How to Write a Termination Letter

When you decide to fire an employee, a termination letter is the formal notice of the action that will also serve as a permanent record. Although this is an unpleasant situation, you can handle it with finesse when you write a professional termination letter that covers all the important points.

The purpose of the termination letter is to serve as the official written notice of the termination as well as outlining the process for the employee such as collecting a final paycheck and claiming any remaining benefits. Include a summary of the reasons for the termination in the letter. All the information the former employee needs should be included in the termination letter.

When to Send the Termination Letter

The termination letter does not serve as the means of breaking the news of the termination to the employee. Rather, it’s customary for a manager or human resources representative to hold a face-to-face meeting with the employee to discuss the termination and the reasons for it. The meeting is the time to discuss the events that led up to the decision to terminate.

Additional Information to Include in the Termination Letter

Think of the termination letter as a written record of the end of the employee’s career with your company. Briefly outline the reason for the termination, whether due to poor performance, a specific incident or incidents, poor attendance or another problem. The letter should include a brief overview of the termination details to serve as a record of the decision. You’ll keep the termination letter in the employee’s file in the event that you need to confirm or verify something in the future.

Use a Sample Termination Letter

If the termination situation is uncomplicated, you can likely use a sample termination letter as a template for your letter. The sample will include an opening sentence that informs the employee of the termination. The next part will include a list of the reasons, followed by a list of remaining compensation or benefits the employee can expect. If the employee is in possession of company property, request its return immediately. Close the letter with a reminder about any confidentiality policies.

Complicated Terminations

There may be times when you should consult an attorney before terminating an employee. If it’s possible that the employee will file a lawsuit for wrongful termination, discuss the situation with an attorney before you proceed so that you protect the company from any liability or allegations of wrongdoing. The attorney can help you during the termination meeting as well as with writing the termination letter to ensure that you proceed legally.

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covering letter for gst notice

Reply Letter Format to GST Department in Word

Reply Letter Format to GST Department - GST Format Word

If you have received a letter from GST Department in relation with your taxation then you must frame a formal reply letter to GST notice to explain yourself in a formal way. You can follow the letter to GST officer format to respond to the notice from the department to avoid any complications. Letter to GST Department has to be precise and must have the clarification in context of the notice. It must include answers to all the questions that have been posed by the department.

In this post, you will find the format for reply of GST notice . Use this GST reply letter format in Word based on your requirement.

Letter Format for Reply of GST Notice

The Chairman

Adinath Sweets Pvt. Ltd.

Date: February 20 th , 2020

The GST Officer,

Sub: In response to letter no. 123/456/789 dated 20-02-2020.

This letter is in response to the above mentioned letter in context of GST recovery of an amount of Rs. 38,525 (Thirty Eight Thousand Five Hundred and Twenty Five Rupees Only) for the period of January 2019 to March 2019.

We would like to bring to your notice that due to the fire breakout at our store in the month of April 2019, our store was under reconstruction which took almost four months. Due to this, there has been a significant loss in production and sales of sweets which has resulted in financial crisis to the firm. In addition to this, all our documents were lost and we had to work on reviving the whole system for months.

We are still working on getting complete hold of our accounts for that period and we would appreciate if you could give us some more time allowing us to file our return for the above stated quarter and also submit the due GST amount. We request you to allow us another month to make the submissions.

Click Here to Download Reply Letter Format to GST Department in Word

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Tally Solutions | Updated on: August 23, 2021

--> published date: | updated on: --> <--, introduction, what is a show cause gst notice.

  • Case I: No Fraud – And the motivation was not to evade taxes
  • Case II: Fraud - With the intention to evade taxes

Handling a show cause GST notice and GST notice reply letter format

As we all know, the Goods & Service Tax (GST) is payable on self-assessment basis i.e. assessee himself has to determine its tax liability.

If the determination of assessee goes wrong i.e. assessee has short paid any taxes or not paid any taxes or has wrong availed and utilized any input tax credit or has erroneously been refunded, then, under such circumstances, demand would be raised by the GST officials by way of issuing GST notices - to be called as Show cause notices under taxation parlance.

The provisions of demand, manner of serving of GST notice and the consequent recovery provisions are similar to the provisions of Service Tax and Central Excise Act.

