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Mastering the Art of Engaging Presentations with Google Meet’s Features

In today’s digital age, video conferences have become an essential part of our professional and personal lives. From team meetings to virtual events, the demand for reliable and user-friendly video conferencing platforms has skyrocketed. One platform that stands out amongst the rest is Google Meet. With its robust features and intuitive interface, Google Meet offers a seamless experience for hosting engaging presentations. In this article, we will explore some key features of Google Meet that can help you master the art of delivering captivating presentations.

High-Quality Video and Audio:

When it comes to delivering a presentation, having clear and crisp video and audio is crucial. Google Meet ensures that participants can see and hear you without any disruptions. With its advanced algorithms, the platform automatically adjusts video quality based on network conditions, ensuring a smooth streaming experience for all attendees. Additionally, Google Meet’s noise cancellation feature eliminates background noise, allowing your voice to come through clearly.

Screen Sharing:

Screen sharing is an essential feature for presentations as it allows you to showcase your content in real-time. Whether it’s a PowerPoint presentation or a live demonstration on your screen, Google Meet makes screen sharing simple and efficient. With just a few clicks, you can share your entire screen or choose specific windows or applications to share with your audience. This feature ensures that everyone can follow along with your presentation seamlessly.

Interactive Presentations:

Engaging your audience is key to delivering an impactful presentation. With Google Meet’s interactive features, you can create an immersive experience for participants. The platform offers real-time collaboration tools such as chat messaging and live Q&A sessions that enable attendees to ask questions or provide feedback during the presentation. Additionally, you can use polls or surveys to gather valuable insights from your audience and make the session more interactive.

Recording and Playback:

Sometimes attendees may not be able to join the presentation in real-time due to scheduling conflicts or time zone differences. Google Meet’s recording and playback feature allows you to record your presentation and share it with those who couldn’t attend. This feature is also useful for future reference or for participants who want to revisit certain sections of the presentation. With just a click of a button, you can start recording your session and ensure that your content is accessible even after the live event.

In conclusion, mastering the art of engaging presentations with Google Meet’s features can elevate your virtual meetings to a whole new level. From high-quality video and audio to interactive tools and recording capabilities, Google Meet offers everything you need to deliver captivating presentations. So, whether you’re hosting a team meeting or conducting a webinar, make use of these features to engage your audience and leave a lasting impression. With Google Meet as your go-to video conferencing platform, you can take your presentations from good to great.

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1. The 20-Minute Rule

If you don’t feel like you have your presentation squared away as much as you wish at the 20-minute mark before it’s time to speak, you’re not going to accomplish anything by cramming through it in your head at that point. It is too late for that. Actually, you’re just going to make things worse for yourself.

At T-20 minutes before launch, put your materials away. By now you should know that you have something of value to share with the audience. Embrace that. Put away any doubts. You’re committed to this and you need to get your brain right.

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2. Walk Up on Stage

It’s a big shock the first few times you get up in front of a large audience. All of those faces look a lot different from a podium than they do when you’re comfortably sitting among them.

Definitely, do this. Go up on stage, or wherever you’re going to be speaking, 20 minutes before the live presentation. That will help lessen the initial shock when you walk up there for real. Get comfortable with the room when it’s empty. Make it your room. Just stand there for a few minutes and practice your first three opening sentences.

Also get comfortable with the remote and microphone. Is there a laptop on the lectern that you need to use? Do you have both a lectern mike and a remote mike? Do you know how to use them? If you’re going to be roaming around the room, do you know what speakers not to walk in front of to avoid annoying audio feedback?

3. Just Breathe

I started doing this before my third presentation and it’s made a ton of difference to help avoid the jitters. Around 10-15 minutes before speaking, walk outside the room where you can be alone for a few minutes. Focus on your breathing. Forget about the presentation content completely. If you’ve prepared well, it’s going to be there in your brain when you need it.

The goal here is to get out of your head and relax your body. It’s a physiological shift. A live presentation is a live presentation, and you now need to start engaging with people, not just yourself. A great way to do that is by simply loosening up your body and slowing down your breathing. You’re human. Be human. Don’t be a walking, talking PowerPoint slide deck.

