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India Creative Writings Samples For Students

23 samples of this type

If you're looking for an applicable method to streamline writing a Creative Writing about India, WowEssays.com paper writing service just might be able to help you out.

For starters, you should browse our vast database of free samples that cover most diverse India Creative Writing topics and showcase the best academic writing practices. Once you feel that you've figured out the key principles of content structuring and taken away actionable ideas from these expertly written Creative Writing samples, developing your own academic work should go much easier.

However, you might still find yourself in a circumstance when even using top-notch India Creative Writings doesn't allow you get the job accomplished on time. In that case, you can get in touch with our experts and ask them to craft a unique India paper according to your individual specifications. Buy college research paper or essay now!

Book Analysis On The Book The Intended By David Dabydeen Creative Writing Sample

Relevance of desais essay to devdas movie creative writing, introduction, example of creative writing on world literature reading east and west.

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Free Polytheism Vs. The System Of Monotheism Creative Writing Example

It’s late in the evening, Michael a scholar, Jayden an old pastor and Jane (Michael’s younger sister) are seated in their hotel facing the beach front. The sun is painting the lobby below them golden. As the evening progresses an interesting conversation comes up. It goes on like this

Jayden: Michael, I understand you are interested in studying people and philosophy?

Michael: Of course, I enjoy especially people beliefs fascinate me. Like now imagine there people, who believe that now the sun has gone down one god is resting.

Jayden: they are entitled, you are not bringing back the monotheism and polytheism debate back?

Free tata steel creative writing sample.

TATA steel aims to strengthen the India’s industrial base by the effective utilization of staff and materials within the available resources. TATA steel also aims to achieve productivity using new technology. TATA steel strict to honesty and the integrity, both are the ingredients for a strong and stable enterprise. The company seeks to scale the heights of excellence in all it does in an atmosphere free from fear.

Goals and Strategy of TATA steel

Puzzle image creative writing sample, creative writing using the preinventive form: gap window display, creative writing on social justice leader, good public policy creative writing example, summery creative writing, summary of “design thinking” by tim brown, free creative writing on charisma, character profile creative writing example, example of international trade relations unit 4 discussion board creative writing, more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact..

International Trade Relations Introduction

Trade restrictions are export or import barriers created by nations, against the principles of a free trade economy, to protect their industries and consumers. Such restrictions can be posed in the form of tariffs or non-tariff protection policies. Tariffs are duties or fees levied against import or export of a particular economic good. Non-tariff protections policies include anti-dumping policies, fixing import or export quota and restrictive licensing.

Creative Writing On Imperialism And Its Effects To Humanity

Creative writing on the story of a european merchant, free creative writing about political science, education reform, free creative writing on court, a photographic analysis of nepal creative writing, a photographic analysis of nepal, comprehensive knowledge of the functional areas of business creative writing, reflection of mba, good example of creative writing on transmission of cultural, ideological patterns, free creative writing on archeology, example of creative writing on abortion in india, free creative writing on native american folklore and lady in the water, free creative writing on famous thinkers.

Great thinkers have been envied and hated at the same time. In the world we live in, several individuals have expressed their ideas and thoughts in many ways, and the most contentious of these thoughts have attracted to study as well as critics. Examples of these great thinkers include Martin Luther King Jr, and Bertrand Russell. This essay looks to study the thoughts, writings and the prevailing condition that influenced these two great thinkers.

Bertrand Russell

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creative writing about india

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creative writing about india

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creative writing about india

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creative writing about india

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creative writing about india

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10 Best Creative Writing Courses in India

Ritika tiwari.

  • January 22, 2023

image header for creative writing

Finding and enrolling in the best creative writing courses in India has been more difficult than I thought. At least it used to be, seven years ago when I had just dived into freelance writing. I wanted to hone my skills and practice fiction writing too, which is when I started looking for creative writing courses online. 

For a while, I even considered getting an MA in creative writing in India. But as many working professionals like me will agree — there is simply not enough time. 

I was initially more inclined towards classroom courses since those would help me get out of the house more (I work from home ) and they would also allow me to network with other writers. But most of the classroom courses I found were either not available in my city or were incredibly expensive. That is why I also started looking at free creative writing courses online.

In this article, I take you through all the top creative writing courses available both as classroom courses and online.

What is creative writing?

Creative writing is any writing where creativity is involved and differs from normal academic, professional, journalistic or technical forms of literature. This form of writing uses imagination and innovation in order to tell a story. It can involve fiction, essays, scripts and poetry. Professional writing courses give you the tools you need to ace creative writing.  

Though constant learning and practicing will improve your creative writing skills. Free online content writing courses with certificates help you reach your writing goals.

For a freelance writer, taking up a creative writing course online can help you hone your skills and also move more towards fiction writing. There are many brands who need storytelling writers and even poets. 

Why enroll in a creative writing course?

There are various learning benefits that you’ll get when you enroll in a creative writing course. Here are the major benefits of taking up an online English writing course as a freelance content writer :

  • Find your own unique writer’s voice
  • An experience of practical learning to gain the skills you need
  • Master different writing styles and techniques
  • Produce great fiction
  • Understand and apply principles of creative writing in stories and poems
  • Become a professional of literary masterpieces in English. You’ll understand how this plays a role in the creation of book or novel writing
  • Write more convincing and captivating plots to hook readers
  • Enhance your vocabulary and hence improve your communication skills
  • Empower yourself as a writer and improve your creativity

Top creative writing courses online 

Creative writing comes in many forms, and there are a variety of courses that focus on these forms. Here are some of the great creative writing courses available online:

(These courses are suitable for writers who are thinking about writing a fiction book but aren’t sure how to start. If you are looking to take up some content writing courses that are focused on online content, web copy, and articles, check out this post.)

1- British Council

In-person/Online: Weekend online classes 

Price: INR 10,000 

Duration : 36 hours over 9 weeks

Certificate : Yes

The British Council creative writing course is called Creative Writing for Adults – Module 1. While the course is conducted online, there are set timings to attend the sessions. The course also includes 14 hours of interaction and peer-learning through the British Council’s very own learning platform. 

You need to have an upper-intermediate language level and above to be eligible for this creative writing course in Delhi.

course content of British Council's Creative Writing for Adults - Module 1

2- Creative Writing Workshop by Xavier Institute of Communications

In-person/Online: In-person classes 

Location – Mumbai

Eligibility – Non

Price – 8000 INR

Duration : 8 Sessions of 2 hours each

Check brochure for more details .

The workshop by Xaviers offers various writing exercises. Your content is then critiqued by professional writers and fellow writers. The goal is to help improve your writing through constructive feedback. The workshop is mostly useful for aspiring fiction writers who want to understand the different elements of creative writing. 

This was the first course that I came across when I was in Mumbai. And I really liked it because it’s affordable, has flexible timings, and there are new classes every 2 months.

Creative Writing Workshop by Xavier Institute of Communications

3- Writing: Book Writing: Creative Writing Skills: Punctuation (Udemy)

In-person/Online: Online access on mobile and PC

Price: 1600 – 1800 INR

Duration: 30 hours on-demand video 

Certificate: Yes

This is one of Udemy content writing courses for writers who have an interest in publishing a book. The course content includes downloadable articles and resources along with 30 hours of on-demand video. The course focuses on helping you improve in different elements such as character development and plot.   

As part of the book writing training,  you’ll learn how to self-publish a book on digital platforms like Amazon. The course also aspiring novelists ways of editing their own book manuscript.

Creative Writing Skills: Punctuation, Udemy

4- Creative Writing – Get Writing, Keep Writing (Udemy)

In-person/Online: Online access on mobile and TV

Price: 5300 – 5500 INR

Duration: 1-hour on-demand video 

For beginners looking to establish their writing style, this is one of the best Udemy content writing courses that offers professional tips from experts.

It provides you with practical advice to start writing every day to improve your creative writing skills. The goal of this course is to get your creativity flowing and get all those amazing ideas out of you.

Creative Writing - Get Writing, Keep Writing, Udemy

5- Good with Words by University of Michigan

In-person/Online: Online

Price: Free to sign up and offers financial aid

Duration: 4 months approximately 

The name of this course is Good with Words: Writing and Editing Specialization. The course provides English writing classes for adults. The specialization is offered through Coursera and contains four sections about writing and editing. 

This online English writing course focuses on every element of creative writing. From word choice and word order to how to write better sentences. 

You will gain skills in creativity, editing, and persuasion. The goal is for you to become good with words, thus improving your ability to do good writing. By taking up English writing courses like these, you are guaranteed to handle both short-term and long-term projects with ease.

University of Michigan online course for creative writing

6- Creative Writing Specialization by Wesleyan University

Price: Free to sign up 

Duration: 6 Months

Coursera offers this Creative Writing Specialization course which can help you master all the important elements of a story. The goal of the course is to give you skills in short story writing, fiction writing, creativity and copy and editing.

  The main elements of the story that this course focuses on include:

  • The craft of character
  • Setting and description

Creative Writing course by Wesleyan University

7- English Literature Composition by University of California, Berkeley

Price: 13900 INR

Duration: 7 Weeks, spread over 4-5 hours per week

Certificate: Yes 

This course offers advanced writing classes for literature and fiction. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to read and interpret fiction works much better and create your own fiction stories from scratch.

The course discusses the works of English novelist Mary Shelly (the author of Dracula) and American novelist Toni Morrison, making this specially a great course for anyone interested in gothic literature.

English Literature Composition by University of California, Berkeley for creative writing

8- How to Write a Novel by University of British Colombia

Price: INR 24000 – 25000

Duration: 6 Weeks

This course offered by UBC on edX is essentially a book writing training course which focuses on how to write a novel draft.

You’ll attend 4-5 hours of online classes per week. There is also a Q&A podcast each week for learners to ask instructors questions. You’ll be engaging in group discussions and doing assignments every week.

Furthermore, freelance content writers will learn how to manage complicated plots and craft real dramatic dialogue.

Creative Writing: How to Write a Novel by University of British Colombia

9-  Masterclass: Neil Gaiman Teaches the Art of Storytelling  

In-person/Online: Online  

Price: Free Trial

Duration : 19 video lessons(4-5 hours)

If you are looking for story writing courses, then this course offered by Masterclass, a video-based learning platform, is one of the best ones out there. 

Masterclass instructors are not English writing experts or teachers. They are actual masters in their respective fields. Neil Gaiman is a best selling author and prolific award-winning writer who heads this masterclass in the art of storytelling.

The course contains 18 chapters that focus on everything about creating a story. Some of the content in the chapters includes word building, editing, and dealing with writer’s block. 

Masterclass: Neil Gaiman Teaches the Art of Storytelling, Creative Writing

10- Henry Harvin

I n-person/Online: Online Interactive Classroom Sessions

Price: 12500 INR

Duration: 24 hours of two-way live sessions/1 year membership

Henry Harvin is an edtech company that offers this writing course in India.

The course requires you to have language skills and basic technical know-how as a prerequisite. Creative writing classes for this course will teach you poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction, and drama.

Creative Writing Courses Henry Harvin

Have you taken up any creative writing courses online? How was your experience?

British Council offers one of the best creative writing courses in India. Henry Harvin also offers various courses throughout the country. You can consider applying for a course in these institutions.

There are five main types of creative writing: poetry, fiction stories, novels, personal essays, and speeches. The most well-known type of creative writing is storytelling. Each type of writing requires different, unique writing skills. 

Creative writing courses give you the knowledge and the skills of each type of creative writing.

You can learn creative writing through online writing courses or even in-person writing courses. Also focus on writing on a daily basis and read as often as you can. You can also look for creative writing workshops to hone your writing skills.

Good writers engage in a lot of reading to enrich their own style of writing. Constant practicing will also help you find your writing style. Applying elements such as originality can also help you find your writing style.  

You can consider attending online college writing courses as well. Experts and professional instructors can help you find your writing style. 

Payment is different for each writing job, as it depends on the employer and the type of content being written. Creative writing courses give you the skill to improve your writing in high-paying jobs. Search for free creative writing courses and apply to increase your income. You can also consider content writing courses to another stream of revenue.

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creative writing about india

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67 thoughts on “10 best creative writing courses in india”.

'  data-srcset=

Small Correction : For IGNOU, Its page no 86 in the prospectus and not 80. Thank you for the information.

'  data-srcset=

Thanks Kunal 🙂

'  data-srcset=

I did the DCE from IGNOU in 2002. The notes are pretty basic. The project work gets you to write a lot and that’s a bonus. I wouldn’t mind doing it again if their syllabus has been updated.

I am actually thinking of taking up that course in the summer, will definitely update you when I do

'  data-srcset=

Hey Ritika! Did you take up the course? What is your feedback on this??

No, I did not end up taking any of the above listed courses. I was thinking to take up IGNOU but I heard the curriculum wasn’t good. The only viable option is Symbiosis one but I am not sure if I am willing to put that much money in :/

Thanks for your reply Ritika! I too am on second thoughts about Symbiosis for the very same reason!!

'  data-srcset=

Great compilation of courses with helpful and accurate descriptions! Thank you 🙂

'  data-srcset=

Hi ritika Plz give ur feedback .I think u should hav completed it now

Hi Jasdeep, I am not doing these courses right now. Though I do recommend, checking out the eBook mentioned above

'  data-srcset=

Interesting post! I have some experience of IGNOU, not in Creative Writing though, and that was like, a century ago and therefore out of date anyways, but my experience was positive all in all. Thanks for visiting my blog and see you after April! 🙂 Stay well.

Thanks for you inputs Nilanjana!

Now I am really inclined to do the IGNOU course. Lets see 🙂

'  data-srcset=

Hi Ritika, Useful post! Elsewhere i could find review about the course at IGNOU, and it wasnt a promising one. The syllabus is outdated and for a year or two the course was not conducted and people who had registered were’nt intimated about updates. Since I am looking for a distance learning program, hence i am left with SCDL, Pune (as only IGNOU and SCDL have distance learning program on Creative Writing). I am looking for a review on its course. Kindly share if you have some review related info about the course. Thanks ! Taruna.

My research led me to the exact same place. IGNOU doesn’t seem worth it

'  data-srcset=

Hi guys, I am pursuing a distance learning course from symbiosis pune on creative writing. It is good and has 6 exams and 6 projects to be completed in a year. It has been interesting and provides insights into creative writer’s lives and many other aspects of writing. It is expensive compared to other courses as mentioned here but I am working so this works for me.

That’s great to hear Rimpy! If it works for you and fits your schedule then there isn’t much you can ask for! Whenever you finish the course, do share your complete experience 🙂

'  data-srcset=

Hi Rimpy , I m planning to pursue creative writing course in symbiosis .. please provide Info regarding modes n types of examination conducted. Its damn expensive so b4 joining wanna know wthr is it worthy .Thank you

Pingback: Ask Ritika – When Clients ask for 'too' Many Revisions | Write Freelance

'  data-srcset=

I registered for DCE in June with IGNOU in July my classes are only going to start on October :P. They told me that I have to attend 1 class every month in study centre. I also registered with SDCL from there I get a message every day that admission is extended a week more :P. let’s see what will happen NB: I paid ignou fees it’s just 3k. Not having the courage to spend 22k on sdcl at least for now let’s see. will update you.

Yes, I was told the same thing about Study Centre,that I need to attend at least one in a month, which is really difficult for me, considering how much I travel.

Do let me know your experience with IGNOU. In fact, I would love it if you would write a post here on the website about the course experience because it will help A LOT of people 🙂

Hi niyas .Can u plz tell me some details how many study centre they hav and where they are? whats d total fee for 1 year course? howz dere teaching sense?wat technique dey use ?R dey providing good knowledge or jst time pass material.

'  data-srcset=

Hey Ritika I want to improve my command on english writing, will these courses help.

These courses aren’t meant to improve your English, they are meant to improve your writing style

'  data-srcset=

Hi Ritika Myself Manish Tiwari from Allahabad. I am working as Trainer. i am about to quit my job and i am going to shift Mumbai for writing. New differnt types of ideas comes in my mind and when i start to write then i feel i am missing something

'  data-srcset=

Hi Ritika What i have to do to become a freelance writer.Is there any good center in Kerala or near by Bangalore to study creative English.is creative English course enough to improve writing style?

'  data-srcset=

I don’t think writing starts by learning….for me mostly it’s an idea…a song….or just getting inspired after which everything falls into space

'  data-srcset=

I have registered for DCE with IGNOU. I got a mail specifically informing me to collect study material from IGNOU regional center. I don’t know how this works. Have written a mail to send the materials to me directly. Will keep posted on what happens, so that other aspirants can take an informed decision.

Yes, that’s what I heard from some other sources. The thing with IGNOU is – they don’t really care. They have a way of doing things and they are not flexible. Please let me know how your course goes 🙂

Well, surprise! IGNOU has sent me all the course material through courier. However submitting projects is still unclear. Timeline of the course is a bit vague as well. However all course books are with me. Content looks pretty decent. For all the aspirants out there, I suggest you to go ahead with the diploma in Creative Writing if its impossible for you to attend workshops or classroom certificate courses.

Thanks for all the details Nahusha. Would you like to write a review about the IGNOU course about the website? 🙂

'  data-srcset=

I too planning about pursuing this course. Will it be beneficial plz suggest.

hi Nahusha Can u plz tell me all d details for registration in DCE wid IGNOU . What is the fee structure there? how to pay? how they send us data? is there any exams or just assignments

Fee structure : 3300 Payment can be done by debit card. They will send all material by post. No exams. A project at the end of the course. Every info is available at their site.

'  data-srcset=

I am looking up for an MFA in creative writing which I guess is not worth if done in India. But if you have any idea about the course which would be beneficial if done here itself, do let me know. Because Symbiosis has a distance program which is like, we are just playing in the sands, instead of going in the oceans for much adventure. And being a passionate writer, I also have my blog but the thing is I want to work for some magazines, if you have the answers to any of my above queries please mail me at [email redacted] else awaiting for your reply here itself.

Regards, Indrajeet

I would suggest going the internship way, instead of doing an MFA, if your end goal is to work in a magazine

'  data-srcset=

he hi Rritika thanks for sharing such great info thanks a lot

'  data-srcset=

Thank You Ma’am for all the infos. I m a college stud,I belong to Kolkata, I think it will be useful for me to join British Council rather than any open university am I right? Is a PG degree in Journalism is essential for a freelance writer?

You don’t need a journalism degree to be a freelance writer. Yes, British Council is a great option if you are in Kolkata, just make sure the class timings suit you 🙂

'  data-srcset=

Hi, Ritika Mam, I am from Mumbai and my passion is to Write Stories & Poems in Marathi Language, and i want your advice that from where should i got a proper guidance to grew up in this concern field. Thank You.

'  data-srcset=

Hi, Ritika, I am from Delhi and i want to do creative writing courses. But am not sure is that helpful for me or not?? Actually am from science background and detouch from education line past 12-13 years. Can u please suggest something??

'  data-srcset=

Hey! Ritika ma’am , I have been working in the profile of english instructor and verbal ability trainer since 3 yrs and also persuing masters in english from SHIATS ALLAHABAD but now i want to take a leap and want to do some good writing couse and want to work as a freelance content writer work from home…..but i don’t know how to start please provide me a road map for this….thanking you….

'  data-srcset=

Where did you join? Any update on any other college/Univ?

'  data-srcset=

Mam which one is better for a creative writing course while I do my masters in English …. IGNOU or British council? Pls suggest

'  data-srcset=

British Council , Delhi does have creative writing during the weekends too

Have they started the weekend classes? Can you give me their official link to this so that I can update the article to help others?

'  data-srcset=

I have tried the IGNOU course. The course material is totally outdated. The teaching at the study centre also is not up-to the mark. Dies anyone know about the symbiosis course?

'  data-srcset=

I have done one course from Symbiosis (SCDL), syllabus is really updated but it didn’t helped me out as I found myself without guidance. I will rather suggest opt for the course where classes are held at least you can have a coach to guide you further.

'  data-srcset=

Very very useful info. Thank you so much!

'  data-srcset=

Hey Ritika! I have just purchased your book. Looking forward to read it. 🙂 This website is just what i was looking for to improve my writing skills. Thanks!

Thank you Aditi. Hope you like the book 🙂

'  data-srcset=

Hi Ritika, Since I am not involving in writing for long time and I also want to mentioned my writing skill is not so much good. i want to know Can I join content writer course If I am interested?

'  data-srcset=

I was just going through your urge, And not able to stop myself for the word Interest . This word only matter of learning and all happiness

'  data-srcset=

Which of these institutes provides distant courses?

'  data-srcset=

IGNOU and symbiosis

'  data-srcset=

Does any University provide courses for creative writing in India?

Yes, Xaviers, Symbiosis, and many more

'  data-srcset=

I have taken the IGNOU DCE course and my classes are going to start this week. Till now I have been reading the ebooks available on the organisation site, and been preparing myself for the exam. Anyone who is interested in writing, and believe in self study is eligible for this course.

Hi Aparajita, thank you for the feedback! Would you want to review the IGNOU course on Write Freelance?

'  data-srcset=

Hiii, I really wish to join the course. Can you share your experience please.

'  data-srcset=

Dear /sir i am a writer .so i have find a good write team is are you can joined my team.

'  data-srcset=

Hello Ritika, I read your article on the various courses for creative writing…like you even I m kind of bored of my corporate job and want to pursue my passion in blogging and creative writing. Since it’s not possible for me to read and learn I need a institute which provides such courses. Can you recommend ?

