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  • Submitting a complaint or reporting a technical issue

If you’re having trouble with our platform or services, you can submit a complaint or report a technical issue. We’ll try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

What’s in this article :

Submitting a complaint to us

Reporting a technical issue with our platform, understanding our complaint handling process.

Follow these steps to submit a complaint to us:

  • Go to the Dispute resolution centre
  • Select Partner and enter your personal information.
  • Select a topic, then under Message enter a description of your complaint – the more detailed information you include, the easier it will be for us to solve the issue

You can report a technical issue with our platform via the extranet or the Pulse app, and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible. Keep in mind these steps for self-managed partners. Self-managed partners are those who handle their business operations themselves. They don't have an account manager, affiliate, or agency to manage their property.

Follow these steps to report a technical issue via the extranet:

  • Log in to the extranet
  • Click Inbox , then select Booking.com Messages
  • Click See contact options
  • Select the topic Account and the subtopic Other
  • Click on See all contact options
  • Click on Message
  • Compose your message and click on Send Message

Follow these steps to report a technical issue via the Pulse app:

  • Open the Pulse app on your mobile device
  • Tap More , then scroll down and tap Help
  • Tap the envelope icon
  • Choose the appropriate subject from the drop-down menu
  • Describe your problem in as much detail as possible, then tap Send
  • We’ll confirm receipt of your complaint via the Extranet inbox or by email, and provide you with more info about the process and what you can expect for the next steps
  • We’ll also send you regular updates on the progress of your complaint
  • A member of our team may contact you if we need more info about your complaint
  • We’ll let you know what the outcome of your complaint is as soon as we resolve it

You can reply to your case handler via the Extranet inbox or by email, with your response to the offered resolution. If you disagree with how your complaint was resolved, you can use the mediation services we offer our partners and properties in the European Economic Area. For more info on mediation, read  this article .

You can find more info on complaint topics and outcomes in our annual Complaint Handling Report .

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Feedback, technical support & contacting us, how can i submit feedback or make a complaint.

  • How do I request mediation?
  • Escalating meta channel issues
  • Where you can reach us
  • Contacting us for support

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Frequently asked questions

Can i cancel my booking.

Yes, any cancellation fees are determined by the property and listed in your cancellation policy. You will pay any additional costs to the property.

If I need to cancel my booking, will I pay a fee?

If you have a free cancellation booking, you won't pay a cancellation fee. If your booking is no longer free to cancel or is non-refundable, you may incur a cancellation fee. Any cancellation fees are determined by the property. You will pay any additional costs to the property.

Who is going to charge my credit card, and when?

Generally, the property is responsible for charging your card. If payment is instead handled by Booking.com, this will be stated clearly in your booking confirmation.

You can commonly expect to pay upon check-in or check-out at the property. However there are some exceptions, such as those properties that require a prepayment for all or some of the total amount. Again, this will be stated clearly in your confirmation and payment policies.

If there is no prepayment policy, it’s also possible that the property may take a test payment from your card before you stay. This is a temporary hold, that’s used to validate your card and guarantee your booking. Unlike a real charge, this test payment will be returned to your card.

Can I make changes to my booking? I.e, change dates

Yes! You can make changes to your booking from your confirmation email or at Booking.com. Depending on the property's policy, you can do the following:

Change check-in/out times

Change date

Cancel booking

Edit credit card details

Change guest details

Select bed type

Change room type

Make a request

I can't find my confirmation email. What should I do?

Be sure to check your email inbox, spam and junk folders. If you still can't find your confirmation, go to booking.com/help and we'll resend it to you.

Can I make a reservation without a credit card?

A valid card is needed to guarantee your reservation with most properties. We do offer a number of properties, however, that will guarantee your reservation without a card. You can also make a booking using someone else’s card provided you have their permission. In this case please confirm the card holder’s name and that you have permission to use their card, in the ‘Special Requests’ box when making your booking.

Why have I been charged?

The charge you see could be any one of the following:

Pre-authorisation: A pre-authorisation is just a validity check that temporarily blocks on your credit card an amount roughly equivalent to the cost of your reservation. The amount will be unblocked after a certain time period. How long this takes will depend on the property and your credit card provider.

Deposit or Prepayment: Some properties require a deposit or prepayment at the time of reservation. This policy is clearly highlighted during the reservation process, and you can see it in your confirmation email as well. If you are eligible for free cancellation, this amount is returned to you if you choose to cancel your reservation.

Our Customer Service team is always there for you if you need help with a payment issue. You can go to booking.com/help to get in touch with us.

How do I find out if a property allows pets?

Pet policies are always displayed on the property’s page under "House rules".

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booking com complaints department

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Decoding Booking.com Complaints: Understanding the Process and Resolution

booking com complaints department

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booking com complaints department

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booking com complaints department

About Houst

Houst is a leading property management company specialising in short-term and medium-term bookings in eight countries. With over 7 years of experience and managing over 300,000 bookings, we help homeowners make the most of their properties.

Booking.com is one of the largest online booking websites, with millions of hotel and home rentals available.

The company aims to provide its users with a convenient way to book their next trip, from flights and trains to hotels and tours.

However, things can go wrong during your stay or vacation—right after you’ve booked it! This can be frustrating when you didn’t expect these issues for such a large provider in the travel industry.

On this page we will show you how to report problems with Booking.com reservations so that they are resolved quickly for future travelers.

Whether you were dissatisfied with your stay or simply wish to provide feedback to Booking.com to assist them improve their service, you must know what to do. Here's how you can go about it.

Table of Contents

How can I send feedback or complaints to Booking.com?

Booking.com is one of the most popular online reservation websites for flights, hotels, and auto rentals. The website began in the Netherlands, but it has since evolved to become one of the most trusted travel websites in the world.

Booking.com now operates in over 40 languages and serves over 200 destinations. In addition, the site is supported by at least 184 offices in over 70 countries. Booking.com customers may effortlessly book their travel reservations via their Android phones, iPads, and iPhones. You can book hotels, hostels, flats, villas, and bed and breakfasts.

The social experience of the site may be found on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Have you used Booking.com and wish to thank them for their hard work or report a problem that the developers should look into?

That's where client feedback comes in, and it's always an important part of guaranteeing customer pleasure. So, how can you provide feedback or make a complaint to Booking.com? Continue reading to discover out.

How can I file or make a complaint?

If you are a client and want to file a complaint with Booking.com or provide real criticism regarding their service performance, please follow the steps below:

1. First, log in to your account and navigate to your inbox.

2. Once there, click "Compose new message" and be sure to select the appropriate subject from the drop-down box, or proceed to "Property Info" for help with general enquiries.

3. After you've finished writing the message and double-checked that everything is correct, click or press the "Submit message" button to submit your feedback or complaint. Your message has been received by Booking.com, and someone will respond as soon as possible.

Booking.com customer reviews

You can write a review of the site based on your experience, in addition to providing feedback and complaints to Booking.com. Guest reviews are treated as subjective opinions expressed by guests who have stayed at a property booked through Booking.com.

When you attempt to submit a guest review, keep in mind that only guests who have booked through the site can do so.

What is the process of guest reviews?

Guest reviews are the best way for the site to obtain vital input and improve the guests' experience. This comment will often highlight a property's best attributes and influence future potential guests to book it.

Booking.com typically delivers review invites to guests within 48 hours after check-out, and you have up to three months to complete the evaluation and provide feedback. If you do not receive a review invitation within 48 hours of checking out, please contact Booking.com customer support.

Your review must be honest and solely based on your experience after staying in a specific facility. Before posting your review on Booking.com, someone will check for inappropriate language and confirm your identity. Booking.com prohibits the use of harsh language in reviews.

If your review is deemed offensive or irrelevant, Booking.com will delete it from their site. Booking.com allows you to leave an anonymous review in order to protect your privacy.

If you opt to submit an anonymous review, the site is responsible for protecting your privacy and will not share your information with anybody. You can also leave a review using either your real name or a nickname. If you made the reservation on someone else's behalf, that individual will get a guest evaluation form on your behalf.

How can I report a Booking.com technical issue?

If you encounter a technical issue with our platform, please report it using the extranet or the Pulse app, and a member of our staff will contact you as soon as possible. Keep these steps in mind for self-managed partners.

To report a technical issue via the extranet, follow these steps:

  • Enter the extranet.
  • Click Inbox, then Booking.com. Messages
  • Click See your contact choices.
  • Choose a topic, then click View contact options.
  • Choose the topic Account as well as the subtopic Other
  • Please click on See all available contact methods
  • Choose Message.
  • Create your message and then click Send Message.

To report a technical issue using the Pulse app, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Pulse app on your smartphone.
  • Scroll down and tap Help after tapping More.
  • Choose the envelope icon. Choose the right topic from the drop-down menu.
  • Explain your issue as thoroughly as possible, then click Send.

Top 3 ways to address complain with Booking.com

Here are 3 ways to file a complaint with Booking.com.

1. Via Phone

When booking a hotel on the Internet, users should carefully read the hotel policy. Some hotels do not have a policy of refunding your money if you cancel your reservation. Some, on the other hand, allow travelers to cancel and receive a partial or full refund. 

If you choose a hotel in the latter category and cancelled your reservation, you will have to wait a few days for the reimbursement to appear in your bank account. If the refund process is taking too long, you can just call booking.com at 000 800 001 6075. International clients can contact customer service at 1-917-421-7237.

2. Send them an email

Writing to booking.com customer support is one of the most reliable methods of contacting them. To do so, sign in to your bookings.com account and navigate to the assistance centre. The assistance centre is accessible by a direct link at the bottom of the main page. 

When you arrive at the assistance centre, select the "ask a question" option. On the following page, you will be able to choose a category. Choose one and explain the problem in the text box before clicking the "next" button. Please keep in mind that this message will be forwarded to your email address.

3. Live help

This is the quickest way to contact someone at booking.com. You only need to go to Booking.com and login in to your account. Following that, you must navigate to the website's customer service section. 

A few options will appear on your screen, the first of which being Live chat. After selecting this option, you will be able to talk with a customer support representative. You can explain the problem with your refund and cancellation, and the support team will assist you with a timely resolution.

How to report a problem with a reservation?

If you are having a problem with a reservation, it's important to report your complaint as soon as possible. You can contact Booking.com by email, phone or online chat. 

You should include your reservation number and the details of your complaint in your correspondence with them. You should also include any other information that you think is relevant (such as the name of an employee who helped with the booking).

If sending an email doesn't resolve things to your satisfaction, consider sending a letter instead--it may give them more time to investigate what happened and come up with solutions for you!

Booking.com is a popular online travel agency owned by the same company as Expedia. The company has over 1,500 employees worldwide and offers customer service in 12 different languages. Booking.com has been recognized for its good reputation for customer service, which makes it a popular choice for travelers looking to book their next vacation or business trip online.

The Insider @ Houst

The Insider @ Houst

The Insider team provides up-to-date and relevant information on short-term rentals to help navigate the world of short lets. If you're interested in publishing your content, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

booking com complaints department

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booking com complaints department

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booking com complaints department

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booking com complaints department

booking com complaints department

How to complain about booking.com

two women in masks on plane

Complaining to Booking.com

How to complain to booking.com and get results? It is HARD as the company’s customer service is not good. If you need to complain about booking.com read all of the below to see how difficult it can be, even as a consumer expert! See the links which will all help you in your pursuit of complaining about booking.com!

Complaining about Booking.com in the media

You may have seen the ITV Tonight programme on 2 December 2021 about complaining. Part of the programme was a story about how I helped Olivia and Bella get their money back from Booking.com.

Given the time allowed for the segment, we could not cover the whole saga! Here, in all its glory, is what happened. It was one of the most frustrating cases with which I have ever been involved. It is certainly up there with Virgin Media for being one of the poorest companies at communication.

I do believe, being the cynical cow that I am, that some businesses think that providing such appalling service will just put people off. Because, in reality, it does. However, it just makes me more determined.

I then got involved.

Booking.com booking

Olivia and her friend Bella booked a property in Albufeira for two nights. They paid for this in full on Booking.com and received confirmation that same day. They also had a reminder email about the upcoming trip on Sunday 15 th August. On Thursday 17 th August they flew to Portugal as planned, leaving East Midlands Airport at 7:00am.

two women in masks on plane

They arrived in Portugal on time, went through all the necessary checks and then got a taxi to the hotel arriving around 12:10. When trying to check in they were advised that it was too early and they could leave their cases behind reception and make use of the hotel facilities.

Woman in t shirt and shorts in mask outside of landed plane

Booking.com problems started

At 13:50 (ten minutes before check-in) they received an email from Booking.com to inform them that the hotel reservation had been cancelled. This email came with no explanation nor an apology. Bella and Olivia sat by the pool frightened, as they were now alone in a foreign country with no accommodation, not knowing what to do as Booking.com had offered no assistance.

