions. Add some relevant metrics as a cherry on top.

Focus on transferable job skills . For instance, if you previously worked in tech support, mention how your ability to explain complex topics to a non-technical audience means you’ll excel at translating large data sets into actionable insights for the company’s stakeholders.

Create my free resume now

Professional Data Analyst Cover Letter Example for 2023

Read for inspiration or use it as a base to improve your own Data Analyst cover letter. Just replace personal information, company application data and achievements with your own.

Avatar image

Read a real data analyst cover letter example

What to write in a data analyst cover letter, key takeaways.

Data analyst cover letters are a must if you are really passionate about interviewing for a certain job.

They are the perfect opportunity to outline your technical and soft skills and also to highlight your enthusiasm.

If you have never written a cover letter, or you need a quick reminder of what to include, we have the perfect step-by-step guide for you.

So read on to find out how to write that job-winning data analyst cover letter, and remember to check out our sample below.

data analyst coverletter.png

Cover letters denote the most important elements (skills, achievements) within your resume - and also highlight your commitment to the application process.

The thing to remember is to keep them short and sweet.

If you’re not sure how long your cover letters should be - check out this guide about the perfect length of your cover letter .

But more information about writing your data analyst cover letter, you will find in the article below.

We'll also be showcasing:

  • the art of the salutation and powerful introduction;
  • skill-word optimization;
  • how to seize the opportunity to show you've done your homework;
  • ending on a high note;

…and a few practical tips that may come in handy when you're writing your cover letter for a data analyst role.

Choose the right salutation

Your data analyst cover letter is an opportunity to showcase your attention to detail.

Thus, those small, insignificant - or so you may think - details make a world of difference.

That's why it's essential to start your cover letter the right way - with the correct salutation.

Of course, this would depend on whether you do or don't know the name of the recruiter.

In the first scenario, you can use any of the following salutations:

  • Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs [Last Name],
  • Dear [First and Last Name],

While in the second scenario, we recommend:

  • To the [name of team you are applying for a position in] Department,
  • Dear [title of the person you would report to],
  • Dear [position title] Hiring Manager,
  • Dear [name of team or department you’re applying for a position in],

This may be common knowledge, but you want to put your best foot forward from the very start.

And still not sure how to start off your cover letter?

Check out our extensive guide on the best way to address your data analyst cover letters here .

Craft a strong introduction

Now that you've written a proper greeting, we come across one of the most important parts of your cover letter.

The introduction.

Most recruiters may just read these first few sentences - that's why you should put a bit more thought into them.

The introduction should consist of two parts - each long about a sentence, as the cover letter isn’t a detailed retelling of your resume. But rather telling the story of your most-prominent professional achievements.

On a side note - if you want to find out more about how to tell stories within your cover letter, check out this article – How to Tell a Story on Your Cover Letter .

Within the first part of your introduction, you should answer why the company should choose you for the data analyst role.

Consider why your experience makes you the best candidate for the role.

So here you can briefly mention your 2 or 3 proudest achievements - with a focus on outcomes and results.

For example - "The databases I've created, serves as a company-wide knowledge center used to train new employees."

Rather than - "I have done 2 databases."

If you're still struggling, you can do a bit of reverse engineering in your writing.

Here's how:

  • Check out the requirements within the job advert and list 2/3 skills that are most common.
  • Use your experience to illustrate those skills with achievements (again, results first).
  • What follows is the second part of your introduction - which looks at the future.

Think about how you'd make the team, role, or company better - what you'd bring to the table.It could be your technical knowledge, but also a set of soft skills that you possess.

Your cover letter introduction is the opportunity to make a memorable, focused, and systematic experience for the recruiters.

Emphasizing your data analyst skills in your cover letter

Next follows the body of your cover letter - it's an opportunity to go further into detail about your specific skill set .

When writing about your skills, always quantify your achievements.

This goes to show that you haven't merely done a specific task, but rather that you're focused, results-oriented, and wish to achieve more.

Also, remember how in the introduction we recommended you use the job description for inspiration?

Well, this strategy is also good for passing the applicant tracking system (ATP) with your cover letter.

If the job description lists specific skills and requirements, make sure you include them in the body of your cover letter.

Sort of like keywords.