'  data-srcset=

Hello thank you so much for this. This was really helpful but do any of these provide online creative writing courses? Does SACAC provide those courses?

'  data-srcset=

Do we have fellowship programme for Creative writing in india.

'  data-srcset=

Hi Ritika, Mrinali here from Delhi. I loved your article and want to thank you for it. I am a blogger on social issues, which are covered by social media very weirdly, un-researched manner. With an intention to reorient the coverage, I started a blog site THE YOUNG EAGLE. Please find time to visit my site on FB.

'  data-srcset=

How is IIM SKILLS Courses in Content Writing?

'  data-srcset=

Thank you for such an informative post. I am an aspiring author from LA. Since any kind of education in US is quite expensive I opted for distance learning in India. Admissions are possible for International Students at IGNOU, although the fee varies. I have emailed them about registration process for international students. Having said that my goal is MFA is English, as I like to pursue Creative Writing Diploma at a more modern institute with up-to date techniques in writing. I have taken your advise and enrolled in the course offered by the Michigan state University. Having deprived o the opportunity to choose a field of my liking during college, I like to pursue a cheap yet decent MFA degree. Do you have any suggestions about the Masters degree in English from IGNOU? I have no clue about the curriculum offered. To me all looks good as long as its literature. However, I am not sure if its contemporary. Please advise.

'  data-srcset=

Hey Ritika, How you doing? Well, hope you’re in the best of health at these times. I wanted to ask, if you can help me with this… , that is the Wesleyan University course available for a 15- year – old aspiring writer?

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Whether you are a scribbler, a secret diarist, or a would-be journalist, come find your unique writing style with British Council’s Creative Writing course - Module I . Two batches have been scheduled. Batch 1 is starting from  Saturday, 22 July 2023 and batch 2 is starting from  Saturday, 29 July 2023.

This course will help you:

  • Develop your unique writer’s voice and perspective
  • Help your creativity find expression
  • Enhance your knowledge of literature
  • Help you structure your thoughts
  • Develop a critical appreciation of different writing styles

Required English language level:  Above upper-intermediate level (Level B2).

Course duration: 36 hours I 9 weeks I weekend online classes | all the participants will receive a digital certificate upon completion of the course.

Course fee:  INR 10,000 per participant Click here to register

Special offer to British Council library members - 10% discount on the course fee Click here to register

About the Course

Our Creative Writing- Module I course offers the opportunity to learn a variety of techniques to improve your writing process and enhance creativity.

The course content covers plot, characters, dialogue and setting when writing fiction. You will also learn how to travel write and blog, learn to differentiate between news reports and feature articles, be introduced to screenwriting and writing memoirs. You will explore the tools of a poet and learn to write poetry. In addition, you will be introduced to experimental writing and children’s fiction. The syllabus is specifically designed to guide those who wish to write creatively and explore their writing talent to realise their dreams of becoming a writer.

Our experienced teachers will help you find your unique writer’s voice through this enjoyable writing course. You will receive feedback on your writing to help you know your prospects as a future writer. Once you join our Creative Writing course, you will realize that lively and interactive sessions are exactly what you need to begin your journey as a writer.  The course is, however, not aimed at those wishing to improve their academic or technical writing skills.

Schedule for July 2023

Course delivery.

36 hours of learning will happen through online classes and 14 hours of interaction and peer-learning will be facilitated through our online interactive learning platform.

There will be assessments by the teacher during the mid and end of the course

Participants should use laptop/desktop to attend the session. 

  • Recording/taking screenshot/photos of the course is strictly prohibited.

Course Fee: INR 10,000 per participant.

Special offer: British Council library members can avail a special discount of 10% on the course fee.

How to ascertain your English language level and register?

Step 1: Ascertain your language level (required English Language level)

The course is open for all. However, English Language level suitable for the course is above upper-intermediate level (B2) and advanced level (C1 and C2).

  • You are at Elementary level(A1) if you can say simple things about your day. For example:  I wake up at 7 am every day.
  • You are at Pre-intermediate level(A2) if you can communicate in simple and routine tasks on familiar topics and activities. For example: I like exercising early in the morning if I sleep on time. 
  • You are an Intermediate level(B1) if you can share your thoughts, opinions, and views. For example:  She must be really tired. She’s worked late every night this week.
  • You are at Upper intermediate level(B2) if you can present clear, detailed descriptions on a wide range of subjects related to your field of interest. For example: Unfortunately for him, the situation turned out to be opposite to what he thought it was.
  • You are at Advanced level (C1 & C2) if you can present clear, detailed descriptions of complex subjects. For example: Being born and raised in India, I believe her to be the country’s best ambassador in the world.

Step 2 : Once you have ascertained your English language level, please proceed for the course registration.

Course fee: INR 10,000 per participant. Click here   to register.

Special offer to British Council library members - 10% discount on the course fee. Click here  to register.

Terms and Conditions

  • Participants must be over 18 years of age.
  • Non-refundable fee is payable in full prior to the commencement of course.
  • If obliged to cancel the course, the British Council reserves the right to do so without further liability, subject to the return of any fee already paid. 
  • The course schedule is subject to change. Participants will be notified the changes, if any.

For any query, please email us at [email protected] .

Live chat for Library related enquiries

Mon - Sat, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

creative writing about india

15 Contests and Awards for Short stories in India


  • May 4, 2020

Before we share the curated list of contests and awards for short stories in India, we want to share a bit about what prompted us to create this list.

Why should you submit to contests and awards for short stories in India?

A story always begins with an idea followed by writing, lots of it. You write you to edit and then you write some more. This involves multiple sleepless nights of doubt, weeks of introspection, and countless discussions with friends and fellow writers. It is only after such an arduous process that you manage to create something you are extremely proud of – a story that’s worthy of winning an award or two at least.

After  where to submit my work , the most asked question is which contests to send my work to. Writing competitions are a good way of analyzing your writing skills. Participating in writing competitions also helps you build a great writer’s CV. This list of Contests and Awards for Short stories in India has been created to help writers achieve this.

creative writing about india

Simply put, winning an award is one of the ultimate recognition of one’s work. Irrespective of the genre one writes in, winning a contest and getting an award is public applause for one’s writing. That is the reason we encourage aspiring writers to participate in Contests and Awards for Short stories in India. While the ultimate goal might be a book, winning an award can help you gain credibility with a publisher/agent too.  Submitting short stories and winning accolades will help create a reader base and earn a name and fame. Some awards offer money, but if your interest is earning through writing, check out our blog on seven ways to earn money through writing.

So, here’s a list of Contests and Awards for Short stories in India where you can submit your work. There are multiple renowned awards like the Booker Prize, Pulitzer, and the DSC South Asian but these are for full-length novels. Here, we have curated a list of Contests and Awards for Short stories in India where you can send your short stories.


A few pointers before we share the list of Contests and Awards for Short stories in India:

  • Please note, that this list of Contests and Awards for Short stories in India is dynamic and will be updated regularly.
  • All the Contests and Awards for Short stories in India have a deadline that has been mentioned clearly along with submission guidelines.
  • While they accept all genres, in case of exceptions it has been highlighted.
  • All the below-mentioned Contests and Awards for Short stories in India accept submissions only in English.
  • The list includes Contests and Awards for Short stories in India that are based in India and which accept submissions from Indian residents. We might make another list in the future which will include international contests and awards.
  • If there are any other Contests and Awards for Short stories in India you think we have missed, let us know and we will add them to this list.

[su_note]Disclaimer: Himalayan Writing Retreat has no affiliation with any of these contests or anthologies. We have solely collated a list as a reference guide for writers. In case of any queries, please write to the concerned organizers on the email ids provided on their sites directly. Team HWR will be unable to respond to any queries regarding your submissions to them. [/su_note]

Contests and Awards for Short Stories in India

**Updated as of 10th February 2022**

Story Mirror

Founded in 2015, StoryMirror is a tech start-up focused on building a creative ecosystem that offers everyone a platform to launch themselves in the field of literature

Apart from hosting regular contests in various Indian regional languages, they also host awards like ‘Author of the year’, ‘Author of the Week’ and ‘Most admired Author’.

Contests and Awards for Short Stories in India

  • Submission Guidelines: https://contest.storymirror.com/
  • Submission Guidelines: https://awards.storymirror.com/
  • Submission Fees: NIL
  • Themes/ Genres accepted: All ( Submissions accepted in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Marathi, Kannada and Malayalam)
  • Closing Deadline: Competition specific
  • Prize: Participants will receive certificates and will also be published on Story Mirror site.
  • No. of Prizes to be won: 3
  • Literary Quotient: Good

KDP Pen to Publish Awards 

The KDP Pen to Publish Contest aims at recognizing literary excellence among authors who publish original works in any genre in English, Hindi or Tamil languages on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) between a specified period by Amazon. Since its inception two years ago, it has managed to bring forth some prominent names in literary world.

Contests and Awards for Short Stories in India

  • Submission Guidelines: Amazon Pen to Publish Contest Program: Participate Kindle Direct Publishing Pen to Publish Contest & Win Grand Awards- Amazon.in
  • Themes/ Genres accepted: All ( Submissions are accepted in English, Hindi and Tamil)
  • Closing Deadline: Not yet announced for 2021
  • Prize: A Kindle, mentoring by top authors, your work stands a chance to be adapted by Prime Video and be the featured author on Amazon site.

creative writing about india

  • No of Prizes to be won: 5 each across the 3 languages (English, Hindi, and Tamil)
  • Literary Quotient: Excellent

WELCOME 2022 Writing Contest

Brilliant Flash Fiction is a USA-based nonprofit organization offering publishing opportunities for writers of flash fiction.

Send your entry pasted into the body of an email and also as a Word attachment (in the same email) to  [email protected] . Please place your story title in the subject line of your email.

Formatting requirements : Please submit your story double-spaced using font-size 12 pt. Times New Roman. This is a blind-judged contest, so please do not put your name on your story. Instead, please submit a brief author bio in a separate attachment with your contest entry. Results will be announced sometime before June 30, 2022.

Authors retain all rights to submitted work.

Fiction only, please. No poetry or essays.

All entries must be original and unpublished. This means submissions that have been accepted for publication anywhere else, including blogs, radio broadcasts, personal web pages, etc., are not eligible. Entries of more than 500 words or entries found to be published anywhere else will be immediately disqualified.

All winning and shortlisted entries will be published on our website.

Judge: Pamela Painter

PAMELA PAINTER is the award-winning author of five story collections, most recently  Fabrications:  New and Selected Stories .  She is also co-author with Anne Bernays of the widely-used textbook,  What If?  Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers.   Her flash stories have appeared in  Flash Boulevard, FracturedLit,  Matter Press, New Flash Fiction Review,  and  SmokeLong Quarterly,  among others and in numerous anthologies, such as  Sudden Fiction, Flash Fiction ,  From Blues to Bop, Four Minute Fictions, Flash Fiction Forward,   MicroFiction, Nothing Short of 100,  and  New Micro .  She has received grants from The Massachusetts Artists Foundation and the National Endowment of the Arts and has won three Pushcart Prizes.   Painter’s stories have been presented on National Public Radio, and on stage by   the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre, and in Los Angeles, New York City, and London by Cedering Fox’s Word Theatre Company. Her flash stories also appear on well-known artist Anthony Russo’s YouTube channel CRONOGEO.

  • Themes/ Genres accepted: All
  • Closing Deadline: 15th April 2022

$200 first prize $ 100-second prize

$50 third prize

$20 and publication on our website for shortlisted stories

Imagine 2200: Climate Fiction for Future Ancestors

, Fix Grist’s solutions lab is accepting submissions for their second annual climate fiction short-story contest. Fix was founded on the simple premise that promising solutions to the climate crisis exist.With Imagine 2200 , they’re inviting writers to envision a future in which those solutions soar, and our world is radically better.

  • Submission Guidelines: Fix Submission Manager (submittable.com)
  • Vivid characters
  • Cultural setting
  • Creative solutions
  • Decolonized futures

We will also judge submissions based on the quality of artistic voice, originality, craft, and technique, as well as the depth of the environmental, scientific, historical, and/or cultural background that informs the story.

  • Closing Deadline: 5th  May 2022
  • Prize:  The first-prize story will be awarded $3,000; second prize is $2,000; and third prize is $1,000. Nine additional finalists will each receive $300.

Fiction Factory First Chapter + Synopsis Competition 2022

The Queen Mary  Wasafiri  New Writing Prize is supported by  Queen Mary University of London , Routledge , and The Literary Consultancy and the prize supports new writers, with no limits on age, gender, nationality, or background.

  • Submission Guidelines: First Chapter Competition May 2022 – Fiction Factory (fiction-factory.biz)
  • Submission Fees: Entry £15 ‘Early-Bird Special’ for entries received on or before 15th March 2022 /  Entry + Optional Assessment  £35.00
  • Themes/ Genres accepted:  All genres will be accepted except Children’s and Young Adult Fiction.
  • Closing Deadline: 31st May 2022
  • Prize: First Prize: £500 – The winning entry will be read by literary agent Joanna Swainson of the Hardman & Swainson Agency. Joanna is looking for originality and distinctive voices. Winning entries will be published on their website, subject to the author’s permission.

Queen Mary Wasafiri New Writing Prize 

The Queen Mary  Wasafiri  New Writing Prize is supported by  Queen Mary University of London , Routledge , and The Literary Consultancy and the prize supports new writers, with no limits on age, gender, nationality or background.

  • Submission Guidelines: https://www.wasafiri.org/new-writing-prize/
  • Submission Fees: £10 for a single entry, £16 for a double entry. However, they offer a limited number of subsidized entries at a rate of £6 per entry, which must be accompanied by an explanation of the entrant’s need for subsidized entry (up to 200 words). There is capacity for 25 subsidized entries per month during the months that the prize is open (February-May 2020).
  • Closing Deadline: Submission guidelines for 2022 will be announced soon.
  • Prize: The winners of each category (There are 3 categories currently – Fiction, Poetry and Life Writing) received a £1,000 cash prize and will be published by  Wasafiri  in print and online. They will also be offered the Chapter and Verse or Free Reads mentoring scheme in partnership with The Literary Consultancy (dependent on eligibility). Shortlisted writers will be published online with Wasafiri and may be eligible for Free Reads mentoring also.
  • No. of Prizes to be won: 3 for the main prize and 10 shortlisted winners.

Create the Future Writing Contest 2022

Create The Future is a small climate project with big ambitions.

They work to alleviate climate anxiety and enable behaviour change through climate optimism, creativity, and empowerment, working with a range of people and organisations to change the narrative on the climate crisis to one of hope and imagination.

  • Submission Guidelines: Writing competition – Create the Future
“What happens if we  do  take action to protect the planet? What does a sustainable future look like to you? What happens when we dare to dream?”

You can interpret these questions as loosely as you wish and explore it from any perspective. When assessing submissions, we will be looking for any of the following:

  • Fresh, new ways of thinking about and strengthening our connection to the rest of the living world For example, poems, creative essays or short stories about our connection to each other and the world around us
  • Bold, imaginative predictions or hopes for the future For example, solarpunk, utopian and speculative fiction. To get you started, think about a day in the life of someone your age in 100 years’ time. What are the most common jobs? How do you travel? What do you wear? Where do you shop? What does your town/city look like?
  • Stories that show us how we get from here to there For example, an imagined retrospective/letter to our generation from someone living in 50 / 100 years’ time
  • We are particularly keen to hear from  voices that are not usually represented within the environmental movements , including but not limited to indigenous writers, writers of colour, writers from working-class backgrounds, writers with disabilities, and other marginalised voices.
  • Closing Deadline: 13th February 2022
  • First prize: £50 and 1x Delphis Eco Home bundle
  • Second prize: 1x Delphis Eco Kitchen bundle
  • 3rd prize: 1x Delphis Eco Bathroom bundle
  • First prize: £50

Commonwealth Short Story Prize

The Commonwealth Short Story Prize is awarded for the best piece of unpublished short fiction (2,000–5,000 words) in English. Regional winners each receive £2,500 and the overall winner receives £5,000. Translated entries are also eligible, as are stories written in the original Bengali, Chinese, French, Greek, Kiswahili, Malay, Portuguese, Samoan, Tamil, and Turkish.

The contest will open for the 2022 Commonwealth Prize next year and the winners will be announced in early 2023.

  • Submission Guidelines: www.commonwealthwriters.org/our-projects/the-short-story/
  • Closing Deadline: Yet to be announced
  • Prize:  The overall winner of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize will receive £5,000 and the remaining four regional winners £2,500. If the winning short story is translation into English, the translator will receive additional prize money.
  • No of Prizes to be won: 5 regional winners and one overall winner

Raymond Carver

Now in its 21st year, the Raymond Carver Short Story Contest is one of the most renowned fiction contests in the world. Featuring prominent guest judges and offering $3000 across five prizes, the contest delivers exciting new fiction from writers all over the world. The contest winners are published in their annual fall issue in October.

  • Submission Guidelines: https://www.carvezine.com/raymond-carver-contest/#.U1ec2_mSwSa
  • Submission Fees: $17 online / $15 mailed.
  • Themes/ Genres accepted: No genre fiction (romance, horror, sci-fi); literary fiction only.
  • Closing Deadline: 15 th May 2022
  • Prize: $2000 (1st), $500 (2nd), $250 (3rd), and two $125 (Editor’s Choice) apart from being published in their annual fall issue in October.
  • No. of Prizes to be won : 5

creative writing about india

Bath Short Story Prize

The International Bath Short Story Award is organized by Jude Higgins, Jane Riekemann, and Anna Schlesinger. And this year, 2020, award-winning short and short-short story writer, Alison Woodhouse, has joined the team. Launched in 2012 the BSSA has rapidly become established as one of the prominent short story competitions in the UK receiving over a thousand worldwide entries each year and producing a yearly anthology of short-listed and winning authors.

  • Submission Guidelines: https://www.bathshortstoryaward.org/rules-2/
  • Submission Fees: There is no limit to the number of entries but there is a fee of £8 for each story submitted.
  • Themes/ Genres accepted: Any genre
  • Closing Deadline: 11th April, 2022
  • Prize: 1st £1200 ; 2nd £300 ; 3rd £100 , with a local prize of £50 , for the best entry from any BA, BS, GL or SN postcode unplaced in the main competition. In addition there is The Acorn Award of £100 for the best entry from an unpublished writer, unplaced in the main competition.
  • No. of Prizes to be won: 5

The Iowa Short Fiction Award & John Simmons Short Fiction Award

  • Submission Guidelines: https://www.uipress.uiowa.edu/authors/iowa-short-fiction.htm
  • Themes/Genres accepted: All
  • Closing Deadline: Mailed between August 1st to September 30th, 2022
  • Prize: Award-winning manuscripts will be published by the University of Iowa Press under the Press’s standard contract.

Anthology Magazine Short Story Competition

Anthology Magazine Short Story Competition is open to original and previously unpublished short stories in the English language by a writer of any nationality, living anywhere in the world.

  • Submission Guidelines: short-story-award-submissions-open-anthology-magazine-2021
  • Submission Fees: Early Bird:  30 April 2022 – €10 per story Deadline:  31 August 2022 – €15 per story
  • Themes/Genres accepted: Stories submitted must be on the theme of ‘Courage’ and not exceed the maximum of 1,500 words. Writers can submit as many entries as they wish.
  • Closing Deadline: 31st August 2022
  • Prize: The winner will receive a €500 cash prize  and the chance to see their work published in a future issue of  Anthology . The winner will also receive a one-year subscription to Anthology  magazine
  • Literary Quotient: Medium

Muse of the Month- Short Story Contest by Women’s Web

Women’s Web as the name suggests is a site dedicated to encouraging women to share their stories. Since 2014, Women’s Web hosts a monthly short story contest where each month they give out a cue, which in turn is based on a theme decided for the year. The participants are expected to write a short story based on the cue and submit it.

  • Submission Guidelines: Muse Of The Month December 2021 With Ranjani Rao – Women’s Web: For Women Who Do (womensweb.in)
  • Submission Fees: NIL. However, the submission has to be uploaded after registering with Women’s Web. The registration is free.
  • Genre/Themes accepted : All but in accordance with the cue shared based on the theme of the year.
  • Closing deadline: Varies from month to month. Usually mid of the month. The last date to submit entries for the July 2022 prompt is by 3 P.M of 14th July, 2022
  • Prize: The top 5 winners are published in mostly the last week of the month, Monday to Friday, and get an Amazon voucher as a prize. Furthermore, since 2016, all the winning stories of the year are automatically eligible to be chosen from, for the year end e-book that the Women’s Web team publishes and is released at the Orange Flower Awards.

Bristol Short Story Prize

The Bristol Short Story Prize is an international writing competition based in Bristol, UK, which aims to publish great short stories and promote the stories and writers as much as possible.