At reception they were told that the hotel had informed Booking.com at the time of booking and that the reservation should have been cancelled immediately at that point.

After finally getting through to Booking.com customer service, they explained their situation and were immediately cut off. Frustrated and scared, they contacted Booking.com a second time, and spoke with a woman who said, “I am in Japan and it is midnight, I don’t know what you want me to do.”

Alternative hotels were out of their budget so they decided to find a flight home.

Return home due to Booking.com failure

Due to the COVID regulations for entering England, they had to have a negative test taken within 72 hours of departure. The test that they did before leaving was quickly running out of time to ensure they were eligible for entry into the UK.

Bella and Olivia recall:

“There was only one remaining flight back to the UK which took off at around 7:00pm, if we couldn’t book and make it on that flight, they would have been on the streets in Portugal!”

Left with no choice, the flight was booked at 16.00 and they had to quickly get changed and get a taxi to the airport to ensure they made the flight.

They got the flight home and calculated their financial losses, made up of the loss of their hotel and all consequential losses which are the result of the failure by Booking.com.

Total costs incurred due to booking.com’s mistakes

  • Hotel Cost £189.44 on 07/08/2021
  • Antigen tests to travel out (Covid-19) – £58
  • Day 2 PCR tests (medicines online) – £98
  • Pre booked test for out in Portugal to be able to return home – £36.16
  • Breakfast at the airport – £19.87
  • Taxi to the hotel – €42 / £36
  • Taxi back to the airport – €42 / £36
  • Food at the airport – €15/12.87
  • Flights out (Ryanair) – £43.33
  • Original flights back (Jet2) – £65
  • Early flights back (Ryanair) – £280.58
  • Total = £ 875.25

Complaining to Booking.com got partial refund

The pair received just £187.75 from Booking.com on 18/08/2021.

All requests for anything else had been ignored, which is where I came in.

The Complaining Cow brings complaining plan of action against Booking.com

It is slightly more complicated complaining to a company outside of the EU since the UK left the EU due to different cross border laws. However, we still had a number of options available. The first step was to escalate the issue by writing to the CEO, finding his details on Booking.com CEO at CEOemail.com

I helped Olivia write to the CEO stating that Booking.com were in breach of The Consumer Rights Directive 2011/83/EU (CRD) and the EU Directive 2005/29/EC by providing services with defects. They had incurred costs as a direct result of Booking.com’s failures, in addition to disappointment, stress, anxiety and worry.

Expectations of Booking.com

We expected to receive the total of £685.81 which was incurred as a direct result of Booking.com’s failures.. I also advised requesting redress for their stress, anxiety, and inconvenience caused, plus a full explanation and an apology for everything that happened.

I advised threatening legal action. (This can be complicated cross border, although help is available. See Taking legal action cross border below).

Oliva sent the email with all the attachments to the CEO on 23/09/21.

The sorry saga of communication complaining to Booking.com began…

On the 27 September 2021 someone from the customer service team replied asking for more information, most of which was already in the email to which they were replying. Olivia clicked “reply”, providing the information already provided and the email she got in response was bizarre. Really bizarre. It said that the email address to which she had written (she had clicked “reply” remember) was no longer in use!

So, Olivia forwarded everything again to the CEO. She did not get an immediate reply.

Threatening legal action against Booking.com

We decided it was time to play hard ball. On 6 October 2021 Olivia sent a further email with “Email before action” in the subject line.

Unsurprisingly, that got their attention. But the situation remained bizarre. The “CS Senior Guest Specialist” replied saying that they would refund the accommodation costs. It is hard to understand what part of the email she read and what she didn’t, seeing as the email said that the accommodation had been refunded and it was everything else that was being requested.

So, later that day Olivia replied again  with all the correspondence. Yet again. (We are on the fifth email at this point). Was there another bizarre response? Yup. This time the reply said that they didn’t have access to the original complaint. Remember, everything has been attached to every single email, so it is not possible that they didn’t have access because they replied to the email with it!

To say that this was frustrating would be an understatement. The sixth email went off informing the “specialist” that further action would be taken should a satisfactory response not be received.

Bizarre response number 4? Yup. This one was from someone who apologized and provided a link to the legal team. This was a clear attempt to fob off the complaint to another department.

We decided to ignore that one. So Olivia asked the “specialist” how she could respond to the complaint without having all the relevant information that was attached! Unsurprisingly the “specialist” couldn’t answer this question but asked for receipts. 🙄

Sigh. So Olivia sent the evidence of expenditure. Again. In case you are losing count that’s our eighth email.

Something got through! Hurrah! Nope, not really. We are now onto another respondent who told Olivia she had received the refund for the accommodation. Sigh, we had told them that already, more than once. She asked what Olivia wanted. So Olivia responded with another email, the ninth, explaining exactly what was expected, plus a reasonable amount for the appalling service received. Again.

Result from complaining to Booking.com!

I had told Olivia to ignore all calls for the reasons shown in this article Why you should write not ‘phone to complain effectively

An email outlining that £500 compensation from Booking.com to Olivia then followed.

So, eventually a good result, I always get there in the end but usually it’s one or two emails. Not NINE!

Booking.com response to the programme

A spokesperson for Booking.com said

“At Booking.com our primary aim is to enable smooth and enjoyable travel experiences for all of our customers, which has unfortunately not happened on this occasion. In the majority of cases where an accommodation partner is unable to accommodate a guest due to overbooking, we are able to rectify that immediately, including offering full support with relocation and will be investigating why that did not happen on this occasion.”

Thoughts on Booking.com customer service

How many people would have just given up after the initial refund?

How many of those who continued would have given up after the first and second emails, all the way through to the final one?!

Some companies rely on consumers not knowing their consumer rights and/or just giving up.

You will almost always get results if you persevere, even in cases where you shouldn’t have to do so!

Look out timber frame on a beach "researching, booking and complaining aabout holidays and flights. Tips, ideas and your rights"

How best to book and complain about holidays/flights/travel various posts to help you with travel related problems.

Help with complaining effectively

20 Top Tips for complaining effectively

How to escalate a complaint when customer service fails

Cover of How to Complain updated 2019 large cow logo

If you need help with complaining effectively and making sure you are never fobbed off.  GET THE BOOK! How To Complain: The ESSENTIAL Consumer Guide to Getting REFUNDS, Redress and RESULTS!

101 Habits of an Effective complainer book cover with logo

101 Habits of an Effective Complainer  to help you become more skilled and assertive when making complaints

The Complaining Cow logo download templates

Purchase downloadable templates to gain redress

The Complaining Cow – free support for businesses

If you are a business wanting to provide better service than Booking.com take a look at the information below!

It takes 5 times as much to gain a new customer to retain one. So work on turning your customers into superfans who do much of the heavy lifting for you!

Join the Facebook Group  Increase Sales through Customer Service: Compassion, Care and  Integrity   A private group where you can give and get support, advice and share good practice on how to improve customer service.

Free download  Customer Service 5 ways to get rave reviews & referrals  a few tweaks to your customer service can help you reduce the risk to your company’s reputation, finances and impact on customers and increase sales.

Taking legal action cross border when you have a complaint against a company

In reality if you wanted to go through the legal route cross border you would need to take advice from the UK European Consumer Centre who would help you with your case. A spokesperson for the ECC said:

“The EU Small Claim Procedure is no longer available due to Brexit, so generally speaking consumers have to issue a claim through the UK normal civil court if they wish to take traders to court in either the UK or abroad (as per the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 amendments).

Under these Regulations, amendments have been made to the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments Act 1982 where section 15B states that where there is a consumer dispute the consumer can bring proceedings in the part of the UK where the other party is domiciled or in the place where the consumer is domiciled regardless of the domicile of the other party.

The business can only bring proceedings against the consumer in a court of the UK if the consumer is domiciled in the UK (subject to any agreement the consumer may have made to the contrary).

As regards the jurisdiction, the Trader could accept or deny the consumer’s jurisdiction or elect their competent court (as expressed by their Ts & Cs), but this will be a matter of their litigation strategy.

To make things similar to the pre-Brexit situation, the UK have applied to re-join the Lugano Convention. Until the application has been accepted, the enforcement of judgments will be determined by the domestic rules of the country concerned. More information on those can be found by clicking on the flag of the relevant country at: https://e-justice.europa.eu/content_procedures_for_enforcing_a_judgment-52-en.do?clang=en ”

See? Complicated!

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Pothole incidents: october 2023 breaks records according to aa, evri chief customer officer chris ashworth.

cars in a car park

Parking Charge Notices – a legal challenge?

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Email address:

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29 comments . leave new.

' src=

I was wondering if the same consumer laws apply to me with my issue? I booked through booking.com and found the advertised luxurious apartment was actually not that at all. Very run down, unclean, old mattresses, springs sticking up and dents in the mattress, mould in the shower, stained and unwashed towels, holes in the bedsheets, broken heater, curtains 20cm or so too short (no privacy and let light in,) and so many other issues, in general a poor state of an apartment. I contacted the apartment immediately after check in and complained. I then had to pay and move elsewhere as it was awful. They are giving me no refund. They say that due to the time it took me to complain, (I complained within 10mins of checking in,) and due to the previous occupant not complain, (there are over 200 reviews, many complaining about the same issues,) that I would not get a refund. It cost me over £230 for the run down apartment and over £115 for the second place, (which was fine,) what consumer laws can I quote when contacting the CEO please?

' src=

Please follow the advice in the post and in the links within

' src=

Kindly, how do I reach the CEO.

In September I paid for a ticket that was never issued for the sum of £385.28p All effort for a refund has been negative. I am frustrated and distressed. Urgently need my hard earned money.

' src=

Please see post above it explains and includes the link to ceoemail

' src=

This has all been very useful. I’m trying to get a refund from booking.com of the additional costs incurred for an Airbnb booked in Boston after they cancelled the apartment we had booked with them 2 weeks before going. Their CS just rotate 4 repossess (need Airbnb invoice, need property invoice, need invoice in USD, need bank statement in USD) all of which I’ve answered as to why they can’t be provided (I have provided Airbnb receipt, which is in GBP).

I will 100% try the CEO email and believe the head of CS email is available as well. If it comes to it, I’d be prepared to try the court route as it just isn’r right to take a hit of around £1k and be fobbed off till you give up, which I’m sure now is their tactic.

Will let you know how I get on…

' src=

Oh and I let him know that there were many had reviews slating the CS and he was going to look into that also

I had an appalling time with 2 apartments booked with them for 2 consecutive city breaks. I sustained an injury in one from the dangerous stairs. I’ve spent hours on the phone and hours writing detailed emails with photos and have got absolutely nowhere I emailed the CEO as you suggested and have received no response there either Now want to take legal action but is there an ombudsman or a party I can go to first?

Please follow the rest of the advice in the post – “Letter before action” in the subject line to the CEO.

There is no ombudsman.

I did all that and got nowhere However, after I posted here, I had one last try to the CEO and bingo got an email next day asking to ring me The guy rang as arranged yesterday and said he’d read all the correspondence and was appalled at the CS I’d received and today refunded 50% of both bookings He was very professional. I told him that the the CS team is dire and they need training and he agreed and said it was being looked into. So contacting the CEO does work. Thanks for the advice

Glad it helped – please do share on social media to help others thanks

' src=

The CEO’s email address is no longer available from CEOemail.com. So it appears we are stuck with the useless official channels. I recently was unable to stay in accommodation booked through the website because the quality was so bad. We got a 35% refund only through customer service and they do not respond to further communications, despite the fact that text on their website misrepresents the property.

Please check again, it did go to the site for you to search but have now put the direct link.

