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How to Create and Share Fun Quizzes for Free

Quizzes have become a popular form of entertainment and engagement on the internet. People love testing their knowledge and challenging themselves with fun trivia questions. If you’re looking to create your own quizzes for fun, but don’t want to spend any money, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of creating and sharing fun quizzes for free.

Choosing the Right Platform

When it comes to creating quizzes, choosing the right platform is crucial. Fortunately, there are several free online quiz makers that offer a range of features and customization options. One popular option is Typeform. This user-friendly platform allows you to create visually appealing quizzes with ease. Another great choice is Google Forms, which offers a wide variety of question types and allows you to easily share your quiz with others.

Designing Engaging Questions

Now that you’ve chosen your preferred quiz-making platform, it’s time to design engaging questions that will captivate your audience. To make your quiz fun and interesting, consider incorporating a mix of multiple-choice questions, true or false statements, and open-ended questions. Don’t be afraid to add some humor or pop culture references to make your quiz more entertaining. Remember to keep the difficulty level appropriate for your target audience so they can enjoy the challenge without feeling overwhelmed.

Adding Visuals and Multimedia

To make your quizzes visually appealing and engaging, consider adding relevant visuals and multimedia elements. Images or videos can help illustrate questions or provide additional context. For example, if you’re creating a movie-themed quiz, including stills from famous films can enhance the overall experience for participants. Be mindful of copyright restrictions when using images or videos; opt for royalty-free sources like Unsplash or Pixabay.

Sharing Your Quiz

Now that you’ve created an awesome quiz, it’s time to share it with the world. There are various ways to distribute your quiz for free. One option is to share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also embed the quiz on your website or blog to reach a wider audience. Additionally, consider reaching out to relevant online communities or forums where people might be interested in taking your quiz. The more exposure your quiz gets, the more fun and engagement it will generate.

Creating and sharing fun quizzes doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With the right platform, engaging questions, visual elements, and strategic distribution, you can create entertaining quizzes that captivate and challenge your audience without spending a dime. So go ahead and let your creativity shine as you craft exciting quizzes that will leave people coming back for more.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


best powerpoint quizzes

best powerpoint quizzes

7 Free PowerPoint Quiz Templates To Download

📩 Free Download – Editable Fun PowerPoint Quiz Game Design Templates of 2022

Here are the best 7 free PPT templates for true or false quiz, trivia quiz, multiple choice quiz, quiz with scoreboards, jeopardy, who wants to be a millionaire styled quiz and more all available for free download. If you’re a teacher, these templates will help you build quizzes for your classroom and review materials before a big test. 

While making a quiz game in PowerPoint is simple, it can get frustrating to design it, hence we have our free quiz templates that have attractive design and takes less than a few minutes to set up. Our templates are perfect for teachers, presenters and educators who: ✅ don’t have much time to create the quiz game, ✅ want to impress the audience with interactive elements and good design.

1. Simple Interactive Quiz

You click on the correct answer, and you move to the next slide. If you answer it wrong, you are asked to retry the same question again. You can also open the game directly in slideshow mode by saving it as PowerPoint Show (.ppsx). ✅ Sound Effects ✅ Unlimited Questions.

Making an Interactive PowerPoint Quiz Game using Hyperlinks - 7 Free PowerPoint Quiz Templates To Download

Download Free PPT Template

We don't ask for your email, grab your instant download below: 📩 Download Template

2. True or False Quiz Game

The user can click and select their answer to be either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. After marking all the answers, the ‘reveal answer’ button shows if they got the answer right or not! This is perfect if you want multiple questions in a single slide! ✅ Trigger Animations ✅ Unlimited Questions.