4. Walk Among the Audience

I spend the last 10 minutes before any presentation engaging with people who are already in the room. Say hi, get to know someone, shake some hands, or just hang out with people you already know. Smile. If you don’t feel like smiling, then change how you feel.

At the same time, think about how you want to walk among the audience during the presentation if that’s part of your plan. I prefer to move when I’m presenting so I walk around a bit before the live engagement.

5. Own the Beginning For Successful Event Presentations

You’ll read a lot of content on public speaking about how you should open with a bang, or say something funny to put your audience and yourself at ease. If you can, great. But if you try and force a joke and it goes flat, you’re digging yourself a hole right off the bat. Know your strengths, and leverage those. If you’re the chirpy type, go with that. If you’re content-driven, like I am, deliver an interesting anecdote.

Most people prefer that you skip generic platitudes like, It’s really great to be here, or How is everybody today? But you have to say something, right? You can’t just stand there silently or people are going to think you’re weird.

You have to be yourself and accept that 100 percent. I usually play it a little conservative at the beginning. The best opening lines I’ve found usually include thanking whoever asked me to present or helped me with the preparation process. You can never go wrong with that.

experiential event planning ideas

6. Connect With Your Audience

It’s normal when you’re just starting out at public speaking to not think about the audience. You’ve spent a lot of time working with the content alone, but you’re not alone anymore. The best advice someone ever told me about public speaking is: It’s not about what you communicate. It’s about what your audience understands.

It’s not about what you communicate. It’s about what your audience understands. Click To Tweet

So right from the start, remember to look at your audience right, left and center. Make a conscious effort to do that throughout your presentation. If you’re using an audience polling platform like Sli.do , the log-in details should be on the first slide. It also gives you something to say at the beginning, and it’s a great, interactive way to engage audiences in a collective group experience.

7. Conversation Versus Presentation

Unless it’s not appropriate for your presentation, for any number of reasons, think of this experience as a conversation. Write a note somewhere you can see that says conversation in it. A good presentation is a dialogue. You’re co-creating the takeaways.

Adrian Segar, from Conferences That Work , has built his career around this concept. He says that the collective wisdom in the crowd is usually exponentially greater than the person speaking up front. You want to tap into that throughout your presentation.

If you’re using a tech platform for audience engagement, make sure you give yourself enough time to use it. You need to schedule time to explain the process, show the polling questions, wait for the answers, facilitate conversation around the answers, and be present in the moment enough to offer your own insight on the spot.

presentation for event

8. Avoid: “Does Anyone Have Any Questions?”

I’ve experienced more than a few times total silence after asking, Does anyone have any questions? Instead, I’ve noticed experienced speakers ask specific questions, especially ones that have answers that you think will make someone look interesting when they answer. I first learned that when Corbin Ball was giving a presentation at an MPI event, and he asked if anyone had used Airbnb during a convention.

Another example, I was giving a presentation about the future of meetings, which included a section about the growth of interdisciplinary programming at popular events like South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin. So I asked if anyone had been to SXSW. One woman was happy to answer. She had insight that most of the rest of the audience didn’t. That was awesome, and you want as much of that as you can get.

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9. Have a Little Fun With It

The best presenters look like they enjoy the process of public speaking. During your presentation, go off schedule. Stop. Change your body posture and connect with someone who’s really engaged with your presentation. Do or say something spontaneous to change up the rhythm and shift the overall tone. Just like you would in any conversation.

Up next, learn more about product launch event presentations .

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presentation for event

15 tips on how to make a really good presentation at your event

When you hold a business event, you usually make some kind of presentation. We have put together a few tricks for how you can succeed and perhaps relieve a little of the stress that can arise. Planning and preparation are key.

Regardless of whether you are going to do it in front of hundreds of people, or just a few colleagues, or at work, you must prepare yourself for the presentation you will be giving. If you want to achieve the best results possible and really impress, you need to plan and prepare yourself, no matter if it is the first time you are giving a presentation or if you do it every day.

