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How to Make the Most of Your VoIP Internet Calling

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has revolutionized the way we communicate. By using the internet to make phone calls, VoIP offers a cost-effective and reliable alternative to traditional phone services. However, if you want to make the most of your VoIP internet calling experience, there are a few tips and tricks you should keep in mind.

Choose the Right Service Provider

The first step in making the most of your VoIP internet calling is choosing the right service provider. There are many different providers out there, so it’s important to do your research and find one that meets your needs. Consider factors like pricing, features, customer service, and reliability when selecting a provider.

Optimize Your Network

Once you’ve chosen a provider, you’ll need to make sure your network is optimized for VoIP calling. This means ensuring that your internet connection is fast enough and that you have enough bandwidth for clear calls. You may also need to invest in additional hardware or software if necessary.

Take Advantage of Features

Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of all the features that come with your VoIP service. Many providers offer features such as call forwarding, voicemail-to-email integration, and conference calling capabilities. These features can help make your calls more efficient and productive.

By following these tips, you can ensure that you get the most out of your VoIP internet calling experience. With the right provider and optimized network, you can enjoy crystal clear calls at an affordable price. So don’t wait – start making the most of your VoIP internet calling today.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


powerpoint web viewer alternative

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer logo

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Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer

Microsoft powerpoint viewer is one of the powerful applications that allow you to access the familiar tools to create, edit, view, present, and share presentations in no time from any location., microsoft powerpoint viewer alternatives, the best microsoft powerpoint viewer alternatives based on verified products, community votes, reviews and other factors. latest update: 2023-09-08.

Aspose.Slides for Cloud logo

Aspose.Slides for Cloud

Use cURL commands to create, manipulate, merge, split & convert PPT PPTX presentations & slides to PDF, XPS, TIFF, ODP, OTP, HTML & other formats.

Document Manager logo

Document Manager

Document Manager is an all-in-one document management software solution that allows you to download documents from anywhere, store all your documents in one place, edit them with leading tools, and share them with others.

SmartWindows.app logo

✓ SmartWindows.app

Auto arrange all your app windows, whether on one screen or many with a single click!

Try for free freemium $39.99 / Annually (One PC, One Year)

SmartWindows.app screenshot

Document Reader

Document Reader is an application that is introduced to view, edit, and share all the documents like Excel, word, Presentations, Text, and PDF in one place.

GitPitch logo

The Markdown Presentation Service on Git

PPTX Viewer logo

PPTX Viewer

PPTX Viewer is one of the lightweight applications that allows you to view, create, edit and share your presentation without facing any advertisement issue.

All Document Reader logo

All Document Reader

All Document Reader is one of the modern applications that is designed to read all the Office documents like Excel, word, Presentations, Text, and PDF without any internet connection and advertisement issue.

Aspose Presentation Viewer logo

Aspose Presentation Viewer

Free online viewer for Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (PPT and PPTX) and OpenDocument (ODP) – Upload, open, and read files. Support for all platforms and devices.


Office: Presentations logo

Office: Presentations

Office: Presentations is one of the cost-effective websites that allows you to download top-class presentation templates without any hassle.

AzDocs logo

AzDocs is one of the versatile software that allows you to read all types of office documents DOCX, PPTX, XLSX & PDF without facing the advertisement issue.

Presefy logo

Presefy is a mobile service for interactive and engaging presentations.

iSlide logo

iSlide is an all-in-one PowerPoint add-in. The best PowerPoint add-in ever.

Google Docs logo

Google Docs

Create a new document and edit with others at the same time -- from your computer, phone or tablet. Get stuff done with or without an internet connection. Use Docs to edit Word files. Free from Google.

Document Scanner logo

Document Scanner

Sick of your old papers without finding them easily?

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  • Why is Chrome so slow on Windows 11? 29 Nov 2023 · SmartWindows.app · Read here
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PowerPoint Viewer

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Best PowerPoint Viewer Alternatives for Windows

PowerPoint Viewer logo

Key Details of PowerPoint Viewer

  • View PowerPoint presentations from PowerPoint 97 and up
  • Last updated on 06/07/11
  • There have been 0 updates within the past 6 months


Top 8 Presentation Software apps that are similar to PowerPoint Viewer for Windows

PowerPoint logo

Presentation Assistant

Presentation Pointer logo

Presentation Pointer

Lyrebird logo

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

Microsoft Office Publisher 2010 logo

Microsoft Office Publisher 2010

Office Mix logo

PowerPoint to Video Converter Free

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Shop your favorite products and we’ll find the best deal with a single click. Designed to make shopping easier.

powerpoint web viewer alternative

Try Process AI free

How to view powerpoint without microsoft office.