  • Submission Guidelines: Bristol Short Story Prize | Short Story writing competition to promote great stories and writers (bristolprize.co.uk)
  • Submission Fees: £9 ( There are 250 free online entries available to   those for whom the entry fee is a barrier to submitting to the 2022 Bristol Short Story Prize  – for instance, those on low income or without paid employment. The free entries will be offered on a 50 per month basis with any remaining carried over to the following month. Those wishing to enter using the free entry option may do so via our  online entry facility . There is one free entry available per person.  No email request or any other method of application is necessary to use the free entry option.  No distinction between free entries and those submitted paying the entry fee will be made during the reading and judging processes.
  • Genres or Themes Accepted: The maximum length of submissions is 4,000 words (does not include title), there is no minimum length. Stories can be on any theme or subject and are welcome in any style including graphic, verse or genre-based (Crime, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Romance, Children’s etc.)
  • Closing Deadline: May 4th, 2022
  • Prize: Published in an anthology. Prizes for 2022 are: 1st prize-£1000, 2nd prize -£500, 3rd prize -£250. Each of the 17 remaining shortlisted writers will receive £100. An additional prize of £100,  The Sansom Award,  in recognition of the contribution to Bristol publishing of  John and Angela Sansom,  will be presented to the highest placed story by a Bristol writer. If no story by a Bristol writer is selected for the 2022 Bristol Short Story Prize longlist, Bristol Short Story Prize reserve the right not to present the Sansom Award. In the event of two or more stories by Bristol writers being selected for the 2022 Bristol Short Story Prize longlist, Angela Sansom will select the winner of  The Sansom Award .

The Writing Quarter Short Story Prize 2022

  • Submission Guidelines : Competition – The Writing Quarter
  • Genres/Themes accepted: The Writing Quarter runs a monthly free-to-enter short story competition. This is an ongoing monthly competition with the deadline being the last day of each month.
  • Closing Deadline: Last day of each month
  • Prize:  $ 30

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21 Responses

Quite exhaustive . Please keep me posted with the latest development. I blog at Speaking Tree and Word Press. And also contribute to Free Press Journal Mumbai. I have authored four books- The Matter of the Mind, Make The Mind Mount Kailasa and The Infinite Mind (coauthored) and NaMo303 Words to Victory. I belong to the Indian Railway Traffic Service and am currently posted as Principal Chief Operations Manager North Central Railway Prayagraj. Also I am faculty of the Art of Living. Normally I write on Mind Matters, Yoga ,Meditation, also on travelogues and personalities. I have also written some short stories. Can you please provide contacts in papers and magazines where I can contribute.

Thanks. I am glad you found value. I am afraid we cannot provide any press contacts. Thanks!

Thank you Sir. This list was much needed at this hour…and with clear-cut information.

Hey I saw a few more which you can add maybe

Toto funds the arts award..I think they closed but they are old and can be in the list for next year

Bombay Review awards, they have a submission fee but free for below 25. Also a paid contest for new Dalit Writing

Sharing Stories the Facebook group has a best first book awatd. They have a website too now it is India based.

Hey Rahul, thank you so much for sharing these with us! We will check them out and add to the list once we find relevant details.

Grants too……seems interesting https://thebombayreview.com/grants/ https://thebombayreview.com/creative-writing-awards/

Very nice information provided by you. Once we get the relevant details, we will check them and add them to the list.

Hi, Thanks for all the information. But seems like they are all passé. Do you have the latest list with relevant submission dates? Thanks IshaB

Hi Isha. We’ll update this list with new dates and information this month. Thanks.

It’s good. There is a another magazine you must include. “Shabdodweep”. Shabdodweep is an international web magazine for all writers, artist, and photographers to publish their creative activities. Writing language is Bengali.

In every month 2 times writing contest are going on. Participation is free of cost. Anyone who have writings in Bengali can submit their articles, poetry, story etc.

Please add the magazine name in this list.

Shabdodweep Web Magazine

In 2022 also there any competition please say that date and information about that.

We are currently working on updating this list.

Kindly update the list for 2022

Hi, thanks! We will do it soon.

Contract forming

Hey! This list has quite helped me a lot and I have sent many of my short stories to the websites recommended here. So thank you for that 😊 But now this list has become outdated and thus I wish that you keep to your promise and update this list frequently 💜. Then it would be helpful to me and hopefully a plethora of dreamers pursuing their ambitions. Once again thank you for accompanying me in this hopeful journey called life.

Thanks a million. This has been so helpful. You’re a great resource. Deeply appreciate.

I have self published my book, Values and School Practices’ by Power Publishers Kolkata. There are stories of true events related to students of tribal students, life of tribals. The atrocities, bias and discrimination against tribals and scheduled caste are also dealt in some stories. The human values and the need of social justice are illustrated in each of the stories . Where can I apply for an award/recognition?

Congratulations, Shivendra. You might find some relevant awards at this link: https://www.himalayanwritingretreat.com/awards-for-self-published-books/

Fiction books have always held a special place in my heart, and I wanted to leave a comment to express my appreciation for the captivating world they create. Whether it’s a thrilling mystery, a heartwarming romance, or a mind-bending science fiction tale, fiction books have the power to transport us to different realms, evoke a range of emotions, and ignite our imagination.

Congrats everyone.

Wow! This article is simply amazing !!!

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Helter Skelter Magazine

20 Places to Submit Creative Writing in India

Helter Skelter Magazine

  • Facebook Twitter Instagram

creative writing about india

In the ’70s, one of our most well-known poets, Jayanta Mahapatra, started a journal of Indian Writing in English called Chandrabhaga because there was no dedicated magazine for Indian poetry. He used to send his poems abroad which proved expensive and difficult.

For years, Chandrabhaga provided a platform for Indian writers. Many poets who are established today published their first poems in that magazine. Today, there is a growing number of literary magazines in the subcontinent that are either solely devoted to creative writing or run regular sections of original work.

At Helter Skelter , we focus on independent and alternative culture in India, but we’ve also been publishing original short-fiction and poetry as part of our New Writing series for close to three years . We thought it would be great to compile a list of a few other magazines that are interested in creative writing from the subcontinent. The publications listed below are all either based in India or actively seek work with a connection to the place. Each magazine has its own niche which one can get a sense of by reading some of their previous issues. Editors are often writers themselves and we have included their names here should you want to look up their writing.

Out of Print Magazine

Based out of India, this magazine provides a platform for writers of short fiction with a connection to the subcontinent. Since 2010, they have published an issue every quarter (March, June, September, December).

Editors: Indira Chandrasekhar, Samhita Arni, Leela Levitt, and Ram Sadasiv Format: Online Genre: Fiction (stories between 1,000 and 4,000 words)

The Little Magazine

The Little Magazine has been publishing contemporary South Asian writing across genres since 2000. It is possibly the only place that publishes full-length novellas and scripts, complete with camera or stage directions.

Editors: Antara Dev Sen and Pratik Kanjilal Format: Print Genres: Fiction, poetry, novellas, film and theatre scripts

The Caravan

They are an Indian magazine of politics and culture that is devoted to longform journalism, and publishes a fiction and poetry section.

Formats: Print and online Genres: Poetry, fiction (short stories no longer than 5,000 words), and translations


They look for work that “believes in the beauty of brevity” and struggles with the “authoritarian rule of the serious”. They are closed for submissions at the moment, but their reading period begins on August 1, 2016, and ends on January 31, 2017. They will be publishing an issue in July that they are working on at the moment.

Editors: Sumana Roy, Debojit Dutta, and Manjiri Indurkar Format: Online Genres: Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and translations

Based in Bombay, Nether publishes literature, art, photography, and work that overlaps across these forms.

Editors: Avinab Dutta, Divya Nadkarni, Mohit Parikh, and Ujjal Nihil Format: Print and online Genre: Text across genres

Based in New Delhi, Vayavya publishes poetry and art three times a year (February/ March for Spring, June/ July for Summer, and November/ December for winter). They confess a fondness for poets who have never published their work before.

Editors: Mihir Vatsa (poetry), Alex Nodopaka (art), Avradeep Bhowmik Format: Online Genre: Poetry

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

The first Hong Kong-based literary journal in English has a strong emphasis on Asia-centric creative work and work by Asian writers and artists.

Editor: Tammy Ho Lai-Ming, Jeff Zroback, Eddie Tay Format: Online Genres: Poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction

Asia Literary Review

The Asia Literary Review publishes writing from, about, and related to Asia.

Editor: You can see the details of their entire editorial team here . Format: Print and online Genress: Poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, memoir, and travel writing

Open Road Review

They are a South Asian magazine which has published more than 300 writers from more than 20 countries since 2011.

Editors: Kulpreet Yadav, Jhilmil Breckenridge (fiction), Pooja Garg Singh (poetry), Rachel Edwards (creative nonfiction) Format: Online Genres: Fiction (not more than 4000 words), creative nonfiction (not more than 2,000 words), and poetry

​Indian Literature (Sahitya Akademi)

This bimonthly journal has published Indian writing in English and 23 other languages for the last 58 years.

Format: Print Genres: Poetry, fiction, and translations

The Four Quarters Magazine

Each issue of this Indian literary journal has a theme which is announced a few months in advance.

Editors: Arun Sagar, Sohini Basak, Arjun Choudhuri, Uttaran Das Gupta, Mithun Mukherjee, Gayatri Goswami, Shan Bhattacharya, Avirup Ghosh, Abantika Debroy, and Abhimanyu Singh Format: Online Genres: Fiction and poetry

The Bombay Literary Magazine

This magazine is interested in literary fiction (and sometimes poetry). It seeks writing from India (but also the world).

Editor: Tanuj Solanki Format: Online Genres: Poetry and fiction

North-East Review

They are interested in work that is connected to any of the regions in northeast India, though they welcome all submissions. They also have a children’s section called Moina Mel which is open for submissions.

Editors: Uddipana Goswami, Sumana Roy Format: Online Genres: Poetry, fiction (at least 3,000 words), literary nonfiction, and memoir

creative writing about india

At the Altar

Muse India is a literary magazine which aims to show Indian writing in English.

Editors: Ambika Ananth (poetry), Atreya Sarma (fiction) Format: Online Genres: Poetry and fiction

Mithila Review

They’re looking for literary speculative fiction and poetry . They are interested in marginal experiences and the fluidity of reality and language. They pay for fiction in their upcoming anthology.

Editors: Ajapa Sharma, Salik Shah Format: Online Genres: Fiction and poetry

Published in English and Bengali, Aainanagar is focussed on activism, literature, and art .

Format: Online Genres: Poetry, fiction, and travelogues

Indian Review

They’re looking for writing connected to the subcontinent that reflects the transient nature of our times.

Editors: Tyrron Leo Whyte, Bijit Borthakur, Prabhat Bora, Lyra Neog Bora, and Leontia Whyte Format: Online Genres: Poetry, fiction, and translations

The Bangalore Review

They’re looking for original fiction and poetry , particularly by new and emerging writers.

Editor: Arvind Radhakrishnan Format: Online Genres: Poetry and fiction

The Madras Mag

Based out of Madras, they are committed to finding and promoting new literary voices . They also publish the work of established writers.

Editor: Krupa Ge Format: Online Genres: Poetry, fiction, and narrative nonfiction

If you know of any other publication currently interested in work from the subcontinent, let us know in the comments.

' src=

Urvashi is a writer and a feminist. She trips over her own feet a lot.

Andharacha Bet

Pune’s Theatre Connection

creative writing about india

The Real World

Jaggery jaggerylit.com

The Caravan no longer accepts fiction submissions.

This is great! Thanks.

Prachya Review

This is very valuable information! Thanks



Great list. Thanks.Ther eis also the http://lijla.weebly.com/ Lakeview Journal of Literature & Art.


Informative post. Good to know there are number of sources from where emerging writers can also prove themselves.

Yes, there’s the new literary magazine The Byword too. It’s fantastic.

Contemporary Literary Review India http://literaryjournal.in/index.php/clri

Choose any picture from our posts on Facebook/Instagram or Tweets on Twitter. Craft a creative short story of 500 to 1000 words based on that picture. Submit your story to us at http://www.picnstory.com/submit.php

Telegram, a new-age literary magazine focussing on emerging Indian writing. It is bootstrapped and run by a team of three voracious readers and none-too-shabby writers themselves.

I guess Telegram can also be added to this list – https://www.magzter.com/IN/Talking-Books-in-Delhi/Telegram/Fiction/

Gratis.org.in – A space for creative writing publication. Check it out guys!

Gratis.org.in – Visit for independent stories written by writers across India

Thanks a ton:-)

If you write in English, you could consider https://www.shortstories101.com/ . It’s a free, user-driven website where other users can read and give feedback.

Extremely helpful! Thanks :D

Thank you so much!!!!!!!

Thanks a tonne!

Sir if I make submission.. am I going to be paid for my work??

Great list for a lad who loves reading Indian poetry. Also, check out The Poetry Mail, they also have a free poetry competition, the RL Poetry Award open in two categories, national and international with a chance to win and have your book published.

You have missed two most prominent literary journals: 1 The Muse http://www.themuse.webs.com

2. Literature Today http://www.literaturetodayjournal.webs.com

Can’t actually see where the ‘Literature Today’ people publish their work. And there doesn’t seem to be any way of contacting them, other than by sending them a submission. Got any clues?

It was an awesome post. I write short stories and in search of some genuine websites which accept short stories. Hope the sites suggested by you are the ones I was looking for. Going to give then a try!

Other then above http://highlightstory.com is also a very good website.


hello, i have an habit of writing many poems,short stories and even beautiful lines. let me show a story written by me *a cute love story A boy loved a girl who is the topper of his class. The girl also loves the boy but never told her feelings to him He tried many times to propose her.. But he was afraid that she may reject him as he was poor in studies. He always feel difficult to hold his breath whenever he talks to her..

One day she entered the class.. his eyes were completely paying attention towards her.. she was messing with perfection and looked stunning.. she has a warm walnut hair colour,pastel white skin and pluffy cheeks. her eyes were so attractive with black mascara and seeing her eyes he melt like a cold ice. even in her school dress, she looked like a model for angels to him.. he was completely starring her small blue eyes and keenly observing the movement of the eyelashes which flutter like the wings of the butterfly.. he could clearly hear the clicking sound of her heels that add rhythm to his heartbeat.. and finally….

one day he asked her a doubt in mathematics… He asked her to solve a problem of multiplication.. She said okay,write it on a paper and give it.. He gave the paper on which the question was written and he started to move back away from her.. She solved the problem and she felt blushy and looked around to see him… He went away from her as he felt that she may slap him after asking that question.. She went in search of him and finally she succeeded in finding him. rushed near him and hugged him and told “action speaks louder than words” but I love to hear those magical words from you.. And he took a paper and made a paper craft of flower.. sitting on his knees and lifted his head a little and looking into her blue eyes he gave her the paper flower and told “will you please hold my hand, I want to grow old with you. Please be mine forever.

*The question on the paper was (11×13).

and approximately 82 beautiful lines are written by me

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b4557da132e7924f6574fd714f6df2de45c1ca7ef771a7f90cced83d3dac4434.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eb7e79cd8a286aa9646a360215709507fd74c8329705a28b1bf2fc98c742fe15.png

The above is a very helpful information . someone who wish to work in the above magzines or any other should have the great knowledge of creative writing, for this you can consider Craft film school. http://www.craftfilmschool.com/course/creative-writing-screenplay-script-dailogue

Thanks for this post. http://rajasthanholiday.com/

wow what an amazing post. http://www.rajasthanholiday.com/


it is very helpful for me. Looking for a acting talented students for my school Positive Life Acting School. Here is the website https://www.positivelifeclippings.com/ Best Acting School in Mumbai

The New Rationalist Magazine ( https://newrationalist.com ) also publishes short non-fiction and fiction.

This article was really useful to me. I’m so glad for this..

The Little Journal of Northeast India publishes art essays, photo essays, poems, fiction, and flash fiction based in Northeast India or inspired by it.

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No Visible Wound

creative writing about india

A Certain Degree of Ownership

creative writing about india

Throwback Tuberculosis

creative writing about india

What Would It Mean If Women Were Allowed to Dream?

creative writing about india

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Top Creative Writing Colleges in India 2023

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JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research 2023

JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research 2023

NAAC A+ Accredited| Ranked #34 in University Category by NIRF | More Than 300+ International Students From 25+ Countries

Atlas SkillTech University MBA Admissions 2024

Atlas SkillTech University MBA Admissions 2024

India’s first Urban Multidisciplinary University | Avg. CTC-9 LPA

  • Creative Writing

Gautam Buddha Government Degree College, Faizabad

  • P.G.D ( 2 Courses )

Kamakhya Ram Borooah Girls College, Guwahati

Khalsa college, amritsar.

  • Diploma ( 1 Course )

Top Private Colleges Accepting Admissions

Chandigarh University Admissions 2024

NAAC A+ Accredited | Scholarships worth 170 CR

Ahmedabad University | BA (Honours) Admissions 2024

UGC recognized University | NAAC 'A' Grade | Merit & need-based scholarships available

FLAME University | MBA 2024

Admissions open for MBA & MBA (Communications Management) 2024 programs

Nirmal Haloi College, Barpeta

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  • Uttar Pradesh

Pondicherry University Community College, Puducherry

  • Fees : ₹ 24.29 K

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, New Delhi

  • Fees : ₹ 5.20 Lakhs
  • P.G.D ( 3 Courses )

Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore

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Economic Times

Essay on India For Students and Children


500+ Words Essay on India

India is a great country where people speak different languages but the national language is Hindi. India is full of different castes, creeds, religion, and cultures but they live together. That’s the reasons India is famous for the common saying of “ unity in diversity “. India is the seventh-largest country in the whole world.

Geography and Culture

India has the second-largest population in the world. India is also knowns as Bharat, Hindustan and sometimes Aryavart. It is surrounded by oceans from three sides which are Bay Of Bengal in the east, the Arabian Sea in the west and Indian oceans in the south. Tiger is the national animal of India. Peacock is the national bird of India. Mango is the national fruit of India. “ Jana Gana Mana ” is the national anthem of India . “Vande Mataram” is the national song of India. Hockey is the national sport of India. People of different religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism , Jainism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity and Judaism lives together from ancient times. India is also rich in monuments, tombs, churches, historical buildings, temples, museums, scenic beauty, wildlife sanctuaries , places of architecture and many more. The great leaders and freedom fighters are from India.

F lag of India

The indian flag has tricolors.

The first color that is uppermost color in the flag which is the saffron color, stands for purity. The second color i.e. the middle color in the flag is the white color and it stands for peace. The third color that is the lowest color in the flag is the green color and it stands for fertility. The white color has an Ashoka Chakra of blue color on it. Ashoka Chakra contains twenty-four spokes which are equally divided. India has 29 states and 7 union territories.

essay on india map

Follow this link to get a Physical and state-wise Map of India

My Favorite States from India are as follows –

Rajasthan itself has a glorious history. It is famous for many brave kings, their deeds, and their art and architecture. It has a sandy track that’s why the nuclear test was held here. Rajasthan is full of desert, mountain range, lakes, dense forest, attractive oases, and temples, etc. Rajasthan is also known as “Land Of Sacrifice”. In Rajasthan, you can see heritage things of all the kings who ruled over there and for that, you can visit Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Chittaurgarh, etc.

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is bigger than a foreign (Italy) country and smaller than Oman. It also has tourists attractions for its places. In Madhya Pradesh, you can see temples, lakes, fort, art and architecture, rivers, jungles, and many things. You can visit in Indore, Jabalpur, Ujjain, Bhopal, Gwalior and many cities. Khajuraho, Sanchi Stupa, Pachmarhi, Kanha national park, Mandu, etc. are the places must visit.

Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir are known as heaven on earth . We can also call Jammu and Kashmir as Tourists Paradise. There are many places to visit Jammu and Kashmir because they have an undisturbed landscape, motorable road, beauty, lying on the banks of river Jhelum, harmony, romance, sceneries, temples and many more.

In Jammu and Kashmir, u can enjoy boating, skiing, skating, mountaineering, horse riding, fishing, snowfall, etc. In Jammu and Kashmir, you can see a variety of places such as Srinagar, Vaishnav Devi, Gulmarg, Amarnath, Patnitop, Pahalgam, Sonamarg, Lamayuru, Nubra Valley, Hemis, Sanasar,  Anantnag,  Kargil, Dachigam National Park, Pulwama, Khilanmarg, Dras, Baltal, Bhaderwah, Pangong Lake, Magnetic Hill, Tso Moriri, Khardung La, Aru Valley, Suru Basin,Chadar Trek, Zanskar Valley, Alchi Monastery, Darcha Padum Trek, Kishtwar National Park, Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary, Nyoma, Dha Hanu, Uleytokpo, Yusmarg, Tarsar Marsar Trek and many more.

It is known as the ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala is a state in India, situated in the southwest region, it is bordered by a number of beaches; covered by hills of Western Ghats and filled with backwaters, it is a tourist destination attracting people by its natural beauty. The most important destinations which you can see in Kerela are the museum, sanctuary, temples, backwaters, and beaches. Munnar, Kovalam, Kumarakom, and Alappad.

India is a great country having different cultures, castes, creed, religions but still, they live together. India is known for its heritage, spices, and of course, for people who live here. That’s the reasons India is famous for the common saying of “unity in diversity”. India is also well known as the land of spirituality , philosophy, science, and technology.


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Making a career in creative writing

creative writing about india

With every challenge brims the chance of an opportunity. Writing or creative fields may be an imaginative pursuit, where we can admire the likes of many creative writers, poets, lyricists, novelists, etc. and aspire to be like one

If creative writing is your zeal, then you’d most likely want the benefit of pursuing a career where you could spend all day or at least most of the day immersed in doing something that you love. But the catch with all creative endeavours in our capitalistic world of today is that they are not easy to come by, especially when it comes to making a living. And when you don’t have any background in the field it only becomes more challenging.

(Getty Images)

Then the question arises, “how can you make your dream come to reality?”