Then there are the nerves….there is apparently a survey that shows American CEOs are more afraid of speaking in front of people than they are of death. The brain and our imagination say that it is a matter of life and death. But even if you hesitate, show the wrong picture, sweat, lose yourself or your voice trembles, you can be quite sure that there will be a new day tomorrow. And what is HUGE in your mind is of no consequence at all to those who are listening.

1. Preparation is key

When you start planning your presentation you need to know who you are going to be speaking to – how many will be there? What do they know about the subject? Is attendance at the presentation voluntary or have they been ordered to listen to you? In that case you may need to make the presentation more casual and not too heavy. Also, think about what questions the audience may ask so you can incorporate that information in the presentation. Bounce ideas around with a colleague or friend – ”what would you ask about this?”

2. Set a goal for the presentation

When you speak at your event, dealer meeting or seminar, for example, you hopefully have a goal for it. How can your speech or lecture serve this goal? What added value can you give your audience?

Do you have five minutes or five hours? The difference can be enormous and therefore you must plan your entire presentation in line with that. What do you want to convey during your time “on stage”? Short and concise is better than too long. A long-winded presentation will kill the whole purpose of why you are speaking.

4. The content should be interesting and relevant

Does anything seem unnecessary? Get rid of it immediately! Unnecessary information takes away the focus from that which is important and the audience can miss what you really want to convey. The purpose of the presentation must be clear.

Speak slowly and clearly. Make sure that the audience is alert and take in what you say. Take breaks – both for your own sake and for those who are listening. Speak for a maximum of 45 minutes, then take a break if you need to speak any longer.

6. Practice makes perfect

Practice as much as possible so you do not have to rely on your notes. The presentation will be better if you can speak more freely. Run through your presentation several times to see that everything works. Both your material and the technology.

7. Be proud of your presentation.

If you show commitment and enthusiasm, this will usually spread to the audience. Smile and be happy when you present your material. But see point 15, as well.

8. Feedback

After completing the presentation, it can be good to make use of feedback of some kind. Ask a colleague who is attending the presentation to come up with constructive criticism afterwards – was everything good or is there anything you can improve for the next time? Or just enjoy the fact that you did it and move on.

9. PowerPoint as an aid

PowerPoint is a good aid to make use of when giving a presentation. “Damn PowerPoint”, say some, but don’t get caught up in detailed flow charts or 50 points on a page. Don’t. It’s better to have a picture that you talk around. There is other support, such as Prezi, a little cooler, a little more advanced.

10. Focus on what’s most important

The most common error many people make is to fill their PowerPoint presentations with far too much information on every slide. Such a presentation should not show everything. It should be an aid to enable you to talk freely while still having a few main points to look at for help. It also helps the audience find the most important things in your presentation.

11. Everything in moderation

Try to keep to as many points/text as each slide allows. There are pre-installed fonts and sizes for headings and the body of the text. If you stick to these, that is to say that the text does not start to shrink in size, this is a good guideline on how much information each slide should contain. Usually just a few points are enough.

12. Use images

To activate the two halves of the brain, it is important to have a good balance between the flow of text and images in the presentation. This is the best way to get your audience to understand everything. Make sure not to have more than three slides in a row with just text and facts. If possible, mix images and text on the same slides.

13. …But not just any images

Just because there should be images, it doesn’t mean they can be any image whatsoever. You can remove any Clipart image straight away. Only relevant images should be included, otherwise you may as well do without them. Decorative images serve no function.

14. Templates

Many companies have created their own templates for PowerPoint. If these exist – use them.  Otherwise you should select as simple a template as possible. What you want to get across is your message, not how cool a presentation you can show off.

Those are a few tricks that hopefully can help you get started on your preparations and in the end will result in a great presentation that you can be proud of for a long time to come. Good luck!

15. Don’t take yourself too seriously

See the introduction. Are you sick with nerves? It is quite normal. Start by saying that, then the pressure will be relieved. Don’t fall into the “Now I’m going to give everyone an energy boost and not show that I’m in the least nervous” trap .