Do you want to view PowerPoint presentations without Microsoft Office? Yep, it’s possible! Here, we’ll show you how.

One way is with online platforms. These let you upload and view presentations directly from your browser. No Office required!

Plus, there’s specialized software for viewing PowerPoint files. It has a simple interface, so anyone can access them without any trouble.

Let’s look at an example. Sarah was working on her final project presentation. But when she got to the university computer, there was no Office installed. No worries! She used an online platform to present her masterpiece, and it worked perfectly.

Explaining the need to view PowerPoint without Microsoft Office

PowerPoint presentations are now used widely in many industries. Viewing them without Microsoft Office is essential if it’s not installed on the device.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. Online viewers let you upload and view presentations in a web browser, removing the need for Microsoft Office.

Another way is to convert the PowerPoint file to another format like PDF, JPEG, etc. A number of free conversion tools exist online. Then you can open it with software that supports these formats.

Many operating systems and mobile devices have built-in apps or software that allow you to view PowerPoint files without installing Microsoft Office. They provide basic viewing features and make it easy to navigate the slides and content.

To illustrate the importance of this capability, here’s a true story. A colleague once prepared an important presentation on his home computer, which didn’t have Microsoft Office. With minutes until his presentation was due, he couldn’t open the PowerPoint file. But, he found an online viewer that let him access it without hassle. He was able to deliver the presentation on time, thanks to this alternative solution.

Overview of alternative programs for viewing PowerPoint presentations

No need for Microsoft Office ! Alternative programs such as Google Slides and LibreOffice Impress allow for easy access to PowerPoint files. Formatting and content will remain the same.

Google Slides is an online app with a user-friendly interface. It also has collaboration features. All you need is an internet connection to access it.

LibreOffice Impress is part of the open-source LibreOffice suite. It has lots of features for viewing PowerPoint presentations. Animations, transitions, and embedded media are all supported. The original layout is maintained.

If you convert PowerPoint files into PDF format you can also view them without Microsoft Office. Adobe Acrobat Reader will preserve the integrity of the presentation. This method is great for sharing or distributing presentations.

Alternative programs and PDF viewers provide a reliable way to view PowerPoint presentations. They offer compatibility, accessibility, and keep the original content and design. Whether you use Google Slides, LibreOffice Impress, or Adobe Acrobat Reader – there are plenty of options available for viewing PowerPoint presentations with ease!

Step-by-step guide on how to view PowerPoint without Microsoft Office:

Need to view a PowerPoint presentation without Microsoft Office? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Online Viewers: Upload the file to Google Drive and open it using Google Slides, or use Microsoft’s own online viewer – PowerPoint Online.
  • Alternative Software: Download and install LibreOffice, then open the presentation using its Impress application.
  • File Conversion: Convert the PowerPoint file into a universal format, like PDF or JPG, using online converters or software like Adobe Acrobat or Nitro Pro.
  • Mobile Devices: Some devices offer built-in apps or viewers specifically designed for viewing presentations.

I recently used Google Drive’s online viewer to quickly view an important presentation. It saved me time and let me easily navigate the slides.

By trying out these methods and tools, you can easily view PowerPoint presentations – even without Microsoft Office!

Highlighting the pros and cons of each option

Viewing PowerPoint files without downloading any software? This can be done by using online viewers. Although they allow for easy viewing, some features of the desktop version may be missing. Plus, there could be restrictions on file size or privacy.

Alternative software programs are available too, with similar features to Microsoft Office . However, complex formatting or exclusive features might not be compatible.

Storing PowerPoint presentations in the cloud or in portable apps are further options. Access from any device with an internet connection is possible with cloud storage. Portable apps let you run software from USB drives. Keep in mind, though, that stable internet or specific hardware might be needed.