An example of such technical skills could be your knowledge of:

  • Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets),
  • Mathematical/statistical skills.

And if you're still wondering what skills you should write about - consider what you're best at or what you love the most about your current position.

Including this within your cover letter would show a sense of emotion and attachment to your work.

On a final note about the cover letter body - don't forget about your soft skills. Within the panel below, you'll find our recommendations.

Top Data Analyst Soft Skills for Cover Letters

Interpersonal communication - your role would be to make data accessible for different departments within the organization/company. That's why an ability to communicate with different departments and colleagues is a definite must.

Presentation skills - data analysts make complex data sets more user-friendly. Think about a scenario where you have translated and presented data using both your technical and communication skills.

Problem-solving - the ever-present question within your work: "how to get from x to y"? Make sure your cover letter can illustrate scenarios where you have faced similar situations.

Show that you did your research before applying

How do you further highlight your engagement for the data analyst role within your cover letter?

Within the second-to-last paragraph of your letter, you have the opportunity to show that you've done your homework about the company.

In a couple of sentences, you can write about:

  • the problems they are facing and how you aim to solve them,
  • company-wide achievements and recognitions and what impresses you about them.

Think of this as a section where you can present more than just technical and soft skills - but rather that passion to work in this company.

The final call to action

And so you’ve finally reached the ending of your cover letter.

This is the time to express gratitude to the recruiters for reviewing your application and also to propose the next action steps.

The final paragraph of your cover letter should include an active call to action - whether that’s to organize an interview or an initial call to find out more about the role.

It really is up to you, but make sure you leave a good impression.

  • Data analyst cover letters are an opportunity to outline your experience by showcasing your interest in the position
  • Always keep your data analyst cover letters short, sweet, and with intent
  • When listing your achievements, make sure you quantify them
  • When in doubt, check back the job requirements for inspiration regarding skill set and achievements

Make sure you proofread your cover letter - paying special attention to formatting, precise numbers, and paragraph style. A clear, concise, and formatted cover letter shows not only purpose but also a keen eye for details.

Data Analyst cover letter

Cover letter examples by industry

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • It Director
  • Computer Technician
  • Data Science Intern
  • Desktop Support
  • Devops Engineer
  • Software Tester
  • Project Engineer
  • Program Analyst
  • Software Engineer Intern
  • Entry Level Software Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Data Mining
  • Android Developer
  • Quality Engineer
  • It Specialist
  • Etl Developer
  • System Administrator
  • Java Developer
  • Entry Level Network Engineer
  • Front End Developer
  • Software Architect
  • Python Developer
  • Informatica
  • Sql Developer
  • Wordpress Developer
  • Junior Data Scientist
  • Microservices
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Golang Developer
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Director of Engineering
  • Director of Software Development
  • Director Of Software Engineering
  • Entry Level IT
  • Javascript Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Junior Java Developer
  • Php Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Salesforce Admin
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Game Developer
  • QA Engineer
  • Salesforce Developer
  • Data Analyst Intern
  • Software Engineering Intern
  • Solutions Architect
  • System Analyst

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How to Write a Data Analyst Cover Letter

Are you a recently qualified data analyst? If so, you’ve made a good choice. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, data analytics roles will grow by 23% between 2021 and 2031. For context, this is much faster than the national average for all occupations, which is just 5%. 

However, to get your foot in the door for any data analytics role means making a good impression. And that’s where a strong data analyst cover letter comes in.

A well-crafted data analyst cover letter will showcase your skills and get your resume noticed. In this article, we provide tips on how to write a data analyst cover letter, along with examples and a template to get you started. Whether you’re an entry-level analyst or a seasoned professional, you’ll soon be ready to produce a cover letter that pops!

Read on, or use the clickable menu to jump to the topic of your choice:

  • Why do you need a data analyst cover letter?
  • How to write a data analyst cover letter (step-by-step)
  • Data analyst cover letter examples
  • Data analyst cover letter template

Ready? Then let’s get started!

1. Why do you need a data analyst cover letter?

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of writing your cover letter, it’s helpful to understand why you need one in the first place.

Besides being a front piece for any job application, the main benefit of a well-written cover letter is that it showcases your qualifications, skills, and experience in a way your resume cannot. You can introduce yourself and your skillset to an employer in a pithy paragraph or two.