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SlideTeam is here to take care of all your event proposal to outline all the services you will provide for an event. Introducing you aesthetically, event proposal PowerPoint presentation slides for your marketing campaign, and your sales pitch all wrapped up into one PPT presentation. Crafted with the graphics of professional work environment, employee, desks, and bulletin, we have covered up topics which cover up, information about you, about the event, sponsorship opportunities, the benefit to sponsors, sponsorship form, event goals, target audience, objective to ensure quality, road map demonstrating, initiation of the event, to chief guest speech and closure of the programme. Various modules of sponsorship opportunities have been scripted here for your personalization. This PowerPoint template has been designed while keeping in mind that the organization has to consider viewers point of view and have to communicate with the executives through this scheme. Give your business and marketing related presentations a dauntless edge. Proceed now and download today. Impress the sponsors and get them on board with you using Event Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides.

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Slide 1 : This slides introduces Event Proposal.State your company name and begin. Slide 2 : This slide showcase Outline and help you adding data about:- About Us, About The Event, Sponsorship Form, Sponsorship Opportunities, Benefits To Sponsors. Slide 3 : This slide shows About Us. You can add some points about your company in these categories like Promoters and Shareholding, Accreditation, Company’s Mission, Capabilities, Key services offered/Production capacity, Key projects handled, Company’s Vision, Background. Slide 4 : This slide showing about the event showing events goals, target audience, objective. You can use as per your own requirement. Slide 5 : This slide presents Event Flow which can give the brief about the roadmap of the event that also include- Close of Program, Event Starts, Chief Guest arrival & felicitation, Lunch. Slide 6 : This slide showcase Sponsorship Opportunities Presenting Sponsor, Supporting Sponsor, Gourmet Sponsor. Slide 7 : This slide presents Sponsorship Opportunities showing benefits and unique benefits Slide 8 : This slide displays Sponsorship Opportunities showing benefits. You can modify your benefits according to your need. Slide 9 : This slide showing Sponsorship Opportunities that includes Presenting Sponsor. It is presenting benefits and unique benefits. Slide 10 : This slide is continuation with the above slide you can use it for benefits. Slide 11 : This slide shows Special Benefits for Sponsors which includes press conference, media, social media and web appearance. Slide 12 : This slide expaining about Other Benefits for Sponsors which are as follows- Special presentation on prize distribution and super special stage, Newspaper AD, Banners & digital display, Logos and presence in all marketing material, T shirt and caps to be provided by title sponsor, Magazine coverage. Slide 13 : This slides shows up Sponsorship Form which includes contract information, sponsorship packages, payment information. Slide 14 : This is Tea Break slide to halt. You can change the slide as per your need. Slide 15 : This is a Event Proposal Icons. You can use it as per your need. Slide 16 : This slide is titled Additional Slides to move forward. Slide 17 : This slide is About Our Company that also includes- Target Audiences, Preferred by Many, Values Client. Slide 18 : This slide presents Our Team with name, designation and image box. Slide 19 : This is a Target slide. State them here. Slide 20 : This slide showing segregation across the globe with various Location Slide 21 : This is a Magnifying glass image slide. State specifications, information here. Slide 22 : This slide shows post it notes you can add your notes as per your requirement. Slide 23 : This slide showcases Quotes. You can add your own quotes. Also This is a representative image, and should be replaced by your own image. Slide 24 : This slide is titled as Charts And Graph to proceed to further slides. You can change content as per need. Slide 25 : This slide showcase radar chart with which you can compare the two products. Slide 26 : This slide shows Stock Chart which compare two products. Slide 27 : This is a Thank You For Watching slide with Address# Street number, city, state, Email Address, Contact Numbers.

Event Proposal Powerpoint Presentation Slides with all 27 slides:

Approach charitable institutions with our Event Proposal Powerpoint Presentation Slides. Convince them to contribute for your genuine cause.

