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*EVERY student must obtain a TIP (temporary instructional permit)  to attend class and before they are permitted to drive.*

Drive appointments are posted frequently for students who have completed their class sessions and have been granted permission to schedule. If you have any trouble scheduling, please email:  [email protected]

Driver's Ed in St. Tammany Parish

Buckle up, put both hands on the wheel, and let precision driving academy roll out the roadmap for getting your driver's license. with experience, incentives, and a flexible system of classes, our driving school meets your demand for superior driver education..

MANDEVILLE OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday and Thursday: 10AM - 4PM or  by appointment 


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Complete Teen Driver Ed We offer comprehensive driver education packages for teens that include the required 30 hours of classroom and 8 hours of behind-the-wheel training. Plus, you can take the written and road skills tests right at our driving school.

Adult 14 Hour Pre-Licensing Course We offer comprehensive driver education packages for adults that include the required 6 hours of classroom and 8 hours of behind-the-wheel training. Plus, you can take the written and road skills tests right at our driving school.

Ticket Deferral / Defensive Driving Course This course is designed for drivers wishing to lower insurance rates or remove a traffic violation from their driving record.

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Teen 30-Hr Classroom

South of i-12 mandeville.


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Adult Pre-Licensing Course


Defensive Driving Course

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Our services, teen driver education.

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Private lessons, other services.

  • We offer senior driver evaluations, with a safety recommendation to the family and/or DMV if necessary.
  • We offer new driver training for adults that we would suggest at least ten hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.
  • We also do refresher training for adults who may have not driven for some time and would like to make sure their skills are where they need to be.

$120.00 per hour for behind the wheel instruction – 1 – 5 hours (minimum 1 hour) $100.00 per hour with the purchase of one 5-hour block increment (minimum of one 5-hour block purchase, additional single hours are at the 5-hour block rate)

*Please call or email directly to schedule your private lesson

Road Test

Michael Doucette – School Founder

I have been a police officer for forty years. I worked twenty-four years with the New Hampshire State Police as a road Trooper and patrol supervisor, all but three years in Grafton and Coos counties. I was a member of the State Police K-9 Unit for nine years. For eighteen of those NH State Police years, I taught emergency driving to the Troopers and police officers around New Hampshire and New England. For my last six years with the Division of State Police, I was the Commander of the department's Emergency Driving Program.


precision driving school


Our classes run various lengths as we try our best to work around school sports and event schedules. Most run six to nine weeks except for the summer class.

precision driving school


We require parental support to get out and practice driving with your teen. We are always available to help if you are having trouble teaching or reinforcing any technique!

precision driving school


While full payment is preferred by the first class, we do consider payments. Please see the payment options on the Application Form .



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If you need to contact us about information or scheduling, you can email us at : [email protected]

We are only accepting students who are doing our physical classroom AND/OR our online classroom through Driving Brilliance.  

        30 hours of classroom (In-person or Online)

        6 hours of driving

We CANNOT do just driving lessons for any student who has a permit, but has not completed an online or traditional classroom portion of driver education. We offer driving for students who are enrolled in a full driver education course. 



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We cannot schedule any driving lessons for online students unless they have completed the online program and we have a certificate of completion.


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Driving school, at precision, we give you the training you need to get on the road.


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We have over 30 years experience driving, specializing with nervous drivers in the heavy traffic of the area. Our team of seasoned professionals can address even the most complex or unexpected situations.

Look at our results from any angle, and you'll see Precision Driving School is a source for real quality. We're continually pushing ourselves to raise the bar for how we define quality.

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We offer lessons every day of the week so you can set up lessons according to your schedule. We provide a fleet of well-maintained vehicles. We also have lessons in manual/ stick shift vehicles.

Google Reviews

All the instructors are amazing. You can say if you want someone specific to teach you but you really don't need to because they all pretty much teach the same way and they all teach you really well. They teach to not be afraid of driving and they teach you how to observe, how to park, everything and they answer all your questions. They are really great and I would definitely recommend to anyone trying to pass their road test.

Alan was a great instructor. He put me at ease and helped me to become comfortable behind the wheel. I have been a licensed driver for a while now and figured it was time for me to let everyone know what a great driving school this is; and to also say Thank You to the people at Precision Driving School for helping me accomplish my goal :).

Practice is key as with anything, and my driving instructor was really good at specifically stating what I need help with and how to fix it. Felt pretty nervous before the test, as would anyone, and my instructor was really good at calming my nerves. Great school.

Amazing instructors who are extremely helpful. Highly recommend this place to first time drivers who are nervous about their road test or driving on the road.

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Car research, sign in, why track days and precision driving schools are worth it, improve your driving skills on the street and on the track through professional instruction and practice..


Article QuickTakes:

What is a precision driving school?

What is a track day.

  • How much do track days and driving schools cost?

Whether you're drawn to the thrill of driving on a racetrack or simply want to feel more comfortable behind the wheel during your commute, attending a performance driving school or a track day can likely improve your car-related knowledge and driving skills no matter what your experience.

Cars lined up to go onto the track

If you have a driver's license, chances are you've already attended driver's ed to learn how to operate a vehicle, along with the associated rules and laws of driving on the street. But a class of basic driver's education doesn't focus on vehicle dynamics or how to handle your car in an emergency situation.

The types of schools that do address those things are specialized driving schools, which are also known as — depending on their purpose — racing schools, performance driving schools, precision driving schools, or defensive driving schools. Some schools consist entirely of courses designed specifically for teens and new drivers to help them get familiar with vehicle handling. Then there are high-performance driving events (HPDE), advanced driving skills schools, and performance driving lessons, among others.

Most of the courses, particularly those focused on precision or performance driving, include class lessons on the physics and concepts involved with driving and controlling a vehicle at or past its limits of tire adhesion. After the classroom time, students get behind the wheel to apply those lessons, experiencing firsthand how to control the vehicle in many different circumstances, all in a controlled environment supervised by experienced instructors.

An empty racetrack curve

A track day is where you bring your own vehicle (or rent one) and pay an entry fee to drive on a racetrack, which is typically a road course with a unique combination of left and right turns. There's no speed limit, all the cars go in the same direction, and the course is designed with safety in mind. Many people regularly attend track days as a hobby and to hone their high-performance driving skills with the goal of achieving faster lap times.

Car with cones trying precision driving

Why should I attend a precision driving school?

Whether you want to participate in track days or not, attending a driving school can make you more comfortable behind the wheel and a more confident driver on the street. Having a professional riding in the front passenger seat grants you instant guidance and feedback. It's a valuable experience that can help you feel more in control should an emergency situation arise on the road.

Even if you already have several track days under your belt, attending a driving school can be a smart idea. Go in with an open mind and a true willingness to learn, and you'll likely come out with advice that will sharpen your skills. Particularly for those who have some track experience, professional instruction can increase awareness of bad habits contributing to slower lap times.