The demand for flexibility and accessibility has led to the development of better alternatives, improving our ability to view PowerPoint presentations without relying on Microsoft Office . As technology advances, more efficient options are emerging.

Additional tips and considerations for viewing PowerPoint presentations without Microsoft Office

No Microsoft Office? No problem! Here are five key points to help you view PowerPoint presentations without it:

  • Utilize online platforms like Google Slides, SlideShare, and Zoho Show . Upload the file or access it directly.
  • Convert the PowerPoint presentation to a compatible format and open it using another presentation software (e.g. Keynote or OpenOffice).
  • Use free PowerPoint viewers from Microsoft .
  • Try cloud storage services like OneDrive or Dropbox . Preview the slides using their built-in feature.
  • Download alternative software like LibreOffice Impress or WPS Office Presentation .

Formatting might be different when using non-Microsoft programs. So, it’s advisable to review the presentation beforehand. Also, it’s important to check the compatibility of your operating system with the software. Not all programs might provide the same functionality as PowerPoint. However, Google Slides is one of the most popular alternatives for viewing and creating presentations online (Statista, April 2021).

Let’s review. Viewing PowerPoint presentations without Microsoft Office is an easy way to go for those who don’t have access to the software. Now, let’s explore more details to make the most of this alternative solution.

You can open and view PowerPoint files from your web browser with online platforms like Google Slides or PowerPoint Online . These tools give you a smooth experience – you can move through slides, access speaker notes, and even present your slideshow.

Another way is to transform PowerPoint files into PDF format . Not only does this make them compatible with different devices, but it also keeps the formatting and layout of the original presentation. By using PDF viewers such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader , you can easily view your PowerPoint presentations.

In addition, you can view PowerPoint presentations on your phone or tablet using various mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Some popular ones include Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile, Google Slides, and Prezi Viewer .

Pro Tip: If you need offline access and more advanced features for creating or editing PowerPoint presentations, check out alternative office suites like LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice . These software packages offer comprehensive solutions that go beyond just viewing PowerPoint files.

You have lots of options, so you don’t need to stick to Microsoft Office to view PowerPoint presentations. Unlock convenience and flexibility by trying out online platforms, converting files to PDF, using mobile apps, or exploring alternative office suites. Happy presenting!

powerpoint web viewer alternative

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PowerPoint alternatives

Microsoft PowerPoint alternatives – free online viewers

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When it comes to presentations, we all know that Microsoft PowerPoint used to be the go-to solution. For a long time, and for many of us, it was an apparent and natural decision. The world around us changed, as it always did. It has become mobile and remote-based in so many industries that were never previously considered for that. New kids on the block appeared to become Microsoft PowerPoint alternatives, with new ideas and principles embedded. We are witnessing the emergence of new wants and expectations. PowerPoint, while still a standard in the presentation sector, is no longer the sole attendee. So, what additional tools may be used to view presentation files, namely, PPT or PPTX?

Free PowerPoint alternatives online

Microsoft powerpoint online.

Microsoft PowerPoint

That is an obvious choice. Why look elsewhere when Microsoft provides a free alternative?

Microsoft PowerPoint Online provides most, but not all, of the basic functionality. You can view your presentation in the browser, of course. You can also edit current slideshows, create new ones, share them with others, and even use the Slideshow mode. The best part is that you don’t need to install anything. The sole prerequisite is that you have a Microsoft account. The online application is, of course, compatible with all versions of PowerPoint. You can utilize PPT and PPTX file types. PPT, PPTX, PDF, ODP, and images are among the file formats that can be saved.

This online product is a component of our previous blog post, Free Microsoft Office – Just Get It .

Google Slides

Google Slides

Another major contender in the presentation business is Google Slides.

The solution was designed from the start to be used online. It was created with to become a PowerPoint alternative with many functions you can easily recognize. In addition to viewing your slides, you can edit and share them, as well as add images and media. It has excellent features for live collaboration and teamwork. Slideshow mode is also available.

Google Docs now has offline capabilities, but you’ll need an internet connection to get started.