3. Randomly Shuffle Answers

This quiz template shuffles the answer order randomly. The player can attempt the same question multiple times, they can proceed ahead only after they get it right. The theme colours can be changed in this customisable free PowerPoint template. ✅ VBA Code: Shuffle all answer options randomly in one-click! ✅ Answer Shape changes colours to indicate correct/wrong answer

download free powerpoint quiz game template for free 1 frame design1 - 7 Free PowerPoint Quiz Templates To Download

4. Quiz with Report Card

This PowerPoint Quiz Game can generate a report card with points, percentage, grades, number of correct/wrong answers and more! It has trigger animations to indicate whether the answer was answered correctly or incorrectly. ✅ VBA Code: Generates Report Card Automatically ✅ Sound Effects & Unlimited Questions

PowerPoint Quiz Game Calculates Grades Free Download Template - 7 Free PowerPoint Quiz Templates To Download

5. Quiz with Player Scoreboards

This PowerPoint Quiz Game can generate a report card with points, percentage, grades, number of correct/wrong answers and more! It has trigger animations to indicate whether the answer was answered correctly or incorrectly. ✅ VBA Code: Generates report card ✅ Answer Shape change colours to indicate correct/wrong answer

PowerPoint Quiz Game with Scoreboard Free Download Template - 7 Free PowerPoint Quiz Templates To Download

6. Millionaire-Themed Quiz Game

As seen in television, this “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” Themed Quiz-Game is a great concept for building a quiz game. You can download this well-designed PowerPoint Template for free and start adding your own questions and be the host of your very own quiz-game show! ✅ Money-board, Timer and 50/50 Lifeline ✅ Music & Quiz Game-Show

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Quiz Game in PowerPoint - Free Download

7. Jeopardy Quiz Game

As seen in television, this “Jeopardy!” Themed Quiz-Game is perfect for longer quizzes, arrange them by category and dollar values. In this free PowerPoint Jeopardy Template, you can start uploading your clues and responses and become the host of your very own Jeopardy Show! ✅ 4 Categories and 3 Questions ✅ 2 Player Scoreboards to Keep Score

Jeopardy Free PowerPoint Template with Scoreboard - 7 Free PowerPoint Quiz Templates To Download

Are you looking for a way to create timed graded quizzes without the need for programming skills? Look no further than  iSpring QuizMaker , a quiz making tool based on PowerPoint. It provides 14 different question types and flexible scoring parameters, which is especially important for interactive quiz games. They will all maintain the PowerPoint effects intact and look great on any device.

iSpring QuizMaker - 7 Free PowerPoint Quiz Templates To Download

🎯 Free Templates

Download Premium Interactive PowerPoint Quiz Game TEMPLATE

Send Report Card to Google Sheets, Import Questions from Excel and a lot more! Make your quiz game in under 5 minutes!

Blog > PowerPoint Quiz Templates - 10 free Quiz Designs

PowerPoint Quiz Templates - 10 free Quiz Designs

08.20.20   •  #powerpoint #interaction #game.

If you want to boost your audience engagement, lighten the mood, or test how attentive your listeners are, quizzes are a great way to do so! Making a quick question layout is very easy (as you'll see in this blogpost), however it can be tedious to get the design to look good. So if you a) don't have time b) don't feel like doing a template yourself or c) just want to impress the audience with some nice looking quiz designs that you might not have thought of creating yourself, we got you covered.

Quiz Templates

We created 10 exclusive designs that you can download and use - 100% free - both for commercial use e.g. your next presentation and for private use (how about a trivia night?!) Just look through our list and get the one you like most - we got something for every taste! And by the way, if you need inspiration for quiz question ideas, be sure to check out our article on 50 Quiz Ideas for your Presentation !

best powerpoint quizzes

  • Galaxy Quiz
  • Basic Black and White Quiz
  • Kahoot Quiz
  • Summer Beach Style Quiz
  • Keyboard Style Yes-No-Quiz
  • Personality Quiz
  • Picture Quiz
  • Minimalist Quiz
  • Vocabulary Quiz
  • Who wants to be a Millionaire Quiz

#1 - Galaxy Quiz

Have you ever had a question that only the stars could possibly answer? Now you can ask it with our beautiful galaxy / universe quiz design. This quiz template is the perfect way to go for all the people who adore some extravagant designs - you'll definitely wow your audience! The only downside is that your quiz participants might be so mesmerized by the galactic infinity that they may actually forget to vote for the right answer.

