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Unlocking Efficiency: The Benefits of Converting Images to Editable Text

In today’s fast-paced digital world, efficiency is crucial for businesses to stay ahead of the competition. One area where efficiency can be greatly improved is in converting images to editable text. This process, also known as optical character recognition (OCR), allows businesses to extract text from images and convert it into a format that can be easily edited and manipulated. In this article, we will explore the benefits of converting images to editable text and how it can unlock efficiency for your business.

Streamlined Data Entry

Converting images to editable text eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving your business valuable time and resources. Instead of manually typing out information from an image, OCR technology can automatically recognize characters and convert them into editable text. This streamlines the data entry process and reduces the risk of human error. Whether you need to extract data from invoices, forms, or handwritten documents, converting images to editable text can significantly speed up the data entry process.

Enhanced Searchability

Another benefit of converting images to editable text is enhanced searchability. Once the image is converted into editable text using OCR technology, you can easily search for specific keywords or phrases within the document. This is particularly useful when dealing with large volumes of documents or when trying to locate specific information within a document quickly. With just a few clicks, you can find the exact information you need without having to manually scan through each document.

Improved Collaboration

Converting images to editable text also improves collaboration within your organization. When documents are converted into editable text, they become much easier to share and edit among team members. Instead of sharing static image files that cannot be modified directly, you can share editable files that allow multiple users to make changes simultaneously. This promotes real-time collaboration and eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication when making edits or revisions.

Furthermore, with OCR technology, you can easily extract text from images captured on mobile devices. This means that field workers or remote team members can capture images of documents, receipts, or whiteboards, and quickly convert them into editable text for further collaboration or analysis. This level of flexibility and convenience enhances teamwork and boosts productivity.

Cost Savings

Converting images to editable text not only saves time but also leads to cost savings for your business. By automating the data entry process and reducing the need for manual input, you can allocate your resources more efficiently. The time saved from converting images to editable text can be redirected towards other important tasks that require human expertise. Additionally, by eliminating errors associated with manual data entry, you avoid costly mistakes that could impact your business operations.

In conclusion, converting images to editable text through OCR technology offers numerous benefits for businesses looking to unlock efficiency. From streamlining data entry and enhancing searchability to improving collaboration and saving costs, this process proves invaluable in today’s digital age. By implementing OCR technology in your organization, you can harness the power of converting images to editable text and take your efficiency levels to new heights.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


image editing service new york

New York Photo Editing

Professional new york photo editing service is a company that provides photo retouching services online. We provide high end photo retouching, background removal, clipping path service, color correcting, video editing, wedding photo editing, product photo editing, real estate photo editing, beauty retouching, portrait retouching, studio photography retouching, family, fashion, glamour, photo restoration of old images and  more . We edit  e-commerce products, jewelry, portrait, headshot, social media, weddings, real estate and restore old photographs. Moreover, we customize any type of editing job that suites your needs.

Photo Editor in New York, NYC

Looking for a photo editor near you, look no further. Our company offers offshore services to cater your photo editing. If you are a photographer or business owner then you are in the right website. Outsourcing your photo editing will help you grow your business online. Moreover, this increases your productivity while your away or asleep as we work 24/7.

Price of Photo Editing

The cost of photo editing in new york is $ .50 cents depending on the service. The price varies depending on the volume and difficulty of the image. Moreover, you can avail bulk discounts in retouching if you have thousands of images or consistently needing our service.

Outsourcing Photo Editing New York

Professional new york photographers outsource their post production to speed up the process in editing. Our team is able to accommodate any kind of retouching needs using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Furthermore, we can remove objects, background removal, high end retouching, color corrections. In conclusion, it is a great advantage to have your images outsourced to save time and cost. To view all our services, you can go to services .

Photographers in New York

Find a professional photographer in New York City, NY for any photography work on events, advertisements, weddings, fashion show and commercial work. Post production work can consume most of the time for photographers given their busy schedules thus delays in deliver or quality of the image are often compromised. That is why outsourcing can be the best solution to most photographers who are very busy. Find out how outsourcing photo editing can benefit you in your photography business.

Photo Retouching in New York

Here are the list of places we provide our photo editing services in New York:

  • Staten Island

Types of Photography Editing

List of photography editing we provide:

  • Headshot Photography
  • Still Life Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Pet Photography
  • Maternity Shoot
  • E-Commerce Product
  • Fashion Shows
  • New Born Photography
  • Nude Photography

Major Photo Editing Services

Increase your online exposure using our services. Here are the full list of our photoshop retouching services. For example:

  • Create New York Clipping Path
  • Photography Retouching
  • Wedding Photography Editing
  • Restore Old Photographs
  • Photoshop Retouching
  • Photo Editing for Photographers
  • Cut Out Photo
  • Real Estate Property Retouching

Photo Retouching in New York, NY

Our company enables you to customize your retouching needs. In addition, these are the specific services we edit:

  • Remove Wrinkles
  • Erase Spots and Blemishes
  • Hair Strands
  • Removal of Freckles
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Breast Enlargement
  • Body Modification
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Body Reshaping
  • Cellulite Removal
  • Erase Stretch Marks

Product Photo Editing New York

  • Online Stores in New York
  • Google Shops
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Online Shopping
  • Web Directories New York
  • Jewelry Stores in New York
  • Apparel Company in New York

New York Real Estate Photo Editing

  • Real Estate Photographers in New York
  • Real Estate Agents in New York
  • Real Estate Property for Sale in New York
  • Online Sellers
  • Construction Companies
  • House for Sale
  • For Rent Office Space New York
  • Airbnb New York

High End Skin Retouching

Wedding photo editing in new york, fashion model retouching, image manipulation new york, frequently asked questions, how to edit a photo.