It is Microsoft Office compatible. PPT and PPTX formats are supported. Your slides can be saved in PPT/PPTX, ODP, PDF, TXT, and a variety of graphic formats.

iCloud Keynote

iWork Keynote

This product represents Apple, or more specifically, the iWorks suite. This program is compatible with Microsoft PPT and PPTX formats, as well as the native Apple KEY format. Keynote, PDF, and PowerPoint are file formats for saving and sharing your work (PPTX).

It primarily provides basic features such as tables, charts, photos, text fields, animations, commenting, slideshows, and collaborative tools.


SlideShare is a LinkedIn product with the primary purpose of representing your profile and increasing your reputation. Its operations are geared for viewers. To put it another way, you can upload your PPTX file but not edit it online. However, viewing is greatly simplified. A static presentation is displayed, with no support for multimedia, animation, or triggers. You can make your own presentations, but your authoring options are limited.

Email, link, embedding, and WordPress shortcode are all options for sharing your assets. It also has a well-developed statistics system for tracking major findings such as total views, shared, downloads, comments, and so on.

DropBox Paper

DropBox Paper

DropBox Paper is more of a collaborative effort and teamwork tool than the traditional Office application. It is more similar to note-taking apps than to Microsoft Office or Google Docs.

It provides a good range of media integration options as well as the ability to link and share your files with a large number of programs, like Trello, Zoom, Canvas, Outlook, WhatsUp, Teams, and so on. PPT/PPTX files can be viewed and shared. It offers a simple interface, but you can’t edit your slideshow. You will need to utilize some of the suggested alternatives, such as PowerPoint Online, Google Docs, or PowerPoint itself, if it’s installed on your computer system.

Zoho Show

Zoho Show is a component of the Zoho Workplace web package. To acquire access to the program, just like with Micrisoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote, you must first sign up with Zoho Workplace. Zoho Show is a sophisticated PowerPoint-compatible software with features reminiscent of market giants such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple’s Office suites.

Editing includes a wide range of customisation (themes, fonts, shapes, colors, and so on), vizualization (animation, infographics, smart elements, and so on), and numerous other features such as collaborative tools and multiple sharing possibilities. Templates are more sophisticated than those found in Microsoft Office or Google Docs.

PPT, PPTX, ODP, and PPSX are supported import formats. PPTX, ODP, PPSX, HTML, PDF, and images are the output formats. Sharing functions enable you to define access levels for your companions and view version history. When your presentation is finished, you can easily publish or broadcast it to your online audience.

Pitch Workspace

Pitch is another strong player in the collaboration tool market. It was created with the intention of becoming a replacement for Google Slides. It has great templates, customization options, and is quite simple to use. But, once again, its strongest suit is teamwork.

Pitch currently has a limited set of importing options due to its beta status. As a result, you can only import PPTX files. It recommends using Google Slides or Keynote (or any other software) to convert to other formats. You can export your files as PDFs or share a link to them.

Editing entails a variety of tasks. You can use text, multimedia charts and tables, embed objects (from YouTube, Vimeo, and Loom), and record audio. There is a good selection of stickers and shapes.

Teamwork options allow you to set and update the state of your deck, delegate slides or even the entire pitch deck to team members, not to mention comments, reactions, and notes. You can quickly develop bespoke templates. An excellent tool is Live Call, which allows you to video call any of your team members who opened your presentation.

Aspose Viewer

Aspose Viewer

Aspose Viewer is a simple light-weight software for viewing your presentation online. There is no requirement for installation or registration. You simply go to the app’s page and upload your file.

The application accepts PPT, PPTX, and ODP files. You can also save your file in one of three formats: PPTX, PDF, or HTML.

The software also includes an Edit option. You can change the font and image settings before saving the final product as PPTX.

Microsoft PowerPoint – a guiding light or a milestone?

As one can see, PowerPoint is still an application taken as a reference by many developers. However, that search for PowerPoint alteratives is a clear trend on the way attempting to remove it from power. Actually, it does not matter if such attempts are succeeded by failure. In any case, the final result is user-oriented in order to obtain diverse and well-developed products for the whole variety of tasks we can think of in office settings. And you should not forget to check free online apps from Aspose – check them out at the Aspose.Slides Family page .

powerpoint web viewer alternative

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powerpoint web viewer alternative

  • Design library: 200+ templates for several industries and needs.
  • Shareability: You can send revocable share links to team members or friends for feedback. You can add collaborators with an email associated with a Prezi account to co-create a presentation.
  • Cost: The price varies depending on the number of projects you want to create and the functionalities you require. There is a free plan, a Plus plan for $15/month, and a Premium one for $19/month.
  • Compatibility: Prezi’s desktop app with offline access works on Windows and Mac. You can also use the Prezi Viewer app to view, present, and share (but not edit) presentations on your IOS or Android devices.