With every challenge brims the chance of an opportunity. Writing or creative fields may be an imaginative pursuit, where we can admire the likes of many creative writers, poets, lyricists, novelists, etc. and aspire to be like one, but in most scenarios end up giving up or are forced by the society or our parents to leave our aspirations behind and settle for the usual nine to five job, which provides stability and security in life, but in the long term takes away all the fire and passion from our hearts.

Unfortunately the Indian society has reached a point where we don’t encourage young people to write anymore and are not willing to promote talented young writers, even though powerful writing is what that has led for human civilizations to be built upon the ideas inscribed on a piece of paper by our ancestors. Writing and storytelling is currently one of the least appreciated art forms in a country that holds thousands of years’ worth of history all conveyed and passed on to the future generations in the form of countless stories. Stories that have shaped the modern day India and still continue to do so.

When we consider people who are currently making a living through writing, we are usually just thinking about journalists or scriptwriters most of the times. But what are the other job opportunities you can consider if you want to make a career out of creative writing?

Work Culture:

The main job of a creative writer is to produce work that is engrossing and appealing in nature. You need to know exactly what you are writing, who you are writing for, and how you are going to get the material out in the market for your target audience. You have to write as a creative individual but also think like a marketer when getting the work out there.

Many people do take pleasure in creative writing as a pastime, and with the growing use of social media and digital platforms, there already is an increasing demand for high quality content creation. And for the content to be of prime quality, you need good writing.

So, it’s essential that you don’t restrict yourself in the possibilities of what you can do with your writing abilities. You can write novels, short stories, journalistic articles for digital media platforms, and even work as a copywriter, content writer and do other such free lancing jobs, where the learning potential is exponential and if you take it seriously and commit yourself whole heartedly to it, you can definitely make a career out of it in the long term.

Job Prospects & Career Options in Creative Writing:

To get into this fruitful career, it is not mandatory to have a certificate or any sort of degree in creative writing. Anybody with a good command over a particular language can infiltrate this attractive but highly demanding field of creative writing (In today’s world, English is the primary language to focus on as its already the most established out of all the other languages, especially in the globalized business world).

Plenty of job opportunities are on hand for creative writers. Specialized creative writers are mixed up in the formation and growth of all types of innovative works, which range from diverse set of genres such as fiction writing, memoirs, nonfiction writing, science fiction, romance, travelogues and so on… All these can also be integrated with script writing for movies and TV shows. There’s also opportunities for writing feature news, indulging in food blogging and reviewing, working for online magazines etc.. In addition, creative writers can also become consultants for creating content for company web sites and business portfolios among other such freelancing activities.

Some of the existing designations for innovative writers are:

· Copy Writers - Mainly in the field of marketing/ advertising field. The job of a copywriter is to create content highlighting the features of a particular product/service in a compelling manner for the customer. These people are accountable for writing the brochures, publicity letters, product catalogs, circulars, etc.

· Article Writers - Article writers can write a variety of articles on the subjects ranging from fashion, food, travel, health, trade, entertainment, sports, education, politics, etc. and can also decide to write for various dailies, magazines, websites, etc.

· Book Writer (Author) - One can become an author by narrating a story or a topic of interest. It can be in the segment of fiction or non-fiction depending on whatever story you want to tell for a particular set of audience.

Note: This also requires a lot of marketing efforts after you are done writing the book. Expecting to just write a book in the hopes it will pick up automatically after its published is not how it works. Plenty of work goes into the marketing of the book. You can tie up with a good publishing house or can also chose to self-publish the book.

· Script Writers - Those who favor writing dialogues can become scriptwriters. Scriptwriters write the content and stories for movies, plays, television shows, etc. They carry out thorough research and have to put in a lot of work to figure out a plot and the storyline of a given theme or topic. Writing genuine, fresh and well-crafted dialogues can be a challenging dispute for scriptwriters.

Besides these prospects, one can begin their own freelance creative writing portfolios or can choose to work with a newspaper or a digital media platform writing articles, stories, reviews, etc. They can also get into the training profession, after acquiring a master’s degree in creative writing. Another alternative is to hunt for jobs in firms that are focussed on producing specialized content.

The success in this field highly depends on the superiority of your work and the professionalism you bring along with you.

Necessary work experience:

Building a portfolio of your best written work with a focus on including your published work is essential in setting up your reputation as a serious writer.

You can keep practicing your writing skills by constantly writing stories for your student newspapers or magazines. Just try to read and write as much as you can. There’s no limit to how much you can improve. Also, always try to get your work out in the world. Don’t be afraid of facing criticism. Try and submit it wherever you can. Enter competitions. Approach local drama groups to see if they will use your scripts. Getting as much exposure possible is critical.

To create yourself more employable, look for prospects of getting some solid work experience. Don’t just focus on building a resume, but put your energy in learning new skills and mastering the old ones. You could work as a paid managerial for a company or choose to volunteer in an organization you admire. You could also associate yourself with a charity and try to get endorsements for them or write grant letters.

Try to find anything you can, no job is small or less than any other job. You will learn something everywhere, which can eventually help you get your foot in the door in your dream setup. It doesn’t happen by chance, you have to consistently improve yourself every single day, so that when the opportunity arises you are ready to grab on to it.

Eligibility for Creative Writing Course:

The field of creative writing does not require a set of formal education. Those who hold an ability to see and observe the world with a determined set of imaginative eyes, can do extremely well as a creative writer. An educational background in English literature or Journalism & communication will definitely add for an advantage in owning a successful career in the field of creative writing.

Few institutions in India do offer short term courses in creative writing and these training courses allow an applicant to be successful in the field of creative writing. The least educational qualification needed for applying to a creative writing course is Higher Secondary or 10+2 with humanities or arts as the main discipline. The duration of these courses is mainly for one year. Most universities offer courses in creative writing as optional subjects in addition to bachelors and masters.


Remuneration in this field differ based on the specific genres of creative writing. In the earlier stage, creative writers can earn an amount of Rs. 15000/- to 20,000 per month, pertaining to who they are working for. But if they are outstanding in their work, they can increase the pay scale within a short period of time.

creative writing about india

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5 online creative writing courses you need to check out, if you are a writer hoping for a good training programme, here are 5 creative writing courses online that you need to check out..

Listen to Story

5 online creative writing courses you need to check out

  • Some courses will include details on how you can become a freelance writer.
  • Other courses will concentrate on improving your writing with no regard for publication.
  • When you are choosing a creative writing course you should first find out what the aim of the course is.

There are many definitions of what a creative writing course is depending on what the course is aiming to teach you. Some courses will include details on how you can become a freelance writer earning money for your work, either full or part-time.

Other courses will concentrate on improving your writing with no regard to whether the writing is to be considered for publication or not. Most creative writing courses will include advice on how to write fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

creative writing about india

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  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate
  • Executive Education For Working Professionals

M.A. in English (Creative Writing)

The M.A. in English (Creative Writing) is the first-of-its-kind multilingual, transdisciplinary Masters’ programme in India. The course is taught by faculty comprising published writers, poets, playwrights, scriptwriters, advertisers, journalists, web-content creators, animation writers, translators from India and abroad.

The primary component of the course comprises of writing workshops and practice sessions under the award-winning professionals and the faculty members. The amalgamation of theoretical considerations, sampling of a wide variety of literature, and exploring each individual’s niche area, are all aimed at creating individuals who are ready to critically contribute to the creative economy.

Two Years (Four Semesters)

Commence of the course

Course duration, mode of study, eligibility.

Bachelors' degree in any discipline with 50% marks from any recognized university.

General: Bachelors' degree with a minimum 50% marks in any discipline from any recognized university.

SC/ST: Bachelors' degree with a minimum 45% marks in any discipline from a recognized university.

Key Features

Immersive learning with a community of writers, poets, playwrights, scriptwriters, advertisers, journalists, web-content creators, animation writers, translators from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Direct lectures, writing workshops, one-on-one guidance on written projects by academic and creative mentors.

Guided internship with award-winning writers and content creators and hands-on experience working with editors at major publishing firms.

Opportunity for University-funded publications at renowned publishing houses.

A range of readings, performances, talks, and workshops by visiting and resident faculty, published writers, and advisors in the writing business: literary agents, magazine editors and publishers.

Option for participating in competitive creative writing hackathons.

Opportunity to participate in book-releases and Alliance Literary Festival.

Motivational workshops, time-management sessions, self-management skills (viz-a-viz mindfulness) to overcome writer's block.

The option of an exit point at the end of the first year with a diploma certificate in creative writing.

Opportunity for short-term program, summer school, semester exchange, and dual degree with reputed international universities.

Career Opportunities

Over the course of the Master’s, students get equipped with the tools necessary to bring out a body of creative writing under the guidance of authors, poets, playwrights, allied faculty, and rigorous peer review. Alliance University works in close collaboration with these writers, poets, and translators to give students access to various publishing houses and offer them the opportunity of highlighting their work and to promote it through Alliance Literary Festival (ALF) and associated events organized by the university.

  • Publishing Houses
  • Script Writing
  • Writing Tutors
  • Advertisement and Media
  • Gaming Narrative Design
  • Entertainment Content Writing
  • Copy Editors / Proofreader
  • Copy Writer
  • Communication Consultant
  • Professional Speech Writer/ Pitch Writer/ Fund Raiser
  • Public Relations Assistants
  • Lexicographers
  • Freelance Writer
  • Content Marketer

Star-studded Faculty

Taught by celeb authors and poets, this programme will prepare you to become writers in a variety of fields and become the best communicators across mediums.

  • Storytellers
  • Content Creators
  • Journalists
  • Songwriters
  • Biographers
  • Scriptwriters
  • Translators

Opportunities for Publishing

  • Collaborations with Publishers
  • GLAnce, an in-house quarterly magazine designed from scratch
  • Anukarsh, a multilingual journal of writing and literature
  • Cosmopolis, a podcast channel for content across a wide range of topics
  • Theatre Productions of original and adapted plays

Course Structure

  • Introduction to Literary Creative Writing I : Core
  • Introduction to Non-Literary Creative Writing I : Core
  • Elective I: (i)  Film and Media (ii) OTT Content Creation
  • Elective II: (i)  Social Media Content Writing (ii) Copy Editing

Semester II

  • Introduction to Literary Creative Writing II : Core
  • Introduction to Non-Literary Creative Writing II : Core
  • Creative Submission I : Core
  • Creative Writing in vernaculars : Elective III

Semester III

  • Writing Workshop I : Elective
  • Writing Workshop II : Elective
  • Writing Workshop III : Elective (Translation / Advertisement and Digital Marketing / Organizational Creative Content Writing / Web Content / Brochure / Social Media Content / CXO Content / Organizational Stories / Creative Writing for Social Media / Animation and Gaming Content Creation / Calligraphy and Wood-block Printing)
  • Internship : With writers/poets/script writers/ publishing house/social media agencies/ advertisement firms [2 months]

Semester IV

  • Creative Writing Submission II
  • Writers' Conference

Contact for Admissions

+91 91084 42143 , 080 4619 9075, [email protected].

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Alliance University

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creative writing about india

Top 20 Creative Writing Courses in India: 2023 (Exposed)

Creative writing is all about adding positive words to your content. If you love writing, then creative writing is one of the best choices for you to learn.

There is never-ending growth and creative writing. The more you create, the more you grow. The power of creative writing is fantastic. You can make some poor content into top-ranking content. Due to this growing digital world, writers demand very clever writing, as one of them is when you create your own words and communicate them to the world.

Various institutes offer creative writing for people within and outside of India. 

Let’s know about various creative writing courses in India.

1. Henry Harvin Writing Academy

creative writing about india

Henry Harvin Education is one of the top-class institutes providing online and offline training with certification courses. They believe in the power of words, and each text has its way of expressing it to the world. Henry Harvin thinks that content is getting actionable results and enhancing their performance. The only way of communication in the social world is by writing. So, the more you write, the more you rise. Henry Harvin’s education comes with their creative writing course in India, which helps learn the creation and understanding of writing from scratch to an advanced level. Help to excellence your writing style and tone of writing.

Let’s know about the highlight of the creative writing course:-

  • Membership of academic
  • Monthly helpful session
  • Revision of curriculum
  • Access to learning management system
  • Internship and training support to every other writer.
  • Fee structure of 9500/- INR
  • Twenty-four hours of duration, 24 hours to brush up on your skills, and 50 arts of learning access.

You can also look for various other courses offered by Henry Harvin and education they areas

  • Content writing course
  • Technical writing course
  • Medical writing course

Savan provides creative writing courses in various cities naming:- Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Chennai.

Henry Harvin ranks number #1 in India for their creative writing course.

2. Xavier Institute of Communication

Xavier institute of communication has its best certification course in creative writing. The creative writing course helps to construct a narrative essay that includes fiction, nonfiction, and the creation of stories—proper training and mentoring in the system. The trainer provides detailed information on every topic explained in the course.

Key highlights of the course are:-

  • It includes eight-session
  • Critiquing pieces by professional writers and fellow writers
  • Daily writing exercise
  • Understanding various elements of creative writing
  • The course fee is 8000 INR

Xavier institution of communication is located in Mumbai and provides online training to every student, and it is considered the best creative writing course in India.

3. Symbiosis center of Distance Learning

Symbiosis is a Pune-based University that provides distance learning education into various courses. The creative writing course helps to restore their innovative thoughts and express more off with your writings.

Symbiosis creative writing course includes:-

  •  Divided into two semesters
  • Live classes with and recording of the classes
  • Offers one-year diploma course
  • Series is 35000 + 1200 INR
  • Placement assistance

It is one of the most chosen learning centres that help enhance writing knowledge and build a professional career in creative writing.

4. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)


They provide you with the high-quality program of a creative writing course and are applicable for those candidates who are 10 + 2 pass out. 

It helps to incorporate the students with the different methodologies. 

The creative writing course of IGNOU are:-

  • Majorly focus on imaginative writing
  • Understanding of artistic expression
  • Writing story article writing scriptwriting, and poetry writing
  • The course fee is 3800 INR
  • Duration of minimum one year to maximum four years

IGNOU creative writing course is utterly affordable with various information and knowledge provided in it 

5. Sri Aurobindo center of Arts and Communication

Sri Aurobindo centre of arts and communication think that we can learn writing by teaching as well. Every individual has the authority to learn writing content. So, they bring their creative writing course to India, which gives classroom and online training. Admissions are given only to those candidates who are keen to learn and develop their writing skills. They keep one basic entrance test to pass their eligible criteria. 

They help in giving practical training with various indoor and outdoor workshops related to creative writing. It helps to enhance their creative skill and is very helpful to new beginner writers. It helps develop their imagination skills because the more you imagine things, the more you can create innovative content. They also focus on giving you knowledge of all the genres of writing. 

Highlights of the creative writing course:-

  • Enhance imagination skills
  • Create and express in different ways
  • Building interesting plot and characters
  • Trainers are renowned journalists, writers, and authors.
  • Course fee is 19000 + tax and 24.000 + tax. The creative writing course is into two factors
  • Duration – 3 months

6. British Council India

The British Council in India has been working upon creative writing courses for the past many years, from 1948. They majorly focus on art and creativity, Which will help boost every individual’s writing skill. 

They have strong relationships between various creative writers and academicians from the UK and other parts of the world. British Council focuses on building solid creative writing content. They give assurance to candidates to find their unique writing through the online creative writing course. The criteria are that the candidate should have an upper intermediate level (Grade B2) to enroll in this creative writing course. They also provide an introductory content writing course and three weeks of intensive classes on creativity for seasoned writers.

Key highlights:-

  • Various techniques
  • It helps to find a unique style
  • Develop plots, background setting, dialogue writing, short stories, and poetries, humor writing, children stories, etc
  • The COurse will help in expressing ideas creatively
  • Helps to comprehend and conceive good ideas
  • Well experienced faculties
  • Both for new and seasoned writers
  • Course fee – 10.000 INR
  • Duration – 36 hours

7. Writers.com

The Writer.com institution was found in 1995. Their primary area of working at their institution was writing online. The institute is way ahead of all other institutes.

They have their assurance with the best teachers across the globe. The institute gives personal attention to all new writers, gives them proper guidance daily, and is always ready to solve their queries. 

The mode of instruction is to discuss the topic and have a Q & A session wherein every student can give their views on the same issue, and if they have any questions, they can ask for the same. The institution majorly focuses on providing practical learning knowledge rather than theoretical.

The key highlights of the course:-

  • Focus on giving individual attention to students
  • Students can provide their perspective without any hesitation
  • Guides new writers thoroughly
  • They also have a writing community
  • The course fee is $315 for eight weeks and $360 for ten weeks.

8. The Writers Bureau

The Writers Bureau is a college of home study which launched in the year 1931. They have their specialization in giving distance learning to education and training to thousands of people across the world. 

The college is also a member of the institute of training and institutional learning (ITOL) AND IN COLLABORATION WITH THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WRITER.

As they have a lot of experience in the writing domain, they give quality assurance and a high success rate to get a better outcome for each student.

Course highlights:-

  • Study guide of complete printed courses material along with online live lectures
  • They help to teach writing that can sell your work
  • The trainer gives personal attention
  • The course fee is INR 44400/-

9. Coursera

Coursera is an online learning platform where people can get access for the course across the globe. Coursera collaborates with more than 150 universities and with professional developers of various institutes—Coursera bundles of courses. In short, you can get learning and training from Coursera in any domain, whether it is technical, self-development, educational, or improving your writing skills. 

It is virtual online classes with regular sessions that provide the highest quality of professionals, which helps give you a better outcome.  

The number of courses available for writers to choose any of the topics they are keen to learn. The price of the systems varies accordingly depending upon the duration and the type of the course. The courses are affordable as Coursera does not charge much. 

A creative writing course is one of the best choices, which helps develop your creativity and writing and visualizing accordingly. Coursera gives access to demanded videos of content writing with regular exercise and discussion forums. 

The creative writing course Includes:- 

  • Various free and paid creative writing course
  • Virtual classroom training
  • Reputed instructors and professor
  • It also has on-demand classes and session-based class
  • Course fees virus as per the specialization
  • Duration is from 4 weeks to 12 weeks depending upon what type of course you choose.

You can get many options on their website for various other courses in any of the domains. 

Do Visit – www.coursera.com

Udemy is an online learning and teaching platform which has more than 15000 forces embedded in it.

There are already 4 million users who have taken advantage of this platform.

The prices of Udemy courses are too affordable. Once you purchase this course, they give you lifetime access to their classes; however, this is not an accredited institute. Yes, it helps you learn various skills from scratch to advanced level along with certification. 

Udemy also has various creative writing courses, and in that, there are various sub-creative writing courses.

The course highlights:-

  • Language preference
  • Creative writing course has subtitle quizzes and various practical test
  • Students can choose any level of training and choice of writing course
  • The cost she starts from 9 dollars to $300
  • Each lecture of the system consists of a duration of 30 minutes. 

For more information and to look upon various courses available on you can contact at their website called  www.udemy.com

Learning a creative writing course will help me to become a better writer. The creative writing course enables you to tell a story that you depict by yourself, which you elaborate by yourself and produce worthy content out of it. 

The best creative writing course gives you a proper curriculum that includes assessments to enhance your program and analyze it, and most importantly, you should learn from industry experts.

Ed2go offers you, beginner, to advanced knowledge of creative writing.

The course includes:- 

  • 24 hours of instructional content explain in two weeks
  • Two lessons taught each week
  • Literary techniques and device
  • Steps of prewriting stage to editing and final revision
  • How to know the genre of a writing
  • The course is for $115

This course is only for those wholeheartedly committed to their learning process in a creative writing course. To see a better result, one should focus entirely on the system and utilize the maximum time to improve your creative work.

12. Catapult

Catapult is a platform of literary magazines, publishers, and the community of all writers.

Cat toppers of you with a creative writing course that focuses on literary writing rather than genre writing.

This course is for those writers who already know their field but want to implement it properly because it focuses on literary writing. 

The course is best for those who have already launched their skills and need to brush up on them.

It covers all the aspects of creative writing and gives in-depth knowledge about the subject where every individual can start creating their own and implementing them with the best result.

13. MasterClass

The masterclass is an online platform that offers creative writing courses that are entirely video-based learning. Videos will be shared and based on that; you will have a regular assessment. Famous authors give the video lectures like Neil Gaiman, Dan Brown, James Patterson, and Margaret Atwood. Masterclass creative writing course works on a monthly subscription. You get access to their complete catalog, of course, where you can share it with your friends and make it cost-effective.

14. UCLA Extension

The UCLA extension creative writing course is way more different than other platforms offering creative writing courses. It is one of the most comprehensive ones where you get training on any niche, and you want to work. This course helps students to enlighten UN in their creative writing. This course is quite expensive, but it is entirely worth it. They have various packages available for creative writing courses. You can choose the best one for yourself.

15. One Story

One story has come up with their excellent literary magazine. It has to give opportunities to all the new be and learning lighters who want to publish into various magazines. Your one story, along with your creative writing, is way more than enough to get yourself published. They have their online creative writing course, which has their batches every month. They have both the means of education that is online and offline available for you. The system is completely one week long. It requires very intensive and hardworking writers with daily attendance, Regular completion, and submission of assessments. If you are free to devote your time to a creative writing course, this is the best way to spend that week. You will get a lot of learning and enhance your creative writing skills from this course.

16. Lit Reactor

Let reactor of a shoe with online creative writing force witches divided into four classes which starts every month. The course allows you to study with qualified and trained instructors, ask for feedback from your colleagues in any of your doubts, and improve your writing skills. They allow you to work in open forum suggestions, and feedback matters the most.