Using a photo editing software you can edit your photo do-it-yourself. One of the most famous software is Photoshop. It is a software that is so powerful that you can do anything digitally. First, you have to send us your image via our upload page. Second, we will retouch your image and confirm that we have received. Third, we will provide you a price of your image. Lastly, once you have agreed on the cost we can begin editing your first project.

How much does it cost to edit a photo?

The cost of photo retouching an image is $ .45 cents. This depends on the difficulty and time spent by the photo editor. The longer it takes means higher price for the service.

Hire Photo Editor Jobs in New York, NY

If you are looking for a photo editor in new york city, photo editing company provides graphic artist that you can hire offshore. Moreover, we retouch products, models, real estate, jewelry, ebay and amazon products. Furthermore, you can hire as many graphic artist, designers and retouchers for your company.

Graphic Artist Jobs, Employment in New York

Are you looking for a graphic artist that can help you with your design.  Our company can provide you a dedicated staff to edit, retouch your pictures. Discover how we can help you with your graphic design needs.

Hire a Virtual Assistant Job in New York

A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides various services to clients operating outside an office. There are many virtual assistant positions that you can hire online. Moreover, these are encoders, photo retouchers, 3D artist, web designer and customer service. Lastly, click on the full list of virtual assistants you can hire.

How our Service Works?

Photo editor you can hire in new york.

Expand your business to greater heights using our photo editing services. Discover how powerful Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom will improve your business.

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Cost Effective Price

Available at Your Service

Quality Assured

Satisfaction Guarantee


Ecommerce image editing services.

ecommerce image editing, online image editing service

Clipping Path/Background Remove

clipping path, clipping path service

Photoshop Shadow Effect

drop shadow service, shadow effect service

Image Masking Services

image masking service, alpha masking, photoshop masking service

Ghost Mannequin/Invisible Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin Service

  • Photo Retouching Service

photo retouching, photo retouching service, product retouching service


Clipping path nyc- a leading image editing company with a highly skilled graphic design team providing hand-made photoshop clipping path & post-production services..

We are specialists for clipping Path services, eCommerce Photo editing, symmetrical Ghost Mannequin service & Working with so many brands daily Bulk volume image post Production. Our dedicated Customer service is ready to communicate with you to know your Requirement. Please send us a couple of images to check our high quality at a low cost for the test. We will send it back to you within 30 Minutes.

“Clipping Path NYC, they always send us high-end quality and on-time delivery. We are delighted to get fast & Excellent service.” 

David Smith, Sr. Retoucher – USA

” They are expert Symmetrical Ghost Mannequin for my eCommerce products; it looks beautiful and accurate with quick Delivery. I have been working with them for many years. 

Mark Machcolin – CEO, USA

Clipping Path NYC offers excellent and quality clipping path service and other services to our clients at a budget cost. Our lists of services are:

  • Photoshop Clipping Path Service
  • Background Removal Service
  • Cropping, Re-Sizing,
  • Photoshop Shadow Making Service
  • Photoshop Image Masking
  • Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint Service
  • Color Correction Service
  • E-commerce Image Editing Service
  • Photo Restoration and others Photoshop services.

Our Potential Clients Are:

  • Photographers
  • Art Director
  • Automobile Dealers
  • Ecommerce Business Owner
  • Ecommerce Manager
  • Online Retailers
  • Graphics Design Agency
  • Web Design Agency
  • Digital Studio
  • Printing Pre-Press
  • Catalog Company
  • Magazine Publisher
  • Manufacturer
  • Photo Retoucher
  • Photo Editing Agency
  • Online Accessories Store
  • Jewelry Store & Designer
  • Wholesaler and others.

You cannot miss out on a better brand in image editing services like Clipping Path NYC. We deliver you unique services at very pocket-friendly prices that make us a Leading brand in image editing services. We consistently maintain the quality and meet your requirements in any aspect of image editing. None of our competitor companies will give you the offers and features to add value to your business in conservatory benefit preferences.

Reviews from our esteemed old clients are superb as regards the excellent satisfaction they derived from our services. We bring back the lost glory of the images and enhance the beauty in them with the use of our high technological features and applications. Also, you know details about the clipping path service from Wikipedia .

For all your printing needs especially for MAGAZINE, CATALOG, BROCHURE and skilled DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHERS We assure to work with you side by side with these important services to help you maintain running on time and quality with all your Pre-Press and Printing-Productions at a very low cost and quick around time while zero-tolerance keeping the highest quality possible you can even think of.

Our strong Customer Support is available 24/7 and you can expect a replay within 45 minutes.

Looking for where to get the best services in image editing? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

Why Choose Us

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100% Quality Ensured

Bulk order processing, on time delivery, high volume discount, 100% secured high tech file transfer, easy payment system, sample works.

Clipping Path Service


Take a test job before place your order anywhere!!! Image Editing Services Available 24/7, On Time Delivery.

How it works


Pricing info.

Pricing info

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy

High end photo retouching for professional photographers and online retailers. Save Up to 50% and get ready images in 24 hours. We host, one terabyte of free space & unlimited users. Try Us for free!

