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Our big list of literary magazines based in the UK

The Big List of UK Literary Magazines

Literary magazines. They’re strange beasts: beautiful, varied and often painfully short-lived. For poets and writers, however, they’re invaluable . Not only do they allow you to get a feel for the writing of your contemporaries, but they also represent one of the most accessible routes to publication.

Placing your work in literary magazines isn’t going to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. But it will gain you readers, get your name out there, build your network and confidence, and occasionally leave you with a little extra money in your pocket.

There are too many literary magazines in the world for us to keep track of, so we’ve restricted the list below to those based in the UK. If you’re new to sending your work out for publication, you may want to check out our short guide to the process .

If you want to suggest an addition or correction for this list, you can do so using the Big List Update Form .

[ A3 Review Website ]

The A3 Review is a gorgeous little literary magazine that folds out like a map, and publishes writing under 150 words. Published pieces are selected by means of a monthly competition.

[ Abridged Website One | Abridged Website Two ]

A free magazine and exhibition series based in Derry. The editors are interested in the idea of abridgement. Each issue is given a different theme with this idea in mind. Accepted submissions are supplemented with and transformed by visual art.

[ Acumen Website ]

Acumen is among the longest-running literary magazines today. Patricia Oxley started Acumen in 1985 armed with only an electric typewriter, and without subscribers or contributions. Since then it has grown to one of the country’s leading literary journals. Also publishes reviews.

[ Agenda Website ]

Publishes poetry and reviews. Agenda was founded in 1959 by Ezra Pound and William Cookson. It publishes regular anthology issues and occasional special issues that focus on just one poet.

[ Albedo One Website ]

Based in Ireland, this magazine is “Europe’s westernmost outpost” of science fiction writing. It publishes at least one Irish writer per issue, as well as work from writers around the world. They also publish reviews and interviews, and run the annual Aeon competition.

Allegro Poetry

[ Allegro Poetry Website ]

This online magazine publishes four issues each year, two of which are for general poetry and two of which follow a set theme. The editor is Sally Long.

[ Ambit Website ]

Publishes fiction, poetry, artwork and reviews. Ambit has been around for more than forty years. It combines illustration and artwork with prose and poetry.


[ Anthropocene Website ]

Anthropocene is an online poetry journal. It aims to publish exciting new poetry written in the English language. It also publishes translations, from any language, into English. Anthropocene is edited by Charlie Baylis.

A Restricted View from Under the Hedge

[ A Restricted View from Under the Hedge Website ]

This magazine from Hedgehog Press has, in its own words, “quite catholic tastes” and is looking to publish “work from every dusty corner of the broadest of churches.” The somewhat-unwieldy title is sometimes shortened to Arfur for simplicity.

[ Ash Tales Website ]

An online magazine focussing on tales of the end of the world – from nuclear armageddon to bio-engineered super plagues. Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic short fiction around 2,000 words is welcomed, with some stories being published in podcast format as well.

Bandit Fiction

[ Bandit Fiction Website ]

A digital magazine that aims to be welcoming to new authors, and non-discriminatory in its approach. The editors are seeking to publish short fiction and non-fiction. They offer feedback on most submissions, and are keen to hear from Creative Writing students and writers currently in education.

Bare Fiction

[ Bare Fiction Website ]

Despite the name this magazine publishes poetry, theatre and other forms of writing along with fiction. See the website for event listings and details of a planned competition.

Battery Pack

[ Battery Pack Website ]

Our own palm-sized anthology of microfiction, distributed for free alongside Neon Literary Magazine and in a smattering of independent bookshops around the UK. Each yearly edition features six stories, none more than seventy words in length.

Between These Shores

[ Between These Shores Website ]

An annual collection of literary and supernatural stories, which is also open to creative nonfiction. The idea for this publication came from the winter annuals of Charles Dickens. Each issue also features graphic arts, reviews interviews and features.

BFS Horizons

[ BFS Horizons Website ]

Publishes fiction, poetry and artwork. The magazine of the British Fantasy Society. Only available to members, although non-members are still welcome to submit work for publication.

Black Static

[ Black Static Website ]

Publishes fiction, artwork and reviews with a focus on horror. Originally published as The Third Alternative . TTA Press also publishes Interzone and Crimewave .

Briefly Write

[ Briefly Write Website ]

Briefly Write is an online quarterly publication that focuses on bold and succinct flash-fiction and poetry. Submissions are open to new and experienced writers.

Brittle Star

[ Brittle Star Website ]

Publishes fiction, poetry and articles. Back issues of Brittle Star can be found online on the Poetry Library website.

Butcher’s Dog

[ Butcher’s Dog Website ]

A biannual poetry magazine, founded in the North East of England by seven poets who each won a Northern Promise Award from New Writing North in 2010 or 2011.

Cambridge Literary Review

[ Cambridge Literary Review Website ]

An occasional magazine with a focus on the avant-garde. Since it was founded in 2009 the CLR has published a wide range of established and new authors, and entering its second decade it continues to promote innovative writing.

Cannon’s Mouth

[ Cannon’s Mouth Website ]

The Cannon’s Mouth is the quarterly journal of Cannon Poets . It aims to stimulate interest and encourage the participation of members and the wider community in the writing of poetry and its presentation to the public.

[ Chapman Website ]

Chapman is Scotland’s leading literary magazine: controversial, influential, outspoken and intelligent. Founded in 1970, it has become a dynamic force in Scottish culture, covering theatre, politics, language and the arts. It is a highly-respected forum for poetry, fiction, criticism, review and debate is essential reading for anyone interested in contemporary Scotland.

[ Confingo Website ]

Manchester-based independent publishers that create biannual print collections of previously unpublished fiction, poetry and art.

[ Confluence Website ]

A creative writing magazine produced by live lit organisation Wordsmithery, based in Kent. Aims to publish an equal quantity of works from the Medway Delta and from the world beyond.

Crow & Cross Keys

[ Crow & Cross Keys Website ]

This online journal publishes two new pieces every week. In the tradition of oral folk tales, they want work that sounds good read aloud and that takes the reader to a dark and lovely place.

Cunning Folk

[ Cunning Folk Website ]

An online and print magazine centred on magic, mythology, folklore and the occult. They publish non-fiction, short fiction, poetry, and interviews, from established and emerging writers. The magazine has featured writings from authors including Naomi Ishiguro, Wanjikũ Wa Ngũgĩ, Jen Campbell, Diane Purkiss, CAConrad, Bhanu Kapil, Dr Thomas Waters, Rowan Hisayo Buchanan and Emma Glass. Works sit alongside beautiful illustrations and photographs.