Event Proposal Powerpoint Presentation Slides

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event With a Bunch of Roses - Free Powerpoint Template_6 slides

event With a Bunch of Roses - Free Powerpoint Template

Modern, simple, and clean design Drag & drop image placeholders Landscape orientation style Easy to change colors

Summer Cool event ppt presentation slides_23 slides

Summer Cool event ppt presentation slides

Easy customization Built-in custom color palette Professional and unique slides Changable into PDF, JPG, and PNG formats Drag & drop image placeholders

event pitch Keynote_30 slides

event pitch Keynote

Trend Keynote template Master slides ready Fully editable and customizable Easily editable charts Resizable vector elements Dark version

Brand Week event template powerpoint_23 slides

Brand Week event template powerpoint

Professional and unique slides Suitable for creative projects Easy color change Shapes: fully editable vector graphics All elements are editable

Spring Sale Coupon event brochure design template_20 slides

Spring Sale Coupon event brochure design template

No animation template Professional and unique slides Beautiful presentation decks and templates Professional look presentation Easy color change

event Planning Timeline_2 slides

event Planning Timeline

Easy to edit and customize 100% fully editable PowerPoint slides Quick and easy to customize Shapes: fully editable vector graphics

Festival Season PowerPoint_35 slides

Festival Season PowerPoint

Shapes and text are 100% editable Possible to change shape and color properties Created by professionals Suitable for creative projects Changable into PDF, JPG, and PNG formats

Fireworks Festival powerpoint themes_40 slides

Fireworks Festival powerpoint themes

Easy customization Built-in custom color palette Data charts (editable via Excel) Presentation photos are included;

Music Festival Pitch Deck Outline PPT Presentation_13 slides

Music Festival Pitch Deck Outline PPT Presentation

Highly editable presentation template. Professional and unique slides Suitable for creative projects Changable into PDF, JPG, and PNG formats Easy color change

Winter Season Sale Business plan PPT Templates_13 slides

Winter Season Sale Business plan PPT Templates

100% fully editable PowerPoint slides Easy to change colors Professional and unique slides Landscape orientation style Changable into PDF, JPG, and PNG formats

Media Simple PowerPoint Template Design_40 slides

Media Simple PowerPoint Template Design

Highly editable presentation template. Easy to change colors Creative slides Free images and artwork Data charts editable via Excel Non-animated

The 2024 Awards PPT Model_50 slides

The 2024 Awards PPT Model

Easy customization All images included Smart and innovative presentation slides Premium & modern multipurpose Professional and unique slides Created with high quality slides

Employee Award Ceremony history powerpoint template_50 slides

Employee Award Ceremony history powerpoint template

Fully editable content (graphics and text) via PowerPoint - No Photoshop needed! Creative slides Shapes and text are 100% editable Created by professionals Professional and unique slides Beautiful presentation decks and templates

Employee Recognition Award Product Deck_50 slides

Employee Recognition Award Product Deck

Quick and easy to customize Creative slides Professional and unique slides Beautiful presentation decks and templates Creatively crafted slides

Black Friday Sale Business plan_30 slides

Black Friday Sale Business plan

Shapes and text are 100% editable Professional and unique slides Beautiful presentation decks and templates Top rated PPT theme for all industries Changable into PDF, JPG, and PNG formats

2024 Best Awards business template_30 slides

2024 Best Awards business template

Easy to customize without graphic design skills Rich, clean & modern slide Professional business presentation Modern layouts based on master slides Drag & drop friendly

Free Powerpoint Templates Design - Happy Marriage_6 slides

Free Powerpoint Templates Design - Happy Marriage

Modern and clean design Smart and innovative presentation slides Free images and artwork Image placeholders

Rose Bedroom - Free Professional PowerPoint Templates_6 slides

Rose Bedroom - Free Professional PowerPoint Templates

Creative slides Clean, modern, and creative slides Creative and innovative presentation slides Easily editable data driven charts (pie, bar, line)

Propose - PPT Design Free Download_6 slides

Propose - PPT Design Free Download

Professional business presentation Drag & drop image placeholders Free images and artwork Latest Templates support version

Festival With Colour Powder Proposal PowerPoint Example_40 slides

Festival With Colour Powder Proposal PowerPoint Example

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