Based in New York City, LenFlash provides professional photo editing services to clients around the world. We are a photo editing studio with the most advanced photo retouch technologies and a knowledgeable photo edit team with experience, artistry and a perfectionist's eye. With professional photo editing service, LenFlash stands out among New York's finest professional photo retouching companies due to our commitment to perfection and use of creative photo editing with the most advanced technologies available for photo image editing. We bring our high end photo retouching services for professional photographers. Our professional photo editing and retouch service includes product retouching and digital photo enhancement. LenFlash Photo retouching and picture editing make your images flawless, polished and excellence, all you need to compete in today's market. For product photos, our professional photography editing brings out the best in your merchandise. We can add watermark or logo to protect your images from unauthorized use, change background and color to give your photos new life; and use photo editing retouching to rejuvenate pictures by correcting, enhancing and restoring small or low-quality images. Contact us today if you are looking to hire a Retouching & Online Management photo editing company! Monitor online with 24/7 Retoucher Support, Red eye delivery, Free hosting, Unlimited users & Revisions. Our NYC photo retouching staff is accustomed to delivering the highest-quality professional photo editing on strict deadlines. Whether you are looking to edit a photo for personal use, or in need of photographic retouching for commercial or professional use, or want to retouch pictures for publication, LenFlash is the only photo editing company you need.

  • Jewelry Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Apparel Photography
  • Still Life Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Headshots & Corporate Photography
  • Jewelry Photo Retouching
  • Product Photo Retouching
  • High-End Photo Retouching
  • Photo Restoration Retouching
  • Product Spin Video Production
  • eCommerce Video Production
  • Creative Commercials Video Production
  • 3D Animation Video Production
  • Post-Production Video Production
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions

Best Photo Editing Company in The USA

Offshore Clipping is one of the most popular and trustable photo editing company located in New York city. The company mainly provide ecommerce photo editing & retouching, clipping path, old photo restoration and more.

Being a professional, your time is invested in different types of major projects, and your undivided attention should remain there. But you need to make viewers satisfy or clients happy.

So, you can hand over your photo projects to us and get the edited version when it’s finalized.

Offshore Clipping is one of the top-rated Photoshop expert in the USA, offering personalized commercial photo editing solutions in various categories. A great photoshop service platform for global professionals.

best photo editing services company in the usa

If you are looking for 24 hours photo editing service company in New York City, Offshore Clipping Path will be the first choice for the professional.

  • Service options: Online appointments
  • Walk-in hours: 24 hours open
  • Address: 40-49 71st St, Woodside, NY 11377, United States
  • Phone: +1 315-636-4807
  • Appointments: https://offshoreclipping.com/request-a-quote/

Get the guide: How to choose professional photo retoucher

Types of photo editing services that provide Offshore Clipping Path

Finding a good photo editing company is a difficult and time consuming task. And businesses have no spare time!

Good editing company are hard to find, and when they’re too expensive, they’re not worth the cost anyway. All of your competitors can afford to buy from the top tier companies, so why can’t you?

Use our service. Get high quality images for a fraction of the price charged by those other guys. Change the way your business looks instantly at an affordable cost and save yourself hours of searching for that special company. Here’s a peek at the photo editing services our company offers.

1. Clipping path

Clipping Path

Clipping path is an editing technique. It is a closed vector path with which a particular object from a photo can be separated, or the background can be removed. The purpose of the photo clipping path is to isolate the subject image.

Clipping path is mainly required on eCommerce platforms and advertising agencies. They need the object in focus to be separated from the background so that the digital image is free to use on any background.

Generally, professionals don’t manually create clipping paths in Photoshop ; they need images for different purposes every now and then. And every time sitting before the pc and getting the job done isn’t the solution. Thus, they outsource photo clipping path services from the best companies.

And, even if you find a solid clipping path company, how do you know they’re going to be affordable and won’t overcharge?

Offshore Clipping Path is one of the most reputed clipping path service providers in the USA . Our customer support team works round-the-clock to make sure that every customer receives the right clipping path solution and all within budget.

2. Photo retouching

Photo Retouching

Photo retouching services uplift an image’s appearance, look & vibe whole by removing imperfections and editing as needed. For commercial photography, high-end photo retouching services are the real deal.

Professional photo retouching services include photo retouching types, examples, techniques , and more. Model retouching, product photo retouching, or portrait retouching- these are difficult to learn and take time to finish. Hence, many professionals hand it over to available online photo retouching sites and services instead of doing it by themselves.

If you are looking for commercial photo retouching services, Offshore Clipping Path is one of the best photo retouching company that offer price-worthy services! Such as high-end retouching, jewelry photo retouching, portrait retouching, ecommerce product photo retouching, photoshop skin retouching, Fashion & beauty retouching, headshot retouching, and many more.

3. Image Background removing & replacing

Background Removing & Replacing

Not matching background is such a buzzkill for any business. It’s severe if you are an ecommerce seller. Most ecommerce platforms’ requirement, for example, Amazon product image requirements, has a specification about the background.

Also, online shop owners need image backgrounds changed, transparent, replaced, merged, or objects or watermarks removed from the image background for different purposes like promotion, marketing, and advertising.

Offshore Clipping Path company offers image background remover services to e-commerce businesses, online stores, media companies, and creative agencies. So far, we have ensured their platform-specific needs and helped yield the maximum possible results.