[ Crimewave Website ]

Publishes fiction, artwork and reviews. One of the UK’s few magazines dedicated to crime fiction. TTA Press also publishes Interzone and Black Static .


[ Dawntreader Website ]

This fifty-two-page perfect bound literary publicaton has an international readership, and gives readers the “opportunity to let the imagination run free”. Produced by Indigo Dreams , who also administer a number of other literary magazines and chapbooks.


[ Dreamcatcher Website ]

Publishes fiction, poetry, artwork and reviews. Dream Catcher also runs various workshops and events in the East Midlands.

East of the Web

[ East of the Web Website ]

Publishes fiction in all genres. One of the most widely-read online publications in the UK – writers who publish their work here can expect to get more reads than almost any other online publication.

[ Ellipsis Website ]

Ellipsis Zine is an online literary magazine for beautifully written fiction & creative nonfiction. 1,000 words or fewer, any genre. They love stories that make them forget where they are, stories that introduce them to people, places and things they’ve never seen before and stories that stick with them long after they leave them.

[ Epoch Website ]

Epoch is a publishing platform for original creative nonfiction. They want to hear every voice. Epoch enthusiastically encourages submissions from marginalised voices, emerging writers, and people outside of academia.

Exilé Sans Frontières

[ Exilé Sans Frontières Website ]

Exilé Sans Frontières is an online literary magazine of poetry (including translations), flash fiction, nonfiction and visual arts which aims to foster social justice and a sense of belonging, and to nurture empathy through art. The works in  Exilé Sans Frontières  speak directly from one unconscious to another. A loss of conscious mind is what is gained.

Fiction Desk

[ Fiction Desk Website ]

The Fiction Desk publishes a regular anthology series dedicated to new short fiction, as well as running a number of other literary projects.

Fictive Dream

[ Fictive Dream Website ]

An online magazine dedicated to the short story, built around the belief that powerful writing ensures that readers never slip out of the fictional world or dream that a writer creates. Open to submission from emerging and established writers.

[ Firewords Website ]

A beautifully-illustrated literary magazine which aims to feature both powerful writing and bold design.

Flashback Fiction

[ Flashback Fiction ]

FlashBack Fiction is an online journal dedicated to historical flash fiction, prose poetry and hybrid work. Its aim is to collect and celebrate shortform work — both traditional and experimental — that in some way engages with the historical.

[ Foxglove Website ]

This online journal aims to be a haven for poetry and short fiction, featuring work that “thrills, comforts and stimulates”.

Frogmore Papers

[ Frogmore Papers Website ]

Publishes fiction, poetry and artwork. Frogmore Press also publishes several other titles and runs a poetry competition.

[ Ghastling Website ]

This print magazine describes itself as a “Book Of Ghosts & Ghouls”. With a focus on horror and the uncanny, it seeks to publish short stories that dip into darkness. They also arrange writing workshops and a twice-yearly spooky newsletter for subscribers.

Goatshed Press

[ Goatshed Press Website ]

This new micro-publisher based in Bristol is run by two publishers and literature lovers keen to shake up the industry and promote beautiful, moving, cutting-edge writing. They are currently working on the first edition of our bi-annual fiction issue, due for release in summer 2022 and are looking for bold, exciting writing that moves and inspires. Also, they pay. Well!

[ Granta Website ]

Publishes fiction, poetry, artwork and nonfiction. Long-established and well-read. Issues are generally based around a theme.

[ Gutter Website ]

Gutter is an award-winning, high-quality, printed journal for fiction and poetry from writers born or living in Scotland and featuring literature from around the world. The editors believe there is a need for an energetic, ambitious magazine dedicated to the best in new Scottish writing, published in an international context.

Here Comes Everyone

[ Here Comes Everyone Website ]

A Coventry-based magazine with an international readership. Each issue of Here Comes Everyone has a different theme, and the magazine aims to be accessible and supportive to both published and unpublished writers.

High Window

[ High Window Website ]

This online magazine publishes work in English by new and established poets from The UK and around the world. Alongside a lively and eclectic mix of poetry, each new issue contains an editorial, a literary essay, a selection of poems in translation, poetry reviews and occasional features.

Hinterland Magazine

[ Hinterland Website ]

Hinterland Magazine is a quarterly print magazine based out of the University of East Anglia that showcases the best in creative non-fiction. They publish established and new writers, employ a rolling submissions window and are on the look out for work that straddles boundaries between forms and contents.

Honest Ulsterman

[ Honest Ulsterman Website ]

The long-established magazine was created by the late poet James Simmons in May 1968. Throughout its lifetime it has maintained a focus on openness, scepticism and subversion. It now publishes poetry, prose, interviews, reviews and features, and welcomes aboard any writer who will join it.

Iceberg Tales

[ Iceberg Tales Website ]

A new literary magazine which aims to publish the best new and emerging writers online and in print. The editors of Iceberg Tales are passionate about uncovering the ambitious, thought-provoking pieces of work that they know are hovering just below the surface. Features prose fiction, poetry, criticism, and artwork.

Indie Bites

[ Indie Bites Website ]

Indie Bites is a quarterly indie fantasy anthology, created to promote the work of indie authors. It features short fantasy fiction (prose and poetry) from self-published, hybrid and unpublished authors, together with interviews and reviews of indie books from book bloggers.

Ink, Sweat & Tears

[ Ink, Sweat & Tears Website ]

Publishes fiction and poetry. Their website states that “ Ink Sweat & Tears explores the borderline between poetry and prose in the digital age”.

Interpreter’s House

[ Interpreter’s House Website ]

A long-established literary magazine, which has now been published for more than thirty years. Features short fiction and poetry. Also runs a yearly poetry competition with a top prize of £500.

[ Interzone Website ]

Publishes fiction, artwork and review. One of the largest sci-fi magazines in the UK. TTA Press also publishes Black Static and Crimewave.

La Piccioletta Barca

[ La Piccioletta Barca Website ]

This online magazine based at the University of Cambridge publishes monthly issues on literature, the arts, music and multiple other creative avenues. Each issue is centred around a prompt or stimulus.

Letter Review

[ Letter Revie w Website ]

Letter Review is an online Literary Journal dedicated to assisting writers to get  published , performed, and produced. They feature interviews with professional writers, publish helpful information, run competitions with cash prizes, and are open to submissions of fiction, nonfiction, and  poetry.  They seek submissions from writers who are 14 years and older who live anywhere in the world.

Liars’ League

[ Liars’ League Website ]

Publishes fiction and nonfiction. Accepted pieces are read by actors at a monthly live fiction night.