galaxy quiz

#2 - Basic True and False Quiz (Black & White Style)

This template is pretty plain and basic, yet far from boring! The contrast between black and white and the diagonal text elements make it the perfect elegant choice for anyone who's looking for an interesting and timeless classic design. It even comes in three different options. You can either decide for one or use all three in one quiz-session. We got you covered with one simple white, one black, and one half black- half white design for anybody who can't decide which one they like better. You can use this template for all kinds of questions that have two possible answers (so it is perfect for Yes/No or True/False quizzes!)

a basic black and white Quiz design

#3 - Kahoot PowerPoint Template

Unfortunately, there is no way to conduct a Kahoot quiz via PowerPoint. Until now! We built this wonderful template that looks exactly like the design of our favorite online- quiz- game. But now you can easily play it in your presentation without having to open the browser. And don't worry, participating via smartphone is still absolutely possible and easier than ever by using the SlideLizard Quiz Creator Plugin . Similar to Kahoot it lets you conduct fun audience quizzes, but embedded directly within your PowerPoint presentation!

Kahoot design in PowerPoint

#4 - Summer Beach Style Quiz

Get some instant holiday vibes without leaving the country, or even the house! Inspired by our tropical island PowerPoint template (which you can get right here !), we designed a wonderful new quiz template that will give you and your audience the feeling of being on vacation while you're actually in a meeting, lecture, or elsewhere. So it is basically everything you could ever want in a quiz. There are even two background styles that you can choose between!

quiz template summer design

#5 - Keyboard Style Yes/No Quiz

Without a doubt, our keyboard style Yes/No Quiz is one of the most creative ones! It is really fun and an amazing option for anyone who's looking to switch things up a little. The best thing? It comes with an esc- option! So if your quiz participants really, really don't know the answer, they can just - well - escape instead! The slides with the Escape- options are optional however, so if you'd rather want your audience to vote either Yes or No, you can leave out the esc- key. It doesn't matter, weather you're only asking if the audience needs a bathroom break or hard- to- answer trivia questions, with this template you're always in style!

keyboard style quiz

#6 - Personality Quiz

Until now you probably thought more about doing trivia questions in your presentations, but did you know that personality quiz questions can also be an amazing engagement- enhancing element during any presentation? They are especially great as ice breaker questions , but could also be used as mood- lightener at any point. And the best thing: If you get SlideLizard, you can even see the audience results, so you have a statistic overview of e.g. people's favorite ice cream flavors (or whatever else you've always wanted to ask!) P.S: You could also use all the other templates in this post as personality quizzes, but this one is specifically designed as such.

Personality quiz template

#7 - Picture Quiz

If pictures speak to you more than words do, our picture quiz template might be the one for you! It comes with a fun, modern and playful design, and the pictures can of course be changed to whatever you want them to be (you can also add or remove new images, so there is a selection of 2, 3 or 6 pictures). The picture quiz can be used for testing vocabulary (although #9 covers that already), or to spice up your trivia questions. You could even use it as a fun way to introduce yourself to the audience (e.g. "Which of these baby photos is me?") in order to break the ice. Tip: If you want to know more about ice breaker questions, check out our blog post here .

Picture quiz

#8 - Minimalist Quiz

Minimalism is extremely popular right now, and we totally get why! This is the simplest out of all the templates, but isn't it beautiful? With this quiz template, you get slides for Multiple Choice AND True/False questions! We are in love with this template in all its simplicity, but if you want, you could definitely use this as a blank canvas and upgrade it by adding pictures, backgrounds, new fonts or your favourite colors. The sky is the limit!

minimalist quiz

#9 - Vocabulary Quiz

This one is different from all the other quizzes, since it is neither multiple nor single choice, but instead somewhat of a memory game. We recommend this animated PowerPoint quiz template for testing new vocabulary or difficult terminology, but you could also adapt it and make it a regular open question format by writing questions instead of words on the cards and the right answers on the green cards below (it sounds more difficult than it actually is, and when you download the template, you'll get a detailed guide on how to use it.) In this format, there are some boxes with words in English (which you can exchange with your own words, obviously). By clicking on those boxes in presentation mode, they disappear and leave a green answer card. You can easily play this with your audience/students by letting them shout out the translation of a certain word and then clicking on the matching box to see if the translation is correct.