4. Photo restoration

Photo Restoration

The digital photo restoration process is sensitive work. Such images carry a sentiment or a memory that is undoubtedly precious to our clients. So, we take great care of such images.

Want to retrieve your ‘old is gold’ memories. Our services will restore the photos like it was never damaged. We balance the charm of the old photos. So, when the editing is finally done, the images will glow and look realistic and new.

There are companies that restore old photos. In fact, there’s a whole service industry out there built around repairing your precious memories – but how to find those companies, and are they trustable?

Our specialists know how to restore your photo so that it looks just as good as new! We use professional equipment and proven techniques to restore your photos like magic!

Under our photo restoration services, your images are missing, and the torn part gets adjusted, scratches & marks are removed, and images are sharpened using the updated color tone.

5. Photo masking

Photo Masking

To get the desired results of an image, you might need to show some parts and hide other parts. Image masking is the absolute solution in such a situation. You might need to hide some vital information or resize the image. In a situation like this, image masking is your perfect shot.

Many people tend to mix clipping path vs image masking , both of which has a distinct difference. Masking is a type of editing that is used to separate particular objects. It is applied to images consisting of hair, fur, wool, or fuzzy edges and requires to be separated from the existing surroundings.

There’re various types of image masking. Sometimes, you can mask images in photoshop in quick and easy way. But, other times, you need to look for professionals who can do the job with precision.

6. Color match & correction

Color Match & Correction

This service is most sought after by photographers. When a raw camera can’t capture the images with accurate color, or you need the same subject image in different colors, the color correction under photoshop does the trick.

To do this work, photo editors need to have sound knowledge of color balance, color sensitivity, RGB & CMYK color sets, etc. So that, when they are assigned, they know the exact proportion to create the best-looking image.

You’ll find our digital color correction services like no other in the industry – quick turnaround, superior results and a wide color gamut that looks awesome on any screen.

Our expert photo editors work on light, exposure, saturation, tint, contrast, white balance, image sharpness etc.- retaining the natural look of the images.

Let us show you what we can do for your project today.

7. Drop shadowing

Drop Shadowing

Drop shadow is the process of creating a casting shadow methodically that falls on a certain spot and still looks natural. Depending on your requirement, you may need to add a realistic shadow or remove shadows from photos.

Here at OCP, a photo editing service provider, you will get photoshop to drop shadow services for different purposes. For example, natural shadow, floating shadow, mirror shadow, and more.

What we do after receiving your shadowless photo is- examine where and how the shadow should fall so that it would likely appear as natural as possible. What a shadow do is not only make your product look real and authentic but also make you professional in understanding the lighting setup of a photoshoot zone.

8. Ghost mannequin

Ghost Mannequin

In clothing product photography, products are displayed in 4 ways, 1. Model photoshoot, 2. Mannequin photoshoot, 3. Flat lay photoshoot, 4. Invisible mannequin effect.

Among them, the ghost mannequin effect is quite popular. Hiring a model is costly and not a suitable option for newly started clothing stores. Using a mannequin may appear fake and a Flat lay is simple but not a good choice for every attire.

As an enterprise-level photo editing services provider, we are offering photoshop ghost-mannequin services that will add volume to your clothing product and help attract and engage potential clients. It will help create a clean, fresh, distraction-free, but the actual human body-looking effect will remain. It will appear an invisible figure is wearing the dress.

9. Photo manipulation

Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is a cool way to express creative thoughts by showcasing the subject. This editing technique makes the subject look lively & astonishing. Images that go through this editing manipulate the scene. That is, this technique brings the creative parts out.

Image manipulating skill requires a photo editor’s creative imagination along with experience and skill. We offer digital manipulation & AI manipulation services. Our editors work meticulously to ensure the manipulation appears mindblowing.

Why Offshore Clipping Path is the best image editing company for your business?

When choosing the best company, there are a number of factors you need to consider. Our clients find us reliable because our company has those factors incorporated. What are those?

Every business wants to make the best of its product or service. Many businesses use shortcuts which is not an appreciated way. This mainly depends on how you make your clients satisfied. Experience plays a vital role here.

Our agency has been working in this industry for more than 10 years. Professionals from many industries have reached us for services, and we are proud to say that we have been doing a good job & will continue to do so.

Images that are to use on commercial platforms should be perfect. So, businessmen want to ensure the editing works aren’t appearing amateurish. This tactfulness comes with experience as a package.

We have a large team of trained photo editors. They have skills, competence, and expertise up sleeves and are capable of providing our clients with standard work. Because they know what clients want and how to bring out the output.

You might be thinking the cost of editing may cross your wallet! Nope, not at all! Outsourcing professional photoshop services has become so widely popular that affordable costing is one of the reasons.

Our offered services cost much less than you think. For the bulk amount of orders, we offer surprising discounts as well. Feel free to go through our ‘Pricing Calculator’ to calculate your project expense.

Software version

There is a wide range of best photo editing software on the market, among which some are considered professional-grade editing software. Those are really handy and amazing features both in paid & unpaid versions.

Our team members have mastered Adobe Photoshop toolbar and tools. From ABC to the latest version, every feature is at their fingertips. Click the Gallery to check out our works.

Turnaround time

Sometimes, you might need your images edited asap! And every time it’s not possible to do it yourself. That’s where we can help you.

Prioritizing your photo editing services requirement, we offer high-quality services for a digital photo under 3 timing categories (48 hours, 24 hours, and 12 hours) so that you don’t have to wait much longer for the high-end edited images to come out.