[ Lighthouse Website ]

“We look to publish the best short fiction and poetry emerging from the UK writing scene.” This journal is run by Gatehouse Press (a publishing company based in Norfolk).

[ Litro Website ]

Publishes fiction. Over 100,000 copies are distributed for free around the UK each month.

[ Littoral Magazine Website ]

This online magazine is published eight times per year. It publishes work with a spiritual aspect, and is inclusive in its selection. “Pagan, Christian, Mysticism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism – every conceivable spiritual path is welcome from the most ancient to the most modern of beliefs.” Part of the magazine’s brief is to find unity in diversity.

London Magazine

[ London Magazine Website ]

Publishes fiction, poetry and reviews. One of the oldest literary magazines in the UK, founded in 1732.

Long Exposure

[ Long Exposure Website ]

Long Exposure Magazine is dedicated to new voices, new ideas, and to seeing the world in different and innovative ways. This project aims to explore both the textual and the visual, bringing to light their dialogues and creative possibilities.


[ Longitudines Website ]

Longitudines is an arts and literature magazine, with annual print editions and online content. The magazine is a receptacle for European voices and publishes artworks, along with fiction, poetry and drama in any language. Print editions are multilingual and feature texts in their original languages. Versions into other languages are made available online.

Lucent Dreaming

[ Lucent Dreaming Website ]

A biannual print and online magazine run by a team of volunteers; they’d like to be known as the early-adopters of every wonderful new and emerging author and artist they find in their inbox. Lucent Dreaming is the place to find new writing from new writers, and for new writers to grow.

[ Magma Website ]

A long-running poetry magazine. Each issue of Magma is compiled by a different editor, and adhered to a different theme.

[ Makarelle Website ]

Founded in 2021, Makarelle is a quarterly independent online zine, looking for new and emerging artistic talent. It has themed submission windows and to support the creative arts community, an online space dedicated to interviews with small local businesses and people with creative backgrounds.

[ Marble Website ]

This magazine has a simple remit – to publish good, new poetry. Send up to four poems per submission. Marble doesn’t have any preference when it comes to form or style. Poets may be from any background, and selected poets are paid for their work. Marble also publishes poetry pamphlets and collections.

Mercurius Magazine

[ Mercurius Magazin e Website ]

Mercurius Magazine was founded in 2020 with aim of building a community of writers and artists around the themes of “transformation” and “vitality”. Its site publishes a wide range of work, from avant-garde visual poetry to contemporary surrealism and absurdism, literary essays, short stories and flash faction. A printed anthology is published once a year

Milk + Beans

[ Milk + Beans Website ]

This online literary magazine accepts fiction, personal essays, and poetry, and promises to provide humour, wine, and a sympathetic ear. It welcomes anonymous submissions, and all pieces must be over 300 words.

[ MONO Website ]

Launched in 2021, MONO is a literary journal dedicated to darkly humorous writing that revels in the cringeworthy moments that people love to forget. Submissions open twice a year (Summer & Winter); they accept all types of submission formatting and they are also on the look out for take amateur, monochrome photography.

[ Moth Website ]

The Moth was launched at the Flat Lake Festival in June 2010 and is now winner of a DAA Arts Award. This Irish magazine publishes poetry, fiction and pictures from artists in Ireland and abroad.

[ Moxy Website ]

Moxy is a literary magazine which focusses on creative nonfiction. They are looking for criticism, essays, travel writing, and personal essays, as well as original artwork and cartoons. Their guidelines contain more detail on what exactly fits the definition of creative nonfiction.

[ MQB Website ]

MQB is a tri-annual magazine of poetry, prose and reviews and is a hardcopy only publication. It is the successor to The Penniless Press, now an online magazine. It has a taste for workplace poems, black humour and work which challenges all forms of conformism. Its reviews pages carry notices of contemporary poetry. To contact, write to: Alan Dent, 100 Waterloo Road, Ashton, Preston, PR2 1EP

[ Mslexia Website ]

Publishes fiction and poetry. Publishes only writers who are female, but contains useful articles and entertaining work that can be enjoyed by anyone.

[ Mycelia Website ]

Mycelia is a print magazine based in Glasgow dedicated to the weird and the eerie in literature and visual art. It is curated carefully to ensure it offers a balance of both international and Scottish work, from both emerging and established authors and artists.

[ Neon Website ]

Publishes fiction and poetry. Included here for the sake of completeness. Neon maintains this list of literary magazines.

[ New Walk Website ]

From October 2017 this international print journal of art, writing and review will be replaced by a series of pamphlets, available by subscription. During its run the magazine featured poets such as Andrew Motion and Alice Oswald.

New Welsh Review

[ New Welsh Review Website ]

Publishes fiction, poetry, reviews and articles. New Welsh Review is concerned mainly with writing from Wales. Most feature articles are commissioned, but it is open to submissions of fiction and poetry.

[ North Website ]

The North is a literary magazine published twice a year by The Poetry Business, and is essential reading for anyone who loves contemporary poetry. Each issue includes: a lively range of international poetry by new and established writers, book reviews from mainstream publishers to smaller presses; critical articles; conversations with writers; and features.

Obsessed with Pipework

[ Obsessed with Pipework Website ]

A quarterly magazine founded in 1997, and prouduced by Flarestack Poets. The magazine aims to “surprise and delight”. Although it has a limited web presence, back issues can be browsed on the website of The Poetry Library .

[ Open Pen Website ]

An entirely free magazine that aims to “create a print movement that is interesting and relevant, and encourage the growth of London’s talented, fertile, literary underbelly”. Publishes fiction, articles and columns.

[ Opia Website ]

An independent, quarterly magazine publishing prose, poetry, and visual art. They are committed to elevating marginalised and underrepresented voices. Submissions are accepted from all over the world, with new issues coming out every January, April, July, and October.

Oranges Journal

[ Oranges Journal Website ]

A new literary magazine based in Bristol focused on intersectional feminist values. They are committed to promoting and developing marginalised voices, and they seek pieces from writers who are willing to be vulnerable and authentic in their writing.

[ Orbis Website ]

Publishes fiction, poetry and reviews. Primarily a poetry magazine. Welcomes suggestions for features in addition to prose and poetry.

Peeking Cat Poetry

[ Peeking Cat Poetry Website ]

This magazine publishes “a fusion of poetry and flash fiction written by people from all walks of life”. It believes that poetry should be accessible and a part of everyday life.

Pennine Platform

[ Pennine Platform Website ]

Pennine Platform is a 60-page poetry magazine, published twice a year in May and November. The magazine is independent and completely self-supporting. It is one of the longest surviving little magazines in the UK, having started publication in 1973. It was initially the offshoot of Pennine Poets, a poetry workshop group based in the West Riding of Yorkshire, with which it still retains informal connections.