' src=

Thank you for this article. We had a similar shocking and abysmal customer services support on our recent holiday to Turkey. The property cancelled the booking we made months in advance only 2 days before check-in, but Booking.com managed to offer relocation to another accomodation and offered to refund the difference. This is the extent of help we received unfortuantely. When we went to check-in at the new alternative accomodation we found out they cancelled our booking and they didn’t have any accomodoation for us, even though booking was still showing as confirmed and active on Booking.com website! The property manager tried to offer us options at other nearby properties that are “owned by his brother and cousin” but they were all dreadfull, while telling Booking.com customer service that they have alternative accomodation and we agreed to it!! I cantacted Booking.com again and said the offered accomodation is unacceptable and I have 15 family members (2 of whom are elderly and 5 are childre) waiting for this to get sorted. They said they’ll send me a relocation offer by email. 15 minutes later they email came and they offered us a property in Montenegro!!! I was shocked and replied stating the obvious fact of wrong country but got no response. In the end I had to book accomodation on my own. Customer service called me few hours later to see what happened and I told them about the shocking experience I had and was told I willl get a refund of the extra charges once stay is over. Still the horrible experinece continues, when I contacted CS with the invoice after our stay has ended I was told the invoice is invalid because it should state a 0 balance! Very bizarre. I asked what that means and lo and behold it’s not an issue and that after “hours of looking into may case” I will get a refund but only half of the total extar charges I had to pay. When I called them to query this, they said it’s been decided by a senior manager. Asked if I can speak with said senior manager, I was told that senior managers don’t speak to customers and their decisions are final and there is literally nothing can be done. I found your articel when I was searching how to complain against Booking.com, and I emailed the CEO after using the linked website above with all these experiences. I sent this on Thursday 25/08 at 15:10. The next day I received a reply from CS apologising for “unmet expectations” and a refund issue of the remaining outstanding balance. I used Booking.com many times before and they were good but this was one of my worst experiences with any company ever. I don’t understand why companies make it very difficult to rectify their mistakes!

Great to see that the article helped you get redress. Please do share on social media to help others thanks!

' src=

We are having a torrid time with Booking.com. We flew UK -> USA to stay in a property booked via booking.com. Received confirmation emails etc. On arrival we found that the property was already full and had received no reservation request for us from booking.com. Booking.com suggested an alternative property which was significantly more expensive than the one we had reserved. It was available via AirBnB so they asked us to book the property and offered to credit us the difference upon presentation of an invoice after check out. Can I get the credit from them? NO! I’ve burned hours trying to resolve this and am getting nowhere. I’ve found this site and would like to follow the guidance, however CEOemail.com no longer provides a CEO email address. Please can somebody share it?

Please read the post!

' src=

I have the same comaint the CEO link has been made unavailable die to technical reasons 😬

Contact the editor of the site

' src=

I booked a hotel through Booking.com only to find the hotel closed for business on arrival very late in the evening! I have emailed customers services several times and just get fobbed off. I have emailed the CEO but await a reply.

' src=

Have you got a reply from CEO?

I am having issues with the property and the customer care executives . I have paid full money and last minute the property has been cancelled my booking and provided me with alternate apartment which cost 150 gbp extra I couldn’t afford that price, they said you will get full refund within 3 days. But they didn’t stick to their word. They gave me only 20 gbp. It was extremely annoying communication with them. Customer support backed the property not the actual customers who’s the real sufferers. I dropped an email to head of customer care James walter and awaiting for his reply.

Please follow the advice above

' src=

Hello, I have tried several attempts to reach out CEO (mail sent) but so far no response from them. How should I approach them further

Follow the advice about email before action.

You will need to accept that this company is appalling and follow the advice in the post which is more than just writingto the CEO.

You’re welcome.

' src=

After a long and extremely annoying exchange of communication with booking’s customer service who rejected my request and ignored all my reasonable arguments found this article and decided to write to CEO. After less than 2 days my issue was solved and I got what I requested. I think the problem is that customer service is based on AI and were talking to stupid pre programmed bots mostly…

Glad that the free advice helped! Please do share it to help others. Thanks

' src=

We booked an apartment and flights to and from Crete 3-14 June 2022 with booking.com.We received a message 13 June advising us to be early for our flight and a further message the following day 14 June confirming all details. On arrival at Heraklion airport, 2.5 hours before our flight there was nothing on the board about our flight. We asked at the desk to be told that there were no flights to Manchester that day, the next would be Sunday ( this was Tuesday). They said we’d been contacted about the cancellation of our flight, we hadn’t, and nobody explained or helped us. We managed to find a flight home, for which we had to pay £500 and we are now finding it impossible to find anybody to communicate with us. We are 3 elderly ladies, all in our 60s, one of whom had been hospitalised in Crete with Bronchitis and we find booking.coms dereliction of duty to their customers absolutely appalling. Why did nobody notice that 3 elderly ladies had been abandoned at Heraklion airport and why did nobody try to contact us, they had our phone numbers and emails?

I will be taking this much, much further. I know they want me to go away but, like you, the more they ignore me the more angry I’ll become and the more determined to extract my pound of flesh from them. They are a disgusting,avaricious company who take no responsibility for their customers welfare and should not be allowed to operate as a reputable company because they clearly are not.

' src=

If you think Booking.com treat their guests badly you should try being a ‘partner’, I have supplied accommodation to guests for the past 8 months and had until April received monthly payments but then nothing in May and now nothing in June, the apparent reason is that my bank declined the payment, which of course they did not. I can’t talk to anyone from finance, if I email I get a standard response, often several times, that is irrelevant to my case. I took it to dispute resolution and received a bizarre email saying I would be paid after my bank account is verified in the next scheduled payment on June 6th, they sent this on the 7th! I am not alone, there are plenty of us in the same boat and we have no idea how we will ever get our money and clearly we have future bookings which we are unable to cancel. but really don’t want to fulfil for free. Absolute nightmare.

' src=

Same here!! Partner/ payouts stopped no notice or explanation in April/ we are owed over $3300 and have 1 more booking in July we can’t cancel which will put us over $4k Told we need to verify account/ stripe 3rd party cc processor asking supposedly/ we provided immediately all documents asked for and are Still waiting! We are trying to join a class action lawsuit

We have snoozed our listing, refuse to pay commissions on payouts not received, contacted every future guest in the pre cancel period and asked them to cancel and rebook on airbnb or Vrbo which they did. They are a horrible company and something needs to be done!!!

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The travel services of Booking.com is available almost in every country of the world. If any customer is facing issues related to the services of the company, can lodge a complaint to the customer support team or to the appointed nodal grievance officer of Booking.com.

Major common problems related to accommodation, hotels, fights, and rental taxes services of Booking.com are:

  •   Accommodations : Issues related to booking hotels, resorts, villas, motels, apartments, etc. Concerns with quality of service, hotel, accommodation facilities, etc.
  • Attractions : Problems related to booking attraction sites and traveling spots or various packages of Booking.com.
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To get redressal of these critical or unresolved issues, you can complain to the customer service (helpline) of Booking.com. Initiate a grievance by calling the customer care number or e-mailing your concerns to the support team. Also, lodge an online complaint on live chat or message support (available 24×7) from any country or location.

If not resolved or dissatisfied with the Booking support team, escalate the grievance to the appointed Grievance Officer, Booking.com and further you may approach the National Consumer Forum of your country.

How to File a Complaint to Booking.com?

Many travelers or entities are using hospitality, accommodation (hotels, motels, etc.), flights, and other online services for Booking.com. If you have issues related to these services, collect the relevant information to file a complaint to the respective support team of Booking Holdings.

Time Taken by Booking.com to Redress a Grievance:

Consumers can lodge a complaint about the online booking & facilities services in 3 stages. In the first stage , You should directly report to the Booking.com support team via toll-free customer care number, regional helpline number, e-mail, or live customer messaging services (24×7 online assistance).

In the second stage , if not satisfied with the final redressal of the customer support team or the complaint is not resolved, escalate the matter/case to the appointed Grievance Officer, Booking.com of your country/region. Submit appropriate evidence like e-invoice, previous complaint number, booking number, etc.

Finally, if not satisfied with the Grievance Officer, file a petition/case to the National Consumer Forum of the respective country against the final unsatisfactory redressal related to the products & services of Booking.com. Provide relevant documents like purchasing proof, quality of hotel services, the reason for dissatisfaction, compensation amount, etc.

Lodge a Complaint to Booking.com

If any customer has purchased or booked online or physical services like hotels, flights, rental cars, taxis, or other accommodation & travel services and has an issue with it or wants to cancel any booking then register a complaint or contact the customer support service of Booking.com.

Lodge a Complaint to Booking.com

You may call the toll-free and international customer helpline number or e-mail your concerns. Also, lodge an online complaint to the representative team of Booking.com via an online customer message service (available 24×7) to get help from Help Centre.

Provide the Following Details to File a Complaint:

  • Confirmation Number of the booking
  • PIN (Check e-mail of booking confirmation)
  • Details of the issue or complaint regarding booking or service.

Booking.com Customer Support Helpline Number & Links to Lodge an Online Complaint:


After the successful registration of your complaint, note down the reference/token number to track the status. Also, use it to escalate the unresolved/unsatisfactory grievance to the higher authorities.

Grievance Officer, Booking.com

Has your registered complaint not been resolved or dissatisfied with the final redressal? In this situation, escalate this matter or lodge a grievance to the appointed Grievance Officer of Booking.com. You may use e-mail or direct message the designated authority by logging in to your registered account of Booking.com.

Contact – To lodge an online grievance, click Grievance Officer, Booking.com for the resolution of disputes regarding services & products.

Provide the Following Information to the Nodal Officer:

  • Communication details – Name, E-mail, and Phone No. (Optional).
  • Confirmation Number & PIN of booked service
  • Dispute or issue related to the product/service of Booking.com
  • A list of any relevant proof (If any).

Submit the grievance and note down the reference/grievance number for future purposes. If the dispute is not resolved or you are not satisfied with the final settlement or resolution offered by the grievance officer, approach the National Consumer Forum or Trade Protection Authority of the country.

Consumer Forums

The final authority for whom you can file a petition for the case of consumer disputes is the Consumer Forum or Consumer Disputes Redressal Authority of the respective country. If you are dissatisfied or your grievance is not redressed by the Grievance Officer of Booking.com then approach these consumer forums to get the right compensation or to settle the consumer dispute against Booking.com.

The List of Some Consumer Forums in Various Countries:

  • India – National Consumer Forum, Ministry of Consumer Affairs
  • European Union –   European Commission’s ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) Platform
  • Czech Republic – Complain to the Czech Trade Inspection Authority
  • Brazil – Brazilian Federal Consumer Dispute Resolution Platform
  • All Other National Consumer Authorities

Provide all the information related to the product or service purchased from Booking.com and other relevant proof like video, image, invoice, etc. to the respective consumer disputes redressal authority of your nation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Booking.com

Q. What is the customer care number of Booking.com? A. You may call by dialing +442033202625 (international charges may apply) to contact the customer support team of Booking.com or message via live customer message service.

Q. Where can I approach if my complaints are not resolved by Booking.com? A. First, escalate a grievance to the appointed Grievance Officer, Booking.com to resolve the dispute related to the product/service. If not satisfied, file a case in the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Authorities or Consumer Forum of your country.

  • How We Work – Booking.com
  • Customer Terms of Service – Booking.com
  • FAQs – Booking.com

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Top Booking.com Complaints

Tom Hill Booking.com review

Yes I’m very un happy I couldn’t get to go on my vacation Booking.com still charged me even though I didn’t get to go my job is closed I’m a server and no money please refund my money for a vacation I didn’t get to go on

The McLean Group Booking.com review

Booking.com unilaterally revoked our confirmed booking costing us over $38,000. This breached our contract. Booking.com further bulled us to rebook a lesser but more expensive property and offered an enticement which it has still failed to pay to date. Booking.com's policies are deceptive trade practices and must be brought to the attention of the house and senate for regulation purposes.

Rina Meyer Booking.com review

I booked an apartment on 15 November. The hotel immediately took money from my credit card. However, I have now sent them 5 messages with certain questions about our stay there but they have not replied to ANY message - I sent some messages through booking.com and when they did not reply, I also sent the message to their indicated email address. They do not bother to reply. Therefore I want to report them as this is terrible service. They charge a huge amount and also state that the email address can be used in emergencies as there is no front desk, but if they do not answer any email after 6 days, how will they answer in an emergency. This is very bad for the name of booking.com as all the accommodation I have encountered through booking.com have always answered very soon and politely with all relevant information required. This is the first accommodation that does not answer and they should be punished by booking.com

Stephen,  Donna Fairbanks Booking.com review

I'm writing to you after posting the following review: Let's rename this place the UNfriendly Inn. We arrived from Maine for a whirlwind overnight stay in the Boston area so our time was limited. One other reviewer said he was annoyed b/c the door was locked and he had to wait 10 min. before anyone appeared. We waited in front of the locked door on the porch for 45 minutes - glad it wasn't winter. When we arrived at 1:30, we found another customer who had preceded us and was also waiting. She had flown in from Texas for a 2 PM doctor's appointment ......that she missed. We had been told previously in an email that we could drop off our bags prior to 2 o'clock check-in and the desk was always staffed. We made numerous phone calls to the Inn from both cellphone and the outside phone with no answer. With our vacation ticking away about 45 minutes later the clerk strolled up the street. Were we annoyed to be told that we hadn't called while we were there ? Yes. If you get your thrills from unreliability and gambling where you'll lay your head, this may be the place for you. We accepted the clerk's offer to cancel and went to the Marriott instead. We booked through Booking.com and found them attempting to be helpful but woefully inept. It would have been nice if they had offered to pick up the difference in the increase in rate with a new lodging but no offer was forthcoming. Please be aware if you do book through them, there is a real possibility of an unsatisfactory experience and customer service and satisfaction appears to be a low priority. I have used Booking.com before and found it was satisfactory but this was truly a miserable experience and although your staff did make a limited effort to help as we were frustrated even more by a dying cellphone, the best resolution we walked away with was cancellation of the reservation, a vow to never return there, and a bumbling and somewhat impersonal approach to resolving our dilemma.