Video: What Offshore Clipping Path does as your partner

7 reasons why professionals choose offshore photoshop service to edit their photos.

We have been working for more than 10 years in this industry. We asked our clients why they chose us to be their partners. Here we have summarized the answers we got from them.

1. Cost-effective and fast solution

We are regarded as one of the best photoshop companies in the USA, with the expertise of working with various professionals like pro-photographers, studio directors, and online marketers from a wide range of fields.

We have delivered fast results to their bulk amount of photos at an affordable price range. As our photoshop services helped them save time and focus more on their business, and collaboration with them led us to receive some heartfelt compliments.

2. Easy access to top-level expertise

Our offered services are backed by a big team of photo editors. To provide uniform and best editing services for all the images, they are working 24/7 in 3 separate shifts.

So, no matter how large your project is, and whenever you require it, you are getting access to our company’s aces. Following your requirements and demands, they will provide you with edited images that are perfectly fit for commercial uses and attract targeted viewers.

3. We work as their personal editors

Yes, we do. We are not just a photo editing services provider; we are your freelance photo editor, work as your virtual team, follow your requirements and provide a customized solution that is tailored only for your business.

When raw images aren’t lucrative enough, neither you have an in-house team, nor do you have time to go through photo editing, their types, software, basics, etc.- you got us. Our expertise is dedicated to expanding your efficiency.

4. A deal to help increase sales & grow business

Are you a businessman? To fulfill your high-quality image requirement, we have diversified services and offers that will benefit you in numerous ways. When you hire us, we ensure your images are speaking of your brand, delivering your message accurately.

So that, when you put those edited images into practice, these motivate visitors to check your products and encourage them to buy. This has brought positive results to a lot of e-commerce businesses.

5. Build a professional brand reputation

When you constantly post photos of good quality, your potential viewers get a message. And that is you care about them and post photos that are clear. Such images help fulfill your purpose effectively, as viewers can see the details.

Our services are dedicated to keeping up your brand reputation and maintaining its professionalism. No matter which platform you have picked for marketizing your product, you get images that follow platform-specific rules along with your requirements.

6. Get website-friendly images

You are aware of the virtual competition going on among businesses. Keeping priority on that, we make sure your images are the ones that propel you. We prioritize not only quality but also image size.

Our image editing services make sure your images are flawlessly edited. There won’t be any compromise in quality, yet they will load fast. So, when someone lands on your page, your images are on the spot. This will help you stay ahead of the competition.

7. Streamline your workflow

Collaborating with us will assist you in many ways. While you hand over the complex part of photography to us, your saved time can be utilized in building your skill or expanding your business. You get ample time to put more effort into the work you are better at.

Let’s say about professional photographers of apparel. Our fast turnaround time helps them save time planning on how to get more photography clients as an ecommerce photographer.

What is the difference between photo manipulation and photo editing?

Photography post-production is a vast area, and photo manipulation falls into it. The main difference is: photo editing means the adjustment works done with different software to beautify an image. Photo manipulation is the editing work that makes a dramatic transformation in an image.

How do photo editing services providers help businesses?

Such companies have designated experts to provide different photo editing services. They are capable of fulfilling clients’ instant and any demands. A lot of businesses take advantage of the skills and competence available at an affordable price.

Thus, collaborating with photo editing services provider helps businesses save time & expense, get access to expertise and free up schedules.

How do photos get professionally edited?

Most widely used applications are Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. It has been widely accepted among professional photographers because it has an endless capability for editing photographs.

What kind of services do these companies offer?

Professional editing companies offer a wide range of photography post-processing services, such as photo retouching services, color correction services, background removal services, drop shadow services, Amazon infographic services & more.

What should businesses look for in such a company?

To choose if the company is the best fit for your business, check out their experience, review & sample works. To get first-hand experience, you can also check the ‘Free Trial’ if it’s available.

How much do photo editing services cost?

The best editing companies won’t charge you much. They have per picture calculation, which is within your budget. As for us, our pricing starts from $0.29.

So, that’s it. With this article, we want to show you why you should pay to heed not only to photo editing work but also to the professional photo editing services company.

Good collaboration with a good company will result in good outputs, along with a reliable long-term relationship, so you don’t have to back to square one.

We can be your partner in need. For any photo editing services, feel free to contact us.

Ruzel Hasan

Ruzel Hasan

Ruzel Hasan is a genuine polymath. He has versatile skills and is adept in post-production work, graphic designing, photo editing, file formatting, and mastering various related applications and software. In addition, he has a knack for writing, so he shares his knowledge, tips, and ideas through content within his busy schedule.

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Clipping Path Client | Clipping Path Service in USA

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  • Neck Joint Service
  • Image Masking Service

clipping path service agency in USA

  • Amazon Product Photo Editing
  • Packshot Photo Retouching
  • Cut Out Image Service

Clipping Path Client- Image Post Production Service provider in USA

  • Shadow Adding Service
  • Photo Retouching Service
  • Color Correction service

Background Removal Service in USA - Clipping Path Client

  • Image Manipulation Service
  • Jewelry Photo Editing Service

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Professional Photo Retouching services With Photo Editing

Our professional photo retouching services go beyond basic online photo editing service to enhance the overall quality and appearance of an image. With advanced techniques and tools, photo retouching can improve skin tone, remove blemishes, adjust lighting and color, and more. Photo editing software allows professional retouchers to manipulation images to achieve the desired result. Whether you are a professional photographer, a business owner, or an individual, efficient photo retouching services can help you achieve stunning, polished images that will enhance your brand or personal style. Trust experienced professionals to bring your images to the next level with our expert photo retouching service.