The course ranges from $300 to $400. The system offers you a creative writing course of four weeks, and some exceptional courses last for a year. 

The course Includes:-

  • Weird writing
  • how to write attractive first five page
  • Lean, mean writing machine. 

17. Writer’s Digest University

One of the oldest and renowned universities is Your Writer’s Digest University. They have been working in this industry for the past 90 years. For the past 90 years, they have inspired a lot of writers to become authors. They have been giving proper training to all the levels of writing to shape up with their successful career. The primary benefit of educating this University is that the trainers provide you with every information and in-depth knowledge of every genre. They have their online workshop, classes, various writing competitions, regular assessment, and majorly their help to enhance their writing voice. They even provide proper assistance in creative writing such as fiction, nonfiction screenwriting, and poetry.

The course highlight:-

  • The online writing workshop is into various subdivisions of writing elements.
  • The workshop helps in covering every single topic starting from the base to publishing the book.
  • They majorly focus on end goals.
  • This workshop suits every other individual who is a learner or most professional in this field.
  • They have various other programs like literary bootcamps, novel writing, strategies, blogging, and advanced poetry writing.
  • The course fee is between 19.99 dollars to 799.99 dollars.
  • Participants can directly contact for their admissions.
  • Visit their website, writers digest.com.

18. Commonwealth Education Trust

Commonwealth education trust my journey focuses on children’s writing books. If you are the one who wants to write and create stories for children, then this creative writing course is one of the best choices for you. It is a creative writing course in India that will help you to create stories for all kids. This course is entirely free of cost. But you’ll have to pay extra money if you want a complete certification on a creative writing course. The creative writing course is called writers for young readers. As it is a free course, you don’t require any time or perfect and roll mint for this you can start the system immediately. It requires a complete span of 18 hours as it is for free. If you pay 2016 to the organization, you will get a certificate for the creative writing course.

19. Rambo academy

Rambo Academy comes with its online creative writing course. The creative writing course is for wayward writers with cat Rambo. If you are looking for an affordable system that helps you with training in many genres, Cat Rambo is one of the best choices for you.

The creative writing course of Rambo Academy is in Delhi. It is very short with a brief video which is not more than 5 minutes. It only focuses on finding the owner and detailed information about it, as this piece of content is impressive and exciting to learn. 

20. Deer Park institute

The deer park Institute is for Buddhist studies. Janet Thomas is the one who teaches and conducts creative writing workshops. He has been working with the Deer park institute since 2009.

Those interested in writing down their life stories and knowing the art of writing should choose this workshop, completely changing your writing habits and style. 

Janet Thomas is a poet, author, playwright, and also the editor of a travel magazine.

creative writing about india

Summing up with the creative writing course, it helps you express your feelings from your clever words; it helps build your confidence and makes you more precise with your comments. It also gives a better understanding of your reading and writing skills; it helps develop your communication skills and improves your mental and physical health.

Creative writing course is primarily for learning things from ourselves and creating your own words according to your own choice. There are various Thomas into creative writing courses where you can specialize. So that you will come to know your measure factor and creative writing and improve your writing into the same area.

The above given top 25 creative writing courses are best which come with free and paid versions. This top choice and 20 creative writing courses are best from our knowledge and experiences, which gives you a wide range of opportunities to grow creative writing.

Also Check:   https://www.italics.in/blog/top-10-popular-content-writing-courses-in-india/

Ans. The creative writing course is absolutely for anyone interested in writing. Creativity is a blessing, and the courses will enhance your creativity. You can take a creative writing course if you are a student or a professional. You will learn from the basic idea of creative writing and learn what it takes to become a professional creative writer.

Ans. Yes. As you are already a content writer, you get a chance to put some creativity and imagination into your work. A content writer should be a creative writer. The certification as a creative writer will not only help you in your professional field, but the creative writing certification will also increase your confidence and improve your writing skills.

Ans. Henry Harvin writing academy offers the best creative writing course. The course ranks number 1, as per the Statesman. The course gives you practical training in every aspect of creative writing. The curriculum is one of the best and allows you to master your skill in poetry, stories, novel writing, and all the technical aspects of creative writing. You can visit the website and get details for the course.

Ans. A creative writer should be a master of many skills. Skills like language skills include reading, listening and writing. Power of imagination, vocabulary, and excellent research skills. All these skills are important for a creative writer. Above all, the skill of meeting a deadline is important too. The Henry Harvin creative writing course is designed to help a creative writer to develop all these skills.

Ans. Every creative writing course will teach you the basic 4 types of creative writing. These types are expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative. The expository form aims to explain and inform us. Descriptive writing paints a picture in the minds of a reader by describing an event. The persuasive form is used to persuade the readers to do things or try them out. The narrative is setting a scene in front of the readers from your point of view.


Henry Harvin’s creative writing course helped me a lot. I would recommend people to go for it.

Wow! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a quite similar subject but it has pretty much the same prospects about creative writing training in India. Great choice of the institute!

Very useful and good work. Keep Updating and keep sharing such a useful list of Creative writing courses in India.

Thanks for sharing this very nice and deep informative blog post.

Thanks for giving such a collection of Creative Writing centers in India list. It will be very helpful for beginners. Keep it up.

My partner and I stumbled over here from a different web page and thought I might check things out. I really liked what I see These creative writing courses in India list are great. So, now I’m following you. Look forward to finding out about your blogs yet again.

Very nice. I personally bookmarked this website. Thank you for such useful information with us……i really love to read.

The Great Collection Of Creative Writing Courses in India You Have. It’s Very Helpful For Every Student Who Wants To make a career in the writing field. I Suggest This Website To All My Friends.

I would recommend people to go for creative writing course from Henry Harvin.

Wow! This blog resembles my old one exactly! It’s on a somewhat related topic, but it essentially offers the same information on creative writing programmes in India. Excellent decision by the institute!

Thanks for providing us a very Amazing creative writing courses India. I am willing these will also help me to grow more. I believe that these sites really help me to improve my Skills.

Thank you for sharing the creative writing courses india. This post is very useful for beginners and experts. Once again thank you for sharing such a good post.

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creative writing about india

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Best Creative Writing Courses in India with Placement

creative writing about india

Free Counselling :

Table of Contents

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Creative writing is a unique style of presenting one’s mind. It’s a work of art and imagination. The out-of-the-box approach and the talent to embellish any content is creative writing.

Creative Writing Courses with Gold Membershipg

45-min online masterclass with skill certification on completion

Kounal Gupta (CEO, Henry Harvin)

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Find our Upcoming Batches of Creative Writing Courses :-

The usual subject matter is outside technical writing, academic writing, research writing or journalism. It mainly focuses on poetry, narrative or drama under fiction; and under non-fiction, there are memoirs, biography, autobiography and expository non-fiction. Some primary elements of creative writing are characterization, realism, setting, tone and structure and plot.

One’s ability to combine words and punctuation to captivate the reader’s attention requires skill. This skill is innate per se, but sometimes it requires honing. There also exists a debate if we can teach art. Is this a skill that you can acquire? Though this argument persists, the creative writing industry is thriving and growing. Many are mentoring and collaborating with aspiring writers in India. Several people are mastering this skill by enrolling in creative writing courses. 

In India, Creative writing is much coveted. The below chart shows the interest in this subject over time in India. It also shows that this form of writing is intriguing for people to embrace as a passion. 

Many institutions in India provide creative writing courses. They are both offline and online because of the new social pandemic norms. Also, every budding writer should be clear about the objective of learning this skill. They should introspect if it is a soul-enriching hobby or for the betterment of the career for a more lucrative outcome. Although the goals may be numerous, one should decide with discretion.

Here is a list of the ten best creative writing courses in India. 

1. henry harvin – best creative writing course in india.

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9891953953  |  Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin logo

It is one of the finest institutions in the country which provides both offline and online courses. Their certification is ranked no. 1 by bestcoursenews.com. They believe that each writer has a unique voice and strive to unveil it. Henry Harvin believes in the goal centric and action-oriented teaching methodology. It holds accreditation by the American Association of EFL, content writing association in India, MSME, UKAF, and the govt. Of India. This course equips students to picture a storyline and build the sequence to it. It evokes creativity in a writer and helps them demonstrate it.

Course Highlights

  • Henry Harvin writing academy membership.
  • Helpful sessions every month to revise the curriculum
  • Credentials for the Learning Management system 
  • Internship and placement support  provided to all the writers

Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course fees:

Cities in india where henry harvin creative writing course is provided:.

Ahmedabad , Chennai , Bangalore , Ahmedabad , Kolkata , Hyderabad , Lucknow , Noida , Mumbai , Delhi

Henry Harvin® Creative Writing Course Ranks #1 in India by  The Stateman

Henry Harvin providing other courses:

  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Content Writing Course
  • Technical Writing Course
  • Research Writing Course

Also Check this video

2. Sri Aurobindo centre for arts and communication, Delh i – Best Creative Writing Course In India

Contact No: 8800444836

Sri Aurobindo centre for arts and communication, Delhi logo

Sri Aurobindo centre for art and communication believe that writing can be taught. Here also online and classroom training is given. Admissions are given only to the genuinely interested candidate. An entrance exam ensures that all leisure writers are eliminated. They conduct indoor and outdoor activity workshops and follow a more practical approach to extract creativity from the new writers. This intensive training improves the expressions and helps develop imagination. They focus on different genres of writing.

Course highlights

  • Help develop imagination and creativity and express in a better way
  • Build interesting plots and characters
  • Faculties are renowned journalists, writers and authors.

Course name: Certificate Course in Creative Writing(online)

Course fee : Rs. 19000/- + applicable service tax(online class) & Rs 24000/- + applicable tax (offline course)

Duration : 3 months (only weekends)

3. British Council, India – Best Creative Writing Course In India


The British Council has been working in India since 1948. They focus on art and culture to arouse the creative abilities of young people. They help build relationships between creatives and academicians from the UK and other parts of the world. British council promises to help find the candidate’s unique writing voice through its online creative writing course. However, the candidate requires an upper intermediate level (Grade B2) to apply for this course. They teach various techniques to improve writing skills. They provide an introductory course to creative writing as well as a 3-week intensive course for seasoned writers. 

  • This course enables the writer to find a unique style.
  • Developing plots, creating background settings, writing dialogues, short stories and poetry writing, humour, children’s stories, etc., are some of the course features.
  • The course will help in expressing ideas artistically.
  • After the course, the writer will be able to comprehend and conceive ideas better.
  • The well-experienced faculties complete the package by imparting knowledge about the different writing styles.
  • They cater to both new and seasoned writers.

Course Fee: INR 10,000/-

Duration : 36 hours

4. Xavier institute of communication, Mumbai – Best Creative Writing Course In India

Contact No: +91222265 8546

Xavier institute of communication, Mumbai logo

This autonomous college is a professional media centre and provides various training and production services. They conduct an online creative writing workshop for aspiring writers.

  • Himali Kothari, who is a writer and a creative editor conducts the workshop.
  • A variety of writing exercises are given to the candidates to enhance their perception and writing voice.
  • Learning is facilitated by critiquing the works of other professional and fellow writers.
  • They focus on various elements of fiction and non-fiction story writing and narratives.

Course name: Creative Writing Workshop

Course fee : INR 8,000/-

Duration : 16 hours 

5. Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU) – Best Creative Writing Course In India

Contact No: 011-2957 2513

Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU) logo

It is an open university established by the Govt. of India. They provide need-based and high-quality programmes at affordable costs. They offer a diploma in creative writing; any applicant who is a 10+2 pass is eligible. Their curriculum ensures that the learners progress at their own pace by incorporating the different methodologies imparted at every stage.  

Course Highlight

  • They help participants embrace imaginative writing and understand the artistic expression.
  • The programme includes article writing, story writing, scriptwriting and poetry writing.
  • The study is an enhancement course. It progresses stage-wise. 

Course name: Diploma in Creative Writing in English(DCE) 

Course fee : INR 3800/-

Duration : Minimum 1 year and maximum 4 years


6. Writers.com

Writers.com logo

Writers.com was founded in 1995. It is one of its kind because they began teaching writing online much before the other institutions. They promise the best teachers from across the globe who cater all around the clock. They ensure attention to every new writer by critiquing and reviewing their works weekly. Their means of instruction is empathetic discussions and feedback where one can freely communicate the standpoints. Their emphasis is more on practical learning as you write. 

  • They give individual attention to every student.
  • Create a safe environment to grow and share the writer’s perspectives without hesitation.
  • World-class authors dedicatedly support and guide the new writer and assist in their development. 
  • There is a writing community that shares its constructive criticism.

Course name: Creative writing course

Course fee    : $315 for 8 weeks and $360 for 10 weeks  


7. Writer’s Digest University

Contact No: 800-333-0133

Writer’s Digest University logo

Writer’s digest university has been in existence for over 90 years. Since then they’ve been inspiring writers to become authors. They train writers from different levels and drive them to have a long successful career. The instructors support writers of every genre through online workshops, writing competition and provide services to craftily enhance the writing voice. They bring to life fiction, non-fiction, screenwriting, and poetry through their services.

  • The online writing workshop is sub-divided into different elements of writing. Each workshop covers a particular topic, right from getting started to getting a book published; they meet the end-to-end goals.
  •  Be it an unaccomplished writer, or an evolving one, everyone can relate to the course. Successful professionals who started from scratch share their experience and coach the candidates.
  • They have programmes like literary bootcamps, blogging,novel-writing strategies, advanced poetry writing.

Course fee : Between $19.99 – $799.99

Duration : Participants can contact directly


8. Coursera 

Coursera is an American online learning platform where people can access from across the globe. It collaborates with more than 150 universities and professional development institutions. It gives a chance to study subjects that one has only dreamt about. If the completed course is related to their work domain then the employability also increases. People can venture outside their academic domains and explore the artistic world. These virtual classrooms imitate the classroom sessions therefore they provide the highest quality. Coursera also provides various courses on creative writing. The writer can cherry-pick the courses as they have assorted topics. The price of the course also varies and the student can pick one which suits best to his/her needs. The courses are accessible till the validity of your subscription. Creative writers can subscribe to this specialisation and thereby get access to all the content in that specialisation. Coursera gives access to on-demand video lectures, homework exercises and discussion forums

Course highlights 

  • Free courses and paid courses tailored for an array of students.
  • Courses are accessible from anywhere.
  • These virtual classrooms are more affordable than any classroom training.
  • Instructors are reputed professors who provide the best online training.
  • Coursera provides both on-demand classes and session-based classes.

Course name: Personal choice of the topic

Course fee : Varies per specialisation

Duration: Between 4 and 12 weeks

UDEMY logo

Udemy is an online learning and teaching platform where more than 150,000 courses abound.

More than 4 million users take advantage of this platform. This platform is a potpourri of topics ranging from learning makeup to pilates. There are some free and paid ones though the paid ones are relatively low-priced. These courses provide lifetime accessibility to the classes. However, this is not an accredited institute. Therefore the skills learnt here only showcase your acquired knowledge and garner a lot of praise. There are many courses on creative writing here. The writer can select any which suits them best. 

  • Language preference is available
  • Creative writing courses have subtitles, practice tests, and quizzes.
  • The video duration range from 3 to 17+ hours.
  • Students can choose from different levels of training and elements of writing.

Course name: Varies from topic to topic

Course fees: Courses generally vary between $9 – $300

Duration : A lifetime accessibility with a minimum of 30- minutes lecture


10. The Writers Bureau

The Writers Bureau logo

The Writers Bureau is a home study college and was established in 1931. They specialise in distance learning and have trained thousands around the world. They are a member of the institute of training and institutional learning(ITOL) and the national association of writers. This membership ensures their quality and success rate.Institute

  • The candidates receive printed course materials along with the online lectures
  • They teach how to sell one’s writing.
  • Personal attention is given by the guide 

Course name: Comprehensive creative writing course

Course fee : INR 44,400/-

11. Welkin Highs

Contact No: 01982 255 699

Welkin Highs logo

This institute offers a certified creative writing course in India. It is a 12-in-one course that offers everything from training to exam preparation and certification. It is one of the industry-recognized and best creative writing courses in India.

  • Course duration: 24 hours 
  • Fees: ₹9,000/
  • Both weekdays and weekend batches are available. 
  • Internship along with 100% placement support given

Other benefits:

  • Free platinum membership for 1 year
  • Access to abundant resources and materials
  • Lifetime support and guidance for students
  • Updated study material and many assignments and projects
  • Flexible learning options available

Other courses:

  • Content writing course
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Advanced SEO + SMM course

12. Anita’s Attic

Contact No: 074119 29176

Anita's Attic logo

This is the best creative writing course in India as said by many of its students. The institute is situated in Bangalore which offers a comprehensive creative writing program in India. Anita Nair, a bestselling author of 9 novels runs this Anita’s attic in Bangalore and  the one who teaches the course too. This course is not just a creative writing course but also a mentorship program that is held every year for 12 days spread over 12 weeks in partnership with Harper Collins publication.  Her course covers a lot of genres such as

  • Children Fiction
  • Shorts stories

For Fees and batches, one has to fill out the inquiry form on the website, and they will get back in touch with you.

13. Symbiosis center for distance learning

Contact No: +91-20 2521 1111

Symbiosis center for distance learning logo

It is an institute for distance learning that offers a Diploma in Creative writing course in India and the center is situated in Pune. The total duration of the course is 1 year and the curriculum of the course is rich, resourceful, and insightful. People after the 12th or those who have completed their bachelor’s or waiting for results after the final examination in Bachelor’s can choose this course. The Fees for the course varies according to the category and can be paid in instalment. This program will help the learners to get exposure to various forms of writing, and introduce the views of well-known writers.

14. CRAFT Film School

Contact No: 098992 51133

CRAFT Film School logo

Center for Research in Art of Film and Television offers a Creative writing course in India. The total duration of the course is y months which includes three semesters consisting of classroom training, practical projects, field projects, along with an internship. The fee for the program is Rs.1,50,000/ and if paid in instalments costs Rs.5000/ extra. Only 10 seats are available for this course and admission takes place everywhere based on the interview process. The institute during the interview process checks how much the candidate is passionate about creative writing. At present, the institute is accepting applications for interviews till November 28.

Contact No: 093122 37583

RKFMA logo

RK Films and Media Academy offers many courses including a creative writing course in India situated in New Delhi. This creative writing course is a combination of creative writing, script writing, and content writing. Students can also take this course as a part-time course or can also choose to study in one’s comfort at home. This course covers everything from grammar to proofreading and design. The creative writing course will be beneficial to people who are working or want to work in the field of media and communication and also for anyone passionate about writing. This course helps the students to develop a basic aptitude for writing.

These were the best institutions that provide comprehensive coaching and mentoring for budding creative writers. Every writer must diligently decide what his goals are before enrolling. Figure out what form of creative writing interests you the most. There are many online and on-demand courses to choose from if you are a working professional. Younger students must look for hands-on guidance. This approach will help them give vent to their imagination and express it more artistically.

What shall I do next

If you admit that you are still reluctant to enrol then you should read further.

Importance of creative writing

Creative writing helps preserve human emotions in this ever-changing world. Every feeling and emotion can be captured through the art of writing. It produces emotional intelligence. It teaches empathy. Whichever genre or style one engages in, creative writing improves problem-solving skills. It unlocks the imagination to achieve greater heights. Imagination propels human to ideate, solve and create a better future. Just as Einstein said,” imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Benefits of creative writing

Apart from improving one’s writing skills, creative writing courses can profit in several ways. Here is a list of some benefits which you can consider if you are still hesitant about signing up for a course.

  • It will boost your vocabulary. Needless to say but you can express yourself boldly and vividly. Your business and personal writing can be more impactful. Communicating better ideas can lead to occupational success. 
  • This course helps you develop your style of problem-solving skill. Engaging in different forms of writing reinforces your creativity and force you to think out – of – the box.
  • Reviewing the written work is a part of writing and accepting the feedback is customary. This aspect helps a person to take constructive criticism in the right spirit and implement to work harder.
  • The opportunity to critique fellow writers work can help you in giving constructive criticism. Assessment of your colleague’s work becomes easier through the right approach. When you master the art of constructive criticism it translates at work to your advantage.
  • You have to logically organize your thoughts before penning them down. this is a great challenge as you have to forcefully activate your awareness and senses to align your ideas. 
  • Meeting a group of diverse people and discussing various ideas help you grow as a person. It helps in fostering good relationships. 
  • Creative writing encourages empathy and great thinking ability along with loads of fun.

The above were the advantages of engaging in creative writing. But if you are still hesitant and want to understand the monetary benefits, keep reading further.

How to make money as a creative writer?

You can channelise your passion for creative writing into avenues that will yield benefits. Your skills can get you paid work.

Here are some options for creative writer’s who have confined themselves to certain guidelines. However, this is not a cakewalk to make easy money. Writers have to engage in multiple projects to have several income sources.

  • The creative writing contest is a common and easy way of making money for talented artists. Passion-driven people who are more committed to being competitive can take it up as a challenge.
  • Publish a book or even an ebook on amazon
  • Start a blog and grow it into a business
  • Medium.com pays when members read your content. Writing on Medium is an avenue for income.
  • Online publications, snippets and short stories for magazines can always be an alternate income source.
  • The gaming world is filled with a storyline these days and if this interests the writer he can always give it a shot!
  • Television writing is difficult to break into, however, it would be a big break if you do.
  • Copywriting is a necessity for advertising. Companies need copywriters for all the marketing and designing help. It could be a great source of income as these jobs are very common.