While each driving school program offers its own curriculum, examples of things you might learn are:

  • Collision-avoidance techniques such as emergency braking or an emergency lane change.
  • Control and recovery skills when your vehicle's grip on the road is low or has been lost. This might include wet-surface braking, techniques for winter or bad-weather conditions, and how to avoid or control a skid.
  • Situational awareness and the importance of keeping your eyes up and looking ahead. Time and space are your friends when you're behind the wheel, giving you a better chance to anticipate and react appropriately.
  • How to read differing road surfaces, which can help you maintain control during wet or changing weather.
  • Performance and racing schools in particular can teach you the proper way to drive on a racetrack, including skills such as how to recognize where to brake, how to take a racing line (the fastest path) through corners, how to perform race-style gear shifting, the correct footwork on the pedals, how to pass another vehicle during a race, and more.

BMW on racetrack

What are the benefits of driving at track days?

Driving a car on a track can be a hugely enjoyable and rewarding experience. It's a great place to legally drive to the limit of tire adhesion and also to practice, practice, practice that skill. The more you drive close, at, or past the limit, the more comfortable you can become behind the wheel, both on and off the track. Other benefits to track days include:

Gaining muscle memory. The more you practice, the more likely your car-control skills are to become second nature, which could help if you encounter an emergency situation on the street.

Situational awareness. Track driving requires you to constantly check the mirrors, know where other cars are, and plot where there is space for you. Doing this on the track also could be helpful when driving on the street — knowing where other cars on the road are at all times could help you avoid a crash.

Get ready to race. Track days can help prepare you to venture into competitive driving — including wheel-to-wheel racing, which is when cars race against one another on a track; the first car to complete the course or requisite number of laps wins.

Helmet and driving gloves in cockpit of BMW

What does it cost and where can I find out more about driving schools and track days?

The cost of schools varies widely depending on length, type of school, number of students, and location. A single session of Teen Defensive Driving at the Mid-Ohio School (part of the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course) costs about $400, whereas a three-day race-focused course at the Skip Barber Racing School is about $7,000. You can find a list of racings schools at the Sports Car Club of America's (SCCA) website.

The cost for a track-day event can vary significantly depending on the track and the operating organization. Prices can start around $200 per day for smaller tracks, while a day at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin (host to Texas' Formula 1 races) can run about $2,500 per person. Most tracks in the U.S. have a schedule of track days you can register for, but you can also start with the SCCA's page on track events for more information.

While the price for driving school might seem high, you could look at it as an investment in yourself. Knowing how to properly handle your vehicle could be the difference between getting into a crash and avoiding one. Plus, if you already participate in track days or intend to, the foundational skills taught in a driving school are a way to get the most out of all the time, effort, and money you put into going to the track.

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High-performance driving schools: Your complete guide

Headshot of Andy Stoy

High-performance driving schools differ from true racing schools, though the latter often require that the former be completed first. Driving schools focus on the driver’s relationship with his or her car, with a goal of improving solo lap times. Racing schools are significantly different due to their focus on wheel-to-wheel racing in a dedicated race car.

Bottom line: If you have a 911 , M3 or Corvette (or even a beater Civic ) in the garage and you want to knock off tenths at a local track day or club event, these high-performance driving schools are a great place to start.

Each drift track of the AMG Driving Academy is custom designed to help drivers focus on vehicle control and proper technique.

Each drift track of the AMG Driving Academy is custom designed to help drivers focus on vehicle control and proper technique.

AMG Driving Academy

Cost: $1,895

Location(s): COTA, Austin; Road Atlanta; Lime Rock Park, CT; Laguna Seca, Monterey, CA

Car requirement: School supplied -- varying selection of AMG vehicles

Contact information: ; (888) 604-1766

School overview: "Five tiers of high-performance dynamic driving awaits. Gain top-level skills from expert instructors. Test the limits of some of Mercedes-AMG's most legendary models and push to finish first in an unforgettable experience that will literally turn you into a fast learner."

Our experience: TBD

The proving ground provides the perfect location for drivers to enhance and develop their driving skills in a challenging, but safe environment.

The proving ground provides the perfect location for drivers to enhance and develop their driving skills in a challenging, but safe environment.

Aston Martin Driving Experience

Cost: $2,128

Location(s): Millbrook Proving Ground, U.K.

Car requirement: School-supplied

Contact information: ; [email protected]

School overview: "During the day, the blend of theory and hands-on practice will allow you to drive in a number of different environments, where you will experience safe high-speed driving, car dynamics on handling and hill routes, and straight-line power delivery and braking on the straights."

Drive an impressive lineup of Audi S models, including the Audi TTS, S4 and S5 at Sonoma Raceway.

Drive an impressive lineup of Audi S models, including the Audi TTS, S4 and S5 at Sonoma Raceway.

Audi Driving Experience

Cost: $1,995

Location(s): Sonoma Raceway

Car requirement: You don't have to bring your own car

Contact information: ; (800) 466-5792

School overview: " The Audi sports-car experience offers you the opportunity to push the envelope of Audi technologically advanced Audi R, RS and S models on one of America’s most challenging racing circuits, Sonoma Raceway, and the surrounding areas."

AutoInterests offers high-performance driving events in the upper Midwest and Great Lakes areas

AutoInterests offers high-performance driving events in the upper Midwest and Great Lakes areas


Cost: $180-$499 depending on event, location, duration and early registration

Location(s): Nelson Ledges (Garrettsville, OH), Mid-Ohio (Lexington, OH), GingerMan Raceway (South Haven, MI), Pittsburgh International (Wampum, PA) and Putnam Park Road Course (Mount Meridian, IN)

Car requirement: Bring your own

Contact information: ; (330) 754-3363

School overview: “Experienced drivers can escape high pressure racing and strict clubs to enjoy a safe and simple format. Never driven on a track before? Try our Road Course Acclimation Program! With no exclusivity and no "membership" required, we make it easy for drivers of all makes and models to enjoy themselves. Our events provide a comfortable, fun and safe experience for everyone - from novice to very advanced track drivers.”

An autocross course is part of the one-day Skip Barber high-performance driving school.

An autocross course is part of the one-day Skip Barber high-performance driving school.

Skip Barber Racing School

Cost: TBD: Skip Barber has filed for bankruptcy and the school is currently in limbo

Location(s): TBD

Contact information: ; (866) 932-1949

School overview: "The time-proven Skip Barber Racing formula, experienced behind the wheel of a variety of high performance sports cars. You drive them hard in a multitude of settings: autocross, skid pad and threshold braking zones."

Our experience: We enrolled in the two-day Skip Barber high-performance driving school in April 2016; check out our write-up here .

Tire, Wheel, Automotive tire, Automotive design, Open-wheel car, Vehicle, Race track, Automotive wheel system, Sport venue, Formula one tyres,

Allen Berg Racing School

Cost: $1695-$6995

Location(s): Circuit of The Americas/New Orleans Motorsports Park

Car requirement: School-supplied GP Experience includes time in Benetton B198 F1 car

Contact information: ; (888) 722-3220

School overview: "In this fast-track school, you'll learn and apply all of the fundamentals and skills needed to control a very quick formula race car. This program will give you the sort of seat time that it takes to really understand and enjoy the kind of incredible feedback that a real carbon-fiber formula car gives its driver."

The Bertil Roos Racing School is located on Route #115, 1 mile south of Exit 284 on Pennsylvania Interstate 80. It's one of only five schools to be awarded full licensing recommendation status for the Regional and National S.C.C.A. Competition licenses.