Show cause notice is the first stage in any investigation in tax laws. In Goods and Services Tax Act, show cause notice is to be issued before any penalty is levied or demand is raised. SCN is also required to be issued while taking action for payment of Goods and Services tax collected from any person which has not been deposited with the Central Government.

When does a GST notice served on a tax payer?

GST notice shall be served on a tax payer depending upon the motivation of the tax payer in evading taxes.

  • Tax is unpaid/short paid by the tax payer or,
  • Refund is wrongly made by him or where,
  • Input tax credit has been wrongly availed/utilized

The proper officer (i.e., GST authorities) will serve a show cause GST notice on the taxpayer. The tax payer will then be required to pay the amount due, along with interest and penalty.

Handling a GST notice: The points stated below are important to note while handling show cause GST notices:

  • Date of notice and date of receipt of GST notice could be different. While acknowledging the Show cause GST notice, always remember to put date and time over the acknowledgement copy.
  • Don't avoid the receipt of SCN. If such notice is being served, there is no point in avoiding receiving it. First, it has to be received and then contested/replied. Non-receipt is considered as a service.
  • If the service of notice is time barred, it could be suitably replied with substantiating evidence.
  • If the SCN is beyond one year, it will have to be proved that there was no suppression etc. on assessees part so that department cannot invoke the provision of five years. SCN has to prove suppression.
  • In case you are contemplating any SCN, and you feel that service tax has to be paid, it would be advisable to pay service tax before SCN is issued. SCN cannot be issued for the amounts already paid.
  • Whenever SCN is intended to enhance the liability of assessee or reduce the amount of refund, an opportunity of being heard is necessary and it cannot be denied by the revenue.
  • You can challenge the validity and legality of SCN served on you on the basis of facts, time or even jurisdiction.
  • SCN is always issued in writing. There is nothing like GST notice.
  • SCN must mention amount demanded any SCN without amount is not valid. Also, the amount of the proposed penalty should be mentioned.
  • SCN is to be issued for a particular period. Where demand is raised, admitted and paid, SCN will still be required in those scenarios to be served for the subsequent period.
  • Department cannot go beyond what is mentioned in SCN and adjudicate an issue which is not a subject matter of SCN.
  • SCN is required to be replied within the stipulated time mentioned in the notice and must be replied accordingly.
  • While efforts must be made to comply with the same, it would be advisable to seek an extension of time or adjournment which is normally granted.
  • Try to provide reply or explanation to all points covered in SCN and wherever necessary, substantiate the reply with documentary evidence.
  • Detailed reply may be submitted along with earlier decided case laws.
  • A list of evidence on which you are relying must also be submitted.
  • Even where you have submitted a detailed and convincing reply to SCN, you should seek the option of personal hearing and carve to alter or amend or modify your reply to show cause at any stage during adjudication proceedings.
  • Where the penalty is levied or demand is confirmed or refund is revoked, you can always seek alternative measures for relief that there was a reasonable cause which prevented you from compliance of provisions.
  • Orders issued against show cause notice are appealable.
  • If you are not in a position to represent your case personally, better hire a professional to guide you in drafting a reply to SCN and represent your case at adjudication stage.
  • SCNs have to be properly defended and argued for this stage builds the foundation for further actions.

It is felt that the above points if borne in mind by the assessees and service providers shall help them in appropriately replying to the show cause notice issued by the Department.

GST notice Reply letter format:   Form – GST CMP 06

Note 1: The reply should not be more than 500 characters. If it is more than 500 characters, then it should be uploaded separately.

Note 2: Supporting documents, if any, may be uploaded in PDF format.

Conclusion:  How  Tally.ERP 9 provides you assistance with relation to show causes notices. No, it doesn’t have provisions for replying to a show cause notice but with Tally, you can  file GST returns  before due date effectively and efficiently.

Tally.ERP 9 validates maximum information to be filed in the returns like  GSTIN ,  HSN code ,  tax rates and its calculation, the applicability of a type of supply i.e intra-state and inter-state etc. It helps taxpayers in preparing  GSTR 1  i.e. outward supplies return and reconcile it with GSTR 3B so that tax liability shown in GSTR 3B matches with the final return for outward supplies. (GSTR 1)

Tally Solutions | Nov-28-2019

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Consent Letter For GST Registration: Format and Requirements

Updated on : Nov 7th, 2023

In an e-commerce era where budding entrepreneurs carry out business remotely or from homes, without an office space, there are scenarios where businesses must register under GST declaring a place of business which are neither owned nor rented out by them. It invokes the use of the consent letter.