There are many ways to earn using your creative writing skills. Choosing multiple avenues for generating a steady income is always prudent. Nonetheless, you must resort to some satisfying way to keep yourself happy.    

Here are a few tips, for all new and professional writers, to improve the creative process:

  • As a beginner, writing in smaller segments is more productive. This allows you to focus better and develops endurance. 
  • Writing should be a daily routine. Pick a specific time in which your clarity of thought is more.
  • Writers must note every observation they make and add it to their list of ideas. Ideally, they should carry a pen and a notepad to write down any detail worth remembering. These ideas can be used to develop a storyline.
  • Writing is a gradual process and stories and articles cannot be written within a timeframe. They are built upon over time.
  • Always identify the message and then build the theme around the topic.
  • Pick a style of writing that suits you. Practise and determine your strength and work on your weakness.
  • Be persistent in telling compelling stories.
  • The flow of ideas should be controlled and regulated through a lot of reading and 


  • The voracious reader would find it easier to fine-tune his writing skills as he is exposed to different genres and styles. He can critically evaluate situations and characters. His originality improves.

In conclusion, creative writing in itself allows you to enjoy yourself. This non-stressful activity decreases stress levels by releasing endorphins. The flexible working hours allow you to focus on other aspects of life too. However, there may be pressure to meet deadlines but that applies to a major chunk of jobs. Payscale is not constant and it depends on the skills and experience of the writer. Being mindful of these, if your penchant is creativity and painting with words, then there is no stopping. Allow your imagination to take over and sharpen your writing skills. Augment your style and amplify the writer’s voice. Hone your perceptive by enlisting in the right course. 

The courses stated in this article are the most reputed and the best in the country. Due to the global pandemic and geographical locations, all of them offer online courses. This has crossed out the biggest hurdle for many professionals and has permitted everyone to create their learning environment. Make a choice that will decide your future.

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Top 25 Creative Writing Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

Recommended programs.

Content Writing Course with Gold Membership

*Learn from South Asia's Oldest Content Writing Course | Recognized by American Association of EFL, Content Writing Association of India, UK Cert, UKAF & MSME | Guaranteed Live Projects & Internship Opportunity.

Technical Writing Course with Gold Membership

*A cutting-edge Technical Writing Course which teaches you the fine art of transforming data and information accumulated through a process or experimental work into technical documentations and guides.

Creative Writing Courses with Gold Membership

Henry Harvin® Creative Writing Course Ranks#1 in India by The Statesman! Creative Master the creative writing skills to compose engaging Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Drama, and Poetry that will snap a reader’s curiosity from the advent to end of your write-up.

Medical Writing Training Course and Certificate

A one-of-a-kind Medical Writing course which helps you get a thorough understanding of pharmaceutical regulatory writing as well as medico-marketing writing. Strengthen your writing prowess as you boost your skills as a medical and scientific writer. The Certified Medical Writer(CMW) certification is your key to success.

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Post Graduate Program And our courses

Ranks Amongst Top #5 Upskilling Courses of all time in 2021 by India Today

creative writing about india

Hi reader, I’m an English trainer by profession and now I have started writing as well to diversify my skillsets . I am a certified Content writer and I love writing trend-setting articles. Hoping to see more comments as you read my articles.

creative writing about india

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creative writing about india

Top 10 Data Science with Python Courses Online: 2023 [Updated]

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8 Best universities for Creative Writing in India

Updated: July 18, 2023

  • Art & Design
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
  • Mathematics

Below is a list of best universities in India ranked based on their research performance in Creative Writing. A graph of 25.3M citations received by 2.25M academic papers made by 8 universities in India was used to calculate publications' ratings, which then were adjusted for release dates and added to final scores.

We don't distinguish between undergraduate and graduate programs nor do we adjust for current majors offered. You can find information about granted degrees on a university page but always double-check with the university website.

Please note that our approach to subject rankings is based on scientific outputs and heavily biased on art-related topics towards institutions with computer science research profiles.

1. University of Delhi

For Creative Writing

University of Delhi logo

2. Jawaharlal Nehru University

Jawaharlal Nehru University logo

3. Christ University

Christ University logo

4. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur logo

5. University of Hyderabad

University of Hyderabad logo

6. Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Tata Institute of Social Sciences logo

7. Manipal Academy of Higher Education

Manipal Academy of Higher Education logo

8. Jadavpur University

Jadavpur University logo

The best cities to study Creative Writing in India based on the number of universities and their ranks are Delhi , Bangalore , Kharagpur , and Hyderabad .

Art & Design subfields in India

Top 8 Prestigious Creative Writing Courses in India

The creation of words in such a way that can carry your true emotions into words comes under creative writing. creative writing is the art of crafting words in a glamorous format for reaching out to people’s hearts. many use this art of writing as a powerful tool to disseminate their wisdom. some also ventilate their undigested grudges of the past through this art of writing. this unique style of writing builds a deep connection between the reader and the writer’s emotions, once the reader dives into reading. .

List of best creative writing courses in India

What is Creative Writing ?

Imagining basic ideas and expressively putting them through a specific art of writing is classified as creative writing. It is one of the most dominant ways of writing for building up a deep connection with readers because, in this writing, the emotion of a writer touches upon the heart of the reader through words. Once the reader comes in a grip of emotion, he rejoices in the sublime art of writing.

It falls apart from other types of writing because of the least rules and formats. A writer can draft his words to project his art in any style. A writer is free to use his imaginary vision for a precise narration of his content. In this style of writing, metaphor, simile, and rhyme are commonly used to make all readers fully conversant with the writer’s vision and it leaves a deep impression on the reader.

It is written to express the literature and methodology of ancient times. It also helps the reader to visualize a vivid picture of content effortlessly. It aims to get connected with readers fundamentally. Creativity is a key element for this sort of writing wherein every bit of information is passed to the reader in form of a unique style.

Types of Creative Writing

Creative writing covers a vast area of writing to convert a writer’s voice into the form of the word. It is written to project all sorts of fiction and some non-fiction content which immensely helps a writer to produce his creative content. 

Let’s know Some Forms of Creative Writing :

(a) Poem – All poets bring attention to their readers through their creative writing. In the creation of any poem, creative writing plays a pivotal role. Poems are purely symbols of art and creative words.

(b) Movie – A scriptwriter adds value to the movie by contributing his creativity in the form of words. There, the art of writing plays a lead role in the success of a movie.

(c) Plays – Demonstration of play is a lucrative method of entertainment in which the character disseminates the moral of the play by his voice. Here, only creative content adds weight to play. 

(d) Fiction – It entails all sorts of novels, short stories, novellas , etc. Fiction writing cannot glamour its value without creativity. Writing a novel, short or long story requires creativity to get the constant attention of readers. 

(e) Speech – A speech can touch upon the audience’s hearts if it carries the emotion of an orator in voice. Creative writing assimilates all emotions in it.

(f) Songs – Each song contains creative lyrics. Lyrics may lose their grip on people if it is written factual. Hence, in song, this writing plays a significant role.

(g) Personal Essay – The essence of the essay is represented through creative content. In all personal essays, this writing heightens its content value. 

creative writing about india

How Can One Develop This Key Skill of Writing?

Writing about any creative topic demands versed skills in a writer. Although, creative writing is an art but can be honed by consistent practice and guidance. A true aspirant of this writing can develop it by taking any creative writing course and daily writing habits. Certain techniques can help immensely to develop this art gradually. Although, various online and offline Creative Writing Courses in India are available to cultivate this unique art of writing.

Let’s Learn How to Start Writing Creatively: 

(a) Read a Lot – A versed writer first becomes a voracious reader before attempting to write anything. Reading a range of books based on interest teaches us a basic frame of writing. Consistent reading habits can help us in absorbing the fine content of a book. A reader can perceive the demand of a reader. In addition to that, a reader can reap useful vocab and phrases from good books and can use them in his writing. Reading also encourages a writer to write about a learned lesson.

(b) Find Your Niche – To write about your interest always remains everyone’s cup of tea. One must figure out his sphere of interest before an attempt to write. Once one reads and writes his imagination in a particular area of interest, he starts honing this art of writing. Niche makes a writer’s mind concentrate on one sort of writing and he evolves his writing gradually. 

(c) Seize All Chances of Writing – We should never skip any single chance of writing whatsoever that comes in our way. Writing on daily basis will inculcate our habit of writing and gradually the habit of writing leads us to excel in our niche. We can keep a daily journal or handy notes, and notepad apps on the phone for cultivating writing habits. 

(d) Find Out Your Audience and Their Area of Interest – Writing in our niche is one best idea one should keep in mind. But we must also identify what our audience demand from us. First of all, there should be a vivid picture of our audience then we should try to fulfill their need through writing.  

(e) Add Literary Content in Writing – Creative writing paints our picture of imagination in the form of words. To make a vivid picture of it, we should incorporate the usage of metaphor, rhyme, and similes in our writing to make it more lucrative and insightful.

(f) Have a Deep Understanding of the Subject – Before attempting to write creatively, we must imbibe knowledge about the subject. We can grasp enough knowledge of a subject by doing enough search on the internet and reading related books. We can enlarge a broad picture of a subject if we carry out thorough research about it. Knowledge also boosts our confidence level and primes our minds to create easy content about the subject

(g) Depicts a Story of Your Subject – Story is easy to consume by a reader and once the reader lands his attention on our story, we can take him into the depth of our subject. Hence, the articulation of a good story in our writing can work as a tool for us. It bridges the heart of the writer and reader. Moreover, the story gives us a space to put our imagination into the story.

(h) Don’t Pause Your Flow of Writing – Our thoughts come out as a stream of the river. If we try to hold it, it does not get direction. Similarly, our imagination for a subject comes like flow and we should keep writing without any interruption. Let it flow and then reshape it as per the audience’s understanding. Our flow while writing helps us to put all the pieces of content.

(i) Use Emotion in Writing as an Adulterant – Writing creatively is not rule-based writing. Our content is driven by our rigid or soft emotions. If we subtract those emotions from writing then it will be an empty post of characters. So, in this writing, we should cater to our emotions while crafting words for the subject. Non-verbal communication is not interpreted by simple words then there is a need for the expression of emotion through creative writing. This writing demands emotion for deep explanations.

Here Are the Other in-demand Courses in India for Reading Career

  • Content Writing Courses in India
  • SEO Courses in India
  • Technical Writing Courses in India
  • Digital Marketing Courses in India
  • GST Certification Courses in India
  • Financial Modeling Courses in India
  • Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in India

The Benefit of Creative Writing

Creative writing has gained widespread popularity in the writing industry because it has been working as a powerful tool for writers to take them one step more advanced than any other mode of writing. The information entailed in this writing goes hand in hand with the reader because the writer does not write his knowledge in it but also shares his emotion in the form of words. 

Let’s Count the Benefits of Creative Writing:

(a) Elevate Your Mental Flexibility – Everybody is overwhelmed by the stimulation of emotions. In a study , it was highlighted that a person who exercises this writing expresses his emotions organically. A creative mindset always perceives opponents’ empathy and responds according to them which also helps a creative writer profoundly in writing.

(b) Build Your Vocabulary Bank – Writing creatively needs a range of vocabulary and phrases to express emotions and solutions. Practicing this writing will grow your vocabulary stock which directly strengthens your writing skills. Writing begins with a single word and ends with a conclusion. 

In this process of writing, a creative writer also emphasizes words to generate new imagination and again shapes that imagination into words. In doing so, a writer goes through many words and learns to use a single word in different ways.

(c) Spike Your Confidence Level – It engages a writer to write about imaginary things wherein a writer finds an asymmetric problem and attempts to find a solution for the same. And the writer feels appreciated after getting answers for imagination. It directly hits on the dopamine loop of a writer and makes him confident about any real problem. Writing gives a push to our confidence because a writer makes himself proud of new things. A generation brings a proud moment in every generator’s life.

(d) Writing Hones Your Communication Skills – Writing hones your communication skills because we get in touch with others’ perspectives while crafting words in this writing. If we can build up the quality to read the mind of our audience then we can deliver our ideas smoothly.

In this writing, the writer touches upon his audience’s aspect and tries to cater to everything. No matter how good content we have in our minds and how much we know about something because your projection of content makes you apart from others. Likewise, in this art of writing, a writer develops this art of projection through imagination and practice.

(e) Become a Creative Author and Inventor – This writing offers you tremendous opportunities to become an author. A creative author holds expertise in this writing. In addition, he can coin new words and phrases and can become the inventor of buzzwords. Nowadays, It has been observed that people are inclined towards creativity and love to do it.

This inclination is rising the demand for creative writers in the market and the art of creativity is making a distinguished profile.  All Vedic literature, scripture, epic, and methodology are subjects of great wisdom and cannot be learned by normal text. To visualize the essence of these scriptures, epic and literature are essential to be interpreted through creative language. Hence, there is a requirement for a creative writer.

(f) Writing on Creativity Makes You a Multitasker – Writing about any creative topic fuels your multi-task ability. In one study, it is found that children catch many creative ideas when they are told to write something creative about themselves. 

(g) Writing Creatively Equals Meditation – Writing is not merely an action but a reaction to our inner communication. It is the result of our flow of emotions. When a writer pens down something arbitrary then he begins to get down word his thoughts by the ladder of writing. In this process, he releases the clutter of the mind and gets rest. Some writers also ventilate their toxic thoughts with words and recharge themselves. Therefore, writing is equivalent to mediation.

Best Institute for Online Creative Writing Courses in India

1. iim skills.

IIM SKILLS has made the art of writing effortless for every true aspirant who dreams to write creatively. IIM SKILLS is one of the well-organized institutes, known for all sorts of writing courses. It provides a range of online courses but is special for content writing. It is not merely an institute with a big infrastructure but is also run by a team of renowned writers who unfold their years of experience in all writing courses. It has been offering content writing courses for the last seven glorious years and has trained more than 20k writers in this course time. It provides well-designed online Creative Writing Courses in India.

Let’s Know More about IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course : –

(a) Live Training – It offers students 16 hrs. live online classes in four weeks with flexible timings wherein anyone who misses any session can also go through recording and reiterate all sessions.

(b) Learn With Expertise – Any art can be groomed by good demonstration, similarly, writing creatively can be honed by the best teaching methods and experience. This institute has a team of India’s most renowned passionate people for writing and teaching students with their years of experience. 

(c) Get lifetime Access and Internship – This institute is an eternal source of learning and builds a connection with a student not only for three months but gives lifetime access. It also trains students about content writing under 14 hours of live internship program during three months of the internship phase.

(d) One Course for Everything – This institute covers 16 modules under the master course including creative writing. In the master’s course, a student learns about all different types of writing from several experts. It also aims to build up a good portfolio and helps to write an e-book.

(f) Avail 35K worth of Tools – Writing can become more captivated by using writing tools because the tool does not make writing easy but also lights up the creativity of the writer and holds his attention on it. It provides a range of useful tools including WordPress, keyword research tools , SEO management tools, etc.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Technical Writing Course
  • Content Writing Course
  • Financial Modeling Course
  • Business Accounting And Taxation Course
  • CAT Coaching

Contact: +919580740740,  [email protected]

Here are the top-notch Creative Writing Courses in Delhi you must consider for skill development

If you are dreaming of a full-fledged career in content writing but your interest falls into only creative writing so Udemy can be your good choice. Udemy provides short online Creative Writing Courses in India. It is a well-furnished hub for numerous courses including all writing courses. It runs all affordable and some free courses and supplies on-demand training. It is one of the suggested online platforms for content writing because the course is designed in such a way that one can learn to earn by writing in no time. 

What are Good Inside Udemy’s Creative Writing Courses in India?

(a) Time-Bound free training 

(b) Learn everything with simplicity, clarity

(c) Focus on one key element in one course

(d) Get a certificate of completion

(f) Feed your curiosity through separate Q&A lecture

3. Writing Course by IGNOU

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is a certified open university for having a diploma in a creative writing course. It is one recognized unit for diploma courses (DCE). It offers a one-year to four years diploma course. It does not ask for any other qualification than intermediate and no age restriction is bound. It issues a diploma after achieving a good grade on a project. Any volunteer can take admission twice a year for a diploma. 

Let’s Learn More About their Creative Writing Courses in India:

(a) Offering Creative Writing Courses in India through distance learning.

(b) Get a diploma after submission of the project.

(c) Get recognition from IGNOU university in your portfolio

Learn more about the best Creative Writing Courses in Gurgaon

4. Coursera

Coursera is one leading platform for online creative writing courses in India. It offers many concise courses in writing wherein Wesleyan University represents its team of skilled writers to train naive writers for the future. It provides a course in which a student is evaluated by its faculty and is taught through constructive feedback. It offers both short and long Creative Writing Courses in India.

Key Points About this Institute: –

(a) Course available with flexible timings

(b) No experience required

(c) Earn a sharable certificate upon completion

(d) Purley online course with recordings

5. British Council of India

British Council of India works to build up a unique perspective in writers and teaches them to think out of the box during the course. It focuses on practical training in which 36 hours are directly invested in comprehensive learning and art development. It is a purely online learning platform for Creative Writing Courses in India. Any aspirant can get into this course who has an intermediate level. 

Let’s Highlight Key Points of This Institute: –

(a) Hone your organic style of writing 

(b) Focus on your creativity and shapes into words with BCI

(c) Learn how to organize your thoughts to produce creative content

(d) Develop how to express your creativity with appreciation

Recommended Read: Creative Writing Courses in Bangalore

6. Writers.com

It is one of the oldest institutes for Creative Writing Courses in India. It has witnessed all transitions happening in the writing arena and designed a conducive course for all new writers. It has touched upon all the hurdles and refined a candid training methodology to enhance the level of creativity in writers.

This institute teaches writers differently by taking weekly reviews and conducting an open discussion overall on writing insights. The duration of this course is 10 weeks, during this course of time, all writers build a constructive team.

Know Core Structure of Creative Writing Courses in India : –

(a) Learn to express your creativity through blogging , articles, and essay.

(b) Providing a fully digital creative writing course

(c) Become part of a welcoming community and learn in the family of writers.

(d) Nourish your art of creativity with award-winning writers.

You can also check out the best Creative Writing Courses in Chennai to excel in writing skills

7. Sri Aurobindo Centre of Art and Commerce

Sri Aurobindo Centre of art and commerce is working to fulfill the dreams of true aspirants in creative writing. It also makes it very crystalized that the art of writing can be developed by a unique methodology of teaching and skillful training. It welcomes all volunteers but also asks for a written exam before sitting in the classroom so that only serious students can take advantage of its unique teaching method.

It aims to exercise writing by imagination and indoor and outdoor workshops wherein a student gets live exposure to writing. It focuses on imagination skills and entire lectures are led by a renowned team of journalists and young authors. The writing course is spread over three months in which a student undergoes many phases of training including an internship. It offers the best short Creative Writing Courses in India. 

Let’s Learn More About This Institute: –

(a) Learn to display organic thoughts expressively.

(b) Learn to construct a plot

(c) Improve your communication and expression.

(d) Also learn interview skills and think creatively.

8. The Writer’s Bureau

The foundation of The Writers Bureau was laid down in 1931. It is one of the oldest institutes, working to grow the number of writers. It has been providing all writing courses since 1989 and established a good squad of writers in 23 years. It commits full refund of fee if any student does not get satisfied with the course structure. It is a home-based distance learning program. They provide online Creative Writing Courses in India.

Let’s Know More About This: –

(a) Get online access to every class, and study anywhere and anytime.

(b) Learn how to monetize your writing.

(c) Get 15 days of the free trial.

(d) Claim full refund if does not get satisfied.

Recommended Read: Creative Writing Courses in Pune

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

Q1. how much time does it take to become a versed creative writer.

The development of any art does not depend on time. Art demands consistent practice and learning. A true aspirant focuses every day on his writing then he may begin writing soon.

Q2. How can one find out his niche?

Practice is the best way to discover your niche. First, you must identify your strengths and weaknesses. We should read more about our passionate subject and practice of writing. 

Q3. How should one research a topic for writing?

Any writer should refer to multiple authentic sources for research and try to find out only the true source of knowledge. Afterward, he should prepare an outline for the same.

Q4. What is the expected salary for a creative writer in India?

A naive writer can expect his first income around 15000 INR per month.

Q5. Which are the best Creative Writing Courses in India?

Although all running Creative Writing Courses in India are providing their best knowledge to get wide recognition, some institutes are ranked in the top 5 for Creative Writing Courses in India to make sure your efforts come true. One should know in-depth about the course structure and curriculum before enrolling in any Creative Writing Courses in India.

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Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in India: 2023 (Leaked)

Who would have ever thought that expression of inner voices and thoughts could be someday moulded into one of the best sought after careers? But as we say, keep some space for the unexpected to happen. So did it happen. 

Creative Writing has emerged as one of the most celebrated careers of the time. It is not just limited to a particular set of writing but has instead spread itself to vivid aspects of expression. 

A large number of learners are turning to Creative Writing as the field has opened numerous opportunities not just local but global opportunities. We are no more in the era where Doctors & Engineers are supposed to be the only celebrated and serious professionals in the room. 

The field of creative writing has overshadowed the idea way back. And that is because of new professionals entering the world of art and exploring the untalked possibilities. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of it? Wouldn’t you want to explore a career that fuels the inner creative person in you? 