Fast Delivery

24 hour smart delivery

30% Affordable Price

Instant Correction

Instant Correction Support

Photo retouching Service

What is Professional Photo Retouching Services?

Professional photo retouching services refer to the process of editing digital photographs to enhance their overall quality, color, tone, and composition. These services involve using various software tools and techniques to background removal , adjust brightness and contrast, and improve sharpness and clarity. Professional photo retouching can help to transform ordinary images into stunning works of art that are suitable for commercial or personal use. With the help of skilled photo editors, businesses, fashion photographers, and individuals can achieve their desired aesthetic and improve the overall impact of their visual content.

At an Professional Photo Retouching Company equivalent time, you’re preparing to position your best photos for publication or your online shop. Then only photo retouching is one among the simplest solutions for this busy time, and this also makes your photos more attractive than before. If you’ll roll in the hay yourself this perfect, otherwise you’ll take help from an offshore photo editing firm at a really cheap cost. All this process will reduce some time and also make your schedule just on.

Professional Retouching Service — Making Your Photo Editing Service

Photo Retouching Service

  • No More Blemishes and Fine Lines
  • No More Flaws
  • No More Image Markings and Unwanted Spots
  • No More Dull Images

Our Professional Retouching Service Company experienced and dedicated professionals use Photoshop to correct flaws and enhance the high-quality photo, highlighting its exquisite features and making them more prominent. When we’re finished your image, it’ll never look a similar again.

Professional retouching service has become a necessity for businesses and individuals alike who want to make their photos stand out. With the help of advanced photo editing software, expert photo editors can enhance the quality of your images, improve color correction , photo manipulation, fashion photo retouching, and much more. This not only helps you get a more polished and professional look, but it can also help you save time and effort. By outsourcing your photo editing needs to a professional retouching service, you can focus on other important aspects of your business or personal life. Let our retouching experts handle your photo editing needs and see the difference it makes!

Why Should You Choose Clipping Path Client Photo Retouching Service?

  • Every photographer can afford the photo retouching prices which start from only $2 per image.
  • Very easy online ordering.
  • Great testimonials by thousands of professional photographers who have used our photo editing services almost 7 years.
  • 100% guarantee to retouch up in your style and work until you're 100% pleased with the retouching results.

Photo Retouching Service

Why Clipping Path Client ?

Why choose us for your image post production service. 

Affordable Price

Affordable photo retouching services available at competitive prices. Quality work at reasonable costs with the right provider.

Rocket Speed Delivery

Fast photo retouching delivery with quick turnaround time. Meet tight deadlines with efficient and reliable services.

Photo Retouching Service

Best Quality Image Editing

Best image editing services with professional photo retouching techniques. Enhance your photos with precise and accurate results.

Instant correction support for photo retouching services. Receive fast and efficient adjustments for your photo editing needs.

Image Editing Service with Skin Retouching We Provide

At our image editing service, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality results, and skin retouching is one of the key features we offer. Our professionals team has the expertise and tools necessary to enhance your images and ensure that your skin looks flawless. We understand that everyone’s skin is unique, which is why we work closely with our clients to achieve our desired results. Whether you need to remove blemishes, reduce wrinkles, or simply enhance your skin’s texture, we have the skills and knowledge to help. Contact us today to learn more about our skin retouching services.

Benefits of Professional Image Retouching Service Company at Clipping Path Client (CPC)

Professional image retouching services have become increasingly important in today’s digital age. In the world of eCommerce and online marketing, high-quality images are crucial for businesses to attract customers and stand out from competitors. That’s where Clipping Path Client (CPC) comes in – a professional image retouching service company that offers a range of services to enhance and improve your images.

One of the main benefits of using CPC’s services is the quality of their work. Our professional experience photo retouchers uses the latest software and techniques to ensure that your images are retouched to the highest standards. We can remove backgrounds, adjust colors, and remove imperfections to make your images look polished and professional.

Photo Retouching Service

Another benefit of working with CPC is the speed and efficiency of our service. We offer fast turnaround times and can handle large volumes of images, making them a great choice for businesses with tight deadlines or large-scale projects.

Overall, if you want to take your images to the next level and stand out in a crowded marketplace, professional image retouching services from CPC are a wise investment.

This is where you’ll feel the advantage of professional portrait retouching services to satisfy a successful business requirement. our high-quality image editing services. The CPC ensures the quickest delivery, 24×7 customer service, skilled designers to meet your thirst.

Get Started With Clipping Path Client

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Request us for 5 image files to be edited for free and we will contact you in 30 minutes with the sample and quote.

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Approve our quotation and give us a go ahead.

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Upload your images and let us do the rest

The best online photo retouching services & photo restoration for professional photographers and retailers.

The Clipping Path Client (CPC) Company may be a leading pre-press service provider that gives total graphics design solutions. we’ll not dishearten you rather provide 100% quality satisfaction with delivery on-time.

Our Photo editing professionals provide the whole gamut of best online photo retouching services for professional photographers, product photo editing and portrait photo editing, eCommerce product retouching services, beauty retouching services, photo restoration service, wedding photo retouching services, etc.