Personal Bests Journal

[ Personal Bests Journal Website ]

From the former Prose Editor of Gold Dust Magazine, this biannual print journal asks writers to submit their ‘personal best’ short stories for consideration. All income from sales is distributed equally between authors and cover artist.

Picaroon Poetry

[ Picaroon Poetry Website ]

A web journal which publishes unthemed and eclectic poetry. The editor is seeking “rogue” poets, but has a fairly open definition of that term. Picaroon Poetry also occasionally publishes chapbooks.

[ PN Review Website ]

Committed to modernism and its aftermaths, PN Review is a bi-monthly poetry review that publishes the best new poetry voices and experimental work. It is published in association with Carcanet Press.

Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal

[ Poetry Birmingham Website ]

The second city’s biannual publication dedicated to showcasing new work in poetry and criticism.

Poetry London

[ Poetry London Website ]

Publishes poetry and reviews. Publishes contemporary poets alongside new voices. Runs a competition and regular readings.

Poetry Wales

[ Poetry Wales Website ]

Founded in 1965, Poetry Wales is the foremost poetry magazine in Wales, publishing internationally respected contemporary poetry, features and reviews in its triannual print and digital magazine. Poetry Wales platforms international contemporary poetry from Welsh and international writers.

[ Popshot Website ]

A fully-illustrated literary magazine that publishes short stories, flash fiction, and poetry from the literary new blood.

[ Prole Website ]

Prole is a print magazine that publishes high-quality, accessible poetry and prose. It aims to challenge, engage and entertain – but never exclude. The publisher, Prole Books, also produces chapbooks and runs the occasional competition.

Pulp Poets Press

[ Pulp Poets Press Website ]

An online journal created by embracing the ethos of pulp magazines, and dedicated to providing the general population with quality and accessible writing which hits like a sucker punch – writing that injects excitement and inspiration into those who are hunting for a quick literary fix.

Pushing Out the Boat

[ Pushing Out the Boat Website ]

This magazine, based in the North-East Scotland, publishes high-quality prose, poetry and art selected from a unique blend of the global and the local. They maintain a strong commitment to first time writers and artists, and to outreach. They supply copies to worthy causes, local libraries, and schools.

Quarterday Review

[ Quarterday Review Website ]

This magazine aims to publish outstanding poetry in multiple formats on the four traditional Celtic quarter days: Imbolc (February), Beltane (May), Lughnasagh (August) and Samhain (November).

[ Quince Website ]

Quince magazine is a new online biannual literary and visual arts journal that looks to providing a platform for new writing and art from emerging and established writers and artists from around the world. The founder and editor is Devina Shah.

Reach Poetry

[ Reach Poetry Website ]

This magazine has now been published for more than a decade, with a stunning 200 issues in its archives. Features poetry. Produced by Indigo Dreams , who also administer a number of other literary magazines and chapbooks.

[ Rialto Website ]

Publishes poetry. Publishes established poets alongside emerging voices. Established in 1984.

[ Riggwelter Website ]

A journal of creative arts founded by Amy Kinsman in 2017. It releases an issue once a month, and is open to submissions of poetry, short fiction, visual art and experimental media.

[ Riptide Website ]

Publishes fiction. Seeks “short stories with an undercurrent”. Based in Exeter.

[ Sarasvati Website ]

Each successful contributor to this print magazine has three or four pages dedicated to their work – be that poetry or prose. Produced by Indigo Dreams , who also administer a number of other literary magazines and chapbooks.

[ Scribble Website ]

Scribble is the quarterly short story magazine of Park Publications, Cheltenham. For annual subscribers, submissions are free and three monetary prizes are awarded each issue to the stories that receive the most votes from its readers.

Seaside Gothic

[ Seaside Gothic Website ]

Seaside Gothic is a Kent-based magazine which accepts submissions quarterly with no fees and pays contributors. It publishes quarterly issues containing writing which adheres to the seaside gothic literary criteria, as well as photography.

Sein und Werden

[ Sein und Werden Website ]

Publishes fiction, poetry, reviews and artwork. An experimental literary magazine that seeks to explore the concepts of Expressionism, Surrealism and Existentialism.

Shadow Booth

[ Shadow Booth Website ]

An international journal of weird and eerie fiction. This crowdfunded horror journal has a strong track record of publishing excellent, unsettling fiction. Edited by Dan Coxon.

[ Shooter Website ]

Shooter is a literary magazine featuring entertaining, well crafted stories and poetry from up-and-coming writers, showcasing original artwork on the cover of each issue. When you subscribe to Shooter, you support writers and artists at the outset of their careers: a crucial time when recognition can make a huge difference.

Shoreline of Infinity

[ Shoreline of Infinity Website ]

This science fiction magazine wants stories that explore the uncertain future of the world, and play around with both big and little ideas.

Short Fiction

[ Short Fiction Website ]

Publishes fiction. Published by University Of Plymouth Press. Also runs an annual short story competition.

[ Shots Website ]

Publishes fiction and reviews. A crime and thriller ezine.

Sideways Poetry Magazine

[ Sideways Poetry Website ]

Sideways is a UK-based online poetry magazine. Each issue features diverse poets from all over the world. Their goal is to reach people who may not read poetry, and introduce this wonderful art form into their lives. They especially encourage poems from those who are yet to be published.

Slightly Foxed

[ Slightly Foxed Website ]

Bills itself as a literary magazine for nonconformists. Within the pages of Slightly Foxed contributors are invited to discuss their obscure literary loves in a variety of formats. This magazine is designed to celebrate the offbeat and unusual.

[ Smoke Website ]

Smoke was established in 1974, and has promoted independent poetry and art since its very first issue. It features black-and-white cover graphics as well as showcasing a wide range of poets within its pages. Smoke accepts submissions and has a subscription service. Postal submissions only.

Soanyway Magazine

[ Soanyway Website ]

Soanyway is an independent and free online arts magazine; it offers a platform for narrative work that tells a story through any combination of words, images and sounds.


[ Spellbinder Website ]

A quarterly literary and art magazine based in Durham which celebrates emerging poets, fiction and nonfiction writers and visual artists. Spellbinder was founded in 2020 by students who met at the Durham University Creative Writing Society. It promotes the works of those who are at the beginning of their literary careers, especially those who test the boundaries of media, form and convention.

[ Stand Website ]

Publishes fiction and poetry. Established in 1952 by Jon Silkin. Has editorial offices at Leeds University and Virginia Commonwealth University in the USA.