Of course, you want and that is the reason you are here and scrolling your next move. Creative Writing Courses have incredible career opportunities that you surely should be grabbing. But how do you start a career in Creative Writing? How will a beginner know his/her next move? 

creative writing about india

Well, the simple answer to the question is by enrolling on the best creative writing course in India. Courses simply act as the best means of guidance whenever beginning something new. The panel of well experienced and knowledgeable help you find and understand your goal better and train you accordingly. 

But isn’t it necessary to make a wise pick when looking for a Creative Writing Course? Of course, it is. Choosing any random institution will always lead to confused and unattended paths. And we surely don’t want to fall for it. So what do we do? 

We explore our list of Best Creative Writing Courses in India that you can closely monitor, rely and begin your career with. Interesting, isn’t it? So without any further ado let us just get started. 

What is Creative Writing? 

creative writing about india

Before we actually get into the details of understanding what and how several institutions are contributing to the creative writing field, let us first try to understand what is Creative Writing. This will help us to understand further conversations in a better way. 

Creative Writing is a form of expressional writing wherein one portrays the inner emotions or the conceptual emotions in the form of poetry, fiction writing, essays, scripts, screenplays and more. 

These writings do follow certain limitations but are a true form of exploration. You begin conversations about the way you perceive or you think. So basically when your inner form of expression wants to open conversations that morally can impact the world that form of word mending is said to be Creative Writing. 

It provides words to your thoughts and allows you to create concepts that impact or transform society in different ways. Thus creative writing is managing to create impactful space in the writing world. 

Creative Writers are the idea generators of today and ideas have always been the strongest currency that drives the world for the better. 

Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in India

1. henry harvin writing academy – creative writing courses in india.

Proudly presenting the number one spot to your very own all-time celebrated EDtech platform Henry Harvin Education. The platform has truly reformed the old standards of teaching and has transformed it for the better. Learning at one’s own comfort and pace, being guided by the best professionals in the industry, multiple opportunities to learn and explore from, Henry Harvin has simply made a more remarkable space for professionals to learn and earn. 

As a learner, when crawling the Henry Harvin Education website you will be finding numerous courses related to numerous fields. This inclusion of any and every program has made the platform the most sought after program and compellingly exclusive to all. 

The platform has managed to keep up with the expectations of the learners by constantly providing the best out of the box. Henry Harvin Education has successfully trained and placed multiple learners at prestigious positions with their favourite firms and aims to continue it for the long run. 

Talking about the Creative Writing Course offered is one of the best creative writing courses in India for so many reasons. The course has also been ranked as the most promising course by numerous organizations when compared to the other similar platforms offering the same course. 

As a learner, you seem to have more opportunities to learn and explore here as the platform of Henry Harvin Education promises to offer impressive internships and job opportunities. Isn’t it exciting? Of course, it is, right? 

Let us move ahead and find out the benefits associated with the Creative Writing Courses offered here. 

Key Features of Creative Writing Courses at Henry Harvin:- 

The Certified Creative Writing Specialist (CCWS) Certification provided at Henry Harvin after the completion of the course is ranked as the number 1 certification in the industry by reputed platforms like BestCourseNews.com. Your overall learning process at Henry Harvin Education will be in 100% practical format in order to give you a detailed understanding of the working world of Creative Writing. 

As a learner, you will also be able to avail of 1 year of Gold Membership of Writing Academy that will provide you with all the necessary assistance required to understand and strengthen your views on various aspects of Creative Writing. The teaching methodologies introduced here will allow you to take your thought process to different levels and explore in ways like never before. 

The program also refines your total thought process and guides you with a better and effective one. Creative Fiction & Non-fiction, Poetry, Drama and many more are a few writing aspects that you as a learner will get to master here. 

When you enrol for the program you will be able to avail of 9 major benefits for just 1 single course. These benefits will include 24 hours of online interactive sessions, projects to keep your progress under constant check, Internship opportunities to learn and explore, certifications that will help you build a better career, job assistance after the successful completion of the program, e-learning access, Bootcamps, Hackathons, Membership and many many more. 

These benefits will shape your overall learning experience at Henry Harvin and will compel you to ignite the creative learner in you. 

Now let us move ahead and find out what are learning benefits one can avail of during the tenure of the program. 

Learning Benefits:-  

Your learning experience at Henry Harvin is going to be simply super exciting and extremely productive. Talking about what fundamentals you can learn through the program then it wouldn’t be wrong to say you will simply be exposed to any and everything related to Creative Writing. 

So what does that mean? That means from understanding your thought process to analysing it and portraying it on papers with utmost conviction is what you will be opening conversations with. Later on, as you move ahead you will be made one to one with factors like the tone of writing, the pitch of writing, how to approach clients, how to create characters, how to emote effectively and many many more. 

This Creative Writing Course is going to be your best guide and mentor that will responsibly shape you into the most admirable creative writer of the time. 

So what are you waiting for? Head onto their website for more details and have your name enrolled to begin an enthralling journey with the best to be the best. Enrol Now! 

2. Masterclass – Creative Writing Courses in India

Masterclass is a perfect pick for anyone out there who is wanting to explore the world of Creative Writing in detail. And that is the reason we have Masterclass mentioned at a reputable position on our list of Top Creative Writing Courses in India. The platform is leaving no head unturned. It has managed to get the best trainers of the field under one roof for aspiring learners who are wanting to create a prolific impact in the world of writing. 

We are often nervous about taking our next step. But guess what? These trainers not only teach you, they mould you, create you and transform you for the better. Talking about the Creative Writing Course at Masterclass, you can get numerous courses on different aspects of creative writing segregated into separate branches for the learners to make easy choices. 

Margaret Atwood is one of the most talked trainers at Masterclass wherein she puts her best advice, guidance and supervision through her experiences in order to create and nurture future writers like you and me. 

The course structure is extremely well prepared and begins in a well-synchronised manner in order to serve the learners with accurate and relevant information. Before actually enrolling on the program you can watch the trailer to understand what exactly is going to be served in your presence. 

Having learnt Creative Writing under such a celebrated platform is surely to shape your future for the better. For more detailed information on the program, you can visit their website and get assisted better. 

3. Xavier Institute of Communication – Creative Writing Courses in India

Xavier Institute of Communication is another reliable addition to the best Creative Writing Courses in India. The institution has quite a strong mention among the learners passed out from here. There are numerous courses available on the platform that one can choose from. 

The Creative Writing Course here consists of a total of 8 sessions each session being of 2 hours. The mode of teaching will remain online. The program is usually scheduled between 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. 

The course includes every necessary element associated with Creative Writing and has all its important branches well introduced by the trainers assisting the individual during the course tenure. 

You will be given multiple writing exercises that will allow the trainer to keep a constant watch on your progress scale. Whenever you submit assignments given to you by the institution they will review with utmost care. Once it is reviewed you will be receiving points of improvement suggestions from your trainers and your fellow writers. 

This will help you understand the overall writing process in detail and will eventually help you acquire strong creative writing skills. 

For more information, you can check their website and get a detailed note of the program and then can accordingly decide if it’s worth your time and effort or not. 

4. British Council – Creative Writing Courses in India

The British Council has been offering numerous courses for a while and has interestingly managed to get all the acclamations for the quality delivered to their dear learners. You can explore multiple courses on the platform and choose the one that fits you the most. 

When wondering about the best Creative Writing Courses in India, British Council is surely a sound mention that you must definitely consider. The platform has several Creative Writing Courses segregated into their own branches for the new learners to avail themselves of according to their needs. 

Talking about the Creative Writing Course offered here is a fantastic amalgamation of all the necessary elements required to transform any individual into a refined creative writer. 

Each and every aspect associated with writing is well studied and guided by the most prolific trainers of the industry in the best possible way. The certification ensures you an extra point in helping you choose firms of your own choice and work dedicatedly and in prestigious positions. 

This is a must-have course for anyone who is wanting to explore every single detail of Creative Writing and aspiring to be an impactful one in the field. 

For more detailed information please head onto their website and get assisted with the required information. 

5. Udemy – Creative Writing Courses in India

Udemy has always been a go-to course platform for anything that is to be learnt and explored in the best way and under the best guidance. Udemy is a mutually exclusive global platform where you can have the best industry professionals right at your click. 

There are no limitations that you need to adhere to. You can learn anything of your choice from multiple trainers who you feel are a good fit. Udemy has some noteworthy Creative Writing Courses to offer too. When you crawl down the platform you can find numerous creative writing courses that you can choose and start learning from. 

It is completely your own platform. You learn at your own pace and in your own way. It simply gets the best out of you. The Creative Writing Courses offered here are inclusive of everything that forms a successful creative writer. 

From learning minor aspects of learning to explore how to bring major impactful shifts in the audience you simply get trained step by step for better. The transformation as a writer here is promising and exciting. 

Your course tenure allows you to have access to numerous study materials, assignments and other major stuff. It’s just like a classroom away from the classroom. On successful completion of the program, you will be awarded a certification that will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd and will also act as the greatest asset in acquiring positions in firms of your own choice. 

So what are you waiting for? Open the door to opportunities and explore today. For more detailed information head onto their website and get your queries attended to in the best possible way. 

6. Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication – Creative Writing Courses in India

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication has some really promising courses to offer to the young and vibrant creative learners who are wanting to have highly appreciable careers in Creative Writing. 

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication offers some of the best Creative Writing Courses in India. Well, a structured & comprehensive syllabus, highly celebrated industry trainers and similar other features makes it one of the best institutions to enrol and begin your creative writing career. 

The Certificate Course in Creative Writing introduced at the academy is conducted using online mode having the duration of 3 months. The sessions will be taken during the weekends to ensure that the learners get enough time to grab and understand the elements introduced during the course tenure. 

During your program tenure with one of the best Creative Writing Courses in India, you will be learning multiple aspects like Developing imagination, Building interesting characters, improving the way of communicating and expressing, understanding your audience, writing tone and many more. 

By the end of the program tenure, you will be holding every minute of information associated with creative writing and will shine as an impactful writer. The syllabus is put forth in the most comforting language so that the learners are not only introduced to terms and processes but also are closely made to understand and implement. 

For more detailed information, please head onto their website and get every required information in the best way to get your queries satisfactorily satisfied. 

7. Coursera – Creative Writing Courses in India

Coursera has some top-notch Creative Writing Courses to offer the learners wanting to learn and explore the world of creative writing. Coursera has evolved its platform so widely that almost every celebrated trainer has their guidance and advice mentioned in the form of courses. 

What even makes Coursera a better platform is the Financial Aid that almost every course offers to aspiring learners. This makes learning easy and accessible to all. 

When looking for creative writing courses you will encounter a bunch of courses that will have their own speciality. As a learner, you need to acknowledge and understand your needs and choose the program accordingly. 

After the successful completion of the program, you receive a shareable certificate that adds extra points to your CV. The mode of learning at Coursera is 100% online and can be easily accessed at your own comfort and pace. 

Before actually enrolling for the particular program do check what graduated learners have to say about it. It will ease your decision-making process. For more detailed information head onto the website of the institution and begin exploring your creative side right away. 

8. Writers.com – Creative Writing Courses in India

Writers.com has been equally contributing towards encouraging writers wanting to have careers in Creative Writing. The platform has enabled various creative writing courses that learners can avail and prepare themselves for being better writers. 

The writing courses introduced here are branched separately into different sections for the writers to choose effectively. The syllabus introduced here is extremely well crafted with the latest updations and easy to understand language. 

During your course tenure, you will be having multiple practical sessions which will make you one to one with the basic required elements of effective creative writing. From understanding your genre to creating concepts that would encourage and compel your audience to bet on you are some basic areas where you will be best guided and supervised by the best industry professionals. 

The creative writing courses offered here are well priced so that every aspiring individual can benefit from them. For more detailed information about the program please head onto the website and get all your subject related queries assisted. 

9. The Writer’s Bureau – Creative Writing Courses in India

The Writer’s Bureau is one another promising platform for aspiring writers to learn and explore different aspects of creative writing. As an aspiring writer, you will be introduced to numerous creative concepts that are needed to be understood and implemented for a better impactful career in the field of writing. 

You will be guided and supervised by a team of the best professional writers who will try their level best to bring out the best in you. The professionals will take deep pride and responsibility in assisting you with the best methods and hacks of writing and culminating into an effective thought process. 

Not only will you get an opportunity of exercising mastery over your creative genres but will also confidently be able to market them to potential audiences. 

For more detailed information about the program head onto their website and get your queries best assisted. 

10. Writer’s Digest University – Creative Writing Courses in India

Last but not least to make it to our list of Best Creative Writing Courses in India is Writer’s Digest University. The university is one well-versed platform that trains learners with minute detailing in order to help them understand their creative aspect satisfactorily. 

During your program tenure, you will be encouraged and motivated by receiving numerous assignments and constructive feedback from the team and your co-learners. What even makes this more exciting is that one can learn at their own comfort and pace without stressing too much. 

From working on storylines to creating relevant characters you simply will be able to connect the best dots associated with creative writing. So what are you waiting for? Begin your writing career with Writer’s Digest University today. 

For more detailed information about the program please head onto its website and educate yourself with every needed element. 

Final Words:- 

Creative Writing is a field that needs utmost guidance and observation as being able to emote your emotions into words is a great struggle. Sometimes you are able to do it and sometimes you are not. These small things need to be dealt with under the guidance of professionals who have already excelled in these particular fields. 

Earlier finding out reliable creative writing courses were tough but now since you have the list of best creative writing courses in India you simply can just begin your writing career with the best right away, right now. 

Make use of the above-mentioned list of best creative writing courses in India and get yourself enrolled for the program with an institution you feel more confident in. Hoping to see you make some good choices. 

We hope this piece of information helped you find answers to your questions effectively. If in case you still have any doubts or queries on the above-discussed subject then please feel free to voice it using the comment section below. We will get back to you at the earliest possible with the best knowledge available on the same. 

Thank you. 

Happy Reading! Happy Learning!

Ans. Yes. As a teacher, you always need to be creative in your work. Teachers should be ready with creative skills like storytelling, story writing, poetry, and rhymes. If you know the basics of creative writing, you can always include this in your lessons. Your students will love your lessons as they include creative writing as well. As a teacher, you can make your lessons interactive and creativity-driven with the use of creative writing exercises.

Ans. Every good creative writing course will include all the minute details that you may require to develop as a creative writer. Listening, writing, and reading skills are important. You must work on Grammar and vocabulary. The curriculum should cover non-fiction writing, fiction writing, poetry, and drama. It should teach you all literary devices and techniques. Visit the website for Henry Harvin creative writing course for the details on the curriculum.

Ans. It is always important to get a certificate for any training. A certificate is not only proof of your course but also enhances your profile. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram showcase your profile to your future clients or employers. Your certification as a creative writer will enhance your profile.

Ans. Yes. All institutions nowadays offer a live online training course. You can learn at your home. Access to all the course material and the videos is provided to you. The assignments and PPT are all in the LMS. The instructor of the course helps the participants with assessments and feedback. Online certification is the best method of learning. It is seen that the live online classes are interactive and help the participants a lot.

Ans. Different organizations offer creative writing courses. You can always check for the reviews of the courses on the websites. Check for the affordability, your available time and details that matter to you. Henry Harvin Education provides the best creative writing course. The course ranks number 1 as per the Statesman. It is a 9 in 1 course with a gold membership. You can visit the Henry Harvin Writing Academy to register.

Gulshan Singh


People often lose interest in things as they don’t find the best information in time. Thank you so much for this blog, I am sure it will help me in my career.

That’s a brilliant to say and for that matter read! Much obliged! ♥️

All these courses are very good, but I personally recommend Henry Haven’s creative writing course. They have incredible faculty and well-written courses.

Amazing course recommendations. Great article, keep it up!

Thanks for your support and appreciation 💐💐💐💐💐

I truly partook in this course. I wish you offered more on experimental writing.

These course recommendations have helped me choose the best course for myself.

A big thanks for such a beautiful review ☺️🙏

This is the best blog for all those who want to make their career in content writing. The advantages of the Creative Writing Courses in India and other details are explained very well.

What are the opportunities that will be available after completing the Creative Writing Courses in India. All these important points are explained properly in this blog.

A big thanks for such a beautiful review ☺️

Important points that will inspire one to be a content writer. Presented nicely in your blog of Creative Writing Courses in India.

The content written in your blog of top Creative Writing Courses in India gives clarity about the topic. Keep up the good work.

Searching for details about writing training. From your blog post of top Creative Writing Courses in India, complete information can be found.

Well writtan and well researched article.

This blog provides complete coverage of the topic Creative Writing Courses in India.

Thanks Luis William, for taking the time out to leave this wonderful review!

After reading the detailed analysis about the best institutes providing creative writing courses. I have now decided to join the Henry Harvin Institute for training.

If there is any confusion regarding the content writing domain. In your blog of Creative Writing Courses in India you will find the answers of all your doubts and queries.

From your blog I am now confirming my decision to join the Creative Writing Courses in India from Henry Harvin Institute.

I like your way of first giving some details then mentioning important details about the institutes providing Creative Writing Courses in India

Wonderful blog on creatove writing courses in India. It was really helpful and informative.

I often read your course recommendations and find them very helpful. This article on creative writing courses in India was no exception.

All these creative writing courses in India are really good . But i would personally recommend Henry Harvin’s course. I did it a few months back and i can say that you will not be disappointed.

Loved all the recommendations on creative writing courses in India.

Wonderful recommendations! Anyone who wants to do a creative writing course in India should refer your blog.

The best explanation about the writing course training is given in this post. Thankful to you for sharing this helpful post.

What an incredible course. It was available, and yet testing. Awesome!

The benefits of creative writing training in India and top institutes providing the training program are given nicely in this blog.

Complete details of the institute offering creative writing certification in India are given in this blog. Reading all that important information is very useful.

Need of enrolling in the best creative writing course in India and important names of institutes is given very well in your blog.

Demand for a creative writing career in India and all other information is provided excellently in your blog.

This blog gives some details about the institute offering such an amazing certification. It gives a better idea before choosing any particular training provider.

Very well explained the concept of narrative writing in your blog. Reading this blog post turns out to be very useful for me.

Step by step details is given in this blog about the writing concept. It helps in a better understanding of the subject.

A creative writing career is in demand. I also have an interest in writing. And so I want to make it my full-time career. Thank you for writing a blog on creative writing training institute in india topics. I got detailed information from this post.

Details about the creative writing training are well mentioned in your blog. For learning any particular skill, the choice of institutes matters a lot. Thanks for providing this useful list.

Pretty great post. I just bookmarked your weblog and wanted to say that I have really loved browsing your weblog posts. In any case, I will be subscribing to your feed and I am hoping you write again soon!

My friend suggested I may like this blog. He was completely right. Thanks for giving the best creative writing courses in India list

Such great information on creative writing courses online india. It’s not easy to do, but thanks for this help. Thanks and keep on sharing.

Hi, after reading your blogs on writing courses in India, I believe I find the right training center for my writing passion, a fantastic website!

I love reading your blogs…..please keep posting and updating new topics.

I am very thankful for the effort put on by you, to help us, Thank you so much for the creative writing course in India educational institutes list it is very helpful, keep posting such type of articles.

The courses here are student-friendly with continuous support from faculty. They have ensured to impart quality training through kind & supportive faculty . The course comprises real and practical training through live projects which teach us many unknown aspects of the topics

If you’re interested in Creative Writing . Then you should definitely join Henry harvin . This is the best creative writing institute ,according to my personal experience. I got an opportunity to learn new things which I never knew before. The trainer is also well professional and they’re behavior is very nice and calm. Trainers is just like our friends. I’m very thankful that I got an opportunity in Henry Harvin to learn.

I work as a script writer but I am also helping the creative team for creative writing, i wanted to enhance my skills as a script writer and I found this blog of best 10 creative writing courses in India. I will be starting my course soon. Thank you Henry Harvin for such an informative post

The Creative Writing course in India mentioned on this platform seems promising. It offers a great opportunity to enhance your writing skills and explore your creativity. I’m excited to see the positive impact it can have on aspiring writers in the country.

Looking for a top-notch Creative Writing course in India? This website provides a comprehensive review of various courses available, helping you make an informed decision. Discover your passion for writing and unleash your creative potential with the best courses in the country.

The Creative Writing course in India mentioned on this website seems like a fantastic opportunity for aspiring writers. The curriculum appears well-rounded, covering various genres and techniques. It’s great to see such programs fostering the growth of literary talent in the country.

This article highlights the importance of a Creative Writing course in India for aspiring writers. It showcases how such courses provide a platform to enhance writing skills, learn from experienced professionals, and connect with like-minded individuals in a supportive environment.

The Creative Writing course in India mentioned on this website seems promising. The comprehensive curriculum and experienced faculty are sure to nurture aspiring writers. I’m excited to explore this opportunity and enhance my writing skills in such a vibrant learning environment.

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creative writing about india

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Content writing course by iim skills, table of contents, top 9 prestigious creative writing courses in india.

  • Falguni Sharma
  • October 2, 2023
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Somewhere away from the dull and tedious world of conventional hard journalism and business writing, there lies the ingenious and inventive world of fascinating fiction. It is one place where imagination meets classic vocabulary to create magic. If you’re an avid reader and have a deep urge to learn one of the most refreshing skills in the industry, then you have hit the right spot. In this article, we will look at a list of the 9 best creative writing courses in India that not only give you knowledge about all the aspects of writing but also tremendous training to become the best with your craft.

What is creative writing .