Prezi lets you create a non-linear story, meaning you don’t have to go from slide A to B to C. Instead, you can jump straight into the section that interests your audience the most and avoid boring them with other data.

Prezi’s interactive presentations continuously prompt viewers to keep watching. For example, you can first share a bird’s-eye view of what the presentation will cover as an introduction. Then, you can zoom in to specific topics to further teach your audience about a problem, new product, or idea.

2. Vyond: Best for engaging animation-based presentations

  • Design library: 182 fully customizable templates . They’re not your typical static slide templates. Instead, they’re story-driven templates you can use to create engaging presentations.
  • Shareability: Teams can work on the same project simultaneously. You can also work together asynchronously by uploading assets, custom templates, and characters into each project.
  • Cost: The basic plan starts at $25 a month on an annual plan. For $83.25 a month, you can access Vyond’s entire suite of tools, export formats (GIF vs. MP4), resolutions, and animation styles.
  • Compatibility: Vyond is a browser-based software you can access via Windows and Mac.

According to Kaltura , 98% of enterprise professionals think videos are better and faster at training employees. You can use Vyond to create engaging animated video presentations in a format proven to increase learning retention . Its animated elements will help persuade viewers to watch what you present instead of the latest celebrity news.

Watch our Spring 2023 Storytelling Masterclass

Get actionable, expert guidance on using humor, stories, and great design to communicate better at work.

3. Zoho Show: Best for teams that don’t care about fancy design

Zoho presentation software UI, an alternative to powerpoint

  • Design library: 59 free templates built for businesses across industries.
  • Shareability: You can collaborate in real-time with teammates, tag them to notify them of a change you just made, and comment on areas that need some context.
  • Cost: Free.
  • Compatibility: Zoho Show works on all Android and Mac devices, from laptops to phones to TVs.

Zoho Show is presentation software that uses an uncluttered interface so you can focus on organizing your ideas. There are animation tools too, which help you make portions of your presentation stand out. While it doesn’t offer interactive options, it’s perfect for teams that need to create a simple presentation in the least amount of time.

4. Beautiful.ai: Best for teams conscious about time and design

Screenshot of beautiful.ai User Interface, an alternative to powerpoint

  • Design library: There are 62 templates. Each focuses on one use case, like pitching a company idea or presenting a case study.
  • Shareability: You can work with teammates and add comments to your presentation if you have a Teams account. Once the slides are ready, you can present them from your browser.
  • Cost: The $12 per month plan lets you create unlimited slides and track analytics. For $40 a month, you can edit presentations with your team, create custom template libraries, and more.
  • Compatibility: You can show and edit presentations through your browser.

Beautiful.ai is presentation software for teams that need to deliver high-quality presentations fast. Its artificial intelligence rearranges your slide’s elements so they’re clear, appealing, and sized correctly based on their importance. The active AI lets you create presentations in less time without worrying about design principles.

5. Soapbox: Best for teams creating content in bulk

Screenshot of Soapbox UI, a powerpoint alternative

  • Design library: Soapbox doesn’t have a library of design assets. However, you can customize the color of the video player, the thumbnail, and your video’s page with your logo.
  • Shareability: Anyone with a link to your video can see it. Since recordings happen in real-time, there’s no way to collaborate unless a teammate sits next to you.
  • Cost: Free for teams with basic needs, like recording and sharing videos. Starting at $300 a year, you’ll be able to track how viewers interact with your videos and book meetings straight from them.
  • Compatibility: You can record Soapbox videos from Windows and Mac. Anyone with a smartphone or PC can watch them.

Soapbox is a presentation software you can access from your browser. You can use it to record yourself, your computer screen, or both.