Stimulus Respond

[ Stimulus Respond Website ]

An online magazine each issue of which revolved around a given theme or “stimulus”. The pieces featured in the magazine form a response to this starting point. Among the most recent stimuli have been “Post-Truth”, “Handmade” and “Toys”.

[ Storgy Website ]

An online magazine dedicated to the literary short story. Built around a core group of dedicated writers, Storgy also accepts submissions and runs an annual competition.

[ Structo Website ]

This magazine publishes short stories, poetry, essays and interviews, and often features slipstream fiction and poetry in translation. Recent interviewees include Ursula K Le Guin and Margaret Atwood.

Talking Soup

[ Talking Soup Website ]

Publishes nonfiction personal essays and ‘stories’ from intriguing first-person perspectives. Submissions are open to new and experienced writers.

[ Tangerine Website ]

In addition to providing a platform for new writers of poetry and short fiction, this print magazine based in Belfast aims to publish work with a journalistic focus. Their aim is to offer fresh insights into a variety of subjects through memoir, essay and criticism.

[ Tar Press Website ]

Tar Press publish jarring new fiction written to suit the twitter format. That means chunks. Little chunks of prose that will appear at designated times on Twitter. These chunks will function on their own as well as in the context of their parent text, like the components of a collage. Or like the bullets in a list of bullet points. Like each piece of dialogue in a conversation. Like different flavours of ice cream in a sundae.

Tears in the Fence

[ Tears in the Fence Website ]

An international magazine which publishes a variety of contemporary writers. It provides critical reviews of recent books, anthologies and pamphlets and essays on a diversity of significant modern and contemporary English and American poets.

Templeman Review

[ The Templeman Review Website ]

The Templeman Review is based at the University of Kent, but accepts submissions from everyone, including non-students and people unaffiliated with the university. However, the work of Kent undergraduates is given priority. They offer no guidelines concerning length or style.

The Broken Spine

[ The Broken Spine Website ]

The Broken Spine is a poetry and arts collective published on the coastal edge of North-West England. It was founded in 2019 by Alan Perry and Paul Robert Mullen: two school friends reunited through a mutual love of poetry. They are particularly interested in narrative poetry, art and photography that represents the North of England.

The Letters Page

[ The Letters Page Website ]

Produced by the School of English at the University of Nottingham, this journal publishes correspondence-themed writing, with the letter as its main form.

The Lincoln Review

[ The Lincoln Review Website ]

The Lincoln Review is edited exclusively by Creative Writing undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Lincoln. TLR is published annually.

The Manchester Review

[ The Manchester Review Website ]

The Manchester Review seeks to bring together the best of international writing, publishing both well-known, established writers and new, relatively unknown poets and prose-writers. It is published from the University of Manchester’s Centre for New Writing.

[ The Phare Website ]

Created by writers Steven John and Claire Harrison, The Phare – an old English word for lighthouse or beacon – not only highlights great writing, but also provides a writing community for its members with access to a forums, online and traditional workshops, masterclasses and retreats.

The Poetry Village

[ The Poetry Village Website ]

The Poetry Village features some of the most inspirational and exciting new poetry by both emerging and established writers. Submissions are always welcome.

The Pomegranate London

[ The Pomegranate London Website ]

The Pomegranate London is a biannual printed art and literary magazine featuring short stories, poems and essays on artists. Founded in July 2020, The Pomegranate London seeks to publish and promote innovative, fresh and experimental new work from established and emerging writers and artists from the UK and internationally.

[ The Reader Website ]

Established in 1997, The Reader features a mix of poetry, fiction , interviews, thought pieces, advice and research with a focus on shared reading as a therapeutic activity. Their goal is to make shared reading widely available across the UK.

The Signal House Edition

[ The Signal House Edition Websit e ]

Founded in 2020, The Signal House Edition is an online journal publishing essays, non-fiction, visual art, poetry, audio and interviews. London-based but internationally focused, their issues are not themed.

[ The Selkie Website ]

This magazine takes its name from the creatures of ancient lore, who swam in water as seals yet had the ability to transform into humans and walk on land, thus revealing their dual nature. The editors describe the project as “An ode to fusion”.

Three Drops From a Cauldron

[ Three Drops From a Cauldron Website ]

An online journal for poetry, flash fiction, or any hybrid of the two with a focus on myth, legend, folklore, fable and fairytale. The name of the journal comes from a legend about the legendary Welsh sorceress Cerridwen.

[ Thi Wurd Website ]

A fiction magazine based in Glasgow which aims to give an outlet to those who exist “outside the narrative”. The publisher also organises events.

Tipping the Scales Literary Journal

[ Tipping the Scales Website ]

A literary journal dedicated to the publication of lesbian voices in a wide range of different forms and styles. They publish between 4-6 times a year and submissions are on a rolling basis.

[ Transect Website ]

A new magazine that aims to cut across human borders, eradicating boundaries between nations, ethnic/racial groups, languages and cultures.

[ TSS Website ]

TSS aims to publish the best contemporary short stories and flash fiction in the English language, and provide insightful news and views on short fiction. They have published over 50 writers, conducted more than 70 short fiction interviews, published dozens of essays and reviews on short stories, and awarded more than £4,000 in prize money and commissions.

Under the Radar

[ Under the Radar Website ]

The flagship publication of Nine Arches Press, Under The Radar features fiction, poetry, reviews and articles. The magazine was founded in 2008, and the press began publishing chapbooks and pamphlets shortly thereafter.

[ Vaine Magazine Website ]

Vaine is a literary and arts magazine with a focus on current events. It aims to bring together emerging artists and writers from all over the world in order to showcase their talents and give them exposure and recognition.

Visionary Tongue

[ Visionary Tongue Website ]

Publishes fiction and artwork. Established in 1995 by Storm Constantine. One of few regular British fantasy magazines.

[ Wasafiri Website ]

Publishes fiction and reviews. Wasafiri has a strong international focus, publishing work with a background in many different cultures.

Wells Street Journal

[ Wells Street Journal Website ]

The Wells Street Journal is a London anthology of writing published biannually in April and December. The publication is managed by the Creative Writing MA students of the University of Westminster.

Wet Grain Poetry

[ Wet Grain Poetry Website ]

Wet Grain Poetry are an online and biannual literary magazine for new poets and poetry. You’ll find them around the open calls (NAWE / Scottish Book Trust) but they’re also here, on the Big List!

White Review

[ White Review Website ]

The White Review publishes material both online and in print, with a focus on fiction and poetry that is “artistically or educationally meritorious”. It also runs an annual competition.