The Bertil Roos Racing School is located on Route #115, 1 mile south of Exit 284 on Pennsylvania Interstate 80. It’s one of only five schools to be awarded full licensing recommendation status for the regional and national s.c.c.a. competition licenses. < p

Bertil Roos Racing Schools

Cost: $5,675 for five-day road-racing race week; $3,625 for three-day road-racing school; $2,350 for two-day advanced road-racing school; $1,150 one-day adventure; $545-$525 for half-day adventure; $495 for drive-your-own-car performance-driving class

Location(s): Pocono Raceway, New Jersey Motorsports Park, Palm Beach International Raceway, Dominion Raceway, Roebling Road Raceway

Car requirement: School-supplied or bring your own

Contact information: or (800) RACE-NOW

School overview: “As a pioneer in the industry, the Bertil Roos Racing School has been training students in the art of motor racing for over a quarter of a century. Graduates of our school can be found at every level of racing, from the hobbyist up to the top levels of professional racing. All programs are 'arrive and drive.' All you need to bring is a positive attitude!”

Our experience: We did the five-day open-wheel school at Bertil Roos at New Jersey Motorsports Park, check out all five pieces here , here , here , here and here.

BMW Performance Driving School

BMW Performance Driving School

Cost: 1/2-day car control ($849/$1,699); 1/2-day M School ($1,550/$3,999); Advanced M ($4,999)

Location(s): Spartanburg, SC; Thermal, CA

Contact information: (888) 345-4BMW

School overview: " The driving school is for those looking to raise their driving abilities by teaching you cornering, braking and wet pavement handling. Teen driving school will throw teens into a variety of high pressure situation where they will learn car control and accident avoidance maneuvers. In M school you'll learn to drift, accelerate, brake and corner around a racetrack at high speeds."

Spend a day with SRT cars at the Bondurant high performance driving program.

Spend a day with SRT cars at the Bondurant high performance driving program.

Bondurant Racing School

Cost: $1,225-$3,999 (SRT 392); $1,650-$2,795 (Viper SRT TA 2.0); $1,650-$4,299 (SRT Hellcat)

Location(s): Chandler, AZ

Contact information: ; 480-403-7600

School overview: "Three different types of programs are offered with a variety of cars offered within those programs. There's high performance driving school, Viper SRT road racing, advanced road racing, F3 Mazda open wheel, Polaris off-road driving and advanced teen driving."

Our experience: We visited Bondurant in May with the SRT folks; here's what we learned about taking the school's high-performance driving program .

Land vehicle, Vehicle, Car, Sports car, Motor vehicle, Sports car racing, Race car, Performance car, Automotive design, Supercar,

Brainerd International Raceway Performance Driving School

Cost: $320, you can add another driver for $120

Location(s): Brainerd International Raceway, Brainerd, MN

Car requirement: You (and your additional driver) must use your vehicle

Contact information: ; (866) 511-7606

School overview: " See what your own car is capable of on the track or take the wheel in one of their race cars. The BIR Performance Driving School has been running for over 20 years and offers the opportunity to drive your car or take a turn in one of their purpose-built race cars."

The Cadillac V-Performance Academy is designed to assist V-Series owners in mastering their vehicle’s power and capabilities, while also expanding their driving skill set.

Cadillac V-Performance Academy

Location: Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club, Pahrump, NV

Car Requirement: School-supplied Cadillac CTS-V or ATS-V

Contact Information: ; 855-556-2878

School Overview: There is no better place on the planet to learn about everything performance that Cadillac has to offer. On top of learning a ton about Cadillac, you’ll also learn a lot about car control, making you a faster and safer driver. The world-class luxury experience throughout your stay at Spring Mountain is the cherry on top. If you don’t already own a V-Performance car, you’re sure to consider one after this program. If you do own a V-Performance car you’re sure to push it much closer to its limits, both on and off the track, which is sure to cost you in brakes, tires and fuel.

Our experience: We attended the full V-Performance Academy -- check out the story here .

Chin Motorsports offers events at multiple tracks, including VIR (pictured here).

Chin Motorsports offers events at multiple tracks, including VIR (pictured here).

Chin Motorsports Driving School

Cost: $250 and up, depending on level of instruction

Location(s): Multiple events at 15 different tracks

Car requirement: Supply your own

Contact information: ; 855.799.CHIN

School overview: Chin Motorsports provides sports car enthusiasts with the opportunity to drive their own cars at the track, with expert in-car coaches providing advanced high-performance driver training.

Convertibles are permitted at Danny McKeever's school as long as they have a five-point safety harness and roll-over protection.

Convertibles are permitted at Danny McKeever’s school as long as they have a five-point safety harness and roll-over protection.< p

Danny McKeever's Fast Lane

Cost: $995 or $595 if you use your own vehicle

Location(s): Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, CA

Car requirement: Drive your own or use a school-supplied vehicle

Contact information: ; (888) 948-4888

School overview: " Fast Lane Racing School is one of California's top SCCA Accredited Racing Schools and offers various programs that cater to High Performance Driving, Advanced Road Racing Techniques, and Race Licensure for those seeking the next level of competition."

Land vehicle, Vehicle, Car, Sports car, Yellow, Motor vehicle, Performance car, Coupé, Supercar, Chevrolet corvette c6 zr1,

Evolution Performance Driving School

Location(s): Multiple locations around the U.S.

Car requirement: You have to bring your own car

Contact information: ; (804) 380-0091

School overview: They have several phases of driving school you can go through, ranging from lower-level car control schools to more advanced sessions. Classes are offered all across the country to anybody who has a car and is interested.

Tire, Wheel, Automotive design, Automotive tire, Vehicle, Alloy wheel, Rim, Automotive wheel system, Automotive exterior, Performance car,

Ron Fellows Performance Driving School

Cost: $3,895

Location(s): Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club (NV)

Contact information: ; (800) 391-6891

School overview: "Whether you’re seeking improved driving technique, professional racing instruction, or you simply want to drive one of the fastest production race cars in the nation, we have a high-performance driving school to meet your needs. Spring Mountain’s professional instructors are second to none. They will help you test the limits of our cars (and yourself) on an exhilarating, purpose-built road course. You’ll squeeze every ounce of performance out of a car in a safe, controlled environment."

Our experience: We spent an exciting couple of days driving new Corvette Stingrays at the Ron Fellows school: Check out complete details here .

Tire, Automotive design, Vehicle, Land vehicle, Hood, Sports car racing, Car, Rallying, Automotive tire, Performance car,

Ford Performance Driving School

Cost: $1,695 for one day; $3,195 for two day

Location(s): Grantsville, UT at the Utah Motorsports Complex

Contact information: ; 1 435-277-7333

School overview: Regardless of your skill level or experience, each class will identify your strengths and weaknesses and advance your ability. Start with a one-day school and continue learning by adding additional days. You’ll learn: Fundamentals of track driving from professionals; Proper posture and seating position; Vehicle Dynamics in a safe environment; Heel/toe braking techniques; Setting your track line – corner apex identification; The thrill and joy of performance driving using basic to advanced techniques

Land vehicle, Vehicle, Car, Sports car, Coupé, Pontiac solstice, Automotive design, Automotive wheel system, Wheel, Automotive exterior,

Go 4 It Racing School

Cost: $450 for six hours; $750 for 10 hours

Location(s): Louisville, CO (Some classes offered in Illinois, Oklahoma and Texas)

Car requirement: Can bring own car or use school-supplied vehicle for extra cost

Contact information: ; (303) 666-4113

School overview: This is an SCCA full-competition, road-racing license issuing school. You get one-on-one training on a racetrack with an instructor who has been extremely successful in SCCA events over his lifetime. They have a sequence of classes you can take to improve your skills over a few days of training.