The Clipping Path Client (CPC) has been during this image editing industry for over 7 years with a team filled with 100+ skilled designers. Our highly skilled image retoucher and graphics designers can produce advanced level of Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Light room Classic works.

Adobe Photoshop CC comes up with a good range of photo editing tools for photo retouching including the Pen Tool, Brush Tool, Selection Tool, Erase Tool, Clone Tool, etc. Our professional graphic designers are experienced enough to artistically use of these tools to make images sort of a collage.

Frequently Asked Questions?

If you have any question about our service, please check our faq from our website. 

When looking for the best photo retouching service, it's important to consider factors like quality, turnaround time, and cost. Some popular options include Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom. Ultimately, the best service will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

Yes. We do professional photographers any kinds of photo retouch

Retouching a photo can vary in cost depending on the complexity of the job and the experience of the retoucher. Basic retouching can cost around $1.00 per image, while more complex retouching can cost up to $2.00 or more. It's important to get a quote before starting the job.

Retouching is a specific type of photo editing that focuses on enhancing the subject's appearance. Editing can involve a wide range of adjustments, including color correction, cropping, and removing unwanted elements. The main difference is that retouching typically involves more detailed and targeted modifications to the image.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

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Clipping Path Client  is a prominent image and video editing services provider. Clipping Path Client is an all kinds of image and video editing services provider. 

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Professional Photo Retouching Services In NYC

For any retouching support in New York City, we are always available ensuring smooth retouching with amazing results.

image editing service new york

10+ Years of Experience

Experience is much needed in the photo editing, retouching sector. We have been in this sector for over 10 years

100% Safety & Quality Control

We control the quality of every work with 100% security. We believe in quality more than quantity and it gives us strength

Dedicated Customer Support

We have dedicated customer support for the the client and to keep the client informed at all times about the projects

Professional Photo Retouching Services In NYC | Retouching Agency NYC

Pixel Retouching is a retouching agency NYC. We provide professional retouching and editing services that make your photos better than ever.

If you want fast deliveries with quality retouching, you are at the right place. Our team of experts has years of experience in the field and will meet your requirements surely.

What Services Do We Provide?

Pixel Retouching offer all kind of Photo editing and Retouching services

High-Quality Photo Enhancing

Pixel retouching makes sure to enhance photos according to the requirements and set up. This gives the finished image a better outcome and a bigger impact.

baby retouching service agency nyc before

Modeling Photo Retouching

With the rise of fashion all around the world day by day, it is necessary to have ideal photos for your fashion publication. Perfection is a pre requirement to this market. Pixel retouching focuses on skin tone, skin balance, pores, blemishes, under-eye area improvements, color, exposure, cloth texture, and many more features to provide the perfect fashion photo.

model retouching service agency nyc before

Product Photo Retouching

Stay above the competition by presenting your products better than them. And Pixel retouching is here to help you do just that. Pixel Retouching provides the best retouches that amplify the features of the product.

ecommerce retouching service agency nyc before

Editing Charming Portraits

Pixel Retouchingretouches the portraits to bring out their ideal versions with a focus to detail and high-end skin retouching.

portrait retouching service agency nyc before

Fascinating Manipulations

Regular edits are not enough for all types of photos and that is where manipulation comes in. The right manipulation of the photos makes them feel magical yet realistic. What the client envisions in their photos, Pixel Retouchingproduces that scene with visible clarity.

model outdoor product retouching service agency nyc before

Best Holiday Function Photo Retouching

Time with the family or a special event is surely something to remember for a long time. Or perhaps you are an organizer who wants to promote such an event. Whether it is for a public event, a family picture, photo for a poster, Pixel retouching knows what to bring out in your photos.

family retouching service agency nyc before

Wedding Photo Retouching

Weddings are one of the most special days of a person’s life so the photos have a special meaning behind them. Fill your wedding photos with the feel of romanticism and aesthetics with the help of Pixel retouching.

retouching service agency nyc

Vacation Photo Editing

Pixel retouching can help you have a more fun time for yourself while making sure that your vacation photos bring out the best of it. Not only does it save your time but also provides you with photos that are truly worthy of cherishing.

holiday retouching service agency nyc before

Social Media Photo Editing

In this age of the internet, it is undeniably a necessity to have good photos on social media for most of us.With the help of Pixel retouching, you can upload photos that command attention. Leave your followers in awe with the help of our retouching services.

business retouching service agency nyc before

Housing &Interior Photo Retouching

If you are a broker, seller, or simply want to show the best sides of your property then you need to make sure the photos are above average. Pixel retouching helps to retouch the photos that make your house look organized, charming and makes people want to live in them. Proper retouching and focus to detail bring out the true aesthetics of your house interior.

real estate retouching service agency nyc before

Lifestyle Photo Retouching

Are you a blogger? Or perhaps someone who has a unique life to show? Then your photos tell stories. Now, any story presented dully loses its impact. Pixel retouching agency NYC retouches photos that make them look lively, energetic and scream value. If you want to edit the photos to publish in your next blog then Pixel retouching is the right choice for you.

corporate retouching service agency nyc before

Business Photo Retouching

Business photos present a sense of integrity, responsibility, and value. From simple board meeting photos to high scale commercial advertisements, no matter what the photo indicates, Pixel retouching knows how to make it stand out amongst the crowd.

portrait enhancement service before

Food & Cuisine Photo Retouching

Food that looks tasty motivates appetite for it. If you are publishing photos of cooking, food items, snacks, or a cuisine Pixel retouching agency NYC can make them have the appeal that makes people want to try them.