Here’s a list of the benefits of sending a well-honed cover letter with your data analytics resume and portfolio:

  • A good data analytics cover letter establishes a connection with the hiring manager
  • It highlights the most relevant skills and experience for the job
  • You can use it to demonstrate your passion for the role
  • It’s an additional opportunity to show off your communication and writing skills
  • When executed well, it helps you to stand out from other applicants (especially those who don’t bother to include a letter at all, which is more common than you might think)

Now that you know why a data analyst cover letter is an essential part of your job search, let’s explore how to write one.

2. How to write a data analyst cover letter (step-by-step)

A data analyst cover letter shouldn’t typically include anything you haven’t mentioned elsewhere in your resume or portfolio. However, it’s an opportunity to zero in on the most salient aspects of your application, placing them front and center. 

In this section, we offer a step-by-step guide to writing your data analyst cover letter, exploring the basics of professional letter writing and the nuances of a letter for this specific role.

Let’s take a look.

Step 1: Layout your letter correctly

First up, structure! Don’t make your data analyst cover letter too wild or creative—save that for your portfolio. Instead, stick to the following standard professional letter format:

[Your contact details]

[A link to your portfolio/professional website]

Top Left (below the date)

[Name of recipient]

[Their job title]

[Their contact address]

[Reference, e.g. ‘Re: Application for role X’]

Next, begin your letter with a professional greeting, using the hiring manager’s name if you know it. If you don’t know their name, simply write ‘Dear Hiring Manager’.

Step 2: Open with a strong introduction

The opening sentence or two of your data analyst cover letter should, in effect, be a punchy summary of what the letter will then cover. This means ticking a few standard boxes while also making a good impression:

  • Include the title of the job you’re applying for
  • Include the name of the company you’re applying to work with
  • Briefly highlight why you’re the best candidate for the role (picking one or two of your most distinguishing features—don’t make it too long, though, as you can go into more detail later)

Beyond that, what exactly makes an introduction ‘strong’? The strongest intros typically use confident, evocative, yet concise language and include specific details about the role to demonstrate that you’ve researched the company. 

You might also want to include a ‘hook’ that captures the reader’s attention, such as an intriguing element of your data analysis expertise that others might not have. For example, maybe you have skills using specific data tools or have experience in a relevant industry.

Step 3: Explain why you’re interested in the role

In the second section/paragraph of your data analyst cover letter, hone in on why you’re the ideal candidate for the role. To show that you’re genuinely interested in the company, aim to mention any specific aspects of the position mentioned in the job description that you find attractive or intriguing.

For example, perhaps you’re particularly excited at the prospect of using your data analysis skills to work on the organization’s flagship project. Or maybe you’re passionate about the company’s mission or potential for career growth. This can be a sentence or two—you don’t need to go wild.

Step 4: Showcase your skills, experience, and qualification

The third section of your data analyst cover letter is typically the longest. It’s your chance to show that you have the skills and abilities to excel and is the place to highlight why you’re uniquely qualified for the job.

While you should avoid listing every skill or qualification, don’t be afraid to get specific—list relevant data analysis techniques that you’re proficient in, for example, or qualifications and experience with certain types of software. Perhaps you’ve worked on a project that closely mirrors the work described in the job description. If so, mention it.

This is also the place to namedrop any professional achievements or awards you’ve achieved. Always keep them relevant to the role, though. Nobody needs to know that you won the pie-eating award at the local town fair. Employee of the month, however, is a different matter.

Step 4: End with a strong closing statement and sign off

In the final sentence or two of your data analyst cover letter, wrap up your application and thank the reader for their time. Include a call to action, such as asking for a meeting or a phone call, if appropriate. If in doubt, just say that you look forward to having an opportunity to discuss the position in person (this sounds confident without being too self-assured).

Finally, include a professional sign-off. Traditionally, if a letter’s recipient is unnamed (e.g. ‘Hiring Manager’) you’ll use ‘Faithfully yours’ as a sign-off. Meanwhile, if you know the person’s name, ‘Sincerely yours’ is better. However, if you find these terms old-fashioned, that’s OK. Just stick with something like ‘Kind regards’ or ‘Warm wishes’, and you won’t go too far wrong. The main thing is to avoid being too casual.

Step 5: Proofread, proofread, proofread!