[ Whatscene Website ]

A free print publication focussed on life in East London and beyond. Publishes poetry online on its Facebook page, and may possibly feature it in print in the future.

[ Wildness Website ]

Seeks to publish poetry, prose, art and photography. A brand new journal, currently seeking submissions for the first edition.

[ 3:AM Website ]

Publishes fiction, poetry and reviews. 3:AM Magazine publishes a wide variety of work. Its slogan is “Whatever it is, we’re against it”.

[ 404 Ink Website ]

A new publication that aims to showcase incredible writing in an exciting and well-designed package. The publisher is funded by Creative Scotland, and has plans to bring out books as well as a literary magazine in the future.

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17 thoughts on “ The Big List of UK Literary Magazines ”

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Many thanks for putting together this fabulous list. I’ve really enjoyed looking at each one. Every few years I write a handful of poems and return to the dreaded lists, I usually give up at Acumen or Ambit in the As. I always seem to write poems when every mag is closed, or has just published,. One day I’ll get it right. The much heralded new poets described in the Guardian don’t seem to be represented online unless I’ve missed something. Best wishes Cy

Glad to hear you found it useful – and best of luck submitting your poetry. We haven’t encountered new poets in The Guardian, unless it was a review of Best New Poets or similar. Will keep an eye out for it anyhow. Thanks for the tip!

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Thanks for very comprehensive this list! Going to give a few of these, new to me, a try. Happy New Year!

Happy new year! And best of luck with your submissions in 2020.

Fantastic list for UK poets looking for a little success. I had to bookmark this webpage as a Very Important Reference. Great work. Who would you recommend for self-publishers seeking a little extra marketing help?

Glad you found it useful! What kind of marketing help are you thinking about?

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Useful lists, thanks much!

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Thank you for putting this fantastic list together! Let me know if you’re able to include another magazine. I’m the editor and English translator of ‘Interpret’, collecting new writing from across the world. Our stories and poems appear first in the native language of their author, then in our translation. Each issue we publish five authors in French and five more in English. We are based in Edinburgh and stocked by independent outlets such as Typewronger Books. If any readers would like to see their work in a different language, please consider submitting!


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No HQ Poetry Magazine? Founded in 1990, international, and still going strong…

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Aaron Mullins


List of best UK literary magazines for accepting author submissions short stories poems poetry writers

List of Best UK Literary Magazines for Author Submissions

You’re a writer, you have finished writing your story and are now looking for a well-maintained list of UK literary magazines open to author submissions .

Well you are in the right place!

Or perhaps you are frustrated by trawling through huge lists of UK literary magazines , only to discover that half the publications don’t exist anymore? Or the submission information is out of date?

Or you have to pay to kill off some trees by printing your work, posting it off and hoping to hear back sometime in the distant future, during which you aren’t allowed to do anything else with your masterpiece?

Well relax, you won’t find those issues here!

What you will find is a select list of literary magazines, personally chosen by myself. Due to the often short-lived nature of the literary magazine industry, I regularly update this list so that it only contains magazines that are a) operating and b) open to submissions from writers and poets .

BOOKMARK this big list of best UK literary magazines and submit your stories at your leisure. Regularly updated, this carefully curated list is a brilliant resource for authors!

This list of the best UK literary magazines and journals are all accepting submissions from authors and poets. There are fiction magazines accepting short stories, poetry magazines accepting submissions and online magazines and journals. Get your writing seen by readers in these top magazines to publish your short story, flash fiction or poem.

Literary magazines are one of the best routes to becoming a published author . You probably won’t make a lot of money from them, but you will gain new fans and forge links within the publishing industry.

I have also limited the list to (what I believe to be) the more reputable magazines. Those which have been established for a little while, aren’t on an indefinite break and aren’t associated with any specific religious, cultural or political leaning.

In this modern age, they must also accept emailed or online submissions and have an appealing, easy to navigate website.

A couple of my favourite international literary magazines (which are open to submission from UK authors) have been added too. If you think I have missed a UK literary magazine that fits into the above criteria and deserves to be on this list of the best ones, please let me know via my contact page .

Best UK Literary Magazines Journals Accepting Submissions Online Poetry Flash Fiction Short Stories Books

List of Best UK Literary Magazines

Acumen Format : Print Frequency : Three times per year Submissions : Poems, literary critiques and reviews of poetry Website : Acumen

Agenda Format : Print and Online Frequency : Three times per year Submissions : Poems and reviews of poetry Website : Agenda

Allegro Poetry Magazine Format : Online Frequency : Four times per year Submissions : Poems Website : Allegro Poetry Magazine

Apparition Literary Magazine Format : Online Frequency : Four times per year Submissions : Short stories (1,000-5,000) and poetry Website : Apparition Literary Magazine

Ash Tales Format : Online and Audio Frequency : Unscheduled Submissions : Post-apocalyptic short stories around 2,000 words Website : Ash Tales

Best UK Literary Magazines Journals Accepting Submissions Online Poetry Flash Fiction Short Stories Books

Between These Shores Format : Print Frequency : Once per year, usually November Submissions : Literary and supernatural short stories, usually submitted by July Website : Between These Shores

Carve Magazine Format : Print and Online Frequency : Unscheduled Submissions : Short stories and poetry Website : Carve Magazine

East of the Web Format : Online Frequency : Unscheduled Submissions : Short stories Website : East of the Web

Fictive Dream Format : Online Frequency : Unscheduled Submissions : Short stories between 500 and 2,500 words Website : Fictive Dream

Foxglove Journal Format : Online Frequency : Unscheduled Submissions : Short stories and poems Website : Foxglove Journal

Best UK Literary Magazines Journals Accepting Submissions Online Poetry Flash Fiction Short Stories Books

The Frogmore Papers Format : Print Frequency : Twice per year Submissions : Short stories and poems – within strict Apr and Oct submission timeframes Website : Frogmore

Ghastling Format : Print Frequency : Twice per year Submissions : Short stories about ghosts and macabre things – up to 3,500 words Website : Ghastling

Granta Format : Print Frequency : Four times per year Submissions : Fiction, non-fiction and poetry Website : Granta

Here Comes Everyone Format : Print Frequency : Four times per year Submissions : Short stories (2,000 words), Poetry (35 lines) and Non-Fiction (1,500 words) Website : Here Comes Everyone

High Window Format : Print Frequency : Four times per year Submissions : Poems Website : High Window

Best UK Literary Magazines Journals Accepting Submissions Online Poetry Flash Fiction Short Stories Books