All drivers need to participate in the Hooked on Driving program is a helmet (available rentals), and an inspection to be sure their car is roadworthy.

All drivers need to participate in the Hooked on Driving program is a helmet (available rentals), and an inspection to be sure their car is roadworthy.

Hooked on Driving

Cost: $250-$650

Location(s): Several locations all over the U.S.

Car requirement: You must use your own car

Contact information: ; (925) 328-0800

School overview: "Hooked On Driving is primarily focused on providing high-performance driver training for those with capable cars, in the controlled environment of a race course -- with NO competition or training for competition. With a focus on safety, coaching, learning and fun, Hooked On Driving drivers are able to experience their cars at a higher level on a track than would be safe or prudent on the public highways."

An Academy student puts an XKR to the test.

An Academy student puts an XKR to the test.

Jaguar Driving Academy

Cost: $895 or complimentary to R owners within 12 months of purchase. If Levels 1 and 2 are registered for and taken together the cost is $2,350. ($1,950 for jaguar R model owners who are eligible for the discounted Level 1 rate of $495)

Location(s): Las Vegas, NV

Contact information: ; (888) 535-8588

School overview: " Put a Jaguar XFR, XJR, XKR or F-TYPE R Coupe through its paces under the guidance of our highly accomplished professional drivers. Here's your opportunity to explore the limits of our highest performing Jaguar models on a track and find out what makes these cars so appealing to drive."

Road, Automotive parking light, Signage, Rim, Alloy wheel, Automotive lighting, Logo, Automotive tail & brake light, Full-size car, Mid-size car,

Mid-Ohio Acura High Performance Course

Cost: $650 with your street-legal car; $150 additional for use of an Acura ILX

Location(s): Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, OH

Car requirement: Bring your own car, or use a school-supplied one

Contact information: ; (419) 884-4000

School overview: "Learn why your vehicle performs the way it does and how to maximize that performance on the street for more driving enjoyment and to be prepared for any emergency situation. This course covers the physics and dynamics of precision driving, then tests participant skills behind the wheel in intense off-track performance driving drills. The highlight of this entry-level program includes an hour-long, on-track lapping session at day's end."

Our experience: We tackled the 3-day Mid-Ohio Acura program and came away with a whole new respect for this highly complex race track. Check out our full writeup here .

Helmet, Personal protective equipment, Vehicle, Race car, Rallycross, Automotive tire, Car, Tire, Motorsport, Automotive wheel system,

Richard Petty Driving Experience

Cost: $449-549 prices vary by track

Location(s): Atlanta Motor Speedway, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Chicagoland Speedway, Daytona International Speedway, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Kansas Speedway, Kentucky Speedway, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Michigan International Speedway, New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Richmond International Raceway, Texas Motor Speedway

Contact information: ; (800) 237-3889

School overview: "Experience the real-life thrills by riding shotgun in a two-seat NASCAR race car driven by one of our professional driving instructors. Three-lap qualifying run at speeds up to 165 mph. The Ride-Along program is operated at NASCAR racing locations nationwide."

2015 Panamera GTS on the kick plate at the Porsche Experience Center.

2015 Panamera GTS on the kick plate at the Porsche Experience Center.

Porsche Experience Centers

Cost: $300-$1000 (depending on what car or program you choose)

Location(s): Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA (opening in late 2016)

Contact information:; (888) 204-7474

School overview: "Learn about the major performance characteristics of our Porsche cars as we help you learn more about your driving capabilities, improve your safety awareness and techniques while extracting the vehicles performance the way our engineers in Weissach, Germany, intended."

Our experience: TBA

Land vehicle, Vehicle, Car, Sports car, Performance car, Supercar, Sports car racing, Automotive design, Porsche, Porsche cayman,

Porsche Sport Driving School

Cost: $1000-$6,600

Location(s): Barber Motorsports Parki in Birmingham, AL

Contact information:; (770) 290-7000

School overview: "PSDS is a great starting point for those that are interested in entering formal racing or just participating in club events. Under the guidance of our Porsche certified instructors , you will learn not only the basics, but the fine points of the race track as well. Perfecting the most efficient driving line, the importance of being smooth, trail braking techniques, heel/toe downshifting and refining your car control skills are all part of the curriculum."

Land vehicle, Vehicle, Car, Sports car, Race car, Sports car racing, Supercar, Group C, Motorsport, Racing,

Road America High Performance Driving School

Cost: $450 per person (school-supplied version); $350 per person (participant-supplied version)

Location(s): Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI

Car requirement: You can bring your own car or use one of theirs

Contact information: ; (800) 365-RACE (7223)

School overview: "Anyone looking to become a better, safer and more confident driver should check out one of the Road America driving schools. Four programs are featured including: Teen, High Performance 1 and 2, and Winter Driving."

Tire, Wheel, Automotive design, Automotive exterior, Automotive mirror, Car, Alloy wheel, Vehicle door, Rim, Full-size car,

Jim Russell Performance Program

Location(s): Le Circuit Mont Tremblant in Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Contact information:; (819) 425-5700

School overview: "This program is a day of lapping, with lots of seat time, small group sizes, and the chance to challenge Canada’s premier racing circuit while receiving professional one-on-one feedback from our team of certified race driving instructors."

Tire, Wheel, Automotive design, Yellow, Vehicle, Performance car, Car, Sports car racing, Hood, Sports car,

Corvette Museum Driving School

Location(s): Bowling Green, KY at National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park

Contact information: ; 270-777-4508

School overview: "You’ll learn, practice and apply advanced car control skills. This intense program is led by highly-trained classroom and certified in-car instructors and teaches vehicle dynamics, car control, cornering, braking and driving fundamentals in the classroom and on the track."

Land vehicle, Vehicle, Car, Regularity rally, Classic car, Coupé, Sports car, Alfa romeo 105 series coupes, Motorsport, Alfa romeo,

Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing Driving school at Pikes Peak

Cost: $350 or $300 if you sign up early

Location(s): Fountain, CO at Pikes Peak International Raceway

Contact information: ; 970-420-8785

School overview: “During this two day school you will participate in approximately 8 classroom sessions and 8 on-track sessions where you will: Receive specific instruction targeted to Precision students; Learn to exercise precise and expert car control; Get specific instruction from a team of expert driving instructors and learn about driving the PPIR track.”

Tire, Wheel, Mode of transport, Automotive design, Vehicle, Performance car, Car, Supercar, Automotive lighting, Fender,

Lotus Driving Academy

Cost: $2,839 for Lotus license 3 day course; $708 for level one course; $993 for level two course; $1,276 for level three course

Location(s): Hethel, Norfolk, UK at the Hethel track

Contact information: ; +44 (0)-1953-608547

School overview: “At the Lotus Driving Academy you can explore the Lotus range right on the limit, honing and developing your skills behind the wheel and maximizing your driving enjoyment. All of the programs feature 1:1 tuition and they welcome drivers of all levels of experience.”