Mary Christine Bromley Booking.com review

I was booked for 2 queen size beds, but the booking assistant texted me that they contact the Motel 6 in San Antonio,Texas & wait for 48 hours. The manager said they never got the message about the change. Oh! I put I'm hoping for a king size in texting. That manager still charged me for 2 queens . To me, it was unfair to be charged for something I didn't want at all. I want to know if I can refund of the money I had lost.Plus I didn't confirm this reservation for 2 queens.

Mary Williams Booking.com review

I had booked a two night stay through Booking.com for London weekend away with my Husband. We were on our way to the accommodation when I thought I'd ring the person who owned the apartment just to let them know we were running a little late. The person had no clue, he then went on to ask if I'd booked through booking.com and told me he'd took the accommodation down over 6 months ago. I'd already paid £130 straight to booking.com...this meant my husband and I had no where to stay. We eventually found a premier inn to find out we could only stay one night at a cost of £156 without breakfast, we had to find accommodation for the following night of which we thankfully did at another cost of £135. The extra's that we ended up having to pay for ate at our spending money, to the point we couldn't go out for food at anywhere nice, we had to McDonalds and Sainsburys to eat. I have received the £130 back but I want the other monies back as compensation for this put my husband and I out the whole weekend. I have receipts for the other accommodations as proof. If you need them of which I'm sure you will I will gladly send them you via email.

Jennifer McManus Booking.com review

I booked a rental car via rentalcar.com. They connected me to Europcar at George Best Airport in Belfast, N Ireland. I have two complaints with these people.

1 They doubled charged me for a satellite navigation system. The car they rented me had a built in Satellite Navigation System and then they charged me 12 pounds 50 per day for it also. Fraud.

2 They have just informed me that there is damage to one of the tires and they want to charge me for it. The agent who checked the metal exterior of the car with me at pick up definitely did not check the tires and frankly I have never had to check tires before. I did not damage the tires when I had the car. Nor was there any other damage to the car.

The rental return directions at G Best City Airport are terrible.

Jennifer McManus

Robert Murphy Booking.com review

Hi! I am still waiting for the security deposit of $1,500.00. We booked house on Aukai Ave, Honolulu,Hi for the month of June 2019. June 1 - June 30th we paid the owner direct since he e-mailed us & said that he wouldn't be paid any money until the day that we moved into the property, there was a "contact the Owner" tab on your request page, the house was #7181055 the ID #HA-TD0ZJZ I have contacted the owner so far have not had any response so I would like you to follow up on this request for us. I called & talked to someone in your office Allili I believe she said she would follow up with the owner & I was to stay on the line but it just has been too long so I would like you to find out what is happening I get me back my security deposit asap! Thank you in advance, Rob Murphy 1666 Stony Brook Drive, Salinas, CA 93906 PH: 831 444 0467

Frank M Bender Booking.com review

I never got an email and after several calls , I still don't. The number everyone gives me is 1888-850-3958 which has told me for 2 days they are too busy for my call and I need a confirmation number and a 4 digit code .. Again how do I get?? please cancel my reservations and I will never use you again. Thanks and would appreciate your help!

Mike Booking.com review

Not happy at all. Website shows one thing and actually mostly false. Booked a stay, booking.com suggested to install app on phone. When I looked for my booking and price- I found the phone app had listed the very same dates/ room, etc for $45.00 less. Of course, no one would honor it. Will not use this site again.

john a noble Booking.com review

Reply-To: Booking.com < [email protected] >

Confirmation number: 1287726603 PIN code: 1237

It’s almost time for your trip! Are you ready for your upcoming trip in 6 days?

Your FREE cancellation is still available before 23:59 on 8 June, George Town time. After this time, cancelling will incur a charge.

Manage booking

Paperless confirmation

Tanjung Point Residences by Qlik Management

508 Jalan Tanjung Tokong, Tanjung Tokong, 10470 George Town, Malaysia

+60 4-609 1333

Check-in Date: Check-out Date: Wed 12 Jun 2019 - from 15:00 to 22:00 Sat 15 Jun 2019 - from 07:00 to 11:00

Cancel booking

Contact property

Make request

The Fine Print A damage deposit of MYR 300 is required on arrival. This will be collected as a cash payment. You should be reimbursed on check-out. Your deposit will be refunded in full in cash, subject to an inspection of the property. Please inform Tanjung Point Residences by Qlik Management in advance of your expected arrival time. You can use the Special Requests box when booking, or contact the property directly with the contact details provided in your confirmation. Guests are required to show a photo identification and credit card upon check-in. Please note that all Special Requests are subject to availability and additional charges may apply. Payment before arrival via bank transfer is required. The property will contact you after you book to provide instructions. This property will not accommodate hen, stag or similar parties.

Hi, see above a deposit was made using a Lloyd's bank debit card in the name of J a Noble, Elizabeth Loadwicks brother.. On leaving we were informed that the deposit would be automatically returned within a week .This has not happened and there has been no reply to e mail send to the accommodation, Tanjung Point.

________________________________________ Copyright © 1996–2019 Booking.com. All rights reserved.

brad ritchie Booking.com review

they told me that my reservation was unavailable. then a month later say I have confirmed a reservation.witch I did no such thing.then took all my money.fucking pissed

Charese Stephen Booking.com review

Morning. I have booked accommodation at Umdloti Resort 506 booking reference 3485026884 and have a a booking charge on the invoice of R410.00 . According to booking.com I should not be paying an admin fee.

Paul Harris Booking.com review

Cannot remove the only star, will give this booking a zero. Booking,com needs to get its act together and verify weather a guest house means what it says and not send people to a doss house like the one we were sent to in Cardiff. We demand our money back and will be taking this to the small claims court with the pictures we have taken of the place we were sent to by this company. When we arrived we could not get in because no one was there to meet us. After phoning the owner on the phone gave us the number of the digital locks into the property and into the allocated room. Boy what a room. No TV no tea making, not much of anything. The room itself was just about big enough for a cat to reside in. Décor, door handle, bed and other, needs to be looked at. The proverbial building works with scaffolding was there as well. When booking with booking.com the picture we saw looked nothing like the place itself. Trying to verify that the accommodation on the PC, was what it said when it was booked was like looking for a needle in a haystack. More than a very disappointed punter I am leaving now to sort this out.

John Zadolinnyj Booking.com review

I had booked accommodation at "Najlepse Miejsce - pokoje i apartamenty w Krakowie", some months ago (Booking Confirmation Number:1884.102.458, Pin Code:6914), subsequently upgrading our accommodation from a 2 person double bed room to an Apartment for which I had paid a deposit of over 700 PL. Zt. Upon our arrival at the facility on Wednesday, 27/06/2019, I had requested an Apartment inspection prior to finalizing our booking, which was accommodated by facility personnel. Upon entering our allocated "Apartment", my Wife and I were totally shocked by the very crammed and small size of our allocated room. Our concerns are as follow: * The very small room space housed a cooking area, a very small dining table for two which was affixed to the wall, the seating configuration of which obstructed the entry door into the shared toilet, bathroom and laundry room when in use. * The remaining room space contained a sofa (in lieu of our requested double bed), which when opened out, obstructed ease of passage to a noisy external roadside balcony (as opposed to the promised garden view), also creating a hazardous trip/falls risk due to a restricted walkway passage. * The Sofa/Bed was limiting, as it was located opposite a wall-mounted TV which was restrictive of one person watching TV whilst the other person wishing to sleep or seek privacy to read? * When I had raised with Staff, the lack of seating and space for a possible visit from a local family member, staff stated that we could go to one of the local restaurants? * The Free Onsite Tenant Parking Offer was restricted to any available street parking which I was assured by Staff to be safe and vandal free in a crime free neighbourhood, yet, all Facility fencing, windows and doors were either double locked, password controlled or electronically secured?

Our conversation theme continued as We and a Staff member proceeded to walk from the building onto the footpath where my Wife became tearful as she walked away, later stating that she was most upset and angry over the "disgusting" apartment.

I had subsequently declined Apartment occupancy on the basis of the above also the poor resemblance between what had been marketed and what in fact was on offer. I also am seeking the refund of my Booking Deposit, due to the most disappointing experience my Wife and I have been exposed to..

Kind regards John Zadolinnyj

Martha Brackeen Booking.com review

I booked a 7 night stay. I had never used this service before and mistakenly booked it thinking I had a chance to review before it was locked in. I was wrong. I contacted them immediately and was told I would be charged $661.00 instead of the total 794.65. I booked this months in advance and thought they might understand. I now find that I could book the same hotel for $619.00 instead of $794.65. My reservation is for next month. I hope it's decent.

Peter Davies Booking.com review

On January 18th 2019 I booked accommodation at the Opera House Hotel on Symi, Greece through Booking.com. The confirmation number received from Booking,com was 2065530974. Payment was made in full to the Opera House at the time of booking.

On March 28th I received an email from Booking.com which stated that the booking had been cancelled "because of an invalid credit card". During the period between January 18th and March 28th my debit card had been changed by my bank as part of normal banking processes. I subsequently discovered from the owner of the Opera House Hotel that the cancellation came from Booking.com and was obviously not from her as she had already received payment. A number of issues arise from this as follows:

1) Why was no attempt made to contact me prior to the cancellation? 2) Given that I had already paid the Opera House Hotel, why was an attempt made to access my debit card? This is a major concern. 3) I was lead to believe that the problem was caused by staff at the Opera House Hotel although it was clearly the fault of Booking.com. Why have I not been contacted by Booking.com to at the very least apologise?

Finally I found it impossible to email Booking.com. They offer telephone numbers but trying to find an email contact on their website is impossible.

Pat Callender Booking.com review

I made a complaint to Booking.com on June 2, 2019 in which I pointed out that I had been misled about the false advertisement of a hotel in the Kensington/Chelsea area of London. The accommodation was totally deficient, cramped, dirty and should never have been presented to the traveling public The operator ended by informing me that Booking.com is only an advertising agency and it is the sole responsibility of the potential customer to check the reviews of the property. In other words there is no responsibility at all acknowledged by Booking.com where fraudulent ads are persistently being published. This would imply that the customer has no rights although Booking.com may be perfectly aware that an inordinate amount of negative complaints have been forthcoming and they will still carry on publishing such ads. Had I prior knowledge of this, I would never have patronised Booking.com in the past and will certainly not be doing so in the future. I would however suggest that Booking.com consider the damage to its reputation as it continues to pursue such a policy.

TAMMY SHAWN Booking.com review

Rosenberg Motel 2027 25th street Galveston, Tex: #29 This was the north end of the island,older end i understand, and the people were friendly, BUT this was very gross,Its not even plausible to get a partial star its that bad,Had what looked to be clean bedding, very old,the fitted sheet was in fact a mattress skirt, my son and i looked at the mattress for bugs, i wish i did not look at mattress, looks like it came from off the curb, to the point it was rotten material,there is way too much to type,i brushed my teeth with my green tea,the water smelled of rust,i would not shower there, 2-3 inch gap under front door,wooden floors painted over the rotten ones the motel is wood. I am sure this place is mostly housed for the workers etc.no way i would go barefoot,or lay my stuff on the floor.It needs to be reviewed before more renting, they also made me secure, by card or cash when i got there$20 to be refunded after they would check room at check out, no problems on refund.Best thing was the location...should have been a $30 rental, i usually dont rent high end,rooms, since there isnt a need as we stay out mostly its just to sleep, butt his was BAD

IP Vander Vyver Booking.com review

Booking number 1147372428 Apartment dirty dilapidated not what advertised dingy and dark the bed worn out cupboard doors hanging from hinges no crockery all the owner were interested in was to get the money asap so I am cancelling this booking with no cancellation fees please remove this property from your listings to protect other people and your good name

Kind regards Isabel van der Vyver

crystal miles Booking.com review

i cancelled the reservation with Grand 2054 and I keep calling booking about my refund and they say they cant get in contact with GRand 2054 if they don't want to contact booking back about my cancelled trip them they don't need an account with booking Grand 2054 knows he hasn't refunded me my money I had the bank give me a temporary credit and to get the money from Grand 2054 and he didn't get the money to the bank wells fargo and wells frago charged me for the money because they couldn't get it back from Grand 2054 what is going on with this account 1168564006 pin 8168 I sent in all the documentation for the refund I need them to send me my check

Robert Ross Booking.com review

On March 18, 2019, I received an email from Booking.com that said "Your reservation at Centro Capital Centre By Rotana was recently canceled. We’ve issued you a refund of AED 327.02. It should be credited to your account in 7-12 business days." It is now April 12, 2019 and I still have not received the refund. I have tried contacting customer service via email several times and have gotten no response.