food retouching service agency nyc before

Get The Perfect After Effects

Photos alone are not good enough for all projects. Sometimes you need extra effects to get that feeling of beauty. Pixel retouching provides excellent after-effects services bringingthe motion, depth, and perception to photos which gives them an artistic sense.

product retouching service agency nyc before

Animal &Pet Photo Retouching

Pixel retouching retouches the photos so that your photo of a wild animal looks lively and your pet cat the cutest thing in the world.

hors retouching service agency nyc before

Old Photo Restoration

Heal your cherished old photos with restoration services of Pixel retouching agency NYC. Fixing blurred edges, scrap retouching, blemish removal, spot removal, etc features are available.

photo restoration service agency nyc before

Like our services? Leave a review.

What clients say about us.

Pixel Retouching worked like wonders on an image for us, with amazing results. The price for the work was reasonable and we would definitely recommend them as a retouching agency NYC for any future projects. God be with you Mr. perfectionist.

The change of color brought a dramatic change to the photo we provide to Pixel Retouching and now looks like it was taken in the studio. I was thrilled with the final image. If you are looking for a retouching agency nyc, I highly recommend them.

Photo Re-Touching Of Unique Categories

Pixel retouching understands that not all photos can be sorted out into stereotypes. Experts at Pixel retouching, with their years of experience, provide you with the best solutions to your unique photos. We are the best retouching  agency NYC.

Why Choose Us?

Fast Delivery

Pixel Retouching completes orders within 4 days. We have high-performance hardware and a dedicated team to meet the deadlines no matter what. So if looking for the best retouching agency NYC , we are your first choice of yours.

Attention To Details

Numerous little modifications together make a huge difference. At pixel retouching, our team of experts is keen on the details always. Whether it’s the slightest imperfection on the skin, the hair texture, or that simple blemish in the corner, teams at pixel retouching notice it all.

Superior Quality Of Edited Images

Image quality is a prime objective of retouching. Pixel retouching uses the best software and hardware, making sure that the finished photo is of desired quality.

Creative Retouches That Command Attention

Pixel retouching team focuses on telling a story through a picture. This appeals to the viewers and increasesthe success rate of marketing the photos.

Custom Retouching According To Client Requests

Pixel retouching follows the requirements of clients strictly. As long as you can think of it, pixel retouching can retouch it.

Each project can be different with different requirements. Prices will be negotiated beforehand.

While ordering you will provide the necessary details and requirements for your photos. Pixel retouching will let you know the price in exact numbers for your amount of photos and requirements.

Pixel retouching also provides premium plans for regular customers.

What’s The Process?

The process is fairly simple with only 4 steps

Clients can directly send their photos through google drive links, Dropbox, We transfer, emails. With the photos, a client has to add a file containing the requirements, preferences, special notes, or any other details that are necessary for the editing.

When the file and the requirements are received Pixel retouching team reviews the contents. Then the team fixes the price and the deadline for the photos and informs the client.

After the negotiation is confirmed, the file is considered a valid order.

  • Production Period

After the order is taken, the Pixel retouching team retouches the photos according to the requirements. The average time is 4-5 days, which can differ with certain conditions. As the deadline will be given while negotiating, the client only needs to wait.

When the work is done, pixel retouching will notify the client and send them a file containing all the retouched photos. These photos are saved in our cloud backup files for up to two weeks.

If any further retouching is needed then the client can notify the team. Note that this must be in similar terms as the original requirements.

When the client’s requirements are met, the client can send in the pre-negotiated amount of payment. If you have a particular preference for the system of payment then it is necessary to mention it during the negotiation process.

Pixel retouching constantly working to make your experience more comfortable and productive.

Photo Retouching agency gallery

retouching service agency nyc sample3

FAQ’s on Photo Retouching agency

Editing a photo means correcting basic elements of a photo such as a shape, resolution, etc. Retouching on the other hand means achieving perfection by removing all of the defects a photo might have.

Retouching uses multiple software to achieve the desired result. Moving objects, perfecting skin, whitening teeth, manipulating the objects, getting the perfect lighting are all possible with retouching.

Models can have imperfections but the produced image must not show that. It is an open secret in the fashion industry to retouch photos to give the model a perfect look. It is quintessential for appealing to the market, thus it is safe to say that all fashion photos go through more or less retouching.

At Pixel retouching all photo retouching services NYCsuch as background removal, object removal, object adding, merging pictures are available. So don’t be sad if someone in the background ruined your perfect photo because Pixel Retouching knows how to fix it.

Pixel retouching agency NYCprovides a 30% discount for a test photo.

You can send us the files online. Pixel retouching will also provide the finished files online. With all other processes running smoothly, the location is not a problem.

Pixel retouching agency NYC takes in orders with custom deadlines. The price for a photo with a custom deadline depends on the requirements, preferences, amount, and type of photos. If a custom deadline is unreasonable Pixel Retouching will notify it before the order is taken.

Get professional services to enhance perfection on your photos

You can avoid the hassle of having to spend hours doing photo editing. Join us and get a fresh look at your photos in the most beautiful way.

image editing service new york

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Retouching Services

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  • Sky replacement

Pixel Retouching is an online-based Image editing company. The head corporate office is located in Bangladesh. This private organization strictly maintains business ethics & policies to give professional photo editing services at affordable prices.

image editing service new york

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