Land vehicle, Vehicle, Car, Supercar, Coupé, Automotive design, Performance car, Sports car, Porsche 911 gt2, Porsche,

Summit Point Motorsports Park - Friday at the Track

Location(s): Summit Point, WV - Summit Point Circuit

Contact information: ; 304-725-8444

School overview: “It’s an introduction to high performance driving. It is an instructional event where you can bring your street car for a day at the track. You will receive classroom instruction, skid pad instruction in our cars (including front and rear skid control), and four 20-minute sessions of in-car instruction in your own car.”

Wheel, Tire, Automotive design, Land vehicle, Vehicle, Automotive parking light, Rim, Car, Alloy wheel, Performance car,

The Drivers Edge

Cost: $305-$335 for a two day school

Location(s): Texas World Speedway - College Station, Texas; Motor Sports Ranch - Cresson, Texas; Houston MSR - Angelton, Texas; Circuit of the Americas - Austin, Texas

Contact information: ; 903 303-3000

School overview: “The first day starts out with driver's meeting. Drivers are already pre-assigned into one of four different levels of run groups with in-car instructors assigned accordingly. Each run group has instructional classes each day in-between their 8 on-track run sessions over the course of the weekend. Each time a Novice or Intermediate driver goes on the track they will have an assigned instructor seated beside them for live feedback, guidance, instruction and evaluation at the end of the course to be able to further guide us in serving your performance driving needs.”

Don't see your favorite high-performance driving school listed? Drop us a line at aw[email protected] and we'll be happy to consider adding it.

Headshot of Andy Stoy

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Not-Exactly-a-GTO Ferrari Sells For $51.7 Million

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Street-Spotted: Citroën SM

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Precision Driving School in High Point, North Carolina Logo

Precision Driving School

Call us: 336-307-3600, full service drivers training, when you take driving training with us, you’ll learn the skills you need to make you an effective and safe driver and gain the confidence to handle yourself in any situation. our driving school instructors take a personal approach, and are among the piedmont triad’s best, we’ll take you from the classroom onto the open road in a variety of locations, times, and situations to familiarize you with the varying conditions you’ll be facing as a licensed driver. training safe drivers is our number one priority because we’re out on those roads too, teen courses, state certified program: 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of in-car training., safe driving class, helping you to get your license reinstated, or achieving credits against your driving record., state dmv approved.

Precision Driving School is fully licensed by the State of North Carolina and is certified to offer in-classroom and on-road training.  Our vehicles are serviced and maintained frequently to ensure a safe and effective training experience.

Teen Drivers Training Course

The teen course consists of 30 hours of in-classroom instruction  teaching key topics such as north carolina laws, basic car control, defensive driving, alcohol awareness, speeding, adverse conditions, handling emergencies, accidents, insurance, and seatbelt use. classroom participation is encouraged through classroom activities, lectures, and movies., road work includes six hours of on-the-road driving instruction., call us at 336-307-3600 or sign up for a class today., flexibility of scheduling, new classes start often, in-class instruction, road work as part of instruction, sign up today. satisfaction guaranteed.

Precision Driving School

Drivers ed schools and training in brentwood, ny |

Driver's Ed is often a requirement to get a driver's license for teenagers and new adult drivers in New York.

The rules of vehicle operation can be complicated. That’s why we at DMV.ORG provide listings of driver education courses in Brentwood, NY to help you learn the laws and regulations governing roadways. The more you understand about how to safely operate a vehicle, the more confidence you’ll have behind the wheel. Enroll in one of these classes, and you’ll be on the right track toward becoming a legally licensed driver.

Our goal at DMV.ORG is to give you the best possible chance of passing your written and behind-the-wheel driver’s examinations. To help us achieve this goal, we work hard to provide you with the knowledge, confidence, and on-the-road experience you need to pass your road test. To get started, give Precision Driving School a call or visit them at 1181 Suffolk Ave, Brentwood, NY.

A driver's education and training program will help prepare you to pass the written exam and road test administered by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Department of Revenue (DOR), Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), or Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Along with preparing you for your driver's tests, taking Driver's Ed classes in Brentwood will teach you the skills required to be a safe, responsible driver.

Completing a driver's education course will put you one step closer to meeting the requirements of your learner's permit and getting behind the wheel with your first driver's license.

Even if you're an experienced driver or a parent getting ready to teach your teenager how to drive, a Driver's Ed course in Brentwood can help refresh you on topics including:

  • Safe and defensive driving habits.
  • Brentwood, New York traffic laws and the rules of the road.
  • Sharing the road with other drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.
  • Handling adverse conditions and emergencies situations.

Driver's Ed, whether it's a requirement or not, can benefit all drivers.

Other Driving Schools and Drivers Ed Nearby

Autorama driving school, inc., a-ok driving school.

precision driving school

A Precision Driving School

Hours updated 3 months ago

Photos & videos

See all 9 photos

Photo of A Precision Driving School - San Ramon, CA, US. They won't let you schedule a 2nd lesson unless you physically wait 16 days. You can't just schedule a lesson that is in 16 days.

Review Highlights

Bay L.

“ After taking 10 hours of lessons with Ken , he felt confident and cleared his driving test at DMV in the first go. ” in 15 reviews

H S.

“ My son got his first lesson first time and was confident and started driving with our supervision. ” in 8 reviews

Vijay K.

“ First of all, let me tell you that our instructor (Kamal) has a lot of patience ! ” in 6 reviews

Other Driving Schools Nearby

A Plaza Driving School

A Plaza Driving School

9.5 miles away from A Precision Driving School

Prat J. said "I am so happy that I took a class from here & got my license. I took a class from two other driving school before & they taught me nothing, it was just a waste of money. But when I took my first class with Tom, he made me feel so…" read more

in Driving Schools

Success Driving School

Success Driving School

21.6 miles away from A Precision Driving School

Elsa H. said "I decided to go to a real driving school after I had some bad experience with those driving instructors on Craigslist. I feel like Success Driving School is very professional. My instructor Ken is very experienced about teaching,…" read more

in Traffic Schools, Driving Schools

Driversity Driving School

Driversity Driving School

19.2 miles away from A Precision Driving School

Michelle W. said "My son took the online class and behind the wheel training with them. The drivers show up in a clean car. I didn't get worried when they came to the door. They instructors made my husband and I very comfortable. One instructor…" read more

About the Business

Providing Driving training, drivers ed and Very friendly, patient, polite and professional instructors with over 20 years of experience.Free pickup and drop off from home, work and school. Open 7 days a week. Cars with Dual control system for students safety.Guaranteed low prices for professional training. We are fully Bonded,Licensed and Insured.Our Instructors are gone through full background Check We Serve Contra Costa, Alameda including , San Ramon, Dublin,Pleasanton,Livermore,Danville, Blackhawk, Alamo, …

Location & Hours

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2001 Omega Rd

San Ramon, CA 94583

Serving San Ramon Area

Upcoming Special Hours

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Photo of Carl S.