Armando Triana Booking.com review

Bathroom with garbage and dirty towels at Days inn by Windham Miami Intl Airport on April 8 2019 confirmation 2584.640.707 Pin code 7886 I had unpacked before I went into the bathroom. I don’t know if beds had been changed This never happened to me before out of more than 100 hotel stays I had to get dressed and repack I was given a less convenient room farther from elevators in another floor

Donna Insco Booking.com review

This was the worst hotel that I have ever stayed. I am 82 years old and have traveled the world.The rooms were filthy it was 5:00pm and our room still had not been serviced we only had one towel. The worse thing was we paid $932.00 for three nights Please respond to me

Donna Insco 702 238 5013 Booking.com confirmation # 7000652965

Merlin Booking.com review

Unfortunate that I am traveling to attend my mothers funeral so got online and booked a hotel for one night with booking.com. I spent over an hour trying to find the right hotel, checking reviews and such only to check email and got a confirmation but was to 2 different places. One was a real flea bag hotel. Noticed both confirmations were from booking.com. so called. They said the had a glitch in system and would try and get me a refund for Flea bag place as it was there fault. Not only that, I have no reservation at place I originally tried to book and now can't get one as they are full... Thank god I called.... Now night before leaving for my trip I will have to spend a lot of time trying to find another place on short notice.

Theo Booking.com review

We filed a complaint about La Demeure de Charme (Troyes, France) with Booking.com. The owner of that accommodation stole money from our credit card and kept denying this. We provided irrefutable proof of that theft to Booking.com and asked them to take appropriate measures against La Demeure de Charme. After approaching Booking.com repeatedly during 2 months they finally promised us ‘Nous vous garantissons que nous ferons tout notre possible pour trouver rapidement une solution’. Their promise of swift action was made on November 28. Since then we haven’t heard anything at all from Booking.com.

wynita douglass Booking.com review

I booked a room @ McKinley Grand in Canton Ohio. I was supposed to pay at hotel. They charged my card in Ohio while I was still in Ct using the same card. My bank declined the transaction and sent me a fraud alert. McKinley cancelled my reservation in the meantime. I was told that there was no cancellation fee. I called the hotel while on the road explained everything the gentleman I spoke with told me to come that everything was taken care of. The funds were withdrawn from my account and I arrived on the 7th and checked in. I checked my account on my way upstairs to my room and found that the funds were returned to my account. I returned to the front desk and informed the receptionist that I would not be staying there as the room charge had not been paid. She took my card and attempted to run it. I was informed that there was a note not to accept my card on the file. On Dec 10th they charged me 247.40 and refunded me 123.70. then on Dec 14th they reversed the 123.70. The room reeked of marijuana and mold. I was not going to stay there as I was there for a youth football tournament and had my 2 youngest children with me. What can I do I already spoke with my bank but I felt you should be aware of the practices of this establishment. I wasn't expected to arrive until 12/7 they initially charged my card on 12/6

ayse ekin kara Booking.com review

hi i made a reservation on booki İ made a reservation but i didnt realise that it was a problem to cancel it Res number is:1131.608.613 Pın code:3443 altough ı cancelled ıt 3 mınutes later they drew the money from the bank its right ıf a cancel ıt 2-3 days later or one week to staying date they dıdnt help me at all altough i will not stay they drew one week price i need help thank you

Keith Wren Booking.com review

1) No keys available therefore our belongings were at risk. They were supposed to be in a lock box but this did not exist. 2) WIFI not available 3) No Hot tub as mentioned in the details 4) Cash withdrawn to pay as our contract was cash only - but payment deducted from my credit card. 5) Taps in both showers came off in your hand 6) Carpet had not been vacuumed or the house dusted for some time. 7) It was filthy behind rubbish bin in cupboard and behind door in the downstairs toilet 8) A minor point but attention to detail - the clock in the kitchen needed a new battery My review of this accommodation states all of the above. I feel that I have been treated shamefully, overcharged and with complete disregard by the owners. I have used your site for many years without any issues but I am so disappointed with this place. I await you comments. Many thanks Keith WREN

Lidia Huidan Booking.com review

Hello, My name is Lidia Huidan and my email address is [email protected] I have stayed two nights from Saturday 24th November 2018 - Monday 26th November 2018, booking reservation number 1459516854 pin code 8057 through Booking.com at Twin Palms Hotel Weymouth United Kingdom, 24a King Street DT4 7BH. After two days after, on Wednesday 29th November 2018 I have noticed that from my bank account are missing another £80 and they have been taken by the Twin Palms Hotel Weymouth, 24a King Street, DT4 7BH. I called to the hotel and they told me that they used my details from my bank account from Booking.com. I have asked them why did they took my money from my account without my consent, the man I was spoken to he start to swear on me and calling me inappropriate names. I stood for couple of minutes without telling no words and I was shocked about his attitude and the way he was talking.

Please, help me to get my money back because I think this is rubbery and financial abuse. My phone number is 07365818031. Many thanks in advance.

Yolanda Booking.com review

I am a returning customer of Booking.com and have never been so disgusted and belittled in my life. I went to visit in Carrolton, Texas and booked my room at a great rate with Booking based on the pictures that were on the site. However, only to arrive to a trash hole. The first room had food left in the refrigerator, the second room air did not work, then the third room had mold and curtains were deplorable. I complained to the staff and was told no one could accommodate me. I then returned from my visit only to find the elevator was not working and a friend with me had to use the stairs with a handicap condition. I requested extra towels to be told no one was working the counter so I need to come get them. Then to awake the next morning with no elevator and to have to drag my luggage down stairs with no front desk assistance. After speaking with someone at Booking, I was told to submit pictures and a valid complaint, to result in nothing but an I WILL GET BACK WITH YOU for about 2 weeks. When they finally got back with me, they offered me $20 dollars on a $90 stay. This outraged me and I felt as if they thought I went to stay for free when clearly I have used this company many times with no complaints. I plan to take this further....

gary ogden Booking.com review

went to the hydro hotel parked up went and watched football went to bookin after was told wasent booken in by yourselfs had to find another hotel at short notis at a cost ov 95 pounds not happy at all

Dora Booking.com review

i need urgent help. i submitted booking on Booking.com, i did not receive anything, trying to get in touch with their customer service for the past few hours but there is no response. will arrive hotel soon. this is very upset.

shewa Booking.com review

hi, this is shewa kidane you charge me for 2 room (4 adults 4 children) that is not correct. 1-The booking was 1 room 2 adults 4 children. THANKS.

Robu Elena Diana Booking.com review

I am having issues getting an invoice from the location "Luxury Living' booked through Booking.com, by the travel company New Concept Travel for my business travel to Houston. I have constantly tried to send emails to booking.com, 5 emails so far to customer service, but no feedback so far. The travel was paid with my company card and they will soon block my card for not closing the expense with the invoice.

I am providing the details: - location Luxury Living Apartments, Houston, 880 Alabama Street - period 19-24 of October - reservation number 1178708624 - PIN 1208 - Booking agent [email protected] - telephone number provided by booking in the reservation +12819658689

In addition, I would like to mention that the location had/has no telephone number listed on the booking website and when I arrived on 19th, 8pm, there was no one at the reception. As I did not have the number provided to the travel agency, I had to book, pay and stay at another location. At the location the wifi was not functioning, the TV was not set up, I have to text back and forward with the admin guy until he could come and set it up for me. Booking.com should normally check that the properties listed on its website have all the necessary details available. I am very disappointed, and mostly that now it does not reply to my request supporting in one way or another to get the invoice.

I am still hoping for a reply, thank you, Diana Robu

Michael E Carter Booking.com review

Hello, I notified the owner of the following I'm notifying booking.com for assistants

“I am notifying Book.com about this situation of renting your apartment on October 17, 2018 18, 2018. The manner in which you choose to meet me and provide access to the property was unsatisfactory. Being told not to mention that I had booked the room on booking.com which, is a legitimate web site and business was not in the best interest of your customer. In fact here is actually what you said in your text: “Pls do NOT mention booking.com or Airbnb or something like that with the front desk or any resident here”

Then to have me meet you at the Wells Fargo right across from the hotel seemed shady. Additionally when asked you could not even tell how many keys were there for the apartment. I told you and you agreed I should cancel my reservation which I did. In the manner in which this was handle is both unprofessionally and unethically I am requesting a full refund $192.36 immediately.

On 10-22-2018 $24.36 was credit to my account which is unsatisfactory Thank you in advance for your cooperation

Conformation Number 1404690797

Michael E. Carter Please feel free to contact me at: [email protected] or 951-796-3075

Emma hunt Booking.com review

U Dear Sir/Madam

I wish to bring to your attention the outrageous and quite frankly dangerous situation you placed myself and my daughter in last week. The circumstances were that I booked via Booking.com a 4 night surprise for my daughters 21 birthday. I made the booking 9 months previously. I use Marriott on many occasions for work and leisure as do my friends and family. We have never had a problem. On 17/10 I landed at JFK ar approx 2100 hrs. I switched on my phone only to receive a message From Courtyard Marriott via Booking.com that my reservation had been cancelled. The message was timed earlier in the day whilst I was in the air and unable receive the tsunami/emails. I immediately contacted the hotel who literally did nothing but stated that they were overbooked and that this was the reason for the cancellation. Both my daughter and I broke down in tears as not only did will feel vulnerable but we did not know what to do. I contacted Booking.com who stated that the hotel had cancelled and offered nothing apart from a $25 taken without prejudice. I have, since returning home sought legal advise for this despicable treatment that you feel is satisfactory. I have been advised that the legal fault sits with yourselves. To date, I have not recorded any explanation or apology from either Marriott or Booking.com. How you feel can treat people like this on what was supposed to be a joyous occasion is beyond comprehension. An the duty of care for us being none existent. I am still furious and will take it further if a satisfactory response is not forthcoming. I want to emphasise that we were 2 women , myself and my daughter , left alone in an foreign airport, vulnerable without anywhere to stay despite having booked the room and break 9 months previously We eventually found a place to stay some 3 hours later by our own determination and through our own device, literally to ensure we were not sleeping dangerously in a vulnerable place. I would also like to add that I had been in contact with the hotel right up until a few weeks before my daughters 21st birthday regarding additional surprises for her. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards Emma Hunt nee Brown

17/10/2018 to 21/10/2018 @ Courtyard by Marriott Times Square west Booked via booking.com over 9 months ago Emma Hunt

john currie Booking.com review

1ve contacted you last week but no answer, its regarding a booking on the 7th october at the Burnside Hotel Bownes Windermere, book n/o 2053451958 the hotel has free parking and youve seen fit to charge me £24 for 2 nights which is a disgrace its like a stealth tax anyway I am looking for a refund asap or I will be taking it up with the proper chanels, IE Ombudsman or whatever thank you mr currie the hotel booking was bk67214/1/3

Sheila Acciaro Booking.com review

I went to booking.conm and punched in tHe dates September 28 to September 30 to stay at The Oakes over looking the Falls. It showed a two day stay for 159.00. I tried to book this and couldn’t find the deal when I looked at the rooms. I then called them and spoke to Toyna. She advised me to refresh the page which I did and it still showed the Oakes at 159.00 for two nights. She said she would call me back in 5 minutes after talking to the manager. I waited almost an hour and then we called back and spoke to Seth. He advised he would called back. He never did. Then I recalled and spoke to Julian and he basically said we can’t have the room for that price. I asked to speak to the manager and he said no. For one thing, your sight said that price 159.00 and no one there helped up and basically told me I was beat. So much for booking.com and I am going to call the spectator and have an article written in the paper about the false advertising. I have never had a place post something and then the manager does not check with the situation. My advic don’t even look on booking.com because they have false advertising. If someone wants to reach me my phone #is 905-548-8582

margi kelly Booking.com review

I reacently booked the park hotel in barcelona in which i stayed for 6 days, im absolutly disgusted in the rooms i was put in, i say rooms as they had to move me from my 1st room as it was discusting compleetly from humam pooh in the bath, wall paper hanging down cracks in the walls, the wooden floor opening up, lipstick marks on the mirror, the room was 222, I complained packed up again and moved to 625 the cleaner was out side the room as she must of just cleaned it, i thought within secons i moved the pillow to put my pjs under the pillow to have to call the cleaner in to remove the biscuit crumbs from the new bedding they had put on? in this room cracks in the ceiling wallpaper was ripped and re pasted but coming off the wall, the bath was rusty along the rim of where the shower glass was as it wasnt on properly, the electric plugs didnt work 1 out of 3 worked, then the water came through theceiling a slow drip first then i had to put towels down to wipe the mess up, they came and fixed it, I took my grandson with me and the price we paid wasnt fitting for the state of the room I was in the hotel from the 8th until 14th august confirmation number 1532092337 i paid 866.70 euro I had no issue with the staff at the desk they was friendly, helpful and chearfull thank you

Clara Limon Booking.com review

I booked a room at Pine Cliff Resort in Ruidoso, NM. I submitted my credit card info and I was emailed a confirmation number. Later I received an email informing me that credit card info was a problem and to resubmit info, I did at least 3 times, would not accept my credit card. I called Pine Cliff and was told Booking.com had overbooked that's why system would not accept my credit card. Pine Cliff no longer had available rooms. I was left scrambling looking for a place to stay less than a week away. The system Booking.com uses is not working. It needs to be fixed.