Hypertext Magazine Format : Online Frequency : Three times per year Submissions : Flash Fiction, Short Stories (3,000) and Poetry Website : Hypertext Magazine

Iceberg Tales Format : Print and Online Frequency : Unscheduled Submissions : Shorts stories, poetry and critiques Website : Iceberg Tales

Interpreter’s House Format : Print Frequency : Three times per year Submissions : Short fiction and poetry up to 3,000 words Website : Interpreter’s House

Litro Format : Print and Online Frequency : Twelve times per year Submissions : Short fiction around 4,000 words on specific themes Website : Litro

Loud Coffee Press Format : Online Frequency : Unscheduled Submissions : Flash Fiction (1,000) and Poetry Website : Loud Coffee Press

Magma Format : Print and Online Frequency : Three times per year Submissions : Poems Website : Magma

Memoirist Format : Online Frequency : Unscheduled Submissions : Autobiographical non-fiction Website : Memoirist

Mslexia Format : Digital and Print Frequency : Published quarterly (submission every issue) Submissions : Women Only submissions in many writing forms Website : Mslexia

One Story Format : Print Frequency : Unscheduled Submissions : Literary fiction between 3,000 and 8,000 words Website : One Story

Open Pen Format : Print Frequency : Four times per year Submissions : Short stories up to 3,000 words Website : Open Pen

Panorama Journal Format : Online Frequency : Three times per year Submissions : Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Books (Reviews and Excerpts) Website : Panorama Journal

The Phare Format : Online Frequency : Twice per year Submissions : Short fiction, flash, creative non-fiction or poetry Website : The Phare

Popshot Format : Online Frequency : Three times per year Submissions : Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Books (Reviews and Excerpts) Website : Panorama Journal

Pulp Poets Press Format : Online Frequency : Unscheduled Submissions : Short stories and poems Website : Pulp Poets Press

Rialto Format : Print Frequency : Three times per year Submissions : Poetry Website : Rialto

Seaside Gothic Format : Print Frequency : Four times per year Submissions : Flash Fiction, Poetry, Non-Fiction up to 1,000 words Website : Seaside Gothic

Shoreline of Infinity Format : Print and Online Frequency : Four times per year Submissions : Science Fiction or Fantasy up to 6,000 words Website : Shoreline of Infinity

Wells Street Journal Format : Online Frequency : Twice per year Submissions : Short stories Website : Wells Street Journal

White Review Format : Print and Online Frequency : Four times per year Submissions : Short stories and poetry Website : White Review

3:AM Format : Print and Online Frequency : Unscheduled Submissions : Poetry and short stories Website : 3:AM

Good luck with your submissions!

Want more support with writing, editing, publishing and marketing your book, short story or poetry? Visit my Resources for Authors page for lots more useful links, tips, tricks and advice.

Pop in your email and click ‘Subscribe’ to get free goodies !

Be the first to see my new blog posts, with free story examples, writing tips and author advice :

Email Address

Aaron Mullins ( @DrAaronMullins ) is an award winning, internationally published psychologist and Amazon bestselling author. Aaron has over 15 years experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in business strategy for authors and publishers. He started Birdtree Books Publishing where he worked as Editor-in-Chief, partnered with World Reader Charity and taught Academic Writing at Coventry University. Aaron’s book How to Write Fiction: A Creative Writing Guide for Authors has become a staple reference book for writers and those interested in a publishing career.

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UK litmags great for new writers

Uk-based publishers for your poetry, flash fiction, short stories and creative nonfiction.

literary magazines uk

The UK is home to some great literary magazines and online journals. For this month’s list, we looked for publications that welcome new and unpublished writers from around the world, that are not restricted to a particular genre (for example, sci-fi), and that have reasonable response times.

Unless otherwise noted, the publishers on our list don’t charge fees. Some will even pay you! We’ve highlighted the forms accepted in bold – fiction means both flash fiction and short stories. After the first two entries, the list is ordered very roughly by acceptance rate – from high to low.

We didn’t include Litro , Riggwelter , Wildness and Literally Stories since they have appeared on some of our other lists, but they are also great and you should check them out.

Note:  We are a creative writing school and compile these lists for the benefit of our students. We’re happy to answer questions about  our courses  but please don’t send us your publishing queries or submissions :). Instead, click on the green links to go to the publication’s website and look for their submissions page. For more great places to submit as well as our best tips on getting published, check out our  other lists and resources .

Goatshed Press just launched in 2022 and the editors are keen to champion new writers. They plan to publish in print biannually and are currently looking for bold, exciting poetry , fiction , and creative nonfiction for their first issue (due out summer 2022). They will pay £60 for stories and personal essays over 1000 words and £25 for poems and flash fiction. The editors aim to respond in around a month. Since they reached out to us personally, we put them at the top of the list. You may want to clarify usage rights & copyrights before sending them your work.

Makarelle publishes attractive digital issues quarterly. They are looking for poetry (up to 3 poems, maximum 40 lines each) and fiction and creative nonfiction (up to 2000 words). They do charge a small submissions fee of £3 to cover their operating costs. The fee also enables them to reward the authors selected as the featured entry for each form (poetry, flash fiction, short story and creative nonfiction) with an honorarium of £10. They have four submissions windows, and their next runs from 28 February to 18 March 2022. They aim to respond in around a month. Like Goatshed, they are quite new (2021) and reached out to us, so we’ve also given them a spot at the top of the list.

Impspired , which was founded in 2019, publishes 6 online issues and 3 print anthologies per year. They’re looking for work that “shows care and attention to style,  language and form, and material that has been self-edited so that every word counts”. They prefer unpublished work but will consider previously published pieces. Send in your poetry and fiction (up to 4000 words). The editors tend to respond quickly – often in under a week!

Fiction on the Web is a one-man show and has been publishing short stories online since 1996! The publisher values quirky stories that have “strong plots, strong characters, and an evocative atmosphere” and prefers work that is between 1000 to 10,000 words long. He will consider previously published work. Genre fiction – sci-fi, fantasy, horror, crime – is welcomed.  The publisher aims to respond within a month (and usually succeeds) and will prioritise submissions from patrons and regular commenters.

Idle Ink reveals in the “strange and questionable”. Established in 2017, the magazine features poetry , fiction and essays (as well as art, articles, and reviews) in monthly online issues. Send in your prose of up to 5000 words or up to 3 poems. The editors try to make a decision within 30 days and usually do.

Fairlight Shorts is a weekly online series published by Fairlight Books. They’re looking to showcase fiction characterised by “originality, contemporary themes and superb writing”. They accept everything from flash to long-form fiction (up to 10,000 words). The editors will try to make a decision within 3 months and sometimes take a little longer.