This driving school is very professional and knowledgable! I have tried other driving schools and instructors, but they were never as patient, professional, and courteous as Aprecision. I finally felt confident with my driving after working with Aprecision Driving. The instructors are all great especially Kan. I know all the rules of the road and I feel relaxed and confident finally with my driving. Thank you so much to Aprecision Driving!

This driving school is excellent! Highly recommend this driving school! I've been struggling with a driving phobia for the last 11 years and was limited on my ability to drive on certain city streets, but mainly on highways/freeways. I've tried many different people, but no one was able to help me except for Ken. He has helped me to get back onto the freeways again while regaining my confidence and taking away my anxiety/ panic. Ken is very professional, patient, and kind. I wish I would have found this Driving school a long time ago....what was I thinking. Ken is very supportive and an expert at what he does. He has taught me all the rules of the road that I have forgotten and/ or ignored all these years. His coaching has helped me to become a more confident and safe driver. Ken especially always puts safety as a priority by following all the laws of the road! In addition, he just always puts me at ease and doesn't stress me out. Instead, he helps me to relax and drive calmly, and I believe it's mainly because he has a calming demeanor. Above all, he just knows exactly what to say and do when it comes to being an excellent driving instructor!

Photo of steve d.

Signed up and paid online but I am unable to schedule a class. Left them several vm and texts no response!! FRAUD?!

Photo of Vi S.

I think parents should keep looking and pass over this company . Very slow follow up after money is taken ( and yes they ask for full payment up front ) Your questions will go unanswered for days. Appointments will get broken by company . Documentation needed for your teen to get the license will be incomplete Training was only barely legal limit of acceptable . I will be filing complaint with dmv to have this company removed but hopefully if they still remain they change their ways . Nothing worse then a company that is super attentive until they take your money then change .

Photo of Rebecca S.

It is the right business that I left my review. I would not provide my daughter's name on the review as it is privacy. If there is no woman takes call, it must be a man with a female voice. I am taking a screen shot of the text message from the communication. Also, I did received your private massage, you apologize my bad experience and said I left a review for the wrong business and asked me to contact you with a different phone number without context. Which is not your business phone number +1 925-329-1736. This is exactly what I am talking about being defensive and do no wrong. You are correct, it should be a yellow certificate. My apologies for the mixing up the color of the certificate and thank you for pointing it out. Regardless the color of the certificate, your driving instructor FAILED to issue the certificate to my daughter resulting she can't take the driving exam when we went through the whole process at DMV. Ended up she had to schedule the driving test the second time. Are you going to response to this follow up and said I fabricate the text message image? Your scheduling system sucks because apparently once I canceled the session, the session is used and I cannot schedule any classes back then. Do you see the trail of mess up "I think you are connecting a wrong driver school". It is just so easy to handle customer service and brush your customer away. Please do not private message me again and I would not contact you because I do not want to waste any further time nor I want to get anything from this business. I would NEVER recommend your business to anyone and I would not take down this review.

precision driving school

Business owner information

Photo of Rajwant K.

Business Owner

Aug 29, 2023

This message is for Rebecca S. We apologize for the late response because we are very busy teaching our students. Thank you for posting screenshots because now we know that your daughter was one of our students. We won't publish any names. We respect our students' privacy. We have many students on your street. You scheduled your daughters first lesson on September 18th 2022, then her 2nd Lesson was on December 5th, 3rd Lesson December 13th, 4th Lesson January 26th 2023, and 5th Lesson February 13th. (Which was planned perfectly, if we did not have time then you wouldn't have been able to schedule your lessons with appropriate gap) The instructors name is Ken, you can see the gap in between all the lessons. The daughter had no practice with anyone at home, and without practice, nobody could parallel park. You can ask anybody about Ken. It is your responsibility to make sure your daughter gets sufficient practice between lessons. (The reason she did not learn anything is because she had no practice and she only drove with the Instructor.) Yes we did direct message you our number, it was not a random number. It is even registered with the DMV. You signed up for 10 hours and instead of completing 10 hours your daughter took her driving test after 3 lessons, we only give the certificate after you finish the entire package you signed up for with us. You did not notify us about when you were going to go to the dmv, and we have no way of knowing when your daughter is going for her test.

I would not recommend this business to anyone because 1) their limited availability. 2) they didn't teach much to my daughter and did not provide the sample routes for the driving exam. 3) didn't provide the pink certificate to my daughter after she finished 6 hours requirement ended up we have to rebook the driving exam. 4) very defensive customer services. 5) not teaching parallel parking. I think the owner who read this review is going to respond that I am at fault and disagree with my listing point with all the defensive reasons. However, I am not writing this review as a piss off reason but provide the factual experience sharing to the parents who want to look for a reliable driving instructor and provide all around coaching and teaching needs for their kids to take the driving test. No business wants to get a bad review and there must be a reason that your customer gave you a bad one. Also, because of the limited appointment availability, we ended up not using the other 2-3 sessions. I am not going to bother to call them up and deal with the defensive never wrong lady on the phone.

Photo of Lauren V.

If you pay close attention to these "positive reviews" and to the owner's replies to legitimate reviews, you will notice a glaring similarity. These people, as you click on their profile, will instantly raise eyebrows. No profile picture? No friends? Little other reviews? Hmmm. Didn't do a great job covering your tracks. The butchered grammar jumps out in numerous "5 star reviews"- guess who also exhibits poor grammar in their replies? That's right! The owner. Please, please- if you are considering this business, think long and hard. Do you want a company who adds fake 5 star reviews in order to displace the much more ACCURATE 1 star reviews the owner has so rudely engaged in biting repartee with? Upon contact with customer service, it is fairly clear that the same ugly attitude is present in both the owner and the person texting you. Are they one and the same? I'd bet money on it! The "customer service" employee will make the refund process an absolute ORDEAL. They will insist that you were in the wrong, that it's your fault; even when this company has so clearly been the one in the wrong, they will REFUSE to admit fault. I had to repeat myself NUMEROUS times to get a refund, each time the employee would answer with unsavory and frankly insolent remarks. I was becoming very worried that they would just try to keep my money! Apparently she hasn't worked in customer service very long. You're supposed to treat clients with respect, to listen to their grievances, even if you don't agree with them. That's the job. There is no excuse to try and intiate an argument with rude comments as the owner has- just take a quick glance at her replies to negative reviews to get a taste of the contempt you can be treated to here. If this is the type of absolutely execrable behavior I can expect from employees of this FACADE, do you really want your child driving alone with them? For your sake and for the sake of your child, do not listen to whatever nasty comment the owner puts under this, do not listen to the hideous lies she has churned out, nor the countless fake reviews she has produced to try and cover up the REAL rating that they deserve: 1 STAR. Are they such a "respectable establishment", as the owner says, if you present your business with such mendacity and discourteous behavior?

May 12, 2023

This is a response to Lauren V. If you spent as much time looking into our reviews as our website then you would have seen that if your city was not listed then you would know not to pay for any behind the wheel lessons. You haven't used our services once except for going on the website to buy a package. You have no idea how our business works. The person you were texting simply told you we do not come to your city. You still got a full refund and we didn't charge you a 5% processing fee that we get charged by the bank. You still decided to write a review which is all made up. Please do not mess with peoples businesses without using their services. You can let the local people decide if they are fake reviews or not and you can contact them if you want, so you have no right to write a review since we do not even serve your city. Half of your review is about other reviews and grammar and friends which has nothing to even do with our business or any of our services.