Tanja Dumican Booking.com review

I put in a search for 1 night accommodation on a certain date for 6 adults and 1 child. The search threw up anongst other places Eden Island Apartment 70A14. I proceeded to book it, checking that it accepted 1 night. I then got a confirmation email to say it was booked, with booking.com also saying it was confirmed and then about an hour later got an email from Pascal saying the following: Hi Tanja, i'm sorry but i Don't rent my apartment for 1 night 3 night minimum many thanks pascal I’m really cross as after I got the confirmation, I sent all the details to the rest of the party. Now we have to search again!!! Not at all happy!! Tanja Dumican

Linda Mckay Booking.com review

i booked 9th and 10th June for family room intheHarsden Hotel blackpool Onthe 7th of JUNE I receiced phone call from booking .com telling me that Ithe hotel could not accomodate me Ibooked The MORAY WHICH WAS DEARER after several phone call and emails regarding my refund of£50 39p iSTILL HAVENT RECEIVED THIS iTHINK IT IS TERRIBLE THE WAY IVE BEEN TREATED I EVEN SENT A LETTER TO AMSTERDAM WITH A COPY OF MY BANK STATEMENT TO PROVE IT HAD BEEN TAKEN OFF STILL DIDNT GET ANY CONFIRMATION I also sent a photo from my phone too Iwould appreciatte it this could be dealt with Ihave spet a lot of money on callsIam a pensioner and cant afford this the numberis 1467300141 LINDA MCKAY

ronnie mcculloch Booking.com review

I booked a holiday in blackpool England for four nights bed and breakfast.i paid the amount of£74.80p through the booking site on the internet.the payment was taken from my bank the nationwide building society on 27th may 2018.when I got to the hotel I was told my balance to pay was £74.80p when I explained I had already paid this amount to your company I had to pay it again.the date it was paid for the second time was 20th june 2018 I am not at all happy with this service as I am a pensioner and can ill afford to lose this money.the hotel I was in was GARVEYS PROMENADE HOTEL BLACKPOOL ENGLAND.i have a reference number from them that I have to furnish you with it is1807407715.i hope this matter can be resolved as soon as possible.thank you.

Barbara Richards Booking.com review

I booked to stay at the Mews in Rhyl for the 12th July and spent 4 nights there with my son, the place was a disgusting shambles. I'm now receiving strange emails from Booking.com which claim I didn't show up. What on earth is going on?

Harry Zhang Booking.com review

I booked a hotel in Burlington, VT through booking.com. I received the confirmation email which indicate ”all set”. When I check in my hotel this afternoon around 5, the hotel representative told me that my reservation has been cancelled. I was shocked and called booking.com. a CSR checked the system and told me that this is because their system is randomly select some one to “cancel” the reservation and I was unluckily selected. This is the first time I have met such ridiculer things on hotel booking. I was shocked that I was treated like this. The CSR only send me a link with a few other hotels for me to re-book. She never mention any compensation for my loss. Due to this unexpected event, I have to spend an hour to rebook another hotel and I missed my conference banquet tonight. I have to take UBER to another hotel. So I request a compensation of 200$ for my loss. And I need a apology from booking.com who should guarantee such event will never happen again.

mrs christine goodwin Booking.com review

we booked a 3 nights stay at the anchor hotel from the 13 of july which was absolutely horrendous they knew I was disabled but had to climb 3 flights of stairs to the room I went to walk round the bed and caught my leg on the corner of the bed which cut it badly and bled a great deal I went and showed them at reception she replied cover the corner with something I returned to the room and the thud thudding from the horrendous loud music from the huge downstairs pub they owned was absolutely unbearable it brought on a terrible migraine attack my husband went down to tell them we could not stay in the room I was sobbing outside in pain.they said they would offer a room in the new dunes but we would have to pay another 80 pounds we had no alternative but to pay it as we had travelled so many miles that day all the way from Fleetwood in Lancashire . the next day we went out when we return we swiped the card to get in several times but it would not unlock the door this happened every time we went out and my husband had to keep going back to the hotel for to let us in this also happened to the other people along the row as well if a child had been left inside and afire had happened no one could have got to them.the maids had the same problem opening the doors and one had also cut her leg in the first room we were in on the bed too .the stress was so bad that on the motorway home my husband had tocall an ambulance and pull on to the hard shoulder to take me to wakefield hospital with severe chest pains were I remained till 11 oclock that night where I was found to have had a severe angina attack .we did not arrive home till 2am the next day the whole holiday was ruined they new at the hotel were pensioner and I had mobility problems I do not think we should have had to pay a further 80 pounds when I said this she said I had already had a free night which is untrue be cause we had not spent the night in the first room at all . I have now been given a letter from the doctor at wakefield hospital to take to my own doctor to refur me to hospital at home for further investigation.we feel that we should be compensated for the disgusting treatment we received.

richard Booking.com review

at the request of my lawyer i am giving you one last chance to resolve my issue, i will not attach pics and video as i have already done so 8 times, i have all the names of agents who have been asked to call and refused just ask for more pics. i am putting in papers to court if i do not get a response from you within 7 days, i am asking the judge to request one of your agents to appear in person so they cant hide behind a computer which they have done so far.

i can be called on 07897500502. 11 am till midnight.

Yours Richard thank you. copy of this email also lodged with my lawyer at his request.

Derek & Sharon Hand Booking.com review

Ty Mair Brynsiriol Fishguard Pembrokeshire SA65 9LL

11th July 2018

Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Hampstead Britannia

We arrived on the Sunday 1 July 18 for a 3-night stay, with a one-night brake and a further night stay. I could not use the car park’s disable bay as it was being used by an able-bodied person's car. This person later also blocked me in front of the hotel’s grounds so that I could not get out of the hotel's grounds. If there had been an emergency I could not have escaped in my wheelchair. He was very foulmouthed and uncouth to me because he had to move his car. There was a large sign saying 'NO PARKING' right in front of the car. Maybe Mercedes drivers feel that are superior to disabled people! The second and third day we were able to have the disable bay, which is smaller than usual and I had difficulty getting out and in the car, and the next car had not left a lot of room.

I have a large 178kg electric wheelchair. It cannot be loaded or unloaded from the car on the slope, which the disabled bay in on. So, it had to be taken out or loaded in either on the road or right at the bottom of the car park. Twice we had to stop because they wanted to get out and we had to reverse all the way up to the top and then drive down and finish unloading the chair. We then had to drive back up to put the car back in the disable bay. My dear wife is also disabled and had to do all the walking and humping. When we are setup she has a stroll on the back of the wheelchair to stand on and does not have to walk.

We were taken down a smelly corridor to our room G5. The door was fairly easy to navigate, a massive large light on the ceiling, a very large bed (2 singles pushed together), small wardrobe, 2 small tables, TV, light, fan, large bathroom.

There was no window, and with no air coming into the room we sweated every night as the outside temperature was very hot. We assumed that the hole in the bedroom and bathroom ceilings were extractors or at least the bathroom is/was, but they were not working just a noise of 70dB coming from the holes all the time. If they were working, where would the fresh air come in from? There is only from the smelly corridor. The smelly corridor, there is a sweet smell that is being used to cover a pungent smell. We cannot put our finger on it.

There is no air conditioning.

When we complained we were told that there was absolutely nothing else we could have. We had tried calling Booking.com telephone number three times and after one minute 20 seconds it cut out each time.

The reason why we came to London was to go to see a specialist as I have two complicated illnesses and there are no consultants in Wales to help and I am getting very ill. I also have asthma, which can play havoc with other problems. The odours in the corridor did not help and I did not get much sleep, 4 hours. When we complained we were offered a free breakfast and told that there was nothing else. The person said that they would provide another fan, which did not turn up.

The toilet was hard to flush 4-6 handle movements, and the toilet seat was loose on one side.

The breakfast worst ever had most disappointed breakfast ever. It was cold, the fried egg was like rubber. Bacon was impossible to cut, mushrooms were foul tasting and absolutely cold, I left the scrambled egg it looked!! Sausages were cold and hard. Toast was hot. Before sampling the free breakfast, we were going to have breakfast every day at the hotel but the meal was so awful that the other days we went to a nice café about 200 metres away.

Local pest control was visiting the hotel!

We had booked 3 days plus a further day later in the week. We were so unhappy we telephoned Bookings and cancelled the last day. If we could have done we would have cancelled after the first night. We asked if we could change our room and we were told there was nothing else available. We cannot see this as we never saw many people around or at the restaurant or staff for such a large hotel.

Our reason for using the Hampshire Britannia Hotel was that Derek had to attend the Royal Free Hospital to see a specialist as there is no such consultant available in all of Wales for the serious illness. Possibly because of the terrible problems encountered during our stay it has caused a flare up of his illness.

Somebody said that this was a 3 Star hotel although we have found no evidence of this. We feel that we have grossly overpaid for the very bad experience and we look forward to hearing your comments on the matter.

Yours sincerely

Derek and Sharon Hand

Yonca Akova Booking.com review

I I did a reservation through booking.com to St Martins hotel for 19-22 May 2018 for 817 pound one week later Booking.com sent me an email the price went down 717 pound. They advertise having price match policy but when I contacted Booking.com and the hotel they both rejected to help me. I asked either to cancel or to have cheaper price for the reservation. I include the ads I hope you would help thanks

booking com complaints department

I was rang on 24 3 2018 from yellow mountain hotel in smugness 2 tell me that they would cancel are room if we did not pay now because there was a problem with are credit card (debit card), we told them the money would be in on Monday but to no avail so they said they would cancel room because they were not listening 2 what we were telling them just to make sure they said said they would cancel room we were going on 30 3 2018 till 1 4 2018 so please make sure we do t pay 4 them cancelling regards MrSGByers

Cheryl Richardson Booking.com review

On Wednesday 14th March we had a reservation with Meadow Inn Melbourne. We had requested when booking through you that we had a disable sticker & would it be possible to get a park outside our room. My husband received an email stating the Motel had been in touch and this was possible. When arriving we were tod we had an upstairs room and they had received no such request. It was impossible for us to have an upstairs room and they also said they never guarantee a park outside the room. As we could not stay there we were forced to try and get accommodation at the next available town Seymour 70kms away. When arriving there the whole town was booked out so once again forcing us to travel the rest of the way home., another 230kms. This was very unsatisfactory and we would never book through you again or recommend you.

Jeanette McQuilliam Booking.com review

I have booked a holiday in Jersey Channel Islands with two other ladies. Upon confirmation of the hotel booking we have all booked our flights. Over a week later Booking.com sent an email advising that the hotel we had booked and paid for was overbooked. They have offered a lower standard hotel in a worse location.

I have sent to emails without the decency of a reply. This has completely spoilt our reunion after 30 years.

Mary Ryan Garnett Booking.com review

I recently cancelled a booking with booking.com and note that I have been credit card has been charged by the Hotel in the amount of $264.36. I was within my rights to cancel this booking and would like the amount of $264.36 refunded back to my credit card immediately.

I await your reply Regards Mary Ryan Garnett

Nanclarez michael Booking.com review

We had 2 days stay at recently at aa Niagara inn motel and had abysmal experience. I really want to point few important things which might be useful for your future operation.