Vocabulary Quiz

#10 - Exclusive Who Wants to be a Millionaire Quiz Template

Last but certainly not least, is our "Who wants to be a Millionaire" Template, which we created exclusively for you to feel like a real game show contestant! The whole template is pretty extensive, which is why we put it in a blog article on its own. Be sure to check it out right here in order to learn how to get the best experience possible out of the game - you'll also find the Download link there. The template comes with everything you could wish for - sound effects, a design that is stunningly similar to the real one, and even the possibility to participate via smartphone! The video below gives you a short demonstration of how the game looks.

Who wants to be a Millionaire

Let your audience participate with their smartphone

Once you have chosen a quiz, you have to ask yourself: How do I conduct it during my presentation? Of course, you could just let your audience raise their hands for the answers of their choice - but that seems outdated and overly complicated (counting the amount of votes for each answers,...). The way more convenient option is to use an application like SlideLizard, which allows your audience to vote for the answer of their choice via their mobile devices, making the experience a whole lot better - quiz competitions have never been better!

The process is easy:

  • Get SlideLizard for free by clicking here .
  • Connect your presentation with SlideLizard. If you need more details on how to do that, please watch this short video tutorial .
  • The Slides are already programmed to fill in your questions and Answers into the slots. We recommend to start by creating all the quiz questions you want to ask your audience.
  • Then, duplicate the question slide as often as you need (= same number of questions you created). It is also a good idea to insert an answer slide after every question.
  • You only need to assign the questions to the slides , and you're good to go!

Watch our video to get detailed instructions on how to connect your quiz with SlideLizard:

Adapt the templates

If you'd like to use one of our templates, but feel like making some adjustments, you can easily do that yourself. All of the given templates can be modified, you can make a two- answer quiz in a multiple choice one and vice versa, you can change colors, fonts and shapes to fit your personal taste or company branding. In the following quick guide, you will be shown how certain elements can be transformed. We're using our galaxy template as an example, but all the templates are transformable in the same or very similar ways.

So here's our downloaded template:

template by SlideLizard

Now, let's start by changing the background first. Click anywhere on a slide and select "Format Background"...

background format

Then go to "Picture or texture fill" (or Solid Fill if you want the background to be a plain color).

new background chosen

After clicking "Insert" your file explorer will open. Select the picture of your choice and click "Insert" once again. Your backround is now changed.

insert picture as background

The existing boxes should be rectangular, don't you think? Let's do that by deleting the existing boxes and exchanging them with new ones. To do so, click on a box, then right click > "Cut" (or hit the backspace key). Then go to the insert tab and click "Shapes", where you can choose the shape of your choice and draw it on the slide. Place it where you want.

new shapes inserted

If the object you just drew hides the text, just go to the "Shape Format" Tab and then click "Send backward" until the text shows again.

send elements backward

And while we're at it, maybe just remove two answer options and make it a True/False quiz? If you want to, you can also change the font, and we're good to go! You just modified our quiz and made a whole new one that has your own personal handwriting!

final changed template

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best powerpoint quizzes

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best powerpoint quizzes

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Personal Response System (PRS)

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Types of Quizzes and Best Quiz Maker Tools for PowerPoint (2023)

Last updated on November 14th, 2023

Quiz Maker Tools

Quizzes in PowerPoint are not used as often as they should be. This is because a quiz can go with almost any type of presentation, making it more interesting and engaging. You can incorporate quizzes in your PowerPoint based class lectures, business presentations, staff training sessions, etc. If you are looking to learn about the best ways to create quizzes using PowerPoint, you can learn about various possibilities of making the most out of your presentations with the help of our pick for the best quiz maker tools for PowerPoint .