Photo of Ravi S.

Thank you Ken for giving me confidence to drive and for helping me to overcome my nervousness, specially after driving abroad for many years. The lessons were very informative and well structured. I must say, your nice and caring attitude with all the laughter that we shared, made it a very pleasant experience. I would definitely recommend "A Precision Driving School" to all my friends and families.

I received my driving license in the first attempt. The entire credit goes to Ken and Raj! They are extremely patient, calm and very professional. They will give you honest feedback and support. Since I moved from another country and had never driven in USA, Ken was super helpful in instilling confidence in me. Given my experience with A precision driving school, my teenaged son will also start his driving lessons with them soon! Strongly recommend A precision driving school! They are the best in San Ramon.

Photo of Shefali S.

Raj is an awesome driving instructor. She is knowledgeable, caring, accommodating and calming. I really enjoyed learning from her as she made the entire training a very pleasant experience. I have already recommended Raj to friends and family. Thank you Precision Driving School for the great times . You guys rock.

Photo of Daniela W.

(just posted this review on google, reposting it here as well) Hi! The timing for this review is very random, I admit. However, I'm just realizing I never wrote a review for this place, it slipped my mind. I took classes with Raj, and I'm wholeheartedly convinced that's the reason I passed my driving test on the first try, got my lisence a month after I turned 16, and still use the skills I learned daily. I'm 19 now. The patience, the calm demeanor, it all made a huge difference compared to my parent (who I don't have a good relationship with) screaming at me whenever I touched the wheel. Raj built my confidence, and I'm grateful. I've driven in both San Francisco and New York City, in the Bay Area and several states on the East Coast, took road trips, and I've been able to drive a wide variety of cars (sedan, truck, SUV, u-haul van, Penske truck, you name it). No accident history. The only infraction I have is a speeding ticket (which, was very much my fault and I learned my lesson). Thank you, A Precision Driving School, for giving me the confidence to drive whenever and anywhere safely. Driving has become one of my emotional outlets and has given me independence that I could only dream of. Thanks again :)

Photo of Linyang S.

The website is poorly designed, dose not provide with availability ahead of time. Only tells you the available times after you pay. Dose not offer a refund option on the website. The phone number dose not work, you can only text or email. The customer service is rude and tries their best to not give you a refund by wasting your time. Would not recommend taking classes here. Long wait times, no transparency on what is included in packages. Customer service was unresponsive/ignored my questions by answering with meaningless answers.

precision driving school

Jun 19, 2022

This is A Response to your review..Linyang, first we refunded you the full amount.. Now about scheduling you or the person you signed up, who has never driven in their life and you want our instructor to take him on the the freeway by the 3rd lesson. You want all the lessons in month of June and you just signed up on June 13th .People are very smart and intelligent and they know in SUMMER BREAK all the driving schools are very busy and it's very hard to do all 6 hours in 15 days. Our Admin explained you very clearly how the lessons are divided and you need time to practice in between the lessons on the 12th . On the 13th morning you texted that you signed up and need to schedule but only one spot available in June and want a 3 lessons in June. Admin told you to book what ever you see in month of June and will try to fit your remaining 4 hours accordingly because we do get time to time cancellations but you asked for the refund and Admin simply told you that we do get charged for each transaction and be patient but was not able to understand ... You did get the full refund. YOU NEVER USED OUR DRIVING COURSE AND YOU DON'T KNOW HOW OUR INSTRUCTORS TEACH. It was your decision to sign up online after TEXTING with our office no one forced you to sign up. Be careful before you write anything about any business especially when you have never used the service of that business . So GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND TO YOUR ATTITUDE...

Photo of James R.

I have booked my daughter's lesson with a precision driving school. I don't recommend this to anyone for so many reasons. first of all, no one ever answers the phone call, or calls you back when you leave voicemail. we have left voice mail and text and did not get any response back. Secondly, appointments are hard to get, we have to postpone diving test because we can not book my daughter's last lesson (I am willing to let her miss the school and still first available slot is more than 30 days away) and for past two lessons we had two different instructors, one was great but the other one did not know how to give instructions, instead of giving constructive criticism, and encouraging student, all she was doing was pointing out what student was doing wrong. I would not recommend to any one.

Sep 30, 2022

This is our response to James. Our business model is text or email and even voicemail tells you to not leave a voicemail. If you don't plan your appointments on time then you definitely have to wait to get your next appointment. We are not just dealing with your street only. I take this as a compliment that you mentioned that the instructor was pointing out the students wrong doings and at the same time telling the student how to improve through the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd lesson. If they are not improving on their driving skill through out the lessons then that means that they are not doing their homework and that you are not taking them out for proper practice on the road. Our school name is A Precision and we teach our students with precision and we teach honestly. I hope you will find another driving school where the instructor will sit and not point out the mistakes of your children. Good luck in the future.

21 other reviews that are not currently recommended

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Pass Guarantee Driving School

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Low prices flexible schedule only driving school in town with dual brakes and gas paddles Male and female instructors read more

Bay Pass Driving School

Bay Pass Driving School

22.9 miles away from A Precision Driving School

Welcome to Our Driving School, the Place Where You Can Learn Skills & Feel Accomplished. Bay Pass Driving School, LLC is Certified By DMV, and Has Designed Classes With the Busy Student in Mind. Best Safety Measures. Affordable… read more

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Precision Driving Schools

Drive with Precision

209-863-8888 (Oakdale/Modesto/Riverbank) 209-895-4222 (Patterson/Newman)

Two locations serving the Central Valley

Contact Form

From our customers.

Thank you for working with my needs to get my son scheduled in a timely manner. My son enjoyed the driving lesson he received today! Thank you!!

Thank you for boosting my daughter’s confidence, calming her nerves, and increasing her skill level! She no longer panics when she drives.

Thank you so much for giving lessons to my daughter. I will recommend your company to all my friends!

Jackie was fantastic and our son said she was very nice and he really felt comfortable with her. Thank you.

Great instructor, great conversations, very friendly…

Dawn, Thank you for being patient and courteous to with my daughter.  She was very happy with the lesson!

Dawn and Jackie are GREAT! They don’t get nervous like my parents do when I drive!

Early morning appointment and drop off at school was much appreciated!

The instructor was friendly, very attentive to my daughter’s driving, she was patient and the car had a cleanliness vibe. I loved that.

Very professional. My son is in excellent care.

My instructor, Dawn, is amazing! I feel so comfortable with her and so confident. With my whole heart, I appreciate her so much for her help. Having my license has changed my life!

Great Job Precision! Fair price, discount for good student and you pick up and drop off at our convenience! Awesome experience!

Angel was very professional and knowledgeable. My daughter enjoyed her driving experience.

Tried and failed several times to pass the test on my own. I took a couple lessons and passed 1st time after that. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Dawn is very good with my son. He feels very comfortable driving with her and she is very professional! Thanks again Dawn,

I was very happy with the whole experience. Jackie was very patient and gave very good advice throughout the whole driving experience. I felt very comfortable and enjoyed all of the helpful tips. Can’t wait for the future lessons to come.