1. Shocking cancellation for our booking: Me and my partner arrived at your motel 7th Oct 2017, Sat as we had booked a room online mid September. We left Toronto after 5pm so we arrived at your motel 6:55pm to be precise. We were told by Indian lady receptionist that our booking was cancelled at around 6pm the same day because tried to charge the credit card and it was declined. We only found out that an email and txt msg were sent to us after 6pm about cancellation at the reception because we were driving and were using the phone for GPS navigation. We did not know we had received those messages. She said the credit card declined and said it was invalid. I don't know how many times she tried to process the payment. She told us to pay 150dollars for 2 nights instead of 80dollars which we originally booked for. So, that is a big 70dollars difference. She said she could not do anything else. We decided to stay at your motel because we were tired and did not want to look for another accommodation. We were asked for debit card by her to pay 150dollars. I said to her to try to use the credit card again and guess what? It worked! So our point is your motel says check-in time is between 2pm-10pm. We arrived at the hotel at 6:55pm. We were told our booking was cancelled due to the fact your staff could not process the card and we had to pay more if we wanted to stay. The receptionist lady handled the situation very rude & unprofessional way. Could not you just call us? You expect people to check their phones regularly? We were informed about cancellation at 6pm by sms and email 55min before our arrival and we think it is very unfair treatment of the customer. Why don't you inform about cancellation at least 24hrs advance?

2. Room in bad condition: We were given room #9 which was very bad room. The carpet was dirty, there was only 1 bed, light was very poor, there was a hair inside the bedsheet etc... 150dollars we paid for was not worth the room we got.

3. Unprofessional staff: The receptionist lady was inadequate at handling customers. The second night of stay came as surprise again. After spending some time in downtown we came back to our room on 8th Oct. Our room card key did not work. So, we went to the reception and the same lady handled us was there. We told her the card key was not working. She said something like "You did not tell us to clean your room or not" blah blah. We never asked her to clean our room or whether she had cleaned the room before her arrival. She was illogical in her response to our request. What does room cleaning to do with card key not working? Besides, your motel did not have any door sign we could use if we wanted it to be cleaned.

Overall, your cancellation process came as big surprise, the staff handled it poorly, we were ripped off to stay in a dump. We are very unhappy with this motel. We would not recommend anyone else to stay at aa Niagara inn motel and we would not even consider ever staying there again.

Ryan & Michael

Ryan and Michael Booking.com review

Dear Motel Owner/Manager of AA Niagara Inn via Booking.com,

We had 2 days stay at your hotel recently at your motel and had abysmal experience. I really want to point few important things which might be useful for your future operation.

3. Unprofessional staff: The receptionist lady was inadequate at handling customers.  The second night of stay came as surprise again. After spending some time in downtown we came back to our room on 8th Oct. Our room card key did not work. So, we went to the reception and the same lady handled us was there. We told her the card key was not working. She said something like "You did not tell us to clean your room or not" blah blah. We never asked her to clean our room or whether she had cleaned the room before her arrival. She was illogical in her response to our request. What does room cleaning to do with card key not working? Besides, your motel did not have any door sign we could use if we wanted it to be cleaned.

Overall, your cancellation process came as big surprise, the staff handled it poorly, we were ripped off to stay in a dump. We are very unhappy with your motel. We would not recommend anyone else to stay at yours and we would not even consider ever staying there again.

Zoe Frost Booking.com review

I have emailed the hotel twice sent a letter recorded delivery and called to speak to the manager who I am yet to recieve a call back from I am absolutely digusted in the service I have recieved. Below is the letter I sent. I would appreciate an urgent response and I the least I expect in return is a full refund on bith rooms.

Mr Lee Frost & Mrs Zoe Frost 4 Welland Close Newark Notts NG24 2HE

Dear Sir / Madam

8 September 2017


I wish to convey my utter horror at my recent experience staying at the hotel and make what I believe is a very powerful case for obtaining my money back by way of compensation.

Before I continue, I will advise that my son was competing at the London Open Gymnastics. While this booking was very “last minute” in terms of our preparation, had the experience been better, the group of parents who made this journey with their children would happily have recommended and used your hotel for all future events. Depending on the outcome of my complaint and your willingness to take my comments on board will very much affect my ability to make any recommendation for your hotel in the future.

Allow me to specify the reasons for my complaint:

1. Upon entering the room, the heat was overpowering, as was the odour of mould and mildew. 2. The windows in both rooms were less than transparent due to built-up layers of dirt and mould (no doubt adding to the rather telling odour). 3. The carpets were very badly stained and in need of a deep clean 4. The toilet seat in both rooms was hanging off 5. There was a loose bathroom tile which I stubbed my toe on and was clearly unsafe for the children to be around. 6. The plug sockets were not fixed to the walls correctly which is clearly a safety issue and moreover, they did not work. 7. Bedding sheets in both rooms was stained and carried the scent of cigarette smoke 8. When we entered the Family Room, there were no pillows on the double-bed

As you can see, the list is extensive and this is an issue clearly in need of address and correction.

I am seeking a full refund for the stay in your hotel and if I am to recommend this to anybody in the future – rather than actively dissuade others from booking – then I would like some assurance that my complaint will be addressed.

I eagerly await your response.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Zoe Frost

William S Holden Booking.com review

A few months back I called to make reservations in Viriginia at Royal Clipper Inn. A call was made back to the hotel to cancel about three weeks ago, and the person stated they were going to take care of it. The person didn't tell us to back to Booking.com to cancel. We could have called if we knew to call back to Booking.com. I talked to the manager Bryan at the hotel and he stated there were nothing he could do. My account was debited a total of $804.70. ($201.18 X 4) I don't have this kind of money to throw away. Please help me out with this. Thanks 919-834-2081 home 919-604-3473 cell

Madeleine Sussman Booking.com review

1) The booking site said the reservation could be cancelled with no charge. After the booking was made, it said the reservation could only be cancelled after paying one night's stay. It also stressed that if I gave my credit card details I would not be charged, and implied that a credit card was merely a formality. 2)They promised the cheapest price. Theirs was $9.99 more expensive than the hotel web site. 3) I followed the instructions to contact them on line, and found that there is no way to reach them. I submitted the link to the cheaper room, but their response said that they would get back to me in a few days.

Arun Kumar Booking.com review

Dear sir my hotel name is hotel Royal palace that is existing in Havelock island but same name hotel Royal palace in Port Blair. He misused my I'd in your site google map pin in my hotel in Havelock but that person property in Port Blair. Some tourist is coming my hotel and asked the room. The tourist has told them my booking in your hotel. I have already paid to booking.com but I m not registered with your site. Please delete the account of hotel Royal palace, Port Blair Havelock island. Because this person is a fraud to me.

Trish Dowd Booking.com review

I wish to discuss the issue I had after booking Glebe Space in Sydney for one night on 8 December, 2016 through Booking.com. I received the text below a couple of hours before I intended to book into Glebe Space. The reason given was room maintenance at Glebe Space. On calling, I was assured the alternative accommodation was the same at City Space.

On arriving at City Space, the receptionist told me I had been moved from Glebe Space as they had overbooked (a little different from the lie in the text to me). It was impossible to park in the street and I had to temporarily park the car in the entry space while I found out where to check in. For parking, the receptionist pointed me to a public car park some distance away in a different street which costs $15 per day and is locked from 9pm to 7am each day.

The room had no air conditioning, but only a ceiling fan. The room was hot, and offered a double bed pushed up against the wall that was only made up with sheets with no other bed linen; there were no glasses, cups, tea or coffee making facilities; and there was an odour of dirty socks/sneakers in the room.

The receptionist took me to the common room to show me where to find tea/coffee making facilities, cups and glasses. There were a number of mugs on a bench, but nothing else in any cupboard in the common room. She offered to find these and bring them to the room during the day. Her explanation for all these shortcomings was that this was a pop-up hotel and it was their first day!

I decided I could not stay there and told the receptionist that. To her credit, she spoke to her supervisor and I was offered a full refund of $100 I had paid to Booking.com. I understand this is in the process of being done.

I am writing to you because, obviously you need to know the situation. I never got to see Glebe Space so I cannot comment on that accommodation. However, please know that I, as your client who paid for accommodation in advance, only to be told lies about availability on the day of arrival, and then hived off to less than ideal accommodation, am not impressed.

I cannot recommend City Space, and I am concerned that Booking.com is dealing with a less than professional pop up hotel. I would like you to respond as soon as possible on my whole experience. I have been a loyal client with Booking.com for many years.

Alex Wong Booking.com review

On 10 Nov, 2016 I used Booking.com to reserve an apartment in Athens. I stayed there for 5 nights and all went well. In the end Booking.com invited me to write a review, and I gladly wrote an honest piece on my experience. But then I could not find my review in the relevant site. When asked about it, the answer I got was 'your review has been detected as potentially fraudulent and therefore does not keep in line with our review policies.....found to be highly suspicious will not be displayed. We are unable to share detailed information about our internal procedures and detection methods.' No verification has whatsoever been sought with the host nor me, and they refused to communicate any further. Not only is such thing outrageous, but it also let one doubt about the credibility of the selective reviews in each hotel on offer in this site.

booking com complaints department

I booked at Nob Hill hotel for two nights. There was so much noise above me that I only received two hours of sleep. The room was dirty: paint falling off the wall, big chunks of plaster carved in where bedposts hit, stains on carpet, fingerprints and dirt stains on walls that I could not stay the two nights. I checked out after one night and the concierge told me the only way I could get refund for second night was through booking.com. I have been unable to reach customer service at booking.com this I'm filing a formal complaint. This hotel should not have the rating it has. It is very much misleading. I have used booking.com in the past...not sure if I'd recommend it to my fellow adventurers.

Shival Booking.com review

Asking for CVC number of the debit/credit card at the time of booking accommodation is fundamentally against all security principles. Second, this mandatory process is in a violation of personal freedom.

Third, I am shocked at the fact that your great think-tanks have failed to figure out this glaring shortcomings in your system and mechanism. Fourth, the site's software needs face-liftings and maneuverability. Fifth, for heaven sake desist from promoting hotels with irritatingly poor amenities. I had problems with a hotel at Mysore during my three day stay. Naturally, I can't find to share details due to absence of live coordination from your customer care. It was a daylight robbery. I mean the price and the hotel facilities never had any remotest relevance.

For example, I had only one power pin point to service all my Laptop, mobiles, kettle and dryer. A three-star pain. Of course, the pin point remained at an odd spot in the room to add confusion and misery to your stay. The hotel stay was a punishment and the hotel price is a penalty for my comfort feeling. Accept my withdrawal from Bookings.com for my future itineraries.

Peter Pool Booking.com review

I contacted Booking.com to cancel our booking at the Ripley Court Hotel in Dublin for the 27th and 28th of September. They duly replied that you had contacted Ripley Court (cancellation reference 308552872) and were awaiting a reply. It is obvious that the booking fee is not being refunded. I have contacted Booking.com customer care to get an email to confirm the non refund. I last spoke to Emanuel who said he would look into this and have someone organize this for us. We have heard no more and my insurance company is waiting for this proof that we paid the booking fee and it is not going to be refunded.

David Nye Booking.com review

My complaint is regarding the actions of one of the hotels on the site. Zen Rooms Clarke Quay in Singapore. My reservation with Booking.com clearly stated no payment required in advance, free cancellation and payment at hotel, Then, thank you for choosing ZenRooms for your hotel partner. We would like to discuss for your booking at ZEN Rooms Clarke Quay - Jayleen 1918. The hotel has just applied a new policy that they only accept prepaid bookings. So, we would like to ask your confirmation to charge the total of SGD 520.23 from your credit card for these following booking. But I did not approve and the hotel charged it anyway. I then cancelled the reservation and they refunded my credit card however due to foreign exchange the refund is less than the amount charged. Booking.com should not allow their hotels to change the rules once a booking is confirmed. We buy a product as advertised.

booking com complaints department

I contacted Booking.com regarding my awful experience in Glasgow at Bellway Commonwealth Apartments, I explained how bad the apartment was the attitude of the Manager that I had spoken to and I sent some pictures showing some of the issues. They sent me an automatic reply in that they would look at it and come back to me within 7 days. They did not contact me so sent them another message they replied almost immediately ( plenty of time to understand my complaint ) and offered me £20 which I told them that this was not acceptable and could I speak to a Manager they replied saying they would not do this.

Booking.com sent me an email asking about my experience at the Bellway Apartments which I sent in ( including some photos ) and guess what they did not appear on their website ( still pending when I checked ) which leaves me wondering how good the comments from people really are in that they only submit acceptable ones so customers do not get the full picture. Will never use this company again and If there is any way of letting other customers know about both the Apartments and how Booking.com operate then please let me know.

booking com complaints department

Booking ref 1695876779 booking Hotel Meryan House Hotel 1st and 2nd October 2016. Your website on this hotel is outdated by 10yrs. The owners have been in the Hotel 29 yrs and said the information on your website is 10 yrs out of date. They update at least 2 times a year. My requests were not passed on to the Hotel for walk in shower and two beds not twin beds. The rooms are compact because it is a 500yr old building a Grade 2 listed.