Bandit Fiction publishes poetry (up to 50 lines per poem) and fiction and narrative non-fiction (between 250 and 3500 words) online as a part of their Read More Project. They will consider previously published work. The editors try to make a decision within 30 days but sometimes take a little longer.

En Bloc , established in 2021, publishes quarterly in print and digital formats. They’re looking for great  poetry and fiction and don’t have any particular style or word count limitations. They pay £35 per printed page as the work appears in the magazine. They don’t respond to all submissions so if you haven’t heard anything within a couple of months, assume your work was rejected.

Truffle is looking for “clever, happy, funny and entertaining fiction ” of up to 2000 words for their online magazine. The editors typically respond within a couple of months and tend to accept faster than they reject. If you’re in a hurry, you can pay £5 to hear back within 3 days.

Fictive Dream has been publishing stories online since 2016. They’re looking for fiction of between 500 and 2,500 words with “a contemporary feel that gives an insight into the human condition” to feature on their website. They aim to respond within a month and usually do.

Sepia was established in 2020 and publishes attractive online editions several times per year. You can send in your poetry (maximum 5 poems), fiction and creative nonfiction of up to 8,000 words. They’re open to submissions year-round and most of the time are able to get back to you within their target response time of 3 months.

Shooter has been publishing two themed print issues per year as well as running regular contests since 2017. You can send in poetry (up to 3 poems), short stories and creative non-fiction of between 2,000 to 6,000 words (so no flash). They pay £25 per story and £5 per poem upon publication. The submission deadline for their next issue on the theme of Out West (anything to do with western places and westward migration) is 9 May 2022. They generally send acceptances within a couple of weeks after the deadline; rejections may take longer.

Popshot Quarterly has been turning out high-quality print and digital editions since 2008. They accept poetry (between 12 and 40 lines) and fiction (between 100 and 3,000 words). All of their issues are themed. The deadline for their next issue on the theme of Joy is 1 March 2022. They don’t respond to all submissions – if you haven’t heard within 2 or 3 months, then you should assume it was a no.

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Neon Literary Magazine

A Literary Magazine

NB: Due to technical difficulties, we’ve had to put the magazine on indefinite hiatus. Submissions are closed, and subscribers will be contacted directly. Thank you for all your support and interest over the years. We hope to resume publishing at some point in the future, although we currently are unable to say when that might be.

Neon is a magazine of slipstream fiction, poetry, and artwork. We publish creative work that is fantastic or surreal, and which crosses the boundaries between science-fiction, horror and literary fiction.

It is one of the longest-running independent literary magazines in the UK. It is supported entirely by its readers: no adverts, no sponsors, no public funding – just a community of people who all enjoy the same kind of weird literature.

The magazine is published in print and in a range of digital formats. You can set your own price for a digital copy.

Neon Literary Magazine issue 51 - magical realist, surreal and slipstream short stories and poetry

“There are precious few magazines like this, and I’ll do anything I can to help it survive…” – Jenny Baily

“Neon offers variety, intrigue, and solid writing…” – GUD Magazine

“ As a collection, Neon packs a lot of punch for its minimal size. This thoughtfully-planned little book is a definite keeper… ” – Newpages


To get a flavour of the the kind of work we publish, we suggest this story about a boy raised as a chicken , or this poem about forgetfulness in the aftermath of an accident . We also love this terrifying trip to a drive-thru , this reflection on an interstellar massacre , this lovely piece about sinking in the middle of a city , and this one about dealing with the future of your past .

Enjoyed these? You can get hold of the magazine in print and digital formats from the Neon shop – or sign up for a subscription and receive future issues directly.


Neon publishes work from anywhere in the world, and we’re committed to helping new writers and artists find their footing. We pay for every piece we publish, and stay in touch with our featured creators after publication to promote them through the rest of their career. For more about how you can submit your work, please see the guidelines page .

7 UK publications which will pay for your fiction


 7 UK publications that will pay for your fiction

So you have written an amazing piece of fiction and would like to see it in print while making some money from your hard work. But a number of literary magazines do not offer payment, so where could you send it instead? Here are seven UK-based publications which will pay to publish your fiction.

writing computer

Also please see the  publishing section for further info on publishers and organisations that may publish your work.

Ambit is a 96-page quarterly literary and art magazine. It is created in London, published in the UK, and read internationally. It’s available through subscription, in selected bookshops, and in libraries worldwide.

The magazine is put together entirely from unsolicited submissions and Ambit’s website claims the team looks at everything that is sent to them.

Payment: £30 for UK story writers, £10 for flash fiction.

Find out more here.

Gutter is an award-winning, high quality, printed journal for fiction and poetry from writers born or living in Scotland and featuring literature from around the world.

Gutter says it is looking for ‘work that challenges, re-imagines or undermines the status quo; that pushes at the boundaries of form and function; that is striking and beautiful.’

Payment: £25 for all work, regardless of length.

Find out more here .

woman female writer

Mslexia publishes fiction and non-fiction penned by female writers

Mslexia is the magazine for women who write. Published quarterly, the publication has no less than 14 open submission slots, including fiction, poetry and journalism.

Payment: £25 for most fiction pieces (excludes Pitch Perfect and First Page Surgery)

Find out more here.  

New Welsh Review

Wales’s foremost literary magazine in English.

Short stories must be typed, single-sided and double-spaced, in the region of 2,500 to 3,000 words, although they do on occasion publish shorter stories and microfiction.

Payment: ‘In the region of’ £100

The People’s Friend

The world’s longest-running women’s magazine (150 years and counting). Particularly popular with older women, The People’s Friend readers are traditionalists and enjoy uplifting stories, so steer clear of anything depressing or shocking. 

Stories that contain any sex, drugs or violence will not be accepted.

Payment: £80 to start but payment can reach up to £300.

Find out more about submitting here and payment rates here.  

Shooter Literary Magazine  

Shooter launched in January 2015 with the goal of supporting emerging writers of literary fiction, creative non-fiction, narrative journalism and poetry. Though based in the UK, Shooter publishes work in English by writers from anywhere in the world. It’s published bi-annually, in January and July. 

The magazine will reopen for submissions in July 2020.

Payment: £25 for stories over 2,000 words.

Shoreline of Infinity  

science fiction

Shoreline of Infinity is looking for science fiction and fantasy stories

Shoreline of Infinity is looking for engaging science fiction or fantasy stories, ‘something that gives reality a tweak on the nose’.

Payment: Up to £60 (£10 per 1,000 words, 6,000 words max)

Have you had success with any of the above publications? Are there any others you feel we should mention? Please comment below!

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