What is a Quiz?

A quiz is essentially a short test to gauge the knowledge of the person(s) being asked questions. Quizzes are used for a variety of purposes, be it as short tests for grading students, self-assessment, during a competition, or for personality assessment. However, the two broad categories of quizzes include either scored quizzes or personality quizzes.

Best quiz maker tools

Purpose and Types of Quizzes

What is the purpose of a quiz.

Quizzes can be broadly divided into two categories, i.e. a scored quiz or personality quiz. There can be different formats for a quiz including multiple-choice questions, true or false, yes or no, trivia, etc.

Scored Quiz:  A scored quiz is often used to test the knowledge of students and to grade them. Teachers might include a quiz as a part of exams or take a pop quiz to quickly assess the knowledge of students randomly. Scored quizzes might also be used for other purposes such as to score candidates that have applied for a job according to their knowledge of a subject or online quizzes meant as a pastime. You can also use a PowerPoint quiz template with score to present the quiz to an audience including the final score.

Personality Quiz:  In recent years online quizzes have become quite common across various social media platforms to engage online users using web apps. Some quizzes are also used to assess the personality of the individual, such as by using Myers–Briggs Type Indicator questionnaire. However, a personality quiz is not a new phenomenon as they have existed for decades, based on different types of introspective personality test formats. These types of tests don’t have a right or wrong answer but simply grade individuals based on the quiz results. To create a personality quiz, you can use a personality quiz maker tool.

15 Different Types of Quizzes

There are several formats for quizzes including the ones mentioned below. Some of the below-mentioned categories can overlap, where one or more formats might be incorporated to create a single quiz. For example, a multiple-choice quiz can include not only text-based questions but also visuals, fill in the blanks, etc.

1. Multiple Choice Quiz: This includes asking multiple-choice questions from which one or more correct answers must be selected.

2. True or False Quiz: This is a form of a multiple-choice quiz where a true or false answer needs to be provided. Correct answers are scored at the end of the test.

3. Yes or No Quiz: This is another multiple-choice quiz format used with questions that require a Yes or No answer.

4. Trivia: Trivia is a type of quiz used to test knowledge for a variety of topics such as animals, history, pop culture, etc.

5. Fill in the Blanks Quiz: A quiz can also include fill in the blanks to ask short questions where an individual needs to answer the missing parts of the question. Such a quiz may or may not be created with multiple choices given for the blank space.

6. Match-The-Pair Quiz: This is a quiz type where different pairs of images, concepts, or topics are displayed side by side, where the correct pairs need to be matched. For example, if one table consists of country flag and the other with country names, for a match the pair quiz, the one taking the quiz will require matching the correct country flag with the respective country, such as by drawing a line to connect them.

7. Spin the Wheel Quiz: This is a quiz format made popular by TV game shows where the spin of a wheel determines what type of question is asked from the contestant. You can use an animated spin the wheel template for this purpose.

8. Million Dollar Quiz: This is another format made famous from various Tv shows where contestants have the opportunity to win a million dollars by answering multiple-choice questions along with a few unique features such as the ability to contact someone for help or receive hints for some questions.

9. One Page Assessment Quiz: This is a brief format to assess someone’s knowledge or personality by giving them a one-page assessment to fill out.

10. Open Ended Quiz: Such a quiz might contain questions requiring open-ended answers.

11. Closed-Ended Quiz: This quiz can have various formats such as multiple-choice questions, fill-in blanks, yes or no, or true or false questions.

12. Classification / Sequencing Quiz: A quiz might require classifying different pieces of information in a set sequence. For example, let’s say there are names of 20 animals and 2 tables, one for mammals and the other for reptiles. In such a case a quiz can be graded based on how accurately the individual places the correct names of animals according to the right classification.

13. Name Me Quiz: Such a quiz is conducted by providing a hint for the correct answer which can be a person, name, place, animal, etc.