Different from all the conventional forms of professional, academic, or technical writing, creative writing is a unique style of presenting one’s imagination creatively on a piece of paper. It is a complete piece of art and imagination that involves an out-of-the-box approach. Creative writing encompasses all the different genres of both fiction and non-fictional writing. All the different forms of creative writing involve poetry, narrative, drama, scriptwriting, memoirs, biography, autobiography, etc.

Importance of Creative Writing 

Creative Writing is a highly important skill in today’s ever-changing world. As we come across new experiences every day, it becomes important to have a nice skill in hand that could make the entire process of expressing your inner emotions very easy. One such highly useful skill is creative writing.

This extremely precious skill not just helps in preserving human emotions, but helps in enhancing the depth of one’s imaginative skills and vocabulary to create engaging content. As every emotion can be expressed through writing, it leads to emotional intelligence. It instills the quality of empathy and also gives wings to one’s imagination and problem-solving abilities.

Creative Writing courses in India provide some of the most inventive and creatively challenging careers in the industry for those interested in it. A degree in creative writing courses can help you improve your writing, research, and creative thinking skills. After taking one such course, candidates can go on to assume various job responsibilities as:

 Advertising Copywriter 

An Advertising Copywriter is in charge of developing and executing various creative advertising campaigns for their clients. They do this by utilizing their exceptional imaginative thinking and creative writing abilities. An advertising copywriter works in the creative department of an advertising or media agency. He/She creates headlines, slogans, catchphrases, and other body copy for print advertisements, social media, or web advertisements. Sometimes an advertising copywriter is also given the role of creating scripts for radio jingles or television commercials.

Editorial Assistant

An editorial assistant assists and supports the publication of printed or online materials such as books, journals, magazines, etc. at all stages. Performing a variety of different tasks, he/she assists the editorial staff with all the administrative and editorial tasks until publication. He organizes and researches projects under tight deadlines, and writes summaries. He is also responsible for editing manuscripts and supervising all the tasks related to the publication.

Magazine Journalist 

A magazine journalist conducts research and writes news articles for various publications. These publications include customer magazines in stores, supermarkets, and trade magazines, also known as business-to-business (B2B) magazines, etc. Magazine journalist spends most of their time researching, writing, and editing news stories for publication houses.

Anyone with imagination, research, and creative thinking abilities could become a professional writer. As a writer, one works to create a variety of fiction and nonfiction works such as children’s stories, novels, poetry, stage scripts, and web content. Nowadays, most writers work as freelancers, researching the market for relevant articles and blog topics. They write for their clients in their field of expertise.

Web Content Manager

After getting a degree in creative writing courses in India, one can easily go on to take the role of a web content manager. The role of a Web Content Manager is to manage all types of content on a specific website, including web pages, videos, blog posts , guest articles, social media, and so on. It is to ensure that all the quality content is nicely laid out for an excellent user experience.

Also, find the best Online Creative Writing Courses

Following is the List of 9 Best Creative Writing Courses in India: 

1. iim skills.

Admired by India’s most respected media conglomerate; The India Today Group, IIM Skills offer the best creative writing course in the industry. The Content Writing Master Course by IIM Skills is a 4-week live classroom course. It features 3 months of guaranteed internship, 30 hours of training (16 Hours Lectures + 14 Hours internship sessions), a dedicated placement cell, and myriad freelance opportunities.

In this course, candidates learn different styles of creative writing like blogs, articles, copywriting, eBooks, news articles, etc. Well-written e-books are given a chance to feature on such platforms as Kindle and Google Books. Candidates also get a chance to write their first blog for prestigious platforms such as The Times of India.

Content Writing Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • WordPress Web Development
  • Digital content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Email Writing
  • Social Media Writing & Video Scripts
  • Creative Writing
  • SOP & Business Listing
  • Legal Writing
  • Technical Writing 101
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing & Ad sense
  • Freelance Content Writing
  • Resume Writing

Participants get a Certification from IIM SKILLS upon the successful completion of this course. It also prepares participants for the HubSpot Content Marketing Certification (USA).

Rs 14,900 + 18% GST

2. Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication  

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication is a unit of the Sri Aurobindo Society. It is a multi-disciplinary mass communication and arts institute. It was founded in 2003 with a vision to shape generations of media professionals who think intuitively, creatively, and communicate properly.

With an excellent curriculum mixed with the goodness of both theory and practical exercises, SACAC offers various one-year to two-year postgraduate courses in Advertising & Public Relations, Audio Engineering & Music Production, Creative Documentary, and Professional Photography.

The creative writing courses in India by Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication are excellent. It is designed by expert writers to help participants explore all the different forms of writing and learn ways to sharpen their imaginative and creative writing skills. This course opens up a new world of prose, poetry, novels, short stories, non-fiction, journalistic articles, and experimental pieces, to the participants.

As every human mind conjures up images but only a creative mind weaves and marries new ideas and words, this course teaches one to get unique ideas, create fascinating plot lines and improve communication skills through various practical writing workshops.

Course Curriculum 

  • Discovering the joy of writing
  • Ways to tap the creative potential
  • Essentials of creative writing
  • Strategy and Style
  • How to get ideas
  • Developing an idea and making it into a story
  • Systematic plan to improve style and content
  • Firing your Imagination
  • Working with prompts
  • Stream of consciousness 
  • Different types of writing
  • Developing characters
  • Dealing with creativity
  • Building the mindset of a writer
  • The Art of Interviewing
  • Structuring your writing
  • Improving communication skills
  • Exploring different genres
  • Learning to listen better and use different senses
  • Feature Writing
  • Short Story
  • Non-Fiction
  • Travel Writing
  •  Film criticism
  •  Writing for Media
  •  Writing tools and techniques
  •  Investigative and Interpretative writing
  •  Scripting for documentaries
  •  Pitching to publications

Online Course Fee Rs. 22000/- + Service Tax

Offline Course Fee Rs.25000/- + Service Tax

Check out the skills-oriented Creative Writing Courses in Delhi

3. Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design, and Technology – Bengaluru  

Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design, and Technology is a part of the branch campus of Manipal Academy of Higher Education in Bengaluru. It is recognized by the Government of India as an Institute of Eminence. It offers world-class infrastructure and a global network via many of its multi-disciplinary programs. It offers many courses in the field of art, design, media, business, technology, humanities, and law.

The creative writing courses in India by the institute are among the best courses for creative writing in the industry. It prepares you well for the job of a creative writer. It covers all the major topics of creative writing and gives you a choice to explore various genres within the department, as well as the ones outside the department, like film & animation, visual communication, etc.

The learning methodology is divided between the rigorous reading of valuable literature and critical theory along with practical assignments, projects, and collaborations to master the art of creative writing.

4. Xavier Institute of Communications   

Xavier Institute of Communications is the curricula unit of St.Xaviers College, Autonomous. This institute is a professional media center that provides various courses and training in the field of media and communication. It holds its center at two locations; the St. Xavier’s College campus and the St. Xavier’s High School Campus, Mumbai.

The creative writing courses in India offered by the institute are some of the best courses in the field of creative writing in India. Taught by an expert herself; Himali Kothari, this course features a comprehensive study of all the essential elements of creative writing.

With its focus on training master writers, this course takes all the elements of a story, fiction, and non-fiction into account to create absolute masterpieces. The curriculum of the course is divided into 8 live classroom sessions which not only focus on extensive training but give valuable feedback as well.

Rs 8,000/- (incl.GST)

Recommended Read: Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata

5. The Himalayan Writing Retreat  

The Creative Writing courses in India by the Himalayan Writing Retreat are among the top best courses for learning the craft of creative writing. The course is led by Chet a Mahajan, a professional writing coach, who is a penguin-published author and also has many of his columns published in the Mint and Outlook magazine, amongst others.

In this creative writing course, you get the chance to dig deep into various aspects of creating a good book. You comprehensively explore all the critical elements of building a fascinating plot line, character sketch, and voice. You also learn the critical art of editing that refines the beauty of the initial draft and gives it a final edge.

You also get a chance to explore various tools for editing, writing better, and disciplining yourself as a creative writer. This course is taught among a group of 10 students to make it more personalized and rewarding. Every candidate is given equal attention to ensure the proper development of their creative and intuitive abilities.

Many other courses offered via both online and offline modes are Non-fiction Writing Course , Blog & Article Writing Course, and Short Story Writing Workshop.

Course Curriculum  

  • Aspects of good writing. Plot, Character, and Point of View
  • Description & Setting, Pace, Language & Editing
  • Writer’s block
  • Publishing options
  • Marketing your book.

Rs 32,000/-

6. Indira Gandhi National Open University  

Indira Gandhi National Open University is a Central Open Learning University located at Maidan Garhi, New Delhi, India. A central government initiative to ensure high quality of distance and open learning, IGNOU is known to offer excellent courses in various fields of education. The Diploma Program in Creative Writing in English (DCE) is one of the excellent creative writing courses in India.

Along with the understanding of all the necessary skills for creative writing, this course also provides the most crucial professional knowledge. All the skills gained through this course enable one to gain a practical edge in the highly competitive industry of creative writing. The complete curriculum of this course is designed to impart essential knowledge in progressive stages so that a learner can develop excellent creative skills.

This course includes training in all the most important creative writing forms, for instance: short stories, articles, scripts for TV/ Radio, poetry, etc. Along with an exhaustive curriculum, this course also features a writing project at the end. The candidate has to do a substantial amount of writing for this project, choosing from:

i) Novella – 20,000 words approximately

ii) 8-10 Features/Articles

iii) 8-10 Short Stories

iv) 12-15 Poetries of 14 lines each

v) Writing Scripts for Television or Radio

vi) Book review

Recommended Read: Creative Writing Courses in Chennai

7. British Council

The Creative Writing courses in India by British Council are highly in-demand courses. Their course offers the opportunity to learn a variety of creative writing techniques to improve the quality of your writing. This comprehensive course covers all the different dimensions of creative writing like plot, characters, dialogue, and setting.

The candidates learn all the modern forms of writing along with the traditional forms like travel blogging, writing reports, feature articles , screenwriting, and memoir writing. Lastly, the learners also explore the tools of writing fascinating poetry and children’s fiction as well.

Taught by highly experienced teachers and mentors, this course features live and interactive. It is the best course for all those energetic enthusiasts whose goal is only to become professional writers.

  • Characters and settings
  • Screenwriting
  • Writing dialogue
  • Children’s Fiction
  • Writing short stories
  • Poetry and poetic tools
  • Experimental writing
  • Travel writing
  • Getting published

Course Delivery   

The course will feature 36 hours of learning through online classes and 14 hours of interactive and peer-learning via an online interactive learning platform.

Rs 10,000/-

Recommended Read: Creative Writing Courses in Kerala

8. Symbiosis center of distance learning   

Established in the year 2001, Symbiosis center of distance learning (SCDL) is a premier platform that imparts quality education in various fields. It offers various Post Graduate Diploma, Diploma, and Certificate courses across various industry sectors including Business Management, International Business, Information Technology, Banking and Finance, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Business and Corporate Law and Entrepreneurship Development.

The creative writing courses in India by SCDL are one of a kind. It incorporates all the qualities of some of the best courses for creative writing in the industry. It provides all the theoretical knowledge regarding all the different aspects of writing along with the training needed by fresh candidates to become professional writers.

This Diploma in creative writing in the English program enables one to nurture one’s aptitude for creative thinking. Through this course, candidates get a chance to become well acquainted with all the different genres of writing and thus get a chance to work in various fields like journalism, communication, media, advertising and public relations, corporate communications, professional writing, and publishing, etc.

The Expressive Self

  • Your Physical Self
  • Your Thinking Self
  • Your Feeling Self
  • Your Aspirations
  • Relating to your Family
  • Relating to your Friends
  • Responding to your Environment
  • Responding to Issues and Concerns

Experiencing the Word

  • Reliving and Recording Spoken Words
  • Spoken Word Stories
  • Living Stories
  • The Interview
  • From the News
  • The Big Stories
  • Visual Stimulants

Creative Lives

  • The Travelling Story-Teller
  • Restless Play
  • Inside Magic
  • On the Cutting Edge
  • Tales from Beyond
  • Reflecting the Times
  • The Romance of Life

Semester II  

Sources of Creativity

  • The Right Approach
  • The Experience of Hearing
  • The Experience of Touch
  • Sight, Smell, and Taste Encounters
  • The Magic of Dream and Memory
  • Emotions and the Living Journal

Preparatory Practices

  • Features of Language and Reading
  • The Art of Reflective Reading
  • Reading Fiction and Poetry
  • Clarity in Writing
  • Cohesion and Color
  • The Language of Poetry
  • Writing Dialogue

Introduction to Creative Forms of Writing  

  • Qualities of Great Writing
  • Walt Whitman (Lyrical Tradition)
  • Aspects of Drama
  • Short Fiction
  • Fiction and Contemporary Indian Essay
  • The Transcendental American Essay
  • Understanding the process of how great Writers Relate to Their Art

Rs 35,000/-

9. The Writers Bureau  

Established in the year 1989 to provide high-quality training in the field of creative writing, The Writers Bureau offers a variety of specialist writing courses as well as Comprehensive Creative Writing courses in India. The comprehensive creative writing course by The Writers Bureau is the best course for all beginners in the field of creative writing.

It teaches freshers everything needed to get started with the whole process of writing. Along with covering all the essential topics related to the theoretical approach of the subject, this course highly focuses on imparting practical knowledge to enable its students to create stories that sell.

All the beginners are highly advised to take this course and also earn while they learn. This course also comes with a full refund guarantee and a 15-day trial to make sure it is ideal for you.

Rs 44,400/-

1. What is a creative writing diploma?

A Diploma in creative writing is an extremely useful degree program in the field of creative writing. It provides all the needed understanding, skills, and professional knowledge in the tremendously challenging field of imaginative writing. It gives the candidates much-needed practical knowledge about all the difficulties on their way to becoming successful writers.

2. How do I start creative writing?  

One should be an avid reader to first get into the mesmerizing world of creative writing. One should practice writing every day, have a point of view, good vocabulary, and use literary devices. But, before everything, it is highly needed to know one’s audience and write for them.

3. Is it necessary to take creative writing courses in India?  

No, it is not necessary to do a course for Creative writing. You can give your craft a completely different edge just by writing a lot of creative assignments and getting people’s honest feedback.

Creative writing is one of the most challenging but inventive skills in the industry. It not only demands good writing abilities but also great emotional intelligence. In today’s world of increasing competition, one needs to hone all the previously learned skills with the edge of newer trends. We shared with you a list of the 10 best creative writing courses in India. All the aspiring writers should choose one among all the excellent training. This might strengthen their observation skills, give them new innovative ideas to write on, and lastly, give them the most needed guidance to deal with writer’s block.


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creative writing about india

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creative writing about india

The interdisciplinary major in English and Creative Writing combines the joys of reading literature with the practice of writing it. It seeks to produce a rich and full literary experience where critical thinking and creative writing complement each other. Students in this major will emerge as writers and thinkers through an intellectual approach to literary texts and traditions from various historical periods and global spaces alongside rigorous practice in writing in one or more literary genres.

Curriculum Structure and Credit Requirements

To complete an interdisciplinary major in English and Creative Writing, a student must do 11 English courses and 5 Creative Writing courses. The course break-up is as follows:

11 English courses:

2 Gateways Forms of Literature Introduction to Literary Theory

3 of 4 Survey Courses Early British Literature Literature in the Age of Empire Postcolonial Literatures Indian Literatures

6 English Electives 1 Critical Thinking Seminar* 2 1000/2000-level courses** 3 3000-level courses

Up to 2 cross-listed courses from another department can count towards these electives.

*The Critical Thinking Seminar is a requirement for batches from the incoming Undergraduate Batch of 2023. Previous batches can count a CTS towards their interdisciplinary major, but they are not required to do so. Instead, they can fulfill this requirement by taking another 1000/2000-level elective.

**English majors can take a maximum of ONE approved language course in an approved language (Sanskrit, Persian, Greek, Latin, Old English) instead of one of their required 1000/2000-level electives.

5 Creative Writing courses:

3 Gateways Introduction to Creative Writing Craft of Writing Reading to Write

Any 1 Creative Writing Workshops Publishing Seminar (to be taken in the semester before your graduate)

Students will produce a thesis in creative writing to complete their interdisciplinary BA (Hons.) in English and Creative Writing. It can be in a genre of their choice: poetry, fiction, or nonfiction — in short or long-form. The minimum length for a prose thesis is 25,000-30,000 words; for poetry, the minimum length is 10, 000 words. This thesis will be accompanied by a 3000-word critical introduction, which can be either an academic essay or a reflection on one’s own writing process. Students will work on editing the drafts of their theses as a community in their Publishing Seminar.

In your ASP year, you have the option of writing an advanced capstone thesis in Creative Writing .

Alternately, you could also do an Advanced English Major and write the compulsory thesis, which can either be academic or creative. For the Advanced Major in English, you are required to complete a total of 24 credits: 8 credits are from your Graduate Proseminar across two semesters; 8 credits are from a 4000-level English elective each in the two semesters; for the remaining 8 credits, you can either choose to do a teaching practicum, one in each semester (4 credits each), or take 2 more 4000 level English electives, or one teaching practicum and one 4000 level elective.

TAship Policy

The English department (TA in 4th year, which will give academic credits for the completion of the 24 credits required to finish the ASP in English).

For the Creative writing department, you can apply to be a TA in your third and fourth years, creative writing TAs get additional credits.

Study at Ashoka

creative writing about india


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    Henry Harvin® Creative Writing Course Ranks#1 in India by The Statesman! Creative Master the creative writing skills to compose engaging Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Drama, and Poetry that will snap a reader's curiosity from the advent to end of your write-up. Medical Writing Training. Course and Certificate.

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    The M.A. in English (Creative Writing) is the first-of-its-kind multilingual, transdisciplinary Masters' programme in India. The course is taught by faculty comprising published writers, poets, playwrights, scriptwriters, advertisers, journalists, web-content creators, animation writers, translators from India and abroad.

  14. 20 Best Creative Writing Courses in India: 2023

    1. Henry Harvin Writing Academy Henry Harvin Education is one of the top-class institutes providing online and offline training with certification courses. They believe in the power of words, and each text has its way of expressing it to the world. Henry Harvin thinks that content is getting actionable results and enhancing their performance.

  15. Best Creative Writing Courses in India with Placement

    In India, Creative writing is much coveted. The below chart shows the interest in this subject over time in India. It also shows that this form of writing is intriguing for people to embrace as a passion. Many institutions in India provide creative writing courses. They are both offline and online because of the new social pandemic norms.

  16. India's 8 best Creative Writing universities [2023 Rankings]

    8 Best universities for Creative Writing in India Updated: July 18, 2023 EduRank Ranking by academic field Below is a list of best universities in India ranked based on their research performance in Creative Writing.

  17. Top 5 Institutes offering creative writing courses in India

    A Creative Writing course can be defined in a variety of ways, based on what the course aims to teach you. ... We bring you the top 5 institutes and platforms offering creative writing courses in India: British Council India. In order to help prospective writers, the British Council offers a variety of writing courses. For any and all aspiring ...

  18. Top 8 Online Creative Writing Courses in India With Placements

    A Career in Creative Writing in India There is a huge demand for creative writers globally with the growing use of social media and digital platforms. As creative writing touches various genres of writing, it offers numerous job opportunities and career scopes in this field.

  19. Best Creative Writing Courses & Certificates Online [2023]

    Creative Writing Skills you'll gain: Creativity, Human Learning, Storytelling, Writing 4.6 (5.8k reviews) Beginner · Specialization · 3 - 6 Months Free Michigan State University Write Your First Novel Skills you'll gain: Storytelling 4.3 (285 reviews) Beginner · Course · 3 - 6 Months University of Michigan Good with Words: Writing and Editing

  20. Top 8 Prestigious Creative Writing Courses in India

    +91 9580 740 740 WhatsApp Top 8 Prestigious Creative Writing Courses in India November 2, 2023 Amit Kumar Courses, Creative Writing The creation of words in such a way that can carry your true emotions into words comes under creative writing. Creative writing is the art of crafting words in a glamorous format for reaching out to people's hearts.

  21. Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in India (Leaked)

    Creative Writing is a form of expressional writing wherein one portrays the inner emotions or the conceptual emotions in the form of poetry, fiction writing, essays, scripts, screenplays and more. These writings do follow certain limitations but are a true form of exploration. You begin conversations about the way you perceive or you think.

  22. Top 9 Prestigious Creative Writing Courses in India

    Following is the List of 9 Best Creative Writing Courses in India: 1. IIM Skills. Admired by India's most respected media conglomerate; The India Today Group, IIM Skills offer the best creative writing course in the industry. The Content Writing Master Course by IIM Skills is a 4-week live classroom course.

  23. Ashoka University: Leading Liberal Arts and Sciences University

    Students will produce a thesis in creative writing to complete their interdisciplinary BA (Hons.) in English and Creative Writing. It can be in a genre of their choice: poetry, fiction, or nonfiction — in short or long-form. The minimum length for a prose thesis is 25,000-30,000 words; for poetry, the minimum length is 10, 000 words.

  24. Creative Writing Strategist, India

    Mumbai, India. Creative Content. Netflix is building the world's leading entertainment platform, offering great films and series that push the boundaries of storytelling and delight members of all ages and tastes across the world. Our team, Creative Writing Strategy, shapes the words that guide members to the content that is right for them.