It takes just two clicks to record, making Soapbox ideal to create product or content videos in bulk. For example, you can organize your background, write a list of topics on a piece of paper, and then record videos for many departments, such as sales, HR, and marketing.

Unlike other tools, you won’t have to create slides or charts. You can hit record and cover the topic from your seat.

6. Canva: Best for teams looking for designer features

A screenshot of Canva's UI

  • Design library: Canva contains thousands of templates and millions of stock images, videos, audio, and graphics. While not every template is for presentations, you can use their Pro plan’s resize tool to take graphics from one template to another.
  • Shareability: You can share and collaborate with others while creating your presentation.
  • Cost: You can access most of Canva’s features for free. You gain access to a larger stock image and video library, elements, auto-publishing features, and more for $119/year. They also offer customized pricing options.
  • Compatibility: Canva works on Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android devices.

Canva is the leading all-in-one design tool for non-designers. You can create eye-grabbing infographics, include engaging images, and position your elements exactly how you want without ever leaving the platform. Their templates are professional and carefully crafted, letting you stand out from competitors without using external design tools.

7. Google Slides: Best for teams migrating from PowerPoint

Screenshot of google slides UI. A powerpoint alternative

  • Design library: 23 themes that change your slide’s colors, typography, and layout.
  • Shareability: You can share presentations with team members and work on them at the same time.
  • Compatibility: Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS devices.

Google Slides is a presentation software anyone can use because of its intuitive interface. Since it’s free and available on all devices, it takes teams just a few clicks to start collaborating, no matter the device they use. The browser-based app is the ideal presentation software for teams ready to leave PowerPoint but not ready to learn more complex features.

8. Keynotes: Best for native presentations on Mac and iOS

screenshot of Keynote UI, a powerpoint alternative

  • Design library: 30 captivating themes.
  • Shareability: Teams can present and collaborate on slides as long as they are Mac or iOS users. You can also download Keynote files as PowerPoint files to work with PowerPoint users.
  • Compatibility: Keynote is compatible with Mac and iOS devices.

Keynote is a great option for Mac users who want access to templates—and not themes—for visually appealing presentations. It integrates with iOS apps and devices to create presentations faster. For example, you can add colors and comments to presentations using your iPad’s Apple Pencil.

The ability to turn Keynote files into PowerPoint presentations allows Mac lovers to cooperate with teammates on the platform each one likes the most. Its similarity with PowerPoint and Google Slides also allows for a simple transition between presentation apps.

9. SlideDog: Best for those indecisive about which software to use

Screenshot of slidedog UI

  • Design library: SlideDog doesn’t offer a template or design library.
  • Shareability: The audience can see SlideDog slides, ask questions, share feedback, and answer polls directly from their device. All you need to do is share the presentation link.
  • Cost: There is a basic option available for free. For $19 a month, you can present offline, receive free software upgrades, and use SlideDog on two devices simultaneously.
  • Compatibility: You can access SlideDog from any web browser.

SlideDog’s value proposition is the ability to combine multimedia assets with presentations from Prezi and PowerPoint. While you won’t create a presentation with SlideDog alone, this feature lets you use each platform’s most engaging attributes. Integrating assets enables you to show a unique presentation without distracting your audience by switching tabs.

10. Ludus: Best for creative teams

Screenshot of Ludus presentation software

  • Design library: You can import assets from popular design media services like Unsplash, Iconscout, and Giphy without leaving the platform. Ludus also offers self-made and community-made templates you can use.
  • Shareability: You can collaborate in real-time with team members. Once the presentation is ready, you can choose a custom URL and domain to present your work.
  • Cost: $14.99 a month per user up to 15 people. Teams of 16 or more users need to request a quote.
  • Compatibility: You can access Ludus from your computer’s browser.

Ludus is a presentation software geared for designers who want complete control over how everything looks. Ludus has a learning curve for non-designers, but it’s straightforward for those used to design tools like Sketch and Figma. Like other software, you’ll be able to include images, videos, and text. You’ll also be able to create reusable assets, edit elements’ corner radii, and access other features designers give up when using other presentation tools.

Type and font lovers can set a specific cap line, line height, and spacing for their text elements. Those who work with shapes can give them borders and shadows and turn them into overlays.