Booking.com's website says Restaurant but theirs says it is only open Mon to Thurs. They say they do not have children under 5 but they do accept bookings for family's with children. They say there is no cancellation but a penalty payment is in place, if you book from them direct they have a full cancellation policy ( which we needed to do as the reason we were going to Taunton had changed but we went to get something for our money) plus there bill was £30. less.

Bar is limited due to change of circumstances re restaurant. They do not do the BBQ anymore. The Hoteliers were absolutely charming doing all they could for me due to my mobility problems, very helpful in giving easy directions to local places to go.Breakfast, the best we have ever had. I await comments and a refund of the difference of the booking.

Nicola Marinelli Booking.com review

On the 21st Sep, I booked 3 night at Łucka Residence for a cost of (Polish Zloty) ZTL 645 and I got the confirmation of the booking. On the 22nd Sep, I got from Booking.com an email, saying: "Łucka Residence has been in touch with us today regarding your reservation 1733000734. Unfortunately Łucka Residence won’t be able to honor this reservation and accommodate you on the dates of your planned stay. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We’re happy to inform you that we have found a solution for you. We would like to suggest the following accommodations as an alternative, which we believe will suit your needs: Przytulny Apartament w Centrum Warszawy - Klimatyzacja. Nowogrodzka 8, Sródmiescie, 00-525 Warszawa, Poland". On the 23rd Sep, following your instruction, I booked the same 3 night in the structure that you suggested and I paid ZTL 670, getting the confirmation. New booking number: 1255149793

On the 25 Sep, I got an email from Booking.com saying: "We received your new reservation Reservation 1255.149.793 at Przytulny Apartment w Centrum Warszawy - Klimatyzacja. Your original reservation will be canceled at no cost to you. You'll receive an email confirming the cancellation shortly. Once again, please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. If there are any additional costs due to this situation, please send us copies of your receipts. We'll assist you in any way we can and do our best to arrange reimbursement as quickly as possible.

Please note that by providing your receipts, you agree that Booking.com B.V. may share the information you've submitted with Łucka Residence. We’re committed to protecting your privacy; your receipts will only be used to validate your claim. We do not retain this information any longer than necessary. We hope you have a great stay at Przytulny Apartment w Centrum Warszawy - Klimatyzacja. We're available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have."

On the 25 Sep, I got an a second email from Booking.com saying: Your booking has been canceled free of charge. Your reservation at Łucka Residence is now canceled. Today, 27 Sep, Checking today my bank account, there is both the payment done for "Łucka Residence at a price of ZTL 645 and the payment done for Przytulny Apartment at a price of ZTL 670, for a total of ZTL 1315. Instead, as per Booking.com instructions and agreement, there should be only the payment of ZTL 670 and I should get the difference 670-645 = 25 ZTL. I'd like to get on the my account the situation agreed.

booking com complaints department

I had been using booking.com for years and during this time I felt comfortable about giving my credit card details to them. However, I realized that this was a big mistake because I understand that they just pass your credit card details to the hotel and feel no responsibility about it, they don't care if the hotel overcharges you or even charges you for nothing as in my case.

In August 2016 I've booked a room with Booking.com for one night in Barcelona. I gave the hotel my credit card no without my CVM. Arrived there, this is not a hotel, is a room in an apartment in a block of flats. The room is small, two persons hardly fit inside, the bathroom is glued to the bed, the walls are thin and the noise from the other 5 (I think there were 5 or 7) rooms of the apartment can be heard easily. The room is far far away from what they showed on their Booking page. I said to the housekeeper I cannot sleep in such condition and that I cancel my booking due to the non adequate accommodation conditions. I cancel the booking online. Booking.com sends me a message on my Android app saying the cancellation was done free of charge.

I check my account and notice the hotel took 155 Euros from my account for this improper room where I did not sleep. I contact Booking and they blame the hotel. But the hotel did not have my card details. Only booking had them and my data are not registered and not available automatically. So, aside the fact Booking gave my card details to this ''apartment company'' without my agreement, they promote this hotel which is totally lying about what they offer and Booking is telling me they take no responsibility for the hotels advertising on their site. Booking sustains the fraudulent policy of this ''hotel''.

Booking.com is aware of all this and does nothing. They told me they are only an interface of the hotel and they do not respond for what the hotel is advertising on their site. Booking.com is an accomplice to this fraud.

booking com complaints department

I have serious Booking complaints about my last stay at "Pisa Airport accommodation".

- Only cash payment at check in - The place was extremely dirty - I got a room on the 4th floor and the place didn't have a lift (they should warn people about this) - No proper ventilation. Had to leave windows open all night and a whole bunch of mosquitoes got inside the room and my girlfriend and I got bitten very badly. - A group of girls stood in the corridor around 3:30am talking and laughing very loudly. They didn't stop even after I asked them to and when I went to reception to complain there was no one in there!

This is not the service I am used to receive from Booking.com. Places like this seriously damage a businesses reputation. I expect to get a full refund of the €45 I paid.

booking com complaints department

I booked through Booking.com. Judging by Internet reviews, I got lucky because the booking worked and I wasn't overcharged. However, they keep spamming me mercilessly. I have made several attempts to get unsubscribed, without success. Their customer service email claims that there is an unsubscribe link in the email which I can click. I cannot see it in my email reader. I therefore asked them to do it for me. They have continued to spam me. My next step is to start posting warning reviews on every travel site I can find and to institute a complaint against their ISP. Stay away from Booking.com!

booking com complaints department

I booked this hotel with Booking com and was totally disappointed with everything about it. The beds were propped up on what looked like a rough wood pallet. Water did not work and were vey loose including very slow flow of water and a waste which did not do the job. On the electric cooker all the element were loose and falling apart totally unsafe and it would be condemned under UK standards. Breakfast was a joke, just bagel and juice. Worst hotel we ever had any where. Complained to reception and he (the owner I think) said its a different country! Last time I looked USA isn't a third world country. Shocking why do you recommend this rubbish?

Joan Cosgrove Booking.com review

This is a customer service complaint. Firstly I wish to commend the customer service given to me by Javier. He was so friendly and helpful, calling me back to fill me in on all the details of the booking I had made. He is excellent at his job. However before I got to deal with Javier I was answered from the booking.com Ireland number at 13.19 on 14/07/2016 by a girl named Vikki. She has to be the rudest girl I've ever dealt with over the phone and I am 53 yrs old so I've dealt with lot of customer service agents in many capacities over the years.

I wanted to explain to her that my daughter Grace who's name the booking was made in was not going to be able to travel for medical reasons. I had previously been on about paying for the holiday in full before my daughter but the hotel wanted me to send my cvv no by email which I didnt want to do. I sorted this directly with the hotel and they said it was ok for the girls to pay by cash on arrival. I tried to say this to Vikki however, she shouted me down saying about hotel policy.

She would not let me speak, I even pointed this out to her. I asked her to be put on to a supervisor. She said no and if I wanted to deal with someone else I was to hang up and ring the number again. This is appalling customer service and I will be putting in an official complaint to COMREG too.

booking com complaints department

Reserved Oceanfront Vacation Rentals, 5445 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach (Florida), FL 33140. My reservation was for 3 nights, 1 apartment, July 9-12. Booking number: 530302133. I have already sent two emails to Booking.com’s customer service dept. regarding this reservation. This was not an apartment by any stretch of the imagination – at best an efficiency, but in reality a two bed hotel room with kitchenette. It is obviously a privately owned room as the closet was locked so the only available hanging space was a half dozen hangers above a mirror.

The beds were terrible; although two full beds in actuality only suitable for one person as two people end up rolling into the middle of the bed – my husband has traveled around the world and ended up sleeping on the floor as the beds were so bad. There were ants in the room – on the floor and in the cabinets. And finally the pool was out of service. All in all, it was so bad, that we left on 7/10 and checked in to a hotel in Fort Lauderdale for the remaining two nights of our vacation – I can provide a copy of the bill to prove it. I am looking for a refund for the nights we were not able to stay in the “apartment.”

The definition of apartment is: a set of rooms used as a dwelling by one person or one family. Booking.com need to change the description in their listing details so that others are not conned as we were. Booking.com ends their email confirmation with "Have a great trip" - this was not a great trip at all.

Mori Booking.com review

I used booking.com to reserve a hotel in Las Vegas using they Free Cancellation offer. Plans changed, I logged on and canceled the reservation a week before the arrival date, which still fell under the free cancelation clause. I received a confirmation email with a $0 cancellation fee clearly listed. The day after I was supposed to check in, a $120 charge hit card for the previously canceled hotel. I immediately contacted booking.com with the email receipt of cancelation, and proof of charge. It has been two weeks. The hotel will not refund the money, booking.com has not done a thing to make this right other than state they did verify I was not registered as staying at the hotel and that I canceled in time to not be charged. Disputing this now with my bank. This company is a fraud, they will scam you.

booking com complaints department

I recently stayed at the Hampton Inn in Boca Raton from March 9th-March 15. I booked my room through Booking.com. My total cost of the room was $1314+ $144.54 for all tax. The total cost was $1458.54. When I checked my Visa account I see that I was charged $$1471.68 an overcharge of $13.14. I would appreciate if you would credit my Visa Account the that overcharge.

booking com complaints department

I made one Booking.com reservation and shared the credit card numbers once over the phone. I cancelled 2 and half hours ago as I was advised by booking.com. They promised 100% refund. A week later, the hotel charges were shown up on the credit card statement and found out that they booked another two without any authorization (3 minutes a part according to Booking.com customer service). Obviously, they processed twice by mistake or did not wish to refund so that they made another reservation. I requested refund back to the account immediately, yet with very insufficient investigation, they still insists that it was not their fault.

Eva Lopez Booking.com review

I believe I was overcharged for my 9 night stay at the Hampton Inn in Greenbrier Chesapeake, VA. The advertised room rate at time of reservation through Booking.com was $94.00 per day. Included for a total of 1,055.45 plus 13% state tax. However upon checkout the manager gives me the statement charging 117.00 per night plus 17.38 for daily tax. This information was intentionally withheld from me at check in time where i was NOT informed of this sudden hike in room rate. Hampton Inn was supposed to honor the price I booked for. For this dishonest and illegal practice I vow to never stay at any Hampton Inn resorts. I was also slapped with a 14% daily tax which differs from the 13 % originally advertised. I am only left with the option of reporting these hidden charges to the Federal Trade Commission.

Ken Atkinson Booking.com review

Booked a room for three days. Had a change of plans and the hotel you represent online,wouldn't refunded 2 or the 3 days I paid for. Spoke to the desk person at check out 10am..was asked to call back at 12...asked to call back at 3...told manager would be in to handle issue at 4:30. Showed up at 4:30 and no manager,was told they would only remind 1 of 2 day. This is unacceptable and your company should intervene on my behave to solve this issue. Your help and time is appreciated.

Christopher Buttner Booking.com review

I will never be using Booking.com ever again. I cancelled a reservation due to a family emergency with Booking.com for The Artist House B&B in Key West with two weeks advance notice and was informed that I would receive a full credit of the $309.37 deposit without issue by Allyson Zuidema, Booking.com Customer Service Team, on April 11, at 5:31 pm EST. The on the next day, in writing, that promise was broken and I was informed by Booking.com the charge, which was completed in late February 2015, would not be refunded by the Artist House. I spoke to the Artist House rep, Cindy (vey nice, professional, etc), who said if they can sell the room, I'd get the credit of $309.37 back. My issue is with Booking.com in stating they would in fact credit me, and then retract their offer in now three emails, inspire of the fact this is an emergency. Booking.com's petty cruelty is beyond reproach and they should credit me the deposit of $309.37, as assured, without delay or penalty.

Kathleen H Taylor Booking.com review

This hotel we got on Booking.com was awful. I took Pictures. I would like some sort of compensation for what I paid for the condition of the room. The Admiral Hotel - 813 Baltomore Ave Ocean City MD 21842. We stayed August 30-Sept 1 2014.

 Booking.com review

Love using Booking.com. Did you know that the majority of all bookings online come from this engine or FlipKey? I used their mobile app to book a trip to Australia and it worked perfectly. Would highly recommend Booking.com for anyone who is tired of the typical Vacation Rental experience. They do a fantastic job of making sure customers and vendors are happy.

Roxanne Bailey  customer service review

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  6. Booking.com complaints email & Phone number

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