Once you’ve finished your data analyst cover letter, it’s vital to proofread it for errors before sending it off. As a bare minimum, sleep on it and review it in the morning. 

Ideally, you should ask a friend or family member—or better yet, someone working in the industry—to read through it, to ensure you’re not missing anything or have made any spelling or grammar mistakes.

Some general tips for writing your data analytics cover letter

In addition to the steps outlined, here are some additional tips for writing your data analytics cover letter:

  • Use active rather than passive language, e.g. ‘I achieved’ rather than ‘achievements were made’ (people often use passive language under the misguided notion that it sounds ‘professional’ when plain English is fine)
  • Use fresh adjectives to describe yourself rather than tired, overused ones, e.g. ‘versatile’, ‘meticulous’, and ‘ambitious’ over ‘experienced’ or ‘motivated’
  • Avoid jargon and technical language, unless you know for sure the person you’re sending it to will understand it, e.g. ‘I used predictive analytics to identify patterns in customer behavior’ is better than ‘I applied advanced ML algorithms to CX insights’
  • Always tailor your letter to the job description, and make sure you address the requirements they’ve outlined
  • Keep it concise; your letter should ideally be two or three short paragraphs (about 250-300 words) and certainly no more than a single page. This is probably the most challenging part, so expect to write a few drafts and then edit them down

Now that we’ve covered the basics of your data analyst cover letter, let’s take a look at some examples to highlight the best approach.

3. Data analyst cover letter examples

In this section, we’ll get more specific, looking at how you might want to write each section of your data analyst cover letter. We’ve included a good example and a bad example for each of the points covered in section 2, before explaining why one is better than the other.

Example 1: Opening

Good example:

Dear Ellen,

I am writing to apply for the Business Intelligence Analyst role at Weyland-Yutani Corporation, as advertised on the Big Space Data Jobs Board. With 2 years of experience analyzing customer and business data, I have the necessary skills and qualifications to thrive in this role. I believe I would be a valuable asset to your insights team.

Bad example:

To Sir/Madam,

I am applying for the Data Analyst role at your company. I’m sure I’d be a great fit for this job, as I have a lot of experience in the field.

The first example is strong. It shows that the candidate has done their research (mentioning the job title, organization, and even the board where they found the role) and is confident in their skills and qualifications. It also shows respect to the recipient by addressing them by name.

Meanwhile, the second example is too generic. It doesn’t demonstrate any research or knowledge of the role. And while it’s not always possible to know the manager’s name, don’t open with ‘Dear sir/madam’ which presumes the recipient’s gender. It’s not worth offending the person that you want to give you a job!

Example 2: Explaining why you’re interested

I am especially excited about the prospect of using my data analysis skills to assist with Weyland-Yutani’s flagship project, which I know explores the potential product applications of new biological discoveries. As a lifelong advocate of xenobiology, I am particularly interested in how this area of study can potentially intersect with the customer experience.

I have a great deal of experience in data analysis and I’m sure that I would be a great asset to your team. In addition, I’m interested in this role because it pays a lot of money.

The good example here offers more than just generic platitudes; it provides a real insight into the candidate’s motivations for applying for the role while demonstrating their knowledge and enthusiasm for the company’s work. Obviously, we’ve used an imaginary example here, but it highlights the point.

Once again, the bad example is too generic. It shows no real knowledge or understanding of the company and it lacks enthusiasm. And while there’s nothing wrong with being money-driven, think about what the reader will want to see. It’s much more appealing to the hiring manager to hear about your ambition (which benefits them!) rather than your desire to get paid well (which benefits you!)

Example 3: Showcasing your skills, experience, and qualifications

My experience and qualifications make me an ideal candidate for this role. As a Business Intelligence Analyst at Hyperdyne Systems, I developed expertise in predictive analytics and machine learning, which I used to draw insights from large datasets about current product trends. I also lead a project to improve the accuracy of customer segmentation models, resulting in a 5% increase in marketing ROI.

As a data analyst, I have experience in data analysis, machine learning, predictive analytics, and working with large datasets. I am confident that I have the skills and experience necessary for this role.

The good example provides specific examples of the candidate’s accomplishments, demonstrating their expertise and passion for data analytics. This is much more effective than listing generic skills.