11. FlowVella: Best for interactive presentations

Image of FlowVella presentation software

  • Design library: FlowVella offers dozens of templates designed by professionals.
  • Shareability: You can play FlowVella presentations using any browser.
  • Cost: The free version lets you have four public presentations in your account. You can access the $10 or $20 per month plan for more presentations, privacy, and features.
  • Compatibility: FlowVella has apps for iOS. Windows users can use it through a browser.

FlowVella lets you create presentations that operate like websites. You can include videos, PDFs, and a navigation bar to show your audience various media without leaving your presentation. The interactive features also give viewers the option to learn more about the topics that interest them the most once the presentation is over.

During events, it’s common for booth hosts to talk to multiple people at once. Multitasking can cause hosts to unknowingly ignore a lead. FlowVella’s Kiosk mode lets you show presentations event visitors can interact with but not alter, answering their questions and keeping their interest in buying from you.

12. Visme: Best for managing all design operations from one software

  • Design library: Thousands of presentation templates people across all industries can use. The app also has millions of images, audio files, and videos you can use to create a presentation precisely as you envision it.
  • Shareability: You can share a project to receive feedback or edits from your team. Their most complete plan offers personalized roles, which you can use to organize your entire presentation crew.
  • Cost: Free option with limited templates and design assets. The $15 and $29 per month plans let you export presentations in more formats, access the entire design library, and store more files in the cloud.
  • Compatibility: Visme works on every device that can access a browser.

Visme is a suite of design assets for non-designers. It’s perfect for teams that want to centralize their design operations, as it offers a wide range of valuable tools for many departments.

Visme has customizable animated icons, images, charts, and characters you can use to create presentations that look and sound like your brand. While the presentation maker has more functionality than PowerPoint, it’s intuitive enough for anyone to learn Visme’s basics in just a few minutes.

13. Vidyard: Best for sales teams finding leads

Image if Vidyard presentation tools

  • Design library: Vidyard doesn’t have a design library.
  • Shareability: Teammates can access your company’s video folder and share your videos for you.
  • Cost: Free for those who want to record and share videos. Teams that wish to include calls-to-action for prospects or security features will need one of three paid plans, ranging from $15 a month to $1,250 a month.
  • Compatibility: You can record videos using an iPhone, Android, or your browser.

Vidyard is a browser extension and app to record sales-oriented video presentations. These videos will help you stand out from canned cold emails, building trust with prospects and getting them to watch what you offer.

You can also use Vidyard to present precise answers to a prospect’s objections or follow up with the steps they should follow after becoming a customer. Thanks to its engagement analysis features, you can track the number of viewers who act after watching your video. You can then export this data directly to your CRM to see the ROI from video prospecting.

14. Loom: Best for internal communications

Image of Loom presentation software

  • Design library: Loom doesn’t have a design library.
  • Shareability: Teammates can watch your videos if they have the link. Then, they can film their Loom videos commenting on yours to communicate asynchronously.
  • Cost: It’s free to record and present Loom videos. But you’ll need the $8 a month plan for engagement insights, transcriptions, and closed captions.
  • Compatibility: You can use Loom on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Loom offers video editing features like filler word removal to make your presentation unambiguous and concise. The drawing tool and mouse emphasis feature also help you bring attention to your presentation’s most essential data. These tools make Loom ideal to create a database of clear internal use videos, like presentations about job expectations or your company culture.

These videos give managers time to focus on more critical tasks and employees the ability to re-watch internal information as many times as it takes to assimilate it.

Create a Powerful Presentation by Trying New Tools

When most of your colleagues are using PowerPoint, it’s easy to feel like you should hop on the bandwagon and use the software, too. But your presentation is far more likely to have an impact on your audience if you explore other software that offers unique visual features and compelling animations that engage people beyond the typical bullet-point slides everyone is used to watching.

Understand the software pros and cons in this guide so you can try a new program for creating presentations—one that fits your organization’s need and delights your audience with novel, engaging features.

Try dynamic presentations using Vyond

Viewers are more likely to recall presentations with video than with static text and elements, as video engages more senses . You can use Vyond to turn boring presentations into captivating video-based ones that grab and keep your viewer’s attention. Those in a rush or new to animation can use one of our templates to animate their ideas in less time.

Make a Presentation

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