14. Find in Image Quiz: The quiz requires finding the answer from within an image. The question might be displayed along with an image containing the answer (e.g. word cloud).

15. Drag and Drop Sort Quiz: These are interactive quizzes that require a digital device such as a smartphone or computer to drag and drop items to complete the quiz. Such a quiz might be available online via a mobile, desktop, or web app. To make an interactive quiz you normally use interactive quiz maker in PowerPoint or a 3rd. party tool.

Difference Between Quizzes, Surveys, and Polls

While many people consider quizzes, surveys, and polls to be similar, they are in essence quite different.

Quizzes: As mentioned earlier, quizzes are short tests that are either graded or come with no correct answer to assess someone’s personality. Quizzes can be used to test knowledge, as a form of entertainment, or personality assessment.

Surveys: Unlike a quiz, surveys are used to gather qualitative or quantitative information. Surveys are used for a variety of purposes such as to assess customer needs, to gather feedback, assess employee or employer satisfaction, gathering census data, for scientific research, etc. Since surveys fall under a broader category than quizzes they are not only used for statistical and human research but also for spatial measurement (e.g. photogrammetry or construction surveying), geological, astronomical, and purposes.

Polls: A poll is a method used for a number of purposes including gathering opinions, during surveys, to elect individuals (e.g. general elections conducted in a country), in arts, entertainment, and media, as well as in mathematical or scientific models (e.g. a query conducted by a server in a set order, also called a polling system or polling model in queueing theory).

Best Quiz Maker Tools

Different quiz-maker tools can be used to create quizzes to make your PowerPoint presentations interactive and engage your audience. Below is a list of our picks for some of the best online quiz-maker tools. Some work with PowerPoint, but other tools are independent products.

1. iSpring Suite (PowerPoint)

The iSpring Suite is a PowerPoint based app for PC that enabled creating quizzes and surveys in PowerPoint. While the application suite has a number of features including the ability to record, edit and create interactive learning courses; you can also use the suite for making interactive graded quizzes.

2. Kahoot (Web)

Kahoot is a platform for making online games using quizzes, discussions, and surveys for e-learning, business, or personal use. Kahoot can be accessed via browser or the Kahoot apps for Android and iOS.

3. Genially (Web)

Genially is a web app that enables users to create different types of interactive content including online presentations, infographics, class lessons, quizzes, and the like. You can also use Genially during webinars or online meetings to display your interactive content via Zoom, Google Meet, and other platforms. To learn more about this online quiz maker, see the video given below.

Articulate 360 Quizmaker (PowerPoint)

Articulate 360 Quizmaker is a tool for creating quizzes for your presentations, e-learning courses and uploading them to a Learning Management System (LMS). using Articulate 360 Quizmaker, you can create quizzes, surveys, and drag and drop assessments.

TypeForm (Web)

TypeForm is an online tool that makes it easy to quickly design and share quizzes, surveys, polls, and different types of forms. TypeForm also provides integration with various famous platforms including Slack, Zapier, Autopilot, Airtable, Hubspot, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, and Salesforce.

Creating a Quiz in PowerPoint

If you want to create a quiz in PowerPoint, the best way of doing that is to either use Forms in PowerPoint or to make use of an interactive quiz template for PowerPoint.

Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a feature available to Microsoft 365 users that enables creating forms in PowerPoint. This feature can also be used for making a PowerPoint quiz. Using Microsoft Forms you can not only conduct quizzes but also see detailed results based on the responses received from end users.

Quiz PowerPoint Templates

Animated quiz tabs powerpoint template.

Animated quiz tabs PowerPoint template

4 Options Multiple Choice PowerPoint Template

The format of this PowerPoint template is similar to a ‘Million Dollar Quiz’. This interactive template can be used to create multiple choice PowerPoint questions, where the user can click on an option to reveal whether the answer was correct. Wrong answers get highlighted in red, whereas clicking on the correct answer highlights it in green.