The bad example, on the other hand, gives no information about the candidate’s accomplishments or achievements. And while it is OK to list skills in your resume, it’s a waste of your data analytics cover letter not to dig deeper to showcase how you used these skills.

Example 4: Closing

I look forward to discussing my experience and qualifications further and learning more about the opportunity on offer. I would welcome an invitation to discuss the position further.

I hope to hear from you soon.

The good example provides a strong closing statement. It’s polite and respectful, yet confident. It also shows that the candidate has done their research and is genuinely interested in the role.

The bad example is bland, lacks any genuine passion, and does nothing to demonstrate any knowledge of the role or company. Which one would you invite to an interview?

4. Data analyst cover letter template

Now that you’ve seen some examples of how to write a data analyst cover letter, here’s a template you can use to get started with your cover letter. This is, of course, a very generic template, and you should do more than simply fill in the gaps and send it off! 

Instead, use the template as a guideline, using the prompts provided to expand on the topics. Tailor the letter to each role you are applying for.

[Link to your portfolio]

[Contact address]

Dear [Name of recipient],

I am writing to apply for the [name of the job] role at [name of company], as advertised on [name of job board]. With [number of months/years] experience analyzing [type of data], I feel confident that I have the necessary skills and qualifications to become a valuable asset to your [team/department].

I am especially excited at the prospect of using my data analysis skills to [outline a specific task or project that the role involves]. As a [describe a personal/professional trait], I believe that this project has the potential to [outline a specific benefit that you think the project will bring].

My experience and qualifications make me an ideal candidate for this role. During my time as a [previous role] at [company], I developed expertise in [list relevant skills], which I used to [outline a project/task you’ve been involved in]. I was also able to [outline an accomplishment], resulting in a [describe the outcome].

I look forward to discussing my experience and qualifications further and hearing more about the opportunity that you’re offering.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

So there you have it, everything you need to know when writing a job-winning data analyst cover letter. Now that we’ve discussed how to write one, here’s a quick recap:

  • A data analyst cover letter is a great way to introduce yourself and your skillset to a potential employer
  • Structure your letter in a professional format, with a clear introduction and closing statement
  • Include specific details about the role and company in your introduction, and explain why you’re interested in the position
  • In the body of your letter, showcase your skills, experience, and qualifications, and explain why you’re the ideal candidate
  • Proofread your letter and get someone else to look it over before you send it off

Following this simple advice, you’ll soon have a data analyst cover letter that stands out. Before you know it, you’ll be preparing for that all-important interview!

To learn more about what a career in data analytics might involve, sign up for this free, 5-day data analytics short course . Prefer to read some more? Then check out the following beginner’s guides:

  •  What does a machine learning engineer do?  
  • Python pandas tutorial: An introduction for beginners
  • Data analytics for beginners: Jupyter Notebook tutorial

Junior Data Analyst Cover Letter Example

Junior Data Analysts are responsible for collecting and analyzing data and supporting the company by making well-informed business decisions. These professionals normally work for banks, telecommunications, and IT Firms.

If you are looking to learn about how to write a perfect Junior Data Analyst Cover Letter to increase your knowledge of the roles and responsibilities that characterize this role, then this cover letter page will be useful. Have a look at our Junior Data Analyst Cover Letter Sample and follow the tips in case you are writing one! The Junior Data Analyst job role is an entry-level position where the person undertakes the crucial responsibility for collecting and analyzing data for the company and helps them in making informed decisions. Working for various sectors of the economy, the Junior Data Analyst undertakes data collection from multiple sources and generates relevant data for analysis. Every business runs on data, which can be sales figures, transportation costs, employee schedules, or market research, and this task of collecting and analyzing data goes to the Junior Data Analyst.

Junior Data Analyst Cover Letter example

  • Cover Letters

What to Include in a Junior Data Analyst Cover Letter?

Roles and responsibilities.

  • Employing historical data sets ad forecasting business trends.
  • Tracking and reporting department initiatives and status reports.
  • Analyzing the firm’s operations for trends, volume, demographics, and operator metrics.
  • Researching specific complaints and other relevant information related to individual queries or systemic issues.
  • Updating and managing information in web-based case management systems.
  • Providing support with technical writing and editing.
  • Developing analytics to identify trend lines across several data sources.
  • Acting on cases and providing case summaries for referral to the relevant unit.
  • Utilizing the Tableau analytics database to carry out statistical analysis.