They must still comply with the GST law since that will legally authorise them to collect taxes from their buyers and pass on the input credit of taxes paid. Only such GST registered businesses will be legally recognised as suppliers of goods or services, made mandatory to sell on e-commerce sites. If you want to verify the authenticity of the GST number of such sellers, you can use the GST search tool.

The article provides details on using a consent letter, who should sign it, format for downloading the consent letter for GST registration.

Meaning of GST consent letter or NOC

Many businesses are carrying out their work from home as they do not have a registered commercial place of business. If such premises on which work is being carried out is owned, then a document supporting the taxpayer’s ownership is to be uploaded at the time of registration.

If the premises are rented, then a valid rent/lease agreement is to be uploaded. If it’s neither owned nor rented, then such taxpayers are required to submit a consent letter at the time of upload of their proof of place of business.

It is a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner of the premises stating that he doesn’t have any objection to the taxpayer using the premises for carrying out business. Under GST, there is no specific format for the consent letter. It can be any written document.

Who must sign the consent letter?

The owner of the premises should sign a consent letter. In some cases, GST officers ask for a consent letter on a stamp paper, and the same should be notarised as well. However, one can upload the consent letter without even printing it on stamp paper. If a GST officer specifically asks for the content letter to be printed on stamp paper, the taxpayer can get the needful done.

Other documents with consent letter

The consent letter should be uploaded along with address proof of business like a Municipal Khata copy or an electricity bill.

Steps to upload the consent letter

Step 1: Visit the GST portal and go to ‘Services’ -> ‘Registration’ -> ‘New Registration’.  

Step 2: While filling up the form, select ‘Consent’ under the nature of possession of premises if the place of business is a rented premise or the taxpayer uses the premises of a relative. The owner of the premises must sign the consent letter.  

Step 3: The consent letter can be uploaded in PDF or JPEG format, but the file size cannot be more than 1 MB.

Format of a consent letter



This is to certify that I ……………………..(Name of the owner), owner of the property  …………………………………………………. (Principal address) have permitted and allowed …………………………. (Name of the Proprietor) for operating and conducting their business from the ADDRESS MENTIONED ABOVE.

I further state that I have no objection if …………………………. (Name of the proprietor) uses the address of the said premises as their mailing address.

This is no objection certificate issued to obtain registration under GST.

Owner of the property

……………………………. (Name of the owner)

Date: …….……….

Place: …………….                           

Download GST Consent Letter

Please click on the below link to download the Word format of the GST Consent letter.

Failure to submit a consent letter

If a taxpayer forgets to submit the consent letter and the address proof while filing the GST registration application in Form GST REG-01, the GST officer may put the application on hold. In such cases, the taxpayers may receive communication via email or phone. On receiving such communication, the taxpayer will be required to submit the consent letter with the application.

Popular FAQs on GST Consent Letter

Is the trade name of the proprietor needed in the consent letter.

No, the trade name of the sole proprietor is not required to be mentioned in the consent letter.

What type of stamp paper is required for GST registration NOC?

Not all of the applicants need to submit the NOC on stamp paper. They can use normal paper. Only if the jurisdictional officer insists on submitting it on the stamp paper, they can go for it.

Why is NOC required for GST registration?

NOC or consent letter is needed for GST registration of such taxpayers who are neither doing business on their own premises nor doing business in rented premises. For instance, Mr. Ram is staying with his parents in their own flat. He starts his practice as a chartered accountant and wants to obtain GST registration. He does not have any other place of business as he works from home. In this case, he must obtain the signed consent letter from his parents.

How do I write a business consent letter?

You can download the consent letter format provided in the above section, and fill up the details of the owner and your business. Thereafter, obtain their signature.

Does a rent agreement need to be notarised for GST registration?

No, you do not need to notarise the consent letter unless insisted so by the jurisdictional officer who is processing your GST registration application.

inline CTA

About the Author


Athena Rebello

A Chartered Accountant by profession and a writer by passion. I write for all things GST.. Read more


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