4 options multiple choice PowerPoint template

Go to Download 4 Options Multiple Choice PowerPoint Template

Creating a Quiz in Google Slides

Unlike PowerPoint, Google Slides has fewer options for creating different types of interactive quizzes. However, with a bit of creativity, you can easily create a functional quiz using Google Slides.

Create a Quiz Slide Deck in Google Slides

You can manually create a quiz slide deck in Google Slides by linking different slides to slide elements. Below is a video with a brief tutorial regarding how to create a quiz slide deck in Google Slides. You can also create a copy of this quiz template for Google Slides to create your quiz.

Bjorn’s Quiz Decks Studio

A quick and easy method for creating a quiz in Google Slides is by using a third-party app. One of the available quiz-making apps for Google Slides is Bjorn’s Quiz Decks Studio. You can integrate this app via Add-ons -> Get Add-ons in Google Slides . Simply search for the add-on and integrate it into Google Slides. you will get a new tab with the app’s name that can be used for creating quizzes in Google Slides. Bjorn’s Quiz Decks Studio is a premium tool that is available on a 7-day trial version.

Final Words

Making a quiz, be it in PowerPoint or by using a web or mobile app can help you better engage your audience by providing them with something interesting. Quizzes are not only useful in the academic setting but also for formal meetings, where you can help gauge the knowledge of your audience before showing them trends, analytics, forecasts, and project information to help make certain details memorable.

The tools and presentation templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides mentioned above can help you create quizzes for your remote meetings, webinars, and even presentations conducted in person at the workplace or an event.

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best powerpoint quizzes

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Bloom Quiz Presentation

Free google slides theme and powerpoint template.

Do you want to spend some fun time with your friends? Do you like quiz games? Then you have to take a look at this template we have created at Slidesgo. It has a colorful design, with pink and yellow shades with gradients. Best of all, it's interactive, so you can go from one section to another depending on your answer. In addition, it is fully customizable. You can change the themes and questions, colors, typography, etc. to your liking. Just download it to Google Slides or PowerPoint.

Features of this template

  • 100% editable and easy to modify
  • 58 different slides to impress your audience
  • Contains easy-to-edit graphics such as graphs, maps, tables, timelines and mockups
  • Includes 500+ icons and Flaticon’s extension for customizing your slides
  • Designed to be used in Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • 16:9 widescreen format suitable for all types of screens
  • Includes information about fonts, colors, and credits of the free resources used

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Animated PowerPoint Quiz Template For Conducting Interactive Quizzes

If you need an animated PowerPoint quiz template for conducting interactive quizzes during Live presentations then Quiz Tabs is a great interactive template to go with. This interactive template gives readymade slides that can be used for making interactive quizzes in PowerPoint by simply adding text to the given text-boxes.


Create a Quiz by Adding Text to Text-Boxes

To create a quiz , simply add text to the given tabs by adding your question on top of the tab and the answer within the slider attached to it.


Click a Tab to Reveal the Answer

There are various interactive slides for making different types of quizzes, where each tab opens on mouse-click to reveal the answer. This makes it possible to quiz your audience, gather public opinion, and present the audience with new perspectives at the end of a Q&A session, as well as to play games during a Live presentation using trivia.


Create Different Types of Quizzes

Using the given layouts you can create True or False, Right or Wrong, Yes or No, multiple choice and other types of quizzes. There are 10 slides with various types of quiz related layouts. You can duplicate slides and content within slides to generate new types of quizzes and to increase the number of slides according to need.


Suitable for all Kinds of Events

This PowerPoint quiz template is not only suitable for making your official presentations more fun but can also be perfect for academic use, such as to quiz a class. Whether you’re a teacher or a student, this animated quiz PowerPoint template can help you create interesting presentations with the aid of easy to customize slides.

You can also use this template for corporate presentations, to give out prizes to participants for correct answers at a promotional event, for persuasive presentations to give out facts after asking general questions (which usually may result in stereotypical answers), etc.


Go to Presenter Media – Interactive PowerPoint Quiz Template  (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Interactive PowerPoint Quiz Template  (Widescreen)

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