Dawn was super nice and very easy to work with. I love how they come to your home, it is really convenient.

Thank you for taking our son out, he was very excited and didn’t stop talking about his class the rest of the day.

Oakdale/Riverbank/Escalon/Modesto Call: 209-863-8888

Patterson/Newman/Gustine Call: 209-895-4222

[email protected]

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Construction elevator rack and pinion gears

Construction elevator rack and pinion gears

Tez təfərrüatlar:

  • Shape:Rack Gear, Pinion
  • Mənşə yeri: Şanxay, Çin (Materik)
  • Model nömrəsi: M1-M10
  • Brend adı: Success
  • Material:Steel, C45 Steel,G60.S45,S43
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  • Tooth Profile:Spur Gear
  • gear Modules:M5,M8,M10
  • Modules5:30*50*1508
  • Səthi emal: Partlayış, İsti sink ilə örtülmüşdür
  • Modules8: 40*60*1508
  • gear teeth number:15
  • Pressure Angle: 20 or as drawings

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Construction elevator rack and pinion gears

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  • Success NO.: 1: 16/1: 18
  • Sərtlik: bərkimiş diş səthi
  • Layout: Coaxial
  • Step: Single-Step
  • Output Torque: 800/960nm
  • Rated Power: 11.02/11.06kw
  • Power: 11kw, 15kw, 18kw Elevator Gear Box
  • Gearbox: 1:16
  • Private Label: Available Elevator Gear Box
  • Kimdən: Uğur
  • Specification: SGS, CE, CCC, ISO
  • HS Kodu: 84313900
  • Application: Motor, Machinery
  • Installation: Horizontal Type
  • Gear Shape: Conical - Cylindrical Gear
  • Type: Planetary Gear Reducer
  • Success Number: 16: 1, 12: 1, 10: 1
  • Input Speed: 1500/Min
  • Usage: Elevator Gear Box
  • Lifting Weight: 2t and More Elevator Gear Box
  • Source: Electric
  • Nəqliyyat paketi: Taxta qutu
  • Mənşə: Şanxay

Good Quality Building lift for constrution

  • Vəziyyət: Yeni
  • Model Number:SC100 SC150 SC200 SC100/100 SC150/150 SC200/200
  • Rated Loading Capacity(kg):1000kg 1500kg 2000kg 3000kg 4000kg
  • Hoisting Speed:33m/min 0-36m/min 0-60m/min
  • Max Lifting Height:150m 250m
  • Dimension(L*W*H):3*1.5*2.1(changeable as required)
  • Loder Weight:1000kg,2000kg,1500kg,3000kg,4000kg
  • Satışdan sonrakı xidmət: Xaricdə maşınlara xidmət göstərə bilən mühəndislər
  • color:red/orange/blue(can be changed when be required)
  • Motor Power:2*11kw,2*13kw,3*11kw,3*13kw,3*8.5kw
  • Main Electrical System:Schneider
  • Certificate of Quality:ISO9000:2008, CE
  • Driven Type:rack and gear
  • Sling Type:cable
  • Cabin:single or double
  • Voltage/Frequency:380v/50Hz
  • Power Source:electric
  • Materials Elevator Usage:Materials Elevator Usage

Special usage of construction materials lift platform for passenger and material

  • Type:Elevators, residential construction platform lifting passenger and material
  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
  • Model Number:SC200/200
  • Usage:Materials elevator
  • Drive Type:AC, Rack & Pinion
  • Cage:Double cage
  • Rated capacity:1000kg per cage (1000kg*2)
  • Lifting speed:0--33m/min
  • Gərginlik tezliyi: 380-50HZ (müştəri və #39; tələblərinə uyğun olaraq təşkil edilə bilər)
  • Motor Power:3*11kw per cage (3*11kw*2)
  • Sertifikatlaşdırma: ISO9000, CE, GOST, Koreya standartı
  • Mast section:650*650*1508(mm) weight:145Kg
  • Sürücü növü: Ötürücü və dayaq
  • Səth işlənməsi: Partlayış, Pişirmə tamamlandı, Sinklənmə, Boyama

CNC small rack and pinion gears

  • Forma: Rack Gear
  • Name:CNC small rack and pinion gears
  • Grade:standard
  • gear Modules:M1-M10

Construction Hoist Elevator Sribs Safety Devices Building Elevator Spare Parts

  • Success NO.: saj40
  • Dimension(L*W*H): Regular Size
  • Hoisting Speed: 1.2m/S
  • Success Number: Saj40
  • Braking Load(Kn): 40.5
  • Weight(Kg): 38.5
  • Origin: Shanghai. China
  • Loder Weight: for Sc100 and Sc200
  • Max Lifting Height: 150m
  • Rated Loading Capacity(Kg): 1000kg-2000kg or More
  • Brand Name: Sribs
  • Braking Distance(M): 0.855
  • From: SRIBS
  • Specification: SAJ40-1.2

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brass pinion gears

  • Machinery used alloy gear rack

Lg60 M8 Construction Hoist Gear Rack

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precision driving school

  • Telefon: +0086-17317571902
  • E-poçt: [email protected]
  • Nanfeng Rd, Fengxian District, Şanxay, Çin tərəfindən texniki Müəlliflik hüququ © Shanghai Success Construction International Trade Co., Ltd.

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    Precision Driving School PROFESSIONAL AND PATIENT DRIVING INSTRUCTION Register WHY CHOOSE US CLASS FORMATS Our classes run various lengths as we try our best to work around school sports and event schedules. Most run six to nine weeks except for the summer class. GREAT SUPPORT

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    Permit Test: Take your Driver Ed Completion Form (pink or blue form), original birth certificate or valid passport, SSN, 2 forms of proof of residency (see approved documents below), licensing fee, and a licensed driver over 25 years old. Drive Test: Take your Driver Training Completion Form (gold form), permit (if someone other than a parent/guardian takes you to DMV, have them sign and write ...

  13. Pricing & Payment

    We have 2 payment options. Students can pay as they go or pay in advance. Advance payment must be made at or before Lesson 1. We accept cash, check, credit/debit cards, Venmo and online payments. Make checks payable to Precision Driving School. Venmo @PrecisionDrivingSchool. 3% credit card surcharge added to online payments. No charge for ...

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    Specialties: Providing Driving training, drivers ed and Very friendly, patient, polite and professional instructors with over 20 years of experience.Free pickup and drop off from home, work and school. Open 7 days a week. Cars with Dual control system for students safety.Guaranteed low prices for professional training. We are fully Bonded,Licensed and Insured.Our Instructors are gone through ...

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    Tried and failed several times to pass the test on my own. I took a couple lessons and passed 1st time after that. I couldn't have done it without them.

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  21. motor,electric hoist motor, motor lifting hoist gear motor,tower crane

    Image of motor,electric hoist motor, motor lifting hoist gear motor,tower crane hoist motor,vibrator motor Quick Details: Place of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland) Brand Name:Success Model Number:RB16032115

  22. Construction elevator rack and pinion gears

    Image of Construction elevator rack and pinion gears Quick Details: Shape:Rack Gear, Pinion Place of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland) Model Number:M1-M10 Brand Name:Success Material:Steel, C45 Steel,G60.S45,S43

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