Education & Skills

Junior data analyst skills:.

  • Experience in handling a database with large datasets.
  • Advanced computer skills, and knowledge of additional databases such as SQL Server, or My SQL.
  • A good understanding of Project Management, data warehousing, data mining, data mapping, and statistical methods.
  • Quantitative skills and data analysis software.
  • Research skills and the ability to use data obtained to develop concise summaries.
  • Presentation skills, and teamwork abilities.
  • MS Excel skills with the ability to write macros and do pivot tables.
  • Advanced knowledge of MS Access.

Junior Data Analyst Education Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Statistical Mathematics, Information Management, Statistics, or computer science.
  • Prior work experience (preferred).

Junior Data Analyst Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.

I am writing to apply for the Junior Data Analyst role at **** as advertised in ***. My 3 years of training and 5 years of experience in the field of data analysis along with my ability to analyze and interpret high volumes of complex data make me the perfect candidate for the job. I know that I would be a valuable addition to the team at ****.

My career encompasses managing database programs, translating results into an understandable term, informing strategic business planning, extracting and evaluating sophisticated data, and facilitating improved operations. Additionally, my exemplary communication and strong time management skills allow me to excel in driving projects’ lifecycles and optimizing data quality and integrity.

I have been working as a Junior Data Analyst in *** for the past 3 years, and during this time, I have become highly proficient in using data mining, and statistical tools in identifying patterns, and trends in the data. Currently, at *** I am responsible for the following duties –

  • Employing historical data sets and planning product changes for modeling and forecasting business trends.
  • Tracking and reporting on initiatives and submitting reports.
  • Updating and managing database using relevant enterprise software.
  • Experience in researching specific complaints, submitting complaints, and handling individual queries and systemic issues.
  • Using statistical tools to identify patterns and trends.
  • Providing insight to market research and business development teams on the sales and competition forecast.
  • Using the Tableau analytics database for carrying out statistical analysis and ad hoc reporting.
  • Providing support with technical writing and editing work.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in data mining from the University of ****, and this strong educational foundation has developed my ability to translate findings into actionable procedures through the formulation of procedures and implementation of them across departments.

I understand that my proven successful track record of spearheading complex data analysis, coupled with my ability to handle large datasets and proficiency with MySQL, will help me exceed your expectations for this role. I look for a positive reply from your side.

Thanking you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

Junior Data Analyst Cover Letter Example with No Experience(Text Version)

I am writing this letter to support my application for the role of Junior Data Analyst and aid your decision process for the ongoing recruitment in your organization. I am a recent graduate of Financial Technology with over 8 years of experience in business management and business development.

With my involvement in business management, I have been able to develop my competency in sales, management, customer service, and marketing management. I have become aware of the importance of data analytics, and this strengthens my data analysis skills which I gained through my organized training and coursework.

Here are some of the areas I am competent at –

  • Helping business structure data to get better results.
  • Can help the organization improve in various areas such as – real-time data intelligence, data security, predictability, data-driven marketing and sales, and interpretation of big and complex data.
  • Proficiency in business intelligence, relational database SQL, and regression analysis.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, and good work ethic, while enhancing my teamwork among staff.
  • Possessing effective time-management skills with the ability to prioritize work assignments.
  • Strong collaborative skills with internal/external customers and multi-functional teams.

I am a self-starter and can learn things quickly, and I am longing for an opportunity to collaborate and learn from your department and other members of the team. Your job description states that you are looking for a committed and dedicated professional who can work towards achieving the organizational goals and overall vision, and I am confident that I am worth this role.

You can call me at () or e-mail me at () to schedule a meeting. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Career Builder Study states that almost 10% of hiring managers reject applications that don’t attach a cover letter. Hence it becomes critical for job applicants to craft a well-drafted Cover Letter that explains their motivation for joining the company. Even if not required, including a strong Junior Data Analyst Cover letter will show your recruiter that you can go the extra mile to land the role you want, especially when a resume template accompanies it. Use our Junior Data Analyst Resume Samples and get that first impression from your employer.


Customize Junior Data Analyst Cover Letter

Get hired faster with our free cover letter template designed to land you the perfect position.

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